The Godless One

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    Chapter 60: Abandoned City.

    Contrary to what Huang Ying expected, there was no pain after he jumped into the water. Since a simple drop of the water had etched itself an inch deep into his skin, he assumed that there would be an excruciating pain after he jumped into the water, but all he felt was a pleasant warmth.

    He could no longer feel his body, the world swiftly darkening in front of his eyes. He closed his eyes and waited. If their idea was correct, they would be transported somewhere else. If it ended up being wrong? Then they would just die here.

    When Huang Ying regained his senses and opened his eyes, he found himself standing in a small room. There was a glowing orb floating above them, lighting up the room. There was a door a few steps in front of him and Xin Yang and the others were standing around him, confused looks on their faces.

    Huang Ying looked down at the ground. The ground beneath them was covered in dark blue squiggly lines. The lines covered the floor of the entire room, crisscrossing around each other like a mass of snakes.

    “You bastards!”

    Huang Ying's concentration was broken by Mo Yating's scream. Looking up, he could see Mo Yating pointing at them, her face red from fury.

    “You tried to rape me! And you just killed me!”

    She first pointed at He Cheng, screaming so loud that spit flew everywhere. She then pointed at Huang Ying and Xin Yang. Huang Ying only gave her a quick glance before turning his eyes back to the lines beneath them. He had no patience to deal with someone who hadn't even realized the situation yet.

    “Calm down. The only reason we threw you into the water was to bring you out of the locked space.”

    Xin Yang raised his arms and tried to explain to her, gesturing towards the floor.

    “Locked space?”

    Mo Yating seemed to catch onto something, quickly turning her head to the ground, looking at the lines beneath them. The dark blue lines seemed to be random squiggles, but she could still feel some traces of Qi from them, they were obviously a type of array.

    “How much time has passed?”

    Huang Ying traced the lines with his fingers for a bit before turning his head to Xin Yang. They had spent a few months on that raft, but seeing these lines, Huang Ying couldn't help but be a bit suspicious about how much time had really passed.

    “Time....?! It's only been half a day...?”

    Xin Yang was slightly confused at first, but quickly caught onto Huang Ying's meaning. He fished out a pale blue jade from his interspatial ring and inspected it. The jade shone with a blue light, but there was a small part at the top of the jade that was completely dark.

    This type of jade was often used when people went out adventuring. One could infuse it with a certain amount of Qi, and it would then glow for a certain amount of time, slowly dimming as time passed.

    Xin Yang had filled this piece of jade with Qi just before they entered. Since only a small part at the tip had dimmed, that meant that it had only been half a day since they entered the ruins.

    “Seems like it's not a spatial array, but an illusion array. We were probably trapped in the illusion the moment we entered the ruins.”

    Huang Ying finished tracing the lines and stood up, dusting off his hands. He had some memories about this type of array, but the ones he knew off were all on a much smaller scale. They were also much weaker than this one.

    “Where do you think you are going?!”

    While Huang Ying and Xin Yang were shocked at the strength of the illusion array, Mo Yating's voice shouted out from the side. Turning their head, they could see her glaring at He Cheng, who was slowly edging towards the door in an attempt to escape.

    If it had been before they entered the ruins, he would have just left immediately, not caring about the others. But ever since he had been kicked by Huang Ying inside the illusion array, he realized that he was probably not the strongest person in the group. If Huang Ying decided to kill him for what he tried to do, there was nothing he could do to fight back.

    “I'm obviously not welcome here, so why should I humiliate myself and stay here?”

    He Cheng cast a glance at Huang Ying before making a mad dash towards the door. He was relieved when he noticed that Huang Ying wasn't chasing him, but Mo Yating would obviously not just let him off, she immediately chased after him.

    Xin Yang only heaved a deep sigh and shook his head. The three of them all came from second rate factions from the central area, so they had some relationship with each other. He was just about to go after them when Huang Ying's hand landed on his shoulder, stopping him.

    “There is no point. If we bring them with us, there is no telling when they are going to break down again. Besides, do you really think words will calm her down?”

    Huang Ying only shook his head. They were already unstable after spending a few months in the illusion array. There was no telling what they would face when they ventured deeper into the ruins. If they brought Mo Yating and He Cheng with them, they could easily endanger both Xin Yang and Huang Ying if they started fighting each other during a dangerous trial.

    “Haah, I never thought that them spending too much time with their teachers would make them so mentally weak.”

    Xin Yang knew that what Huang Ying said was correct, so he could only shake his head and sigh once more. Mo Yating and He Cheng had spent most of their lives following behind their teachers, protected by them. They had never traveled the world and experienced how tough and cruel it really was. Due to this, their mentality would always be one of their weak points.

    “Who knows, maybe they'll both survive and learn something.”

    Huang Ying shrugged his shoulders and left for the door. He knew that Xin Yang had a slight relationship with the two others since they all came from the central area. But Huang Ying only had a good impression of Xin Yang, not the two others, so whatever happened to them, he did not care too much. He did not mind saving someone when he saw their plight right in front of him. But if they were not his friends, he would not bother going out of his way to save them.

    Leaving the small room brought Huang Ying and Xin Yang into a large plaza. There was a clear blue sky above them, blazing sunlight bearing down upon them. The ground beneath them was dusty and yellow, it seemed like the area was slowly turning into a desert.

    Huang Ying could see several small buildings in the area around them. The buildings were made out of a type of pale, yellow rock, their roofs made out out wood and straw. Each house was square shaped, each side being five meters long. The houses were only a little under three meters in height.

    Huang Ying followed the houses with his eyes, but each house seemed completely uniform in size. The only house that wasn't the same size as the others was a large mansion in the distance. Huang Ying didn't know how far away the mansion was, but from where they were standing, the mansion almost looked like no more than a dot.

    Huang Ying glanced at the area around them, but there were no signs of Mo Yating or He Cheng, so they had probably already left the area. Huang Ying didn't see any other signs off people, so it seemed like the entire city was abandoned. He tried to once more make contact with Li Jun, but there was still no reply. At first he thought that he could not contact Li Jun since they were trapped in an illusion array, but now it seemed like there was something within these ruins blocking him from contacting Li Jun.

    “We should probably check out that mansion. If there isn't any signs of the entrance to the next area within the mansion, we can only check all these houses one by one.”

    Xin Yang had also scanned the area. The only thing they could see that wasn't the same as the small houses was the large mansion. Since it was the only thing that stood out, it would also be the most likely location for the entrance to the next area. Huang Ying had thought of the same idea, so he simply nodded his head and started walking.
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    Chapter 61: Pale Human.

    Huang Ying and Xin Yang started making their way towards the mansion, their footsteps the only sound in this abandoned city. Neither Huang Ying or Xin Yang spoke much, the atmosphere in the city pressed down on them like a mountain, they did not dare let down their guard for even a single second, lest they be trapped or attacked while they were unaware.

    They were walking in a straight line, the only indicator that they were heading in the right direction being the mansion in the distance. After walking for almost 15 minutes, both Huang Ying and Xin Yang noticed the smell of blood hanging in the air. They also noticed that the ground ahead of them, just before a corner, was covered in footprints.

    These were the first signs of other people they had seen since entering this abandoned city. But the smell of blood clearly told them that whoever was ahead of them probably wasn't going to be a peaceful type of person.

    Huang Ying and Xin Yang exchanged glances with another before simultaneously nodding their heads and slowly making their way forward. They made their way up to the corner, only carefully peering around it with their heads.

    Contrary to what they expected, there was no other person around the corner. The walls and ground were covered in blood. There were body parts strewn around on the ground, their ends still slightly moist with blood.

    Huang Ying and Xin Yang both scrunched up their eyebrows, quickly scanning the rest of the surroundings. When they didn't find any signs of other people, they made their way up the the body parts on the ground.

    The boy parts were slightly moist, so it was clear that it had not been too long since these people had been killed. The ends of the body parts were also horribly torn, so it was clear that they weren't cut off, but simply torn off.

    “I know who they are.”

    While Huang Ying was checking out the body parts, Xin Yang spoke up behind him. As he turned around, he saw Xin yang point to a corner that they hadn't seen from where they were standing earlier. Upon inspecting the corner, Huang Ying found the torsos and heads of Mo Yating and He Cheng, carelessly stuffed away into this corner.

    Their faces were contorted into terrified expressions, so they had clearly seen something horrible before they died. Seeing their corpses, Huang Ying scrunched his eyebrows even tighter. It was one thing to tear someone limb from limb, but doing it to a cultivator at the 8th heaven was a completely different thing, it was much harder.

    “To be able to tear them limb from limb, the murderer is clearly no normal person.”

    Xin Yang fondled his chin as he spoke. He seemed to suddenly think of something as he went to the mass of footprints that they had seen earlier, crouching down next to them and inspecting them. After looking at them for a short while, he came back to Huang Ying's side.

    “There are at least seven different pairs of footprints back there, so there must be more than one killer.”

    Xin Yang had inspected the footprints closely. If someone were to tell him that it was a single person that had torn Mo Yating and He Cheng limb from limb, there was no way he would believe them. But if there were multiple people, it became much more likely.

    “Have you noticed that they don't have any other wounds?”

    Huang Ying pointed to the two torsos and heads on the ground as he spoke. Huang Ying had inspected them closely, but they didn't have any other wounds on their bodies, just the wounds produced when their body parts were torn off.

    “You don't mean?”

    Xin Yang started when he understood what Huang Ying meant. He quickly cast his eyes to the body parts and gave them a thorough look over. And sure enough, not a single wound was to be found.

    “Indeed. They weren't killed and torn apart, it was getting torn apart that killed them.”

    Huang Ying nodded his head. Since there were no other wounds on their bodies, the only cause of death he could think of was that they had been torn apart while they were still alive.

    Thinking about this way of dying, even Huang Ying felt a chill crawl up his spine. To watch as someone tore off your limbs one by one was unmistakably a horrible way of dying. It also explained why their faces were contorted into terrified expressions.

    Xin Yang had an ugly expression as he heard Huang Ying affirm his thoughts. He was stronger than He Cheng and Mo Yating, but it wasn't by too much. If there was someone or something here that was able to kill them by tearing them apart, it could most likely also do it to him.

    Huang Ying stood up and dusted off his hands, he wasn't too worried about whatever killed Mo Yating and He Cheng, his body was far stronger than theirs. Since something had killed Mo Yating and He Cheng, it also meant that this city was not as abandoned as they first thought.

    As Huang Ying turned around to face Xin Yang, his expression quickly changed. He grabbed Xin Yang's shoulders and pulled him forward, almost throwing him to the ground.

    Xin Yang was just about to yell at him when he noticed that the place where he had just stood was suddenly occupied by someone else.

    The person that stood there was completely pale, his skin devoid of any color. One could see his dried up veins through his skin, covering his entire body with black lines. His eyes were unfocused and empty, lacking even the slightest trace of life. His clothes were completely ragged, only a few strips left to cover his body.

    The thing that scared Huang Ying and Xin Yang the most was that they hadn't noticed the slightest thing. They hadn't even noticed this thing's existence until they saw it. It hadn't made any sound, nor had their perceptions noticed it.

    The white person raised it's arms and tried to grab at Huang Ying. Seeing the thing attempt to grab him, Huang Ying felt a strong unease, quickly dodging backwards. Xin Yang also moved backwards, standing next to Huang Ying, his finger tracing his interspatial ring.


    Huang Ying almost jumped when he heard Xin Yang's scream. He quickly turned his head, but Xin Yang hadn't been attacked, he only looked at his interspatial ring with a look of shock.

    “What is the matter?”

    Huang Ying didn't think that Xin Yang would just scream for nothing, so he hurriedly asked, all the while sweeping the area around them with his eyes, looking out for any other of those things.

    “I can't use any Qi!”

    Xin Yang had an ugly expression as he spoke. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't extract any Qi from his Qi crystal. Not only did this mean that he couldn't attack properly, he couldn't even take out anything from his interspatial ring, as it required he inject a small amount of Qi.


    Huang Ying was shocked at his words and quickly tried circulating his Qi. Sure enough, all his Qi was locked in his Qi crystal, even his Devouring Qi was trapped. With his Qi being trapped, Huang Ying finally understood how both Mo Yating and He Cheng could be torn apart while they were alive. Without their Qi, they were no better than some normal strong person.

    Huang Ying was also getting more and more interested in whoever made these ruins. Not only could they cut his connection with Li Jun, they could also trap his Devouring Qi. It had to be known that his Devouring Qi was Qi of the highest type. It was on the same level as Life and Death Qi. To be able to trap it meant that someone had to reach the same level as Baku was.

    Huang Ying quickly put the thoughts out of his mind and focused on the monster ahead of them. The monster was slowly stumbling towards them. It looked just like a normal human, but it's eyes were devoid of any life and intelligence, so it was no better than a beast.

    While Mo Yating and He Cheng could do anything to these things, Huang Ying was different. His body had been strengthened several times, even surpassing some weaker Demonic beasts at this point. He did not fear this thing, as long as he only faced one that is.
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    Chapter 62: Strange Body.

    The first thing Huang Ying did was open his energy vision to inspect the pale person. Using his energy vision, he could clearly see why they had never noticed this person sneak up on them.

    The pale person in front of them did not have any energy within it's body. Even normal mortals and animals had trace amounts of energy inside them that could be traced. This energy was what cultivators called a persons fire of life, the sign that they were alive.

    Since the pale person in front of them did not have any of this energy, the only explanation Huang Ying could think of was that the person in front of them was either created through a weak illusion array, or that he was already dead.

    Since Mo Yating and He Cheng had most likely been killed by a small swarm of these pale people, Huang Ying quickly discarded the first option. This could only mean that the person in front of them was already dead, and looking at the state of his veins and skin, he had probably been dead for quite a while.

    Huang Ying turned his eyes away from the pale human and onto Xin Yang. Since their Qi had been locked down inside their Qi crystals, Xin Yang could be considered next to useless right now, he couldn't even pull any weapons out of his interspatial ring.

    This meant that Huang Ying would have to be responsible for all the fighting they would be doing while they were in the abandoned city. Since that was the case, learning more about what he would have to face was Huang Ying's current main priority. Luckily, a willing test subject had already showed itself.

    “Keep an eye on the surroundings.”

    Huang Ying gave Xin Yang a simple order. Since they could not sense if there were any more pale people in the surroundings, they could only use their eyes to constantly scour the area around them.

    Xin Yang nodded his head and kept a vigilant eye on the surroundings. He understood that he was useless, and even though he did not know just how strong Huang Ying was without his Qi, his only option right now was to trust Huang Ying.

    Huang Ying strode towards the pale person that was slowly shambling towards him. From what he could see, the speed of this pale person was completely atrocious, but he still did not lower his guard. If this pale person's speed was really that bad, there was no way that He Cheng and Mo Yating would die to them after just entering this abandoned city.

    A low moan was emitted from the pale person as it reached out with his arms to grab at Huang Ying. Huang Ying raised his arms and grabbed onto the wrists of the pale person, clamping down on them.

    As he grabbed the pale person's wrists, he couldn't help but be slightly shocked. The pale person looked thin and emancipated, but when Huang Ying grabbed onto it's wrists, he could feel the crushing strength that it's body possessed.

    Just holding onto this pale person's wrists and restraining it required Huang Ying to use almost 70% of his physical strength. Huang Ying's bodily strength was approaching the peak stages of the Xiantian Builder stages, so 70% of his physical strength could almost be considered tyrannical.

    Huang Ying also noticed that while the skin seemed pale and weak, it was incredibly coarse to the touch and seemed to possess a tenacity resembling thick leather.

    Huang Ying raised his right leg and placed it on the pale person's chest, he then clamped down with his fingers and twisted his arms, pulling them backwards with all his strength. After exerting all his strength, the arms of the pale person twisted slightly before ripping apart at the elbow.

    Huang Ying kicked the chest of the pale person, sending it stumbling backwards and onto the ground and it's chest caving inwards. Huang Ying pulled back slightly and started inspecting the arms he had just pulled off of the pale person.

    There was no blood dripping down from the ends of the arms. The flesh around the bones was a powdery white and had the texture of soft wood. Huang Ying also looked at the pale person that was slowly trying to stand up. It showed no signs of pain after having it's arms torn off or having it's chest caved inwards.

    It's chest had caved in enough to puncture it's lungs, but this didn't even seem to phase it. Huang Ying looked at the caved in chest and couldn't help but feel a cold sweat on his back. When he kicked ii's chest, he had used his full power, but it had only caved in enough to puncture it's lungs. It also felt like he had kicked a boulder, so he didn't doubt the hardness of it's bones.

    Huang Ying turned his eyes onto the arms he held in his hands. There were some small bone spikes sticking out at the torn off end. The small spikes seemed unnaturally sharp, almost gleaming in the light. Looking at the spikes, Huang Ying got an idea and walked towards the pale person again.

    He kicked the legs of the pale person, sending it tumbling onto the ground once more, before grabbing onto it's head with his left arm. In his right hand he held one of the torn off arms, the bone spikes pointing towards the pale person. He stabbed forward with the torn off arm, the bone spikes easily cutting through the skin and flesh of the pale person.

    The bone spikes were only around two inches long, not even long enough to stab into the skull of the pale person. Yet when the bone spikes dug into the flesh of the pale person, a strange scene played out.

    The flesh that was cut by the bone spikes quickly turned black, swiftly turning into a thick black liquid that smelled of rotting flesh. The black liquid oozed out of the pale person's head, a low and drawn out moan escaping from the mouth of the pale person. As the black liquid dropped to the ground, the pale person also stopped moving, it's entire body quickly turning black.

    The rancid smell almost made Huang Ying throw up, so he quickly moved backwards, returning to Xin Yang's side. He looked at the torn of arm in his hand, especially at the bone spikes at the end. The bone spikes were still as white as they were before he stabbed them into the pale person, seemingly untouched by the black liquid.

    “Take this one, seems like we aren't completely unarmed at least.”

    Huang Ying threw the other arm to Xin Yang as he spoke. He didn't know why the pale person seemed to quickly rot away after being stabbed by it's own bones, but this meant that they at least had a weapon they could use. Huang Ying initially thought that he would be fine with just using his body, but now it was clear that depending on just his fleshy body would be exceedingly hard.

    Xin Yang grabbed the torn of arm, feeling the coarse texture of the skin and the wood like feeling of the flesh. He couldn't help but grimace. Was this really the corpse of a human? Why did it feel more like it was a puppet?

    Huang Ying cast his eyes towards the place where the pale human was earlier. It had been completely reduced to black liquid that slowly seeped into the ground. He nodded his head in satisfaction, at least it seemed like they could get permanently rid of them like this.
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    Chapter 63: Resounding Roar.

    Huang Ying nodded at Xin Yang and started walking once more. Even though they couldn't sense their enemies, they still had to get to that large mansion in the distance. That mansion was the only thing they could see that was different from the rest of the surroundings, so it was also the most likely place for the entrance to the next area.

    Huang Ying walked in the front while Xin Yang followed slightly behind him. Their speed had slowed down slightly as they now needed to keep a constant watch on their surroundings, lest they get ambushed by a swarm of thos pale people.

    They didn't have to walk for long before they had to stop once more. They stood at a spot that was located in the middle of three of those small buildings. As they entered the area between the three houses, the doors suddenly swung open, three more pale people lumbering out from within the buildings.

    “Do you think that every house contains one of these pale people?”

    As Xin Yang looked at the three pale people lumbering towards them, he couldn't help but think of a horrifying conclusion. Huang Ying gave it some thought as he heard his idea and he found that it was not completely illogical.

    When they stumbled upon the corpses of Mo Yating and He Cheng, it was at a crossroads between a few of the buildings. That was also where they were attacked by the first pale person. Now they were once again attacked by pale people as they entered a point located between several buildings.

    “We can think about it after this is done with. You can take that one over there, don't let it grab you.”

    Huang Ying brought his thoughts back on track, focusing on the situation in front of him. The reason he made Xin Yang take care of only one of the pale people was because he was certain that Xin Yang's body wasn't stronger than his. Since his physical strength was slightly weaker, it would also be harder for him to pierce the pale peoples flesh.

    Xin Yang nodded his head and moved to intercept the pale person that Huang Ying had pointed out. Huang Ying was more leisurely, slowly making his way towards the two pale people that were stumbling towards him.

    He had killed the last pale person a bit too quickly, so he still had some questions about them, these two pale people would be perfect for a bit of experimentation. With their slow speeds, he also wasn't too worried about them doing anything to him.

    He grabbed the torn of arm in his right hand and moved towards the pale person that was to his right. When the pale person tried to grab him, Huang Ying slightly twisted his body, allowing the arm to pass right by his chest. He grabbed the torn of arm and gently sliced it across the pale person's arm.

    The place that was cut quickly turned black, the black liquid oozing out from the pale person's arm. Unlike the time Huang Ying stabbed it into the pale person's head, only the arm turned black, quickly turning into liquid and disappearing into the ground.


    Huang Ying couldn't help but smile a bit. Since only the arm turned to black liquid this time, it most likely meant that the heads were still counted as the pale people's control center. This also meant that they had a fatal weakness that was easily exploited due to their slow speed.

    Still, Huang Ying wanted to experiment a bit more. He cast his eyes towards Xin Yang's side. Xin Yang wasn't in any trouble, since he was used to using Wind Qi, he excelled in speed and flexibility, allowing him to easily dodge the pale person's arms. He seemed to have trouble slicing deep enough to make any major wounds, but he was well on his way to dispatching the pale person.

    Huang Ying faintly nodded his head and returned his attention to the pale person in front of him. He stabbed the arm in his hands forward, the bone spikes digging into it's chest where a normal person's heart would be located.

    As Huang Ying pulled out the bone spike, instead of the chest of the pale person turning black, the black color seemed to course throughout it's entire body. The black color followed the veins of the pale person, quickly spreading around it's entire body, turning the entire pale person into a rancid black liquid.


    Huang Ying was rather surprised that this worked. He had already concluded that these pale people were dead, so he didn't have any extravagant hope that their hearts would be weak points. But from the scene in front of him, it seemed that stabbing the hearts with their bones gave the same result as spreading poison into someones heart, a quick spread around the entire body.

    Huang Ying turned his attention to the second pale person that was approaching him. He lowered his right arm and reached out with his left instead, grabbing onto the pale person's scalp. As he grabbed onto the pale person's scalp, a black flame lit up in his palm.

    The black flame touched the pale person's scalp and the pale person seemed to lose all it's defenses, a hole quickly forming at the top of it's head. The black flame entered it's body and started wreaking havoc, melting everything but the skin of the pale person.

    Huang Ying pulled back his hand and gently sliced the remaining skin, turning it into black liquid and covering all traces of the black fire. The black fire was the power he gained after the Vermilion Bird, Little Flame, fused with his various bloodlines. He couldn't use his Qi to summon the black flame, but if he used his bond with Little Flame to make it summon a bit of black flame, he had no problem controlling it.

    The result of his experiments brought a faint smile to Huang Ying's lips. With the black flame being this effective, he now had another card in his hands. He turned around and looked at Xin Yang's situation. Xin Yang was still fighting with the pale person, but the pale person had already lost most of it's body parts, only leaving it's legs, so it wouldn't take long before Xin Yang would finish.

    After spending a few more minutes working on stabbing it's head, Xin Yang finally managed to kill the pale person. Turning his head and looking at the nonchalant Huang Ying, he couldn't help but suck in a cold breath.

    He didn't think anything about it earlier. But after having some firsthand experience with the bodily strength and defenses of these pale people, he couldn't help but remember how Huang Ying had not just caved in it's chest with a kick, but also torn of it's arms. How much strength was hidden in that seemingly delicate body?

    “Done? Then we can move on.”

    Huang Ying nodded at Xin Yang and cast his gaze towards the large mansion in the distance. They had only walked for around half an hour, but had already been attacked twice, Huang Ying couldn't help but worry about what they would face as they kept traveling.

    Just as Xin Yang was about to respond to Huang Ying, a loud roar sounded out from the abandoned city. The roar seemed to come from every inch of the city at the same time, reverberating within Huang Ying and Xin Yang's ears. The roar continued for almost half a minute before it stopped.

    What followed after the roar was the sound of doors being flung open. Huang Ying felt an unprecedented sense of dread and didn't bother thinking too much. The sound of doors being flung open could only mean one thing.


    Huang Ying twisted his body and started sprinting towards the mansion in the distance at full speed, Xin Yang hot on his tail. As they ran, they could see doors being flung open all around them, a horde of pale people swarming towards them. What caused their hearts to almost freeze was that these pale people weren't slow like they used to be, but were sprinting at them at full speed.
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    Chapter 64: Turn the world to ash.

    The sound of doors being flung open and rushed footsteps echoed all across the abandoned city. Huang Ying and Xin Yang were running with all their might, heading towards the large mansion in the distance.

    If they used the speed they had used earlier, where they were being cautious and checking every corner, it would have taken them a bit over a day of walking to reach the mansion. But now that they were running with all their might, Huang Ying calculated that it would only take them around three hours to reach the mansion.

    While they were running, Huang Ying constantly gazed at the surroundings. Hordes of pale people were rushing at them from nearly all sides. Sprinting with their mouths wide open, moaning a dreadful symphony.

    “Where do you think the leader is?”

    While they were running, Xin Yang examined the surroundings for a little while before asking Huang Ying. The pale people were much faster than they were earlier, but Huang Ying and Xin Yang were still faster than them, so talking while running was no problem.

    “I'm not sure. The leader might look just like the normal ones, hiding within one of the hordes.”

    Huang Ying shook his head and sighed. Since all the pale people had suddenly sprung into action after hearing that one roar, it was only logical that the roar was produced by something akin to a leader. The problem was that they had no idea what the leader looked like, or if they even had a leader, it might just all be coincidental.

    “We should get to higher grounds. If we just keep running like this, we are more likely to be surrounded than we are to find a way out.”

    After Xin Yang spoke, he pointed to one of the buildings not far ahead of them and ran in front of Huang Ying. He stopped in front of the building and slightly bent his knees, cupping his hands and preparing to springboard Huang Ying.

    Huang Ying didn't hesitate, placing his foot onto Xin Yang's hands and allowing him to throw him upwards. The houses were slightly under three meters in height, so it didn't take too much force to throw Huang Ying onto the roof.

    After landing on the roof, Huang Ying laid down and reached out with his hand. Xin Yang moved back slightly, giving himself some room to accelerate, before running at the building and jumping, grabbing Huang Ying's hand and getting pulled up onto the roof.

    Standing on the roof of one of the buildings, while they were only slightly lower than three meters in height, it still allowed them to get a better grasp of the surroundings. Seeing the area around them, they couldn't help but suck in a cold breath.

    All the buildings but the mansion were completely uniform in size, so standing on the roof of one allowed them to see above and between all the other houses. The city was much larger than Huang Ying first assumed, it would not be wrong to call it humongous. The city continued onward in every direction, disappearing into the horizon.

    The space between all the buildings around them was completely packed, pale people covering almost every inch of free space. The pale people around the building that they were standing on had slowed down, only circling the building that Huang Ying and Xin Yang were standing on. But they could also see more pale people in the distance, sprinting to catch up with the main horde.

    “Fucking packed isn't it? Seems like they either want us to head to the mansion, or are afraid of something within the mansion.”

    Xin Yang couldn't help but curse as he saw the massive horde nearly surrounding the building they were on. While talking, he looked toward the mansion. The road around and towards the mansion was the only place that wasn't swarmed by pale people, only having a few pale people stumbling around.

    “It really does seem like that is the place we are meant to go. It's nice and simple isn't it? No convoluted puzzles to solve before we get to move onward, just a straight line.”

    Huang Ying copied Xin Yang and looked towards the mansion. He much preferred this type of thing over the illusion array that they were stuck in earlier. His Qi was locked away, but it was still easier since he at least knew what he needed to do here.

    “Now then, how to get from here to there without being torn apart...”

    Xin Yang cast a few glances from the road to the mansion to the horde around them. They were docile now, but there was no telling how they would react once Huang Ying and Xin Yang came down from the roof. If they started swarming them, the odds of them dying would increase dramatically.

    “Follow behind me, we are going at full speed.”

    Huang Ying tapped Xin Yang on the shoulder and stood at the edge of the roof, facing the mansion in the distance. He had also been thinking about how to get to the mansion when Little Flame, who was resting within his blood, chimed in with an idea. Huang Ying didn't have any better idea, and even though he didn't want Xin Yang to know all his secrets, there was no problem showing him a few of them, he seemed trustworthy enough.

    “Come now Little Flame. Turn the world to ash.”

    Huang Ying spoke in a low voice and placed his palm on his chest. A small flame flew out from his chest, quickly turning into a pitch black bird no taller than two palms. Seeing the bird, Xin Yang couldn't help but be surprised.

    The little bird's feathers were pitch black, but the tip of it's wings shone with a white light, a scarlet crown of feathers adorning it's head. He considered himself to be well-read, but he had never seen a Demonic beast like this.

    The pitch black bird, Little Flame, spread it's wings and gave a short screech, black flames spreading from within it's body. It's body quickly submerged in the black flames, seemingly melting and merging with the flames, turning into a ball of fire the size of a head.

    Huang Ying pushed out his hand, gently sending the ball of fire flying forward, towards the ground below them. When the ball of fire touched the ground, it suddenly exploded, sending a line of fire shooting forward towards the mansion.

    The line of fire shot forward unabated. Any building that was in it's way was reduced to ash, every pale person that touched the flame was turned to ash. After the fire reached the space in front of the mansion, it stopped moving forward, leaving behind a road of fire, connecting the building Huang Ying was on and the mansion.

    This was the idea Little Flame had come up with, it was also an ability Little Flame had regained after undergoing it's nirvana. As Little Flame grew, it would slowly regain the memories of it's former lives, including the techniques and abilities it once used.

    This ability fused the user of the technique with the fire, sending it forward in a straight line, turning everything in it's path to ash and leaving behind a trail of fire that was said to burn in perpetuity.

    Xin Yang didn't even have time to be shocked before Huang Ying grabbed him by the shoulder and dragged him down from the roof. He started running on the road of fire, heading towards the mansion at full speed.

    While it was said that the trail of fire would burn in perpetuity, that was only for fully grown Vermilion Birds. Little Flame was still young, so this trail of fire would only be able to last a few hours at best.

    But a few hours was also exactly what Huang Ying and Xin Yang needed. After running for almost four hours, the finally caught up with Little Flame. Little Flame's feathers had lost most of their luster, it's entire body just barely hanging in the air, clearly exhausted.

    “You did good Little Flame, now get some rest.”

    Huang Ying gave a smile and reached out and stroked Little Flame's head. Using it's abilities drained a large amount of it's energy, so it would need to rest and recuperate within Huang Ying for the foreseeable future. But it still had the desired effect, it got them to the mansion.

    Standing in front of the mansion, they truly realized just how large it really was. Huang Ying couldn't tell just how tall it was, but it couldn't be smaller than almost five kilometers. And that was just it's height. It still continued onwards to the sides, filling up their entire vision.

    “It really is extravagant huh?”

    Xin Yang couldn't hep but mutter as he looked at the massive mansion. The mansion was colored a mixture of red and gold, he could also see several valuable metals and gems used as decorations. How much would it cost to create a mansion like this?

    “Let's go inside. Let's hope we are lucky and won't have to do much more after entering it.”

    Huang Ying pat Xin Yang on the shoulder and strode forward. He really hoped that the mansion was the exit to this part of the ruins. He did not want to have to run around checking out all the other buildings, dodging the massive horde of pale people wherever they went.
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    Chapter 65: The King.

    Huang Ying and Xin Yang entered the mansion through a massive golden gate. Huang Ying was slightly worried about how to open the massive gate, but once he moved closer to it, it opened automatically.

    It was impossible to see past the gate, the inside was covered in darkness that seemed to swallow everything. Even when Huang Ying used his Energy vision, he couldn't see what laid past the darkness.

    “Won't even show us what is inside, now that's just mean.”

    Xin Yang couldn't help but curse and shrug his shoulders when he saw how dark the area past the gate was. Even though he cursed, he still went forward and entered the gate, setting foot into the mansion.

    Huang Ying followed shortly after him, passing through the gate and entering the mansion. After passing through the gate, it felt like Huang Ying had entered a completely new world.

    The sound from the abandoned city completely vanished. The air was no longer as arid and still as it was outside, replaced by a cool and refreshing breeze that brought with it the calming smell of grass and flowers.

    After entering the mansion, the darkness had completely dissipated. Huang Ying turned his head to take in the surroundings, but contrary to what he expected, he wasn't standing in a forest or a small meadow.

    The area around him was a large hall. The mansion looked completely massive from the outside, so Huang Ying expected the inside to be full of rooms and designed like a maze. But as he stood inside, it looked like this hall alone took up almost 90% of the mansion, no matter where he looked, the hall just continued onward.

    Xin Yang who was standing next to him was also looking at their surroundings with a confused look. The hall was basically completely empty, a few pillars reaching towards the ceiling placed at various locations in the hall.

    “Finally, I was wondering how long I would have to wait before I would get new visitors.”

    While Huang Ying and Xin Yang were looking around, a powerful and vigorous voice rang out from in front of them. Quickly looking forward, they saw a simple golden throne standing ahead of them.

    There was a tall man, standing at nearly four meters in height, clad in fur rags sitting on the throne, looking at them with a faint smile. The man's skin was pale as snow, black lines slithering around beneath his skin. His body was so pale that he seemed sickly, but his entire body was covered in bulging muscles. He had short and spiky brown hair, with eyes that seemed completely dead and unfocused.

    “Who are you?”

    Xin Yang couldn't help but ask when he saw the man. The man looked much like the pale people that had chased them when they were in the abandoned city, but the ones that were chasing them didn't seem like they were capable of speech. He was also almost four meters tall, taller than any normal human, Xin Yang had never seen a human grow this large.

    “I am the king. You can consider me the final challenge on this floor. Get through me and you can move on to the next floor.”

    The large man slowly stood up as he spoke, grabbing a large sword from beside the throne. The sword was made out of a strange gray material, looking exceedingly crude and simple. The sword was as wide as Huang Ying's thighs, and almost three meters long, reaching the same length as a spear.

    “Now then, it has been so long since I have had any intruders come so far, so please don't die too fast.”

    The large man grabbed the massive sword with two hands and grinned at Huang Ying and Xin Yang, his entire body brimming with a nearly mad fighting intent. The large man stepped forward, charging at Huang Ying and Xin Yang.

    Huang Ying expected that the large man would be rather slow because of his large build, but he shot towards Huang Ying and Xin Yang like an arrow leaving the bow. He arrived in front of Xin Yang almost within the blink of an eye, swinging his sword downwards.

    Xin Yang pushed Huang Ying to the side and used the resulting force to propel himself to the side, dodging the descending sword. When the sword hit the floor, the tiles exploded into a rain of dust and shrapnel.

    “Fucking hell, that enough force for you? Got any plan Ying?”

    Xin Yang couldn't help but shout out. If that sword hit either of them, no point in talking about bones, not even any hair would be left of them. The large man not only had a massive amount of strength, he also had insane speed. Fighting him without a plan would be stupid. While talking, he kept on dodging the attacks of the large man, who seemed adamant about killing him first.

    “I have an idea that might work, just follow my lead and attack him.”

    Huang Ying sized up the large man for a short second, considering all the cards he had available before quickly nodding his head. If he was given enough time, it should indeed be possible.


    Xin Yang didn't ask about the plan, the large man could hear them, so having Huang Ying explain the plan would be worse than pointless. He dodged one of the large man's attacks by hopping to the side. When his foot hit the ground, he quickly charged forward, attacking the right arm of the large man.

    Xin Yang had noticed that while the large man had a fast movement speed when he charged forward, he was not very agile and flexible. His movement speed and attack speed was severely limited when he was forced to make many turns and twists.

    Xin Yang didn't have any Qi available, but once he focused all his attacks on one spot, damage could quickly accumulate. Xin Yang decided to focus all his attacks on the large man's right elbow. Once he managed to wound his elbow, the large man would no longer be able to attack with all his force.

    Huang Ying paid close attention while Xin Yang was fighting the large man, especially when Xin Yang attacked him. Seeing the large man have no reaction to Xin Yang's attacks, a smirk spread on Huang Ying's face. If things were like this, this fight would end up being easier than he thought.

    Huang Ying wasted no more time, charging directly towards the large man. Xin Yang saw Huang Ying charge forward and knew that Huang Ying was about to implement whatever plan he had. Xin Yang increased the speed of his attack, almost completely disregarding defending, doing his utmost to create an opening for Huang Ying.

    The large man knew that Huang Ying and Xin Yang had something planned, but he had always been confident about his strength. When he was alive, he barely had any enemies that could fight with him, and after dying, his strength only increased.

    Huang Ying clenched his fists quickly before stretching out his fingers, a drop of dark red liquid present on each finger tip. He charged into the bosom of the large man, using the opening Xin Yang gave him, and stabbed out with his fingers in quick succession.

    He stabbed out ten times, each finger landing on a different place on the large man's body. Huang Ying put all his physical strength into the stabs, causing them to be so fast that you could only see a blur. His fingers didn't manage to leave behind a wound on the large man, on the contrary it was Huang Ying's fingers who felt like they were breaking.

    But Huang Ying never expected his finger stabs to produce any damage. He quickly glanced at the places he had stabbed and saw a dark red liquid seep into the skin of the large man. Huang Ying had purposely chosen places that were vital, like the throat and chest, around both eyes and ears, and elbows and knees.

    Seeing the liquid seep into the large man's body, Huang Ying nodded at Xin Yang and they both pulled back at the same time. The large man looked at Huang Ying with suspicion in his eyes. He knew that Huang Ying had done something, but he was not certain what Huang Ying had done.

    “What did you do?!”

    The large man looked at Huang Ying and shouted. Seeing the smirk on Huang Ying's face he felt an unease brew in his chest. Even when he was alive, he rarely ever felt an unease like this, like he was being stared at by a demon that was judging his life and death.

    “You shouldn't have given away your sense of touch and pain, it can be surprisingly helpful when detecting foreign substances.”

    Huang Ying smirked and gave a vague answer. He didn't bother to explain more, only clapping his hands with a smile. The clap seemed almost like a sort of signal. When the clap sounded out, black flames suddenly engulfed the body of the large man.

    The black flames spewed out from the ten places Huang Ying had stabbed with his fingers, quickly spreading to cover the large man's entire body. The large man looked at the flames covering his body, but he didn't react. Just like Huang Ying had said, he had already given up his sense of touch and pain when he got this body.

    “I see, so this is what you meant. You infused the blood of that little bird into my body and ignited it using the birds Bloodline Limit?”

    The large man calmly looked at Huang Ying while his skin and flesh were melting. He had lived for a long time, and spent an even longer time as the king of this place, he had seen many things. Huang Ying gave a simple nod to the man's words, but he was also slightly shocked that he had seen through it so quickly.

    Little Flame was a Vermilion Bird that mutated due to Huang Ying's blood. Vermilion Birds had the blood of the phoenix, so they could be considered creatures that are born of flames. Every part of their body could be lit aflame, even their blood.

    If the large man hadn't lost his sense of pain and touch, he would be able to feel the foreign blood coursing through his body. If he had reacted in time, he could have used his strength to push the blood out of his body, diverting all the danger.

    “I see. It is rather clever. Since you managed to get past me, it can be considered as you passing. Just touch the throne and you can leave. ”

    The large man seemed to shrug his shoulders as he spoke, but since he was covered in fire, it was hard to tell. He pointed to the throne as he spoke. Once he finished speaking, his entire body was surrounded by a corona of light, his entire body suddenly vanishing.

    As his body vanished, ten drops of dark red liquid flew away from where he once stood, quickly merging back into Huang Ying's chest. Burning the blood of Little Flame allowed him to quickly end the fight, but the Vermilion Bird was no phoenix.

    A Phoenix was eternal, once it became weak it could just rebirth itself in fire. While the Vermilion Bird could also do this, it could not do it an infinite number of times. If Huang Ying kept burning the blood of Little Flame, it would reach a point where it would have to rebirth itself in fire, and there was no telling how many more times it could do that.

    “Let's go, i'm fed up with this place.”

    Xin Yang patted Huang Ying on the shoulder and headed for the golden throne. The golden throne emitted a strange suction force, once Xin Yang and Huang Ying laid their hands in the throne, their bodies were immediately sucked into it, vanishing from the large hall.
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    Chapter 66: The lives once lost.

    Yuan Shi felt like the world around him was tumbling down. He had followed his patriarch and his senior sisters and brothers to kill the person who had killed their young patriarch. They were even going to collaborate with the people from the Tao, Mo, Shen, and Zhong clan.

    It was supposed to be just a quick fight. Yuan Shi and the other disciples were only brought along because it was a good opportunity for them to see the power of their patriarch. That was all it was, a quick fight and a triumphant return.

    So how did it end up like this? The Zhong matriarch was killed right after the fight began, turning into a frozen corpse. The Shen patriarch had his leg completely broken and his head cut of.

    The boy in front of them seemed more like a monster than a human. His white hair danced in the wind, a glistening red halberd in his hand. He charged at the Mo Patriarch with a mad grin. He even mentioned that he hadn't even turned 15 yet. How could a monster like him be that young?

    Yuan Shi didn't get much more time to think about it. The disciples around him started shouting at the boy after he insulted their patriarch, and then they started charging forward. Yuan Shi wanted to leave, he didn't want to charge forward. But he was pushed by the disciples behind him, forced to charge forward.

    They didn't manage to get very far. The massive black serpent only looked at them with it's amber eyes, devoid of all emotion. It charged at them, it's massive body crushing their bones, it's gaping maw swallowing them whole. Even the disciples that got crushed by it turned into black smoke that was sucked up by the black serpent.

    Yuan Shi had never been this scared before. His pants had already been dirtied, his body devoid of all strength. He felt a nauseating feeling well up from his stomach. He just wanted to cry and vomit, to escape. The black serpent didn't even look at him, it's tail just smashed down on him, and then everything went black.

    He opened his eyes again. He was still trapped on that battlefield, still trapped in that hell. His white fur was stained with blood, his claws broken and his body drained of energy. The world around him was burning with fire so strong that not even his ice could stop it. His eyes drifted around the battlefield.

    In the distance he could see a massive scarlet bird, seven large feathers trailing behind it. He knew that this was Phoenix. Phoenix was fighting a green robed cultivator, storm winds howling all around him.

    Turning his head a bit more he could see a large black turtle with a snake for a tail, yellow light glowing around him, the earth itself trembling beneath him. Yet that black turtle was being held back by a single cultivator, purple lightning covering the skies around the two of them.

    Not far from him was a massive azure dragon crackling with lightning. Yet that dragon was also held back by a single cultivator, a pitch black light radiating from him.

    Phoenix, Blue Lizard, and Black Turtle were all being held down, unable to aid each other. He himself was already devoid of energy, his once pristine white fur discolored by blood and burns. Since it was like this, he could only put his hopes on that Black snake.

    He turned his head once more, hoping to see how the situation was for that Black Snake. He could see in the distance, that Black Snake surrounded by cultivators, a myriad of lights raining down upon him.

    The Black Snake tried to fight, black smoke seeping out of his body, covering the entire world around him in a dreadfull might. The earth itself was disappearing under that black smoke. But it was not enough in the end. They lost the war, but since they couldn't be killed, they were locked away.

    He himself was locked away in an underground prison, sealed below a layer of ice that was never supposed to melt. Even after all the fighting was over and they had been locked away, he never got to know why they had been attacked. They had raised them like children, guarded them all their lives, yet they still came and attacked them.

    He lamented how cruel the world they had created was, but no matter how much he cursed, the past would never change. He lowered his head and closed his eyes. He was too scared to do what that little Black Snake had done. Too scared to reincarnate as a human. So he could only wait, wait for the day that little Black Snake would come for him.

    When he opened his eyes again, he was on a vast and desolate plain. The earth beneath him was completely black, cracked and dry. The sky above him was gray and dreary, filling his chest with sadness.

    He looked down at his own body, inspecting every inch of it. Once he finished inspecting his body, he couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. He was finally in his own body, he was finally Huang Ying again.

    “Isn't this a bit too fucked up?”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but curse out as he looked at the desolate plain around him. He had already lost count of how long he had been here. All he knew was that whenever he closed his eyes, he would find himself in the body of someone else, reliving their most vivid nightmares.

    He had already seen several hundred nightmares. He had experience the fear of the people he once lived with meeting their end in the maw of a massive black serpent, a black serpent he summoned. He had lived as a young bandit getting used as a guinea pig, used to find out exactly how Huang Ying's powers worked.

    Huang Ying knew what was going on, he even had a theory about how these ruins worked. When they first entered, they had landed in an illusion array. The illusion array tested their endurance and ability to examine and understand their surroundings.

    After that, they ended up in an abandoned city, devoid of their ability to use their Qi. In the city, they were chased by pale people that seemed more like dolls than humans. The pale people were physically strengthened, and it ended with them fighting the king of the pale people.

    Had it not been for Huang Ying using the powers of Little Flame, they too would have had to fight the king using just their physical bodies. So it could be assumed that the second area tested their physical strength.

    In this area, Huang Ying kept reliving the most painful memories of everyone he had killed. The theory Huang Ying had was that this area tested a persons mental strength, pitting them against their worst nightmares, their heart demons. But because Huang Ying devoured the memories of nearly every person he had killed so far, he was also forced to relive their heart demons.
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    Chapter 67: The Lake and the Pavilion.

    Huang Ying shook his head to clear his mind and continued walking. He felt like he had already walked on this plain for several months, but he knew that it only felt like this because he kept reliving other peoples worst nightmares.

    The desolate plain around him was unchanging. No matter how much he walked, the area around him stayed the same, seemingly trapped in time. The only exception was a small hut he could see in the distance.

    The small hut was made out of a few logs of wood, with a thatched roof. It seemed to only be big enough to hold a single room. But this small hut was the only thing in this desolate plain that was slowly getting closer as Huang Ying walked, so he had set getting to this hut as his goal.

    Huang Ying kept walking through the plain, adjusting his path every ten steps. He tried to blink as little as he could, but he still ended up blinking once every step, dragging his consciousness into someone else's nightmare.

    After walking what seemed to be half the way towards the hut, he had already gone through all the nightmares of the people whose memories he had devoured. Instead of the nightmares stopping, they started repeating and merging, the nightmares of one person fusing with the nightmares of the white tiger and others.

    As Huang Ying kept walking, he started spending more and more time with each step. Stopping to guess at which nightmare he would see next and what nightmare it had fused with. He did this mostly to clear his head and keep himself sane. Seeing the most horrible memories and nightmares of other people in a continuous cycle was slowly tearing at his sanity.

    Huang Ying didn't know how long he had walked when he found himself by the hut. Looking behind him, there weren't even any tracks left behind in the dust on the ground, like the entire walk had just been another hallucination.

    Looking around, the area around the small hut looked the same as every other place on this desolate plain, only the hut was different. There was a small door on the hut, just big enough for Huang Ying to enter.

    Huang Ying didn't stop and think for too long before opening the door and entering the hut. He didn't want to keep walking, seeing those nightmares and memories with each step.

    After entering the hut, instead of finding himself in a small room, Huang Ying found himself standing in front of a small lake filled with murky gray water. The sky was a deep gray, no cloud or sun in sight, but the area was still light enough for Huang Ying to see his surroundings. A small walk to his left, next to the water, stood a white pavilion.

    The pavilion was made out a type of white wood that almost looked like bones. The pavilion was square in shape, with a pointed roof and a clear view of the lake. The wood that the pagoda was made of was carved with exquisite and lifelike carvings of humans and Demonic beasts alike.

    There was a table in the middle of the pavilion, two chairs propped up at the table, one on each end. There was a silhouette sitting at the table inside the pavilion, the fragrant scent of tea drifting out from a tea kettle in front of it.

    Huang Ying walked up to the pavilion and took a seat at the table. There was nothing else on the table except for a porcelain tea kettle and two cups. Huang Ying grabbed the tea kettle and poured himself a cup of tea. The tea was a transparent red, looking almost like a liquid ruby. Huang Ying sipped the tea slowly, enjoying the heat and the fruity taste of apple for a little while.

    While he was drinking, the silhouette across from him also drank some tea slowly, the two of them spending a peaceful moment in silence. After Huang Ying finished his cup of tea and had calmed his mind, he raised his head and studied the person in front of him.

    The person in front of him didn't seem much older than Huang Ying, perhaps only being two or three years older. He had long white hair and clear amber eyes and was clad in a loose black robe. Instead of skin, the person's body was covered in black scale, his fingers pointed and sharp, almost like claws.

    “It is nice that you are calm, it is much easier to hold a conversation when both parties are calm.”

    The first one to break the silence was the black-scaled youth. His voice was surprisingly soothing, almost like a whisper that pulled at your consciousness. As he spoke, he didn't even look at Huang Ying, his eyes constantly on the lake next to the pavilion.

    “I have already seen the worst nightmares and memories of everyone whose memories I have devoured, the only one that is left is my own nightmare. You should be that nightmare, correct?”

    Huang Ying asked the question that was at the front of his mind. He already had his suspicions when he saw the hut, but it was still best to get a clear confirmation before anything else.

    “This form can be called your worst nightmare. You fear that you will stop being human and give in to the gnawing hunger that the blood of Baku brings with it. Because of that, I was given this shape.”

    The black-scaled youth shrugged his shoulders at Huang Ying's question and affirmed his suspicious. While shrugging his shoulders, he also casually threw out Huang Ying's deepest fear.

    “You are quite casual, considering that you are a monster.”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but comment. If the monster in front of him really was what he would become if he gave in to the gnawing hunger, he was quite far away from Huang Ying's expectations. Huang Ying expected him to be more savage and cruel.

    “Of course, after all, I am still you, albeit not the current you.”

    The black-scaled youth gave a faint smile and turned his eyes away from the lake, looking directly at Huang Ying for the first time since Huang Ying came to the pavilion. When the black-scaled youth looked at him, Huang Ying felt like he was being stared at by a poisonous serpent.
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    Chapter 68: A Talk about the future.

    “Do you see that lake? Do you know what that lake is?”

    Before Huang Ying had the time to say anything, the black-scaled youth turned his eyes back to the lake and asked a question of his own. Huang Ying followed his eyes and looked to the center of the lake. At the center of the lake was a head peering out from the water, looking directly at Huang Ying and the black-scaled youth.

    The skin on the head was a dull gray, it's eyes completely white and unfocused. Dry and unorganized gray hair was cascading down from the head and into the water. The head only looked at them with lifeless eyes, not even blinking as it stared at them.

    “It is one of a few possible futures. I am the first and most likely, that lake is the second one. And you are the third one.”

    Not waiting for Huang Ying to state his guess, the black-scaled youth spoke out again. While he spoke, he looked at the head staring at them. His eyes were filled with an indescribable sadness as he looked at the lake.

    “First? Second? Third? What do you mean?”

    When the black-scaled youth spoke about possible futures, he completely lost Huang Ying. Huang Ying thought that he would just have to come and face his worst nightmare once he entered the small hut, he didn't expect to start talking about possible futures.

    “When you were talking to that White Tiger, did you never wonder why the previous people who had the blood of Baku never managed to release the Four Guardian Beasts or complete their duty and become the new Baku?”

    As the black-scaled youth spoke, he tilted his head to the side and looked at Huang Ying with a slightly bemused expression. As Huang Ying thought over his words, he did indeed find that it didn't make much sense.

    According to the White Tiger, that war took place countless eons ago. How many different people with the blood of Baku had been born since then? Why had none of them ever managed to release any of the Four Guardian Beasts, or even become the new Baku?

    “The blood of Baku is not a blessing nor is it a gift, not to humans at least, it is more like a curse. A curse that ends with either me, or the one in the lake.”

    The black-scaled youth pointed to himself and the head in the center of the lake as he spoke.

    “It is quite simple really. When Baku sent his blood and element into the reincarnation cycle, to be reborn into a humans body, he didn't think about how weak humans are. The human body simply cannot contain the blood and concept of Baku.”

    “And since it can't contain it, it always ends up turning into either me or the one in the lake, trapped in this vicious cycle.”

    As the black-scaled youth spoke, his eyes became slightly unfocused, like he was reminiscing about the past. Or maybe he was reminiscing about a future that would never come to pass?

    “But what exactly are you?”

    Since the black-scaled youth said that it was the result of the blood of Baku mixing with humans, it was clear that it was more than just Huang Ying's worst nightmare. He couldn't help but wonder if this black-scaled youth wasn't the blood of Baku talking to him, telling him about what had happened to it's past holders.

    “The lake is a mixture of memories and souls. Each memory and soul you devour ends up in that lake, slowly growing as you devour more. Even the souls and memories of Demonic beasts end up in there. Once the lake grows too large for your mind to contain, it will overflow and break you, turning you into a mindless monster that lives to devour souls.”

    The Black-scaled youth pointed to the head in the lake once more. Huang Ying couldn't help but turn and look at the lake once more. Once he looked closer at the lake, he noticed that the area around the head was filled with transparent eyes, each staring at Huang Ying and the black-scaled youth.

    “This form is much the same. If there should ever come a time that your body is too weak to fully contain the hunger, or you should give in to the hunger, you will become this form. A monster that lives only to destroy and devour everything. Of course, in both cases, you will just end up being killed by someone sooner or later, so there is not much of a future to talk about.“

    After talking about the lake, the black-scaled youth pointed at himself. He had a faint smile on his face as he spoke in a self deprecating way, like he was mocking what he and the head in the lake had become.

    “And the third future? What future do I embody?”

    Huang Ying sat in silence for a short while before asking a question. Since the black-scaled youth said that he was the third future, it clearly meant that there were more options ahead of him.

    “You are neither of us. You are someone who wasn't broken by the hunger or the overflow of souls. You are someone who broke the curse of Baku and became a completely new existence. This future has been a possibility for everyone who came before you, but none has managed to grasp it.”

    “Since you have the blood of the White Tiger, slightly repressing the blood of Baku, and even some Vermilion Bird blood in you, the odds of you grasping this future are much higher than any of your predecessors.”

    The black-scaled youth's eyes were blazing as he spoke. He and the one in the lake had repeated this cycle countless times already, but now they finally met someone that had the chance to break this vicious cycle, how could he not be excited.

    “And what future did Baku hope for when he sent himself into the reincarnation cycle?”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but ask. According to what the White Tiger had said, Baku sent himself into the reincarnation cycle so that someone could free the Four Guardian Beasts. But if every human who inherited the blood of Baku ended up as a monster, how could anyone ever free the Four Guardian Beasts? What did Baku truly hope for when he sent his blood into the reincarnation cycle?

    “What makes you think that Baku ever hoped for anything?”

    In response to Huang Ying's question, the black-scaled youth only gave a smile and asked a question back.
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    Chapter 69: As your heart desires, so it shall be.

    “But he has to have hoped for something right? If not, why would he send his blood and element into the reincarnation cycle to be reborn in a human body?”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but be perplexed. Of course Baku must have hoped for something, if he didn't he would not have sent his own blood and element into the reincarnation cycle.

    “Did you hope for something when you killed those people in Yellow Winds Town? You didn't did you? You just did what your heart desired. You wanted to kill them, so you killed them.”

    The black-scaled youth tilted his head and spoke about what Huang Ying did in the past. His words reminded Huang Ying that he was indeed not hoping for anything when he started a massacre in Yellow Winds Town. He wanted to kill the patriarchs, so he did.

    “Baku was just like that, doing whatever his heart desired and avoiding whatever he didn't want. What point is there in worrying about the future or the past? Just do what you want to do.”

    “Baku was tired of partaking in that charade, so he found a good excuse to remove himself from their game, pushing the responsibility onto someone else.”

    The black-scaled youth spoke more cryptic words and chuckled. He looked towards the head in the lake once more. Seeing the head in the lake nod at him, he gave it a short nod and stood up and left the pavilion.

    “Now it is time for you to leave, we have already talked enough. Once you defeat me and the one in the lake, you can leave this mental dimension and continue on with exploring the ruins. Don't forget, whatever your heart desires, so it shall be.”

    “Oh right, one more thing. Once you learn the truth at the end of these ruins, it is up to you how you want to proceed. Baku himself never had much interest in partaking or ending the charade, but maybe you will.”

    Not waiting for Huang Ying to ask any more question, the black-scaled youth spoke up and told him it was time to leave. Once the black-scaled youth finished his words, the pavilion vanished and Huang Ying found himself standing on that desolate plain once more.

    The small hut was gone, but the lake was still left behind. The black-scaled youth stood next to the lake, looking at Huang Ying indifferent eyes. Before Huang Ying had the time to ask any more questions, the water in the lake started surging.

    As the water surged, more and more phantom forms started appearing from inside the lake, slowly climbing up onto land next to the black-scaled youth. Huang Ying didn't have to look too closely to see that each phantom was someone or something he had killed and devoured. Even all the Blood Ant he had slain after entering The Wilderness were there.

    “All you have to do is kill all of us and you can leave this test.”

    The black-scaled youth spoke again, his vision sweeping across all the phantom forms that were taking shape and solidifying next to him. Huang Ying couldn't help but be slightly shocked as he looked at the small army that was forming next to the black-scaled youth. Without him noticing it, he had already slain so many people?

    “Before I do this, just what are you really? Since you are able to tell me all this, you are clearly more than just my worst nightmare.”

    Huang Ying turned his eyes to the black-scaled youth as he spoke. The black-scaled youth knew so much about the previous incarnations of Baku, he even talked about things Huang Ying didn't know yet.

    “Within the blood of Baku lies the memories of every previous incarnation of Baku. I am the collection of those memories. I just took the chance that this mental test presented to hijack this form and tell you a few things you needed to know about yourself.”

    The black-scaled youth shrugged his shoulders and pointed to Huang Ying. Every previous incarnation of Baku would have this conversation about their future sooner or later, it was only a question of when.

    Since it was the collection of memories from the previous incarnations of Baku, it did not want another one to walk down the path that they had walked. It wanted someone to break the cycle, to stop the continuous reincarnating and allow their memories to vanish like their bodies had so long ago.

    “I see, then I guess I should thank you for telling me so much.”

    Huang Ying gave a short bow as thanks to the black-scaled youth. His mind was now clearer than it had ever been. He didn't care too much about what the black-scaled youth said about the possible futures. But when the black-scaled youth talked about how Baku lived, the words stuck with him.

    What point is there in worrying about the past or the future? Just do what you want to do. If your heart tells you to kill someone, kill them. It tells you to save someone? Save them. As your heart desires it, so it shall be.

    “No need to thank us, we only told you in the hopes that you can break this vicious cycle.”

    The black-scaled youth shook his head as he spoke. He swept the surroundings with his eyes, looking at all the phantoms that had taken shape around him. He gave a quick nod of his head before waving his hand, signaling all the phantoms to charge forward.

    Seeing the phantoms charge at him, Huang Ying didn't have any reaction. He turned his eyes towards the gray sky and did just as the black-scaled youth told him. As your heart desires it, so it shall be.

    When Huang Ying turned his head towards the sky, black clouds started appearing above them, covering the entire sky and shrouding the land in darkness. The clouds were surging, large swathes of flames billowing out from within the clouds.

    While flames were surging in the sky, frost started covering the ground. Ice grew out from the ground and shackled all the phantoms down, freezing their bodies to the ground.

    The black-scaled youth said that this was a mental test, so it was most likely taking place within Huang Ying's own mind. And since this place was most likely Huang Ying's own mind, it was only reasonable that he had complete control over it. Summoning flames that covered the entire sky and ice that covered the entire earth was done by just the slightest movement of Huang Ying's mind. It was also his first real taste of power, and he had to admit that it was very enjoyable.

    As the fires surged in the sky, a massive black body revealed itself from the clouds. A massive serpentine body covered in black scales, sharp spikes traversing down it's entire back, feathery black wings that seemed to cover the entire earth, and two massive amber eyes that seemed to oversee all life.

    Looking at the massive body in the sky, the black-scaled youth couldn't help but smile. The Baku that Huang Ying could summon was the best measurement of how far Huang Ying had strayed from the path of the normal Baku.

    Normally, the Baku he would summon would look just like the normal Baku, a large black serpent. Every previous incarnation of Baku would summon a large black serpent.

    But since he had devoured the blood of the White Tiger and the newly mutated Little Flame, his own Baku had grown spikes and wings. If one day, the Baku Huang Ying summoned no longer had the characteristics of Baku, it would mean that he had stepped onto a completely new path.

    The wings that had grown on his own Baku were a result of him absorbing the newly mutated blood of Little flame, but it's size was only the result of Huang Ying's wishes. If he attempted to summon it in the real world, while it would look the same, it would be much smaller than it was now.

    Huang Ying moved his eyes to the horde of phantoms ahead of him, his eyes landing on the black-scaled youth and the lake located behind the horde. He gave a faint smile before directing the Baku in the sky.

    The massive black serpent opened it's maw and released a loud roar that reverberated across the entire desolate plain. The ice covering the earth started cracking from the sound waves alone.

    After roaring, the black serpent turned it's head downward and dived down with it's maw open. It's maw was large enough to cover the entire desolate plain. With a single bite of it's maw, the entire plain vanished and the world descended into darkness.

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