The Godless One

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    Chapter 101: Ancient horn.

    “Excellent. I hope that anyone who did not manage to pass will leave the premises without further ado, so that we can quickly finish up the rest of the tests.”

    After Huang Ying and Fang Shan finished, only a few more people had to be tested before they managed to wrap up the first test. Once the test was finished, the youth who introduced himself as Zhouyun stepped forward once again and sent a polite smile towards the people that had not managed to pass.

    Out of the originally over 2000 people, around 300 people turned out to be over 25, meaning that they could not join the academy. Even though these 300 people were unwilling to just leave like this, they knew that they had no choice, so they could only put on bitter smiles and bid Zhouyun farewell.

    “Now then. Like I mentioned earlier, the second test will be a pressure test aimed at testing your determination.”

    After watching the people that did not manage to pass, Zhouyun turned towards the people that had managed to pass and put on a pleasant smile as he spoke. His eyes slowly passed over the sea of people, scanning each and every one of them, stopping on the people he felt were worth noting.

    “If you would all please turn and face Elder Xiong, he will be in charge of testing you.”

    After scanning the sea of people, Zhouyun turned his body and pointed in the direction of the two old men. More specifically, he pointed at the old man that had taken out the box earlier.

    “I am Elder Xiong, and I will be in charge of the pressure test. This test is very simple. As long as you can approach me and get closer than 100 meters, you will have passed. Anyone who has not managed to enter the 100 meter range within five minutes will be considered as not having passed.”

    The old man with the box, Elder Xiong, had a face that was completely covered in wrinkles and liver spots, with a white beard that hung all the way down to the ground. As he spoke, he walked over to an empty area, creating a large empty space around him.

    “We will do this by the hundred. Every five minutes, a new 100 people will attempt the pressure test. Line up.”

    After Elder Xiong spoke, the square fell silent once more. After a short moment of silence, people started scrambling forwards, trying their best at being part of the first 100 people. While the people were scrambling forward, Huang Ying and Fang Shan quietly pulled back, content with watching the test before taking action.

    After the sea of people had managed to line up in a somewhat orderly manner, Elder Xiong nodded his head and opened the box in his hands. He took out an old horn from within the box. The horn was the size of a grown man's arm and completely black in color, it was as thick as a normal man's thigh, and spiraled around itself until it ended in a sharp tip.

    “This is the horn of an ancient beast that once roamed these lands. After the founder of the academy slayed it, he sealed it's soul inside this very horn, allowing the horn to give off the pressure that the ancient beast gave off.”

    Elder Xiong and the people from Eastern Wind Academy looked at the horn with reverence and awe, seemingly too afraid to even blink. The other people on the other hand were unable to look at the horn like that. The reason behind that was the pressure that the horn gave off. Huang Ying and Fang Shan were even able to feel the pressure from where they stood.

    “The first 100 can begin, the five minutes start now.”

    After a short moment of awe, Elder Xiong directed his gaze towards the closest 100 people and spoke out, raising the horn in his hands. The closest 100 people did not dare tarry, quickly doing their best to move forward. They stood around 200 meters away from Elder Xiong, so they would only have to move a little over 100 meters closer to pass.

    The first 50 meters were the easy part, the 100 people quickly moving closer. But the closer they got to the 100 meter mark, the heavier the pressure that bore down on them was. After they spent almost half the alloted time moving forward, only a little over half the people had managed to move to the 100 meter mark. The rest of the people had been forced to their knees by the pressure, unable to move even a single step closer.

    “Five minutes are up.”

    After five minutes, Elder Xiong dissipated the pressure from the horn and his voice rang out, thoroughly crushing the hopes of the people that had not managed to move close enough. Out of the first 100 people, only 60 managed to pass through the pressure test.

    The 60 people that managed to pass all quickly heaved a heavy sigh of relief after Elder Xiong dissipated the pressure from the horn. They couldn't help but smile as they moved to the side, making space for the next 100 people. The ones that did not manage to pass could do nothing but leave.

    The test continued without pause. Every five minutes, a new group of 100 people would attempt to move closer to the horn, hoping to withstand it's pressure and move close enough to pass the test.

    “Li Jun, do you know anything about what sort of beast this horn came from?”

    Huang Ying was rather curious about this horn. Despite it's soul being sealed inside the horn, and it's body long dead, this ancient beast could still release such a stifling pressure.

    “Hehe, that horn came from an ancient Mountain Eater that was killed by that old ghost Huo Fei Tang. The horn may look big to you, but that horn you see right now was only a tiny piece of the actual Mountain Eater's horn. It's real horn would be at least ten times longer and thicker. He would never shut up about how he managed to kill it. Oh, and don't let that man's words fool you, that Mountain Eater was not killed in this area, but on a different continent.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out with a soft chuckle, like he was immersing himself in a pleasent memory of a past long gone.

    “You knew him?”

    Huang Ying was slightly shocked at Li Jun's words. He sounded like he had personally talked with this person, the founder of Eastern Wind Academy. One had to know that Eastern Wind Academy had already existed for several thousand years.

    “Aye, but that was in a time that is already long gone, I doubt there are even people that still remember the Mountain Eaters.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out with a sigh as he spoke, refusing to say any more. He still remembered those days, where the world was far more feral, with Demonic beasts running rampant across all the continents. Those days were truly hard, but they were also some of his most fond memories.

    “We are up.”

    While Huang Ying was chatting with Li Jun, Fang Shan poked him in the side and whispered to him, letting him know that it was their groups turn to attempt the pressure test. Huang Ying returned his attention to his surroundings, and it was indeed their turn.

    Huang Ying and Fang Shan both stood at the back of the group as they stepped forward, slowly feeling the pressure on their bodies increase as they moved forward. As they were walking closer, Huang Ying noticed that the pressure did not only push down on every inch of his body, but it was also pressing down on his mind, slowing down his thought process.

    He also noticed one other thing that caused him to slow down his walking speed further. When he used his Qi to resist the pressure, it would slide down along his body, dissipating completely. But when he did not use any Qi to resist the pressure, but just let it bear down on his body, a small portion of the pressure would sink into his body and mind, slowly strengthening it.

    He swept the rest of the group with his eyes, and found that it seemed like it was only him and Fang Shan that had noticed this effect. He mused that this was probably because of how strong their bodies were. They simply did not need to use their Qi to dissipate the pressure, they could just use their physical bodies to bear it.

    Since it was like this, Huang Ying did not mind spending some more time walking up to the 100 meter mark. His body was already stronger than most people his level, but that did not mean that it was pointless to strengthen it further. Because of this, Huang Ying and Fang Shan only passed the 100 meter mark a few seconds before the five minutes were over.
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    Chapter 102: Breaching it's defenses.

    After a short while, the second test also ended. Of the around 1700 people that participated in the second test, only around 1200 managed to pass the test. Standing amidst the crowd, Huang Ying and Fang Shan looked entirely unremarkable, but there was in fact one person that was keeping an eye on them.

    Others might not have seen what Huang Ying and Fang Shan did, but how could Elder Xiong, who was controlling the horn, not notice what they were doing. Of course, he was only keeping an eye on them out of a slight interest, mainly because of their cultivation and age.

    They were not the first to realize that they could use the pressure to train their bodies, but they were amongst the weakest and youngest. Fang Shan was already 19, but even that was considered rather young in this test, most people that managed to get this far were very close to 25.

    The one that surprised Elder Xiong the most was Huang Ying. There were people that were younger than Huang Ying that took part in the test, some of these kids even had better cultivation levels than him. But most of these people only reached this cultivation level because their families put all their resources into training them.

    This caused them to have weaker minds than others, often making them fail at this test. But this boy who was only 15 years old, with only a cultivation at the early stage of the Xiantian realm, seemed like he could walk through the pressure with ease. This not only meant that he had a strong mind, but also had an abnormally strong body.

    “Congratulations on passing the pressure test everyone. The next test will be watched over by Elder Jianhong, so if you would all please turn over to him.”

    Zhouyun quickly started talking when he saw that the second test was over. The ones that failed did not even wait for him to say anything, choosing to simply leave in silence. The crowd turned over to the last old man, Elder Jianhong. Elder Jianhong looked almost identical to Elder Xiong, the only difference being that Elder Jianhong did not have the same beard, but rather had abnormally long eyebrows.

    “I am Elder Jianhong. I will not waste any words, my test is very simple. When I point at you, you will step forward and unleash your strongest attack against this puppet. If the attack manages to breach it's defenses, you will be considered to have passed.”

    Elder Jianhong let his gaze wander over the crowd as he spoke, a slight smirk appearing at the corner of his lips when he saw how relieved the people looked at how simple the test was.

    “Let me warn you. This puppet was created by the second headmaster of Eastern Wind Academy. After he fought a tough battle with Lustful Demon Han Song, narrowly grasping victory, he sealed Han Song's soul within his own dead body and refined it into a puppet, forcing him to serve the academy until the end of time. It might only be an un-activated puppet, but it still has at least 1/10th of Han Song's defense, breaching it will not be easy.”

    Zhouyun hurriedly spoke out when he saw how the crowd looked. If they took this test too easily, there was a chance that no one would pass, which would reflect poorly on him, who was put in charge of overseeing all the tests. Hearing his words, the faces of the people in the crowd quickly turned gloomy.

    Lustful Demon Han Song was a cultivator who lived several thousand years ago. He had a special variation of the fire element that allowed him to steal other peoples life force and strength through intercourse. He was given the name Lustful Demon because of his love for raping women to acquire their life force. It was said that his cultivation level was at the peak of the Deity Heart realm, just a single step away from becoming a Sovereign.

    “You first.”

    Elder Jianhong pointed into the crowd as he spoke, his finger landing on Fang Shan. Seeing this, Huang Ying could not help but curse silently, as well as heave a slight sigh of relief. He sighed in relief because he stood right next to Fang Shan, meaning that it could have just as easily been him that was called up.

    The reason he cursed was because one of them was called up first. Since they were called up first, they had no way of checking to see just how strong the defense of the puppet really was. And since they only had one attack to breach it's defense, they would have to hit it with their full power, or risk not being able to join the academy.

    “Forget about it, it's better that I stand in the limelight than you standing there.”

    Fang Shan had thought of the same things, resulting in her shaking her head and whispering to Huang Ying as she stepped forward. Huang Ying was the one who was being hunted, so there was no real need for Fang Shan to lie low, she only did it because it was better to be on the safe side.

    “You can use any weapon you like to make the attack. If you do not manage to breach it's defense, please leave.”

    Elder Jianhong spoke up when he saw that Fang Shan had stepped forward, his voice spreading outwards, reaching everyone in the crowd. Fang Shan nodded her head, but did not bring out her two daggers. Her daggers were a pair, focusing on rapid attacks to destroy the opponent. Since she could only make one attack, this strategy was obviously not usable.

    She slightly bent her body forward, looking like a jaguar that was preparing to pounce, the Qi within her entire body churning as arcs of blue lightning started to shoot out from her body.

    This test was clearly a bit skewed, favoring people of a higher cultivation level. But she did not care. In her body flowed the proud blood of a Kirin, an overlord amongst Demonic beasts. And even though she did not like it, she also had the blood of the Azure Dragon in her body, only further increasing her power.

    The lightning that arced out from her body quickly gathered on he right hand, which had now been extended, forming a spear hand. Lightning stood for speed and piercing, a fist was not suited for properly releasing it, at least not for Fang Shan.

    After all the lightning gathered on her right hand, her body shot forward, blue arcs of lightning trailing in the air behind her. She had been standing about 100 meters away from the puppet, with her speed, this distance was covered in but a blink of an eye.

    “Left shoulder.”

    As she was charging forward, Huang Ying's voice fluttered over and entered her ear. She did not have time to question him at this time, so she simply altered her path slightly, her spear hand landing on the left shoulder of the puppet and unleashing all the lightning stored in her hand.

    The sound of thunder rumbled across the square, a beautiful lightning bolt passing through the shoulder of the puppet and flying forward until it hit the fence surrounding the academy. On the left shoulder of the puppet, there was now a small hole going straight through. The hole quickly regenerated, but there had still been a hole there.

    “Breached. You pass.”

    Elder Jianhong looked at Fang Shan with some surprise as he spoke. The left shoulder of this puppet was one of the few weaknesses that it had, how did she know to hit that spot? Fang Shan nodded her head and stepped to the side, waiting for the rest of the test to finish.

    “You are next.”

    Elder Jianhong pointed into the crowd again, his finger landing on Huang Ying this time. Huang Ying had already expected this, so he stepped forward immediately. He did not take a running start like Fang Shan, walking forward until he stood right in front of the puppet.

    He crouched down in front of the puppet and raised his hand, lightning cracking above his palm as it gathered together and condensed itself. Huang Ying pretended to condense the lightning for another thirty seconds, before he gathered the lightning in his right index finger.

    He pointed the now lightning coated finger at the right knee of the puppet, pushing the finger forward and unleashing the lightning trapped within. The lightning shot forward, but there was no sound of rumbling thunder, the lightning was apparently weaker than the one Fang Shan had shot out.

    The lightning hit the puppet's right knee and sank into the knee, creating a hole about eight centimeters deep. It didn't go through the puppet, but it had surely breached it's defense.

    “Breached, you pass.”

    Elder Jianhong spoke out again, his expression slightly odd. First Fang Shan had managed to find one of the puppet's weaknesses, now this Huang Ying had done the same? Huang Ying gave a quick nod and stepped to the side, standing next to Fang Shan.

    Huang Ying was obviously not the one who found the weaknesses. Li Jun had told him about the places where the puppet was weakest, allowing Huang Ying to find the best places to attack.
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    Chapter 103: The last test.

    The rest of the people taking the test were not idiots, seeing Fang Shan and Huang Ying passing with what seemed to be ease, they almost immediately realized that there was something off about the two places that the had chosen to attack. This was then proved correct when everyone who attacked those two spots managed to pass the test.

    “This truly is highly unusual. I don't think there has ever been a time where over 1000 people have managed to pass the third test.”

    After everyone had taken the third test, Zhouyun stepped forth once more, his lips curled into an unnoticeable smile that almost betrayed how much joy he found in what was about to take place.

    “Sadly, there can only be at most 100 people joining my Eastern Wind Academy, which means that we must eliminate another 1100 people.”

    Zhouyun scanned the crowd as he spoke, looking both apologetic and slightly concerned. After he scanned the entire crowd, making sure that everyone had seen his expression, he sighed and spoke out again.

    “The last test is one that we rarely use, both because it is so rare for there to be so many talents trying to join us, as well as because it is dangerous.”

    Zhouyun emphasized the word talent as he spoke, causing a few people in the crowd to turn quite red. What talent did they thave? They only copied what everyone else had done to pass.

    “The last test will be in the form of a contest between all 1200 participants. We will send all 1200 of you into a spatial type treasure, transporting you to a random location within that space.”

    As Zhouyun spoke, Elder Xiong took out a small bead from his interspatial ring, holding it up high for everyone to see. Spatial type treasure were a type of item that contained a different space within them, much like interspatial rings. Most spatial type treasures had very large spaces that could accommodate a large amount of people and other life forms.

    “Everyone who enters will receive a jade token with the insignia of my Eastern Wind Academy carved onto it. The contest is very simple, you must steal the jade tokens from the hands of the other contestants. Once you have 12 jade tokens, you can head to the center of the space, where you will be sent out and be allowed to join my Eastern Wind Academy.”

    Zhouyun grabbed the bead as he spoke, inserting his Qi into it. Once he inserted his Qi into it, a light flickered on the bead and the image of a large island appeared above the bead. At the center of the island stood a tall mountain, it's peak completely round and flat, looking like a massive stage. A few red dots were slowly moving around the island while Zhouyun was showing it off. Clearly, this was where the contest was going to take place.

    “These red dots you see are a few Demonic beasts that live on this island, they are not too strong, but they should still prove to be a challenge to some of you. All of you who choose to enter this bead will appear as blue dots. This means that we will only know who you are once you leave this bead.”

    “But I must warn you. Once inside this bead, we will not control the actions of other contestants. This means that you can die at any moment if you choose to enter. And even if you should be killed while inside, it is impossible for us to know who killed you. My Eastern Wind Academy only want the best of the best, show us that you are capable of taking that which you desire.”

    Zhouyun's eyes turned sharp as he spoke, his words causing a cold shiver to run down the spine of the people in the crowd. This was just a test to enter the Eastern Wind Academy, but there was even a chance that they could die? They now finally realized why this test was rarely used.

    “Anyone who does not wish to join this test may leave now. Everyone else who chooses to enter must sign this waiver, showing that they are fine with the possibility of death.”

    Zhouyun took out a scroll from his interspatial ring, allowing the people in the crowd to read what was written on it. It simply stated that they were aware that they might die, and that they were fine with this, not putting any blame on Eastern Wind Academy.

    There were some people hesitating at the start, but once there had been a few people who stepped forward and signed the contract, the rest of the crowd quickly joined them. In the end, all 1200 people signed the contract, agreeing to take part in the last test.

    “Wonderful, my Eastern Wind Academy must be truly blessed to have so many decisive people wanting to join us. What a shame that we can't accept you all.”

    Zhouyun spoke loudly, a proud smile on his lips as he spoke. His words caused the people in the crowd to hold their heads a little higher, but there were some who couldn't help but sneer. If anything could be said about this Zhouyun, it was that he was good at appealing to a crowd.

    “Now then. Once you have managed to acquire 12 tokens, you can make your way to the top of the mountain at the center of the island. The 12 tokens will activate and send you out. If you wish to surrender earlier, you need only break your token and it will send you out.”

    Zhouyun spoke out once more as he channeled his Qi into the bead, causing a silver energy to burst out from it and surround the crowd of people. Once he finished his words, the silver energy covered the 1200 people and returned to the bead, taking everyone with it.

    After the 1200 people entered the bead, Zhouyun sat down where he stood, keeping the bead within the palm of his hand, continuously filling it with Qi. When his Qi entered the bead, the image of the island appeared within his mind. But unlike what Zhouyun said, there were no blue dots appearing on the island. Instead, Zhouyun was able to see what everyone who entered the island was doing. Watching the 1200 people start fighting against each other, Zhouyun resisted the urge to grin.
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    Chapter 104: Start of the last test.

    Huang Ying felt the world in front of his eyes turn a blinding white, forcing him to shut his eyes. Once the blinding white disappeared and he opened his eyes, he found himself standing completely alone on a beach. Huang Ying did not move immediately, choosing to examine the surroundings first.

    There was an endless expanse of water behind him, going as far as his eyes could see. To his left and right there was a long beach that curved as it got further away from him, it seemed to go around the entire island. In front of him was a tropical forest filled with towering trees, Huang Ying could hear the sounds of life in the forest even from his position on the beach. He could see a massive mountain standing tall in the distance, looming over everything.

    After he examined the surroundings, he examined himself. The first thing he checked was his interspatial ring, quickly checking and making sure that everything was there. After checking his entire body and all his belongings and making sure that nothing was missing, he turned his attention to a jade token that now hung at his waist.

    The jade token was about the size of a palm and was very simple in style and was made out of white jade. A shield was carved into the center of the token, the shield was filled with several wavy marks, looking like the marks the wind leaves in sand. This was the symbol of the Eastern Wind Academy.

    “How is the situation Li Jun?”

    Huang Ying still did not move from his original position, instead choosing to talk to Li Jun. Normally, Huang Ying's perception was only capable of scanning an area of about five kilometers, only a few hundred meters if he wanted to keep continuous watch over the area.

    And it seemed like his perception was being hindered inside this bead, it could not even leave his body. Li Jun's perception on the other hand could continuously cover a truly massive area. In a situation like this, knowing your surroundings was crucial.

    “All 1200 people have arrived on the island, the person closest to you is nine kilometers away. That Fang Shan girl is located on the opposite side of the island. There are a few Demonic beasts lurking around, but none that would normally be a threat to you.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out after his perception scanned the entire island, nothing was able to escape his eyes. Not to mention this island, if he was to release his perception to it's limits, he could cover half the continent. Of course, if he did so, he would at best get only a short glimpse at the area before he would have to stop.

    “Only normally? Meaning that they are a threat to me now?”

    Huang Ying caught onto the meaning of Li Jun's words, his thoughts starting to move. Since Li Jun said that they would normally not be a threat to him, that could only mean that there was something about them that caused them to be a threat to him for the moment.

    “That Zhouyun boy lied to you all. He is keeping a close watch on everyone on the island, he seems to enjoy watching you struggle. This of course means that you can't use all your power since you are currently trying to lay low.”

    Not even Zhouyun watching them from outside the bead could escape Li Jun's eyes, he could even see the suppressed grin that Zhouyun was trying to hide. Since Huang Ying did not want news about him to be discovered, he could not reveal power that was too far above his level, he could at best reveal the power of someone at the middle stage of the Xiantian realm.

    “I see, so we'll have to gather the 11 other pendants without showing our real strength. Send my voice to Fang Shan.”

    Huang Ying fondled his chin as he started to slowly formulate a plan. The first thing he had to do was let Fang Shan know that Zhouyun was watching their every move. She did not really need to hide her true power, as it was Huang Ying that was being hunted, so Huang Ying did not remind her to lay low.

    After he finished informing Fang Shan, he turned his eyes to the tropical forest in front of him, a faint smile creeping up on his lips. He had never taken part in a contest like this, so he was looking forward to the fun. With these thoughts in mind, he stepped off the beach and entered the forest.

    The forest was humid and dark, the trees blotting out most of the light that was shining down from above. The light that shone down was produced by the spatial treasure. It would absorb light from it's surroundings and project it into the treasure itself. This meant that whenever the treasure was in a dark place, it would be dark inside the treasure.

    Huang Ying did not walk around blindly after he entered the forest. He made Li Jun cover the entire island with his perception, constantly giving Yao Jun directions and updates on where the other people were. Since Zhouyun had not told them that there was a time limit, most people started moving quickly, searching out others to snatch their badges.

    Huang Ying had already decided that he would use Li Jun to scout out the people that were weak enough for the current Huang Ying to beat without causing too much of a stir. He would then pretend like he was having a tough fight, before finally stealing their badge and moving on.

    Being ordered around like this made Li Jun feel like sighing. When had he ever been treated like this when he still had his body? But despite his thoughts, he did not say anything to Huang Ying. When Huang Ying was still naive and powerless, Li Jun had several times tried to lead him to his death. The attack on Azure Springs Town was just the only attempt that Huang Ying knew about.

    Since Huang Ying was no longer the same naive and powerless youth that he used to be, Li Jun decided that it was best to have a good relationship with him. And even if he did not want to admit it, he had watched Huang Ying grow up from a mere baby into who he was now.

    No matter how hard he tried to bury those feelings, he could not deny that he had some protective, almost fatherly feelings, for Huang Ying. Of course, he would never let any of this show. He was the Dark King, the terror of the underworld and the king of killers, such emotions were unbecoming of him. These emotions were also part of the reason he attempted to kill Huang Ying several times in the past.

    After traveling through the forest for a short while, Li Jun told Huang Ying to climb up into a tree not far from him. After climbing up the tree, Li Jun told him to make as little sound as possible and stay hidden.

    After waiting for a few minutes, a male passed under the tree. The male youth was slightly overweight and clad in silken robes that gave off a sense of elegance. Had it not been for his weight, the person would have seemed rather elegant. Huang Ying did not need Li Jun to tell him what to do, dropping down from the tree without a sound.

    When the overweight youth finally noticed something, it was already too late for him to react. Huang Ying's elbow made contact with the skull of the youth, letting out a slight crunching sound. The youth crumpled down like a sack of potatoes. Huang Ying had showed some mercy, not wanting to attract any attention because of his wanton murder, and only cracked the skull of the youth. He would not die, and his wound was healed easily enough through the use of different herbs.

    After knocking out the youth, Huang Ying rummaged through his belongings until he found the jade token that he was looking for. He strapped the jade token to his waist, hanging it next to his own jade token, before he left the scene and headed deeper into the forest.

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