The Demon's Gate

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    Chapter 77: I will take care of everything.

    To be able to see the entire body of the Demonic beast required Yao Jun to channel all his Qi into his eyes. Normally this would not be a problem, as he would just have to rest for a short period to be back to normal.

    But when the massive Demonic beast spoke to him, it's voice reverberated through his entire body, even his Demon God's Gate trembled under the pressure of this voice. The trembling even caused a small fracture to appear on his Demon God's Gate.

    The fracture was minuscule, but it was still there. This prompted the Demon God's Gate to draw upon Yao Jun's Qi to repair itself. Since Yao Jun was out of Qi, it could only draw upon a different source of power to restore itself. This source of power ended up being his soul.

    A living being was made out of three different parts, the body, the mind, and the soul. The body contained the mind and soul and acted like the container for both, allowing a person to interact with it's surroundings. It also held a person's Qi. Without a body, a person would be nothing but a floating soul.

    The mind contained a person's thoughts and controlled the body, it also held a person's Mental Energy. Without a mind, a person was little more than a puppet, this was why one could control a person if they managed to control their mind. Without a mind, a person would be nothing but a mindless puppet.

    The soul was the core of everything, containing a person's memories and personality. The soul also contained the life force of a person. Once a person reached a high enough cultivation level, they could even send their soul out of their body and into a new one, taking it over and using it as their new body.

    This was often done if the body they were using had reached the end of it's lifespan, or had gotten too old. But this changing could not happen forever, because each soul only contained a certain amount of life force.

    The amount of life force that a soul contained could only be raised through cultivation, the higher the cultivation level, the larger the amount of life force. This was why cultivators who had reached a high level had such long lives and youthful bodies.

    Since there was no Qi left in Yao Jun's body, his Demon God's Gate started draining life force and energy from his soul to repair itself. It recognized that this act would be unbearable for it's host should he still be conscious, so it made him fall unconscious before it started.

    “Jun'er? Jun'er?!”

    Seeing Yao Jun's body collapse forward, his face as pale as a sheet of paper, Guo Luo completely panicked. She grabbed onto Yao Jun's shoulders and started shaking him slightly, her voice trembling as she called out. Of course, there was no way that Yao Jun would be able to answer.

    “Little Gray, put us down over there!”

    Guo Luo hurriedly swept the surroundings with her eyes, her heart and mind racing as she was trying to think of what to do. As she was sweeping the surroundings, she managed to spot a small town in the distance. The small town consisted of only a few hundred houses, and since it was located a distance away from where the massive Demonic beast had awakened, it had not been transported away alongside the Demonic beast.

    She quickly pointed at a spot a short distance away from the town and told Little Gray to land there. Little Gray let out a loud screech to let Guo Luo know that he understood and sped towards the spot. With Little Gray's max speed, he could cross around 100 kilometers in around 10 minutes, so reaching the spot Guo Luo had pointed out was done in almost no time. Of course, with people on it's back, it could not reach it's max speed.

    “You have to find a place to hide Little Gray, you can't let anyone in the town see you! Once Jun'er wakes up, he will be able to locate you so that we can meet up again.”

    Once Little Gray landed, Guo Luo hopped down and carefully lifted Yao Jun down from Little Gray's back. She sat him down on the ground, leaning against a tree, before she turned to Little Gray. She gave him a few gentle strokes on the head as she spoke.

    Yao Jun was the only one who could return his Demonic beasts into the Demon God's Gate, with him unconscious, there was no way for Little Gray to return into the gate. If Little Gray was seen by the people in the town, there was a chance that they would send people to hunt him. Guo Luo did not want Yao Jun to wake up and find out that Little Gray was dead.

    Little Gray gave a few quick nods of his head before he spread his wings and shot into the sky, his body swiftly disappearing into the distance. Seeing Little Gray vanish, Guo Luo heaved a quick sigh before walking over to Yao Jun.

    “Let's go Jun'er, there is a small town over there where we can rest.”

    Guo Luo bent forward and picked up Yao Jun's body, hefting him onto her back and carrying him piggyback. She spoke partly to fill the silence and partly to ease her own worries. After she made sure that Yao Jun would not fall from her back, she started walking towards the town in the distance.

    To make sure that no one would see Little Gray, Guo Luo had made him stop a good distance away from the town. This forced her to carry Yao Jun through a dense forest for over an hour before she managed to reach the town. By the time she reached the town, her legs were shaking and her entire body was covered in dirt and tiny cuts that she had gotten from low hanging branches.

    But despite how tired she was, she did not put down Yao Jun even once, nor did she allow him to sustain any injuries, shielding his body from even the tiniest branch that she deemed could hurt him.

    The town was filled with people by the time Guo Luo arrived there. They had heard about the appearance of the massive Demonic beast and came to check out the area, seeing if there was anything special about it.

    Guo Luo pushed her way through the crowd until she managed to find an inn. With her body covered in dirt and small cuts, with her colorful hair, and carrying an unconscious person on her back, she attracted many gazes as she walked. Some were filled with pity, some with suspicion, and others with a slight sense of lust.

    She even felt one gaze that was filled with a strong sense of hostility. But the hostility wasn't targeted at her, but rather at Yao Jun. Guo Luo could do nothing but ignore the gazes for now as she entered the inn, a small wooden building consisting of only two floors.

    The inside was lit up by small lanterns, giving the entire inn a warm and cozy feeling. Guo Luo did not waste any time, walking straight up to the counter and renting out a secluded room on the second floor. The man at the counter gave her a strange look when she said that she wanted a secluded room, but she simply ignore id.

    After she got the key to the room, she carried Yao Jun straight up to the room and laid him down on the bed. The room was very simple, containing only one large bed, a table and four chairs, a nightstand next to the bed, as well as a simple bathroom.

    Guo Luo entered the bathroom and filled up a small bucket with water. She brought the bucket to the side of the bed and tore off a small piece of cloth from her robe. She dipped the cloth in the bucket of water, making sure that it was soaked and clean, before using it to gently wipe Yao Jun's face.

    “Don't worry Jun'er, I will take care of everything. I will not let anything happen to you, so you just focus on recovering.”

    Guo Luo was speaking to Yao Jun with a smile as she wiped his face, making sure that there was no sweat or dirt on his face. Once the cloth started getting a bit dirty, she would dip it in the bucket of water and repeat the process.

    “Just please, don't leave me.”
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    Chapter 78: I made a mistake.

    Guo Luo wiped Yao Jun's entire face three times before she noticed that he had finally stopped sweating. She threw the strip of cloth into the bucket of water and put the bucket to the side. She placed her head on Yao Jun's chest, making sure that he was breathing properly. His breathing was a bit shallow, but she assumed that it was acceptable. She had no experience with things like this, so she could only do what she assumed was correct.

    Just as Guo Luo was wondering about what she had to do next, there was a knock at the door. Guo Luo's head was currently occupied with thoughts about what she could do for Yao Jun, so she did not think too much about it, walking up to the door and opening it.

    Outside the door stood two burly men clad in thick leather armor that showed off their muscular and hairy chests, they both carried a sword and a bow on their back. One of the men was completely bald, three large scars going from one side of his face to the other., looking like a Demonic beast had scratched across his face. The scars went over his right eye, so there was a large gash where his right eye should be.

    The other man had black hair that reached down to his shoulders. The hair was unkempt and unruly, hanging down over his face and covering most of his eyes, but one could still see that he had very powerful features, like they were carved by a knife. Guo Luo could sense that the two of them were not yet at the 1st Mortal Earth.

    “We are sorry to disturb you miss, I am Zhou San, this is my brother Zhou She. We know that this might sound very rude, but we would like to take a look at the young man you brought with you.”

    Contrary to their looks, they spoke very politely. The bald man with the three scars was the one who talked, giving Guo Luo a short bow as he introduced himself. The other man looked over Guo Luo and into the room, trying to get a good look at Yao Jun.

    They came from a sect that was located a few days travel away from this town, but since they had been out traveling when the commotion with the massive Demonic beast occurred, they just so happened to be nearby.

    They had some suspicions about Yao Jun's identity, but they could not be sure, so they wanted to get a close look first. The were being polite just in case it turned out that they had been wrong. They also slightly pitied Guo Luo. They had seen how she looked when she carried Yao Jun into town, covered in small wounds and dirt.

    “Look at him? I'm sorry, but he is very ill right now and I don't want anyone to get close to him.”

    Guo Luo hurriedly shook her head as she spoke, her heart quickly sinking in her chest as she spoke. She made a mistake. In her panic, she had completely forgotten how Yao Jun had told her to find a safe place to hide and to trust no one. Yet despite that, she had brought his unconscious body into a crowded city.

    She had forgotten that there might be people looking for them after what they did in Ash Barrens City, people that were looking to hurt Yao Jun. She could not help but curse herself. She had brought him into this city. If anything happened to him, it would be her fault, she would have been the one to hurt him.

    “Please miss, we must look at him, I hope you understand.”

    The bald man shook his head as he spoke. After he finished his words, he grabbed Guo Luo by the shoulders and pushed her aside, allowing him and his brother to enter the room. Seeing the two men enter the room, Guo Luo almost panicked again.

    Forcing herself to calm down, she quickly acted. Before the two men managed to get close enough to the bed to see Yao Jun, she covered his body in one of her illusions, altering his appearance. She did not alter his appearance too much, only enough to make him look like a different person that shared some similarities with Yao Jun.

    “Seems like it is not him. I am very sorry for the disturbance miss, I hope you can forgive us.”

    The two men walked up to the bed and closely examined Yao Jun, especially his face. After a short moment, they both sighed and shook their heads, seemed like they had been wrong. The bald man turned to Guo Luo and gave her a bow as he apologized, before the two brothers left the room.

    “Im sorry Jun'er, I almost hurt you. I promise I won't let it happen again.”

    Seeing the two men leave, Guo Luo heaved a sigh of relief, quickly running up and closing the door. After she closed the door, she returned to Yao Jun's side and gently stroked his face as she spoke. How could she forgive herself if she allowed Yao Jun to get hurt?

    She quickly made up her mind. This town was not a good place to bring Yao Jun, it had been a mistake to even think about bringing him here in the first place. She picked up Yao Jun and placed him on her back once more, before she headed to the only window in the room.

    She opened the window, and making sure that there was no one nearby, she jumped down. She was already at the 1st Mortal Earth, coupled with the fact that it was only the second floor, she could easily jump down without hurting herself, even with Yao Jun on her back.

    After she jumped down from the window, she quickly moved towards the exit of the town. Since the town was not a safe place, she would have to find a cave or a tall enough tree where she could securely keep Yao Jun.

    But Guo Luo still made one mistake in her haste, she left the inn too quickly. When she jumped down from the window, the two brothers who had just talked to her were just leaving the inn, allowing them to see her heading towards the exit of the town at a quick pace.


    The bald man shouted after her when he saw her leave, but Guo Luo only sped up when she heard his voice, almost breaking into a full sprint. Seeing this, the two brothers would obviously get suspicious, so they threw away the caution they had at the start and chased after her.

    “Miss, please wait! That man is not a good person, you should hand him to us, it is not safe to be with him!”

    When Guo Luo started sprinting, she could no longer keep up the illusion covering Yao Jun's body, allowing the two men to get a better look at him. They could only see him from the side, but they were sure that the person they were seeing now was the same person that had killed their sect teacher. The bald man shouted out as they started running after her, trying to warn her about the person she was traveling with.

    “No! I won't let you have him!”

    How could Guo Luo not know what kind of person Yao Jun was? The whole world could tell her that it was not safe to be with him, but she would still choose to stay with him.

    She did not want to just stay with him, following behind him and comforting him when he made mistakes. She wanted to be next to him, to carry the same burdens that he bore, to fight the enemies that he fought. If he were to almost make a mistake, she wanted to be there next to him, preventing him from making the mistake.

    Seeing that she was not going to listen to them, the bald man shook his head and signaled his brother. The other man pulled drew the bow he had on his back and nocked an arrow. He quickly and naturally took aim as he ran, showing that he had done this many times before, and let loose and arrow.

    Guo Luo could hear the sound of the arrow approaching from behind. She did not hesitate, quickly moving Yao Jun's unconscious body from her back and to her front, carrying him in a princess carry as she moved her body sideways to dodge the arrow.

    She did not manage to completely dodge the arrow, so it sank into her right shoulder, the pain almost causing her to drop Yao Jun. She bit down on her lips to prevent herself from dropping Yao Jun, biting down hard enough to draw blood.

    “Don't worry Jun'er, you brought me away from the Guo clan and protected me, even helping me train my body and mind to let me be more assertive and be able to stand on my own two feet. Just sleep peacefully and let me protect you, I will not let anyone hurt you.”

    Guo Luo whispered to Yao Jun as she ran into the forest, warm blood dripping down her back from her shoulder.
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    Chapter 79: I will make sure that they can't hurt you.

    “Little brother, send a message back to the sect and let them know that we have found the person who killed sect teacher. Tell them to use the Giant Crows to make it here as fast as possible.”

    The man who had just shot the arrow turned his head and spoke to the bald man next to him. They could tell that even though this little miss that was running from them looked weak, she was in fact at a higher cultivation level than them.

    He did not think that she was capable of killing them, she would not be running from them if she was, but it was still best to take some precautions. If they managed to get their other disciples here and surround her, there was less chance of anything dangerous happening.

    The bald man gave a quick nod of his head before pulling a small jade slip out from one of his pouches. He inserted a small amount of Qi and spoke out the words he wanted transmitted, then he crushed the jade slip. If their fellow disciples used the Giant Crows to catch up, it would only take them around one day to catch up.

    Their sect was too poor to afford giving all disciples normal Transmission Jades, they could only afford to give them these one time use Transmission Jades whenever they went out on a mission.

    Since they had already called for reinforcements, the two men slowed down their running speed. They were no longer trying to catch up with Yao Jun and Guo Luo, now they just needed to make sure that they knew where they were at all times. They could deal with them once their fellow disciples arrived.

    While the two men were following her from behind, Guo Luo's mind was moving at full speed, the pain in her shoulder already completely forgotten. The two men were not far behind her, so how could she not hear what they were saying? Hearing that they had called for reinforcements, she almost started panicking once more.

    “If only you were awake Jun'er.”

    No matter how much she thought, she could not come up with any good ideas. She couldn't help but look down at Yao Jun, wishing that he was awake to take control of the situation. She quickly shook her head and threw the thought out of her head.

    Yao Jun could not and should not take care of any trouble they encountered. She wanted to help him carry the burdens, not sit at the back and watch him deal with them. After she threw the previous thought out of her head, she changed her way of thinking. She asked herself a simple question, if Yao Jun was awake right now, what would he do?

    She quickly found her answer and made up her mind, a determined expression appearing on her face. She continued to run, but since the two men chasing her had slowed down, she did the same. She was looking for a safe place where she could hide Yao Jun.

    After spending nearly an hour running, Guo Luo felt that her stamina had been completely exhausted, but she finally found a good place. Around half an hour away from where Little Gray had landed before they entered the city, there was a small mountain, not even a kilometer in height.

    At the side of the small mountain was a small cave, it was impossible for even Guo Luo to walk upright inside the cave. If she wanted to move inside the cave, she would have to crouch her body.

    Guo Luo glanced at the two men chasing her, making sure that they were still behind her. After she made sure that they were still there, she suddenly made a sharp turn to the left, running away from the cave she had spotted. The small mountain was surrounded by dense forest, so she immediately dodged behind a tree.

    The moment she dodged behind the tree and out of sight from the two men, she turned Yao Jun's body upright and hugged it tightly, covering both of them in her Qi. She used her illusions to make the two of them look like they were part of the tree, completely hiding them.

    She could only make illusions that were about the size of a normal person at the moment, so to cover both of them at the same time required her to tightly hug Yao Jun's body.

    The two men quickly sped up when they saw Guo Luo take a sharp turn, running after her to make sure that they did not lose sight of her. When they reached the tree where Guo Luo was hiding, she held her breath and looked at them with a nervous gaze, her heart pounding.

    “Dammit. If we let them get away, our fellow disciples will never forgive us.”

    The two men did not stop when they reached the tree, quickly running past it as they swept the surroundings with their eyes. The bald man couldn't help but shout out as they kept running. They had them in their grasp, right in front of them, but they had lost them right at the end.

    After Guo Luo made sure that the two men were a distance away, she slowly walked over to the cave she had found earlier. She dared not release her illusion, so she had to walk while hugging Yao Jun tightly, making it hard to walk too fast.

    After she reached the cave, she crouched down and dragged Yao Jun after her into the cave. She did not want to drag him along the ground, but there was no other choice right now. She had to crouch down until she was almost kneeling to fit into the cave, there was no way for her to carry Yao Jun's body.

    “You just wait right here Jun'er, I will make sure that they can't hurt you.”

    After she had dragged him far enough into the cave that he couldn't be seen from the outside, she gently leaned his body against the cave wall. She gave his face a gentle stroke as she spoke to him, before she turned around and left the cave.

    After she left the cave, she rubbed the interspatial ring on her right hand and took out her sword, it's pure white blade gleaming under the light of the sun. She shifted the blade from her right hand to her left, with the arrow in her right shoulder, it was impossible for her to properly hold the sword with her right hand.

    After she grabbed the sword, she started heading in the direction that the two men had ran. If she only lured them away, they would quickly realize that something was wrong. They could then wait for their fellow disciples and give the entire area a thorough scan. If they did that, they would end up finding them, so it was imperative that she took care of the two men.
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    Chapter 80: I will bear the hatred.

    Guo Luo walked through the dense forest, her steps quick but quiet. She covered most of her body with her illusions, causing the covered areas to darken and blend into the surroundings. It was not a perfect camouflage, but it was the best she could manage at the moment. After all, she still had to use illusions as she fought, so she could not cover her entire body with illusions.

    As she walked, it was not hard for her to follow the tracks of the two men. There were broken branches and small bushes that were stepped down that were easily spotted. The two men felt that they were the ones chasing, so why would they bother wasting time by covering their tracks?

    She found the two men only a few minutes after she passed the area where she had first camouflaged herself as a tree. The two of them were currently backtracking, following the path that they had made, carefully examining their surroundings as they walked.

    They had clearly realized that something was amiss. They had not found any marks or traces of the girl, no matter how much further they went. This could only mean that she had either managed to hide her tracks perfectly, or that they had been tricked.

    They did not believe that she was able to cover her tracks perfectly, so that could only mean that they had been tricked. They were angry that they had been tricked by such a small girl, but they did not let the anger get to their heads. They carefully made their way back, examining everything around them as they did so.

    Guo Luo pressed her body up against a tree, using the darkness to hide her even more, and held her breath as she watched the two of them move closer. She was camouflaged very well, but there was no guarantee that they would not spot her.

    The two men continued to walk closer, the bald man walking a bit behind the other man. The bald man was examining the right side of the forest with a sweeping gaze, while the other man was examining the left side, making sure that they missed nothing.

    The two men walked past Guo Luo, not sparing the spot where she stood another glance. Guo Luo stood on the right side, coupled with the fact that the bald man was walking further in the back, Guo Luo was closer to him than the other man when they both passed her.

    Guo Luo wanted to take a deep breath as she took a quiet step forward, but she was afraid that they would hear the sound of her heart pounding in her chest if she were to open her mouth. Despite her fear, she still held a determined expression as she stabbed out with the sword in her left hand.

    While she stabbed out with the sword, she produced an illusion in the form of a small and colorful ball of light. She made the illusion appear at the corner of the bald man's eyes, causing him to turn his head away from where Guo Luo was.

    The moment the bald man turned his head, Guo Luo's sword reached him, appearing next to his throat like a ghost. The bald man suddenly felt a horrible sense of danger approach him as he turned his head, so he reacted on instinct.

    He moved his upper body backwards, attempting to dodge whatever caused the sense of danger. As he moved backwards, he also turned his head in the direction of danger, spotting the camouflaged Guo Luo, as well as the sword next to his throat.

    Moving his upper body backwards proved fruitless, as it only made the blade of the sword slice his throat open, rather than stab through it. The man felt a burning sensation on his throat, as well as a comfortable warmth on his chest as blood started running down from the cut.

    That warm sensation brought with it the sense of death. He knew that this was where he was going to die. His sect teacher had died in the hands of an unknown youth, and now he was dying in the hands of that youths lover?

    He felt a strong sense of unwillingness to simply die like this, so he used the last of his strength to twist his body towards Guo Luo. This caused the blade to slice deeper into his throat, but it also allowed him to send out a punch at Guo Luo.

    The punch made contact with Guo Luo's abdomen, causing her body to curl up as she could feel the last meal she had eaten make it's way up her throat. The vomit was mixed with blood, causing a bitter taste of iron to appear in her mouth. She swallowed the vomit and pulled away from the man, but a small stream of blood still ran out from the corner of her mouth.

    “Little San!”

    Zhou She turned around when he heard the commotion, but by then it was already too late. He could see that Guo Luo's sword had sliced far too deep for his brother to survive, it would hit his spine if it cut any deeper. Zhou She's eyes immediately turned red and bloodshot, tears dripping down.

    He rushed forward to hold his brother's body, but his brother stopped him with a stern look and indicated for him to attack the girl instead of care about him. Zhou She stopped in his tracks, he knew that his brother was correct, if he held his brother's body now, the girl would use the chance to stab him as well.

    “How could you! First your lover kills the sec teacher who raised us, and now you killed my brother! Why must the two of you continue to tear our family apart like this?!”

    Zhou She drew his sword and charged at Guo Luo as he shouted, his voice hoarse and raspy. He and his brother had been abandoned by their parents when they were just babies, dropped off at the Crow's Nest Sect. They were then taken in by one of the seniors of that sect, Zhou Xinya.

    He was the one who raised them and gave them their names. They called him sect teacher out of respect for his position, but in private they would always call him father. Only a few days ago, Zhou Xinya had been killed by the boy that this girl was carrying. And now even his brother had been killed? Killed by the lover of the same boy that killed their sect teacher?

    “I had to do it.”

    Guo Luo answered the man while she carefully deflected his attacks. Her voice was slightly weak, almost faltering when she heard him scream at her, but her eyes still held the same determination they had when she left the cave. She could not block the man's directly, only use her sword to guide the attack away from her, causing it to hit the trees around them.

    “Had to?! Don't fucking joke with me, you had no reason to do it!”

    Hearing her words, Zhou She got so angry that he almost vomited blood on the spot. Had to do it? You had to kill my brother and sect teacher? Sect teacher rarely left the sect, so how could he possibly have any relationship with the two of you? Much less my brother and I?

    “If I did not do it, I would lose the place where I belong.”

    Guo Luo's eyes looked directly at the man as she spoke, her voice gaining in strength. If she did not kill them, they would kill her Yao Jun, and she would end up all alone in this cold and cruel world.

    Yao Jun was willing to bear the hatred of the world to create a safe place for those he cared about. She wanted to follow beside him and help him, if she could not even bear the hatred of these people, how could she possibly be qualified to stand beside him?
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    Chapter 81: I told you so.


    Zhou She screamed out in rage and swung his sword with even greater ferocity. What did he care about her place of belonging? All he knew was that his father and his brother were now dead, because of this girl and her lover.

    Once Zhou She started swinging his sword with greater ferocity, it got much harder for Guo Luo to deflect his attacks. She could feel her left arm ache more and more as time passed. She could not even use her illusions to disorient or slow down Zhou She, as he was too raged, completely focusing on her.

    Just as Guo Luo deflected another one of his attacks, Zhou She twisted his arm. His sword had just been deflected, causing it to head towards a tree on Guo Luo's left at full speed. Zhou She used all his strength to forcefully stop the momentum of his sword and change it's trajectory.

    Ignoring the pain in his arms from over exerting his muscles, he changed the slash into a stab. Guo Luo had just deflected his attack, so his sword was still right next to her body. His sword was heading directly towards her abdomen, but Guo Luo managed to twist her body slightly in response, causing the sword to pierce into her hip instead of through her abdomen.

    The man was just about to pull back his sword when Guo Luo moved forward. She could not block his attacks, forcing her to only stand there and deflect. Now that he could not attack her, how could she let this chance slip? She grit her teeth and ignored the pain, compared to the pain she would feel if she lost, this pain was nothing.

    She moved the sword over to her right hand and used her left hand to hold onto the sword that Zhou She had stabbed into her hips. Her right hand could not be used properly because of the arrow in her shoulder, but it was enough for a single stab through soft flesh.

    She stabbed out with the sword, channeling all her Qi into right arm. She prayed that it would be enough, that this single stab would be able to end this. If it was not able to end the fight, the chance of her dying was greater than the chance of her winning.

    As she prayed and channeled her Qi into her right arm, a wondrous scene took place. The Qi she channeled into her right arm flew out of it like mist, turning into a beautiful multicolored mist that lingered around her arm.

    The mist sank down onto her right arm, completely covering it, before it quickly solidified. When she had only made half of the stabbing motion, the mist had already turned into a crystal armor that covered her right arm.

    The armor was made out of what seemed to be transparent crystal with a multicolored hue, perfectly matching her multicolored hair. The armor stuck to her skin, completely protecting her right arm.

    The tips of the fingers on the armor curved around her fingers in an elegant curve. The armor ended at her shoulder, when it reached her neck. At the very end of her shoulder, several small crystals gathered together, looking like a collection of snowflakes that adorned the armor.

    Guo Luo did not stop to think about why the armor appeared now, she had seen Yao Jun summon his own armor before, so she just assumed that it was the same for her. The only thing that mattered to her now was that her entire right arm felt like it was brimming with strength.

    Using this newfound strength, she increased the speed of her stab. As she stabbed out, the crystal armor covering her right arm started seeping into the sword she was holding, turning it's once white blade into the same transparent multicolored crystal that her armor was composed of.

    The blade pierced through Zhou She's throat without resistance, before Guo Luo pulled her arm back and moved away from Zhou She. When the crystal blade left his throat, it's blade was completely clean, not a single drop of blood staining it.

    “Im sorry, but I cannot lose him, I cannot lose the place where I belong.”

    Guo Luo whispered an apology to Zhou She, who was looking at her with a disbelieving and unwilling gaze. He tried to open his mouth, but only blood poured out. His eyes started straight at Guo Luo as he fell forward and hit the ground.

    Seeing him hit the ground, Guo Luo heaved a deep sigh of relief. Just as she sighed out in relief, a wave of pain assaulted her body. The pain came from her shoulder, her abdomen, her hip, and her left arm. There was an arrow still lodged in her shoulder, a large bruise on her abdomen, a deep wound on her hip, and her left arm ached from being put under too much stress.

    She grit her teeth and forced her feet to move, moving to return to the cave where she hid Yao Jun. As she struggled to walk, Zhou She pointed a trembling finger at her back, the last of his Qi gathering at the tip of his finger.

    Without Guo Luo noticing anything, a tiny spot of Qi was shot out from Zhou She's finger, landing directly on her back and sticking to it. The Qi did not harm her nor make any sound, it simply stuck to her back as she made the trek back to the cave.

    Once she made it back to the cave, it was already next to impossible for her to walk. She fell to her knees and crawled into the cave, quickly reaching the spot where she had placed Yao Jun. She crawled over to him, breaking part of the arrow that was stuck in her shoulder, and sat down against the cave wall right next to Yao Jun, laying her head on his shoulder.

    “See Jun'er? I told you that I would not let them hurt you.”

    As she had nearly no more energy in her body, her voice came out as a soft whisper, nearly inaudible. She used the last of her strength to tie a piece of cloth around her hip, trying to prevent the bleeding from getting too bad.

    Once she had finished covering the wound with a layer of cloth and making sure that it was tight, she leaned her head against Yao Jun''s shoulder again. Her eyes closed themselves the moment her head landed on his shoulder, she was simply far too exhausted to stay awake. As she lost consciousness, a faint multicolored light started coursing through her body, quickly gathering around the wound in her hip.
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    Chapter 82: None of you need to leave.

    Guo Luo suddenly jolted awake, consciousness quickly returning to her body. Her eyelids were heavy, but she still managed to raise them, allowing her to take in the surroundings. The first thing she did was check on Yao Jun who was next to her.

    “Thank god, it was not a dream.”

    Seeing him laying next to her, hearing his heartbeat, and smelling his scent, she heaved a sigh of relief. When she was still living in the Guo clan, she had jolted awake like that several times, each time it was because she had a nightmare. She had only jolted awake like that a few times since she started traveling with Yao Jun, but she was still scared that she might one day jolt awake and find that it had all been just a dream.

    “What time is it?”

    Guo Luo muttered to herself as she looked at the surroundings. The cave was almost pitch black, only a faint sliver of orange light visible at the entrance of the cave. Guo Luo tried to move her body to crawl to the exit of the cave, to check whether it was sunset or sunrise.

    Guo Luo suddenly felt pain in her hip as she tried to move her body, reminding her of her condition. She examined her own body, and found that despite the cloth she had tied around her hip being soaked in blood, the wound was already starting to close up.

    She could not walk normally, even standing up would be painful, but the wound was at least healing. There was a large blue mark on her abdomen where Zhou San had punched her, while there was still half an arrow stuck in her shoulder. Her left arm still slightly ached, but she could use it without problems.

    Guo Luo slowly crawled out from the cave, bringing with her Yao Jun as she did so. Crawling while dragging Yao Jun was hard, but she managed to do it by dragging him a small distance, and then crawling a little herself.

    She reached the entrance of the cave and leaned Yao Jun against the wall, before she herself crawled out of the cave. Once she was outside, she saw that the orange light that shone down was because the sun was rising, it's rays just barely visible over the horizon.

    “Seems like I slept for far too long.”

    When she left the town, it had only been around noon at best. Since it was sunrise now, it meant that she had slept for more than half a day. She said that she had slept for far too long because while she had slept, there was no one standing guard.

    She now slightly regretted telling Little Gray to find a place to hide. If Little Gray was here, he could help her stand guard when she slept. What she did not take into account was that she had not slept, but rather fallen unconscious from her wounds and exhaustion.

    Guo Luo sat down on the ground outside the cave, breathing in the fresh morning air to clear her head. Her next course of action would be to find a place where she and Yao Jun could rest and recuperate from their injuries. This cave was no good, as she could not get any medicinal herbs around this area.

    Yao Jun had several medicinal herbs in his gate, but since he was unconscious it was clearly impossible to get those herbs. This meant that she would have to find a city and buy them there. But she could not go into a city without using her illusions to alter her and Yao Jun's appearance, especially now that there were people blaming Yao Jun for attacks he did not commit.

    Guo Luo sat on the ground just breathing in the fresh air for almost half an hour, she had slept for so long, but her body was still completely exhausted and drained of energy. Just as she finally managed to clear her head and start thinking about her next step, a loud screech resounded over the forest.

    Guo Luo hurriedly opened her eyes and looked at where the screech came from. In the air above the forest, only a few kilometers away from her, flew five large crows, each the size of an elephant. She could just barely see a few people standing on the backs of the crows.

    Guo Luo's face turned pale as she remembered what Zhou She and Zhou San had said when they called for reinforcements. She moved her body as fast as she could, trying to get Yao Jun's body deeper into the cave.

    “So you are the one who killed Junior Brother She and San? I guess that man behind you must be the one who killed sect teacher then.”

    Just as she managed to reach the cave, a cold voice resounded out from the air above her, causing her entire body to freeze for a short moment before she turned her head. In the time it took her to crawl to the cave, the five crows had already managed to appear in the air above her.

    The one who spoke stood at the front of one of the large crows, looking at her with a cold gaze. He could sense the Qi that Zhou She had placed on her back, so there was no way he would make a mistake. As they were traveling at max speed, they got the news that the Life Jade's of Zhou She and Zhou San had shattered, meaning that they were dead.

    The man was clad in the same leather armor that the Zhou brothers were clad in, but his looks were more elegant and refined. He had long black hair that reached all the way down to his hips. He had smooth and clean skin and a pair of black eyes that were as calm as a lake. From his aura, Guo Luo could sense that he had just reached the 2nd Mortal Earth.

    The Qi that Zhou She had shot at her was a special technique that everyone from their sect could use. Once they fired it at something, the Qi would stay there until it was removed or extinguished. It allowed the other people from the sect to sense it's existence, acting as both a beacon and a way marker.

    Guo Luo used all her strength to stand up, guarding in front of the cave. Her legs were still shaking, especially her left leg, as the wound on her hip was still there. While Guo Luo was working on standing up, the people standing on the back of the crows jumped down, landing in front of Guo Luo.

    There was not enough space around the mountain for the five crows to land, the forest was too dense for them, so the people had no choice but to jump down. There were 11 people, with the elegant man clad in leather armor standing at the front.

    “Restrain her, we will take them back to the sect and allow the entire sect to witness their execution.”

    The elegant man waved his hand and spoke, causing another young man clad in leather armor to step forward and approach Guo Luo. Guo Luo stood in front of the cave, not allowing them to get close, as she pulled out her sword from her interspatial ring.

    Her sword did not change back after being transformed when she acquired her armor. It had turned transparent with a multicolored hue, looking like it was carved out of a beautiful crystal. It had also turned far sharper and durable than it was before.

    Guo Luo weakly swung her sword at the approaching man, but he easily dodged the attack. After he dodged the attack, he swung out with his fist, landing a punch directly on Guo Luo's face. Guo Luo staggered backwards from the punch, but she stopped herself before she hit the entrance of the cave. Yao Jun was still lying right inside the cave, if she fought while she was too close to the cave there was a good chance that he would be implicated.

    After the punch, her nose was bleeding heavily, streams of blood running down her face and staining her clothing. She truly made a pitiful sight, with her clothing stained in blood and covered in different wounds, but the people from the sect would not show any mercy.

    The man clad in leather armor continued moving towards her, his cold eyes staring straight at Guo Luo. Guo Luo took a step forward and readied her sword once more, she would not let these people lay a hand on Yao Jun.

    Just as she was preparing to strike out with her sword again, the man clad in leather armor narrowed his eyes, his entire body tensing up. Without warning, a hand landed on Guo Luo's shoulder, the hand exerted a bit of force, turning her body around.

    Before she managed to make sense of what was happening, she felt something soft cover her lips. She closed her eyes in a mixture of shock and fear, and was just about to move away when she recognized what was happening.

    She had her eyes closed, so she could not see his face right now, but she would never forget his scent. This was a scent that belonged to only him, a scent she had made sure to take in greedily whenever she nuzzled up next to him.

    Once she realized who he was, she no longer resisted, instead choosing to savor the moment. The kiss brought with it the taste of blood and was not romantic in the slightest, she was covered in blood and there were enemies right behind her, but that did not stop her from enjoying it.

    The kiss did not last for long. Once the soft sensation left her lips, she leaned her entire body forward, her forehead leaning against his chest. She opened her eyes, and slightly raised her head, looking at his face. He was still slightly pale, but he looked much better.

    “Since you have already hurt her, there is no need for any of you to leave here.”

    His voice eyes stared straight at the group of 11 people, his voice colder than the winds of hell. After he spoke, the darkness from the cave behind him stretched forward, turning into a tree meter long demonic serpent.

    The serpent looked at the group of eleven people and opened it's maw as it hissed at them. It's maw did not open like a normal one. Instead, it's lower jaw split into two, each part moving in a different direction. It's entire maw was filled with razor sharp teeth, it's eyes gazing at the 11 people with a hungry gaze.
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    Chapter 83: The soul.

    After Yao Jun had fainted, while his body could no longer move, his consciousness was still there, just in a different way. His Demon God's Gate needed to drain energy from his soul to repair itself, and it did so by fusing a part of Yao Jun's soul into itself.

    When part of his soul fused with the Demon God's Gate, it allowed Yao Jun to feel the existence of his soul, even slightly control it. There was also another sensation he felt when his soul fused with the Demon God's Gate. It felt like his soul was trying to deepen his connection with the Demon God's Gate, fusing with it more thoroughly, but there seemed to be something preventing his soul from doing this.

    During cultivation, as the soul was the true core of a person, they would come into contact with it sooner or later. But this was usually only when they had reached a much higher cultivation than Yao Jun. Yao Jun was not even at the 2nd Mortal Earth, but he had already felt the existence of his soul and could slightly control it, giving him a massive head start.

    Being able to feel and control his soul slightly allowed Yao Jun to do two things that normal people at his cultivation level could not do. The first thing was that they could separate a small part of their soul and have it move through the surrounding area, allowing them to keep watch over a much larger area than usual. This was also called Perception by some people, as it allowed them to perceive the area around them without seeing it with their own eyes.

    The second thing was not something that Yao Jun needed at the moment, but it was often used by people whose bodies were completely broken after a battle. He could detach his soul from his body, allowing it to move into a new body and take it over.

    Since he could only control his soul slightly, this was not very useful to Yao Jun, as he could not move his soul out of his body fast enough to allow it to dodge an attack that would destroy it. But it gave him a start. Since he could now slightly control his soul, he could train himself to slowly control it with more ease and proficiency.

    Because of this, not long after he fainted, he felt himself appear inside his Demon God's Gate. As he appeared inside his Demon God's Gate, he immediately realized that it was not his body that had appeared inside his Demon God's Gate. He appeared above the ancient tree standing at the center of the gate, his entire body floating a few meters above it.

    His field of view had also changed tremendously, as he could see everything going on in an area of 15 meters around him. He didn't even need to look down to see that his body was transparent, almost completely see through. This was because he could not control his soul properly, once he managed to completely control his soul, it would look completely corporeal.

    He spent a bit of time floating through his Demon God's Gate before he made his soul leave the gate, making it appear above his body. When his soul appeared above his body, he noticed that his body was currently being carried by Guo Luo through a dense forest.

    She walked very slowly, making sure that no branches or bushes managed to hit his body. This caused her to suffer several small cuts that left small gashes in her clothing and on her skin. She would not even let his body get dirty from the leaves that hung down from the branches.

    Seeing this scene, Yao Jun felt a mix of warmth and sadness in his heart. She worked so hard to not let anything happen to him, but in doing so, she forgot to take care of herself.

    She spent almost an hour doing this before she managed to reach a small town. Seeing this town, Yao Jun's soul couldn't help but heave a small sigh. He knew that Guo Luo traveled to this town in hopes of maybe finding some medicine for him, but taking his unconscious body into a bustling town was still a bad idea.

    They were being hunted by the Guo clan, and there was no telling if there was anyone hunting for them after what they did in Ash Barren's city. It would have been better to either find a secluded cave where they could hide, or just stay on the back of Little Gray.

    And just as he expected, several gazes land on them after Guo Luo carried his body into the town. He could ignore the gazes that looked at Guo Luo with pity, he could even reluctantly ignore the slightly lustful gazes, but there were still two gazes brimming with hostility that he could not ignore.

    Sadly, since he was only a weak soul at the moment, there was no way he could warn or advise Guo Luo, he could only watch. She took him to an inn and rented a secluded room, where she then proceeded to gently wipe away all the sweat on his face. The warmth he felt at this scene could still not alleviate his worry, as he knew that it was likely that the people responsible for the two hostile gazes would soon take action.

    Indeed, a knock on the door was soon heard. Yao Jun could see the two people standing outside the door, and he recognized them as the people who had sent the hostile gazes earlier. He wanted to warn Guo Luo to flee through the window immediately, but he had no way of doing so.

    Even though Guo Luo opened the door and the two men forced their way in, Guo Luo was at least clever enough to cover up his face with an illusion, making him look like someone different.

    After the two men left, he watched as Guo Luo grabbed his body and immediately fled through the window, not even waiting for the two men to move a good distance away from the inn. This in turn made it so that they saw her flee through the window.

    He could only watch as she started running away from the two men, all the while carrying his body. Seeing her shift his body to her front and get hit in the shoulder by an arrow caused his heart to feel pain, pain and anger.

    She continued to run until she found a decent cave where they could hide. She managed to temporarily trick the two men with her illusions, giving her enough time to head to the cave and hide Yao Jun's body.

    She hid his body before she herself left the cave to go and finish of the two men, a decision that Yao Jun completely agreed to. If the two men were not killed, they would probably realize that they had been tricked and start searching the area much more closely.

    With an arrow in her shoulder and the burden of Yao Jun's body, Guo Luo would not be able to get away fast enough for her to completely escape from the two men, there was a good chance that she would be found when the two men's reinforcements came.

    He made his soul follow Guo Luo as she started going after the two men, allowing him to see everything that was happening. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw her camouflage her own body with her illusions, allowing her to go for a sneak attack.

    The first attack was effective, killing one of the two men with a single attack. She took a punch from him before he died, but it could have been much worse if she had not been able to kill him.

    Hearing the other man's words afterwards caused Yao Jun to be slightly confused. He did not recall ever killing someone who could be a sect teacher. Was it someone he killed in Ash Barren's City maybe? Or maybe there was a misunderstanding going on?

    Seeing Guo Luo start fighting against the other man and hearing her words, he couldn't help but almost feel like crying. What had he ever done to deserve someone like this in his life?

    His heat felt pain when he saw Guo Luo get stabbed in the hip and then use the chance to finish off the other man, especially when he saw her head towards the cave immediately, not even checking her own wounds. He did not think much about the armor that appeared on her right arm, as he himself also had such an armor.

    But what Guo Luo did not notice, he noticed. He noticed that spot of Qi that stuck itself to Guo Luo's back, and it made him feel a great sense of unease. The Qi was just hanging there, but Yao Jun knew that something like this could be used like a marker.

    He watched Guo Luo return to the cave and lean against his body, quickly losing consciousness. He also saw that multicolored light that gathered around the wound on her hip, slowly healing it.

    While Guo Luo was unconscious, Yao Jun did not let his soul rest, forcing it to keep watch throughout the night. He could not do anything in this form, but he could not rest easy without having anyone keep watch.
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    Chapter 84: A deeper fusion.

    He noticed Guo Luo jolting awake not long after the sun started rising, she quickly checked on his body before she sighed in relief. Guo Luo took his body and moved it to the entrance of the cave, before she herself left the cave and sat down, using the fresh morning air to clear her head.

    After only half an hour, Yao Jun heard a loud screech resound over the forest. His face turned gloomy when he saw five massive crow's flying towards the, the sect reinforcements had arrived.

    He saw Guo Luo do her best to crawl over to his body, but the five crows were simply too fast. By the time she reached the cave, the crows were already above her. Guo Luo struggled to her feet, standing in front of the cave, guarding Yao Jun's body, once more causing Yao Jun to wonder what he did to deserve someone that cared for him this much.

    11 people jumped down from the crows, landing not far from Guo Luo. The man who seemed to be the leader waved his hand, prompting another male to walk towards Guo Luo and Yao Jun.

    Seeing this man, Yao Jun was both anxious and angry. He was anxious because he was worried about Guo Luo, he knew that she was far too weak right now, even someone who hadn't even reached the 1st Mortal Earth would be able to easily beat her.

    He was angry at both himself and the 11 people. He was angry because he was so weak, so weak that he could not even protect a single person, despite his struggles to grow stronger. And he was angry at the 11 people for trying to harm Guo Luo.

    When the male hit Guo Luo, causing blood to be smeared on her face, his anger turned into pure and unbridled rage. Her body was covered in small and large wounds, covered in blood and dirt. She was in a truly pitiful state, a state she had only ended up in because of him.

    Yao Jun swore right there that if anything happened to Guo Luo, he would not rest until he had found the sect these 11 people came from and turned the place into a sea of blood, he would not even spare the cats and dogs.

    When the rage filled his entire body, there was a reaction from his Demon God's Gate. The obstruction that had prevented his soul from further fusing with the Demon God's Gate simply vanished. As the obstruction vanished, Yao Jun's soul also vanished from where it stood, entering the Demon God's Gate.

    His soul appeared at the crown of the ancient tree, his feet sinking into the branches. After his legs sank down to their knees, they stopped sinking. Once he stopped sinking, the leaves on the black tree started fluttering, moving around even though there was no wind.

    Small globs of pitch black energy came out of the fluttering leaves, looking like the blood of a demon god. The globs of black energy split into five different parts, each one going their own way. One part entered his own body, one entered Little Thunder, one entered Sirius, one entered Ba-Shei, and the last one flew out from the gate and entered Little Gray's body.

    When the black energy entered his body, Yao Jun felt his entire body fill up with energy. The black energy coursed throughout his entire body, filling every nook and cranny. After it filled his entire body, the five parts that the black energy had turned into seemed to resonate with each other, connecting with each other.

    Yao Jun felt his mind split into five different parts, one staying within his own body, while the other four each entered one of his Demonic beasts. When his mind entered his Demonic beasts, he could suddenly see and feel everything that they did.

    He could feel the cold air and wind as Little Gray was soaring through the sky, the hunger of Ba-Shei. He could also control them much more easily, no longer needing to send them an order. Just thinking about it would cause them to perform the action he was thinking about.

    Images quickly started filling up his entire mind, images of places and scenes he had never seen quickly appearing in his mind. He heard the voice that he first heard when he reached the 1st Mortal Earth sound out once more, telling him that these were the memories of his Demonic beasts.

    He first saw Little Thunder's memories. Watched it's parents get killed by humans while it hid in a cave not far away. Watched it survive by eating the animals in the surrounding. Watched it face a youth clad in an emerald green robe, watched it die at the hands of that youth and be reborn as his first Demonic beast.

    The next one up was Little Gray. He watched it spend it's childhood with it's parents, all the way until it learned to fly. Once it learned to fly, it left the nest and soared away, looking for a place where it could make it's own home. It found a nice tree in a massive forest, but it was forced to leave the tree after a fight.

    After it left the tree, it found a place where it could recuperate from it's wounds. After spending some time recuperating, it spotted a group of youths traveling through it's territory. Using it's mental energy, it lured them closer to it's home and lulled them into a false sense of security. It manged to kill all the youths but one, eventually dying at the hands of that last youth, who had managed to summon a Lightning Tiger to fight it.

    Sirius's memories were the next ones he saw. The birth of a Sky Wolf heralded the death of another. These words were not just a saying, but the truth. For a Sky Wolf to be born, it needs one of it's parents to send all their energy into it while it is in the womb. This kills the parent, but ensures that the child is born.

    After being born, Sirius immediately left it's last living parent. Sky Wolves were solitary creatures who only rarely got together to mate, the rest of their lives were often spent alone. Not long after it left, it came across a person.

    The person had a pleasant smell about him and filled Sirius with a sense of awe, like he was seeing a powerful demon. The person asked Sirius if he would be willing to follow him. Sirius considered for a short while before agreeing.

    Sky Wolves needed a large amount of energy to grow, energy they would get through killing and eating cultivators or Demonic beasts. Even though Sky Wolves were solitary creatures, Sirius reasoned that it would be easier to find stronger prey if it followed this man.

    The man died only a few years later, and Sirius was taken away by one of the man's friends, placed inside a tower. Sirius did not mind staying inside this tower, as there was a large forest here where he could hunt as many Demonic beasts as he wanted.

    One day, the person who placed him inside the tower brought Sirius to meet someone. Sirius was brought before two people. One of them seemed rather uninteresting, but the other person immediately caught Sirius's attention.

    The person was still very weak, but he had the same scent as the person it had met not long after being born. And the thing that surprised it was that the scent was even stronger of this person. The sense of awe Sirius felt when he saw this person was also much stronger, like he was facing a demon king. The youth placed his hand on Sirius, and Sirius once more entered into the same garden he had entered when he agreed to follow the last person who had this scent.

    The last memories Yao Jun saw were Ba-Shei's. Ba-Shei started out as a normal serpent, not a Demonic beast. It slithered out from the corpse of it's mother, and found itself in a pitch black pit. There was no way for Ba-Shei to escape this pit, so he was forced to live inside the pit, inside the darkness.

    There was no source of fresh food in the pit, but plenty of corpses. Ba-Shei sustained itself by eating the rotting corpses, even the corpse of his own mother. As it lived there, it kept trying to find a way to leave the pit, to find out what laid outside this pit.

    As it kept living in the pit, the energy that lurked in the darkness started seeping into it's body, slowly changing it. Before Ba-Shei realized it, it's body had completely changed. It's once normal lower jaw had split into two, a spike started growing on it's nose, as well as several spikes at the side of it's head.

    Another thing it discovered was that it could not control the darkness around it, shaping it into whatever it wished. It could even vanish into the darkness, appearing in a completely empty space that was filled with nothing but darkness.

    Using this newfound power, it moved through the darkness, escaping the pit. It ended up arriving in a forest, where it then made it's home, eating anything that came too close to it's territory. It quickly learned about how delicious fresh meat was, especially the meat of strong people or Demonic beasts. This prompted him to grow stronger, allowing him to eat even tastier people.

    It continued like this until one day, when a youth appeared outside of it's cave and taunted it. The youth was weaker than him, but he would still make for a nice snack. But it failed, the youth brought it into a strange forest, where it was eventually wounded too heavily.

    It awaited it's death, but the youth stepped forward and spoke to it, tempting it with lofty promises. It promised him an entire world to feast on. It had no choice either way, so it accepted his words, allowing him to absorb it. And it was reborn, given a name, Ba-Shei, Serpent Emperor of Darkness.

    After all the memories finished flooding his mind, the pieces of his mind that had left his body returned to Yao Jun, fusing back into him. But he knew that his connection with his Demonic beasts had changed completely, they were now parts of his body that he could control at will.

    Once his mind returned to his body, he also felt his body brimming with energy, the pitch black energy had soaked into every inch of his body. He stopped controlling his soul, allowing it to return to his body.

    When his soul returned to his body, he felt himself regain control over his body. He could no longer see everything that happened in a 15 meter area around him, but he could move his body again, see and hear with his own eyes and ears.

    Yao Jun did not waste any time after regaining control over his body. He was filled with rage, and he needed something to release the rage on. His body sank into the darkness of the cave, entering a completely black space.

    The space was 50 meters in every direction, exactly the range at which Yao Jun could control the darkness around him, and was completely empty. From within this empty space, Yao Jun could still see everything that happened outside, but only those who could control darkness could see into this space.

    He moved his body, leaving the empty space and appearing behind Guo Luo's staggering body. He placed his hand on her shoulder and turned her body around. Ignoring the gazes of the 11 people, he planted a kiss on her lips.

    The kiss was an unspoken pledge from him to her, that he would never let her go through anything like that again, that he would never let anyone hurt her ever again. The kiss only lasted for a short moment and was wet with the taste of blood, but it also carried with it a gentle warmth, the same warmth that Yao Jun felt when Guo Luo was wiping the sweat off his face.

    After he finished the kiss, Guo Luo leaned her head against his body, and he placed his arms around her shoulder, holding her close. He turned his eyes to the 11 people, his eyes losing all traces of gentleness that they had when he looked at Guo Luo. A cold voice rang out from his lips as Ba-Shei manifested from the darkness of the cave behind him.

    “Since you have already hurt her, there is no need for any of you to leave here.”
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    Chapter 85: Visage of a demon god.

    “Sit down here, i'll finish up here quickly and then we can take care of your wounds.”

    Yao Jun gently helped Guo Luo sit down as he spoke, leaning her back against the entrance of the cave. Guo Luo did not reject, as she barely had the strength to even stand. After Yao Jun helped Guo Luo sit down, he turned to face the 11 people again.

    After he turned to face the 11 people, Ba-Shei raised it's body, coiling it's entire body around Yao Jun, resting it's head on his right shoulder. A grayish-azure light flashed out from his chest, manifesting as Sirius on his left side.

    “As I have already said, there is no need for any of you to leave here today.”

    Yao Jun's voice was so cold that it sent a shiver up the spines of the 11 people. They could tell that the youth in front of them was only at the late stage of the 1st Mortal Earth, weaker than their Senior Brother, but they still felt an inexplicable fear when they faced him.

    After he finished his words, a black light flashed on Yao Jun's body and his armor appeared. But his armor looked different from before. The armor had turned almost completely black.

    The once purple gauntlets had turned pitch black in color, only a few stripes of purple left as decoration. The once grayish-azure boots had also turned pitch black, only the claws remaining grayish-azure like they used to be. The only part on the back plate that stayed gray was the engraving of wings, while only the amber eyes from the serpent carving on his chest plate remained, everything else had turned pitch black.

    “I do not think that murderers like you have any...”

    The elegant youth clad in leather armor started speaking out after Yao Jun's armor appeared, his eyes narrowing. But before he managed to finish his sentence, he felt a stabbing pain in his body. His legs lost all strength as he fell down into a kneeling position.

    He looked down and turned pale when he saw the cause of the pain. His arms and legs had turned into pincushions. Several finger thick tendrils of darkness had shot out from his own shadow and pierced through his arms and legs, even his abdomen was pierced through.

    With a turn of his head, he could see that he was not the only one who suffered this fate, even his Junior Sisters and Brothers had been forced to their knees. He was not only shocked to discover that he had not even felt anything before he was pierced, but also terrified when he noticed his knees sink into the ground. To be more correct, his knees were sinking into the darkness beneath him.

    Just as he was focused on his sinking knees, he heard a low thump coming from the front. He felt a terrible unease as he raised his head. He saw Yao Jun slowly walk over, a black sword had somehow appeared in his right hand as he was walking towards them.

    But Yao Jun did not walk towards the elegant youth, nor did he walk over to the youth that had hit Guo Luo. He walked over to the other people who had arrived with the elegant youth.

    He stopped next to one of the people, a female youth with a pretty face and a fiery hot body. He looked at her with cold eyes as he raised his right arm, resting the black sword against her neck. After keeping the sword there for a short moment, he made a quick chop, separating her head from her body.

    The head fell to the ground and sank into the darkness, vanishing from sight. The girls body also sank into the ground after her head vanished, disappearing into the darkness. These people would make for good food for Ba-Shei.

    After he beheaded the girl, he slowly walked over to the next person and repeated the process. He continued to do so for the others, slowly walking towards them and resting his sword on their neck, before beheading them. In the end, only the elegant youth and the person who had punched Guo Luo remained.

    They did not think that they would be spared, they knew why they were the last to be killed. One had given the order to capture the girl, while the other had hurt her. The only reason they were still alive was because this youth wanted to fill them with fear.

    And he completely succeeded. The sound of his feet hitting the ground filled them with fear whenever they heard it. Nobody wanted to die, especially like this, without being able to do a single thing.

    The youth wore pitch black armor and held a pitch black sword dripping with blood in his hand. With a demonic serpent coiled around his body and a wolf walking at his side, he looked like the visage of a demon god. The sun had just barely risen, so there was only a faint light that covered the area. It would be the last thing these two people ever saw, but it was also the most hauntingly beautiful scene they would ever see.

    After he beheaded the two of them, the black armor and sword disappeared in a flash of black light. Yao Jun returned Ba-Shei and Sirius into the Demon God's Gate and walked over to Guo Luo.

    He did not say anything, he only bent forward and picked up Guo Luo into a princess carry. After he picked her up, he walked away from the spot where they had just been, walking until he found a small stream. While he was carrying her, Guo Luo did not say anything either, she simply put her hands around his neck and nuzzled her face against his chest, enjoying the warmth.

    Yao Jun gently put down Guo Luo next to the stream and quickly prepared a small campfire. He took out a small pot from his interspatial ring and filled it with water, he then placed it on the fire. Once the water was boiling, he took out several medicinal herbs from his Demon God's Gate and threw them into the pot.

    He boiled them until they had completely mixed with the water, turning into a thick paste with a deep green color and a refreshing smell. While he waited for the paste to cool down, he took out a piece of cloth from his interspatial ring and dipped it into the stream.

    Once the cloth was soaked with clean water, he gently removed Guo Luo's robe. She wore underwear, so she was not naked, but she still felt rather embarrassed, a charming blush spreading on her face.

    “This might hurt, but please bear it.”

    He spoke softly, placing his hand on her right shoulder. Guo Luo grit her teeth, and Yao Jun pulled out the remains of the arrow from her shoulder. He threw away the remains and used the wet cloth to gently clean her wound, making sure that there was no dirt or blood left.

    After he cleaned the wound on her shoulder, he rinsed the piece of cloth in the stream. Once it was clean again, he used it to gently wash her face, removing all traces of blood and dirt. He worked slowly and carefully, like he was scared of inflicting even the slightest amount of pain.

    After cleaning her face, he moved onto the wound on her hip. The wound had already started closing because of the multicolored energy that had surrounded it after she passed out, but there was still blood and dirt around the wound.

    Once Yao Jun finished cleaning all her wounds, the medicinal paste had cooled down enough. He grabbed the paste and applied it to any wound he could find, even the small scrapes that the branches had inflicted on her body were covered with medicinal paste.

    After he finished applying the paste, he took out some bandages from his interspatial ring and applied them to the wounds, completely covering the medicinal paste. Once her wounds were bandaged, he made her take out a yellow qipao from her interspatial ring and helped her get dressed.

    They did not leave after he helped her dress. Yao Jun sat down and allowed Guo Luo to nuzzle close to his body. After they sat there and watched the stream in silence for a few minutes, he gently held onto her chin and placed another kiss on her lips.

    “I promise, I will never leave you.”
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    Chapter 86: Double awakening.

    “Where will we go next?”

    Yao Jun was sitting with his back against a tree, just watching the girl in his arms. Guo Luo had her entire body leaned against Yao Jun, the back of her head leaning on his shoulders as they just sat there, Yao Jun's arms around her waist.

    Guo Luo was the one who spoke up, breaking the pleasant silence that the had been enjoying for a while. Yao Jun did not respond immediately, pondering in silence for a short while first.

    “It would probably be best to return to Wan Yi, or to look for Yun Yantian. What do you think?”

    Returning to Wan Yi would allow them to find more information about other Demonic beasts and maybe a way to return to his own continent. Finding Yun Yantian was something Yao Jun wanted to do because he was feeling rather uneasy about how Yun Yantian had just vanished after leaving the Yun clan.

    “We should try to find Yun Yantian. If it was like Yang Yuhuan said, he has already been gone for a while.”

    Guo Luo thought for a while before she responded. Finding more Demonic beasts to increase Yao Jun's strength was a good idea, but she could also tell that he was worried about Yun Yantian. In that case, it would be better to look for Yun Yantian. They could also kill all the good Demonic beasts they encountered while they were searching for him.

    “Then let's do that.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head, but he did not stand up to leave just yet. Little Gray was still on it's way back, so they could not use him to fly away, they would have to wait there for him to come back.

    After waiting for around half an hour, a loud screech resounded over the forest. After hearing the screech, Yao Jun and Guo Luo stood up and headed over to the small cave.

    The Giant Crows had fled right after Yao Jun awoke, and since Yao Jun had absorbed the 11 bodies into the empty space that he could access after acquiring power over darkness, there were no signs of the 11 people that had died here.

    Little Gray landed outside the cave just as Yao Jun and Guo Luo arrived. When it saw him appear, Little Gray walked over to Yao Jun and rubbed it's head against him, showing how happy it was that he was fine.

    “It's good that you are back Little Gray.”

    Yao Jun rubbed the head of Little Gray as he spoke. There was a range limitation on him returning his Demonic beasts to the gate. Since Little Gray had flown so far away to hide, there was no way for him to return it to the gate before it returned and came close enough.

    Yao Jun helped Guo Luo onto the back of Little Gray before he himself sat down on it's back and returned to hugging Guo Luo from behind. He was worried that it would be too hard for her to keep her body steady because of the wound on her hip.

    After Yao Jun sat down, Little Gray immediately flapped it's wings and took off, soaring into the air. After it gained some height, it turned it's body and started flying towards the Liang continent. Since Yun Yantian had just left the Yun clan before he stopped contacting people, checking the Liang continent was the best option.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo were happily chatting and taking in the sights around them as they were flying. This only continued for a little over two hours before the both of them felt their God Gates tremble, a voice ringing out in their heads.

    “The god of swords walks this earth once more, to cleave apart all evil.”

    The ancient voice belonging to the Demon God's Gate rang out in Yao Jun's head, informing him of the birth of someone holding a God Gate, just like it did when Guo Luo's Illusion God's Gate awakened.

    “Brother Yantian?”

    After hearing the voice, Yao Jun wasn't sure if he should be more worried, or less worried. He knew that Yun Yantian was the holder of the Sword God's Gate, they already learned that from the Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang. But since his God Gate awakened, there was a good chance that he had just finished a large fight, or was still fighting one.

    “The god of ghosts walks this earth once more, to lead all spirits to salvation.”

    Before Yao Jun even finished his thoughts, the ancient voice rang out once more. This time it made Yao Jun's heart sink. Two God Gates awakening at the same time, Yao Jun refused to believe that it was a coincidence, something must have happened.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo both closed their eyes, focusing on their God Gates. After spending almost a minute in silence, the both of them turned towards the Yang continent at the same time.

    The God Gates attracted each other. Especially in their moments of awakening, they could sense this attraction much more clearly. Much like how when Guo Luo awakened her God Gate, it created a reaction Yao Jun's own God Gate. Using this reaction, the both of them traced where the awakening was taking place. The answer they got was that both awakenings were taking place in the Yang continent, they were even taking place very close to each other.

    Little Gray immediately turned it's body, changing course from the Liang continent and heading to the Yang continent. Yao Jun was a bit worried, since the massive Demonic beast he met after leaving Zhenya valley had also headed towards Yang continent.

    “You better be okay brother Yantian.”
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    Chapter 87: Guan's Edge City.

    The city located at the very edge of Guanyu continent is named Guan's Edge City. It is a coastal city whose main purpose is transporting people to the two other continents, as well as serving as a dock for ships coming from the two other continents. There are several other coastal cities on the Guanyu continent, but Guan's Edge City is the largest one of them.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo spent six days of constant flying to reach this city. Once they reached the city, Yao Jun made Little Gray land at a safe location. He returned Little Gray to the gate, Guo Luo masked their faces with her illusions, and the both of them entered Guan's Edge City.

    Yao Jun did this for two reasons. The first reason was to allow Little Gray to rest for some time, at least an entire day. Little Gray needed rest before they started the flight across the ocean, or he would not have enough strength to carry them all the way.

    The second reason was to pick up provisions. They had picked up a lot of riches in Ash Barrens City, but very little food and water. Before they entered Zhenya Valley, they stocked up on some food and water, but not enough to make such a long trip as crossing the ocean.

    With their faces masked in illusions, Yao Jun and Guo Luo could walk around the city at their own leisure, without having to worry about anything. Guo Luo no longer needed to wear bandages, as her wound had completely healed thanks to the multicolored light as well as the medicinal paste.

    They bought a large amount of provisions and different herbs that could only be found around this area. Yao Jun took half and stored them inside his gate, while Guo Luo took the other half, making sure that she had some herbs on hand if anything were to happen to Yao Jun again.

    “Let's go over there next!”

    They could only wait for Little Gray to finish resting, and since they spent most of the time on Little Gray's back cultivating, Guo Luo did not want to waste this precious free time by cultivating in the inn.

    The moment they had bought everything they needed, she grabbed Yao Jun's hand and started dragging him with her through the town. They had arrived during the evening of the previous day, so after they spent the night sleeping in the inn, they spent the morning buying all the provisions they needed. The plan was to head out the next morning.

    Guo Luo did not only drag Yao Jun with her to spend some time together but also so that Yao Jun could relax and release some tension. These last six days, he had spent almost every waking second worried about Yun Yantian, so she wanted to help him relax.

    “Wait here.”

    Guo Luo dragged Yao Jun into a clothing store before she made him stand by the door and wait. After making sure that he was not following her, she walked over to a woman who looked like she worked there. She spent a short moment whispering with the woman and handing her a small pouch. After she handed the woman the pouch, the two of them walked deeper into the store.

    “Come, come. Follow me.”

    After she had been gone for around ten minutes, Guo Luo came skipping back, a brilliant smile on her face. She grabbed onto Yao Jun's hand and made him follow her deeper into the store. They quickly reached a room at the back of the store. The room was only a few meters in size, and contained only a large mirror, a table, and a chair.

    The woman Guo Luo had talked to earlier entered the room after the two of them and placed a large wooden box on the table. After she placed the box on the table, she gave a short bow before bidding them farewell and leaving the room, closing the door behind her after she left, leaving behind only Yao Jun and Guo Luo.

    “What's this?”

    Yao Jun started walking towards the box when he suddenly felt Guo Luo hold him back, preventing him from approaching the box.

    “You just stand right there and do nothing.”

    Guo Luo pointed at the spot in front of her as she spoke, her face slightly red. After making sure that Yao Jun was standing where she pointed, she grabbed hold of his brown robes and started slowly undressing him.

    “What the-”

    Yao Jun was just about to question what she was doing when Guo Luo gave him a slight glare, her face reddening the more she looked at him.

    “You be quiet, you did this to me just a few days ago.”

    Hearing her words, Yao Jun could only raise his arms in defeat. It was indeed true that he had stripped her down to her underwear after he woke up a few days ago, but that was only to clean her wounds and apply bandages.

    After spending a short moment to take of Yao Jun's robe, leaving him in his underwear, Guo Luo stored away the brown robe. She spent a minute just staring at Yao Jun's body, examining every inch of it, tracing every single scar with her fingers.

    She had seen him like this several times already, whenever he went to bed next to her, but she still felt a pang of pain in her heart when she saw the scars. His body was slightly skinny, with a myriad of scars covering his arms and upper body. The large scar in the shape of a dog swallowing the moon was especially glaring, it's poisonous green color made it stand out.

    “You should just get rid of this.”

    Guo Luo couldn't help but mutter as she traced the large scar. This scar was given to him by Guo Zhe using his poisonous power, a brand. Normal people might have trouble removing this scar, but it was no problem for the two of them. They had enough medicinal herbs to remove every scar on Yao Jun's body.

    “You know that I can't. This scar serves as proof of my weakness. Only once I have killed Guo Zhe and Guo Jiahao can I remove this scar.”

    Yao Jun shook his head as he spoke. He used this scar to remind himself of what would happen if he was weak. If he was weak, he did not even have the right to decide how his own body would look, he would just be at the mercy of others.

    It also served as a sign of his grudge. Only once he ended this grudge by killing Guo Zhe and Guo Jiahao, taking back the interspatial ring that his mother had given him, only then would he remove this scar.

    Guo Luo continued tracing Yao Jun's scars for a short moment before she nodded her head. She walked over to the box that the woman had brought with her and opened it, revealing a deep green cloth.

    She pulled out the deep green cloth, revealing it to be loose shirt and a pair of pants. She walked over to Yao Jun and helped him get dressed, giving his entire body a few look overs after she finished clothing him.

    The clothes were colored a deep, emerald green, much like the robes Yao Jun used to wear. The shirt was decorated with several black threads that came together and formed the image of a black gate on Yao Jun's back.

    After she made sure that the clothing fit Yao Jun, Guo Luo took off her own robes in a bashful fashion. She walked over to the box and took out another piece of clothing that was the same emerald green as Yao Jun's.

    She put on the clothing, revealing it to be a tight-fitting qipao that accentuated her figure, better showing off her curves as well as her breasts. This qipao was decorated with several multicolored threads that came together and formed a multicolored gate on her back.

    “Look, now we match. You said that your green robes were given to you by your parents, so I wanted you to have something that would help remind you of them until we manage to return to your continent.”

    Guo Luo made a few spins in front of Yao Jun, showing off the clothing as she spoke. She knew that all the robes Yao Jun had been given by his parents were placed inside his interspatial ring, but since that had been taken bu Guo Jiahao, he could not wear any of them.

    After they arrived at the city yesterday evening, while Yao Jun went looking for an inn, she ran off to find a tailor that could quickly make a few pieces of clothing for the two of them. This tailor was the one she found. Thanks to the inborn power of the tailor, she was able to rapidly finish the ordered clothing.

    “You really are too good for me.”

    Yao Jun felt a sweet feeling in his chest as he looked at the clothing the two of them wore. He missed his parents, and wearing the green robes had made him feel closer to his parents, so he felt bad when he was not able to wear them.

    He walked over to Guo Luo and put his arm around her waist, pulling her into an embrace. He placed a soft kiss on her lips and the two of them continued to stand there for a few moments, just enjoying the sensation of the kiss.

    “Let's go.”

    After finishing the kiss, Yao Jun held Guo Luo's hand and the two of them left the clothing store. The two of them continued to wander around the city hand in hand, buying food from various street vendors while they walked. Sometimes Guo Luo would make Yao Jun follow her into various shops, while other times it was Yao Jun that made her follow him.

    Guo Luo liked painting, something Yao Jun had only learned right before they entered Zhenya valley, so most of the stores she brought him into revolved around different types of painting. Yao Jun on the other hand would bring Guo Luo to look at various weapon shops.

    The both of them had weapons of their own, but Yao Jun still liked looking at various weapon shops. When he looked at their swords, it reminded him of his time as a child, before he started living in Flying Fish Town. Training in the way of the sword with his father was one of his fondest memories.

    After they spent a few hours just wandering around, with evening approaching, they were planning on finding a place where they could eat dinner when Yao Jun spotted something at the end of the street.

    At the end of the street stood a male youth, looking at the wares of a street vendor. The thing that caught Yao Jun's attention were the male's robes. The robes were completely black, with a large boulder engraved on the back. The robes of the Yao clan.
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    Chapter 88: Yao Luying.


    Guo Luo couldn't help but speak out when she saw Yao Jun freeze as he stared at something further down the street. Yao Jun did not respond to her, instead dragging her along as he moved towards the youth wearing the Yao clan robes.

    “Excuse me.”

    Yao Jun stopped behind the youth and tapped him on the shoulder. If this youth really was from the Yao clan, there was a good chance that he knew of a way to return to the Grand Quan continent.


    The youth turned around to face Yao Jun. The youth had a completely unremarkable face, slightly tanned and rough skin. A small nose, thin lips, and two black eyes. He had brown hair that hung down over his eyes, covering half of them.

    “Are you from the Yao clan of the Grand Quan continent?”

    Yao Jun had never seen anyone using the same insignia as the Yao clan, but that did not mean that it was impossible for there to be a clan that just so happened to have the same insignia. This meant that he first had to find out whether or not this person really was from the Yao clan.

    “Yes, I come from Boulder Fortress City. Can I help you with anything?”

    The youth was slightly surprised when he heard Yao Jun's question. There were not a lot of people on these small continents that knew about the Grand Quan continent. Mostly it was only the leaders of certain large clans that knew about the Grand Quan continent and how to get there.

    “I am Yao Jun, I come from the Great Rock City branch of the Yao clan. I ended up stranded on this continent after getting caught up in a Natural Spatial Node. You wouldn't happen to know how to return to the Grand Quan continent?”

    While Yao Jun spoke, he drew a few strange symbols in the air. These symbols were used by the Yao clan, proving that someone was from the Yao clan and which branch they belonged to. Yao Jun had also heard about Boulder Fortress City when he was a child.

    While Great Rock City was where the biggest branch of the Yao clan in the Great Yan country was located, Boulder Fortress City was where the main headquarters of the Yao clan was located. It was one of the four largest cities on the Grand Quan continent.

    “Ah, so it is a fellow brother! You must truly have bad luck to be sucked up by a Natural Spatial Node. I am Yao Luying.”

    The youth, Yao Luying, put on a bright smile after he heard Yao Jun's words. It was very rare for him to meet others from the Yao clan when he was on vacation, it was especially rare for him to meet someone who didn't try to flatter him immediately.

    “Brother Luying, would you happen to know how to return to the Grand Quan continent? I have been gone for far too long, my parents must be worried to death.”

    Yao Jun sighed in relief as he spoke. He had finally found a glimmer of hope for returning home, he could return to his parents. He would still have to work hard with his training, lest he become too weak to protect them, but at least they would be near him. Once he was strong enough, he could then return to this continent to reclaim his interspatial ring.

    “You are in luck brother Jun! My vacation is ending tomorrow, so I plan on returning to the Grand Quan continent using the Spatial Array of the Guan clan. You can join me then and we can return together!”

    Yao Luying pat Yao Jun on the shoulder as he spoke with a bright smile, but Yao Jun's face sank as he heard his words. Yao Luying noticed Yao Jun's expression sinking. Yao Jun put on a wry smile as he started explaining.

    “It seems like we can't return together brother Luying. One of my friends might have encountered an accident a few days ago, so I can't return until I have found him and made sure that he is fine. But I must thank you for telling me that the Guan clan has a Spatial Array. Once I have found my friend, I can use that to return.”

    Yao Jun wanted to return to his parents, but he was too worried about Yun Yantian to leave without finding him. Because of this, it was impossible for Yao Jun to follow Yao Luying to return to the Grand Quan continent. But at least now he knew of a way to go back, through the Spatial Array of the Guan clan.

    “I see, it seems you have your fair share of worries. But don't worry, since you are such an honorable brother, I will make sure to send word of you to your parents once I return. Tell me their names and which branch they reside in.”

    Yao Luying sighed and shook his head upon hearing Yao Jun's words, but he found that he quite liked this youngster. He had been stranded on an unfamiliar continent for who knows how long, but he still chose not to return immediately once he was given the chance, all because he was worried about his friend. Such a person was exactly the type of people he wanted in his Yao clan.

    “Thank you brother Luying. Their names are Yao He and Yao Xun, they live in the Golden Moon branch. If you could tell them that I am still alive and fine, I would be grateful.”

    Yao Jun sighed in relief after hearing Yao Luying's words. If he could send word to his parents that the was still alive, then they could stop worrying so much.

    “No problem brother Jun, I will make sure that they get your message. I must return now, otherwise my assistant will start scolding me for returning too late. Once you decide to return to the Grand Quan continent, you can give the Guan clan my name, they will then allow you to use the Spatial Array.”

    Yao Luying beat his own chest as he spoke, before he turned around and started walking away. He had come to the Guanyu continent on a vacation, but his assistant still ended up finding him and forcing him to work.

    Yao Jun could not help wonder about the identity of this Yao Luying as he was watching him walk away. He looked and spoke like a youth, but he talked about having an assistant and that using his name would make the Guan clan let him use their Spatial Array.

    He quickly shook his head and threw away the thoughts. Just thinking about it would not let him find the answer, so he would just have to wait and see if he ever met him again, he could ask him then.

    “Let's go.”

    Yao Jun spoke to Guo Luo next to him, a bright smile on his face, as he dragged her towards the inn. Now that he had found a way that they could use to return to the Grand Quan continent, and even found a way to deliver a message to his parents, he was in an excellent mood.

    The two of them returned to the inn and ate a nice dinner, before they walked a bit more around the city. Once night sank, they returned to the inn and went to bed, they would head out once the sun started rising.

    Once the first rays of the sun started shining over the horizon, Yao Jun and Guo Luo were standing on a hill a good distance away from the city. Yao Jun brought out his gate and summoned Little Gray. He placed the gate on Little Gray's back, and brought Guo Luo with him as he entered.

    With the gate on Little Gray's back, they could stay inside it while Little Gray was flying over the ocean. Yao Jun did not usually do this, as he enjoyed the view from Little Gray's back as he was flying.

    But he two reasons for doing it like this for this trip. Since they were inside the gate instead of on his back, Little Gray could fly for longer without needing rest, as there was no weight on his back to encumber him.

    The other reason was that Yao Jun was planning on using this time to start training in the technique that Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang had given him, giving him another trump card that he could use in battle. Once they entered the gate, Little Gray let loose a loud screech and flapped it's wings, shooting into the air and starting the journey over the ocean.
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    Chapter 89: First part of Crumbling The Nine Heavens.

    “I will be spending most of this trip in deep cultivation. I should be able to notice if anything happens thanks to my connection with Little Gray, but there is no guarantee. So if anything happens and I don't notice it, you need to knock some sense into me.”

    After they entered the gate, Yao Jun sat down next to the ancient tree at the center of the garden. Crumbling The Nine Heavens required him to create a new channel that connected him and his power, so he wanted to be as close to the center of his power as possible, so as to prevent any accidents from happening.

    “Don't worry, I will make sure that nothing will disturb you.”

    Guo Luo gave a strong nod and showed a determined face as she spoke. Yao Jun's mouth curved into a smile and he bent forward and gave Guo Luo a quick kiss before sitting down.

    Little Thunder, Sirius, and Ba-Shei came over and sat down next to Yao Jun, guarding him. Little Thunder laid down behind Yao Jun, allowing Yao Jun to lean his backwards onto Little Thunder's side. Sirius laid down to his left like a watch dog while Ba-Shei curled up on his right. With Guo Luo sitting in front of him, he was being guarded at all sides.

    Yao Jun leaned his body backwards onto Little Thunder and closed his eyes. Since they were already sitting inside his Demon God's Gate, all he would have to do to create the new channel was to focus his mind and endure the resulting pain.

    With Yao Jun closing his eyes and starting to focus, Guo Luo took out a canvas, some paint, and a few brushes from her interspatial ring. She quickly set up the canvas and started painting. She wanted to immortalize this scene of Yao Jun relaxing, his Demonic beasts guarding at his side.

    Yao Jun focused his mind on the Demon God's Gate, putting all his focus on the ancient tree. After he made sure that all his focus was on the tree, he started channeling his Qi using the principle that Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang had taught him.

    All living beings circulated their Qi through their veins, it flowed side by side with their blood. After the Qi reached the desired position, they would pull the Qi out from their veins and out through their skin and into the surrounding world. The Qi would then use the power of that person, as well as that persons imagination, to interact with the surrounding Natural Qi to create the desired effect.

    When one fully immersed in cultivation, time stopped mattering. Yao Jun had even heard of people who had reached such a high level of cultivation that they could close their eyes to cultivate and wake up many years later, feeling as if but a few minutes had passed. Because of this, Yao Jun was unaware of the passage of time as he was cultivating.

    He channeled his Qi through his entire body, absorbing Natural Qi from the surroundings as he did so. Once he made sure that ever single one of his veins was filled to the brim, he started the next step in practicing the Crumbling The Nine Heavens Technique.

    He extracted a stream of black Qi from the ancient tree and pulled it towards his body. Normally, this stream of Qi would enter his veins and circulate through his body. But since his veins were currently filled to the brim, there was no way for it to enter his veins.

    This would usually lead to one of two scenarios. The first was one where the person was keeping an eye on how much he absorbed. Making sure that he did not absorb too much, the person would make the stream of Qi pass over his body instead of absorbing it.

    The second scenario was where the person was careless and did not pay attention to how much Qi he absorbed. The stream of Qi would attempt to enter his vein, causing the vein to become bloated and exploding.

    If the vein was not too important and treated quickly, it would at worst result in the person becoming crippled in that part of the body. But if the vein was important or he waited too long with treating it, it could very easily lead to his death.

    Of course, Yao Jun would not try to absorb this stream of Qi with his veins. The purpose of this stream of Qi was to create a new channel that connected him with his Demon God Gate, a secondary vein that was filled with the purest of Qi, ready to explode forth at a moments notice.

    In the later stages of training in this technique, it was even necessary to make one of these channels in his own soul. Yao Jun had considered trying to create a channel in his soul immediately, but after some deliberation, he dropped this idea. He had only just recently started being able to control his soul, so he was not willing to risk it.

    The stream of Qi stopped at the back of Yao Jun's left palm, hovering above the skin. Yao Jun took a deep breath to prepare himself before he made the stream of Qi plunge into his hand.

    Blood started pouring out from his hand as the Qi dug into his hand, slowly making it's way up his arm. Wherever the Qi went, Yao Jun felt his flesh rend and tear, carving a new path through his body for Qi to travel.

    He grit his teeth and endured the pain. There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world, if he wanted to acquire strength, he would have to pay the price and suffer the pain.

    As the stream of Qi started traveling further up his arm, another stream of Qi left Yao Jun's normal veins, covering his left hand. The Qi reached the hole that had been produced in his hand and started slowly healing it. Yao Jun made sure that only the outer part of the hand was healed, sealing up the wound but not the new channel.

    The stream of Qi continued to carve a path through his body, slowly reaching his shoulder, before it started carving a path towards his chest. After what felt like an eternity, the stream of Qi reached his chest and ended up next to his heart, right next to a black gate that was located next to his heart.

    The stream of Qi entered the gate, appearing right next to Yao Jun's body. After the Qi appeared next to him, it returned to the ancient tree, completing the process of creating a new channel that was connected to his Demon God's Gate,

    After the connection had been established, Yao Jun couldn't help but release a sigh, his entire body drenched in sweat. He still felt pain in his body as he was not completely used to the new channel, but it was much better than the pain of having a new channel carved into his body.

    Yao Jun absorbed more Qi from his surroundings and filled up the new channel. Once he had filled the channel with Qi, he sank his mind into the channel. Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang had said that every new channel he dug would contain one of Sword empyrean Heng Jiang's own sword techniques.

    Once his mind sank into the channel, the token that Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang had given him start trembling. It moved through his body and entered the channel that Yao Jun had just created. A tranquil and familiar voice rang out in Yao Jun's head as his vision turned white.

    “Little one, finally you have started training in my technique.”
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    Chapter 90: A blue pearl.

    Yao Jun found himself in a completely white world after he opened his eyes again. Not far from him stood a familiar middle-aged man clad in a simple white robe. He had short brown hair and clear, green eyes. An ancient sword sheath was strapped to his back. He was the one who had just spoken to Yao Jun, Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang.

    “Senior Heng Jiang.”

    Yao Jun gave a quick bow upon seeing Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang. Seeing Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang caused Yao Jun to feel slightly guilty. Heng Jiang had dedicated his entire life to freeing their planet from it's prison.

    When he gave Yao Jun the Crumbling The Nine Heavens Technique, he said that it embodied his life and hopes. It was clear that Heng Jiang wanted Yao Jun to take up his mantle and work towards freeing the planet. But Yao Jun had not chosen to do that, instead deciding to head down a path that created a peaceful place for those he loved. Freeing the planet was something he would only consider after he had managed to do that.

    “No need for this formality, this is but the last remnant thought that I attached to the token I gave you before you left. Training in the Crumbling The Nine Heavens Technique can be very difficult, so to make it easier for you, I decided to let you witness how I created the different parts of the technique.”

    Heng Jiang had a tranquil smile as he spoke. He had never been one that cared for formality, even while he was alive. With Yao Jun being the only person to inherit his technique, Heng Jiang had already decided back then to do everything in his power to aid him.

    “But I must say that I am rather impressed, you had only just left my tower when you managed to find another person holding a God Gate, you even made her your little girlfriend.”

    Heng Jiang couldn't help but chuckle as he spoke, slightly teasing Yao Jun. The tiny amount of remnant thought that he had left behind in the token allowed him to observe everything happening around it, letting him see everything that Yao Jun had done.

    Heng Jiang waved his hands after he finished talking, and the white world around them started to change. Yao Jun suddenly found that the two of them were floating in the air. The air above them was completely filled with golden runes, preventing them from taking a step higher.

    A good distance below them, Yao Jun could see a blue planet. The entire planet was covered in water, only four continents present on it. Three of the continents were placed near each other, forming a triangle. Looking closer, it looked like the three continents were once a single, large continent that had been torn apart. The last continent was massive in size, almost four times as large as any one of the three other continents.

    “The most important part to mastering anything, is a person's state of mind. Look below you, do you see that beautiful, blue pearl? That is our planet, that is our home. When I was still alive, I would often come up here to just look at it.”

    Heng Jiang turned away from Yao Jun and faced that blue planet in the distance, a wistful expression on his face. He reached out with his hand as he spoke. They were so far away from the blue planet that he could cover the entire planet with his hand when he stretched it out.

    “When I stand here and reach out my arm, I can grasp the entire planet in a single hand. Everything I wish to protect and fight for placed safely within the palm of my hand.”

    Heng Jiang had a faint smile on his face as he moved his hand, making it look like he was cradling the entire planet in the palm of his hand.

    “You and I are different, but we are also the same. I fought to free all living beings on that planet, allowing them to experience a greater world beyong this single planet. You on the other hand seek to create a peaceful place for those you care about, no matter how much blood you must drench yourself with to make that happen.”

    Heng Jiang turned to face Yao Jun, who had his head slightly lowered. Heng Jiang had seen everything going on around Yao Jun, something Yao Jun realized when he mentioned Guo Luo. This clearly also meant that he knew about Yao Jun's intentions.

    “But we both want to protect them. I wanted to protect the living beings on this planet from being imprisoned, you want to protect those you care about from harm and sadness. We both simply want to protect, it is just that the scale of things we want to protect are different.”

    Heng Jiang continued talking, not minding Yao Jun's lowered head. He wanted the planet to be freed, true, but he would never force this task on anyone. And he quite liked Yao Jun, he was fond of how decisive and straight forward he was. If he wanted to protect something, he would protect it. If he wanted to kill someone because they were evil, he would kill them.

    “Reach out your hand, grasp that which you wish to protect safely within your palm, keep it safe for all eternity. If you manage to do that, it will mean that my inheritance has not fallen into the wrong hands.”

    Heng Jiang had a faint smile as he spoke, grabbing Yao Jun's arm and making it reach out towards the planet. He was certain that as long as there were people on that planet that Yao Jun wanted to protect, he would protect the planet.

    Yao Jun held out his arm, placing his hand beneath the planet in the distance, holding the entire thing in his palm. He did not know what Heng Jiang saw when he did this, but he knew what he saw.

    He saw his parents sitting around a small table, a pot of steaming soup standing at the center of the table. He saw Guo Luo leaning up against his chest with her eyes closed, sleeping peacefully. He saw Yun Yantian standing next to him as they flew away from Great Xian City, shouting out loudly about his clear heart.

    A friend, a family, and a lover. Three things held tightly in his palm, three things he wanted to protect with all his might. With these three things held tightly in his palm, the guilt he felt towards Heng Jiang faded away. All that remained was a strong determination to use Heng Jiang's technique to keep these three things safe for all eternity,

    “It seems that you have managed to throw away that useless guilt, excellent. Then follow me, let me show you my first technique, One Sword To Free The Heart.”

    Heng Jiang saw Yao Jun's eyes turn more and more determined as he cradled the blue pearl in the distance, a satisfied smile on his lips. The more he saw of Yao Jun, the more he realized that he had made the right choice in handing his inheritance to him.
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    Chapter 91: One Sword To Free The Heart.

    Yao Jun didn't immediately respond to Heng Jiang, continuing to gaze at that blue pearl placed safely within the palm of his hand. The more he continued to gaze at it, the more enchanted by it he became.

    The feeling of having everything he wanted to protect placed safely within his palm could only be described as intoxicating. Yao Jun could not help but long for the day he could make this reality, to hold them safely through everything.

    “If you want to hold it safely within your palm like that, it requires you to work hard, otherwise it will always stay as naught but a dream.”

    Heng Jiang's hand landed on Yao Jun's right shoulder, his voice sounding out from right next to him. Yao Jun shook his head and retracted his arm. He turned towards Heng Jiang with a burning gaze and gave him a deep bow.

    “Thank you for showing me this, senior, I will make sure that it becomes reality.”

    Yao Jun felt truly grateful to Heng Jiang. Not only had he given him a supreme technique like Crumbling The Nine Heavens, he had also showed him what it felt like to be able to protect everything he wanted to protect, further cementing Yao Jun's desire to become strong.

    “As long as you have the heart to fight for the things you want to protect, I will be pleased. I wish I could be there when the whole world learns of the name, Yao Jun.”

    Heng Jiang could not help but let out a sigh as he spoke. He truly wished that he could continue to stick around and see Yao Jun's future, but his time was already over. Even this remnant thought would only be able to remain for a short time.

    Heng Jiang shook his head and put on his usual tranquil smile. He waved his hand and the world around the two of them changed once more. This time Yao Jun found that they had arrived in a small village located in a deep valley. Surrounded by mountains and a large forest, the village was almost completely isolated.

    Heng Jiang did not say anything, just looking around at the village with a yearning gaze. They continued to stand there for a short moment, until a young boy, seemingly no older than ten, suddenly ran out from one of the small wooden houses that the village was made from. The boy was clad in a simple white robe, had clear green eyes and short brown eyes. A simple sword hung at his waist.

    The boy opened his mouth, seemingly shouting something, but there was no sound that came out. After the boy shouted something, a young girl walked out from another one of the houses. The girl had clean white skin, long blonde hair and brown eyes.

    The girl had a guilty look on her face as she walked over to the young boy. She stopped a short distance away from him and lowered her head, seemingly too afraid to face him. She opened her mouth and spoke a few words, and the young boy's face turned ashen.

    She did not speak more after that, she simply turned around and ran back into the house she came out from, leaving behind the boy who simply stood there, pale as snow. The boy stretched out a trembling arm, as if he was trying to grasp something that was no longer there.

    After standing still for several minutes, the boy turned and ran. He did not run into the house he had come from, he ran away from the village. Yao Jun and Heng Jiang automatically followed the young boy as he ran deeper into the forest, until he was so deep in the forest that he could not even see a trace of the village.

    After running deep into the forest, the young boy stopped and turned his head towards the sky. He let loose what seemed to be a long scream, tears streaming down his face. After he stopped screaming, he pulled out the sword hanging at his waist and started swinging it around in various patterns.

    “Her name was Jin Hanying. Even though we were but children, we were still in love with each other. We even planned on getting married one day. But because that years winter had been especially bad, her parents fell ill.”

    While the young boy was swinging his sword, Heng Jiang spoke up, his voice still sounded tranquil, but Yao Jun could detect a faint pain hidden deep within.

    “Our two houses were poor, so we could not afford the medicine to heal them. She had no other options, she could only give herself to the son of the village leader, becoming his concubine. She told me that she could not marry me because she no longer loved me, that the son of the village leader was very good to her.”

    Heng Jiang let out a self deprecating chuckle as he shook his head. It was clear that this day had affected him tremendously.

    “Even back then she had always been a terrible liar, but I still chose to believe her. To drown out the truth by repeating the lie to myself. The truth was that I was simply too weak to marry her. Had I been stronger, I would have had a higher standing in the village, I would have been able to afford the medicine. But I was weak, so I could do nothing but run. Run until I became strong enough to grasp everything in the palm of my hand.”

    While Heng Jiang was talking, Yao Jun was almost completely immersed in the moves that the young boy was performing. As the young boy kept swinging his sword, it slowly started going from a slash to a stab.

    “This moment helped me realize that without strength, you were not even free to love, even your heart was shackled by weakness. It was here I developed the first sword strike of Crumbling The Nine Heavens. One Sword To Free The Heart. The pain I felt that day was like a sword stabbing through my heart, so the technique became a stab that pierces all in it's path.”

    When Heng Jiang finished his words, the young boy stabbed out with his sword once more. The sword slightly twisted as he stabbed forth, a burst of Qi shooting out from the sword and creating a small hole in a branch not far away from the boy.

    Yao Jun could not only see the moves of the boy, he could even see how the young boy moved his Qi as he was practicing. He slowly came to understand how this technique worked. The technique gathered up his Qi and made it rotate rapidly, before it released all that rotating Qi through the tip of the sword, resulting in a stab with immense power.

    “That was One Sword To Free The Heart, practice it well little one. I have shown you everything I can for now, so it is time for you to leave. The next time you open a new channel and come to learn the sword strike within, this remnant thought of mine will no longer exist, you will only be able to see my experience up until I made the technique. The rest you will have to figure out on your own.”

    As Heng Jiang spoke, the forest in front of their eyes started vanishing. After the forest vanished, Yao Jun found that his mind had left the channel, returning to his body. After his mind left the channel, Heng Jiang's voice rang out inside his head one last time.

    “Also, I can only do this up until the fifth channel. This is because I was never able to create techniques for the fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, and ninth channel. You will have to create your own techniques, sword strikes that belong to only you.”

    (i have fixed the patreon so that patreons can read up to two chapters ahead. i have also created a discord for people who want to talk about the story or give advice. )
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    Chapter 92: Yang continent.

    Yao Jun opened his eyes and swept the surroundings with his eyes. He was sitting in the lotus position with his back straight, no longer leaning on Little Thunder, nor were Sirius and Ba-Shei laying next to him.

    The surroundings were dark, so it was clearly night in the outside world. A short distance away from him, Guo Luo was leaning against Little Thunder, sleeping peacefully. Sirius and Ba-Shei were both laying down next to her, guarding at her side.

    They noticed that Yao Jun had woken up, but he told them to stay quiet and not wake Guo Luo. He quietly stood up and left the gate, appearing on Little Gray's back. After appearing on Little Gray's back, he stretched his body, his joints crackling as he did so.

    He checked the surroundings with his eyes, trying to figure out how long he had been cultivating. There was nothing but water to their left, right, as well as behind them. But he could see some land in the distance ahead of them, so it was clear that they were approaching the Yang continent.

    The trip would take around one month of constant flying, so since he could see the Yang continent in the distance, it could only mean that he had been cultivating for about one month. He couldn't help but be slightly surprised when he noticed this, this was easily the longest time he had ever spent cultivating in one go, usually it would only be around one day at most.

    “It's been hard on you.”

    Yao Jun sat down on the back of Little Gray and gently pat him on the head. He could feel how tired Little Gray was, it was clear that flying for one month straight was very hard for it. Yao Jun did not continue talking, he just sat there and stroked Little Gray's head.

    He continued to stroke Little Gray's head for a short while before he slightly turned his head, facing the direction of the Guanyu continent. He stretched out his arm and opened his hand, as if he was trying to grasp the Guanyu continent. But he could not see the Guanyu continent, so it looked like he was simply grasping at the water.

    “It's not the same.”

    Yao Jun shook his head and pulled back his arm. Trying to grasp the Guanyu continent did not produce the same intoxicating feeling he felt when he grasped the entirety of the planet. He of course knew why, none of the things he wanted to protect were placed on the Guanyu continent.

    Yao Jun continued to sit on Little Gray's back, simply enjoying the fresh and cold air. Little Gray had slowed down it's flight speed as Yao Jun left the gate, so the wind could only be described as a refreshing breeze.

    “You're finally awake.”

    While Yao Jun was sitting there, Guo Luo left the gate and appeared at his side. She sent him a sweet smile before she sat down next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder. Yao Jun moved his arm, grabbing onto her hand and holding it tight. He could not grasp everything that he wanted to protect, but this was something that he could grasp and protect.

    The two of them did not say anything, they simply leaned against each other under a starlit sky and enjoyed the cool breeze. As the sun started rising, the Yang continent had gotten close enough for them to clearly see a city located at the coast.

    “You did good, you can rest now.”

    Little Gray continued flying until it found a place that was well hidden from the city. It landed and allowed Yao Jun and Guo Luo to hop off. Yao Jun gave Little Gray a few more gentle pats on the head before he returned him into the gate.

    “Let's go.”

    Yao Jun held Guo Luo's hand and started heading towards the city they had just flown over. Yao Jun was planning on finding information about two things before they continued to head to where Yun Yantian and the person holding the Ghost God's Gate awakened.

    The first thing he wanted to find information on was the massive Demonic beast that he had encountered on Guanyu continent. When it left, it headed in the direction of the Yang continent, so it was almost certainly somewhere on this continent now. The second thing he wanted to find information on was if there had been anything else large that had happened on this continent, especially in the area where they sensed Yun Yantian awaken.

    They quickly approached the city, and the first thing they noticed was that the city was packed to the brim with people. Now that they weren't flying so high up, Yao Jun could notice that there were constantly boats leaving the city, heading towards the Guanyu and Liang continent.

    “What is going on here, why are so many people leaving the continent?”

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo walked over to a small booth that sold various types of dried and fresh food. There was only a middle-aged man with a bald head standing in the booth. He looked at Yao Jun with a slightly strange gaze, but he still answered the question.

    “An utterly humongous Demonic beast has appeared on the continent. It settled down at the center of the continent, where the headquarter of the Yang clan is located. It simply settled there and killed almost everyone who was in the area at the time, so people are terrified that it will go on a rampage and kill more people. So they choose to leave the continent.”

    The man spoke calmly, but Yao Jun could still detect a slight shiver in his voice. It was clear that everyone was terrified at the might and ferocity of this Demonic beast. Since not even the Yang clan could stop it, what hope did they have?

    “Have there been any other large occurrences, like large battles?”

    Since he had gotten an answer to one of the things he wanted to find more information about, he proceeded to ask the second question he had.

    “None that are noteworthy. There are more bandits prowling the roads than normal, but that is only to be expected in times like this.”

    The bald man fondled his chin in silence for a short while before he shook his head. With such a massive Demonic beast arriving at their continent, who would have time to start any large battles.

    “I see, thank you for answering my questions.”

    Yao Jun gave the bald man a faint smile before he and Guo Luo turned around and headed to the exit of the town. He could not help but wonder what had happened to Yun Yantian. The massive Demonic beast settled at the center of the continent, but the area where they sensed Yun Yantian awaken was to the east of this continent, a few days walk away from this town.
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    Chapter 93: Ruined village.

    Yao Jun and Guo Luo left the city and returned to the spot where Little Gray had landed earlier. Yao Jun did not bring out Little Gray, but brought out Little Thunder instead. Yao Jun wanted Little Gray to get some rest, so he chose to have them ride Little Thunder instead.

    Little Thunder was a little over three meters in length, so there was plenty of room for Yao Jun and Guo Luo on his back. If they were still on the Guanyu continent, Yao Jun would be very careful about riding Little Thunder, but there was no need to be too worried about it here on the Yang continent.

    The continent was currently in chaos because of the massive Demonic beast, with most people trying to leave the continent as fast as possible. With Guo Luo using her illusions to cover up their features and making them look like they belonged to the Demon Race, the chance of someone stopping them was quite low. After all, the Demon Race was known for being able to summon Demonic beasts.


    Yao Jun grabbed onto Little Thunder's horns, and Guo Luo wrapped her arms around his waist, snuggling up against him. Yao Jun ignored the soft sensation on his back and gate Little Thunder a soft pat on the head as he gave the order.

    Little Thunder let out a loud roar and immediately moved towards the east at full speed. Despite the chance of them being stopped being quite low, Yao Jun did not choose to travel on the road. He made Little Thunder run through the forests and more unpopulated areas, ensuing that they would not encounter others.

    Little Thunder moved so fast that the surroundings turned blurry, making it impossible for Yao Jun and Guo Luo to see what was around them. But Yao Jun was connected to Little Thunder through not just his mind, but even his soul now. So he just needed to let Little Thunder know where they had sensed Yun Yantian awaken, and Little Thunder would stop there automatically.

    Normally it would take a few days of walking to get to the place where Yao Jun had sensed Yun Yantian awaken, but with Little Thunder running there at full speed, it only took them two days. The place where they ended up was a small village located in a forest.

    The buildings in the village were made out of either wood and stone, each one round in shape and only consisting of one floor. The roofs were made out of wooden planks covered in dried grass and straw. The village looked like it would have surely been a charming place to spend a few days of rest.

    But that was now all in the past, the village was now completely in ruins. Not a single house was still intact, the wooden houses were all burnt black, while all the stone houses had been completely crushed. The stench of blood and rot still hung in the air as there were corpses, both Human Race and Demon Race, littering the ground all around the village.

    Yao Jun had been prepared that something might have happened, but he had never expected it to be something like this. He quickly hopped off Little Thunder's back and searched the bodies on the ground He only heaved a sigh of relief when he did not find Yun Yantian's body.

    “What happened here?”

    Guo Luo and Little Thunder came walking over after Yao Jun finished searching the bodies. Guo Luo couldn't help but cover her mouth as she asked, her eyes red and moist. There were corpses everywhere, young and old, men and women, no one had been spared it seemed.

    “It was the Guo clan.”

    Before Yao Jun could say anything, a soft voice rang out from one of the ruined buildings not far from them. Hearing this voice, while Guo Luo and Little Thunder tensed up, Yao Jun couldn't help but furrow his brows.

    “Why are you here, Wan Yi?”

    Yao Jun turned toward the ruined building as he spoke. As he spoke, Wan Yi came walking out from the ruined building. Wan Yi was no longer clad in the fur robes that she wore the previous times Yao Jun had met her, she wore a much simpler and plain black robe instead.

    “Do you know what this village was?”

    Wan Yi did not immediately answer Yao Jun, she instead walked closer as she spoke, sweeping the entire village with her eyes. As he looked at her, Yao Jun could detect a deep sadness within her eyes.

    “This village was created by my mother, it was a village where the two races could live together in peace, much like Xieren City. But this village was for everyone, not like Xieren City, where only those with money or status can live. My mother dedicated her entire life to creating villages like this.”

    Wan Yi did not wait for Yao Jun to answer before she continued talking. She walked over to one of the corpses and placed her hand on it's face, closing it's eyes. She closed her own eyes and muttered a small prayer.

    “Someone told the Guo clan that Yun Yantian holds a God Gate, causing them to send out a large group of people to hunt him down. They found Yun Yantian in this village, and proceeded to attack. Yun Yantian teamed up with one of the people who lived in this village, and together they managed to flee. I do not know where they traveled after that.”

    Wan Yi turned towards Yao Jun after she finished muttering the small prayer. When she spoke of the Guo clan, her eyes were practically blazing with flames. Her entire body exuded a dense killing intent.

    “How do you know that? And why are you here? I don't imagine the Demon Race would send you to a dangerous place like this continent. And why are you telling me all this?”

    Yao Jun furrowed his brows even more after hearing her words. He did not doubt her words, lying to him would gain her nothing. He could not help but worry after hearing her words. Someone had told the Guo clan that Yun Yantian had a God Gate. Who knew about it? Why had they told the Guo clan?

    “I know what has happened here because my Soul Beast allows me to temporarily summon the souls of people who recently died. I asked one of the people from this village what happened. He said that one of the people from the Guo clan said that they would put Yun Yantian's God Gate to better use.”

    As Wan Yi spoke, she raised her left hand. Black smoke rose up from her left hand, turning into a small black crow that flew around her hand. The feathers on the crows back were white and formed the shape of a skull. A wailing sound could be heard wherever the crow flew. Yao Jun had read about this Demonic beast before, it was called a Reaper Crow, it sustained itself by eating dead souls.

    “As for why I am here, it is because I have been banished by the Demon Race. One of my recent actions broke the law of the Demon Race, so they banished me once they found out. And I am telling you all this because of two reasons.”

    Wan Yi shrugged her shoulders as she spoke, pretending like she didn't care. She had sent her people to impersonate Yao Jun and kill several people, but her plan had backfired. One of her men turned out to be a spy for one of her rivals, who then promptly reported her actions to the elders. She was accused of treason and then banished from the Demon Race.

    “One. You want to find Yun Yantian and keep him safe, I don't want him to fall into the hands of the Guo clan, so our goal is the same. Two. You have a grudge with the Guo clan because they tortured you, I have a grudge with them because they destroyed something my mother dedicated her entire life to. Once more, our goals align. I have nowhere else to go, let me travel with you."
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    Chapter 94: Gathering allies.

    “While it is true that I want to find Yantian and keep him safe, the second point you made is not completely correct. I have a grudge with Guo Jiahao and Guo Zhe, not the entire Guo clan. Just like they have evil people, they also have good people.”

    Yao Jun shook his head in response to Wan Yi's words. Her words made it sound like he wanted to kill everyone from the Guo clan, but that was not what he wanted.

    Guo Zhe and Guo Jiahao were people he was going to kill, but the grudge between them did not extend to the rest of the Guo clan. Of course, if people from the Guo clan were going to try and hunt him down to kill him, or hurt those he cared about, they would die all the same.

    “I have a question. What did you do to get banished by the Demon Race?”

    Guo Luo spoke up from beside Yao Jun. She had heard Yao Jun talk about Wan Yi before so she knew that she had a high status in the Demon Race. For her to get banished by the Demon Race, she must have done more than just break a normal law.

    “I killed many people. People from both the Demon Race and the Human Race. I found that they had committed heinous crimes, so I decided to kill them.”

    Wan Yi had a grim expression as she spoke. While she spoke the truth, she left out half of it, not mentioning that she had made her people impersonate Yao Jun as they killed those people.

    Wan Yi also had another reason for traveling with Yao Jun. She did indeed want to kill the people from the Guo clan who destroyed this village, but that was not the only reason.

    She no longer had her position in the Demon Race. So the only way for her to create a peaceful world where the people from the Demon Race could live without constantly fighting a pointless battle was with her own strength. She would have to become strong, strong enough to make no one dare start any pointless battles against her people.

    Of course, the odds of her managing this all alone were almost nonexistent. But if she found strong allies who were willing to assist her, it would be much easier. Yao Jun wanted to create a peaceful world for those he cared about, so their goals were almost the same, only on different scales.

    Yao Jun didn't respond immediately, tapping his chin in silence as he considered Wan Yi's proposal. He did not care that she had killed people for committing crimes, he had done the same.

    He also did not dislike her, in fact, he found her quite admirable. Yao Jun simply wanted to protect a few people, which could be considered a very selfish goal. But she wanted to protect the entire Demon Race.

    “What do you think?”

    Yao Jun turned his head towards Guo Luo as he asked. He did not mind having Wan Yi traveling with them, but he also had to see what Guo Luo was thinking. Guo Luo stood there in silence for a short moment, pondering, before she opened her mouth and gave her opinion.

    “I don't see a reason why we shouldn't bring her along. Her power also seems very useful, so I am fine with having her travel with us.”

    Guo Luo nodded her head as she spoke. Being able to summon the souls of the recently deceased would make it much easier to collect information in certain situations. If they had been able to do this after Yao Jun killed the people who chased them after they left Zhenya valley, they could have found out exactly who was chasing them.

    “Thank you. I am Wan Yi.”

    Hearing Guo Luo's words, Wan Yi's face lit up with a smile as she cupped her hands and introduced herself. She of course already knew who Guo Luo was, but proper introductions were still in order.

    “I am Guo Luo.”

    Guo Luo cupped her hands and returned the smile. She found it a slight pity that it would no longer be just her and Yao Jun, but she also knew that it would be easier for them if they had more allies. Guo Luo herself was still rather weak in a fight, so having Wan Yi to assist in fights could be a great help.

    “Do you know any way we can track down Yun Yantian?”

    After the two girls made their introductions, Yao Jun opened his mouth and spoke. If he had any items belonging to Yun Yantian, he could maybe have Little Thunder or Sirius try to track him down through his scent. But he had no such items, so he did not have any leads on how to find him.

    “I can't track down Yun Yantian, but I might be able to track down the people chasing them.”

    Wan Yi turned towards one group of corpses as she spoke. These corpses were all clad in the robes of the Guo clan, so they were clearly part of the group that were chasing after Yun Yantian. Wan Yi walked over to the group of corpses and raised her left hand.

    Black smoke started seeping out of her skin and into the surroundings, quickly forming a large crow with the image of a skull on it's back. The crow was even bigger than Little Thunder, it's body five meters in length and two meters in width. The crow spread out it's wings and released a loud screech.

    After it's screech sounded, black smoke started seeping out from the corpses on the ground, forming several humanoid silhouettes. Yao Jun knew that these were the souls belonging to the dead people from the Guo clan. After the silhouettes formed, the crow opened it's beak and directly swallowed all the silhouettes.

    After it swallowed all the silhouettes, the crow turned into black smoke and returned into Wan Yi's body. Wan Yi closed her eyes in deep concentration, seemingly searching for something.

    “Strange. There are far too many people from the Guo clan on this continent.”

    Wan Yi opened her eyes after a few minutes of concentration and couldn't help but mutter to herself. Seeing Yao Jun and Guo Luo's confused expression, she quickly explained to them.

    “When the Reaper Crow devours a soul, I can use it to track down anyone who has a similar soul. Since it devoured several souls from the Guo clan, I had it track down anyone who had a soul that matched any of them, basically allowing me to track down anyone belonging to the Guo clan.”

    Everyone had their own soul, but people who belonged to the same clan would often have some similarities in their soul. It was by using these similarities that Wan Yi could track them down after having the Reaper Crow devour their souls.

    “At my current level, I can only just barely search half the Yang continent. But even then, I found over 17000 people from the Guo clan, that is simply far too many, it seems like they are planning something big.”

    The Guo clan was scared of the Yang clan attacking them, so there was no way they would have too many spies on the Yang continent. If a spy was discovered, the Yang clan could use it as an excuse to attack and eradicate the Guo clan.

    “But don't worry, most of these people are very spread out, with a large amount of distance between each. I only found one group that contained more than four people. This group should be the one that is chasing Yun Yantian.”

    Wan Yi brought out the Reaper Crows as she spoke, hopping onto it's back as she indicated for Yao Jun and Guo Luo to hop on after her. Yao Jun hopped onto the crow after a short moment of hesitation. Flying on this crow would indeed be faster than riding Little Thunder.
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    Chapter 95: We meet again.

    The three of them flew on the back of the Reaper Crow, surveying the land beneath them. Wan Yi could use her connection with the Reaper Crow to locate the group that was most likely pursuing Yun Yantian, but Yao Jun still searched for Yun Yantian from the air with his own eyes.

    While the group they were following were most likely the group pursuing Yun Yantian, they were only the group that were most likely to chase them. For all they knew, it could just be a coincidence that such a large group of Guo clan members were so close to the place where Yun Yantian awakened.

    There was also a chance that Yun Yantian had gone into hiding somewhere, rather than keep fleeing from the Guo clan people. Because of this, Yao Jun had spent every moment they were flying, channeling his Qi into his eyes to keep watch on the surroundings.

    While doing so, he also occasionally turned his eye toward the center of the continent. He could feel that they were approaching the massive Demonic beast, getting closer the longer they flew. Of course, if the Demonic beast did not release it's aura, there would be no way for Yao Jun to sense it. It was giving him a warning, letting him know not to get too close.

    “They made a sharp turn, they have also increased their speed. It seems like they have spotted what they were looking for. If we let little Xie fly at full speed, we should reach them in around an hour.”

    After flying for two days, Wan Yi had the Reaper Crow, Xie Bi'an, make a quick turn towards the left. Hearing her words, Yao Jun turned in the direction that Xie Bi'an was facing, but despite his strengthened vision he was unable to see anything. Since they had made a sharp turn, it seemed like they too were scared of entering the massive Demonic beasts territory.

    “Good, let her go at full speed then.”

    Yao Jun did not hesitate to bring out his gate and place it on the back of Xie Bi'an. The three of them entered the gate, allowing Xie Bi'an to fly at full speed. Her full speed was slower than Little Gray's max speed, but it would still be very unpleasant for their bodies to withstand such speed.

    After entering the gate, Yao Jun sat down with his legs crossed and started regulating his breathing. If the group they were chasing were really pursuing Yun Yantian, there would definitely be a battle once they arrived. Because of this Yao Jun wanted to be in top condition when they arrived. Guo Luo and Wan Yi copied Yao Jun when they saw him sitting down, causing the inside of the gate to fall into a temporary silence.

    “We have arrived.”

    After a little over an hour of silence, Wan Yi opened her eyes and spoke out. She was connected to her Demonic beast much like Yao Jun was to his, so she could see through it's eyes, a trait everyone from the Demon Race shared.

    Hearing her words, Yao Jun opened his eyes and stood up. The three of them left the gate, appearing on the back of Xie Bi'an, who had already slowed down. Yao Jun turned towards the direction Xie Bi'an was facing and channeled his Qi into his eyes.

    The area around them was a large plain with only a few spread patches of trees and some lakes around, meaning that there were very few things obstructing his vision. In the distance, he could see a group of people clad in the robes of the Guo clan.

    There were only nine people, with the strongest being at the middle stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth. The group was chasing two people, Yao Jun could recognize Yun Yantian, but not the other person. It did not require too much thought to realize that the second person was likely the person who awakened the Ghost God's Gate.

    Both groups of people had varying degrees of injuries, so they had clearly clashed a few times already. Yao Jun did not know how Yun Yantian and the other person managed to evade the people from the Guo clan for an entire month, but seeing that he was still alive, Yao Jun heaved a sigh of relief.

    “Can you bring us directly above them?”

    Yao Jun narrowed his eyes when he saw Yun Yantian and the other person stop running. From their expressions, he could tell that they were completely exhausted. He could guess what they were thinking, since they could not run any longer, why not make one last stand.

    He turned his head slightly and looked at Guo Luo, a slightly apologetic expression on his face. He planned on killing the nine people that were chasing Yun Yantian. With Wan Yi's Reaper Crow, there was no need to keep them alive for questioning, they could just question their souls. But these people were after all people belonging to the same clan as Guo Luo, so he still felt slightly apologetic towards her.

    Guo Luo shook her head, a faint smile on her face. She took a step closer to him and grabbed his hand, leaning her head on his shoulder, indicating for him not to worry about it. She was part of the Guo clan true, but she did not consider the Guo clan her home. There were only two people in the Guo clan she cared about, her father and mother.

    “No problem.”

    Wan Yi nodded her head and pat Xie Bi'an on the head. While Xie Bi'an was moving closer, Yao Jun got ready for battle. A black sword appeared in his right hand, and his armor started appearing on his body, leaving only his head, upper arms, and thighs exposed.

    Wan Yi and Guo Luo did not feel anything when the armor appeared, but Xie Bi'an started faintly trembling. The holder of the Demon God's Gate was the ruler of all Demons, they would always feel stifled when faced with the might of the Demon God's Gate.

    Xie Bi'an reached the air above the two groups, who were facing each other with a tense atmosphere, without either of the groups noticing. Before Wan Yi had the time to say anything, Yao Jun took a step forward, into empty air. He and Guo Luo both plummeted towards the earth, but their expressions were completely calm.

    Wind started blowing around the two of them, slowing down the speed at which they were falling. Before anyone had time to react, the two of them landed in the midst of the group belonging to the Guo clan, raising a cloud of dust.

    The cloud of dust quickly dispersed, revealing Yao Jun and Guo Luo. There were two bodies lying on the ground in front of Guo Luo, each body having a hole in it's throat. In her right hand, she held a nearly transparent sword that seemed to be made out of multicolored crystal, a few drops of blood still ran down the blade of the sword. There was a stream of multicolored energy moving out from the two bodies and into Guo Luo's body as she stood there.

    “We meet again brother Yantian.”

    Yao Jun sent a mellow smile towards Yun Yantian as he spoke. Tendrils of hardened darkness had extended from beneath his feet and stabbed through the remaining seven people. Even the person at the middle stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth had been pierced through the head.

    Had the group of nine people not been exhausted because of the month long chase, they could probably have put up a fight. But now they were exhausted and wounded, becoming little more than lambs to the slaughter.

    Yao Jun also took this chance to inspect the person standing next to Yun Yantian. The person was a male youth with tanned skin, his body was muscular, but not burly. The youth had shoulder long gray hair and deep black eyes. The youth was slightly taller than Yao Jun.

    “Really, how is it that I always end up meeting you in situations like these.”

    Yun Yantian's legs lost all their strength as he was forced to sit down. But seeing Yao Jun, his mouth spread into a wide grin as he commented. The first time he met Yao Jun was while he was under attack by bandits, he ran to Yao Jun for help. Now he was under attack once more, and Yao Jun came to his aid once more.
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    Chapter 96: Lin Ren.

    Lin Ren was breathing heavily as he ran, Yun Yantian was running next to him, also breathing heavily. Yun Yantian was someone he had met while he was wandering the continent. They found that their personalities matched, so they decided to travel together.

    Yun Yantian used swords to attack the opponents physical body, while he used attacks that corroded the opponents soul and mind. When they fought together, there was hardly anyone that could stand up against them.

    They continued to travel together for some time, until one day they stumbled across a small village hidden within a forest. People from both the Human Race and Demon Race lived together in peace in that village. Many of the men who lived there carried old wounds of varying degrees.

    After spending a few days at the village, they learned that the wounds were something they had sustained while they were fighting in a war. Once they tired of the constant fighting and killing, they encountered a woman from the Demon Race. She led them to this village and gave them a place they could live in peace, where they no longer had to fight and kill each other.

    Not long after they were told this story, hell descended upon the village. A hell that the two of them had brought down on the village. A group of people clad in silver robes attacked the village, a dog swallowing the moon was embroidered on their chests.

    Yun Yantian told Lin Ren that these people were from the Guo clan. From the rage in his voice, Lin Ren could guess that he had a heavy grudge with the Guo clan. One of the people from the Guo clan spoke to Yun Yantian, saying that they would put his God Gate to better use.

    The group attacked the two of them, but they did not spare the villagers around them. The villagers were mostly wounded men and women, with a few children here and there, they had no way of defending themselves. Yun Yantian and Lin Ren fought hard, but there was nothing they could do.

    Lin Ren and Yun Yantian had killed a few of the attackers, but they were still outnumbered. After only a short while of fighting, the people in the village were all dead. Seeing that not even the children were spared, both Yun Yantian and Lin Ren flared up in rage.

    Lin Ren was especially furious. He was a simple wanderer, his parents had died while he was young, leaving him to fend for himself. A place like this village, that was so tranquil and welcoming, it felt like he had found something that resembled that warmth he had while his parents were still alive.

    In his rage, he grabbed onto the head of one of the Guo clan people and furiously poured his Qi into him. While he was doing this, Yun Yantian threw caution to the wind and put all his focus into attacking.

    Beautiful swords spawned into existence around him, moving like the wind as he flicked his fingers. And then, then there came a reaction. As one of Yun Yantian's swords dug into the chest of one of the attackers, a strange stream of energy left the body of the attacker, entering Yun Yantian's body.

    Lin Ren had no time to wonder what this energy was, as he suddenly felt like his hands sunk into the head of the person from the Guo clan. He quickly turned his head and saw that his hands had indeed sunk into the head of his opponent.

    But there was no blood, it was like his hands had turned transparent, they simply sank into the head of his opponent without resistance. Lin Ren pulled his hands back in shock, but was even more shocked when he saw a transparent silhouette follow his hands out from the head of his opponent.

    The transparent silhouette resembled the man in front of him, and before he had time to say anything, the transparent silhouette entered his body. As the transparent silhouette entered his body, Yun Yantian had also finished absorbing the strange energy.

    Qi suddenly started blasting out from Yun Yantian's body, bringing with it a whistling sound, like swords cutting the air. As the Qi blasted out from Yun Yantian's body, another blast of Qi was released from Lin Ren's body, bringing with it a wailing sound, like a mournful howl.

    The Qi blasting forth from Yun Yantian's body gathered above his head, forming into a massive fortress cast entirely out of metal. the fortress was massive, but there was only a single soldier standing guard atop the walls.

    The Qi blasting forth from Lin Ren's body also gathered above his head, but it did not form into a fortress, instead it formed a massive graveyard. The graveyard was massive, but there was currently only a single grave in the entire graveyard.

    “I walk this earth once more, to shepherd all spirits to a peaceful rest.”

    “The god of swords walks this earth once more, to cleave apart all evil.”

    As the graveyard appeared, Lin Ren heard a hoarse and ghastly voice ring out in his head. What followed the voice was pieces of information, allowing Lin Ren to get a clear picture of the situation. The god of swords that the voice mentioned was Yun Yantian. While he was the one to shepherd all spirits to a peaceful rest, the god of ghosts.

    Lin Ren moved his head slightly, matching his gaze with Yun Yantian. They both nodded their heads and sprung into action. Yun Yantian waved his hand, a massive sword appearing in the air above him. Lin Ren also waved his hand, causing the transparent silhouette, the soul of the man he had just killed, to appear in front of him.

    The sword and the soul shot towards the group from the Guo clan, who were still shocked at the spectacle. The sword slammed into them, cleaving two of them in half before it crashed into the ground, raising a cloud of dust. The soul let out a grating screech as it entered the cloud of dust.

    Yun Yantian and Lin Ren did not stay around to check up on the result, both of them turning around and running away as fast as they could. They had just grown more than just slightly stronger, but there was still no way for them to beat the entire group of people on their own, so they chose to flee.

    They continued to run, only resting when they found places that seemed safe. But the people from the Guo clan were hot on their tails, never letting them rest for too long. They continued to run for over a month, with barely any rest. Had they been normal people, they would have collapsed dead already.

    After running for over a month, the two of them were completely exhausted, their legs felt like they were nailed into the ground. The two of them matched eyes once more. They gave each other a resolute nod as they stopped running and turned around to face the chasing group of people. They were standing on a vast plain, there were worse places to die.

    “If we die here, I can assure you that my friend Yao Jun will get revenge for us.”

    Yun Yantian turned his head and gave a slight grin to Lin Ren as he spoke, still as carefree as ever. Lin Ren simply nodded his head in response. He had heard Yun Yantian mention this Yao Jun before, especially in this month that they were running.

    He apparently held the Demon God's Gate, and had awakened it even earlier than them. Lin Ren was not as confident in this Yao Jun as Yun Yantian, but Yun Yantian assured him that if he ever met Yao Jun, he would understand.

    The group from the Guo clan stopped not far from them, carefully eyeing them. After this one month of chasing, even they were completely exhausted. They slowly moved closer to them, bringing out their weapons as they did.

    And just as Lin Ren was preparing to charge forward with Yun Yantian, something fell from the sky. A loud sound resounded as something crashed into the ground amidst the group of people from the Guo clan, raising a cloud of dust that covered the entire group.

    While Lin Ren and Yun Yantian stood there in shock, the dust dispersed with the wind, revealing the scene within. Lin Ren considered himself a fearless and resolute person, he did not even flinch when he and Yun Yantian decided to make one last stand. But the scene before him, it sent chills down his spine.

    Amidst the group of nine people, two new people had appeared. One of them was a beautiful girl with mesmerizing pink eyes and charming multicolored hair. She was clad in a tight fitting green qipao. A nearly transparent multicolored sword rested in her hand, drops of blood dripping from it. There were two bodies on the floor in front of her, each one with a hole in their throat.

    The arm holding the sword was covered in a transparent crystal armor, wich formed the image of several snowflakes on her shoulder. She had clean skin and her lips curved slightly upwards, forming a soul stealing smile. Lin Ren felt that if he looked at ther for too long, his soul would be stolen from him.

    She was holding hands with a male youth. The male youth was slightly shorter than Lin Ren, and his body was slightly thin and pale, looking exceedingly weak. He had long purple hair and ghostly gray eyes that seemed to stare straight into Lin Ren's soul.

    Except for his head, upper arms, and thighs, the rest of his body was covered in pitch black armor. He even held a pitch black sword in his other hand. The sword looked incredibly simple, having none of the beauty that Yun Yantian's swords had. But the sword released a terrifying feeling, it had a tyranny that belonged solely to it.

    The youth had a faint and mellow smile on his face, it was the kind of smile that calmed down anyone who looked at it, making them feel like everything was going to be fine. But there were long tendrils of darkness extending out from the shadow beneath him, each tendril piercing through a different person.

    Even the person at the middle stage of the 2nd Mortal Earth had been pierced through like he was nothing. The contrast between the smile of the youth and his actions brought a shiver down Lin Ren's back. He knew who this was, Yun Yantian had talked about him several times, even given a description of how he looked. Yao Jun, the Demon God.

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