The Godless One

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    Chapter 121: White hair.

    «Junior Brother Ying?»

    Huang Ying woke up with a jolt to the sound of someone knocking on the door. The array beneath the cottage prevented sounds from entering or leaving the cottage, but it had a function that allowed others to knock on the door and allow their voice to be heard inside the cottage.

    Huang Ying's vision was still slightly blurry and he had a pounding headache, but at least all his wounds had closed. He shook his head to clear his mind and stood up. He found that his insides were still in slight disarray, making him rather unsteady and shaky.

    «Just a moment, I just need to take a quick shower.»

    Huang Ying's throat was dry, so his voice was slightly hoarse as he called out. He recognized the voice of the person who knocked on his door, it was Xiao Mei. Looking down, Huang Ying could see that not just his robe, but even his body was covered in dried blood. If he left the cottage like this, Xiao Mei would sure cause a commotion.

    «Okay. Take your time Junior Brother Ying, I will wait here.»

    Xiao Mei's voice sounded out with a laughter. Huang Ying stepped into the bathroom of the cottage and tore of his dirty robe. He was just about to activate the array that would create water, when he suddenly noticed something in the mirror.

    He turned to face the mirror and the corner of his mouth couldn't help but twitch slightly. His face was slightly pale, making it obvious that he was not in perfect shape, but that was not what caused the corner of his mouth to twitch.

    His hair had changed. Where it used to be pitch black, like the scales of Baku, it had now turned a pure white. It looked like it had lost all pigment, turning it a shimmering white.

    «How the fuck did this happen?»

    Huang Ying couldn't help but touch his hair as he muttered to himself. He could guess that it had something to do with how he forcefully absorbed the destruction blood and Qi, but he was not completely certain.

    He shook his head and released a sigh, since it had already happened, there was nothing he could do. He activated the array in the bathroom and took a quick shower, washing away all the blood on his body.

    After he finished the shower, he put on a fresh azure robe. They had been given several Eastern Wind uniforms, but Huang Ying felt more comfortable in his blue robes. After he finished dressing, he left the cottage, coming face to face with a slightly shocked Xiao Mei.

    «What happened to your hair? And why are you so pale?»

    Xiao Mei grabbed Huang Ying's arm and placed her fingers on his wrist. She sent a small amount of Qi into his body and had it make a quick round through his body. She could see that he had no injuries, but his Qi was in disarray.

    «I just had a small accident while trying out a new experiment, it's nothing to worry about Senior sister Mei.»

    Huang Ying had a polite smile as he spoke. There was no way he could tell her that he had to forcibly absorb his own Qi and blood back into his body, as it would only lead to more questions. It would be better to be vague.

    «Eat this, it will help stabilize your Qi, preventing you from dropping in cultivation.»

    Xiao Mei frowned and took out a pure white pill from her interspatial ring and stuffed it into Huang Ying's mouth, forcing him to swallow it. The pill dissolved in his throat and turned into a cool stream of Qi that coursed through his body.

    The stream of Qi forced the disarrayed Qi in his body to flow in a stable manner. She did this because if it stayed in disarray, there was a chance that the Qi could rampage once more, crashing into his World Core and destroying it.

    «Thank you Senior Sister Mei. You truly are good to me.»

    Huang Ying spoke with a sincere tone and gave a faint smile. There was indeed a chance that his Qi could run rampant and destroy his World Core, but Huang Ying had not been too worried about that happening.

    «Don't mention it.»

    Xiao Mei responded with a bright smile, but she did not let go of Huang Ying's arm. Only after she made sure that all his Qi had stabilized did she remove her fingers from his wrist and let him go.

    Her grandfather wanted her to foster an excellent relationship with this Huang Ying, he even assured her that he would become a true monster in the future, so how could she just stand by and watch as his cultivation might drop?

    «Follow me Junior Brother Ying, let's go get some breakfast together.»

    Xiao Mei smiled at Huang Ying and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him after her towards the restaurant again. Seeing how she was dragging him along, Huang Ying could feel his headache grow heavier by the second.

    If she kept dragging him through the academy like this, he wouldn't be surprised if he became the enemy of every single male in the academy. Just the walk from the cottage to the restaurant resulted in numerous glares being directed at him, it only got worse when they sat at the same table as they ate and chatted.

    «Junior Brother Ying. After we have finished eating, I am going to take you to a lecture.»

    While they were eating and chatting, Xiao Mei suddenly changed the topic as she sent Huang Ying a smile. Hearing her words, Huang Ying couldn't help but raise his eyebrow.
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    Chapter 122: Lecture.

    “A lecture?”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but admit that he was interested. All the knowledge he had was things he had either read in books or devoured from the memories of other people.

    “Yup. I imagined that you have never been to an actual lecture, so i decided to take you to one today and let you expand your horizons a bit.”

    Xiao Mei nodded her head with a smile upon seeing Huang Ying interested. There was a limited amount of things they could do together if they just continuously walked around the academy, so she decided to bring him with her to a lecture.

    “Indeed, I have never been to a lecture. Then it seems like I must thank you Senior Sister Mei, I am looking forward to it.”

    Huang Ying put on a smile and continued eating breakfast and talking with Xiao Mei.

    “Come now, let's go.”

    After they finished eating, Xiao Mei grabbed Huang Ying's arm once more and left the restaurant. This time she did not drag him after her, but instead walked next to him, making it look like they were holding hands.

    “The lecture taking place here today is a lecture on Qi. You must make sure to pay attention and learn well Junior Brother Ying.”

    The place she took Huang Ying was a large hall. There were a large amount of seats placed in rows in front of a small stage. There were already a large amount of people seated in the hall, quietly chatting with each other.

    “Of course I will. If I don't won't that mean that Senior sister Mei has wasted her contribution points?”

    Huang Ying and Xiao Mei walked over to a row in the back and sat down next to each other, chatting quietly as they waited for the lecture to start.

    "Greetings students. I am Lin Dai, I am in charge of today's lecture. Today we will talk about what Qi is, as well as several theories that have popped up about Qi."

    Not long after Huang Ying and Xiao Mei sat down, a graceful middle-aged woman walked up onto the stage. There were a few wrinkles on her face, but she had a special bearing that attracted people. She had short brown hair and was clad in a light green robe that hung loosely on her body.

    "Let me ask you a question. What is Qi?"

    The middle-aged woman pointed at a person sitting in the seats in front of her as she spoke, prompting him to stand up and answer the question.

    "Qi is a form of energy that lingers in our surroundings and allows us to tap into our inborn element."

    A male youth stood up straight and spoke in a loud and confident voice. Huang Ying did not recognize this person, so he seemed to have joined earlier than he did.

    These people would obviously not believe that their elements were granted to them by other people. Their element was something they were born with, a gift from the universe itself. That was why they called it inborn element instead of blessings.

    "Wrong. Qi is everything. When you see a tree, you are seeing a large amount of wood Qi that has gathered together, as well as plant Qi that has gathered together to form leaves."

    Contrary to what people expected, the middle-aged woman immediately rejected what the male youth said, causing him to be slightly dumbstruck. The middle-aged woman indicated for the male youth to sit before she continued talking.

    "When you see the ocean, you are only seeing an incomprehensibly large amount of water Qi that has gathered together. An inferno is just a large amount of fire Qi that has gathered together and started blazing."

    While the middle-aged woman was talking, she raised her hands, causing fire to appear above her left hand, and water to appear above her right hand. After the fire and water appeared, she slowly dissolved it, causing it to turn into small dots of blue and red light that dissolved into the surrounding.

    "Even the human body is formed out of Qi. It is only that we are incapable of seeing what types of Qi a human body is made of, we are also not capable of controlling this type of Qi, not even a Sovereign can."

    "Since we know that everything is Qi, does that not mean that everything can be controlled, much like we control the Qi in the surroundings. Who is to say that there is not a person out there who was born with the power to control the Qi that a human's body is made of."

    "Would such a person be considered a god amongst people? Capable of creating and destroying lives as he wished, with but a wave of his hand?"

    When she reached this point, the eyes of the middle-aged woman gleamed with what could only be described as fanaticism.

    "Let's step away from that train of thought for a second and look at something else instead. Why can't we change the Qi composition of things? Why can we not take the water Qi that the ocean is made of and turn it all into lightning Qi, creating an ocean of lightning?"

    "What is it that is preventing us from doing this, what is holding all these large amounts of Qi together and preventing us from interacting with them?"

    The woman's words caused a few whispers to rise up from the crowd as people started discussing. What she said was true, they could use fire to boil away the ocean water, but they could not change the ocean into fire, only replace it.

    "Is it not the Three Great Gods?"

    While people were discussing, a voice rang out from a girl in the seats, causing everyone to cast their eyes to the middle-aged woman, waiting for her reply.

    "Three Great Gods? Let me tell you something. There are no gods, only stronger people. What if those Three Great Gods are just people from ancient times who cultivated to reach that stage?"

    The middle-aged woman sneered in response as she replied. She had never believed in any gods, she only believed in the efforts of people.

    "But they control Life, Death, and Reincarnation on this planet!"

    The girl couldn't help but call out again. Everyone knew that there were three gods on this planet that controlled life, death, and reincarnation.

    "Something they can do because they are stronger than the people on this planet. What if there was a person that cultivated to a level higher than even those Three Great Gods? Would he still be subject to their rules?"

    The middle-aged woman sneered again, her words causing the blood of the people listening to boil. Not even Sovereigns could escape the control of the Three Great Gods. What if they reached such a level? Did such a level even exist?

    The middle-aged woman continued talking, and Huang Ying sat at the back of the hall in silence, carefully listening to every word she spoke, making sure that he remembered them all.
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    Chapter 123: One month.

    Huang Ying and Xiao Mei left the hall after the lecture ended. Most students stayed behind to discuss what they had just heard and give their own opinions, but Xiao Mei figured that doing something like that was a little too advanced for Huang Ying.

    “There you are brother Ying. I have been looking all over for you.”

    Just as Xiao Mei was about to grab Huang Ying's arm once more, a soft voice rang out not far from them. Xiao Mei and Huang Ying turned their head, Huang Ying heaving a stealthy sigh of relief.

    Fang Shan walked over to them from the side, a faint smile on her face. Huang Ying had kept in contact with her through the white jade tokens they were given upon entering the academy. Not long ago she had gotten a message from him, asking her to come to a certain location and pretend like they had plans, forcibly dragging him away.

    “Unless I remember incorrectly, this should be Senior Sister Mei? I am terribly sorry, but me and Huang Ying have not yet had time to celebrate that we both entered the same academy, so I must abduct him for a bit.”

    Fang Shan had a sweet smile on her face, cupping her hands at Xiao Mei, before grabbing Huang Ying's hand and dragging him away from Xiao Mei. To the people looking at it from a distance, it looked just like a jealous girlfriend taking back her man.

    Before Xiao Mei even had time to respond, Fang Shan had pulled Huang Ying after her and left the area, heading towards the cultivation areas. Once Fang Shan had dragged Huang Ying away a good distance and made sure that no one was watching, she let go of his hand and looked at him with a smirk.

    “We only just arrived here and the academy idol is already trying to claim you, aren't you the popular one? And what is up with your hair?”

    Fang Shan couldn't help but tease Huang Ying. In the time they had traveled together, Huang Ying was always calm and collected, this was the first time she had ever seen him with such a helpless expression. She also couldn't help but comment on his hair, which had suddenly turned a pure white.

    “An accident happened while I was forging my weapon. And im the popular one? What about how Zhouyun looked at you before we even entered the academy, you sure you aren't the popular one?”

    Huang Ying shrugged his shoulders as he spoke, a smirk creeping up on his smile as he returned Fang Shan's teasing back to her. He had seen how Zhouyun swept Fang Shan with his gaze after they finished the last test.

    “Don't mention him, he is far too annoying. He keeps popping up at my cottage to 'give me advice on cultivation'.”

    Fang Shan's smirk vanished when she heard Huang Ying mention Zhouyun. She couldn't help but rub her temples as she remembered how Zhouyun kept approaching her. He always came up with a good excuse and acted like a good Senior Brother, but how could Fang Shan not know what he really wanted.

    “So what's up with that Xiao Mei? I doubt she was captivated by your looks and stunning personality, falling in love at first sight.”

    After rubbing her temples, Fang Shan opened her mouth and turned to Huang Ying again. Fang Shan had learned from Zhouyun that Xiao Mei had an exalted status in the academy, there was no way she would simply fall in love at first sight with someone like Huang Ying.

    “I don't know. She started approaching me the moment we met, and she is overly friendly. I suspect that either she or someone behind her is planning something. I just don't know what they are planning.”

    Huang Ying shook his head with a sigh. If he knew what Xiao Mei was planning, he could at least start figuring out a plan on how to deal with it. But the problem was that he knew nothing, only that it seemed like Xiao Mei was intent on growing closer to him.

    “How do you plan on dealing with her?”

    After a short moment of silence, Fang Shan spoke up again. They did not know exactly how much Xiao Mei knew about them, and she was also much stronger than them. They would have to be very careful in how they handled this.

    “I don't have much choice but playing along with her for the moment. After the tournament in one month end, we can take on missions and leave the academy, so it will be easier to handle her incessant dragging around then. Of course, once it gets too annoying, i'll just call you up and have you come save me.”

    Huang Ying shrugged his shoulders once more and ended his sentence with a chuckle. Huang Ying did not intend on earning contribution points through taking on jobs like herb gathering or librarian inside the academy, finishing missions was a much better way.

    Taking on missions would also let him leave the academy, allowing him to not have to worry about hiding his full power, unless he took on a mission with other people of course.

    Fang Shan and Huang Ying continued to walk around the academy together, just wandering aimlessly as they talked about anything that came to mind. When they had nothing to talk about, they would just walk without talking, enjoying the silence.

    Once the sun started setting, they split up and returned to their own cottages. The days leading up to the newcomer tournament consisted of Huang Ying being dragged around by Xiao Mei.

    Once he got tired of Xiao Mei dragging him around, he would send a message to Fang Shan and have her come drag him away from Xiao Mei, giving him a good excuse to leave. Sometimes it was Zhao Feng who came to his aid, dragging Huang Ying away from Xiao Mei and to the arena to watch some fights.

    Of course, Huang Ying never halted his cultivation. While they only had one free hour of cultivation in the cultivation areas per month, he could still cultivate in his cottage. He would spend the nights sitting cross legged on his bed, regulating his breathing and slowly absorbing the Qi in the area, steadily rising his cultivation grade.

    This pattern continued all the way up to the last day of the month, when the newcomers to the academy would show off their skills and find out where on the ranking list they would end up.
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    Chapter 124: Start of the competition.

    Huang Ying opened his eyes not long after the sun started rising. He stood up from the bed and took a quick shower, changed into a clean robe and then went to the restaurant to eat a nice breakfast in silence.

    In not too long, the competition for the newcomers to the academy would start. But Huang Ying did not care too much, this competition was not for him. He could not show his full strength so he would of course not get a good ranking, it was much more likely that he would have to pretend to lose several battles, getting humiliated in the process.

    “Alright, let's get this over with.”

    After finishing a simple breakfast consisting of some stew and bread, Huang Ying stood up and muttered to himself with a sigh. Pretending to be weak was stifling, he hated it. He did not show it too much, but he had his own pride, pride in himself and his strength. Being subservient and pretending to lose was not a good feeling.

    “Ready to get this over with?”

    After leaving the restaurant and following the path towards the arena, Huang Ying found Fang Shan standing on the path, waiting. When she spotted him, she walked over and gave him an apologetic look.

    She had spent around one and a half month with him already, so how could she not know that he had his own pride? How could she not see that pretending to be this weak was hard on him? She could show off all her strength and become more well known in the academy, but he would have to pretend to be someone weak that could be stepped on.

    But she also found that she looked forward to the day he no longer had to hide, the day he could explode with his full power. She wanted to see that day, see the expression on people's face as he struck down with his full might, showed his brilliance and might.

    “Yeah, let's go.”

    Huang Ying shrugged his shoulders and gave a wry smile. The two of them kept on walking down the path, shoulder to shoulder, chatting about everyday things to pass the time. There were several other students on the path, some were newcomers like them, while others were people who were heading to the arena to spectate the competition.

    “Ah. Junior Brother Ying, Junior Sister Shan. Good morning to you.”

    Not far from the arena, Huang Ying and Fang Shan encountered Zhouyun, who was walking with Bai Jing and Yuan Qiu. Zhouyun spotted the two of them out of the corner of his eye, so he turned around and gave them a pleasant greeting.

    “Greetings Senior Brother Zhouyun.”

    The two of them did not like Zhouyun, but they could not show too much discourtesy, so they both cupped their hands and returned a polite greeting.

    “What a surprise Junior Brother Ying, I was sure that you would show up with Junior Sister Mei today.”

    Zhouyun turned to Huang Ying and spoke with a faint smile, letting his gaze drift between Fang Shan and Huang Ying. Ever since he noticed how Xiao Mei treated Huang Ying, he had done his best to sow discord between Huang Ying, Fang Shan, and Xiao Mei.

    “I was certain that Senior Sister Mei had more important matters to attend to, so how could I possibly invite her?”

    Huang Ying put on a polite smile and slightly shook his head, letting out a small laugh as he spoke. He noticed Bai Jing snickering at him, while Yuan Qiu slightly narrowed his eyes at him, but he pretended to not see anything.

    “I see, that certainly makes sense. You must be careful today Junior Brother Ying, once you enter the arena, no one can help you and everyone will be watching you. I am afraid that your strength will not allow you to rank very high. I will try to keep an eye out for you, but I cannot promise anything.”

    Zhouyun spoke with a very understanding tone. He even placed his hand on Huang Ying's shoulder and put on a concerned face, pretending like he was worrying for Huang Ying's well being.

    “There is no need for you to worry about that Zhouyun. Any friend of mine does not need someone like you to keep an eye on them.”

    Just as Huang Ying was about to respond, a disgruntled voice rang out from behind them. When they turned their heads, Huang Ying was surprised when he spotted Xin Yang walking over. He had sent Xin Yang several messages, but he had never received a reply, so he assumed that Xin Yang was still cultivating.

    Of course, what shocked him even more than just Xin Yang appearing now was his current cultivation level. When they parted ways, Xin Yang had only reached the 9th Heaven, but the Xin Yang in front of him now was already half a step into the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    If someone told Huang Ying that Xin Yang had reached this cultivation level in such a short time through normal cultivation, he would laugh in their faces. It was clear that Xin Yang had returned to his clan to undergo a special type of cultivation after leaving the Vast Plains Ruins.

    “So it's Junior Brother Yang. Since Junior Brother Ying is one of your friends, I hope that you will make sure to take good care of him.”

    Seeing Xin Yang, it was not just Huang Ying that was surprised. Zhouyun's pupils shrank when he spotted Xin Yang, the corners of his mouth even twitched slightly. He quickly regained his cool and put on a pleasant smile. He cupped his hands and gave a polite greeting, but as soon as he finished his words, he turned around to leave. It was clear that Zhouyun did not want to stay around Xin Yang for long.

    “Tch, two faced slime-ball. I got your messages Brother Ying, but I did not get the chance to reply to them as I only left cultivation this morning. I really can't imagine how hard it is for you to do this.”

    Seeing Zhouyun leaving, Xin Yang clicked his tongue and spat out an insult. He turned to Huang Ying and placed his hand on his shoulder, feeling rather apologetic as he spoke. He had gotten several messages from Huang Ying, some which were just updates on things that had happened, and some that were questions, but he had not answered a single one.

    “It's not much of a problem.”

    Huang Ying shook his head with a wry smile. They were obviously talking about Huang Ying hiding his strength, but they could not say it out loud, just in case someone was eavesdropping, as there were still students walking past them.

    “Greetings Sister Shan. I must say that I am slightly surprised that you too chose to join this academy.”

    Xin Yang turned to Fang Shan and cupped his hands in greeting. Despite him giving her a token that would let her take the entrance test, he never expected Fang Shan to join Eastern Wind Academy. Most Demonic beasts preferred to travel around the world, even faintly looking down on people who joined academies and clans for resources.

    “We quite enjoy each others company, and Eastern Wind was the best option at the time.”

    Fang Shan shrugged her shoulders with a nonchalant expression. Joining Eastern Wind would give her access to more resources, and it would also allow her to travel beside Huang Ying.

    “I see, that is good then, it means that I get to have another friend here.”

    Hearing her reply, Xin Yang let out a laughter and led Huang Ying and Fang Shan into the arena, finding a seat not far from the actual platforms where the fighting would take place.

    “How did your cultivation rise so drastically?”

    Fang Shan couldn't help but ask Xin Yang after they sat down. His cultivation had simply risen far too fast, almost completely skipping the Xiantian realm.

    “I returned to the clan to accept the ancestral baptism, that's how I manged to raise it so quickly.”

    Xin Yang did not respond immediately, seemingly carefully choosing his words, before he responded. He was forbidden from saying too much, but he figured that just saying that it was the ancestral baptism did not break the clan rules.

    “Ancestral baptism?”

    Fang Shan raised her eyebrow slightly as she questioned. Huang Ying sat next to her, placing half his concentration on listening to their conversation. The other half was used to sweep the people in the arena, taking in everything. He spotted Zhouyun sitting not too far away from him. Zhao Feng, Xiao Mei, and Zhihao were also sitting in the seats around the arena.

    “I am forbidden from saying too much about it, as it involves secrets belonging to the ancestors of the clan.”

    Xin Yang had an apologetic smile as he shook his head. He really couldn't say too much. If he said too much, it would not end with him just being expelled from the clan.

    “In that case, just forget about it.”

    Fang Shan shrugged her shoulders in response. She could see that Xin Yang was truly apologetic, so it was obvious that he did not just make it up as an excuse to not say anything.

    “I will be the judge for this competition, you can call me Elder Tian. The rules for this competition are very simple. All the newcomers have been given a ranking on the Sky Ranking.”

    While they were chatting, an old man clad in a light green robe entered the central platform in the arena and spoke to the spectators. The old man had wrinkly skin, but his black hair was long and glossy, looking very youthful.

    As he spoke, he waved his hand and caused a large list to appear in the air above him. The words Sky Ranking were written at the top of the list in bold letters. Huang Ying searched quickly scanned the list and couldn't help but shake his head with a bitter smile when he finished reading it.

    Zhao Feng was ranked 9975, one of the better ones of the newcomers. Fang Shan was ranked 9988, closer towards the bottom. But Huang Ying himself was ranked 10 000, at the very bottom. He of course knew that this was because he had the lowest cultivation of all the newcomers, still only being at the early stage of the Xiantian realm.

    “You will proceed to challenge someone else on the Sky Ranking, whether they are a newcomer or not does not matter, if you beat them and they had a higher rank than you, you will switch places in the ranking. If they had a lower ranking than you, nothing will change on the ranking list.”

    “Now then, who wishes to be the first to challenge someone?”

    The old man finished his words and turned towards the spectators, sweeping them with his gaze. He did not care about who started the competition, as he did not think that this competition was very important.

    A short silence descended upon the arena after the old man's words sounded out. Out of the corner of his eye, Huang Ying spotted Zhouyun whispering something to Bai Jing. Huang Ying couldn't help but sigh, a bad feeling welling up in his chest.

    “I guess I will have to do it then. I would like to challenge Junior Brother Ying to join me in the arena for a quick sparring match.”

    Just as Huang Ying expected, Bai Jing jumped down from the seats and onto the arena. He wore a polite smile as he turned towards Huang Ying and cupped his hands.
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    Chapter 125: First Fight.

    Hearing Bai Jing's words, not just Huang Ying, even the other people watching felt like cursing out. Someone who had half a foot into the Yin-Yang Formation Realm was challenging someone at the early stage of the Xiantian realm, that was simply shameless and despicable.

    “Huang Ying, enter the arena.”

    Elder Tian cast a glance at Bai Jing, furrowing his brows in displeasure, even he felt that this was too shameless. But he still had his own rules to follow, so he had to make Huang Ying enter the arena and take part in the fight. He could reject the other challenges, but he had to accept the first one.

    Huang Ying narrowed his eyes as he looked at Bai Jing, a sinister light flashing in his light as he considered whether or not he should just detonate the strand of devouring Qi he had placed into Bai Jing's world core. This Bai Jing was clearly targeting him on the orders of Zhouyun, planning on humiliating him.

    Just as Huang Ying was about to throw caution to the wind and detonate the strand of Qi, he felt someone grab his hand. He turned his head to the side and saw Fang Shan shaking her head at him, a slightly worried expression on her face.

    “You can't. If you do that, people will realize who you are. There is no telling what they will do once they learn your identity. Not to mention that you crippled a fellow student, they will kill you for that.”

    Fang Shan used her Qi to send her words directly into Huang Ying's ears, making it so that only she could hear him. They had spent around one and a half month together, and had both grown very fond of each others company. So even though she would often jokingly insult Huang Ying, she still cared deeply for him, she did not want him to die here.

    Huang Ying continued to look at Fang Shan for a short moment, before he took a deep breath and shook his head with a sigh. He stood up from his seat and jumped down to the nearest platform, walking towards the center platform.

    “Really, when did I get so sentimental.”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but mutter to himself as he walked towards the center platform. He knew that if he was still the same as he was right after he awakened his powers, he would have thrown caution to the wind and crippled Bai Jing, not caring what the punishment was. He couldn't help but wonder, when did he change?

    “A sparring match against Senior Brother Jing, it would be my honor.”

    Huang Ying stepped onto the center platform and cupped his hands at Bai Jing, speaking with a very courteous tone. The people watching couldn't help but let out silent sighs in admiration when they heard his response. It was clear that Bai Jing was doing this to humiliate him, but he still managed to act so calmly.

    “No wonder you caught the eye of both Senior Sister Mei and Junior Sister Shan, you truly are special.”

    Bai Jing had of course seen Fang Shan grab Huang Ying's hand before he jumped down onto the arena. Zhouyun made him do this because he wanted Bai Jing to humiliate Huang Ying in front of Xiao Mei and Fang Shan, so Bai Jing of course had to insult him a bit.

    “You overpraise me.”

    Yao Jun kept his courteous tone, pretending like he did not notice Bai Jing's obvious insult. After he finished speaking, he slightly bent his body, taking up a stance.

    “Get ready Junior Brother Ying, I will start now.”

    Seeing Huang Ying take his stance, Bai Jing spoke out one last time, warning Huang Ying. After his warning sounded, the temperature on the platform started quickly dropping and snow started appearing in the air around the platform as Bai Jing activated his Domain. Since Bai Jing was here to humiliate Huang Ying, he would obviously use his full strength.

    After Bai Jing set up his Domain, he immediately moved into action. He caused small rods of ice to shoot up from beneath his feet at an angle, propelling his body forward at high speed, and sent a punch towards Huang Ying's chest.

    Seeing this punch, Huang Ying felt like letting out a sigh. If he were allowed to fight properly, he could easily dodge this punch. But since he could not show all his power, he would be forced to take this punch head on and pretend to lose immediately.

    He raised his arms and placed them in front of his chest, putting on a panicked expression. Bai Jing's fist landed on Huang Ying's arms, and Huang Ying's body was sent flying backwards, not stopping until it hit the wall beneath the seats.

    “You truly have great strength Senior Brother Jing, I am not match for you.”

    Huang Ying pretended to be dizzy after hitting the wall, even forcing up a mouthful of blood and having it drip down the corner of his mouth. He shakily cupped his hands to Bai Jing and quickly admitted defeat before returning to his seat.

    Sitting back in his seat, Huang Ying's expression was completely calm, like nothing had happened. But there was a fire smoldering in his chest. He wanted to fight Bai Jing, to use all his strength to utterly crush Bai Jing.

    He also wanted to do the same to Zhouyun, but he could not. He was too weak to kill Zhouyun, and he could not let others learn about his strength and identity. So all he could do for now was endure it all.

    “One day you will get to brutally kill them both.”

    While Huang Ying was smoldering in silent rage, he once more felt a hand land on his, a soft voice entering his ears. He turned his head towards Fang Shan once more. She held an encouraging smile on her face, but there was a terrifying brutality brewing in her eyes.

    She too wanted to kill Bai Jing and Zhouyun, after all, they kept humiliating Huang Ying. But she also knew that both of them had enraged Huang Ying, so there was no way for the two of them to have a pleasant death.

    “Bai Jing wins this match. Huang Ying. As the loser, you will be the next person to challenge someone.”

    Elder Tian's voice rang out not long after Huang Ying sat down.

    “I would like to forfeit my right to challenge others. I am afraid that my strength is the weakest here.”

    Huang Ying turned towards Elder Tian and cupped his hands as he spoke. He was the only person here at the early stage of the Xiantian realm, so there was no one he could challenge and beat. Not with the strength he showed at least.

    “Very well. Then I will now appoint someone else to enter the arena.”

    Elder Tian turned to Bai Jing, who was still standing in the arena, as he spoke, indicating for him to leave. Bai Jing hurriedly left the platform and returned to his seat, but his eyes would occasionally glance at Huang Ying.

    Others might not have noticed, but he most certainly did. He knew that his punch did not damage Huang Ying, at least not enough for blood to appear at the corners of his mouth. When his fist landed on Huang Ying's arms, he felt like he had punched a stone, a normal person at the early stage of the Xiantian realm should not have such a tough body.
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    Chapter 126: Different applications.

    “Sun Jin. Enter the arena and choose your opponent.”

    The judge, Elder Tian, pondered in silence for a short moment before he pointed at one of the new students and shouted out. The competition would go on for a total of three days. One the first two days, the new students would be challenging each other, but on the third day, they could challenge whoever they wanted on the Sky Ranking.

    Sun Jin quickly entered the stage. Sun Jin was female who seemed to be a little over 20 years old. She was clad in a light yellow robe and had long, jade green hair. She had smooth and clean skin, and delicate features.

    “Chang Huo, get down here.”

    Sun Jin pointed at a male youth with blazing red hair sitting in the spectators seats next to where she had sat and called out to him. The male youth had a lazy expression on his face as he hopped down from the seats and sauntered into the arena.

    “Come on now Little Jin, this is just pointless, I really don't want to fight you.”

    The male youth shook his head, still keeping his lazy expression, as he spoke, instantly causing Sun Jin's expression to turn gloomy. They were both at the late stage of the Xiantian realm, but it was clear that he did not take her seriously in this battle. She did not waste any more words on him, quickly taking on a stance.

    After Sun Jin took her stance, light yellow Qi started seeping out from her body and into the surroundings. The light yellow Qi quickly solidified, turning into several copies of Sun Jin, each standing in the same pose as the real Sun Jin.

    “Really now, Little Jin. How many times must I tell you that these tricks are only useful if you do them either before the battle starts, or use it in the midst of an attack. Doing it like this is pointless.”

    Chang Huo still held the same lazy expression, he hadn't even bothered taking up a stance to prepare himself. Sun Jin ignored his words and charged towards him, all her clones charging at the same time as her. As they charged forward, all the different Sun Jin's started interweaving between each other, making it difficult to know who the real one was.

    Before she had made it even half way to Chang Huo however, a loud explosion sounded out and Chang Huo's body shot forward like a bolt of lightning. After Chang Huo's body shot forward, all but one of the Sun Jin's vanished.

    The only Sun Jin that was left was being tightly embraced by Chang Huo in a bear hug. Chang Huo moved his head and gave Sun Jin a quick kiss on the lips, causing a slight blush to spread on her face as she sent an embarrassed glare at Chang Huo..

    “Come now, I told you that I didn't want to fight you.”

    Chang Huo could only respond with a bitter smile as he let go of Sun Jin. After he let go of her body, he grabbed her hand and the two of them walked back to their seats. Huang Ying couldn't help but blink a few times when he saw this.

    From their earlier words, it sounded like this Sun Jin considered Chang Huo her rival, but now it seemed like they were a couple instead. Huang Ying shook his head and didn't bother thinking more about it, he was much more interested in how the two of them used their Qi.

    People who had the same element would use it in different ways. Sun Jin had the light element, but instead of using it for speed, she used it to bend the light around her to create illusions.

    Chang Huo had the fire element, he even used it in a rather similar way as Huang Ying, compressing it. But where Huang Ying compressed it to give it a greater penetrating power, Chang Huo compressed it to get an instantaneous boost in power. He managed to move like a bolt of lightning by compressing the fire element beneath his feet and then quickly expanding it, creating an explosion.

    “Chang Huo. Select your opponent.”

    Seeing the two people return to their seats, the corner of Elder Tian's mouth slightly twitched. Did Chang Huo not know that it was his turn to select an opponent?

    “No need, I can't be bothered to take part in this.”

    Chang Huo sat down on his seat and waved his hand in a lazy manner, causing the corner of Elder Tian's mouth to twitch once more. In the previous years, people were almost fighting over the chance to get to challenge the other students.

    “Very well. Meng Gengxin, enter the arena and choose an opponent.”

    Elder Tian quickly regained his calm, turning towards a different person in the spectator seats, a male youth with long black hair and clad in a violet robe. The male youth, Meng Gengxin hopped down from the seats and entered the arena, pondering in silence for a short moment before choosing an opponent.

    Huang Ying and Fang Shan continued to watch the fights take place, occasionally discussing people or techniques if they felt that they were special. The rest of the time they just sat there and talked about everyday things.

    Huang Ying found one female youth that used a technique he found very interesting. She had the earth element, but she used it in a very strange way. Whereas most earth element users would use the might of the earth itself, using the ground beneath the opponent against them or sending large boulders at them, she used a myriad of tiny particles instead.

    She would summon a large boulder and force it to divide itself into tiny particles, turning the entire boulder into dust. She would then propel the dust around at high speeds, giving it both great range and penetrating power. To finish the fight, she even gathered up all the dust in a small area and used a rock to create a tiny spark, setting off a dust explosion and heavily injuring the opponent.

    Fang Shan was not called out for a battle that day, but Zhao Feng was. Zhao Feng used the earth element in the standard way, causing tremors and sending forth large boulders and spikes from the ground. His opponent was ready for this however and would constantly dodge, using his own wind element to read the changes in the wind around him, finding out exactly from where Zhao Feng was attacking.

    Because of this Zhao Feng was forced to bring out a technique that Huang Ying found that he greatly desired, a technique he did not even know that the earth element had, gravity control. Zhao Feng could only control the gravity in a small area, and only alter it slightly, but it was enough to greatly slow down his opponent, allowing him to get close and pummel him until he surrendered.
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    Chapter 127: Scorching Bai Jing.

    When the second day of the newcomer competition rolled around, Huang Ying left his cabin early in the morning and headed over to Fang Shan's cabin. The two of them then headed over to the restaurant together, eating the light breakfast that the academy offered for free.

    “Who do you intend to challenge today?”

    After eating the breakfast, they met up with Xin Yang and Zhao Feng, the four of them heading over to the arena. While they were walking, Huang Ying tilted his head at Xin Yang and asked.

    He had noticed yesterday that the judge, Elder Tian, would from time to time call out people who had yet to enter the arena, forcing them to enter the arena and initiate a fight. Neither Fang Shan nor Xin Yang had entered the arena yesterday, so he figured that the both of them would be forced to enter it today, as the third day was completely voluntary, only for challenging the older students.

    “No one. I don't need to take part in the newcomer tournament. Even if I did, I would not be given a rank on the Sky Ranking.”

    Xin Yang shrugged his shoulders in response, giving a nonchalant answer. Seeing that the others looked at him with a mixture of surprise and confusion, he decided to elaborate.

    “My grandfather holds a Grand Elder position, so I was accepted into the academy with special privileges. Xiao Mei has the same privileges, only that she has them because her grandfather is the Vice-Principal.”

    With his grandfather being a Grand Elder, it was of course very easy for Xin Yang to enter Eastern Wind Academy, which is why he could join them even while he was only at the Nine Heavens of Houtian realm.

    But Eastern Wind did not allow these students with special privileges to take part in the different Rankings, afraid that people would slander them and say that those students had only achieved their rank because of their connections.

    “Tch, lucky bastard.”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but click his tongue and murmur. If he could choose to not take part in this competition, he would of course choose not to take part. Who wanted to take part in something where they would only end up humiliated?

    While they were walking and talking, they entered the arena and found their seats. The other seats in the arena were also starting to fill up, with most of them already filled. Elder Tian was already standing in the center platform, hands behind his back as he waited patiently.

    “I do not believe that I need to repeat the rules, so we will simply start the battles immediately. Fang Shan, enter the arena and choose an opponent.”

    Elder Tian did not waste any time, speaking out the moment people stopped entering the arena. He brought out a small book and gave it a quick look over before resting his eyes on Fang Shan and calling her out.

    Fang Shan hopped down from the seats and entered the center platform, a smirk slowly appearing on her face. Huang Ying recognized this smirk, because he himself had worn a similar one on three occasions.

    The first time was right after he awakened his powers and entered the bandit hideout. The second time was when he attacked and killed the patriarchs in Yellow Winds Town. The third time was the day he entered the Spatial Array and left the Green Willows continent. Whenever that smirk popped up, it was clear that somebody was about to have a bad time.

    “Bai Jing, come down here and let me play with you for a bit.”

    Fang Shan turned to Bai Jing, sending him a smile as she reached out with her hand and beckoned him over. Bai Jing was slightly shocked, but he seemed to have understood something, as he sent a quick look at Huang Ying, his lips cracking into a smile.

    While Bai Jing left the seats and entered the center platform, Huang Ying slightly leaned forward, an interested expression on his face. He wasn't worried for Fang Shan, not in the slightest. Fang Shan had inherited the Qi that belonged to her father, so her training speed could only be called monstrously fast.

    In the one month that they had spent in the academy, she had already reached the late stage of the Xiantian realm, striding towards the Yin-Yang Formation realm. He also knew that Fang Shan would not start a battle that she had no chance of winning.

    One also had to remember that she was a Demonic beast, so while her human form might be strong, she would only become stronger upon entering her Demonic beast form. Not even Huang Ying knew what type of Demonic beast Fang Shan was, but since she had the blood of the Azure Dragon, there was no way that it was something weak.

    Bai Jing entered the center platform, standing a short distance away from Fang Shan, his face still carrying the same arrogance he had when he first met Huang Ying. A short moment after Bai Jing entered the arena, Elder Tian waved his hand, indicating for them to start battling.

    The moment Elder Tian waved his hand, Bai Jing unleashed his Domain, causing the temperature of the platform to drop as snow started appearing in the air. He dashed towards Fang Shan, but Fang Shan simply stood there, her lips curled into a smile.

    When Bai Jing got closer to Fang Shan, a blue light burst out from Fang Shan's body, quickly forming a small bubble around the platform. After the blue bubble formed, the snow that was formed from Bai Jing's Domain started melting.

    What replaced the snow were blue arcs of lightning and the rumbling sound of thunder, bolts of lightning flashing around within the blue bubble. The bolts of lightning all converged towards the body of the dashing Bai Jing, who was currently tremendously shocked.


    Bai Jing couldn't help but shout out as he dodged the bolts of lightning. He had a lucky encounter not long after he reached the peak of the Xiantian realm, which was what allowed him to activate his Domain before reaching the Yin-Yang Formation realm. How was it that this woman was capable of doing the same thing?

    Fang Shan did not bother responding to him, her figure turning into a blur as started moving, dodging all of Bai Jing's attacks. She figured that she would be able to beat Bai Jing in a normal battle, but it would exhaust a lot of her energy while also possibly wounding her. She did not want to just beat Bai Jing, she wanted to completely crush him. So she chose a different approach to the battle.

    She did not move towards Bai Jing, instead choosing to dodge all of his attacks as she slowly moved around the arena. While she dodged around the arena, she used her finger nail to cut a wound on one of her palms, dripping her blood wherever she moved.

    She continued to dodge Bai Jing's attacks for over five minutes, making sure that her blood had dripped around the entire arena. Bai Jing was still fully focused on sending a barrage of attacks after Fang Shan, not noticing that Elder Tian had already backed away and left the center platform.

    This was the superiority of the lightning element, it's speed. Bai Jing's Domain was indeed capable of slowing down Fang Shan, removing her speed advantage. But since he had lost his cool when Fang Shan brought out her own Domain, he forgot to bring out his Domain once more.

    After Fang Shan made sure that her blood had formed a small trail around the entire platform, even crisscrossing across it in strange patterns at places, she moved towards Bai Jing. Bai Jing thought that she had finally decided to face him in a proper battle, but she only dashed forward and smeared her bloody palm on his chest.

    After she smeared her bloody palm on his chest, she raised her other arm to block his incoming punch. The punch sent a chill into her arm, nearly freezing her bone, but the smile on her face only grew wider. She used the force from the punch to send herself backwards, towards the edge of the platform.

    She sent a large smile towards Bai Jing, before placing both of her hands onto the trail of blood she had left behind, injecting all her Qi into it. The trail of blood slowly lit up with a blinding blue light, the sound of thunder rumbling out, threatening to deafen everyone inside the arena.

    Bai Jing now realized that something was wrong, but before he had the chance to react, the entire trail of blood lit up with the blue light. After the entire trail of blood lit up, it formed into a large array that covered the entire platform. Bolts of lightning that were the thickness of a grown man's thigh appeared around Bai Jing, connecting with that smear of blood that Fang Shan had left on his chest.

    The bolts of lightning turned into chains that prevented Bai Jing from moving, holding him down in place. More and more bolts of lightning started appearing above his body, forming into a single, massive bolt of lightning that loomed above him like an executioners axe.

    Once the bolt of lightning was as thick as a man's waist, it fell down on Bai Jing, resulting in a blinding flash of light and a deafening clap of thunder. After the flash of light vanished, Bai Jing was still standing in the arena, but his body was obviously badly burned, all his clothes turned to ash and his skin charred and cracked.

    His body fell forward, all his limbs numb and paralyzed, crashing to the ground with a dull thud. Fang Shan happily walked over to his body, bending down next to his head and whispering into his ear.

    “Don't worry, it won't kill you, I made sure of that. Your head is his to take.”

    After whispering into his ears, she sent a smile and a nod at Elder Tian, before leaving the arena and returning to the seat next to Huang Ying. The entire arena was shrouded in silence for a short while as people moved their eyes between Fang Shan and Bai Jing's body.

    “An array? Nice and flashy. I didn't even know that you had knowledge of arrays, or that you had managed to activate your own Domain.”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but raise one eyebrow in surprise, his lips curling into a faint smile as he commented. He had speculated on how Fang Shan would defeat Bai Jing, but he never expected her to quickly set up an array and use it to defeat him. He didn't even know that she had knowledge of arrays.

    “Isn't it nice and flashy? And if I had told you earlier, I would have missed out on the opportunity to see your surprised face.”

    Fang Shan let out a clear laugh, ignoring the gazes that were moving between her petite body and Bai Jing's scorched body. Elder Tian called over a medical team that put Bai Jing's body on a stretcher and took him away from the arena. He was wounded pretty badly, but since he wasn't crippled or dead, they would not say anything.
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    Chapter 128: Infusing elements.

    After Fang Shan's battle against Bai Jing, Elder Tian continued to call out people who had yet to participate in a battle. Since Huang Ying had already taken part in one battle, and then forfeit his right to challenge others, he was not called out, nor challenged.

    “Zhao Feng, get down here and fight me.”

    After a few battles had taken place, a delicate male youth clad in light pink robes entered the center platform and called out to Zhao Feng. Huang Ying had some memories of this youth, as he had entered the arena on the first day as well. His name was Tao Wen and he used the water element.

    “It seems like you are looking to get a good beating. Then don't mind my rudeness.”

    Zhao Feng let out a loud laugh and hopped down from the seats and entered the center platform. He knew this Tao Wen even before they entered the academy, they could be considered to have grown up together. They had always fought against each other, Tao Wen trying to beat Zhao Feng and prove that he was stronger.

    “You can begin.”

    Elder Tian waved his hand, and Zhao Feng immediately stopped his laughter, focusing on the fight. He would always make sure that he was fully focused during any battles, no matter how weak the opponent was, as a single mistake could cost him his life.

    Zhao Feng was at the middle stage of the Xiantian realm, while Tao Wen was at the late stage of the Xiantian realm. But neither of them were like Bai Jing or Fang Shan, who had managed to activate their Domain before reaching the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    Right after Elder Tian gave the signal, an earthen light seeped out from Zhao Feng's skin, covering his entire body like a defensive shell. Zhao Feng's speed was not very good, so he could not afford to cover his entire body in an armor made out of earth, as his speed would only drop further, making him little more than a sturdy punching bag.

    Tao Wen on the other hand did not cover his body in a defensive layer of Qi, choosing to immediately dash towards Zhao Feng. The water element had strong defense, but Tao Wen was not proficient in using it to defend, he was more proficient in using it to soften his own body and increase his flexibility.

    This was much like how Zhao Feng could not use his earth element to replicate the ability Huang Ying had seen on the first day, turning the earth to dust and using it to attack. Every person had their own way of utilizing their element, some could utilize one of the strengths of their element, while others could use a different one of those strengths, but not the other one.

    Zhao Feng also started moving after the earthen light covered his body, dashing towards the approaching Tao Wen. Once they got closer to each other, Tao Wen punched out with his right arm, but it was clear that he was too far away for the attack to actually hit.

    But while his arm was moving forward, a soft blue light covered his arm, causing the arm to extend by nearly half it's original length, causing the punch to land squarely on Zhao Feng's shoulder.

    Huang Ying was not the only one surprised at this, as even Zhao Feng seemed to have been caught of guard. He quickly reacted and grabbed at Tao Wen's extended arm, but his fingers only managed to brush against his wrist before Tao Wen pulled his arm back.

    Seeing his attempt at grabbing Tao Wen's arm fail, Zhao Feng took a large step forward and punched out with his other arm, aiming for Tao Wen's chest. Tao Wen seemed to have predicted this, as he twisted his entire body sideways, causing his waist to twist in a strange manner. Because he twisted his body like this, Zhao Feng's punch only grazed past Tao Wen's shoulder.

    “You manage to infuse the properties of the water Qi into your skin and bones?”

    The two of them backed away from each other, and Zhao Feng couldn't help but ask. The only way Tao Wen could extend his arm and twist his body like that was if he managed to infuse the flexibility of the water element into his own body.

    Tao Wen did not answer him, only flashing him a wide grin. Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh in admiration. Infusing the properties of an element into ones own body had nothing to do with cultivation, it required experimentation as well as a flash of insight.

    Zhao Feng himself had not managed to infuse the strength of the earth element into his own body, there were even many elders in the Zhao clan who had not managed this yet. With the flexibility of the water element supporting his body, Tao Wen's body had gained a wide variety of new moves.

    “But if you think that just that is enough to beat me, you are sorely mistaken.”

    Zhao Feng flashed a grin of his own, snapping his fingers as he spoke. After he snapped his fingers, an earthen light lit up on Tao Wen's right wrist and right shoulder. Once the earthen light lit up, Tao Wen found his own wrist and shoulder to become almost unbearably heavy.

    The right side of his body dropped down slightly, as he became unable to support their weight without using all his strength to hold it stead. He was shocked for a second, when he seemed to have noticed something, his face twisting into a grimace.

    “You have learned to place gravity zones in different locations?”

    Zhao Feng could control gravity in a small area, so it did not take Tao Wen much time to realize that Zhao Feng had probably altered the gravity in the two places he had touched. He was shocked because Zhao Feng had not been capable of this during their last fight.

    “What, you think that only you can improve?”

    Zhao Feng's mouth curled into a somewhat sinister grin as he walked towards Tao Wen. The closer he got, the stronger the gravity acting upon Tao Wen's wrist and shoulder got. Once Zhao Feng stood in front of him, it was already so strong that Tao Wen laid sprawled upon the ground, unable to stand up.

    Tao Wen was unable to fight back, but since he had yet to admit defeat or get knocked out, Elder Tian did not call for the battle to stop. With Tao Wen unable to move, Zhao Feng proceeded punch and kick him until his face was completely unrecognizable. Only then did Zhao Feng kick him out from the arena and return to the seats.

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