The Godless One

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    Chapter 161: Training together.

    Huang Ying was standing on the wide open plain, the slightly yellow grass gently swaying because of the wind, the sky above him was the same brilliant azure as his robes, not a cloud in sight. There were no Demonic beasts in the area around him, a pleasant silence reigning in the area.

    But Huang Ying's eyes contained a sharp glint, constantly darting around the area. A blue light flashed around him, faster than his eyes were capable of following it. The blue light was constantly moving, not slowing down for a single second as it worked on closing in on him and finding an opening.

    Huang Ying slightly relaxed his stiffened shoulders, and the blue light immediately struck, arriving behind his left side. The blue light stopped with a loud rumbling sound, Fang Shan appearing behind Huang Ying, her entire body coated in arcs of azure lightning.

    She struck out with both of her daggers, aiming for the space between Huang Ying's ribs. The daggers hit his body and sank into his flesh, but before they could dig too deep into his flesh, Huang Ying tightened his muscles and prevented the daggers from moving any further, at the same time also preventing Fang Shan from pulling them out.

    With the daggers stuck in his back, Huang Ying twisted his body and struck out with his fist. There was not an ounce of mercy in the fist, and before Fang Shan had the chance to move to dodge, the fist connected with her abdomen. Huang Ying hit her with such force that her entire body was raised up from the ground.

    As Fang Shan felt something rise up her throat, the sweet taste of blood filled her mouth. She swallowed down whatever was in her throat and moved into action, she let go of her two daggers and grabbed onto Huang Ying's head, discharging as much lightning into him as she could, before utilizing the remainder of her strength to pull back.

    “Stop. I can't go any longer.”

    After Fang Shan landed, a thin stream of blood leaked out from the corners of her mouth as she raised her hands and called out. She was already completely drained of energy, so there was no way for her to continue fighting at this point.

    “Your speed is excellent, but you are still not capable of turning all that speed into attacking power. As long as it is like that, it will be hard for you to create serious wounds on your opponents. It has gotten slightly better, but there is still much room for improvement.”

    Huang Ying pulled out the two daggers from his back and cleaned away the blood on them before he handed them back to Fang Shan. At the same time he also delivered his thoughts about the battle.

    The two of them battling like this had been Li Jun's idea, saying that Huang Ying could use his battle experience to help Fang Shan find her weak-points. Her main weakness was that she could not turn her speed into power, so while she could flee and attack as she wished, it was hard for her to inflict proper wounds.

    “I know, but I still can't turn all the momentum into attack power, it always dissipates just as I try to use it to attack. Was there anything good?”

    Fang Shan stored away the dagger and responded with a sigh. Over these last few days of battling each other, she kept trying to transfer all the momentum from her movement into her daggers, but most of the momentum would dissipate before it reached her daggers.

    “That last attack was good. Because of your bloodline, you will heal much faster than your enemy, so it is fine to take a hit in exchange for landing a good attack on your enemy.”

    Huang Ying nodded his head and responded. With the lightning invading his head, even he had a hard time focusing and was forced to spend a bit of time to readjust himself. The two of them had the destruction bloodline, they would heal far faster than normal people. They could afford to trade attacks and injuries.

    “But you must not let your guard down. Simply relaxing my shoulders was enough to lure you into attacking me. You need to learn the difference between an actual opening, and an intentional opening.”

    But Huang Ying did not forget to scold her once more, using his knuckles to gently hit her forehead. He had only relaxed his shoulders to bait Fang Shan into attacking him. Attacking when you saw an opening was fine, but you also needed to know when someone created an opening on purpose to bait you in.

    “I know I know. But I gotta say, you really don't pull your punches. One of these days, I am certain that one of your attacks will end up breaking a few bones.”

    Fang Shan slightly rubbed her forehead as she puffed out her cheeks and pouted slightly. The only way Huang Ying held back when the two of them were fighting was that he would not use his spear, Longinus, or his destruction element in most of the battles. Everything else was sent at Fang Shan with full force.

    “Breaking a few of your bones now is better than having to bury your body in the future. As we are now, we are still far too weak. If we continue like we are now, we might die without even knowing how we were killed.”

    Huang Ying shrugged his shoulders as he spoke, looking at Fang Shan with a gentle gaze. He of course did not like hitting her with everything he had, but it was far better than having to bury her because they had been too weak. To avoid having to do that, he was willing to do almost anything.

    “You are certain that it lives there?”

    Fang Shan flashed a bright smile, before turning towards a mountain in the distance as she spoke. The mountain was the same one she had decided to climb when they first entered the wide plain, but now she wanted to climb it for two reasons.

    “According to the memories of the Demonic beasts, it should indeed live there. Only a few more days and we should reach it.”

    Huang Ying responded with a nod of his head. According to the memories of the Demonic beasts living in the area, that mountain was the home of a powerful Demonic beast with strength that was almost at the late stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    They were going to climb the mountain for two reasons. One reason was to use its height to survey the surrounding area, and the other was to kill the Demonic beast that called the mountain its home, using its flesh to strengthen Fang Shan.

    “I can't wait. I wonder what it tastes like?”

    Fang Shan let out a short laugh and licked her lips. Stronger Demonic beasts would often taste better than weaker Demonic beasts. A Demonic beast that was almost at the late stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm must surely taste delicious.

    “Who knows? Like chicken maybe? As long as it can help you reach the Yin-Yang Formation realm, I don't care if it tastes like ass.”

    Huang Ying shrugged his shoulders, only slightly interested. The Demonic beast living on the mountain had some blood of a Vermilion Bird, so they were planning on using its flesh, blood, and Demon Crystal, as well as the remaining virgin Yang sealed within Fang Shan, to help her break through and enter the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    “Easy for you to say, I am the one who has to eat it.”

    Fang Shan's mouth slightly twisted as she spoke. She knew that she had to eat it to have a good chance at immediately breaking through to the Yin-Yang Formation realm, but as expected, if it tasted like ass, she might have a hard time swallowing it.

    “Alright. Let's take a break for about an hour. After that, it is time to hunt some more Demonic beasts, and after that it is more combat practice with me.”

    Huang Ying only responded with a small laugh, pulling out some Demonic beast meat from his interspatial ring and preparing to roast it. Every minute mattered to them, so the days were packed with combat between Fang Shan and Demonic beasts, as well as between Fang Shan and Huang Ying.

    “No mercy at all. Fighting a strong freak like you can really dampen a person's confidence.”

    Fang Shan shook her head with a small laugh, sitting down next to Huang Ying. It was only when she first fought him that she learned how terrifying it was to face him. When he looked at you with his serious gaze, it was like you had been locked on by an ancient beast. But she also had to admit that she quite like his serious expression, when he looked completely battle ready, it was slightly arousing even.

    “I only have this strength because my destruction and devouring elements are so special. If I did not have them, I would probably be weaker than even people my own age, considering how short the time I have spent cultivating is.”

    Huang Ying started a small fire and started roasting the meat as he spoke. He was completely aware that his strength came from the destruction and devouring element. Had he not had those, but instead a normal element, he might even be weaker than most others his age. After all, he had only cultivated for a bit over a year in total.

    “If's don't matter. You have the destruction and devouring elements, so they are part of your strength. No point in spouting if's and whatnot's to try and make me feel better. I am not so weak that I would be discouraged just because of someone being stronger than me.”

    Fang Shan used her knuckles to hit Huang Ying on the head as she spoke. So what if he would be weaker if he did not have the destruction and devouring element. He had them, they were his, no one could change that fact.

    “Besides, the one who is so freakishly strong is all mine after all, so why should I be discouraged? If anything else, it only serves as motivation for me to become just as freakishly strong.”

    Fang Shan put her arms around Huang Ying's neck and pulled him into a kiss after she spoke. No one would mind if the person they loved was freakishly strong. The way Fang Shan saw it, the stronger the better. Of course, she would not let Huang Ying stand in front of her and protect her at all times. If she let him do that, she would have failed as his partner. She would become just as freakishly strong, and stand next to him.
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    Chapter 162: At the foot of the mountain.

    When Huang Ying and Fang Shan arrived at the bottom of the mountain, the enemies they were facing were already Demonic beasts with strength equal to cultivators at the Yin-Yang Formation stage.

    Thanks to that, the battles that Fang Shan was facing were steadily becoming much tougher. There were times where she was only capable of winning after sustaining several injuries. Of course, an environment like this also allowed her strength to rapidly increase, with her battle experience increasing as well as plenty of Demonic beast meat.

    At the foot of the mountain, Huang Ying called for a break. Before they started ascending the mountain, he wanted Fang Shan to perfect her technique of transferring momentum. She had gotten better at it, but there were still times where she could not do it properly, or times where it was too weak.

    Fang Shan held her daggers, her body slightly bent forward, like a wolf ready to pounce. They had spent a few days at the foot of the mountain, with Huang Ying increasing the intensity of their sparring. Thanks to their strong healing capabilities, even if he accidentally broke a few of her bones, there would be no problem.

    “Be careful now, i'll show you what I came up with.”

    After her words sounded out, Fang Shan's body turned into a blue blur that moved in circles around Huang Ying. The blue blur moved towards Huang Ying's back faster than his eyes could catch, two daggers aiming for his shoulders.

    But before the daggers could make contact with Huang Ying's shoulders, his body turned sideways and a fist came smashing towards Fang Shan. Fang Shan slightly twisted her arms, instantaneously storing away the daggers and placing her hands on Huang Ying's arms. She pushed off with her arms and pushed the fist aside, using the counter force to move away from Huang Ying, bringing out her daggers again.

    Fang Shan was not the only one who was growing stronger as they sparred, Huang Ying was also growing stronger and doing his best to nullify his weaknesses. Huang Ying had excellent strength, defense, and piercing power, and thanks to his strong healing, he did not even need to put much thought into defense.

    But he was not without weaknesses. His strength and piercing power were all based on condensing his Qi to the max, increasing its power. This meant that if he was facing a group of people that were around his level of strength, he would only be able to focus on one at a time.

    Thanks to forging Longinus, he was able to mostly offset this weakness, using the spear to send out attacks that were still condensed, but had a wider range. But he still had one more weakness, his speed. His element was devouring and destruction. Even though he could use the lightning element, he did not have the speed that other lightning users were famous for. He was even slower than some people who didn't have the lightning element.

    Fang Shan for example could move so fast that Huang Ying's eyes and perception were completely unable to catch her. Were it not for the fact that she used to be bad at transferring her momentum, there would be no way for him to catch her form and counterattack.

    Fang Shan was the one who taught Huang Ying how to offset his lack of speed when he faced someone faster than him. Every living thing had faint amounts of electricity running through their body. By spreading trace amounts of lightning into his surroundings, Huang Ying was able to cause it to resonate with the electricity inside living beings around him. He could not see them, but since he was connected to the lightning he spread around, he would be aware of their position and movements.

    Having put some distance between her and Huang Ying, Fang Shan sped up once more as she approached Huang Ying. Of course, she would not simply repeat the same moves again. Every technique had a weakness, even the technique she had taught Huang Ying to locate her.

    As she moved, faint amounts of lightning pulsed out from her body, surrounding Huang Ying and filling the area around him. With her lightning resonating with the lightning Huang Ying used to locate her, it was like there were people all around Huang Ying, all mimicking Fang Shan's moves.


    Huang Ying couldn't help but comment. He of course knew about this weakness of the technique Fang Shan had taught him, but there was nothing he could do about it. With what seemed like multiple Fang Shan's attacking him, Huang Ying simply had to choose one that seemed most likely to be the real one, and attack it.

    The one he attacked was the one that came at him from the left. Fang Shan had a bad habit of repeatedly attacking people from their blind spot, and it just so happened that Huang Ying's left side ended up being his blind spot at that moment. Because of that knowledge, Huang Ying found it most likely that Fang Shan would attack his left side.

    “So close.”

    Huang Ying's fist swung to the left, but it only ended up hitting air. A sweet voice accompanied by a slight chuckle rang out from in front of him. Right afterwards, a burning sensation came from his abdomen, lightning coursing through his body.

    Huang Ying looked at Fang Shan, who was standing in front of him with a smile that screamed 'praise me'. After that, he looked down at his stomach, which now had a finger sized hole that went straight through to the other side.

    “You read me, huh? Well done, it was an excellent attack.”

    It seemed that Fang Shan had also been aware of her habit of repeatedly attacking from blind spots. Or had she simply been pretending from the start, trying to lure Huang Ying into a false sense of security? It did not matter. What mattered was that she had managed to avoid him, and then inflict a wound on him without losing any of her momentum.

    “You say so, but you didn't even wince or blink.”

    Fang Shan looked at the hole her attack had caused in Huang Ying's stomach as she spoke. The wound was slightly wriggling, slowly closing up. She didn't expect too much of a reaction from him, but not even blinking as his stomach was pierced, that she had never expected.

    “I have already gotten used to pain, so it'll take more than this to get a reaction out of me. So how did you manage to transfer the momentum gained from movement into the attack? It was too fast, so I couldn't see it properly.”

    Huang Ying shrugged his shoulders as he responded. As a child, he spent six years in prison, occasionally facing some torture. Then there was the pain that came when he awakened his Baku blood and devouring element, pain he could not forget even now. And then finally when he was captured by Empyrean Phoenix Academy and was tortured extensively for half a year. Pain had long since become an old friend of Huang Ying.

    “It's rotation. I do faint twists of my entire body, guiding all the momentum towards my arms or whichever body part I use to attack. I then twist that body part a bit more, causing all the power to escape in the form of a rotational attack. It has high penetrative power and strength, but it is only suited in one on one fights.”

    Fang Shan had come up with the idea while she was fighting Huang Ying and saw how he kept rapidly condensing his Qi whenever he attacked. She also noticed that he slightly twisted his arms whenever he attacked, giving his attacks even more penetrating power.

    Using that as the basis, Fang Shan experimented with a few different ways of utilizing it, finally coming up with what she currently used. By continuously utilizing slight twists, she was able to transfer almost 100% of the momentum gained from her rapid movement. And since she twisted her body so much while attacking, the Qi used in the attack ended up coming out in the shape of a small tornado, with all the power gathering at the tip and giving it great penetrative power.

    “It's a good technique. We should be able to ascend the mountain now.”

    Huang Ying placed his hand on the head of Fang Shan and gave it a few rubs. It might be a bit strange for him to rub the head of someone older than him, but both of them enjoyed the sensation, so they didn't care.

    Fang Shan had finished her technique, covering up one of her greatest weakness. Now it was time for them to ascend the mountain and hunt down the Demonic beast that made the mountain its home, allowing Fang Shan to break through to the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    Huang Ying had just recently broken through to the late stage of the Xiantian realm, and breaking through to the Yin-Yang Formation realm required a tremendous amount of energy, even for normal people. For him to break through to the Yin-Yang Formation realm, he would require both time and an absolutely massive amount of energy.
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    Chapter 163: Lord of the mountain.

    The mountain was steep and barren, with only a few tufts of grass growing here and there. Besides the insects that were flying around, there were no other living beings that made their home on the mountain. This was the respect they had for the owner of the mountain, the king of this plain.

    The atmosphere on the mountain was solemn and dignified, Huang Ying and Fang Shan moving up the mountain at a slow pace. Fang Shan was the only one who was going to be battling, Huang Ying would only watch and make sure that she did not die.

    “Tell me again, what am I facing?”

    As they kept climbing, Fang Shan went over the various plans she had made, preparing for any situation. She once more asked Huang Ying to tell her what she was facing, one last time making sure that she had heard everything.

    “A Mountain Drake. It has faint traces of dragon blood in it's veins, making it stronger than normal Demonic beasts. It can control earth and stone, so this mountain is the perfect battleground for it. Your lightning however, will have to penetrate its defense before it can show any effect.”

    Huang Ying listed the information he had obtained from devouring the memories of the Demonic beasts that Fang Shan had killed. As long as it had not been too long since it had died, he could still use his devouring element to obtain it's memories.

    The two of them reached a large cave opening, almost 20 meters in height and 10 meters in width, at the halfway point up the mountain. This was where the Mountain Drake lived. From within the cave, a strong feeling of oppression that would cause people to feel instinctual fear leaked out.

    “Are you afraid?”

    Huang Ying glanced at Fang Shan as he asked. This oppressive feeling was something only strong cultivators or Demonic beasts could send out. Facing this oppressive feeling, one would feel like one was prey being stared at by a predator.

    “A little.”

    Fang Shan did not deny it, she was indeed slightly afraid. After all, the Demonic beast she was going to face had strength that was approaching the late stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm. She was confident she would not die, but the slight fear was still there.

    “Good. Fear is important. But don't let yourself be controlled by it, for fear can be the mind killer. Let it pass over you and through you. When the fear is gone, only you will remain.”

    The words Huang Ying spoke were words that his parents had once told him while he was still a baby, just before they abandoned him in Azure Springs Town. He was not fond of how his parents had abandoned him, but he had firmly memorized the words.

    “Leave this place.”

    A gravely voice rang out from within the cave, ringing within Huang Ying and Fang Shan's ears. The Mountain Drake was almost at the late stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm, so speaking the human language was no problem for it.

    “No. I need your Demon Crystal and flesh.”

    Fang Shan pulled out her two daggers and responded, arcs of blue and black lightning dancing around her. She would kill this Mountain Drake and use its flesh, blood, and Demon Crystal to reach the Yin-Yang Formation realm. She would then train a bit more and see if she could kill Xie Gang.

    “Then it is death.”

    The gravely voice rang out again and the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard coming from within the cave as the Mountain Drake came within view. The Mountain Drake was a little over five meters tall, and almost 10 meters long. Its body was rather bulky, its head almost completely round, yet despite its bulky body, two large wings were folded on its back.

    Its body was covered in earthen brown scales, each one the size of Huang Ying's hand. It had four thick legs, each one thicker than a log. A long and thick tail spread out from behind it, and a single long horn stuck out from its forehead. The Mountain Drake had several scars and was missing an eye, so it was clear that it had fought several battles to attain its position.

    When the Mountain Drake came into view, the earth behind Huang Ying and Fang Shan rose up, forming a large wall that closed off the cave, locking the three of them in. Neither Huang Ying nor Fang Shan moved to stop this, as Fang Shan would rather fight the Mountain Drake inside the cave, where its mobility was limited, than in the open sky.

    Fang Shan immediately activated her bloodline, deep blue scales covering her body, two leathery wings sprouting from her back, as well as two backwards pointing horns sprouting from her head. Huang Ying was slightly curious why these horns had not appeared the other times she activated her bloodline, but now was not the time to ask.

    Fang Shan was the one to make the first move, turning into a blur as she moved towards the Mountain Drake. The Mountain Drake had the advantage in strength and defense, so Fang Shan had to take full advantage of her greater speed and flexibility.

    With Fang Shan moving forwards, Huang Ying narrowed his eyes and kept close watch. It was his job to make sure that she did not die, so he could not afford to look away for even a second. After all, with Fang Shan's speed and the strength of the Mountain Drake, a mere second was all it took for things to go wrong.

    The Mountain Drake let out a disdainful snort, the earth within the cave rising up to form thick spikes that shot towards Fang Shan from all directions. But with Fang Shan's speed, there was no way for any of these things to hit her. Rather than hinder her, they only served as footholds she could use.

    Within the blink of an eye she had reached the side of the Mountain Drake and struck out with her daggers. Since the Mountain Drake was almost as long as the cave was wide, it require a bit of work for it to turn its body within the cave, it first had to coil up its body. Fang Shan was going to take full advantage of this during the fight.

    Her daggers hit the side of the Mountain Drake, and with a slight twist of her wrists, all the momentum she gained from her movement was transferred into the daggers. Black lightning crackled forth and shot out from the tip of her daggers, digging into the scales of the Mountain Drake.

    Two small wounds were opened in its side, but before Fang Shan managed to dig the daggers deeper into its body, the earth beneath her feet started twisting and distorting, forcing her to move away. Shortly after she moved away, thick spears of stone rose up from where she had just stood and shot after her.

    Fang Shan dodged the spears but just as the spears passed by her side, a small rod of earth extended out from the cave wall and pushed one of the spears to the side, causing the handle to crash into Fang Shan's waist.

    The handle of the spear was solid stone, and its speed and force had been increased thanks to the last second push it got. When it hit Fang Shan's waist, a few of her scales immediately shattered, the hit stopping her movement and pushing her to the side.

    “I will not stand idly by as you try to kill me.”

    The Mountain Drake looked at Fang Shan as it spoke. It originally thought that the battle would be easy, since it had managed to trap the two enemies in the cave. But it did not expect one of them to posses such a fearsome bloodline, as well as such great speed.

    It considered removing the wall that blocked the entrance to the cave, taking the fight to the outside where it could move more easily. But whenever it looked to the cave entrance and wanted to move, that boy stood there, his eyes catching every detail of the battle. Just the girl was this troublesome, yet the boy released an even more dangerous feeling.

    Fang Shan did not mind the wound on her waist, it would heal if she gave it just a bit of time. She charged towards the Mountain Drake again, dodging the spears and spikes that grew out of the cave ground and walls. The Mountain Drake caused the ground beneath her to rise up and form walls, trying to trap her in a prison, but Fang Shan stabbed out with her daggers and shattered the walls.

    She moved beneath the Mountain Drake this time, checking to see if its defense was slightly weaker there. As she moved beneath the Mountain Drake, it immediately started moving forwards and backwards, the ground of the cave forming a large amount of spears. Its abdomen was its blind-spot, so it could only do it like this if it hoped to hit her.

    But rather than be discouraged, the sudden increase in attacks only assured Fang Shan that the abdomen of the Mountain Drake was its weak-point. She put her feet onto some of the rising spears, letting them pierce her feet and push her body upwards. Such a self destructive fighting style could only be utilized by people like her or Huang Ying, who had healed rapidly.

    With the speed that the spears gave her added onto her own, Fang Shan shot upwards, raising both her daggers high and putting as much Qi as she could into them. With her Qi filling up the daggers, they even grew slightly longer, until they almost resembled two swords.

    Her two daggers sank into the abdomen of the Mountain Drake, and Fang Shan quickly spun her body, carving out a piece of its abdomen. When she carved out the flesh from its abdomen, she did not stop her charge, her entire body vanishing into the abdomen of the Mountain Drake.

    Huang Ying could not see what she was doing inside the abdomen of the Mountain Drake, but judging from the blood pouring out of its mouth, and its despairing and nearly lifeless eyes, he could easily assume that the fight was over. This was how fights between powerful existences often played out, only a few moves to decide the victor. Of course, the fact that the Mountain Drake could not move freely, nor deal with Fang Shan's speed and flexibility, was also a factor that made the fight end this quickly.

    When Fang Shan cut her way out of the Mountain Drake, she held an fist sized and earthen colored Demon Crystal in her hands. Her body was covered in the blood of the Mountain Drake, the scales on her waist were shattered, and both her feet had large holes in them. But she still held a bright and victorious smile. She had won.

    Fang Shan quickly stored away the body of the Mountain Drake in a separate interspatial ring. After she had finished recuperating and healed her wounds, then she could start her breakthrough to the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    “Good work. It was an excellent...”

    Huang Ying stepped forward and took out a piece of cloth he had just prepared. He started wiping away the blood on Fang Shan's body and was just about to congratulate her, when Li Jun's hurried voice suddenly rang out within his and Fang Shan's head.

    “Huang Ying! There is a forest not far from here, to the east. Inside that forest is a small cave. Head to that cave at your highest speed, at your full speed it should only take you around one hour to reach it! I just detected traces of that girlie, Shi Na, inside that cave. She is heavily wounded. And she doesn't seem to be alone.”

    Li Jun's voice was not just rushed, it was also very grave. It was so grave that Huang Ying did not dare doubt his words. Nor did he dare try to make a joke about how they never managed to catch a break, there was always something going on. Since Li Jun said to move at his full speed, Huang Ying immediately activated his bloodline, pulled out Longinus, and dashed out of the cave.

    The wall that was blocking off the cave was immediately smashed when Huang Ying hit it. His left hand held onto Fang Shan, allowing her to focus on healing her feet, while his right hand held onto Longinus, slaying any Demonic beast that got too close. While Huang Ying was dashing at his full speed, Li Jun was strangely quiet. Perhaps he had seen the full picture of what was inside the cave?

    Since Li Jun told him to move at his full speed, it was clear that Shi Na was more than just heavily wounded, it was likely that she was fatally wounded. He did not have too much of a relationship with Shi Na, but he greatly appreciated her straightforward and honest nature. She would make for a good friend.

    Just like Li Jun said, it only took Huang Ying an hour to reach the cave within the forest. The forest was dense, with only enough space between the trees for one person to walk there at a time. The trees were in full bloom, so there was a sweet fragrance spreading through the forest.

    The cave that Li Ju led them to was clearly one that had been opened in a hurry. It was located at the bottom of a small hill, and it was just large enough for Huang Ying to stand in. The edges of the cave were burnt, so it had clearly been opened by using fire to create an explosion.

    “Who is there?!”

    The moment they set foot into the cave, a panicky voice rang out. Huang Ying spotted the owner of that panicky voice immediately. Shi Na was sitting at the end of the cave, her robe completely tattered and torn. Her left arm was completely gone, only the burnt shoulder remained.

    There was also a part of her abdomen that had been gouged out. The wound was closed by using fire to sear it, so she was not in danger of bleeding out just yet. But none of that registered in Huang Ying's mind. The only thing that registered in Huang Ying's mind was the thing that Shi Na was grasping tightly with her remaining right arm. That single head that she was holding with all her might.
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    Chapter 164: Towering rage.

    Huang Ying was completely blank. For the second time in his life, his mind had gone completely blank. The only other time he had been this blank was when he first awakened his Baku blood. Ever since then, even when he was mad, he had at least managed to keep his calm and think things through clearly.

    “Huang Ying? Why are you here? You need to escape from here, a powerful Demonic beast is chasing me. If it finds you here, it will kill you too.”

    Huang Ying had activated his bloodline, but Shi Na was still able to recognize his facial features. Huang Ying stepped towards her, his gait slightly unsteady. When he got in front of her, he dropped to his knees and grabbed the head that Shi Na was holding.

    “No! It is my fault that she died, I need to at least bury her head properly!”

    Shi Na let out a low shout, but she did not have enough energy to take the head back. Her skin had already turned pale, and blood covered a large part of her face. Where her right eye should be, only a hole that went through the head remained. Mutilated and ruined, but Huang Ying could still clearly recognize her, the person he regarded as his older sister, Chen Chun.


    Huang Ying placed his forehead against Chen Chun's, closing his eyes and speaking in a dreadfully low voice. When he closed his eyes, it was like he had ben transferred back to the time before Chen Chun joined the Golden Dawn Academy. Those were some of his happiest memories. Even when the rest of the town despised him, she played with him and cared for him.

    After joining Golden Dawn Academy, she had started taking a distance from him. But he later learned that even that was done to protect him, to prevent the students in the academy who had a grudge with her from doing anything against him. She was a good sister who care for her family. And now she was dead. He planned on meeting with her and revealing who he was after they returned to the academy, but that would never happen now.


    Shi Na did not quite understand Huang Ying's question, so she could not help but ask. From what she knew, Chen Chun and Huang Ying should not have any relationship with each other. It was at this moment that Shi Na remembered that Chen Chun was supposed to have a little brother who came from the Green Willows continent, a little brother called Huang Ying.

    But she was still not sure if they were the same person. Chen Chun had described how Huang Ying looked before he awakened his Baku bloodline, and the last time she saw him, he was only six years old. Chen Chun also said that her little brother had no power, so Shi Na found it slightly hard to believe that they were the same Huang Ying.


    Huang Ying's voice came out like a roar, the walls of the cave around them shaking. The rage storming around inside him even caused him to slightly lose control over his power, lightning and fire dancing around his body. He of course made sure that none of the fire or lightning hit the head of Chen Chun.

    “...Our teacher sent us out here to kill a snake type Demonic beast with the Golden Crow bloodline. We thought it might be a tough fight, but we never expected the Demonic beast to be at the middle stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm. I tried to carry her away and escape, but as the Demonic beast got closer, Chen Chun hopped off my back to stall the Demonic beast.”

    With Huang Ying's words confirming her thoughts, Shi Na slowly moved her body and got onto her knees. She pressed her forehead against the ground and started explaining what had happened.

    “Li Jun. Find it. Any Demonic beast with the Golden Crow bloodline that fits the description. Find them.”

    Huang Ying stored Chen Chun's head away in a separate interspatial ring and stood up. His voice thundered out within his own mind. He could not spread his perception out far enough, so he left it up to Li Jun to find the Demonic beast.

    “Heal her. She can be considered a friend, and my sister gave her life to protect her, so I will not allow her to die.”

    Li Jun found three Demonic beasts within a 200 kilometer area that fit the description, giving Huang Ying the information. Huang Ying took out several medicines and herbs from his interspatial ring, handing them to Fang Shan before he left the cave.

    “You can't go! It's too strong!”

    Shi Na tried to reach for Huang Ying with her remaining arm, begging him to stop. She had already caused the death of Chen Chun, she did not want to also be responsible for the death of Chen Chun's little brother.

    “It will be fine. A mere Demonic beast at that level of strength will not be able to do anything to him.”

    Fang Shan stopped Shi Na from getting up and chasing Huang Ying. She knew that his emotions were raging right now, he needed to vent them. And a Demonic beast who was only at the middle stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm could not threaten him. Even she could kill Demonic beasts like that now.

    The moment Huang Ying stepped out of the cave, he spread his wings and kicked off the ground with all his might. The ground beneath him cracked and shattered as his body flew up and turned into a black blur that vanished into the distance.

    Huang Ying quickly flew towards the first of the three Demonic beasts that Li Jun had discovered. The Demonic beast was resting on a volcanic island located at the center of a large lake, resting inside the volcano. The moment Huang Ying landed on the edge of the volcano, the Demonic beast let out a loud hissing sound and charged out of the lava.

    It looked like a five meter long snake, scales that shimmered a faint gold covering it's body. It made for quite a beautiful sight, with the glowing lava dripping off its body. But Huang Ying was not in the mood to appreciate it, all he wanted was to tear the snake apart as slowly as he could.

    The snake charged out of the lava and towards Huang Ying, but the moment it got close to him, it was like its body was forced to the ground. A horrendous pressure radiated out from Huang Ying, pushing down on every inch of the Demonic beast and preventing it from moving.

    If it was a human Huang Ying was facing, the pressure it felt would not be this strong. But now he was facing a Demonic beast, so the pressure from his bloodline, as well as the pressure of his Qi and elements were pressing down on it. Especially with Longinus in hand, the pressure he released only grew stronger. Like a monarch descending to the world, with spear in hand the world was forced to kneel.

    Huang Ying's devouring domain spread out from his body, Longinus dissolving into the domain. Since Longinus was created using large amounts of his blood, it could perfectly blend with his domains. Wherever the domain was, so too was Longinus.

    The devouring domain covered the golden snake, and Longinus appeared above it, striking down and shattering both its scales and skull. Huang Ying wanted to kill it slowly, just in case it was the one who killed Chen Chun. He also didn't really want to devour it, but he had to.

    Since it was their teacher who had given the order for Chen Chun and Shi Na to come here, that teacher also had to die to atone for Chen Chun's death. And if anyone else had taken part in sending Chen Chun and Shi Na here, that person would also die.

    But Huang Ying knew that their teacher was probably much stronger than him, probably around the same strength, if not stronger than, Zhouyun. Huang Ying needed more strength to kill them, so he could only swallow his anger and build up his strength. No matter how weak the Golden Crow bloodline in these Demonic beasts were, it was still the blood of the Golden Crow. Devouring it would allow Huang Ying to strengthen his own flame element.

    Huang Ying searched the memories of the Demonic beast, but found nothing about Chen Chun. He quickly devoured the rest of it and then left the area, heading towards the next one that Li Jun had found. This one was currently sleeping at the bottom of a lake.

    Huang Ying's feet touched the water, and as much lightning as he could currently conjure sank into the lake. Everything but the golden snake immediately died, their organs roasted. Huang Ying struck out with Longinus and finished off the Demonic beast.

    Huang Ying spread out his devouring domain and devoured everything within the lake. Upon seeing the memories of the Demonic beast, his eyes grew colder, a roar escaping from his lips. The Demonic beast that had been resting here was the one that had killed Chen Chun, but there was also another thing Huang Ying noticed in its memories.

    “It knew. It knew. IT FUCKING KNEW!”

    Before Chen Chun and Shi Na had arrived at its territory, a person covered in a violet robe had come and warned the Demonic beast about Chen Chun and Shi Na's arrival. The robe completely hid the appearance of the person, so Huang Ying could not see who it was, but he knew that no matter who that person was, he would kill them.

    Huang Ying left the lake and returned to the cave, undoing his bloodline activation as he stepped into the cave. Shi Na already looked much better, her wounds closing properly. As for healing her lost arm and the gouge in her waist, they had no medicine for that. The Eternal Flame Academy would have to do something about it.

    “It's okay. I am feeling a bit better after killing them.”

    Fang Shan came up to Huang Ying, grabbing his hand and looking at him with a worried expression. Huang Ying put on a strained smile and pat her on the head to calm her down. Huang Ying had managed to calm down slightly after killing the Demonic beast that killed Chen Chun, but his rage had only been buried deep within him, waiting for a chance to burst forth. Huang Ying stepped towards Shi Na and sat down in front of her.

    “I want to know everything about your teacher, and anyone you know who might wear a violet robe.”
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    Chapter 165: A second grand feast.

    “Teacher's name is Gong Hua. She is a very kind and elegant middle aged woman whose cultivation has already reached the middle stage of the Deity Heart realm. All the people of Eternal Flame Academy wear scarlet or crimson robes, I have never seen anyone wearing violet robes.”

    Shi Na quickly summarized everything she knew about their teacher. As for people with violet robes, she had never seen or interacted with anyone. She knew why Huang Ying wanted to know about their teacher, but she could not figure out why Huang Ying wanted to know about anyone wearing violet robes.

    “Do you know if your teacher frequently contacts others?”

    Huang Ying did not for one second believe that their teacher, Gong Hua, really was a kind person. If she was a kind person, she would not have sent Shi Na and Chen Chun here to die. Of course, Huang Ying had no proof that it was their teacher who set everything up, she was simply the most likely suspect.

    “I don't know. She will often leave the academy and go somewhere, but I don't know where she goes.”

    Shi Na shook her head as she responded. Gong Hua was their teacher, but they were not by her side at all times. Gong Hua would often leave the academy, leaving behind Shi Na and Chen Chun to train on their own. Where she went when she was alone, they had no way of knowing.

    “Shan'er, can I leave taking her to the academy up to you? I don't think she will be able to leave the Divine Wilderness on her own.”

    Huang Ying tapped his finger against the ground for a short moment before turning towards Fang Shan. He was not confident that Shi Na would be able to leave the Divine Wilderness alone, not while she only had one arm, and a hole in her abdomen.

    “Of course.”

    Fang Shan immediately nodded her head. She could guess what was going through Huang Ying's head, and she also knew that the thing he needed right now was time. Some time alone to clear his head, calm his emotions, and vent his rage. He was probably going to end up in a state he did not want Fang Shan to see.

    “Don't return her to the Eternal Flame Academy, bring her to the Eastern Wind Academy. I will talk with Xin Yang, he'll do something about it.”

    Huang Ying fondled his chin slightly as he spoke. Returning her to Eternal Flame Academy, where they could not keep an eye on her, was a bad idea. If they brought her to Eastern Wind Academy, they could easily keep an eye on her. And with Xin Yang, who even Zhouyun and Xiao Mei were wary of, Huang Ying was sure that she would be protected properly.

    “But I have to...”

    Shi Na felt that she had to return to the Eternal Flame Academy, both to tell their teacher about the strength of the Demonic beast, and to let the academy know that Chen Chun had died. Huang Ying was clearly suspicious of their teacher, but Shi Na could not see their teacher as someone evil.

    “Quiet! The Demonic beast you were hunting already knew you were coming before you even arrived. Someone clad in a violet robe warned it. Someone is clearly trying to kill either you or Chen Chun, maybe even both of you. I refuse to let you return to Eternal Flame Academy, as you will simply die upon arriving there. If you insist on returning to Eternal Flame Academy, I will simply break all your limbs and drag you to Eastern Wind Academy.”

    Huang Ying interrupted Shi Na with a loud shout before she could finish her sentence. He had already lost a sister, he would not lose someone he considered a friend as well. Even if he had to completely crush her limbs to do so, he would drag her to Eastern Wind Academy.

    “What will you be doing?”

    Fang Shan stepped forward and helped Shi Na up. She was no longer in danger of dying from her injuries, but she was still very weak. As she picked up Shi Na, she also turned towards Huang Ying. Since he only said for Fang Shan to bring her back, it was clear that he had something else planned for himself.

    “Training. I will be back at the academy before the competition to enter the Immortal's Garden. When I return to the academy, do you know what I want to hear?”

    While Huang Ying spoke, a black light seemed to swim within his eyes. His devouring and destruction elements were yearning to be set loose, to swallow everything that caused their master pain.

    “That Xie Gang has been killed and a certain girl taken his spot on the Rising Dragon List, right? Don't worry, you'll get to hear some good news.”

    Fang Shan responded to Huang Ying's question as she left the cave, her words causing a ferocious smile to rise on Huang Ying's lips. He had to cut the training with Fang Shan short, but he was confident that she would not slack off while inside the academy.

    “Xin Yang. I need to ask for a favor.”

    After Fang Shan left the cave, Huang Ying took out the jade that the academy had given them, connecting with Xin Yang. Xin Yang had a high standing within the academy, maybe even within the Xin clan. Huang Ying needed his help to protect Shi Na.

    “A favor? You? That's rare. What do you need?”

    Xin Yang's slightly surprised voice sounded out. He did not see Huang Ying as the type of person who would ask for favors or owe people things. He saw him as the type of person that would try to accomplish everything on his own. So if he was asking for a favor, it was clearly rather serious.

    “Shan'er is coming to the academy with a girl, a student from Eternal Flame Academy. Someone is trying to kill her, and I need you to protect her.”

    Huang Ying gave a quick summary of what he wanted Xin Yang to do. If possible, he also wanted Xin Yang to see if he could learn anything about Shi Na's teacher, but he did not want to ask for more favors.

    “Hoh? Since it is you that is asking, i'll of course do my best. But mind if I ask why?”

    Xin Yang easily agreed, not even spending a second to think it over. But at the same time he was rather curious why Huang Ying wanted him to protect this girl. Did Huang Ying have other friends than him, Jing He, Fang Shan, and maybe Zhao Feng?

    “She can be considered a friend of mine. And my sister died to protect her, so I refuse to simply let her die.”

    Huang Ying gave a simple summary of the situation that had happened in the Divine Wilderness.

    “...I'll do everything I can to protect her. Do you know who is trying to kill her?”

    Xin Yang responded strongly after a short moment of silence. He had never heard about Huang Ying having a sister, but if the situation was like this, he could easily tell how serious the situation was to Huang Ying.

    “It might be their teacher, someone called Gong Hua. There is also someone who hid his face with a violet robe, but I don't know who that is.”

    Huang Ying spoke about their teacher, as well as the person that he had seen within the memories of the Demonic beast. These were the only two suspects he had.

    “Alright, I'll see what I can find. When will you be returning?”

    Xin Yang had a wide information network, so looking into Gong Hua would not be too much of a problem.

    “Right before the competition to find out who will enter the Immortal's Garden.”

    Huang Ying was planning on returning in time to participate in the competition. After all, there could easily be things within the Immortal's Garden that would be very useful to him.

    “Good. I'll look forward to your return, I can't wait to see the look on Zhouyun's face when you do.”

    Xin Yang responded with a light chuckle. He had long disliked Zhouyun, so any chance to see him angry would be treasured. Zhouyun had thought that Huang Ying was weak, even trying to make moves on Fang Shan. With Huang Ying revealing his strength and claiming Fang Shan, Xin Yang was certain that Zhouyun would be rather angry.

    “Xin Yang. Thank you.”

    Before Xin Yang cut the connection, Huang Ying said a low thanks. Xin Yang had no obligation to help him, nor did he have to use his connections to look into Gong Hua. But he still did it, not even thinking twice about it. For that, Huang Ying was thankful.

    “Li Jun. Every Demonic beast with a special bloodline or higher elemental purity than me, can you find them?”

    After Huang Ying put away the jade and stood up, he started talking with Li Jun. His eyes looked to the outside of the cave, the black light swimming within his eyes moving around like ferocious waves.

    “As long as they are within 200 kilometers, they cannot hide from me.”

    Li Jun's response was short and simple, everything within 200 kilometers was within his eyes.

    “Good. Every single one of them within 200 kilometers, I want their locations. It is time for another grand feast.”

    Huang Ying stepped out of the caves, the locations of several Demonic beasts appearing in his mind. The first grand feast was when he was beaten and Jing He forced to return to her clan. Now it was time to start the second grand feast.
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    Chapter 166: Five months.

    After Huang Ying stepped out of the cave, he once again activated his bloodline. He did not immediately start hunting Demonic beasts, but instead used his fastest speed to fly out of the Divine Wilderness. He spent three days flying, not taking a single break, reaching the ruined Azure Springs Town.

    After reaching the basin that Azure Springs Town had become, Huang Ying found a secluded spot at the corner of the basin and dug a small grave, placing the head of Chen Chun in the grave and closing it up. He had thought about devouring the head, so that he could always keep her at his side. But he decided against it when he thought about how Shi Na and Chen Chun's other friends would probably want to visit the grave at times.

    “Sorry, but this is all I can do for you now. But I swear to you. Every single person who had a hand in your death, I will have them suffer until their hearts and souls break. And then I will deny them the chance to reincarnate, granting them eternal death.”

    Huang Ying built a small grave marker out of ice, carving Chen Chun's name and his vow for revenge into it. This was the ice of the White Tiger and not just any White Tiger, but a White Tiger that held a trace of the primordial element of ice. This ice would never melt, nor be destroyed. Only another primordial element would be able to destroy it.

    To actually use the ice that held a faint trace of the primordial element of ice required a large amount of Qi, even more than it required to use his destruction element, since he had to filter out the normal ice. Because of this, Huang Ying had never used this type of ice before.

    Huang Ying sat in front of the grave marker in complete silence for an entire day, silently saying his final farewell. When he opened his eyes again, they were completely calm once more. No signs of rage or black light could be seen them, only a frightful calm.

    “Time to begin.”

    Huang Ying stood up and activated his bloodline, his body turning into a blur as he returned to the Divine Wilderness. He had about five months time before he had to return to the academy, and he was planning on increasing his strength as much as possible in those five months. Breaking through to the Yin-Yang Formation realm was almost impossible within such a short amount of time, so he planned on focusing on other aspects of his strength.

    With Huang Ying entering the Divine Wilderness and starting a nearly indiscriminate slaughter, a strange calm descended upon the Cloud's Reach continent. The Demonic beasts he was butchering were far from the strongest in the Divine Wilderness, but they were the ones who made the most trouble. The stronger Demonic beasts preferred to train quietly at the very center of the Divine Wilderness.

    With everyone below the Immortal Ascension realm quietly training and waiting for the opening of the Immortal's Garden, the tension of the continent slowly rose, with people already betting on who would gain the most from within the Immortal's Garden.

    But this tension and quiet could not last forever. A month after Huang Ying entered the Divine Wilderness, the Jing clan announced that the engagement between their young miss, Jing He, and the young master of the Xin clan, Xin Yang, had been broken. The piece of news that followed this announcement also cause a stir on the continent.

    During the next Dragon Meeting, whoever proved that they had the purest ice element would be given the hand of Jing He in marriage, becoming a part of the Jing clan. The Jing clan was one of the four great clans, so there were countless people dreaming about joining them. Because of these news, the next Dragon Meeting would surely be much grander than the previous ones.

    But the exciting news did not stop with just that announcement. Two months after the engagement was broken, the sky above Eastern Wind Academy was suddenly filled with deep red clouds. Three crimson bolts of lightning descended from the clouds and landed in the academy. Seeing this spectacle, people knew that someone powerful in the academy had just broken through to the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    Only half a month after that, the Rising Dragon List was forced to release another change to their rankings. And it was not just a single change this time, but two changes at once. Rank 100, Gold Buddha Xia Zhu Kong, was beaten by the young master of the Xin clan, Xin Yang. Xin Yang became the new rank 100 and was granted the title Storm's Fury.

    But that was not the main change on the list, the main change was rank 98. rank 98, Ocean Wind Xie Gang, had been challenged to single combat and slain. He had not simply been defeated, but slain, his head separated and then trampled. The previously unknown girl who killed him became the new rank 98 and was given her title, Dread Lightning Fang Shan.

    Huang Ying would contact Fang Shan every five days, so he knew about everything that was happening on the continent. Of course, he never stopped his training, constantly engaging in battle as he devoured more and more Demonic beasts.

    “It's time to go.”

    When only a week remained before the competition to see who would enter the Immortal's Garden, Huang Ying stopped his training. He took off his tattered robe and put on a fresh sky blue robe, leaving the Divine Wilderness. His eyes were still dreadfully calm, his white hair dancing in the wind as he flew at full speed. His cultivation had not grown, but he was confident that if he were to meet Xie Gang again, he could kill him within ten moves.

    The only change one could see after he left the Divine Wilderness was a large scar that went from his right eyebrow, all the way down to his left cheekbone, almost splitting his face in half. To create such a scar on him, who had such a powerful healing ability, the strength of that Demonic beast could be imagined.

    The time for the competition to enter the Immortal's Garden had arrived, and the entire continent was looking forward to spectating it and seeing the contestants powers. And with the continent in such an uproar, Huang Ying returned, only a select few realizing that this meant a bloodbath would likely follow.
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    Chapter 167: Returning to Eastern Wind Academy.

    “It'll be a bit harder for me to visit you in the near future, but I will do my best to make some time to come here.”

    Huang Ying poured some water on the icy grave-marker he had made for Chen Chun as he spoke. It had not gotten dirty over the last five months, but cleaning it helped Huang Ying calm down his heart. Now was not the time to be hasty and rash, he had to be calm.

    “You don't need to worry about me, I am doing fine. I didn't get the time during these five months, but in the future I will come back and tell you everything that has happened since we last saw each other.”

    Huang Ying clapped his hands together and gave the grave-marker a quick bow, before turning around and leaving. After leaving the grave, Huang Ying traveled to Yellow Winds Town and bought some food. By now, Huang Ying's appearance was known by everyone in the town, so a path was opened for him the moment he stepped into town.

    After stocking up on some food that wasn't Demonic beast meat without flavoring, Huang Ying left the town and traveled to Willow's Heart, the capital. His appearance was not as well known by the normal people there, but when he set foot in the imperial castle, there was no one that dared stand in his way.

    Huang Ying reached the Spatial Array and quickly arrived in Cloud's End. When he reached Cloud's End city, he brought out Little Flame, who quickly grew in size until it was big enough for him to sit on its back. When Little Flame was in its bird form and didn't use any of its abilities, it looked no different from a normal crow. So even if Huang Ying rode him all the way to Heaven's Crossroads City, no one would pay it any mind.

    Huang Ying quickly reached the city, dismounting outside the gates. Only certain special people were allowed to fly over the city, so he had to walk the rest of the way. Little Flame shrank in size and perched itself on his shoulder, looking like a small crow he had picked up along the way.

    “Yikes, quite the scar you got there. Now how do you ever intend to get married?”

    The first thing that greeted Huang Ying upon entering the academy again was a chuckle coming from Xin Yang, who brought along Fang Shan, Zhao Feng, and Shi Na. Shi Na lowered her head, not daring to look at Huang Ying.

    “Tch, at least I wasn't dumped and had my engagement cancelled.”

    Huang Ying responded with a chuckle of his own, planting a soft kiss on Fang Shan's lips right afterwards. Xin Yang shook his head with a wry smile at the comment, while Zhao Feng only raised his thumbs at Huang Ying.

    “Ah? Junior Brother Ying, it is great that you have safely returned. I was worried that Junior Sister Shan was going to be beside her with worry if you didn't return.”

    While Huang Ying and the others were walking on the road that would take them to the student lodgings, Zhouyun suddenly came around the corner. Upon seeing Huang Ying and Fang Shan, he let out a surprised exclamation and spoke to Huang Ying with a pleasant smile.

    “Thank you for worrying about me, Senior Brother Zhouyun. But my life is far too hardy to die on some simple missions like that.”

    Huang Ying wrapped his arm around Fang Shan's waist and pulled her closer as he spoke with a polite tone. It was very faint, but he noticed a slight twitch in Zhouyun's eyebrows.

    “It seems like you and Junior Sister Shan have become a couple, allow me to give you my congratulations. And here I thought you and Junior Sister Mei were a foregone conclusion, with how close you were.”

    Zhouyun still acted like nothing, even looking genuinely happy as he congratulated Huang Ying and then warned him. His warning was of course an attempt to sow discord between Huang Ying and Fang Shan.

    “I have no idea what you are talking about, Senior Brother Zhouyun. There was never anything between me and Senior Sister Mei, perhaps there was a problem with your eyes? It would not be good if anything were to happen because you had a problem with your eyes, perhaps you should get it checked out?”

    Huang Ying and Zhouyun both knew that the other person was their enemy. Zhouyun knew that Huang Ying had most likely killed Bai Jing, and then learned from Xie Gang that it was Zhouyun who had sent him. They were doomed to fight each other eventually. It was only that right now they still had to pretend to be on good terms, as they both knew that the other had a strong backing. If they were to kill the other one, they had to do it in a way that no one else could say anything against it.

    “...Perhaps. I thank you for worrying about my well being Junior Brother Ying. Now if you will excuse me, I have some business that I need to finish before the competition. I do wish you luck.”

    Zhouyun's eyebrows barely twitched after hearing Huang Ying's thinly veiled taunt. He greeted the others in the group and then bid them farewell, walking past them and vanishing down the road.

    “I don't know what he is planning on doing, but he will certainly do something to tamper with the competition. You need to be extra careful.”

    With Zhouyun vanishing down the road, the group continued heading towards the lodgings. Xin Yang warned Huang Ying in a low voice. Zhouyun had a lot of means at his disposal, even Xin Yang had to be wary around him.

    “How will the competition play out? Is it just a battle tournament?”

    Huang Ying nodded his head at Xin Yang's words and asked about the competition. He had yet to hear what the competition was, so he was rather curious how they decided who would be able to enter the Immortal's Garden.

    “No. It is a hunt to gather points. Everyone will be sent into a separate space that was created long ago by the previous leaders of the seven overlords. Inside there, defeating other people and killing Demonic beasts will give you points. Stronger Demonic beasts give more points, and upon defeating a person, you gain the points they have accumulated. There are also five bases. Capturing and defending these bases gives a large amount of points. At the end, the people who have more than a certain amount of points get to enter the Immortal's Garden.”

    Xin Yang quickly explained how the competition worked. He had already explained it to the others, so they only listened silently while walking at the side. The space had been opened long ago, so there were some Demonic beasts in there that were hard to find in the outside world. Of course, the fact that they were able to survive through so many competitions was proof of their strength.

    “Will only people who have passed through this competition get to enter the Immortal's Garden? And what about killing others during the competition? How can you fight with your all if you aren't attacking with the intent to kill?”

    Huang Ying fondled his chin slightly as he spoke. They had reached his cabin, so he opened the door and they all entered. He noticed that there was more furniture in his cabin than there was when he left, and looking at the smirk on Xin Yang's face, it was clear how they got there.

    “No, others who are part of the smaller clans and academies will also enter, but they have their own competition. Each of the seven overlords also have their own hidden trump cards that they will send in once the Immortal's Garden opens. As for killing others, there is no problem with that.”

    Xin Yang shook his head as he responded. There were certain people that the various clans and academies had specially trained, so they did not want to bring them out for the competition. They would just directly allow them to enter the Immortal's Garden when it opened.

    “The space where the competition takes place was created by old leaders, so the current leaders can't interfere with what is happening inside. It also only records the amount of points a person has, it is impossible to see what is going on inside it. That is another reason you have to be careful. You might have fought Xie Gang to a draw, and then gotten much stronger in these five months, but even people like Dai Hui will enter this competition. There are still many people who can kill you.”

    Xin Yang said it to warn Huang Ying, but when he saw the faint smile that Huang Ying's lips curled into, he knew that his warning did nothing.

    “Don't worry, I won't be rash. I know exactly what I need to do.”

    Huang Ying assured Xin Yang that he would not be rash. But he was quite looking forward to entering the competition. There would surely be people there who would try to kill him, and through them, he might learn more about who killed Chen Chun. Now all he had to do was wait for the competition to start in two days.
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    Chapter 168: Start of the competition.

    Two days later the entire city was boiling with excitement. They were not able to see what was going on inside the separate space, but they would be able to see the amount of points that the people inside had. There were already many people placing bets on who would get the highest amount of points at the end of the competition.

    During the days before the competition, the academy had been strangely silent. Even Xiao Mei had only come to visit Huang Ying once during the two days he had spent waiting for the start of the competition. She was a bit awkward when she saw that Fang Shan was preventing her from getting too close, but she eventually managed to pretend like she had not even noticed Fang Shan's actions.

    “It's time to head out, so get a move on.”

    While Huang Ying and Fang Shan were silently cultivating within Huang Ying's cabin, a loud knock was heard on their door, Xin Yang's voice ringing out. Huang Ying and Fang Shan opened their eyes and stood up, stretching their bodies as low popping sounds rang out from their joints.

    “Alright, just give us a moment.”

    Huang Ying called out in a loud voice, before both he and Fang Shan entered the bathroom. They took a quick shower and then put on some fresh clothing. After getting dressed, they left the cabin. They had already stored everything they might need in their interspatial rings, so there was nothing they needed to bring.

    “Since it requires the power of the leaders of the seven overlords to send us into the separate space, we will be departing from the center of the city.”

    Outside the cabin stood Xin Yang, Zhao Feng, and Shi Na. Huang Ying did not know exactly what strings Xin Yang had pulled, but he had somehow managed to secure a spot for Shi Na to enter the competition as well. The reason he did so was because it was safer to bring her with them, rather than leave her in the academy with Zhouyun.

    Huang Ying and Fang Shan simply nodded their heads to Xin Yang's words. The group left the academy and started walking through the city to get to the center. Zhao Feng was so excited that he barely stopped talking as they walked. Shi Na still felt rather awkward around Huang Ying, so she mostly kept her head down and stayed silent.

    While they were walking, Xin Yang also took the chance to explain a little about some of the more famous places in the city. Restaurants where one could eat meat from rare Demonic beasts, places where one could rent cultivation rooms that were better than the ones in the academy, there were even places where one could pay to have a fight with strong Demonic beasts.

    The center of the city was a large circular opening, with not a single building present. Considering how packed the city was, it felt strange that there was a place like this in the city, with not a single building or vendor. The ground was paved with light blue stones that released a faint warmth. There were some places where the ground was paved with deep yellow stones instead of blue, the yellow stones forming a large array that covered the entire area.

    Huang Ying scanned the area with his eyes, from what he could see, he would not be surprised if he was told that the area had a diameter of almost ten kilometers. Yet this massive area, that was usually completely empty, was now filled with people of varying ages and sizes.

    There were a large amount of people, but they were clearly separated into seven different camps, one for each of the seven overlords. Xin Yang led the group to the place where the other students of Eastern Wind Academy were located, and they proceeded to wait for the time where they would be sent into the separate space.

    “Let us begin! Students gather at the middle and prepare for the start of the competition!”

    After waiting for a little more than an hour, a loud voice echoed over the area, resounding in everyone's ears. The students who were taking part in the competition stepped forward and gather at the very center of the area. From the backs of each group belonging to the seven overlords, an overwhelmingly strong Qi burst forth, surrounding the students. It was clear that the leaders of the seven overlords had started the process of sending them into the separate space.

    “Not only we, but the entire city will be keeping a close eye on the amount of points each of you manage to acquire! Do your best and gather up as many points as possible, those who have gathered enough points at the end will be allowed to enter the Immortal's Garden. Those who fail to gather enough points will return in shame!”

    Another loud shout was heard, putting more pressure on the students that were to take part in the competition. Of course, most people simply shrugged it off. Why would they care if they returned in shame? They were only trying to get stronger, there was nothing shameful in failing while walking along that path.

    The world around the students changed into a vast and empty white world. Xin Yang had already told Huang Ying about this place. This place was what stabilized the separate space, a bridge that connected the separate realm and the outside world. The true form of this white space was the formation carved into the ground of the city center.

    They would only be staying in this white world for a short duration, just long enough for the leaders of the seven overlords to gather up enough Qi to send them the rest of the way into the separate space. While everyone was waiting, Huang Ying swept the people in the area. There were some that he knew, but many more that he did not know. A quick and loose count showed him that there were over 2,000 people taking part in this competition. Quite a large number of people.

    “It seems like there are quite a few of you who have something against me? Or is it that someone has paid you to kill me?”

    While everyone was waiting, Huang Ying suddenly spoke out in a loud voice, catching the attention of everyone there. He had already noticed that there were a large amount of people here who had killing intent towards him. Most of the people with killing intent were people he did not even know, so he was rather curious why they wanted to kill him.

    “But it does not matter what the reason is, I have been rather angry lately, so this will be a good chance to vent some of my anger. For your own good, I truly hope that you manage to kill me. Because if you fail to do so, I will hunt you all down and kill you. I will devour your memories to find out why you are looking to kill me, and if I find that someone set you up to do this, then I will kill them too.”

    Huang Ying's lips curled into a ferocious smile as he spoke. Since they were looking at him with killing intent, they were his enemies, and that meant that he would hunt them down and kill them. And this competition was the perfect place to do so. The fact that he had the devouring element was already known, so he did not even need to hide the fact that he was going to devour them.

    The gazes of several of the people looking at Huang Ying narrowed sharply after hearing his words, but no one spoke up or took any actions. Huang Ying's eyes continued to sweep over the people that were present, making sure the firmly remembered every single one of them.

    The white world around them flashed brightly, blinding the people there as a falling sensation wrapped their bodies. When the falling sensation and the white light vanished, Huang Ying found himself standing inside a ruined house. The gray walls were covered in thick vines, with some parts of the wall broken and shattered. A few rays of warm sunlight shone into the house through the broken parts of the wall.

    Huang Ying sent out his perception as far as he could, learning that he had ended up in a ruined city that seemed quite large. There were no other people for a few kilometers around him, so they had probably been sent somewhere else. Huang Ying's lips once more curled into a ferocious smile as he stepped out of the house.

    “Well then, the hunt is on.”
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    Chapter 169: The first prey.

    Huang Ying left the ruined house and started walking through the ruined city. The houses in the ruined city came in all shapes and sizes, but they were all built out of the same type of gray stone. Nature had completely overtaken the city, with vines and grass covering all the houses.

    The plants that were growing around in the city were plants that Huang Ying had never seen before, with dark and subdued colors that attracted the eye. Huang Ying at first thought that the city had already been abandoned when it was brought into this separate space, but he could see clear signs that a great battle had taken place inside the city at some point.

    The center of the city had completely vanished, the only thing remaining being a hole so deep that Huang Ying could not see the bottom. Not only was it deep, but it was also several kilometers in diameter, the edges of the hole completely smooth, so it was clear that whoever created the hole had used a supremely powerful attack.

    While walking, Huang Ying had also checked out a few things. The first thing he checked was whether or not he could still talk with Li Jun, but there had been no response from Li Jun, so he was either hiding himself or cut off from Huang Ying.

    The second thing Huang Ying checked was the point system. After entering the separate space, Huang Ying found a small blue jade square hanging at his waist. Putting his Qi into the jade would allow Huang Ying to see how many points he had gathered. He originally thought he could use it to check how many points the other people in the competition had, but it didn't seem to have that function.

    Huang Ying was also very surprised at just how large this separate space seemed to be. He had walked for around half an hour, with his perception stretched to its very limit to keep an eye on the surrounding eight kilometers. Yet he had not spotted a single person, and only a few Demonic beasts none which were worth his time.

    “Really. Over 2,000 participants but I haven't seen a single one yet. How much power did it take to create this place I wonder?”

    Huang Ying could not help but mutter to himself while walking through the city. He had no idea how much strength it took to create a separate space, but he was certain that it required a tremendous amount. And to create a place as large as this? Li Jun might know, but he had no way of asking him that now.

    While walking, Huang Ying had also inspected the ruined buildings more closely. He at first thought that the gray stones were just normal rocks, but when he inspected them more closely, he found that they were a strange type of rock that had great resistance towards Qi. To break a fist sized rock, Huang Ying would have to put all his strength into his attack, even using Longinus. And yet the entire city was ruined, the buildings broken and shattered.

    He also found a few items that he had never seen or heard about before, strangely shaped weapons that were either completely round or square. They did not have any place where he could insert Spirit Stones, so they were probably operated by either directly inputting Qi or by using an unknown method.


    Huang Ying suddenly stopped walking and turned his head towards the right, a slight sound escaping from his lips. Someone had entered his perception range. The girl was only at the middle stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm, so she had not detected that she had entered Huang Ying's perception.

    “Found one.”

    Huang Ying's lips curled into a smile that could send chills down a person's back. The girl who had entered Huang Ying's perception was not just one of the people who had directed killing intent at Huang Ying, she was someone from Eternal Flame Academy. Huang Ying immediately dashed towards the right, heading towards the girl at full speed.

    When he got close, he did not immediately approach her or reveal himself. He concealed himself and stalked her for a bit, making sure that nothing unexpected or dangerous would happen. She was weaker than him, so her perception would not be able to notice him.

    The girl looked like she was about 16 or 17, but it was unlikely that she was truly that young, with a rather petite stature and black hair in a bowl cut. Looking at her cultivation that was slightly unsteady, it was clear that she had broken through not long ago, and most likely used some pills or herbs to do so. She was slowly moving through the city, keeping a close and vigilant eye on her surroundings.

    Huang Ying stalked her for a few minutes before he determined that there was nothing dangerous about her. He undid his concealment and stepped out of the shadows, stopping in front of her.

    “Do you know Shi Na or Chen Chun?”

    Huang Ying had a polite and pleasant smile on his face as he asked the girl, but she only felt a chill go down her smile when she saw him. She did not believe that he had just coincidentally found her, but she had not even once sensed his presence as he got closer. This fact told her a single thing, that Huang Ying was most likely stronger than her.

    “I have no idea who you are talking about. There is someone I have to meet over there, so I would like to keep moving.”

    The girl took half a step backwards and bent her body slightly, a mace appearing in her hands as she spoke. Her entire body was tense, sweat gathering on her forehead. She knew that Huang Ying held the 99th rank on the Rising Dragon List, but according to the information she had gotten, he had gotten that rank due to luck. That was the only reason she had agreed to the deal about trying to kill him.

    “I wonder if that is true. I also wonder why someone as weak as you would be roped into attempting to kill me. Will I learn the reason once I see your memories I wonder?”

    Huang Ying only kept smiling as he responded. There was not a single person in the direction that the girl was heading, as that direction was where Huang Ying had come from. It was clear that she had only spoken those words to make Huang Ying think that she was not alone.

    “Like I said earlier, I am rather angry right now, so I will be venting that on you.”

    Before the girl had the chance to say anything, the polite smile on Huang Ying's face turned sinister and cold, his eyes turning emotionless. He took a step forward, the sound of thunder ringing out in the area. The girl took a step backwards and sent out a sideways strike with her mace, trying to force Huang Ying to change his attack.

    Huang Ying simply raised his left arm and grabbed onto the head of the mace, clamping down on it like a vise and completely preventing the girl from moving it. He raised his right leg and stomped down on the girls left knee, causing it to shatter and bend backwards. The girl let out a scream in pain, but Huang Ying used this chance to grab onto her lower jaw with his right arm.

    Realizing what he was about to do, the eyes of the girl were dyed in despair as she tried to plead with him. But Huang Ying did not pay attention to her silent pleading. Right now he was letting the rage that had gathered in his chest get free reign. His right hand tightened its grip and he pulled back his arm.

    With a sickening snapping sound, the lower jaw of the girl was shattered and separated from her head. Even her tongue had been torn out of her mouth along with the jaw. With the jaw in his hand, Huang Ying smashed his right arm forward, driving her own lower jaw into the face of the girl and shattering her skull.

    With her skull shattering, the girls screams stopped and her body fell backwards. Before he body could hit the ground, Huang Ying released his devouring Qi and devoured the body of the girl. He quickly skimmed through her memories, looking for any information that was useful.

    “Dai Hui, huh. On the list you go.”

    There was barely any information about Shi Na or Chen Chun, but he did find out who got the girl to join in on the attempts to kill him. It was the top ranker of the Rising Dragon List, Blooming Lotus Dai Hui. Huang Ying merely muttered her name with a disinterested expression. Since Dai Hui got this girl to attempt to kill him, Huang Ying would kill Dai Hui. Huang Ying picked up the interspatial ring of the girl and then continued moving. One had been killed, but the hunt was far from over.
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    Chapter 170: Learning of Zhouyun's powers.

    The place Huang Ying reached after leaving the ruined city was a forest so dense that there was only space for a single person between each tree, deep green vines coiling around the trees like snakes, the tree crowns twining together and blotting out all sunlight. Of course, the darkness in the forest was no problem for Huang Ying who was practically half Demonic beast.

    While walking, Huang Ying also made sure that he constantly paid attention to the Qi in the surroundings. Using the color of the Qi in the surroundings, Huang Ying could guess at what types of Demonic beasts or humans were in the surroundings. He had done this once before, when he was hunting the 6th grade Cloud Tiger, following it by tracking the ice Qi that it released as it moved.

    Of course, he also kept his perception stretched out at all times, but there existed many Demonic beasts and cultivators who specialized in camouflage, slipping through his detection. Huang Ying was moving towards such a Demonic beast at this time. He had spotted it because of the Qi it released, and he noticed that there was a human heading in the direction of the Demonic beast, so he was moving over there to spectate what was going to happen.

    Once he got closer, Huang Ying jumped up from the ground and started using the tree tops and branches to move around, making sure that he was well hidden by the leaves of the tree. Once he reached the place where the Demonic beast was hiding, Huang Ying stopped moving and hid his own presence, waiting silently.

    After a few minutes of waiting, the person Huang Ying had spotted with his perception entered his vision. Huang Ying knew the person who was walking over, it was one of the reasons why he decided to spectate what was going to happen. The person who entered Huang Ying's vision was a young boy with smooth skin and short black hair, looking no more than 11 years old.

    Had it been anyone else who looked this old, Huang Ying would have thought that they were using medicine to keep themselves young, but Huang Ying knew that this boy was truly no more than 11 years old. When Huang Ying first underwent the test to join the academy, this young boy had also been there. Back then he had been 10 and at the middle stage of the Xiantian realm.

    He had failed to join the academy at that time but still joined this competition as a student of Eastern Wind Academy, so Huang Ying guessed that the boy might have gotten special permission to join the academy during the five months that Huang Ying was training. And just by looking at the boy Huang Ying could understand why he had gotten that permission. Since Huang Ying had last seen him, he had grown from the middle stage of the Xiantian realm to the early stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm. For an 11 year old boy to reach this level could only mean one of two things, he had supreme talent, or had a very powerful backer.

    The boy slowly made his way closer to where Huang Ying was hiding, vigilantly surveying the area with his eyes as he moved. The young boy could not notice it, but Huang Ying noticed that the deep green Qi that was present in the area was getting restless, a sign that the Demonic beast that was hiding there was getting ready to attack.

    The young boy took another few steps forward, and the hidden Demonic beast sprung into action. Some of the vines that were coiling around some of the trees suddenly uncoiled themselves and shot towards the young boy. The Demonic beast had the advantage of the surprise attack, but the young boy was after all someone at the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    The moment the vines shot towards him, he jumped up and grabbed onto a branch, using it to pull himself higher up. He slightly opened his mouth, seemingly attempting to say something. There were no words that came out of his mouth, but Huang Ying could see a transparent, nearly invisible Qi come out from the boy's mouth. The invisible Qi hit the vines causing them to rupture and explode, sending deep green liquid splashing throughout the area.

    Huang Ying was rather interested in the Qi of the young boy, as it was of an element he had yet to experience for himself. The invisible Qi that came out from his mouth had vibrated slightly as it moved, and then started to vibrate violently when it touched the vines, which caused them to reverberate with the vibrating and explode. This method of attacking was the most common way of attacking for people who had the element of sound, a rather rare element.

    But Huang Ying did not stop hiding just because of his interest in the sound element. Even if the young boy managed to defeat the Demonic beast that was hiding here, which was in the shape of an underground root that controlled the surrounding vines, he would still die in the hands of Huang Ying. The young boy had shown killing intent towards Huang Ying earlier, so he was already placed on the list.

    The deep green liquid that splashed out from the ruptured vines seemed to be highly corrosive, as everything that was touched by it started melting. A few drops landed on the cheek of the young boy, who had neglected to dodge because he did not expect the liquid to be dangerous. He had a high cultivation level, but he was onl 11 after all, so once the drops landed on him and his cheek started melting, he let go of the branch and started letting out shrill screams in pain.

    More vines shot forward and started coiling around the legs of the young boy, slowly pulling him towards the spot where the root was hiding underground. It seemed like the vines could excreted the corrosive liquid at will, as the legs of the boy started slowly melting after the vines coiled around them, his screams growing higher in pitch as his upper body started thrashing around in panic.

    “I can't let you kill him.”

    While the boy was thrashing around and screaming, Huang Ying dropped down from his hiding spot and spoke out. When his feet touched the ground he sent his ice Qi into the ground and froze the root that was the core of the Demonic beast, causing the vines to slowly freeze.

    “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

    The boy started rapidly thanking Huang Ying, thinking that Huang Ying had come to save him. It seemed like in his panic and pain, he had forgotten the proclamation that Huang Ying had made at the start of the competition. Huang Ying only looked at him with a cold and nearly emotionless gaze as he stepped towards him and placed his hand on the head of the young boy.

    As the young boy realized that something was wrong, Huang Ying put strength into the hand that was on the head of the boy, clenching it tightly and crushing his skull. The boy was only 11 years old, but since he had shown killing intent towards Huang Ying, there was no way Huang Ying would spare him. After crushing his skull, Huang Ying used his devouring Qi to search through the memories of the boy.

    “Really Zhouyun, there has to be a limited to your depravity. This is just disgusting to look at.”

    Huang Ying's mouth twisted after he finished going through the memories of the boy. He had managed to ascertain that Zhouyun seemed to swing both ways when it came to lovers, did not care for the age of his lovers, and that it was indeed Zhouyun who had gotten the boy to show killing intent towards Huang Ying. But he also managed to learn one other fact that he had not know before. Through the memories of the young boy, he had seen that Zhouyun seemed to be capable of either brainwashing or controlling others using his Qi.

    “Really Zhouyun, things would never have ended up like this if you just learned to keep your hands to yourself.”

    Huang Ying shook his head and left the area, continuing to look for other people. He could not help but feel like laughing at how he and Zhouyun had ended up as enemies. Zhouyun had seen Fang Shan and felt that she was beautiful enough to try and conquer her, but to do so he felt that he had to get rid of Huang Ying first. If he had just ignored Fang Shan, he and Huang Ying would never have become enemies. But now it was already too late for that, now it would only end up with either of them dead.
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    Chapter 171: Towards the fortress.

    Huang Ying continued traveling through the forest, looking for a place where he could get a good view of the entire surrounding area. He could use Little Flame to fly above the forest, but as he did not know what sort of Demonic beasts might be lurking in the sky, as well as not knowing who might be watching, he decided against it.

    It was only after walking for almost half a day, avoiding any Demonic beasts he encountered along the way, that Huang Ying spotted the edge of the forest. The edge of the forest was a good place to lie in ambush, so he upped his vigilance further and started making his way towards the edge, ready to attack at the slightest sign that there was anyone lying in ambush to attack other competitors.

    Yet his expectations were betrayed, as he was able to easily leave the forest and arrive at the top of a tall hill that allowed him to get a decent view of the areas in front of him. He swept the top of the hill for any signs of people, but the only thing he could see was the edge of the forest.

    Just as Huang Ying was going to check what lay ahead of the hill, a loud sound resounded over the entire area, drilling into his ears. The sound only lasted a short moment, before it started to slowly recede. While Huang Ying was looking for the source of the sound, he saw that large letters had appeared in the sky, so large that they could be seen from any point in the separate space.

    “The northern fortress has been captured by Yuan Wuhan, and the western fortress has been captured by Xing Kan? So we get notified whenever a fortress get captured?”

    Huang Ying fondled his chin, muttering to himself as he read the letters that had appeared in the sky. If everyone was notified whenever a fortress was captured, it meant that everyone would know your location after you captured a fortress, so Huang Ying made a mental note to be prepared to be swarmed by others once he capture his fortress.

    “Yuan Wuhan and Xing Kan, are you targets?”

    Huang Ying tried to see if he knew anything about the two people that had captured the two fortresses, but he did not have a single memory about them. Of course, there were over 2000 people taking part in this competition, so it was impossible for him to know about everyone. Huang Ying stopped looking at the writing and swept his eyes over the area in front of him, thinking about where to head next.

    Since he stood at the top of a hill, he was able to see for quite a distance, even being able to see one of the five fortresses standing in the distance. The first thing he noticed was the sheer size, despite walking for so long already, the separate space still continued on as far as he could see, vanishing into the horizon.

    To the north of him was a vast plain dotted with a few small lakes, going even further north would turn the plain into a desert, a few dry mountains sprouting up from the desert. To the east was an area that contained several deep valleys and steep mountains, with one of the five fortresses located amidst the mountains. And to the west of Huang Ying was a continuation of the plain, but this one contained many vast lakes covered in small waves.

    “Let's go towards the fortress first, there should be more people there.”

    Huang Ying's gaze landed on the fortress placed amidst the mountains. He not only had to collect points, but he also had to meet up with Fang Shan, Shi Na, Xin Yang, and Zhao Feng. Because of this, going to places where there would be more people was better for him. And even if none of the people he was looking for were there, there would surely be someone that he was hunting there.

    Huang Ying made his way down the hill and started heading towards the east. He had not spotted any threats from atop the hill, so he released Little Flame and allowed him to roam freely, allowing it to hunt for Demonic beasts. Little Flame had also grown over the five months Huang Ying had spent training, so it turned into a black blur that vanished into the distance the moment it was set free.

    He let Little Flame go so that it could hunt Demonic beasts, but also so that it could get a better look at the surrounding area, checking if there were signs of other people, or if it could spot anyone that he knew. With Little Flame's speed, it would be no problem to rapidly return to Huang Ying when there was a need.

    With Little Flame gone, Huang Ying continued moving towards the mountains, this time moving faster than he did through the forest. Here he could easily see everything around him, so the chance of getting ambushed was far lower than it was in the forest. Of course, he never dropped his vigilance, nor did he stop keeping an eye on the Qi in the surroundings.

    As Huang Ying got closer to the mountainous area, he started to hear sounds of battle coming from the distance. At first he thought that it might just be two people engaged in battle, but he soon noticed that there were in fact quite a few different voices, as well as many different types of Qi.

    Huang Ying pondered over it for a short moment before deciding to check it out. The way he saw it, even if none of the people he was looking for or hunting were there, he could still beat up the people fighting and take their points. He followed the sounds of battle, which took him to a valley located at the very edge of the mountainous area.

    Huang Ying hid himself at the top of the valley, peering down at the people fighting. At the bottom of the valley was a large group of people, with Huang Ying counting a little over 20 people engaged in battle. There were two groups engaged in battle, one group consisted of only three people, with the rest of their group seemingly already killed. The other group consisted of the remaining people, who seemed to be ganging up on the three people, attempting to kill the leader of said people, a tall and slim female with short black hair, sharp features and a muscular body.

    Huang Ying only glanced at most of these people for a short moment, his eyes finally landing on two of the men who were a part of the larger group. Huang Ying did not know the name of these two men, but he knew that they were among the people that had pointed killing intent at him before the start of the competition.

    Huang Ying's lips curled into a faint smile as he stepped forward and dropped down into the valley with a loud thud as he hit the earth. They had pointed killing intent at him, so the death of these two men had already been set in stone.
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    Chapter 172: Finding information.

    When Huang Ying made contact with the ground, the sounds of battle immediately stopped, everyone turning a vigilant eye towards him. When they noticed who it was that had arrived, the two people that Huang Ying had locked onto tensed up slightly, but they also revealed excited expressions.”

    “Senior Void Sun, please help us! We will reward you handsomely!”

    The tall woman with short black hair let out a loud shout directed at Huang Ying. Huang Ying was slightly confused at first, but then quickly remembered that he had been granted the title of Void Sun when he firsts got a spot on the Rising Dragon list. He only glanced at the woman for a short woman, before his eyes landed on the two people he had locked onto.

    “I am only interested in those two, as long as the rest of you hand over all your points, I can't be bothered to crush you.”

    Huang Ying's words instantly caused the other people present to grimace. His words implied that they were not even worth noticing, that crushing them would only take a short moment, time he could not be bothered to waste. No one liked being insulted like that, even if it was unintentional.

    “Are you willing to be treated like that, brothers, like you are not even worth his time? Form the array and let us crush him, show him that we are not people he can just disregard!”

    One of the two people that Huang Ying had locked onto spoke out in a loud voice, rousing the other people. He had been wondering how he could enlist the aid of the others in taking down Huang Ying and get the reward, but then Huang Ying had handed him the chance on a platter. No one liked to be treated like they were not worth noticing, so the others in the group quickly let out sounds of agreement.

    Huang Ying simply looked at them with a disinterested, almost mocking expression. The three people who had been besieged started slowly sneaking away, but when they noticed Huang Ying glancing at them, they no longer dared move further away. All they could do was grit their teeth and wait, hoping that he would stay true to his words and not crush them if they did not engage in battle.

    The remaining 19 people quickly got into a simple formation that would let them share their Qi with each other and empower the attacks of each other. The two people who Huang Ying was targeting were the center of the formation, as their cultivation was the highest there, almost reaching the late stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    “Are you sure you want to do this? As long as you surrender your points now, I can still let you go. But the moment you launch an attack, your fate will be the same as the fate of those two.”

    Huang Ying looked at the 17 other people that formed the array, warning them one last time. He simply did not consider any of these 17 people worth his time, even if he killed and devoured them, he would barely gain anything. But his words had the opposite effect, firing them up even more and causing them to put more Qi into the array.

    All the Qi of the 19 people gathered together at the center of the array, flowing into the two people who served as the core of the array. The two people drew their weapons, an axe and a saber, and slashed out at Huang Ying. The collected Qi turned into two large slashes that flew towards Huang Ying, gouging out the earth as they approached Huang Ying.

    The slash sent out by the youth with the axe was deep purple, showing that his element was poison. The attack of the saber user was light green in color, showing that his element was wind. The attack of the saber user was slightly faster than the one of the axe user, so it was the first to reach Huang Ying.

    Yet despite the attack arriving directly in front of him. Huang Ying's eyes were still completely disinterested. He raised his leg, the sound of thunder resounding through the valley as Huang Ying's figure vanished. The saber attack hit empty air, with the axe attack following shortly after. The spot where Huang Ying had previously stood was completely destroyed, the ground turning into a deep crater.

    But by the time the attacks hit the spot where Huang Ying had stood, Huang Ying had already arrived in front of the people that formed the array. Wind was one of the faster elements, but there was no way for it to be faster than lightning, the fourth fastest element.

    “Since you all are so intent on sharing the same fate as them, then so be it. Vanish from this earth.”

    Huang Ying raised his right arm, placing his hand on one of the people in the array, a short female youth. His face was completely disinterested and calm as he channeled his destruction and devouring Qi into the body of the female. Once the Qi entered her body, he pulled back his hand and took a step back. The Qi rapidly spread through her body, her limbs disintegrating and vanishing at an astonishing pace.

    But before the other people in the array could react with shock, they were terrified to realize that the Qi that Huang Ying had planted in the girl was spreading to them, using the array they had set up to spread to all of them.

    “What the fuck is that?!”

    One of the people in the array could not help but call out in a terrified voice. He tried his best to force the Qi out of his body, but the more he tried to force it out, the stronger and more ravenous it grew, his entire body slowly disintegrating.

    “Destruction is a plague. It will breed nothing but more destruction, which it will then use to fuel and spread itself, until it has devoured and destroyed all creation.”

    Huang Ying looked at the disintegrating people as he spoke. Over the last five months of training, this was what he had realized. Devouring and destruction were very similar like that, the more they destroyed or devoured, the more powerful they would become. Huang Ying was confident that if he became strong enough, he could release his destruction Qi and have it swallow up the entire universe if he gave it enough time.

    The three people who chose not to take part in the battle stood at the side, looking at the disintegrating group of people with utter horror. Was this the power of someone ranked 99 on the Rising Dragon List? If he was already this strong, how strong were the ones higher ranked than him? Of course, they failed to realize that it had already been quite some time since Huang Ying last battled someone on the Rising Dragon List, so his true ranking was already unknown.

    “Jing clan? I don't believe I have any grudges with them, though? And as expected, nothing about the others.”

    Once all 19 people had disintegrated, Huang Ying rummaged through their memories in search of anything useful. From the memories of the two people he had locked onto at first, he learned that the reason they were after him was because they had been promised a handsome reward from an elder in the Jing clan.

    But after searching his own memories, Huang Ying could not find a reason as to why the Jing clan elder would want him dead. He also did not manage to find any information about where Fang Shan and the others had ended up, so he was slightly disappointed.

    “Now it is your turn.”

    Huang Ying turned his head towards the three people that had been besieged. He did not care to find out why they had been besieged, and he could not be bothered to kill them. All he wanted was for them to hand over their points quickly so that he could be on his way.

    “Wait! I know where the ones you are looking for are!”

    Just as Huang Ying was about to walk towards them, the tall female took a step backwards, raising her arms and hurriedly speaking out in a loud voice. Huang Ying stopped his steps, raising an eyebrow as he looked at the woman.

    “You should be looking for Senior Dread Lightning and Senior Storm's Fury, right?”

    The woman hurriedly started talking, seemingly afraid that Huang Ying would attack them if she was even the slightest bit slower. Huang Ying's eyebrows perked up slightly when he heard her mention Xin Yang and Fang Shan's titles.
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    Chapter 173: Zhao Rong.

    “Go on.”

    Huang Ying motioned with his hand, telling the woman to continue talking. If the woman actually had information about where he could find Fang Shan and Xin Yang, he could save plenty of time.

    “I am Zhao Rong, I come from the Zhao clan. I cultivate a special technique that lets me create avatars that I can control like puppets, even letting me see through their eyes. I sent out several of them right before we entered this place, causing them all to be sent to different locations. One of them spotted Senior Dread Lightning in the south, past a ruined city, while another one spotted Senior Storm's Fury to the north, in the distant desert. I spotted them shortly after entering, so I don't know their current locations, but I can have my avatars look for them.”

    The woman, Zhao Rong, quickly introduced herself and started talking about where she had seen Fang Shan and Xin Yang. While talking, she also took out a square jade plate from her interspatial ring and injected her Qi into it. Once she filled it with her Qi, several images flickered into existence above the jade plate. Each image showed what one of her avatars, clone puppets, could see, showing Huang Ying that she was speaking the truth.

    “One to the south and one to the north huh? And no news on the two others. Wouldn't it be better to have them come to me then?”

    Huang Ying fondled his chin as he looked at the images, muttering slightly to himself as his mind started moving. The competition would not last for too long, he guessed that it would likely end in only two or three days. After all, there were only around three months left for the actual opening of the Immortal's Garden, they had to give the ones who were going to enter it a bit of time to prepare. Because of that, he wanted to make sure that he could group up with Fang Shan and the others as soon as possible, to prevent any accidents from happening.

    “You, come with me. Use your avatars to look for Fang Shan and Xin Yang, at the same time, look for these two. The moment you hear or spot them, let me know.”

    Huang Ying looked at Zhao Rong, using his Qi to create images of Zhao Feng and Shi Na. Since she had mentioned her own abilities it was clear that she was willing to aid him. Of course, since she was going to aid him, he would have to keep her safe and not rob her, such were the rules of their unspoken contract.

    “Yes, Senior Void Sun!”

    Zhao Rong and the two other people quickly nodded their heads and voiced their agreement. By staying with Huang Ying like this, they could at least avoid losing all their points, meaning that they had a better chance at being amongst the group of people that would enter the Immortal's Garden. As for why they only called him by his title, it was a sign of respect for the strong.

    Huang Ying nodded his head at the three of them and then started walking, with the three of them quickly following him. Of course, Huang Ying constantly kept his perception stretched out, keeping an eye on the surroundings as well as the three people following him. If they so much as tried to attack him, he would immediately kill them.

    “Where are we headed, Senior Void Sun?”

    After they walked for a little bit, climbing out of the valley and heading deeper into the mountainous area, Zhao Rong could not help but ask Huang Ying. From the way Huang Ying walked, she could tell that he had a goal in mind, but she was not quite sure exactly what that goal was.

    “To the fortress located a bit away from here. Taking over the fortress will let Fang Shan and the others know where I am, making it easier for all of us to meet up.”

    Huang Ying pointed towards the distance, from their current location one could just barely see the top of the fortress that was standing in the distance. Since it would take too much time to head to where Fang Shan and the others were, he figured that it would just be easier to let them know where he was and have them come to him. This would also alert those who wanted to kill him to his location, but he had enough confidence in his own strength to at least escape if things got too bad.

    “You plan to capture the fortress? With just us?”

    Zhao Rong and the two others stopped in their tracks, Zhao Rong's voice trembling slightly as she looked at Huang Ying and asked for confirmation. Capturing a fortress, with just the four of them? Did he not know how difficult it was to capture a fortress?

    “No, with just me.”

    Huang Ying turned his head slightly as he responded. The way he saw it, Zhao Rong and the two others were too weak to be of use in capturing the fortress, it was more likely that they might die while trying. Huang Ying wanted to keep Zhao Rong alive to keep an eye out for Fang Shan and the others, so he would not allow her to die here.

    “Senior Void Sun, taking over the fortress requires you to fight your way through all the puppets and golems that guard it, reaching the throne room and then capturing the throne. People usually form large groups when they want to capture a fortress.”

    Zhao Rong spoke in a slightly hushed tone, thinking that Huang Ying really didn't know what it meant to capture a fortress in this competition. If it was so easy to capture a fortress alone, would they really make the fortresses give out so many points?

    “Just watch.”

    Huang Ying merely gave her another glance before turning back towards the fortress, his voice calm and confident. Others might need to form groups to capture the fortresses, but that did not mean everyone needed to. Would people like Dai Hui need to form groups? No, they would capture the fortresses alone.

    Huang Ying continued to lead the group until they arrived at a location not far from the fortress, halfway up a mountain. The fortress ahead of them was in the shape of a building made completely out of metal, the light of the sun reflecting of the walls. A large wall surrounded the inside of the fortress, four cylindrical towers connected to the wall and serving as sentries.

    After passing through the wall, one would have to move through the garden that was located right behind the wall, only then would they reach the actual fortress. The fortress itself was rectangular in shape, with only a few windows located along the wall, and with a triangular roof that ended in a sharp point. It was very simple and unadorned, but it looked very sturdy.

    Huang Ying put his fingers to his mouth and let out a loud whistling sound. While Zhao Rong and the others were wondering what he was doing, a loud screeching sound reached their ears. A black blur flew over from the distance, stopping right in front of them and revealing itself to be Little Flame.

    “Wait here and don't go anywhere. I will let you know when you can enter.”

    Huang Ying spoke to Zhao Rong and the others, nodding to Little Flame after he spoke. Little Flame let out a low screech and then landed on the ground, its eyes keeping close watch on Zhao Rong and the two others. They were not fools, Huang Ying had clearly called this strange bird here to keep an eye on them and make sure that they did not escape. They did not know how strong this bird was, but since it was the pet of Huang Ying, it was clearly not weak.

    Huang Ying turned away from Zhao Rong and the two others, moving down the mountain and heading towards the fortress. While walking, he stretched out his right arm and opened his palm. A black light flooded out of his arm and grew longer, quickly solidifying and turning into his spear, Longinus.

    Huang Ying tightly grasped Longinus and then started dashing towards the fortress. As he got closer, the four towers around the perimeter of the fortress started glowing with a crimson light, causing a faint smile to appear on Huang Ying's face.

    “Alright then, show me what you got.”
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    Chapter 174: Storming the fortress.

    The four towers lit up with crimson light that grew in intensity as Huang Ying got closer to the walls of the fortress. Once he got within two kilometers of the walls, the crimson light that was gathering in the towers was released, shooting towards Huang Ying like crimson rays of light, bringing with them a screeching sound as they tore through the air.

    Huang Ying narrowed his eyes and lowered his body, bringing it closer to the ground as he upped his speed. The four rays of light moved at differing speeds, causing them to arrive with a slight difference. The rays of light were fast, but they had not reached a point where Huang Ying was unable to dodge them.

    Huang Ying dodged the first one by ducking, causing it to almost graze his shoulder. The second one came right afterwards, with Huang Ying dodging it by taking half a step to the side. The third and fourth were dodged by Huang Ying jumping up slightly and then stabbing his spear into the ground to push himself sideways. After the towers shot out their first ray of light, they needed one second to recharge themselves and shoot out the next one, causing the second volley to arrive shortly after Huang Ying dodged the last shot from the first volley.

    Huang Ying continued to dodge the rays of light, jumping up and using his spear to change his direction mid-air if he felt the need to. With his speed, even while he was being bombarded by attacks, he could cross two kilometers in less than 15 seconds. The attacks grew more frequent when he crossed the first kilometer, but it was still not enough to stop his charge.

    Once he reached the wall, which he now realized was almost 50 meters high, the towers stopped firing at him. Huang Ying looked at the tall wall in front of him and placed his hand on it. The wall was cold to the touch, made out of a strange metal that Huang Ying had not seen before. He clenched his fist and noticed that his fingers sank into the wall. Once he removed his hand from the wall, the part where his fingers had sunk in started quickly repairing itself, showing that the metal was capable of restoring itself.

    Huang Ying readied Longinus and filled it with lightning and fire Qi, causing arcs of lightning and orbs of fire to spin around the tip. He struck out with Longinus, the tip of the spear sinking into the wall and then exploding. Fragments of the wall flew past Huang Ying at high speed, leaving slight cuts on his skin as they grazed past him. But such slight cuts were nothing to Huang Ying, so they quickly started healing themselves.

    A large opening had been torn in the wall, large enough for two people to easily pass through it. But even then, the wall was slowly repairing itself, the pieces that had flown away sliding along the ground as they slowly returned to the wall. Huang Ying stepped through the hole and entered the garden behind the walls. Looking over him from the distance, Zhao Rong and the others could not help but gaze at him with gaping mouths. Were those still the same walls that usually required them to set up an array and work together to break through them?

    Now they truly realized the difference between them and Huang Ying, he was not someone they could gauge with the same measures they used for themselves. He belonged in the same category as people like Dai Hui and the others ranked towards the top of the Rising Dragon List. Of course, something that completely slipped their minds was the fact that Huang Ying was still only at the peak of the Xiantian realm, while Dai Hui and the others were at the peak of the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    Once Huang Ying stepped into the garden, he noticed that seemingly everything in this fortress was made out of metal. The trees were twisted and bent, shining with a silver color. The grass was straight and sharp, easily capable of slicing up the feet of weaker people if they were to step on it. The main building of the fortress was located three kilometers away from Huang Ying, slightly further away than the range of the towers had been.

    Huang Ying swept the surroundings with his eyes, taking a step forward as he did so. Once he took a step forward, the metallic trees started trembling slightly. The trunk of the trees straightened and then opened up, metallic humanoid puppets with elongated limbs stepping out from within the trees. Huang Ying swept the surroundings once more and counted a little over a hundred puppets in his immediate area.

    While normal people might feel a bit apprehensive at this point, his lips simply curved into a smile. If there was one thing Huang Ying did not fear, it was group combat. He grasped Longinus and released his devouring domain, a black dome spreading out from his body and slowly devouring the Qi that was being used to activate and control the puppets.

    Huang Ying took another step forward when he suddenly heard a screeching sound coming from behind him. He rapidly jumped to the side, a crimson ray of light brushing past his body and hitting the metallic grass. When the ray of light hit the grass, it was immediately reflected off the grass, shooting into the distance and hitting a tree, which then reflected it away once more.

    Huang Ying turned his head and saw that the four towers had lit up with crimson light again, rapidly sending out rays of crimson light. A wry smile spread on Huang Ying's face as he realized why people normally formed group to capture these fortresses. Not only would they have to deal with the puppets and the sharp grass, they would also have to constantly dodge rays of light coming at them from unpredictable angles.

    Of course, Huang Ying was not like normal people. With his devouring domain spread out, not only were the dolls turning sluggish from having their Qi drained, even the rays of light that entered his domain were slowly being devoured. After all, they were still only Qi.

    Huang Ying crouched slightly, and then shot forward like a blur. Huang Ying did not even bother with using Qi to protect his feet from the sharp grass, he simply stomped down on it. Each stomp would shatter the metallic grass and propel Huang Ying forward. After five months in the Divine Wilderness, his bodily strength had increased greatly, even putting many Demonic beasts at the Yin-Yang Formation realm to shame.

    Whenever a puppet managed to position itself in front of him, he would swing out with Longinus, either slicing the puppet in half or sending it flying to the side. But as he continued to move forwards, he noticed that the grass and puppets seemed to be made out of the same material as the outer wall was, as they started slowly repairing themselves.

    Huang Ying took his eyes off the slowly repairing puppets and grass, as they would not be able to stop his advance. He focused his gaze on the building ahead of him, looking for an entrance while he continued to dodge the rays of light that were starting to fill up the entire garden. After doing a quick sweep of the building and not finding an entrance, Huang Ying decided to use the most efficient way of entering it, smashing through the wall.

    Arcs of lightning and orbs of fire once more started to dance around the tip of Longinus, waiting to burst out with their full might. Huang Ying dodged another ray of light and then shot forward, stabbing out with Longinus. The moment the tip of Longinus hit the wall of the building, a loud explosion rang out as azure arcs of lightning and tongues of crimson flames covered the area. The metallic grass that was not shattered and blown away by the explosion immediately started to melt under the high heat of the lightning and flames.

    A large crack opened in the wall of the building, allowing Huang Ying to dash forward and enter the building. Once inside the building, it immediately became quiet, not even the sound of the wind outside present. Huang Ying looked back and saw that the crack in the wall was still there, but sound seemed to be unable to enter the building through the crack.

    The inside of the building was rather dark, with only a few spread orbs of light floating around and making sure that it wasn't pitch black. Huang Ying held Longinus ready and walked around the building, inspecting the inside. The building was only two floors tall, and even smaller than the garden outside, so Huang Ying quickly managed to inspect everything inside the building.

    The building was filled with rooms that seemed to be set up so that people could sleep in them, containing a single bed, a table, and a single chair. The first floor was filled with rooms like these, while the second floor consisted of a single large room. The room that was the second floor only contained a single piece of furniture, a tall throne that was made out of a different type of metal than the rest of the building, a strange dark golden metal.

    Huang Ying walked towards the throne and inspected it for a bit, but found nothing strange or dangerous about it. He tightly grasped Longinus and sat down on the throne, leaning his back against it as he sat in a relaxed position. Even after he sat on the throne, there was no reaction from it. He tried to insert a bit of his Qi, which caused the throne to light up with a golden light, intricate runes appearing on the back and armrests of the throne.

    When the intricate runes appeared on the throne, a loud booming sound rang out, drilling into Huang Ying's ears. When the loud booming sound rang out, Huang Ying felt his own mind connect with the throne beneath him, allowing him to see everything going on in and around the fortress. He also felt himself connect with the puppets in the garden, as well as the four towers that were connected to the outer wall.

    It did not take a genius to figure out that this meant that Huang Ying could control the puppets and the four towers, making it easier for him to defend the fortress from future attacks. While he was connecting with the fortress, he also noticed writing appearing in the sky, the notification that he had captured the eastern fortress appearing for everyone to see.

    “Now then, who will be the one to arrive first, enemy or friend?”
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    Chapter 175: Yi Kaishi, nemesis.

    Huang Ying sat on the throne, overlooking the entire fortress. He sent a message to Little Flame, who quickly brought Zhao Rong and the two others to the fortress. Huang Ying used his control over the fortress to open entrances for them, so they did not need to expend any energy to enter. While entering the fortress, the three of them could not help but be shocked. It had not even taken Huang Ying two minutes to capture the fortress, not even two minutes to do something that might take a group of people like them almost an hour or more to do.

    “You can rest in any room you want, let me know the moment you spot any signs of Fang Shan or the others.”

    When Zhao Rong and the two others entered the second floor, Huang Ying waved his hand and gave them a simple message. He was connected to the entire fortress, so he was not worried about them escaping while he was not paying attention. Zhao Rong and the others simply nodded their heads stiffly, and then quickly found some rooms that they could rest in. If they feared Huang Ying earlier, now their fear of him had reached a completely new level. Zhao Rong did not even dare think about being the slightest slow in informing him if she found signs of Fang Shan and the others.

    After sending away Zhao Rong and the two others, Huang Ying proceeded to wait in silence while sitting on the throne, closing his eyes and resting. Little Flame flew forward and perched itself at the top of the throne, keeping a vigilant watch over the room while Huang Ying was keeping his eyes closed.

    Huang Ying kept his eyes closed and continued resting, only using his perception and his connection with the fortress to keep an eye on the surroundings. But even after he had waited for an entire day, there had not been a single person or Demonic beast that had gotten close to the fortress, causing him to be somewhat confused.

    Huang Ying straightened up and then stretched his body, causing slight popping sounds to ring out from his joints. After resting on the throne for an entire day, his body had gotten somewhat stiff from not moving.

    “Ah, are you finally waking up, Jieshu?”

    While Huang Ying was stretching, a female voice suddenly rang out from a short distance in front of Huang Ying. Huang Ying instantly opened his eyes wide and jumped off the throne, dodging backwards and tightly grasping Longinus, pointing it towards his front.

    A short distance in front of the throne, a table and two chairs had appeared. Huang Ying had checked the entire building earlier, so he was certain that the table and chairs had not been there earlier. What was even more shocking was that there was a woman sitting at the table, holding a porcelain pot of tea in her hands. She had delicate and full features, with rosy red cheeks that looked like they would feel good to the touch. Her eyes were golden in color, a kind expression evident in them. Her head was covered in vibrant green hair that hung down all the way to her buttocks, and she was clad in a pure white robe. When her eyes met Huang Ying's, a pleasant smile spread on her lips.

    “Don't act like that, Jieshu. We have not met for so long, come join me for some tea.”

    The woman put down the tea pot and used a smooth and seemingly untainted hand to point at the second chair at the table, indicating for Huang Ying to sit there. Huang Ying glanced at Little Flame, who was still perched at the top of the throne. Little Flame looked between Huang Ying and the woman with a confused expression, as if he could not understand why Huang Ying was acting like he did.

    “What have you done to Little Flame?”

    Huang Ying did not sense an ounce of hostility from the woman, so he stepped forward and sat down at the table, his perception fully focused on the woman in front of him. He could not sense any Qi from her, as if she had not even began cultivation. But she was able to appear in front of him without him noticing, even setting up a table and prepare tea, so how could she possibly be someone without cultivation?

    Seeing Little Flame look at Huang Ying as if it could not understand his actions, he was convinced that the woman in front of him had done something to Little Flame. Perhaps she had done something to control Little Flame's mind, or done something to confuse it.

    “Done to him? I have done nothing to him. As his mother, how could I possibly harm him?”

    The woman raised her arm, beckoning Little Flame over. Little Flame let out a happy screech and flew over, perching on the arm of the woman. The woman let out a smile and raised her other arm. A small piece of raw meat appeared in her palm, as if it had appeared out of thin air, and she fed it to Little Flame.

    When the woman caused the meat to appear out of thin air, Huang Ying's expression contorted into a grimace. He had been confused when she said that she was Little Flame's mother, but the moment she brought out the piece of meat, Huang Ying understood who she was. When the meat appeared in her palm, Huang Ying felt the destruction bloodline within his body tremble fiercely, as if it wanted to burst out of his body.

    “It seems you have already guess it, but let me introduce myself. I am Yi Kaishi, the one who controls the primordial element of creation. It is good to see you again, Jieshu.”

    The woman, Yi Kaishi, turned her eyes away from Little Flame and smiled at Huang Ying. She stood up from the chair and grasped the bottom of the robe, giving Huang Ying a graceful bow as she introduced herself. The holder of the primordial element of creation, Yi Kaishi, the nemesis to Huang Ying, the holder of the primordial element of destruction.

    “I am not Jieshu, I am Huang Ying.”

    When Yi Kaishi sat down again, a short moment of silence followed as Huang Ying's mind raced to organize his thoughts. Once he managed to calm himself down somewhat, he opened his mouth and spoke. Yi Kaishi had referred to him with the strange name of Jieshu three times already. Huang Ying did not know why, but the name sounded both familiar and unpleasant.

    “For now. You will eventually become Jieshu, that is how it always goes, that is how it has gone countless times before.”

    Yi Kaishi shook her head slightly as she spoke. When she spoke about Huang Ying becoming Jieshu, her eyes looked conflicted, showing a mixture of sadness and longing. To her, Jieshu was the person she wanted to see the least, as well as the person she wanted to see the most.

    “Have you come here to fight me?”

    Huang Ying narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yi Kaishi, tightening the grip he had on Longinus. From what Huang Ying knew, the primordial element had sealed away the primordial element of destruction, slowly draining its power. Not the holder of that primordial element had appeared before him, how could he not be expecting it to break out into a fight.

    “Fight you? I cannot do that. I am the creator, not the destroyer, I cannot battle. At most I can create beings to battle for me. I simply came because I wanted to see you again, Jieshu. I also came to deliver a proposition.”

    Yi Kaishi let out a crystal clear laughter, using one hand to cover her cherry red lips. Huang Ying's eyebrow could not help but prick up slightly after hearing her words. Could not battle? If that was true, did that not mean he could just kill her here and immediately unlock the full power of his destruction element?

    “Ah, I should also mention this. Even if you destroy this body, it is merely one of the countless I have created over time. But I only have a few bodies in this higher realm, most of them are located in the lower realms, so it would be a shame if you were to destroy it.”

    Yi Kaishi seemed to read Huang Ying's thoughts as she hurriedly spoke out. While speaking, she was also creating more pieces of meat and feeding them to Little Flame, who was perched on the back of her chair and happily eating from her hand.

    “Higher realm?”

    Huang Ying could not help but raise an eyebrow when he heard her words. Higher realm, lower realm? He had never heard these terms before, so he was unable to understand exactly what they meant.

    “You don't know yet? This planet is considered one of the highest realms in this universe, one that countless cultivators strive to reach. Although this particular continent does not hold too many of those cultivators, most of them are gathered on what you call the Gu continent.”

    Yi Kaishi seemed happy to be able to explain things to Huang Ying, as she spoke in a cheerful voice, clearly explaining the meaning of her words to Huang Ying. At the same time, she did not find it too surprising that Huang Ying did not know about the lower realms, or that this was a higher realm. After all, most of the ascending or descending cultivators were on the Gu continent.

    “So this is one of the higher realms? Are there any higher ones?”

    This was the first time Huang Ying had heard about the lower realms, or that this planet was part of the higher realms. But if this planet was a higher realm, did that not mean that there could be even higher realms, where even stronger people resided?

    “There are, but only one. And that realm is one that can only be reached by nine individuals, the nine individuals who hold the nine primordial elements. I hope you never manage to reach that realm, Jieshu, for it means that we will stand on opposing sides again.”

    Yi Kaishi slightly shook her head as she spoke, her expression and voice showing how much she wished for Huang Ying to never reach the highest realm. After all, if he reached that realm it meant he would once more try to do what was his duty, the destruction of the universe.

    “What is the proposition?”

    Huang Ying could not help but be slightly shocked at her explanation. An realm for the nine people who held the nine primordial elements. How grand would such a realm be? He quickly calmed down his mind again, opening his mouth and asking about what she had said earlier, her proposition.

    “It is very simple actually. I want you to give up the destruction blood flowing within you. If you are willing to give up the destruction blood flowing within you, I will create you a completely new body. The new body can contain any bloodline you want, besides the destruction one, and I will even make sure that the body has the best talent possible, allowing you to rapidly cultivate. You get to cultivate and live in peace, while I will not be forced to stand against my Jieshu again.”

    Yi Kaishi clapped her hand, a bright smile on her face as she spoke. The way she saw it, Huang Ying could just give up the destruction blood in his veins and acquire a new body. Like that, both of them could end up happy, neither needing to become enemies with the other.

    “I was told you were the brother, so why are you in the form of a woman?”

    Huang Ying did not immediately respond, tilting his head at Yi Kaishi. When he first heard the voice of the primordial element of destruction, it called the primordial element of creation its brother. Yet the holder of the primordial element of creation was clearly a woman.

    “Because I felt like it. Mother of all life sounds better than Father of all life, isn't that right, Father of all death?”

    Yi Kaishi let out another clear laughter, slightly shrugging her shoulders as she spoke. While speaking, she also sent Huang Ying a wink, as if what she said was a joke that he was supposed to understand.

    “Why do you want to create a universe that lasts forever?”

    Huang Ying changed the subject once more. Yi Kaishi wanted to seal away the primordial element of destruction, clearly to create a universe that would never be destroyed. But Huang Ying could not understand why she would want that, what did she gain from it.

    “The destruction of the universe means the death of every life in the universe. Don't you find that unbearably sad? Why must so many lives be snuffed out? Just so they can be created again and forced to go through the same cycle again later? It is pointless and sad, isn't an everlasting universe where people can cultivate to reach infinite lifespans much better?”

    Yi Kaishi had a sad smile on her face as she spoke, creating an illusion above her palm that showed the destruction and creation of the universe, of the countless lives that were lost each time. As the creator of all life, seeing it destroyed like that was the worst type of torture.

    “I see. Sorry, but I refuse your proposition.”

    Huang Ying nodded his head in understanding, and then proceeded to shake it sideways as he rejected her proposition with a calm face.

    “But why? Are you that intent on standing against me, Jieshu?”

    Yi Kaishi had a pained expression on her face as she looked at Huang Ying, her eyes were even turning moist and red, tears appearing at the corner of her eyes. Her proposition was perfect for both of them, so why would he refuse? Did he simply want to stand against her that much?

    “I already told you, I am not Jieshu. I am Huang Ying, I have always and will always be, Huang Ying. My fate and life are mine and mine alone to control, I refuse to leave it in the hands of others, especially yours.”

    Huang Ying shook his head as he spoke. He did not care about Yi Kaishi's everlasting universe, nor did he care about the duty of the primordial element of destruction. None of that mattered to him. All that mattered to him was to control his own fate, to keep those that he cared about safe, and to prove that he did not need his parents or so called 'Gods' to succeed in life. For all he cared, everything else could fuck off.

    “You can say that now, but one day you will become Jieshu, and at that point, the destruction of this universe will be all that you can think of.”

    Yi Kaishi spoke to Huang Ying with tears in her eyes, reaching out to place her hands on his palms in an intimate gesture, even Little Flame was looking at Huang Ying with an imploring expression.

    “That is only what you think. I don't care if you have seen it happen several times, I refuse to follow that fate.”

    Before Yi Kaishi could place her hands on his cheeks, Huang Ying stabbed out with Longinus, piercing it through Yi Kaishi's chest. Huang Ying did not believe that it was impossible to go against the fate of becoming this 'Jieshu'. So what if she had seen it several times before? He was Huang Ying, he would always be Huang Ying.

    “Ah, why must you always go down this road, Jieshu? I didn't want to stand against you once more, to strike you down once more.”

    Yi Kaishi's white robe was quickly dyed crimson as blood spurted out from the wound in her chest. She looked at Huang Ying with sorrowful eyes that were quickly growing dimmer. Her entire body turned into small light green leaves that blew away with a non-existent wind, her words and the table the only thing remaining of her.
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    Chapter 176: Fish out rank 62.

    With the body of Yi Kaishi dispersing like leaves in the wind, Huang Ying returned to the throne and sat down. Little Flame flew over and perched at the top of the throne, as if it had not just completely ignored Huang Ying in favor of his enemy.

    “As if it's completely natural, how frightening.”

    Huang Ying glanced at Little Flame and then muttered to himself. Little Flame was acting as if it was completely natural for it to listen to Yi Kaishi, as if the blood flowing in its veins wasn't Huang Ying's own blood. If Yi Kaishi could do that with Little Flame, could she do the same with others as well.

    “I refuse to follow your usual pattern. I am Huang Ying.”

    Huang Ying once again muttered out, but even he was not sure if he said it aloud to affirm that truth to himself, or if he said it because he feared what Yi Kaishi speaking about becoming the truth. Huang Ying shook his head and put the thought away, there was no merit in wasting time worrying about something like that right now.

    Huang Ying used his connection with the fortress to sweep the surroundings, checking for signs of anyone approaching. But once more his search came up empty, the surroundings of the fortress not even containing a single animal. He checked out the letters in the sky, checking who had taken over which of the four other fortresses, but Huang Ying did not see the names of anyone high ranked, so he merely glanced at the names. Just when Huang Ying was wondering if nothing was going to happen for the remainder of the competition, he noticed that Zhao Rong left her room.

    She rapidly made her way to the second floor where Huang Ying was, her face somewhat pale and her steps hurried. She quickly arrived at the second floor and stopped in front of the throne, bringing out the same jade plate she had shown when she talked about her avatar technique.

    “Senior Void Sun, I have found Senior Storm's Fury!”

    Zhao Rong hurriedly activated the jade plate, projecting what her avatars were seeing as quickly as she could. The way she saw it, the only reason she was still alive was because of her avatars and the fact that Huang Ying had a use for her. The moment he found her useless, she feared that he would kill her with a wave of his hand.

    “Xin Yang? Where is he?”

    Huang Ying raised an eyebrow when he heard her words, scanning the various projected images for any signs of Xin Yang. He quickly located Xin Yang, who was currently standing in a desert, surrounded by an endless expanse of sand and dry rocks. Zhao Rong's avatar seemed to be hiding behind a rock a good distance away, so the image was not perfectly clear.

    “He has moved further north, getting closer to the northern fortress. But he is currently embroiled in battle.”

    Zhao Rong quickly explained, injecting her Qi into the plate and increasing the size of the image of Xin Yang. Huang Ying looked at the image with a calm gaze and saw that Xin Yang was indeed battling someone right now, it seemed like it was a rather fierce battle, with Xin Yang already bleeding from a few cuts.

    “That should be rank 62, Flute of Death Kong Youyan, correct?”

    Huang Ying's eyes landed on the person Xin Yang was fighting, a bald male youth who was missing his left eye and had a large scar at the corner of his mouth, as if it had been torn open. The face looked familiar to Huang Ying, so he searched through his memories and pulled up the information he had about the bald youth. Besides the information he read about Kong Youyan from the Rising Dragon List, Huang Ying also recognized him as one of the people that had locked onto him before the competition started.

    Kong Youyan was holding a silver flute in his hand, occasionally blowing into it as he jumped around. His element was sound, and he specialized in using vibrations to shatter his opponents organs and bones. It was a technique that was famous for being hard to defend against. Even worse was the fact that Kong Youyan had managed to infuse the vibrations of sound into his own body, allowing him to generate those very same vibrations with his every move, making close quarter combat against him dangerous.

    “Indeed. Senior Storm's Fury has landed in a very perilous situation, will you go out and save him?”

    Zhao Rong quickly nodded her head, looking at Huang Ying with a gaze that was a mixture of fear and hopefulness. She was fearful because she was worried that Huang Ying would go out to save Xin Yang, and bring them along while doing so. If someone like her were to intrude in a battle like that, there was no way she would come out alive. But she was also hopeful that Huang Ying would go out and save Xin Yang, leaving her here while doing so. If he did that, she could take the chance to flee, reducing the risk of her dying if she became useless.

    “No need.”

    Huang Ying continued looking at Xin Yang's battle, shrugging his shoulders with a carefree expression. The way Huang Ying saw it, rushing out in an attempt to save Xin Yang was utterly pointless.

    “...No need?”

    Zhao Rong was caught off guard by Huang Ying's response, slowly repeating his own words in a confused tone. Wasn't Xin Yang supposed to be a friend of Huang Ying? Why would he not rush out to save his friend?

    “Xin Yang is quite mysterious, every time I see him he is far stronger than when I last saw him. Even now I don't know just how strong he is, or how he improves so fast. And just look at the state of the battle. Xin Yang is at a disadvantage, but he is not outright losing. If he wants to escape, he can do so at any time he wants. Keep the image up, I want to watch.”

    Huang Ying continued to observe Xin Yang's battle with calm eyes as he explained. The first time he met him, Xin Yang had only been at the 9th heaven. The second time they met, Xin Yang had almost reached the Yin-Yang Formation realm. And then the third time they had met, Xin Yang had become so strong that he could rank on the Rising Dragon List. Even Huang Ying could only marvel at such quick growth.

    Huang Ying and Zhao Rong continued to watch the battle, Zhao Rong getting more and more shocked as the battle went on. She quickly realized that Huang Ying was correct, Xin Yang was not losing the battle. He used his wind element to great effect, throwing up sand to confuse Kong Youyan, jumping around and floating above the ground, even using his wind to feel where Kong Youyan's sound attacks were coming from.

    He suffered a few injuries in the process, the worst one being a shattered wrist from Kong Youyan grabbing onto him. But Xin Yang carved a few wounds into Kong Youyan as well, throwing out dagger after dagger that flew through the air as if they were part of the wind. With Xin Yang's control over wind, the daggers could change directions as much as they wanted, each dagger he threw out becoming another weapon that Kong Youyan had to constantly be aware of.

    “See? If he wants to escape, Kong Youyan cannot stop him.”

    After the battle went on for a short while, Huang Ying spoke out again. Xin Yang had just created a small tornado, gathering up large amounts of sand that spun around Kong Youyan and prevented him from moving freely. While the tornado was keeping Kong Youyan in place, Xin Yang took the chance to dash away at high speed, even kicking off the ground and flying in the air for a short distance.

    “Kong Youyan should have a younger brother, correct? I believe it was rank 85, Fire Tempest Kong Mingxue?”

    After Xin Yang fled from Kong Youyan, Huang Ying tilted his head slightly and turned to Zhao Rong. Kong Youyan looked like a bald youth, but he was already almost 40 years old, so having a younger brother was not that strange. Kong Mingxue was also another person that Huang Ying had memorized, as he had joined his older brother in locking onto Huang Ying before entering the competition.

    “Yes, he has currently taken over the west fortress, sending Xing Kan fleeing.”

    Zhao Rong hurriedly responded to Huang Ying's question. Kong Youyan was an adopted person of the Yong clan, but Kong Mingxue was a student of the Eternal Flame academy, a person who could use both fire and wind to great effect. Since he was ranked 85 on the Rising Dragon List, he had been able to easily send Xing Kan, who was the first person to capture the west fortress, fleeing.

    “Good. Keep an eye on them, let me know if there is any new information.”

    Huang Ying nodded his head and stood up from the throne, his eyes landing on Little Flame as he spoke. He was now uncertain if he could fully trust Little Flame, but he still chose to put Little Flame in charge of keeping an eye on Zhao Rong. The reason behind this was that he did no longer really care if she fled while he was away. There was only a little over a day remaining of the competition, and since none of the others had come to this fortress, despite knowing that he was there, it seemed unlikely that they would come before the end of the tournament.

    “Where are you going?”

    Little Flame let out a low screech and locked its gaze onto Zhao Rong. Huang Ying started walking, heading towards the stairs that would bring him down to the first floor. He heard Zhao Rong's question, but he did not stop walking.

    “To gather more points.”

    Huang Ying shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly as he spoke. He had watched calmly while Xin Yang was battling, even staying calm while Xin Yang got wounded. But that did not mean that he did not care about Xin Yang getting injured. Kong Youyan had injured Xin Yang, and he was also one of the people that had pointed killing intent at Huang Ying, so Huang Ying decided that he was going to fish him out and kill him.

    After leaving the fortress, Huang Ying dashed away at full speed, leaving behind a blur and the sound of rumbling thunder as he moved. The western fortress was a good distance away, so Huang Ying would need around two hours at full speed to reach it. Due to the sheer speed he was moving at, none of the Demonic beasts that Huang Ying encountered along the way were able to stop him or keep up with him, allowing him to advance unhindered.

    A little over two hours later, Huang Ying reached the western fortress. The western fortress looked the same as the eastern fortress, but this fortress was located on a small island situated in a large lake. The only way to get to the fortress was to either swim through the lake, or use the narrow bridge that led to the wall of the fortress.

    “Let's see how long it will take you to arrive, Kong Youyan.”

    Huang Ying had a faint smile on his face as he spoke, Longinus appeared in his right hand and he started to slowly walk towards the bridge that led to the fortress. While walking, tendrils of devouring Qi entered the ground through his feet, each step causing the land around him to wither and die. The more the land withered, the stronger the aura that came from Huang Ying's body became.

    This was the greatest benefit he had gotten from the five months of training in the Divine Wilderness, a technique created just for him. When he normally used his devouring Qi, it would add what he devoured onto his own strength, slowly integrating it into himself and allow it to become a permanent part of him.

    But this technique was completely different. His devouring Qi would devour the energy and vitality of everything around him, ignoring the limits of his body as it continued to devour and strengthen him. The end result was that he would gain a temporary increase in strength, but the price was that the strength would not become a permanent part of his, and if he kept it active for too long, he risked destroying his own body.

    By the time Huang Ying had taken the ten steps required to reach the bridge that led to the wall of the fortress, his body and spear were so filled with strength that the tip of his spear was rapidly vibrating, distorting the space around it. The opening in his spear head that looked like maw started to fill with pitch black Qi that continuously condensed itself, growing stronger and stronger. Huang Ying was going to fish out Kong Youyan and kill him, and the way he would do it was by completely destroying this fortress, as well as everyone inside the fortress.
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    Chapter 177: The demon on the shattered throne.

    The sun hung high in the sky, sending down it's scorching rays and causing the sand beneath Kong Youyan's feet to become almost unbearably hot. Kong Youyan held a dim white crystal in his left hand, looking at it with furrowed brows and an uneasy expression.

    “Still no response from him?”

    While Kong Youyan was looking at the crystal, a voice rang out from behind him. Kong Youyan put away the crystal and turned his head, coming face to face with a male youth with chiseled features, crimson eyes and yellow hair that was tied up into a bun. The youth was Meng Changyu, an old friend who joined the competition alongside Kong Youyan.

    “No, nothing yet. It has worked perfectly up until now, so I don't think it should be broken.”

    Kong Youyan shook his head as he responded to Meng Changyu. The crystal was something specially made for this competition where most normal forms of long distance communication did not work. Using the crystal, he could chat with whoever held the other part of the crystal. In this case, the one who held the other part was his younger brother.

    “He has probably put it aside while he was enjoying himself with Lin Juxie. No one wants to be contacted while they are in the throes of passion, sucks all the joy out of it.”

    Meng Changyu pat Kong Youyan on the shoulder and spoke with a chuckle. There had been no notification that anyone else had taken over the western fortress, so he did not believe that there was a need to worry about Kong Mingxue.


    Kong Youyan gave a slight nod of his head, not completely convinced, but he decided to drop the subject for now. The two of them turned towards the north, in the direction of the northern fortress, and continued to move. Their goal was to take over the northern fortress that was located in this desert.

    “Still no response. I am going to go back to the western fortress and check up on him.”

    After they had continued moving for a little over an hour, Kong Youyan stopped in his track, checked the crystal once more, and then spoke out, turning his body towards the direction of the western fortress. There was a nagging feeling at the back of his mind that he could not get rid of.

    “Now? But we are already nearing the northern fortress. If you head back now, you won't have enough time to come back and take over the northern fortress before the end of the competition.”

    Meng Changyu furrowed his brows slightly as he moved his gaze between Kong Youyan and the direction of the northern fortress. If they just continued moving for a little less than an hour, they would reach the northern fortress. If they captured it now, they would only need to defend it for a few hours before the competition ended.

    “It doesn't matter. I am worried about little Xue, so I am going to make sure that he is fine.”

    Kong Youyan shook his head and started moving towards the western fortress as he spoke, his speed even faster than the speed he had used to head towards the northern fortress. The nagging feeling at the back of his mind was only getting stronger and stronger, so he did not want to waste any more time.

    “Hah, you really worry too much. Fine, let's go back and check on him.”

    Meng Changyu let out a sigh, casting one last look towards the north before dashing after Kong Youyan and following him with a wry smile. Despite Kong Youyan moving at almost full speed, Meng Changyu was able to easily keep up with him.

    “You are joining me?”

    Kong Youyan raised an eyebrow, glancing at Meng Changyu with his right eye. Meng Changyu was staying on his right side, as he knew that Kong Youyan did not like it when people walked on his left.

    “With your sense of direction, who knows where you would end up if I let you wander off alone.”

    Meng Changyu shrugged his shoulders as he spoke in a somewhat teasing tone. Kong Youyan nodded his head, but he did not say anything else. After all, they had been friends for quite a while already, there was no need for words of gratitude between them.

    The two continued to move towards the western fortress in silence, entering the vast plain covered in lakes after spending three hours on the move. They expected to encounter a few Demonic beasts as they approached the western fortress, but the entire plain seemed to be devoid of life.

    “Something doesn't seem quite right.”

    Meng Changyu could not help but speak out with a furrowed brow after they reached the shore of the lake that contained the western fortress. The narrow bridge that led to the fortress was fine, but the wall surrounding the fortress were completely shattered and broken, pieces of it sent flying into the lake. Of the four towers that were connected to the wall, only one was still standing, but even that tower was badly damaged.

    “Indeed. He never mentioned that he had to crush the fortress like this to take it over. They might have suffered an attack, prepare for battle.”

    Kong Youyan's face was serious as he spoke. This was not the first time he had participated in this competition, so he knew that the material that the fortresses were made of could repair itself after being damaged. Yet the wall and towers ahead of them were completely shattered, not showing any signs of repairing themselves. Kong Youyan pulled out his silver flute, while Meng Changyu pulled out a golden bow and prepared an arrow.

    “What the hell happened here? Were they besieged by a group of Demonic beasts?”

    The two of them quickly crossed the bridge and moved past the shattered wall, entering the area right before the fortress. But upon stepping past the wall and seeing the scenery behind it, Meng Changyu's face contorted as he spoke out.

    The area behind the wall was in a worse condition than the wall itself. The metallic trees were either shattered or molten into twisted shapes. A fine layer of ice covered parts of the ground, both the frozen ground and grass turning into fine dust when Kong Youyan or Meng Changyu came into contact with it. There were places where the ground was gouged out or rended, clearly showing that a strong attack had been used there.

    But the worst part were the corpses that were scattered around. Kong Mengxiang had easily captured the western fortress with his large group of allies, a little over a hundred people aiding him. And now it seemed like all those people had been slain and thrown about. The corpses that were still intact were the minority, most of them missing several limbs or chunks of flesh. There were even corpses that were scorched beyond recognition, or frozen and then shattered.

    “No. Demonic beasts would not leave behind the corpses like this, they would simply eat them. And look here, these wounds came from a spear, not from teeth or claws.”

    Kong Youyan's expression was solemn as he spoke, kneeling down next to one of the intact corpses and using his finger to point at a hole that went straight through the chest of the body. The hole was a bit smaller than he was used to, but it was unmistakably made by a spear.

    “So it was people that did this? But why would they kill them like this? Just beating them up to get the points is enough.”

    Meng Changyu's expression twisted further as he spoke out, his voice full of confusion and disgust. He had taken part in life and death battles before, even killed people during this very competition. But he had never heard or seen about anyone engaging in a slaughter like this.

    “I don't know, some people are just a bit twisted. What I am wondering is why there has not been a notification that the western fortress has been taken over. With everyone outside dead like this, they should have already captured the fortress. Little Xue...”

    Kong Youyan stood up and shook his head, glancing at the sky as he spoke. What was the point in killing the people in this fortress if it was not to capture the fortress itself? Looking at all the corpses, Kong Youyan also came to the conclusion that Kong Mingxue was most likely already dead, a fact that pained his heart greatly.

    The two continued to move towards the actual fortress, only shortly glancing at the corpses that were spread around. The fortress itself was also badly damaged, with several holes blasted into the wall. Some of the holes pointed outwards, while some pointed inwards, so Kong Youyan guessed that the fighting had continued inside the fortress.

    After they stepped into the fortress, they only gave the first floor a quick look over, checking the various rooms for any living people. They were not surprised when they didn't find any people, so they quickly made their way up to the second floor.

    “Rank 62, Flute of Death Kong Youyan. And you should be rank 71, Sun Child Meng Changyu. I was starting to wonder if you would fail to show up before the end of the competition, but it seems like my luck is quite good.”

    When they reached the second floor, a pleasantly surprised voice rang out, causing both of them to tense up and prepare to strike at a moment's notice. Kong Youyan looked towards the place where the voice had come from, his gaze landing on the throne at the center of open second floor.

    Not even the throne had been spared from destruction, the top part shattering until only jagged and sharp pieces remained. Sitting leisurely on the shattered throne was a young boy, Kong Youyan guessed that he had not even reached 16 years of age yet. The boy was clad in a sky blue robe, had pitch black eyes that did not show his thoughts, and long hair that was pure white in color.

    Leaning against the shoulder of the boy was a long black spear covered in what seemed to be scales, three colorful lightning bolts moving up the handle of the spear, stopping when they reached the silvery white spearhead. At the back of the spearhead was a small oval opening filled with sharp spikes, resembling the open maw of a demon.

    “Rank 99, Void Sun Huang Ying. Are you the one who did this?”

    Kong Youyan's voice was cold as he looked at the young boy, Huang Ying. A small distance away from the shattered throne he could see the corpses of both Kong Mingxue and Lin Juxie, almost causing his vision to go red. Their bodies were shriveled and dry, as if their vitality and life had been completely drained.

    “What a stupid question to ask.”

    Huang Ying did not even respond to Kong Youyan's question, looking at him with his almost emotionless gaze as he slightly tilted his head. He was sitting here all alone, was there really a need to ask a question like that?

    “Why did you kill them all?”

    Kong Youyan narrowed his eye, looking at Huang Ying with an expression as if he wanted to eat him. He wanted to charge at him right now and tear him apart, but he held himself back for the moment. Looking at how calm Huang Ying was as he sat there, Kong Youyan felt a strange unease.

    “Did you not listen to what I said earlier? I said that I was waiting for you, so I clearly killed them to drag you out. Well, at least that is part of the reason. Of the people in this fortress, there were actually only about 20 people that I really had to kill. But most of the others decided to get in my way and try to kill me, and I have no mercy to anyone who wants to kill me.”

    Huang Ying tilted his head a little bit more, looking at Kong Youyan as if he was an idiot. When he had stormed this fortress to kill Kong Mingxue, he had been pleasantly surprised when he saw that there had been quite a few other people in this fortress, there were even quite a few that had been on his list of people to kill for showing killing intent towards him.

    Of course, he did not simply start and indiscriminate slaughter. He properly pointed out who he had to kill and told the others that they could leave. Only the people that showed killing intent towards him after that were slain by him. Those who had chosen to escape early on were allowed to do so.

    “Meng Changyu, you are not on the list, so I have no reason to kill you. You can leave.”

    Huang Ying turned his head, his gaze landing on Meng Changyu as he spoke. Quite a lot of people had shown killing intent towards Huang Ying before the competition, but Meng Changyu was not one of them, Huang Ying only knew about Meng Changyu because of the Rising Dragon List.

    “Leave? How could I leave after seeing what you have done here? I also can't leave this idiot alone. So I will stay here and help him deal with you.”

    Meng Changyu glanced at the corpses of Kong Mingxue and Lin Juxie, before he turned his eyes back to Huang Ying and spoke out, readying his bow as he narrowed his eyes. He was not someone so lowly that he would leave behind an old friend.

    “I will not show mercy if you decide to fight against me.”

    Huang Ying's eyes narrowed, his voice turning cold as he spoke. Meng Changyu felt a slight chill go down his spine, but his eyes remained narrowed and determined as he pulled back the string of his bow, golden flames gathering around the arrow.

    “I don't need the mercy of someone like you.”

    Meng Changyu nearly spat out the words. Huang Ying was clad in a clean robe, but as he sat on the shattered throne in a fortress surrounded by corpses, with a spear leaning against him, Meng Changyu could not help but feel like he was looking at a demon. To him, the mercy of someone like that was not worth anything.

    “Then so be it.”

    Huang Ying gave a slight nod of his head and stood up from the throne, tightly grasping Longinus. Since Meng Changyu was so intent on standing against him, then he could only kill him alongside Kong Youyan.
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    Chapter 178: End of the competition.

    As Huang Ying stood up from the throne and took a step forward, he immediately entered his strongest state. Silvery white scales sprouted over his skin, his eyes turned amber, a thin and whip like tail sprouted behind him, and two pitch black wings grew out from his back. Huang Ying was not someone who went easy on people, so despite being confident that he could kill Meng Changyu and Kong Youyan without using all his strength, he still chose to not hold anything back.

    Tendrils of devouring Qi penetrated the fortress and sank into the earth, Huang Ying's aura steadily rising as more and more energy was devoured and brought to him. Huang Ying raised Longinus, pointing the tip at Kong Youyan, looking at him with cold eyes. Just as Huang Ying took another step forward and was going to charge at Kong Youyan, he heard the sound of something moving through the air at high speed.

    Huang Ying quickly tilted his head to the side, a thin golden line flashing past his head and leaving a small cut on his neck. Huang Ying ignored the searing sensation of the cut, narrowing his eyes at Meng Changyu. Meng Changyu was already preparing another arrow, the first one shot so fast that Huang Ying had not even noticed when he released it.

    Kong Youyan charged forward the moment he saw Huang Ying look at Meng Changyu. Every step Kong Youyan took shattered the floor beneath him, the air around him vibrating and releasing a low droning sound. The distance between the three of them was not far, so Kong Youyan reached Huang Ying in the blink of an eye, smashing his flute down towards Huang Ying's head.

    While Kong Youyan charged forward, Meng Changyu took several steps backwards, shooting out the second arrow and preparing the third. The two of them had fought together several times, so they were very familiar with how to best work together.

    Kong Youyan aimed at Huang Ying's head, and Meng Changyu aimed at Huang Ying's abdomen, a thin golden line scorching the air as it shot towards him. Huang Ying's eyes narrowed further as he took half a step backwards, grabbing Longinus with both hands and spinning it slightly. The tip of the spear crashed into the arrow, while the handle of the spear collided with Kong Youyan's flute.

    The tip of Longinus was slightly pushed back by the arrow, but the arrow was quickly unable to move further, shattering from the stored up energy that found no release. With the handle of Longinus colliding with the flute, Huang Ying felt a vibrating energy move through the handle and into his right arm, resonating with his bones as if it was trying to shatter them.

    Huang Ying paid no heed to the vibrating energy, spinning Longinus and pushing Kong Youyan's flute to the side. In the same movement he used to push the flute aside, he tilted the tip of Longinus upwards, pulling the handle towards himself in an upwards slash. Kong Youyan narrowed his eyes and took half a step backwards, he did not dare hit the spear with his bare hand, so he instead kicked upwards, the tip of his foot hitting the base of the spear-head and distorting its course.

    After distorting the path of the spear, he took a few more steps backwards, meeting up with Meng Changyu. He waited for the vibrating energy to shatter Huang Ying's bones, but his eyes narrowed when he saw how nonchalant Huang Ying was acting. His mouth twisted slightly as he thought of a possibility.

    “I see. So you have infused your bones with your ice Qi to increase their toughness. No wonder you can resist the vibrations.”

    This was the only excuse Kong Youyan could think of, there was no other way for Huang Ying's bones to be able to resist the vibrations that his attacks brought with them. Huang Ying merely shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly.

    “Whatever you say.”

    There was no way Huang Ying was going to tell Kong Youyan that he had only managed to infuse the bones in his right arm with his ice Qi. The Qi he used to infuse his bones was not normal ice Qi, it was primordial ice Qi. It was far tougher and stronger than normal ice, but it also required more control and Qi to infuse it into his bones.

    Huang Ying did not bother to say anything else, charging forward at full speed. Kong Youyan stepped forward, taking up position in front of Meng Changyu and allowing him to focus fully on firing his arrows. The distance between the two of them was crossed in an instance, Huang Ying stabbing out with Longinus, aiming for Kong Youyan's chest.

    Kong Youyan put his flute to his mouth and blew into it, a soft tune ringing out. The tune sounded soft, but the air started to distort and vibrate strongly the moment the tune left the flute. When the tip of Longinus hit the distorted air, Huang Ying felt like he had hit a solid wall. Huang Ying stomped down on the ground, putting more force into his right arm, destruction Qi surging into the tip of Longinus.

    The distorted air shattered, the sound used to create it vanishing into nothingness, Longinus continuing to pierce towards Kong Youyan. Kong Youyan's face distorted slightly as he struck down with his flute, colliding with the tip of Longinus. When he clashed with Longinus, he felt just how much force was behind that one strike.

    He pushed down with his flute, trying to push the tip of Longinus into the ground, but as he begun to push it down, he noticed that his flute was slowly disintegrating. His face rapidly paled as he let go of his flute and jumped backwards. Had it not been for a golden arrow that flashed past his face and struck the tip of Longinus, the spear would have pierced into his leg.


    Kong Youyan could not help but look at the disintegrating flute, his face pale as he wondered, was this the effect of the devouring element? At the same time, he felt a slight pain in his heart, that flute had been with him for many years already, and now it was disintegrating like this. Kong Youyan took a deep breath, glaring at Huang Ying. He could not afford to care about his flute now, he first had to make sure that he could leave here alive.

    Huang Ying ignored Kong Youyan's glare and charged forward, the tip of Longinus radiating a pitch black light that distorted the air around it. With Kong Youyan losing his weapon, Meng Changyu took the role of attacker upon himself, rapidly firing arrows. Firing them rapidly let him shoot out more of them, but the force behind each one was lowered drastically.

    Kong Youyan did not stand by idly, he could still fight even without his flute after all. He started to let out several low whistles, each whistle turning into sharp vibrations that moved through the air at the speed of sound. Huang Ying narrowed his eyes slightly and stomped the ground, twisting his body as he continued to charge forward.

    While Huang Ying could see the golden arrows that flew towards him, the vibrating blades were invisible, so he had to rely on the sound of them moving through the air to locate them. Despite this, Huang Ying was still able to easily dodge the arrows and blades, his gaze completely locked onto Kong Youyan and Meng Changyu, who were rapidly retreating as they threw out more attacks.

    As Huang Ying got closer to the two of them, dodging and deflecting their attacks with ease, Kong Youyan noticed something. To dodge their attacks, Huang Ying had to move at speeds faster than sound, yet Kong Youyan could barely feel Huang Ying use any Qi to increase his speed. For a short moment, he could not help but be confused at this, but a realization quickly struck him, causing him to let out a shout as he stared at Huang Ying with disbelieving eyes.

    “You madman! Not only have you infused yourself with your ice Qi, but even your lightning Qi! Are you trying to blow yourself up by having the different elements collide!?”

    The only way Huang Ying could move that fast and barely use any Qi was if he had infused his own body with lightning Qi. But to do that when he had already infused his bones with ice Qi was the same as trying to kill himself. The lightning Qi would clash with the ice Qi, both vying for supremacy. Until finally, the clash between the two elements caused the body of Huang Ying to explode. Huang Ying merely responded with a faint smile.

    “Does it look like I am about to explode?”

    Just because others believed that it was impossible, did not mean that it was truly impossible. Huang Ying had indeed infused his body with his lightning Qi, drastically increasing his speed. He had also encountered what Kong Youyan mentioned, the different elements colliding, but that was easily brought under control by using his destruction Qi to destroy any trace of the colliding elements, forcing them into tranquility.

    Huang Ying stomped the ground, shooting forward like a blur. He let a few of the golden arrows hit him and scorch his flesh, deciding that it was better to suffer a few injuries and quickly deal with Kong Youyan, rather than dodge the arrows and risk that something might go wrong. He reached Kong Youyan and Meng Changyu in a short instant, sweeping out with Longinus with such a speed that there was no chance for them to dodge.

    Meng Changyu looked at the sweeping spear with a solemn expression, placing his bow in front of the incoming spear in hopes of blocking the brunt of the attack. Kong Youyan on the other hand grit his teeth, stepped in front of Meng Changyu, and let out a low whistle that caused the ground beneath him to vibrate. As the whistle rang out, the blood-vessels in his eyes exploded, coloring his eyes blood red. He raised both arms, pointing his palms towards the incoming spear as he continued to whistle.

    The sleeves of his robe ruptured and laid his arms bare, showing that they were starting to crack, blood pouring out as the sound of his bones vibrating rang out. Longinus crashed into Kong Youyan's palms, coming to a complete halt as Huang Ying felt the bones in his arms creak. His right arm was still fine, but the bones in his left arm were on the verge of shattering, a terrifying vibration entering his body via Longinus.

    Kong Youyan managed to stop the attack, but it clearly cost him quite a bit. Not only were his eyes dyed blood red, his arms were cracked and his entire face pale. Just as Kong Youyan grit his teeth and decided to use the same secret technique again, he felt a strange energy surround him. His face quickly lit up with a wide grin, because he knew what this energy meant, the end of the competition. With the energy surrounding him, he could not help but look at Huang Ying.

    “Why are you only rank 99? Your strength has already gone far beyond a mere rank 99, you fucking monster.”

    Huang Ying had been able to kill his brother, so he had already guessed that Huang Ying was stronger than his rank said. But to be at a level of strength where both he and Meng Changyu were completely suppressed when joining hands? That he had never expected. Huang Ying sensed the energy surround him, a slight frown on his face as he looked at Kong Youyan.

    “I could ask the same of you, according to my calculations, you should be dead already. But you are not, so you have clearly hidden a few moves yourself.”

    Huang Ying had no idea what technique Kong Youyan had used to block his attack at the end, and he was confident that he would have been able to slay Kong Youyan had it not been for that technique. Kong Youyan let out a sneer, the energy surrounding him turning into a white screen of light that brought him out of the competition grounds, only his words staying behind.

    “This is not over, Huang Ying. There is no way the clans will allow something as ruthless as you to live for much longer, especially with that element you have.”

    Huang Ying ignored Kong Youyan's threat, glancing at the spot where Meng Changyu had stood. He too was surrounded by a screen of white energy, his body quickly vanishing from the competition grounds. He looked at his own body, seeing a screen of white energy start to surround his body. He swept the ruined fortress with one last glance, a low mutter escaping his lips, heard by no one but him.

    “Don't think that the hunt has ended just because the competition has. I will have your heads. I will have my revenge.
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    Chapter 179: Rampant arrogance.

    When the white energy had completely surrounded Huang Ying, he felt a sensation as if his body was rapidly flying through the air. The sensation stopped after a short moment, the energy surrounding Huang Ying vanishing along with it. Once the energy vanished, Huang Ying found himself standing in the same white world they had entered at the very start of the competition, the bridge that connected the separate space with the outside world.

    Huang Ying swept the surroundings with his eyes, checking if he could find Fang Shan and the others. He quickly spotted Fang Shan standing together with Shi Na in the distance, but his eyes narrowed slightly when he saw a tear in Fang Shan's robe, revealing a fresh scar on her abdomen. He also quickly spotted Xin Yang and Zhao Feng, who were standing at separate places a good distance away from him.

    Other than them, he also spotted Meng Changyu and Kong Youyan, both who were looking at Huang Ying with a mixture of fear and anger. Compared to how many they had been when they had entered, they were clearly fewer now. A quick count showed that they were at least 400 people less, so it seemed like Huang Ying had not been the only person who had killed some people during the competition.

    A strong pressure descended upon the white world, enveloping all the people within it and preventing them from moving. The pressure enveloped all the people like a cocoon, the world around them quickly blurring. The blurring world was overtaken by a myriad of color, and the pressure enveloping them slowly started to recede. Once all the pressure was gone, they all found themselves standing in the center of the city again, surrounded by a large group of people.

    A strange silence covered the area, neither the people who had just finished the competition nor the people surrounding them saying anything. Huang Ying quickly felt that something was off, because he could sense that there were quite a few people in the crowd that were looking at him and Fang Shan. He started to slowly make his way towards Fang Shan, both his eyes narrowed and his hands opening slightly, ready to strike at any moment. Just like Huang Ying worried, while he was making his way towards Fang Shan, a loud shout was heard from the crowd.

    “You lowly beast, return my daughter to me!”

    Right after the shout sounded, a middle-aged man shot out from the crowd. The middle-aged man held a large axe in his hands and his body was wreathed in crimson flames. His face was currently contorted into a wrathful expression, his eyes red and moist. The man had a cultivation that had reached the late stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm, but he was far weaker than the people on the Rising Dragon List, so there was no real need for Huang Ying to worry.

    But Huang Ying would still not allow anyone to attack his Fang Shan, not while he was around. In a flash of black light, Longinus appeared in Huang Ying's right hand, lightning covering the entire spear. Huang Ying took a step forward, the sound of rumbling thunder ringing out as his body blurred and he shot towards the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man barely even had the time to notice Huang Ying before it was already too late.

    Huang Ying stabbed out with Longinus, piercing directly through the man's chest. All it took was a twist of his spear, and the man's entire chest was twisted apart, life vanishing from his eyes. Not even Kong Youyan could properly resist Huang Ying, much less this middle-aged man who was far weaker than Kong Youyan. The only sound present within the area was the sound of the man's body and axe hitting the ground.

    Huang Ying pulled Longinus out of the man's chest, cleaning the blood off the tip by swinging the spear once. He stored away Longinus and swept the surrounding crowd with a cold gaze, he could sense several hidden auras at the back of the crowd, so the representatives of the seven overlords were clearly watching and waiting. A slight sneer suffused his lips as he spoke out.

    “Anyone else want to step forward? Looking at all of you, you clearly know that I too have killed quite a few people during the competition. I am standing right here, so if you want your revenge, now is your chance.”

    Huang Ying could somewhat guess how the people here figured out exactly who it was that killed others during the competition. In the air above them, he could see a large scroll filled with names. Besides each name was a number, showing how many points they had acquired during the competition. But there were several names missing from the scroll, the names of those who had been killed.

    Whenever a name disappeared from the list, they could check who it was that had gained points equal to the points that the deceased had as they died. Of course, it was not 100 percent accurate, but it was good enough for these people. After hearing Huang Ying's words, there were several people in the crowd who seemed to tense up, their firsts clenching as they stared at him with expressions dyed in hatred. Other than those who stared at him with hatred, there were others that stared at him with surprised expressions, exclaiming slightly at his actions, which could only be described as rampantly arrogant.

    Huang Ying recognized the people who stared at him with hatred, they were the families and friends of the people he had killed during the competition. Thanks to his devouring element, he had devoured the memories of nearly every person he had killed, he knew exactly how many people would grieve after hearing about his kills. Huang Ying had long since come to terms with their hatred and grief, and he had come to a decision about how he would handle it.

    The decision he had come to was that their grief and hatred meant nothing to him. Huang Ying had people he wanted to protect and things he wanted to achieve, and he had decided that anyone who tried to stop him or harm those close to him, he would kill them without mercy. He would not care about the grief and hatred of those left behind, they would either try to take revenge, or they would be too scared to do anything against him. If they were too scared to do anything to him, he would not bother with them, but if they were to try and get their revenge, he would kill them too.

    After a short moment, it seemed like there was finally someone who could no longer resist. An old woman covered in wrinkles clenched her fists tightly and took half a step forward, but before she could do anything, a loud voice rang out over the entire area.

    “Halt! No one is allowed to fight within the city center! The competition has ended, and the Immortal's Garden will open in one month, everyone return to your own homes!”

    Huang Ying saw a man fly out from the crowd, soaring in the sky above everyone as his voice reached everyone. Since he could fly, he was either a cultivator who used wind or someone who had reached the Immortal Ascension realm. The old woman who had taken half a step forward grit her teeth, but eventually stepped back. Huang Ying merely glanced at the man flying above them, his lips curling into a sneer.

    If fighting was truly forbidden, then they would have stopped the man who attacked earlier. Since they had chosen not to do so, instead waiting and watching, it was clear that they were trying to achieve something, most likely checking how strong Huang Ying and Fang Shan really were. Huang Ying swept the retreating crowd with his eyes one last time, before turning around and nonchalantly stepping over the corpse of the middle-aged man. He quickly reached Fang Shan and the others, a smile appearing on his face as he grasped Fang Shan's hand.

    “Shall we return to the academy? We need to prepare for the opening of the Immortal's Garden.”
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    Chapter 180: Plans laid in secret.

    With the disciples finishing the competition, silence descend on Heaven's Crossroads City. The people who had gathered enough points to be allowed to enter the Immortal's Garden were quickly informed, relieved sighs and cheers of joy ringing out. Huang Ying also got the confirmation that he had obtained the right to enter the Immortal's Garden, as did Fang Shan, Xin Yang, Shi Na, Zhao Feng.

    Huang Ying was a bit surprised that Shi Na was able to acquire enough points, but he guessed that Fang Shan might have helped her. The two were standing very close when they left the competition area, so he guessed that they probably traveled together during the competition. With the results coming out, the atmosphere within Heaven's Crossroads City started to slowly boil, everyone preparing for the opening of the Immortal's Garden.

    But not everyone was was filled with excitement and joy, there were some that were filled with rage and anguish. And the main reasons behind this rage and anguish were Huang Ying and Fang Shan. They had killed quite a few people during the competition, far more people had died during this competition than the past ones.

    And it was because of this, that there was currently a meeting taking place within one of the restaurants in the city. The entire upper floor of the restaurant had been rented for the day, but there was no food being served, no jolly atmosphere or loud voices. The walls between the rooms were removed, turning the entire upper floor into a single large room. Colorful plants and beautiful works of arts decorated the room, but the atmosphere was grim and solemn.

    A large crystal table had been set up in the middle of the room, exquisite wooden chairs surrounding the table. People of all shapes and ages were seated around the table, their cultivation ranging from the Yin-Yang Formation realm all the way to the Deity Heart realm. If Huang Ying was here, he would surely recognize all of these people as close family and teachers of the people he had killed during the competition. For a few moments, there was a sullen silence around the table. The one who broke the silence was the same old woman who had almost stepped up against Huang Ying right after the competition.

    “Let's not beat around the bush. We all know why we are here, we want those little monsters dead. Now, who has any ideas?”

    The old woman swept the people around the table with her eyes, waiting for anyone to respond. A snort sounded out from a burly man whose body looked like it was made entirely out of muscle, a disdainful sneer hanging on his lips.

    “All we have to do is wait for them to leave the academy. Once they do that, I will charge in and kill them both. I will hang their heads on the top of the city walls.”

    The man had a confident expression on his face, but the rest of the people around the table looked at him as if he was an idiot. While the man started to feel that something was wrong, the old woman spoke out again, almost spitting the words as she scolded the man.

    “Has your anger turned you dumb? Or have you always been this retarded?”

    Before the man had the chance to get angry at the old woman's words, the old woman slammed her palm onto the table, the loud sound echoing around the room. A piece of paper had appeared in her hand, and she spoke while pushing it towards the man.

    “Not even when Kong Youyan worked together with Meng Changyu were they able to gain the upper hand against Huang Ying, they almost lost their lives even. What do you think you will be able to accomplish?”

    The paper contained the full description of the fight between Huang Ying and Kong Youyan, written by Kong Youyan himself. The man read the paper, his face slowly turning pale as he realized what he had almost done. The man was at the late stage of the Yin-Yang Formation realm, but he did not dare say that he was stronger than Kong Youyan. At best, he could reach a draw with Meng Changyu. After a short moment of silence, another woman sitting at the table spoke up, her voice a little low and uncertain.

    “What about the Waning Moon? Can we hire them to do it for us?”

    The Waning Moon belonged to the Heaven's Secrets Company, and it dealt with the more unsavory and under the table matters, with assassinations being their specialty. Even Sovereigns had fallen at the hands of Waning Moon assassins. The one who responded to the question was not the old woman, but a man who covered his face with a white porcelain mask.

    “They are refusing to accept the mission. Not only that, they even killed the man I sent over to commission the task.”

    Several people around the table sucked in a breath of cold air after they heard the words of the masked man, their faces sinking as their expressions distorted. The woman who asked the question raised her head slightly, a depressed expression on her face.

    “He has ties to the Heaven's Secrets Company?”

    That was the only possibility they could think of. The Waning Moon even dared assassinate Sovereigns, so there was no way they feared a child like Huang Ying. The masked man gave a slight nod of his head, giving a short response.

    “Most likely.”

    The atmosphere around the table turned even grimmer, the sound of grit teeth and clenched fists the only sound that could be heard. After a short moment of silence, the burly man who had spoken up earlier slammed his fist onto the table, cursing out loudly.

    “Then what the fuck is the point of this meeting? If he has connections that high up, if we were to do anything against him, wouldn't that mean that we would risk getting killed because of it?”

    There were several others around the table who had the same thoughts. They wanted to get revenge, but there was no point in getting revenge if they lost their own lives. After all, few people were so vengeful that they would be fine with losing their own lives to get revenge. But shortly after the burly man spoke out, a slight smile appeared on the masked man's face, a purple glow flashing past his lips.

    “There is no need to worry about any of that.”

    Everyone around the table turned their attention towards the masked man, waiting for him to continue speaking. The masked man stood up, digging his hand into his violet robe as he seemed to be searching for something. While he searched his robe, he spoke with a confident, almost nonchalant voice.

    “In one month, the Immortal's Garden will open. Huang Ying and Fang Shan will both enter it, and once inside, they can only leave when the seven overlords open the passage again. In there, no one can help him.”

    The faces of the other people around the table did not show much change upon hearing his words. After all, this information was something that all of them already knew. The old woman who first spoke opened her mouth again, her lips forming a tiny sneer.

    “You are implying we get someone else who is entering the garden to kill him? With his connections, would they even dare to touch him?”

    But contrary to what the old woman expected, the masked man shook his head. He stopped digging around inside his own robe, taking out a blue crystal and placing it on the table, his voice containing a faint laughter as he spoke.

    “We won't have anyone else do it. We will head in ourselves. While it is said that only people below the Immortal Ascension realm can enter the Immortal's Garden, that is not completely true. As long as a Sovereign is willing to help us, we can send in as many people as we want. And I just so happen to know a Sovereign that is willing to help us.”

    The other people around the table could not help but gawk slightly. This masked man knew a Sovereign that would help them? Sovereigns stood above everyone else, getting one to help you was far from easy. But they were still not quite convinced, the old woman opening her mouth again.

    “What about his possible connection to the Heaven's Secrets Company?”

    No one would dare lie about knowing a Sovereign, and even if this masked man was lying, they would quickly find out. The masked man continued to smile faintly, putting a slight amount of Qi into the blue crystal and pushing it forward slightly as he spoke.

    “This array will block out any outside interference. Not even a Sovereign will be able to see what is happening within this array. We will surround them with this, and then we will kill them. No one else is allowed to know what we are doing, so we must make sure to kill everyone within the array.”

    The blue crystal lit up, an array appearing and covering the crystal. No matter how much the other people around the table tried to, they were unable extend their perception into the array, they were not even able to see into the array. After a short moment of testing the array, the people around the table started laughing slowly.

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