The Godless One

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    Chapter 81: Traitor's mausoleum.

    Once they swore the Soul Oath, there was no reason to hesitate. Huang Ying pricked his finger and pushed the White Tiger blood within his body towards the wound, causing a single drop of red blood, mixed with white filaments, to come out.

    Once the blood left his finger, the Kirin summoned a small ball of lightning, quickly surrounding the drop of blood and drawing it towards him. Once the blood was floating in front of the Kirin, Xin Yang and Fang Shan both stepped to one side, preparing for when the passage to the next floor would open up.

    The Kirin and Fang Shan were both looking at each other, their eyes wet with emotion. But neither of them said anything. They had both known that this day would likely come at some point, so they had mentally prepared themselves. A silent goodbye was all they needed.

    The Kirin slowly stood up, blue lightning crackling around it's body as an awe inspiring power gushed out off it's body and into the cave. Huang Ying felt like he was choking just from standing in front of the Kirin as it released it's energy.

    The Kirin's eyes focused on the drop of blood floating in front of it as all the power it released started gathering into that drop of blood. While all it's energy was gathering around that drop of blood, two orbs of light floated out from within it's body.

    Inside one of the orbs was a sphere of blood, twice the size of Huang Ying's head. This sphere was obviously the Azure Dragon blood within the Kirin. Inside the other sphere was a completely round crystal, gold and blue colors swirling within it. The crystal was around the size of Huang Ying's head, this was clearly the Kirin's Demon Crystal.

    The Kirin cast one last look at Fang Shan before it returned it's eyes to the drop of blood floating in front of it. Silently closing it's eyes, the two orbs flew away from it's body, the Demon Crystal merging into Fang Shan's body, and the sphere of blood merging with Huang Ying.

    Huang Ying knew that now was not the time to devour this blood, so instead of devouring it, he surrounded the blood with his Qi and stored it next to the Qi Crystal in his dantian.

    The Demon Crystal was the crystallization of a Demonic beasts power, so once it lost it's Demon Crystal, the energy radiating from the Kirin quickly started dropping. Before all the energy vanished, the Kirin discharged the remaining energy within it's body, it's entire form slowly disintegrating.

    As the Kirin was disintegrating, a black crack suddenly appeared in the space next to Fang Shan and Xin Yang. While the crack appeared, a small blood colored seal floated out from within the disintegrating body of the Kirin.

    The seal looked like a large mass of snakes coiling around each other, gnawing at each others tails and heads, looking exceedingly sinister. The seal shot out, following the aura of the Azure Dragon towards Fang Shan. Before the seal managed to reach Fang Shan, the Azure Dragon shifted all it's aura into the drop of White Tiger blood that was floating in front of it.

    The seal immediately made a turn in the air, shooting back and towards that drop of blood. Once the seal merged with the drop of blood, the black crack next to Fang Shan and Xin Yang started fading.

    Seeing their exit fading, Xin Yang, Huang Ying and Fang Shan quickly made their way into the crack and out off the cave. Huang Ying cast one last glance backwards, but the body of the Kirin had already completed disintegrated at this time.

    After stepping into the crack, instead of finding themselves floating in empty space as they expected, they found themselves standing on a stone floor inside a large hall.

    “Are you okay?”

    Huang Ying turned his head and asked Fang Shan. Huang Ying had never had people he could call parents, even the person that raised him, Grandpa Chen, wasn't a person Huang Ying could consider family.

    Huang Ying did not know what it felt like to lose a family member, when he first ended up killing everyone in the town where he lived he ended up repressing the memories. When he finally regained those memories, he had already become so numb and accustomed to killing that it hardly affected him. Even when he learned that his Grandpa Chen had died did he rarely react.

    But Huang Ying was not some emotionless monster, he knew when something would hurt. So while he himself did not know what it felt like to lose a family member, he was certain that Fang Shan was in great pain right now.

    Facing this Fang Shan, Huang Ying was filled with a strange protective feeling, wanting to shield her from pain. Once he thought over this feeling a bit more, he realized that he had felt like this when he was facing Jing He as well. He could not put his finger on why he wanted to protect them, but since he wanted to do it, he was obviously going to do it with all his might.

    “No. But we prepared for this day long ago, so I can still manage for now.”

    Fang Shan was a very straightforward person, since she was not feeling well, she would say it honestly. But she and her father had prepared for this in advance, and this was also not the place or time to cry, so she would bear it for now. Once she was out of the ruins and had reached a safe place, then she could cry.

    Huang Ying nodded his head, since she said she could manage for now, there was no need to fuss over it right now, figuring out their current situation would be better. He turned his head and started to examine the hall around them.

    The hall was made out of grey stone, wide enough for at least 20 people to stand shoulder to shoulder. Raising his head, Huang Ying could see that there was no ceiling, only an empty black void. The path behind them was the same as the ceiling, an empty black void, only the path forward seemed to lead somewhere.

    The path ahead of them was very short, they only had to walk for a few minutes until they reached the end of the path. At the end of the path stood a large throne surrounded by seven statues.

    On the throne sat a tall and muscly middle-aged man clad in a majestic golden robe. His skin was tanned and rough, scars covering a large half of his face. Just by sitting there he released a heavy sense of power, but there were no signs of life coming from his body.

    Just as Huang Ying was about to examine the nine statues, the middle-aged man opened his eyes, a rugged mocking voice ringing out inside the hall.

    “So many years since my death, yet you still come to check up on me. Tell me, do you treat all 'traitors' this well?”
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    Chapter 82: Seven Dictators.

    The man's voice was dripping with sarcasm as he spoke the word traitor. He seemed like he was just about to say something else when his vision fell on Huang Ying and the others, his voice suddenly getting caught in his throat.

    “You aren't one of them. How did you get here?”

    The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes as he looked at them, confusion apparent in his eyes. Once his words sounded out, he seemed to remember something as he suddenly stood up and moved forward.

    Huang Ying and the others didn't even have the time to think before they felt a powerful hand land on their head. Once the hand landed on their heads, a strange energy invaded their bodies, quickly scanning everything within their body. Huang Ying even felt that the energy was scanning through their memories as it swept through their bodies.

    “Hoh? A descendant of that little horsey and the reincarnation of that black snake, and neither of you were picked up by any of those three bastards, seems like I have great luck.”

    After the middle-aged man spoke, the strange energy quickly left the bodies of Huang Ying and the others, returning to the middle-aged man. When the middle-aged man looked at them, his lips suffused into a smile, like he was looking at a great treasure.

    “No need to say anything, I can't exist like this for long, so let me stand for the talking. I will say this first, I am not going to force you to do anything, I am only going to tell you about this world. Whatever you choose to do after that is your own choice.”

    Seeing that Huang Ying wanted to ask something, the middle-aged man waved his hand, cutting of Huang Ying before he managed to say anything. Seeing this, Huang Ying could only obediently shut his mouth and listen.

    “Let's start by talking a bit about how this universe was born. At first there was only Chaos. Chaos gave birth to Yin and Yang, then Time and Space were born. Yin and Yang absorbed all of Chaos to give birth to Water, Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Metal. These nine elements, Yin, Yang, Time, Space, Ice, Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Metal, then slowly created the universe and everything within it.”

    “Because everything was created by them, everything in this universe contains traces of these nine elements. Some have stronger traces or mixed traces, giving birth to different kinds of powers. Wind for example is a lower form of lightning.”

    When the middle-aged man spoke up to here, he pointed at Xin Yang, explaining how his Wind Element was born from the Lightning Element.

    “These nine elements exist everywhere, but they don't interfere in anything, or rather, they can't. That is how it was supposed to be at least. This planet we live on is different. This planet was created shortly after the birth of the universe, giving birth to a slight mutation.”

    “Instead of the nine elements simply existing everywhere, the nine elements on this planet gave birth to personalities, which in turn gave birth to bodies. Of course, these nine elements that gave birth to personalities are mere traces of the actual primordial elements that created this universe, merely containing a trace of their power.”

    “But that trace of power is still enough to rule over this planet like dictators. They think of themselves as the personifications of the nine elements, and that this gives them the right to rule over this world and decide everything.”

    The middle-aged man ground his teeth as he spoke, hatred apparent within his voice. From what he said, Huang Ying slowly started to understand what both the Kirin as well as the memories of the previous incarnations of Baku were talking about.

    “The humans of this planet are not even allowed to leave this planet to explore the universe, trapped on this planet to forever follow their words. Anyone who goes against their word or does something that they don't like is murdered. We humans are nothing but ants to them, ants they direct in a debauched play where they indulge in their delusions of grandeur.”

    “You have heard about them before. Yin became the Great God of Death. Yang became the Great God of Life. Time became the Great God of Reincarnation. Ice became the White Tiger, Lightning Became the Azure Dragon, Earth became the Black Turtle, Fire became the Phoenix. These seven elements are the ones who rule this planet like dictators.”

    “The last two elements, Metal and Space, did not linger on this planet. Once they gave birth to bodies, they left this planet to explore the universe, even I have never seen what type of bodies they gave birth to.”

    While the middle-aged man spoke, he pointed to the seven statues surrounding his throne, stopping on two open spots. The Metal and Space element clearly did not have an interest in ruling this world like dictators.

    “I was never satisfied with the people of this planet being under the complete control of these seven elements. They even gave themselves these grandiose names. Four Guardian Beasts, Three Great Gods? How arrogant. I once had a great stroke of luck and met a traveler, someone who came from another planet and visited this one.”

    “His name was Huang Jie, thanks to his help, I managed to leave this planet with a group of friends. After leaving the planet, we all went our separate ways, trying to find ways to gain enough strength to free our home planet from the grip of these seven dictators.”

    Speaking up to here, the middle-aged man couldn't help but sigh as he was reminiscing. How grandiose weren't they back then, touring the entire universe, gathering allies and exploring strange planets, all so that they could free their own home.

    “Once we felt that we had grown strong enough, we gathered together and brought all the friends we had made in our travels and attacked this planet, hoping to kill the seven dictators.”

    “Sadly, we overestimated our own power. While the seven dictators only held trace amounts of the power belonging to the true nine elements, it was still enough to defeat us. We managed to wound and weaken the Four Guardian Beasts, forcing them to hide away. But once the Three Great Gods entered the fray, we were all beaten and killed.”

    “They labeled us as traitors and sealed away our corpses, placing so many seals on our tombs that not even the trace amounts of Will we had left behind could leave the tomb.”

    The middle-aged man gestured with his hand to the empty tomb around him. When he waved his hand, the seven statues around the throne lit up with golden inscriptions. The inscriptions shot out from the statues and coiled around the middle-aged man like shackles.

    “Now you know the truth about this planet and it's so called gods. What you do with this knowledge is up to you, all I ever wanted was for the people of this planet to have the right to make their own choices.”

    The middle-aged man shook his head and spoke with a sigh. All he wanted was for the freedom to do what he wanted, and for the people of this planet to have that very same freedom. Sadly, he did not manage to kill those seven dictators and free this planet. All he could do now was let others know the truth and hope that they would someday manage to complete what he could not.

    “Senior. You mentioned that all nine of the elements on this planet gave birth to bodies, but you never mentioned which element Baku was born from.”

    When the middle-aged man finally finished talking, Huang Ying could not help but ask. The middle-aged man had mentioned all nine elements, but he had never mentioned anything about Baku.

    He mentioned that he had never seen the bodies that the Metal and Space element had created, but Baku did not seem to belong to those two elements. Baku was also capable of killing the Four Guardian Beasts and the Three Great Gods, so Huang Ying did not think that the element Baku belonged to would be on the same level as the element that they belonged to.

    “That is because I don't know. Baku was not born from any of the nine elements that existed as the universe was created. Not even Huang Jie managed to find out which element Baku was born from.”

    In response to Huang Ying's question, the middle-aged man's eyes lit up as he answered. While he was still alive, Huang Jie had told him that Baku was not born from any of the elements that was present during the creation of the universe, but not even he managed to find out which element Baku belonged to.
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    Chapter 83: Fusing the bloodlines.

    “You can absorb the blood that you got from that little horsey here, absorbing that blood should push you into the Xiantian Realm, absorbing it here is safest.”

    The middle-aged man waved his hand, a small beam of light shooting into Huang Ying's dantian, dragging out the blood of the Azure Dragon that he had stored away. The blood floated up in front of Huang Ying, hovering in front of his body while the middle-aged man looked on in interest.

    While it was true that this was the safest place to absorb the blood, there was another reason he was making Huang Ying break through to the Xiantian Realm here. His remnant Will had been imprisoned in this tomb ever since they lost that war countless years ago, but he still had his ways of getting information from the outside world.

    From the information he had gotten, there had never been a Baku that had devoured and absorbed the blood of the Four Guardian Beasts or the Three Great Gods. This meant that Huang Ying was likely the first person that had the blood of several of the Four Guardian Beasts. If this blood mixed together into a single whole, what sort of monstrosity would be born?”

    “Absorb this while you are absorbing the blood of the Azure Dragon, it will guide your other bloodlines and allow them to fuse into a single bloodline.”

    The middle-aged man stretched out his hand, the Qi within his body surging and seething, gathering in his index finger. After the Qi gathered in his finger and condensed, a single rainbow colored drop of blood appeared at the tip of his finger. With a flick of his wrist, the blood flew forward and floated next to the blood of the Azure Dragon.

    “What is this? Do I really need this?”

    Huang Ying looked at that single drop of blood with suspicion. He did not sense any hostility from the middle-aged man in front of him, but absorbing something he did not know what was, how could he know that it was safe?

    “It seems like you are a bit naive.”

    The middle-aged man chuckled at Huang Ying's words and waved his hand once more. When the middle-aged man waved his hand, Huang Ying's entire body stiffened, a strong pressure pushing down on his throat and chest, completely stopping him from breathing.

    “If I wanted to kill you, it would be as easy as waving my hand, why would I bother with such a worthless scheme?”

    While Huang Ying was choking, the man chuckled and waved his hand, the pressure immediately disappearing. Huang Ying couldn't help but look at the middle-aged man with some trepidation.

    The middle-aged man was indeed correct, there was no point in him using such a scheme on Huang Ying, a simple wave of his hand was enough to remove Huang Ying from the face of this earth. At the same time, Huang Ying also understood the underlying meaning in the middle-aged man's words. You will absorb this drop of blood or I will kill you.

    “Seems like I have no choice then.”

    After a short moment of silence, Huang Ying couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh as he muttered. He did not want to die now, so all he could do was hope that there truly wasn't anything dangerous about that drop of blood.

    Since he had made up his mind, there was no longer any point in hesitating. He sat down, crossed his legs and reached out with his hand, black light gathering within his palm. When the black light made contact with the sphere of blood and the drop of blood, both were devoured, quickly coursing throughout Huang Ying's body.

    While the blood was coursing through his body, a large surge of Qi started sweeping through his body,rushing into the Qi crystal in his dantian. When the Qi entered his Qi crystal, the Qi crystal immediately started cracking, small bits and pieces falling off.

    If it were a normal time, Huang Ying would be worried about his Qi crystal shattering, but to enter the Xiantian Builder stage, one would first have to shatter their Qi crystal and use the pieces to build a World Core.

    While the non-human bloodlines in his body were congregating together, Huang Ying had completely shattered his Qi crystal. Besides the pieces of the Qi crystal floating around in his dantian, the only other thing visible was four small glowing orbs of Qi.

    One of the orbs was completely black, one was a pure white, one was a fiery red, and the last one was a brilliant blue. These four orbs were the four different elements of Qi that Huang Ying had.

    The red, white, and black ones were his Devouring, Ice, and Fire Elements that he had gotten earlier, while the blue one was the element he gained from devouring the blood of the Azure Dragon. The Lightning Element.

    Huang Ying used his mind to slowly gather up the pieces of his Qi crystal that were floating around, gathering them around those four glowing orbs. The pieces of the Qi crystal had lost all of their luster, turning a dull black.

    When the pieces started gathering together, once they came in contact with each other they would start melting, each piece fusing with each other, turning from crystal into rock. After spending some time fusing together different pieces, a black, fist sized rock had appeared in his dantian, the four glowing orbs of Qi surrounding it like suns.

    This rock was his World Core. In the future, he would have to nurture this World Core, turning it into a true planet to continue his cultivation. Once the World Core had been nurtured into a true planet, the next step was to create life on the planet. Once he managed to create life on the planet, he would have reached the next realm in cultivation.

    While more and more pieces of his Qi crystal were approaching the World Core, the bloodlines within his body were also starting to fuse together. Huang Ying turned his attention onto the fusing bloodlines, keeping an especially close eye on that drop of blood that the middle-aged man had made him absorb.

    When he saw that the rainbow colored drop of blood was only surrounding the various bloodlines, slowly guiding them as they were fusing, he breathed a sigh of relief. Just as Huang Ying breathed a sigh of relief, his Baku blood started fusing with his White Tiger blood, and an anomaly appeared.

    When the two bloodlines started fusing, a terrifying aura spread from the place where the two different bloodlines were fusing. While the aura was spreading within his body, a loud roar sounded out within his mind.

    The roar caused every bone within his body to vibrate and his bloodlines to tremble, even his Baku blood was trembling, like it was prostrating in awe. After the roar rang out, a gravely and hoarse voice that sounded like it came from the ancient past rang out in his mind.

    “My child who feasts on the blood of the Primordial Elements, once more you have appeared in this universe. And once more I will attempt to give you my power, to allow you to return balance to all and reign supreme.”
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    Chapter 84: Cycle of creation and destruction.

    “Your power? What is your power? Who are you?”

    As the voice rang out, while Huang Ying was shocked and even slightly trembling in fear, he also felt a strange sense of comfort from the voice. His entire body eased up, all tension escaping from him. Listening to the voice was like listening to the voice of a long lost friend.

    “I am all that once was, and all that will ever be. My power is the power to do whatever you want, to never have to hide away from anyone, to never have anyone be taken away from you while all you can do is watch.”

    While the voice sounded out within Huang Ying's mind, it also brought with it the memories of him being forced to flee into The Wilderness, the memories of the moment Jing He was taken away and all he could do was watch as he writhed in the dirt. It seemed like whoever the owner of the voice was had rummaged through his memories before talking to him.

    “What is the price?”

    Huang Ying did not believe that there was such a nice thing as a free lunch. To get power, one would always have to pay a price, the stronger the power, the heavier the price.

    “Your peace. If you accept my power, until the day you manage to completely restore my power, you will never have peace, the universe will not allow it. Strife will find you time and time again, even if you do nothing. But in return, I will give you a power that will let you reign supreme.”

    The voice rang out again, causing Huang Ying to descend into a short silence as he was weighing his options. Whenever the voice rang out, he could feel a terrifying power course through his body, this could only mean that the owner of the voice is far stronger than him.

    Since the owner of the voice was far stronger than him, while it was giving him the option of accepting it's power, what it would do if he rejected was uncertain. Since it was like this, Huang Ying had no choice but to realize that he would have to accept this power. Besides, power to do whatever he wanted was exactly what he was looking for.

    “Why must I complete your power?”

    Despite realizing that he would have to accept, Huang Ying still wanted to at least get a bit more information before accepting.

    “My brother has reigned supreme for far too long, slowly draining my power. To complete my power, you must either feast on the blood of the nine Primordial Elements, or feast on the blood of my brother. Do you accept?”

    The voice rang out again, as it mentioned the nine Primordial Elements, the memory of him meeting the White Tiger flashed past his eyes. Clearly, when it meant that he had to feast on the Primordial Elements, it meant the actual versions of them, or at least the most pure versions of them.

    While the White Tiger only had a small trace of the Primordial Elements power, it was still power from the Primordial Elements. Since it only showed the White Tiger, he could also guess that he would have to devour the actual ones, not just those that held some of their blood. So the Kirin and the Vermilion Bird would not be enough, he would have to devour the Azure Dragon and the Phoenix for it to be enough.

    “I accept.”

    After a short silence, Huang Ying nodded his head and responded. He would have to accept no matter what, lest the owner of that voice decided to kill him if he rejected. He would have to hunt down the Four Guardian Beasts, the Three Great Gods, and the two remaining elements that left this planet, maybe even hunt down more than just them.

    But despite this, Huang Ying found that he was surprisingly excited. He had nothing else, all he wanted was the power to do whatever he wanted. Now that he had a purpose in life, he found that it felt rather enjoyable to have something he need to do.

    “Then so be it, let balance return to everything once more, let all creation tremble under your footsteps.”

    The voice rang out once more, the Baku blood within his body suddenly trembling fiercely. After trembling for a short while, a strong and ancient force radiated out from it. The drop of blood from the middle-aged man as well as the other non-human bloodlines within his body were swiftly pulled towards and into his Baku blood, even Little Flame was completely devoured by his Baku blood.

    After devouring all the other bloodlines within his body, the blood started coursing throughout his entire body, quickly filling every corner of his body with that ancient force. A part of the blood even flowed into his dantian, surrounding his World Core and the black sun that represented his Devouring Element.

    While the blood was coursing through his body, Huang Ying's consciousness felt a strong pull, everything quickly turning dark. When Huang Ying regained his vision, he found himself in a pitch black space.

    The black space was almost completely empty, only a strange white fog drifting around. As he looked at the white fog, it suddenly split into three, one black orb, one white orb and a small white person with indistinct features.

    The small white person waved his hand and the two orbs smashed into each other, exploding into seven pieces. One of the pieces was a small bird with beautiful silver feathers. The bird let loose a screech before vanishing, and the entire black space started slowly expanding.

    Another piece was in the shape of a grey wheel. The wheel started spinning, slowly melting into the black space. As the wheel melted into the black space, Huang Ying could feel the time inside the black space slowly speeding up.

    The last four pieces were in the shape of animals. A massive bird of fire, a dragon made from lightning, a tiger made of ice, a turtle made out of earth, and a behemoth made out of metal.

    Looking at these beasts, feeling the awe inspiring power that they were radiating, Huang Ying couldn't help but wonder if these were the true embodiments of the Primordial Elements, the progenitors of all elements and creation.

    These four beasts each broke up into tiny pieces that started floating around in the black space. When the pieces crashed into each other, they would start forming planets and galaxies.

    When the planets started forming, Huang Ying realized what he was seeing, the birth of the universe. Before his very eyes, a universe was being born. Huang Ying continued floating there and watching as the white person waved his hand, the universe evolving with each wave of his hands.

    After watching for what felt like an eternity, the universe had completely formed and experienced countless years. The white person was still standing in the spot where he was first born, overlooking the growth of the entire universe. Whenever the white person waved his hand, something was born.

    While Huang Ying was observing, the entire universe suddenly started trembling. As the universe was trembling, a massive black three eyed serpent appeared. The serpent was a deep black, looking like a scar in the very fabric of the universe.

    While Huang Ying was looking at this serpent, he could feel an ancient energy radiating from it, the same energy that Huang Ying felt from the voice that rang out within his mind. The same energy that started radiating from his Baku blood after he accepted the power of the voice. Clearly, this massive serpent was the one who offered him it's power.

    The massive serpent overlooked the entire universe for a short while. After overlooking the entire universe, the black serpent opened it's maw and swept through the entire universe, swallowing everything. The last thing it swallowed was the white person that had orchestrated the birth of the universe.

    After swallowing everything, the black serpent coiled up and stopped moving. After the black serpent stopped moving, it's entire body slowly turned into a white fog that occupied the entire black space. After the entire black serpent turned into white fog, the white fog once more separated into three, turning into a white person, a black orb, and a white orb, the cycle of creation and destruction repeating once more.
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    Chapter 85: Primordial element of destruction.

    After the cycle of Creation and Destruction repeated in what seemed like and endless cycle, Huang Ying's consciousness returned to his body, a large sea of information flooding into his mind. He didn't even need to check this information to find out about the power he had just been given, from what he had just seen, he could easily guess what power he had just been given an which element Baku had been the embodiment of, Destruction.

    When Huang Ying tried to fuse his Baku blood with the White Tiger blood, two bloodlines that both held a trace of power from the Primordial Elements, he awakened the strength of destruction that slumbered within the Baku blood.

    The Primordial Element of Chaos, also known as Creation, got into an argument with the Primordial Element of Destruction. The Element of Creation wanted to stop the cycle of Birth and Destruction, creating a single universe that would last forever, while the Element of Destruction argued that nothing could last forever, choosing to continue the cycle of Birth and Destruction.

    After not getting anywhere with their argument, the Element of Creation united with the other Primordial Elements to seal away the strength of the Element of Destruction, each sealing a small part of it within themselves.

    The only reason the Element of Destruction still existed was because the Primordial Element of Destruction hid a small trace of it's power on a recently created planet, allowing it to form an embodiment of it's own.

    After having it's power sealed, the Element of Destruction could do nothing but wait for someone that somehow not only managed to obtain that trace of power it had hid away, but also some power from another Primordial Element, allowing it to completely awaken as the Primordial Element of Destruction. It's wait did not end up being fruitless, as it had finally found someone that managed to do just that.

    As Huang Ying was going through the information, he also noticed that some of the information did not match what he had learned from the middle-aged man. After thinking about it for a short while, he wrote it up as the middle-aged man simply adding some of his own theories to the information he told Huang Ying.

    After going through all the information, Huang Ying turned his vision back into his body to check on his current condition. The first thing he noticed was the change that happened to his dantian.

    Before he accepted the power of the Primordial Element of Destruction, the World Core in his dantian was in the shape of a round, black, fist sized rock surrounded by four suns, one black, one white, one red, and one blue.

    Now, the World Core had broken, half of it falling off and vanishing, leaving behind a crescent moon shaped World. It was still surrounded by four suns, but the black sun that stood for the Devouring Element had changed.

    While it was still the same black as his Devouring Element, it kept on flickering, sometimes changing into a deeper black, a black that made it look like it was a hole in the very fabric of space. Huang Ying knew that this meant that his Devouring Element had also turned into the Destruction Element.

    While they were similar, the main difference was that if he used the devouring element, he would absorb whatever he devoured. This worked very well against everything that was living, as he would slightly strengthen his body and life force by devouring theirs.

    But if he used the Destruction Element, he would completely erase whatever it was he destroyed, removing it from existence completely. He would not absorb anything from it, but it worked better for things that were not alive or too strong for him to devour.

    Huang Ying also knew that the reason his World Core had turned into a crescent moon shape was because his Destruction Element was not complete. Only once he managed to devour the power of the Nine Primordial Elements, or the power of Creation, would his World Core become whole.

    While he could use the Destruction Element now, until his World Core was complete, he would not be able to use the full strength of the Destruction Element. This was why the Primordial Element of Destruction had told him that he needed to completely restore it's power.

    After giving the area in his dantian one last look, Huang Ying turned his vision onto the rest of his body. Instead of the five bloodlines his body used to have, there were now only two bloodlines left. His human blood and the fusion of all his other bloodlines.

    Huang Ying did not know what to call this new bloodline, so he simply decided to call it Destruction Bloodline. Since it was a fusion between his past bloodlines as well as the Element of Destruction, the power boost it would give him when he burned it was much stronger than his past bloodlines. Of course this also meant that the strain on his body would be larger as well.

    While he was checking out his new bloodline, he also checked up on Little Flame. While his Destruction Bloodline had devoured Little Flame while it was fusing all his bloodlines, it was only so that it could strengthen it. Since Little Flame contained all his bloodlines, it would obviously also get strengthened.

    The new Little Flame looked almost identical as it did before it was strengthened, the biggest difference being that it's feathers had turned an even darker black, approaching the same black as Huang Ying's Destruction Element. It had also grown larger in size. While it used to only be about two palms tall, it had now grown in size to almost a meter tall, with a wingspan of almost two meters.

    While it did not look much different, Huang Ying knew that it had gained one other thing in addition to the increase in strength, the ability to change it's shape. While it was currently in the shape of a black phoenix, it could now change it's shape, taking on the shape and power of every Demonic beast whose bloodlines it had.

    This meant that while it now looked like a black phoenix and used fire attacks, if Huang Ying needed to, he could have it change into a small Azure Dragon and use lightning attacks, or a small White Tiger and use ice attacks. He could even have it change into a black serpent and use the devouring and destruction elements.

    After checking everything within his body once more, and also going over all the information once more, Huang Ying let out a long breath and opened his eyes. Since he had accepted this destruction element, odds were that the holder of the creation element would come look for him at some point, meaning that he now had another reason to quickly grow stronger.
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    Chapter 86: Three lists.

    When Huang Ying opened his eyes again, all traces of aura vanished from his body. He seemed just like a completely normal human, but his aura was only hidden deep within his body, making it impossible for others to know about his cultivation level.

    This was not something Huang Ying did consciously, but rather something that happened when he acquired the destruction element. All of his aura was gathered around his World Core, looking as if it was doing it's best to hold the entire thing together.

    The middle-aged man sat on the throne not far ahead of Huang Ying, looking at him with a faint smile. Xin Yang and Fang Shan still stood at one side, silently transmitting their voices into each others ears, discussing the current situation.

    “It seems like you have managed to increase your cultivation level safely, and even grown quite a bit stronger.”

    The first one to break the silence was the middle-aged man. His eyes scanned Huang Ying's body, but even he found it troublesome to detect Huang Ying's aura at this moment. At best he was only capable of feeling some traces of it hiding deep within his body.

    “Merely a small improvement, nothing worth mentioning.”

    Huang Ying gave a polite smile as he spoke, he had no interest in explaining too much about it. The middle-aged man might have threatened to kill him if he did not absorb that drop of blood he gave him earlier, but that only meant that he was expecting something from Huang Ying. Now that Huang Ying had absorbed that drop of blood, there odds of the middle-aged man killing him were much smaller.

    “You can leave now, there is no longer a need for you to waste more time here with an old man like me.”

    The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes when he heard Huang Ying's dismissive reply, but his face quickly changed, his mouth curving into a pleasant smile as he changed the subject. The middle-aged man simply changed the subject too fast, there was no way Huang Ying would not be suspicious, but before Huang Ying had the time to react, the middle-aged man made his move.

    The middle-aged man waved his hand, causing the space around Huang Ying, Xin Yang, and Fang Shan to coagulate. The space around them quickly turned viscous, restraining their body and causing them to be unable to move. After their bodies were completely restrained by the viscous space, the world in front of their eyes turned black. When they opened their eyes again, they found themselves standing on a small hill not far away from the place where Huang Ying first entered the ruins.

    After he sent the three of them out of the ruins, the middle-aged man looked at the spot where Huang Ying stood earlier, the smile on his face growing wider. After sitting there in silence for a short while, he burst out in a hysteric laughter, the sound of his laughter echoing throughout the hall around him.

    “With the drop of blood containing my aura mixed into your body, there is no way that those seven bastards will leave you alone. Even if you don't want to fight them, they will come for you, and you will be forced to fight them.”

    “With the blood of Baku and even the soul of the Dark King residing within his body, I wonder how you seven bastards will deal with this new sword of mine.”

    As the middle-aged man thought about how he had managed to produce another sword to point at the Seven Dictators despite being dead for so many years, his laughter only grew in intensity. After spending a bit of time laughing, he managed to calm himself down again, his Remnant Will returning to the slumber it had been in before Huang Ying entered his tomb.

    While the middle-aged man was laughing in his tomb, Huang Ying and the others stood on the hill and were slightly confused. They did not expect the middle-aged man to simply cut it short and just send them out like that. Despite spending some time discussing and thinking about it, they could not come up with anything, so they could only drop it for now.

    Even if they figured out what the middle-aged man was planning, what good would it do? A simple wave of his hand would be enough to kill them, whatever he was planning, they had no choice but to follow it, no matter how unwilling they were.

    “In another year's time, the Seven Overlords will open a spatial passageway to allow some juniors to enter a place called the Immortal's Garden, the abode of an ancient cultivator. Only people who haven't reached the Immortal Ascension realm can enter, so the Seven Overlords use this garden to temper and train some of their more promising juniors. I need to return to my clan and partake in the selection process to enter, so I have to return now. What will you two do?”

    Xin Yang was the first one to change the subject. The Immortal's Garden could only be opened once ever five years, so none of the Seven Overlords were willing to miss this chance. Xin Yang had gotten almost nothing in the Vast Plains Ruin, so he was not willing to miss this chance to enter the Immortal's Garden.

    “There should still be a city by the name of Golden Auction City a few days walk away from here, specialized in selling ores and other rare materials, correct?”

    Fang Shan rolled her eyes for a bit before she spoke and pointed towards the west. Even though she had spent her entire life inside the ruins, she had still made contact with some of the people that tried to explore the ruins, learning a few things about the outside world.

    “Yes, Golden Auction City lies around five days walk to the west, is there anything you need there?”

    Xin Yang fondled his chin for a short moment before he nodded his head, there was indeed a city by the name of Golden Auction City a few days walk away from this spot. It was a popular place to sell items as the auctions held there never asked about the identity of the seller, or where they had acquired the item.

    “I need some ores and other materials to upgrade my weapons, otherwise they will end up lagging behind once I start absorbing the energy from the Demon Crystal.”

    Fang Shan had been given the Demon Crystal belonging to her father, the Kirin. If she trained normally, her weapons would grow stronger as she did, but since she was going to absorb the energy within the Demon Crystal, her cultivation would increase too fast. This would make it highly likely that her weapons would become too weak if she did not upgrade them using ores and other materials.

    “Alright. What about you Brother Ying?”

    Xin Yang nodded his head before turning to Huang Ying. He would like to travel alongside Huang Ying a bit more, maybe even surprise Jing He by bringing him to meet her. But he also knew that Huang Ying had his own plans, so he needed to first check what he himself was planning.

    “I'll follow her first before I head towards the center region, there are some materials I still need as well.”

    Huang Ying spent a short moment thinking before responding. Following Xin Yang was very tempting, it would probably even let him see Jing He earlier, but he eventually chose not to follow him back.

    One of the reasons was that the Golden Auction City sounded like a place where Huang Ying could get his hands on the materials he needed to forge himself a weapon, the same weapon he had seen the king of Blue Dragon City use.

    Another reason was that even if he followed Xin Yang back now, the odds of him getting to actually meet and stay with Jing He were minimal. He had just entered the Xiantian Realm, he had barely started cultivating. But the two guards that came to pick up Jing He in the past were both capable of flight, which was a testament to how high their cultivation was. If two people like this were sent to pick her up, it was obvious how high her standing in the Jing clan was.

    “I see, that's a shame. Take these. Using these badges, you can take the entry test for Eastern Wind Academy at any time. If you decide to join, you can just find me then. These badges can also be used to contact me, just infuse them with a bit of your Qi and whatever message you want to transmit, and the message will arrive at my own badge.”

    Xin Yang sighed and took out two green badges from his interspatial ring. The badges were shaped like shields and were deep green in color, a wavy symbol engraved on the front, with the words Eastern Wind engraved at the bottom.

    Xin Yang not only gave them these badges in hopes that they would come find him in the future, but also to hopefully have them join the Eastern Wind Academy. The Eastern Wind and First Dawn Academies were both weaker than the Eternal Flame Academy and the Four Clans. If Huang Ying and Fang Shan both joined the Eastern Wind Academy, with their potential, they could very well be what elevated the Eastern Winds Academy up to the same status as the Four Clans.

    Huang Ying and Fang Shan both took the badge and looked at it for a short second before storing them away in their interspatial ring. They had no interest in joining any academies right now, but having the option in the future was always better than having nothing.

    “Take these too, memorize the names and faces of everyone on those three lists.”

    Xin Yang seemed to have remembered something as he brought out three jade slips. The jade slips were a translucent green, without anything written on them. These jade slips were a normal way of storing information in the cultivation world.

    One could use their Qi to write down information within these jade slips, allowing the information to remain inside for as long as the jade existed. One only had to insert a bit of their Qi and mind into the jade slip to have the information transmitted into their mind.

    “Memorize them?”

    Huang Ying grabbed one of the jade slips, Fang Shan grabbing the other two. Inspecting the jade slip, Huang Ying couldn't help but raise his eyebrow. Inside the jade slip were 100 different names and pictures. Each one with a number and a bit of information next to the picture.

    “Indeed, these three lists are called the Rising Dragon List, the Flying Dragon List, and the Divine Dragon List. The Rising Dragon List is a list of the 100 strongest Yin-Yang Formation cultivators. The Flying Dragon List is a list of the 100 strongest Immortal Ascension cultivators, while the Divine Dragon List is a list of the 100 strongest Deity Heart cultivators. None of the people on this list are people you want to offend.”
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    Chapter 87: Heaven's Secrets Company.

    Hearing his words, Huang Ying couldn't help but be astonished. Lists ranking the top 100 experts of the varying cultivation levels? After Xiantian Builder came the Yin Yang Formation realm, after that came the Immortal Ascension realm, then the Deity Heart realm, and finally, the Sovereign realm.

    People who managed to reach the Sovereign realm were considered gods on this planet. People who weren't educated believed that the element a person was born with was a blessing given to them by someone who had reached the Sovereign realm with that element.

    Huang Ying quickly went through all three lists, memorizing every name and face. As he went through the three lists, he couldn't help but exclaim when he saw how detailed the information about most of the people on the lists was. It detailed not just their element, but also their equipment and favored fighting style, even some of their attacks.

    “Why do they all have these weird nicknames.”

    Fang Shan spoke out as she was going through the lists, a slightly amused expression on her face. Huang Ying had also noticed it as he went through the lists. For example, the one who was ranked first on the Rising Dragon List was called 'Blooming Lotus Dai Hui.' while the second ranked one was called 'Universe Hand Song Xue' and the third ranked one was called 'Dark Dawn Tang Ling.'

    “Their nicknames are given to them by the Heaven's Secrets Company. They are also the ones who create these lists. The nicknames are based on a mixture of their personalities, looks, as well as their techniques and elements.”

    Xin Yang shrugged his shoulder as he spoke. Nicknames were commonly given to people when they reached a certain level of power and fame, they served as titles of sort, allowing people to know exactly who they were dealing with.

    “Heaven's Secrets Company?”

    Huang Ying tilted his head as he repeated Xin Yang's words. He had never heard about this Heaven's Secrets Company, not even in all the memories of the people he had devoured. A company that was capable of creating such detailed lists was surely a behemoth.

    “The Heaven's Secrets Company is the name of a company that deals in basically everything. It's hands are capable of reaching every part of this continent, it can even reach places outside of this continent.”

    “Heaven's Secrets Company is the name it uses in the center region, but it has a myriad of different names that it uses in different locations. If you find any companies that are called either Waning Moon or Misty Moon, they are subordinates of the Heaven's Secrets Company.”

    Hearing Xin Yang's words, Huang Ying finally realized. Since it was dealing with basically everything, it would obviously have a few different aliases for when it was doing things that were less than legal.

    The Waning Moon that Huang Ying contacted while he was in Cloud's End dealt in assassinations for example. While the Misty Moon House he contacted while in Yellow Winds Town dealt in information purchasing and selling. Now it seemed like both of these places belonged to the same company.

    Xin Yang did not continue to stay around after he handed out the two badges and the three lists. He took out another jade badge and inserted some Qi into it, transmitting some information back to his clan, before cupping his hands to Huang Ying and Fang Shan and leaving.

    In truth, the reason Xin Yang left so fast was because he was feeling the pressure. When Huang Ying was only at the 9th heaven, he was capable of killing the king of Blue Dragon City, a Demonic beast at the late stage of the Xiantian Realm.

    Even though the king was not someone with any profound strength, he was still someone at the late stage of the Xiantian Realm. Fang Shan had also reached the Xiantian Realm, but he himself was still only at the 9th heaven. Xin Yang did not show it, but he was still a prideful person, even if he could not exceed Huang Ying and Fang Shan, he at least wanted to be their equal.

    After Xin Yang left, Huang Ying and Fang Shan had no reason to wait around either. When they left the ruins, it was just around noon, so there was no point in waiting around before heading towards Golden Auction City.

    “So what are you going to do?”

    As the two of them were walking in the direction that Xin Yang had pointed out, Huang Ying turned his head towards Fang Shan as he spoke.

    “What do you mean?”

    Fang Shan cocked her head in confusion in response to Huang Ying's words.

    “You seemed rather eager to leave the ruins, I don't imagine it was just to experience the sights of the outside world. What drives you to keep moving forward?”

    Huang Ying did not believe that Fang Shan wanted to leave the ruins simply to explore the outside world, she seemed far too driven for something like that. Since they had nothing better to do, he figured that he might as well get to know her better.

    “No, I don't really have much of an interest in the outside world, I wanted to leave so that I could find and kill the Azure Dragon.”

    Fang Shan shook her head as she spoke, her eyes gleaming with hatred as she spoke about the Azure Dragon.

    “Kill the Azure Dragon?”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but be slightly surprised, he did not expect her reason for wanting to leave to be something that extreme. One had to know that not even the middle-aged man inside the ruins, who had reached an unfathomable level of power, was capable of killing the Azure Dragon.

    “My father was not the first one to stand and guard the seal, there were several before him. When each one reached the end of their life, a part of their power and flesh would be separated from them, forming a new body that could guard the seal.”

    “The Azure Dragon allowed the other Guardian Beasts to seal one of his own descendants inside those ruins. Because of him, my father and everyone before him was sealed inside those ruins for countless years, forced to just wait for their death, when their children would take over for them. My father never even got to leave that cave. For that, I will kill him, for that, I will never stop moving forward.”

    Fang Shan's face twisted into a disdainful expression as she spoke. The Azure Dragon had let it's own descendants be sealed into those ruins, just to keep a bit of Remnant Will sealed away. For something as tiny as that, he had deprived his own descendants of their freedom.

    “What about you?”

    After she finished speaking, Fang Shan turned her head and returned the question to Huang Ying. She was actually rather interested in Huang Ying. He seemed afraid of dying, but at the same time, he was reckless enough to carry a dismissive attitude in front of the middle-aged man inside the ruins.


    Huang Ying couldn't help but raise his eyebrow at her question.

    “Yeah, you. Is there even anything driving you forward?”

    Fang Shan gave a short nod and looked closely at Huang Ying. From what she had seen from him so far, he seemed more like a person that went with the flow rather than a person that planned ahead in an attempt to accomplish a goal.

    “Of course there is, everyone has something that drives them forward.”

    Huang Ying gave a short chuckle, but didn't continue his sentence.

    “Then what is it that drives you?”

    Fang Shan stopped walking and rolled her eyes for a short moment before firmly staring at Huang Ying. Since he had made her talk about her own motivation, there was no way that she would let him get away without talking about his.

    “Have you ever felt like you are something different from what you really are?”

    Huang Ying raised his arms in defeat upon seeing her staring at him so firmly. He took a short minute to collect his thoughts before he spoke out, asking her another question.


    Fang Shan couldn't help but tilt her head in confusion, not quite able to understand exactly what he meant.

    “Something different than what you used be. Like if you suddenly woke up one day and found out that you were a human, or a sentient plant.”

    Huang Ying specified it a bit more, even giving an example.

    “No, why?”

    Fang Shan finally understood what he meant and shook her head. At the same time, she was now even more confused. How could people ever feel like they were something different than what they used to be? What would something like that even feel like?

    “I once did, even now I still feel it at times. One day, I awakened my power and killed everything around me, leaving me with nothing, not even my humanity. At that time, despite the carnage I caused, I felt nothing. Not long after, I even used a living person as a test subject to better understand my newfound power. After that I proceeded to kill several people, for the simple fact that they had something that I wanted.”

    As Huang Ying spoke, his face had a complicated expression. He had become completely numb to killing others, something like that no longer fazed him. But the fact that he had become so numb to that, to the point where he was capable of murdering droves of people in Yellow Winds Town without blinking, he had to admit that it slightly scared him.

    “At that time, I didn't even feel like myself anymore, I felt like I was just some monster, an abomination. Hell, I didn't even feel alive at that time.”

    That was one of the reasons Huang Ying was rather fond of fighting. His blood boiled whenever he was in the heat of a fight, he felt alive. Huang Ying never said it, but the thought of not being human anymore scared him. After he awakened his power and devoured the entire town, being human was the only thing he had left. But even that had started slowly slipping away from him as he grew stronger.

    “But then I met her. She was annoying and noisy, and she never stopped complaining. But whenever I was with her, I felt like myself, I felt human again. Then she was taken away from me, showing me just how weak I was, how worthless the arrogance I had built up really was. I just want the strength to be able to stand next to her and feel human again, without having to worry about anyone taking it away from me. That it was drives me forward.”

    When Huang Ying spoke up to this point, his face couldn't help but turn gentler as he was reminiscing about the past. It had been less than a year ago, but so much had happened since then that it felt like it had happened ages ago.

    He missed the simplicity of those days. There was no large knife looming over him, he could just travel and train as he did so, slowly looking for where the Four Guardian Beasts were sealed if he felt like it.

    Now he was being hunted by an unknown enemy, the holder of the creation element could start hunting him at any time, and he had to kill the Four Guardian Beasts and the Three Great Gods just to gain the strength to protect himself.

    Huang Ying preferred the peace and simplicity that he had in the past, but he also knew that he needed strength to preserve that peace and simplicity. Once he became stronger than anyone else, who would be left that could steal that peace from him?
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    Chapter 88: Fire And Fury.

    In an almost forgotten corner of the Jing clan was a quiet pond. The pond was only around 20 meters across, filled with clear blue water. A myriad of differently colored lotuses floated gently in the water, a weeping willow hanging at the side of the pond.

    At the very center of the pond floated a large, yellow lotus. At the very center of this lotus sat a graceful, middle-aged woman clad in light blue robes, a purple plum blossom hairpin tying her long black hair up into a bun. The woman was seated in the lotus position, meditating as she breathed slowly but steadily.

    Whenever the woman exhaled, a grey stream of energy would be released from her body, slowly dissolving into the surroundings. If Huang Ying was here, he would surely recognize this grey energy as Qi that contained the power of time, an extremely rare element.

    “Are you simply going to stand there and stare?”

    The woman suddenly broke the silence, a sweet smile spreading on her lips. Her voice was beautiful and soothing, like the ringing of silver bells. As she spoke, she turned her head to the side and opened her eyes. When she opened her eyes, one could see that her eyes had no pupils, they were completely white. She was clearly blind.

    “How could I not stand and stare when you get more beautiful with each passing day.”

    After the woman spoke, a chuckle rang out as a tall and imposing man suddenly appeared at the side of the bond. The man had a tall and powerful frame, his head covered in short, chest-nut colored hair. The man had deep green eyes that seemed to see through everything.

    “Keep talking sweetly and you might even get something. I don't believe that you came here just to flirt a bit more with me?”

    The woman stood up from the lotus and stepped out onto the water. Instead of sinking into the water, her feet stepped on the water like it was solid ground, faint ripples spreading outwards. She crossed the pond and embraced the imposing man, giving him a gentle kiss before she spoke.

    “Can I not come just to spend some time with my own wife? The clan has been given orders.”

    The imposing man gave a wry smile as he spoke the first sentence, but his face quickly turned more serious as he continued talking, the orders were clearly not something good.

    “They don't seem to be good orders?”

    The graceful woman was blind, but by using her perception, she could still see a bit of her surroundings. She could also feel the shift in her husband's aura, so it was clear that this was serious.

    “We are to break the engagement with the Xin clan. She will be given to the person who proves himself to have the purest ice element. If we cannot find anyone during the Dragon Meeting, someone will be found for her.”

    As the imposing man spoke, his face twisted into a furious expression. He was fine with having his daughter marry the boy from the Xin clan, at least they knew that he was a good person, they also knew that this would lead their daughter onto a safe path. But now they were ordered to simply give her away to whoever had the purest ice element? Did they think that his daughter was some sort of prize they could just give away?

    “I see, that explains it.”

    Contrary to what the imposing man expected, his wife responded with a calm voice as she nodded her head, she seemed to have already expected this.

    “Did you see something?”

    The man quickly caught on to something. His wife had the element of time, using her Qi, she could see into the past or the future. While she could see what happened in the past, when she wanted to see into the future, she would only see what was most likely to happen.

    If she wanted to see into the future of someone that was supremely powerful or had some heaven defying secrets, she would have to pay a certain price. The reason she was blind was because she tried to see into their daughter's future right after she was born.

    She managed to see into the future, but since the future she saw was not a good one for their daughter, she tried to find a future that would end up better for her. After spending a large amount of energy, she managed to find a single person that had the chance to change their daughter's future.

    When she tried to spy upon this persons future, before she managed to see too much, her eyes started bleeding, the very pupils themselves melting and vanishing from her eyes. But her sacrifice was not in vain, they managed to find a way to change their daughter's future.

    “Not much, ever since the phenomenon, it has been too blurry to see anything clearly. But once I moved my eyes away from him and onto her I managed to see a a little.”

    The graceful woman shook her head. A few days ago, a phenomenon shook the entire world. The sky around the entire world turned completely black, even the clouds themselves were dyed black. Before anyone had time to react, a roar shook the entire planet.

    The roar sounded for nearly a full five minutes before it slowly vanished. After the roar vanished, the clouds started rumbling, a massive black figure appearing amidst the clouds,

    The figure seemed to be in the shape of a serpent, pitch black scales covering it's entire body. It's back was lined with large, silvery spikes. Two massive wings that covered the entire sky unfurled behind the serpent, it's black feathers swaying like flames. The serpent had a dragon's head, it's amber eyes overlooking the entire world with a hungry gaze.

    After the serpent's gaze scanned the world beneath it, it's two amber eyes slowly closed. As it's eyes were closing, the entire world started vibrating and trembling. Once it's two eyes closed, a crack opened in the middle of the serpent's head, a third eye slowly opening.

    Once the eye fully opened, the trembling stopped and the entire world fell silent. The eye was completely black, looking almost like a hole in the sky. The eye overlooked the entire world, but it's gaze was not hungry like the two amber eyes, it's gaze was completely indifferent, like a god overlooking an ant. After the third eye overlooked the world for a few minutes, the serpent vanished and the black sky returned to normal.

    “What did you see?”

    The imposing man quickly asked. He was not surprised that she had not been able to see anything when she tried to look into the future of that boy, his wife had sacrificed her eyesight just to see into the boys future, and that was before he even awakened his powers.

    “I saw fire and fury. Black flames that rose into the heavens, burning away even the clouds themselves. I did not understand why I would see this at first, but now it seems like it is going to be the clans fault.”

    The graceful woman spoke silently, almost like a whisper. Just remembering those black flames burning the heavens caused her to feel a lingering fear.

    “Does anything happen to He'er?”

    The imposing man hurriedly asked with a worried voice, if it was going to be so bad, was there not a chance that something would happen to his daughter?

    “Not that I could see, she seemed safe with him.”

    The woman shook her head, a relieved smile on her face. She could not see into that boy's future, but her daughter seemed safe and happy when she was at his side, what more could a mother ask for?

    “Then that is good. As long as she is safe, this clan can go to hell for all I care.”

    The man let loose a relieved sigh as he spoke. Were it not for the fact that they were being watched whenever they left the clan, he would have taken his wife and daughter and left long ago. He had the Jing surname, but he had no attachments to the Jing clan.

    “Is there anything else you came to see me for?”

    The woman leaned in closer, resting her head on the man's chest, listening to his heartbeat and enjoying the silence for a short moment before she spoke up again. The news she had been told were rather shocking, but she also doubted that those were the only news.

    “There is movement at the edge of the Zhao clan area. The Divine Wilderness has been moving more and more recently. If the clan wants you to see if anything is happening there, you don't need to spend the energy on it. The Divine Wilderness belongs to the Zhao clan, there is no need for us to waste energy on it.”

    The imposing man leaned his head on her's, taking in the scent of her hair as he spoke. The Divine Wilderness was what the people of the center region called the massive wilderness dividing this continent and the Green Willows continent, the wilderness that was simply called The Wilderness in the Green Willows continent.

    The elders of the clan had asked him to try and see if he could get his wife to divine the future of the areas around the Divine Wilderness, so that they could make the proper preparations. He swiftly rejected this in her place and left the meeting. Every time his wife divined the future, it would place a large strain on her, he would not let her undergo this strain just to check on the area of a different clan.
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    Chapter 89: Golden Auction House.

    Jing Yimu had just entered Golden Auction City, his Junior Brothers and Sisters from the clan following behind him. While his Junior Brothers and Sisters were marveling at the sights around them, Jing Yimu opened his mouth to show off his wisdom.

    “This Golden Auction City got it's name not only from the yearly auction that takes place here, but also from it's architectural style.”

    While Jing Yimu was talking, he used his hands to point at several of the buildings that were around them. The roads of the city were wide enough that Jing Yimu could walk shoulder to shoulder with his four Junior Brothers and Sisters. While walking shoulder to shoulder, there was even enough space around them for others to pass by them.

    The houses Jing Yimu pointed at were all built using what seemed to be a single large rock, none of them taller than two floors. The buildings were all completely round in color and painted a faint gold, their roofs covered in black tiles.

    “As you can see, the houses around us use a rather uncommon style of architecture, favoring the use of round buildings that rarely get over two floors. Each building will be coated in a layer of golden paint, the deeper the gold, the more important the house.”

    Jing Yimu pointed to some houses that were closer to the center of the city. As the buildings got closer to the center of the city, the faint golden color slowly turned deeper.

    At the very center of the city stood a tall house. The house was still completely round, but it was s bit over five floors tall, a deep golden in color. Instead of the normal black tiled round roofs, this building's roof was square in shape, the edges of the roof hanging over the edges of the building.

    The roof used red tiles and there were paper lanterns decorated with soaring dragons hanging along the edges of the roof. Not far below the roof hung a large sign engraved with a golden hammer and the words Golden Auction House.

    “Houses like that one, that have a square roof with red tiles and decorated with paper lanterns, are the most important venues in this town. Every house that uses this type of design belongs to the Heaven's Secrets Company, so whatever you do, never make a ruckus in one of those places.”

    Several of the buildings in this city were run and owned by Heaven's Secrets Company. Not even the patriarchs of the Four Clans dared needlessly antagonize the Heaven's Secrets Company, so how would they dare?

    “Since this city has buildings belonging to the Heaven's Secrets Company, despite it's disadvantageous position, surrounded by hills and located in an area on the border of the territory of two different clans, it has never once been attacked.”

    Golden Auction City was not just surrounded by a large amount of hills, giving potential attackers the geographical advantage, but it was also placed right between the territory of the Yong and the Zhao clan. Since it was placed so precariously, both clans would normally fight over who got to control the city, but since Heaven's Secrets Company owned several buildings, no one dared to attack the city to take it over.

    “Senior Brother Yimu is very learned.”

    “Of course, Senior Brother Yimu is contesting with Senior Brother Guetang for the spot of the top outer disciple.”

    Jing Yimu brought four Junior Apprentices with him on this trip, two Junior Brothers, Tan Feng and Zi De, and two Junior Sisters, Lai Ju and Xu Hui. After he finished talking, the two Junior Brothers immediately opened their mouths to flatter him.

    Jing Yimu had some connections to the Jing clan, his father had married one of the Jing clan disciples, giving him the right to name his son with the Jing name. But these four Junior Brothers and Sisters were not born in the Jing clan, they were people that had been taken in by the Jing clan, they were the lowest of the low, even among the outer disciples. They would never miss a chance to build a good relationship with a true descendant of the Jing clan.

    Jing Yimu liked hearing their flattering, but he also knew his own position. He was competing with Jing Guetang for the top outer disciple position, but that was all he would amount to, he had nearly no chance to become an inner disciple.

    Becoming a core disciple, or even a personal disciple was completely impossible for him. Had it not been for the fact that he had once met with the Young Mistress of the Jing clan, it wouldn't even be possible for him to contest with Jing Guetang for the position of top outer disciple.

    “Do you think the rumors are true Senior Brother Yimu? Will this Golden Auction really have a page from the book of Demon God Yao Jun?”

    While the two Junior Brothers were flattering him, one of the Junior Sisters, Lai Ju, spoke in a hushed tone. The Golden Auction was an auction that took place in this city once every year. People could come in and have their own items auctioned, while the Heaven's Secrets Company would also put out some of their own items for auction.

    Each auction would have one item that would be the center piece, the main item. The Golden Auction House had gotten a remnant page from a book that was supposedly written by the Demon God Yao Jun, but since it was hard to figure out whether this book really was written by him, they could not use this item as their main item.

    “Hard to say. It has been a long time since Demon God Yao Jun visited this planet, so the page might be fake. But if the page is real, this is undoubtedly going to be a very exciting auction.”

    Jing Yimu shook his head as he spoke, his face frowning. Demon God Yao Jun had visited this planet once many years ago, in fact, he even visited this very continent, saying that he was here to return the favor to someone that once helped him in the past.

    The patriarchs of the Four Clans feared that this Yao Jun would undermine their control over the continent, so they immediately set out to either make him submit, or force him to leave.

    The end result was that Yao Jun waved his hand, and the entire sky was suddenly covered by a massive black gate. Once the gate opened, a large amount of Demonic beasts swarmed out, each one far stronger than any of the patriarchs.

    Seeing these Demonic beasts, the patriarchs knew that they stood no chance against this person. If just his Demonic beasts were this strong, how strong would he himself be. Each of the patriarchs paid large amounts of Spirit Stones and other materials to beg for forgiveness. In the end, he was given the title Demon God and stayed on this continent for a few years before leaving.

    “But while acquiring this page might sound exciting, we must not forget what we came here for. We are only here to get our hands on the Crystal Ice Lotus Seeds. Once we have managed to acquire them, then we can start looking for other things.”

    Jing Yimu shook his head and changed the subject. Jing Yimu was here on a mission by one of the outer elders, his mission was to buy some of the Crystal Ice Lotus Seeds that were going to be sold in this auction. These seeds would allow the elder to plant a few Crystal Ice Lotuses of his own.

    Many people in the Jing clan used the ice element, even the outer disciples that were taken in by the Jing clan were mostly users of the ice element. A few Crystal Ice Lotuses would allow some of the outer disciples to grow stronger much faster, giving them a better chance at becoming inner disciples.

    “We understand Senior Brother Yimu.”

    The four Junior Brothers and Sister all quickly nodded their heads and voiced their agreements.

    “Good. Follow me, the auction will start in only a few hours.”

    Seeing them voice their agreements, Jing Yimu gave a satisfied nod and led them towards the largest house located at the center of the city, Golden Auction House.
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    Chapter 90: Remnant page.

    Jing Yimu quickly brought his Junior Brothers and Sisters and entered the Golden Auction House. They were quickly brought to the fourth floor and were given a small booth to themselves.

    The Golden Auction House had five floors, with the fifth floor being the place where the most important guests were placed. The first floor consisted of a large amount of seats placed next to each other. There was no privacy or anonymity, but these seats were only for those who did not have too much money.

    The second floor was slightly better, with there being a bit of space between each seat. On the third floor, instead of seats, there were a large amount of booths that could house a few people. These booths offered a bit of privacy and anonymity, but if one was over the Xiantian realm, one could still spy on the inside of the booths.

    The booths on the fourth floor were more luxurious, they were also covered in an array that prevented people below the Immortal Ascension realm from spying on what was going on inside.

    The fifth floor only had ten booths, but they were all supremely luxurious and covered in arrays that were so strong that not even someone at the peak of the Deity Heart stage could spy upon the people inside.

    Jing Yimu was only an outer disciple of the Jing clan, but he was still a person from the Jing clan, the Golden Auction House would have to give him some face, hence they gave him a booth on the fourth floor.

    Since the Golden Auction House was round in shape, all the seats and booths were at the outer edge of the Golden Auction House, with the center being a large, empty stage where the auctioneer would stand and show off the items, the seats and booths all going around this stage.

    “Welcome to this year's Golden Auction, I will be your auctioneer, Kang Tao. The rules of this auction are the same as every year, no one is allowed to fight for as long as the auction is going on, we will only accept Spirit Stones, and no one can pick up their items before the auction is over.”

    After waiting for a little while, a short and stout man walked onto the stage. The man was clad in a luxurious red robe, his short black hair slicked backwards. His face was ruddy and red with excitement as he spoke. Behind this man stood two rows of youthful girls with busty figures clad in revealing outfits.

    “Since I have already stated the rules, let us begin the auction immediately. Bring out the first item.”

    Kang Tao spoke and waved his hand, causing one of the girls behind him to walk forward and bring out an exquisite wooden box. The box was covered in feathery carvings and gave off a faint heat.

    “This is the first item, the Demon Crystal of a Fire Roc. This Roc had cultivated all the way to the middle stage of the Yin Yang Formation realm. After being hunted by the Zhao clan, it's core was delivered to us to sell. The starting bid is 50 Spiritual grade Spirit Stones.”

    Spirit Stones were the most common currency used in the cultivation world. Spirit Stones were created when the density of Natural Qi reached a high enough level to where it could crystallize. The Spirit Stones were then ranked based on their purity and the amount of Qi they contained.

    The lowest rank was Mortal grade Spiritual Stones. After that came Spiritual grade, then Earth Grade, then Heaven Grade. There were also supposedly two more ranks Primordial and Empyrean, but Jing Yimu had never seen them, so to him, they were just myths.

    Spirit Stones were exchanged in the hundreds. 1 Spiritual grade Spirit Stone being 100 Mortal grade Spirit Stones. The same was true for the other ranks, with 1 Earth grade being worth 100 Spiritual grade.

    Jing Yimu had no interest in this Demon Crystal as he had the ice element, so he simply continued to watch on in silence. The bids started out quickly, but also slowed down quickly. In the end, an indifferent voice rang out from one of the booths on the third floor and the Demon Crystal was sold for 80 Spiritual grade Spirit Stones.

    One had to know that the normal worth of a cultivator at the Ying Yang Formation Realm was only about 2 Earth Grade Spirit Stones in total. The poorer ones would more often than not be unable to afford even a single Earth grade Spirit Stone, so 80 Spiritual grade Spirit Stones for such a Demon Crystal was considered rather expensive. Jing Yimu himself had only been given 10 Earth grade Spirit Stones to buy the Crystal Ice Lotus Seeds.

    Kang Tao seemed to be rather pleased with the price that the Demon Crystal fetched, sending a smile towards one of the booths on the third floor before quickly bringing out the next items.

    The next items that were auctioned were nothing special, mostly items that rogue cultivators had gathered and wanted to sell. This was standard procedure for an auction, start out with a decent item to grab some interest, before auctioning some other items that were not quite up to par, before finally building suspense as the items gradually got better, ending in the main item.

    Jing Yimu was rather surprised as the auction went on, as most of the items that contained one or more elements were all bought by the same person who bought the Fire Roc Demon Crystal, a booth on the third floor.

    Jing Yimu did not know who was sitting in that booth, but he had only heard two voices come out from the booth, one indifferent male voice, and the excited voice of a female, so he assumed that there were two rogue cultivators who happened to be rather rich inside that booth.

    After the auction went on for a short while, Kang Tao waved his hand, causing one of the front-most girls to walk forward. In her hand was an exquisite jade box, a myriad of Demonic beast silhouettes carved into it.

    “As i'm sure many of you have heard, we have acquired a remnant page that supposedly belongs to a book written by the Demon God Yao Jun. The next item up for auction is that very remnant page.”

    The entire building instantly lit up with the sound of people whispering to each other. Kang Tao let the people whisper amongst each other for a short while before raising his hand, causing the entire building to descend into silence once more.

    “We have not managed to translate the entire remnant page yet, but we have managed to learn that it talks about a person called Bai Xue. The Qi that still lingers on the page has some similarities with the Qi that Demon God Yao Jun had, but we still cannot confirm whether or not this page really comes from his book. If it really turns out to be from the book of the Demon God, we can only shake our heads and lament that we have made a bad deal. The starting bid will be 1 Earth grade Spirit Stone.”

    Kang Tao spoke with a smile as he carefully introduced the remnant page. If they managed to confirm that this page came from the book of the Demon God, there was no way they would auction it in this city. They would immediately take it to the largest city in the center region and spread the news as far as they could, bringing in as many powerful people as they could.

    “30 Earth grade Spirit Stones.”

    Before people managed to shout out their own bids, an indifferent voice rang out from a booth on the third floor, instantly raising the price to a ridiculous level. Jing Yimu couldn't help but be shocked, nor could the rest of the people in the building.

    That was 20 Earth grade Spirit Stones! And there was no guarantee that the page even came from the book of the Demon God, it could just be a replica. Jing Yimu could not contain his curiosity, sending a sliver of his perception into that booth on the third floor.

    He managed to see two people sitting in the booth, one petite and slim girl clad in a deep blue robe, waist long white hair and exquisite features, a true beauty but the aura radiating from her showed that she was at the middle stage of the Xiantian realm.

    The other person was a male youth clad in a sky blue robe. The youth had long black hair tied up into a long ponytail, a purple plum blossom hairpin fastened at the bottom of the ponytail. The youth had smooth and clear features and there was no trace of aura coming from his body, he seemed just like a mortal scholar.

    Just as the perception of Jing Yimu entered the booth, the male youth slightly turned his head, his eyes looking directly at Jing Yimu. Seeing the youth's eyes, Jing Yimu felt his heart shake. The youth's pupils were completely black, looking into those eyes, Jing Yimu felt like he was looking into a black hole.

    The youth gave him an indifferent glance before letting out a cold snort. When the cold snort rang out, Jing Yimu felt a soul wrenching pain as his perception was completely destroyed. Jing Yimu did not dare make a sound, his face turning pale as cold sweat started dripping down his back.

    Before his Junior Brothers and Sisters could ask what happened, he waved his hand and told them not to worry. How could he possibly tell them what had just happened, that he had gotten scared by the eyes of a mere mortal and that his perception was destroyed by a girl at the middle stage of the Xiantian realm?

    The silence in the building continued for a short while before Kang Tao gave a bright smile and loudly proclaimed the remnant page sold. He had not expected it to fetch such a price, he even felt that 1 Earth grade Spirit Stone was already rather expensive.

    “The next item up for auction is a group of Crystal Ice Lotus Seeds, 10 in total. The staring bid for this item will be 1 Earth grade Spirit Stone.”

    Once Kang Tao's voice rang out again, Jing Yimu quickly put his entire attention on the stage, this was the item they were here for.
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    Chapter 91: Familiar faces.

    While Jing Yimu was focusing his entire attention on the stage, in a booth on the fourth floor on the other side of the building sat two girls, chatting and watching the auction without too much interest.

    One of the girls had a tall stature and a buxom figure, smooth and unblemished skin, deep black eyes and long, fiery red hair. She was clad in a tight-fitting red robe that accentuated her figure. The girl had an honest smile on her face, but the aura that came from her body showed that she was already at the middle stage of the Xiantian realm. If Huang Ying was here, he would surely recognize her as the Shi Na from Empyrean Phoenix Academy that he once met.

    Next to Shi Na sat a girl that was slightly shorter than her and had lightly tanned skin. She had long, raven black hair and limpid blue eyes. Her body was well proportioned and her every move brought with it a sense of grace and power. She was clad in a loose, deep red robe with a small badge sown into the chest. The badge was decorated with the picture of a small flame surrounded by darkness.

    “It's a shame that you couldn't get your hands on that Demon Crystal. If your master could have concocted it into a pill, you might have been able to advance to the peak of the Xiantian realm.”

    Shi Na shook her head with a slight sigh as she spoke. That Demon Crystal from the Fire Roc was one of the main reason they had chosen to come to this auction. The remnant page was another one of the reasons, but that too was taken by the people in the booth on the third floor.

    “It's no problem Sister Na, there will always be more opportunities. Once I bring you back to the academy, you will learn how wide this world really is, one lost chance is nothing major.”

    The girl next to Shi Na spoke with a faint smile as she looked at the stage. After Shi Na lost to Huang Ying during the Academy Battle, she only stayed in the Empyrean Phoenix Academy for a few more days before leaving. She had already fought and defeated the person who was the reason for her joining the academy, so she saw no more point in staying there.

    After leaving, she bid her parents farewell and started a journey of her own. She lost to Huang Ying during the Academy Battle, being the fighting maniac that she was, she wanted to fight him once more, this time defeating him.

    She did not have a specific place in mind when she started traveling, she simply wandered from place to place, fighting people and hunting Demonic beasts wherever she went. After spending some time in a certain wilderness, she stumble upon some ruins belonging to an old cultivator.

    Inside the ruins, she not only met this girl, Chen Chun, but also found a technique that came from the ancient era where humans were still struggling in their fight against the Demonic beasts. Sadly, this technique was too risky and even slightly inhuman, so Shi Na had no choice but to give up on it.

    But she learned that Chen Chun belonged to the Eternal Flame Academy, she even had a rather high status, being the personal disciple of one of the elders. Chen Chun saw that Shi Na had a high affinity with the fire element, even having some mutated Vermilion Bird blood. She promptly invited Shi Na to follow her back to the Eternal Flame Academy and join as a disciple.

    Shi Na had heard about the Eternal Flame Academy before, and knowing that it would be the best place for her to get stronger, agreed. On the way back to the academy, they heard about some of the items that would be auctioned during this Golden Auction and decided to see if they couldn't get their hands on some of the better items.

    “If you don't mind me asking Sister Na, you said that you would only join Eternal Flame Academy for as long as it would allow you to fight whoever you wanted, but why are you so obstinate about fighting?"

    While the Crystal Ice Lotus Seeds ended up in the hands of the people from the booth on the third floor, Chen Chun turned towards Shi Na as she asked her question.

    Most people would be jumping with joy if they were invited to join the Eternal Flame Academy, even if it was just to be as a servant they would be happy to join, but this Shi Na only agreed after Chen Chun assured her that fighting was not only allowed, it was even supported by the academy. Chen Chun wanted to ask earlier, but since it was considered a rather rude question, she found it hard to find the right time to ask.

    “It's nothing special really, I just like fighting. Fighting others is one of the best ways to grow stronger faster. I recently lost to a boy who was younger than me, he even had a lower cultivation level than me. Yet despite this, he still beat me easily. I want to fight him once more, fight him and beat him. To do that I would need to become even stronger.”

    Shi Na shrugged her shoulders as she spoke. She loved fighting others, the feeling of her blood pumping in the middle of a fight made her feel alive, she was intoxicated with this feeling. She lost to Huang Ying, so he would obviously be her next goal. Once she managed to defeat Huang Ying, she would find someone else stronger than her and use that person as her next goal.

    “I see, then you should look forward to coming to the academy, there are more strong people there than there are clouds in the sky.”

    Chen Chun still had a faint smile as she spoke. She knew that Shi Na came from the Empyrean Phoenix Academy, so to her, being defeated by someone with a lower cultivation level might seem impressive. But in Eternal Flame Academy, this was common place. Nearly everyone there could defeat others at a higher cultivation level, as long as that person was not someone like them and could defeat others at a higher cultivation level.

    “What about you Sister Chun? What did you join Eternal Flame Academy for?”

    Shi Na tilted her head slightly as she spoke. This Chen Chun was a rather honest and pleasant person who seemed to enjoy peace over anything else, she did not seem like the person that would join an academy to grow stronger.

    “I have a family back home that I want to protect. I have an adopted little brother who was born without any element, so he is too weak to protect himself. My parents and grandmother died early on, so it was mostly my grandfather who raised us.”

    Chen Chun copied Shi Na and shrugged her shoulders. She had long since gotten over the death of her parents and her grandmother, she had to take care of her little brother and grandfather after all, so there was no time to wallow in sadness.

    “After I joined a small academy, it was up to my little brother to take care of my grandfather. But my little brother has no power, so how is he to protect himself and grandfather if anything were to ever happen? If I get stronger, I can ensure that they can both live the rest of their lives in peace.”

    “Me and some of the better students of the academy were brought to the capital to see if we could manage to enter one of their academies. During that time, I was spotted by one of the elders by the Eternal Flame Academy. She said that I have a special physique that made me perfect for one of the techniques she had developed and took me in as her disciple.”
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    Chapter 92: End of the auction.

    “I wonder how they are doing now? It has already been a long time since I last visited home, I hope they are doing fine.”

    Chen Chun couldn't help but shake her head as she spoke. After she joined the Golden Dawn academy, the free time she got grew sparser and sparser. Even the times she could return home, it was only for a day at most.

    Because she was rather talented, some of the other students quickly grew jealous of her. It eventually got so bad that she was too scared to return to her own home, lest the other disciples try to do anything to her family if they found out how much she cared about them.

    “A long time? You don't come from the center region?”

    Shi Na raised an eyebrow as she spoke. Most of the major cities in the center region had Spatial Arrays that led to the Three Academies, allowing the students to quickly return to their homes should they want to visit. Since it had been a long time since Chen Chun had returned home, it could only mean that she did not come from the center region.

    “No, I come from a tiny little town located in a tiny corner of the Green Willows continent. It's a town called Azure Springs. One day i'll take you there and show you around, it is a lovely little place.”

    Chen Chun had a gentle smile as she spoke about her hometown. It had been a long time since she had returned home, counting the years, it should be around four years already. But that did not mean that she had forgotten that tiny town where she grew up, that tiny town where her only family lived.

    “I'll be looking forward to it.”

    Shi Na gave a pleasant smile as she responded. She liked Chen Chun's company, so she would not mind following her on a journey. While the two girls were talking with each other, the auction had sold a few more items and was approaching it's end.

    “If I can direct everyone's attention to the center of the stage, we will now auction of our final item.”

    Kang Tao's voice was amplified using Qi, allowing it to reach every corner of the building. His words caused everyone to stop their chatter and focus on the center of the stage.

    One of the girls standing behind Kang Tao stepped forward, a beautiful jade box covered in red cloth resting in her hands. Kang Tao removed the cloth and slowly opened the jade box. Once the box was opened, the temperature in the entire building started slowly dropping as a round metal orb was revealed to be lying on a bed of ice in the middle of the jade box.

    “This metal orb fell from the sky a few months ago, landing in a lake not far from this city. We have yet to determine exactly what type of metal this orb is made of, but the moment it landed in the lake, the entire lake froze and turned to ice, so it is surely a supreme metal. There is no set price for this item, so bidding can simply commence.”

    Kang Tao's entire face was red as he spoke, speaking loudly about the myriad of things this metal orb could do. But the thing he did not mention was that none of the blacksmiths they had hired to identify the metal were able to even put a scratch on it, it was close to impossible to use this metal for forging. Despite this, they still decided to make it their main item for this auction, simply because of how potent the cold energy it gave off was.

    “2 Earth grade Spirit Stones.”

    The auction hall was silent for a short while before someone cautiously threw out a bid. Kang Tao had spoken loudly about what this metal could be used for, but no one here was a fool. Since they were willing to auction it without a price, it could only mean one of two things, the item was either faulty or priceless.

    If the item was truly priceless, there was no way they would auction it here instead of in the center region, so that could only mean that there was some fault with the item.

    “3 Earth grade Spirit Stones.”

    Not long after, an indifferent voice rang out from within a booth on the third floor. Inside the booth, Huang Ying was looking at the metal orb with a pleased gaze, Fang Shan sitting right next to him.

    “Why would you bother bidding on that item? We are almost broke again after all the other things we have bought here, what would you even use that metal for?”

    Fang Shan looked at Huang Ying and raised an eyebrow as she spoke. After leaving the Vast Plain Ruins and entering this Golden Auction City, she made Huang Ying sell most of the items he took from the castle of the king from Blue Dragon City. She also sold most of the items she had gathered up after her years of living on the floor.

    Using these funds, they started buying up various ores that would be useful to upgrading Fang Shan's two daggers, as well as several items that contained certain elements. While these elemental items would not help Huang Ying upgrade his cultivation level, they would help him strengthen his elements. While his elements were already stronger and purer than most other peoples elements, it did not mean that they were perfect.

    “I can use it to forge my weapon. I needed a strong metal to serve as a core for the entire thing, so this one seems suitable.”

    In the memories of the king from Blue Dragon City, Huang Ying had found the blueprints for the morphing weapon that the king had used. While Huang Ying had everything he needed to forge the weapon, he was not completely pleased with the metal that would serve as the core.

    If the core was too weak, he would often have to repair and replace it to allow his weapon to stay in perfect shape. Huang Ying could tell at a glance that this orb of metal was extremely tough and strong, it would be a perfect core.

    “10 Earth grade Spirit Stones. My Jing clan is very interested in this item, so I hope you will all give us some face.”

    A sound rang out from a booth on the fourth floor, Huang Ying and Fang Shan recognized this voice as it belonged to the person that had tried to outbid them on the Crystal Ice Lotus Seeds.

    Hearing his voice, not only did Huang Ying's face turn gloomy, Kang Tao's face also turned gloomy. Huang Ying's face turned gloomy because it was just as Fang Shan had said, they were almost broke again, he did not have more than 4 Earth Grade Spirit Stones.

    Kang Tao's face turned gloomy because Jing Yimu was using the Jing clan to warn others not to bid. This was generally seen as a despicable move that would cause others to frown in displeasure. But since it was someone from the Jing clan that did it, they had no choice but to swallow the displeasure.

    This Golden Auction House belonged to the Heaven's Secrets Company, but that did not mean that they could do whatever they wanted, they would have to give the Four Clans some face at times.

    Just as he thought, no one else dared to bid after Jing Yimu mentioned the Jing clan, causing the metal orb to fall into his hands. Since the metal orb was the final item, this also meant that the auction was over.

    While Huang Ying and Fang Shan were picking up the items they had bought, Li Jun kept telling him to simply attack Jing Yimu and take the metal orb from him. Huang Ying simply ignored him and left the auction house. Huang Ying did not consider himself a good person, but since Jing Yimu had not done anything to him, there was no need for Huang Ying to do anything to him.

    “Excuse me sir, could I have a second of your time.”

    While Huang Ying and Fang Shan were heading towards the exit of the city, a polite voice rang out from behind them.
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    Chapter 93: Destruction Element.

    Upon hearing the voice, Huang Ying and Fang Shan stopped and turned around. Behind them stood a group of five people, three men and two girls. They were all clad in light blue robes with an emblem sown onto the right chest of the robe. The emblem was in the shape of a large, transparent mountain of ice.

    Huang Ying inspected the four people, but he did not respond to them. He did not recognize four of these people, but he recognized the male youth that stood in the middle. The male youth that stood in the middle had a slightly pale complexion, shoulder length brown hair, murky blue eyes and a scar that went from beneath his left eye, to beneath his right eye. This was the youth that had spied on Huang Ying and Fang Shan after they bought the remnant page.

    “Thank you, I was worried that I would not manage to find you before you left the city.”

    Jing Yimu gave a relieved smile as he spoke, his four Junior Brothers and Sisters standing behind him in silence with their heads lowered. The words he spoke were of course not true, he had started following Huang Ying and Fang Shan the moment they left the auction.

    “I am Jing Yimu, I was hoping that you would be so kind as to sell the Crystal Ice Lotus Seeds to us, the Jing clan would be eternally grateful.”

    Seeing that neither Huang Ying or Fang Shan were interested in responding, Jing Yimu did not bother wasting any more time, directly stating what he was here for. Jing Yimu chose to bring up the Jing clan for two reasons, one was to try and intimidate Huang Ying into selling the seeds.

    The other reason was because of the hairpin that Huang Ying was wearing. Jing Yimu had only seen a hairpin like this once before, when it was worn by the young mistress of the clan. Jing Yimu was uncertain whether or not the hairpin that Huang Ying was wearing was given to him by the young mistress, but he chose not to act recklessly.

    “Sorry, but i'm not selling them, nor do I think you have any money left to buy them. If you had more money than 10 Earth grade Spirit Stones, you would not have stopped at that number when they were selling the seeds. And seeing as you bought that round metal orb for 10 Earth Grade Spirit Stones, I do believe you are practically broke right now.”

    Huang Ying spoke without batting an eye. Jing Yimu stopped bidding on the Crystal Ice Lotus Seeds after Huang Ying bid 10 Earth grade Spirit Stones. This could only mean that the most he could spend on these seeds was 10 Earth Grade Spirit Stones. Since that money was then spent on that metal orb, it was only reasonable that he was close to broke now.

    “Please reconsider, my Jing clan will surely make it worth your while.”

    The corner of Jing Yimu's mouth started twitching when he heard Huang Ying's reply, it was indeed true that he was broke now. But he still had to get his hands on those seeds, if he did not, the outer elder that sent him would surely punish him, especially since he then spent the 10 Earth Grade Spirit Stones on a metal orb that might be useless.

    “No. I am a very selfish person, once I have claimed something, I refuse to give it up, no matter who wants it.”

    Huang Ying furrowed his eyebrows as he spoke. He did not like repeating himself, especially when it was him repeating a rejection. He was also a man of few words, he would only talk a lot with people he enjoyed being with, the only reason he bothered speaking so much now was so that Jing Yimu would understand that Huang Ying wasn't going to sell.

    “Please, I need you to understand, my Jing clan really needs those seeds.”

    Jing Yimu's mouth started twitching even more. He was used to a rather exalted status amongst the outer disciples of the Jing clan, even some elders there would be polite to him, when had he ever had to beg someone like this before.

    “Fuck off, we said no.”

    Fang Shan couldn't help but curse out from beside Huang Ying. Huang Ying had already rejected him twice, but he still kept begging like that. Did he not know how unseemly he was acting? Fang Shan couldn't help if all people from large clans were like this. At least Xin Yang had an easy-going and carefree personality that made him easy to talk to.

    “I was not talking to you!”

    Jing Yimu's face turned completely red as he shouted out. In his rage, he swung out with his right arm in an attempt to slap Fang Shan. He was fine with Huang Ying being slightly rude to him, at least Huang Ying might have some connection to their clan's young mistress. But now even his guard wanted to talk like that to him?

    “Fuck off.”

    While Jing Yimu's arm was swinging sideways, Huang Ying moved as well. He used two fingers as a sword and swung his right arm down, a pitch black line of light shooting out from the tip of the two fingers, heading directly for Jing Yimu's face.

    When the pitch black light appeared, Jing Yimu felt a sense of danger and death envelop his entire body. He stopped his attack and hopped to the side almost on instinct. He hopped to the side, but he did not manage to completely dodge the pitch black light, it still hit him in the shoulder.

    When the black light hit his shoulder, Jing Yimu quickly turned his head to check it, and immediately turned pale. There was no pain coming from his shoulder, but the black light had gone clean through his shoulder before vanishing, separating his right arm from his body.

    What frightened him more than the fact that he lost his arm was what happened to the arm. Some of the black light stuck to the arm after it left his body and started moving down the arm, heading towards his hand. Wherever the black light moved, the arm would completely disappear. There was no blood or ash, everything simply disappeared, the only thing that was left behind was his interspatial ring.

    The pitch black light that Huang Ying shot out was him trying out his destruction element. He was very pleased at how strong the destruction element was, Jing Yimu wasn't even able to defend before his arm was completely destroyed.

    The only downside to it was how much Qi it required. That single pitch black line cost Huang Ying nearly half of his Qi, so it was clearly not something he could use whenever he wanted.

    Huang Ying took a step forward and picked up the interspatial ring that was now lying on the ground. The only reason it was not destroyed was because Huang Ying had dismissed his Qi before it managed to destroy it. Since this Jing Yimu was going to be so rude as to attack someone that he was traveling with, there was no need to have too much mercy on him.

    Had it not been for the fact that he belonged to the Jing clan and Huang Ying did not know if he had any relationship with Jing He, he would have just killed him right there.

    “If you want to buy some Crystal Ice Lotus Seeds for the Jing clan, get Jing He to ask for you and you might have better luck.”

    After picking up the interspatial ring, Huang Ying did not stick around. Jing Yimu was clutching the remains of his shoulder and was too scared to even think about stopping them from leaving.


    Huang Ying and Fang Shan had only moved a short distance before another voice rang out behind them. This time it wasn't the voice of Jing Yimu, but an excited female voice.
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    Chapter 94: Fighting Shi Na again.

    “Oh for fuck's sake, what is it now?”

    Fang Shan was the one to respond, cursing out as she turned around. She saw that there were two girls following behind Jing Yimu, so she assumed that it was one of them that called out.

    But when Fang Shan turned around, she saw that it wasn't the two girls behind Jing Yimu that called out to them. The one who called out to them was a tall girl clad in a tight-fitting red robe, she had long fiery red hair and deep black eyes, an excited smile covering her face as she looked at Huang Ying.

    Not far behind this girl was a slightly shorter girl clad in a loose, deep red robe. This girl had long, raven black hair and clear, blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin. This girl was a short distance behind the red haired girl, looking like she was just catching up.

    “Shi Na? Why are you here?”

    From beside Fang Shan, Huang Ying spoke up with a slightly bewildered expression, it seemed like he knew this girl. Fang Shan tilted her head slightly as she moved her eyes between Huang Ying and Shi Na.

    As she was looking at the both of them, she noticed that Huang Ying's eyes suddenly landed on the girl behind Shi Na. When his eyes landed on her, she noticed that his pupils suddenly shrank, almost shrinking til they looked like pinholes.

    While she was shocked at his reaction, she also noticed that his fingers were slightly trembling. After a short moment, he gave a faint, self-mocking smile before he slightly shook his head. After he shook his head, his pupils returned to normal and his fingers stopped trembling.

    Fang Shan couldn't help but be slightly shocked, taking a few more glances at the black haired girl. She had only known Huang Ying for a bit over a week, but she felt like she had a clear understanding of his personality.

    He didn't even exhibit any signs of shock or fear when he was facing the middle-aged man inside the Vast Plains Ruins, keeping his carefree and laid back attitude. But just seeing this girl caused him to have such a shocked reaction? Fang Shan couldn't help but be curious about this girl's identity.

    “I said that I would find you again for another fight in the future. I thought that I would have to spend a long time looking for you, but it seems like my luck is rather good, meeting you again so quickly.”

    While Shi Na spoke, she pulled a red longsword out of her interspatial ring and took a few steps towards Huang Ying, her eyes practically burning with battle lust.

    “Last time we fought, it was just like this, you being one cultivation level beneath me. Yet I still lost to you, lost quite horribly even. I have spent quite some effort improving myself since then, so I hope you aren't expecting to beat me as easily as you did then.”

    Shi Na's entire body lit up with blue flames, blue feathers made out of fire forming behind her back. Fang Shan took a few steps back after the fire appeared. Since Huang Ying did not seem like he was intending to dodge this fight, it seemed like what she said was correct. In that case, this was not a fight she would bother interfering with.

    At the same time, she couldn't help but look at the blue flames with some interest. The blue flames were clearly fire type Qi, but they exuded a strange chill, like there was ice hidden deeply within the fire. Fang Shan even felt a strong threat from these flames.

    Shi Na wasted no time, sending forth a large plume of blue fire in Huang Ying's direction. Despite the blue fire billowing towards him, Huang Ying stood still, looking at the fire with some interest. Fang Shan was not too worried about his actions. Huang Ying had the devouring element, and this fire had yet to reach a level where he could not devour it. Fang Shan had seen him devour even stronger types of energy while they were traveling towards Golden Auction City.

    The fire quickly reached Huang Ying, completely enveloping him and shrouding him from sight. But despite this, Shi Na still kept her serious expression. She had seen him walk out from her flames completely unharmed before, she did not think that just this would be enough to beat him.

    “This fire is not enough to hurt me, you already know this Shi Na, so why bother with it?”

    Just as she expected, not long after the fire completely covered his body, Huang Ying's voice rang out with a sigh from amidst the flames. Right after his voice sounded out, a small, pitch black dot appeared in the midst of the flames. After the pitch black dot appeared, the blue fire started distorting, completely vanishing after only a short moment.

    After the flames disappeared, the pitch black dot lingered for a short second before shooting out. Before Shi Na even had a chance to react, the pitch black dot whizzed past her neck, grazing it and leaving behind a faint red line. Shi Na knew that if Huang Ying had moved that pitch black dot just a little, there would be a hole in her throat, so this was clearly her loss.

    Huang Ying still stood where he stood at the start, shaking his head and sighing, his face even held a slightly disappointed expression. Seeing this expression Shi Na couldn't help but feel a mixture of sadness and joy.

    She felt sadness because she had worked so hard to become strong enough to defeat Huang Ying. After these six months of training, she felt like she had a good chance of at least fighting with him evenly, but in the end she wasn't even strong enough to make him pull out his weapon.

    But at the same time she felt joy, because this meant that she still had something to chase after. She could keep using Huang Ying as her target, working even harder to one day surmount him.

    “I lost this time as well. It seems like I wasn't the only one who has worked hard to increase their strength in these six months. Next time I find you, I will at least force you to bring out your weapon.”

    Shi Na shook her head, throwing away her feelings of sadness as she looked at Huang Ying, her battle lust growing ever stronger. Sadness was worthless if she wanted to grow stronger. Huang Ying growing stronger was good for her, it would allow her to have someone she could fight with no matter how strong she got.

    “Good, I will look forward to that day.”

    Huang Ying gave a smile as he spoke. He quite liked Shi Na's direct attitude and personality, despite losing so horribly two times in a row, she still kept her head high, focusing on the next fight. People like this were always worth having as friends.

    After he finished speaking, he no longer wasted any time, turning around and heading towards the exit of Golden Auction City once more. Fang Shan cast a few more looks at the two girls before following Huang Ying to leave the city. This time they managed to leave the city without anyone stopping them.
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    Chapter 95: I am running away from her.

    “So what's the story with those two girls?”

    Not long after the two of them left the city, Fang Shan asked the question that was on her mind. That Shi Na girl seemed to have taken Huang Ying as her rival, while Huang Ying himself seemed to have a history with the black haired girl.

    “What do you mean? That was Shi Na, I met her during a tournament and beat her, so she has taken me as her rival. I quite liked her personality, so I didn't mind taking the role of her rival.”

    Huang Ying simply shrugged his shoulders as he spoke. Shi Na was just someone he met during the Academy Battle, since he liked her personality, he would not mind fighting her whenever she found him.

    “But what about that other girl, you seemed to react rather strongly to her.”

    Fang Shan had seen Huang Ying's fingers tremble, his pupils shrinking drastically. If he told her that he did not know who that black haired girl was, there was no way she would believe him.

    “You saw that?”

    Huang Ying slightly stiffened when he heard her words. He thought that he had been very inconspicuous about it, but now it seemed like he did not manage to hide it.

    Huang Ying was considering just denying that he had any relationship with her, but seeing Fang Shan's intent staring, he shook his head with a sigh and started talking.

    “She is my sister, Chen Chun. Before I managed to awaken the power of Baku, I was deemed a person without an element, so she took care of me in my younger years.”

    At first, Huang Ying was angry at Chen Chun for not returning home to visit after she joined the Golden Dawn Academy, but he had long since discarded that anger. He had devoured everyone who lived in Azure Springs and already scoured through all their memories. This of course included several people who went to the same academy as Chen Chun.

    From their memories, he had learned more about Chen Chun's situation in the academy. He had also learned why she would not visit home that often and kept her distance from him. Towards this sister of his, Huang Ying was a bit uncertain how he felt. He was happy that she worked hard to protect him, and she was also the only family Huang Ying had, but he also felt a sense of guilt.

    Because of him, Old man Chen and everyone else in Azure Springs had died. Huang Ying did not care about their lives anymore, but there was no way Chen Chun would not care about their deaths, some of those people were her friends after all.

    “She didn't seem to recognize you?”

    Fang Shan had seen how Chen Chun looked at the battle. She watched the battle with something that approached indifference, only showing some interest after Huang Ying beat Shi Na. But that was it, there was no warm emotions or joy at meeting her brother.

    “I have changed a great deal since we last saw each other. I would be more surprised if she managed to recognize me than if she did not manage to recognize me.”

    Huang Ying shook his head again. Last time he met Chen Chun, he still had blue hair and green eyes, his body was slightly malnourished and he was even rather dirty. The difference between the past him and the current him was far too large.

    “Then why didn't you call out to her?”

    Fang Shan was a Demonic beast, but even Demonic beasts had family, had people they cared about. She did not understand why Huang Ying would not call out to Chen Chun and let her know who he was.

    “Everyone in the town where we used to live died when I awakened the power of Baku, including people she called friends. I don't know how to tell her about this, how to face her ensuing rage and blame. So I am running from it for the moment.”

    Huang Ying did not hide anything. He did not call out to Chen Chun because he was afraid she would hate him. No matter how cold he was now, she was still his only remaining family, he did not want her to hate him. So he was running, he would run away from it until he felt that he was strong enough to face her hatred.

    “Really, you humans are always so roundabout.”

    Fang Shan couldn't help but shake her head. Demonic beasts were often much more direct in what they were doing. If they had something to say, they would say it, not caring about what would happen next.

    “So where are we going next?”

    Since Huang Ying had told her about the two girls, there was no point in sticking on that subject any longer. Fang Shan did not know where they were heading, but she did not mind following Huang Ying. She knew too little about the world outside of the ruins, she only knew a little about the surrounding area.

    She also knew that Huang Ying was also looking for a way to kill not just the Azure Dragon, but also the other Four Guardian Beasts and the Three Great Gods. So following Huang Ying was one of the best ways to accomplish her own goal of killing the Azure Dragon.

    “Eastern Wind Academy. We are almost broke now, so we need resources. Joining the academy will allow us to not just undertake missions to acquire resources, it will also allow us to gather more information at a faster rate. I am also quite interested in that whole Immortal's Garden thing, so I will probably try to get a spot for that. What about you?”

    Huang Ying had already made some plans for the future. Joining the Eastern Wind Academy was the best way to acquire more resources and information. It would also provide some cover for him if the unknown enemy that had caused the Empyrean Phoenix Academy to capture him was going to try it again.

    Huang Ying was also rather interested in the event that Xin Yang spoke about, the Immortal's Garden. Joining the Eastern Wind Academy would also be easier since they were given the badges by Xin Yang.

    “Joining the Eastern Wind Academy is indeed the best way to gather resources and information, so I might as well join you.”

    Fang Shan simply shrugged her shoulders as she spoke. Her goal was to kill the Azure Dragon, but that goal was so far in the future that it almost seemed impossible. Since joining the Eastern Dawn Academy would allow her to grow stronger, there was no need to refuse.
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    Chapter 96: Gathering news about him.

    While Huang Ying and Fang Shan decided to head towards the center region and join the Eastern Wind Academy, a commotion was taking place within a certain tower located in the center region.

    The tower stood tall, it's spire piercing the clouds. There were no buildings situated around this tower, it stood completely alone, a solitary giant that none dared to offend. The tower was made out of a type of white stone that shimmered in the sunlight. This type of stone also had an auxiliary function, it prevented peoples perception from entering.

    The reason there were no buildings around this tower was because this tower was the main headquarter of the Heaven's Secrets Company. None of the clans or academies were willing to risk offending the Heaven's Secrets Company by constructing a building next to their headquarter.

    The reason there was currently a commotion going on within this tower was because of a simple message that they received a few hours ago,

    «Traces of the devouring element as well as one unknown element were found shortly after a fight that took place in one of our locations, Golden Auction City.»

    This message immediately caused the people at the top level of the Heaven's Secrets Company to gather. After they gathered at the top level of the tower, they immediately sent out a message to every location that was under their control, ordering them to find out who was fighting.

    The top level of the tower consisted of only two rooms. One of the rooms was a large meeting room. A round table made out of seemingly simple wood stood at the center of the meeting room, 18 chairs placed around the table. Currently, 11 of these chairs were occupied.

    The faces of the people on the chairs were shrouded by darkness, making it impossible for anyone, even themselves, to see who was sitting were. All of these people released an aura that was as deep as the sea, their cultivation was clearly incredibly powerful.

    «Sirs, we have received the report on the people that were fighting.»

    A man clad completely in black kneeled at the side of the table, respectfully placing a small jade bead on the table. The jade bead started glowing after the man clad in black injected some Qi into it. After the bead started glowing, it projected an image into the air above it, showing a picture of Huang Ying.

    «We have confirmed that it was this man that released the devouring element as well as the unknown element. He was fighting with a person from the Jing clan, Jing Yimu. After searching the memories of Jing Yimu, we managed to confirm that it was him who released the two elements.»

    The man clad in black injected more Qi into the bead, the image switching over to an image of Jing Yimu as well as the four people that were traveling with him.

    «What do we know about him?»

    One of the men seated at the table spoke up. Since it was confirmed that this youth held the devouring element, they needed to know everything about this youth. Once they learned everything about him, then they would be able to make the decision on what to do with this information.

    «He entered one of our auction houses, Golden Auction House, under the name Lei Jiang, but after sending his image to our other locations, we found out that his real name is Huang Ying.»

    The black clothed man quickly spoke up. Huang Ying had used the name Lei Jiang when he entered the auction house, but once they sent his image to all their other locations and people the found someone that had once seen Huang Ying, and from him learned his name.

    «What else?»

    «We have not yet managed to research much about him, so far we only know that his name is Huang Ying and that he travels with an unknown Demonic beast.»

    The black clothed man quickly lowered his head as he spoke. They had only learned about Huang Ying's name and travel companion a short while ago, how would they possibly know anything else.

    «Then why did you bother convening all of us? Call us again once you know everything about him.»

    One of the men at the table gave a cold snort, before his figure started to slowly turn transparent and he completely disappeared from the room, the other people around the table following suite.

    «Yes, Sirs.»

    The black clothed man nodded his head, his entire figure vanishing into darkness, letting the room descend into silence. This silence lasted for almost ten days before the seats suddenly started filling up again, this time, all 18 seats filled up.

    «Sirs, we have learned everything we could about the holder of the devouring element.»

    The black clothed man kneeled at the side of the table once more, placing a jade slip on the table as he spoke. He had used ever single connection that the company had to learn everything there was to learn about Huang Ying.

    «Let's hear it.»

    «Yes. Before Huang Ying appeared at the Golden Auction City, we have sightings of him in a city called Eastern Sun, a short distance away from the Vast Plains Ruins. He changed his appearance, but we searched the memories of the witnesses and found his aura to be a nearly complete match.»

    The black clothed man quickly started speaking about what he had learned, occasionally pulling out a jade bead that they had used to store certain memories, allowing the 18 men seated around the table to get a clear picture of Huang Ying's journey.

    «Before Eastern Sun City, he spent a short amount of time in Cloud's End, where he made contact with one of our locations, one of our Waning Moon buildings, to order the assassination of a person called Yang Xinyyi, a teacher at an academy called Willow's Hope.»

    «Huang Ying fought in a small tournament called the Academy Battle, taking the first spot. We invited the man ranked 6th on the Divine Dragon List, Undying Wu Bao, to help us reverse the time around the arena, allowing us to see and feel the events that happened there.»

    Cultivators that had the time element could use it for various things, Undying Wu Bao got this title because he used his time element to slow down the flow of time in his body, allowing him to live much longer than normal people.

    He could also slightly turn back time in certain areas, but only for a short while. This was good for seeing what happened at certain locations in the past. Because of this, the Heaven's Secrets Company had recruited Wu Bao early on.

    «We confirmed that he used the devouring element during the tournament. After the tournament ended, the Empyrean Phoenix Academy hired people from our Waning Moon location to capture Huang Ying, he then spent around half a year inside the dungeon of the Empyrean Phoenix Academy before escaping.»

    «Before he appeared in Cloud's End, Huang Ying joined the Willow's Hope Academy, but he was only there for a few months. Before that, we have found traces of him in a city called Yellow Winds Town.»

    «He originally entered Yellow Winds Town with a person who we presume to be Jing He from the Jing clan. After he had a confrontation with the people in Yellow Winds Town, he was forced to flee into the Divine Wilderness. He proceeded to stay inside the Divine Wilderness for around one month.»

    «Once he left the Divine Wilderness, he made contact with one of our Misty Moon locations. We tried to interrogate and search the memories of the person he spoke to while inside the Misty Moon house, but the man's memories had been completely devoured.»

    «We instead turned our attention to other jobs that this man had been responsible for recently, finding two that seemed to fit. One was the assassination of the city lord of a town called Azure Springs, the other was to spread the news that the city lord had been killed to a nearby bandit group.»

    «We then went to search this Azure Springs Town, but what we found was only a large basin in the ground, the entire town completely decimated. There were traces of the devouring element at the edges of this basin, so we once more invited Undying Wu Bao.»

    «After turning back the time in that area for a short duration, we managed to capture the moment that Huang Ying awakened the devouring element.»

    The man spoke without pause, quickly recapping nearly everything that Huang Ying had done and every place that he had visited. Once he reached the end, he placed a jade bead on the table and injected his Qi into it, showing the scene of Huang Ying awakening the devouring element, as well as the scene where Baku devoured the entire town.

    «What do we do now? Should we sell this information to the clans? Or should we keep quiet about it?»

    After learning everything, the people around the table started discussing what to do next. Some wanted to sell the information to the clans for a high price, while some wanted tokeep the information to themselves and see how things played out.

    «This is too large for just us, we need to ask the founder what she thinks.»

    One of the men sitting at the table suddenly shook his head and spoke up, causing the entire table to sink into silence. They all knew that the founder of the Heaven's Secrets Company was no longer on this planet, she would only rarely visit to check how things went. But they all knew that she was incredibly fearsome, so strong that none dared to not follow her orders.
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    Chapter 97: Kill their entire families if they touch him.

    After the man spoke up and the room sank into silence, the other people around the table started nodding one by one. Since the black clothed man's report did not say anything about the unknown element that Huang Ying was using, it was clear that they had not found any information about it. Since it was like this, they might as well ask the founder if she knew anything, as well as what she was thinking.

    The man who spoke up stood up and left the table, heading over to a door that stood a short distance away from the table. This door led to the second room of the topmost floor of the tower. Only the 3 of the 18 people sitting around the table could enter this room.

    The inside of the room was completely empty, the only thing present was a large array that covered the entire floor. The man walked to the center of the array and poured his Qi into the array. Once his Qi sank into the array, the lines that made up the array quickly started releasing a white light.

    Once the array lit up, the man left the room and returned to his seat. That array was only used to send a notification to the founder, letting her know that they had a matter that required her attention. They would still have to wait for her or her spiritual avatar to arrive.

    After waiting for around an hour, a white orb of light appeared in the room. The white light quickly took the shape of a tall and graceful woman. The woman was clad in a pristine, white robe. She had waist long white hair, emerald like green eyes and smooth, beautiful skin. This was the spiritual avatar of the founder of the Heaven's Secrets Company.

    A spiritual avatar was something a person who reached a high enough cultivation level could create. Using a piece of their perception and Qi, they could send their spiritual avatar out to scout areas or keep contact with several places at once.

    «For what matter have you called me?»

    The graceful woman spoke out, her voice sounding like a pleasant symphony that charmed anyone who heard it. She waved her hand, causing the floor beneath her to rise up and turn into a chair for her to sit on.

    «We are sorry to disturb you founder, but we are uncertain about what we should do with some information.»

    One of the men sitting at the table quickly stood up and gave a deep bow. They worked for this woman, but even they feared her great strength. This woman was the sole reason that none of the four clans or three academies dared antagonize the Heaven's Secrets Company.

    «What information?»

    The graceful woman sat on the chair, a slightly interested expression on her face. She was rarely called by these people, but whenever she was, it was certain that something interesting had happened.

    «We have found a large amount of information about the current holder of the devouring element, but we are uncertain about what to do with it. This person also uses an unknown element that we have yet to identify.»

    The man quickly spoke up. If it was just because Huang Ying had the devouring element, they would never have called down the founder. But since he had an unknown element, they wanted to be on the safer side.

    «I see. Tell me a bit of this information before i decide.»

    The woman slightly perked up when she heard the words unknown element. Since they could not identify it, it could only mean that it had not appeared on this planet before.

    «Yes. The current holder is called Huang Ying, he seems to have been born in a town called Azure Springs- Founder? Is everything okay?»

    The man started speaking, but he quickly noticed that the founder's expression had completely stiffened, even her body stiffened. He couldn't help but worry, so he quickly spoke up to see if everything was okay.

    «Yes. Give me every piece of information you have about this person, everything.»

    The graceful woman regained her wits, before quickly speaking out. Her face showed clear excitement as she spoke, her voice containing a mixture of urgency and longing.


    The man dared not hesitate, quickly bringing out a jade slip that contained all the information they had, it even included all the images they had seen while the black clothed man reported to them.

    The graceful woman quickly took the jade slip from the man's hand and sent her perception into it, scanning it's content. While she was scanning the jade slip's content, the room descended into silence, the men around the table not even daring to breathe too loudly. They had never seen the founder be this excited.

    «So it really is you...»

    The graceful woman pulled back her perception and let out a long breath, a blooming smile present on her lips as she muttered to herself.

    «Founder.... what do we-»

    Seeing the founder like this, the people around the table couldn't help but hesitate slightly before speaking out. The founder would usually only show an indifferent expression, maybe a slight interest at times, it was never like this.

    «Tell no one! No one is allowed to know that he holds the devouring element! Send a message to the four clans and three academies. tell them that if any of them dare lay their hands on this person, once i return to this planet i will not just erase them, i will completely erase their entire family.»

    The graceful woman turned her head to look at the 18 people around the table as she spoke. Her orders confused the 18 people, not only kill whoever hurt him, but even kill their entire family? Just who was this youth?


    Despite their confusion, how would they dare hesitate. All 18 people quickly started turning transparent before vanishing from the room, hurrying out to deliver the message. After a short while, the only person left in the room was the spiritual avatar of the graceful woman. The graceful woman was playing with the jade slip in her hands, a large smile on her lips.

    «I knew that you would be fine even if we couldn't be there. Just look at you, only a short year since you awakened your power, but you are already starting to raise waves. Don't worry Ying'er, mother will not let anyone hurt you. Me and your father will come visit once we are allowed to return to this planet.»
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    Chapter 98: Pitiful people.

    A few days after leaving Golden Auction City, Huang Ying and Fang Shan were passing through a small forest located a few days walk away from the center region of the continent. The forest was actually small enough that Huang Ying and Fang Shan could have walked around it, they would even have saved some time like that.

    But Huang Ying insisted on going through this forest, and Fang Shan found that there was nothing she could do to change his mind, he didn't even tell her why he was so adamant about going through the forest. Fang Shan still chose to follow Huang Ying into the forest, she did not know a lot about the world outside of the ruins, so following someone was still the best choice for her currently.

    Fang Shan and Huang Ying sat around a small fire, Fang Shan roasting some Demonic beast meat over the open fire. The area around them was a small clearing of about 50 meters in each direction. There were a few bones strewn around the clearing, blood and flesh still present on the bones, these were the remains of a Demonic beast Fang Shan had hunted for food.

    “Li Jun, are they still following us?”

    While Fang Shan was roasting and eating the meat, Huang Ying was sitting with his legs crossed and conversing with Li Jun. The reason he wanted to enter this forest was because Li Jun had warned him that a group of people started following them not long after they left Golden Auction City.

    “Yes. They are not far away, at most a few hundred meters. But they are using a type of equipment that shrouds their presence, making it hard for people to discover them.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out within Huang Ying's mind, hoarse and rough, but it had lost some of it's old power, becoming more feeble and weak. Huang Ying had noticed that ever since they left the Vast Plain Ruin, Li Jun seemed to be less spirited, even seeming rather sad. But he refused to answer any of Huang Ying's questions, so he was forced to put the subject aside for the moment.

    “Fang Shan, have you finished reinforcing your two daggers?”

    Huang Ying turned his head towards Fang Shan as he asked. Fang Shan had acquired several materials in Golden Auction City that she could use to reinforce her two daggers, so she had been working on them whenever they stopped for a break.

    “Yes, I finished reinforcing them yesterday. Why?”

    Fang Shan looked at Huang Ying with a suspicious gaze, not quite understanding why he would ask about her weapons. Huang Ying did not respond to her, instead, he stood up and looked at a spot a few hundred meters away from them and spoke out.

    “Isn't hiding like that rather boring? Why don't you pitiful people come out here so that we can just finish this quickly.”

    After Huang Ying's voice rang out, there was no reaction for a short while. But after waiting for around half a minute, the sound of leaves being pushed aside came from the forest, five people appearing in the clearing.

    The five people were all clad in tight black robes that covered every inch of their body, only leaving their eyes uncovered. Huang Ying knew that these robes were the standard uniform of people belonging to the Waning Moon

    “I wonder who it was that hired you to come after me, was it that Jing Yimu? Or was it someone with a bit more power and influence than him?”

    While Fang Shan hurriedly stood up and brought out her two daggers, Huang Ying was looking at the five people and continued talking. There was no reaction from the five people in front of him, so he knew that he would not get any information from them. But he had never expected them to answer, if they truly did answer, they would not be people from the Waning Moon.

    “Old five. You, me, Little three, and Little two will take care of him. Little four, you take care of the girl.”

    One of the men spoke out, his voice gravelly and distorted as he quickly spoke. After he finished speaking, four of the people moved towards Huang Ying, while the last one moved towards Fang Shan. Huang Ying did not move to stop them, these five people were all at the middle stage of the Xiantian Realm, they posed no threat to him.

    “I wonder if you know the truth behind why you were hired. Just a few short days ago, I crippled someone at the peak of the Xiantian Realm with a single attack, there is no way that the person who hired you does not know this.”

    “This can only mean one of two things. One, he hired you to come here and die, creating enmity between me and the Waning Moon, causing you to send more and more assassins after me. Two, he hired you to come here and die in an attempt to gauge my power.”

    Huang Ying spoke calmly, looking at the five people with pity in his eyes. He assumed that these people were hired by the same person that caused the Empyrean Phoenix Academy to capture him. Since this person knew that he had appeared in Golden Auction City, he must also know about the fight Huang Ying had just before leaving the city.

    This was why Huang Ying called these five people pitiful earlier, there was no chance of them finishing this task. They had only sent themselves to their death. Of course, Huang Ying would not spare them just because he slightly pitied them. Huang Ying would not spare anyone that came at him with the intent to kill.

    The five people did not respond, but their pupils had slightly contracted. How could they not know what Huang Ying had done in Golden Auction House? But they still had to go through with this job. When they saw that the targets were two youths, one at the early stage of the Xiantian Realm and one at the middle stage, they had immediately accepted the request.

    It was their own fault for not doing a more extensive check on their targets before accepting the request. But as assassins of the Waning Moon, they could not decline a request after accepting it, so they had no choice but to go through with it and hope for the best.

    The four people moving towards Huang Ying quickly arrived within 25 meters of him. Once they reached this boundary, black fog started surrounding the area around them, making it hard for people to spot them. This black fog was made up from their Qi and was something they used to help them whenever they accepted a request.

    This group of five people had already been working together for over ten years, they started as a group of nine, but their numbers had slowly dwindled with time. All of the people in the group had the same shadow element, allowing them to blend into the darkness and attack from unexpected angles, making them perfect for assassination.

    Huang Ying heaved a sigh and shook his head when he saw their actions. If they had chosen to leave right after he started talking to them, he would not mind sparing their lives, but since they had chosen to attack, their only end would be death.

    Huang Ying raised his left leg, gathering all his Qi into his lower body. Once his left leg hit the ground again, the sound of thunder boomed forth as his entire figure vanished from sight. The four people quickly reacted, dodging to the sides in an attempt to flee. But how would Huang Ying let them do this?

    The ground around the four people suddenly froze as they tried to move, large walls of ice growing out from the ground, preventing the four people from moving in any direction but forwards. Just as they grit their teeth and decided to move forward, a flash of light flew past one of them, bringing with it a burning sensation on his chest.

    The flash of light hit one of the walls of ice and bounced off, flashing past another one of the four people. The flash of light bounced off of the ice walls two more times, flashing past the last two people in the group. After the flash of light flashed past the last person, it landed on the same spot where Huang Ying stood at the start, turning into Huang Ying's form.

    “Not bad.”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but nod his head and comment after he was done. The lightning element was known for it's speed and piercing power, but it lacked the flexibility of wind. This was the first time Huang Ying had tried using his newly acquired lightning element, and he had to say that he was more than pleased with it. With this, speed would no longer be one of his weaknesses.

    Using his ice element, he could also make up for the lack of flexibility by raising walls of ice that he could use to alter his direction. Of course, this required him to set up the walls of ice beforehand, as he was not yet strong enough to create the ice instantly.

    The walls of ice dissipated, leaving behind the four assassins who were standing there with blank expressions. There was a fist sized hole at the center of their chests, revealing the area behind them. They were already completely lifeless, they just hadn't fallen down as the ice had spread from the ground and into their bodies, causing them to stiffen.

    Huang Ying had also sent in a sliver of devouring Qi into their bodies and gone through their memories, but found next to nothing that would help him, so he turned his attention towards Fang Shan's fight. Fang Shan used the same tactic as Huang Ying, using her lightning element to quickly move around the enemy, using her daggers to wound the person.

    Since her daggers were created from her Demonic beast form, they were the most suited weapon for her and could conduct her power perfectly. Whenever Fang Shan left a wound on an enemy, a bit of her lightning Qi would seep into the enemy's body, slowly numbing and paralyzing them.

    After Fang Shan had reinforced her daggers, they had grown slightly longer and sharper, but the largest change was on the pommel. There was now a thin metal wire connecting the two daggers at the hilt, allowing her greater flexibility and range with the daggers. This wire could also conduct her lightning Qi.

    Fang Shan's fight lasted slightly longer than Huang Ying's only ending when she managed to thread the wire around the last assassins neck and use it to deliver a large amount of lightning into the assassin's body, completely scorching her throat and lungs.

    After killing the five people and searching through their belongings, taking whatever seemed useful, Huang Ying used his fire to turn their bodies into ash before the two of them kept on traveling towards the center region.
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    Chapter 99: Heaven's Crossroads City.

    Huang Ying and Fang Shan had to travel for a further seven days before they finally managed to reach the center region. The center region was in fact just a single massive city. The city was so massive that there were several Spatial Arrays located within the city, whose only purpose was to allow it's inhabitants to move around in the city easier.

    The city housed the headquarters of the Three Academies and the Four Clans, it also contained several Spatial Arrays that one could use to travel to different places all over the continent, and even to different continents. Because of this, the city was given the name Heaven's Crossroads City.

    Heaven's Crossroads City was divided into seven parts, each one of the Seven Overlords owning one part of the city. But while the Three Academies did indeed own a part of the city, they did not own any parts of the continent, like the Four Clans did.

    This meant that while you could find academies around the continent that had connections with the Four Clans, you could only find the Three Academies here in Heaven's Crossroads City.

    “So what are your plans?”

    Huang Ying and Fang Shan sat opposite of each other at a small table, drinking some spicy fruit wine and eating some stew. They sat in the dining hall of a small inn that was located in the area owned by the Eastern Wind Academy. They had been given two Eastern Wind badges by Xin Yang, so it would obviously be best for them to enter the area owned by the Eastern Wind Academy.

    Hearing Huang Ying's question, Fang Shan stopped eating as she closed her eyes to think. She knew that Huang Ying was planning on entering the Eastern Wind Academy. Joining them would give him access to their resources as well as whatever knowledge they had.

    He could also take up missions that the academy sent out, allowing him to use their Spatial Arrays to travel around the continent, hunting whatever Demonic beast or rare resource that the mission required him to hunt. While he could also travel around the continent and do this without joining the academy, joining the academy meant that he would not have to search around blindly. The missions would tell him exactly where he had to go.

    “Joining Eastern Wind Academy is the best option for now. Eternal Flame Academy and First Dawn Academy are a bit too skewed for my tastes.”

    Fang Shan shrugged her shoulders as she made up her mind. All three academies accepted people no matter what element they had, but First Dawn Academy and Eternal Flame Academy gave students that had the light or flame element better treatment. This was done because when these academies first opened, they only accepted students that had either of those elements, making them better equipped at tutoring such students.

    Eastern Wind Academy on the other hand, was much more suited for handling students with any kind of element. This was so because despite Eastern Wind Academy starting out as an academy that only accepted students with the wind element, it had started accepting all kinds of students hundreds of years before First Dawn or Eternal Flame.

    “Alright, then we can just head over to the Eastern Wind Academy together later on to take the entrance test.”

    Huang Ying had already expected this answer, as Fang Shan did not have many other options, so he was not very surprised, he had mostly just asked as a formality.

    He quite liked spending time with Fang Shan, she had the same personality as him. She was very direct and honest, and she also liked to spend her time in peace and quiet. They had traveled together for a little over two weeks, and even though a large portion of this time was spent in silence, only occasionally asking each other questions to learn more about the other, he quite liked it.

    “No, it would be best to wait for a few days before we join Eastern Wind Academy.”

    Fang Shan shook her head and rejected Huang Ying's proposition almost immediately. They had already spent a few days in Heaven's Crossroads City, allowing them to gather a bit of information before really deciding on what to do.


    Huang Ying raised an eyebrow as he responded, indicating for Fang Shan to explain what she meant.

    “We were attacked by assassins only a few days after leaving Golden Auction City, and according to what you said, this wasn't even the first time you were attacked. You were even held captive for half a year because of the order of someone unknown.”

    Fang Shan shook her head as she spoke. She had already learned about how Huang Ying was abducted by Empyrean Phoenix Academy, who had acted under the orders of someone else. At that time, there had also been people from Waning Moon helping Empyrean Phoenix Academy.

    “This can only mean that there is someone rather powerful out there that is looking for you, most likely looking to kill you even. We could join Eastern Wind Academy now, but there is no way of knowing if that will cause a stir, we are joining them on special permission after all.”

    She did not know if the news about students joining the academy before the actual entrance test would spread, but she did not want to take the risk. Traveling with Huang Ying was rather enjoyable, it was also her best option right now, so she would undoubtedly also be attacked if he was attacked.

    “But if we wait a few days, Eastern Wind Academy will open their gates, allowing anyone who wants to join them to undergo their entrance tests. If we just join that event, and don't cause too much of a stir, we should be able to enter Eastern Wind Academy looking like normal students. No one would bother spreading news about us at that point. After all, just how many students join Eastern Wind Academy every year?”

    She had spent the last few days learning about the Three Academies, so she knew that each academy would start taking in students in just a few days. Joining at that time would allow them to enter without causing any stir and being discovered.

    “Since you are being targeted by someone powerful, the best course of action is to just lay low for a little while, at least until you manage to learn who is looking for you.”

    She knew that Huang Ying was a very straight forward and direct person. He did not like laying low and hiding away, but she still felt that she had to say these things. For both of their safety.

    “Right. Laying low might really be for the best. Very well, waiting a few more days is not problem.”

    Huang Ying did not spend much time thinking before he responded, slightly surprising Fang Shan. She had expected him to at least protest a little bit, but now it seemed like her worries had been unfounded.

    “Li Jun, has there been any change?”

    After he answered Fang Shan, Huang Ying leaned backwards and started slowly sipping his fruit wine as he started talking to Li Jun.

    “No, they are still watching from a distance, chasing away anyone who gets too close.”

    Li Jun's tired voice rang out within Huang Ying's mind. Ever since they entered Heaven's Crossroads City, Li Jun had warned him that people from the Heaven's Secrets Company were keeping an eye on him. Not only were they keeping an eye on him, the moment other spies came close to him, they would chase them away.

    “Do you know why they would be doing so?”

    Huang Ying had some trouble understanding what their motives were, they had already sent people after him twice after all. Li Jun had told him several times that they held no hostile intentions against him, but how could he just trust them that easily?

    “If I would have to guess? Someone with a high position is trying to protect you, or at least keeping any information about you hidden.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out again, sounding like he was shaking his head. While he had worked with the Heaven's Secrets Company before, he had only worked with the Waning Moon part of it. Guessing at their intentions was not something he was capable of.

    “Really can't catch a break. Continue keeping an eye on them, if worst comes to worst, we will have to find a way to escape from the city.”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but sigh silently, already starting to make sure that he remembered every potential escape route.
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    Chapter 100: Eastern Wind Academy.

    The next few days passed away in a flash, Huang Ying and Fang Shan spending most of their time wandering through the streets of Heaven's Crossroads City, making sure to take note of every place that seemed important.

    After they spent five days doing this, the day where the Three Academies would accept new students finally arrived. Huang Ying and Fang Shan arrived outside the gates of Eastern Wind Academy early in the morning, not long after the sun had risen.

    The place where they arrived was a large, empty square located just in front of Eastern Wind Academy. Eastern Wind Academy covered a truly massive area, just from where they stood, they could see seven separate mountains placed within the area that belonged to Eastern Wind Academy. The mountains were surrounded by forests and there were even a few lakes spread around.

    There were buildings spread all around the area, each building was made out of a type of light green wood with wave like markings that looked like they had been carved by the wind. At the peak of each of the mountains stood a large mansion, towering above everything else. The entire area owned by Eastern Wind Academy was surrounded by a large metal fence that towered five meters into the air.

    The empty square where they stood was already starting to fill up with people, despite it being so early. Just from what Huang Ying could see, there were already several hundred people standing in the square, just waiting for the people from Eastern Wind Academy to show up.

    After waiting for around an hour, a large gate in the metal fence opened, and a group of ten people walked over to the square. The square was now filled with a veritable sea of people, easily reaching above two thousand people. The moment the ten people appeared, everyone in the square turned silent.

    The group of ten people consisted of two old men, three girls that seemed like they were around their mid twenties, and five men who seemed to be the same age as the girls. Everyone in the group was clad in the same robes, a pair of loose, light green robes held together by an azure sash tied around their waist.

    “Greetings everyone, you can call me Senior Brother Zhouyun, I will be in charge of making sure that this entrance exam period passes smoothly.”

    One of the young men spoke up after they reached the square. The young man had a handsome appearance, silky brown hair that hung down his back, clean and pure green eyes, and clean and unblemished skin. He spoke with a pleasant smile, giving the entire crowd a short bow as he spoke.

    “The tests we will conduct today are all very simple. We will start by testing everyone's cultivation level and age. Anyone above 25 will sadly be barred from entering.”

    The young man raised a finger as he spoke, and the seven other young people behind him all stepped forward and brought a large mirror out of their interspatial rings. A mirror like this could be used not just to tell the cultivation of a person, but also their age. It did this by testing their Qi, as well as scanning their bones to see how old they were.

    “After that we will use a pressure test to test everyone's determination, those who don't have enough determination will also be barred from entering. After testing your determination, we will test your total strength.”

    The young man then raised a second and a third finger in quick succession. When he raised his second finger, one of the old men brought out a box from his interspatial ring. He had not opened the box, but it was already releasing a stiffing sense of pressure.

    When he raised his third finger, the other old man brought out a man-sized puppet from his interspatial ring. The puppet was in the shape of a normal man, but instead of having a face, it had an array carved into it's head. A puppet like this was usually powered by Spirit Stones, it's strength depending on the quality of it's material as well as the quality of the Spirit Stone.

    “If there are too many people left at the end, we will conduct another test, a more conclusive test.”

    This was normal for each of the Three Academies. They could not take in everyone who applied, there was a limit to how many they could accept. If the number at the end was too large for them to take in everyone, they would have them take a test where all of their qualities was being tested.

    “With all that being said, I won't take up any more of your time. If you would all please line up in seven different lines so that we can start, that would be wonderful.”

    The young man finished his words with another quick bow before he stepped back and allowed the people holding the seven mirrors to step forward. After the seven mirrors were placed down and standing steadily, the sea of people parted and turned into seven lines, each one standing by one of the mirrors.

    Huang Ying and Fang Shan took this chance to check out the other people that were trying to enter Eastern Wind Academy. While there were some people that were obviously too old to join the academy, and others that looked very nervous as they approached the mirrors, most people held confident smiles.

    There might be seven mirrors, but there were still over two thousand people to test, so it was obvious that testing would take a while. Huang Ying and Fang Shan had placed themselves towards the back of the line, carefully checking out everyone that managed to pass through the first test.

    The people that managed to pass the test varied immensely in both cultivation and age. The youngest person that Huang Ying saw was a child no older than 10. but what shocked Huang Ying and Fang Shan was that this child was already at the middle stage of the Xiantian Realm, even higher than Huang Ying himself.

    The highest cultivation level that Huang Ying saw was the peak of the Yin-Yang Formation, but it seemed like most people that were hoping to join were only at the Xiantian realm. Huang Ying had not seen anyone at the realm of the Nine Heavens.

    Fang Shan was up just before Huang Ying. Stepping forward and placing her palm on the mirror, she injected a small amount of Qi into the mirror. The mirror lit up once she injected her Qi, a round orb appearing at the top of the mirror, while the number 19 appeared on the mirror itself. This meant that she was 19 years old and was at the middle stage of Xiantian Realm.

    After Fang Shan, was Huang Ying. The person in charge of the mirror looked at Huang Ying with suspicion for a short moment before allowing him to place his palm on the mirror. The reason he looked at Huang Ying with suspicion was because Huang Ying's body did not give off any aura.

    Ever since Huang Ying had awakened the element of destruction, any trace of aura or energy that his body gave off had vanished, making him seem more like a normal mortal than a cultivator.

    When Huang Ying placed his palm on the mirror and injected his Qi into it, he felt a strange energy enter his body from the mirror, digging into his bones and scanning them. After a short while, the mirror lit up and half an orb appeared at the top of the mirror, while the number 15 appearing on the mirror.

    Seeing the mirror light up, the young man next to the mirror nodded his head and indicated for Huang Ying to follow Fang Shan and the others that had passed, making them stand at the side and wait while the others were being tested.

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