The Demon's Gate

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    Chapter 117: No interest.

    Yao Jun ignored the rolling head of Cui Bao and bent over and took his interspatial ring. A quick check revealed that the ring was filled with a large amount of money and resources, it was clear that Cui Bao preferred to carry all the wealth of the sect on him.

    After taking his interspatial ring, Yao Jun turned around and checked on the battles taking place in the courtyard. The snow elemental stood not far from him, but he was too scared to move. His strength was a bit weaker than Cui Bao's, so since Yao Jun could kill Cui Bao, it was clear that he could also kill him.

    He was no longer affected by the slave seal, but he did not know if Yao Jun would choose to kill him. Yao Jun was the demon god, but that did not mean that he had to take care of and protect all Demonic beasts. Demonic beasts were a race that lived and breathed slaughter, the weak would be killed and feed the strong.

    It had been like this ever since the first demon god walked the earth. Weak Demonic beasts knew that they did not deserve to be saved, the only use they had was to become food for the strong. That was why the world of Demonic beasts was one of constant slaughter, the weak tried to become strong, while the strong tried to stay strong.

    The courtyard was currently filled with blood, torn up corpses and body parts spread around the entire courtyard. Little Thunder and Little Gray were the weakest of Yao Jun's Demonic beasts, so they had suffered some injuries, but none that were overly serious.

    There were only a few people that were still alive. They grouped together and cooperated to resist the attacks of Yao Jun's Demonic beasts. But they were already wounded and it was clear that they would not manage to resist much longer, their only end would be to become food for his Demonic beasts, adding to their strength.

    Yao Jun overlooked everything with a calm, nearly indifferent expression. He did not doubt that several of the people that died here were good men, people who had made the lives of the surrounding cities better. But he would not spare them, he could not spare them.

    Since they had chosen to stand against him and on the side of Cui Bao, it was clear that they had already become his enemies. If he let any of these men live, there was a chance that they would attempt to harm him or those around him in an attempt to get their revenge. Yao Jun was not willing to let risks like these wander around. He did not want to end up regretting his mercy one day.

    “You can leave. Try to stay away from populated areas, otherwise there is a chance that you will get captured again.”

    After checking over the battle in the courtyard, Yao Jun turned towards the snow elemental, removing all the lingering lightning as he spoke. The time it took for a snow elemental or a plant type Demonic beast to form was much longer than the time it took for a normal Demonic beast or cultivator to grow. Yao Jun found that killing it because of a fit of rage would be a shame.

    “Thank you my lord!”

    The snow elemental gave a deep bow as he thanked Yao Jun loudly. The snow elemental sank into the surrounding snow and vanished, heading towards it's old home at full speed. It was afraid that if it stayed there any longer, there was a chance that Yao Jun would change his mind and try to kill it.

    Yao Jun did not try to stop the snow elemental from leaving, nor did he consider absorbing it into his gate. Yao Jun did not have too much interest in absorbing plant type Demonic beasts or most types of elementals. This was because of the simple reason that they were too limited for too long.

    Little Thunder could produce and control lightning, which could be considered a very limited element, as it would only appear during thunderstorms. So if it could only control lightning, it's strength as a Demonic beast would be very limited. But Little Thunder made up for the lightning elements rarity by having the ability to produce lightning within it's body.

    Ba-Shei could only control the darkness element, not create any. But it did not matter, as darkness was something that was present everywhere. Even if one were to be completely surrounded by lights, there would still be some darkness, whether it was a cavity or the space between the clothes and the body. So it did not matter that it could not produce darkness, as darkness was everywhere.

    Plant type Demonic beasts could only control plants that were a part of them, so not only were they very limited in their ability to move, but they also required a long period of time to grow and produce new plants.

    As for the snow elemental, it could only control snow, not create it. This would not be a problem if it simply stayed in this area, which was perpetually blanketed by snow. But if Yao Jun were to try and bring it with him, it would not be able to create any snow that it could control, making it nearly useless.

    Once an elemental or a plant type Demonic beast grew in strength, reaching the 6th Houtian Sky, they would become able to freely produce the needed element or control the surrounding plants. But Yao Jun was not willing to wait that long, who knew how long it would take him to reach the 6th Houtian Sky.

    After only a few more minutes, the last of the people in the courtyard was killed. With Ba-Shei's ability to move around in the darkness, and Little Gray's ability to mentally control people, not a single person was able to escape the courtyard.

    Seeing that the battle was finished, Yao Jun stepped forward, heading towards his Demonic beasts. Eveery step he took caused another corpse or body part to sink into the darkness, vanishing from the courtyard. All these corpses would become food for his Demonic beasts, growing their strength.

    But now was not the time to eat them. There were already people gathering outside the courtyard, trying to figure out what the commotion inside was. All the corpses would be stored in a corner of his gate, allowing his Demonic beasts to eat them in peace while he was waiting for Guo Luo to wake up.

    “Come. Let us leave and find a peaceful place to rest.”

    Yao Jun's mouth curled up into a smile as he spoke, gently petting his Demonic beasts. After petting them for a short moment, he returned everyone but Little Gray into the gate. He hopped onto the back of Little Gray, who flapped his wings and took off, quickly vanishing into the horizon.
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    Chapter 118: A period of waiting.

    When people saw a large eagle fly out from the courtyard at full speed, they immediately broke down the gate to the mansion and rushed into the courtyard. When they saw that the snow in the courtyard was dyed red with blood, it did not require too much thinking to realize what had happened.

    There were no corpses or body parts, but all the tables and chairs were broken, food and blood completely covered the snow in the courtyard. For there to be this much blood, it was highly unlikely that there would be any survivors. So the only explanation was that someone had killed everyone inside the courtyard and carried off their bodies.

    The thought that someone could enter the courtyard of the mansion belonging to the Raging Snow Sect, killing everyone inside it, and then escape afterwards, terrified the people of the city. One had to know that the Raging Snow Sect had invited every influential person in the surrounding area to participate in the birthday of Cui Bao, yet they had all simply died.

    Yao Jun of course knew nothing about the fear he had instilled in the people of the city. Immediately after leaving Raging Snow City, he started searching the surrounding area for a place where he could be safe for a few days until Guo Luo woke up.

    Yao Jun decided to not take any risks this time, so the moment he left Raging Snow City, he made Little Gray fly until he found a small mountain that was located a good distance away from Raging Snow City.

    But Yao Jun still did not feel like it was enough. So the moment they landed on the mountain, he immediately brought Little Gray into the gate, himself entering into the darkness. It was only after he entered the darkness, completely vanishing from the mountain, that he took out his gate and entered it.

    After entering the gate, he immediately moved over to the place where he had placed Guo Luo. Guo Luo's body was still surrounded by a large amount of medicinal herbs, a refreshing scent continuously emitting from the herbs.

    Yao Jun walked over and sat down next to Guo Luo's body, placing her head on his lap, he had already given her the antidote, so all he could do now was wait, occasionally feeding her some food and water to make sure that she didn't become too malnourished.

    His left arm was aching again. The Qi that had forced his bone to stay in place vanished after he finished the fight, so the bone returned to it's previous broken state. But Yao Jun did not care about that at this moment, all his attention was focused on Guo Luo.

    While Yao Jun was watching over Guo Luo, his Demonic beasts were busy dividing up the corpses that they had acquired in Raging Snow City. Ba-Shei and Sirius took the least corpses, handing over several corpses that would have been theirs to Little Thunder and Little Gray. After all, they were all followers of the demon god, it would not be good if any of them were too weak.

    Life entered a surprisingly calm period for Yao Jun at this moment. His Demonic beasts were busy eating the corpses and using them to increase their strength, while he himself was calmly watching over Guo Luo.

    He would send Yun Yantian and the others a message every day, making sure that he knew what they were doing and that they knew what he was doing. The only other thing he would do during the day was take care of Guo Luo, he did not even move from the spot where he had first sat down.

    “There is a small bakery in Great Rock City, it's owned by a an old man who made excellent cakes. I would run there every morning and get some cakes and bread from him. Uncle Jiang I would call him, despite him clearly being over 60 years of age.”

    “When I turned five, my father gifted me my first sword. After I spent some time pestering him, he agreed to train me the day after gifting me the sword. My father was a strict teacher, but I know that he was only like that because he wanted to bring out my best.”

    “My father made a friend while he was fighting for the Yao clan, a man called Yao Wuying. It did not take long for the two of them to become sworn brothers, both willing to give up their life for the other.”

    “Uncle Wuying's wife died before she was able to birth any children for him, so he always treated me like a son, that is why I call him Uncle Wuying. I have not seen him since we left Great Rock City, but I know that he has helped my parents several times after leaving the city. I hope that he is still doing fine.”

    As Yao Jun sat next to Guo Luo, he would spend the days gently caressing her hair. When he got hungry, he would take out things from his interspatial ring and use his right hand to make a light soup. Since Guo Luo was still unconscious, he could only feed her mouth to mouth, so he found that soup was the best option.

    He would also talk to her a lot, much more than he was used to talking. He talked about everything that came to mind. He talked about how he felt about certain things. He talked about how he planned certain things before he had done them.

    He also talked a lot about his own past, before his family moved to Flying Fish Town. He had told Guo Luo a lot about his past, but there were still many things he had not yet gotten the chance to tell her.

    He would occasionally send a bit of his Qi into Guo Luo's body, examining the inside of her body and making sure that there were no problems. His Demonic beasts would obviously not come and disturb him as he was doing this, only coming over once or twice to deliver interspatial rings that they had taken from the corpses.

    As Yao Jun was sitting there talking, he suddenly noticed that the previously un-moving Guo Luo suddenly moved slightly. He hurriedly tilted his head downwards and saw that Guo Luo was moving her head slightly, as if she was just waking up.

    Seeing her like this, Yao Jun heaved a heavy sigh of relief. All the poison was gone from her system and there were no other problems with her body, so it had only been a matter of time before she woke up. But it was not knowing exactly when she would wake up that caused the days to be almost unbearable.
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    Chapter 119: Spring blooms in the Demon God's Gate.

    Guo Luo moved her head around slightly, slowly opening her closed eyes. The first thing that greeted her was Yao Jun's worried face. Seeing his worried expression, Guo Luo was at a slight loss. The last thing she remembered was them walking next to each other in Winter Wind Town, everything after that was completely black.

    “Luo'er, are you okay? There is no pain or discomfort?”

    Seeing Guo Luo look at him with a slightly confused expression, Yao Jun hurriedly asked out. The poison was gone, but there was no telling if there were any after effects. Now that he was thinking about it more clearly, he should have left Cui Dong alive until he was certain that Guo Luo was completely fine.

    “I'm fine. What happened in Winter Wind Town? Did I faint?”

    Guo Luo sat up slightly, but her body was very weak after lying down for so long, so she had to lean her body against Yao Jun. Since Yao Jun was so worried, it was clear that something had happened, so she quickly asked what had happened.

    “We were attacked. The Guo clan already has spies on the Grand Quan continent. Raging Snow Sect is just a cover, it was actually run by the Guo clan. You were poisoned and fell unconscious.”

    Yao Jun put his arms around Guo Luo, ignoring the pain from his left arm and pulling her into a tight embrace. He rested his head on hers, just enjoying the smell of her hair as he explained what had happened in Winter Wind Town. At this moment, he could not think about anything else, simply immersing in the happiness of not having lost her.

    “How long was I unconscious? How did you get your hand on the antidote?”

    Hearing his words, Guo Luo could imagine what Yao Jun had gone through. If it was Yao Jun that had been poisoned and suddenly fallen unconscious, she would be completely wracked with worry.

    At the same time, she also knew that it must not have been easy for Yao Jun to get his hands on the antidote. The Guo clan was their enemy, so there was no way they would just hand it over when he asked them for it. How many wounds, how much pain had he been forced to suffer when he acquired the antidote?

    “It has been around one month since we were attacked. I headed to Raging Snow City and forced them to hand over the antidote. I wanted to wait for you to wake up before we continued our journey, so we are currently inside my gate.”

    Counting the days, Yao Jun found that it had actually already been an entire month since he attacked Raging Snow City. For an entire month, he had been seated in the same position, watching over Guo Luo.

    “An entire month?!”

    Guo Luo couldn't help but call out. She had been unconscious for an entire month? There was no wonder that Yao Jun had such a worried expression when he looked at her, an entire month without a single sign that she was fine.

    “I'm sorry Luo'er, it was my fault. I should have made sure that we kept our disguises on.”

    Ever since they were attacked, Yao Jun had been filled with rage. Not just at the Guo clan, but even more so at himself. He had not made sure that they kept their disguises on, leading to them being recognized. He was also angry at how weak he was. If he was stronger than he was now, would they end up attacked by the Guo clan wherever they went? If he was stronger, would people even dare think about attacking hem?

    “Don't say that, you dumbo. How could you possibly know that the Guo clan was present on the Grand Quan continent?”

    Guo Luo weakly flicked Yao Jun's forehead as she spoke. There was no way for them to know that the Guo clan was on the Grand Quan continent, so there was no need for him to blame himself.

    It was in fact Guo Luo who blamed herself. She was simply far too weak, forcing Yao Jun to always handle all the dangerous situations. If she kept being this weak, could she really stay at his side, facing all adversity alongside him?

    Hearing her call him dumbo and flick his forehead, a warm feeling filled Yao Jun's chest. He knew that no matter what he did, no matter how much blood he was drenched in, Guo Luo would always be able to heal him, to let his heart find rest.

    “Never again, Luo'er. I won't let anyone hurt you again, I swear.”

    Yao Jun embraced Guo Luo even tighter as he spoke. His voice was soft, but it contained an undying determination. This was a vow that Yao Jun made, a vow that he would do everything in his power to realize.

    He was tired of being weak, tired of being at the mercy of others. Once he was stronger than anyone else, who could possibly dream of harming those around him?

    “Okay. Just like you said back then. As long as you choose to rely on me, I will rely on you in turn. You protect me, and I will protect you.”

    Guo Luo buried her face in Yao Jun's chest, her soft voice reaching his ears. He had spoken those words to her after they entered Ash Barrens. He had offered to give her money and send her on her way, letting her build a peaceful life. But she had chosen to follow him.

    Back then she had chosen to follow him because she had no one else to rely on and did not wish to be alone any longer. But she had changed over time, she wanted to walk beside him, to help him face all adversity and come out on top. If she could do that, she would be content.

    The two simply sat there, embracing each other and enjoying the warmth that the other brought. As long as the other was there, neither of them would mind anything. As long as the other was there, neither would mind doing whatever it took to protect them.

    After simply enjoying each other's embrace for a while, Guo Luo raised her head and gave Yao Jun a kiss. This was not like their normal kiss, this one was much deeper, much more passionate than normal.

    The two of them had traveled alongside each other from one battle to the next, barely resting, barely spending any peaceful and relaxing time together. Guo Luo wanted to take this chance that they had been given to show her love, before they were pushed into a new battle.

    While she kept kissing Yao Jun, she also pushed his chest, pushing him to the ground. His back hit the ground, and Guo Luo straddled his body. After straddling him, she kept kissing him, slowly removing his clothing.

    “You don't have to force yourself Guo Luo, your body is still weak.”

    Knowing what she was about to do, Yao Jun couldn't help but speak up before he lost his mind. Despite being together for a while already, they had never crossed that last barrier. Guo Luo had also just recently awoken from being poisoned, there was no way of knowing what could happen.

    “But I want to, I need to.”

    Guo Luo ignored Yao Jun's advice, moving her mouth right next to his ear as she spoke in a soft and passionate voice, her warm breath caressing his ear. Hearing her like this, how could Yao Jun possibly resist? Despite all that had happened, he was after all still only a youth, he had his fair share of lust.

    He immediately returned her kiss, and started undressing her, letting his mouth roam all over her body. Knowing what was about to happen, all his Demonic beasts retreated away from the area, finding a place where they could hide away.

    Not long after the Demonic beasts evacuated the area, soft moans and heavy breathing could be heard from Yao Jun and Guo Luo, spring blooming inside the Demon God's Gate.
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    Chapter 120: Dual cultivation.

    After the two of them finished making love, they proceeded to simply lay on the grass, enjoying the warmth that the other was giving them. They were both cultivators, so their stamina was far above a normal person's. But even then, they had gone a bit too hard, so they were both exhausted after the deed was done.

    While Yao Jun was stroking Guo Luo's hair, he could suddenly feel the Qi within her body surge, coursing through her body. His Qi was the same, surging towards his chest and flowing into the Demon God's Gate at his chest. But while Guo Luo's cultivation was slowly rising, the Qi surging in his chest only helped consolidate his cultivation.

    “Jun'er, what's going on?”

    Guo Luo couldn't help but look at Yao Jun when she felt her Qi surging. Her Qi kept surging, her cultivation slowly rising. It didn't take long for her cultivation to reach the peak of the 1st Mortal Earth, only then did the surging Qi calm down, settling inside her Illusion God's Gate.

    “Dual cultivation.”

    Yao jun did not respond immediately, fondling his chin as he pondered in silence. After a short moment, a memory about something he had read before popped up in his mind.

    “Dual cultivation?”

    Guo Luo lived her entire life as a maid, so even though she had traveled with Yao Jun for a while, there were still a lot of things about cultivation that she did not know. Dual cultivation was a term that she had never heard before.

    “It's like this. Men have something called vital yang, while women have something called vital yin. During intercourse, these two energies will flow into the body of their partner, nourishing their body and Qi.”

    “Taking a person's virginity will give the greatest benefit, but every subsequent bout of intercourse will still give a small amount of benefit, especially if one manages to find a manual on dual cultivation.”

    Yao Jun recited what he had read in the book to Guo Luo, allowing her to understand what dual cultivation was. Of course, he chose not to mention that many women were often raped while young so that their vital yin could be harvested. Saying something like that would simply spoil the mood.

    “Something that magical exists?”

    Guo Luo couldn't help but be slightly amazed. Something as simple as making love could allow people to increase in strength. If it was like that, wouldn't every married couple eventually manage to become superior cultivators.

    “It's not that easy. Normal people have a negligible amount of vital yang or yin. Only people who have a high cultivation level or special bloodlines have a greater amount of vital yang or yin.”

    Yao Jun could guess what Guo Luo was thinking, so he quickly explained. At the same time, he was slightly surprised by how efficient his and Guo Luo's vital yang and yin were. Their cultivation level was not very high, but their vital yin and yang were still powerful enough to assist their cultivation.


    Guo Luo fell into a momentary silence after hearing Yao Jun's explanation. Just when Yao Jun thought they would go back to enjoying each others warmth in silence, Guo Luo widened her eyes and exclaimed out loud.

    “What is it?”

    Yao Jun quickly narrowed his eyes, scanning the entire inside of the gate as he did so. He had hidden the gate inside the shadows, so the odds of them getting found were almost zero. But upon hearing Guo Luo exclaim, he couldn't help but raise his guard.

    “I just realized, isn't there now a chance that I will get pregnant?”

    Guo Luo's voice slightly faltered, her face turning a charming shade of red as she spoke. In the heat of the moment, she had completely forgotten about this fact. With them doing it this vigorously, what if she ended up pregnant? Their lives right now did not really allow for them to bring a small child around.

    “That's it? There is no need to worry about that. Our cultivation level isn't high, but it is still easy for us to prevent pregnancy. I made sure that there was no risk once we started.”

    Hearing her words, Yao Jun let out a heavy sigh. He thought that maybe they were under attack, but it was just something like that. A cultivator could easily use their Qi to either kill or seal up their sperm, so unless they tried to get pregnant, it was very hard for cultivators to get pregnant accidentally.

    Of course, people who had the bloodline of powerful Demonic beasts would find it much harder to get pregnant than normal people. This was because powerful Demonic beasts had a massive advantage over normal people, so the heavens made it harder for them to have children.


    Seeing Yao Jun release such a heavy sigh and talk about it like it was nothing, Guo Luo couldn't help but slightly glare at him. She didn't want to get pregnant right now, but did he have to say it like that? Could he not have a bit of tact and say it more gently?

    “Come on now, don't look at me like that. In the future we can have as many as we want. We could even have dozens if that is what you want.”

    Yao Jun's mouth curled into a bitter smile when he saw how Guo Luo glared at him. He pulled her into an embrace and gently whispered into her ear. The two of them were still very young, not even in their twenties. With how long cultivators could live, some did not have children or get married until their were thousands of years old.

    “You're the one who said it, so you can't go back on it.”

    Guo Luo raised her head and placed a kiss on Yao Jun's lips, a wide smile spreading on her face as she spoke. Hearing her words, Yao Jun felt cold sweat gather on his back. He wanted Guo Luo to be happy, but having dozens of kids? His head ached just at the thought. It seemed that he would have to be more careful with his words in the future.
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    Chapter 121: Opening Titan's Gate.

    While Yao Jun and Guo Luo were traveling to and around the Grand Quan continent, Wan Yi and the others were working on building up their organization, Titan's gate. Violet Sky Town was the place where they had decided on starting, as it was one of the safest options available to them.

    At the center of the town stood the house of the town ruler. The house was four floors tall and painted a vibrant purple. The lanterns that hung from the roof were not the normal red, instead shining with a dim blue light.

    At the top floor, Wan Yi and the others were gathered in a small office. The walls of the office were lined with bookshelves as well as paintings, a few potted flowers standing in the corners. At the center of the room stood a small table covered in papers as well as two ornate couches.

    “Very well Senior Xiang. While it pains me to sell them so cheaply, your silver tongue has convinced me.”

    Sitting on one of the couches was Wan Yi and her group, while a fat middle aged man with slick black hair and a small beard was sitting on the other couch. The fat middle aged man shook his head as he spoke, raising his hands like he had been defeated in a battle.

    “Excellent. It seems like we must thank you, City lord Mao.”

    Yang Long stood up from the couch with a bright smile, reaching out with his arm and shaking the fat man's hand. The fat man was the ruler of this town, Mao Cai. Upon entering the house of the town ruler in order to purchase the houses they wanted, they had all given false names and pretended like Yang Long was their leader, as he looked the oldest.

    “No need, no need. You are paying for the houses after all.”

    Mao Cai responded with a loud laughter as he shook the hand of Yang Long. He had pretended like he sold the houses for cheap, but they had actually ended up being sold for the correct market value. It was clear to him that there was someone among their group who knew a bit about finances and prices.

    “Then if you don't mind, I will be taking those deeds.”

    Yang Long took out a large amount of money from his interspatial ring, holding it in one hand while reaching out with his other. Once Mao Cui placed the deeds to a few houses in his hands, Yang Long handed over the money.

    “If you ever find yourself needing anything, you can simply come find me.”

    Mao Cui escorted the group out off the building, even waving at them as they left. People who were capable of spending so much money like it was nothing were always worth befriending.

    “We got the houses for the market price, so we still have more than enough money to spend on equipment as well as materials.”

    After they left Mao Cui, Wan Yi counted over how much money they had left. They originally only planned on buying the one house, but it turned out that a few of the surrounding houses were also available, so they decided to buy them as well, allowing them to have more space.

    “Brother Yantian will need ores, a small forge, as well as tools. Brother Ren will need a cauldron, herbs and Demonic beast materials, as well as a source of fire. As for you Yang siblings, you will need a large amount of Spirit Stones as well as Demonic beast materials.”

    While walking towards the houses they bought, Wan Yi went over all the things they needed to buy. Yun Yantian knew how to forge some weapons and armors, Lin Ren knew how to make some medicines and pills, while the Yang siblings knew how to create arrays.

    “We should also buy large amounts of dried food and water that we can store away. We never known when it will come in handy.”

    Lin Ren spoke up from the side as they were walking. If they had dried food and water stored away, if something were to happen, they would be able to hide away inside their headquarters and sustain themselves for a little while.

    “We should also hire some people to connect all the houses, making it easier to go from one to the other.”

    Yun Yantian also spoke up. They had bought several separate houses, so they were not connected. Hiring contractors to connect the houses would allow them to quickly and easily go from one area to the next.

    “Very well, I will take care of it. I trust that you all know what you need, so I won't say much more. Let us meet up outside the buildings when we have purchased all that we need.”

    After hearing their suggestions, Wan Yi nodded her head. Everyone had an interspatial ring containing a large amount of money, so they would each be in charge of buying what they needed. In the hands of Wan Yi was most of the wealth that Yao Jun had managed to take from Ash Barrens City, while Yang Yuhuan held almost all the wealth of the Yang clan, so if there was one thing they did not lack, it was money.

    The group split up, Yang Long and Yang Yuhuan buying materials for drawing up arrays, while at the same time getting acquainted with several shop owners in the town. After all, having more connections was always a good thing.

    Yun Yantian headed for the various blacksmiths as well as any shop that sold ores. As he could not carry most of the items, he made the people of the shop transport them to the buildings. Finding a fire source was the hardest part for him, as it was fairly rare.

    Most blacksmiths had inborn powers that let them conjure and control fire, as it would help them while smiting. But for those who could not do that, they could still purchase a fire source and use that instead. A fire source was a special type of material that could release fire, the more Qi it was given, the stronger the fire it would release.

    “Just a quick one maybe?”

    Lin Ren stood outside of a brothel, smelling the enchanting smell and taking in the vibrant colors. He had always had a fondness for women, so whenever he entered a town or city, he would often head directly to a brothel.

    “Nah, I better finish my job first.”

    He ended up shaking his head, walking away from the brothel. He had a fondness for woman, but he also knew how to prioritize. Right now it was more important for him to purchase all the things he needed, the fun could come after that.

    Herbs and Demonic beast materials were very easy to purchase as almost any shop would sell them. As for the cauldron, he found a blacksmith that specialized in cauldrons and bought one that he found suited him.

    He also needed a fire source, as creating pills and medicines required breaking down the herbs and Demonic beast materials, extracting their essence, and then fusing the various essences together into a single whole.

    Wan Yi had the easiest time buying all the things she needed. She first found a company that specialized in renovating houses and hired them to connect all the houses they had bought, having them start work immediately.

    After that, she purchased large amounts of dried meat and barrels of water from various shops, having them transport it to the houses. She also bought other things that they might end up needing, like some furniture, as well as some spices, dried herbs, and cooking utensils.

    After buying the things she needed, Wan Yi took a trip to the town square to see what they offered. As she walked through the square, she spotted a man selling five Demon Race slaves, three young men and two young women.

    “How much for those five?”

    Wan Yi walked up to the man selling the slaves, pointing at the Demon Race slaves as she spoke. She was using a special technique to hide her Demon Race aura and features, so she looked just like a normal human.

    “The five of 'em? I'll let ya have them if ya give me 200 gold.”

    The man looked at Wan Yi with an uninterested expression. To him, Wan Yi looked far too young to have enough money to buy slaves.

    “Take it. I'll take them.”

    Wan Yi brought out 200 gold and handed it to the man, not even haggling about the price. 200 gold for five young Demon Race slaves could be considered quite expensive, as it would be 40 gold for each one, while a normal one only cost 20 gold.

    But Wan Yi did not care, she would purchase these five slaves no matter what the price was. They were from the Demon Race, from her race, the race she had sworn to protect. How could she just sit back and watch them get sold as slaves?

    “Aight. Ya heard the lady, yer her problem now.”

    The man quickly took the money, his face lighting up with a large smile. He handed the chain that bound the five slaves to Wan Yi, happily waving at her as she brought the slaves away.

    “I will not hurt you. What are your names?”

    Wan Yi could not let anyone in the town know that she was from the Demon Race, not even these slaves. So she could only assure them that she would not hurt them. Once she found a good opportunity, she would release them and let them go free.

    “I am Sun Jie, this is my brother Sun Jin. That is Lang Fue, while those two are Lei Da and Lei Dai.”

    One of the slaves, a tall male youth with some green feathers growing out from his neck and back, answered after Wan Yi spoke. He first pointed to himself, then to another male youth who also had feathers growing out from his back, but his were blue.

    He then pointed to the last of the male youths, a short and lanky youth who had a whip-like tail growing on his rear. The last two he pointed at were the two female youths. They were slightly thin and pale, but their skin was surprisingly smooth and they had good figures. They both had orange hair as well as a fox tail growing out from their rear.

    As the sun started setting, everyone returned from their respective shopping trips, meeting up outside the houses. They had bought a total of five houses, one which could be used for smiting, one for creating pills, one where they could all live and have meetings, one they could use to store items, as well as one that they could use for cultivation and training.

    The company Wan Yi hired to connect the houses only hired special cultivators, so by the time the sun was setting, three of the five houses were already connected. Over the next few days, the various shops transported over the various items that the others in the group had bought, placing them in the respective rooms and buildings that the others chose.

    “I have a proposition that I would like to bring up.”

    After spending nearly an entire month in Violet Sky Town, the entire group was gathered around a large table made out of a single solid slab of stone. They would meet like this every day, contact Yao Jun, and then talk about how they would go about growing their organization.

    The five Demon Race slaves that Wan Yi had bought were clad in light blue robes that served as their work uniforms. After buying them, Wan Yi had put them in charge of cleaning as well as preparing food, paying them a certain amount of salary every month.

    They were currently going around the table serving tea to Yun Yantian and the rest. They also knew that they were not working as slaves, but as actual workers, so they were very happy with how things had ended up. They also knew that the group that had hired them actually contained another two people, but they were currently out on a small journey.

    “What proposition?”

    Yang Yuhuan gently sipped her tea as she looked at Wan Yi. The two of them were the ones who knew the most about actually running an organization, so it would most often be them who came up with ideas.

    “I suggest we soon start expanding Titan's Gate, taking in more people. The forging, alchemy, as well as array inscribing is going well, so we can soon start selling some items. Since we will need to train up the new people, the sooner we get that done, the better. Once you finish inscribing array's on the buildings, we could even offer to set up arrays for others in the town.”

    “I also suggest that we create two new divisions, one for combat and one for espionage. I have already talked with Brother Jun, and he says that as long as you guys agree, he will not mind. Out of all of us, Yao Jun is the strongest as well as the best at combat. Guo Luo's power allows her to easily move around unnoticed, so I suggest that Yao Jun is put in charge of the combat division, while Guo Luo is put in charge of the espionage division.”

    “Of course, we will not hire any people for these editions until they return, so that they can be in charge of training them. What are your thoughts?”

    Wan Yi had spent some time thinking about this. Any large organization needed spies as well as it's own little army. Since Yao Jun and Guo Luo had nothing else they could help with in Titan's gate, and they just so happened to fit these two divisions perfectly, Wan Yi had talked with Yao Jun about putting them in charge of these two divisions in the future.

    “No problem, it sounds like a good plan.”

    The others spent some time thinking about it, but could not find a reason why they should not do this, so they all nodded their heads and agreed. They could even say that Yao Jun was perfect as the leader for the combat division, as he was not only the strongest and most focused on combat, but could also carry large amounts of troops around thanks to his Demon God's Gate. Guo Luo on the other hand, while she was perfectly suited to espionage, might need some training at the start.

    And just like that, Titan's Gate officially started selling some of the wares they had created, as well as setting up arrays for people in the town. They also started buying some more slaves, allowing them to work with either the Yang siblings, Yun Yantian, or Lin Ren.
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    Chapter 122: Broken Gate.

    After the incident that happened in Winter Wind Town, Yao Jun and Guo Luo became much more cautious. They would have Little Gray land much further away from any city or town, they would then spend a few days at the place where Little Gray landed, either cultivating in silence or making love. After a few days, they would use Guo Luo's illusions to disguise themselves. Only when they had done all this did they feel that it was safe to enter any city or town.

    Thanks to taking all these safety measures, Yao Jun and Guo Luo were no longer recognized by anyone upon entering any city or town. They would also change their disguises whenever they traveled to a new place, so not even the people in the towns they had visited would be able to recognize them if they were to see them.

    “Should we take a break?”

    Yao Jun was breathing heavily, his entire body drenched in sweat and nearly devoid of energy. Guo Luo was laying next to him, resting her head on his chest and listening to his heart beat, a content smile on her lips as she asked him.

    “You're going to be the death of me woman.”

    Hearing Guo Luo's question, Yao Jun's lips curled into a wry smile as he leaned his head down and planted a kiss on her lips. Guo Luo returned the kiss, the two of them sharing a soft yet passionate kiss. It had already been four months since Guo Luo woke up after being poisoned. In these four months, the two of them had continued their journey towards Golden Moon Town, enjoying themselves inside the various cities that they spotted along the way.

    The reason behind Yao Jun's wry smile was because he had learned something new about Guo Luo in these four months. She was almost completely insatiable when it came to making love. With her taking the lead, the two of them could easily go at it for several hours, most often ending with Yao Jun completely exhausted.

    Yao Jun would of course not complain about this. Not only did it feel great, it was also slowly raising their cultivation. After the third month, Guo Luo had broken through in her cultivation, entering the 2nd Mortal Earth.

    Every new breakthrough would greatly strengthen them, giving them access to new abilities that they could use. Guo Luo had acquired one that was especially useful, bordering on ridiculous. She could now switch her position with her illusions, allowing her to appear wherever one of her illusions was. Of course, she could currently only do this within 100 meters, but it was still extremely powerful.

    Yao Jun watched Guo Luo get out off the bed and slip into her emerald green qipao. While she was getting dressed, Yao Jun's eyes never left her figure. It was probably just his eyes tricking him, but he swore that she was getting prettier and prettier by the day. Despite four months having passed, the weather was still chilly, so she also put on the yellow scarf that Yao Jun had bought back in Snow's Heart Town.

    Yao Jun eventually also got out off bed, putting on his emerald green shirt and pants. When the two of them didn't put on their disguises, they truly made for a wonderful sight as they stood next to each other.

    Yao Jun's cultivation had yet to break through, he was still only at the early stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth, but he had consolidated his cultivation, focusing on stability. His entire body was slowly starting to radiate with the majesty and tyrannical pressure that befitted a demon god. With his long violet hair swaying in the wind and his ghastly grey eyes that seemed to pierce one's soul, he made for a grand sight.

    While Yao Jun was starting to resemble a majestic demon god, Guo Luo was growing more and more into a person befitting the title of Illusion God, her body releasing an otherworldly and untainted aura. Rainbow colored hair, limpid pink eyes, and a figure that was growing more and more enchanting by the day, she was slowly turning into an otherworldly beauty.

    “Hang on, let me fix it.”

    Guo Luo's eyebrows slightly furrowed as she watched Yao Jun get dressed. She stepped forward and put her hands on his collar, adjusting it and making sure that it was straight. Despite his broken arm being healed, Yao Jun was still not quite used to wearing a shirt and pants, being much more used to wearing robes.

    Once she fixed it so that it looked properly, she leaned in and gave him a kiss. Over these last four months, the two of them had grown much more intimate and unrestrained, even giving each other several kisses in public. Of course, once it was just the two of them, they would be much more intimate.

    After they got dressed and Guo Luo covered both of them in her illusions, they left the inn and started wandering around the town they were currently in. The town they were in now was called Willow's Whisper Town, it was a town that was famous for it's weeping willows.

    The town followed a different style of architecture than normal towns, it's houses made out of logs instead of planks or stone. The houses also lacked the standard engravings and lanterns, making the entire town give off a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

    Spread around inside the town were several lakes of varying sizes, each lake surrounded by weeping willows and pavilions that people could sit and rest inside. The pavilions were all painted in white and cleaned regularly, making them a wonderful place to simply sit and drink some tea, watching the lakes.

    Guo Luo and Yao Jun had rented a small blue boat and taken it out onto one of the lakes, simply letting the currents pull them along. Besides the weeping willows next to the lake, there were several patches of floating lotuses in splendid colors growing on the lake.

    Their boat was slowly moving between these lotuses, filling the air around the boat with a pleasant scent. Yao Jun was sitting at one end of the boat, Guo Luo leaning her back against his chest as he embraced her from behind.

    She would follow Yao Jun wherever he wanted to go, but she had to admit that she preferred it when they were like this, peacefully enjoying each other's presence, not having to worry about getting attacked or battling all the time.

    “How much longer until we manage to reach Golden Moon Town?”

    While listening to the sound of the wind rustling the weeping willows, Guo Luo slightly turned her head and looked at Yao Jun. They were still heading towards Golden Moon Town to reunite with Yao Jun's parents, something she was both looking forward to as well as feeling nervous about.

    She was looking forward to it because she finally got to meet Yao Jun's parents and introduce herself, but she was also nervous about it because she was worried that they would not like her and try to make Yao Jun leave her.

    “If we continue at this speed, it should be around one year, maybe a little less.”

    Yao Jun did the calculations while putting one of his hands into the water, letting his fingers brush past the leaves of the lotuses that were growing around them. In what felt like the blink of an eye, it had already been over five months since they returned to the Grand Quan continent. As he was counting the months, he also realized that he had already turned 16 without noticing it.

    Yao Jun suddenly felt a tremble in his chest, as if it was trying to tell him something. The tremble quickly faded, but as it faded, it seemed to try and guide Yao Jun, heading towards the north. Yao Jun turned his head and narrowed his eyes, looking towards the north. The tremble had come from his Demon God's Gate, and it seemed to be trying to lead him north.

    “What's the matter Jun'er?”

    Guo Luo saw Yao Jun suddenly turn his head towards the north and narrow his eyes, as if he was trying to see something that was incredibly far away. This was not normal behavior for him, so she quickly asked.

    “Did you feel a tremble in your God Gate just now?”

    Yao Jun did not answer immediately, instead asking her a question instead. He wanted to find out if it had been just his Demon God's Gate that had trembled, or if all of them had. But he also knew that the odds of all the God Gates trembling was small, if all of them had trembled, Guo Luo would not have asked him what the matter was.

    “A tremble in my God Gate? No.”

    Guo Luo quickly shook her head. Since he suddenly asked about her God Gate, it was clear that something that had to do with his God Gate had just happened. Anything that had to do with their God Gates was a big matter.

    “My gate just trembled, it even tried to get me to head to the north. It seems like there is something for me in the north.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head, explaining the feeling he had just felt. Since it was his Demon God's Gate that had trembled, it seemed that there was something in the north that was calling for his Demon God's Gate.

    “Should we check it out?”

    Guo Luo also turned towards the north, asking Yao Jun as she did so. Since his Demon God's Gate had called him towards the north, it was clear that there was something there that it wanted.

    “We are heading north anyway, so if it is on the way, we might as well check it out.”

    Yao Jun shrugged his shoulders as he responded, a carefree smile on his lips. Since they were heading north anyways, he would not mind checking it out if it was on the way. But if it turned out to be too dangerous, he would also not shy away from simply ignoring it and pretending like he had never felt that tremble.

    While Yao Jun and Guo Luo were discussing whether or not to check out the place where Yao Jun's Demon God's Gate was trying to lead him, the massive castle located at the bottom of the ocean also had some movements.

    The headless man clad in a black robe that obscured his features was hurriedly moving through the halls of the castle, walking past the same humanoid fish-men that he had passed the last time. He stopped outside the same grand door as last time, taking another deep breath before entering it.

    The large hall that stood past the grand door had not changed, seeming as if it was frozen in time. The black stone throne at the center of the hall still held the chained old man covered in white hair.

    “Why are you always in such a rush Little Chao?”

    The old man spoke out when he saw the black robed man rush into the hall, his face seemingly trying to show a pleasant smile. But since he had been chained to the throne for so long, even some of his muscles were starting to fail him, so his attempt to smile only resulted in his lips twitching.

    “Sir! An anomaly has appeared! One of the broken gates has suddenly opened, appearing on the Grand Quan continent!”

    The black robed man did not respond, instead heavily dropping to his knees. His voice was slightly shaking as he reported what he had just learned. Others might not know what it meant that one of the broken gates had opened, but he certainly knew.

    “What?! A broken gate has opened? Impossible! They are broken and dead, they should not be able to open!”

    Just as he expected, the white haired old man let out a loud bellow when he heard the words of the black robed man. A broken gate opening and appearing in the world could easily lead to a large amount of chaos, which could easily throw all his plans awry.

    “I know, sir. But this information is trustworthy, one of the broken gates has definitely opened on the Grand Quan continent.”

    The voice of the white haired old man boomed through the large hall, causing the black robed man to shiver furiously, small cracks appearing in his body. The old man's voice alone had been enough to almost destroy his body. The black robed man hurriedly explained, afraid that he would die if the old man shouted out once more.

    “Is anyone from their group close to it? And which of ours are close to it?”

    The white haired old man quickly calmed down, his mind racing as he was trying to figure out how to react and handle the situation. Every time a God Gate holder died, the power inside the God Gate would weaken slightly, and the weakened God Gate would find a new host.

    But the energy that was lost as the God Gate weakened did not vanish. But even the white haired old man did not know where this energy went, only that it still existed somewhere in the universe. A broken gate was that energy, a God Gate whose host had already died.

    The white haired old man could not help but worry. Ever since the God Gates had first appeared in the universe, there had never been a time where a broken gate had opened, so why did one suddenly appear now?

    “The Demon God's Gate as well as the Illusion God's Gate from their group are close to it. As for our group, the Human God's gate as well as the Element God's Gate are close to it.”

    The black robed man hurriedly responded. He was in charge of keeping track of everyone who they controlled, so he knew exactly where every single member of their organization was at all times.

    “Very well. Send both of ours to the broken gate, they must capture it, no matter what.”

    The white haired old man nodded his head, quickly giving the order. It was impossible to know which of the broken God Gates had opened, but the white haired old man knew that he could not let the broken gate fall into the hands of anyone other than him. If anyone other than him got their hands on it, they might be able to destroy his carefully laid plans.

    “As you wish!”

    The black robed person immediately responded, standing up and leaving the large hall, leaving only the white haired old man inside the hall to continue his almost everlasting waiting..
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    Chapter 123: To the north.

    “Come on, we should just leave immediately.”

    Guo Luo was clinging to Yao Jun's chest, looking up at him with pleading eyes. After they returned to the inn, Yao Jun said that he wanted to stay few more days in Willow's Whisper before they headed further north. Upon hearing this, Guo Luo immediately pleaded for them to leave the town immediately. After all, something had cause his God Gate to tremble, so Guo Luo felt that it was better for them to find out what it was as fast as possible.

    “Fine fine, just don't look at me with those eyes in the future.”

    Yao Jun's mouth curled into a slight smirk as he watched Guo Luo look at him with pleading eyes. There was something about those pleading eyes that he found oddly exciting, his self control suddenly flying out the window.

    He grabbed Guo Luo's waist and lifted her up from the ground, planting a kiss on her lips as he did so. He carried her over to the bed and dropped her down on it, wasting no time before taking off her clothing, and starting a particularly passionate bout of lovemaking.

    The next day, Yao Jun and Guo Luo put on their disguises and left the town, heading towards a covert place where they could bring out Little Gray. They spent half a day walking, until they finally reached a place that they felt was hidden enough.

    Yao Jun brought out Little Gray and then placed his gate on Little Gray's back. Since Guo Luo wanted them to head over there as fast as possible, Yao Jun would obviously use the fastest method available to them. Yao Jun and Guo Luo entered the gate, allowing Little Gray to take off and fly towards the north at his full speed.

    Upon entering the gate, a small smile appeared on Yao Jun's face. Since his cultivation had yet too increase, the size of the gate had not increased, nor had any new environments appeared. But the current gate was still slightly different from how it used to be.

    Next to the small mountain that Yao Jun used to plant the various herbs and medicinal plants that they found, there was now a small and cozy wooden hut. The small hut was only a single floor tall, and only large enough for two rooms. It was constructed entirely out of wooden logs, a golden lantern hanging next to the door.

    This wooden hut was constructed by Yao Jun and Guo Luo while they were traveling from town to town. The logs all came from the inside of his God Gate, and the lantern was something they had bought while visiting a town a little while back.

    The inside of the hut consisted of two rooms. The first room was a mixture of a living room and kitchen. It contained a table, two chairs, a bookshelf filled with books that they had bought or found, a small kitchen corner, a lantern hanging from the ceiling, as well as a smooth ornate carpet that covered the entire floor.

    The second room was much simpler, containing only a single bed that was large enough for two people, as well as a lantern hanging from the ceiling. The bed and pillows were stuffed with a large amount of feathers, and everything was covered with red silk, so it was like laying on a cloud.

    Yao Jun's Demonic beasts never ventured close to this hut, especially when Yao Jun and Guo Luo were both inside the gate, lest they see or hear things the two of them while they were making love. They much preferred to silently cultivate around the ancient tree at the center of the gate.

    Thanks to this, all of Yao Jun's Demonic beasts had managed to increase their strength in the last few months. Ba-Shei and Sirius managed to break through, reaching the 2nd Mortal Earth, while Little Gray and Little Thunder had managed to reach the peak of the 1st Mortal Earth, only a single step away from breaking through.

    While Guo Luo entered the hut, Yao Jun sat down next to his Demonic beasts and silently cultivating. Thanks to the two of them engaging in dual cultivation, their cultivation was constantly rising, but they still needed to engage in normal cultivation from time to time, consolidating their cultivation.

    The higher ones cultivation level grew, the longer a person needed to break through. But a rise in cultivation level also made it easier to immerse oneself in cultivation. Yao Jun was only at the 2nd Mortal Earth, but when he closed his eyes and cultivated, several days could pass by in the blink of an eye.

    “There seems to be a group of people traveling north not far away from us. The group contains several cultivators, so I plan on asking them if anything has happened up north.”

    Two weeks after leaving Willow's Whisper, Yao Jun and Guo Luo were sitting in the small hut and eating breakfast, having cut their cultivating short. While Yao Jun was cultivating, he would often use his soul to connect with Little Gray, allowing him to look at what was happening around them in the outside world.

    As the time he spent cultivating grew, so too did the amount of control he had over his soul. Now he could easily have his body focus on cultivating, while his soul observed the surrounding world, allowing him to be constantly alert.

    “Alright, but i'm going with you.”

    Guo Luo nodded her head. Finding more information before taking action was a good idea, as it would decrease the chance of them getting caught unaware or unprepared.

    Yao Jun had Little Gray land at a spot where the traveling group of people would not see them. He then left the gate with Guo Luo, disguising themselves, and started heading towards the traveling group of people, making it look like he was coincidentally walking in the same direction as them.

    “Halt! Identify yourselves!”

    When Yao Jun and Guo Luo approached the group of traveling people, a man wearing armor and carrying a spear called out to them, raising his spear. The group of traveling people consisted of four wooden wagons covered with arched cloth, preventing anyone from looking into it.

    Each wagon was drawn by four strong horses, ensuring that the wagons did not move too slowly. Besides the wagons, the rest of the group consisted of around 15 other people, all clad in different clothing. But amongst the 15 people, three of them wore armor and carried spears, looking like guards.

    It was obvious that the three people who wore armor were guards, while the other 12 people were cultivators that had decided to join this traveling group. Of the 12 people, the highest cultivation level Yao Jun saw was a single female at the late stage of the 1st Mortal Earth.

    “Fucking idiot!”

    Just as Yao Jun and Guo Luo were about to say something, a loud shout was heard from the front-most wagon. After the shout sounded, a male youth walked out from the wagon, glaring at the guard looking man.

    Seeing this youth, Yao Jun's eyes slightly hardened. The youth seemed to be slightly older than him, maybe approaching his twenties. He had long black hair and smooth and unblemished skin. He had thin lips and brown eyes, looking very refined. But what caused Yao Jun's eyes to harden was the robes that the youth was wearing, the robes of the Yao clan.

    “Please forgive him, he has always had a hard time measuring other people's strength. If you would not mind, you can join us in the wagon, it is much more comfortable.”

    After shouting at the guard, the youth turned towards Yao Jun and Guo Luo, a pleasant smile on his face. He did not know exactly who these two people were, but he could tell that they were both at the early stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth, the same as him. If the two of them were willing to help his group, they would have a much higher chance of success once they reached their goal.

    “No need to worry about it.”

    Yao Jun responded with a pleasant smile of his own, stepping past the guard and heading towards the wagon. When the male youth had left the wagon, Yao Jun had been able to peer into it. Inside the wagon were three other youths two females and one male, all at the early stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth.

    The inside of the wagon was luxurious and comfortable. There were pillows covering the floor, preventing any discomfort from sitting on the wood. A small table filled with tea and some light snacks was placed at the center of the wagon. A few small lanterns lit up the wagon with a dim light.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo sat down at the table, inspecting the three other people that were already sitting inside the wagon. The two females looked like twins, they had fiery red hair that reached down to their hips, full lips and limpid blue eyes. They had tall and full figures and were clad in tight fitting robes, showing off their curves. The only thing that set them apart was that one of the females had a scar on her chin.

    The other male was slightly small and pudgy, but his face held a carefree smile. His head was completely clean shaven and polished, a strange type of lizard tattooed onto his scalp. He had black eyes and some few spread hairs growing on his chin. These three people were also clad in the robes of the Yao clan.

    “My name is Yao Shui, this is my friend Yao Gang. These two are Yao Yazhu and Yao Ah.”

    The other male youth entered the wagon and sat down at the table, introducing the other people around the table. The pudgy man was Yao Gang, while the woman without the scar was Yao Ah, and the woman with the scar was Yao Yazhu.

    The three youths nodded their heads in greeting, introducing themselves once more. They could tell that Yao Jun and Guo Luo were both at the early stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth, the same as them.

    “I am Shen Jun, this is my wife, Song Luo.”

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo nodded their heads as well, introducing themselves with false names. Thanks to Yao Luying's message, Yao Jun already knew that there were people in the Yao clan who were looking to take him hostage, so he was not comfortable with using his real name.

    “So why is such a large group of people heading north?”

    After introducing themselves, Yao Jun nonchalantly took some snacks from the table as he asked. Since such a large and diverse group were all heading north, it was clear that they were after something specific, possibly highly dangerous. It seemed like something really had happened up north.

    “You haven't heard?”

    Yao Shui looked at Yao Jun with a shocked expression. Such a large stir had been caused, but could it be that these two did not know about it?

    “Heard what? Me and my wife don't belong to any clan, we can only be considered wandering cultivators, so i'm afraid that our information network is severely lacking.”

    Yao Jun put on a bitter smile as he spoke, his words causing the others to nod in understanding. Wandering cultivators always had a much harder time getting their hand on information, so it was understandable that they did not know about what happened up north.

    “Around two weeks ago, hidden realm appeared up north. It should open in a few weeks, so people are swarming over to see what it holds.”

    Yao Shui quickly explained the situation to Yao Jun and Guo Luo. He did not hold a high position in the clan, so he could not request them to send people to help him, he would have to rely on loose cultivators who did not belong to any clans.

    “A hidden realm?”

    Guo Luo raised an eyebrow upon hearing Yao Shui's words. She had never heard about hidden realms, so she did not know how special they were.

    “A hidden realm is a space opened by a supreme cultivator. Some hidden realms have restrictions on who can enter, so people are rushing towards the north to find out what type of restrictions there are on this hidden realm. The possible amount of wealth and rare items inside this hidden realm has stirred up the entire continent. Even people from the three other great clans are coming to enter it.”

    Seeing that Guo Luo did not know what a hidden realm was, Yao Ah quickly explained it. After hearing their explanation, Yao Jun was certain that the appearance of this hidden realm was what caused his God Gate to tremble. Now he just had to find out how dangerous it would be to enter this hidden realm.
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    Chapter 124: Testing their strength.

    “So tell me brother Jun, how did you meet your wife? If you don't mind me saying it, the two of you seem rather young to already be married.”

    After spending a few days traveling alongside Yao Shui and the others, they were all sitting around the table inside the wagon and eating some light snacks while drinking a fruity wine. Yao Yazhu turned towards Yao Jun as she spoke, the light of curiosity shining in her eyes.

    “Haha, it's a rather boring story actually. I was wandering around the outskirts of the Southern Tundra a few years back. While wandering, I came upon a small tribe of nomads that was being attacked by a Demonic beast.”

    Yao Jun let out a slight chuckle, gripping Guo Luo's hand as he spoke, looking like he was reliving an old memory. The story he was telling them now was a story that they had already come up with several days ago, before he had even met this group of people.

    “I lent them my aid and we managed to drive off the Demonic beast. As thanks, the tribe allowed me to stay with them for a few days and partake in a feast. It was at this feast that I met Little Luo. Since we hit it off immediately, she decided to follow me on my wanderings. We haven't officially gotten married yet, but I already consider her my wife.”

    Yao Jun ended the story by sending Guo Luo a loving glance. This was a story the two of them had come up with to fool anyone who might ask the two of them why they were traveling together.

    “A wonderful story. Once you do decide to get married, I hope that you don't forget to invite us for a drink or two.”

    The pudgy Yao Gang let out a wistful sigh, raising his glass towards Yao Jun and Guo Luo. There was no one who didn't wish to find a kindred spirit on the long road of cultivation.

    “I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't dare!”

    Yao Jun put on a bright smile and let out a loud laugh, raising his own glass and clanking it against Yao Gang's. Since they were traveling with them and hoping to learn more about the hidden realm, Yao Jun and Guo Luo had decided to act very friendly towards them.

    While they were chatting, the entire wagon was suddenly struck by something, resulting in it shaking strongly and stopping in it's tracks. While Yao Jun and the others were slightly shaken, none of them were too shocked. This was not the first time this had happened in these last few days.

    “Halt! Hand over your valuables and we will let you pass!”

    Just as they expected, a rough and grating voice sounded out from the outside of the wagon. Since so many people were heading up north, a large amount of bandits had entrenched themselves around the various roads that were heading north, stopping all that tried to pass.

    “Brother Jun, sister Luo, I believe it is your time to chase away these pests?”

    Yao Shui turned towards Yao Jun and Guo Luo, a faint smile on his face. They had already decided an order on who would deal with bandits when they showed up. The others in the group had already dealt with the previous bandit groups by using the name of the Yao clan, so it was now Yao Jun and Guo Luo's turn to deal with the bandits.

    Yao Jun's face held a smile as he nodded at Yao Shui, but while he spoke, his mental energy sank into Guo Luo's mind, allowing the two of them to communicate without anyone else noticing.

    “Luo'er, don't use all your strength. Simply show off that you can create some illusions.”

    Yao Jun went straight to the point. He did not want to let Yao Shui and the others know exactly how much strength he and Guo Luo possessed, as he could not completely trust them. It was always best to hide some things from people you could not completely tr

    “Do you think they could become enemies?”

    Guo Luo could guess what Yao Jun was thinking. If Yao Shui and the others became their enemies at a later date, it would be disastrous if they knew how much strength Yao Jun and Guo Luo had. Especially since Yao Jun and Guo Luo did not know anything about the strength Yao Shui and the others possessed.

    “I don't know, but it is best to err on the side of caution. If they do end up becoming our enemies, we will have more cards up our sleeve.”

    Whether or not Yao Shui and the others would become their enemies was not just uncertain, it was even slightly unlikely. But Yao Jun was not willing to take the risk. The last time he had taken a risk, it had nearly cost Guo Luo her life.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo left the wagon and faced the group of bandits waiting for them outside. There were only around 12 bandits, but Yao Jun could see that the highest cultivation level amongst these bandits was impressively a person at the middle stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth, even higher than them.

    Because of this man, none of the other people that followed the people from the Yao clan dared to move. After all, the highest cultivation level amongst these people was only a single woman at the late stage of the 1st Mortal Earth.

    “You guy's should leave, I am in no mood to partake in a slaughter.”

    Yao Jun shook his head and spoke to the bandits, Guo Luo standing next to him and bringing out some illusory copies of herself that wandered the area. Since each illusion looked completely real, no one could tell which one was the real her.

    Both Yao Jun and Guo Luo were capable of killing people at the middle stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth, Yao Jun thanks to overwhelming strength and Guo Luo thanks to her ability to switch places with her illusions, so neither of them thought of this group of bandits as a threat.

    “Hand over your valuables and no one needs to get hurt!”

    The bandit leader felt that Guo Luo's power was rather headache inducing, but he refused to back down now, shouting out loudly once more. If the opposite party refused to hand over their valuables, they would just have to engage in a battle.

    Just after the bandit leader shouted out, he noticed Yao Jun waving his hand, and a terrible feeling of unease spread through his body. A slight breeze suddenly blew over him and the people around him, and he felt a burning sensation on his throat and hand.

    Looking down, he noticed that not only was there now a small wound on his throat, he had also lost the middle finger on his right hand. Not just him, everyone else in his group had also lost the middle finger on the right hand, the finger dropping down and rolling slightly on the ground.

    “Leave. Otherwise the next thing to roll will be your heads.”

    Yao Jun's eyes bore into the bandit leader, causing cold sweat to spread on his back. How could the bandit leader not realize that Yao Jun was not just making empty threats. If he chose to say anything else, he did not doubt that his head would separate from his neck.

    “Forgive us sir, and thank you for showing mercy. We will leave you be.”

    The bandit leader quickly bent his body, giving Yao Jun a deep bow and apologizing. The other bandits around him quickly mimicked him, dipping into a deep bow. After all, none of them wanted to die here.

    After apologizing, the bandits quickly turned around and fled into the woods around them. None of them wanted to risk moving too slow and accidentally making Yao Jun change his mind. A simple wave of his hand took one of their fingers, another wave and their heads would probably roll.

    After making sure that all the bandits had fled, the wagons started moving again, as if nothing had happened. Yao Jun and Guo Luo returned to the inside of the wagon, sitting down around the table and continuing to drink the wine.

    “There was no need to spare them brother Jun, no one will mind if we just kill such bandits.”

    Yao Shui looked to the outside of the wagon as he spoke, his words causing Yao Jun to sneer inwardly. When they had encountered bandits earlier, Yao Shui and the others had dealt with them by using the name of the Yao clan, forcing the bandits to flee.

    But now he said that there was no need for Yao Jun to spare them? It was clearly just that Yao Shui felt that he had not seen enough of Yao Jun's power, so he wanted him to fight a more protracted battle and show off more of his power.

    “I don't like starting a needless massacre, peace is always best. Me and Little Luo also can't use our powers for too long, as they will start showing their side effects if we do.”

    Despite his thoughts, Yao Jun still held a smile as he shook his head and spoke with a sigh, putting all the blame on a nonexistent side effect of his powers. He was now also completely certain that Yao Shui was trying to test how strong Yao Jun was, most likely to see if he is useful for exploring the hidden realm.

    “No wonder. Then I must commend brother Jun on his quick thinking.”

    Yao Shui nodded his head slowly, his face still holding that faint smile. He did not doubt Yao Jun's words, after all, how powerful could a wandering cultivator be? He was someone from the Yao clan, the amount of resources and training he had access to far surpassed Yao Jun.

    “Not at all, I have simply faced bandits quite a few times before, so I have gotten used to using this way to deal with them.”

    Yao Jun shook his head in response, coming up with a convenient yet believable lie. The group did not linger on the topic any longer, returning to drinking and eating, casually chatting. In a few days, they would reach Falling Boulder City, the place where the hidden realm had appeared.
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    Chapter 125: Five future rulers.

    Falling Boulder City took it's name from where it was located. The entire city was built at the side of a mountain that had an incline that was almost completely straight, shooting up towards the clouds. Because of this, on days where there were particularly strong winds, boulders would fall from the mountain.

    Because of this, while it was called Falling Boulder City, it barely had enough inhabitants to be considered a town. Every building was made out of stone and was round in shape, not a single decoration or carving present on the houses.

    There was a large array covering the ground inside and around the city. Whenever a boulder fell from the mountain, the array would activate and push the boulder away from the city. But the array could not last forever, it would stop working sooner or later, exposing the city to the falling boulders.

    Unlike normal days, where there would barely be any visitors to the city, the city was currently filled with travelers. The city was too small to accommodate everyone, so a circle of wagons and camps had formed outside the city.

    There was a spot outside the city where space was shimmering and twisting, indicating that there was something there. This was the hidden realm that everyone had come here for. The shimmering and twisting space was a sign that the hidden realm was close to opening.

    “Brother Jun, Sister Luo! You cannot spend every day waiting inside that room. The people from the four clans are going to get some drinks together, so this is a good chance to let you see the people from the other clans.”

    Yao Shui knocked on the door of the room where Yao Jun and Guo Luo were resting, calling out in a loud voice. Since they had arrived rather early, and coupled with the fact that they were from one of the four clans, the group had managed to secure a few rooms in the city where they could rest.

    After waiting for a short moment, the sound of footsteps came from within the room. Yao Jun and Guo Luo opened the door to the room and stepped out. They were not clad in their emerald green clothes, but a more common type of brown robes that could be bought in the city.

    “That does sound like a good idea. Lead the way Brother Shui.”

    Yao Jun had a faint smile on his face as he spoke. They had arrived in Falling Boulder City a little over a week ago. So since it was only between one to two weeks left until the hidden realm opened, Yao Jun wanted to spend the remaining time in quiet cultivation, waiting for the day they figured out if there was a restriction on entering the hidden realm.

    But it was never a bad idea to make some connections and learning about potential enemies. So when Yao Jun heard Yao Shui say that he was going to meet with the people from the other clans, how could he possibly say no?

    Seeing Yao Jun finally leaving his room and agreeing to one of his suggestions, Yao Shui's lips curled into a faint smile. He lead Yao Jun and Guo Luo away from the inn and towards a small restaurant at the center of the city.

    The restaurant was only one floor tall, but it was much longer and wider than any of the other buildings in the city, it was also the only house in the city that had any decorations. A few golden lanterns hung down from the roof of the building, various ingredients and types of food carved into the wall of the building.

    Upon entering the restaurant, the waitress a young female clad in a golden uniform, immediately brought them into a large open hall. This hall was the reason that the restaurant was so long and wide. While it was called a hall, it was more appropriate to call it an open plain.

    The floor was covered in earth, grass, trees, and other various plants had been planted around the entire area. White pavilions were placed all around this plain, a myriad of people seated in each pavilion.

    Thanks to a small array in the ceiling, there was even a fake sun and sky present above them. This restaurant had been built not longer after the city was first founded, when people thought that it would grow into a massive city housing millions of inhabitants.

    The young waitress brought the three of them to to a pavilion located not far from the entrance of the hall. Yao Yazhu and the others that Yao Jun had traveled with were already seated in the pavilion, chatting with several other people.

    There were three other groups of people. One of the groups was lead by a female youth with dark golden hair and a bewitching figure, she had green eyes that carried a faint arrogance. This group was clad in golden robes carrying the mark of the Peng clan, a massive golden Peng.

    The second group was lead by a burly male youth, his brown hair was short and spiky. His entire body was brimming with scars, muscles, and power. He had deep black eyes that seemed to constantly survey the area, a vigilant look in his eyes. This group was clad in the deep red robes of the Wei clan, their clothing carrying the mark of their guardian beast, a Blood Dragon.

    The last group was lead by a male youth who was so pretty and delicate that if Yao Jun hadn't seen his adam's apple, he would have believed him to be female. The youth had long green hair and clean white skin. His deep blue eyes seemed to contain a faint smile, and he had a pleasant atmosphere around him. The people in his group were clad in the blue robes of the Zhuang clan, their clothing carrying the mark of their guardian beast, a massive Leviathan.

    “Forgive me for being late, I had to stop and pick up Brother Jun and his wife first.”

    Yao Shui spoke with a smile, sitting down next to group of people from the Yao clan and grabbing a cup filled with wine. Yao Jun and Guo Luo were given two chairs by a different waiter, the two of them sitting down at a spot in the pavilion that was not too close to any of the four clans.

    “So this is Brother Jun and Sister Luo. I am Peng Qing, Brother Shui has praised you quite a bit, so I am glad to finally get a chance to see you.”

    The bewitching female from the Peng clan sent a smile at Yao Jun and Guo Luo, introducing herself. She did not miss what Yao Jun indicated by sitting down where he sat, he was indicating that he was not too close to any of the four clans, meaning that he was free for anyone to make a move on.

    “He is probably just bragging needlessly.”

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo both shook their heads. They had chosen where to sit carefully, as they could not look too distant, nor too close, to any of the four clans. Their current seating position implied that they were not too close with any of the four clans, meaning that they could become friends with any of the clans.

    “I am Wei Li. Should there ever be a chance, I would like to request a sparring match.”

    The burly youth from the Wei clan looked Yao Jun and Guo Luo up and down before speaking out. He could sense danger from both of them, so it was clear that they possessed great strength. People from the Wei clan were notorious for being people obsessed with battles, so they quite enjoyed meeting people like Yao Jun and Guo Luo, strong people who could fight them.

    “I am Zhuang Xinyue, I look forward to entering the hidden realm alongside you.”

    The last person to introduce themselves was the pretty male youth from the Zhuang clan. People from the Zhuang clan were renowned for being carefree and relaxed, making friends wherever they went.

    “The four clans are all entering together?”

    Yao Jun slightly raised his eyebrow when he heard the words of Zhuang Xinyue. From what he said, it sounded like these four groups were planning on entering the hidden realm together. He couldn't help but ask, as he thought that the four clans were competing with each other, so what was the point of entering together?

    “Not all groups from the four clans are entering together, but it is safer for people who are weak like us to enter together. As long as we equally share whatever we find, our lives should not be in any danger.”

    Yao Shui responded with a laugh. The people in these four groups had nearly no position within their respective clans, so while they had access to more resources than wandering cultivators, the amount of resources they got could not even get close to some other people within their clan.

    For people like them, it was much better to team up whenever they ventured anywhere dangerous. Of course, Yao Jun was certain that the talk about equally sharing everything that they found was completely false. Once they found something even remotely valuable, it was likely that the entire party would collapse and everyone would become enemies.

    “So you are not from any clan or sect?”

    Peng Qing moved closer to Yao Jun and Guo Luo, her charming eyes drilling into them as she asked with a faint smile. The two were not from any sect or clan, but they had the same cultivation level as the strongest people in their groups? How could she not be interested in recruiting people like this?

    “No, we are just a wandering couple who heard of the news and came to join in on the fun.”

    “Then I assume that you don't know anything about who will be entering? Then allow me to make the introductions.”

    Upon hearing Yao Jun's response, Peng Qing's face lit up with a smile. Hearing Yao Shui tell them that they were not from any clan or sect was one thing, but actually having them confirm it was obviously much better.

    “Let's start with the people that you should avoid entirely. There are a total of five such people that have arrived so far. Whatever you do, it is simply best to avoid these five people completely, especially for someone like you who has no backing.”

    Peng Qing decided that it was best to give them a good impression early on, so she decided to explain a bit about the most dangerous people who were planning on entering the hidden realm.

    “The first person is that man over there, Yao Duan He. He is the person who is most likely to become the next patriarch of the Yao clan. His cultivation has already reached the late stage of the 6th Houtian sky, only a single step away from the 7th Xiantian Heaven.”

    Peng Qing pointed towards a pavilion located a short distance away from them, at the center of the area. Inside the pavilion were a group of people clad in the robes of the Yao clan, a person who looked like a male youth seated in the middle of them.

    The male youth had long black hair that he had tied up into a bun. He had chiseled features and clear eyes, his skin clean and unblemished. He looked more like a mortal scholar than he did a cultivator. But Yao Jun could sense a terrifying pressure radiate from this man, telling him that he was not someone to be underestimated.

    “He is a true Yao clan descendant, so he has inherited the blood of their guardian beast, the Mountain Eater. Thanks to that blood and his own power, his control over the stone and earth element is nearly unmatched. These dangerous people might look young, but don't let that deceive you, the youngest amongst them is already 40 years old.”

    Cultivators could never be judged by their looks, as cultivating would allow one to enjoy a longer lifespan. A person who looked like a youth could easily end up being several hundred years old.

    The guardian of the Yao clan was a Mountain Eater, a rock type Demonic beast that could eat mountains like snacks once it reached maturity. The progenitor of the Yao clan had married one such Mountain Eater, allowing his descendants to carry it's blood.

    “The second person is that vixen over there, Zhuang Shao Ju. She has the same status and cultivation as Yao Duan He. She is another true descendant, meaning that she carries the blood of the Leviathan in her. Thanks to that blood, she can control the surrounding water and moisture to great effect.”

    The next pavilion that Peng Qing pointed at contained a group of people clad in the robes of the Zhuang clan. The vixen in question was a beautiful female with long blue hair and enchanting red eyes. Her robes were tighter than normal robes, showing off her figure.

    “Her own power is slightly weaker, but much more devilish. She can control the blood inside her own body to attack others. The drawback is that this drains her own blood and weakens her. But she has learned a technique to combat this drawback, she can directly drain the blood of other people to supplement her own.”

    Peng Qing could not help but shiver slightly upon mentioning Zhuang Shao Ju's power. She had completely erased the drawback of her power, using the blood of other people to supplement her own. Rumors had it that her eyes used to be a deep green, but turned red after she started draining the blood of others.

    “That brute over there is Wei Zhong Jun. Another person who has the same status and cultivation as Yao Duan He. Of the five people to avoid, he can be considered the most harmless one. He is the same as this brute right here, honest to a fault and a complete battle maniac. He is also a true descendant, meaning that he carries the blood of the Blood Dragon, allowing him to control blood in an area around him.”

    Peng Qing pointed at another pavilion, this one containing people clad in the robes of the Wei clan. Wei Zhong Jun himself had deep crimson hair that reached down to his shoulders. He was burly and rugged, exposing his muscular chest. His body was covered in large and small scars, showing how many battles he had fought. His deep green eyes were vigilantly scanning the area around the pavilion.

    “If he is facing someone much weaker than him, he can simply extract their blood directly from their bodies. His own power is actually much simpler, it is a straight power boost. For a short moment, all of his power will grow much stronger. That includes his strength, speed, reactions, everything. Honest to a fault, but terrifyingly strong.”

    His power could be considered both good and bad. It was bad because on it's own, it did practically nothing. But it was also good because of how strong Wei Zhong Jun already was. Activating his power practically turned him into a humanoid Demonic beast.

    “The fourth person is Qiao Xian Yi, the person who is next in line to become the Peng clan matriarch, same cultivation as Yao Duan He. I know what you are thinking, and she is indeed not someone from the Peng clan. She was found and adopted by the previous Peng clan leader. Thanks to her outstanding strength and social ability, she has managed to become next in line for the title of Peng clan leader.”

    Peng Qing proceeded to point at a pavilion containing the people belonging to the Peng clan. Her voice contained a mixture of disdain and envy when she spoke about Qiao Xian Yi. Qiao Xian Yi was not someone from the Peng clan, but managed to climb all the way up to becoming next in line for clan leader, how could she not be envious?

    Qiao Xian Yi had short hair, only hanging down to a little below her ears, that was a deep orange in color. Her face seemed to hold a perpetual faint smile, and she had black eyes that radiated a feeling of kindness.

    “She does not have the blood of the Peng flowing in her, but her power is still incredibly terrifying. Her power allows her to not only control the minds of people weaker than her, forcing them to serve her, but she can even raise dead people and have them act as her puppets. Never assume that she is alone, for she always carries several dead servants in her interspatial ring.”

    Amongst the people of the Peng clan as well as the higher ups amongst the other clans, Qiao Xian Yi's power was well known. If she was given enough time, she could easily create an un-dead army, or even place spies all over the continent. She looked kind and harmless, but she was a person who could be a truly terrifying foe.

    “The last person to watch out for is that beast over there, Gao Zhou Wuhan. The person who was most likely to become the next leader for the Demon Race was recently banished by the Devouring Empress Gao Bi, allowing Wuhan to quickly rise in power.”

    The last pavilion Peng Qing pointed at contained a group of people that were clad in the skins of Demonic beasts. Some of the people had scales, tails, additional limbs, or other marks that showed that they belonged to the Demon Race. Of course, besides Yao Jun and Guo Luo, there was probably no one in this pavilion who knew that the banished person was actually Wan Yi.

    The person Peng Qing pointed at looked like a completely normal human youth. He had clean and unblemished skin, his long black hair was made up into a pony tail. But he had golden eyes that seemed to contain a fiery light. His eyes swept the surroundings, a disdainful light visible inside his eyes.

    “As the son of Gao Bi and Feng Huan, he has inherited both their Soul Beasts, the Taotie and the Golden Crow. He is powerful and ruthless, willing to do almost anything to rise in power. I have heard that he can use his Taotie to devour other people's Soul Beasts, taking them for himself, because of this, he often hunts for people banished by the Demon Race.”

    Gao Bi and Feng Huan were the current leaders of the Demon Race, so with Gao Zhou Wuhan being the son of the two of them, his position within the Demon Race could be imagined. Yao Jun could not even imagine what Wan Yi had to do to surpass Gao Zhou Wuhan's standing in the Demon Race.

    “The Demon Race can also enter this hidden realm? They aren't worried about the others ganging up on them and killing them?”

    Yao Jun pretended like he did not know anything about the relationship between the clans and the Demon Race. After all, it was mostly only people from the large clans who knew that the Human Race was not actually at war with the Demon Race.

    “The relationship between the Demon Race and our Human Race isn't that bad. Most commoners only think that because we have entered an agreement with the Demon Race. Their commoners believe that the entire Demon Race is at war with the Human Race, while our commoners believe the same.”

    Peng Qing responded with a slight smile. She was not surprised that Yao Jun did not know about the actual relationship that they had with the Demon Race, as it was not something they could ever tell the common people.

    “Like this, the people from both sides will occasionally start a small skirmish. The two groups can then use this small skirmish to allow their younger generations to learn what a true battle is. Some lives are always lost in the process, but that is the price we must pay for strength.”

    To cultivators, commoners were the same as ants. So what if countless commoners of the Demon Race and the Human Race died? They could easily be replaced within a few years. But strong cultivators required many years and countless battles, so both races were more than happy with keeping the fake war going.

    “I see, that makes sense.”

    Yao Jun nodded with an understanding expression on his face, but he was cold as ice on the inside. His parents had spent a large part of their lives fighting on the front lines in this fake war. Wan Yi had already told him that the war was fake, but he still held a faint hope that she had lied to him, that his parents hadn't wasted so much of their lives fighting in a fake war.

    Now that he got confirmation that what Wan Yi had told him was true, how could he not be angry? He continued to drink with them for a bit longer, engaging in small talk and discussions about what could be inside the hidden realm. After a few more hours, he excused himself and he and Guo Luo returned to their room, returning to their silent cultivation.
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    Chapter 126: The opening of the hidden realm.

    As the opening of the hidden realm came closer and closer, Falling Boulder City got more and more visitors. A large amount of people from the four clans as well as people from the Demon Race and other sects had arrived, causing the city to become incredibly bustling.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo were currently seated on a large stone located at the outskirts of Falling Boulder City. The twisted space that was the entrance to the hidden realm had grown more and more violent as time passed. It had now gotten so bad that no one could get close to it, for fear of being torn apart by the twisting space.

    “Brother Jun! So this is where you have been hiding, I was wondering why you weren't in your room.”

    Yao Shui's voice suddenly rang out from behind Yao Jun and Guo Luo, interrupting the silent mood that the two were currently enjoying. Turning their heads, they could see Yao Shui walking towards them, accompanied by the people from the three other clans who were going to enter alongside them.

    “It should open up soon, so I figured that it was about time I got a move on.”

    Yao Jun responded with a faint smile. He could feel the trembling in his chest grow stronger and stronger, so he was certain that it would not be long until the hidden realm opened. Of course, despite the feeling in his chest, Yao Jun would not enter the hidden realm until he was certain that it was safe enough.

    “There is no need to worry, I am certain that the hidden realm will pose no threat to us, entering it will be perfectly safe.”

    Yao Shui responded with a laugh, patting Yao Jun on the shoulders as he did so. Yao Jun had already told them that he would not enter the hidden realm if it turned out to be too dangerous. At that time, Yao Shui and the others had shrugged their shoulders and told him not to worry about it.


    Yao Jun was just about to say something when the trembling in his chest grew violent. He quickly turned to face the twisting space, ignoring the confused gazes of the others. The twisting space was currently twisting even more violently than it did earlier, faint cracks spreading in space around it.

    “It's opening.”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but mutter under his breath. After his words sounded out, the twisting space completely vanished and a loud tearing sound rang out. The only thing that was left behind was a large tear in space, leading into the hidden realm.

    From where they stood, Yao Jun and the others could see through the tear and into the hidden realm. Looking into the hidden realm, Yao Jun was completely flabbergasted. The hidden realm looked like it was a world of it's own, completely separate from their world.

    The entrance was located in the sky of the hidden realm, allowing them to see a large area of the hidden realm. Just from the parts they could see, Yao Jun saw that the hidden realm was massive. There were frozen tundras, large plains, vast forests, massive lakes, mountains that spewed fire and molten rock into the air.

    But the thing that shocked Yao Jun the most was the feeling he got from his Demon God's Gate. The moment the hidden realm opened, his Demon God's Gate released a strong sense of longing and loneliness, it even seemed sad.

    “It's open!”

    Loud shouts quickly sounded out from the surroundings as more and more people noticed the opening of the hidden realm. People charged out from the city and cautiously approached the tear in space.

    “Let's get closer and get a good look before we decide on how to act.”

    Yao Shui pat Yao Jun on the shoulder and lead the group closer to the tear in space. A faint and unnoticeable light flickered in his eyes as he looked at tear in space. He had seen how Yao Jun reacted just before the gate opened, he reacted before even the people who were much stronger than them managed to react.

    The group a short distance away from the tear in space, since the twisting space had vanished, it was now safe to move closer to the entrance. From where they were standing, they could even faintly sense some smells coming out from within the hidden realm.

    “Let me try first.”

    While people were gathering around the entrance, a person clad in the robes of the Wei clan stepped forward. The person was tall and lean, radiating a sense of power. Yao Jun could only faintly sense this person's cultivation level, but it seemed to be above the 6th Houtian Sky, so he was likely at the 7th Xiantian Heaven.

    Under the eyes of everyone present, the man from the Wei clan stepped towards the entrance of the hidden realm. He pulled out a large hammer upon getting closer to the entrance, ready to react to any situation. Upon reaching the entrance, he placed his hand on the tear in space and tried to step forward, but there seemed to be an unseen force preventing him from moving closer.

    Noticing this unseen force, the man took a step backwards and raised his hammer high. As he raised the hammer, it seemed to faintly vibrate as he inserted his Qi, releasing a high pitched screech. The man brought the hammer down with full force, but when the hammer hit the entrance to the hidden realm, it hit the unseen force and bounced back, hitting the man in the chest and sending him flying backwards.

    “It seems that people at the 7th Xiantian Heaven can't enter. Zhuang Bing, you try it.”

    While some people felt a slight sweat drip down their back upon seeing the state of the man, Zhuang Shao Ju spoke out with an indifferent voice. A middle aged man who was at the 6th Houtian Sky realm standing behind her nodded his head after hearing her voice.

    He stepped towards the entrance of the hidden realm and brought out his weapon, a pair of gloves with claws attached where his fingernails were. He stretched out his hand and placed it on the entrance of the hidden realm, but there was no unseen force that stopped him, allowing his hand to reach into the hidden realm.

    “It seems that only people below the 7th Xiantian Heaven can enter. Follow me.”

    Upon seeing the man's hand sink into the entrance of the hidden realm, Yao Duan He quickly acted. He brought all his men who were beneath the 7th Xiantian Heaven and charged towards the entrance of the hidden realm.

    His actions quickly sparked the others to move into action. The main groups of the four clans and the Demon Race all moved into action, dashing towards the entrance of the hidden realm. Those who were at the 7th Xiantian Heaven could only curse their bad luck and head back into the city.

    Anyone who stepped into the entrance of the hidden realm vanished from sight, being transported into the hidden realm. The ones who entered the hidden realm could not be spotted by the people who stood outside the entrance, so some people came up with the theory that maybe they were being transported to random locations.

    Of course not everyone moved immediately. The weaker groups did not move right away, waiting for the stronger groups to enter first. They would never be able to compete with these groups, so it was better for them to wait until all the stronger groups had moved through. Then they could enter and see if there were any left-overs that they could grab.

    “What do you say, Brother Jun, will you enter alongside us?”

    After almost all the other groups had entered Wei Li turned towards Yao Jun and spoke. He could feel that Yao Jun was powerful, so if he joined them into the hidden realm, he could be a huge boon.

    “I'm afraid that I will have to disappoint you. It seems a bit too dangerous for me and Little Luo to enter that place.”

    Yao Jun fondled his chin slightly, locking eyes with Guo Luo, before responding with a shake of his head. With anyone below the 7th Xiantian Heaven being able to enter, the degree of danger inside the hidden realm could be imagined. Yao Jun did not want to risk it, no matter how much his Demon God's Gate wanted him to enter.

    “What a shame.”

    Hearing his reply, Yao Shui shook his head and spoke with a sigh. As his words rang out, the Qi within his body suddenly surged. His body shot forward like a blur, faster than Yao Jun's eyes even could register.

    Before anyone had time to react, Yao Shui had grabbed Guo Luo and arrived at the entrance of the hidden realm. Under the shocked gazes of everyone, Yao Shui pushed her into the hidden realm, causing her form to vanish into the hidden realm.


    Yao Jun's voice was colder than the winds of hell, his eyes staring death at Yao Shui. He wasn't the only one shocked by Yao Shui's actions, even the other people from the Yao clan that he had brought were shocked.

    “You noticed the opening of the hidden realm before anyone else did, so it is clear that you have some connection with it. If you follow me into the hidden realm I will assure you that nothing will happen to her.”

    Yao Shui did not falter upon seeing Yao Jun's eyes. He had no hope of getting anything good from the hidden realm, but when he saw Yao Jun react to the opening of the hidden realm before anyone else, he saw hope, hope that he could obtain something good in the hidden realm.

    No matter how unlikely it was that Yao Jun actually had a connection with the hidden realm, Yao Shui was willing to bet on it. If he managed to obtain something good from the hidden realm, his standing in the Yao clan could rise dramatically. For that, he would be willing to bet on even the smallest chance.

    The other people standing around Yao Jun couldn't help but turn to look at him when they heard Yao Shui's words. If it was true that he had a connection with the hidden realm, could he not lead them to the greatest treasures inside the hidden realm?

    “The Wei clan had nothing to do with this, nor will we take part in what follows.”

    While the eyes of the surrounding people locked onto Yao Jun, Wei Li spoke out and took a few steps back, slightly shocking the other people watching. Was Wei Li not interested in the treasures of the hidden realm?

    But how could they understand what Wei Li was feeling? Wei Li had known from the start that Yao Jun and Guo Luo possessed great power, and that they radiated a dangerous feeling. Yet the feeling he felt back then was nothing compared to what he felt when he looked at the current Yao Jun. It was like looking at a terrifying Demonic beast that was awakening from it's slumber. Wei Li wanted nothing to do with that.

    Yao Jun paid no heed to the eyes looking at him, his eyes were completely focused on the entrance of the hidden realm. He started slowly walking towards the entrance of the hidden realm, his expression frighteningly calm.

    He did not want to enter the hidden realm because he felt that it was too dangerous, but now Guo Luo had been forced into that very hidden realm, how could he not be furious? He also could not help but be angry at himself once more.

    Had he not agreed to get closer to the entrance, this would not have happened. He also could not help but yell at himself when he noticed that no matter how many times he swore that he would protect Guo Luo, he kept failing at doing just that.

    “Follow me every...”

    Yao Shui opened his mouth and waved at the rest of the people from the Yao clan that had yet to enter. But before he managed to finish his sentence, the words got stuck in his throat. A piercing pain assaulted his body, forcing large amounts of blood up his throat.

    The people standing around were shocked when they noticed that Yao Shui's body had suddenly been pierced through. Tendrils of darkness were growing out from the darkness within the openings of his clothes, digging into his body and squirming around inside him.

    The people from the Yao clan were just about to move forward and help him, when they suddenly stopped in their tracks, sweat dripping down their backs. Tendrils of darkness grew out from the shadows that their clothing cast, coiling around their bodies. They did not doubt that the tendrils would pierce their bodies the moment they moved.

    While Yao Shui was gasping for breath, mouthfuls of blood leaking out from his mouth, Yao Jun reached his side. When Yao Jun reached his side, the people watching the scene unfold noticed that the tendrils of darkness piercing Yao Shui all gathered together into a single tendril.

    The tendril grew into a pitch black demonic serpent that coiled around Yao Shui's body, it's body glistening with his blood. Yao Jun placed his hand on the head of the snake, affectionately petting it. Upon having it's head pat by Yao Jun, the snake seemed to have received an order.

    It opened it's maw and bit down on Yao Shui's head, a loud crunching sound ringing out in the ears of everyone present. Under the terrified eyes of everyone watching, Yao Shui's body was quickly swallowed whole by the serpent. Despite swallowing Yao Shui whole, the serpent's size did not change, once more shocking the onlookers.

    “If a single hair on her body has been harmed, then the entire Yao clan, and any other clan that has harmed her will pay in blood.”

    After swallowing Yao Shui, the black serpent coiled around Yao Jun's body, like a child looking for praise. Yao Jun did not turn around, setting foot into the entrance of the hidden realm. Only his cold voice still rung out after he set foot into the entrance and vanished, forever embedding itself in the mind of everyone present.
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    Chapter 127: Inside the hidden realm.

    After passing through the entrance of the hidden realm, Yao Jun felt the space around him violently warp and twist, as if it was trying to tear him apart. The feeling only persisted for a short moment, but it still filled him with the fear of death.

    A white light filled his eyes, completely blinding him. The moment the white light vanished, a terrible heat suddenly struck him. Yao Jun slowly opened his eyes and inspected his surroundings.

    The best way for him to describe his surroundings would be to call it an almost hellish wasteland. The earth beneath him was a reddish brown in color, the air was scorching hot and stunk of sulfur and burnt wood. There were several large volcanoes in the surrounding, some spewing black smoke while some laid dormant.

    Vegetation was almost nonexistent, probably thanks to the high heat as well as what seemed to be small geysers that periodically spewed out molten rock or hot gases. Boulders both large and small dotted the landscape, providing ample shade and cover.

    The sky above Yao Jun was deep blue in color, pure white clouds slowly drifting around. There was even a sun that was gently sending down its light. It made for a stark contrast with the hellish wasteland around him.

    “You fucking retard. How many times will you have to let her get hurt before you learn?”

    After checking the surroundings, Yao Jun couldn't help but use his knuckles to knock on his own head, cursing at himself. Ever since he had started traveling with Guo Luo, he had done nothing but put her in danger wherever they went.

    “Alright. Calm down, let's think about the situation carefully.”

    Yao Jun took a deep breath to calm himself down, now was not the time to be angry at himself. He first had to figure out his situation, then he could figure out how to best proceed.

    “No one else around as far as I can see, which means that besides Sirius and the others, I am alone. Can I contact others?”

    Yao Jun once more swept the surroundings, pushing his eyes to the limit to see as far as possible. Yet all he saw was the same hellish wasteland, no matter how far he looked. It seemed like it went on for quite a while.

    After checking the surroundings and making sure that he was alone, he swiped his interspatial ring and took out the Message Jade that Wan Yi had given them. As long as there was enough Qi, this Message Jade could deliver the message across any distance.

    “Luo'er? Can you hear me? Where are you?”

    The first one Yao Jun tried to contact was Guo Luo, the others were currently working on creating and expanding Titan's Gate, so there was no real need to worry about them.

    Despite waiting for several minutes, there was no response from the Message Jade, meaning that Guo Luo had either not received the message, or that she was unable to respond.

    “Yantian, can you hear me? Little Yi, can you hear me?”

    To make sure which one was the more likely option, Yao Jun tried contacting Yun Yantian and Wan Yi. He once more waited for a few minutes, but there was still no response from the Message Jade.

    “Shitty hidden realm, why do you have to cut off contact?”

    Yao Jun could not resist cursing once more. Since he was unable to even contact Yun Yantian and the others, it was clear that all contact was cut off after entering the hidden realm.

    “Alright. Im all alone, and I can't contact anyone. Since it is like this, it is fair to assume that everyone was sent to a random location, meaning that Luo'er might also be all alone right now.”

    Yao Jun took another deep breath and organized his thoughts. He didn't have to say his thoughts out loud, but he felt that it helped him calm down and organize his thoughts.

    Since he had ended up here all alone, it would be reasonable to assume that everyone else had also been sent to a random location. With Guo Luo possibly being alone, the odds of her getting attacked by other people were low, but there was no telling what sort of dangers lurked in this hidden realm.

    “Let's gain some ground and see if we can spot anything.”

    Yao Jun's first plan was to reach a higher place to get a better view of the surroundings, which would allow him to know which direction he should head in. He touched upon the Demon God's Gate and was about to bring out Little Gray, when he suddenly felt the Qi of the surrounding area surge and flow into his chest, surrounding and blocking his Demon God's Gate.

    He tried again and again to make contact with his Demon God's Gate, but the Qi from the surroundings had completely sealed it up. He was not even able to summon the gate or enter it, he was almost completely cut off from it.

    “...Fuck me. Can I at least use their powers?”

    After a short moment of silence, Yao Jun let out a low curse. First it cut off his contact, and now it even blocked his Demon God's Gate. What sort of shitty hidden realm was this? Was it intent on killing him?

    His Demon God's Gate was blocked, so he could not summon Little Thunder and the others, this was a fact he had to come to terms with. He quickly checked whether or not he could still use the powers granted to him by his Demonic beasts. Only when lightning, wind, and darkness coiled around his arm like serpents did he manage to sigh a breathe of relief.

    “Good, at least this shitty hidden realm didn't block everything.”

    Had the hidden realm also blocked his ability to use the abilities of his Demonic beasts, he would have to rely on only his strong body to survive, which would make the journey much harder.

    “Seems like I will have to use my feet and find a mountain to climb.”

    Since he could not summon Little Gray to fly up, he would have to wander until he found a mountain that was safe to climb. His Demon God's Gate had been trembling in joy ever since he entered the hidden realm, even beckoning him to head in a certain direction.

    But Yao Jun chose to temporarily ignore this beckoning, putting all his focus on first finding Guo Luo. He checked the surroundings once more and decided to travel towards a seemingly dormant volcano in the distance. It was shaped like a cone and slightly taller than the other volcanoes, so it seemed like the best vantage point. After choosing which mountain to head to, he did not waste any more time and started heading towards the cone shaped volcano.

    When the white light vanished from hr vision Guo Luo could not help but be confused and look around. One moment she had been a short distance away from Yao Jun, but in the next moment she felt something grab onto her and pull her away at high speed, pushing her into the entrance of the hidden realm.

    “This is the inside of the hidden realm?”

    Guo Luo turned her head and looked at her surroundings, muttering to herself. The place she had arrived was at the bottom of a valley, strong winds rushing through the valley and producing a howling sound.

    Guo Luo could also see some large rocks rolling down the side of the hill in the distance. But there seemed to be a strange force that kept the stones in perpetual motion, pushing them up the other side of the valley, where they once more started rolling down.

    Because of the strong winds that were rushing through the valley, there were barely any plants or living beings in the valley. The ground was an earthen yellow in color, cracks spreading all around the ground and the side of the valley. A low thumping sound came from deep within the cracks on the ground, blast of wind occasionally shooting out from some of the cracks.

    “The Message Jade!”

    Guo Luo calmed her mind and organized her thoughts. Her first idea was to contact Yao Jun and let him know that she was fine. She hurriedly swiped her interspatial ring and pulled out the Message Jade, inserting her Qi into it.

    “Jun'er, I am fine, so there is no need to worry about me. I am currently located in a deep valley, where did you end up?”

    Guo Luo did not doubt that Yao Jun entered the hidden realm right after her. After all, he once promised her that anywhere she went, he would follow. Despite sending the message and waiting several minutes, there was no response from the Message Jade.

    “Jun'er? Can you hear me? Brother Yantian, Sister Yuhuan, can you hear me?”

    Guo Luo sent another message into the Message Jade, sending a message to Yun Yantian and Yang Yuhuan as well. Despite waiting for several more minutes, there were no responses to any of her messages.

    “All contact is cut off?”

    Guo Luo's face twisted slightly, and she couldn't help but be slightly scared. After all, against her will she had been transported to a place she did not know, without any way of contacting anyone. It was completely normal to be scared.

    “I have caused trouble for him again.”

    Guo Luo couldn't help but mutter weakly. Yao Jun felt that he had constantly put Guo Luo in danger, but she felt that she had done nothing but be a burden to him. After all, it was always her getting hurt and forcing Yao Jun to save her.

    “Calm down, calm down. The first thing I should do is find a way out of this valley and check out my surroundings.”

    Guo Luo took several deep breaths to calm herself and checked her surroundings again. She could not see a proper path that lead out of the valley, so it seemed that the only proper exit was to either follow the valley or to find a place to climb out.

    “I won't keep being a burden to him.”

    Guo Luo's eyes landed on a large crack that extended all the way up to the top of the valley. Her eyes hardened with resolve and she started making her way towards the crack. She did not want to be a burden to Yao Jun, she wanted to be someone who could stand next to him and support him. With those thoughts in mind, she had decided to climb out of the valley and do everything she could to increase her strength.

    A few hours after Yao Jun and Guo Luo entered the hidden realm, there was more movement in the castle located at the bottom of the sea. The black robed man once more entered the large hall that contained only the old man covered in white hair.

    “Sir. This report has just come in. From our side, the Human God's Gate as well as the Element God's Gate have both managed to enter the broken gate safely. But the problem is that both the Demon God's Gate and the Illusion God's Gate have also entered the broken gate.”

    They had a large information network, but it still took the black robed man a few hours to receive the information. They had still not managed to figure out which God Gate the broken gate was, so he figured it was best to report to the old man as soon as he could.

    “I see, so both of ours managed to enter safely. The holders of the Demon God's Gate and the Illusion God's Gate have yet to grow up, so they should not be able to hinder our people.”

    The old man's voice was calm and indifferent. The people on his side who held God Gates had already held them for a long time, the youngest was already 40 years old. To a cultivator, 40 years was nothing, but it was over twice the age of Yao Jun.

    “Since they have entered the broken gate, there is no way for us to contact them. We will have to wait for them to come out and deliver the report. Go about business as usual until then, try to infiltrate the Guo clan with more people. If possible, I would like a few of our people to enter the Demon Race before the year ends.”

    The old man could not leave this castle, nor could most of his men. When he first set his plan into motion, he only had a handful of people that could move in the outside world. They had slowly started infiltrating the various large clans and organizations, recruiting more people, but there was after all a limit to what they could do in the time they had. There were a few places where even they did not have any men.

    “As you wish, sir.”

    The black robed man nodded his head and turned around, leaving the hall and preparing to follow his orders. Since they could not contact those inside the broken gate, there was no point on worrying about it. It was better to focus on the things they could do.
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    Chapter 128: Fear and terror.

    While Yao Jun and Guo Luo started their journey through the hidden realm, turbulent waves were appearing outside the hidden realm. Someone had dared kill a person from the Yao clan, and then threatened every clan with death if anything happened to his wife.

    “Uncle Meng, we can't let him get away with this, he killed Brother Shui!”

    Yao Shui's friend, Yao Gang, was currently kneeling on the ground in a small room. The room was decorated with luxurious ornaments and expensive art. There was a large window at one end of the room, covering almost the entire wall.

    In front of the window stood a middle aged man with a finely trimmed beard, short black hair that he had slicked back, and handsome features. He was clad in the robes of the Yao clan, but there were some golden threads sown into his robes, showing that he had a higher standing than normal people.

    “You don't need to tell me that, do you think I don't know already?!”

    The middle aged man sharply turned his head and roared out, his voice causing Yao Gang to shiver slightly. The body of the middle aged man radiated an aura of rage and power, showing that his emotions were currently very unstable.

    “Don't worry, I have already sent the image you provided to the higher ups in the Yao clan as well as people from the other clans. Unless he is a ghost, we will soon find out as much about him as we can.”

    The middle aged man turned away from Yao Gang and returned to gazing out the window. He took a few deep breaths before responding, his voice eerily calm. Yao Gang and the others who had been traveling alongside Yao Shui had quickly captured a few images of Yao Jun, just before he vanished into the hidden realm.

    “Since you killed my son, I will take something equally important from you. I refuse to believe that there is no one on this continent that you care about. I will find them, and I will take them from you.”

    The middle aged man waved his hand and dismissed Yao Gang, silently muttering to himself as he stared out the window. Yao Shui had been his son, so the moment he got the news that he had been killed, he had already decided that he would get his revenge.

    Of course, Yao Jun was completely unaware of what was happening outside of the hidden realm, all contact was cut off after all. He was completely focusing on making his way towards the cone shaped volcano that was located in the distance.

    Yao Jun was currently hiding within the darkness, even going as far holding his breath and doing his best to calm his beating the heart. The reason he was hiding like this was because only a few hours after he started walking, sounds of battle started approaching him.

    He did not want to risk anything, so he immediately hid within his own shadow, vanishing from the burning wasteland. A little while after he hid, the creatures that created the sounds of battle reached his position, allowing him to see them clearly.

    There were two creatures engaged in battle, one fleeing and one chasing. The one fleeing was a woman clad in the violet robes of a sect that Yao Jun could not remember. Yao Jun had noticed this woman when she first entered the hidden realm because she followed an old man who had the same cultivation as Yao Duan He.

    The woman had a cultivation level at the 4th Houtian Sky, but she was currently in a bad position. Her robes were burnt and tattered, one of her legs charred completely black, rendering it useless. A chunk of her abdomen had been torn out and she was bleeding profusely, unless she was given help, she would die soon.

    The one who was chasing her, and who was most likely responsible for her wounds, was a Demonic beast that Yao Jun had never seen before. It looked like a bear, but it's entire body was covered with light red scales. Instead of paws, it had dragon like claws, and it's jaw was elongated, looking almost like a crocodile.

    The strange Demonic beast was chasing after the woman, fire spewing out from its maw as well as from between its scales. The Demonic beast was only at the 3rd Mortal Earth, but it seemed to completely dominate the woman.

    The Demonic beast let loose a plume of fire from it's maw that completely charred the woman's remaining leg and caused her to topple over. Just as Yao Jun was expecting the woman to get eaten, a bolt of golden lightning split the air above the area and pierced through the Demonic beast's back, shattering its scales and robbing its life.

    “Vile little thing, who said that you could eat one of my people?”

    From the air above them, lightning flashed and an old man appeared. The old man did not look very old, barely looking middle-aged, but when one looked at his eyes, one could feel his age. He also had long white hair and a long white beard.

    The old man was the old man that had entered the hidden realm alongside the woman, so he was clad in the same robes as her, only that his were slightly more luxurious.

    “Are you okay, Little Xuan?”

    The old man landed on the ground next to the woman and swiped his interspatial ring, bringing out a bottle filled with liquid that released a strong medicinal scent. He poured the liquid on the wounds of the woman, and Yao Jun was astonished as he watched her wounds quickly heal.

    Yao Jun dared not move, because he could feel that the old man's perception had locked onto him, despite him hiding within the shadows. Before the woman had the chance to answer the old man, the earth around them started shaking violently.

    The earth started cracking, plumes of fire and molten stone shooting towards the sky. The old man hurriedly maneuvered his Qi to protect the woman from the heat, pulling out a long spear and preparing himself for battle at the same time.

    As the earth continued cracking, a large hole suddenly appeared, large pieces of the ground falling into the hole, a terrifying heat radiating from the hole. Yao Jun was already shivering, his legs completely unable to support his body.

    He could feel something approaching them from within the hole, something incredibly powerful. He had only felt something with this level of power once before, when he had seen the massive Demonic beast that called him a shattered fragment of a forgotten god.

    The old man also had an ugly expression, but it was already too late. A massive claw reached out from the hole that had been created, molten stone slowly dripping down from it's scales. The being that was within the hole used the claw to pull its body upwards, revealing its form.

    It had a massive and bulky body covered in deep crimson scales. Four thick legs that ended in massive claws that had a slight bend. It had a long and thick tail that moved like it was alive. Two deep golden eyes that looked at everything with disdain, and two massive leathery wings that almost covered the sky. There was only one word for a creature like this, Dragon, a Demonic beast that could even prey on a Phoenix.

    “No humans are allowed to enter my territory, the punishment is death.”

    The dragon opened it's mouth and spoke in the human tongue, its powerful voice ringing out over the entire area, causing the bodies of everyone who heard it to vibrate slightly. The golden eyes of the dragon landed on the old man, and fire sprung into existence within the body of the old man and the woman.

    They did not even have time to scream before deep crimson flames burst forth from their bodies and turned them to ash. Even from within the shadows, Yao Jun could clearly feel the burning sensation that those flames brought with them. But unlike those two, Yao Jun was not engulfed in flames.

    “Little one. Since this is the world that master has created for us, I will not kill you now. Unless you can release us, I have no interest in you. Leave here as fast as your legs will carry you.”

    The dragon only glanced at Yao Jun, its eyes filled with disdain as it spoke out. This time, it did not speak out in the human tongue, but rather in its own draconic language, seemingly certain that Yao Jun could understand it.

    After it spoke, it returned to the large hole it had created, vanishing into the depths of the earth. After it vanished, the hole started slowly repairing itself, until it looked like nothing had ever happened there.

    The moment the earth repaired itself, Yao Jun left the shadows and started running, even using Little Thunder's lightning and opening the first channel of Crumbling The Nine Heavens to increase his speed to the limit. He was barely thinking about anything, he was simply fleeing as fast as he could.

    There was no anger towards the dragon for looking at him with disdainful eyes, nor was there any interest in figuring out what it meant with its words. All he felt was fear and terror. The only time he had ever been this scared before was when Guo Luo had been poisoned and he was uncertain if he would be able to save her.

    And so, he ran with all his might. No matter what he heard or saw as he ran, he simply kept running, fearing that he would die if he stopped running. His head was completely blank except for one thought, to run as fast and as far as he could. He would dodge any attacks sent at him by quickly moving into the shadows and popping out again as far away as he could.

    When the boost granted by opening the first channel passed, he had already reached the peak of the cone shaped volcano that he had expected to spend at least a few days of walking to reach. After running the entire way, his body was completely drained of Qi and strength, so he could not even keep standing, falling to the ground with heavy breaths.

    As he laid there on the ground, looking at the sky while feeling the heat from the ground with his back, he could not help but start laughing. He started loudly laughing, unable to stop himself. He continued to laugh for several minutes, his laughter slowly turning low and self deprecating.

    He had felt that he had grown stronger, that he had gained some power. Because of that, he had also gained more confidence and courage, almost feeling like he could take on anyone if he was given enough time.

    How laughable. Just a single glance from the dragon had shattered all of that, completely crushing his courage and confidence, it was like staring at an insurmountable wall. Was that all his confidence and courage was worth? He had not even dared think about one day going against that dragon, how pathetic.

    The laughter was partly because of how laughable his own courage and confidence had been, and partly because of how easily he had allowed it to be crushed. If his courage and confidence was this weak, what would he do if he was in that very same situation once more, but with Guo Luo at his side.

    Would he run once more? Would he be so filled with terror and fear that he would not even be able to stand? Would he choose to flee and leave Guo Luo behind? With these questions in his mind Yao Jun forced himself to sit up and shake his head. He could not, he would not allow himself to make those choices. He would become strong enough that he would never have to make a choice like that. Strong enough that even that dragon, as well as that humongous Demonic beast would bow their heads and call him Demon God.

    More than ever before, he could feel the beat of his Demon God's Gate, calling out to him. It responded to his emotions, to his desire for power. It too desired power, to become something worthy of holding the name of God Gate, for Yao Jun to become someone worthy of the name Demon God.

    And in it's beating, Yao Jun felt something resonate. The Demon God's Gate was resonating with something else in this hidden realm, they were calling to each other, wishing to reunite. Yao Jun used his mind to sense this call and turned his head towards the direction where the call came from, towards the center of the hidden realm.

    He did not stand up, but instead closed his eyes and focused on regaining his strength. Inside this hidden realm, he felt that he could absorb the surrounding Qi much easier, as it seemed to swarm towards him of it's own volition. He did not know what was resonating with his Demon God's Gate, but he knew that he had to get his hands on it.
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    Chapter 129: A ruined eye.

    After sitting in quiet cultivation for a few hours, Yao Jun had finally regained all his strength. There was still a sense of weakness in his body, but that was just the side effect of opening the first channel, so there was nothing he could do about it.

    “Alright. It is time to get a move on.”

    Yao Jun stood up and stretched his body, calmer than ever before. Since he was now at the top of the cone shaped volcano, he had a clear view of the surrounding areas, making it easier to decide on where to go next.

    To the north laid a frozen wasteland, to the east was a vast plain filled with lakes of various sizes, and to the west was a massive forest that expanded past the horizon. Since the burning wasteland where the dragon lived was behind him, he had to choose between one of these three places to head to next.

    Yao Jun was not proficient in fighting water based Demonic beasts, and the frozen wasteland seemed too inhospitable for him, so the best option was to head towards the massive forest.

    “But before that.”

    Yao Jun had decided to head to the forest, but he was not going to go there just yet. Using his vantage point, he quickly examined the area around the volcano, looking for Demonic beasts.

    “Hoh? There's quite a few of you out here. Is it because the dragon doesn't let any weak ones stay in its territory? Or are you just too afraid to enter it?”

    Yao Jun had checked the surroundings of the volcano, looking for Demonic beasts at the 1st or 2nd Mortal Earth. To his surprise, he found that there were actually quite a few such Demonic beasts around the volcano, and nearly none who had reached the 3rd Mortal Earth.

    “Let's try it then.”

    Yao Jun locked onto a Demonic beast that was fairly isolated, hopping into the shadows and speeding towards the Demonic beast. The Demonic beast was in the shape of a bright red octopus, but it only had six tentacles. Each tentacle ended in a long talon, and the Demonic beast's round head was completely filled with eyes, constantly surveying the area around it.

    When Yao Jun suddenly popped out of its shadow, the Demonic beast immediately reacted, striking out with three of its tentacles, keeping the other three back for defense. The long talon at the end of the attacking tentacles quickly turned red hot, flames spewing forth.

    “Shhh, calm down. Can't you remember me?”

    Yao Jun raised his arms and spoke out calmly, his mental energy digging into the head of the Demonic beast. He wasn't giving it an order now, but rather planting an illusion into its mind. Rather than seeing Yao Jun, it would see the person it cared about the most.

    “Mother...? You survived!”

    The Demonic beast forcefully stopped its attack, a slightly childish and choked up voice ringing out as it looked at Yao Jun. The Demonic beast quickly moved closer, coiling its tentacles around Yao Jun like it was trying to hug him.

    When the Demonic beast coiled around Yao Jun, seemingly crying, Yao Jun placed his hand on its head, stroking it softly. He tried to activate his gate to see if he could absorb the Demonic beast, but the moment he tried to do that, the same strange energy that prevented him from summoning his Demonic beast appeared again.

    “This really takes me back. I did something similar when I first got Little Gray, didn't I?”

    Yao Jun could not help but mutter to himself as he continued to pet the Demonic beast, letting it enjoy the beautiful dream. When he first absorbed Little Gray and tried out his mental energy, he had done the same to a horned raccoon in an attempt to see how useful it was.

    “I am sorry, but I need strength. You can rest eternally in the beautiful dream.”

    Yao Jun silently whispered to the Demonic beast, his sword appearing in his right hand. While the Demonic beast was fully focused on hugging him, Yao Jun stabbed the sword through its head, piercing its brain and killing it instantly.

    The Demonic beast's limbs lost all strength and it collapsed to the ground in front of Yao Jun. Even as it died, it still believed that it was resting safely in the embrace of its mother.

    Yao Jun grabbed the body of the Demonic beast and sank into the shadows, vanishing from sight. Once they entered the shadows, Yao Jun used his sword to carve up the Demonic beast, cutting loose chunks of flesh.

    Since he could not absorb Demonic beasts into his gate here, he would have to follow the more traditional way, eating their flesh and drinking their blood. As he carved open its body, he also dug out a pea sized ruby from its head.

    This was its Demon Crystal, the thing Demonic beasts used to control their Qi, as well as the crystallization of all their power. Yao Jun stuffed the Demon Crystal into his mouth and bit down on it, causing it to shatter and melt.

    While the energy inside it started entering his body, Yao Jun started eating the chunks of meat he had carved loose. He did not have any fire that he could use to cook it, and he did not feel safe cooking it out in the open, so he was forced to eat it raw.

    While Yao Jun was eating raw Demonic beast meat, Guo Luo had finally managed to climb out of the valley where she had landed. Her robe had cuts in several places, revealing skin that had been cut slightly by the wind inside the valley.

    Guo Luo was sitting on the ground and breathing heavily, her face glistening with sweat. The wind had caused her to fall down a few times, forcing her to start climbing from the bottom, so she was almost completely exhausted.

    While resting, she also checked the area around her, trying to figure out where to head next. From where she was sitting, while she could only see a little bit, she could see enough to figure out what type of area she was looking at.

    To her left she could see tall mountains covered in snow, so it was likely that she would reach a snowy area if she headed there. To her right she could see a vast plain, something that seemed to be a large lake located not far into the plain. To her front, she could see a large volcano that spewed out black smoke, so it likely lead to a very hot area.

    With the valley and mountainous area behind her, Guo Luo went over her options. Entering the mountainous area meant climbing down into the valley and then climbing up on the other side again. The areas with the snowy mountains and the volcano seemed like they could end up being very inhospitable. With those thoughts in mind, Guo Luo settled on traveling towards the plain.

    “Hey! There is someone over here!”

    Just as Guo Luo was about to head out, she heard a loud shout coming from her right, from the direction of the snowy mountains. Guo Luo immediately stood up and moved backwards, pulling out her crystalline sword as she did so. This was not a place where she could freely trust people.

    “I am Shentu Shi Zhong, it is great to finally find some other people.”

    Three people, two men and one woman, jogged over to where Guo Luo was. One of the men, a short and slim man with short black hair and a pair of gentle eyes, smiled at Guo Luo as he introduced himself.

    The other man, a man of average height and with short brown hair, also nodded at Guo Luo. The woman was slightly chubby and had short red hair. She glanced at Guo Luo, but did not bother with a greeting.

    “There is no need to be so suspicious of us. We are from the Free Winds Sect, this is my Junior Brother Kong, and this is my Junior Sister Song. Could you tell us your name?”

    The short man saw that Guo Luo was rather suspicious of them, pulling back whenever he moved closer. Despite the man politely introducing himself and telling her about his sect, Guo Luo continued to slowly move backwards, her vigilance rising by the seconds.

    Of the three people, the short man was at the late stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth, while the two others were at the early stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth. They were strong enough to be a threat to her.

    Just as Guo Luo took another step backwards, the eyes of all three people turned sharp, the wind around Guo Luo suddenly turning ferocious. Guo Luo immediately hopped backwards and tried sending out several smaller illusions, so that she could switch positions with them whenever she needed.

    But the moment the illusions appeared, the ferocious wind turned into sharp needles that pierced and destroyed the illusions, before shooting towards her. Guo Luo did her best to dodge, managing to dodge most of the sharp needles of wind, but one of them still approached her at high speed.

    The wind needle approached her throat, trying to pierce it for a quick kill. The wind needle was so close that Guo Luo already knew that it was impossible to dodge it completely. But she could not let it hit her throat, if she did that, she would die.

    With those thoughts in mind, Guo Luo bent her head and lowered her body. Because of her actions, the wind needle missed her throat, instead piercing into her left eye. When the needle hit her left eye, it expanded and exploded, completely ruining her left eye. Guo Luo grit her teeth, refusing to let out a sound because of the pain.

    The wind needle that ruined her left eye had been the last one, so she gained a short moment of respite. She once more created several small illusions, spreading them around the area, while also hiding a few other illusions out of sight.

    “Why are you doing this?!”

    Guo Luo covered her ruined left eye with her hand, blood pouring out between her fingers. She didn't even need to look to know that the wind needle had completely removed her left eye. To rebuild a removed eye required extremely expensive and rare medicine, not something she or Yao Jun could acquire.

    The three people did not respond to Guo Luo's shout, but their bodies started trembling slightly. As they trembled, their forms started twisting and distorting, their clothing sinking into their bodies. After a short moment, the three people had turned into three slime like creatures.


    Guo Luo had heard about this type of Demonic beast before. They could devour people and animals, allowing them to read their memories and take on their form. Like this, they could easily blend into human society and move around unnoticed. They were both a very popular, and very detested race of Demonic beasts. They were popular because they could mimic human forms, making them excellent servants if tamed, but detested because they could easily commit terrorist attacks, and then simply change their form.
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    Chapter 130: Titanic bird.

    The mimics in front of Guo Luo only responded with bubbling sounds, unable to talk in the human language now that they were no longer in human form. Guo Luo grabbed the yellow scarf that Yao Jun had bought for her, tearing off a strip from it.

    While keeping her right eye firmly locked onto the mimics, she tied the strip of cloth around her head, covering her left eye with it. She could not afford to use one hand to continuously cover her left eye, she needed both hands to battle.

    “At least it won't distract me too much during battle.”

    With the strip of cloth covering her left eye, Guo Luo let out a soft sigh. Whatever her illusions saw, she could see. This meant that she could still see properly during a battle, as she could throw out several smaller illusions and have them act as her eyes.

    Of course, she could not do this in everyday life, as it would cost too much energy to keep her illusions active at all times, even if she only created a few small ones. She would simply have to learn to cope with having just one eye.

    “Must get closer.”

    Guo Luo was currently around 125 meters away from the mimics. If she managed to get within 100 meters, she would be able to place her illusions around them and move between them, giving her an advantage due to her increased mobility.

    Guo Luo carefully stepped forward, and the mimics copied her actions, slowly stepping closer. Their slimy limbs twisted and distorted, turning into multiple sharp weapons that hung at the ready around their bodies.

    The moment the mimics came within 100 meters of her, Guo Luo sprung into action. Several small illusions bloomed into existence around the mimics. The illusions were not even half the size of a normal human, but they came in all sorts of shapes and forms.

    Some were in the shapes of Demonic beasts, some were very small people, while others were in the shape of fire or lightning. Of course, these illusions were only there to act as cover for the much smaller illusions that Guo Luo had placed in various positions, allowing her to transfer between them as she wished.

    The mimics simply ignored the illusions and the attacks that the illusions sent at them. The weapons hanging around their bodies started swinging around their bodies at high speed, acting as both attack and defense.

    Just as Guo Luo was about to move, one of the weapons hanging around one of the mimics shot out, elongating and heading at Guo Luo. Since the weapons were only a part of the mimic that they had transformed, they could move them just as freely as their weapons.

    Guo Luo was not fazed, the mimic that attacked her was one of the two weaker mimics. The two weaker mimics stood slightly behind the stronger one, creating a triangle formation. With the attack approaching her, Guo Luo locked onto the mimic that attacked her.

    Just when the attack was going to hit her, Guo Luo's form vanished. The mimic that attacked her did not even have the time to wonder what had happened, before a crystalline sword was pierced through its body.

    With the sword piercing into its body, a surge of Qi was released from the sword. The Qi quickly started rampaging through the slimy and nearly formless body of the mimic. The Qi was like a beautiful rainbow coursing through the body of the mimic, but when it reached every part of it, the mimic exploded into a rain of light green slime.

    Mimics were made out of slime, so they were basically completely formless. Most slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning attacks, unless they contained enough strength, would not deal any damage to a mimic.

    But mimics were very weak to elemental attacks, as well as attacks based entirely on Qi. So when Guo Luo sent her Qi into the body of the mimic and made it rampage through its body, the only end for the mimic was to explode and die, its Demon Crystal completely pulverized.

    “That's one.”

    Of course, this was not effortless for Guo Luo. Even when she was in peak condition, the amount of times she could transfer between her illusions was limited. It simply cost far too much Qi to do so. Coupled with the fact that it required a large amount of Qi to kill the mimics, she would be drained of Qi quickly if she let the battle drag on.

    With that thought in mind, Guo Luo's figure vanished once more, this time appearing behind the second one of the weaker mimics. Unlike the previous mimic, this one was slightly prepared, all its weapons attacking wildly the moment Guo Luo vanished.

    The mimic felt the sensation of one of its weapons slicing through flesh coming from behind it, but just as it was about to send more attacks in that direction, a sword pierced through its body. Qi rampaged through its body, and its Demon Crystal was pulverized as its body exploded.

    The sword that had sliced open a wound on Guo Luo's waist turned back into slime and slid down her body, leaving behind a bleeding gash in her waist. Guo Luo's face was pale from exhaustion and pain, but she ignored the pain from her waist for the moment. Now was not the time to worry about the pain.

    The third and last mimic stood still, seemingly calmly looking at Guo Luo. The weapons hanging around its body moved in a slow rhythm, defending every corner and blind-spot that Guo Luo might take advantage of.

    The mimic spoke out in its bubbling language, but there was no way for Guo Luo to understand what it was saying. When the mimic finished talking, it took action. All the slime that had been scattered around after its two companions were killed started rising, turning into sharp weapons that covered the entire area.

    With the entire area covered in sharp weapons, no matter where Guo Luo wanted to move, there would be danger. After it controlled the slime of its former comrades, the mimic did not move closer to Guo Luo, content with keeping its distance to attack from a safe place.


    While Guo Luo was trying to figure out a way to deal with the large amount of weapons in a way that would not drain all of her Qi, a powerful voice rang out throughout the entire area. The moment the voice rang out, all the weapons that the mimic had created turned back into slime, falling to the ground. The mimic itself started trembling in great fear.

    “Harming her is fine, but I cannot let you kill this one.”

    The voice rang out again, and the one who spoke also showed himself. Out from the valley that Guo Luo had just climbed, a titanic figure flew out. Its body resembled Little Gray, but its feathers were a silvery-gray in color, and its wings were large enough to cover the sky and cause the land beneath it to descend into darkness.

    The eyes of the titanic bird landed on the remaining mimic, its words containing an undeniable majesty. After its words rung out and its eyes landed on the mimic, the mimic started dissolving before Guo Luo's eyes, its body turning into dust that vanished with the wind.

    “Leave this place, little one, you are far too weak to be here.”

    After the mimic dissolved, the eyes of the titanic bird landed on Guo Luo. It spoke out once more, using its wings to point at the plain, indicating that she should head in that direction.

    After its eyes moved away from her, Guo Luo felt a strange energy surround the gash on her waist. The gash rapidly vanished, as if it had never existed in the first place. Guo Luo thought for a moment that her entire body would be healed, but when the gash on her waist had been healed, the strange energy vanished.

    “Thank you!”

    Guo Luo sent a deep bow at the titanic bird, before turning her body and running towards the plain. She did not mind that the titanic bird had not restored her eye, after all, just it healing the wound on her waist was beyond her expectation.

    After Guo Luo started running, the titanic bird turned towards the volcano in the distance. Its entire body started growing illusory and transparent, before it suddenly vanished and re-appeared above the burning wasteland where Yao Jun had first met the dragon.

    “Why have you come here, Little Tian?”

    The moment the titanic bird appeared above the burning wasteland, in the same place where the dragon had appeared from, a small crack opened in the earth. Out from the crack walked a middle-aged man clad in deep crimson robes. The man was tall and muscular, long crimson hair, like fire, adorned his head. Two golden eyes stared directly at the titanic bird.

    “Little Gu. I met someone who carried the same scent as Master, and knowing how irritable you can be at times, I have come to warn you to not lay a hand on her.”

    The titanic bird's figure rapidly shrank, turning into a slightly short middle-aged man. He was clad in silvery-gray robes and had long gray hair, a slight stubble adorning his chin. His eyes were a ghostly gray that drilled directly into the red haired middle-aged man.

    “I don't need you to remind me. There is no way I would kill someone who has a connection to master.”

    The red haired man looked at the gray haired man with an annoyed expression as he responded, waving his hand in dismissal.

    “I have already met his successor.”

    Seeing that the gray haired man was still staring at him with accusing eyes, the red haired man opened his mouth again, his words greatly shocking the gray haired man.

    “They have also entered this world?!”

    The gray haired man could not help but be excited. It was only with the help of their master's successor that they would be able to leave this place. It was a good world that their master had created for them, but after being trapped there for countless years, they yearned for the outside world.

    “Indeed. But he carried a bit too much arrogance for a person who was so weak, so I made sure to give him a good fright.”

    The red haired man snickered slightly when he remembered Yao Jun's expression while he ran towards the mountain. It was fine to be arrogant, as long as you had the strength to back up that arrogance. The Yao Jun that he saw, did not have that strength.

    “What did you do to him?”

    The gray haired man looked at the red haired man with suspicion as he cautiously asked. This red haired man was famous for his irritable and irrational actions, there was no telling what he would do to frighten someone.

    “I did nothing, I merely frightened him. He is currently headed towards Little Xun's place. She is a bit more irrational than me, so it is her you should warn.”

    The red haired man shrugged his shoulder and pointed towards the forest that Yao Jun was heading towards. After he did so, he no longer paid attention to the gray haired man and returned to the crack in the earth, vanishing into it.

    The gray haired man could only release a sigh upon seeing the actions of the red haired man. He turned towards the forest in the distance, his body turning illusory and vanishing from the area.
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    Chapter 131: Inside the forest.

    “Have any of you managed to get in contact with Yao Jun or Guo Luo?”

    In the headquarters of Titan's Gate, Wan Yi and the others were seated around a large wooden table, solemn expressions on their faces. Up until recently, they had been able to contact Yao Jun and Guo Luo like normal, but a few days ago, they suddenly lost all contact with them.

    “No. My last contact with brother Jun was just as the hidden realm opened. If I were to guess, I would have to say that they entered the hidden realm, and that the hidden realm cuts off contact with the outside.”

    Yun Yantian shook his head and responded. The last time they had gotten in contact with Yao Jun was around a week ago, when he sent them a message telling them that the hidden realm was opening.

    “Would they not tell us before they entered the hidden realm?”

    Yang Long slightly furrowed his eyebrows as he spoke. There was indeed a chance that Yao Jun had entered the hidden realm, but why would he not tell them before he entered?

    The only solace they could find in this situation was that they knew that Yao Jun and Guo Luo were not dead. Before they split up, everyone placed a piece of their soul into something called a Soul Jade. The moment the Soul Jade broke, it would mean that the person who placed a part of their soul in the jade had died. Since neither of their Soul Jade's had broken, it meant that they were still alive.

    “Maybe something happened that prevented them from contacting us?”

    Yun Yantian shrugged his shoulders as he spoke. Since they had no way of knowing what had actually happened, they could only throw out whatever guesses they had.

    “Whatever the reason is, we have lost contact with the two of them. We also cannot rule out that the Guo clan might have a hand in this.”

    Yang Yuhuan felt that the Guo clan might have a hand in them losing contact with Yao Jun. After all, he had sent them a message telling them that the Guo clan was present on the Grand Quan continent.

    The Guo clan had been strangely quiet lately, not making any moves on the Yun clan, nor moving out in full force to crush the remnants of the Yang clan. It seemed like they were quietly waiting for something.

    “Ha~ah. How bad can our luck be, for us to lose contact with them right at this time.”

    Lin Ren let out a long sigh as he spoke. Not long after they lost contact with Yao Jun, a sec located in the neighboring city placed their gaze on Titan's Gate, hoping to absorb it.

    Over the months that Yao Jun had spent on the Grand Quan continent, Titan's Gate managed to slowly but surely grow. They were only located in Violet Sky Town, but thanks to how versatile Yun Yantian and the others were, they managed to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, allowing their reputation to spread.

    Of course, everyone only believed that Titan's Gate was an organization focused on mercantile efforts. Only upon the return of their spy master and battle leader, Guo Luo and Yao Jun, would they truly start showing their fangs.

    “Since we have no way of contacting them, we will just act how we see fit. Since the Broken Boulder Sect wants to swallow our Titan's Gate, we will just have to show them that we are not a soft persimmon for them to eat up.”

    Wan Yi shook her head in response to Lin Ren's words. She had discovered that Broken Boulder Sect belonged to the Yao clan, so she wanted to discuss with Yao Jun how they should act against them. But since they could not contact Yao Jun now, they could only as they saw fit. Since the Broken Boulder Sect wanted to swallow them, they could only show that they were not something that could be swallowed as they wished.

    While Wan Yi and the others were working on expanding and defending Titan's Gate, Yao Jun was slowly making his way through a massive forest. He had arrived close to the edge of the burning wasteland, meaning that it only took him a short time to escape it. But he had to cross through the massive forest to follow the resonating feeling from his Demon God's Gate. It was a much longer trip.

    The forest looked lush and vibrant when he saw it from the outside, but once Yao Jun entered the forest, he discovered that the crowns of the trees blocked out almost all sunlight. The air was damp and moist, causing the earth to turn muddy over time. Rotting grass, rotting trees, as well as fallen leaves covered most of the ground in the forest.

    As he traveled through the forest, Yao Jun took full advantage of the environment. The darkness was perfectly suited to Ba-Shei's control over darkness, while Little Thunder's lightning was perfectly conducted through the damp air and moist surroundings.

    A large Demonic beast was currently lumbering through the forest, but it was not like the Demonic beasts Yao Jun was used to. It was covered in a thick, green carapace, it had six long and thin legs, two large feelers sticking out of its head constantly surveyed the surroundings. Its large head ended in two large pincers that could easily crush rock, 12 strange eyes covered most of its head. Its upper body was slightly raised, three large scythe-like limbs sticking out from its chest. It was an insect type Demonic beast that resembled a massive mutated praying mantis.


    The praying mantis was currently holding a severed torso between its three scythe-like limbs, slowly eating the meat. It was suddenly filled with a horrid sense of unease, throwing the torso away and jumping backwards.

    As the praying mantis jumped backwards, the darkness in the area where it had just stood started congealing, turning into thick spears that shot towards it. The praying mantis swung out with its three scythe-like limbs, blades of wind shooting forward and slicing apart the black spears.

    The praying mantis did not get a chance to let out a breath, the darkness above it quickly gathering and forming a small hole. Out from the hole, a purple bolt of lightning flashed and struck down on the praying mantis. It might be fast, but there was no way for it to be faster than lightning.

    The lightning hit the praying mantis, but it only resulted in a crack appearing in its thick carapace. When the praying mantis wanted to escape, the shadows around its legs congealed and formed shackles that pulled at its legs. Each shackle pulled in a different direction, resulting in the praying mantis to lose its balance and fall to the ground.

    With the praying mantis falling to the ground, more and more bolts of lightning flashed out from the black hole, striking down upon the crack in its carapace, slowly whittling away at it, until finally, a small hole was created.

    The moment the small hole appeared, the lightning that was raining down upon the praying mantis stopped. Yao Jun quickly emerged out from the black hole above the praying mantis, landing on its back, sword in hand. He stabbed the sword into the hole in its carapace and used it as a conductor, sending as much lightning as he could into the body of the praying mantis.

    Yao Jun's upper body was completely bare, revealing all the scars on his torso. After spending a week inside this forest, Yao Jun no longer bothered wearing the clothing Guo Luo had bought for him. It would only get ripped and torn as he fought, so he decided to store it away and only wear a set of sturdy pants instead.

    Not even its strong carapace could protect the praying mantis from the lightning coursing through its body. The praying mantis let out several high pitched screams, even shouting at Yao Jun, begging for him to stop. But Yao Jun did not stop, he continued pouring lightning into the praying mantis, only stopping when there was no longer any life in the praying mantis.

    “Sorry. But I cannot afford to spare you. I need strength.”

    Yao Jun put his hands together and said a short prayer for the mantis, before using his sword to carve open the roasted carapace. The flesh of the praying mantis was light green in color, giving off a disgusting burnt smell. Yao Jun continued carving it open until he found its Demon Crystal, grabbing the crystal and stuffing it into his mouth.

    After swallowing the crystal, he also started eating some of the light green meat, even drinking what little blood it contained. It had the consistency of a dried sponge, and tasted like moldy and rotten meat, but Yao Jun still made sure that he ate as much as possible. Since he could not use his Demon God's Gate to absorb the Demonic beasts, he had to use the traditional way of eating their meat to increase his strength.

    “Go and find some more for me, but make sure that none of them require too large of a detour.”

    While Yao Jun was eating the praying mantis meat, a large amount of small insects started flying around him, landing on his shoulder and head and waiting silently. Yao Jun stopped eating and spoke to the insects, which responded by letting out a loud buzzing sound and scattering away.

    This forest contained many Demonic beasts, but nearly all of them were of the insect type. To make it easier to find them, Yao Jun decided to use his mental energy to control a large amount of the normal insects that made this forest their home. With the insects under his control, he could easily find Demonic beasts that he could kill, as well as use them to scout out the path through the massive forest.

    “I miss normal meat.”

    After Yao Jun finished as much of the praying mantis meat as he could, storing away the rest for later, he could not help but let out a wistful mutter. Ever since he had entered this forest, all he had gotten to eat was the meat from insect type Demonic beasts.

    “I hope Luo'er is fine.”

    Yao Jun left the area where he fought with the praying mantis, moving deeper into the forest. In the one week he had spent in this hidden realm, it had been nothing but constant battle, he could not help but be worried about Guo Luo. But he also knew that even if he worried, there was nothing he could do right now, he did not even know where she was. So he kept wandering through the forest, following the resonating feeling from his Demon God's Gate, hoping that he might encounter Guo Luo as he moved.
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    Chapter 132: Wei Zhong Jun.

    Yao Jun was currently standing in a small heap of insectile body parts, his body drenched in light green blood. He had wandered deeper into the forest when he was suddenly attacked by a swarm of flying Demonic beasts that resembled large and fat flies, each one the size of his torso.

    The flies managed to evade being spotted by all the insects that Yao Jun had put under his control using his mental energy, so he had not noticed them until they swarmed him. They were too fast at changing direction for his lightning to catch them, and moved too fast for him to catch them using his control over darkness. But with his control over wind, he managed to kill them using the wind created by their own wings, slicing their bodies apart.

    “There are people not far from here who have spotted me? And they are making their way towards me? Do they seem hostile?”

    A mosquito landed on Yao Jun's shoulder, releasing a small buzzing sound as it gave him information. They were not Demonic beasts, so he could not understand what they were saying. But by invading their heads with his mental energy, he could read their thoughts and understand what they were trying to say.

    This particular mosquito told Yao Jun that there were a group of five people who had spotted him as he fought with the flies, and that said group was making their way towards him. In response to his question the mosquito released several more buzzing sounds as it flapped its wings.

    “No? Fleeing now would only look suspicious, so lets pretend that I have not yet spotted them.”

    Yao Jun furrowed his eyebrows, his thoughts moving rapidly. According to what the mosquito had seen, the people did not hold any hostile intentions. Yao Jun was also uncertain about how strong the people who had spotted him were, but since they had managed to spot him despite the short battle, it was reasonable to assume that they were fairly powerful. In that situation, waiting and seeing what they wanted was the best option he could come up with.

    Yao Jun pretended that he did not know about the five people coming towards him, digging out the Demon Crystals from inside the large flies that he had just killed. After a little less than an hour, five people walked out from the dense forest around Yao Jun.

    “Don't panic, we are allies!”

    Yao Jun pretended to be shocked, taking several steps backwards and looking at the five people who had just arrived. A man who seemed to be the leader of the group stepped forward and raised his arms, trying to calm down Yao Jun.

    Upon seeing the man who stepped forward, Yao Jun's pupils shrank til they were the size of pins. The man who stepped forward was tall and muscular, his body burly and rugged, he had deep crimson hair that reached down to his shoulders, and wore a robe that revealed his muscular and scarred chest. Yao Jun had seen this man once before, he was the future patriarch of the Wei clan.

    “I am Wei Zhong Jun, these are my allies, Wei Yating, Sito Yanyou, Lin Hanying, and Jing Huo.”

    The tall man, Wei Zhong Jun, introduced himself calmly and pointed at the four people who were traveling alongside him. Three of the four people were clearly from the demon race, with various traits that showed what type of Demonic beast was their Soul Beast.

    Wei Yating was a rather short woman who had the same deep crimson hair as Wei Zhong Jun, her body was slim, but it clearly contained a great power just waiting to burst forth. There was a large scar going from over her right eye and down to her cheek, rendering her right eye completely unusable.

    Sito Yanyou was a woman with average looks and long black hair. But her eyes were orange in color, she had a small and cute fox tail growing behind her, as well as two orange fox ears growing out from her head. It was clear that she was someone from the demon race who had a fox type Demonic beast as her Soul Beast.

    Lin Hanying was tall and muscular, just like Wei Zhong Jun. His face had clearly defined features, like they had been chiseled in stone. His arms were especially muscular, almost twice as thick as Yao Jun's thighs. His face and arms were covered in black fur, so Yao Jun guessed that he might have a gorilla type Demonic beast as his Soul Beast.

    The last person in the group, Jing Huo, was the one who looked the least human. If Yao Jun had to describe how he looked, he could only call him demonic. He was slightly short, his brown hair cut short, and his upper body hunched forward. Rather than normal legs, he had two hairy goat like legs. He had two curled horns poking out from the side of his head, and his pupils were not round, but rather rectangular. He clearly had a goat type Demonic beast as his Soul Beast, and was heavily influenced by it.

    “I have discovered a place that holds a great amount of rare treasures, but it is guarded by a strong Demonic beast that controls a small horde of weaker Demonic beast. Because of that I have gathered allies in an attempt to force our way into that area.”

    Right after introducing himself and his allies, Wei Zhong Jun started talking about why he had come, not bothering to beat around the bush or mincing his words. Just like Peng Qing said, he was someone who was completely straightforward, almost honest to a fault.

    “Sounds reasonable, but what does it have to do with me?”

    Yao Jun knew what Wei Zhong Jun was implying, but he chose to play dumb for the moment, still looking vigilant. All the people Wei Zhong Jun brought with him had higher cultivation than Yao Jun, with the weakest being Jing Huo, who was only at the 3rd Mortal Earth.

    “I would like you to join us in our attempt. Your control over wind was great enough to easily kill the Demonic beasts around here, so you clearly possess great strength that is well suited towards group combat.”

    Wei Zhong Jun pointed at the dead flies around Yao Jun. He had spotted Yao Jun easily slay the flies thanks to his control over wind, so he wanted Yao Jun to join them and help hold back the weaker Demonic beasts that were controlled by the guardian of the treasures.

    “Do I get a cut of the harvest? Exactly where is this place located? And what are the chances of success?”

    Yao Jun narrowed his eyes slightly as he asked. He was more interested in finding out what was resonating with his Demon God's Gate, but if he could take advantage of Wei Zhong Jun to acquire a few treasures, would that not also be good?

    “Everyone will get a fair share, the place is located a few days away from here, inside that large mountain over there. As for the chances of success, about 80% chance that we will succeed if everything goes according to plan. If things go awry, we should still have around 60% chance of success, with a 90% chance of fleeing safely.”

    Wei Zhong Jun earnestly nodded his head at Yao Jun's questions, pointing at a mountain in the distance that was barely visible through an opening in the tree crowns.

    Yao Jun did not put much faith in Wei Zhong Jun saying that everything would be shared fairly. After all, it was easy to say that things would be split fairly, but once the treasures were in front of them, how many would care about fairness?

    “Very well, count me in. I am Xue Jun, a wandering cultivator. I look forward to working with you.”

    Yao Jun pondered over it silently for a short while, before nodding his head and giving out a new fake name. If he could take advantage of Wei Zhong Jun's strength to acquire some treasure, it would be worth it. And even if he got none of the treasures, just the meat from the guardian Demonic beast would be worth a lot to him.

    With Yao Jun agreeing to join them, the other people in the group once more introduced themselves, and they set out towards the mountain. While walking through the forest, whenever they encountered a Demonic beast, Wei Zhong Jun would appoint someone in the group to battle against it. This made it so that everyone in the group got a chance to show off their strength as well as allow the others to see if that person had any weaknesses.

    Thanks to her bloodline, Wei Yating could control blood, while her own power was to control the wood in her surroundings, perfectly suited for this forest. Sito Yanyou's Soul Beast seemed to excel in illusions, as she would use illusions to confuse her enemies before killing them with a three pronged spear.

    Lin Hanying's Soul Beast excelled in strength, so he would use overwhelming brute force to simply smash and crush any Demonic beast he fought. Jing Huo's Soul Beast possessed the ability to produce and control small amounts of fire, so Jing Huo would coat his axe in flames to increase its power.

    Yao Jun only used his control over wind when he fought, not showing off his control over lightning, darkness, or mental energy. He also did not use his sword when he fought, trying to keep as much of his own power hidden. Of course, he still controlled as many normal insects as he could, using them to stealthily keep an eye on the surroundings.

    As night rolled around, the group cut down a few trees to create a small clearing. Yao Jun and Jing Huo set up a few tents, Wei Zhong Jun focused on boiling some soup and roasting some meat, while Wei Yating, Sito Yanyou, and Lin Hanying spread dried Demonic beast feces around the camp. This dried feces was used to make Demonic beasts think that this area was under the control of a strong Demonic beast, causing them to avoid it.

    “So Xue Jun, what is up with that large scar on your chest? It doesn't look normal.”

    After everything was set up and the group was gathered around the campfire, Lin Hanying pointed at the large scar on Yao Jun's chest, the one in the shape of a dog trying to eat the moon. Yo Jun's body had several scars, but none as special or strange as the one on his chest.

    “Indeed. It was carved into my chest using a special corrosive poison, forever marking me.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head and responded. There was no need to fabricate a story about how he got the scar, marking others by using poison was common. Some organizations would often use this method to mark their slaves, so it only seemed like Yao Jun used to be a slave for an organization that used this mark.

    “What happened to the one who planted it on you?”

    Wei Zhong Jun was the one who continued asking. Yao Jun walked around with a bare upper body, so all the scars on his upper body were clearly visible. Wei Zhong Jun felt that while Yao Jun looked slightly thin, it was not because he was weak, but because his body had been forced to suffer terrible torture. On the contrary, he felt that there was great power hidden within Yao Jun's body, simply waiting to burst forth, like a sleeping monster.

    “He is still alive, but I will have my revenge one day.”

    Yao Jun slightly narrowed his eyes as he responded. Guo Jiahao and Guo Zhe, he had never forgotten these two names. They were two people he would kill no matter what, the two people that had tortured him. Guo Jiahao was also the person who had taken the interspatial ring that was a gift from his mother, and contained the sword that had been a gift from his father.

    “So, Wei Jun. What type of Demonic beast is guarding the area you mentioned?”

    Jing Huo changed the topic, turning towards Wei Zhong Jun. None of them bothered calling his full name, so they only called him Wei Jun whenever they spoke to him.

    “It is a spider type Demonic beast that seems to be loosely related to the guardian of ZhiZhu Shen Valley. But it's strength is much weaker than the one in ZhiZhu Shen valley. It can not only control other insect type Demonic beasts, but it carries terrifying venom. It's strength is around the middle stage of the 6th Houtian Sky, but thanks to all the Demonic beasts under its control, it is difficult to fight it.”

    Wei Zhong Jun had a serious expression as he spoke. He had accidentally stumbled upon the place where the rare treasures were, but before he got the chance to grab them, he had been attacked by the Demonic beast that guarded them.

    “What is ZhiZhu Shen Valley?”

    Yao Jun's pupils shrank slightly as he heard what Wei Zhong Jun said, and he could not help but ask. The place where he had first arrived when he was transported to the Guanyu continent was a place called ZhiZhu Shen Valley. It seemed highly unlikely that there just so happened to be two places with the same name, especially such a strange name.

    “Right, I forgot that you are a wandering cultivator, you probably don't know about it. The Grand Quan continent is not the only continent on this planet, there are three more, although they are much smaller than the Grand Quan continent. The Liang continent, the Yang continent, and the Guanyu continent.”

    Yao Jun had introduced himself as a wandering cultivator, so Wei Zhong Jun did not find it strange that he did not know about the other continents. He gave a quick description of the three other continents before he continued his explanation.

    “While there are a large amount of demon race on this continent, their true headquarter is placed on the Guanyu continent, not far from ZhiZhu Shen valley. The reason for their headquarter being placed there rather than in the middle of the Cloud Wilderness is because their guardian beast, a terrifying spider type Demonic beast, lives inside one of the mountains of ZhiZhu Shen Valley. That is how it got its name.”

    Wei Zhong Jun's face was grave as he spoke, showing just how much he feared the guardian living in ZhiZhu Shen Valley. Hearing his explanation, Yao Jun recalled that he had seen white threads covering the forests of the plain outside ZhiZhu Shen Valley, as well as round holes in the ground. Could these have been left behind by the weaker spider type Demonic beasts that were controlled by the guardian of ZhiZhu Shen Valley?

    He also remembered the two mountains inside ZhiZhu Shen Valley, the light green and the pale white one. There was a large cave on the pale white mountain that had filled Yao Jun with the feeling of death whenever he looked at it. Could that be where the guardian made its home?

    “As long as that spider still lives, it is impossible for anyone to breach their headquarter. Not even the patriarchs of the four clans are willing to battle it. Luckily, the spider is very lazy and does not leave ZhiZhu Shen Valley.”

    Wei Zhong Jun shook his head as he spoke. It was impossible for anyone to breach the headquarter of the demon race, so anyone within the headquarter was completely safe. They also felt that they were lucky that the spider never left the valley, for if it ever did, numerous cities would vanish, countless numbers of people dying.
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    Chapter 133: A stolen fighting style.

    Following a path decided by Wei Zhong Jun, the group slowly started getting closer and closer to the mountain where Wei Zhong Jun had first seen the treasures. The closer they got to the mountain, the stronger the Demonic beasts that they faced got.

    But that did not mean that Yao Jun no longer had to battle. Mixed with the strong Demonic beasts were many weaker Demonic beasts that served as messengers. Once they spotted approaching people, they would try to flee and deliver the news to whoever controlled this territory. It was Yao Jun's duty to kill all of these weaker Demonic beasts before they managed to flee.

    Of course, Yao Jun was the only one who knew that these weaker Demonic beasts were messengers. The others merely thought that they lived in the area and did not want to die. The reason Yao Jun knew that they were messengers was because he could understand what they were saying as they were fleeing.

    “The previous time I arrived at the mountain, I did so from the other side. I do not know what we will face as we approach the mountain from this side, but at least here we won't be noticed by the spider immediately.”

    Wei Zhong Jun pointed at the mountain that had gotten much closer to them as he explained the path they were taking. There was a good chance that the spider was keeping an eye on the path he took last time, so if they took that path, they might get discovered immediately and then surrounded.

    “Unless you are capable of quickly and silently killing the Demonic beasts that we encounter, leave the fighting to me. Lin Hanying and Jing Huo, the two of you are too flashy when you fight, so the two of you cannot participate in the battles, at least not until we have reached the mountain.”

    Wei Zhong Jun wanted them to get as close to the mountain as possible before they got discovered, so Lin Hanying and Jing Huo, who often produced a lot of noise whenever they fought, could not participate in the battles.


    The others in the group did not reject Wei Zhong Jun's ideas, simply nodding their heads in agreement. Yao Jun had found that Wei Zhong Jun seemed to be very suited to leading others, especially leading others into battle. He seemed to always know who would be good at battling who.

    The group started moving more slowly, with Wei Zhong Jun himself walking in the lead, ready to act on a moment's notice. After walking for a few more hours, faint noises could suddenly be heard from the forest around them.

    Two large Demonic beasts in the shape of rhinoceros beetles sprung out from the ground in front of them, while four Demonic beasts shaped like one meter long spiders jumped out from the trees to their right. In the forest to their right, two ape-like Demonic beasts quickly turned around and fled away from them.

    “Yating, Jun! Quickly!”

    Wei Zhong Jun only glanced at all the Demonic beasts before he let out a low shout. Wei Yating and Yao Jun understood what he meant, quickly moving into action. Wei Yating attacked the four spiders, the trees around the spiders twisting and bending to attack them. Wei Zhong Jun moved towards the two rhinoceros beetles, while Yao Jun moved to kill the two monkeys.

    The monkeys swung from tree to tree, but Yao Jun fully utilized the wind as he moved. With the wind supporting him, his body moved like a leaf on the breeze, sliding past every obstacle in his way.

    When it was impossible to move past the obstacle, he sliced it down using thin blades of wind. Grabbing onto the branches and swinging himself forward allowed him to keep a constant forward momentum as he moved, his speed slowly increasing.

    When he finally reached the monkeys, and they realized that fleeing without killing him first was impossible, they turned around and decided to fight. When the monkeys turned to face him, the branches in the surrounding started twisting and bending, trying to ensnare Yao Jun. The monkeys were clearly capable of controlling wood, much like Wei Yating.

    Yao Jun bent his body in a position that bordered on impossible, and twisted slightly, slipping past the branches that shot at him. He placed a hand on one of the branches and grabbed on, using it as an anchor as he spun his body sideways, stretching out one leg and using it to send forth a small blade of wind.

    The blade of wind was invisible and silent, but it contained power that the monkeys could not resist. The first monkey only felt a slight sting before its stomach was sliced open and its organs started falling out from the gash. Wind continue to rampage through its body, slicing open all its veins and organs.

    With Yao Jun's body spinning sideways, his foot hit a branch and he used the moment he still had to kick off, stopping the sideways spin and transferring into a front flip. He once more stretched out his leg and send out a blade of wind, slicing the second monkey cleanly in half, from the top down.

    “Where did you learn to fight like that brother Jun, it is rare that I get to see someone perform something so gruesome with such elegance.”

    After he returned to the group, Sito Yanyou let out a sweet laugh as she asked. The two rhinoceros beetles had all their blood drained by Wei Zhong Jun, while the four spiders were completely crushed by the surrounding trees. Of the three fights, his had been the one who lasted the longest.

    “I have a friend who uses the sword when he fights, I have based my combat style on how he uses the sword.”

    Yao Jun shrugged his shoulders as he responded. The fighting style he used when he used his wind element was based on how Yun Yantian fought with the sword, favoring flexibility, elegance, as well as sharpness.

    “He sounds like an excellent fighter, if you ever get the chance, you should bring him to the Wei clan, we would welcome both of you with open arms.”

    Wei Zhong Jun moved the two rhinoceros beetles out of the way as he commented. The four clans would accept almost anyone, as they favored strength above all. That could be seen by how Qiao Xian Yi could be next in line for the Peng clan matriarch, despite not having Peng clan blood in her veins.

    “I will hear with him what he thinks.”

    Yao Jun gave a noncommittal answer and a faint smile. Both he and Yun Yantian were members of Titan's Gate, so there was almost no chance of them joining any other clans or sects. After Wei Zhong Jun moved away the corpses of the rhinoceros beetles, the group continued moving towards the mountain.

    While Yao Jun and Guo Luo were doing their best inside the hidden realm, Yun Yantian and the others were facing their own troubles on the Guanyu continent, mainly the Broken Boulder Sect.

    “Hoh? To think that they would only send so few people. Are they not underestimating us a little too much?”

    Yang Long and the others were gathered together on a small hill located a short distance away from Violet Sky Town. A small distance away from them stood a group of around 30 people, each one clad in grey metal armor and carrying long spears. Yang Long was the one who spoke, a slight chuckle escaping from his lips.

    “They are just a small sect that is used by the Yao clan to spy on this continent, how many strong people can they really have? It's just like that Raging snow Sect that was located on the Grand Quan continent.”

    Wan Yi shrugged her shoulders as she responded. The 30 or so people in the distance were the fighting force that the Broken Boulder Sect had sent over when Titan's Gate refused to follow their demands.

    The reason Yang Long chuckled was because the strongest person amongst those 30 or so soldiers was the Broken Boulder Sect's sect master, an old man who was only at the middle stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth.

    Just like the Guo clan did not dare send someone overly strong to rule over the Raging Snow Sect on the Grand Quan continent, the Yao clan did not send over someone overly strong to rule the Broken Boulder Sect. After all, despite the Yao clan being stronger than the Guan clan, they did not want to start a war with them.

    “We merely want to enter a partnership with you, why must you react so drastically?”

    An old man clad in the gray robes of the Broken Boulder Sect stepped away from the armed force they had brought with them, shouting towards Wan Yi and the others. But his words only resulted in Yun Yantian letting out a loud laughter and responding.

    “A partnership? You giving us protection while we give you 70% of our profits cannot be considered a partnership. Roll on out of here, or we will take action.”

    Yun Yantian had seen the terms that the Broken Boulder Sect wanted them to accept. That was not a partnership, that was simply highway robbery. There was no way they would agree to terms like that, abolishing Titan's Gate would be preferable over that.

    “Since that is how you feel, you leave us no choice. Move out!”

    The old man shook his head and spoke in a regretful voice, returning to the armed forces and giving the order. Since they could not have them agree to the contract willingly, they would have to use force to make them agree.

    “Like we agreed on, the two of you can deal with them.”

    Wan Yi looked at the approaching people with a disinterested expression, glancing at Yun Yantian and Lin Ren. There was no need for all of them to fight against such a weak enemy force, Yun Yantian and Lin Ren would be more than enough.

    “Alright then brother Ren, time for us to earn our keep. Lets show them that Titan's Gate is not something they can swallow up.”

    Yun Yantian wore a grin as he spoke, a light green longsword appearing in his hand. It had been too long since he had last gotten to participate in a good fight, so he was looking forward to getting to let loose.

    “Alright. It is about time I fill up my Ghost God's Gate, otherwise brother Jun will probably far outclass me once he returns.”

    Lin Ren was also looking forward to this fight, a grin appearing on his face as a ghostly gray halberd appeared in his hands. His Ghost God's Gate still only held a single soul, so this was a good opportunity to gather up some more souls. With these thoughts in mind, the two of them stepped towards the approaching enemies.
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    Chapter 134: Shadows approaching Golden Moon Town.

    “So how do you want to split them up? Half and half?”

    Looking at the approaching enemies, Yun Yantian glanced at Lin Ren as he asked, his grin turning into an expectant smile. He held the Sword God's Gate, he was someone perfectly suited for battle, he thrived on it.

    “Lets just battle it out and see who can kill the most. We are not allowed to use our domains. We need to make it flashy, but not too flashy, we still have to wait for brother Jun and sister Luo to return after all.”

    Lin Ren pondered for a short second before responding. It was fine to crush the enemies with just the two of them, but they could not show their full strength. Only when all of Titan's Gate was gathered would they get to show their full power.

    As for the domains he was talking about, it was something the two of them had learned after they reached the middle stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth. It allowed them to project their God Gates into reality, creating an area perfectly suited for them and their powers.

    They had explained the power to Yao Jun, who could only complain that he had not acquired a power like that. His complaints were quickly met with complaints from Yun Yantian and Lin Ren however. After all, Yao Jun had access to a multitude of elements, as well as a wider variety of Demonic beasts. To them, that was just as unfair as their domains.

    “Alright. What about the armaments? Can we use them?”

    Yun Yantian nodded his head and asked another question. The group of enemies were quickly getting closer, but the two of them were still completely calm. Armaments was the name they had given to the armor they received as the grew stronger.

    “No way, they look far too gaudy.”

    Lin Ren quickly shook his head as the corners of his mouth twitched. Just thinking about being seen while wearing that armor made him uncomfortable. If he could go his entire life without being seen in it, that would be fine by him.

    “True, they really are rather excessive. I wonder how brother Jun got his to look so normal. Ah, they are within range.”

    Yun Yantian let out a little chuckle as he responded and glanced at the enemies that had gotten within range. Yao Jun's armor looked normal, but the armor of the two of them looked rather special. Calling it special was not enough, embarrassing fit better.

    “We should ask him about that once he comes back.”

    Lin Ren waved his hand as he responded, a single transparent soul rising up from the ground and charging into the group of enemies. Whoever was touched by the soul would feel a ringing noise reverberate inside their head, their vision blurring and distorting.

    Lin Ren was approaching the late stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth, but he still only had a single soul at his disposal. As for why they had higher cultivation levels than Yao Jun, it was because these last months they had completely focused on building up Titan's Gate and cultivation, while Yao Jun spent a lot of time touring with Guo Luo.

    “Yeah, I really don't want to be seen in public while wearing that armor. Right, we mustn't forget to make sure that we don't anyone here escape.”

    Yun Yantian did not let Lin Ren do all the work. The enemies were not yet within range of melee combat, but they were within the range of his God Gate. With just a glance, the wind and air turned into invisible swords that moved like the breeze, reaping lives wherever they passed.

    Yun Yantian put most of his focus on killing people who resembled sword-wielders, as he could absorb their sword intent and even their weapons upon killing them. The others were left for Lin Ren, who was slowly increasing the amount of souls he had at his disposal. At the start of the battle he only had one soul available, but now he already had eight.

    “True, sister Yi would really scold us if that were to happen. Even Yuhuan would probably slap me a few times.”

    Yun Yantian chuckled slightly, a faint smile on his face. Wan Yi was incredibly strict with the management of Titan's Gate, so she really would end up horribly scolding them if they let any of the enemies escape.

    “...Why does it look like you are almost looking forward to it?”

    Seeing the smile on Yun Yantian's face, Lin Ren could not help but raise an eyebrow. Within that faint smile, there seemed to be a slight amount of expectation of getting slapped by Yang Yuhuan.

    Of course, despite their casual talk, they were still battling properly. The enemies had been so shocked by the sudden carnage that they slowed down slightly, but they were already so close that they quickly reached Yun Yantian and Lin Ren.

    Yun Yantian grasped his sword and moved like the wind, his sword moving like he was trying to pain a beautiful picture, the very picture of elegance and grace. Lin Ren's fighting style resembled Yao Jun's, speed and power.

    His halberd was two meters long and ash gray in color. Besides the spear like tip, there was a large axe-head on the right side of the halberd, and a small hammer like protrusion on the left side. This allowed Lin Ren to stab, slash, and crush as he liked. His battle style constantly changing to fit the situation.

    “No idea what you are talking about.”

    Yun Yantian kept a completely straight face as he responded, the faint smile he had earlier completely vanishing. In situations like these, feigning ignorance was the best option he had.

    “You should learn from brother Jun and just go for it, i'm sure she will accept you.”

    Lin Ren slightly shook his head as he responded. Guo Luo had already told them how she and Yao Jun met and got together. Lin Ren was not like Yao Jun, a man that would only settle with a single woman, but even he had to give him a thumbs up when he heard how Yao Jun acted back then.

    “Lets just focus on the task at hand.”

    Yun Yantian could only release a sigh, he did not like talking about his emotions, especially when he himself had not completely figured them out yet. In just the short amount of time it took for the two of them to chat like this, of the 30 enemies that had attacked them, only five remained. They wanted to flee, but with the new souls under Lin Ren's command continuously harassing them, it was already impossible for them to flee.

    “Sure, but if you try to dodge the topic in the future, I will force you to follow me to the brothel and then tattle on you to sister Yuhuan.”

    Lin Ren spoke with a slightly evil smile. He frequented the brothel in the town and was well known and liked by the people there. Even if he did not manage to drag Yun Yantian with him there, he could still have the workers there pretend like Yun Yantian had been there. There was no escaping for Yun Yantian.

    “You are a cruel man.”

    Yun Yantian released another sigh and accepted his fate. He could almost imagine how much Yang Yuhuan would beat him if she suspected that he had visited a brothel. He could tell her the truth as much as he wanted, she would still give him a beating.

    While Yun Yantian and Lin Ren were keeping Titan's Gate safe, there was movement inside a certain house belonging to one of the higher ranked people of the Yao clam.

    “You called for me Uncle Meng?”

    Yao Gang entered a large and luxurious room that was decorated with various jade carvings and marble statues. The plants that were used to decorate the room were also very rare and would fetch a sky high price if they were to be sold.

    “Indeed. We have received information about the person who killed my son.”

    At the other side of the room, sitting behind a desk made out of a strange type of wood, sat Yao Meng, the father of Yao Shui. Yao Meng was currently looking at a collection of papers, a wide smile on his face.

    “Really?! Is this information trustworthy?”

    Yao Gang could not help but shout out. It had only been a little over a week since Yao Jun entered the hidden realm, but they had already gotten information about him? How had they managed to get it so fast?

    “I got it from someone very high up in the Peng clan, so it is most certainly true.”

    The person who gave Yao Meng the information about Yao Jun was one of the higher ranked people in the Peng clan, so the odds of it being fake were very low. Yao Meng did not know why someone from the Peng clan was willing to hand him information about Yao Jun, but he did not care. All he wanted was to kill Yao Jun and those he cared about.

    “His real name is Yao Jun, the only child of Yao Xun and Yao He. The two of them currently live in Golden Moon Town.”

    Yao Meng summarized the information he had about Yao Jun, skipping over his early life. There were some holes in the information he had gotten. It barely said anything about his time on the Guanyu continent, only stating that he had contact with the Demon Race headquarters.

    Yao Meng did not know how much of this information was true, but it did not matter to him. All he knew was that he could use this information against Yao Jun, that was all he cared about. Even if it was just a suspicion that Yao Jun had contact with the Demon Race headquarter, the clan would still agree to Yao Meng attacking his parents.

    After all, even though they were not actually at war with the Demon Race, every clan dreamed about being the only supreme clan. If they could learn more about the Demon Race, maybe slowly absorb them into the Yao clan, they could easily become the only supreme clan.

    “Yao Xun and Yao He?! Then does that mean that we will have to let them go? I don't think patriarch Luying will accept it if we were to kill his two adoptive children...”

    Yao Gang faltered slightly after hearing about Yao Jun's parents. Yao Xun and Yao He had fought for the clan for many years, and brought about great results even. They were also considered the adoptive children of the Yao clan patriarch, Yao Luying, as he was the one who brought them into the clan as children.

    “There is no need to worry about that. It seems that this Yao Jun has some connections with the Demon Race, so as long as we show the higher ups that, we can do as we like.”

    Yao Meng let out a cold snort. With the temptation that was information about the Demon Race headquarter, not even Yao Luying would be able to stop Yao Meng from moving towards Yao Jun's parents. And if they just so happened to die during the attack, there was nothing they could do.

    “I have already sent people towards Golden Moon Town. We only need to wait for their report.”
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    Chapter 135: A familiar voice, a burning longing.

    Yao Jun was fighting alongside Wei Zhong Jun and Yun Yantian and Lin Ren were crushing the Broken Boulder Sect. But they were not the only ones fighting right now. Guo Luo had also thrown herself headfirst into battle the moment she set foot into the plain that the titanic bird had pointed at.

    Her actions could be considered reckless, as she battled with abandon and only rested when she had completely tired herself out. Every enemy she found that was within her level of strength, she fought. When she was wounded, she would find a safe place where she could rest and use a bit of medicine to recuperate.

    Guo Luo knew herself well, she knew what she could and could not do. And she knew that the her right now, could do nothing to support Yao Jun or Titan's Gate, she was only a burden. Yun Yantian and the others all had secondary fields that they excelled in, like forging or array creation.

    Yao Jun did not have a secondary field that he excelled in. But when it came to the one field he excelled in, battling, there was no one in Titan's Gate who was better than him. The others attributed his talent in battling to the Demonic beasts he had absorbed, gaining their instincts.

    But Guo Luo knew better than that, after all, she had been by his side longer than any of the others. She knew that his talent for battling did not come from the instincts that his Demonic beasts gave him. It came from his continuous practice, his unyielding will that caused him to train harder and harder every day.

    In comparison to all of them, what was it that Guo Luo excelled in? There was nothing. She was the weakest person in the group, and she did not have anything she excelled in, she could only be considered weak in every aspect.

    So she threw herself headfirst into battle, so that she could grow stronger, so that she could gain more battle experience, so that she could stand proudly next to him. The place where she battled also ended up being very advantageous to her, so she made sure that she would take this chance to grow much stronger.

    The reason this plain was very advantageous to her was because she quickly noticed that all the Demonic beasts she faced on this plain used illusions. No matter large or small, every Demonic beast she had seen used mental energy to create illusions as they battled. Thanks to the continued battling, killing, and absorbing of mental energy, Guo Luo had already reached the late stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth.

    As the holder of the Illusion God's Gate, there was no way any illusions worked on her, so she had the advantage when they battled. After she killed the Demonic beasts, she could also absorb the mental energy from them to strengthen herself. She of course did not know that Yao Jun had tried the same thing with the Demonic beasts that he had killed, but he was completely unable to absorb them into his Demon God's Gate.

    Guo Luo was currently embroiled in battle. The yellow scarf that Yao Jun had bought for her had been torn up and used as a make-shift eye patch for her ruined left eye. The emerald green clothing that she had bought to match with Yao Jun were also torn and tattered, now only covering her chest and lower half. Her rainbow colored hair was dirty and unruly, dried blood clearly visible in it.

    The enemies she was currently facing were a small group of Demonic beasts that resembled foxes. They were a little over one meter long, and around half a meter tall. They only had three legs, but they had four fluffy tails moving behind them, and their fur was deep violet in color. They could be considered very cute Demonic beasts, but their golden eyes were looking at Guo Luo with a hungry gaze.

    Guo Luo's body was covered in a myriad of scars both large and small, both dried and fresh blood present on her body. Her breath was slightly heavy, the taste of blood filling her mouth. The crystalline armor that used to only cover her right arm had now spread to cover both her arms and her back, but it was slightly cracked.

    Even though these foxes specialized in illusions and their individual strength was slightly weaker than Guo Luo, since she was facing five of them, she was at a disadvantage. The transparent sword she held in her right hand was dripping with blood, the corpses of a further four foxes sprawled on the ground not far from them.

    “Come then. I wish to return to his side as fast as possible, so give me your strength.”

    Guo Luo ignored the fuzzy feeling in her head and the weakness in her arm and raised her sword higher, pointing it at the remaining five foxes. She could not afford to keep fighting for much longer, lest they attract other Demonic beasts in the area. She was also losing blood with every second, so she wanted to finish up the battle and bandage her wounds.

    The foxes also wanted to end the battle quickly, lest their prey get stolen by someone else. They had noticed that their prided illusions did not work on the human in front of them, so they had already given up on using them. But even without their illusions, they were still Demonic beasts who were approaching the late stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth.

    The five foxes all charged at Guo Luo at the same time, shifting their positions so that they completely surrounded her. With them surrounding her, they all lunged at her and revealed their fangs. Using the tiny illusions that Guo Luo had placed around the battlefield, Guo Luo could clearly see the attacks of all the foxes.

    She judged that even if she took on the attacks, there was no risk of her dying after taking on the attacks. Switching position with her illusions was out of the question, as the foxes seemed to be able to sense when she was switching position, meaning that they could quickly turn and attack her as she appeared.

    With those thoughts in mind, Guo Luo decided on her course of action. She reached out with her left arm, allowing one of the foxes to bite down on it. She dodged the attack of a second fox, and let two of them bite down on her legs, with the last one biting her waist.

    The moment one of them bit down on her left arm, she grabbed onto that one and quickly pulled it closer. Her right arm moved upwards and her sword pierced through the body of the fox biting down on her left arm, piercing both it's heart and spine. A stream of mental energy traveled from its body and into Guo Luo, but she was already used to it, so she moved on to the next fox.

    The next target was one of the foxes biting down on her legs, the one biting down on her right leg. She tightened the muscles in her right leg, catching the teeth of the fox biting down on it. And with the first fox still impaled on her sword, she stabbed downwards and ran the second fox through, piercing its neck.

    The three other foxes pulled quickly pulled back after two of their companions were killed. They had already lost six companions in this battle, leaving the original nine as only three. They could not afford to simply retreat, they had to kill the human in front of them.

    Guo Luo let the two impaled foxes slide down her blade, her body wobbling slightly. She was right that none of the attacks she had suffered were fatal, but she had forgotten to account for the loss of blood. She had already killed six of the nine foxes, but she had suffered several injuries doing so, she was already running dangerously low on blood.

    The remaining foxes would not miss this opportunity, charging in the moment they saw that Guo Luo's body was unsteady. They had noticed that she seemed to be capable of constantly knowing their position, so they did not bother with trying to attack from blind-spots, they simply charged at her from the front.

    The three foxes looked at each other, one of them nodding its head. The one that nodded its head put power into its leg and jumped towards Guo Luo's head. With the fox approaching her head, she would be forced to put her focus on it, allowing the two others to attack more freely.

    And they were correct, Guo Luo raised both arms, using the left to defend her head and the right to swing out with her sword. The sword pierced through the fox, but its momentum did not vanish, allowing its corpse to hit Guo Luo's head and stagger her even more.

    It was at this time that the two other foxes arrived in front of her. They did not bite down on her this time, instead using a hit and run tactic. They struck out with their claws, one slashing a deep gash in her thigh, while the other one slashed a wound in her abdomen. After making the attacks, they rapidly pulled back, not giving Guo Luo a chance to counter attack. The way they saw it, Guo Luo would die shortly simply from blood loss. All they had to do was wait.

    And they were correct, the will to battle was there, but Guo Luo's body was already too drained. She had jumped from battle to battle, barely getting any rest or food. Whenever she was injured, she would use medicine and bandages to heal herself, and then go out and battle again. She was bound to end up exhausted.

    Guo Luo's vision was blurry, the colors and shapes in front of her merging together to form unrecognizable blots. From the corner of her vision, she could see darkness encroaching, swallowing everything in front of her. There was a hollow feeling in her chest, a deep sense of pain, longing, and loneliness filling her body.

    “Is this...death? Am I dead? Dying?”

    Guo Luo's voice was faint and barely audible, blood flooding out of her mouth as she spoke. This hollow feeling, this longing and loneliness that called out for her beloved. If this was not death, then what was?

    “I don't want to die. I want to see him again... I want to stand next to him, to see the peaks that he sees. I want to raise a family with him.”

    Guo Luo grit her teeth as she spoke, giving voice to her desires. She did all she could to push back the encroaching darkness, to return color to the world in front of her. She did not want to die here, she refused to die here. She managed to force her eye to stay open, pushing back the encroaching darkness.

    And as the darkness was pushed back, a bright light flooded Guo Luo's vision. The darkness at the edge of her vision completely vanished and the world became clear in front of her eyes again. But the world that appeared in front of her eyes was much more colorful than she was used, everything was dyed in vibrant and magnificent colors.

    “This is not death. Death is cold and empty, a void which very few can escape from. This is hope, a hope only available to you. A hope that you might achieve all that you wish for, and then go beyond that.”

    As the world was dyed in colors, a soothing and pleasant voice rang out in Guo Luo's head. From in front of her, between the two remaining foxes who were now completely frozen, a beautiful woman came walking.

    The woman had crystal clear pink eyes, long rainbow colored hair, smooth and clean skin that resembled white jade, and cherry red lips. She was clad in a long pink robe and walked towards Guo Luo with graceful steps, a blooming smile on her face.

    “It's you...”

    Color had returned to the world, but Guo Luo's body and voice were still weak. She did not recognize the person in front of her, but she could recognize her voice. It was the voice that resounded in her mind when she first awakened her power, and then once more when Yun Yantian and Lin Ren awakened their powers. The voice of her Illusion God's Gate.

    “Indeed. I am the embodiment as well as the first holder of the Illusion God's Gate. Although right now I am nothing more than a small fragment of the real Illusion God's Gate, the other fragments are scattered all around.”

    The pink robed woman nodded her head and affirmed Guo Luo's words. She was the consciousness that was born when the Illusion God's Gate was born. But the current her was only a fragment, weakened greatly after eight cycles. No one could even remember her name anymore, she had already become a forgotten god. She could only appear here now because this place was connected to her.

    “There is no need for you to say anything, you are a bit too wounded to be speaking. I also can't appear here for too long, I could only appear now because of where we are. Do you want to live? To return to his side and help carry his burdens?”

    Seeing that Guo Luo was about to say something, the pink robed woman waved her hand and prevented her from saying something. She could not stay here for long, so she quickly had to do what she came here for.

    “I do.”

    Guo Luo did not even hesitate. No matter the price she had to pay, she would pay it. All so that she could return to his side and stay next to him. To help carry his burdens, while he helped carry her burdens.

    “Excellent. You know, I too once fell for the Demon God. Together we toured the endless universes, seeing all that was to see. Had it not been for the greedy All God, I am sure that we would still be doing just that.”

    The pink robed woman's smile grew even wider. She was not sure if it was because this was the ninth and last cycle, but she found that the current holders of the God Gates all greatly resembled the first holders of the gates. She too had fallen for the Demon God, just like the girl in front of her. But their joy had only lasted a few million years before it was cut short by someone they once called a comrade.

    After the pink robed woman's words fell, soul rending pain suddenly wracked Guo Luo's body, causing her to crumple to the floor. It felt like someone was using tiny needles to slowly drag out every single piece of her body. The worst pain came from her chest, where the Illusion God's Gate was placed.

    “Feel the pain, embrace it, allow it to connect you even closer with the gate, just like that beloved of yours once did. Learn how to truly use the power of illusions. All creation is naught but a fading dream.”

    The pink robed woman's voice rang out again, soothing Guo Luo. The process she was putting Guo Luo through right now was the same one that Yao Jun had once gone through, fusing the God Gate with her very soul.

    “I hope you end up more lucky than we and your other predecessors did. As the Illusion God of the ninth and last cycle, I hope that you can stand against the All God.”

    The pink robed woman sent one last loving look to the world around her, before her figure dissolved and her final words rang out. She could only appear here because they were inside the gate of her beloved, but she was still only a fragment after all. No matter how much she wished to stay here, she could only be here for a pitiful amount of time.

    Guo Luo continued to writhe around in pain, but the world around her was still completely frozen, not even the wind moving. The bleeding wounds on her body were also slowly closing, pulling her away from death's door.

    When the pain stopped and Guo Luo regained her clarity, even though the wounds on her body had not completely healed, they were not as grave as they were before. Guo Luo stood up with shaking legs, inspecting the world around her.

    “Is this the true power of the Illusion God's Gate? I wonder when I can use it properly.”

    Guo Luo could not help but mutter, longing for the day she could properly use the true power of the Illusion God's Gate. She looked at the two remaining foxes, their bodies dyed a multitude of colors. She reached out with her hand and grabbed at those colors, pulling them apart.

    When she pulled the colors apart, the bodies of the two foxes quickly started dissolving, turning into colored lights that vanished into the air. Only two streams of mental energy remained, flowing into Guo Luo. After the two foxes vanished, Guo Luo felt a throbbing headache as a massive amount of mental energy and Qi were drained from her body.

    The colors that dyed the world around her vanished, time resuming to move. But the two foxes were still completely dissolved. This was the true power of the Illusion God's Gate that she had just been taught. To turn reality into illusion, and illusion into reality.
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    Chapter 136: A hollow mountain.

    Wei Zhong Jun had the entire group stop for a short moment after they finally reached the mountain. The shape of the mountain was so that it was very thick and wide at the bottom, but gradually grew thinner and steeper as you approached the summit.

    The mountain was also very barren, with barely even any bushes growing on it, allowing people with good eyesight to almost see the peak. The peak was covered by the clouds, so Yao Jun was unable to see how thick the peak was. But the highest point he could see was only a few meters thick, while the bottom was almost six kilometers in width. It was a truly strange sight.

    “On the other side of this mountain, there is a small cave opening, only large enough for two people to stand shoulder to shoulder. After passing through that entrance, which goes on for around 30 meters, the cave will expand greatly. If my guess is correct, the inside of the entire mountain is hollow.”

    Wei Zhong Jun pointed towards the approximate direction of the cave opening, explaining clearly what it had looked like last time he went there alone. His words caused a not small shock to pass through the group. The entire inside of the mountain might be hollow? How much power would it take to hollow out such a large mountain?

    “The treasures I saw were only located at the edge of the cave, but they were already enough to make me desire them. I can only imagine what sort of treasures are located in the depths. Brother Jun, I want you to use your wind to alert us of any enemies that might approach us.”

    Wei Zhong Jun's eyes shone as he spoke. Last time he came here he had been forced to flee because he was alone, so he never got the chance to see the true treasures in the depths of the mountain.

    To have Yao Jun act as a sentry, that was another reason that Wei Zhong Jun had chosen to take Yao Jun along. Using his control over wind, Yao Jun would be able to accurately tell the changes in the wind, letting the group know when enemies were approaching.

    Yao Jun simply nodded his head in agreement. It had been mostly Wei Yating that warned them about enemies approaching when they traveled through the forest, as she could use her control over wood to scan a large area. But Yao Jun had some experience with what Wei Zhong Jun was talking about, so he could do it decently.

    Of course, he also had the army of insects that he was controlling with his mental energy. He had not neglected them while they were traveling, slowly increasing the amount of insects he controlled. Controlling a single insect took a neglect-able amount of mental energy so he could easily do it.

    By now, he had even come up with a technique that he could use to spread his mental energy over a large range. He placed a slightly larger amount of mental energy in some insects, and had them travel to distant places. Whenever they encountered other insects, the mental energy within the carrier insect would split up and send a small piece into the new insect.

    Since the mental energy only held a single command, 'inspect the area and return all information to me', Yao Jun did not have to do anything to control the insects. It took a bit more time for the insects furthest away to return information to him, but it was worth it. At this point he had insect spies in most of the forest, and had started encroaching into the burned wasteland. Of course, there were places that the insects refused to enter, or places where they immediately died upon entering, so he could not gather information about every area.

    “Me and sister Yating will take the front, brother Jun and sister Yanyou will take the middle, while brother Hanying and brother Huo cover our rear. Like this, we can easily defend even if we get attacked from behind or from the sides. Do you have any ideas?”

    Wei Zhong Jun continued talking, using his finger to draw on the ground how they should move. With him and Wei Yating in the front, they could easily take on frontal attacks. Yao Jun could detect surrounding enemies, so it was Sito Yanyou's duty to protect him. And with Lin Hanying and Jing Huo were less likely to get attacked while they were in the back, so they would not be forced to use flashy and loud attacks.

    “Then let us go.”

    Seeing the others nod their heads in agreement with his idea, Wei Zhong Jun nodded his head and the group took up their formation. As they walked, each group kept around two meters distance from each other. This was so that they would not accidentally get in the way of each other's attacks, but were still close enough to quickly aid each other.

    “Let's go brother Jun, make sure you protect me properly.”

    Sito Yanyou walked very close to Yao Jun, speaking with a sweet smile. She was so close that her fox ears were tickling his neck. This was not the first time Sito Yanyou had talked with him like this. The more time he spent in the group, the more apparent and bolder her flirting became.

    “I would love to, but it is more likely that you will end up protecting me.”

    Yao Jun put on a bitter smile as he spoke. He did not know if Sito Yanyou getting close to him was the influence of his Demon God's Gate, or if it was because she had some other plans. Because of this, while he played along with her, he was still very wary of her. As for falling for her flirting, that was impossible. He already had Guo Luo, so there was no way he would ever fall for or lay his hands on another woman. Doing so would only hurt Guo Luo.

    “Then I better stick close.”

    Sito Yanyou let out a light chuckle and moved even closer to Yao Jun. Yao Jun could feel Lin Hanying and Jing Huo glare at him from behind, but he pretended like he did not notice it. It seemed like it was true that pretty women caused trouble wherever they went.

    They quickly reached the cave entrance that Wei Zhong Jun talked about. The entrance was rough and uneven, so it was clearly made in a quick manner. There were some rocks sticking out all around it, but most of them were broken or scraped, so it seemed like something that filled almost the entire entrance often used it.

    “I don't want anyone slacking off now.”

    Wei Zhong Jun glanced at Sito Yanyou as he spoke, indicating what he meant. Sito Yanyou sheepishly nodded her head and put a slight amount of distance between her and Yao Jun. She was still much closer than the others were to each other, but at least she was no longer sticking to him.

    They made their way into the cave entrance and slowly walked through it. Yao Jun was paying close attention to the changes in the wind, as the inside of this mountain was one of the places that his insects did not dare enter, so he had no idea what was lurking inside.

    After they passed through the short cave entrance, a scene that Yao Jun never expected to see appeared in front of his eyes. He wasn't sure if the others had eyesight as good as his, Yao Jun had gotten the eyes of Little Gray after all. But from what he could see, the entire mountain was indeed hollow, even the peak seemed hollow.

    There were several openings in the higher parts of the mountain, sunlight shining down through those openings and illuminating the inside of the mountain. The ground inside the mountain was covered in soft grass and a wide variety of flowers. Some small and dense forests were spread around the area, and Yao Jun could see a small lake placed at the deepest part of the area. He was not sure if he saw it correctly, but it seemed like a small area at the center of that lake was frozen.

    “Oh? Aren't you the one that was chased away earlier? You picked up some friends and came to try again?”

    While the group were scanning the area, a slightly amused voice rang out not far from them. The group hurriedly turned in shock, slightly raising their head. A short distance away from them, a graceful woman sat in the air. Yao Jun could see that she was in fact sitting on a thin thread, but he did not voice it out loud.

    The woman had a charming face and long pale green hair that almost reached her knees. Her skin was so white it almost resembled snow, and her lips were a deep purple in color. She had deep green eyes that glimmered with an amused light. She was clad in a delicate yellow dress that revealed her slender shoulders.

    “That's fine. If you want the treasures that are stored here, all you have to do is show your strength. If it is not satisfactory, don't complain when we gobble you up.”

    The woman spoke with a seductive smile, placing her slender fingers on her lips as she looked at the group. Wei Zhong Jun and the others could not help but get excited at her words, thinking that they could obtain treasures by simply showing their strength. But Yao Jun slightly stiffened. He could tell that her words were not directed at Wei Zhong Jun and the others, they were directed at him.

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