The Godless One

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    Chapter 40: The Final 32.

    Huang Ying spent the entire resting day in the library, ignoring the hustle and bustle of the capital in favor of tearing through the books. While reading, Huang Ying was also chatting a bit with Li Jun. Reading the books was one thing, but since he had someone next to him that had cultivated for a long time, to not use his information and experiences would just be silly.

    “Shouldn't you head towards The Waning Moon, Yang Xinyi should have already been taken care of.” As the night rolled around, Li Jun's voice rang out in Huang Ying's mind.

    “No, I will wait until the people from Willows Hope leave Cloud's End. I don't know what sort of machinations that Xu Yin has put in play, but until I am certain that he is gone, I won't take the risk of approaching Yang Xinyi, for all I know, he is constantly keeping track of me.”

    Huang Ying spoke in a dismissive tone. He had accepted Xu Yin's deal because it would benefit him, but there was no way he would put too much trust in him. People who had cultivated for as long as Xu Yin had were bound to be sly foxes, trusting them would always bring with it risks.

    “Hehe, really, the more I see you now a days, the more pleased I get, I should have tried to destroy Azure Springs much earlier.”

    Li Jun's laughing voice rang out in Huang Ying's head. Thinking about Azure Springs would still give Huang Ying a headache, but it was no longer as bad as it used to be. Li Jun had spent some time ever since they left Yellow Winds Town trying to find out where he could draw the line, what he could talk about.

    He knew that Huang Ying had repressed some of his memories about Azure Springs Town, and since he didn't want to ruin the fun by making him remember it immediately he started experimenting with what he could say.

    What he had found out was that as long as it was about the attack on the town, it would touch slightly upon the repressed memories, resulting in headaches, but as long as he didn't talk about exactly what had happened, it seemed like it would work out.

    “Really Li Jun, one day I have to find out your backstory, I truly don't know how you ended up as twisted as you did.”

    Huang Ying spoke with a sigh before putting away the book and sitting down in the lotus position, the last part of the tournament would start in a few hours, so it would be best to spend the rest of the time adjusting his condition so that he could participate at full strength.

    If it were a life and death fight, he would not be scared of any of the contestants, but since it was a tournament presided over by several strong people, he could not use his Devouring element. He could only use his Ice Qi and his Bloodline Limit if it really came down to it.

    But while he himself had some trump cards, he was certain that the people from the academies, especially the people from the older generation, would have some of their own trump cards. Like they say, caution will sail a ship for ten thousand years.

    Huang Ying opened his eyes as the light from the sun shone in through the window. He glanced out the window, he should still have almost an hour until the tournament started. Standing up from the floor, Huang Ying stretched his body. Hearing the sound of his joints popping, Huang Ying put on a satisfied smile, it was truly a pleasant feeling.

    Huang Ying left the library and headed for the inn, he felt like freshening up quickly and changing robe, the one he was currently wearing had gotten sweaty. Entering the inn and heading to the floor they had reserved, Huang Ying came upon a panicky Xu Yin.

    “Oh? What happened old man Xu?” Huang Ying put on a surprised face as he asked.

    “Tch, you little bastard actually came to the inn for once? I thought you started living in the library ever since we came here. Little Yang isn't here, have you seen him?” Xu Yin clicked his tongue at Huang Ying. Ever since they came to Cloud's End this bastard had been staying in the library instead of returning to the inn.

    “Little Yang? Is that teacher Yang? In that case no, haven't seen him.” Huang Ying put on a slightly pondering expression before answering.

    After answering, he shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he too was at a loss, and moved past Xu Yin and into the room that was reserved for the youngest participants. A quick shower and change later, Huang Ying felt refreshed and comfortable, heading towards the arena.

    The arena was filled with even more people this time around than it was during the earlier parts of the tournament, but on the stage stood only 32 people. These 32 people were the people who won their fights and moved on to the final parts.

    Willows Hope had six participants, one student from the oldest age group, Huang Ying found out that he was called Luo Bao. Yang Ning, Ma Wu and another girl called Kang Wei from the 17 year old group. No one from the 16 year old age group. Huang Ying and the kid with the shallow foundation called Meng Jing from the youngest age group.

    Yellow Springs also had six participants, Winter's Grasp had nine participants, and finally, Empyrean Phoenix had 11 participants. These 32 people would proceed to randomly fight against one another until they lost. Once they lost they would be removed from the tournament, all the way until there was only one left.

    Willows Hope could be said to have been lucky once more, both Yang Ling and Luo Bao managed to draw enemies from the youngest age group, giving them an easy victory.

    Luo Bao used the element of Stone, giving him a tough body and high attack strength, but he was rather weak in speed, so the way he fought made him seem like a mountain. He pushed his legs into the arena, covered himself in a defensive layer of Qi, making him look like a rock, and started conjuring and throwing rocks at his opponents. Since he was at the 9th heaven, he had a large advantage over the young contestant and won quickly.

    Yang Ning was only at the 7th heaven, but his Qi was of the Wood element, which was famous for it's regenerative property. This gave Yang Ning a large amount of stamina, allowing him to drag out fights that seemed disadvantageous. His opponent was unable to persist long enough and thus lost.

    After a few more fights, it was Huang Ying's turn. At this point, most of the younger generation were out, leaving only him and Meng Jing from Willows Hope. The opponent Huang Ying drew was a 17 year old from Empyrean Phoenix who had reached the later stages of the 8th heaven, much like Huang Ying. Entering the arena, Huang Ying immediately knew that he would have to end this fight quickly. He didn't think this because he thought it would be a tough fight, he thought this because his opponent had an insufferably arrogant face.

    “Ho, so you are their trump card right? The one who is going to take the champion's spot?” The youth spoke with a laugh as he looked at Huang Ying.

    “Unfortunately Mr. Champion, you came up against me.”

    As he spoke, fire started to burn around him, covering his arms in bright red flames.

    “I am from Empyrean Phoenix, in our veins run the blood of the phoenix, we are it's descendant and our flames are the flames of the undying phoenix!”

    The youth spoke with a proud face as he raised his arms and dashed towards Huang Ying.

    Huang Ying looked at the flames for a second before turning his eyes towards the youth and sneering.

    “Flames of the phoenix? This weak shit? At best you have a few drops of vermilion bird blood implanted into your veins, yet you proudly proclaim yourself a descendant of the phoenix? Arrogance!”

    Huang Ying had seen the true flames of the phoenix in the memories of the white tiger. The phoenix was also the brother of the white tiger and Baku, so Huang Ying could be said to have some relations with it, hearing someone like this youth speak as if he was born from the phoenix truly irked Huang Ying.

    “Let me show you just how weak your 'phoenix flames' really are.” Huang Ying spoke with a sneer.

    As Huang Ying's voice faded, the youth from Empyrean Phoenix was only 50 meters away from Huang Ying, having dashed almost 100 meters in only a few seconds.

    Huang Ying raised his right arm, the cold aura around him immediately expanding to cover everything within 100 meters around Huang Ying. The Youth that was dashing at him didn't even have time to think anything, he only noticed that he completely lost control of the Natural Energy around him.

    The phoenix flames around him instantly turned to ice and fell to the ground, even the flames on his arms had turned to ice. Next thing he noticed, the ground beneath his feet froze over and he fell over and started sliding towards Huang Ying.

    With a shocked exclamation, he saw Huang Ying kick out at full strength. Huang Ying's kick landed on the youth's chest, instantly smashing his chest and stopping his momentum.

    Huang Ying glanced downwards at the youth who was now spewing blood beneath his feet. He then proceeded to shift his eyes towards the Empyrean Phoenix seating area.

    “Phoenix flames? You disgrace the phoenix.”

    As his words dropped, he kicked out once more hitting the youth in the stomach and sending him sliding towards the Empyrean Phoenix seating area, only stopping once he slid off of the arena.

    After the youth slid off, Huang Ying no longer spared the Empyrean Phoenix people a glance, simply stepping off the arena and heading to his seating area under the shocked gazes of everyone present.
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    Chapter 41: Fake Bloodline Limit

    The entire stadium was quiet, defeating someone that had a lower cultivation than you in just two moves was one thing, no one was shocked when Huang Ying did it the first time. But this time he defeated someone at the 8th heaven, the same cultivation level as himself, in just two moves. He even froze the opponents flames and humiliated him and his school.

    Huang Ying sat down, completely ignoring the gazes that were locked onto him. He wasn't worried about what people would think, nor was he too worried about humiliating a student from Empyrean Phoenix. If he was constantly afraid of offending people and organizations, he would never get anywhere.

    He was also going to stay in the capital for the foreseeable future, so even if Empyrean Phoenix ended up hating him to the bone, they would have to think very carefully about attacking him while he was in the capital.

    No matter how shocked people were, the tournament had to go on. The next person who was drawn was Meng Jing, the other person from Willows Hope that was the same age as Huang Ying.

    Meng Jing was up against an older student from Winter's Grasp who had already reached the 9th heaven, so he didn't hold any extravagant hope of winning. Instead, he used his Wind Qi to speed up, allowing himself to stay in the fight for a total of ten exchanges before surrendering and walking off the stage, finding a spot in the spectator stands to watch the rest.

    Kang Wei and Ma Wu also went up in quick succession, Kang Wei against an older student from Empyrean Phoenix, and Ma Wu against a student her age from Yellow Springs.

    Kang Wei seemed like a lovable and petite girl, but her fighting style was unimaginably violent. She knew that her chances of winning were very low since her opponent had a higher cultivation than her, so she decided to do like Meng Jing, exchanging a few moves at full power before surrendering. Kang Wei had Qi of the Metal element, giving her an extremely strong body and abnormally high strength, so she fought like a human tank. After exchanging around 20 moves, she also surrendered and left the arena.

    Ma Wu seemed like a tall and elegant girl, but her fighting style was even more ferocious than Kang Wei's. Ma Wu had Qi of the Lightning element, giving her excellent acceleration and penetrative power. Her fighting style consisted of fast attacks that aimed for the slightest openings in the opponents defenses, slowly numbing them.

    She had not reached the 8th heaven yet, so she couldn't send her Lightning Qi into the surrounding area, but thanks to her opponents misfortune, there was no need for it. The opponent she was against was a cultivation level higher than her, but unfortunately for him his Qi was of the Water element, allowing Ma Wu to conduct her attacks directly through his defenses.

    Ma Wu knew that she could not waste time against her opponent, her opponent was a cultivation level higher than her and would be able to hold out for longer than her, so she focused on inflicting as much damage as possible, often trading injuries. After a quick and fierce fight, she managed to eke a win, but due to her injuries, it was doubtful if she could continue in the next fight.

    The original 32 contestants quickly dwindled into 16, with Empyrean Phoenix holding a majority of the positions, closely followed by Willows Hope. Yellow Springs and Winter's Grasp had fewer contestants left, but on the whole they had better quality contestants than Willows Hope, giving them a higher chance of lasting longer.

    The tournament was supposed to be completely random, but Huang Ying started having some suspicions when Yang Ning, Ma Wu, and Luo Bao ended up meeting opponents from Empyrean Phoenix.

    Ma Wu was already injured and exhausted before the fight began, so she was knocked out off the ring after less than five exchanges, Yang Ning was perfectly countered by Empyrean Phoenix's element, forcing him to quickly surrender, lest he become crippled from Fire Qi invading his meridians.

    Luo Bao managed to put up a fight, but it was also his fight that surprised Huang Ying the most. The first thing that surprised Huang Ying was that his opponent used a saber, entering the arena fully armed.

    “Weapons aren't against the rules?”

    Huang Ying couldn't help but glance at Xu Yin. The tournament forbid intentional killing of the opponent, so wasn't using a weapon going against that?

    “As long as you don't kill your opponent, there are very few rules, but most contestants don't use weapons since it makes it much easier to accidentally kill your opponent. Of course, some people can't display their full power without a weapon, so they end up using one when they face an opponent at their level.”

    Xu Yin explained with a nervous expression, while the tournament forbid killing, accidents could easily happen. If Willows Hope lost Luo Bao, it would be a great loss for them.

    The opponent Luo Bao faced, was one of the three contestants from Empyrean Phoenix who had reached the 9th heaven, he was also the youngest of the three. What surprised Huang Ying about this contestant was the as the contestant fought, the fire he surrounded himself with would stick to his skin, looking like crimson feathers.

    Huang Ying asked Xu Yin about this phenomena and Xu Yin explained that all the core disciples of Empyrean Phoenix would be injected with blood from either the vermilion bird or other species that had the bloodline of the phoenix. The disciples would then be able to burn this blood to give themselves a power boost for a short time, essentially simulating a Bloodline Limit. It was the burning of the blood that gave rise to the phenomena of the fire turning into feathers, it is also this that gave Empyrean Phoenix it's name.

    Luo Bao's Stone Qi helped shield him from some of the heat, but as the fight dragged on, more and more of the Fire Qi invaded his body, eroding his meridians and Stone Qi. After managing to last for almost 50 exchanges, he was forced to surrender, leaving Huang Ying as the only contestant left from Willows Hope.

    Huang Ying didn't have to wait long for his turn after Luo Bao lost, he was quickly paired against a disciple from Winter's Grasp. His opponent could be considered a rare beauty. Skin white as snow, light blue hair, cherry red lips and a buxom figure. She had a cold atmosphere that seemed to push people away, but this atmosphere only helped to make the men watching her wish to conquer her even more.

    She was one of Winter's Grasp two 9th heaven disciples and was almost at the peak of the 9th heaven. Standing opposite her, Huang Ying didn't have any change in expression. Had it been someone at the 9th heaven with a different element, Huang Ying would have to put in more effort, sadly, she was from Winter's grasp and used the Ice element. Huang Ying's Ice element could be considered the bane of all Ice Qi that was less pure than his own.

    As soon as the fight started, his opponent conjured up several sharp swords of ice, flinging them at Huang Ying in rapid succession. She had seen his earlier fights and knew that this child would probably be able to injure her if she decided to enter close combat, so she decided to take him out with ranged attacks. Sadly, her opponent was Huang Ying.

    As the swords closed in on Huang Ying, his only response was to slightly raise his right arm, bringing his palm up to chest height. As his right arm raised, the swords simply stopped in mid air, like they had been frozen. His opponents expression quickly changed when she noticed that she had lost the connection with the Natural Energy on the arena.

    The swords hovering in front of Huang Ying changed direction, before shooting towards his opponent. She tried to use her Ice Qi to put up some defenses, but since she had lost her connection with the surrounding Natural Energy she could only circulate her Qi inside her body.

    She jumped to the side, but the Natural Energy around her seemed to coagulate, trapping her in a quagmire and bogging down her movements. By twisting her body she managed to dodge most of the swords, but she still ended up with several cuts on her body.

    Before she managed to breathe a sigh of relief, she felt the Natural Energy below her gather together. She wanted to dodge, but since she had just twisted her body around to dodge the swords, she had no room to move properly. A small spike of ice quickly formed beneath her before shooting upwards, only stopping when the tip made contact with her throat.

    With the spike threatening to pierce her throat, she could do nothing but throw an indignant look at Huang Ying, who had yet to move a single step since the fight began. She heaved a deep sigh before reluctantly opening her mouth.

    “I surrender.”

    As her voice fell, the ice spike dissolved and the Natural Energy around her stopped restricting her. Huang Ying cupped his fists politely towards her before leaving the arena. He had won easily, but his opponent had treated him as a proper opponent and hadn't spewed a bunch of arrogant or foolish words, so Huang Ying would obviously treat her with the same respect.

    Looking at Huang Ying leave the arena, the disciple from Winter's grasp heaved another deep sigh before leaving the arena and heading to the spectator stands. With Huang Ying's fight ending, the 16 contestants turned to 8.
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    Chapter 42: Mutated Blood

    16 contestants turned to 8. Huang Ying from Willows Hope, three disciples at the 9th heaven from Empyrean Phoenix, one disciple at the 9th and one at the 8th heaven from Yellow Springs, and one at the 9th and one at the 7th heaven from Winter's Grasp.

    The contestants were given a quarter of an hour to rest and restore their Qi before the fighting would continue. Huang Ying sat in silent meditation for a few minutes to rest his eyes. When he opened them again, he noticed that he was the only one left in the Willows Hope seating area.

    Once a contestant lost, they would have to leave the seating area to sit among the other spectators. Since their students lost, the teachers of those students would naturally not bother staying there anymore, choosing instead to mix in with the other teachers.

    Huang Ying was the last of the disciples from Willows Hope that was participating, so since Yang Xinyi was already taken out of comission by The Waning Moon and the teacher called Shao didn't have any disciples participating, only Huang Ying and Xu Yin should be left in the seating area, but now, even Xu Yin had disappeared.

    “Li Jun, do you know where Xu Yin is?”

    “He left shortly after you started resting, I don't know where he is right now, but he threw a few glances your way as he was leaving”

    “Do you think he knows anything? Do we need to leave?”

    “It should be fine, he was heading to the inn while I was checking up on him, but I don't know where he went after I stopped looking.”

    “I see, keep me informed if anything suspicions happens, i'd rather not have all of Willows Hope against me.”

    Huang Ying had a short conversation with Li Jun before the contest started up again. Huang Ying looked at which opponent he drew and immediately lost his will to enter the arena, the opponent he had drawn was the girl from Winter's Grasp that was at the 7th heaven. Huang Ying tilted his head and threw his gaze towards the people from Winter's Grasp.

    The people from Winter's Grasp had ugly faces as they lamented their bad luck, noticing a gaze being cast their way, they turned their heads, locking eyes with Huang Ying. Seeing his disinterested eyes, their expressions got even uglier, but all they could do was sigh and shake their heads. He had already defeated one of their students who was at the 9th heaven, so there really was no point in sending someone at the 7th heaven.

    “Winter's Grasp forfeits this match.”

    The headmaster of Winter's Grasp reluctantly got up and forfeited the match, throwing a vicious gaze towards the Willows Hope seating area. Seeing that Xu Yin was not even present in the seating area, seemingly not even interested in watching the future fights of his own disciples, she couldn't help but curse the old man, how much confidence did he have in this little brat?

    Winter's Grasp surrendering was already expected, so the other participants had already entered the arena before they even surrendered. This could be considered as disrespecting Winter's Grasp, but there was nothing they could do, there was really no point in participating in that fight.

    The next participants were the disciple at the 9th heaven from Yellow Springs and one of the disciples from Empyrean Phoenix. The fight started out like a normal fight, with both participants focusing on trying to suppress the other through their Qi. But since one of them used Fire Qi and the other used Water Qi, and since their Qi's seemed to be of the same purity, they only ended up negating each other.

    Due to this, the participants were forced into the awkward situation where they had to fight each other in a fist fight, forsaking all the flare and elegance of their normal fighting style. The disciple from Yellow Springs ended up having a small advantage in physical strength, allowing him to wrest out a victory after a prolonged fight.

    The next fight was the disciple at the 8th heaven from Yellow Springs against one of the disciples from Empyrean Phoenix. The disciple wanted to simply surrender, but his headmaster ordered him to enter the stage and do his best. If that brat from Willows Hope could defeat opponents at a higher level, then why shouldn't they also be able to? He tried to motivate his student like so, but the end result would not change, the disciple lost after a measly eight exchanges.

    The next contestants to walk on stage were the last disciple from Winter's Grasp, a boy at the 9th heaven with short and light blue hair, healthy wheat colored skin, slanted green eyes, an elegant bearing, and a slender build, and the last disciple at the 9th heaven from Empyrean Phoenix.

    The disciple from Empyrean Phoenix was a girl that looked no older than 19 and was even a slight bit taller than Huang Ying, she had fiery red hair, shining black eyes, long legs, a buxom figure, and what seemed to be an honest smile on her face. She carried herself with an elegant and majestic air, seeming like an immortal that had descended from nine heavens to grace the world.

    “Watch this fight closely, this little girl will probably be your strongest competitor.” As Huang Ying was studying the girl and the boy on stage, Li Jun's voice rang out in his head.

    “Oh? How so?” As Huang Ying spoke, he also activated his energy vision to inspect the two competitors. The girl's energy was slightly stronger than the other contestants, seemingly already half a step into Xiantian, but other than that, he found nothing special.

    “Hehe, just watch you little brat, you will see something very interesting.”

    As Li Jun spoke, the match on the arena had already begun. At the start, it seemed like a normal fight, the girl from Empyrean Phoenix slightly suppressing the boy from Winter's Grasp thanks to her slightly higher cultivation. After fighting each other for a few minutes, the girl suddenly stopped and shook her head with a sigh.

    “It's a shame that you are from Winter's Grasp, if you weren't, maybe this fight could have been a bit more fun. Oh well, I guess I better end this now, if I don't, i'm sure those pesky old bastards are gonna yell my ears off.”

    The girl spoke with a grin, and just as the boy from Winter's Grasp was about to flare up at her, the fire surrounding the girl changed, turning from a bright crimson to a deep blue. The color of the fire wasn't the only thing that changed, even it's temperature did, it went from heating the surrounding area, to making the temperature drop.

    “Cold blue fire? Li Jun, is this the interesting thing you said I would see?”

    “Hehe, indeed. I was not expecting to see someone with a mutated bloodline appear in such a tiny city, quite a nice find.”

    “Mutated bloodline? Did the blood they implanted into her mutate? Or was it already mutated when she got it?”

    “It should have mutated when it was implanted into her. If they implanted her with blood from an already mutated phoenix descendant, then she would only be able to control it's mutated fire. But since it mutated when it was implanted, she can control both it's normal fire and it's mutated fire.”

    “really, the more I see, the more I realize how vast the world is.” Huang Ying spoke with a sigh and shook his head. Reading the memories of others only gave him the knowledge of things, seeing them with his own eyes gave him a much more profound sensation.

    “What sort of fire is that?”

    “I don't know, it seems to be a type of cold fire, but I haven't seen it before.”

    “Could it be fire from a blue Luan bird?”

    Huang Ying wasn't the only one who was shocked, even the teachers from the other academies were shocked, breaking out into discussion about the strange blue fire. The disciple from Winter's Grasp was also shocked, but more than shocked he was also fearful, he noticed that the strange blue fire seemed to completely dominate his Ice Qi, slowing it down to a crawl and preventing him from integrating it with the surrounding Natural Energy.

    “Sorry, but this fire of mine is the king of all ice, so im going to end this boring fight now.”

    The girl from Empyrean Phoenix spoke with a grin and thrust her palm outwards, sending forth a large plume of fire that pushed towards the disciple from Winter's Grasp. The disciple tried to conjure up his Qi to form a shield, but his Qi seemed to refuse to move in the face of that flame, so he could only reluctantly jump out of the way of that fire and off the arena.

    The disciple managed to dodge the fire, but the fire didn't stop, continuing in a straight line, heading directly towards Huang Ying.

    “Dodge! Even you won't get out unscathed if you end up playing with this fire!”

    Li Jun shouted out in his mind, but Huang Ying simply sat there and looked at the fire with an interested gaze, thinking about the possibilities of mixing other elements together. He had already mixed together the Ice and Devouring Qi once to produce ice that contained the power of Devouring, but what if he mixed other elements like Lightning and Devouring, or Lightning and Fire, what would he get then? Of course, first he would have to get his hands on a source of Lightning Qi or Fire Qi that was pure enough to combine all the small amounts of Lightning or Fire Qi that were floating in his Qi crystal.

    The fire continued straight towards him getting as close as almost touching his nose before it finally stopped and dissipated.

    “You're no fun.”

    An unsatisfied voice rang out from the arena. Huang Ying raised his head and locked eyes with the girl from Empyrean Phoenix. The girl seemed annoyed at him for not taking part in her game and dodging or blocking the fire, but Huang Ying only gave her a faint smile.

    “What makes you so confident, I could have just not stopped the fire, allowing it to hit you.” The girl spoke with a humph as she walked off the arena.

    “At that point you would have been disqualified and I would have one less competitor, how could I not want that?” Hearing her talk like a scorned wife, Huang Ying couldn't help but laugh as he responded. It seemed like her honest smile was not just for show, this girl truly was just like an honest little girl.

    “Humph, just you wait, now there are only four people left, so you will have to fight me sooner or later.” Speaking up to here, the girl's eyes shone with a mad lust to fight as she looked at Huang Ying.

    “Don't worry, i'll make sure to properly play with you if that time comes, who knows, you might lose before that.” Huang Ying spoke with a smile as he slightly teased the girl, it was a rare thing to find people that were so honest to their own desires, so he didn't mind indulging her a little.
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    Chapter 43: Weapon of Choice

    “Heh, you said it yourself, that means that you can't go back on your words.” The girl spoke and gave Huang Ying a sly smile before stepping off the stage. Since they were now getting closer to the finals, people would be given a short period of rest before starting the next matches.

    “Li Jun, where is Xu Yin now?” Huang Ying took his eyes away from the stage and started talking to Li Jun. No matter how much he wanted the first prize, if Xu Yin found any clues about what he had done to Yang Xinyi he would have to leave immediately.

    “He seems to be retracing your steps, walking in and out of all the back alleys you walked in after arriving here.”

    “Retracing my steps? So he is suspicious of me at least..... how can he retrace my steps? Does he have a tracing mark or something on me?” Huang Ying would certainly not believe that Xu Yin would just so happen to know all the places Huang Ying had been, the only way he could know was if he had been constantly keeping track of where Huang Ying was.

    “There is a tiny Qi mark on you, he should be using that to know your location at all times.”

    “A Qi mark..... does it let him see what im doing, or just my location?” If it only allowed him to know Huang Ying's location then it was still fine, but if it also allowed him to see what Huang Ying was doing, he would have to leave immediately.

    “If he could see what you were doing, do you think he would go through the trouble of retracing your steps?” Li Jun's sarcastic voice rang out in Huang Ying's head, making him realize just how dumb his question was. Still, it was better to play it on the safe side and ask, rather than not ask and end up getting caught.

    “Right, dumb question. Can you remove it? And why didn't you tell me about it earlier, I don't imagine it being capable of hiding from your eyes.” Huang Ying did not know what boundary Li Jun managed to reach while he still had his body, but just his soul alone was so powerful, so Huang Ying refused to believe that Li Jun could not see through Xu Yin's mark.

    “I can remove it but if I did, he would know immediately and probably be even more suspicions. The reason I didn't tell you was so that you would not act suspicions and arouse his interest.”

    “I see.... how strong is the Qi mark?” What Li Jun said was reasonable, if Huang Ying had known about the mark, he would probably be very stiff and suspicious as he interacted with Xu Yin, tipping him off that something was wrong.

    “Energy at the peak of the 9th heaven should be just enough to remove it, why?”

    Xu Yin had only left behind a small mark to prevent Huang Ying from escaping before the tournament was over, so he would of course not go through the trouble of putting a large mark on Huang Ying, simply because there was no point in it. He would have never thought that there was something on Huang Ying's body capable of detecting the Qi mark.

    “Good, then I have an idea on how to get rid of it without arousing his suspicions.”

    If all it took to remove the mark was energy that had reached the peak of the 9th heaven, Huang Ying could use the combined force of his and his opponent's attack to erase the mark. Xu Yin would still notice it, probably even rush over to see what was happening. Since Huang Ying would be in the middle of the fight, Xu Yin would probably think that the mark had just been erased by the after effects of the attacks.

    The rest period only lasted for a short 15 minutes before they would draw their opponents. Huang Ying looked at who ended up being his opponent and couldn't help but let out a small chuckle as he looked at the people from Empyrean Phoenix with a smile that held a deep meaning.

    “Really, isn't your luck just great? So many easy rounds in a row can really make people envious of your great luck.”

    After saying his piece, Huang Ying entered the arena and faced his opponent, the last disciple from Yellow Springs. The girl from Empyrean Phoenix ended up being paired against the other disciple from Empyrean Phoenix and her opponent surrendered immediately.

    Huang Ying's opponent looked at him with a solemn face. He had seen Huang Ying fight, so he certainly would not be foolish enough to go easy on him just because he was only at the 8th heaven. He gripped his hand and a watery saber sprung out from his interspatial ring and into his hand.

    The saber was made out of a type of blue crystal that made it completely see through and made it look like it was made out of water. The saber was longer and less curved than a normal saber, the blade alone being as long as a grown mans entire arm.

    “You will have to forgive me for using a weapon against you, but your Ice element not only negates my Water element, it completely turns it against me, so my only chance at victory is if I use my other advantages against you.”

    The disciple from Yellow Springs spoke in a loud voice, he wanted to win, but winning by using a weapon while your opponent was barehanded would still leave a bad taste in his mouth.

    Huang Ying was rather surprised that this disciple from Yellow Springs was so honorable, it was a pleasant change of pace when compared to the either arrogant or ignorant people he was used to after going through all the memories he had absorbed.

    Huang Ying opened his hand and let his Ice Qi seep out of his body and into the surrounding Natural Energy before gathering towards his open hand. Before long, a 9 foot 9 inch ice spear had formed in his hand. The spear was simple and unadorned, but it radiated a majesty that only a spear, the king of weapons, could have.

    Huang Ying had spent quite some time going through all the memories he had absorbed, looking for a weapon and style he could use. He had contemplated between the saber and the spear for a while, but since he had more memories of people using spears, he ended up going for a spear as his weapon.

    Huang Ying grabbed the spear and slightly bent his body as he took his stance, looking like a cheetah ready to pounce. The disciple from Yellow Springs narrowed his eyes as he looked at Huang Ying. So far, he had never used a weapon while fighting, even when he fought the girl from Winter's Grasp, he had used his fists and element, so he assumed that Huang Ying did not use weapons.

    Now, looking at Huang Ying's stance as he held the spear, the disciple knew he was wrong, the only reason he had not used his weapon so far was because there was no need. As he thought about it a little more, he realized that there was not really a need for Huang Ying to use a weapon in this fight either, he could probably finish the fight quickly simply by using the overwhelming advantage his element gave him.

    “My name is Wen Xia, i thank you for taking me serious.” Wen Xia was not a fool, since there was no reason for Huang Ying to use a weapon, the only reason he would take out his weapon was as a show of respect against an honorable opponent.

    “I'm Huang Ying, take care.” Huang Ying gave his opponent a small nod before putting all his force into his foot, shooting forwards like a blur, almost twice as fast as he was in the last fights, as his Ice Qi melded into the surrounding Natural Energy, turning the surrounding 100 meters into his own domain.

    Wen Xia's eyes contracted when he saw the speed that Huang Ying burst out with. Wen Xia wasn't the only one, seeing that Huang Ying was almost twice as fast as he was in the previous fights, it did not require a lot of thought to realize that he had not even been close to serious in the last fights.

    Huang Ying arrived in front of Wen Xia and swept his spear sideways towards Wen Xia's chest. Wen Xia was caught by surprise, but he still managed to react, lifting his saber to block the incoming spear. As the spear made contact with the saber, he also raised his arm and tilted the saber, allowing the spear to slide along the blade and over him.

    Huang Ying grabbed the spear with both hands and channeled all his energy into his arms, stopping the spears momentum completely before reversing it, sweeping at Wen Xia once more. Wen Xia twisted his body slightly and chopped down with his saber, since finesse would not work right now, domineering power was the only other option.

    The saber chopped down on the spear and the ice spear completely shattered, the entire front half turning into a shower of ice. Huang Ying didn't stop the sweep, only pulling the spear back a little, looking like he hadn't even noticed that the spear had shattered. Wen Xia moved his eyes away from the shards and back to Huang Ying, if he wanted to know Huang Ying's next move, he would have to pay attention to how Huang Ying moved his body.

    Just as he moved his head to look at Huang Ying, he felt a sharp pain in his arms, nearly forcing him to drop his saber. He swiftly turned his head to the side and saw that the shards from the ice spear had turned into sharp spikes that had dug into his arms, slowly spreading ice across his arms. He wanted to move his arms to shake off the ice, but just then, something ice cold grazed his neck, stiffening his entire body.

    “I lose, seems like I was not even close to being your match, can't believe I even went as far as saying I would use my other advantages to win.”

    He stood still for a little while before heaving a deep sigh and shrugging his shoulders and giving a light chuckle. He turned his head a little as Huang Ying removed the spear from his neck. He knew that had this been a real fight, he would have died right there and then, a spear pierced through his throat, rather than just having it graze his neck.

    The ice on his arms receded and melted away like snow in the summer sun, returning mobility to his arms. He still had some small bloody holes in his hands, but the ice spikes hadn't hit anything vital, so just taking some pills and resting for a few days would be enough to completely heal these tiny wounds.

    “Thank you for taking mercy on me, I will be looking forward to your fight in the finale.” Wen Xia cupped his hands at Huang Ying before walking off the stage.

    “Well fought.” Huang Ying gave him a smile and cupped his hands in response before turning towards the Empyrean Phoenix seating area. He raised the reformed ice spear and pointed it at the girl with crimson hair, giving her a smile as he spoke.

    “15 minutes” He only spoke two words before leaving the arena and returning to the seating area and closing his eyes. Since she wanted to fight him, it was only fair that he gave it his all.

    “Really, aren't you just getting cheekier and cheekier the more you fight.” Li Jun gave a dry laugh as he commented on Huang Ying's action, but he didn't say anything else. He had after all also been young once, so there was no problem in being a bit cheeky at times.

    “Hehe, I told you that you would have to fight me sooner or later.” The girl from Empyrean Phoenix gave a laugh as she looked at Huang Ying, she was a fighting maniac, and there was nothing she loved more than fighting strong people.
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    Chapter 44: Shi Na

    The 15 minutes were spent in silence. Huang Ying and the girl from Empyrean Phoenix were sitting in their seats with their eyes closed. They hadn't spent much energy in their previous fights, but they both wanted to be at peak capacity for the next fight.

    The girl from Empyrean Phoenix knew that winning against Huang Ying would be hard, she could feel that he was a dangerous opponent. Meanwhile, Huang Ying could only use his Ice Qi during the fight, so winning against someone at the 9th heaven would be a bit more challenging.

    So far he had indeed won against opponents at the 9th heaven, but all the opponents he faced during this tournament were restrained by the sheer purity of his element. While the girl from Empyrean Phoenix used the same fire element as the other students from Empyrean Phoenix, Huang Ying was uncertain whether or not her blue fire would be restrained by his Ice Qi.

    When the 15 minutes were up, Huang Ying opened his eyes and stood up. His face was calm, his eyes deep like the ocean, and his aura entirely retracted. The 15 minute rest period allowed him to sift through more of the memories he had recently absorbed, discarding what he found useless and memorizing that which he determined to be useful.

    “Li Jun, where is Xu Yin now?”

    Huang Ying started walking towards the arena with slow steps, the girl from Empyrean Phoenix was already waiting for him on the stage, her eyes shining like burning obsidian.

    «Currently in The Waning Moon, he tried asking around about you, but he hasn't gotten any answer.»

    Li Jun's voice rang out in his head. Ever since Huang Ying asked about Xu Yin's whereabouts, he had locked a part of his perception onto his body, allowing him to know every move and action Xu Yin did.

    «I see, let me know if he finds Yang Xinyi or does anything I need to know. After the fight starts, im going to let myself get hit by her blue fire, use that chance to erase the mark Xu Yin has placed on me. He will probably rush over here once it disappears. Once he does, he will see that I am fighting and assume that the mark dissipated because of the fight. If he tries to place a new mark, there is no need to be too courteous, just directly erase it.»

    Huang Ying gave the order as he stepped into the arena. He had devoured plenty of robbers and thieves after walking through the streets at night, after going through their memories while he had the time, he had already made a mental map of the places in the capital that were best for hiding and shady business. Even if Xu Yin wanted to catch him now, if he managed to slip out of his perception for a short while, he was confident that he could escape.

    «Hehe, I told you didn't I? You will have to fight me sooner or later. I hope you won't hold back and fight me with everything you have, otherwise this victory will be boring.» The girl from Empyrean Phoenix spoke with a grin and a light laugh. Her laugh sounded like the ringing of silver bells, but the words she spoke truly didn't match her appearance.

    «You seem rather confident that you are going to win, but i'll have to disappoint you. I don't really feel like losing to some fake 'phoenix' descendants.» Huang Ying spoke with a faint smile as he formed the ice spear and took his stance.

    He had a slightly good impression of this blunt girl, but the fact that people who at best had some Vermilion Bird blood in them called themselves Phoenixes still grated on his nerves, the Phoenix could after all be said to have a slight relationship with him, so he would not give up the chance to knock these people down a peg.

    And sure enough, the people belonging to Empyrean Phoenix immediately started shouting and cursing at Huang Ying, even the teachers and headmaster looked at Huang Ying with grim faces. The only one who did not have any reaction was the girl in front of him.

    «Hehe, it is indeed as you said earlier, at best we only have some Vermilion Bird blood in us so we can't really be called Phoenixes or Phoenix descendants. But what does any of that have to do with me? It's not like I decided on the name Empyrean Phoenix. I only ended up there because there was someone I wanted to fight studying there. Im going to beat you, not as a student of Empyrean Phoenix, but as me, Shi Na, because it is fun to be the best.»

    The girl from Empyrean Phoenix, Shi Na, spoke with a ferocious grin as she pulled a longsword out of her interspatial ring and took stance opposite of Huang Ying.

    «Heh, fair enough, it's got nothing to do with you. Alright then, let me change it a little. I have no intention of losing to someone with such a contradictory name.»

    Hearing her words, Huang Ying couldn't help but give a small laugh as he responded.

    «What does my name have to do with this?» Shi Na had a slightly uneasy feeling when Huang Ying started talking about her name.

    «Come on now, Shi Na? Honest and Elegant? I can see you being honest, but where's the elegance?» Huang Ying gave a smirk as he poked fun at her name, seemingly finding it great fun to annoy his opponent.

    «Like i wanna hear that from you, Huang Ying? Bright Hero? Isn't that a little pretentious?» Shi Na responded by making fun of his name in return, puffing up her cheeks and pouting her lips.

    «Haha, fine fine, I won't poke fun at your silly name anymore. Let's just get this fight over with, I have plans i need to attend to later on.» Huang Ying gave a loud laugh at her words, he had also found his name to be rather contradictory, especially after thinking about how he acted in Yellow Winds Town.

    Huang Ying's face instantly turned serious as he took a step forward, cold air billowing around him as his Ice Qi integrated into the Natural Energy around him. His spear shone with a cold light as he shot forward and stabbed out, aiming for Shi Na's throat.

    Shi Na raised her sword and gently deflected the spear as she jumped to the side. She had seen how the spear exploded in the last fight, so hitting it too hard and shattering it would only give Huang Ying more weapons.

    Huang Ying borrowed the momentum to change the direction of the spear, attempting to use the spear handle like a staff and hit Shi Na in the side. Shi Na placed her sword at her side, using the blades edge to block the spear and preventing it from moving further. Seeing her block his attack with such ease, Huang Ying couldn't help but give an exclamation in surprise. His body had been strengthened several times since he left Azure Springs, it was approaching the level of a Demonic beast in toughness and strength, yet she blocked it so easily?

    «Seems like your muscles are a lot stronger than i thought, here I was thinking you would falter immediately.» Huang Ying couldn't help but comment as he pulled back the spear and jumped backwards to dodge Shi Na's retaliation.

    «What the fuck are you made of?! How can someone so slim hit so hard?» Shi Na couldn't help but yell in response as she slashed her sword at him, using short yet rapid slashes to slowly close in on him. She wanted to use stronger attacks, but after blocking the spear attack, her hands were almost completely numb, so she used the small attacks to buy time until her hands regained full mobility.

    Huang Ying found these short and fast attacks rather hard to deal with. Since he used a spear, he needed to get some distance to properly attack, he also required a small amount of time to build up the space needed to attack. But these short and rapid attacks made Shi Na stick to him like a maggot, preventing him from opening enough distance or even properly raise his weapon.

    Huang Ying hopped backwards slightly as Shi Na swiped the sword past his chest, trying to hop backwards just enough to dodge the attack before using the chance to build up some distance. But just as he hopped backwards, he felt a burning sensation on his chest. His face sunk as he looked down and saw a cut going horizontally across his chest. The wound was burnt shut so there was no blood seeping out, but Huang Ying still felt that the cut was deep enough to almost graze his ribs.

    He looked at the sword in Shi Na's hands and noticed small snakes of fire leaping around the blade tip, supplementing and extending the blade with a smaller blade of fire.

    «Fire elemental sword?» Huang Ying raised his eyebrow as he looked at the weapon. Most weapons did not have an element, meaning that they could not conduct Qi. If a weapon was forged using an elemental ore, that weapon would have that element, allowing it to conduct Qi of that type. The reason Huang Ying had to conjure a spear of ice instead of using a normal spear was solely because he did not have a spear that could conduct Ice Qi.

    «Hehe, indeed. I won this sword after beating the guy who was the reason for me joining Empyrean Phoenix. Pretty isn't she?» Shi Na spoke with obvious pride as she stroked the weapon. She loved seeing her opponents surprise after they found out it was an elemental weapon.

    «Heh, it really isn't bad, but if you want to use that to beat me, isn't that a bit too naive?» Huang Ying spoke with a smirk as he used the time while Shi Na was stroking her weapon to build up distance between them.

    «Hey! You cheat, that's rude, I was still talking!» Shi Na quickly realized that she had fallen for his ruse and couldn't help but curse him a bit before quickly dashing towards him again, crimson flames roaring into existence around her.

    How could Huang Ying possibly allow himself to fall into the same disadvantageous situation after just escaping it? He quickly backed up as the cold air around him surged towards Shi Na, freezing her flames as the came into existence. He tilted his spear downwards, letting the spear tip touch the arena ground. As the spear tip touched the ground, the cold air surged downwards, forming multiple smaller spears that shot towards Shi Na from above.

    Shi Na would not underestimate these spears, she imagined that if she allowed herself to let a single one of them pierce her, they would quickly propagate themselves by utilizing her frozen blood. She gave a cold snort, blue fire surging around her as feathers made of blue fire quickly spreading on her face and arms, this was the fake bloodline limit that Empyrean Phoenix used, only this one was fueled by her mutated blood.

    Huang Ying was shocked to see that the ice spears that came into contact with the blue fire started distorting, turning into even more blue fire. He couldn't help but click his tongue as he confirmed his thoughts. His Ice element didn't restrain her blue fire, it only fueled it. Shi Na thrust her palm outwards, sending a billowing wave of blue fire shooting straight at Huang Ying.

    «Li Jun, prepare to erase the mark.»

    Huang Ying gave a quick reminder as he circulated all his Ice Qi to build up a small defense, he even circulated a small amount of Devouring Qi beneath his skin to prevent the blue fire from wrecking havoc inside his body. He wasn't conceited enough to believe that he could get out unscathed after getting hit by this fire.

    The blue fire quickly engulfed Huang Ying, shrouding his figure in a sea of flames. Shi Na raised one of her eyebrows when she saw that he didn't even try to dodge, he even seemed to be waiting for it to hit him.

    «Is he dead?»

    Shi Na couldn't help but ask herself after Huang Ying still hadn't walked out from the fire after almost an entire minute. She was just about to disperse the fire when a cold wind surged out from the middle of the fire. The blue fire even showed signs of turning sluggish and dull after the wind passed it.

    «I'll have to thank you, I have been having a slight problem recently, so this fire came at the perfect time.»

    Huang Ying's voice came out from the fire and Shi Na even heard his footsteps. But before she could ask him what sort of problem her fire could have possibly fixed, she was shocked at his appearance.

    Huang Ying walked out off the fire, his clothes seemingly untouched, a faint smile on his face. But his hair had turned completely white, hanging down to his waist like a waterfall made of snow. His eyes were still black as the night, but there was now a golden slit in his pupils. The thing that shocked Shi Na the most was that she could feel the Vermilion Bird blood within her veins tremble in fear. Coupled with the intense pressuring feeling Huang Ying gave off now, she felt like she was facing a Primordial Beast.

    «What is that? He can't be using pills to increase his power right?» One of the teachers from Empyrean Phoenix stood up and shouted out.

    «What, you didn't really think you were the only ones who could use bloodline powers right?» Huang Ying tilted his head slightly and cast a mocking gaze towards the Empyrean Phoenix people. He had already considered his options, using the Devouring Qi openly was out of the question. Neither could he summon his Baku as it would attract too much attention.

    The White Tiger bloodline on the other hand, was the safest option. There were many Tiger type Demonic beasts that managed to reach a high enough grade to take human form and then integrated into human society, so there were many clans and people that had Tiger type bloodlines. If he used a bit of his, it would only seem like he had a bloodline from an ice type Tiger Demonic beast.
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    Chapter 45: The Conclusion

    “The mark has been completely removed and Xu Yin is on his way here now.” Li Jun's voice rang out in Huang Ying's mind. The only reason he had let the blue fire hit him was because he wanted to remove the tracing mark that Xu Yin had placed on him.

    And just as Huang Ying expected, Xu Yin rushed over to the arena with all his might. He came dashing in through the entrance, but seeing Huang Ying on the arena, facing Shi Na, he heaved a secret sigh of relief. If he allowed Huang Ying to simply slip away, he would certainly regret it. He was not sure if Huang Ying had anything to do with the disappearance of Yang Xinyi, but if he allowed Huang Ying to sneak away before the tournament ended, Willows Hope would lose their spot in the tournament and probably be ranked last again.

    Xu Yin walked back to the Willows Hope seating area, he had retraced all of Huang Ying's step, even going as far as to search the entire library. But he had not found a single suspicious thing, so he decided that he might as well leave it for later.

    Huang Ying only gave Xu Yin a quick glance before turning his gaze back to Shi Na. He clenched his fists and feeling the power coursing through his body, he couldn't help but let his mouth curl up into a smile. Last time he had activated the White Tiger Bloodline Limit, his entire body had bulked up, even going as far as growing fur on his arms.

    As he went through the memories that he had absorbed, he also spent quite some time familiarizing himself with the Bloodline Limit. His control over it's power steadily grew, allowing him to use it more effectively.

    His body would no longer bulk up and grow fur whenever he activated it, if it did, it would be a sign that he was wasting a large amount of the energy that the Bloodline Limit gave him. The fact that his hair turned white and his pupils gained a golden slit were the marks of the White Tiger, so there was nothing he could do about that.

    “I see, so you have a bloodline in you, a dangerously powerful one even. But if you think that just that will be enough to make me give up, you are wrong. I don't enjoy being taken advantage of, so i'm going to have to hit you a few times to patch up my broken ego.”

    Shi Na narrowed her eyes and circulated all the Vermilion Bird blood in her as she spoke, the blue feathers on her body gathering at her back, forming small blue wings of fire. When she saw Huang Ying release his Bloodline Limit, she knew that he had been going easy on her from the start. He could probably defeat her quite quickly if he just released the Bloodline Limit at the start, but he seemed to be waiting for something.

    As she thought about it a bit more and recalled his earlier words, she came to the conclusion that he had probably been waiting for her to use her blue fire. She thought about it some more, but she could not come up with any reason behind him wanting to get hit by her blue fire so she quickly threw her thoughts to the back of her mind, putting all her focus on the fight.

    “I don't mind if you want to hit me, but that will have to wait for some other day, I would like to end this now.” Huang Ying sent a slightly awkward smile at Shi Na, it seems like she had realized that he had been playing with her from the start.

    Huang Ying didn't conjure up another spear, when he activated his Bloodline Limit his body would be stronger than the conjured ice spear, so just using his fists would be better. Huang Ying slightly bent his knees as he transferred all the power coursing through his body into his legs.

    Huang Ying released the power and shot forward like a blur, appearing in front of Shi Na before she even managed to blink. Huang Ying sent his fist forward, sending it directly towards her abdomen. Shi Na barely managed to think, but she still managed to react on instinct. She positioned her left arm in front of her abdomen while slashing out with the sword in her right arm, aiming at Huang Ying's throat, trying to make him dodge rather than continue his attack.

    Huang Ying didn't stop his attack, taking a step forward instead. His fist crashed into her left arm and abdomen without stopping, making Shi Na feel like she was hit by a sledgehammer. Her sword lit up with flames as it cut through Huang Ying's chest, but Shi Na's heart sank when she saw his reaction.

    Her sword cut through the upper part of his chest, just a bit below the throat, but Huang Ying didn't even blink an eye, the pain from this cut was not even close to being as painful as the time the blood of Baku awakened and devoured everything in his body. Blood splashed out from the wound, but as it left his body, the blood of Baku started devouring the White Tiger bloodline, before swiftly devouring itself and vanishing. This was an instinctual reaction the that the blood of Baku that was in his body had. Once it left his body, it would swiftly devour itself and any other special blood, preventing anyone from harvesting the blood of Baku.

    Shi Na's body leaned forward as Huang Ying's fist sank into her stomach, a mouthful of scalding blood spurting out from her mouth. She gritted her teeth and forced her body to remain stable, not allowing her legs to leave the ground. She tilted her upper body sideways and off of the fist, taking the chance to slash a wound into Huang Ying's waist before quickly moving backwards, building up distance between her and Huang Ying.

    She stabilized her body while taking a few steps backwards, cautiously watching Huang Ying to analyze him, but what she saw only made her heart sing even further. The wound she had sliced open on his waist had already started closing itself, healing at a speed visible to the naked eye, the wound on his chest was almost completely gone already.

    “Really, how bad must my luck be to end up fighting against a freak like you.”

    Shi Na could only give a bitter smile as she saw his wounds heal, how was she supposed to win against something like that?

    “Still, I refuse to surrender. Only by fighting fights like this can I see where my shortcomings lie.”

    Her smile quickly changed from a bitter one, to one filled with a mad lust for battle. Seeing this smile, Huang Ying couldn't help but give a faint smile as he shook his head, this woman was really too much of a battle maniac, she even made him feel somewhat stifled.

    Huang Ying had a rather good impression of this blunt girl, but he still needed to win, so he clenched his fist and shot forwards once more, appearing in front of Shi Na. He shot forward his fist once more, but this time his fist carried with it his Ice Qi, instantly doubling in strength.

    “Stop! Surrender and admit defeat! Empyrean Phoenix will reimburse you with Spirit Stones!”

    As he swung his fist, a voice transmission entered Huang Ying's ears. Listening to the voice, Huang Ying could tell that it was the headmaster or Empyrean Phoenix, Deng Rong, who had sent it. Hearing this voice, Huang Ying's lips curved into a mocking sneer as his fist continued onward. Shi Na did not even manage to put up any defenses, she was still shaken up from the last punch, and Huang Ying simply moved too fast for her, she wasn't even sure when he suddenly arrived in front of her.

    Huang Ying's fist crashed into her chest with full force, cracking and shattering several of her ribs and sending her flying off the arena. In the end, Huang Ying still ended up going easy on her, pulling back the Qi he had charged into the fist, had he not done that, her injuries would instantly turn for the worse, possibly even threatening her life.

    Shi Na struggled to sit up outside of the arena as she threw her gaze at Huang Ying. She had been knocked out and wounded, but her eyes still shone with a mad lust for battle. Just those two punches of his made her realize that speed and defenses were some of her weak points. If just two punches made her realize that, how much more would she learn if she fought for ten exchanges? What about a hundred? Sadly, she had already lost, so she had no choice but to give up there.

    “I really wonder how a bunch of pigeons could end up producing someone like you.” Just as she was shaking her head with a bitter smile, Huang Ying's voice rang out, causing her to raise her head and look at him with a confused gaze.

    “Did you know that Deng Rong just tried to buy your victory? Really, he can't even handle a single loss, what a pathetic pigeon. Compared to someone like him, you are much more gracious in accepting your loss.”

    Huang Ying turned his eyes towards Deng Rong as he spoke, a mocking smile hanging on his lips. He really couldn't stand people as shameless as him. Deng Rong's face was dark as his eyes glared death at Huang Ying. Had it not been for the fact that Empyrean Phoenix was located in the capital, he would not mind standing up and cursing at Huang Ying.

    The audience was shocked at Huang Ying's words, but Shi Na was only slightly surprised. She had already spent an entire year at Empyrean Phoenix, so she had gotten some understanding into how they operated. She wasn't too worried about this loss, she was more worried about Huang Ying. Large sects and academies valued their face and reputation more than anything, and would go to great lenghts to remove anything that threatened their reputation.

    “I won. This was the last fight, so hand over the champion's prize.”

    Huang Ying simply ignored Deng Rong's vicious glare, he wasn't worried that Empyrean Phoenix would do anything to him, they still had to take their reputation into account, so they could not go overboard.

    Deng Rong continued to glare death at Huang Ying, but he also fished a bright green jade tablet out of his interspatial ring. The jade tablet was the size of a palm, a lotus carving taking up all the space on it. Deng Rong threw the jade tablet directly at Huang Ying.

    “All the information is within that tablet, it also doubles as an identification jade to prove who you are and get you into the Dragon Meeting.”

    Deng Rong spoke in a low voice before waving his sleeve and departing from the arena, he had already lost so much face, staying there would only humiliate him further. Huang Ying traced the jade tablet with his fingers before sinking his perception into it. Looking through the information within, he couldn't help but grimace.

    When they talked about the Dragon Meeting, he thought that it would be within the next few months, but according to this jade tablet, the Dragon Meeting would not take place for another four years. Huang Ying couldn't help but heave a sigh, it seemed like he still had a long wait ahead of him. He stored the jade into his interspatial ring before leaving the arena and heading towards the exit,

    “I did my part Xu Yin, you can deal with the rest. If you need me for anything, you can find me at the library.” Huang Ying waved his hands as he walked. The only reason he told Xu Yin where he was going was to prevent Xu Yin from noticing anything suspicious, acting just like he had done since they left Willows Hope.

    “I will find you! I am too weak now, but I will find you again in the future, and when I do, it will be you who is going to lose. I never lose a fight twice!”

    Just as Huang Ying was leaving the arena, Shi Na's loud voice came from behind him. Huang Ying turned his head and glanced at her, her eyes still shone with that mad lust for battle, but they also glimmered with determination. Seeing this look, Huang Ying was reminded of how he himself once looked at the gates of the academy in Azure Springs.

    “Sure, I will be waiting for you, but whether or not you can ever keep up with me is uncertain.”

    Huang Ying flashed her a teasing grin before leaving the arena. What he said wasn't meant to put her down, he was simply stating a fact. He had been cultivating for less than a year, but he was already stronger than even his peers, his Devouring Qi simply gave him too large a boost.
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    Chapter 46: Future Steps

    Huang Ying didn't take any detours, heading directly to the library. He had done everything he could to prevent Xu Yin from suspecting him, but there was no telling what Xu Yin was thinking, so it was best to play it safe.

    “Li Jun, did Xu Yin place a new tracking mark?”

    Huang Ying sat down in a corner of the library. He had been sitting in this corner ever since he first entered the library after coming to Clouds End, so there were several small towers of books placed against the wall.

    “No, but he has been following you with his perception since you left the arena.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out in Huang Ying's head. Ever since Huang Ying left the arena, Li Jun had focused all his concentration and perception on Xu Yin, keeping an even closer track on his every move.

    “I see, what else is he doing now? Is he just watching or is he preparing to return to Green Willows at the same time?”

    If Xu Yin was preparing to stay in Clouds End to keep a close watch on Huang Ying, it would get rather difficult to get to Yang Xinyi without alerting Xu Yin. It would be best if Xu Yin simply left Clouds End after not finding any traces of Yang Xinyi.

    “He has returned to the inn and gathered up the remaining people from Willows Hope, they seem to be preparing to return to Willows Hope before the day is over.”

    Li Jun gave a simple response, allowing Huang Ying to heave a sigh of relief. He could not let Yang Xinyi stay locked up in that room in The Waning Moon for too long either. While he had indeed reached a cultivation level where he could go for a few weeks without eating, Huang Ying had specified that he wanted Yang Xinyi crippled, so his cultivation was already completely gone. He was no more than a slightly stronger mortal now.

    “Good. Let me know when they have left Clouds End, that is when we will move out.”

    Huang Ying gave a small nod as he reminded Li Jun, before picking up a book to continue reading, gathering more information about the main continent was currently his most important task.

    “Very well. What are your plans for the future? You still have four years time, and I don't imagine you spending them just sitting around.”

    Li Jun switched the topic after affirming that he understood his task. He was stuck inside Huang Ying's spiritual sea, where his consciousness and thoughts were located, but he could not read Huang Ying's mind.

    Before the attack on Azure Springs, he could still approximate and deduce what Huang Ying was thinking and planning from his actions. But after he awakened the blood of Baku, he had become more taciturn, keeping his thoughts to himself and becoming harder to get a good read on.

    “Indeed. Since I have four years time, I will need to increase my strength as much as possible in these four years. My main plan is to search for the location of the three other Guardian Beasts, the Phoenix, the Xuanwu, and the Azure Dragon.”

    Huang Ying had been planing on finding the rest of the Guardian Beasts ever since the time he devoured the White Tiger. Now that he had four years of time to grow stronger, it seemed like a good time to find their prisons.

    “Oh? You intend to hunt them down and return them to the reincarnation cycle, stealing their bloodlines in the process?”

    Li Jun could somewhat imagine what Huang Ying was finding them for. He had made up his determination to find the three other Guardian Beasts ever since he found the White Tiger. He could fulfill the duty of Baku while simultaneously using their blood to strengthen himself.

    “That too, but it is mostly because there is something suspicious about how they were taken down and imprisoned all those years ago, i'd like to get to the bottom of it.”

    Huang Ying had spent quite some time going through and deciphering the memories he devoured from the White Tiger, and the more he thought about some of the things he saw, the more confused and suspicious he got.

    “Oh, suspicious? Like what?”

    “It's like this, you know how the White Tiger said that the Four Guardian Beasts could only be killed and returned to the reincarnation cycle by Baku? I can tell you now that it is not true. Baku is the concept that everything will come to an end sooner or later, so while Baku is indeed capable of killing the Guardian Beasts and returning them to the reincarnation cycle, he is not the only thing capable of doing it.”

    “All it requires is something of a higher tier of power. Almost like a Xiantian expert can easily kill a cultivator at the 9th heaven. Since whatever fought the Guardian Beasts all those years ago was capable of completely debilitating and trap them, they could of course also kill them, they simply chose not to. I want to know why.”

    Huang Ying inherited the blood and some memories of Baku and then devoured the blood and memories of the White Tiger, so he was very clear on just how powerful they were. Most of the memories about the battle they took part in so many years ago were completely ruined, but Huang Ying could still approximate how strong their opponents were. The Four Guardian Beasts were simply unable to contend with them, so they should have been killed. But they were not, they were only weakened and locked away.

    “It seems like you have spent quite some time thinking about this, what you say certainly sounds reasonable.”

    Li Jun started thinking about it as well, and slowly started to find more and more suspicious points, especially when he compared the knowledge he had from when he was cultivating with what he knew now.

    “I don't like undertaking such a huge quest like freeing the Guardian Beasts without knowing all the information, so of course I thought about it a lot. And the more I thought, the more suspicious I found it.”

    Huang Ying had been given the responsibility to return the four Guardian Beasts to the reincarnation cycle. Facing such a monstrous task, he could not afford to handle it lazily, so he went through all the memories he had regarding the Guardian Beasts several times.

    After Huang Ying finished explaining, he returned to reading. Periodically he would ask Li Jun what Xu Yin was doing. Xu Yin did not immediately return to Willows Hope, he instead started wandering around town, sending out his perception to look for Yang Xinyi.

    Huang Ying heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Xu Yin didn't seem to find anything and was forced to return to the inn empty handed. He couldn't help but mentally praise The Waning Moon and their ability to remove all traces of Yang Xinyi. Xu Yin took the rest of the people from Willows Hope and returned to Green Willows after they had grabbed some dinner, making up a simple excuse for Huang Ying and Yang Xinyi's absence.

    He could not afford to let them know that Yang Xinyi had simply vanished, if news of that got out, there was no telling what the Imperial Family of Green Willows would do to him.Huang Ying didn't leave the library for The Waning Moon immediately, instead waiting for several hours, until it was past midnight, before getting up and leaving the library.

    “Alright, let's go. It should be safe to retrieve Yang Xinyi know.”
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    Chapter 47: Yang Xinyi.

    Huang Ying left the library at a leisure pace. He didn't head directly for The Waning Moon, choosing to wander the streets for a little while, acting like a tourist. After spending another hour just wandering around the streets, Huang Ying turned towards The Waning Moon.

    “Li Jun, isolate me from others perception.”

    Huang Ying could circulated his Devouring Qi to devour the surrounding Natural Energy and his own energy fluctuations. But this would only make it hard for people to sense his cultivation level, and even then, it only worked on people that were around his level of strength. If he wanted to make himself impossible to detect through other peoples perception, he would have to rely on Li Jun. Anything he himself would be able to set up would be useless in the face of anyone at the Xiantian level of power.

    “Got it. No one should be able to sense you now.”

    As Li Jun's voice reverberated in his mind, Huang Ying could feel a heavy energy seep out of his head and cover his entire body. This energy was Li Jun's own perception, mixed with his Spiritual Energy, the energy of his soul. This way, unless they were stronger than Li Jun, the only way someone would be able to detect Huang Ying was if they were standing there looking at him.

    Once Li Jun isolated Huang Ying's presence, Huang Ying slipped away from the main street, silently entering a narrow back alley. He stored his blue robe into his interspatial ring and draped himself in a spacious black robe that covered his entire body. He then put on the same black mask he wore the first time he entered The Waning Moon.

    Huang Ying left the back alley and resumed his aimless wandering. Xu Yin had left Clouds End and there should be no one else that was spying on him, but Huang Ying still felt that it would be better to err on the side of caution. He continued wandering the streets for another half hour before finally ending up in front of The Waning Moon.

    Huang Ying once again entered that run down tavern, slowly walking up to the counter. The counter was still manned by the same round man as it was last time, he was even polishing some glasses, just like he had last time. Huang Ying did not waste any time on words, merely pulling a small copper plate out from under the black robe. This copper plate only had a simple number engraved on it and was used as identification, identifying Huang Ying as the person who had rented this room.

    The round man would obviously not waste time talking when the customer preferred silence, leading Huang Ying to the rented room in silence. Huang Ying's room was located up two flights of stairs and at the very end of a hallway, located as far from the bar part of the tavern as possible.

    The round man pressed a small key into Huang Ying's hands before giving a small bow and leaving. His only job in the tavern was to run the bar and lead people to their reserved rooms or to the areas where 'special' business would take place. What happened in those areas or rooms, he would not ask about, nor dared he, the only reason he could buy this place was because the last owner was too nosy for his own good.

    Huang Ying used the key to unlock the room and enter, quickly locking the door behind him. The room was a very standard room you would see in any tavern. A single wooden bed with coarse sheets, a small nightstand next to the bed. A single round table surrounded by chairs to give the inhabitant a place to eat in peace, a large cabinet where the inhabitant could store their clothes, and a small washroom where the inhabitant could do his personal business.

    There was a small, round lamp hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the room. These types of lamps didn't use fire to light up the room, instead they used the Cores of Demonic beasts that were either of the Light or Fire element.

    Every Demonic beast would have a Core within them, this core served as their dantian, storing and regulating their Qi. It was often used in alchemy or forging, granting a certain element to a pill or weapon, it was considered the most valuable part of any Demonic beast.

    On the bed was a tied up middle aged man. His green robe was tattered and torn, his face covered in blood. He was slightly trembling, seeming to be at deaths door. When Huang Ying entered the room, he slightly raised his head, glaring at Huang Ying, looking like he wanted to eat his flesh and drink his blood.

    Huang Ying slowly walked up to the bed, grabbing a chair on the way and positioning it at the side of the bed. Huang Ying sat down on the chair and leaned his body forward a slight bit, placing his hands together as he just sat there and looked at Yang Xinyi in silence.

    “Is anyone spying on this room Li Jun?”

    Huang Ying did not want to end up being discovered at this point, especially after he had been so careful while he was wandering through town. If he simply started talking and devouring Yang Xinyi immediately, and someone happened to be spying on this room and catching him, he would not know whether he should laugh or cry.

    “No one is spying right now, but I will extend my perception to cover this entire room. This way, even if they want to spy, they won't be able to.” Just as Li Jun said, Huang Ying could feel the heavy energy surrounding his body expand, covering the entire room and isolating it from the outside world.

    “Really now Teacher Yang, if only you hadn't started plotting against me, none of this would have happened. You could have returned to Willows Hope and live your life in leisure, and I could have moved on and done my own things.”

    Huang Ying didn't take off the mask, simply shaking his head and speaking with a sigh. Hiring The Waning Moon to take care of Yang Xinyi was a risky thing to do, but he simply could not let Yang Xinyi live after he showed his killing intent. Had Yang Xinyi never harbored thoughts of killing Huang Ying, Huang Ying would not have to risk being found out by Xu Yin, and he could spend his days more leisurly.

    “It's yo...”

    Yang Xinyi's voice was hoarse and weak, struggling with each letter. But before he managed to finish his first sentence, a small black serpent whose entire back was covered in small spikes slithered out from Huang Ying's robe and sank it's teeth into Yang Xinyi's thigh. Yang Xinyi didn't feel any pain, the only reason he stopped his sentence was because he suddenly felt like he lost his voice. It was like something suddenly removed his ability to talk. He tried to formulate the words, but they simply vanished once they reached his mouth.

    “There is no need to talk. Anything I want to know, you will tell me. Whether you want to or not.”

    Huang Ying placed his palm on Yang Xinyi's forehead as he spoke. If it were under normal circumstances, he would never be able to devour anything from Yang Xinyi, the difference in strength was simply too large. But now Yang Xinyi was crippled, his cultivation wasted, his body drained of all Qi. Huang Ying had decided to have him crippled instead of killed for two reasons.

    The first reason was because he wanted to know exactly why Yang Xinyi would suddenly show killing intent against him. The second reason was because Huang Ying could feel that he was close to reaching the 9th heaven, the Tribulation Heaven. This meant that his dantian would have to face a small heavenly tribulation before he could move on to the next level of cultivation, so devouring all of Yang Xinyi's Qi would be useless, it would only increase the power of the heavenly tribulation.

    Yang Xinyi wanted to shake off Huang Ying's hand and shout for help, but the little black serpent once more bit down on his thigh, and he suddenly found himself unable to muster up any power in his body. He could only lay there and allow Huang Ying's hand to press down on his head.

    Black smoke started to seep out from under Huang Ying's robe, quickly gathering up and forming several black tendrils. Fear finally crept into Yang Xinyi's eyes as he looked at those black tendrils. He moved his eyes onto Huang Ying's face in an attempt to plead, but all that greeted him was a blank mask with two slits for eyes.

    The black tendrils moved, digging into Yang Xinyi's body before they started devouring. Yang Xinyi didn't feel any pain, all he felt was an itching feeling in his entire body, an itch that grew so bad that it almost drove him insane. This itch scared him more than any pain could, because he also felt everything within him slowly vanish as the itch grew worse, he even noticed that even his memories were slowly disappearing.

    Huang Ying didn't want to devour him this slowly, he preferred the instantaneous devouring he usually did. But he had to do it more slowly this time, he had no need for all of Yang Xinyi's memories, nor did Yang Xinyi have a bloodline or special body, so Huang Ying was filtering out everything he didn't need while he was devouring him.

    Huang Ying only kept a few of Yang Xinyi's memories that seemed like they would be useful. As he went through these memories, he found the reason why Yang Xinyi had targeted him. It turned out that Yang Xinyi had special eyes. When he was young, he had eaten many herbs, one of them being a Heaven's Eye Mushroom, the same that Huang Ying had eaten.

    But Yang Xinyi had eaten many more herbs than Huang Ying, allowing his Energy Vision to mutate and evolve, eventually giving him the ability to see if people had any special bodies or bloodlines. He had used these eyes on Huang Ying and noticed that Huang Ying had a very powerful bloodline. Yang Xinyi wanted to take this bloodline for himself, giving him greater hope of breaking past the Xiantian stage.

    Huang Ying would not leave behind such a useful ability, so before he finished off Yang Xinyi, he sent his Devouring Qi into his eyes, devouring and stealing his ability to see bloodlines and special physiques. Upgrading his own Energy Vision was accompanied by a stabbing pain in his eyes, but Huang Ying just grit his teeth and finished devouring Yang Xinyi.

    Once he was done, the only thing left of Yang Xinyi were the clothing he had worn, and the robes that had been used to bind him. Huang Ying had finished what he came here for, so he stood up and returned the chair back to the table. He picked up the clothing and the rope and stored it into his interspatial ring, before heading out of the room and returning the key and copper plate to the round man. Now he would have to start looking into places that could be the prisons of the three other Guardian Beasts.
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    Chapter 48: Orders From Above.

    After finishing the business with Yang Xinyi, Huang Ying spent another day in the library, ordering Li Jun to keep a close watch on the area around the library. After not finding anything suspicious, Huang Ying breathed a sigh of relief. He had been on high alert recently, ready to be attacked by Xu Yin at any point, but now it seemed like he could finally relax a little.

    He moved out of the library and rented a decent room in a small inn. During the days he would either be in the library or wandering around town and taverns. Clouds End was the capital of the entire Clouds Reach continent, so it was filled with people from all around the continent, there was no better place to gather information.

    During the nights he would return to the inn and cultivate through the night. He could feel his tribulation approaching, so while he could not absorb more Natural Energy from the surroundings, he could still increase his familiarity with both his Qi and bloodlines.

    Like this, Huang Ying managed to spend a few days doing things at his own pace. While meditating, he could also split part of his attention to going through the memories he had devoured, slowly sifting out the useful from the useless. He spent most of his time on the memories that had to do with either different crafting professions, or cultivation info. Huang Ying managed to spend almost an entire month following this routine, slowly calming his tensed mind.

    He could just ask Li Jun if he wanted to know more advanced information about cultivation, but Li Jun's knowledge was only focused on his own element, so he would not know how to attack or utilize Ice or Devouring Qi. Huang Ying could use the memories he had devoured to become more proficient with his Ice Qi, while experimenting on his own to become more proficient with Devouring Qi.

    It was a little past midnight, Huang Ying was sitting with crossed legs on the bed, breathing with a slow and steady rhythm. This was how Huang Ying meditated, meditating allowed him to calm his mind and relax his body. The silence in the room was broken by a few light knocks on the door.

    Huang Ying opened his eyes and got off of the bed, but he didn't go to open the door. He instead used his perception to check the situation outside his room. Outside the room stood a neat middle aged man with a polite smile. He was clad in a loose gray robe, his face was chiseled with a small amount of stubble on his chin. Huang Ying had seen him several times in the library, but never talked with him

    “Li Jun, what do you think?”

    Huang Ying could not feel any energy fluctuations from him, even after using his Energy Vision, but he still felt somewhat uneasy so he decided to ask Li Jun. Li Jun had been alive for much longer than Huang Ying and was also much more adept at judging people.

    “I don't feel any energy fluctuations from him, so he should be a normal mortal. I have also seen him around you several times, he should be a librarian from the library.”

    Li Jun gave his analysis. If not even Li Jun could feel any energy fluctuations from him, then unless he was a cultivator that was stronger than Li Jun, he was most likely truly just a normal mortal.

    The man knocked on the door once more, this time a bit harder than the first time, Huang Ying made his way to the door and opened it slightly, just because he knew who the other party was did not mean that he would just blindly trust them.

    “Can I help you with anything?” Huang Ying had only opened the door slightly, not even enough to poke his head out. So the man outside could only see half of his face through the opening.

    “Hello, i'm sorry for coming here so late, but I was just cleaning the library when I found this pouch, im afraid you dropped it, so I came to deliver it.”

    The man spoke with a pleasant voice, reaching into his robe while he was talking. Huang Ying was just about to open his mouth and inform the man that he did not carry pouches around with him, when the warning bells in his mind suddenly rang out.

    Huang Ying did not think twice, immediately slamming the door shut and attempting to move backwards. Before he managed to move away from the door, the gray robed man pulled his hand out from under his robe, but this time his hand was covered in a black glove that gave off a metallic sheen. The gray robed man punched out, his fist going straight through the door and crashing into Huang Ying's face.

    Huang Ying felt like someone had hit him with a sledgehammer, his vision temporarily going black as he was thrown backwards. He slammed into the wall on the other side of the room, his entire face now dripping with blood, his nose and jaw had completely shattered from that single punch.

    “Li Jun, what the hell?! You said he was a normal mortal!”

    Huang Ying shouted out in his mind while he fumblingly stood up and flung himself out the window. He had rented a room on the second floor, so it was only a short fall. He landed on his feet and quickly started sprinting, one hand cradling his jaw.

    “He's using the Moon Concealing Art! I couldn't see it before he actually made a move, but it seems like someone is out for you, even going as far as hiring The Waning Moon.”

    Li Jun's shocked voice rang out in Huang Ying's mind. The Moon Concealing Art was a skill used by The Waning Moon, it allowed the user to hide all signs of energy fluctuations from their body, making them seem like a mortal. They used this skill on their assassins to allow them to integrate into normal business. This way, they had eyes and ears all over the city that could spring into action at any time.

    “Do you think it's Xu Yin?”

    Huang Ying spoke while running, but he found it to be highly unlikely, he had made Li Jun keep track of Xu Yin ever since the last part of the tournament, and Xu Yin never seemed to come into contact with The Waning Moon.

    “Highly unlikely. Xu Yin would order them to kill you, but the man that just attacked was actually at the mid stages of the Xiantian Builder level, but he did not kill you with a single attack, instead looking to knock you out. Whoever hired them, wants to capture you alive it seems.”

    Li Jun spoke out with a grave voice, having assassins hired to kill you was nice and simple, you knew exactly what the other party wanted. But if they came to take you alive, there was no telling what they wanted.

    Huang Ying was slightly shocked that they would send someone at the mid stages of Xiantian Builder after him. Xiantian Builder was the name of the cultivation stage after one broke through the 9th heaven. It was called Xiantian Builder because the Qi crystal in the dantian would have been shattered and reformed, turning into a World Seed. The cultivator would then have to use this World Seed to build a small world in their dantian.

    Huang Ying continued running for a short while, but he quickly noticed that the gray robed man did not even seem to be chasing him. He had Li Jun send his perception towards the inn, scanning the path he had just run. The results were just as Huang Ying had thought, the gray robed man wasn't following him.

    Instead of making Huang Ying relaxed, this fact only made him even more uneasy, he hated facing something he did not understand. Just as he was about to keep moving, a flash of crimson light shot at him from an inconspicuous back alley. Huang Ying twisted his body to avoid that crimson light, but it never even reached him, it simply exploded into a sea of flames in front of him, completely flooding his vision with light.

    The stinging pain from the light forced Huang Ying to close his eyes. He tried to take a step back and turn around and run, but someone grabbed his shoulders from behind and stopped him. He heard someone run up to his front, and the next thing he felt was someone punching him in the stomach. When the punch hit him in the stomach, he felt a strange energy enter his body and lock down his dantian, preventing him from extracting any Qi from the Qi crystal.

    “Hah, i'm sorry kid, we really don't want to do this. But we have been ordered from someone very high up, so high up that we simply don't dare follow the orders.”

    Huang Ying heard someone speak to him with a deep sigh and an apologetic voice. After the voice finished speaking, Huang Ying felt someone hit him in the head again. The punch was simply too strong, Huang Ying barely had any time to think before his entire mind went blank and he passed out. His last thoughts before he passed out was him wondering who could possibly give the owner of that voice, Empyrean Phoenix headmaster Deng Rong, orders.
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    Chapter 49: Imprisoned.

    When Huang Ying awoke, he felt a throbbing pain in his head. His mouth was dry and his eyelids were heavy, his mouth was filled with the taste of dried blood. He didn't open his eyes immediately, pretending to still be knocked out, silently straining his ears to listen to his surroundings.

    “Li Jun, where are we?”

    Huang Ying knew that even though he was knocked out, there was no way for them to know about Li Jun. Thanks to that, Huang Ying had a small advantage. While they thought that he would have no idea about the situation, or even his location at the moment. As long as he had Li Jun, he would be able to get a grasp of the situation and the surrounding area.

    “Empyrean Phoenix Academy, in a small prison two floors below the main building.”

    Li Jun's voice rang out in his mind. Li Jun had already been waiting for Huang Ying to wake up for several hours already. As long as he woke up, they would be able to start planning their escape.

    “What happened after I was knocked out?”

    Huang Ying wasn't too surprised that he was brought to the Empyrean Phoenix Academy, he had already identified their headmaster, Deng Rong, as one of his attackers. Since he already knew where he was, the next step was finding out what had happened. Only by having enough information would he be able to figure out his next step.

    “They put you in a barrel and placed you on a small carriage filled with barrels. After that they brought the entire carriage back to Empyrean Phoenix and brought you down here.”

    Li Jun spoke while stifling a small laughter, watching Huang Ying get stuffed in that barrel was something he found immensly funny.

    “I see, did they take anything?”

    Huang Ying decided that it was best to simply ignore Li Jun's stifled laugh and move on to the next topic. At the moment, all he could properly feel was the throbbing pain in his head, so he was uncertain if anything had been removed from his body. If he lost everything that was in his interspatial rings, it would become a lot harder to travel around after escaping.

    “They took the interspatial ring on your left hand, but I made sure to hide the one on your right hand, so while they took most of the herbs and pills you had stored up before leaving Green Willows, you still have the different weapons and more valuable items that you took from the people of Yellow Winds Town.”

    Li Jun could have covered both of Huang Ying's interspatial rings with his perception, making them seem like completely normal rings. But he also knew that if he did that, Huang Ying's captors would find it suspicious that he didn't have any interspatial rins. At that point, they might even end up taking all the rings, just to be safe. So he decided to sacrifice the herbs and pills, allowing Huang Ying to keep the assorted weapons and slightly more valuable items.

    “Good, at least we didn't end up empty handed. Did they mention anything about why I was captured or what their plans are?”

    Huang Ying did not for one second believe that Empyrean Phoenix would be willing to put it's reputation at risk for something so small as losing a small tournament like the Academy Battle. Deng Rong also mentioned that it was orders from above, so there was obviously something else that was driving them to do this.

    “The only mention about why you were captured was that it was orders from above. The order seems to have come from very high up, they passed a few students while they were bringing you down here, but they seemed to simply ignore you. Seems like someone really high up in the hierarchy can't stand you. As for what their plans are, they didn't mention anything.”

    Li Jun had put all his focus on the captors and the surroundings after Huang Ying was captured, he refused to let even the smallest detail slip. The way he saw it, if Huang Ying ended up dying in their captivity, he would regain his freedom. But since they went through all the trouble of catching him alive, they obviously had other plans for him.

    Since it was like that, the odds of Huang Ying escaping were higher than the odds of him dying. At that point, it would be better for Li Jun to help Huang Ying escape, slowly making Huang Ying friendly towards him again. Li Jun knew that even though Huang Ying was acting friendly with him, he still had his guard up, at best only believing half of what Li Jun was saying.

    “I see, seems like we are knee deep in shit huh? How much time has passed?”

    Since even Li Jun would say that someone high up was out for him, Huang Ying had no choice but to admit that he was close to being fucked, a single wrong step could easily be the end of him. Knowing how much time had passed since he was knocked out was just to help him get his thoughts back on track.

    “You were captured a little over one day ago, you've been out for around 30 hours or so. They have come to check on you twice in that time. The only guard outside seems to just be a normal student who recently joined, not even at the 6th heaven yet.”

    Li Jun was actually rather surprised by how long Huang Ying had been knocked out for. One had to know that Huang Ying had the blood of not just Baku, but also the White Tiger. He had also strengthened his body several times through his devouring of Demonic beasts, his body was already as strong as a Demonic beast.

    “Seems like they think i'm useless without my Qi. Did you make sure to memorize the escape path?”

    Huang Ying didn't place the guard in his eyes, he could easily defeat cultivators at the 8th heaven using just his bodily strength, so a cultivator at the 6th heaven was like an ant to him. The most important thing now was to make sure that he knew exactly where the shortest escape path was located.

    Even though Deng Rong had put a seal on his Qi crystal, preventing him from extracting any Qi from it, he could still circulate Qi through the crystal. Spending a bit of time circulating his Devouring Qi around the Qi crystal, letting it come in contact with the seal, would allow him to get rid of the seal, so he wasn't too worried.

    “Of course, I have also marked anyone that could threaten you. I also prevented them from placing any tracing marks on you, to them, it looks like you can't be located through perception. It's a bit risky since they were able to lock onto you with their perceptions while you were in town, but it's the only choice we have right now.”

    As Li Jun spoke, he connected Huang Ying with his own perception, allowing Huang Ying to see where all the marked people were located, while also sharing the information about the escape path with him. Huang Ying didn't mind that Li Jun made the choice to sacrifice the herbs and pills in favor of keeping the weapons and slightly more valuable items.

    The herbs and pills were of no use to him right now, and since he could not use any Qi, the weapons would be more helpful to him right now. Of course if he had it his way, he would escape without ever needing to fight anyone.

    “Good. I'll pretend to be unconscious for a while longer, after they have checked up on me once more, that's when i'll try to get out.”

    Checking out the the surroundings and the locations where the marked people were, Huang Ying was confident that he would be able to escape as long as he made sure to avoid the marked targets.
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    Chapter 50: Escape Attempt.

    After only spending another hour pretending to be unconscious, one of the people marked by Li Jun made his way downwards to the prison, stopping outside the door to look inside and chat with the guard.

    “Has there been any movement?”

    Huang Ying had not heard this voice before, so he knew that the one who came to check up on him this time was not headmaster Deng Rong, but rather someone else.

    “No sir, he has yet to wake up.”

    As the guard spoke, the sound of leather moving and leather hitting leather rang out, the guard obviously gave a salute to the man who just arrived. Since he could get the students to salute him, the man who arrived seemed to have a position that was higher than an elder, otherwise the student would only give him a bow.

    “I see, make sure to inform me and headmaster Deng Rong the moment there are signs of him waking up.”

    The man peeked into the prison cell through a small hole in the door, personally checking on Huang Ying. Seeing that Huang Ying was still lying in the same position, breath calm and steady, the man was convinced that he was still unconscious and turned around to leave.

    “Yes Sir!”

    The guard gave another quick salute as the man left, before silently letting out a sigh of relief and muttering to himself.

    “The vice-headmaster sure is scary, almost felt like my heart was going to jump out off my chest.”

    Huang Ying ignored the guards muttering and continued to lay in the same position. He would have to wait a little longer, long enough for the so called vice-headmaster to get far enough away.

    Huang Ying waited in silence for half an hour, after half an hour, the vice-headmaster had finally moved far enough away for Huang Ying to feel comfortable with taking action. Huang Ying silently stood up, the cell he was in was completely dark, but Huang Ying had already used his perception to scan the entire room.

    He had to rely on Li Jun's perception to track the stronger people and cover a larger area, but if it was just scanning a small area, Huang Ying's perception alone would be enough. The cell was very simple, being less than three meters in every direction, with only a single stone bed in the room. There were no windows, only a wooden door with the thickness of normal arm.

    Huang Ying gave his body a quick stretch, the throbbing pain was still there, but Huang Ying was able to ignore it for now. After making sure that there was nothing wrong with his body, he silently walked forward, until he was right by the door. He used his perception to quickly scan the outside, using Li Jun's perception to double check.

    Seeing that the guard was the only person around, Huang Ying decided to take action. He took a step backwards before quickly kicking out with his right leg. The door was just a normal wooden door, that single kick directly shattered it's hinges, causing it to fall forwards.

    Huang Ying dashed out immediately, using his left hand to grab the door, preventing it from falling to the floor. He threw out his right arm, grabbing the throat of the shocked guard before he managed to make a sound. Huang Ying clenched his right hand, completely crushing the throat of the guard and ending his life.

    The guard could be considered innocent in all this, only acting on orders to guard Huang Ying. But Huang Ying could not afford to let the guard live, if he let the guard live, he would most likely warn the headmaster and the others.

    Huang Ying slowly lowered the door and the guard to the ground, making sure that he kept the noise to a minimum. After he finished lowering them, he started making his way out of the prison.

    He had spent the time he was pretending to be unconscious looking over the best escape path, memorizing it and any possible changes he would have to make. He was two floors below the academy itself, his cell was located rather far from the stairs upwards, but it would only take him around 10 minutes to get there.

    After getting one floor up, he would have to move more slowly, as there were more guards located on that floor. After taking the stairs up and out of the prison, he would end up at the bottom of a small mountain that the academy used to grow their herbs.

    The prison was mainly only used to house students that had committed some smaller crimes, so there were not a lot of guards. On the floor Huang Ying was on right now, there was only one other guard and no other prisoners. The guard was located in front of the stairs upwards, but he was also only at the 6th heaven, so Huang Ying did not consider him a problem.

    Huang Ying followed the path he had outlined earlier, quickly reaching the stairs upwards. The guard in front of the stairs was clad in a type of dark red leather, an insignia of a caged phoenix embroidered on his chest.

    Huang Ying hid behind a corner, quickly scanning the surroundings and all the marked targets. From where Huang Ying was, there were only around 25 meters of straight hallway that separated him from the guard. Huang Ying didn't want to give the guard time to make any noise, so instead of dashing forward and killing him with his fists, he pulled out a green bow from his interspatial ring.

    This was the bow Huang Ying had scavenged from a Blood Ant Hive in The Wilderness. He had hoped to get some more use out of it, but found that it's range ended up being unsatisfactory after reaching the 8th heaven. He truly didn't expect that he would end up finding a use for it here.

    He quickly readied an arrow and stepped out from behind the corner and fired it. The arrow quickly reached the guards throat, sealing his voice. Huang Ying stored the bow and dashed forward, quickly delivering a punch to the guards throat before pulling out the arrow and storing it.

    The reason Huang Ying delivered a final punch to the guards throat and even took back the arrow, was to leave behind no evidence that he had something that could store a weapon. That way, if his escape attempt failed, they would not know that he had an interspatial ring on him.

    Huang Ying quickly moved up the stairs, but as he did, he also felt that two of the marked people started moving towards the prison at high speed. The headmaster and vice-headmaster had no doubt already found out about his escape attempt.

    Huang Ying grit his teeth and sped up, moving through the prison at full speed. There were only four guards on this floor of the prison, Huang Ying could move around three of them, but there was one located right in front of the stairs that led to the outside.

    There were no places Huang Ying could properly hide on this floor, if there were, Huang Ying would just wait in one of those places while the headmaster and vice-headmaster headmaster moved past him. With Li Jun shielding him from their perception, they would have to see him with their own eyes to find him.

    Huang Ying quickly reached the stairs, since the headmaster and vice-headmaster knew that he was running, there was no need to be quiet anymore. He simply dashed forward and grabbed the guards head. Ignoring the guards screams, he slammed the guards head against the wall, crushing his head open.

    He ran up the stairs and out off the prison. The outside was blanketed by the dark of night, but Huang Ying could still make out his surroundings. Behind him was a small mountain, barely reaching 900 meters in height. The side facing Huang Ying was barren, but he knew that the other side of the mountain was covered by an array that promoted the growth of the herbs.

    About 15 kilometers away from him was a magnificent building that seemed like a massive palace. Huang Ying assumed that this building was the actual Empyrean Phoenix Academy, so he promptly turned around and ran in the other direction. If he kept running the other direction, after about 30 kilometers, he would arrive at a forest where he would have more options to hide.

    Huang Ying didn't manage to run very far before he felt the air behind him heat up. Slightly turning his head, he saw two flaming balls hurdling towards him. Huang Ying knew that these two flaming balls were in fact the headmaster and vice-headmaster. The fact that they were capable of flight meant that they had reached a cultivation level that surpassed Xiantian Builder.

    “Give it up kid, you won't be able to get away!”

    The voice of headmaster Deng Rong rang out from behind Huang Ying, but he simply ignored it and kept dashing forward. He still needed to cross around 20 kilometers, so he simply did not want to waste any time talking.

    Seeing that he had no intention of stopping, headmaster Deng Rong nodded to the vice-headmaster before increasing his own speed. The vice-headmaster seemed to have taken the hint, slightly shifting his course before speeding up and coming at Huang Ying from the left.

    With the headmaster coming from behind him, and the vice-headmaster coming at him from the left, Huang Ying had no choice but to shift his course towards the right. Li Jun was constantly directing Huang Ying, telling him where to run.

    Huang Ying had just crossed a small hill when the ground beneath him lit up. Bright red lines lit up all around Huang Ying, before suddenly shooting up from the ground and entangling him. Huang Ying's dash came to a grinding halt when he was caught by these red lines.

    “Did you really think that we had no safety measures guarding our academy? Wouldn't we just be begging people to come rob us if we didn't put up some traps here and there?”

    Headmaster Deng Rong and the vice-headmaster landed behind Huang Ying and the vice-headmaster spoke in a mocking tone, before slamming his palm into the back of Huang Ying's head, knocking him out instantly.

    “Where should we put him now headmaster? It seems I underestimated his bodily strength, our normal prison is completely unable to contain him.”

    After knocking out Huang Ying, the vice-headmaster turned to Deng Rong and questioned him. If they kept him in the normal prison, he would just end up escaping again.

    “It seems like we have no choice, we will have to lock him up in the Frost Depths. I just hope that they arrive and pick him up soon, I do not want to keep an ill omen like him in my school any longer.”

    Deng Rong spoke with a sigh and shook his head. Them underestimating his bodily strength had killed three students, Deng Rong did not know how he would explain this to their parents. Ever since he had been given the orders to capture Huang Ying, he had spent every night being nervous. If this boy really ended up being who he was suspected to be, he was afraid that his entire academy could end up disappearing if he wasn't careful.

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