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    You know when I saw this, I tried to search for it. And the best I could get is a machine translated chapter. Which makes reading from a Yoda-like story book. And the proper translated is only at chapter 1270++. I have to endure for these chapters to upload. Because I find the Anime (I started with this first) was cool, I followed up with the Novel. and stalk wiki for characters information! Then I look up at fanfiction and it's so disappointing that most of the stories are BB love. And the only decent BGL is Tang Rou and Mo Fan. As much as I wanted to see some romantic interest going on, I think it's very unlikely so. AT best is character's point of veiw/feelings towards another person.

    With their addictive gaming and the strive for championship and all, I just can't help to wonder, The whole bunch of them are Virgins! (Not that it's anything bad) I bet they have never even had their first kiss. LOL. Somewhere in much later chapters, did it mention that one of the Samsara player is married? At least that is what I interpreted from a machine translated Novel.

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