The Demon's Gate

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    Chapter 97: I failed you.

    “Wan Yi, i'll leave these guys to you.”

    Yao Jun stored away his armor and weapon, before tilting his head upwards and shouting to Wan Yi, who was slowly descending. Seeing Wan Yi nod her head, Yao Jun stepped over the corpses and headed over to Yun Yantian.

    He took out a piece of cloth from his interspatial ring and placed it on the ground, indicating for Guo Luo to sit down. After she sat down on the piece of cloth, he too sat down on the ground in front of Yun Yantian. Since they had been fleeing for over a month, they were probably too exhausted to keep standing, so he didn't bother trying to help Yun Yantian stand up.

    “You can just sit down brother Ren. This is the friend I was talking about, Yao Jun. Brother Jun, this is a brother I made while traveling. His name is Lin Ren.”

    Yun Yantian pointed at Yao Jun and Lin Ren, giving a simple introduction. Lin Ren cupped his hands in a short greeting before heavily sitting down next to Yun Yantian. After a month of fleeing, he was truly exhausted.

    “He should be the one who holds the Ghost Gods Gate?”

    Yao Jun turned his head towards Lin Ren and gave him a quick look over. His gray hair looked slightly unnatural, so Yao Jun assumed that it had become like that after he awakened his God Gate, much like how Yao Jun's body changed.

    “You know?”

    Lin Ren gave Yao Jun a nod before speaking. Ever since his Ghost God's Gate had awakened, they had been fleeing from the Guo clan. This meant that logically speaking, only the people chasing them should know that they had awakened.

    But despite his surprise, he quickly understood. Yao Jun held a God Gate, so since Lin Ren himself had been notified when Yun Yantian awakened his God Gate, Yao Jun was most likely notified as well.

    “We were notified the moment the two of you awakened.”

    Just as Lin Ren expected, Yao Jun shrugged his shoulders as he answered. While they were talking, Wan Yi landed Xie Bi'an behind them and had it devour the souls of the corpses, seeing what information she could find.

    “And this is?”

    Yun Yantian turned his head towards Guo Luo, a wide smile on his face. He had seen how Yao Jun held her hand as they landed, they even walked over while holding hands, so their relationship was clear. He had to admit that Yao Jun worked fast, only one and a half month since they split up, but he has already snagged a beauty.

    “I'm Guo Luo. It's a pleasure to meet you, Jun'er has told me a lot about you.”

    Guo Luo sent a bright smile at Yun Yantian and Lin Ren as she introduced herself. Yun Yantian was not just a good friend to Yao Jun, he had even helped him in the past as he was trying to flee from Great Xian City.

    “Guo clan?”

    Both Yun Yantian and Lin Ren's faces twitched slightly when they heard her name. They couldn't help but look at the corpses that were lying not far behind Guo Luo. They had been chased by the Guo clan for over a month, so how could they not feel some rage against the Guo clan?

    “Indeed, I met her shortly after the two of us parted ways. If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't be here. She also holds the Illusion God's Gate.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head as he spoke, making it clear that Guo Luo was on his side. His words were not lies, had it not been for Guo Luo, there was no telling what would happen to him after he lost consciousness after leaving Zhenya valley.

    “I see, then it seems like I have to give you my thanks.”

    Yun Yantian's face suddenly sunk after hearing Yao Jun's words. He cupped his hands towards Guo Luo for a short moment before moving his body. He sat down on his knees in a formal position before slamming his forehead into the ground in front of Yao Jun.

    “Brother Jun, I failed you! It is my fault that you were captured by the Guo clan and forced to endure torture. I tried to get my clan to help you, but they refused to send someone as they said it would cost too much to send a group large enough to save you.”

    Yun Yantian's voice was completely sincere, he had even hit his forehead on the ground hard enough to draw blood. The moment he learned that Yao Jun had been captured by the Guo clan, he immediately sought out the patriarch and begged him to send someone to save Yao Jun.

    “Hearing their reply, I could no longer stomach the atmosphere of the clan, so I left it. Never before had I noticed that they cared so little about people's lives, going as far as refusing to save someone because it would cost too much money. I know that you suffered tremendously, but I beg you to forgive me for my uselessness.”

    Yun Yantian knew that a clan had to make sacrifices to continue it's existence, he just never expected one of those sacrifices to be someone he considered a brother. Yun Yantian was not willing to let someone he called a brother become one of the necessary sacrifices, no matter how selfish it was.

    While Yun Yantian was kneeling with his forehead to the ground, waiting for Yao Jun's reply, a foot hit his shoulder with enough force to lift his upper body up from the ground and back into a sitting position. Yun Yantian hurriedly looked forward, only to see Yao Jun sitting down next to Guo Luo again, a wry smile on his face.

    “Could you not be so formal about it? Everything worked out in the end after all. And besides, didn't you send Yang Yuhuan to come save me? Besides, how else would I end up meeting Luo'er?”

    Yao Jun spoke with a wry smile and a small laugh. He never expected the Yun clan to come save him, but if he told Yun Yantian that, he would just continue to feel guilty. Yao Jun did not hate Yun Yantian for being unable to save him, he hated himself for being weak enough to get caught in the first place.

    Yun Yantian looked at Yao Jun, his eyes red and moist. How could he not see that Yao Jun was saying this to make him feel less guilty? But he could also see that Yao Jun was thinner and paler than he was when they split up, so it was clear that he had suffered tremendously.

    “I swear to you brother Jun, I will never let anything like that happen again.”

    Yun Yantian gave a strong nod and swallowed the words he wanted to say, replying with a simple promise instead. Since Yao Jun did not want him to feel guilty, if he continued to act like that, it could only be called an insult to Yao Jun's good intentions.

    “It's worse than I originally thought, the Guo clan is planning something much larger than just spying on the Yang clan.”

    After Yun Yantian nodded his head, Wan Yi walked over and sat down on the other side of Yao Jun, a solemn expression on her face. Seeing her like this, everyone else immediately fell silent and listened seriously.
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    Chapter 98: Five idiots.

    «The Guo clan are not just planning on spying on the remains of the Yang clan, they are planning on completely destroying them and taking all their resources for themselves. Once they have managed to finish the Yang clan, they will start moving against the Yun clan.»

    Wan Yi had a solemn expression as she spoke. Not only was the Guo clan planning on taking down the Yang clan, they were even going to take down the Yun clan. If they managed to take down both clans and steal all their resources, they would easily become the largest clan of the three continents.

    «Move against the Yun clan? The Yun clan and Guo clan are almost completely equal in power, just taking the resources from the Yang clan won't allow them to become strong enough to take down the Yun clan.»

    Yun Yantian shook after hearing Wan Yi's words. Did the Guo clan really think that they could grow strong enough to crush the Yun clan just because they swallowed the remains of the Yang clan?

    «They have gotten help. These people didn't know who, but the Guo clan has recently gotten aided by an unknown organization. Not only has this organization given them people they can use, they have given them information. According to what these people knew, they were to either kill or capture Yun Yantian and bring his body back to the Guo clan, where they would steal his God Gate.»

    Wan Yi had scoured the memories of these nine people, forcing their souls to answer her questions. Not long after the massive Demonic beast left the Guanyu continent, the Guo clan was contacted by a mysterious organization, offering help. The Guo clan saw a chance to rise higher, so they accepted the aid.

    «Stealing God Gates? Is that even possible?»

    Lin Ren narrowed his eyes as he asked. He had only awakened his God Gate around a month ago, but even he realized how special these God Gates were.

    He himself could suck out peoples souls, Yun Yantian could summon an infinite amount of swords, and Yao Jun could absorb Demonic beasts and use their powers. He didn't know what Guo Luo's God Gate could do, but he was certain that it was something amazing. And the four of them had probably just barely scratched the surface of what the God Gates could do.

    «I don't know, but those were the orders they were given.»

    Of these nine people, only one had gotten to the 2nd Mortal Earth, so they would obviously not know everything about the Guo clan's actions, only some of the more basic things. How could Wan Yi possibly learn everything about the Guo clan from them?

    «So the Guo clan has so many people on the Yang continent to destroy the remaining people from the Yang clan? Did you learn about someone who might have more information?»

    Yun Yantian sat in silence for a short while before narrowing his eyes and looking at Wan Yi. With more information, it would be easier to make the proper move.

    «At the other side of the continent. They have taken over a small town there that they are using as their base of operations. If there is anyone on this continent who might know more about their plans, they will be located there.»

    Using the Reaper Crow to search for people with similar souls as the people from the Guo clan only allowed Wan Yi to scan half the continent. But in the memories of the leader of this group, she had learned about where they had set up their base on this continent.

    «Can you give me directions?»

    Yun Yantian nodded his head and looked at Wan Yi with a hopeful gaze.

    «You intend to head over there? They are planning on destroying the remains of the Yang clan, we won't find people who are conveniently at our cultivation level there, odds are we will find people who are much stronger than us.»

    Yao Jun couldn't help but comment, slightly worried. Since they were planning on destroying the remains of the Yang clan, how could they send only people at the 2nd Mortal Earth? It would be more of a surprise if they didn't send people who were much stronger.

    «I know, but i have no choice. I owe Yang Yuhuan a favor, and i am also worried about what the Guo clan is planning. I can no longer stand the atmosphere of the Yun clan, but that does not mean i want to see it destroyed. I am worried.»

    Yun Yantian had a bitter smile on his face as he spoke. Yang Yuhuan was like a sister to him, he had to at least find out if she was dead or alive. He was also worried about what the Guo clan was planning against the Yun clan, so he had to go.

    Silence descended on the group after Yun Yantian spoke. Yao Jun kept his eyes on Yun Yantian for a short moment before turning over to look at Guo Luo. Guo Luo tightly grasped his hand and gave him a dazzling smile, letting him know that she would follow him wherever.

    «Haah. Guess i'll be making a detour before heading home then.»

    Yao Jun spoke out with a slight sigh, shrugging his shoulders as his lips curled into a grin. Since Yun Yantian was this determined to head there no matter what, what sort of brother would he be if he did not join him?

    «You do-»

    «If you are planning on saying, ' you don't need to do that' i will seriously hit you. There is no way i am just going to leave you when you are planning on doing something this stupid and dangerous. I'd be drowning in worry if i did.»

    Yun Yantian was just about to say something when Yao Jun cut him off, casting a sharp glare at him. Since Yao Jun had made up his mind and said that he was joining, that was how it was going to be. Hearing his response, Yun Yantian could only nod his head and engrave this act in his heart.

    «Heading to the other side of the continent to screw with the Guo clan? Count me in.»

    Lin Ren let out a chuckle and shrugged his shoulders. He was a wanderer without family, why would he worry about going anywhere dangerous? Besides, Yun Yantian was a friend, and Yao Jun had saved his life, so he wanted to help them. Screwing over the Guo clan was just a small bonus.

    «What about you Wan Yi?»

    Yao Jun tilted his head and looked at Wan Yi next to him. Yun Yantian was going to head over there for the Yun clan, Yao Jun and Lin Ren were going there to help Yun Yantian, but Wan Yi did not really have a reason to join them.

    «Is there even a need to ask? Since all of you idiots are going, i can't really stay behind alone.»

    Wan Yi shook her head as she spoke. She needed allies to build up a force strong enough to protect that which she wanted to protect. To find allies like Yao Jun and the others, who not only had excellent potential but were also trustworthy and could be considered good people? Difficult.

    «Heh. Five idiots going on a nearly suicidal excursion. This can only end in success.»

    Guo Luo covered her mouth and let out a small laugh after hearing Wan Yi's words, causing the others to also start laughing. Indeed, calling them five idiots was an excellent description.
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    Chapter 99: Introductions.

    "You know the way right? Then we can all just wait inside my gate while flying on Little Xie's back."

    Yao Jun stood up from the ground, pulling up Guo Luo alongside him. Since they had already decided to do it, there was no reason to waste any more time. It would take some time to fly across the entire continent, so they might as well spend the time inside his gate and allow Xie Bi'an to fly at full speed.

    "Right, no reason to waste time."

    Wan Yi nodded her head and stood up, bringing out Xie Bi'an. Unlike Little Gray, Xie Bi'an had only spent two days in constant flight, so it still had plenty of energy.

    After Wan Yi brought out Xie Bi'an, Yao Jun placed his Demon God's Gate on her back and entered it, with the others following right after him. Upon entering the gate, Lin Ren could not help but stand there with his mouth agape.

    He could enter his own gate as well, but the inside of his gate was a massive and dreary graveyard. Yun Yantian's looked like a massive fortress, so it also didn't look too comfortable to enter.

    But this Demon God's Gate was a massive forest, there were even mountains in the distance. There was a small mountain a short distance away from them that was covered in a large amount of herbs, growing freely. The air in here was even filled with Qi.

    Of course, if Lin Ren entered his Ghost God's Gate, he would cultivate faster than he would in here, but it was much more comfortable in this Demon God's Gate. While Lin Ren was marveling at the sight, he felt like something suddenly locked onto him.

    He turned his head and saw that there was a wolf with azure eyes standing in the forest not far from him, staring at him. Not far from the wolf stood a large purple tiger, over three meters in length. It had curved horns at the side of it's head and was covered in black stripes.

    Just as he was about to say something, he heard a slithering sound from beneath him. He quickly lowered his head and saw a large demonic serpent crawl out from his shadow. The serpent looked at him with a hungry gaze, as if it couldn't wait to eat him.

    The serpent seemed to have received an order as it turned it's head to look at Yao Jun with an unsatisfied gaze. Despite looking unsatisfied, the demonic serpent sank back into Lin Ren's shadow and vanished.

    "You'll have to forgive them, they always do this when someone new enters, making sure that they aren't enemies."

    Yao Jun pat the slightly shocked Lin Ren on the shoulder as he spoke. Yao Jun knew that they were just doing it to make sure that no enemies entered the gate, but it was still rather awkward when they did it to friends.

    They all headed to the area in front of the ancient tree and sat down. Little Thunder laid down behind Yao Jun and Guo Luo, acting as a cushion they could rest on. Little Gray and Sirius laid down next to Guo Luo, while Ba-Shei curled up next to Yao Jun, guarding the both of them.

    "Is this what they call favoritism?"

    Yun Yantian couldn't help but comment when he saw this. All the Demonic beasts gathered around Yao Jun and Guo Luo, making them as comfortable as possible. And what did they get? Nothing.

    "Jealous? Since we are going to do this together, i figured we should learn more about each other and our powers."

    Yao Jun responded with a cheeky grin, but he quickly turned serious. It would take at the very least a few days for them to cross the continent, so it would be good to take this chance to learn more about each other and what they were capable of.

    "Good point, I can start. I am Yun Yantian, I come from the Liang continents Yun clan, but I left them about one and a half months ago. I am currently at the middle stage of the 1st Mortal Earth."

    "My power currently allows me to summon an infinite amount of swords in a 10 meter circle around me. I can control the swords using my mind, the more swords i summon, the harder it is to control them. I can strengthen my swords through absorbing either a strong weapon, or the sword intent of other people."

    Yun Yantian waved his hand while speaking, causing several swords to appear in the air around him. He continued to move his hand, causing the swords to move around in the air.

    "I am Lin Ren, just a homeless wanderer without a clan. My power is based on the soul. Upon killing someone, I can either absorb their soul and summon it, or I can absorb it and use it to strengthen my other souls."

    Lin Ren started talking when Yun Yantian stopped. He also waved his hand, causing a blurry white silhouette to appear in front of him. This silhouette was the soul of the person he killed as he awakened his God Gate, it was also the only soul he had at the moment.

    "The souls I summon, or when I decide to use their power on my own, all target the opponent's soul and mind. It can disorient them, control them if they are weak enough, or just immediately kill them if they are weak enough."

    Information about his power had flooded Lin Ren's mind when he first awakened it, so he knew the basics of how to use and control his power.

    "I am Wan Yi. I used to be a possible successor for the ruler of the Demon Race, but i was banished after killing several people. I have two Soul Beasts that i can summon and borrow power from."

    The next one to speak was Wan Yi, her words slightly surprising Lin Ren and Yun Yantian. A possible successor for the ruler of the Demon Race? They couldn't help but wonder how she ended up traveling alongside Yao Jun.

    "The first on is Xie Bi'an, which is the Reaper Crow we are riding on. It allows me to summon the souls of the recently deceased and force them to answer my questions, or to devour their souls and search for others who have a similar soul."

    "The second one is Fan Wujiu. He allows me to greatly strengthen my defense through summoning his scales, as well as use his corrosive fire to attack."

    While Wan Yi spoke, she raised her right hand, causing dark green flames to rise from her palm. A winged serpent with black scales flew out from the green flames and flew around Wan Yi's hand. The winged serpent had two leathery bat wings, and two eyes that were deep green. Despite having read a large amount of books, Yao Jun found that he did not know what sort of Demonic beast this winged serpent was.

    "I am Guo Luo. I used to belong to the Guo clan, but I left them after meeting Yao Jun. My power is based on illusions, allowing me to summon lifelike illusions in the surrounding. They currently can't be used for attacks, but they are very good for hiding. I can strengthen my illusions through absorbing other peoples Mental Energy."

    Guo Luo spoke up after Wan Yi, summoning forth several smaller illusions, even covering her body to change her appearance as she spoke. Seeing her illusions, the others couldn't help but be surprised.

    The illusions could not be used to attack, but they were incredibly lifelike. The illusions did not release any Qi and if they tried to touch them, their hands would pass through them, which were the only signs that they were in fact illusions.

    "I am Yao Jun, I come from the Grand Quan continent. My parents were adopted by the Yao clan, but I do not consider myself one of them. My power allows me to kill and absorb Demonic beasts."

    Yao Jun was the last one to speak up. He did not mind talking about where he came from to these people. He trusted Yun Yantian, Guo Luo, and Wan Yi, they had all helped him before. And since Yun Yantian trusted Lin Ren, he was obviously someone trustworthy.

    "I can either absorb them and summon them, allowing me to use their power. Or I can absorb them and use them to strengthen my other Demonic beasts, but not getting to use their power. I currently have four Demonic beasts, Little Thunder, Little Gray, Sirius, and Ba-Shei. The four of them give me access to lightning, illusions, wind, and darkness."

    Yao Jun pointed at his Demonic beasts in order, introducing them by name and what power they gave him. The others had to admit that out of all of them, Yao Jun was the one with the most versatility.
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    Chapter 100: Nine gates.

    At the bottom of the ocean that separated the Grand Quan continent from the three other continents, there stood a massive castle that spanned several kilometers. The castle was surrounded by a large amount of spires and towers, with every inch of the castle built out of blue stone that gave off a faint glow.

    There was currently a man walking through the castle with hurried steps, heading towards the center of the castle. The man was completely covered in a black robe that obscured his features, but if one looked closely, one would see that he did not have a head, only a mass of black smoke.

    He walked past several servants and soldiers, but they were not humans. The servants and soldiers all had a humanoid shape, but they were covered in deep blue scales, with six slits on their neck as well as webbing between their fingers.

    The man continued walking until he reached a long hallway, a dark golden carpet covering the floor. The hallway was covered in torches that were lit with a blue flame that released no heat. There were no servants or soldiers standing in this hallway, making it eerily quiet. The man drew a deep breath before heading down the hallway and opening the grand door at the end of it.

    The grand door led into a massive and empty hall, the roof so high above that it was almost hard to see. The walls were covered in engravings, but the engravings had long been covered in deep scratches that made it impossible to see what they were.

    “Why are you in such a hurry Little Chao?”

    At the very center of the hall stood a simple throne constructed out off black stones, seemingly carved out of a single large rock. An old man covered in white hair sat on the throne, his golden robe dirty and tattered, showing off an emancipated body that looked like someone had just covered a skeleton with skin. The voice had come from this old man.

    The old man's body was covered in chains that were covered in glowing runes. The chains came out from the ground and pierced into the body of the old man. The chains then entwined around his body, before they returned to the floor, preventing the old man from moving any part of his body.

    “Sir. One of my men just used his divination and found out that four of the God Gate holders have gathered together and started traveling together.”

    The man kneeled down in front of the throne, not even daring to raise his head and look at the old man. He was afraid that the old man would punish him for not preventing the God Gate holders from gathering together.

    “Of course they have. They always group up and travel together, growing alongside each other, slowly gaining power and growing as close as real family. That is how the cycle always goes.”

    The old man responded with a chuckle, not bothered in the slightest, his words surprising the kneeling man. It was only four of the God Gates that had gathered together, it was nothing to worry about.

    “There is no need to worry, Little Chao. I will not let the cycle repeat itself once more, I will break the cycle and finally allow it to end. They have gathered four of them, but the final five are already under my control.”

    The old man could feel the worry of the kneeling man, so he let out another chuckle. The God Gate holders were only scary when all nine gathered together, only when all nine gathered together would the cycle be able to repeat itself.

    “You mean?”

    The kneeling man finally raised his head, his voice fill with excitement and disbelief.

    “Yes. They may have the Demon, Sword, Illusion, and Ghost God's Gates. But I have the Human, Element, Destruction, Shield, and All God's Gates. The nine will never meet up, and the cycle will end.”

    The old man tried to nod his head as he spoke, but the chains digging into his neck and skull prevented him from moving, resulting in him only creating a rattling noise. He already had the five last God Gates under his control, so why would he worry about only four of them gathering together.

    Even if the four remaining God Gates turned out to end up slightly troublesome, he would still not care. He had spent countless years luring all nine God Gates to this planet, to his prison. He would not allow anything to go wrong when he was so close to victory.

    “That's wonderful news Sir!”

    “Tell me, has that ocean dweller answered our calls?”

    The old man did not continue the topic about the God Gates, instead asking about something else that was on his mind. If they could get that ocean dweller on their side, all the water on the planet would be on their side.

    “Im afraid not sir. She said that the mountain god moving and leaving the Guanyu continent did not mean that she would move. She is content with having things stay as they are.”

    The kneeling man lowered his head and responded in a low voice. She was simply too stubborn, refusing to help them move against the people holding the God Gates. With her on their side, they could slowly start gathering the other ones of her kind. They would no longer have to rely on humans to do their work.

    “What a shame, I was hoping that she would foster the same hatred as the mountain dweller did.”

    The old man spoke with a slight sigh, seemingly disappointed, but the white hair covering his entire bpdy made it impossible to read his expression.

    “Do you have any other orders for me sir?”

    “That Guo clan that you found, keep working with them. If we utilize them proficiently, we might be able to gather all nine gates.”

    The old man responded after a short moment of silence. He was trapped here in this castle, chained to his throne, and the various sea dwellers and other races that worked for him in the castle were forbidden from leaving.

    Once they tried to leave, the castle would activate and they would be turned to dust, with not even their souls being spared. Because of this, they were forced to utilize the various races and clans that lived on the surface.

    “Yes sir!”

    The kneeling man gave a strong nod before standing up and leaving the massive hall, leaving behind the old man.
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    Chapter 101: They will speak, and you will listen.

    The trip to the other side of the continent proceeded in complete silence. Everyone had sat down cross legged and focused on absorbing the surrounding Qi, taking every second to strengthen themselves. They were going to a place where they had no idea what they were facing, everyone wanted to be in peak condition.

    Yao Jun sat at the foot of the ancient tree, tendrils of Qi digging into his body and slowly being absorbed by his gate. Yao Jun had found that the ancient aura that the tree released was very beneficial to his cultivation, so he sat as close to the tree as he could.

    The others did not have this luxury, to them, the aura felt like boiling water coursing through their veins, so none of them dared to absorb the aura of the tree. Yao Jun's Demonic beasts were also sitting underneath the tree, silently absorbing the aura that the tree was releasing.

    The Gate inside Yao Jun's chest now looked slightly different from the past. Where it was once engraved with the image of a tiger and an eagle, with nine spikes at the top of the gate. It was now engraved with the image of a tiger, an eagle, a wolf, and a serpent. It also only had nine spikes left at the top, one of them breaking off when Yao Jun reached the 1st Mortal Earth.

    The eight spike at the top of the gate was currently shaking slightly, unable to stand steady at the top of the gate. The nine indents that were placed beneath the spikes were all glowing with violet light.

    After absorbing Ba-Shei, Yao Jun had been pushed to the late stage of the 1st Mortal Earth. With his continuous cultivation while they were traveling, he had already reached the peak of the 1st Mortal Earth, only a tiny step away from the 2nd Mortal Earth.

    Even after cultivating in silence for several days, Yao Jun found that he had made nearly no progress in surmounting that tiny step. He knew that they were very close to reaching their destination, so he grit his teeth and decided to try an idea he had.

    Since he had made up his mind, what was the point in waiting any longer? With a nudge of his mind, the new channel he had dug in his arm was opened, fully activating the first stage of Crumbling The Nine Heavens.

    The black Qi that was flowing within that channel was released into the rest of his body. But where he would usually let it fill his entire body, greatly strengthening him, he now directed all of it towards his chest.

    The black Qi slammed into his gate like a tidal wave, bringing with it pain that made it feel like his chest was hit by a sledgehammer. Yao Jun grit his teeth and swallowed down the blood that was moving up his throat. He knew that they would have a better chance at staying alive if he managed to increase his strength, so he grit his teeth and refused to make a sound. It was better to suffer this pain now than suffer the pain of losing friends and loved ones.


    The tidal wave of black Qi managed to loosen the eight spike even more, causing it to wobble unsteadily, but it did not cause it to fall. Yao Jun made the Qi return to the channel in his arm, before having it slam into the gate once more.

    Yao Jun continued to slam the tidal wave of Qi into his gate for several hours, each time bringing with it a great amount of pain. His Demonic beasts knew what he was doing, so they stopped their own cultivation and curled up around him, making sure that nothing would disturb him.

    After spending half a day of continuous slams, the eight spike finally came loose and fell down from the gate, embedding itself in his heart. When the spike embedded itself in his heart, Yao Jun braced himself to endure the same pain he felt when he reached the 1st Mortal Earth.

    But the pain did not come. There was instead a soothing sensation as a stream of Qi coursed through his body, slowly healing the founds he had inflicted upon himself when he slammed the tidal wave of Qi against his gate.

    After the stream of Qi finished repairing his injuries, it started traveling along his veins until it ended up in his head. The stream of Qi coated the inside of his head, especially the area where his ears were.

    “You are their god, so you must bear the responsibility of that name.”

    While the stream of Qi coated the inside of his head, an ancient and dreary voice rang out inside his head. Yao Jun recognized this as the voice he heard when he reached the 1st Mortal Earth, the voice of the Demon God's Gate.

    “When they pray for salvation, it is you who will respond to their pleas and save them. When they pray for strength to protect their loved ones, it is you who will respond to their pleas and share your strength with them. When they pray for the vengeance, it is you who will respond to their pleas and descend, carving a bloody path through their enemies.”

    “All demons are your people, and you are their Demon God. They will speak, and you will listen.”

    After the voice vanished, the stream of Qi that coated his head dug into his ears and brain, bringing with it the same pain it did when he reached the 1st Mortal Earth.

    The pain continued for what seemed like an eternity before it finally vanished, leaving Yao Jun covered in sweat. Yao Jun opened his eyes and let out a long breath, he did not think that he would ever get used to pain like that.

    He brought out a piece of cloth and wiped the sweat away from his face. At the same time, he also took the chance to inspect his body, checking for any changes. He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his body did not have any changes like when he reached the 1st Mortal Earth, he still looked the same.

    “Little lady, he has awoken.”

    While Yao Jun was checking his body, he suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice not far from him. He quickly turned his head and prepared to pull out his sword, but when he turned his head, he only saw Wan Yi sitting not far from him, Fan Wujiu sitting on her shoulder.

    “Fear not my lord, it was only I.”

    While Yao Jun was checking for the owner of the voice, Fan Wujiu slightly bent it's body, giving Yao Jun a bow, the same voice ringing out again. Wan Yi also stood up after Fan Wujiu gave the bow, walking over to Yao Jun before she sat down.

    “You...are the one talking?”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but turn to Fan Wujiu as he asked. Before they started cultivating, he had met this Fan Wujiu, but he had not heard him speak back then.

    “You can understand him?”

    Wan Yi couldn't help but raise her eyebrow as she asked. Fan Wujiu had chatted with her while they were cultivating, but Yao Jun had never shown signs that he could understand what he was saying. At the same time, she also felt slightly wronged. Why was she referred to as Little lady, while he was referred to as My lord?

    “Little lady, he is the one who holds the Demon God's Gate. It would be a disgrace if he could not understand the language of demons. It is only that he could not understand our words before.”

    Fan Wujiu gave a very human like shake of his head. His voice was deep and powerful, giving one the feeling that it reverberated throughout ones entire body.

    “Understand their language?”

    Yao Jun seemed to have understood something as he turned to his own Demonic beasts. The voice of the Demon God's Gate had told him 'They will speak, and you will listen'. Did it mean that he could now understand the language of Demonic beasts.

    “Greetings my lord.”

    Seeing him turn to them, his four Demonic beasts slightly bent their heads and greeted him. Before this, he could understand their thoughts because they were connected, but that was only understanding their thoughts. Now he could understand their words.

    “How long until we reach our destination?”

    Hearing their words, Yao Jun's face cracked into a smile and he reached out with his hand, gently patting all of them on the head. While patting them, he turned to Wan Yi. He did not know how much time had passed while he was working on his breakthrough, so he did not know how much more time he had.

    “We reached it two days ago, but because you were still in the middle of your breakthrough, we decided to wait.”

    Wan Yi shrugged her shoulders as she spoke, causing Yao Jun to be slightly shocked. It had only felt like it had taken at most a few hours to break through to the 2nd Mortal Earth, but it seemed like he had spent much longer than that.

    “I see, it seems like I kept you all waiting.”
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    Chapter 102: Infiltration.

    “How long have we been flying?”

    Yao Jun stood up and dusted himself off as he spoke, stretching his body and enjoying the sound of his joints popping after he finished. He knew that the trip would take a few days, but he did not know exactly how long.

    “15 days of flying, and two days of hiding. We are currently hiding around 10 kilometers away from the town that they have captured.”

    Wan Yi stood up alongside Yao Jun, returning Fan Wujiu into her body, as she responded. Yao Jun nodded his head at her words and left the gate, Wan Yi following right behind him. Yao Jun could tell that the others were not inside the gate, so they were most likely waiting outside.

    After they left the gate, Yao Jun found that they were currently inside a dark forest, the trees so close to each other that their leaves and branches completely blotted out the sky. Through the small spaces between the trees, he could see a town standing in the distance, surrounded by a large wooden fence. The sun had set not long ago, so the entire town was shrouded by darkness, lit up only by what seemed to be a few torches.

    Just as he thought, the others were all sitting on the ground not far from him, chatting with each other and telling stories about themselves. When they notice him leaving the gate, they all stood up and walked over. Guo Luo had a bright smile as she walked next to him an grabbed his hand, holding it tightly. Yao Jun put on a smile of his own and returned the gate into his body.

    “Do we know anything about how their people are distributed around the town?”

    After returning the gate into his body, he turned to the others and started talking business. Both Lin Ren and Guo Luo could easily spy on the things that happened within the town, so he assumed that they had spent the last two days finding out about the situation within the town.

    “They have almost no guards patrolling around the town, it seems like they are trying to make the village look normal. They have the most people at the very center of the town, that should also be where their leader is.”

    Lin Ren was the one who responded. He could summon forth the souls he had gathered and insert them into the village, seeing through their eyes to spy on the town. The souls were immaterial, so they could walk through walls without problem. He could even make them transparent and invisible, making it nearly impossible to spot them.

    “Do we know anything about their strength?”

    Entering the town without at least having an approximate on the enemies strength was foolish. Knowing the enemies strength would allow them to make plans more easily.

    “The strongest person I have noticed so far seemed to have reached the 6th Houtian Sky, but I was unable to tell clearly. ”

    Lin Ren could see and hear what his souls saw, but there was still a limit to how high the cultivation level he could sense was. He could just barely tell if someone was at the 6th Houtian Sky, but there was of course also a chance that he was wrong.

    “We are in luck however. I managed to find out where they are keeping Yang Yuhuan as well as her brother. They plan on using her to force out the remnants of the Yang clan.”

    “Force them out?”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but be slightly bewildered at Lin Ren's words. Why would the Yang clan be forced out just because the Guo clan had Yang Yuhuan? It would be much better for them to stay hidden and accumulate their strength.

    “You might not know, but face is incredibly important to large clans. The Yang clan is severely weakened right now, but they are still a large clan that even has a chance to return to it's peak if they are careful.”

    Yun Yantian shook his head and answered Yao Jun. He used to be the future patriarch of the Yun clan, so he obviously knew more about how these large clans worked.

    “If word comes out that they refused to save their future matriarch, allowing her to suffer at the hands of their enemies, their face would be completely ruined and they would risk losing the trust and loyalty of their own people as well as the common people.”

    Once a clan lost the trust and loyalty of the common people as well as their own people, who would still dare do business with the clan or join them? With no one joining or doing business with them, the clan was doomed to crumble.

    “How troublesome is it going to be to get them out?”

    Hearing Yun Yantian's explanation, Yao Jun finally understood. Since they knew where to find them, and also how the strength of the enemy was split up, all that remained was to find out how to get them out of the town.

    “That depends on you. Sister Luo told us a little about that serpent of yours, Ba-Shei. He can apparently jump into the shadows? If you can get him into the town and to the place where the two of them are being held, and then bring both of them into the shadows and then out of the town, it should not be too troublesome. Is that possible?”

    After they spied on the town and learned about the situation within, they had all started discussing how to get Yang Yuhuan and her brother out of the town. While they were coming with ideas, Guo Luo remembered how Yao Jun had mentioned that he could use the powers granted to him by Ba-Shei to enter the darkness.

    She had also seen him drag other people into the shadows, so she was certain that he could bring others into the shadows. If he could use Ba-Shei to drag Yang Yuhuan and her brother into the darkness, getting them out of the town would be easy.

    “That is indeed possible.”

    Yao Jun did not respond immediately, tapping his chin in silence for a short moment as he thought. He could indeed bring Yang Yuhuan and her brother into the darkness and then bring them out of the town. But what if Ba-Shei was discovered while it was inside the town?

    The range of it's darkness manipulation was only 50 meters. This meant that it would have to leave the darkness for a short moment every 50 meters, and then jump into the nearest other darkness. He was certain that Ba-Shei would not be discovered while it was inside the darkness, as they had not been able to notice Lin Ren's souls as they were spying on the town.

    He eventually made up his mind, he would just have to risk it. If things turned for the worse, he could just have Ba-Shei dodge into the darkness to avoid any attacks.

    “Excellent. When do you want to start?”

    Yun Yantian couldn't help but get excited. Yang Yuhuan was like a sister to him, she treated him more like family than his brothers ever had. He did not want her to be in the hands of the Guo clan for even a second longer.

    “The longer we stay, the higher the risk of being discovered, so let's start immediately.”

    Yao Jun stood up and started walking towards the town as he spoke. Since he had made up his mind, what point wast here in waiting any longer. And since the sun had set not long ago, the entire town was shrouded in darkness, this was the perfect time.

    The group snuck up on the town, stopping a short distance away from the wooden fence. There were a few deep holes in the ground, as well as large mounds of earth, spread around the area where they stopped. There had clearly been a battle here at some point, which resulted in these holes and mounds.

    If he was closer to Ba-Shei, it would be easier to control him properly, so Yao Jun chose to move closer to the town, rather than try to control him from the place where they had previously hidden.

    “Guard my body.”

    Yao Jun spoke in a low voice. He would put his consciousness into Ba-Shei's body, allowing him to completely control it. This would leave his own body vulnerable, as he would not be aware of his surroundings, so they would have to guard him.

    “My lord.”

    A black light flashed from his chest and Ba-Shei appeared in front of him, an incomparably excited expression in it's eyes. Ba-Shei's voice was soft and slightly hoarse, the words dragging out slightly. Yao Jun placed his hand on Ba-Shei's head and gave it a gentle stroke, before he put his consciousness into it's body and had it dive into the darkness.
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    Chapter 103: Gnawing hunger.

    When Ba-Shei vanished into the darkness, the other people around Yao Jun's body quickly prepared themselves, keeping a close eye on the surroundings. If someone got too close, they would either kill that person or grab Yao Jun's body and escape, depending on the opponents strength.

    With Yao Jun's consciousness in Ba-Shei's body, he was controlling it's body to move as he wished. This of course, did not grant him perfect control over Ba-Shei's body, there were certain limitations that Yao Jun needed to be mindful of.

    One limitation was that Ba-Shei's consciousness was also within the body. If Yao Jun were to control Ba-Shei's body and try to force it to do something it vehemently disagreed with, it could take back control of it's body and prevent Yao Jun from doing whatever it disagreed with.

    Another limitation was the range. The closer he was to his own body as he controlled Ba-Shei's body, the more fluent his control would be. If he got too far away, he would only be able to order Ba-Shei what to do, but not control it's body to do that. This was because his soul was currently too weak, making his range limited.

    They were hiding at the east side of the city, while Yang Yuhuan was imprisoned at the western side of the city. There was a distance of around six kilometers between them, which was too large for Yao Jun to perfectly control Ba-Shei's body, meaning that he could only order it to follow his bidding and hope that it agreed. Of course, as the holder of the Demon God's Gate, if Ba-Shei decided to go against his order, he had the power to punish Ba-Shei.

    Ba-Shei dove into the darkness, leaving the darkness every fifty meters and then diving back down again, repeating the process as it traversed the town. It was night now, so there was darkness everywhere, but people often underestimated how much darkness there was in the world, even when the sun was shining strongly.

    Every pebble on the ground, every blade of grass, every bug flying in the air or crawling on the ground. They all cast a shadow, a door for people and Demonic beasts who controlled the darkness element to dive into. Even if the sun was at it's brightest, Yao Jun had full confidence that he could traverse the entire town.

    Of course, Yao Jun was still being extremely careful, constantly making sure that Ba-Shei was not leaking out any of it's aura, lest they be discovered. As they were traveling across the town, Yao Jun also kept a close eye on the surroundings.

    There would be people from the Guo clan wandering around the streets from time to time, but none of the town's residents were out walking. Every shop was closed and all the residents were forbidden from leaving their homes, given the excuse that it was safer in their homes.

    Yao Jun could not help but start thinking when he saw this. It was indeed safer and more peaceful inside their homes, but how was this any different from a prison? They were safe and at peace inside their homes, but they were forbidden from leaving, forbidden from doing what they wanted.

    He couldn't help but think about what he himself wanted. Was this the sort of peaceful world he wanted to create for his loved ones? A world where they were safe and at peace, but trapped within a cage he had created? No, it was not.

    He wanted a peaceful world where those he loved could live in safety and peace, but also be free to do as they wished. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that what he and Wan Yi wanted were not so different, only on different scales.

    Yao Jun quickly shook his head and threw away the thoughts. He was in the middle of a mission, this was not the time to be getting distracted, especially while he was with Ba-Shei.

    Yao Jun found that Ba-Shei would often stop moving when he stopped paying attention to it. It did not stop because it was uncertain of what to do, it stopped because it was staring at the Guo clan people walking by, a hungry light in it's eyes.

    Yao Jun's consciousness was inside Ba-Shei, so he could obviously feel everything it did. Ba-Shei felt a gnawing hunger, a hunger that was ever present within it. Ba-Shei did not need to eat to stay alive, it could simply absorb the surrounding Qi to survive. But it still felt that hunger, a hunger that had never left it since the day it was born.

    "Don't worry. Once this is over, I will find you some good food.”

    Yao Jun forced Ba-Shei to ignore the hunger for now, promising it that he would provide good food for it once the mission was over. Ba-Shei of course listened to Yao Jun. As the holder of the Demon God's Gate, they followed his orders not out of fear of getting punished, but out of respect. That was also why they referred to him as lord.

    The place where Yang Yuhuan and her brother was imprisoned was disguised as a completely normal house, standing in an unremarkable spot that was easily missed. The prison was through a secret door in the floor that lead to a prison area beneath the ground, something left behind by the previous ruler of this city.

    “You fuck! Leave her alone and hit me instead!”

    When Ba-Shei entered the darkness that existed within the prison, a loud shout rang out. There were several cells in this prison, but only two of them were occupied. In one cell, there was a tall and burly man with golden hair that had been cut short. He was clad in a ragged Yang clan robe. Yao Jun had met this man once before, in Zhenya valley, he was the brother of Yang Yuhuan.

    He was currently shouting loudly at a person in the cell right across his. This cell contained two people, Yang Yuhuan, whose entire face was bruised and bloody, and a man who seemed to be around 50, clad in Guo clan robes, who was currently savagely beating Yang Yuhuan.

    “You shut up! Because of your Yang clan, we have already had to lower our heads for several years! I will deal with you later. ”

    The man stopped his punches and turned towards Yang Yuhuan's brother, shouting loudly. Yao Jun could even see the veins on the man's forehead sticking out, it was clear that he was full of rage.

    “Really, such a pathetic clan. You can't even deliver a good punch.”

    Yang Yuhuan let out a small laugh as she taunted the man. She had come to terms with the fact that she was going to do, so she was determined to anger the people from the Guo clan as much as she could before she died.

    “Weren't you awfully hungry Little Ba? There is some good food right there. Just make sure it is quiet.”

    While the man from the Guo clan returned to punching Yang Yuhuan in rage, Yao Jun's voice rang out in Ba-Shei's head like a soft whisper. Yao Jun could feel Ba-Shei's boundless excitement after his voice rang out. It quickly made it's way to the ceiling above the Guo clan man.

    The man was not even at the 1st Mortal Earth, so it was clear that he was not a fighter from the Guo clan, so Yao Jun was not worried about Ba-Shei. Once Ba-Shei reached the ceiling above the man, it positioned it's body and dropped out from the darkness, plummeting towards the man.

    The ceiling was only four meters away from the floor, so Ba-Shei reached the man almost immediately. The man heard something above him, so he raised his head to stare, coming face to face with Ba-Shei's split maw.

    While Yang Yuhuan and her brother were watching in surprise, Ba-Shei closed it's maw down on the face of the man, it's teeth sinking into his head. But Ba-Shei did not kill him, the bite was only to silence the man.

    When the man fell to the ground under Ba-Shei's weight, it coiled around his body and started slowly tightening it's grip, slowly crushing the man to death. Ba-Shei liked it when they squirmed and twitched right before death, it made him feel powerful.

    While Ba-Shei was crushing the man, Yao Jun found himself very surprised. Since his consciousness was still in Ba-Shei's body, he could feel everything it felt. When the blood of the man dripped down onto Ba-Shei's tongue, Yao Jun did not taste the metallic taste he had expected.

    Instead, the blood had a very sweet, almost fruity, taste to it. It was like he was drinking a fine wine, it was almost intoxicating. Yao Jun quickly regained his calm and cut off his sense of taste, lest he become addicted to it.

    After the man stopped twitching and squirming, his bones pulverized by Ba-Shei's strong body, Ba-Shei opened it's maw and swallowed the man whole, leaving behind no trace of him. After it swallowed the man, it turned to a shocked Yang Yuhuan.

    All it took was a quick move of Ba-Shei's mind, and Yang Yuhuan's body vanished into the darkness, entering the same black space that Yao Jun and Ba-Shei entered whenever they dove into the darkness. Before Yang Yuhuan's brother had the time to shout anything, Ba-Shei entered his cell and brought him into the darkness as well. Once the two were secured, Ba-Shei also vanished into the darkness, disappearing from the prison.

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