The Demon's Gate

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    Chapter 157: Leylan Grievin.

    Yao Jun's consciousness was hazy as he slowly woke up, his eyelids heavy and his body weak. He struggled to open his eyes, spending an unknown amount of time just to force his eyes to open. When he finally managed to open his eyes, the world he saw was blurry, as if he was looking at it through a veil. He vaguely remembered landing in something wet after passing through the spatial rift, but as his eyes started to slowly clear up, he saw that there was currently a light brown wooden ceiling above him.

    He felt a soft sensation below him, so he guessed that he was currently lying in a bed. Yao Jun did his best to turn his head to the side and inspect the room around him, just barely managing to lay his head on the side. After turning his head, he could see that he was currently in a small room, only a few meters in size.

    The floor and walls were made out of the same light brown wood as the ceiling, and there was barely any furniture in the room, only the bed he was laying on, a single chair next to his bed, and a single small square closet standing against the wall next to his bed. There was a locked green door on the wall, but no windows as far as he could see. Yao Jun tried to stand up from the bed, but the moment he tried to move, he felt a terrible pain wrack his entire body.

    Unable to stand up, he could only continue to lay in the bed and focus on recovering. While he focused on recovering as fast as possible, he also noticed something strange in his vision. Wherever he looked, there were strange silver lines in the air. The silver lines were moving about in the air in a wavy manner, but they would simply pass through anything they touched.

    Yao Jun also took a look at the current condition of his body, and could not help but feel like grimacing when he saw the state he was in. His organs were displaced and bruised, several of his bones broken, but the worst was that his veins were scarred and distorted. With his veins distorted, it would be hard for him to move his Qi as he wished.

    After Yao Jun spent some time focusing on his recovery, he suddenly heard the door to the room open. Yao Jun immediately turned his gaze towards the door and raised his vigilance. He had no idea where he was or who had brought him here, even worse was that he was seriously wounded. If someone were to try and kill him now, he would have to rely on Little Gray and the others and try to flee.

    Two men, one young and one old, stepped into the room, both having appearances that Yao Jun had never seen before. They were very tall, both easily over two meters tall, their skin was somewhat pale, and their head was rather thin, their features elongated in a strange fashion.

    The young man had short green hair and was clad in a long and coarse yellow robe that scrapped the floor as he walked, while the old man had shoulder length brown hair and was clad in a smaller and more tight-fitting green robe. Upon noticing that Yao Jun had awoken, the old man narrowed his eyes, taking on a vigilant stance. But the young man simply ignored the old man, a smile appearing on his face as he spoke out in a voice that had a rather high pitch.

    “You've awoken? Your body truly is sturdy, not only did you survive getting attacked by the Ash Flyers, but it only took you a single week to wake up.”

    The young man walked forward and sat down on the chair next to the bed, looking at Yao Jun with a curious smile. The old man stood behind the young man, looking at Yao Jun with narrowed and vigilant eyes. Seeing Yao Jun not say anything, the young man slapped his own forehead, speaking out with a light laughter.

    “Right, you must be a bit confused right now. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Leylan Grievin, this is my martial uncle, Seshio Samut. Would you mind telling me why you were trying to charge through Ash Lake with only a cultivation at the middle stage of the 3rd Mortal Earth? Had we not coincidentally found you, you would likely have been eaten already.”

    Yao Jun did not immediately respond, rapidly digesting the information as his thoughts moved. He had never seen or heard about people who looked like this Leylan in front of him, their names were also very strange and unfamiliar. Yao Jun had also never heard about anything known as Ash Lake or Ash Flyers, despite reading quite a large amount of books on the Guanyu continent.

    Yao Jun had also noticed that his cultivation had indeed risen to the middle stage of the 3rd Mortal Earth, something he guessed had something to do with the orb of blood given to him by the titanic bird. But right now, Yao Jun did not care about any of that, because he had noticed something about this Leylan and Seshio.

    He had noticed that this Leylan, who looked like a youth in his twenties, had already reached the middle stage of the 8th Xiantian Heaven. And the Seshio that stood behind him, Yao Jun could not feel an ounce of energy from him, but he noticed that the silver lines that moved through the air seemed to avoid moving close to this old man. An unknown place, unknown names, and unknown people with unfathomable strength. Keeping these thoughts in mind, Yao Jun spoke out in a hoarse voice.

    “Yao Jun. I never planned on charging through this Ash Lake, I was tossed there after being forced into a spatial rift.”

    Yao Jun had quickly discarded the thought of lying to them. With the strength of the two of them, it was hard to know if they had any way to discern if he was lying. And since escaping was most likely practically impossible, he realized that he might not have any choice but to do whatever these people told him to. After hearing Yao Jun's hoarse voice, Leylan could not help but raise an eyebrow and speak out in a slightly surprised voice.

    “You managed to survive being forced into a spatial rift? Must have been a small tunnel. So you have no idea where you are right now? Do you know where you were when you were forced into the spatial rift?”

    To survive traveling through a spatial rift, it could only mean that a person had a high cultivation level, a terrifyingly strong body, great achievements in the laws of space, or that they only had to stay in the spatial rift for a short moment. And while Leylan could see that Yao Jun had a rather strong body, it was not strong enough to survive through a long spatial rift. Because of this, he guessed that Yao Jun had only been inside the spatial rift for a few seconds at the longest.

    “Grand Quan continent.”

    Yao Jun once again did not bother lying, stating the continent he had been one when he was forced into the spatial rift. Based on the information he had gotten so far, Yao Jun already had some ideas about where he might currently be, but he could not yet be certain. Leylan slightly furrowed his brows after hearing Yao Jun's response, turning to look at Seshio behind him.

    “Grand Quan continent? Maybe it is from one of the surrounding planets? Have you ever heard about it, martial uncle?”

    Hearing Leylan's words, Yao Jun's heart sank slightly as he realized that his idea had been correct. He was no longer on his own planet, the spatial rift throwing him through the seal placed around their planet and sending him to an unknown planet. With him now on an unknown planet, how long would it take him to return to Guo Luo?

    The man who had been introduced as Seshio sank into thought for a short moment, but in the end he could only lower his head and let out a sigh, speaking in a humble and apologetic voice to Leylan.

    “Forgive me for my incompetence, Young Master, but I have never heard about this Grand Quan continent.”

    Leylan once more furrowed his brows after hearing the words of Seshio. He waved his hand slightly, indicating that Seshio didn't need to worry about it.

    “If you have never heard about it, then it cannot be located on any of the closer planets.”

    Leylan turned back to Yao Jun, the smile on his face growing brighter as he looked at Yao Jun. Yao Jun felt slightly uncomfortable being looked at like that, but he could feel that this Leylan did not have any ill intentions, only large amounts of curiosity. Leylan stood up from the chair and headed towards the door, waving his hand at Yao Jun as he spoke.

    “You must be quite hungry, let me call over a maid to deliver some food and medicine. We can talk more once you have managed to eat and recover a little more.”

    Not long after Leylan and Seshio left, the door to Yao Jun's room was opened once more. The person who entered the room was a girl who was a bit shorter than Leylan, but still over two meters tall. Her skin was also pale, her features elongated. She was clad in a black maid uniform made out of coarse cloth and carried a tray in her arms. Atop the tray was a bowl of soup that released a sweet fragrance, as well as three light green pills. The girl placed the tray on the closet next to Yao Jun's bed and gave him a slight bow. Strangely enough, her voice was deeper than both Leylan's and Seshio's.

    “Greetings, I am Felicia Gilderbar. Young Master Leylan told me to deliver some medicine and food to you. I will be waiting outside the room, should you require anything, you need only call out.”

    Yao Jun slightly nodded his head at Felicia, but on the inside he was completely shocked. The girl looked about his age, but already had a cultivation at the early stage of the 5th Houtian Sky. So young and such a cultivation, yet she was only a maid?

    After the maid left, Yao Jun looked at the tray next to the bed. The soup was a light red in color, pieces of what seemed to be vegetables floating in it. The three pills released a light medicinal fragrance that carried a slight resemblance to some of the herbs that Yao Jun had inside his own God Gate. Yao Jun struggled to sit up as much as possible, and then picked up one of the pills. He closely inspected it for a few minutes, and after making sure that he could not detect any poison, he put the pill in his mouth and swallowed it. Right now, the thing he had to focus on was to recover his strength and then find a way to return to his own planet.
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    Chapter 158: Beneath the frog in the well.

    The pill rapidly melted after entering Yao Jun's mouth, filling his entire body with a pure and refreshing energy. The energy rapidly moved towards his broken bones and bruised organs, covering the wounds and slowly healing them. Yao Jun could not help but be shocked at how efficient the pills were. They smelled similar to some of the herbs he had, but they were far more efficient at healing. Just looking at how much this one pill had healed his wounds, he calculated that he did not even need all three pills to fully restore his wounds.

    Yao Jun was able to rapidly absorb the healing energy of the pill, only requiring three hours to use all the energy in the first pill. He grabbed the second pill and spent a few minutes inspecting it, before popping it into his mouth and absorbing the healing energy. After almost three hours, when he was just about to finish absorbing the second pill and heal the remainder of his wounds, he heard the door to his room open, the voice of Leylan sounding out.

    “Yo! You should be halfway through absorbing the first one, so I figured I should come and check...”

    His voice was energetic at first, but it started trailing off towards the end. He had just spotted that two of the pills were missing from the tray, meaning that Yao Jun had already eaten two. Yao Jun had his eyes closed, focusing on absorbing the last of the energy in the second pill, so he did not notice that a trace of worry and surprise flashed past Leylan's eyes, even Seshio who was silently following behind Leylan had a slight trace of astonishment in his eyes.

    He had eaten two pills within six hours? Without his body exploding from an overload of energy? Leylan was well aware about how much energy there was in one such Returning Breath Pill. Even he would need at least half a day to fully absorb one such pill. Taking two within six hours would only lead to his veins being overloaded with energy and exploding. Yet this Yao Jun in front of him had done just that? Or had he hidden away a pill? Leylan was unable to figure it out, so he put the thought to the back of his mind, sitting down on the chair next to the bed.

    “Seems like your body is sturdier than I first thought. Your wounds should be almost fully healed now?”

    Yao Jun quickly finished absorbing the rest of the energy in the second pill, almost fully healing his wounds. Only then did he open his eyes and turn towards Leylan. He gave a slight nod of his head, then giving Leylan a short bow as he thanked him.

    “Yes, these pills are truly efficient. Thank you for providing them.”

    Without the pills, it would take Yao Jun much longer to heal all his wounds. Especially the wounds to his veins, healing them would take not just a lot of time, but also a lot of herbs and energy. Leylan let out a slight laugh and shrugged his shoulders.

    “No need to thank me, I have so many of these pills that I have no idea what to do with them.”

    Returning Breath Pills could be considered somewhat precious, but someone like Leylan would have quite a few such pills, easily enough to take out three and hand them to someone else. After Leylan shrugged his shoulders, Yao Jun narrowed his eyes slightly as he locked eyes with Leylan, asking a question he had been wondering about since he first met Leylan earlier.

    “Why did you save me? Even giving me such pills?”

    Yao Jun could not understand why Leylan would save him. Yao Jun's strength was weak, and his interspatial ring had been shattered inside the spatial rift, leaving him with nothing. Saving him would gain Leylan nothing. After hearing Yao Jun's question, Leylan broke out into a loud laughter, heavily patting Yao Jun on the shoulder.

    “Hahaha! Why I saved you? Isn't that obvious? It's because I saw that you were in need of aid! I haven't become so depraved that I would simply ignore someone in need of help.”

    To someone like Leylan, saving someone wounded was easy. Others might be a bit hesitant because they would have to use medicine to heal the wounded person, but Leylan did not care about any of that, he had plenty of medicine after all. He also liked to make friends, and saving others was a great way to make friends.

    Yao Jun's eyes were slightly narrowed and serious, looking deeply into Leylan's eyes for any signs of falsehood. But he quickly discovered that Leylan's eyes were completely clear and innocent, pure and simple. There was a chance that he was simply good at lying, but Yao Jun chose to believe him for now, to believe in those pure eyes.

    “I see. Forgive me for doubting you. Thank you for saving me, Senior Leylan.”

    Leylan had a cultivation that had already reached the 8th Xiantian Heaven, so it was only right that Yao Jun called him Senior. After hearing how Yao Jun referred to him, the corners of Leylan's mouth couldn't help but twitch slightly. He grabbed Yao Jun and pulled him up from the bed, looking at him with serious eyes.

    “Stop thanking me, and don't you ever call me that again. I am only 82, so how could I possibly stand being called Senior? Just call me Big Brother Leylan. Come, let me show you around a little.”

    Leylan had said it so simply, but Yao Jun was completely shocked. This person who looked like a very tall youth was already 82? And he could not stand to be called Senior? Then how old would he have to be to be called Senior? But little did Yao Jun know, that was only the start of the surprises.

    Leylan dragged Yao Jun out of the room, bringing him into a wooden hallway. But unlike the hallways that Yao Jun was used to, this hallway seemed like it was made out of branches that had been twisted around each other, he could even see leaves sticking out in several places. The walls of the hallway were filled with openings that allowed one to see the surrounding scenery, showing a massive courtyard that went on even further than Yao Jun was able to see.

    As Leylan started walking down the hallway and introducing some of the places to him, most of Yao Jun's focus was still on that massive courtyard. Even after the two of them had walked for almost three hours, the courtyard still went on, without end in sight. The courtyard was filled with ponds of various sizes, tall and twisted trees that Yao Jun had never seen before, even mountains that reached high into the sky.

    There was also a shocking number of people in the courtyard, far more than Yao Jun would be able to count. Most of the people were very tall, the smallest one being two meters tall, and the tallest one over five meters tall. They all had elongated features and pale skin, and they were all clad in a coarse brown robe, the same robe that Yao Jun was currently wearing.

    Seeing so many people that shared the same features as Leylan, Yao Jun had already started guessing that they were probably a different race from humans. Seeing Yao Jun continuously looking at the courtyard and the large amount of people training in the courtyard, Leylan could not help but speak out in a smug voice.

    “Surprised? This is one of the outer training grounds of my World Tree clan, most of the disciples of our clan train here, only the truly elite have the right to train in the core of the clan.”

    There were even more elite disciples hidden away? Just the people Yao Jun could see here were all above the 7th Xiantian Heaven, and yet there were even more elite people hidden away? Just as Yao Jun was about to ask about the World Tree clan, a robust voice sounded out from further down the hallway.

    “Little Leylan, good evening. Is this the youth that you fished out of the lake? He seems to have healed nicely.”

    Yao Jun turned to check out the person who spoke, spotting a man who was a little over three meters tall. He had the same elongated features as Leylan, but his skin was a darker shade than Leylan's. He had golden hair that hung down to a little past his shoulders, his body rugged and robust, but Yao Jun could spot a few signs of hidden tiredness on the face of the man. He had a stern expression and light green eyes that were currently looking Yao Jun up and down with a somewhat curious light. Just by being looked at by this man, Yao Jun felt like there was an entire mountain pressing down on his shoulders. After seeing this man, a bright smile appeared on Leylan's face as he pat Yao Jun on the shoulder.

    “Good evening Big Brother Gilberd. His body is quite sturdy, so he managed to heal extraordinarily fast.”

    The robust man, Gilberd, gave a short nod at Leylan's words. He then stopped looking Yao Jun up and down, pointing at Leylan and speaking a few words before taking his leave, passing by Yao Jun and Leylan.

    “So it seems. Pleased to meet you, I am the elder brother of that brat there. If he starts to pester or nag you, you should just ignore him.”

    It was only after Gilberd left that Yao Jun felt the pressure vanish from his shoulders, allowing him to let out a slight breath. He had not even been awake for a day, but the things he had seen had shocked him greatly. Leylan pointed at the now distant back of Gilberd as he spoke out and introduced him.

    “That was my eldest brother, Gilberd Grievin. He is a very pleasant and relaxed person most of the time, but he can be truly fierce during battle. He once had the luck of entering the tomb of the ancient Howling Earth Godking, finding not only a 361 Points Clearing pill, but even acquiring the legacy of that Godking. Because of that, he has a truly profound understanding of the laws of earth and wind, even getting an understanding of the laws of gravity.”

    Hearing the introduction, Yao Jun could not help but be confused. In that short introduction, Leylan had used so many words that Yao Jun did not understand what meant, causing him to slightly tilt his head as he questioned.

    “361 Points Clearing Pill? Godking? Laws of earth and wind?”

    Seeing Yao Jun so confused, Leylan could not help but furrow his brows slightly. Why was Yao Jun asking questions about such common things, this was information that was known by everyone, especially information about the Godkings.

    “You don't know about them? Did your master or clan never tell you about them?”

    The moment one started cultivation, the person in charge of teaching you would explain this information to you. Had they forgotten to do so for this Yao Jun. In response to Leylan's question, Yao Jun gave a short shake of his head.

    “I don't have a master or clan.”

    Yao Jun had always been training alone, forget about the Yao clan, even his father had not taught him much about cultivation. After all, when he was a child, everyone thought that he had a useless power. Hearing Yao Jun's statement, Seshio and Leylan could not help but be surprised once again, Leylan patting Yao Jun on the shoulder.

    “You cultivated all on your own, without knowing about the realms of cultivation or even about the laws? Yet you still managed to reach the middle stage of the 3rd Mortal Earth? Truly admirable.”

    Cultivating without a master or a clan? One would not even know how to cultivate at that point, so how would they even start? But this Yao Jun had managed to reach the middle stage of the 3rd Mortal Earth, Leylan could only imagine how much effort that would take. Since that was the case, Leylan opened his mouth and decided to give a good explanation while they continued to walk.

    “Allow me to explain it in depth then. The 361 Points Clearing Pill is a pill that does just that, it clears up all 361 acupuncture points in the body, allowing the Qi to flow much faster and increasing the rate at which one can absorb Qi. It is a truly rare pill, not just because there are only a handful of people able to create it, but also because of how rare the materials are.”

    Creating a 361 Points Clearing Pill required materials that could only be found in some of the most dangerous places in the universe, and even some that were almost extinct already. Of course, that also meant that it's effect was truly outstanding.

    “The laws are what we use to cultivate, engraving our Qi with the unique understanding we create of the laws. As we deepen our understanding of the laws, our cultivation will naturally rise, only a select few treasured herbs or pills able to forcefully rise our cultivation. Using Big Brother Gilberd as an example, he has engraved his Qi with his understanding of the laws of earth, wind, and gravity. This means that he can use his Qi to control the laws of earth, wind, and gravity, producing wondrous effects and controlling the corresponding element in the surroundings. He has already reached a point where there are rumors that say he is unbeatable as long as he has his feet planted firmly on the ground.”

    The laws were the basics of everything. Only by having an understanding of the fire laws would one be able to create fire in their surroundings, only by having an understanding of the laws of life or medicine would one be able to heal or create pills. At least, that was what Leylan had been taught all his life.

    “As for Godkings, they are the peak of this universe, reigning supreme above all others. The cultivation realms are as follows, the 3 Mortal Earths, the 3 Houtian Skies, the 3 Xiantian Heavens, the Immortal Rebirth, the Earthly Deity stage, the Heavenly Deity stage, and finally the Godking stage. Godkings hold truly unparalleled might, a mere wave of their hand enough to extinguish countless planets. Whatever you do, never offend a Godking. Then again, meeting a Godking is not something that is so easily done.”

    After Leylan finished his explanation, Yao Jun felt like letting out a bitter laugh. When he battled Yuan Shen and Qiao Xian Yi, he had felt rather proud that he had been able to fight someone at the peak of the 6th Houtian Sky. Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang had already told him that the 9th Xiantian Heaven was not the peak of cultivation, but when he fought Qiao Xian Yi and forced her into the spatial rift, he had felt certain that it would not take him long to reach the peak of cultivation. Yet now he found out that he had barely even begun cultivation. He could not even be considered a frog in a well, he was below even that. Seeing Yao Jun let out a low laugh, Leylan's eyebrows furrowed slightly, speaking out in a slightly worried voice as he turned around and dragged Yao Jun back to his room.

    “Was that maybe a bit too much information in such a short period of time? Let's cut the tour short for today and get you back to the room so that you can digest the information.”

    Shortly after Gilberd passed Leylan and Yao Jun, his eyes flashed with a severe light. The shadows of the hallway stretched out, forming a tall and shadowy human shape that started to follow Gilberd. Gilberd did not even turn to look at the shadow as he spoke out his order.

    “That youth that Little Leylan brought with him, find as much information about him as you can. I want to know everything about him.”

    The shadow was slightly surprised at the order of Gilberd. Was there a need to care this much about someone who was only at the middle stage of the 3rd Mortal Earth? There was also the fact that the Young Master seemed somewhat fond of this person that he had picked up.

    “Is that really necessary?”

    The shadow could not help but question, the voice that came from the shadow a strange mixture of feminine and masculine. Gilberd's eyes narrowed slightly as he remembered the youth he had just met.

    “Little Leylan puts far too much faith into his laws of destiny, bringing a stranger into the clan. What if he is a spy for the Primordial Sea clan? Or a spy for the Final Fire clan? And besides, it's not like I am going to do anything to him, I am merely going to find out who he is. If it turns out that he is not a spy, then that is wonderful. But if he is a spy, I will kill him without hesitation, the clan can not afford to have a spy in our midst right now, especially someone as strange as him.”

    Their World Tree clan was powerful, but they also had several enemies that were on par with them. If one of their spies managed to form a good relationship with Leylan, it could end up disastrous for the clan, especially if they did not manage to root him out early on. Hearing how Gilberd described Yao Jun, the shadow could not help but be slightly interested.

    “Strange? What is strange about him?”

    The shadow had been following Gilberd for several hundred years, so it knew that Gilberd had seen a large amount of things, even entering the tomb of an ancient Godking. For Gilberd to describe someone as strange, that person must be truly strange. Gilberd could not help but furrow his brows as he started to explain.

    “It's his laws. I can clearly feel that he is at the middle stage of the 3rd Mortal Earth, but I am unable to feel what laws he is cultivating. At times his Qi feels fiery like flame, at other times it is as cold as ice, while at other times it is like a black pit. His Qi felt like it was ever-changing. That is one of the reasons I want to know who he is. You tell me, what clan has such a profound technique to hide one's laws, that even I can not tell what laws he is cultivating?”

    The laws ingrained themselves into a person's Qi, making it easy to figure out what laws they were cultivating. It was exactly Gilberd's understanding of the laws of earth that caused Yao Jun to feel such a pressure earlier. But Yao Jun's Qi had been far too chaotic and erratic, constantly changing it's properties and mark. Gilberd had never encountered such a strange phenomena, so he quickly grew curious and vigilant.
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    Chapter 159: Evolution, new names.

    Leylan brought Yao Jun back to the room, only giving a quick greeting to some of the people that passed by them. Once they had returned to the room, even though Yao Jun had not touched the soup from earlier, Leylan still had the maid, Felicia, bring over some more food that he could eat. After making sure that some food, which looked like a roast leg of meat, arrived, Leylan and Seshio left the room. Once the both of them left, Yao Jun sat down on the bed with crossed legs, a faint laugh escaping his slightly curled lips.

    “Really, so much for that pride. The world truly is large.”

    At first Yao Jun had been somewhat overwhelmed to learn that he was still only at the bottom of the cultivation ladder, but he was not someone who indulged in feelings like that. So what if he was currently at the bottom of the cultivation ladder? Back on his own planet he had started below the bottom, not even having properly awakened his power at first. But he had trained ceaselessly, grasped the chance to awaken his power, and then fought his way up the ladder through bloody combat and grueling training. He had battled his way up the ladder once, he could do it again. He would have to do it again, if he wanted to find a way to return to Guo Luo.

    Yao Jun closed his eyes and took several deep breaths, transferring most of his consciousness into the part of his soul that he always kept inside his God Gate. He could enter the God Gate with his physical body, but he did not feel safe doing it in an unknown place like this. The way he saw it, the more about himself that he could keep hidden, especially about his power, the better. He firmly believed that even in this wider universe, a God Gate was still an unmatched power.

    Yao Jun's consciousness merged with his soul and the scenery inside the Demon God's Gate became apparent to him. It had been a while since he had last been able to enter his God Gate, and upon seeing the changes, he could not help but be shocked. He was certain that before entering the hidden realm, the inside of his God Gate had only been around 50 kilometers in size at best. But now the inside had increased to over 100 kilometers in size, Yao Jun just barely able to see the edges if he strained his vision.

    The fact that Yao Jun was able to just barely see the edge of the world was also a surprise to him, as he had only been able to see for a little over 50 kilometers in the past. It only took a slight amount of thought to realize why his vision had suddenly improved so much. His improved vision was something he had gotten from Little Gray, so now that Little Gray had been strengthened by the orb of blood, so too would Yao Jun strengthen.

    With the absorption of two new Demonic beasts, the scenery within the Demon God's Gate had also changed somewhat. To the far north stood a tall mountain, bright red streams of lava flowing down the side and scorching the land around the mountain. To the far south now stood a frozen expanse, the sky covered in black clouds that released a constant supply of fresh snow. The mountain range and forest that had appeared after absorbing Little Thunder and Little Gray had also grown slightly larger. Looking at the increasingly large and diverse Demon God's Gate, a slight smile appeared on Yao Jun's lips. Slowly he was building his own world.

    Since his soul was part of his body, he was also able to clearly feel that the amount of Qi inside the God Gate had increased once more. The density of Qi in the air inside the God Gate was now a little bit greater than it was in the hallway where he had just walked with Leylan. As to whether or not the Qi in the air was more abundant in the core regions of the World Tree clan, Yao Jun had no way of knowing.

    With a quick move of his mind, he arrived at the large clearing in front of the ancient tree that was the center of the God Gate. The tree had grown slightly larger, but it was such minuscule growth that Yao Jun was only able to notice it because he was the owner of the God Gate.

    Yao Jun stood in silence in the clearing, patiently waiting. After waiting for a short while, the sound of flapping wings and dashing feet rang out through the clearing. The sounds quickly settled down, a short silence reigning in the clearing before several voices called out.

    “My lord.”

    Yao Jun turned away from the tree, his gaze landing on his Demonic beasts. When his eyes landed on them, he could not help but raise an eyebrow in surprise. He temporarily ignored the changes to Little Gray, his gaze landing on Little Thunder and Ba-Shei as a surprised voice escaped from his lips.

    “The two of you can take human shape already?”

    When he had turned around, instead of finding Ba-Shei and Little Thunder, he had found two men who seemed to be around 30 years old. One was tall and muscular, standing at around two meters, his hair was a deep purple in color and his eyes pitch black. He was clad in a purple robe decorated with the image of a roaring tiger.

    The other man was a bit shorter, standing at around 1.70. He had long black hair that looked silky and smooth, his eyes were deep amber in color. There was a line going from the middle of his lower lip and down to his throat, almost looking like a scar. He was clad in a tight-fitting robe that was pitch black in color and seemed to be made out of a type of leather, something that looked like scales covering the robe. Even without his connection to them, Yao Jun would still be able to tell who was Little Thunder and who was Ba-Shei. Hearing Yao Jun's question, Little Thunder gave a slight nod of his head.

    “Yes. As the two of us are merely lower ranked Demonic beasts, we only needed to reach the 3rd Mortal Earth to be able to take human shape. I reckon that the others will have to reach at least the 6th Houtian Sky or the 7th Xiantian Heaven to take human shape.”

    Yao Jun slightly nodded his head, his eyes landing on Little Gray. After absorbing the orb of blood, Little Gray had shrunk in size, now only about two meters long. His gray feathers had turned almost completely silver in color, only a slight tint of gray remaining. His eyes had also turned silver in color, a change that was reflected in Yao Jun's own eyes, which had also turned silver in color. Looking at Little Gray and feeling the power he was radiating, Yao Jun opened his mouth and spoke out the theory he had.

    “Little Gray, you should have already evolved into an Illusory Roc, correct? And the power of the Illusory Roc should be space, not illusions, correct?”

    Yao Jun knew about the legends of the Illusory Roc, that it's feathers were as gray as the void itself, that it could traverse the void as it wished, its illusions capable of fooling even the gods. But after seeing the titanic bird inside the hidden realm, and seeing that it's blood could let Little Gray evolve like that, he had already started to come up with a few guesses about the truth. Little Gray gave a nod of its head, affirming Yao Jun's guess.

    “It is as you guessed. Thanks to the blood, I have managed to evolve into an Illusory Roc, and the true power of the Illusory Roc is indeed space, illusions and mental energy are merely a secondary path used by the descendants.”

    Yao Jun had always found it somewhat odd that a Demonic beast known as the Illusory Roc was famous for being able to traverse the void. And now the truth had come to light, the reason it was famous for being able to traverse the void was because that was its main power, control over space. With the confirmation from Little Gray, Yao Jun also managed to guess what the silver lines he was seeing were. Yao Jun's eyes moved between Little Thunder and Little Gray, a thought appearing in his mind as he opened his mouth.

    “One has become able to take human shape, and the other has become a Demonic beast on the level of a Divine beast. Calling the two of you Little Gray and Little Thunder hardly seems fitting anymore, let me give you a proper name. Little Thunder, you will be Lei Wang. Little Gray, you will be Yin Lingzhu. Are these names fine?”

    One was the thunder king, and the other was the silver lord. They were names Yao Jun had come up with on the spot, but he felt that they fit them perfectly. Both Little Thunder and Little Gray responded with a happy nod of their head, no one like to be called little after all. After they nodded, Yao Jun spoke up once more.

    “You probably already understand the situation, but we have landed on a strange planet that is most likely located far from our own. I have no idea how we are going to return, nor when we are going to be able to return. It is likely that we will only be able to truly rely on each other in the future, so I hope you will continue to follow me.”

    Yao Jun was the Demon God, but if his Demonic beasts did not want to follow him, there was no way he could force them to follow. He had also never looked at them as mere servants, but rather as comrades that would fight by his side. Little Thunder and the others had serious expressions as they nodded their heads and spoke out in a unified voice.

    “Of course, my lord!”

    Except for Sirius and Zhuyin, Yao Jun had bested each and every one of them in combat. And after besting them, he had given them the chance to grow far stronger than they would have been able to on their own, even allowing them to slowly evolve. They had all chosen to wholeheartedly follow him. Yao Jun gave a satisfied smile of his face, and then pulled his consciousness out of the God Gate.

    Hr opened his eyes and swept the room, slowly thinking about what he would do in the future, an idea slowly appearing in his mind. He could not simply leave, he would have to gather some information first. Leylan seemed happy to chat, so he could probably ask him for information. At the same time, he also had to increase his strength and grow familiar with the control over space that Little Gray's evolution had given him.

    When it came to increasing his strength quickly, he already had an idea how to do it, carving a new channel for the Crumbling The Nine Heaven's technique. Before Yao Jun could continue to ponder over more options, the sound of the door to his room opening cut his thoughts short. A slight smile appeared on his lips as he looked at Leylan, who had entered the room. He had to be patient and take everything one step at a time. Gathering information would be the first step.
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    Chapter 160: Weapon ranks, Old Shade.

    Leylan sat down on the chair next to the bed, an excited expression on his face. He swipe the ring on his right hand, taking out a jug filled with cold fruit wine. He placed the wine on top of the small closet next to the bed, taking out two transparent glasses from his interspatial ring. He filled both glasses with some of the wine, which was a light pink in color, with a smell so sweet that it was sickly. After handing one of the glasses to Yao Jun, he spoke up with an excited voice.

    “Brother Yao, could you tell me about the world that you came from? Anything is fine.”

    Yao Jun sniffed the wine for a short moment before taking a sip, not only was it overly sweet, it was so spicy that it stung as it went down his throat. He put the cup of wine back on top of the closet and then shrugged his shoulder.

    “About the world that I came from? It is much smaller than this one, so I doubt there is anything interesting about it.”

    On Yao Jun's planet, the rulers were people at the 9th Xiantian Heaven, with maybe a few rare ones having reached a higher cultivation. Compared to this planet, his was nothing to talk about. Despite Yao Jun saying so, Leylan still looked excited and continued to press on.

    “Ah, I don't mind. My father has forbidden me from leaving this planet, so I don't know too much about the world outside this planet. All I know is what I have read in the books we have here or what my Eldest Brother or Elder Sister have told me. But I am terribly curious about the world outside this planet, so even if your world is weaker, anything you can tell me about it is fine.”

    Seeing Leylan this excited, Yao Jun thought it over for a bit. After giving it a bit of thought, he decided that there was no harm in telling Leylan a bit about the planet where he came from, of course, he would get something in return.

    “Alright, but then you have to tell me what you know about this planet, the closest planets, and where to find and buy information.”

    Yao Jun needed as much information as possible, but as there were things that even Leylan did not know about, such as the location of Yao Jun's planet, he would have to find a place where he could buy information. Seeing Yao Jun agree, Leylan rapidly nodded his head and started talking.

    “Of course, that's only fair. The quickest one to answer of those is where to find and buy information, Heaven's Secrets Company. They have locations on most large planets and they specialize in buying and selling anything you can think of. Only the rarest of information or items are not found there. Of course, the rarer the thing you want, the more it will cost.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head in understanding, but Leylan was not sure whether or not he understood exactly how large the Heaven's Secrets Company was. After telling Yao Jun a bit more about the Heaven's Secrets Company, Leylan proceeded to tell Yao Jun about the planet they were on, which was simply called World Tree, as well as what he knew about the closest planets, all of which were under the control of his World Tree clan.

    After Leylan finished talking, Yao Jun started talking about what he knew about his own planet. He mostly just told Leylan about the various legends and stories he had read about, as well as briefly talking about how the planet was divided into four continents. After they had spent a few hours talking, they made plans for the day after and Leylan took his leave.

    After Leylan left, Yao Jun closed his eyes and immersed himself in cultivation. His wounds were already healed, so now he put more focus onto getting accustomed to his increased power. He thought about testing out his newfound space powers, but decided against it, as he did not know if anyone was watching him.

    Yao Jun did not know how many hours passed while he was cultivating, but he was abruptly brought out of his cultivation when his door was flung open and the loud voice of Leylan rang out.

    “Good morning, Brother Yao! Let's get you something to eat and drink, and then we can continue the tour from yesterday.”

    Following Leylan was the ever-silent Seshio as well as the maid, Felicia. Felicia removed the food she had brought Yao Jun yesterday, placing two bowls of light red soup, as well as a mug filled with the same spiced fruit wine as yesterday on the top of the closet.

    The corners of Yao Jun's mouth twitched slightly upon smelling the sweet scent of the wine, but he still forced himself to drink at least one cup. He could melt some of the ice in his God Gate and drink that, but it would look suspicious, so he refrained from doing so. The soup tasted like a slightly sweet tomato soup, causing Yao Jun to wonder if the people of this planet were fond of sweet things.

    After they ate and drank, Leylan grabbed Yao Jun and started walking down the same hallway that they had walked yesterday. The two exchanged information about their respective planets, with Seshio following close behind them and keeping a close eye on them. After they had spent a few hours walking, Yao Jun could no longer hold himself back.

    “I am wondering, Brother Leylan, why does everyone keep looking at me with such...strange gazes.”

    Whenever they walked past someone, that person would politely greet Leylan and Seshio, but whenever they looked at him their faces would contort slightly, their eyes showing either curiosity, confusion, or bare faced disgust. Leylan let out an awkward laugh, rubbing the back of his head as he spoke.

    “Ah, please don't be offended, Brother Yao. The people we meet here are all part of the outer circle of my World Tree clan, which means that they are a bit too weak to leave the clan as they wish. Because of that, they rarely get the chance to see a human, or anyone from a different race for that matter. So to those more accustomed to the beauty standard of our race, you look rather...strange.”

    Leylan picked his words carefully, but Yao Jun could still pick up on what he meant. Even the shortest person of Leylan's race was a little over two meters tall, and everyone had somewhat pale skin and elongated features. So Yao Jun, who was only around 1.80, had skin that was more tanned and scarred, and more compact features, looked very strange to them. If he had to say it in a more direct term, he probably looked rather ugly to them.

    Yao Jun gave a short nod of his head, no longer bothering with the subject. Whether or not the others here found him pleasing to the eye was of no concern to him. His eyes swept the large courtyard, studying some of the people who were training. In the far distance, he could see what seemed to be a square stage surrounded by people. There were currently several groups of people standing on the stage and engaging in combat.

    “Are they having a competition over there?”

    Yao Jun pointed into the distance as he spoke, so Leylan followed his finger. It was only after he channeled his Qi into his eyes that he was able to see what Yao Jun was pointing at. When he responded, he could not help but be rather surprised, because he had not felt Yao Jun use any Qi to strengthen his vision.

    “You could see that all the way from here? But yeah, there is currently a competition going on amongst some of the newer members of the clan. The winner of the competition gets a mid-grade Earth rank weapon, so they are getting really into it.”

    Leylan wore an uninterested expression, even shrugging his shoulder, as he explained, but his words once again caused Yao Jun to be confused. He took his eyes away from the stage, raising an eyebrow at Leylan.

    “mid-grade Earth weapon?”

    Yao Jun had never heard about weapons having either a grade or a rank, but he had already gotten somewhat accustomed to getting surprised ever since arriving here. Leylan seemed to have realized something, as he slapped himself on the forehead and started rapidly explaining.

    “Ah, sorry, I forgot that you haven't had anyone to teach you this before. Just like cultivators are divided into realms, so too are weapons and armor. The realms are Earth, Heaven, Immortal, Deity, and Divine. Each of these realms are then divided into low, mid, high, and peak grades. What decides the rank and grade is how much Qi the item can hold, what sort of arrays it is engraved with, as well as how sturdy the item is. If my memory is correct, the price this time around is a spear with an array that lets it charge up a little wind with every swing, unleashing it whenever the wielder wants.”

    Leylan explained it in a way that made it seem casual, but Yao Jun could not help but be inwardly shocked. There were that many different grades of weapons? And how could Leylan talk about this mid-grade Earth weapon with such an uninterested expression? With that array, they could store up wind and unleash it at a critical moment, easily giving them an edge in the battle. If something like that belonged to the lowest rank, then what would a weapon of the highest rank do? With these thoughts in mind, a slight chuckle escaped Yao Jun's lips as he turned his eyes back to the stage.

    “Truly fascinating.”

    Yao Jun continued to watch the battles taking place on the stage for a little while, but his eyebrows started to slowly furrow as he continued to watch. The more he watched, the more confused he got, until finally, he could not take it any longer and turned towards Leylan.

    “So what is up with the way they are fighting. Why is it so...Beautified and wasteful?”

    The people battling on the stage did not seem like they were engaging in combat, more like they were trying to show off for someone. Their movements were wide and full of flourish, but because of that, they were full of openings and each movement took far too long to execute. Leylan wore an awkward smile, shaking his head slightly as he let out a sigh and started to explain.

    “...You can see them that clearly. Haaah, you can't blame them for fighting like that. My World Tree clan has been without any rivals or enemies for countless years already, we have barely had a need for anyone proficient in fighting. To us, battles have always been more about showing off our style and grandeur for points or to find a wife or husband. But with the resurgence of the Primordial Sea clan and the Final Fire clan, we have been forced to change our fighting style, but it takes time. My Elder Sister is the one in charge of training those that join to the army and defend the clan, she should come back to pick up more recruits in about a month. If I have the chance, I will introduce her to you. Do you wish to get a closer look at the competition?”

    Yao Jun found himself somewhat curious about the elder sister of Leylan. How would one go about training people who fought like that into becoming people worthy of an army? Hearing Leylan's proposition of getting closer, Yao Jun rapidly shook his head.

    “No need, I don't like the way they are fighting.”

    Yao Jun had been fighting and training since he was 5, especially after he reached the Guanyu continent, he had been fighting almost every day. To him, fighting was how he stayed alive and grew stronger to protect that which he held dear. He found it uncomfortable to watch these people, who treated battling like a dance that needed to be showed off. Leylan let out a loud laughter, placing his arm around Yao Jun's neck as they started walking back to the room.

    “Ha, neither do I! In that case, let us return to the peace of your room and continue chatting about the outside world. Really, you have only been here for a day, but I am already having more fun than I have had for several years. Our meeting must truly have been destiny.”

    Yao Jun and Leylan continued to spend the days together, a week quickly passing without anyone noticing. While Yao Jun and Leylan were slowly moving around the outer parts of the World Tree clan, exchanging information, there was someone with a slight headache when faced with Yao Jun.

    Gilberd sat in his office, a large room where the walls, floor, and roof were made out of branches that had been coiled around each other. Gilberd was the one who had decorated the office, so it was very simply decorated. A single desk with two chairs, a table and two couches where he could relax, a tall bookshelf filled with books, and a large painting containing the eight people that were part of Gilberd's family. While Gilberd was silently reading some papers, the shadow in front of the desk started lengthening, turning into a kneeling human figure.

    “My lord. I have completed the task you have given me, to find information about that youth.”

    Gilberd put down the papers he was holding, glancing at the shadowy figure. He did not immediately respond, grabbing a small mug standing on the desk and pouring himself a cup of wine. Only after he had drank the alcohol did he start talking.

    “You were quite fast this time. Does that mean you have brought good news, or bad news?”

    Gilberd had expected that it would take at least half a month to get all the information about Yao Jun, but now the shadowy figure, Gilberd's oldest and most trusted aide, Old Shade, had returned after only a single week. Old Shade was silent for a short while, but then shook his head.

    “Worse than bad news I fear, there is nothing. Not even the Heaven's Secrets Company has any information about him, it is like he simply appeared out of thin air.”

    Old Shade was completely baffled as he delivered the report. This was the first time he had ever met anyone who he had been unable to find any information on. Even his final resort, Heaven's Secrets Company, which prided itself in being able to sell anything, had been unable to find anything on Yao Jun. Gilberd could not help but furrow his eyebrows after hearing the report. Not having any information was the worst possible outcome.

    “Nothing? Since not even the Heaven's Secrets Company has no information on him, it can either mean that he is from a truly unknown or inconsequential place, or that all information about him has been thoroughly hidden. Did his blood give any results?”

    Gilberd hoped that the reason the Heaven's Secrets Company did not have any information on Yao Jun was because he came from a tiny planet, as that made it very unlikely that he was a spy. Old Shade gave a quick nod of his head after hearing Gilberd's question, producing a paper from thin air and handing it to Gilberd.

    “Yes. He is mostly human, but his blood is mixed with several different types of blood. The different types seem to belong to Demonic beasts, but we have not been able to figure out exactly what kind of Demonic beasts.”

    For someone with the strength of Old Shade, it was easy to take some blood from Yao Jun without letting him notice anything. After he had seen the result of Yao Jun's blood test, he had once again been baffled. Even with their extensive archive of Demonic beast blood, they were unable to find a match for the Demonic beast blood that was within Yao Jun's body?

    But how could he know that the Demonic beast blood within Yao Jun's body was given to him by absorbing Demonic beasts with his God Gate. Ba-Shei and Little Thunder were both from incredibly normal and weak Demonic beast races, so it was not strange for a clan as large as the World Tree clan to not care about storing their blood away in their archives. But Sirius and the others were all true Divine beasts that were rare and hard to find, acquiring their blood was incredibly hard, which was why the World Tree clan did not have any of their blood in their archives. Hearing what Old Shade said, Gilberd's face quickly turned cold as he started muttering to himself.

    “Mixed with several different Demonic beasts? Could he be a Chimera Warrior from the Merged Heaven clan? He lacks the typical simple-mindedness and absent-mindedness of a Chimera Warrior, but maybe he is a high ranking one? Have you been able to figure out what laws he uses?”

    Chimera Warriors were beings created by mixing the flesh and blood of several different races, they were little more than puppets, most not even having their own free will after they were created. If this Yao Jun was truly a high ranking Chimera Warrior, it could mean that the Merged Heaven clan is trying to infiltrate the World Tree clan. Old Shade shook his head slightly, Yao Jun had not showed any of his skills in this one week, so Old Shade had been unable to learn anything about him. After a short moment of silence, he spoke out in a low voice.

    “Should I kill him and dispose of the body?”

    The way Old Shade saw it, the simplest measure they could take was to simply kill Yao Jun and get rid of the body. At that point, it would not matter whether he was a spy or not. But contrary to what he expected, Gilberd shook his head.

    “No. If you were to do that, Little Leylan would be furious with us, and that is something I would like to avoid. We also don't know if he is truly a spy or enemy, so we have to be a bit careful in how we handle him. Antagonizing him needlessly is not good.”

    Gilberd had a high status in the clan, but it was still Leylan who was the Young Master, the future patriarch. And even ignoring that, Gilberd loved his little brother and did not want to make him sad by killing Yao Jun. Old Shade could not help but ask out in a slightly confused voice after hearing how Gilberd ended his sentence.

    “Not good? Can't we just kill him?”

    Why would it be not good to needlessly antagonize a young boy who was only at the middle stage of the 3rd Mortal Earth? Had he been the heir to a large clan, there might be trouble, but if he was the heir to a large clan, he would not have come to them. Gilberd slowly shook his head as he responded.

    “And what if we fail to do that? What if it turns out that he has some secret technique that lets him escape from us? At that point we will have made another enemy. He might not be too scary now, but what if we give him a few hundred or a few thousand years?”

    They had no information about Yao Jun, they did not even know what laws he cultivated. The odds of Yao Jun having such a secret technique was low, but it was still not worth risking. The World Tree clan did not need more enemies now, it needed more allies. Gilberd sat in silence for a little while, his finger tapping the desk as he thought. An idea suddenly struck him, so he stood up from the desk and spoke to Old Shade, heading towards the exit of the room.

    “You can take your leave. Little Diana will return in a few weeks, I will check whether or not he is a spy during that time.”
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    Chapter 161: Plan to leave the planet.

    Yao Jun's room did not have any windows, but there was an array in the ceiling that drew in the sunlight from the outside world and used it to light up the room. Because of that, the first rays of the sun were also transmitted into Yao Jun's room while he was cultivating. It was also right after the sun rose that the door to his room was thrown open, the loud voice of Leylan bringing Yao Jun out of his cultivation state.

    “Good morning, Brother Yao! I come bearing a bountiful harvest of food and drinks!”

    Yao Jun opened his eyes and turned his head towards Leylan. Leylan had taken out several trays of small fruit and what seemed to be small pieces of bread, as well as several small mugs filled with various types of wine. Seeing Yao Jun glance at the trays in his hands, Leylan quickly spoke up, a slightly awkward smile on his face.

    “All the food I have brought is small things that we can eat while walking. I figured that we could check out the eastern part of the outer circle. Since that is where the armory and the medical area is located, most of the outer disciples train in the various courtyards located in the eastern part. But it takes a few hours to walk there, so I figured we should eat while walking.”

    Yao Jun gave a slight nod of his head and stood up, stretching his body. Leylan then handed him a bit of fruit and a slice of bread, and the two headed out, Seshio silently following behind them while Felicia entered the room to start cleaning. By now, Yao Jun had already stayed with them for a little over two weeks, so he had already gotten used to the silent Seshio and the diligent Felicia.

    Yao Jun was slightly anxious to leave the clan and find a Heaven's Secrets Company branch where he could buy information, but he had already talked with Leylan about allowing him to leave with the recruits that would be following Leylan's elder sister out of the clan, so all he could do for the moment was wait for her to return.

    While they were walking and chatting, Yao Jun saw that the courtyard was even fuller than usual, everyone training harder than usual. Their preferred form of training was mock battles, but Yao Jun rarely watched their battles, as the way they fought irked him. Seeing so many more people than usual train, he could not help but let out a slight comment.

    “There seem to be more people training now, they are also training quite a bit harder than they did when I first arrived here.”

    Leylan stopped talking, his gaze sweeping over the courtyard and the people currently training. He could not help but shake his head slightly, letting out a chuckle as he explained.

    “That is because Elder Sister will return in about two weeks, but she might surprise us and show up earlier. They all want to leave a good impression on her in hopes that they will be recruited into the army.”

    Yao Jun could not help but raise an eyebrow. He already knew that these were the lowest members of the World Tree clan, they were not even people who held the blood of the World Tree clan. To have all of them train so hard just to be able to join the army, Yao Jun had to admit that the World Tree clan had some loyal disciples.

    “They are quite eager to join the army and fight for your clan, admirable.”

    Yao Jun expected Leylan to look a little proud, but Leylan ended up shaking his head with a wry smile, explaining the situation to Yao Jun with a somewhat bitter voice.

    “I wish. No, what most of them want is a chance to get closer to Elder Sister. Elder Sister is not only beautiful, but she is also strong and has a high status within the clan. If they manage to court her, they will be ascending to the heavens with a single step.”

    Yao Jun once more raised an eyebrow, a slightly unbelieving gaze sent towards the people training. Joining the army simply to court a woman, a woman they most likely did not even love? Yao Jun could not see it as anything but foolish. Leylan suddenly stopped in his steps, looking as if he had remembered something as he spoke to Yao Jun in an excited and hurried voice.

    “I must warn you, Brother Yao. My Elder Sister has very high standards, so if you try to court her, you must do your best. If you manage to court her, we will truly become brothers!”

    Leylan had an excited voice, but Yao Jun looked at him with a dumbfounded expression. Why would he be trying to court Leylan's elder sister? With Guo Luo waiting for him, what need was there for any other women?

    “Court her, why would I do that? I have a wife waiting for me on my own planet.”

    This was the first time Yao Jun had ever mentioned that he had a wife, or at least someone that he considered to be his wife, to Leylan. When they chatted and exchanged information, Yao Jun generally avoided giving too many personal details, especially about Guo Luo. Leylan looked at Yao Jun with a shocked expression as he spoke out.

    “You aren't going to court her? I thought that was the reason you asked me to help you join the recruits that were going to follow my Elder Sister when she returned. Was I wrong?”

    The way Leylan acted, it seemed like he truly believed that Yao Jun had wanted to join the army just because he wanted to court his elder sister. He quickly shook his head, wrapping his arm around Yao Jun's shoulder as he let out a laugh.

    “Well never mind that, there is no problem with you already having a wife. My father already has 11 wives, and he is still finding new ones. As long as you manage to impress my Elder Sister enough, I am certain that she won't mind you having one or two extra wives.”

    Yao Jun knew that there were quite a few cultivators that had several wives. Most cultivators lived for quite a few years, often far beyond normal human lifespans, but it was rare for them to have wives that lived as long as them. So having several wives was nothing strange for them. But Yao Jun only needed Guo Luo.

    “Like I said, I already have a wife, I am not looking for any more. I simply want to follow the other recruits because it will be easier to find information about how I can return to my own planet.”

    Leylan once again could not help but look shocked. He quickly started talking, as if he was trying to defend his elder sister and convince Yao Jun about how great his elder sister was.

    “Really? My Elder Sister is a true beauty you know? And if you marry her, not only will the two of us be true brothers, you will probably join her in controlling the clan's army. And furthermore...”

    Before Leylan managed to finish his words, he noticed that the air around Yao Jun had turned somewhat cold. Seshio tensed up, ready to act if Yao Jun were to attempt anything, but Yao Jun simply spoke out in an annoyed voice.

    “Leylan. I have no interest in other women. Don't bring this up again.”

    Yao Jun had already told Leylan twice that he already had a wife, but Leylan still kept on pressing, causing Yao Jun to be somewhat annoyed. Having someone try to convince him to marry someone other than Guo Luo truly annoyed him. Leylan let out a light laughter, waving his hand to Seshio, and then spoke out in a relaxed voice, as if he was truly not bothered by Yao Jun's attitude.

    “Right, right. Sorry about that, I got a bit too excited at the thought of having you as a brother, please forgive me. But rest assured, Brother Yao, I will do my best to convince my Eldest Brother and Elder Sister, allowing you to follow the other recruits. Would you like me to prepare a few items that you can bring along with you?”

    Yao Jun fell silent for a short moment after hearing Leylan's question, fondling his chin as he gave it some thought. An image appeared in his mind, so he turned towards Leylan and spoke up.

    “I would like it if you could prepare everything necessary for painting a few pictures.”

    Hearing such a normal request from Yao Jun, Leylan could not help but raise an eyebrow in surprise. Bringing painting supplies to the battlefield, would that not just take up space in the interspatial ring?

    “You paint, Brother Yao?”

    Leylan had never heard Yao Jun mention that he painted, he also did not think that Yao Jun looked like a person who enjoyed painting. From what he knew, Yao Jun was constantly training when the two of them were not together. He seemed more like a person who only trained, not someone who had a hobby like painting. Yao Jun slightly shook his head, a gentle look in his eyes.

    “No, but my wife enjoys painting, so I figured I would see what it is like.”

    Yao Jun did not paint, nor did he know how to paint. But Guo Luo loved painting, and he had looked at her paint several times, silently entranced by her focused look. It was unknown when he would meet her again, and the only thing he had to remind him of her was the cottage they had built inside his God Gate. If he managed to teach himself painting, he figured he could draw a picture of her that he could carry with him. Leylan let out a slight laugh, removing his arm from around Yao Jun's shoulder and giving him a few pats on the shoulder.

    “I see. Don't worry, I will make sure that you receive everything that you could possibly need for painting.”

    The two continued to walk and chat, Leylan occasionally greeting some of the people that passed by them. After they had walked for a few hours, a youth who was slightly over three meters stopped in front of them, dipping into a deep bow as he greeted Leylan in a highly respectful voice.

    “Greetings, Young Master.”

    The youth was clearly from the same race as Leylan, had green eyes, a sharp chin, and light brown hair that was tied into a thick bun at the back of his head. His body was surprisingly muscly, but he had the lowest cultivation Yao Jun had seen here so far, only at the late stage of the 4th Houtian Sky. Yao Jun had no way of knowing how old this youth really was, so he was uncertain if his cultivation was considered high or low for his age. After the youth greeted him, Leylan pat Yao Jun on the shoulder and introduced the youth to Yao Jun.

    “Junior Brother Kirkis. Brother Yao, this is Zeleon Kirkis, he is one of the Junior Brother's who has already been chosen to follow Elder Sister once she returns. The cultivation of the two of you is not too far apart, so you might end up in the same unit.”

    Yao Jun knew that the army of the World Tree clan was divided into several divisions, each division only containing people who had a somewhat similar cultivation level. With a similar cultivation level, it would be easier for the people to work together and operate arrays.

    After introducing Zeleon, Leylan's eyebrows furrowed slightly. He swiped his interspatial ring and took out a white crystal that was releasing a faint golden light. Leylan looked at the crystal for a short while, before putting it away and sending an apologetic smile towards Yao Jun.

    “Sorry, but I must leave for a bit, my Eldest Brother is calling for me. Junior Brother Kirkis, continue showing Brother Yao around.”

    Leylan left immediately after speaking out, his body blurring as it grew transparent. After only a short second, he had completely vanished, not leaving a trace of himself. Seshio had also vanished, leaving only Yao Jun and Zeleon standing in the hallway, which had become strangely devoid of other people. Zeleon turned towards Yao Jun and furrowed his eyebrows, his voice slightly cold as he spoke.

    “So you are the one that the Young Master has taken a liking to? You, a stranger from a different race, will be joining the army as well?”

    Yao Jun could tell that this Zeleon was somewhat hostile towards him, most likely because he was a stranger, but Yao Jun could not be bothered with him, so he merely gave a short response.

    “That was my intention for the moment.”

    Yao Jun was only joining the army so that he could leave this planet in an attempt to find information about his own planet. If he did not manage to find a branch of the Heaven's Secrets Company on the planet they traveled to, he would leave the army and travel to a different planet. Zeleon furrowed his eyebrows further, seemingly displeased with Yao Jun's attitude. He took a step forward, towering over Yao Jun as he spoke.

    “I don't care what your reason for joining the army is, but you best not even think about trying to court General Diana. She will be my woman.”

    Yao Jun did not immediately understand who Zeleon was talking about, but he quickly understood it. Leylan said that the people training were doing it to try and court his elder sister, so this General Diana was probably his elder sister. Yao Jun did not flinch when facing the towering Zeleon, nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders.

    “So her name is Diana. Don't worry, I don't have the slightest interest in that woman.”

    Leylan had always referred to her as Elder Sister, so this was actually the first time he had ever heard what her name was. Yao Jun did not share too much personal information when they chatted, nor did he ask Leylan too many personal questions, they mostly only chatted about their respective planets, with Leylan talking a great deal about his own clan. Zeleon narrowed his eyes when he saw Yao Jun shrug, his voice turning even colder as he spoke.

    “She is not Diana, she is General Diana. You will not disrespect her by referring to her with her name, you are not worthy of that.”

    Yao Jun could not help but raise an eyebrow when he saw how angry Zeleon got at him for using Diana's name. But he really did not feel like arguing with Zeleon over something so silly, so he merely shrugged his shoulders and stepped forward, pushing past Zeleon.

    “Whatever you say.”

    before Yao Jun could walk away from Zeleon, he felt Zeleon's hand land on his shoulder, forcefully stopping him and turning him around. Zeleon had a steely gaze, glaring at Yao Jun as he almost spat out the words.

    “Stop! You must apologize for disrespecting the General, get down on your knees!”

    Even Yao Jun's patience had a limit, and he was starting to slowly approach it. He furrowed his eyebrows, looking at Zeleon with a displeased gaze as he spoke out in a slightly chilly voice.

    “Why would I do that? In the first place, I didn't even disrespect her.”

    Wanting him to get on his knees and apologize just for referring to someone by their name? Yao Jun had long ago been taught by his father that a man must not easily kneel, a teaching he had firmly engraved in his heart. Seeing Yao Jun refuse to follow his orders, Zeleon turned completely cold.

    “You refuse to acknowledge your wrongdoings? In the army, people like you are heavily punished. Allow me to show you how we punish people like you.”

    Right after he spoke, Zeleon took half a step backwards, put one knee on the ground, tucked his right fist close to his chest, and punched out with his right fist, a satisfied and proud smile on his face. Zeleon looked proud, but Yao Jun looked at the oncoming fist with a disinterested expression.

    Zeleon had spent so much time on preparing the punch that Yao Jun was confident he could get out at least two punches of his own before Zeleon managed to finish his. The punch was also traveling very slowly, at least to his eyes, as if Zeleon was trying to show off the might and grace of his fist.

    Since Zeleon had decided to attack, Yao Jun did not feel the need to hold back. His eyes narrowed as he entered a combat ready state, not even the slightest change in the surroundings able to escape his notice. Just as Yao Jun started raising his arm to retaliate, he noticed something not far away from him.

    Thanks to Ba-Shei giving him control over darkness, he could feel that there was someone that had fused with a nearby shadow, keeping a close eye on every action Yao Jun was doing. The person was clearly far stronger than him, Yao Jun only able to notice them thanks to his ability to control darkness.

    Seeing how closely the shadow was paying attention to even the slightest fluctuation in Yao Jun's aura, he managed to somewhat guess what the shadow was thinking, a slight mutter escaping his lips as he glanced at the shadow.

    “So that is what's going on...”

    Yao Jun lowered his slightly raised arm, allowing the punch to land on his face and slightly split his lips. He could only come up with two possible reasons as to why the shadow was keeping such a close eye on his aura, one was that the shadow was trying to keep an eye on Yao Jun, preventing him from harming others, the other was that the shadow was keeping an eye on him to figure out what laws he was cultivating.

    Since that was the case, Yao Jun decided that his best course of action was to simply do nothing. After all, if they found out that he did not cultivate any laws, how would he go about explaining that? Seeing his punch hit, the proud smile on Zeleon's face only grew wider, sending out another slow and fanciful punch.

    Punch after punch hit Yao Jun's face, but he did not flinch or move in the slightest. While traveling through the spatial rift, his body had been continuously destroyed and then slowly healed by the orb of blood. Not only traveling through the spatial rift, Yao Jun had continuously strengthened his body thanks to the way he fought, as well as through absorbing Demonic beasts. The strength of his body was already something that this Zeleon could not imagine. So while his punches managed to split Yao Jun's lips and cause his nose to bleed, they were unable to damage him.

    After Zeleon had hit Yao Jun several times, the blood from Yao Jun's split lip had become smeared all over his own face. Zeleon was caught up in the euphoria he felt from delivering what he considered perfect punches, so he was just about to send out another punch when a cold voice rang out, bringing him back to his senses.

    “Are you done yet? I still have more touring to do.”

    Yao Jun's eyes were cold as he looked at Zeleon. Zeleon wanted to say something, but he quickly noticed that Yao Jun had not even moved half a step back after receiving so many punches. His eyes darted around the place, lingering on the shadow Yao Jun had spotted earlier. Only after seemingly receiving a signal from that shadow did Zeleon quickly dash away, leaving Yao Jun alone with a bloody face.

    While Zeleon was hitting Yao Jun, Leylan was on his way to the office of Gilberd. He quickly reached the outside of Gilberd's office, a small one room house that was made out of coiled branches and was located at the very core area of the World Tree clan. He did not even knock on the door, simply entering it and announcing his presence.

    “You called for me, Big Brother Gilberd?”

    Gilberd was sitting at the desk, drinking a cup of warm tea. When Leylan entered the office, Gilberd glanced over at him, speaking out in a matter-of-fact voice that left no room for discussion.

    “I plan on sending that boy, Yao Jun, to follow Little Diana and the new recruits. I simply called you over to inform you of that ahead of time.”

    Hearing Gilberd's words, Leylan's expression rapidly distorted. He stormed over to the desk, slamming both hands onto the table and shouting out in a loud and disbelieving voice.

    “What?! You plan on sending him to the battlefield, to a place where he could die?!”

    Leylan shouted out in a loud voice, but even if someone were to be right outside the office, no one would be able to hear his words, as the entire place was covered in various arrays. Leylan's voice was loud, but Gilberd seemed to barely notice it as he continued to talk in a calm voice, sipping his tea.

    “I plan on giving him a mid grade Earth rank armor and weapon, as well as one Fleeting Cloud talisman and one Striking Thunder talisman. All those mixed together with the fact that the battlefield they are heading to is the Scorched Valley, there is almost no chance of him dying. Little Diana will also keep an eye out for him, just in case things truly go wrong. And besides, according to Old Shade, you have promised Yao Jun that you will convince me to let him follow Little Diana.”

    Leylan's expression did not improve, even after he heard Gilberd say that he was planning on giving Yao Jun such valuable items. His eyes narrowed as he glared at Gilberd, once more shouting out.

    “That is just something I said to appease him, I would never send him to the battlefield! We need to keep him inside the clan, have him foster good feelings for the clan, maybe marry someone from the clan, and then have him fight for us sometime in the future! Why are you sending him to the battlefield!?”

    Leylan had never planned on talking with Gilberd or Diana about letting Yao Jun follow the recruits, he had simply planned on saying that they had refused, using the reason that it was too dangerous for someone with such a low cultivation. Gilberd put down the cup of tea, calmly narrating his thoughts to Leylan.

    “He is a complete stranger. We know nothing of his laws, we are unable to figure out what type of bloodlines he has in his body, and we know nothing about his motives. We need to find out whether or not he might be a spy. Sending him to the battlefield and forcing him to fight our enemies, his possible masters, will allow us to see if he is a spy or not. If he hesitates or refuses to kill the enemies, he is most likely a spy and we will detonate the arrays in the armor and weapon, killing him. If he does not hesitate and willingly fights for us, while he might still be a spy, we can at least trust him a little, testing his allegiance further. At that point, the weapon and armor will have been well spent.”

    Yao Jun had continued to give Gilberd a headache, so he decided on the easiest approach he had available, sending Yao Jun to the battlefield. During the heat of battle, it would be far easier to see where his allegiance actually was. Hearing Gilberd's calm reasoning, Leylan took several deep breaths and then started talking, his voice calm and his eyes narrowed.

    “When I used my laws of destiny to check how our clan would do, I saw that a great disaster was coming for us. At that point, it was you who told me to use the secret technique to try and find something that could change the destiny of our clan. I used the secret technique, lowering my cultivation by two great realms, and I found something to change our destiny. We need Yao Jun, he is the answer we are looking for.”

    Leylan specialized in the laws of destiny and had previously had a high cultivation, but to find something that could change the destiny of a clan as great as the World Tree clan? That was something he could only do after paying a great price. Gilberd looked at Leylan with serious eyes, shaking his head and letting out a sigh.

    “But he is a stranger, someone we cannot trust. And you must not forget, what you found by using that secret technique was something that could greatly change the destiny of our World Tree clan. You did not find something that would save us, but something that could alter our destiny. What if he alters our destiny for the worse, what if trusting him ends in the eradication of our entire clan, of everything we have fought to preserve for countless years? We cannot simply trust strangers and allow them to change things as they wish, especially in times like these.”

    Even if Yao Jun was someone that Leylan had discovered through the use of that secret technique, Gilberd was still not willing to risk the lives of everyone in the World Tree clan and bet everything on him. Leylan leaned in closer, his voice slowly growing louder as he spoke, his last sentence coming out as a shout.

    “Our clan has gone unchallenged and unchanged for countless years, had it not been for the sudden reemergence of the Final Fire clan and Primordial Sea clan two years ago, we would still be unchallenged and unchanged. Can't you see that we are stagnating!? Stagnant waters breed only death and rot, now is exactly the time to trust others and try to change things!”

    Just as the two brothers were looking at each other, one agitated and one calm, the shadows next to the desk started to wriggle and grow, turning into a human shape that kneeled on the ground.

    “My lords, forgive me for interrupting.”

    Gilberd looked at the human shape, Old Shade, his brows furrowing in confusion. He could not quite explain why, but he felt an uneasy feeling as he questioned.

    “Old Shade. You were supposed to keep an eye on that Yao Jun and see if you could figure out what laws he is using, why have you come here?”

    Old Shade lowered his head, speaking in a voice that was filled with shame.

    “I was discovered. Everything was going as planned, but the boy noticed me before anything could happen. I am uncertain if he figured out what I was planning, he might simply believe that I was only there to make sure he was not wounded. Forgive me for my failure.”

    Leylan and Gilberd could not help but start slightly when they heard Old Shade's words, their mouths opening slightly as they found themselves at a loss. Finally, it was Gilberd that broke the silence.

    “He...noticed you?”

    Old Shade was Gilberd's oldest and most trusted aide, an expert at espionage and assassination. If he so wished, he could become one with the shadows, entering a dimension consisting solely of darkness. And he had been noticed by a little boy who was only at the 3rd Mortal Earth? Leylan's expression distorted slightly as he turned around and headed for the door.

    “I will return to him soon and try to explain it, let's hope this didn't sow the seeds of distrust in him.”

    When Leylan reached the door, the voice of Gilberd rang out from behind him, containing unquestionable authority.

    “Little Leylan. He will be joining Little Diana once she returns, father has already agreed to my plan. Tell him that we will bring him a weapon and armor within the coming days.”

    Leylan stopped for a short second, but then let out a slight sound in acknowledgement and left the office. He closed the door behind him and rapidly headed towards Yao Jun, easily able to tell his location thanks to the special clothing they had given him. When he reached an area close to Yao Jun, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself, then put a wide smile on his face and walked the rest of the distance, speaking out in a loud and cheerful voice when he spotted Yao Jun.

    “Brother Yao! I have good news, my Eldest Brother agreed to let you follow Elder Sister and the other recruits. I also made him promise to hand over a mid-grade Earth rank weapon and armor for you, as well as two life saving talismans. As long as you have those, nothing can happen to you.”

    He quickly arrived in front of Yao Jun, his face twisting slightly when he saw the traces of blood on Yao Jun's face and robe. Yao Jun had cleaned away most of it, but there were still clearly noticeable traces. Leylan took out some cloth and water from his interspatial ring, handing it to Yao Jun as he spoke out in an apologetic voice, even giving a slight bow.

    “I also heard that you had a run in with Old Shade, he is one of the people working for Eldest Brother. Eldest Brother doesn't fully trust you, so he made Old Shade and Junior Brother Kirkis test you. I will have them both punished, but I hope that you can forgive them, at least this one time, on account of my face. Should it happen again, you don't have to care about my face, just slap them around as you please.”

    Leylan did not bother lying, as that would only make things worse if Yao Jun ever managed to learn the truth. Yao Jun wiped his face, cleaning away the remaining traces of blood. He then let out a slight smile and spoke in a calm voice, his thoughts impossible to read.

    “No need to bother with all that, not like I suffered any wounds anyway.”

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