The Preserver of the Heavens

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    What is truly the origin?Does all that came after began with it or did all that came before perish with it? no one knows for none was there at that time except for that imperishable being in the void that exists in all yet is none. But could that moment when everything began even lie among the boundaries of what is known to those who came after as time or as is it a separate from that existence known as time in general?None can answer that question except for that being who is Beyond form, beyond comprehension , beyond all the boundaries of time and space that seem to make up existence. It is from him sprang into existence, a pillar of fire!The fire whose radiance was beyond yet was darker than the nothingness of night , a fire both warm and cold at the same time,a fire that had no beginning,no end with tongues of flame leaping across the void from whence it came ,what it signified was the auspicious birth of a being , a being whose emergence signified the destruction of the old and a new beginning , this being assumed a form, a form that could never be described unless one attained the same boundary as him for he was the destroyer,the destroyer of worlds!From the left parson of the being from thence on known as the destroyer came forth another existence one whose power , whose radiance was in no way inferior to that of his source and whose beauty,whose visage was unparalleled and has had no equal ever since for he was the Preserver , the Pathfinder,the Savior , he who keeps all of the realms in the balance that is necessary for their continued existence! The Preserver chose to reside upon the sea of chaos that had existed before him and that shall continue to do so after ,he sat there in a deep contemplation , a dream that foresaw the fate of all things, of the myriad beings that were yet to come.From his Navel that place that was the center of all of the merits of his hitherto unrivaled contemplation came forth a golden womb! The golden womb of peerless vitality in the form of a flower the likes of which were not for the eyes of mortals,bloomed and thence came forth the Creator of all beings!He who uplifted the Meru!He who brought forth the three realms!The seven mortal dimensions,The Nine Heavens, The Nine Nethers,The Nine Hells, The Realms beyond and within the others. He who brought for the beings that shall populate them and one day in turn resist the heavens in search of their own way!This is the rendering of the three great beings spoken by the most powerful , the most erudite,the most learned and the most wise of all the realms from the most ancient of times when all was in its infancy .Lest those who came after forget the glory,the respect,the worship that they deserve .

    One to create them all
    to bring forth the essence of all things!
    One to find a path
    to show a new way , a purpose , he who is the source and sink of all paths!
    And One to destroy them all
    and to begin anew when all existence begins meaningless !
    Thus are the trinity the origin and destination of all beings!

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