The Godless One

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    Chapter 101: Ancient horn.

    “Excellent. I hope that anyone who did not manage to pass will leave the premises without further ado, so that we can quickly finish up the rest of the tests.”

    After Huang Ying and Fang Shan finished, only a few more people had to be tested before they managed to wrap up the first test. Once the test was finished, the youth who introduced himself as Zhouyun stepped forward once again and sent a polite smile towards the people that had not managed to pass.

    Out of the originally over 2000 people, around 300 people turned out to be over 25, meaning that they could not join the academy. Even though these 300 people were unwilling to just leave like this, they knew that they had no choice, so they could only put on bitter smiles and bid Zhouyun farewell.

    “Now then. Like I mentioned earlier, the second test will be a pressure test aimed at testing your determination.”

    After watching the people that did not manage to pass, Zhouyun turned towards the people that had managed to pass and put on a pleasant smile as he spoke. His eyes slowly passed over the sea of people, scanning each and every one of them, stopping on the people he felt were worth noting.

    “If you would all please turn and face Elder Xiong, he will be in charge of testing you.”

    After scanning the sea of people, Zhouyun turned his body and pointed in the direction of the two old men. More specifically, he pointed at the old man that had taken out the box earlier.

    “I am Elder Xiong, and I will be in charge of the pressure test. This test is very simple. As long as you can approach me and get closer than 100 meters, you will have passed. Anyone who has not managed to enter the 100 meter range within five minutes will be considered as not having passed.”

    The old man with the box, Elder Xiong, had a face that was completely covered in wrinkles and liver spots, with a white beard that hung all the way down to the ground. As he spoke, he walked over to an empty area, creating a large empty space around him.

    “We will do this by the hundred. Every five minutes, a new 100 people will attempt the pressure test. Line up.”

    After Elder Xiong spoke, the square fell silent once more. After a short moment of silence, people started scrambling forwards, trying their best at being part of the first 100 people. While the people were scrambling forward, Huang Ying and Fang Shan quietly pulled back, content with watching the test before taking action.

    After the sea of people had managed to line up in a somewhat orderly manner, Elder Xiong nodded his head and opened the box in his hands. He took out an old horn from within the box. The horn was the size of a grown man's arm and completely black in color, it was as thick as a normal man's thigh, and spiraled around itself until it ended in a sharp tip.

    “This is the horn of an ancient beast that once roamed these lands. After the founder of the academy slayed it, he sealed it's soul inside this very horn, allowing the horn to give off the pressure that the ancient beast gave off.”

    Elder Xiong and the people from Eastern Wind Academy looked at the horn with reverence and awe, seemingly too afraid to even blink. The other people on the other hand were unable to look at the horn like that. The reason behind that was the pressure that the horn gave off. Huang Ying and Fang Shan were even able to feel the pressure from where they stood.

    “The first 100 can begin, the five minutes start now.”

    After a short moment of awe, Elder Xiong directed his gaze towards the closest 100 people and spoke out, raising the horn in his hands. The closest 100 people did not dare tarry, quickly doing their best to move forward. They stood around 200 meters away from Elder Xiong, so they would only have to move a little over 100 meters closer to pass.

    The first 50 meters were the easy part, the 100 people quickly moving closer. But the closer they got to the 100 meter mark, the heavier the pressure that bore down on them was. After they spent almost half the alloted time moving forward, only a little over half the people had managed to move to the 100 meter mark. The rest of the people had been forced to their knees by the pressure, unable to move even a single step closer.

    “Five minutes are up.”

    After five minutes, Elder Xiong dissipated the pressure from the horn and his voice rang out, thoroughly crushing the hopes of the people that had not managed to move close enough. Out of the first 100 people, only 60 managed to pass through the pressure test.

    The 60 people that managed to pass all quickly heaved a heavy sigh of relief after Elder Xiong dissipated the pressure from the horn. They couldn't help but smile as they moved to the side, making space for the next 100 people. The ones that did not manage to pass could do nothing but leave.

    The test continued without pause. Every five minutes, a new group of 100 people would attempt to move closer to the horn, hoping to withstand it's pressure and move close enough to pass the test.

    “Li Jun, do you know anything about what sort of beast this horn came from?”

    Huang Ying was rather curious about this horn. Despite it's soul being sealed inside the horn, and it's body long dead, this ancient beast could still release such a stifling pressure.

    “Hehe, that horn came from an ancient Mountain Eater that was killed by that old ghost Huo Fei Tang. The horn may look big to you, but that horn you see right now was only a tiny piece of the actual Mountain Eater's horn. It's real horn would be at least ten times longer and thicker. He would never shut up about how he managed to kill it. Oh, and don't let that man's words fool you, that Mountain Eater was not killed in this area, but on a different continent.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out with a soft chuckle, like he was immersing himself in a pleasent memory of a past long gone.

    “You knew him?”

    Huang Ying was slightly shocked at Li Jun's words. He sounded like he had personally talked with this person, the founder of Eastern Wind Academy. One had to know that Eastern Wind Academy had already existed for several thousand years.

    “Aye, but that was in a time that is already long gone, I doubt there are even people that still remember the Mountain Eaters.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out with a sigh as he spoke, refusing to say any more. He still remembered those days, where the world was far more feral, with Demonic beasts running rampant across all the continents. Those days were truly hard, but they were also some of his most fond memories.

    “We are up.”

    While Huang Ying was chatting with Li Jun, Fang Shan poked him in the side and whispered to him, letting him know that it was their groups turn to attempt the pressure test. Huang Ying returned his attention to his surroundings, and it was indeed their turn.

    Huang Ying and Fang Shan both stood at the back of the group as they stepped forward, slowly feeling the pressure on their bodies increase as they moved forward. As they were walking closer, Huang Ying noticed that the pressure did not only push down on every inch of his body, but it was also pressing down on his mind, slowing down his thought process.

    He also noticed one other thing that caused him to slow down his walking speed further. When he used his Qi to resist the pressure, it would slide down along his body, dissipating completely. But when he did not use any Qi to resist the pressure, but just let it bear down on his body, a small portion of the pressure would sink into his body and mind, slowly strengthening it.

    He swept the rest of the group with his eyes, and found that it seemed like it was only him and Fang Shan that had noticed this effect. He mused that this was probably because of how strong their bodies were. They simply did not need to use their Qi to dissipate the pressure, they could just use their physical bodies to bear it.

    Since it was like this, Huang Ying did not mind spending some more time walking up to the 100 meter mark. His body was already stronger than most people his level, but that did not mean that it was pointless to strengthen it further. Because of this, Huang Ying and Fang Shan only passed the 100 meter mark a few seconds before the five minutes were over.
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    Chapter 102: Breaching it's defenses.

    After a short while, the second test also ended. Of the around 1700 people that participated in the second test, only around 1200 managed to pass the test. Standing amidst the crowd, Huang Ying and Fang Shan looked entirely unremarkable, but there was in fact one person that was keeping an eye on them.

    Others might not have seen what Huang Ying and Fang Shan did, but how could Elder Xiong, who was controlling the horn, not notice what they were doing. Of course, he was only keeping an eye on them out of a slight interest, mainly because of their cultivation and age.

    They were not the first to realize that they could use the pressure to train their bodies, but they were amongst the weakest and youngest. Fang Shan was already 19, but even that was considered rather young in this test, most people that managed to get this far were very close to 25.

    The one that surprised Elder Xiong the most was Huang Ying. There were people that were younger than Huang Ying that took part in the test, some of these kids even had better cultivation levels than him. But most of these people only reached this cultivation level because their families put all their resources into training them.

    This caused them to have weaker minds than others, often making them fail at this test. But this boy who was only 15 years old, with only a cultivation at the early stage of the Xiantian realm, seemed like he could walk through the pressure with ease. This not only meant that he had a strong mind, but also had an abnormally strong body.

    “Congratulations on passing the pressure test everyone. The next test will be watched over by Elder Jianhong, so if you would all please turn over to him.”

    Zhouyun quickly started talking when he saw that the second test was over. The ones that failed did not even wait for him to say anything, choosing to simply leave in silence. The crowd turned over to the last old man, Elder Jianhong. Elder Jianhong looked almost identical to Elder Xiong, the only difference being that Elder Jianhong did not have the same beard, but rather had abnormally long eyebrows.

    “I am Elder Jianhong. I will not waste any words, my test is very simple. When I point at you, you will step forward and unleash your strongest attack against this puppet. If the attack manages to breach it's defenses, you will be considered to have passed.”

    Elder Jianhong let his gaze wander over the crowd as he spoke, a slight smirk appearing at the corner of his lips when he saw how relieved the people looked at how simple the test was.

    “Let me warn you. This puppet was created by the second headmaster of Eastern Wind Academy. After he fought a tough battle with Lustful Demon Han Song, narrowly grasping victory, he sealed Han Song's soul within his own dead body and refined it into a puppet, forcing him to serve the academy until the end of time. It might only be an un-activated puppet, but it still has at least 1/10th of Han Song's defense, breaching it will not be easy.”

    Zhouyun hurriedly spoke out when he saw how the crowd looked. If they took this test too easily, there was a chance that no one would pass, which would reflect poorly on him, who was put in charge of overseeing all the tests. Hearing his words, the faces of the people in the crowd quickly turned gloomy.

    Lustful Demon Han Song was a cultivator who lived several thousand years ago. He had a special variation of the fire element that allowed him to steal other peoples life force and strength through intercourse. He was given the name Lustful Demon because of his love for raping women to acquire their life force. It was said that his cultivation level was at the peak of the Deity Heart realm, just a single step away from becoming a Sovereign.

    “You first.”

    Elder Jianhong pointed into the crowd as he spoke, his finger landing on Fang Shan. Seeing this, Huang Ying could not help but curse silently, as well as heave a slight sigh of relief. He sighed in relief because he stood right next to Fang Shan, meaning that it could have just as easily been him that was called up.

    The reason he cursed was because one of them was called up first. Since they were called up first, they had no way of checking to see just how strong the defense of the puppet really was. And since they only had one attack to breach it's defense, they would have to hit it with their full power, or risk not being able to join the academy.

    “Forget about it, it's better that I stand in the limelight than you standing there.”

    Fang Shan had thought of the same things, resulting in her shaking her head and whispering to Huang Ying as she stepped forward. Huang Ying was the one who was being hunted, so there was no real need for Fang Shan to lie low, she only did it because it was better to be on the safe side.

    “You can use any weapon you like to make the attack. If you do not manage to breach it's defense, please leave.”

    Elder Jianhong spoke up when he saw that Fang Shan had stepped forward, his voice spreading outwards, reaching everyone in the crowd. Fang Shan nodded her head, but did not bring out her two daggers. Her daggers were a pair, focusing on rapid attacks to destroy the opponent. Since she could only make one attack, this strategy was obviously not usable.

    She slightly bent her body forward, looking like a jaguar that was preparing to pounce, the Qi within her entire body churning as arcs of blue lightning started to shoot out from her body.

    This test was clearly a bit skewed, favoring people of a higher cultivation level. But she did not care. In her body flowed the proud blood of a Kirin, an overlord amongst Demonic beasts. And even though she did not like it, she also had the blood of the Azure Dragon in her body, only further increasing her power.

    The lightning that arced out from her body quickly gathered on he right hand, which had now been extended, forming a spear hand. Lightning stood for speed and piercing, a fist was not suited for properly releasing it, at least not for Fang Shan.

    After all the lightning gathered on her right hand, her body shot forward, blue arcs of lightning trailing in the air behind her. She had been standing about 100 meters away from the puppet, with her speed, this distance was covered in but a blink of an eye.

    “Left shoulder.”

    As she was charging forward, Huang Ying's voice fluttered over and entered her ear. She did not have time to question him at this time, so she simply altered her path slightly, her spear hand landing on the left shoulder of the puppet and unleashing all the lightning stored in her hand.

    The sound of thunder rumbled across the square, a beautiful lightning bolt passing through the shoulder of the puppet and flying forward until it hit the fence surrounding the academy. On the left shoulder of the puppet, there was now a small hole going straight through. The hole quickly regenerated, but there had still been a hole there.

    “Breached. You pass.”

    Elder Jianhong looked at Fang Shan with some surprise as he spoke. The left shoulder of this puppet was one of the few weaknesses that it had, how did she know to hit that spot? Fang Shan nodded her head and stepped to the side, waiting for the rest of the test to finish.

    “You are next.”

    Elder Jianhong pointed into the crowd again, his finger landing on Huang Ying this time. Huang Ying had already expected this, so he stepped forward immediately. He did not take a running start like Fang Shan, walking forward until he stood right in front of the puppet.

    He crouched down in front of the puppet and raised his hand, lightning cracking above his palm as it gathered together and condensed itself. Huang Ying pretended to condense the lightning for another thirty seconds, before he gathered the lightning in his right index finger.

    He pointed the now lightning coated finger at the right knee of the puppet, pushing the finger forward and unleashing the lightning trapped within. The lightning shot forward, but there was no sound of rumbling thunder, the lightning was apparently weaker than the one Fang Shan had shot out.

    The lightning hit the puppet's right knee and sank into the knee, creating a hole about eight centimeters deep. It didn't go through the puppet, but it had surely breached it's defense.

    “Breached, you pass.”

    Elder Jianhong spoke out again, his expression slightly odd. First Fang Shan had managed to find one of the puppet's weaknesses, now this Huang Ying had done the same? Huang Ying gave a quick nod and stepped to the side, standing next to Fang Shan.

    Huang Ying was obviously not the one who found the weaknesses. Li Jun had told him about the places where the puppet was weakest, allowing Huang Ying to find the best places to attack.
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    Chapter 103: The last test.

    The rest of the people taking the test were not idiots, seeing Fang Shan and Huang Ying passing with what seemed to be ease, they almost immediately realized that there was something off about the two places that the had chosen to attack. This was then proved correct when everyone who attacked those two spots managed to pass the test.

    “This truly is highly unusual. I don't think there has ever been a time where over 1000 people have managed to pass the third test.”

    After everyone had taken the third test, Zhouyun stepped forth once more, his lips curled into an unnoticeable smile that almost betrayed how much joy he found in what was about to take place.

    “Sadly, there can only be at most 100 people joining my Eastern Wind Academy, which means that we must eliminate another 1100 people.”

    Zhouyun scanned the crowd as he spoke, looking both apologetic and slightly concerned. After he scanned the entire crowd, making sure that everyone had seen his expression, he sighed and spoke out again.

    “The last test is one that we rarely use, both because it is so rare for there to be so many talents trying to join us, as well as because it is dangerous.”

    Zhouyun emphasized the word talent as he spoke, causing a few people in the crowd to turn quite red. What talent did they thave? They only copied what everyone else had done to pass.

    “The last test will be in the form of a contest between all 1200 participants. We will send all 1200 of you into a spatial type treasure, transporting you to a random location within that space.”

    As Zhouyun spoke, Elder Xiong took out a small bead from his interspatial ring, holding it up high for everyone to see. Spatial type treasure were a type of item that contained a different space within them, much like interspatial rings. Most spatial type treasures had very large spaces that could accommodate a large amount of people and other life forms.

    “Everyone who enters will receive a jade token with the insignia of my Eastern Wind Academy carved onto it. The contest is very simple, you must steal the jade tokens from the hands of the other contestants. Once you have 12 jade tokens, you can head to the center of the space, where you will be sent out and be allowed to join my Eastern Wind Academy.”

    Zhouyun grabbed the bead as he spoke, inserting his Qi into it. Once he inserted his Qi into it, a light flickered on the bead and the image of a large island appeared above the bead. At the center of the island stood a tall mountain, it's peak completely round and flat, looking like a massive stage. A few red dots were slowly moving around the island while Zhouyun was showing it off. Clearly, this was where the contest was going to take place.

    “These red dots you see are a few Demonic beasts that live on this island, they are not too strong, but they should still prove to be a challenge to some of you. All of you who choose to enter this bead will appear as blue dots. This means that we will only know who you are once you leave this bead.”

    “But I must warn you. Once inside this bead, we will not control the actions of other contestants. This means that you can die at any moment if you choose to enter. And even if you should be killed while inside, it is impossible for us to know who killed you. My Eastern Wind Academy only want the best of the best, show us that you are capable of taking that which you desire.”

    Zhouyun's eyes turned sharp as he spoke, his words causing a cold shiver to run down the spine of the people in the crowd. This was just a test to enter the Eastern Wind Academy, but there was even a chance that they could die? They now finally realized why this test was rarely used.

    “Anyone who does not wish to join this test may leave now. Everyone else who chooses to enter must sign this waiver, showing that they are fine with the possibility of death.”

    Zhouyun took out a scroll from his interspatial ring, allowing the people in the crowd to read what was written on it. It simply stated that they were aware that they might die, and that they were fine with this, not putting any blame on Eastern Wind Academy.

    There were some people hesitating at the start, but once there had been a few people who stepped forward and signed the contract, the rest of the crowd quickly joined them. In the end, all 1200 people signed the contract, agreeing to take part in the last test.

    “Wonderful, my Eastern Wind Academy must be truly blessed to have so many decisive people wanting to join us. What a shame that we can't accept you all.”

    Zhouyun spoke loudly, a proud smile on his lips as he spoke. His words caused the people in the crowd to hold their heads a little higher, but there were some who couldn't help but sneer. If anything could be said about this Zhouyun, it was that he was good at appealing to a crowd.

    “Now then. Once you have managed to acquire 12 tokens, you can make your way to the top of the mountain at the center of the island. The 12 tokens will activate and send you out. If you wish to surrender earlier, you need only break your token and it will send you out.”

    Zhouyun spoke out once more as he channeled his Qi into the bead, causing a silver energy to burst out from it and surround the crowd of people. Once he finished his words, the silver energy covered the 1200 people and returned to the bead, taking everyone with it.

    After the 1200 people entered the bead, Zhouyun sat down where he stood, keeping the bead within the palm of his hand, continuously filling it with Qi. When his Qi entered the bead, the image of the island appeared within his mind. But unlike what Zhouyun said, there were no blue dots appearing on the island. Instead, Zhouyun was able to see what everyone who entered the island was doing. Watching the 1200 people start fighting against each other, Zhouyun resisted the urge to grin.
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    Chapter 104: Start of the last test.

    Huang Ying felt the world in front of his eyes turn a blinding white, forcing him to shut his eyes. Once the blinding white disappeared and he opened his eyes, he found himself standing completely alone on a beach. Huang Ying did not move immediately, choosing to examine the surroundings first.

    There was an endless expanse of water behind him, going as far as his eyes could see. To his left and right there was a long beach that curved as it got further away from him, it seemed to go around the entire island. In front of him was a tropical forest filled with towering trees, Huang Ying could hear the sounds of life in the forest even from his position on the beach. He could see a massive mountain standing tall in the distance, looming over everything.

    After he examined the surroundings, he examined himself. The first thing he checked was his interspatial ring, quickly checking and making sure that everything was there. After checking his entire body and all his belongings and making sure that nothing was missing, he turned his attention to a jade token that now hung at his waist.

    The jade token was about the size of a palm and was very simple in style and was made out of white jade. A shield was carved into the center of the token, the shield was filled with several wavy marks, looking like the marks the wind leaves in sand. This was the symbol of the Eastern Wind Academy.

    “How is the situation Li Jun?”

    Huang Ying still did not move from his original position, instead choosing to talk to Li Jun. Normally, Huang Ying's perception was only capable of scanning an area of about five kilometers, only a few hundred meters if he wanted to keep continuous watch over the area.

    And it seemed like his perception was being hindered inside this bead, it could not even leave his body. Li Jun's perception on the other hand could continuously cover a truly massive area. In a situation like this, knowing your surroundings was crucial.

    “All 1200 people have arrived on the island, the person closest to you is nine kilometers away. That Fang Shan girl is located on the opposite side of the island. There are a few Demonic beasts lurking around, but none that would normally be a threat to you.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out after his perception scanned the entire island, nothing was able to escape his eyes. Not to mention this island, if he was to release his perception to it's limits, he could cover half the continent. Of course, if he did so, he would at best get only a short glimpse at the area before he would have to stop.

    “Only normally? Meaning that they are a threat to me now?”

    Huang Ying caught onto the meaning of Li Jun's words, his thoughts starting to move. Since Li Jun said that they would normally not be a threat to him, that could only mean that there was something about them that caused them to be a threat to him for the moment.

    “That Zhouyun boy lied to you all. He is keeping a close watch on everyone on the island, he seems to enjoy watching you struggle. This of course means that you can't use all your power since you are currently trying to lay low.”

    Not even Zhouyun watching them from outside the bead could escape Li Jun's eyes, he could even see the suppressed grin that Zhouyun was trying to hide. Since Huang Ying did not want news about him to be discovered, he could not reveal power that was too far above his level, he could at best reveal the power of someone at the middle stage of the Xiantian realm.

    “I see, so we'll have to gather the 11 other pendants without showing our real strength. Send my voice to Fang Shan.”

    Huang Ying fondled his chin as he started to slowly formulate a plan. The first thing he had to do was let Fang Shan know that Zhouyun was watching their every move. She did not really need to hide her true power, as it was Huang Ying that was being hunted, so Huang Ying did not remind her to lay low.

    After he finished informing Fang Shan, he turned his eyes to the tropical forest in front of him, a faint smile creeping up on his lips. He had never taken part in a contest like this, so he was looking forward to the fun. With these thoughts in mind, he stepped off the beach and entered the forest.

    The forest was humid and dark, the trees blotting out most of the light that was shining down from above. The light that shone down was produced by the spatial treasure. It would absorb light from it's surroundings and project it into the treasure itself. This meant that whenever the treasure was in a dark place, it would be dark inside the treasure.

    Huang Ying did not walk around blindly after he entered the forest. He made Li Jun cover the entire island with his perception, constantly giving Yao Jun directions and updates on where the other people were. Since Zhouyun had not told them that there was a time limit, most people started moving quickly, searching out others to snatch their badges.

    Huang Ying had already decided that he would use Li Jun to scout out the people that were weak enough for the current Huang Ying to beat without causing too much of a stir. He would then pretend like he was having a tough fight, before finally stealing their badge and moving on.

    Being ordered around like this made Li Jun feel like sighing. When had he ever been treated like this when he still had his body? But despite his thoughts, he did not say anything to Huang Ying. When Huang Ying was still naive and powerless, Li Jun had several times tried to lead him to his death. The attack on Azure Springs Town was just the only attempt that Huang Ying knew about.

    Since Huang Ying was no longer the same naive and powerless youth that he used to be, Li Jun decided that it was best to have a good relationship with him. And even if he did not want to admit it, he had watched Huang Ying grow up from a mere baby into who he was now.

    No matter how hard he tried to bury those feelings, he could not deny that he had some protective, almost fatherly feelings, for Huang Ying. Of course, he would never let any of this show. He was the Dark King, the terror of the underworld and the king of killers, such emotions were unbecoming of him. These emotions were also part of the reason he attempted to kill Huang Ying several times in the past.

    After traveling through the forest for a short while, Li Jun told Huang Ying to climb up into a tree not far from him. After climbing up the tree, Li Jun told him to make as little sound as possible and stay hidden.

    After waiting for a few minutes, a male passed under the tree. The male youth was slightly overweight and clad in silken robes that gave off a sense of elegance. Had it not been for his weight, the person would have seemed rather elegant. Huang Ying did not need Li Jun to tell him what to do, dropping down from the tree without a sound.

    When the overweight youth finally noticed something, it was already too late for him to react. Huang Ying's elbow made contact with the skull of the youth, letting out a slight crunching sound. The youth crumpled down like a sack of potatoes. Huang Ying had showed some mercy, not wanting to attract any attention because of his wanton murder, and only cracked the skull of the youth. He would not die, and his wound was healed easily enough through the use of different herbs.

    After knocking out the youth, Huang Ying rummaged through his belongings until he found the jade token that he was looking for. He strapped the jade token to his waist, hanging it next to his own jade token, before he left the scene and headed deeper into the forest.
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    Chapter 105: Five tokens.

    Around three hours after Huang Ying acquired his first jade token, he was hiding within a bush, keeping a close eye on a female youth that was walking through the forest not far from him. The girl was clad in a bright yellow robe and had short brown hair. Her face could be considered very delicate and charming. Her cultivation was at the middle stage of the Xiantian Realm.

    Huang Ying had been following her for around 10 minutes already, she was going to give him two more jade tokens, giving him a total of five jade tokens. After he knocked out the first youth, he had followed Li Jun's directions until he found a second youth, stealthily knocking him out and taking his jade token.

    The reason Huang Ying had followed this girl for 10 minutes was to find a good opportunity to knock her out quickly and quietly. The people on this island could not use their perception to scan the surroundings, but they could still use sounds to locate others. This forced Huang Ying to use a more stealthy approach, lest he was discovered by others.

    “How does it look Li Jun?”

    Huang Ying narrowed his eyes as he looked at the girl. She had just crouched down to drink some water from a stream, now would be a good chance to attack her. But it would still be best to check with Li Jun first. If there was anyone nearby, Huang Ying would probably be discovered, and would then be forced into a fight.

    “There are four people within five kilometers of this area, the closest one being only two kilometers to the east. He is someone who has half a foot in the Yin-Yang Formation Realm, so even if you used your full power, there is only a 60% chance that you could beat him.”

    Li Jun had been keeping a close eye on everyone on the island, even taking the time to examine the strength of everyone that was above a certain level of power. Even though Huang Ying could defeat someone at the late stage of the Xiantian realm, even someone at the peak of the Xiantian realm if they were not careful enough, defeating someone who had half a foot in the Yin-Yang Formation Realm was a completely different thing.

    “Two kilometers?”

    Huang Ying slightly turned his head, looking to the east. They were in the middle of the forest, so with the exception of some clearings and other areas, everything else was covered with densely packed trees. Li Jun had already described the entire island to Huang Ying, so he knew that there were no such clearings to the east of him.

    This meant that even if he attacked this girl, the odds of the youth to the east of him seeing anything were minimal at best. Seeing that this was his best chance, Huang Ying decided to not waste any more time. Small sparks of blue lightning shout out from his body as he sped forward.

    The place he was hiding was a little over a hundred meters away from the girl, he could cover this distance in around one second, even without using his full speed. He appeared behind the girl while she was drinking, his right hand clad in lightning reached for her neck.

    The girl only managed to react when she heard the sound of wind coming from behind her. She did not need to turn around to know that she had been ambushed. She leaned her entire body forward, raising her left leg into a backwards kick as she did so.

    As her foot approached Huang Ying's hand, a gray layer of stone covered her foot. The foot and hand made contact, resulting in a loud boom that resounded through the forest.


    Huang Ying couldn't help but silently curse, he had not expected the girl to have such a fast response, it seemed like she had rather rich experience with fighting. Since he had come this far, he could not stop now. He grasped onto her foot with his right hand, preventing the girl from pulling it away.

    He pulled her towards him and twisted his right arm as he did so, causing her body to spin around and face him. Once she got close enough, he used his left arm to punch down onto her. The girl did not dare hesitate, immediately crossing her arms in front of her face and using her Qi to turn her arms and head into stone.

    Huang Ying's fist made contact with her arms, pushing her entire body down onto the ground. Since she used stone Qi, there was no way for Huang Ying's lightning to enter her body and paralyze her, so he switched over to ice Qi when his fist landed on her.

    He was not scared of letting people know that he had multiple elements, as it was not that rare. In Green Willows continent, such people may have been rare, but this continent was much larger and had far more people. Having multiple elements was much more common on this continent.

    “The youth to the east has noticed the commotion, finish this fast.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out as Huang Ying's fist connected with the girl's arm, urging him on. The ice Qi entered her arms and numbed them with the cold, but the girl still kept them in front of her face as defense. Huang Ying grabbed onto one of her arms with his left hand and pulled it aside.

    The moment he pulled her arm away, he let go of her foot and punched down with his right arm. She was now placed almost right beneath him and was lying on her back, so he was not worried about her slipping away from him. His right arm was clad in lightning, slipping past her other arm and connecting with her face.

    Just as he thought he had gotten in a good hit, a rune that was sown into her clothing lit up, sending out a small shield of Qi that blocked his punch at the last second. Huang Ying narrowed his eye as he saw this shield, he quickly calculated that he would have to use at least five normal punches to smash through this shield.

    He obviously did not have the time for this right now, so he quickly made up his mind. He raised his right arm and punched down once more, his fist landing on the shield with a loud boom. A sliver of destruction Qi quietly entered the shield, opening a hole that was large enough for Huang Ying's fist.

    This time, Huang Ying's fist landed directly on her face, bringing with it a crunching sound as his fist broke through her stone Qi and broke her nose, a small spray of blood shooting forth. The punch shook her entire head, producing a ringing sound in her ears and disorienting her. The lightning Qi entered her head and started wreaking havoc on her sense, making it impossible for her to react.

    Huang Ying took this chance to quickly grab the two jade tokens hanging at her waist before he dashed away. The youth who was to the east had already noticed them when he made his second punch, staying there any longer was just begging to be caught.
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    Chapter 106: Humiliation.

    Huang Ying quickly dashed away from the spot where he had just fought, running through the forest in what seemed to be a random route. Of course, this random route was a route that Li Jun had given him. It was erratic enough to seem random, but it also made it so that he would not come close to any other people as he ran.

    “How is it Li Jun?”

    As he was running, Huang Ying was talking with Li Jun. Since the other youth could not use his perception to find Huang Ying, Huang Ying only had to run for a short period before he would have been able to shake off the youth.

    “Keep running, he is still too close for it to be safe.”

    It was still not safe to stop and try to hide. The youth had just reached the area where Huang Ying had fought the girl. He gave the girl a quick little look before he moved on, following the traces of Huang Ying. He was rather surprised that someone would punch a rather pretty girl like that so viciously in the face, but this was after all a competition, there was no need for mercy.

    Huang Ying did not doubt Li Jun's words at this moment, continuing to run through the forest with all the speed he could show without looking suspicious. As he was running, he made sure that he left as few traces as possible. Using trees and branches as stepping stones so as to not leaves tracks on the ground, running up and down streams so as to not leave tracks.

    “Something is wrong.”

    As Huang Ying was running, Li Jun's voice rang out in his mind. Li Jun's voice was gloomy, seemingly angry even. Hearing him talk like this, Huang Ying couldn't help but feel rather nervous.

    “What is it?”

    Huang Ying did not stop running as he was talking, even if he had a bad feeling about what Li Jun noticed, getting away and finding a safe place to hide for the moment still took top priority.

    “He is still chasing you, even gaining on you. It seems like that Zhouyun brat is guiding him.”

    Li Jun had been keeping a close watch on the youth, and had quickly realized that the youth was not just keeping up with them, he was even gaining on them. Huang Ying had not left behind enough traces for the youth to follow, and Li Jun did not sense any Qi lock onto them. This could only mean that the owner of this spatial treasure was guiding him.

    “Why would he do that?”

    Huang Ying's voice sank as he spoke, silently cursing Zhouyun. Was this not considered interfering in the competition? How could they make sure they got 'the best of the best' if he did things like this?

    “I don't know. Maybe he wanted to prevent you from gathering all 12 jade tokens using the tactic you were using? Maybe he just did it because he felt like it? The only thing that matters is that he has done it.”

    Just because Li Jun could see everything within this spatial treasure, and even what was going on outside of it, he had no way of telling what Zhouyun was thinking.

    “Motherfucker. Are you able to hide me?”

    If Li Jun was able to hide Huang Ying from Zhouyun and that other youth, it would give Huang Ying the chance to find a place to hide further away. He could then have Li Jun remove the camouflage and pretend like he had used a special treasure if he was asked.

    “Too suspicious. Zhouyun would start wondering why you could hide from him within his own treasure.”

    Li Jun on the other hand, rejected Huang Ying's idea. If Huang Ying suddenly vanished from Zhouyun's vision, it would be far too suspicious, even if he tried to use a special treasure as an excuse. What if they demanded to see this treasure?

    “If I were to fight him, would you be able to hide our battle?”

    Huang Ying's mind started moving rapidly. Li Jun had said that he only had a 60% chance of victory, even if he used his full power. This meant that Huang Ying was indeed capable of killing the enemy. If Li Jun was able to hide their battle, he could use his full power to kill the enemy before running away to hide.

    “I would be able to obscure it, preventing him from seeing too clearly, but he would still be able to feel the fluctuations of Qi and find out just how much strength you can use?”

    Hiding the battle itself was easy, they could even use the excuse that the strong Qi that was being thrown around distorted Zhouyun's vision inside the treasure. But this still meant that the Qi Huang Ying used was strong enough to distort Zhouyun's vision-


    Huang Ying couldn't help but curse out, his mouth twisting as he gnashed his teeth. He turned his head as he ran, checking if he could see the youth chasing him, his mind moving rapidly.

    “What do you plan on doing?”

    Li Jun knew that Huang Ying's mind was moving rapidly right now. He knew that Huang Ying was facing a tough decision right now. Using all his power to fight with the youth had a decent chance of success, but it would make him show off too much.

    “I'm still working on it.”

    Huang Ying shook his head as he answered, heaving a heavy sigh. He said that he was working on it, but he had already come up with a plan on what to do. As they continued running, he started slowing down his speed, making it look like he was getting tired. After continuing to run away for almost ten minutes, he stopped running, sitting down next to stream of water, pretending to breathe heavily.

    “Finally stopped running huh?”

    Not long after Huang Ying stopped running, a voice came out from the forest in behind him. A tall male youth stepped out from the forest. The youth wore a loose robe that was a dark gold in color, a massive bird with spread wings embroidered into the robe, a golden scabbard hung at his waist. Standing at almost two meters, the youth tilted his head downwards as he looked at Huang Ying.

    The youth had golden hair that hung down to his shoulders, features that looked like they were carved with a knife, and brown eyes that gleamed with a sharp light. Despite his rather ferocious looks, he held a rather elegant and composed expression, his lips curved into a faint yet arrogant smile.

    “You've been following me this long?!”

    Huang Ying staggered backwards a bit as he shouted out, pretending to be shocked as he looked at the youth. Seeing his expression, the tall youth's smile grew even wider as he took a step closer.

    “You left plenty of tracks that I could follow. You did an excellent job running for that long, but since my cultivation level is higher than yours, I can chase for longer than you can flee.”

    The youth raised his nose as he spoke, complimenting Huang Ying and praising himself. At the same time, he also came up with a lie, not telling Huang Ying about how he had been guided here.

    “Now I wonder, will you hand me your jade tokens, or must I take them?”

    The tall youth placed his hand on the scabbard hanging at his waist as he spoke, the look in his eye becoming even sharper as he spoke. If Huang Ying refused to do the sensible thing, he would not mind cutting him down.

    “I have no choice here do I?”

    Huang Ying pretended to think it over, even using his flame Qi to make it look like he was sweating, before he put on a wry smile and removed the five jade tokens from his waist. He held the tokens in his hand for a short moment, looking at them with a depressed gaze, before he threw them to the tall youth.

    “Truly sensible. If you manage to enter the academy, you can come look for me, Bai Jing, I will take you under my wing and guide you while you are still weak.”

    The tall youth started grinning as he received the five tokens, even beating himself on the chest and introducing himself, telling Huang Ying that he would take care of him and guide him. After he got the jade tokens, he did not bother waste any more time on Huang Ying, quickly heading towards the center of the island.

    Huang Ying gnashed his teeth as he looked at the back of the tall youth. This was the first time he noticed just how stifling it was, having to hide his true power. Had it not been for the fact that he would have to hide his power, he would have chosen to just start a big fight with this tall youth.

    He only had a 60% chance at victory, but if he could use his full power, he could at least guarantee that he could escape whenever he wanted to. The tall youth even said that he would guide Huang Ying while he was still weak! Huang Ying would be lying if he said that he was not feeling humiliated right now.

    Luckily, he had experience with things like this. When he was a child, he was treated as an outcast for not having any power and being weak, he was even imprisoned for six entire years, for something he hadn't even done.

    After he got his power, it got better, but he was still humiliated not long after he met Jing He, when she was forced to return to her family. Then it happened once more after he took part in the Academy Battle, when he was captured by the Empyrean Phoenix Academy and tortured for half a year.

    Now that Huang Ying thought about it more closely, he realized that most of his life was just a long line of humiliations. He shook his head, throwing the thought out of his head, he did not want to think about those things right now. One day he would become someone that no one could humiliate, but he also knew that today was not that day.

    Looking at the spot where the tall youth, Bai Jing, vanished, a faint smile crept up on Huang Ying's lips. He had pretended that it was hard for him to give up the tokens to make sure that Bai Jing was not suspicious, but he had also added a little something to the tokens. A little surprise he would make sure Bai Jing enjoyed sooner or later.
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    Chapter 107: Zhao Feng.

    “What do you intend to do now?”

    After making sure that Bai Jing was far enough away, Huang Ying stood up from the ground and dusted himself off. Li Jun's voice rang out in his mind as he was dusting himself off, prompting him to ponder in silence for a short moment.

    “I guess i'll head towards the mountain at the center of the island. I wanted to head there after I had gathered a few more tokens, but it seems like I have no choice but to gather all the tokens in one go.”

    Huang Ying quickly made up his mind, turning his head towards the mountain standing at the center of the island. Everyone who managed to gather 12 tokens would have to go there to complete this test, so it was obviously the best place to gather a lot of tokens quickly.

    “You'll join the ambush?”

    Li Jun of course knew what Huang Ying was planning. He would not be the only person who wanted to gather all the tokens immediately. There would be a large amount of people who would hide around the mountain, waiting for the people who had gathered 12 tokens to try and ascend the mountain.

    “I don't have too many other choices left now, do I?”

    Huang Ying shook his head as he spoke. The people who had gathered 12 tokens were not fools, they would know that there were people waiting at the mountain to ambush them. There was a chance that the people who already had 12 tokens would gather together to ascend the mountain together.

    At that time, the people with 12 tokens would start a large fight against the people who did not have enough tokens. Joining this fray was a good chance at gathering the tokens needed, but it was also dangerous.

    If you managed to steal someone's tokens, acquiring the 12 tokens needed, everyone around you would then start fighting you. You were constantly surrounded by people who could become your enemies at a moment's notice.

    With Li Jun guiding him, it was easy for Huang Ying to reach the mountain without encountering any other people. The mountain was shaped like a cone, but it's top was completely flat, like it had been cut with a massive sword to create a spectacular arena. The top of the mountain stood around five kilometers away from the ground, allowing it to be seen from any place on the island.

    “You should head to the east side of the mountain. That Bai Jing boy is hiding on the northern side of the mountain, there are several other people around his level of power hiding alongside him. The east side on the other hand has several people who are weaker than that Bai Jing, but there are more of them. None of them have more than two tokens.”

    Li Jun guided Huang Ying as he walked, explaining the situation around the mountain. With his perception, it was easy to see where everyone on the island was, so finding out where the people were hiding was no problem.

    Huang Ying headed towards the east side of the mountain, slightly crouching his body and walking silently, looking like he was searching for a good place to hide. His path just so happened to lead him straight past the area where the other people without tokens were hiding.

    “Wait up kid. Come over here quickly, getting any closer is dangerous.”

    As he was moving forward, a voice rang out from the top of a tree not far from him. Huang Ying pretended to have his body stiffen as he quickly turned his head to look at who was talking to him.

    “No need to worry, im just like you, all my tokens were taken from me. There are others hiding not far from here, we plan on attacking the people that try to ascend the mountain. You will have better chances if you join us.”

    The head of a youth peeked out from the leaves of the tree, looking directly at Huang Ying. The youth had completely white skin, looking exceedingly pale. He had deep green eyes and short black hair, his nose slightly crooked. He moved his head and indicated for Huang Ying to follow him.

    From where the pale youth was hiding, he was able to see that Huang Ying did not have any tokens on him, meaning that he had been robbed of them all. Of course, he did not invite Huang Ying to join them because he thought that Huang Ying could help them in the fight. He was too weak to provide any actual help in the fight, but he could at least distract someone while the others were fighting.

    Huang Ying followed the pale youth, with Li Jun keeping watch, there was no chance of the pale youth leading him into an ambush. They did not have to walk very far before they came to a small cave that was dug into the side of the mountain.

    After the pale youth delivered Huang Ying to the cave, he turned around and returned to his old hiding spot. He was one of the people responsible for keeping watch and making sure that the others were warned when people started ascending the mountain.

    Inside the cave sat a group of seven people, five men and two women, each one sitting with their legs crossed and looking at Huang Ying with an examining gaze. After examining Huang Ying's cultivation level and seeing that it was nothing special, they closed their eyes and returned to waiting in silence.

    “You should be brother Huang Ying, right? I believe I saw you just before the test started. Come over here, we are just waiting for the people who have managed to acquire 12 tokens to ascend the mountain.”

    One of the five men called out to Huang Ying, a simple and honest smile on his face. This man had caught Huang Ying's attention the moment he entered the cave, because he stood out amongst the other six people. The other six people were clad in luxurious robes, their skin smooth and clean, with an air of nobility around them.

    But this man was different from them. He did not wear a luxurious robe, he wore a wolf skin robe, the head of the wolf located on his right shoulder. His body was tall and rugged, even taller than Bai Jing. Huang Ying guessed that if he stood up, he would be a little over two meters tall.

    The wolf skin robe revealed the rugged man's chest, revealing that he had several large scars on his chest. His face looked like it was chiseled from stone, with distinct features that stood out. He had brown hair that was unkempt and hung down to his shoulders, slightly covering his eyes.

    A large scar went across his entire face, going from one side of his face to the other, cutting across the bridge of his nose. He looked more like a barbarian than he did a cultivator, with his wolf skin robe and unkempt hair.

    Another thing that slightly surprised Huang Ying was that the man only had a cultivation at the middle stage of the Xiantian realm, while the other six people had cultivation at the late stage of the Xiantian realm.

    “Im Zhao Feng, you can just call me brother Feng, I look forward to entering the Eastern Wind Academy with you.”

    The rugged man, Zhao Feng, slapped Huang Ying on the shoulder after Huang Ying sat down next to him. His words causing the other six people around him to slightly frown, as he was talking like the two of them had already entered the academy.
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    Chapter 108: Battle Junkie.

    “What? You want to fight me Chu Sengyan? What about you Deng Guixa?”

    Seeing the others frown, Zhao Feng spoke out loudly, pointing at them as he spoke. The six people frowned even deeper at his words, but did not say anything or take any actions, simply turning their heads away. They did not want to start a fight with this madman.

    “Hmph, cowards. Ignore them brother Ying.”

    Zhao Feng let out a snort when he saw them turn their heads away. He turned back to Huang Ying and shook his head. These people were simply too blind, not being able to see what was in front of them.

    “No problem brother Feng.”

    Huang Ying shook his head as he spoke. He did not mind the actions of these six people, he was much more interested in finding out why this Zhao Feng was so friendly towards him. After all, he had only shown the strength of someone at the middle stage of the Xiantian Realm, he looked much weaker than these seven people, so there was no need to be this friendly towards him.

    Zhao Feng and Huang Ying proceeded to sit there and chat for a few hours, Zhao Feng explaining several things about Heaven's Crossroads City that Huang Ying did not know yet.

    “They have started gathering, they should start ascending the mountain in not too long!”

    After a few hours of chatting, a female youth entered the cave and gave a report. This female youth was in charge of keeping an eye on the people who had gathered 12 tokens, it was her job to inform everyone else when they started ascending the mountain.

    “Good, we will proceed as planned. Zhao Feng, since you are so fond of this Huang Ying, you can take him with you.”

    One of the six other youths in the cave, Chu Sengyan, spoke up once he heard the report. They had already planned what they were going to do. Once the people who had gathered 12 tokens started ascending the mountain, he and the other six people in this cave would split up into seven teams, each team attacking from a different angle.

    This would allow them to prevent the others from escaping, forcing them to face them in a fight. The others did not disagree, quickly splitting up and picking up the people who were part of their team. Most teams consisted of people who belonged to the same clan, or those who allied up not long after the test began.

    The only exception was Zhao Feng's team, which consisted of only Zhao Feng and Huang Ying. After the teams were assembled, they all quickly left for their own positions on the mountain, waiting for the attack to begin.

    The people who had gathered the tokens would start ascending from the northern side of the mountain, so the ones who had not gathered the tokens were stationed mostly on the east and west sides of the mountain. Zhao Feng and Huang Ying were stationed further up the mountain, on a path that those who wished to ascend the mountain had to take.

    This meant that the ascending ones would have to go through Huang Ying and Zhao Feng if they wanted to pass. Huang Ying had already been told that this was something that Zhao Feng himself requested.

    “I wonder, why are you so friendly towards me?”

    While they were waiting, Huang Ying transmitted his voice into Zhao Feng's ears. He did this so that Zhouyun would not be able to hear what they were talking about.

    “The others might be too pampered to realize, being brought up in the safety of their clans and all, but I am from the Zhao clan. For countless years we have stood watch at the Divine Wilderness, protecting this continent. Everyone who is born in the Zhao clan must enter the Divine Wilderness to fight Demonic beasts. We live and breathe fighting monsters.”

    Zhao Feng responded with a voice transmission. He did not mind telling Huang Ying, he had always been an honest person who was terrible at lying, so what was the point in even trying. He also wanted to become friends with Huang Ying, so honesty was the best way to go.

    “And when I look at you I feel nothing but a truly horrifying sense of danger, like I am looking at a sleeping Primordial beast. People like that make for either the greatest of friends, or the most terrifying of enemies.”

    “I can tell that you seem to plan on staying low key, so don't worry, I have no intention of telling anyone or forcing you to show your actual strength, I am trying to become your friend after all.”

    Zhao Feng had fought countless Demonic beasts in his life, countless times had he stared death in the face and proceeded to spit on it. His senses towards danger were much greater than normal people. And this Huang Ying gave him a truly terrifying sense of danger.

    “And what makes you so sure that you can become my friend? What if I end up becoming your enemy?”

    Huang Ying could not help but raise his eyebrow as he asked. He could tell that this Zhao Feng was not lying to him. Searching his memories, he found that this was the first time someone had told him that he wanted to become friends with him.

    “How i'm so confident? Isn't it obvious, it's my charming personality, i'm absolutely lovable.”

    Zhao Feng responded with a completely straight face. Huang Ying couldn't help but crack into a smile, a slight laugh escaping his lips. Of all the answers he was expecting, this was not it. He could also tell that Zhao Feng was completely serious.

    “Here they come.”

    Huang Ying was just about to respond when Li Jun warned him that the people who had gathered the token were starting to ascend the mountain. Hearing his words, Zhao Feng's mouth spread into a large grin.

    Seeing this face, Huang Ying couldn't help but shake his head. Seems like he had met another person who could be called a battle junkie. First he met Shi Na, now this Zhao Feng, was there something that attracted these battle junkies?
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    Chapter 109: Start of the battle.

    “Where are they?”

    Zhao Feng stood up with a wide grin on his face as he peered down the mountain, but contrary to what he was expecting, there were no people close to them. He was just about to turn and ask Huang Ying when he felt his Transmission Jade react, a message sounding out from it not long after.

    “They have started ascending the mountain. Zhao Feng, you block them at first, we will come over as fast as we can and join in.”

    Hearing the message, Zhao Feng couldn't help but slightly raise his right eyebrow as he glanced at Huang Ying. Huang Ying still wore a completely calm expression, a faint and mellow smile hanging at the corner of his lips. Seeing this expression, Zhao Feng couldn't help but chuckle to himself. It was really true that monsters had their own ways and means.

    The two of them stood there in silence, just feeling the wind blowing past them, for a few minutes before they could finally spot people approaching them. The group of people consisted of almost 100 people of differing ages and gender.

    Huang Ying already knew that there would not be 100 people joining the Eastern Wind Academy once this test was over. Of the 1200 people that had entered at the start of the test, there were only close to 300 people left.

    Many had died, some had already passed the test, but even more people had crushed a token to escape. Because of this, there were no longer enough tokens for 100 people to gather 12 tokens each. Even among this group of close to 100 people, only around half of them actually had 12 tokens. The rest had agreed to help those who had 12 tokens ascend, for a certain price of course.

    Huang Ying examined the group, taking note of everyone who seemed noteworthy. Fang Shan stood amidst the group, 14 tokens hanging at her waist, but the two pretended to not know each other. Huang Ying also noticed that the highest cultivation level was people with half a foot into the Yin-Yang Formation realm.

    This did not mean that none of the people with a higher cultivation had already failed. Instead, most of them had already passed. After they reached the Yin-Yang Formation realm, they became much stronger, so no one wanted to pick a fight with them, simply letting them ascend the mountain as they pleased.

    “I guess you are the one who is supposed to block us at first?”

    The group of people stopped around 200 meters away from Huang Ying and Zhao Feng. A tall youth clad in golden robes, Bai Jing, stepped out from amidst the group of people, looking straight at Zhao Feng as he spoke, not even glancing at Huang Ying who stood next to him.

    “No. I am here to beat you up and take your tokens. It has been a while since I fought someone who had half a foot into the Yin-Yang Formation realm.”

    Zhao Feng shook his head and licked his lips as he spoke, staring at Bai Jing with a fire burning in his eyes. After he finished his words, he did not bother saying anything else, taking action immediately.

    Zhao Feng dashed towards Bai Jing, a brown light sinking into the ground from his body. Once the brown light entered the ground, the earth beneath them started trembling. After a short moment, tall walls of earth shot out from the earth, forcing the others to stay within a small area, as well as blocking them from going further up the mountain.

    Bai Jing did not waste any more words either. He took a step forward, a white light releasing from his body and into the surroundings. Once the white light entered the surroundings, the temperature started dropping drastically as snow started appearing in the area. Even parts of the walls that Zhao Feng had summoned turned into ice.

    This was one of the differences between someone at the Xiantian realm and someone who had touched the Yin-Yang Formation Realm, Domain. Someone at the Xiantian realm could use their Qi to control and alter the Raw Qi in the area around them, using it to conjure flames and ice at will.

    But someone at the Yin-Yang Formation could use their Qi to forcibly create an area around them that contained only their own Qi. This drastically weakened other people's control over that Qi, in some cases even negating it completely, while strengthening your own control over it. This was called a Domain.

    Of course, Bai Jing only had half a foot into the Yin-Yang Formation stage, so his Domain was not strong enough to completely shut down Zhao Feng's ability to control the surrounding Qi.

    “Make sure to cover me up properly once the fight begins.”

    Huang Ying walked backwards, reminding Li Jun as he did so. With so many people fighting at once, Li Jun could safely obscure Zhouyun's vision of Huang Ying. The battles would cause enough disturbance to where it would not be suspicious if he could not clearly see everything.

    This meant that as long as Huang Ying devoured the memories or killed everyone who saw him use his full power, he could fight with as he wanted. Of course, the best would be to use as little strength as possible.

    Because of the walls that Zhao Feng had put up, the rest of the group was confined to a small area, forced to first work on breaking through Zhao Feng's walls before they could do anything.

    Huang Ying walked backwards until he reached the wall that blocked the path up the mountain. After making a staircase out of ice, he reached the top of the wall, which was almost a meter thick, and sat down at the edge, overlooking the group of people.

    Jumping in now would just be stupid. Zhao Feng was strong enough to make the others unwilling to gang up on him, both in personal strength and in background. No one was willing to offend someone from the Zhao clan. Huang Ying however was different, he was a weak nobody, they would not mind ganging up on him.

    So he sat down at the top of the wall and waited, occasionally glancing at the fight taking place between Zhao Feng and Bai Jing. Bai Jing used ice to conjure forth a myriad of weapons that assaulted Zhao Feng.

    Zhao Feng used his control over the earth element to constantly move the earth below Bai Jing, making it hard for him to find proper footing. If the weapons got too close, he would cover himself in earth to block them.

    The longer he fought, the more ferocious he got, even going as far as being willing to sustain wounds just to hit Bai Jing with his own attacks. But he also did not forget to occasionally use his earth element to prevent the rest of the people from escaping his walls.

    It did not take long for the other people who had guarded the other places on the mountain to arrive. They used their own different methods to scale the walls and quickly started fighting the group of people that were stuck inside the walls.

    Seeing the others arrive and start fighting, a faint curve appeared on Huang Ying's mouth. Since they had arrived, there was no longer a need for him to wait here. He stood up and dropped down from the top of the wall and headed towards the large battle.

    “Well then, let's have some fun.”
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    Chapter 110: Screwing over Bai Jing.

    “I've obscured your presence, so Zhouyun will not be able to locate you properly, he will only know your approximate location. You can use your full power, but if you use it for too long or too often, he will notice that something is suspicious about you.”

    As Huang Ying was approaching the battle, Li Jun's voice rang out in his mind, reminding him not to use too much strength for too long. Zhouyun would not be able to locate Huang Ying properly, only get an approximation of where he was. But if there kept being large amounts of Qi discharged wherever Huang Ying appeared, anyone would be able to realize that there was something suspicious.

    “Got it, i'll make sure to stay low.”

    Huang Ying nodded his head and entered the battle, arcs of blue lightning shooting out from his body as he moved. He did not move to join the fight, but instead focused on moving around at his full speed.

    There were some people in this group that had half a foot in the Yin-Yang Formation realm, but they were all currently fighting Zhao Feng and the six other people that were at the late stage of the Xiantian realm, so they had no time to focus on the rest of the battle. This meant that Huang Ying was free to move around as he wanted.

    Since the rest of the people were only at the late stage of the Xiantian realm, they were only able to see a blue blur flash by them when Huang Ying moved at his full speed, meaning that no one was able to see him. That is, no one but Zhao Feng was able to see him.

    Zhao Feng was fighting Bai Jing, but thanks to his control over earth, he could keep an eye on the entire area using the vibrations that were the result of people moving. Thanks to this, while he could not see Huang Ying, he could sense the vibrations produced in the earth from Huang Ying moving. This allowed him to see exactly where Huang Ying was, and how fast he was going.

    Noticing the speed Huang Ying was going at, Zhao Feng felt like wiping some cold sweat from his forehead. When he first saw Huang Ying, he wasn't sure if he should try to become his friend, or see how strong he was by challenging him to a fight. Now it seemed like he had truly made the right choice. If he were to have to fight against speed like this, he would have more than just a small headache trying to figure out a response.


    Of course, Huang Ying could not move at his full speed at all times. He would need to stop for a short moment to grab the jade tokens he was hunting for. This short moment was enough for some people to realize that he had managed to reach their side without them noticing.

    Before the female youth in front of him had the chance to say anything else, his arm shot out and grabbed onto her face. A stream of devouring Qi flowed into her head from his palm, devouring her memories of the last minute. While the devouring Qi flowed into her head, he grabbed the jade tokens at her waist. Once the memories were gone, his figure flashed away from her dazed and confused body.

    This girl was just at the middle stage of the Xiantian realm, she also only had two jade tokens, so she was clearly just there to help the others reach the top of the mountain. He did not kill her because he did not feel that there was a need to do so.

    He did not mind killing people, even massacring people was fine, as long as they were his enemies. Huang Ying did not allow himself to murder people indiscriminately, only people who were enemies or would hurt him or those he cared about could be killed. If he started killing people indiscriminately, he was afraid that he would be unable to hold onto his last shred of humanity.

    After he flashed away from the dazed girl, he continued to move around the area, snatching a jade token here and there. Huang Ying took tokens from everyone, even the person who had brought him to the cave ended up losing his tokens to Huang Ying.

    These people were not his ally, they would turn on him the moment they realized he had gotten enough tokens. Of course, he made sure that he did not step close to the areas where the people who had reached half step to Yin-Yang Formation realm were fighting, lest they accidentally spot him.

    At times he would assist Fang Shan if she was about to be attacked by a group of people, sneakily using his ice element to make them fall over. Other times, Fang Shan would assist him if he was about to be spotted, using her lightning to draw the attention away from him. With Li Jun allowing him to stay in contact with her, he constantly told her about the situation of the surroundings.

    Of course, Huang Ying was paying special attention to the fight between Zhao Feng and Bai Jing. Bai Jing and Zhouyun were people that Huang Ying would make sure that he got his revenge on, one way or another. Zhouyun had guided Bai Jing to him, breaking the rules of this test.

    Bai Jing had not really done anything to Huang Ying, but Huang Ying did not like it when people looked down on him like Bai Jing had. The arrogance that Bai Jing showed when he made Huang Ying hand over the jade tokens was something that Huang Ying made sure to remember. He had gotten enough of people being arrogant towards him when he still lived in Azure Springs Town as a powerless weakling.

    Since the robe Huang Ying was wearing was a loose one, he hid all his jade tokens inside his robe, using his ice Qi to freeze them to different locations. Some were hidden inside his sleeve, some around his legs, and some on his back and chest. Like this, Huang Ying made it look like he had zero tokens when he really had 13. Zhouyun had only said that they needed to ascend the mountain with 12 tokens, he never said anything about them being forbidden from hiding and concealing them.

    After gathering 12 tokens, Huang Ying stopped moving around at his full speed, choosing to move around the battlefield with a more leisure pace. Since he looked like he had no tokens, no one bothered trying to deal with him. This allowed him to spend more time trying to find a good chance to screw over Bai Jing.

    His chance came after the fighting continued for a few minutes. The walls that Zhao Feng had put up were still there, so even though the fighting had been going on for almost half an hour, no one had gotten to leave yet.

    The chance that he was looking for came in the form on Bai Jing accidentally moving too close to another fight. Bai Jing was distracted by that fight for a split second, giving Zhao Feng the opportunity to dash in and send his fist rumbling towards Bai Jing's chest.

    Bai Jing threw up both his hands and covered them in his Qi to block the attack, not daring to waste any thoughts on anything else. As he did this, five streams of black Qi left five of the jade tokens at his waist, digging into his body.

    The five streams of black Qi were devouring Qi that Huang Ying had left behind within the tokens, waiting for a chance like this. Of course, if a chance never arrived, he would just have the devouring Qi detonate and destroy the five tokens, making it impossible for Bai Jing to finish the test.

    The devouring Qi immediately split up, two streams traveled to Bai Jing's legs, two to his arms, and one into his dantian. The one that entered his dantian dug into his World Core and hid itself deep within.

    This one stream was something Huang Ying decided to hide away in Bai Jing's body in case Bai Jing decided to try and go after Huang Ying in the future. If he chose to do that for any reason, Huang Ying would not mind completely crippling him.

    The streams that entered his arms and legs devoured all the Qi he was using to defend and stabilize himself. After they devoured his Qi, Huang Ying made the devouring Qi dissipate, leaving behind no evidence.

    Bai Jing was shocked and terrified when the Qi he was using vanished. He was shocked because he had no idea why it suddenly vanished, and terrified because this meant that he would have to take Zhao Feng's attack with his body.

    Zhao Feng's fist crashed into Bai Jing's arms, a sickening crunch sounding out as they collided. Since there was no Qi in Bai Jing's legs to stabilize his body, his feet lift off the ground and his body shot backwards, blood spewing from his mouth.
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    Chapter 111: Welcome to Eastern Wind.

    “Are you insulting me Bai Jing?! How dare you not use any Qi to defend yourself, are you really so arrogant as to think that you don't need it?!”

    Seeing Bai Jing shoot backwards, Zhao Feng's expression turned gloomy. The way he saw it, Bai Jing had not even bothered to put up a proper defense, as if he was looking down on Zhao Feng's attack.

    Hearing his words, Bai Jing felt like cursing out loud. Both his arms and a few of his ribs had been broken by that punch, all because something had caused his Qi to suddenly vanish. And now Zhao Feng was even shouting at him, what had he done to deserve any of this?

    His back hit the ground and his body rolled backwards for a short distance. Just as he was about to get up after his body stopped rolling, he felt a foot land on his chest, preventing him from getting up.

    “These are mine now.”

    Zhao Feng bent down and took the jade tokens hanging at Bai Jing's waist, his voice sullen. He had been looking forward to an excellent and thrilling fight, having the fight end like this left a bad taste in his mouth.

    After taking the tokens from Bai Jing, he removed his foot from his chest and delivered him one last kick, sending him rolling even further away. After that, he no longer bothered with Bai Jing. Without use of his arms, even though Bai Jing could threaten others below the late stage of the Xiantian realm, he could not threaten Zhao Feng.

    Zhao Feng moved his head, looking at Huang Ying who was looking like he was taking a stroll in his own backyard, checking if he had everything he needed to leave. Huang Ying cast a glance at Bai Jing, before he turned to Fang Shan and indicated for her to come over. Once she arrived at his side, he nodded his head at Zhao Feng.

    Bai Jing had noticed the small glance that Huang Ying had thrown his way. Seeing Huang Ying's completely indifferent eyes as he looked at him felt like more of an insult than if he had looked at him with disdain. This was the first time Bai Jing had ever been treated like he was nothing.

    Seeing Huang Ying nod, Zhao Feng turned towards the top of the mountain and removed the walls that he had put up. He did not care about the other people still fighting, as their fights had nothing to do with him.

    As the walls sank into the ground, Zhao Feng, Huang Ying, and Fang Shan all moved for the top of the mountain. Since they were prepared for the wall disappearing, they got a head start up the mountain, allowing them to move unhindered.

    Huang Ying could hear the people behind them notice that the way up the mountain was no longer blocked. He could also hear Bai Jing's enraged shouting, doing his best to collect 12 new tokens, but he did not care. With their speed, and with no one to stop them, they could reach the top of the mountain in but a minute.

    The top of the mountain was a completely flat surface, like someone had sliced away the peak. The area was devoid of other people, with not a soul other than them in sight. As they stood at the top, scanning the area with their gazes, a light shot down from the sky and surrounded their bodies. Their tokens flew away from their bodies and into the light, vanishing as the light surrounded them.

    Their vision quickly turned a blinding white, preventing them from seeing anything around them. Once they regained their vision, they were standing in the large square outside of the academy. Not far from them stood Zhouyun, a pleasant smile on his face as he looked at them.

    18 people sat on the ground a short distance behind Zhouyun. Huang Ying recognized these people, they had entered the last test at the same time as him. They all had a cultivation that had reached the Yin-Yang Formation, so it was clear that they were the ones who had passed the last test earlier.

    “Congratulations on passing the final test. It does not matter how you managed to pass the test, whether it was through trickery, skill, or strength, all that matters is that you passed.”

    Zhouyun stepped forward, giving a short clap as he spoke. He let his eyes roam over the three of them, his eyes lingering a bit longer on Fang Shan as he swept her body. He had seen the performance of all three of them.

    Zhao Feng used his great strength to smash down Bai Jing, while Fang Shan used her speed and showed a surprising amount of flexibility as she fought. Huang Ying was more boring in comparison, using trickery by hiding his tokens to make it look like he had none. But, just like Zhouyun said, it did not matter how they got the 12 tokens, only that they got them.

    “You can wait over there, once the last few people have managed to pass, you can officially enter the academy.”

    Zhouyun did not let his eyes wander around Fang Shan's body any longer. He was rather impressed by her performance, and she did indeed have excellent looks, but Zhouyun was too proud of a man to start making moves immediately. He pointed to the spot where the other 18 people were sitting, indicating for them to head over.

    “Li Jun, what is Zhouyun's cultivation?”

    Huang Ying was not too comfortable with how Zhouyun was looking at Fang Shan, mixed with the fact that he was already planning on getting his revenge on Zhouyun, he decided to start planning immediately. The first step was knowing just how strong his enemy was.

    “Just reached the early stage of the Deity Heart realm. He is around 40 years of age, so he can be considered a decent talent.”

    Zhouyun was covering up his cultivation so as to not make the new applicants nervous, but how could he hide anything from Li Jun's eyes? Huang Ying's eyes couldn't help but narrow slightly as he heard Li Jun's words. Deity Heart realm was one of the top cultivation levels in this world, at least as far as Huang Ying knew.

    It seemed like getting his revenge on Zhouyun would be much harder than he thought. Huang Ying slightly shook his head and threw the thoughts out of his head, his mouth curving into a faint and sinister smile. It would be harder to get his revenge, but he would get his revenge nonetheless. Huang Ying was a patient person, he would wait as long as it took to get his revenge.

    Not long after Huang Ying arrived in the square, the rest of the people who passed started arriving in the square. Huang Ying sat in an inconspicuous spot with Zhao Feng and Fang Shan, watching the other people. He noticed that despite both of his arms being broken, Bai Jing still managed to gather up 12 tokens in the end, passing the test.

    “Congratulations on passing the final test. There are no longer enough tokens for anyone else to pass, so the test is now over. Welcome to Eastern Wind Academy.”

    Zhouyun brought out the people that did not manage to pass, as well as the bodies of those who had died, before he announced the result. He produced a brilliant smile as he looked at the 43 people who passed, not even sparing a glance at those who had died or not passed.
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    Chapter 112: Entering Eastern Wind Academy.

    “Please follow me, I will take you to formally enter the academy while also explaining how things work here.”

    Zhouyun indicated towards the large gate as he spoke, taking the lead and heading into the academy. The 43 people who passed all started following him, entering through the large gate.

    Passing through the gate was like entering a new world. Once they entered the gate, Huang Ying noticed that not only had the sound of the city completely vanished, the Qi was much more abundant after they entered the gate. The amount of Qi in here was easily five times the amount of Qi that was in the outside world. The entire academy was clearly surrounded by a massive array that isolated it.

    “Let me start by telling you the main rule of Eastern Wind Academy, battles are fine, but intentionally crippling or killing your opponent is completely forbidden. Anyone caught intentionally doing either of these, will be imprisoned or expelled.”

    As they were following a small road that was made out of what seemed to be light green jade, Zhouyun started talking, his voice loud and clear. Of course, while it was forbidden to intentionally kill or cripple, accidents happened all the time, especially during very close fights.

    “Here in Eastern Wind Academy, we have something called contribution points. Everything relies on these points. To enter the better cultivation grounds, buying weapons, techniques, herbs, and all other types of items cost contribution points. Even attending classes or getting a better room or food costs contribution points, the only thing that is free is the standard food and lodgings.”

    As they were walking, Zhouyun took out several milky white jade tokens from his interspatial ring. Each jade token was engraved with the insignia of Eastern Wind Academy. He handed each of the 43 people one jade token.

    “Once you drop your blood on this jade token, binding it to you and you alone, you can use it to keep track of your contribution points and any missions that you have accepted. It will also let you see the ranking lists, browse the inventory of the Treasure House, browse the various available missions, as well as contact other students.”

    Zhouyun explained what the jade tokens did, and the 43 people each dropped some blood on it. After the blood sank into the token, the token lit up for a short moment before vanishing into their bodies. Huang Ying waited for confirmation from Li Jun that it was safe before he dropped his blood on it.

    “Every month you will receive a certain amount of contribution points based on your ranking within the academy. There are three different rankings, the Man Rankings, the Earth Rankings, and the Sky Rankings.”

    “The Man Ranking ranks students based on how many contribution points they have earned through working the jobs that the academy offers. The Earth Ranking ranks students based on how many contribution points they have earned through undertaking different missions outside of the academy. The Sky Ranking ranks students based on their combat strength.”

    As Zhouyun spoke, he took out a jade token that looked like the one he had just given them, but his was indigo in color. The token lit up and a large amount of names started flashing in the air above the token, showcasing the three ranking lists.

    “In one month, after you have gotten accustomed to the surroundings, we will hold a tournament where you can show off your strength. This is so that we can give you an approximate ranking in the Sky Ranking. Including the 43 of you, this academy now has around 10 000 students, so do not be surprised when you are ranked at the very bottom of these 10 000 students.”

    There was nearly no limit to how long a student could stay at Eastern Wind Academy, only a cultivation limit. Once a person reached the realm above Deity Heart, they could no longer stay a student, but had to become an elder.

    “There are several teachers here that each teach different subjects, but to attend these classes you will have to pay contribution points. The more popular classes that feature stronger teachers and subjects that many people wish to learn, cost more to attend, often having a limit on how many can attend.”

    While they were walking, Zhouyun pointed at various mountains and buildings, explaining their purpose. This was after all an academy, so they of course had people who could teach others the things they knew, whether it was fighting techniques or survival techniques.

    “You can go to the restaurant whenever you want, but to eat anything but the standard meal, you will have to pay. The Treasure House buys and sells various items. If you are looking for anything, you will find it here.”

    The restaurant was a large building made entirely out of stones that were colored a faint orange. A large bowl of rice was engraved into the stone at the top of the building. The simple word Restaurant was engraved right next to the bowl.

    The Treasure House was located not far from the restaurant, and it was just a simple building that seemed to consist of only a single small room.

    “The Mission Central handles all missions that take place outside the academy. They will not stop you from accepting any missions, but if you were to take a mission that was too hard for you and end up dying, it will be your own fault.”

    Mission Central was another building that followed the style of the Treasure House, but it was slightly larger, seemingly made out of three small rooms instead of just one.

    “We have a myriad of cultivation grounds, some contain more Qi than others, while some are skewed towards one particular element. Each month, you get one free hour inside any cultivation ground that is not restricted. Any further time inside the cultivation grounds will cost you points.”

    “The arena is where you can battle to your hearts content. Fighting and winning against people who are lower ranked than you will earn you no contribution points, unless you bet on the fight of course. Every victory against someone at a higher rank than you earns you a certain amount of points, based on the rank difference.”

    “Of course, if you were to try and cheat the system, like say willingly losing to someone at a lower rank, and then fighting and beating that same person to rise in rank, you will be expelled.”

    Eastern Wind Academy would not be so stupid as to allow students to use cheap methods like this to acquire contribution points. If they wanted to earn extra points, they would have to put forth some actual skill and strength.

    “Punishment Hall takes care of everything that goes against the rules of the academy. If you were to kill someone on purpose, they will punish you. Punishment Hall also contains the Life and Death Arena.”

    As he spoke about Punishment Hall, even Zhouyun couldn't help but shudder slightly. Punishment Hall did not care who you were or what status you had, if you broke the rules, you would face the consequences.

    “If you have a feud with a fellow student that simply cannot be reconciled, you can ask to use the Life and Death Arena to fight a battle to the death. Unless there are five elders that disagree with the fight, the fight will take place, with only one person surviving.”

    “;Most students will band together into something we call associations, groups of like minded students. Associations will often ask you to pay a price to join them, but will in return protect you from attacks from other associations. Think carefully before joining any associations, as it is hard to know what they really want from you when you join them.”

    The academy did not stop students from forming associations, as they considered them a form of healthy competition. There would often be fighting between the different associations, but this was a good way of teaching the students how the real world worked.

    “After you enter this building, you will be introduced to several guardians. These guardians will be in charge of helping you get accustomed to the academy. You will be divided into several different groups, with each guardian taking care of a single group. You will then also have the chance to meet other students who have recently joined the academy through other means.”

    Zhouyun stopped outside a large building made out of golden stones, it looked more like a palace than a normal building, with spires and towers reaching towards the clouds.

    Under the light of the sun, the entire building seemed alight with golden flames. There were no words or decorations engraved on the building, but it's majestic and grandiose air made it noticeable from anywhere in the academy.

    “Well then, I hope you enjoy your stay in my Eastern Wind Academy. Should you have any troubles, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you.”

    Zhouyun gave a bright smile as he opened the doors to the golden palace and indicated for the 43 people to follow him.
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    Chapter 113: Split into three groups.


    Just as Zhouyun opened the doors to the golden palace, Li Jun's shocked voice rang out in Huang Ying's mind, stopping him from taking a step closer to the palace. This was the first time he had heard Li Jun this shocked.

    “What is it?”

    While Huang Ying asked, his entire body subtly tensed up, ready to burst out with his full power to flee. Anything that could cause Li Jun to be shocked was definitely something extremely grand.

    “A perception just swept over the group here, scanning the people. If it was just a normal person's perception, I would not care, but this perception belonged to someone I never expected to find here, Huo Fei Tang. I thought that old ghost died long ago, even earlier than me.”

    Li Jun had clearly sensed Huo Fei Tang's perception sweep over this group of people. They had traveled together for so many years in the past, there was no way he would mistake that old ghost's perception for someone else's. He had always thought that Huo Fei Tang died in that gruesome war so many years ago.

    “With him alive, it is going to be much more troublesome. If I were to be too active inside the academy, there is a good chance that he would discover me. While we were good friends in the past, I cannot reveal that I am still alive. I have far too many enemies that will stop at nothing to completely destroy me. Unless it is an emergency, do not call upon me.”

    While he was alive, he had simply had too many enemies. He died because he was careless for but a short moment, which allowed his enemies to locate and surround him. Had he not reacted quickly and separated his soul and body, he would have truly died back then.

    After he finished his words, Li Jun stopped talking and retreated as deep into Huang Ying's mind as he could, covering up all traces of his existence. Of course, since he was in Huang Ying's mind, no matter how deep he went, he could never hide from Huang Ying.

    Huang Ying felt like complaining to Li Jun, but ended up just staying quiet and heading into the golden palace. He himself had enemies that he wished to stay hidden from, so he could understand what Li Jun was facing now.

    Entering the golden palace lead them into a massive empty hall, a large red carpet covering the floor. There were a large amount of doors covering the walls of the hall, but all of them were closed. At the other end of the hall were a few steps that led up to a few large golden thrones that stood side by side, there were nine thrones in total.

    At each side of the hall stood several tall pillars, each reaching all the way to the ceiling. The pillars were all engraved with carvings of different Demonic beasts and people. Huang Ying managed to recognize the Four Guardian Beasts, but none of the others.

    After they reached the middle of the large hall, Zhouyun signaled them to stop. After the 43 people stopped, Zhouyun walked over to the bottom of the stairs and gave the nine thrones a deep bow. After he gave the bow, the space around three of the thrones started distorting.

    After a short moment, three people appeared on the three thrones, each sitting on their own throne. The people were covered in a silver shroud, preventing the group of people from clearly seeing their forms or faces. One of the three people waved his hand, and two of the doors that lined the walls opened.

    One person walked out from each door. The first person was a male youth clad in simple robes that were colored a light orange. His head was covered in unkempt blonde hair that slightly hung down over his green eyes. He had a mellow smile that seemed to fill whoever looked at it with a sense of peace. He sauntered over and stood next to Zhouyun.

    The second person was a female youth who looked like she had just reached 20 years of age. She had long and silky black hair that hung down to a little over her waist. Her face could be considered extremely beautiful.

    She had two black eyes that seemed to shimmer in the light, a pleasant smile on her cherry red lips, and a small nose that made one want to pinch it. Her body was well proportioned, with a slender waist, plump thighs, and breasts that would fit perfectly in one's hand. She was dressed in a light green, tight fitting dress that stopped a little bit above her knees, showing off her legs.

    Seeing this girl walk out, besides the group of 43 people being slightly absent minded at her beauty, both Zhouyun and the male youth clad in light orange robes were shocked. They had not expected the last of the three guardians for this group of newcomers to be her. The girl walked over to Zhouyun and the other youth, politely greeting them.

    “We three are the guardians that are responsible for making sure that you get accustomed to life within the academy. I am sure that you already know Senior Brother Liao Zhouyun. I am Senior Brother Song Zhihao. This is Junior Sister Xiao Mei.”

    The youth in light orange robes did not stay shocked for long. He turned his eyes from the girl and turned towards the group of people standing there waiting. He cupped his hands and gave a quick introduction of himself and the female youth.

    “We will divide the 43 of you into three groups, each one of us taking care of one group. If you do not mind, we will start immediately. Senior Brother Zhouyun, why don't you start?”

    The female youth, Xiao Mei, gave a quick bow and greeted the group. Her voice was sweet and pleasant, cleansing the heart of everyone who listened to it. She turned to Liao Zhouyun and indicated for him to start choosing.

    “Since Junior Sister Mei says so, then I hope you won't mind my rudeness.”

    Liao Zhouyun gave a faint smile before he turned towards the group of people. He stepped forward and started pointing at different people and calling them over, making them stand a little bit behind him. After he pointed out 15 people, he stepped back.

    “Senior Brother Zhihao, after you.”

    Xiao Mei smiled at Song Zhihao, indicating that he should pick the next people. Song Zhihao smiled back and stepped forward, picking out another 15 people and calling them over.

    “The rest will be given to you Junior Sister Mei. I am looking forward to seeing the final rankings.”

    Song Zhihao stepped back after picking 15 people, leaving the last 13 people to Xiao Mei. After he finished his words, Song Zhihao took the 15 people he had chosen and headed towards the exit of the golden palace. Liao Zhouyun did the same with his 15 people.

    Xiao Mei walked over to the remaining 13 people and gave a sweet smile before she indicated for them to follow her. After the 43 people had been split into three groups, Fang Shan had been chosen by Liao Zhouyun, Zhao Feng had been chosen by Song Zhihao, while Huang Ying was in the last group of people, ending up with Xiao Mei.
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    Chapter 114: Tour of the academy.

    “This is where you will be living for the foreseeable future. If you manage to gather up enough contribution points, you can move to better accommodations, but very few people manage to do that in their first or second year here.”

    Xiao Mei brought the group of 13 people to a small mountain that stood a short distance away from the golden palace. There were several small cottages placed around the mountain, serving as homes for the newer or poorer students.

    All the cottages were made out of simple wooden logs, and contained only a single bed, a small table, as well as a bathroom. The cottages were very simple, but there was an array beneath each cottage that gathered the Natural Qi in the surrounding area.

    “Excuse me Senior Sister Xiao Mei.”

    After they arrived at the cottages, one of the people in the group raised his hand and spoke out. Xiao Mei turned towards the youth and sent him a sweet smile as she spoke.

    “Please, just call me Senior Sister Mei. What are you wondering about?”

    “I was just wondering what final rankings Senior Brother Zhihao was talking about before he left.”

    the male youth could not help but turn slightly red as he spoke. A person like Xiao Mei who was not only beautiful, but also kind, often had a terrifying effect on people with weaker minds.

    “The final rankings are something of a bet between the guardians. Whenever a new batch of students arrive, the guardians will all bet on which group will have the best results after a set amount of time.”

    “In one month, there will be a competition to see where on the Sky Ranking you will rank. There will be another such competition at the end of the year, just before the Immortal's Garden opens. The group that has the best result in these competitions will be crowned the winner, and their guardian will win the bet, acquiring whatever prize they bet on.”

    Xiao Mei let out a faint laugh as she spoke, looking like she did not care about the bet at all. After she let out the laugh, she indicated for the 13 people to each choose one of the cottages.

    Most of the people quickly started checking each of the cottages closely, trying to see if there were any cottages that were better than others. Huang Ying simply chose the closest cottage and entered it, closing the door behind him.

    He noticed that when he closed the door, an array seemed to activate. The array completely isolated the cottage, blocking any outside noise and distraction. Huang Ying couldn't help but let out a slight noise in admiration, the way things were done in Heaven's Crossroads City were much more thorough than in Green Willows Continent.

    He checked out the rest of the cottage, but besides the array that attracted the Natural Qi in the area, there was nothing else. He left the cottage and returned to the area in front of it. Most of the people had chosen a cottage for themselves now, so they had all returned to the area around Xiao Mei.

    “Now that you have all chosen your future homes, let us go take a closer look at the different areas at your disposal.”

    Seeing that everyone had returned, Xiao Mei let out a smile and started leading them away from the cottages. She started by taking them to the restaurant and showing them how it looked on the inside.

    The inside of the restaurant was divided into three floors. The bottom floor was a single large room with long tables and benches for students to sit at. There were currently a few students sitting there eating.

    The second floor featured tables and chairs that could seat four people, these tables and chairs were more spread out, allowing for more privacy. The third floor did not have any tables and chairs, but it had several rooms that people could rent, allowing them to eat in a completely isolated environment.

    The next place she took them was the Treasure House as well as the Mission Central. The two buildings were very similar, both in appearance and size. The Treasure House was just a single room, with a large crystal pillar at the center and a counter at one end of the room. An old man with a face covered in wrinkles and long white eyebrows sat behind the counter.

    To purchase anything, they could either use their jade token, or send their Qi into the crystal pillar to see what was available. They would then go to the counter and talk to the old man behind the counter, letting him know what they were buying. Once they had paid the contribution points, the old man would go and fetch the item.

    Mission Central consisted of three rooms, each room looking the same as the Treasure House. The first room was for taking on missions of the Man difficulty, missions that people at the Xiantian realm could complete.

    The second room was for taking on missions of the Earth difficulty, missions that people at the Yin-Yang Formation realm could complete. The third room was for taking on missions of the Sky difficulty, missions that could only be completed by people at the Immortal Ascension realm or higher.

    The arena was the next place that they were introduced to. The arena was in the shape of a circle, with one large platform at the very center. This platform was surrounded by several smaller platforms. There were seats lining the surroundings of the arena, allowing the spectators to observe all the platforms.

    “We are forbidden from entering Punishment Hall unless we have official business, so I cannot show you how it looks on the inside. I sincerely hope that none of you ever need to see how it looks inside.”

    Xiao Mei stopped outside a large building made out of black metal, a grim atmosphere and pressure radiated forth from the building. This building was Punishment Hall, the nightmare of many students.

    “All associations build their own headquarters, so I will not show you around the associations. You will have to choose on your own which association you feel is best for you to join. Who knows, you might not even join any association.”

    Associations were created and run by the students. The academy would give them some places where they could build a headquarter, but nothing else. If someone came in and stole the spot that an association had been given, the academy would also not interfere.

    “What association are you part of Senior Sister Mei?”

    Someone among the group of 13 people quickly shouted out after Xiao Mei's words sounded. After hearing the shout, the other male youths in the group quickly strained their ears, afraid that they would miss even the slightest word Xiao Mei spoke.

    “I am not part of any association. I have always liked being free and relaxed.”

    Xiao Mei shook her head as she spoke, letting out a small laughter. After answering, she clapped her hands and let out another sweet smile at the group as she spoke.

    “Now then, how about we go look at some cultivation grounds?”

    (I have fixed the patreon, so now patreons can read up to two chapters ahead. i have also created a discord for people who want to talk about the story or give advice. )
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    Chapter 115: Cultivation areas.

    After hearing Xiao Mei's words, the group immediately grew excited. The main reason most people joined an academy was to acquire resources as well as use their cultivation grounds. Eastern Wind Academy was especially famous for containing a wide variety of cultivation grounds.

    “Excellent enthusiasm, please follow me then.”

    Xiao Mei led the group of people around, making sure that everyone remembered the path they were taking. Most cultivators had excellent memory, so remembering the path would be no problem.

    “This is the cultivation area for people with the fire element, anyone here who has the fire element or a similar element can enter now. Since this is your first day here, you all have half a day of free time.”

    A short distance away from the group stood a large mountain, a cave opening leading into the depths of the mountain. Despite the distance between them, Huang Ying could feel a warm wind escape the entrance of the cave. There was clearly something inside the cave that released a strong heat.

    For people who had the fire element, cultivating in places where there was actual fire or strong heat was much better than normal cultivation. The stronger the heat, the larger the benefits they would get from cultivating there. Two people from the group immediately ran towards the cave and entered the mountain.

    Seeing no one else enter the cave, Xiao Mei led the rest of the group away from the mountain. The next place she stopped was by a deep valley. The group stood on top of a hill, allowing them to look into the depths of the valley.

    The entire valley was covered in snow and ice, a harrowing chill lingering in the air. Huang Ying could see a small pond at the center of the valley, placed at the area where the cold was at it's worst. Yet despite the harrowing cold, the pond seemed completely unaffected, the water had not even frozen.

    “Everyone with the ice element or similar elements can enter this valley, but do not get too close to that pond, otherwise there is a good chance that you will die there.”

    Xiao Mei turned towards the group of people and warned them, only letting the four people who had the right elements enter the valley after they had nodded their heads and assured her that they would stay away from the pond.

    Xiao Mei still did not leave just yet, instead choosing to wait there and watch the people who entered the valley. After she made sure that no one got too close to the pond, she led the rest of the group to the rest of the cultivation areas.

    “This area is for people cultivating in the earth or rock like elements, as well as those seeking to train their bodies.”

    The next stop was another cave dug into a mountain. But this cave did not release a warm wind, it did not release any wind in fact. Huang Ying could not sense anything unusual about this cave.

    “Anyone who wishes to enter this cave must be careful, as the gravity inside it gets stronger and stronger the deeper you head.”

    Seeing the confusion on their faces, Xiao Mei opened her mouth and explained a bit about the cave. Hearing her words, Huang Ying couldn't help but be slightly shocked. He had never even heard of any arrays or natural occurrences that could increase the gravity of an area.

    Another three people left the group and entered the cave, leaving behind only Huang Ying, Xiao Mei, as well as three other youths. Xiao Mei brought the four of them and left the cave, bringing them to the next area.

    The next area was another mountain, with another cave that led into the depths. But there was no heat coming from this cave, there was instead a tingling sensation that spread across Huang Ying's body as he approached the cave.

    “The inside of this mountain has been hollowed out by the founder. Inside it you will find an array that produces an endless amount of lightning, increasing in strength as you head deeper into the mountain. This area is for people who use the lightning element.”

    Xiao Mei gave a description of the area to the three remaining youths. The three remaining youths quickly ran into the cave with excited expressions, leaving behind only Huang Ying and Xiao Mei. Huang Ying was just about to enter the cultivation area as well, when Xiao Mei's voice rang out an stopped him.

    “There is no need to enter that area, we have a special area for people like you and me, people with multiple elements. Come.”

    Xiao Mei spoke with a sweet smile, grabbing onto Huang Ying's sleeve as she dragged him along. Huang Ying did not stop her from dragging him along, only slightly narrowing his eyes when she grabbed his sleeve.

    The place she dragged him to was a house that was placed next to a small lake. The house resembled the cottages that they were given after entering the academy, but this house had five rooms instead of just two.

    Xiao Mei dragged Huang Ying after her into the house and closed the doors behind them. There was no furniture inside the house, all five rooms were completely empty. Huang Ying could feel that there was a powerful array located beneath each room, but he did not know how to activate it.

    “There are arrays beneath each room that can be activated by inserting your Qi. Inserting just fire Qi will make the array produce fire, while inserting multiple types of Qi will make the array produce multiple elements.”

    Xiao Mei saw Huang Ying examine the floor of the array and let out another sweet smile as she spoke. She let go of his sleeve and placed her hand on the floor, inserting her Qi into the array beneath the room.

    After she inserted her Qi, the room suddenly changed. The floor and walls disappeared, and the two of them appeared on a frozen wasteland. The ground beneath their feet was frozen, but there were large bolts of lightning arcing through the air above them.

    “I can use both the lightning and the ice element, just like you, so this cultivation room is perfect for us.”

    Xiao Mei sat down on the ice and patted the ground in front of her, indicating for Huang Ying to sit down in front of her. Huang Ying narrowed his eyes for a short moment before he put on a faint smile and sat down in front of Xiao Mei.
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    Chapter 116: Three things to do.

    “So why did you join Eastern Wind Academy? Oh, if you don't want to respond, you don't have to.”

    Seeing Huang Ying sit down in front of her, Xiao Mei's smile grew even brighter. Her eyes gleamed with curiosity as she looked him up and down.

    “A friend invited me to join, and since I had nothing better to do, I decided that I might as well join.”

    Huang Ying shrugged his shoulders as he spoke. It was not wrong to say that Xin Yang had invited him to join the academy, he had given him a token that would allow him to take the entrance test immediately after all.

    “Oh? You already had a friend here? Who is it, maybe I know him.”

    Xiao Mei let out a sound of surprise when she heard Huang Ying's words. Since he could invite him to join the academy, it meant that this friend of his had a rather high status within the academy.

    “His name is Xin Yang. I met him as I was traveling and we found that we both hit it off quite well, so he invited me to join the academy.”

    Huang Ying explained with a faint smile, giving a vague description of how he and Xin Yang had met.

    “You were out traveling? I rarely get to leave the academy, so you have to tell me about the adventures you have had in the outside world.”

    Xiao Mei's eyes gleamed with excitement when she heard Huang Ying say that he had been out traveling. She moved her body closer and leaned forward as she talked, looking like she was listening expectantly.

    “No problem.”

    Huang Ying had a faint smile and started talking. He did not talk about the things he had done, but instead used the memories of the people he had devoured to come up with many stories that sounded exciting. He continued to talk for half a day, spending all the time he had for cultivating on talking.

    “Oh no! Half a day has already passed, so you will have to leave the cultivation area. It is my fault that you could not cultivate in peace. You have to let me make it up for you tomorrow. “

    Xiao Mei suddenly smacked her forehead as she exclaimed. Half a day had passed, so Huang Ying no longer had any free time within the cultivation area. And since he did not have any contribution points, he could not buy more time in the cultivation area.

    She hurriedly stood up, grabbing onto Huang Ying's arm and pulling him up, apologizing profusely. Huang Ying still kept a faint smile as he spoke in a tranquil voice.

    “There is no need to worry about it, time spent chatting with a beauty is not wasted.”

    He let out a faint chuckle after speaking and injected his Qi into the array beneath them. Once his Qi entered the array, the frozen wasteland vanished, and they both re-appeared within the house.

    “I will find you tomorrow and I will definitely make it up to you.”

    Seeing Huang Ying head for the door, Xiao Mei hurriedly followed him as she spoke up. Huang Ying did not respond, only maintaining that faint smile of his. He followed Xiao Mei to the other cultivation areas as she picked up the other students.

    After she had picked up all the students, she lead them all back to the cottages that they had picked out before heading to the cultivation areas. Xiao Mei bid them all farewell, even waving at Huang Ying, before she left, eliciting envious gazes from the other male youths.

    Huang Ying ignored the gazes and entered his cottage. After closing the door to his cottage, he sat down on the bed and couldn't help but narrow his eyes. In his mind, he was playing back every interaction he had had with Xiao Mei.

    “I don't know what you're planning, but I hope you don't expect everything to go your way.”

    Huang Ying leaned against the wall as he muttered to himself. He was now convinced that Xiao Mei was planning something with him. From the reactions of Zhouyun and Zhihao when she arrived, it was clear that she had a somewhat special status in the academy.

    If she was just friendly to everyone, Huang Ying could still believe that she was just that type of person, but she was a bit too friendly. The moment the two of them were alone, she immediately became more intimate, grabbing onto him and dragging him along.

    She also knew that he used the ice and lightning element, something that only Zhouyun could know. Huang Ying had only used his lightning element during the first three tests, but during the test inside Zhouyun's spatial treasure, he was forced to use his ice element.

    This obviously meant that Zhouyun knew that Huang Ying could use both ice and lightning. Huang Ying had not seen Zhouyun use a Transmission Jade, so the odds of him telling anyone was low.

    So how did Xiao Mei know? And why was she so friendly and intimate with Huang Ying? He did not have an answer to these questions as of yet, but he would make sure that he found the answers eventually. He did not like people scheming against him.

    Huang Ying closed his eyes and arranged his thoughts for a short moment, organizing the things he felt that he needed to do while in the academy. There were currently three things he wanted to do in this academy.

    The first one was to forge his weapon, this he could do right now. The second one was to enter the Immortal's Garden and see what was inside it, there was still a year until the garden opened, so he would have to wait.

    The third was to find a way to meet Jing He again, this possibly needed him to join the Dragon Meeting. If it required him to join the Dragon Meeting, he would have to wait for around three years.

    Huang Ying opened his eyes and made up his mind. He would play along with Xiao Mei for the time being. At least until he found out exactly what she was planning, and who had made her do it.
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    Chapter 117: Xiao Mei.

    After making up his mind, Huang Ying took out the white jade token that he got upon entering the academy. He sent a message to Fang Shan, telling her to be careful around Zhouyun, as it seemed that there was someone planning something with them.

    After talking a bit with Fang Shan about how they would act, he sent a message to Xin Yang. He first sent a message telling him that he had arrived at the academy and joined it. He then sent another message to Xin Yang, asking him about Xiao Mei.

    He continued to wait for around half an hour, but seeing as he had still not gotten a reply from Xin Yang, he could only assume that Xin Yang was currently unable to answer him.

    He then opened up the ranking lists that Zhouyun had showed them after they entered the academy. He started by checking the Sky Rankings for a few names. Zhouyun and Zhihao were easy to find, as they were ranked near the top. Zhouyun was rank 9, while Zhihao was rank 27.

    After finding these two names, Huang Ying went through the rest of the rankings, even checking the Man and Earth Rankings. After checking all the rankings, he put away the jade token and furrowed his brows.

    He had checked every rank, but he had not found Xin Yang or Xiao Mei on the rankings. He could say that Xin Yang was not on the rankings because he was too weak, but there was no way Xiao Mei was not on the rankings.

    Since she became one of the three guardians for this batch of students, it was clear that she was on the same level of strength as Zhouyun and Zhihao. This meant that she was not on the rankings not because of lack of strength, but because of some other reason.

    Huang Ying continued to wrack his brains, trying to find a reason, but he only came up blank. He shook his head and threw the thought out of his mind. If worst came to worst, he would just have to do his best to escape.

    He sat down on the bed in the lotus position and calmed his breathing. He closed his eyes and started focusing on slowly absorbing the Natural Qi in the surroundings.

    At the same time, he also split off part of his focus and used it to control the Qi within his body and surroundings, having it take on different shapes. He did this to increase the control he had over Qi, allowing him to use it more proficiently in a fight.

    Using the devouring element to devour other peoples strength was a quick way to strengthen himself, but Huang Ying did not let this get to his head. Everything would have to be done one step at a time. He refused to let himself rely solely on the devouring Qi to grow stronger, he would also rely on his own hard work.


    While Huang Ying was focusing on slowly absorbing and controlling the Qi around him, Xiao Mei was sitting on a luxurious bed in a majestic palace and talking to a jade talisman in her hand.

    “It has only been half a day grandfather, how can anything have happened already?”

    Xiao Mei shook her head as she spoke to the jade talisman. She had only met Huang Ying half a day ago, how could her grandfather expect any results this early.

    “What are your thoughts on him?”

    An old and hoarse voice rang out from the jade talisman in Xiao Mei's hands. The volume of the voice was low, but the words reverberated throughout the entire room.

    “My thoughts?”

    Xiao Mei tilted her head to the side for a short moment, going over everything she had done with Huang Ying. After a short moment of silence, she opened her mouth, her brows slightly furrowed.

    “He is mysterious. When I touched him, I could sense an abnormally strong power in his body. He looks rather refined and delicate, but it is clear that his body has almost transcended the Xiantian Realm in toughness.”

    She had only touched him for a short moment, but she had clearly felt the explosive strength hidden within his body. It was like a dormant monster lying in wait. The strength was no threat to her, but she was still extremely shocked to find it within the body of a boy at the early stage of the Xiantian realm.

    “And then there are his eyes. He had a faint smile on his face the entire time, and looked at everything with curiosity, but his eyes were frighteningly calm. When I look into his eyes, it is like looking into a black hole, I can't read anything from them.”

    Huang Ying's eyes were the thing that caught her attention the most. Even when the two of them sat and chatted, with her moving closer and closer as they talked, his eyes kept their same frightening calm. They were like two black holes that devoured everything before them.

    “Good, only a man like that can be worthy of you. Don't underestimate him because of how weak he is now, that child will surely become a true monster in the future. Do whatever you can do build a good relationship with him. If you can manage to seduce him and have a child with him, that would be for the best.”

    After a short moment of silence, the old voice rang out from the jade token once more, a slight chuckle accompanied it. Hearing the words, a slight blush crept up on Xiao Mei's face. She still did not know why her grandfather had ordered her to get closer to a certain student who had just joined their academy, but she had no choice but to obey his orders.

    “Don't worry about anything else and just work on getting closer to him, all will be clear in the future.”

    After speaking those words, the jade token in Xiao Mei's hand dimmed. Xiao Mei let out a sigh and shook her head. She was slightly indignant about her grandfather ordering her to get closer to Huang Ying, especially about having a child with him.

    But after having met with him, she had to admit that her curiosity had been piqued. She wanted to find out exactly what was so special about this boy, and exactly what it was that gave him those eyes.
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    Chapter 118: Rank 100 Evergreen Yuan Qiu.

    Early the next morning, there was a knock on Huang Ying's door, bringing him out of his cultivation. He stood up from the bed and stretched his body for a short moment, enjoying the sensation of his joints crackling. He walked over to the door and opened it, coming face to face with Xiao Mei.

    “Good morning. I still need to repay you for yesterday, so I came to pick you up.”

    Before Huang Ying had the time to say anything, Xiao Mei grabbed onto his arm and pulled him out from the cottage. She ignored the gazes of the 12 other people around them and dragged Huang Ying away, heading towards the restaurant.

    As he was getting dragged to the restaurant, they encountered several people on the path. But upon seeing Xiao Mei, everyone hurriedly looked away from her, settling their eyes on Huang Ying.

    Some looked at him with envy, some with curiosity, and some with confusion. It seemed like they were trying to figure out who he was, to be this close with Xiao Mei.

    “You just sit right here and wait, I will be right back with some food.”

    After reaching the restaurant, she immediately brought him up to the second floor and found a table where the two could sit alone. She sat him down at the table and walked away to go buy some food. While she was walking away, Huang Ying was inspecting the people around them.

    Some of the people just ate in peace, but some looked at Huang Ying with curiosity. Huang Ying noticed that most of the people eating on the second floor were all people who were around the peak of the Yin-Yang Formation Realm.

    That was because it cost a fair bit of contribution points to eat the food on the second floor. It was mostly only people who had reached the peak of the Yin-Yang Formation Realm could finish the missions that paid enough to allow them to eat on the second floor.

    Xiao Mei quickly returned to the table, carrying a tray filled with food. There was soup, rice, vegetables, some bread, as well as a few different types of meat. All the food in the restaurant was made from Demonic beasts as well as herbs and plants that only grew in places with a large amount of Qi, so it was of the highest quality.

    “There was no need for you to do all that, you could have just sent me to get the food.”

    Huang Ying stood up and took the tray from her hand, putting it down on the table with a faint smile. Since he had decided to play along with whatever she was planning for the moment, he had to play his part in this charade. Huang Ying was more of a quiet person who preferred action to words, but this situation called for a more kind and suave persona.

    “Don't say that, I stole all your cultivation time yesterday, so this is nothing. After we have finished eating, I still plan on taking you to a few of my favorite places in the academy.”

    Xiao Mei wore a bright, almost bashful smile as she waved her hand and spoke, completely shocking all the people who were watching. Huang Ying responded with a smile of his own, before he indicated for Xiao Mei to sit down.

    “What do you think of the cultivation areas, they are quite special aren't they?”

    While the two were eating, they engaged in some small talk, ranging from their personal lives to the academy.

    “They truly are magnificent. I thought I had seen a lot in my travels, but I have never seen anything like them. I can't even begin to fathom how they were created.”

    These words were Huang Ying's true feelings. The fire and ice cultivation areas could be said to be created naturally, but the lightning, earth, and other cultivation areas were created using arrays. Huang Ying truly could not even begin to understand how complex arrays like that would have to be.

    “Junior Sister Mei? What a surprise to see you here, it seems like today will be a good day.”

    While they were chatting, a surprised voice suddenly rang out not far from them. Turning their heads, Huang Ying and Xiao Mei could see Zhouyun bringing Zhihao and one other person over to their table. They all had trays of food in their hands, so they were obviously here to eat breakfast.

    “What are you saying Senior Brother Zhouyun, I am just here eating breakfast.”

    Xiao Mei held a polite smile on her face as she stood up and cupped her hands and greeted the three people who walked over. Huang Ying stood up alongside her and cupped his hands in a greeting as well.

    “This should be our new Junior Brother Ying right? You cleared the last test in a very interesting way, but I hope you will put more effort into your cultivation, tricks like that will rarely work in a fight.”

    Zhouyun turned towards Huang Ying as he spoke. His voice was calm and pleasing, he even held a worried expression as he spoke. But it was clear that he only said it to slightly humiliate Huang Ying, implying that he was too weak to clear the test without using tricks.

    “Thank you Senior Brother Zhouyun, this one will make sure to remember your advice and work hard.”

    Huang Ying did not break his persona, he did not even twitch upon hearing Zhouyun's words. He put on a grateful expression and thanked Zhouyun seriously, looking like he had not even understood what Zhouyun was implying.

    “Let me introduce you. You already know Junior Brother Zhihao, so I won't introduce him again. This is Junior Brother Yuan Qiu.”

    Zhouyun put on a satisfied expression after hearing Huang Ying's reply. He pointed at the two people next to him, doing the introductions for Huang Ying.

    “Greetings Junior Brother Ying.”

    The third person in the group, Yuan Qiu, was a slight bit taller than Huang Ying. He had long hair that was colored a deep green, powerful brown eyes, and chiseled features. He wore the uniform of the Eastern Wind Academy. He cupped his hands and gave Huang Ying a polite greeting, but his eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Huang Ying and Xiao Mei.

    “It is a pleasure to meet you Senior Brother Qiu.”

    Huang Ying returned the greeting, but he could already feel a headache brewing. It was clear that Zhouyun had come over to make things difficult for Huang Ying, most likely because of how close he was to Xiao Mei.

    Huang Ying could also tell that this Yuan Qiu in front of him had some hostility towards him. From the way Yuan Qiu was looking at Xiao Mei, it was clear that he fancied her. Since Huang Ying was so close to a woman he fancied, of course he would show some hostility.

    This woman was truly someone who brought misfortune down on him. It wasn't bad enough that she was planning something with him, she even made him enemies just by walking next to him.

    This Yuan Qiu was not some nobody, he was ranked number 100 on the Rising Dragon List, Evergreen Yuan Qiu. He could use his Qi to control not just wood, but even the plants in the surroundings. He was only ranked 100, but his strength was still at the very peak of the Yin-Yang Formation Realm.
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    Chapter 119: A statement.

    “Please don't mind us. The two of you can enjoy your breakfast, we won't intrude any longer. Junior Brother Ying, please make sure that you remember my words.”

    Zhouyun gave a polite smile and stepped away from the table as he spoke. Zhihao and Yuan Qiu stepped back alongside Zhouyun, moving away from the table. Zhihao had a carefree smile on his face, but Yuan Qiu was still looking at Huang Ying as he was moving away from the table, looking like he wanted to engrave his image into his mind.

    “Just ignore them Junior Brother Ying, they are simply aggrieved that I am spending some time with you.”

    Xiao Mei narrowed her eyes as she looked at the backs of Zhouyun and Yuan Qiu, before she shook her head and turned towards Huang Ying. She slightly bowed her head and gave a sincere apology.

    “Haha, I can't really say that I blame them. After all, I get to enjoy a delicious breakfast alongside the beautiful Senior Sister Mei. I am sure that there are countless people in the academy who would kill to be in my position.”

    Huang Ying let out an uproarious laughter as he waved his hand. Hearing his words, even Xiao Mei blushed slightly. It was not the first time someone complimented her, but it was the first time someone had done it in such a loud and straightforward manner. Not to mention the fact that they were surrounded by people.

    “Smooth talker.”

    While Xiao Mei was slightly blushing, even throwing a slightly seductive glare at him, Huang Ying continued eating. The words he spoke were what he really thought. He did not let beauty influence him, but he still had to admit that Xiao Mei was beautiful. And with her strength, there must be countless people in the academy trying to chase after her.

    After the two of them finished eating, Xiao Mei dragged Huang Ying towards the cultivation areas. Xiao Mei dragged him over to the lightning cultivation area, but they did not enter it. She instead dragged him to the other side of the mountain, where she made him follow her up a secluded path that lead to the peak of the mountain.

    “Look. From here, you can see nearly every part of the academy. It is also very secluded and nearly unknown, so it is one of my favorite spots in the entire academy. You are the first person I have ever showed this spot.”

    Xiao Mei sat down at the peak of the mountain, pulling Huang Ying down next to her. She moved her arm in a graceful curve, as if she was trying to showcase the splendor in front of them.

    Huang Ying did not say anything, just taking in the sights. From the top of the mountain, he could indeed see almost everything in the academy. He could see the various lakes and forests, the mountains that reached into the sky, he could even see the pure white valley that was ice cultivation area. Mixed with the silence of the surroundings, it made for a wonderful scene.

    “It really is a good place.”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but nod his head. This place was peaceful and calm, with only the sound of the wind to keep them company.

    “Right? When I come here and overlook the land, I always feel so free and unrestrained. Like there is nothing holding me down.”

    Xiao Mei's mouth curved into a smile. She pulled up her legs and held her knees tight to her chest, almost curling up into a ball as she spoke. Her voice was still the same as before, but Huang Ying could sense some helplessness and sadness hidden deep within.

    “Can you tell me something Junior Brother Ying? Why do you cultivate?”

    Xiao Mei did not look at Huang Ying as she spoke, her voice almost as soft as a whisper, like she was scared of hearing his answer.

    “I don't want my life to be controlled by others, I want to be in complete control. It's also to make a statement.”

    Huang Ying did not need to think before he answered. Ever since he first became able to cultivate, it had always been with the same two goals in mind. He did not want others to control his life, only he would control it.

    “A statement?”

    Xiao Mei slightly tilted her head, looking at Huang Ying as she questioned. She had never heard of anyone cultivating just to make a statement.

    “A statement that I can achieve great things even without them. I don't need them, nor these so called gods to help me achieve greatness, I can do it on my own. Everything I want, I will grasp with my own hands.”

    As Huang Ying spoke, his mouth curled into what could only be called a cheeky grin. He stretched out his arm and opened his palm, causing everything he could see to fall into his palm. All he had to do now was close his hand, and the entire horizon would be in his grasp.

    The people he was talking about were his parents as well as the people that the civilians of this world called gods. His parents abandoned him because he did not awaken any element, or so he thought at least, while he had suffered as a child because the other people of the town thought he had been abandoned by the gods.

    He would achieve greatness, reach power people had never even thought possible. All so that he could control his own life, and one day stand in front of the ones called gods and say that he did not need them, all he needed was himself.

    Even the devouring element and destruction blood flowing in his body were all his. The devouring element had been his since birth, it had simply needed something to awaken before it showed itself. As for the destruction blood, it was a mixture of the blood of Baku as well as the blood of the Four Guardian Beasts, all things which he had acquired on his own.

    Xiao Mei did not respond to him, only looking at him in silence for a short while. The two of them stayed on the mountain top for a while longer, before they left the mountain top to go and cultivate.
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    Chapter 120: Attracting a heavenly tribulation.

    After they left the mountain top, Xiao Mei brought Huang Ying with her to the same cultivation area that they had used the day before. Xiao Mei did not start chatting with Huang Ying this time, allowing him to cultivate in peace for an hour.

    She chose not to chat with him this time because besides the half day of cultivation they were given right after entering, they only had one free hour of cultivation per month, any more would cost contribution points.

    Huang Ying found that cultivating in that area was a strange experience. He sat cross legged on the icy wasteland, absorbing ice Qi into his body from the ice below him. But while doing so, he was also attracting bolts of lightning from the sky above him, absorbing lightning Qi whenever the bolts struck him.

    This caused there to constantly be two streams of Qi entering his body, one that was icy cold, and one that was scorching, producing a very strange sensation as he let the Qi course through his body. Once the Qi had coursed through his entire body, he led it into his dantian, where it entered his World Core and became a part of his strength.

    “Now that the one hour is up, let me show you to a few more places in the academy.”

    After spending one hour cultivating in silence, Xiao Mei stretched her body and sent Huang Ying a dazzling smile. It was only noon, so there was still plenty of time for her to drag Huang Ying around.

    “I'm terribly sorry, but I would like to return to my room and try out a few experiments. Cultivating in such an interesting environment has given me a lot of inspiration for things to try. How about I accompany you tomorrow morning instead?”

    Huang Ying put on a very apologetic expression as he spoke, even giving a slight bow of his body. He of course was not going to return to his room to experiment on anything, he was going to forge his weapon.

    “Of course you can return to your room. If you don't grasp that inspiration as soon as it shows up, you might lose it forever.”

    Xiao Mei was not phased by Huang Ying's refusal, grabbing his arm and dragging him out of the cultivation room as she spoke. She followed him all the way back to his cottage, before she bade him farewell and ensured him that she would come pick him up tomorrow morning.

    Huang Ying entered the cottage and closed the door. He checked the array and made sure that the entire room was isolated from the outside world, no sounds coming from the cottage would be heard from the outside.

    He sat down at the center of the cottage and started bringing items out from his interspatial ring. He brought out various pieces of ore, crystals, and wood. The last thing he took out was the round metal orb that he took from Jing Yimu in Golden Auction city. Once the orb left his interspatial ring, the temperature of the cottage started slowly dropping.

    Huang Ying brought out a vial filled with thick blood and used the blood to inscribe various runes and symbols, forming an array around all the items he had placed at the center of the cottage. Once the array was formed, he took out some Spirit Stones and placed them at various locations in the array.

    Once everything was set up, he stood up and used a sharp knife to cut a large gash in his arm. The blood from the gash all landed inside the array and on the items Huang Ying had brought out. He made sure that the destruction blood would not destroy itself after leaving his body, causing both his human blood as well as his destruction blood to enter the array.

    As the blood entered the array and dripped onto the items, Huang Ying started channeling his Qi into the array, causing it to light up with a blinding light. The light started out completely white, but it quickly started changing between white, red, blue, and black, each one of his elements producing a different color.

    Huang Ying started chanting in a low voice as the array lit up, causing the different items to float up and move towards each other, slowly merging together, the round orb floating at the center of all the items.

    They continued to slowly merge for dozens of minutes, until they formed a black orb that floated in the air. There were still a few parts of the orb that were not completely round, nor black, so it was clear that the process was not done just yet.

    Huang Ying continued chanting, when he noticed something changing. Small arcs of red lightning started suddenly appearing in the room, the pressure quickly dropping, even the Qi within his body was showing signs of becoming restless. Huang Ying quickly narrowed his eyes when he saw the red lightning.

    Red lightning was one of the signs of a a heavenly tribulation. Since Huang Ying was not entering the Yin-Yang Formation realm right now, it could only mean that once he completed the forging of his weapon, it would attract a heavenly tribulation.

    If the weapon survived the heavenly tribulation, it would become stronger and more durable. If it failed, the weapon would be completely destroyed. The problem was that Huang Ying was in the middle of the academy right now, if he triggered a heavenly tribulation, people would notice.

    Huang Ying did not want to be noticed right now, so he quickly made up his mind to stop the forging process. Since his blood and Qi was used in the forging process, he would suffer some pain and loss upon forcefully ending it, but it was better than being discovered.

    Huang Ying immediately tried to extract his Qi and blood from the orb, but was shocked when he noticed that it refused to listen to him. The human blood he inserted during the forging process immediately returned to him, even his ice, fire, and lightning Qi returned to him. But his destruction blood, as well as devouring and destruction Qi refused to return to him, stubbornly refusing his orders.

    He tried to forcefully recall it, but it only resulted in the Qi within his body suddenly going rampant, rampaging around inside his body, bringing with it a flesh rending pain.

    “You are mine! I don't care about your high and mighty origin, once you enter my body, you belong to me! And you will follow my orders!”

    Huang Ying grit his teeth and narrowed his eyes, shouting out as blood started dripping from the corners of his mouth. He did not care if destruction Qi was something that belonged to a being whose sole purpose was to end everything. Once it was inside his body, it had to follow his orders.

    Huang Ying reached out with his hand and grabbed onto the orb, forcefully absorbing the Qi and blood that was inside it. The Qi in his body was already running completely rampant, the arcs of red lightning in the room growing more and more numerous.

    As he started forcefully absorbing the blood and Qi, the arcs of red lightning started slowly decreasing, but the pain in his body only grew as he absorbed more. He could feel the destruction and devouring Qi stubbornly resist his absorption, trying to stay within the orb.

    Huang Ying ignored all the attempts at resisting him, forcefully absorbing the blood and Qi into every part of his body. He was bleeding from all seven orifices, but his mouth had curved into sinister grin. Despite the blood and Qi's attempts at resisting him, their only fate was to be returned to his body.

    When he absorbed the last of the blood and Qi inside the orb, he felt like an explosion went of in his head. The orb in his hand shattered and exploded, sending his body flying into the wall of the cottage.

    His body was dripping with blood and his consciousness was hazy, but he still did his best to check the room. The arcs of red lightning had all vanished and the pressure was returning to normal, so it was clear that the heavenly tribulation would not descend.

    Seeing this, Huang Ying's mouth curled up into a smile as his consciousness drifted into darkness. While he was dripping with blood, he knew that all his wounds would restore themselves in no time, so he could faint without worrying about dying in his sleep.

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