The Demon's Gate

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    Chapter 40: A town ablaze.

    “It seems like you have decided upon a weapon for yourself, congratulations.”

    The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean spoke with a smile, he was truly pleased that Yao Jun had chosen the sword as his weapon. When he was still alive, he had seen almost everything the world had to offer, how could he not see that Yao Jun was more suited to the saber than he was to the sword?

    But his own inheritance was an inheritance based on the sword. Yun Yantian had yet to awaken his own God Gate, and it was also uncertain if he would ever even be able to awaken it. Since it was like that, it was better to give his inheritance to Yao Jun. But if Yao Jun ended up choosing the saber, there was nothing he could do, he would just have to wait and see if anyone else would ever meet the requirements he set before his death.

    “Thank you Senior for giving me this chance.”

    Yao Jun bent his body and gave the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean a deep bow. If he had not received this chance, there was no telling when he would be able to build up a connection with the sword and breed his own Sword Qi and Sword Intent.

    “There is no need to thank me, since you hold that gate, our meeting can be considered fate. Since it is like that, there is no reason for me to be too stingy. Follow me, I will take you to the next place and teach you a new lesson.”

    The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean waved his hand, dismissing Yao Jun's words, before turning around and walking through the white void. The air beneath Yao Jun solidified into a path he could walk on, allowing him to follow behind the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean.

    “Im not going to lie on about you having a special responsibility since you were born with such a special power, me wanting you to break the seal on this world is merely something I personally wish for you to do.”

    As they were walking, the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean started talking, his eyes cast into the distant horizon, seemingly collecting his thoughts as he was talking.

    “You don't have any special responsibilities, but there is one thing that I must remind you of, one thing you must never forget and always hold close to your heart. You must never give in to the seven sins, never let them control you.”

    The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean spoke with a grave face, the air around him changing from tranquil to a stern pressure, like a father lecturing his child. The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean turned his eyes to Yao Jun before he continued speaking.

    “It is fine to be angry, it is fine to be gluttonous and lustful, even greed, pride, sloth, and envy are fine. Emotions and wants are only human after all. But you must never let yourself be controlled by your emotions.”

    “This applies to everyone who has strength, but it specially applies to you who was born with a power that is simply stronger than other peoples power. Once you let yourself be controlled by your emotions, it could very well spell disaster for this entire world.”

    “In this world, there are only two types of people that can be by your side, those you don't mind die, and those who don't die. It sounds cruel, but it is for everyone's sake. Allow me to show you what can happen to this world if someone with a power like yours loses themselves to their emotions.”

    After the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean finished speaking, he placed his hand on Yao Jun's head. Yao Jun could feel a strange energy enter his body from the hand of the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean, mixing with a similar energy within his head.

    When the energies mixed, Yao Jun felt his entire vision go white, his consciousness flying out of his body and somewhere else. When he regained his vision, he found himself floating above a small dirt road, the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean floating next to him.

    “I have taken the liberty to mix some of my memories about certain people and power levels with yours, this will make this simulation more life like. All we will do now is watch, no matter what you do, it is impossible for you to interact with this world.”

    As the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean spoke, he pointed to the dirt road beneath them. Looking downwards, Yao Jun could see a youth clad in an emerald robe. The youth had long black hair with some purple streaks in it, his eyes a somber gray color that seemed to peer through everything.

    Yao Jun was surprised to see another him walking on the dirt road beneath him, but thinking about the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean's words, it seemed like he was going to see what would happen if he ever lost himself to his emotions.

    Yao Jun checked the surroundings and found that he was not far from Golden Moon Town, the Yao Jun beneath him was also at the 1st Mortal Earth, so it seemed like this illusion was set at a time after he managed to return to his own continent.

    Yao Jun was absentmindedly humming a small tune as he was walking on the dirt road. It had been a long time since he had been sent to the Guanyu continent, so it was nice to finally be home again. He had not been able to contact his parents ever since he had entered the tomb of the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean, so he was looking forward to seeing them again. He was already anticipating the look on their face when he showed them how strong he had gotten.

    As Yao Jun got closer to the area around Golden Moon Town, the scent of smoke wafted into Yao Jun's nose. Yao Jun snapped out of his absent-mindedness and quickly scanned the area. He didn't see any fire in the immediate area, but he could see a plume of black smoke rising from the direction of Golden Moon Town.

    Yao Jun had a bad feeling in his stomach, so he immediately summoned out Little Gray and hopped onto his back, ordering him to fly towards Golden Moon Town at full speed. Once in the air, Yao Jun saw that the plume of black smoke indeed came from Golden Moon Town.

    Yao Jun and Little Gray flew towards Golden Moon Town at full speed, not caring whether or not anyone mistook him for someone from the Demon Race. As they were getting closer and closer to Golden Moon Town, Yao Jun could finally see the situation more clearly.

    The entire town was under attack, one group of attackers streaming into the south entrance, while another group was attacking the northern entrance. The attackers at the southern entrance were clad in simple leather armor with the insignia of a wolf, so they were most likely just bandits or mercenaries. But the attackers at the northern entrance were all clad in deep red robes with a phoenix engraved on their back, so they were clearly from some school or clan.

    Ignoring everything else, Yao Jun had Little Gray fly right above the walls and into Golden Moon Town, hurrying towards his house at full speed.
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    Chapter 41: A grieving Demon God.

    Little Gray brought Yao Jun directly to where his house was and dropped him off. The entire town was on fire, so making Little Gray land was out of the question. Once he landed on the ground, Yao Jun ignored the flames and ran into the burning building his parents lived in.

    “Father! Mother!”

    Yao Jun shouted at the top of his lungs as he ran into the building, but all that greeted him was silence. The interior was already charred black and completely unrecognizable, but Yao Jun used his memory to navigate the remains. He entered the part that used to be the living room, only to find it completely deserted. After quickly checking the other rooms in the house and not seeing neither his parents nor their corpses, he left the burning building.

    “Little Gray, find these two!”

    Yao Jun raised his head and shouted to Little Gray who was circling above him. Little Gray had never seen Yao Jun's parents, but Little Gray was tied to Yao Jun by the Demon God's Gate, sending him a mental image was no problem. Little Gray let loose a loud screech and started flying higher, surveying the burning town.

    After waiting for a short while, Little Gray returned to the air above Yao Jun and let loose another screech, telling Yao Jun to follow him. Yao Jun didn't waste any time, immediately breaking into a sprint, following behind Little Gray.

    Along the way, Yao Jun was either begged by people who were wounded or trapped to save them, or attacked by the people clad in red robes or the bandits. Yao Jun ignored the people begging him to save them and murdered everyone of the attackers.

    The people clad in leather armor used a myriad of different abilities, some not even using abilities at all. But the people clad in red robes all used different varieties of fire powers, explaining how the town was set on fire in the first place.

    The attackers Yao Jun faced were all either below the 1st Mortal Earth, or had just entered the 1st Mortal Earth, allowing Yao Jun to easily kill them. But Yao Jun did not get cocky. He knew that there were people in this town that had reached the 2nd Mortal Earth, so if all the attackers were this weak, there was no way the town would fall like this.

    Yao Jun continued to follow Little Gray for a few minutes, quickly reaching the center of the town. When he reached the center of the town, his robe was already ruined, burnt black and covered in blood, a crazed and desperate expression on his face. He looked more like a demon that had crawled out from hell than a human.

    The center of the town seemed to be where most of the battling was taking place, there were several small battles taking place all around, with a few larger battles taking place in the house that belonged to the city lord.

    Yao Jun didn't have to spend a lot of time scanning the area, quickly finding his parents. His parents were besieged by a mixture of bandits and red robed people. His father was missing an arm and there was a large gash going from his mother's shoulder to her abdomen, blood pouring out of it. They were heavily wounded, but the ground around them was littered with the corpses of their enemies.


    Seeing another group of around five people heading towards his parents, Yao Jun's mind almost went blank with worry. He threw away all other thoughts and charged forward, Little Gray following from above him.

    Yao Jun recklessly charged into the group of five people before they had any time to react. Purple lightning discharging from his body and into the surrounding area, like a vengeful lightning god had descended upon the group.

    He didn't think as he fought, he just acted on instinct. Before the group had time to react, he beheaded one of them with a single sweep of his sword, his other hand grasping towards another member of the group. Lightning charged out from his hand and surrounded the person he aimed at, charring him into a black corpse before he could scream.

    Little Gray swooped down from above, grabbing at another person and dragging him up into the air. After dragging the person into the air, Little Gray exerted strength into his legs and tore the person in two, both halves falling to the ground.

    The last two people were already scared witless. Before the even managed to react, three of their people had been horribly slaughtered. They didn't give it too much thought, immediately choosing to flee in different directions. Yao Jun narrowed his eyes and put strength into his right arm.

    Lightning flowed out from his arm and into his sword, the sword quickly becoming so hot that it almost started melting. With all his strength, Yao Jun threw the sword after one of the fleeing people. While the sword was flying, Yao Jun turned around and chased after the last person.

    He didn't need to look, he was confident that once he threw the sword, his target would die. His confidence proved to be correct, the sword flew in a straight line, piercing directly through the fleeing man's chest with enough force to leave behind nothing but a hole.

    While the fleeing man fell to the ground, Yao Jun caught up to the last fleeing man. He had thrown away his weapon, but Yao Jun was still confident. After entering that forest of blades in the tomb of the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean, his body had been strengthened. Not even Yao Jun knew just how strong his body was compared to a normal cultivator.

    Yao Jun reached out with his arms, grabbing onto the head of the last fleeing man. He clenched his hands, his fingers digging into the head of the man. He placed his foot on the man's back and pulled back his arms while kicking out with his leg. With a single pull, the man's head was separated from his body, pieces of skin and flesh dangling from his neck.

    Yao Jun threw away the head and turned around and started running once more, heading towards the place where his parents were. Deaths were common on this battlefield, so barely anyone had noticed Yao Jun's entrance. But his parents did.

    They had noticed Yao Jun from the moment he shouted out. While they were thrilled at how strong he had become, they worried more than they were pleased. They had been to many battlefields, they knew when a battle was lost. This town would not be able to last much longer, neither would they.

    Seeing Yao Jun charge towards them, they shared a look with each other for a brief moment. After their eyes met, they both gave each other a soft smile. They had only been fighting for so long without retreating because this town was the place where their son would eventually return, they had to protect it. Now that their son had returned, there was no longer a need to protect the town, now they had to protect their son.

    They both charged out, ignoring their wounds and the attackers around them, their eyes locked onto their only son. Yao Xun charged out in front of her husband, blocking all the attacks that were coming at him with her own body. Yao He used the cover that his wife provided to charge up as much energy as he could, manifesting a small silver ball in his hand.

    Yao Jun saw his parents charging towards him, ignoring all their injuries, and shouted out loud, putting more strength than he possessed into his legs. The energy he himself couldn't conjure up, came out from the gate, from that massive black tree that was planted in the center.

    As Yao Jun got closer to them, the energy in Yao He's hand seemed to finish charging, as he was no longer placing any energy into it. Yao Xun behind him sent a proud smile to her son. He had been gone for a while, but he eventually returned to them, stronger than ever before. How could she not be proud?

    Yao He followed his wife and sent a smile towards his son. When their son was younger, they often worried about him, worried that he would be too weak to protect himself. Looking at his son charging towards them, he knew that he had nothing to worry about.

    «You must live on son, you are the last of the Yao Family, so live with pride.»

    Yao He pushed his hand forward, sending that silver ball of energy flying forward. While Yao Jun was screaming, the ball hit him in the chest and quickly covered his body. Yao Jun felt the space around him congeal and knew that he was about to be sent away. Away from the town, away from the battlefield, away from his parents.

    With the blood stained smiles of his parents filling his vision, he was sent away from the town. When the space around him stopped congealing, he found himself surrounded by trees.

    Yao Jun slammed his fists onto the ground and screamed out, tears and snot running down his face and mixing with the blood. He had seen the attackers descend upon his parents as he was sent away, he knew that they wouldn't make, but he didn't want to believe it. The fact that his parents died because they wanted to send him away only made it worse for him.
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    Chapter 42: The wandering Demon God.

    It was only after flying on Little Gray for three days, that Yao Jun finally managed to return to Golden Moon Town. Standing on the back of Little Gray, Yao Jun overlooked the ruins of the town. The smell of burnt flesh and wood still lingered on the morning breeze, telling of the terrible battle that was fought here.

    The entire town was deserted, not a person in sight, so Yao Jun just ordered Little Gray to land at the center of the town. There were corpses everywhere, none of them still intact, no one had even bothered to clean away the corpses. Yao Jun absentmindedly cast his gaze around the center of the town.

    Every building was burned and razed, nothing was left whole. This meant that whoever attacked the town didn't do it to take control over the town, it was for the sole reason of destroying it.

    Yao Jun slowly walked forward, stepping over both bodies and ruined buildings alike. He kept walking until he found a corpse with a large hole in it's chest. He bent down and picked up a sword that was lying not far from the body. It was a completely normal sword, it was even slightly damaged by heat, parts of it had slightly melted before stiffening once more.

    This was the sword Yao Jun had thrown while he was fighting. This sword was a gift from his father, he was not willing to lose it. After storing away the sword, Yao Jun turned to the side and started walking again, each step slow careful.

    After walking for a short distance, he found two burnt corpses holding hands. One of the corpses was missing an arm, but the bodies were otherwise intact. Yao Jun didn't say anything, the tears streaming down his face the only indicator of his emotions.

    Blood dripped from the corners of Yao Jun's mouth as his tears fell. He had cried and screamed for two days already, the inside of his throat already bloodied.

    He knew that these two bodies were his parents. They were burnt black and were completely unrecognizable, but he knew. This pain in his chest could only mean that the corpses in front of him were his parents. Yao Jun bent down and tried to pick up the corpses, but once he touched them, they simply turned to ash that drifted away with the wind.

    «You stupid, stupid idiots.... Why wouldn't you just leave?»

    Yao Jun's voice came out soft like a whisper, but it was completely hoarse. He already realized that his parents could have left whenever they wanted. His father clearly had a power related to space, so they could have just left whenever they wanted. But they didn't. They waited for him, waited for a son that might never return.

    Yao Jun raised his head to the sky and stood there in silence, just letting his tears flow as he stared at the sky until his eyes hurt. After he finished crying, he turned around and started walking once more. This time, he returned to the house where his parents lived.

    He searched the entire house for anything that once belonged to his parents, anything that could be used as proof that they once lived. He found a necklace that his mother used to wear, and a robe that his father had worn while he was younger and worked for the Yao clan. The items were slightly burned, but they would still do.

    After finding the items, Yao Jun left the ruins of the town. He continued walking until he found a small hill with aa clear view of the surrounding area. If the town was still standing, this place would surely have a beautiful view.

    Yao Jun kneeled down onto the ground and started digging. He had no tools, so he could only use his hands to dig. He could just have Little Thunder dig, but this was a task he wanted to complete on his own.

    He continued digging with his bare hands until his nails had broken off and his hands were mangled and bloody. What he was left with was two holes side by side in the ground. Each hole was almost two meters long, and around half a meter deep.

    He placed the necklace into one of the holes, and the robe in the other. After covering the holes once more and erecting two simple crosses out of wood, he used his own blood to write the names of his parents on the crosses. Once the simple graves were done, Yao Jun sat in front of them in silence for an entire day.

    After sitting in front of the graves for an entire day, Yao Jun kowtowed to each grave three times, his head hitting the ground hard enough to draw blood. Once he finished this ritual, he stood up and turned around, returning to the ruins of the town.

    He searched the entire town, searched every nook and cranny until he found what he was looking for. He found two corpses, one that was wearing a mostly intact red robe, and one that was wearing a mostly intact leather armor. Once he found these two piece of clothing, he stored them away and left the ruins of the town for good.

    Yao Jun started walking, following the road that would lead him to the closest town, Green Peak Town. He didn't stay inside the town for long. He only picked up some food that could be stored for long durations, and asked around the inn for information.

    It didn't take too much asking and bribing before he found someone that knew where the insignia on the leather armor and red robe was from. The insignia on the leather armor was from a known bandit group that lived in the mountains around two days march from Green Peak Town, Scavenging Wolves Bandit Group.

    The insignia on the red robe was from a clan located two towns over, in Fiery Clouds Town, Soaring Phoenix Clan. The Soaring Phoenix Clan was the same as the Yao and the Peng Clan, one of the largest clans on the continent. The only difference was that the Soaring Phoenix Clan also ran several academies, with the best of the students being allowed to join the clan.

    Once Yao Jun managed to obtain the information, he left Green Peak Town. Instead of heading to any other towns, Yao Jun used a Spatial Array in Green Peak Town to head back to the Cloud Wilderness.

    Normally, only someone that belonged to one of the clans in Green Peak Town could use these Spatial Arrays, but Yao Jun used the psychic powers he gained from Little Gray to insert information about himself into the minds of the people guarding the Spatial Array, making himself look like someone that was allowed to use the Spatial Array.

    After arriving at the other Spatial Array in Green Cloud Town, Yao Jun once more used his psychic powers to insert himself into the memories of the people that were guarding it. After doing so, he walked away from Green Cloud Town and entered the Cloud Wilderness.

    He knew who his enemies were, he knew that he had to kill them to avenge his parents. But he also knew that the current him was too weak, he was probably like an ant to them. That meant that he had only one other option, to amass an army for himself and swarm his enemies with a horde of death. With these thoughts keeping him awake, Yao Jun wandered deeper into the Cloud Wilderness, hunting for any Demonic beasts he could find.
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    Chapter 43: The rage of the Demon god.

    It was during winter ten years later that the first report came in. The Scavenging Wolves bandit group had been completely wiped out in a single night, the entire mountain drenched in blood. Not a single person managed to escape alive.

    The next report came five days later. Fiery Clouds Town was washed in blood. The Soaring Phoenix academy and clan that was located there was completely massacred. Everyone who moved in to help them was massacred alongside them. The only response they could get from the onlookers was that a Demon God had appeared and started a massacre.

    The next report came a week later. Another city had been attacked, another one of Soaring Phoenix's academies had been slaughtered. The reports from the onlookers were clearer this time, even being able to describe the attacker.

    The attacker was a scarred youth clad in an emerald green robe, a ruined blade hanging from his waist. The attacker had long black hair with purple streaks, and ghastly gray eyes that seemed to contain no life in them.

    He walked into town and headed directly to the Soaring Phoenix Academy. Once he reached the Soaring Phoenix Academy, a massive gate appeared in the sky, countless Demonic beasts pouring out and descending on the academy. The students didn't even have the chance to escape.

    While the Demonic beasts were slaughtering, the scarred youth walked into the academy, all the Demonic beasts that he passed bowing down to him in reverence. Upon entering the academy, he joined in on the slaughter, wielding the ruined blade like it was the grim reapers scythe.

    Not even the headmaster, who had reached the 1st Houtian Sky managed to escape death, being beheaded with a single slice. Once the massacre was over, the Demonic beasts returned to the gate, and the scarred youth walked out of town, slaying everyone who tried to stop him.

    Soaring Phoenix Clan could obviously not just tolerate this, nor could the clans of the bystanders that had been slain. So a bounty was placed on the scarred youth, a bounty that covered the entire continent. Countless teams were sent out to track down and kill this youth, but he seemed to have vanished into thin air.

    Two days later he struck again. This time, it was not just an academy that was slaughtered, an entire city was razed to the ground. There were barely any survivors, less than a hundred survivors were found. A city of over twenty thousand people, but less than a hundred survivors, this alone showed just how gruesome a slaughter it was.

    One of the survivors managed to survive because his powers were related to space. When the scarred youth arrived in the city, the survivor was even standing right next to him without noticing it. The survivor reported that the scarred youth muttered under his breath before the massacre started.

    «Since you all wish to stop me from getting my vengeance, you can be buried alongside them.»

    The massacres continued happening, at least one academy massacred every week. The massacres slowly grew in size as the scarred youth moved closer to the center of the continent, closer to the headquarters of the Soaring Phoenix clan.

    As the massacres continued, less and less people dared stand up and defend the Soaring Phoenix academies and clans, choosing to rather retreat and let them be slaughtered. The academies started getting less students, while people that belonged to the Soaring Phoenix Clan started hiding their insignia, in fear of being killed.

    While the massacres were going on, there was a piece of good news that circulated around the continent. The Human Race had entered a truce with the Demon Race. The scarred youth had slain everyone who got in his path or hunted for him. Not just people from the Human Race, countless people from the Demon Race had also fallen at his hand, fed to his Demonic beasts.

    After entering the truce, the amount of teams hunting for the scarred youth increased. After entering the truce, even people from the other great clans entered the battle, hunting for the scarred youth.

    At first, the other clans were content with watching, but they slowly realized that this scarred youth posed a threat not just to the Soaring Phoenix Clan, but to all of them. What if the scarred youth started hunting them after he was finished killing the people from the Soaring Phoenix Clan? It was better to find him and kill him first.

    Like this, it quickly became the entire continent against the one scarred youth. But despite this, no matter how many teams they sent out, they still did not manage to find him. They lost countless teams instead, the massacres only increasing in size and frequency. They had no choice but to admit that this scarred youth was simply a Demon God, someone they could not beat if they stood divided.

    In the beginning, the scarred youth only targeted the Soaring Phoenix Clan, but after the truce was signed and the other clans joined the battle, the scarred youth also started hunting down the branches of the other large clans, as well as several Demon Race strongholds and cities.

    The massacres continued on for over three years, countless lives lost. But what scared the clans the most was how the strength of the scarred youth was growing stronger. They noticed that whenever the Demon Race sent their experts after him, the experts would die, and their Soul Beasts would join his ranks.

    They also noticed that whenever the Human Race sent their experts after him, the experts would die, and his army of Demonic beasts would grow slightly stronger. The increase in strength was very slight, but after three years of massacring, how terrifying was this increase?

    They struggled with finding a way to deal with him. Until one day, he appeared before them on his own. The scarred youth appeared outside the headquarter of the Soaring Phoenix Clan, his massive black gate covering the entire sky.

    Swarms of Demonic beasts attacked the headquarter from all sides, leaving them no escape routes. The scarred youth himself also entered the headquarter, his hand wielding a ruined blade. The people of the Soaring Phoenix Clan were simply not strong enough to stand against him and his arm, the only one that was strong enough was the old patriarch of the Soaring Phoenix clan.

    After fighting the scarred youth for an entire day, the old patriarch fell from the sky and was devoured by the army of Demonic beasts. But before his death, he managed to inflict a deep wound on the scarred youth. The wound was not enough to kill him, but it was enough to weaken him.

    What confounded the other clans and the Demon Race, instead of leaving like he always did, the scarred youth took up residence in the ruined headquarters of the Soaring Phoenix Clan. The other clans didn't know why he would do this, perhaps his wounds were too heavy, but they jumped on the opportunity.

    Every clan assembled their army and marched forward, even the Demon Race assembled their army and marched towards the Soaring Phoenix Clan headquarter. All that was left of the headquarter was a ruined palace, but a gigantic black gate stood erect behind the palace, so no one dared to enter the area.

    The armies of the Demon Race and the clans gathered outside the headquarter of the Soaring Phoenix clan, a grave atmosphere covered the area. The strongest ones in the army could see a scarred youth clad in a green robe sitting on a throne on the balcony of the palace, looking at them.

    One look of the scarred youths gray eyes was enough to send chills down their spines, they had never seen anyone more deserving of the title of Demon God. As the armies slowly started moving closer, the gate behind the palace slowly swung open, revealing a vast expanse of beautifull forest inside.

    But before anyone got the chance to enjoy the scenery inside the gate, countless Demonic beasts swarmed out from within the gate. As the demonic beasts swarmed out and gathered behind the palace, bowing in reverence to the scarred youth, bowing to Yao Jun, the scarred youth stood up from the throne and drew the ruined sword at his waist.

    The scarred youth looked lovingly at the ruined blade in his hand for a short while before turning his eyes to the approaching army. After looking at the approaching army, he looked at the Demonic beasts behind him, a faint smile touching his lips.

    «For so many years we have fought and slaughtered. My revenge is complete, let us go and rest.»

    With these words, the scarred youth, Yao Jun, turned his eyes back to the approaching army and took a step forward. That single step brought him directly to the front of the approaching army, the horde of Demonic beasts following right behind him. Raising his ruined blade, Yao Jun prepared to start his last massacre before reuniting with his parents.

    As the scarred Yao Jun lowered his blade to attack, the Yao Jun that was floating above him was pulled out of the illusion.
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    Chapter 44: Crumbling The Nine Heavens.

    After a flash of white light, Yao Jun found himself standing within a large hall. The floor of the hall was covered with a red carpet, large and unadorned pillars lining the walls, holding up the ceiling. The entire hall was empty except for a single coffin placed in the middle of the hall.

    The coffin was made out of a type of black stone and had no decorations, only the words 'Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean' carved onto the lid. Yao Jun and Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean were standing in front of the coffin, but Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean's form had turned almost completely translucent.

    “Senior, are you okay?”

    Yao Jun hurriedly spoke out. He had never met the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean before, but the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean still helped Yao Jun condense his Sword Intent. He also told Yao Jun a lot of information and warned him about what he had to be careful about in the future. Yao Jun felt that he had to do something to repay such graciousness.

    “It is nothing, I am but a trace of residual thought that was left behind before my master died. Activating the illusion array I used to show you what would happen if you gave in to anger drained too much of my energy, but even if I did not do it, I would still not manage to exist for longer than a few years anyway.”

    The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean shook his head and gave Yao Jun a comforting smile. He had waited a long time for someone to meet the standards he had set before his death. While Yao Jun did not manage to meet every standard, he was still good enough. The fact that he had the Demon God's Gate was also a large part of the reason why he would spare no effort to help him.

    “I cannot exist for much longer, but there are still two things I can do for you. While I was supposed to give away this entire tower to whoever managed to meet my standards, but since you have that gate, there is no point in giving you the tower.”

    After the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean spoke, he raised his transparent hand and pointed at the spot next to Yao Jun's heart. Once his finger made contact with Yao Jun's chest, Yao Jun felt like all the blood in his body suddenly started flowing in the opposite direction, an extremely unpleasant and painful feeling.

    “Endure it, this process is necessary.”

    The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean spoke with a solemn voice, his eyes completely focused on the spot where his finger was touching Yao Jun. Yao Jun grit his teeth and endured the pain. He could feel that the blood in his body was gathering around the place where the Nine Heaven's Sword Empyrean was touching him, the place where his Demon God's Gate was located.

    After gritting his teeth for a short while, the feeling of his blood running in reverse vanished. What replaced it was the feeling of a large clot of blood slowly moving out from his chest. Looking down, Yao Jun was shocked to see a ball of blood the size of two fists slowly moving out of his chest.

    The blood was not purely red, it also had shades of black, purple, gray, and blue. It was clear that his blood had already been completely mixed with the Demon God's Gate, slowly changing his body. If his thoughts were correct, the other colors in his blood was the result of him absorbing Demonic beasts with his gate. He couldn't help but wonder if there would be a day where he no longer even had red blood in his body.

    The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean reached out with his other hand, placing both his palms on the ball of blood. A Surge of power burst out of his body, giving Yao Jun the feeling that he was just a tiny leaf in the face of a massive storm. The power gathered around the ball of blood and sank into it.

    Once the power sank into the ball of blood, the blood started changing in shape and color. What was once a ball of blood quickly transformed into a simple and unadorned black sword.

    The blade of the sword was pitch black, two fingers wide and about 80 centimeters in length. The handle was colored with a swirl of blue, purple, and gray, and was just large enough for Yao Jun to grasp it with one hand. Yao Jun only looked at the sword, but just looking at it was enough for him to know that this sword was of utmost quality. Maybe it was even sharp enough to slice armor like mud?

    At the same time, he could also feel a sense of familiarity from the sword, like he was looking at a long lost friend. Without thinking about it, he reached out with his hand and grasped onto the hilt. The hilt fit perfectly into his palm, the sword immediately feeling like it was a part of his body.

    While he looked at the sword, he got another strange feeling from it. He moved his mind a little, following that strange feeling, and the sword simply vanished from his hand. He didn't panic when the sword vanished, because he could still feel it. The sword was no longer in his hands, but it had moved into his body, placing itself next to the Demon God's Gate. With another move of his mind, the sword once more appeared in his hand.

    “This is a technique I was taught by my friend who visited this planet, it is called the Blood Transforming Technique. Using this technique, one can transform their blood into the shape of their preferred weapon.”

    “I have slightly changed this technique to fit the people of this planet better. Using a person's blood as well as the energy from their inborn spell I can use the technique to craft a weapon that belongs to only that person. A perfect weapon that will grow alongside it's wielder, following him down whatever path he chooses to advance on.”

    While the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean spoke, despite his nearly transparent body, his eyes burned with a raging passion. This technique was clearly something that he was extremely proud of.

    “That sword can be stored inside your body as you have just noticed, as you grows stronger and absorb more Demonic beasts, the blade will grow stronger alongside you. This is the first thing I can do for you. This is the second thing.”

    After the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean finished speaking, he raised his hand once more, this time placing his finger at the spot between Yao Jun's eyebrows. Once the finger made contact with Yao Jun's forehead, a large amount of information flowed into his mind. As he was focusing on the information, the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean spoke out again.

    “This is my personal technique, a technique I spent my entire life to create. It embodies not just my life, but also my hopes and dreams. It is simply called Crumbling The Nine Heavens.”
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    Chapter 45: Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang.

    As the information flowed into Yao Jun's mind, he closed his eyes and focused on digesting the information. While Yao Jun was digesting the information, Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean was looking at him with a content gaze.

    He had waited for so many years for someone to carry on his legacy, now he had not only found someone to carry on his legacy, but it was even someone who had the same power as his late friend. Looking at Yao Jun, Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean wished he could stay in this form for a bit longer, just to see the day that Yao Jun rose to the top.

    He had told Yao Jun that he did not have any special responsibilities despite having such a strong power, but he also knew that people like Yao Jun would always head towards the top.

    Yao Jun might not have any high ambitions now, but people who had stronger powers than others would always be forced to strive for the top, regardless of what they themselves wanted. The way he saw it, Yao Jun was forced to strive for supremacy from the day he was born with that gate.

    Yao Jun was slowly digesting all the information about the technique that the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean had imparted on him. The technique was actually very simple once it was broken down, but it's simplicity did not hide how terrifyingly strong the technique was.

    The technique was separated into nine different parts and could actually be called a collection of techniques. As he slowly became strong enough to utilize any of the parts, a new energy channel would be dug in his body, ending with him having nine new channels once he completely mastered it. These energy channels would dig into every part of his body.

    Once he had formed an energy channel, he could activate it, causing a massive strain on his body, but also instantly doubling his power. This doubling was not an exaggeration or example, it simply doubled his strength immediately.

    Activating one channel doubled his strength, activating a second channel would then again add on to his strength, making him three times as strong as he would normally be. This would keep going until he activated all nine channels at once, instantly multiplying his power by 10 times.

    There was another part to these nine channels. Each channel held a single technique created by the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean. Once he managed to open the first channel, he would learn how to use the first technique, the same held true for every channel after that.

    While the technique sounded too good to be true, Yao Jun also knew that if he even tried to activate the first channel as he was now, his entire body would be crushed under the strain, killing him immediately.

    Despite this, Yao Jun was still incomparably excited, a technique like this could turn any dangerous situation around. What sort of concept was doubling your power? He would instantly become twice as strong, if he was fighting someone at his own level, this increase in power would immediately make him able to crush them easily.

    After digesting the information, Yao Jun opened his eyes once more. He bent his body once more and gave the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean another deep bow. This technique could very easily end up saving his life on several occasions, it was also a technique the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean had spent his entire life to create. It's worth was immeasurable.

    “No need for such politeness. This technique can be considered my last gift to you, if you ever feel that there is someone out there who is worthy of inheriting it, you can teach it them.”

    The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean shook his head and waved his hand, causing a stream of energy to surround Yao Jun and straighten his back. The body of the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean was now nearly completely transparent, Yao Jun could barely see him.

    “Is there anything I can do to repay you for this graciousness senior?”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but ask when he saw the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean. Had it not been for Yao Jun, the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean could have gone on existing in this place for at least a few more years.

    “Besides breaking the seal on this world, there is one thing you can help me with.”

    Contrary to what Yao Jun expected, the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean actually nodded his head. He turned his head to look at the coffin standing alone in the center of the large hall, his eyes falling onto the words inscribed on the lid.

    “Heng Jiang. Before I became the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean, I was called Heng Jiang. I would like it if you could remember that name, remember that there was once someone by that name.”

    The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean spoke with a sigh as he turned his head again, looking directly at Yao Jun. Yao Jun did not falter, but gave a strong nod. His title of the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean must have once shook the world, but how many people truly remembered his name? To have your name forgotten by the world was a sad thing.

    “If you ever meet someone called Huang Jie, you can tell him that I did not manage to last until we met again. Huang Jie is the friend who visited from another planet, so the odds of you meeting him are low, but fate sometimes works in strange ways.”

    The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean spoke out again. Huang Jie might not even know that he had died so long ago, visiting this planet again and again in search of him. If Yao Jun managed to meet him and deliver the news, Huang Jie would not need to waste time visiting this planet.

    “I promise you senior.”

    Yao Jun gave him a solemn nod. He could not promise that he would break the seal on this planet, but just remembering his name and informing his past friend of his death was not a problem.

    “That is good. It is now time for you to leave, this residual thought can not exist for much longer. If you ever return here in the future, you can use this token to take whatever you need, consider it my last gift. Also, one last reminder, there is no need to be too hung up in how other people do things, a sword style made by you will always be the one that is best for you. ”

    After he finished speaking, a green jade token engraved with a sword floated out from the hand of the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean and melted into Yao Jun's chest. Disappearing into his body. Yao Jun wanted to say something, but before he got the chance, his surroundings turned blurry and he appeared outside the tower, Yun Yantian standing not far from him.
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    Chapter 46: Soaring Cloud City.

    “You made it out safely too? Thank god.”

    Yun Yantian heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Yao Jun appear next to him, quickly hurrying over to him. The Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean had told him that nothing would happen to Yao Jun, but that did not mean that he would not worry.

    He had only been with Yao Jun for a few days, but they had fought side by side and drunk the same wine. Yao Jun had saved his life a few times, and he had saved Yao Jun's life a few times. He also liked Yao Jun's personality and how he handled things. As far as he was concerned, they were already brothers.

    As he was looking at Yao Jun now, he felt that he had changed slightly. His hair still had the same purple streaks, and his eyes were still a ghastly gray, but there was an additional sharpness to him. The previous Yao Jun gave him the impression that he was the same as a neighborhood boy, but the current Yao Jun was like a demonic sword hidden away in it's scabbard.

    “It seems like you have managed to reap quite some benefits from this trip.”

    Seeing Yun Yantian come over, Yao Jun's lips curled into a slight smile as he scanned over Yun Yantian's body. Yun Yantian's aura was more contracted this time, gathered within his body. But Yao Jun could still feel the sharpness that his aura now contained. If he was not wrong, Yun Yantian had probably also managed to reach the early stage of the 1st Mortal Earth.

    “Indeed, but I sadly did not manage to awaken my power.”

    Yun Yantian spoke with a sigh and shook his head. He had also met with the residual thought of the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean and learned about his own power and the seal on this world. After that, he was brought away and underwent a variety of tests focused on trying to awaken his power. In the end, he was unable to awaken his power, but he did manage to break through to the 1st Mortal Earth, as well as understand how to utilize his power better.

    “What are your plans now?”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but ask while they were moving away from the tower. They entered the tower because Yao Jun triggered the Anti-Demon Pillars of Great Xian city, so they could obviously not stay in the vicinity of the tower for too long.

    “I need to return to my clan, my brother was injured in an attack, so everyone has been called back to the clan for safety reasons.”

    Yun Yantian fondled his chin as he spoke. He had gotten the message from his clan while he was still within the tower. He was worried about his brother, so he was planning to return as fast as possible.

    “I see, then it seems like this is where we have to split up.”

    Yao Jun nodded his head to Yun Yantian's words. He enjoyed traveling with him, so he did not want Yun Yantian to leave just yet, but he could not be so selfish as to force him to stay there either. Yao Jun was also certain that he would also return as fast as possible if the got news that his family had been injured.

    “I will not leave just yet. My Yun family may not have too much of a presence on this continent, but that does not mean that we have nothing here. About two days to the west lies the Soaring Cloud City. My Yun family owns a large part of that city, I will take you there before leaving.”

    After he finished speaking, Yun Yantian did not waste any more time, immediately speeding up into a run. It was only about two days march to the west, but since he wanted to hurry home, he would obviously move as fast as possible. Yao Jun also did not waste any more time, he could see how much Yun Yantian wanted to go home. The two of them ran to the west in silence, hurrying as much as possible.

    Since they ran the entire way, it only took them slightly longer than one day to reach the gates of Soaring Cloud City. Running for an entire day was impossible for normal people, but Yao Jun and Yun Yantian were not normal people after all. Running for an entire day was still tiring, but it was still something manageable for them.

    Soaring Cloud City was surrounded by walls, but unlike the metal walls that surrounded Great Xian City, the walls surrounding Soaring Cloud City were only made out of wood. They were only made out of wood, but the Protective Array inscribed on them made them just as strong as steel.

    There were no Anti-Demon Pillars standing outside the gate, so even Yao Jun could easily enter the city. The buildings in the city were made out of a type of white stone that gave the entire city a clean and refreshing atmosphere.

    “This Soaring Cloud City is owned by my Yun clan as well as the Guo Clan. The eastern part belongs to us, while the western part belongs to them. This central area is neutral territory for merchants.”

    Yun Yantian quickly introduced the city to Yao Jun before fishing out a purple jade pendant from his chest. The jade pendant was completely smooth and round, the word 'Yun' carved into it.

    “You can use this pendant and my name at any location that belongs to my Yun clan and they will give you everything for free. I won't promise that we have all the information you need, but just finding some information on how to travel between the nearest continents won't be too much for a problem.”

    Yun Yantian pressed the jade pendant into Yao Jun's hands and explained it's uses. After that he took a step back and cupped his hands to Yao Jun and spoke in a solemn voice.

    “I may not have known you for long, but I still consider you a brother. Once I have returned home and everything has calmed down, I will come search for you again. The pendant also works as a Transmission Jade so if you ever encounter any trouble, you can use the pendant to send a message to me and I will come to your aid.”

    After finishing his words Yun Yantian pulled out another piece of jade from his interspatial ring. He crushed the jade and his entire body was surrounded by a thick stream of energy. After the energy gathered around him, his body flickered for a short instant before disappearing.

    Yao Jun had read about this type of jade before, it was called a Transportation Jade. It was a miniature Spatial Array that was infused with a certain amount of energy. Crushing it would instantly teleport the holder to the place that the jade specified.

    Since Yun Yantian was willing to use this to return, it was clear just how serious the situation was. While Yao Jun was sighing and heading deeper into the city, a shadow located not far from him flickered and disappeared.

    After the shadow disappeared, it re-appeared inside a mansion located at the west side of town. The shadow quickly turned into a kneeling man clad in a black robe. Not far from the kneeling man sat a white clothed youth calmly reading through some papers.

    The white clothed youth had exquisite and soft features, a pair of limpid brown eyes, and long black hair tied up into a bun. He looked like an untainted immortal that had come to visit this mortal earth.

    “Young master, Yun Yantian has left the city.”

    The black robed person was kneeling to the white clothed youth and spoke with deep respect.

    “Do we have any information about the person he brought with him?”

    The white robed youth did not look up from the papers as he responded to the black robed figure.

    “We have no records of him, but he is only at the early stage of the 1st Mortal Earth, so he is not a threat.”

    “Does he hold any significance to Yun Yantian?”

    Once he heard that the youth was just at the 1st Mortal Earth, the white robed youth almost lost all interest. But once he thought about how it was Yun Yantian who brought him along, he reminded himself that this person was probably not so simple.

    “Yun Yantian gave him the Yun Emblem, so he should be of a rather high importance. Yun Yantian also called him a brother.”

    The black robed person did not dare tarry, immediately re-telling everything that he had seen and heard. Once the white robed youth heard that Yun Yantian had even given away the Yun Emblem, he could not help but be slightly shocked. The Yun Emblem was the mark of the future patriarch of the Yun Clan, it's significance could not be underestimated.

    “I see. Capture him and bring him to the dungeon. Tell Guo Zhe to take good care of him.”

    The white robed youths mind moved at full speed. Quickly making up his mind, he immediately gave the order. That person was probably innocent, but they could not risk it.

    “Yes, Young master.”

    The black robed person quickly nodded his head, his figure quickly blurring and vanishing from the room, heading out to fulfill his orders.

    “Haah, Yun Yantian, do not blame me for this, you are the ones who have forced us to go this far.”

    The white robed youth sighed as he looked at the papers. He did not like involving innocent people in the fight between the Guo and Yun clan, but some sacrifices were necessary if they wanted to grow larger.
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    Chapter 47: Guo Jiahao.

    The first thing Yao Jun did after entering Soaring Cloud City was find an inn where he could wash himself and change into a fresh robe. They had hurried to Soaring Cloud City immediately after leaving the ruins, giving them no time to change into a clean pair of clothes.

    While he was changing, he also took the chance to properly clean and wrap up his old sword before storing it away into his interspatial ring. Since Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang had crafted a sword made out of Yao Jun's own blood, there was no need to continue using the old sword. He could even store the new blade within his own body.

    But despite this, Yao Jun was still not willing to just dispose of his old sword. This old sword had been with him ever since he started training, it was the first gift he was given by his father. Even the Yao Jun that had gone mad with rage in the illusion had kept this sword at his side, using it to slice a bloody path through the continent.

    After storing away the sword and changing into a fresh and clean green robe, Yao Jun left the inn. He had been given a pendant by Yun Yantian that would allow him to get anything he wanted for free, so his next step would be to find out how to travel between continents.

    Yao Jun had just left the inn and turned a corner when he suddenly felt an unpleasant nervousness creep into his mind. He quickly turned around, but was shocked to see that the are behind him was completely shrouded by darkness. He got a dangerous feeling from the darkness, so he immediately tried to run forward, but before he managed to run, the darkness lunged forward and completely surrounded him. He tried to summon his gate, but before he managed to bring it out, he was knocked unconscious.

    When Yao Jun opened his eyes again, he was lying on the ground in a small stone room. The entire room was made out of rough stones and the air was very moist, droplets of water dripping down from the ceiling and the walls.

    His feet were chained together by a black chain that extended all the way into the wall. His arms were chained up behind his back in the same way, denying him the ability to move as he wished. Yao Jun quickly took a few deep breaths to calm his panicking heart. After calming down, he scanned the room he was in once more.

    Besides the chains that chained him to the wall, there was only a single metal door and a simple wooden chair placed in the corner. The metal door was completely plain, not even a slit that could be used to see through it. The only source of light in the room was a small rock that gave off a faint yellow light.

    “You have woken up.”

    While Yao Jun was scanning the room, a calm and soothing voice rang out from the corner of the room. Yao Jun quickly turned his head in shock, only to see the form of a white robed youth slowly appearing on the chair that was placed in the corner of the room.

    The white robed youth had exquisite and soft features, limpid brown eyes, and long black hair tied into a bun. He looked so much like a graceful immortal that even Yao Jun was shocked by this man's beauty. Despite his shock, Yao Jun quickly regained his bearing.

    “Who are you and why have you brought me here?”

    Yao Jun narrowed his eyes as he asked. He had only stayed in Soaring Cloud City for at most two hours before he was suddenly kidnapped. The odds of him being targeted intentionally were much higher than this being just a random kidnapping.

    At first he was captured because of how he triggered the Anti-Demon Pillars as he tried to enter Great Xian City, but he quickly threw this idea out of his mind. The Demon Race was the mortal enemy of the Human Race, so there was no way they would just capture him, they would immediately kill him.

    “My name is Guo Jiahao, i'm the one in charge of handling the affairs of the Guo clan on the Guanyu continent. As for why you have been brought here, it is simply because of your bad luck.”

    The white robed youth, Guo Jiahao gave a polite smile as he introduced himself, but he sighed sadly immediately afterwards, the eyes he used to look at Yao Jun with were filled with pity.

    “My bad luck?... Is it because of Yun Yantian?”

    Yao Jun's mind spun at full speed as he was listening. Yun Yantian never mentioned the relationship between the Yun and the Guo clan, but since they were willing to share this city, they were clearly about even in total strength. There was also no way that two tigers would be willing to share the same mountain, so there would obviously be some conflict between them. With these thoughts in mind, the only reason he could think of behind the Guo clan kidnapping him was because of his relationship with Yun Yantian.

    “Indeed, it is because of your relationship with Yun Yantian.”

    The eyes of Guo Jiahao flashed with some admiration as he responded. Talking to someone who was quick to figure out things was always much more enjoyable than talking to someone ignorant.

    After his words finished, the door to the room opened, and two people walked in. one of the two people was a hunchbacked old man covered in wrinkles, liver-spots covering his barren scalp. He was clad in a tattered gray robe and was looking at Yao Jun with a very happy expression.

    The other person that entered was a young girl clad in a simple maid outfit. She had a slightly pale complexion, fear and sadness evident in her black eyes. She had shoulder long brown hair that seemed like it had not been washed in a while. The skin on her hands was rough and blemished, several smaller scars covering her face.

    “You can take over after I am done talking.”

    Guo Jiahao dismissed the two people that had just entered with a wave of his hand. The two people quickly bowed and stood at the side of the room, seemingly too scared to even breathe loudly.

    “You might not believe me even if I tell you, but this is one of the last things I want to do, but despite that, I still have to do it. Tell me, how much do you know about the surrounding continents and their clans?”

    Guo Jiahao spoke with another sigh as he looked at Yao Jun. As he was talking, he looked towards the ceiling of the room, seemingly trying to look through the stone and into the sky. Yao Jun responded with silence, waiting for Guo Jiahao to continue his words.
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    Chapter 48: The three continents.

    “The three closest continents form a downwards facing triangle, with this Guanyu continent forming the tip, the left corner of the triangle is the Liang continent, while the right corner of the triangle is the Yang continent.”

    While Guo Jiahao was talking, he used his fingers to draw a downwards facing triangle in the air, pointing at each corner as he spoke. They did not have any records off Yao Jun, he had just suddenly appeared next to Yun Yantian one day, so he decided to just tell him everything in great detail. He at least deserved to know just why such a great injustice was going to befall him.

    “This Guanyu continent is dominated by the Guan clan and the Demon Race, the Liang continent is dominated by the Yun and the Guo clans, while the Yang continent is dominated by the Yang clan.”

    “The Yun clan and the Guo clan are at war, while the Guan clan is constantly fighting the Demon Race. The Yang clan used to be at war with the Yu clan, but they managed to eradicate the Yu clan around a hundred years ago. This puts the Guo and Yun clan in a difficult position.”

    Guo Jiahao sighed as he came to this point. The Yang clan had fought the Yu clan for several thousand years, both being equally strong. But one hundred years ago, they suddenly got the news that the Yu clan had been eradicated, destroying the fragile balance that the three continents had.

    “You see, before the Yang clan managed to defeat the Yu clan, all three of our continents had a non-aggression pact, allowing each clan to focus on their own respective enemies. With the Yang clan having defeated the Yu clan and taking all their resources, the Yang clan has quickly become stronger than any single one of the clans on the other two continents.”

    “The Yang clan would not make a move to take over the Guanyu continent, far too many Demon Race there would be no profit, only more fighting. This means that the most likely target of the Yang clan is the Liang continent.”

    No clan would willingly try to take over the Guanyu continent. While the Demon Race had some presence on all the continents, the Guanyu continent was where their presence was the largest. Taking over the Guanyu continent meant having to constantly fight the Demon Race.

    “It was only made worse when the Yang clan gave birth to their future matriarch, Yang Yuhuan. Yang Yuhuan was simply too talented, quickly raising her strength. She is now only 18 years old, but almost at the 2nd Mortal Earth. If we allow her to grow any longer, she could very well end up single handedly doom my Guo clan.”

    Talking about Yang Yuhuan, Guo Jiahao's eyes revealed a rare dread. When Yang Yuhuan was still just a child, her power could only boost a small part of her body. But after breaking through to the 1st Mortal Earth, her power greatly increased in range. She could now cause the area around her to become her territory, greatly boosting her strength while within that area.

    “Because of this, my Guo clan went to the Yun clan a few years ago to propose an alliance. The Yang clan was stronger than either of the clans, but if we pooled our strengths, we would be stronger than the Yang clan. This alliance would allow us to attack the Yang continent and eradicate the Yang clan.”

    “We almost managed to secure the alliance, but there was one who obstructed us at the very end, Yun Yantian. Yun Yantian being the son of the patriarch and the next patriarch, the weight of his words is only below the Yun Patriarch.”

    When he talked about Yun Yantian, Guo Jiahao revealed a strong loathing. The only reason they did not manage to secure an alliance was because Yun Yantian vehemently rejected their proposals, no matter what they put forward.

    ”Yun Yantian strongly condemned my Guo clan, saying that we only wanted to forge an alliance so that we could crush the Yang clan and then use the gathered resources to crush the Yun clan. With his rejection, it became impossible to forge an alliance.”

    “So you captured me to get revenge on Yun Yantian.”

    Hearing Guo Jiahao's words, a clear picture of the situation on the surrounding continents formed itself in Yao Jun's mind. At the same time, he finally understood why he had been captured, they wanted to get revenge on Yun Yantian for ruining the alliance.

    “Wrong, I captured you to force Yun Yantian to agree to the alliance. If there is no alliance, my Guo clan is sure to fall to the Yang clan. I do not like dragging innocent people into the matters between my Guo clan and the Yun clan, but for the sake of my Guo clan's survival, I am willing to do whatever it takes.”

    Contrary to what Yao Jun expected, Guo Jiahao shook his head as he responded. Guo Jiahao knew that killing Yao Jun would only enrage Yun Yantian further, giving them no benefits. Keeping him captured and tortured on the other hand, that could make them force Yun Yantian to change his mind, unless he did not care about Yao Jun's life that is.

    “What makes you so certain that just capturing me will make Yun Yantian change his mind? Our relationship is not even that good.”

    Yao Jun had an indifferent expression as he spoke, trying to trick Guo Jiahao. Yao Jun did not want Yun Yantian to learn of this and end up doing something foolish. When Yao Jun was being attacked outside of Great Xian City, Yun Yantian did not hesitate to become enemies with the entire city just to save Yao Jun. He could easily imagine Yun Yantian becoming so enraged that he would foolishly charge over and try to single handedly free Yao Jun.

    “There is no need to lie to me, anyone who Yun Yantian is willing to call a brother, is someone he is willing to do anything for. He also gave you the Yun Emblem. That Emblem is the mark of the future Yun Patriarch, seeing it is like seeing Yun Yantian himself. Would he really give that to someone he does not have a good relationship with?”

    “Now you know why I have brought you here, we will free you once Yun Yantian has accepted the alliance. If he does not, then this stone room will become your tomb. “

    Guo Jiahao shook his head at Yao Jun's words. If they weren't certain that Yun Yantian would respond to this threat, there was no way that they would go through with it. After he finished talking, he turned towards the two people that were still standing on the side.

    “Guo Zhe, you will make sure that Yun Yantian understands just how serious I am, the more visual it is, the better. Guo Luo, you will tend to his wounds and other daily needs. I will warn you two now, if he dies without my consent, you will die with him.”

    If Yao Jun died before they managed to secure an alliance, not only would the alliance fail, but knowing Yun Yantian, it was entirely possible that he would ally with the Yang clan to completely wipe out the Guo clan.

    “Understood Young Master Jiahao.”

    The two people standing at the side gave a hurried bow and spoke out with trembling voices. They did not dare doubt Guo Jiahao's words, it would not have been the first time he killed people for mistakes.

    Seeing their responses, Guo Jiahao gave a faint nod before his entire figure started shimmering and blurring, quickly vanishing from sight, leaving behind only Yao Jun and the two people from the Guo clan.
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    Chapter 49: Guo Zhe.

    After Guo Jiahao left, the hunchbacked old man, Guo Zhe stepped forward and swept his gaze all over Yao Jun's body, an excited expression on his face. He reached out with his right hand, and gently caressed Yao Jun's chest with his fingers.

    “Excellent material, you seem to have spent a long time training and perfecting your body. How wonderful.”

    Guo Zhe's smile only grew larger as he was caressing Yao Jun, he even complimented Yao Jun as he was caressing him. Yao Jun simply ignored him, his mind moving at full speed in an attempt to find a way to escape.

    Guo Jiahao said that they weren't going to kill him until Yun Yantian responded, and if Yun Yantian accepted their alliance, they would just let him go, but how could Yao Jun just trust his words? Yao Jun also didn't want Yun Yantian to be forced into an alliance because of him.

    He tried to check how strong the cultivation of the two people in front of him were, but he could only see the cultivation level of the girl, Guo Luo. She had not even managed to reach the 1st Mortal Earth, so there was no need to worry about her. But Yao Jun was unable to see the cultivation level of Guo Zhe, which could only mean that he was either using a technique to hide it, or that he was stronger than Yao Jun.

    “I am sure that you understood what Young Master Jiahao was implying, but allow me to make it completely clear for you. I am Guo Zhe, until Yun Yantian agrees to the alliance, it will be my job to torture you and produce some nice images for Yun Yantian.”

    While Yao Jun's brain was working furiously, Guo Zhe took two steps backwards and gave a short bow as he introduced himself. After he finished talking, he stepped forward again. Grabbing onto Yao Jun's robe, he put some strength into his arms and tore off the upper part of Yao Jun's robe, revealing his bare chest.

    “Absolutely marvelous. Now I personally believe that there are two different types of torture. The first type is the one where you put all your attention on the persons body, driving him mad with pain. The other type is the one where you put your attention on the persons mind, driving him mad in ways other than physical pain.”

    Guo Zhe had an enraptured expression as he looked at Yao Jun's bare upper body. Guo Zhe had always been rather abnormal, liking things that others did not, he enjoyed seeing other people go mad with pain or rage, it brought him great pleasure.

    The Guo clan could not let people know that there was such a person in their clan, so they quickly found a hidden use for his abnormal tastes, putting him in charge of torturing their enemies to acquire information. Guo Zhe especially loved torturing younger, more hopeful people. Seeing their hopeful faces crumple gave him the greatest of joy.

    “I have always been partial towards the second type, but since Young Master Jiahao ordered me to make it very visual, I will be forced to work outside of my comfort zone.”

    As Guo Zhe spoke, he rubbed the interspatial ring on his finger, a small stone table appearing in front of him. He put the table slightly to the side and covered it with a white cloth, before pulling out several different types of knives and pliers, neatly lining them up on the table.

    “But don't you worry, there is no way I could just completely neglect your mind, I will make sure to get in at least a little bit.”

    Guo Zhe gently pat Yao Jun on the head as he spoke with a reassuring smile. After speaking, he grabbed onto the lower parts of Yao Jun's robes and tore them off. After tearing off the rest of his robe, he also tore of the underwear that Yao Jun was wearing, forcing him to lay completely naked on the stone floor.

    “Now now little girl, don't avert your eyes. If you avert your eyes, this will lose all meaning. I would personally prefer to have the entire town watch as I do this, but I will make do with having just you watch for now.”

    Guo Zhe gave a small smile before stepping backwards and forcing Guo Luo, who had turned away, to face Yao Jun. Guo Zhe wanted to humiliate Yao Jun and embarrass him, so how could he allow Guo Luo to turn away.

    After he made sure that Guo Luo was watching, he gave a smile and returned to Yao Jun. He was rather disappointed when he saw that Yao Jun only responded by staring at him with indifferent eyes. He shook his head and grabbed onto Yao Jun, forcing him to sit on his knees.

    Once Yao Jun was on his knees, Guo Zhe reached out with his right hand. A pale green light gathered in his right hand, quickly covering his index finger. The pale green light gave off a fishy smell, it was clearly poisonous.

    Once the green light had completely covered Guo Zhe's index finger, he placed the finger on Yao Jun's chest. When the finger touched Yao Jun's chest, Yao Jun felt like a bolt of lightning flashed within his mind.

    It was just a finger gently touching him, but it felt like someone was taking hot coal and gently caressing Yao Jun with it. Yao Jun grit his teeth, refusing to let out a single sound. Guo Zhe ignored his response and started moving the finger around Yao Jun's chest.

    As Guo Zhe was moving the finger around on Yao Jun's chest, the flesh that was touched by the finger started rotting and scarring, turning into a pale green scar. Guo Zhe continued to move his finger around, slowly drawing a picture on Yao Jun's chest.

    After almost ten minutes of slow and methodical drawing, Guo Zhe removed his finger from Yao Jun's chest. Guo Zhe inspected his work for a short while before giving a pleased nod. The pale green scars on Yao Jun's chest formed the image of a dog raising it's head, trying to swallow a round orb hanging above it.

    “This is called the Tiangou, it is the clan emblem of the Guo clan. My poison has already seeped into your flesh, so that scar will stick with you until the end of your days. You can look at that scar whenever you are lonely, it will remind you of the pleasant times we are going to share.”

    Guo Zhe spoke with a smile, his eyes glazed over and distant, as if he could already imagine a more grown up Yao Jun facing himself in the mirror, shivering at the sight of the scar.

    “Little girl, clean him up, if I do too much today, it might end too soon.”

    Guo Zhe turned to the now pale Guo Luo and waved her over. He took out a bucket of water and a clean cloth from his interspatial ring and handed it to her, pointing at Yao Jun who was covered in his own sweat. After he finished speaking, he turned around to leave the room.

    “I will come back later and you and I can spend some more time together.”
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    Chapter 50: Start of a nightmare.

    When Guo Zhe left the cell, Yao Jun's body slumped forward, his forehead hitting the ground. His entire body was drenched in sweat, small shivers periodically running through his body.

    “I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry.”

    While Yao Jun was still shivering, a wet and cold piece of cloth landed on his back. Along with the cloth came a quiet voice, almost like a whisper, that was continuously apologizing.

    Yao Jun slightly turned his head, looking at Guo Luo who was wiping his body as she was apologizing. Her eyes were red, drops of moisture gathering at the edges, she was clearly different from Guo Zhe who was taking pleasure in this.

    “I'm sorry, you don't deserve this happening to you.”

    Guo Luo kept wiping his body as she spoke. She knew that they were doing this to force Yun Yantian to agree to the alliance, but she simply couldn't condone this. If they were willing to do this to innocent people just for an alliance, could they even be called humans?

    But while she was sad about it and even pitied Yao Jun, there was nothing she could do. Her talent was incredibly bad, she didn't even have a very good inborn spell. In the Guo clan, she was at the absolute bottom, nothing more than a toy for others to use. If she didn't follow their orders, she would die.

    Yao Jun looked at her in silence without saying anything. As she was cleaning his body, he started moving his hands, rubbing his wrist against the chains that were restraining his hands. He had already gotten a small plan together in his mind, and was working on making it happen.

    While he had come up with a small plan, he also realized that to actually finish the plan, he would need a bit of luck. But he wasn't discouraged despite the need for luck. No matter what plan he came up with, it would require a certain amount of luck.

    “I'm Guo Luo, I was born in the Guo clan, but i'm too weak to do anything but be a servant.”

    While Guo Luo was cleaning his body, she timidly spoke up, introducing herself.

    “Yao Jun. Just a wanderer without a home or family.”

    Yao Jun spoke out with an indifferent voice. He had a better impression of this girl than he did of Guo Zhe and Guo Jiahao, but there was no way he would actually tell her anything about where he came from.

    He did not know if there was anyone spying on this room, if he told her anything about where he came from and someone managed to find his parents, he would never be able to forgive himself.

    “I'm sorry.”

    Guo Luo lowered her head as she spoke in a soft voice. This was a violent world where the strong ruled, finding someone that was an orphan was a common matter, but she still found it sad.

    She quickly finished washing his entire body and put the bucket of water in the corner of the room. She opened the door to the cell and quickly checked the outside, not seeing anyone, she hurriedly closed the door and walked back to Yao Jun's side.

    “Here, I don't know how often they will feed you, so you should eat this.”

    As she spoke, she pulled out a round piece of bread and stuffed it into Yao Jun's. After stuffing the bread into his mouth, she hurriedly stood up and left the cell, leaving Yao Jun behind in the darkness.

    The bread was old and stale, even tasting slightly like mold, but Yao Jun still ate it. What Guo Luo said was correct, there was no way of telling how long he would be here and how much they would feed him, he had to keep his strength somehow.

    Yao Jun had considered using his illusions to make Guo Luo undo his chains, but he ended up not doing it. The first reason was that he was uncertain whether or not she even had the key to his restraints.

    The second reason was that Yao Jun did not know anything about his surroundings. He could even be somewhere underground. Running out blindly could only be considered a stupid move.

    Yao Jun kept rubbing his wrist against the chains as he was waiting. Guo Zhe said he would come back later, and Guo Jiahao told him to make it very visible, so the future torture sessions would only get worse, he had to get his plan working as soon as possible.

    After a few hours, the door to the cell opened and Guo Zhe and Guo Luo walked in again. At this point, Yao Jun had already rubbed his wrist so much that the skin was torn and his hand and the chain were covered in his blood.

    “Now come on, don't start ruining your hand while I am not here, that is my job. Besides, it is impossible for you to cut of your hand like that, it's impossible for the chain to get through your bones.”

    The first thing Guo Zhe did once he entered the cell, was raise up Yao Jun's hand and inspect his wrist. He shook his head and clicked his tongue while admonishing Yao Jun with a comforting voice.

    “Now then, I am here to take a nice little picture for Yun Yantian, so please show me your best side.”

    Guo Zhe spoke with a smile and took a round disc out from his interspatial ring. The disc was an ashy white in color, a myriad of brown lines covering it. Guo Zhe took the disc and placed it on the ground not far from Yao Jun.

    “This is an array that can store whatever it sees, and then send it to other discs all around the world. A very handy piece of equipment.”

    Seeing Yao Jun inspect the disc, Guo Zhe spoke up to explain what it does. After placing the disc on the ground, Guo Zhe walked up to the table where he had placed the knives and pliers.

    “Let's start with something nice and simple shall we?”

    picking up one of the knives, Guo Zhe sent a smile to Yao Jun before walking over to start his work.
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    Chapter 51: Failed negotiations.

    “I believe that should be enough for today, wouldn't want to go too far and accidentally ruin you.”

    With a smile, Guo Zhe carefully cleaned the knife he had in his hand. After making sure that the knife was spotless, he placed it back on the table and stored away the entire table. He still held a smile as he turned around, but once his eyes fell on the girl standing behind him, his face immediately turned gloomy.

    “I said that you have to watch!”

    Guo Zhe shouted and struck out with a fist. His fist hit Guo Luo squarely on the cheek, sending her stumbling down to the floor, blood leaking from her mouth.

    “We are already turning a blind eye to you sneaking in food to feed this little thing, and now you even refuse to follow my orders again?! If it wasn't for the fact that we still need someone to take care of this prisoner, I would have already asked Young Master Jiahao for permission to kill you!”

    Guo Zhe was in a very bad mood. This wasn't the first time he had hit Guo Luo in these last days. They were fine with her sneaking in food to Yao Jun, he had to eat after all, in return Guo Zhe had ordered her that she would have to watch from up close whenever he was torturing him.

    But she kept looking away with a pale face and red eyes. Seeing someone from the Guo clan be so weak in the face of a bit of torture made Guo Zhe sick. If everyone in the Guo clan was like this, how could they ever hope to expand their clan?

    “Clean him up, i'm going to go meet with Young Master Jiahao.”

    Guo Zhe wiped his hand with a cloth, cleaning away the blood that had stuck to his fist. With a wave of his sleeve he left the cell, leaving behind the bloodied Yao Jun and Guo Luo. Guo Luo stood up without a word and walked over to Yao Jun, taking out a cloth and a bucket of water, she started to wipe down his body again.

    “I'm sorry brother Jun, i'm sorry.”

    Guo Luo kept apologizing as she wiped away the blood. This was already the fifth day of torture since Yao Jun was brought here, and she had apologized to him at least three times a day, once or twice after every session of torture.

    Yao Jun was slightly skinnier than he used to, his torso now filled with a myriad of scars. Guo Zhe purposely avoided torturing his face, saying that if he touched his face, Yun Yantian would be unable to recognize him.

    Yao Jun had already gotten used to Guo Luo apologizing to him with tearful eyes, so he simply ignored it, putting most of his focus on rubbing his wrist against the chains that restrained him. He had been rubbing his wrist against the chains for five days now, so there was no longer any skin on his frist, only blood and flesh. He had rubbed it so much that there was now a small amount of space between the chains and his wrist, allowing his wrist a bit more freedom of movement.

    “Why do you keep doing this?”

    After Guo Luo had cleaned his body and stuffed some stale bread into his mouth, Yao Jun opened his mouth and spoke. Spending five days within this cell was extremely boring, so when it was just him and Guo Luo, he would occasionally chat with her.

    It was mostly just about some experiences they had when they were younger. Of course, Yao Jun changed the locations to fit the Guanyu continent whenever he talked about his own experiences. Since they knew that Guo Luo snuck in food for him, it was obvious that they were keeping the cell under constant watch.

    Looking at the skinny and scarred girl sitting in front of him, Yao Jun couldn't help but be slightly curious about why she would help him, especially when it caused her to be treated so bad by Guo Zhe.

    “I pity you. You did nothing wrong, but you still have all these horrible things done to you, all because you are friends with a certain person. I don't think that being friends with someone is a sin, so I wanted to do what I could to help make it easier for you.”

    Guo Luo sat in front of Yao Jun and held her arms around her knees as she spoke. She liked staying in this cell after she finished cleaning. This cell was one of the few places in the Guo clan where she could be safe and just talk.

    She still had problems looking directly at Yao Jun since he was still naked, but her embarrassment had mostly disappeared after spending five days with him. She liked talking to him, there were very few people in the Guo clan that would listen to her even if she talked.

    “Pity me? This has to be the first time I have been pitied by someone who was worse off than me.”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but shake his head as he spoke. He had seen how Guo Luo was being treated. Just in these last five days, he had seen her get hit at least twice per day. And looking at the scars on her face, things were clearly much worse when she wasn't in this cell.

    The reason he said that she was worse off than him was because while he was currently being tortured, he could escape. If it was just about not being tortured, he could just open his gate beneath him and enter it. While Guo Zhe and those could follow him into the gate, he was after all the owner of the gate, it was much easier for him to move around in there.

    The reason he hadn't done this was because it was not a proper solution. Even if he entered the gate and managed to hide, it would not allow him to escape from the cell. That was why he kept rubbing his wrist against the chains.

    At this point, there was enough space between his wrist and the chains that if he dislocated his own thumb and used his own blood as a lubricant, he could slip out his right hand. The only reason he hadn't done so yet was because he was waiting for an opportunity, a moment where Guo Zhe let down his guard enough for Yao Jun to get in one attack.

    Once he managed to get in that one attack, he could make it so that Guo Zhe was not capable of stopping him, he could then have Guo Luo show him how to leave this dungeon. Even if she did not want to show him the way out, he could use his illusions to make her show him the way out.

    Yao Jun knew that this plan not only relied on luck, but that it was also reckless and even dangerous. But he had no other choice, he did not want to just lie around and wait for things to happen, so he had to be reckless.

    “I'm not worse off than you. I might be beaten and abused, but I still have three meals a day and a loving family. My father and mother love me very much, it is not their fault that I was too weak to be of use to the clan.”

    Guo Luo shook her head at Yao Jun's words, she did not see herself as being worse off than him. She at least had a family that cared about her and fed her. She knew that she was too weak to be of any proper use to the clan, that was why she accepted all the abuse she had been given over the years. The belief that the weak like her were to be used and thrown away when they were no longer useful was deeply ingrained into her mind.

    Yao Jun could see what she was thinking from her eyes and her expression. He couldn't help but sigh and shake his head. This girl pitied him for having to endure this torture, but he pitied her for having been treated like this. When he was revealed to have a useless power, while the people of the clan turned colder towards him, it was nowhere near this level.

    While Yao Jun and Guo Luo were chatting, Guo Zhe had reached the room of Guo Jiahao.

    “How goes the talks of the alliance Young Master Jiahao?”

    Guo Zhe immediately kneeled and spoke respectfully after he entered. Guo Jiahao had a rather high position in the clan, if he wanted to kill someone, he could do it with just a thought, and no one would question him.

    “There will be no alliance. The Yun clan has refused us again. They even had the gall to mock us for using such a worthless and despicable plan like this. Seems like our thinking was wrong about how important Yun Yantian's words were to the clan.”

    Guo Jiahao was sitting behind a desk, sifting through a large pile of papers as he spoke with a sigh. In their Guo clan, the future patriarch's words were just as important as the current patriarch's, so he had just assumed that the same was true for the Yun clan. But now it seemed like he had been wrong.

    He didn't sigh because the alliance failed, they would just have to find a different way to make them accept the alliance, in the worst case scenario, they could just ally with someone else. He sighed because they had wasted five days on Yao Jun.

    The only reason they hadn't allied with anyone else yet was because the only other options they had were people that were questionable in moral and reputation, they could even be called downright vile. If they allied with people like that, the reputation of their clan would almost certainly be ruined.

    “Then about the prisoner?”

    Since they could no longer use Yao Jun to force them into an alliance, there was clearly no longer a need to keep him in the cell, so Guo Zhe decided to ask for instructions about what to do.

    “There is no longer a need to keep him. Take an Image Array with you to the center of the town and execute him in public. Send the entire thing to the Yun clan, we can use it to send one last blow to Yun Yantian.”

    Guo Jiahao's indifferent voice rang out in the room. They had already wasted five days on a pointless endeavor. Killing Yao Jun would allow him to release some of that frustration.
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    Chapter 52: Execution.

    The morning of the sixth day, Guo Zhe and Guo Luo entered the cell, but Yao Jun could immediately tell that something was wrong. Guo Luo was even paler than usual, her entire face basically devoid of blood.

    “Congratulations, there is no longer a need for you to stay in this cell.”

    Guo Zhe spoke with a bright smile and sauntered over to Yao Jun. Grabbing onto the chains that were restraining Yao Jun, he took out a key and opened the part that chained Yao Jun to the walls. His hands and feet were still chained together, but he was no longer chained to the wall.

    “Today is your big day. The Yun clan has refused the alliance once more, so there is no need to torture you anymore.”

    Guo Zhe grabbed Yao Jun by the shoulders and pulled him up into a standing position. Yao Jun had been mostly lying on the ground for these past days, so his legs were almost completely devoid of strength. Had it not been for Guo Zhe holding onto him, he would have fallen to the ground.

    “You are going to be publicly executed, the images sent over to the Yun clan, so make sure you put on your best performance. Oops, can't forget to bring you, the guest of honor.”

    Guo Zhe did not give Yao Jun any time to speak, using one hand to support him as he pulled him out of the cell. As he reached the door of the cell, he seemed to remember something, and reached out with his free hand, grabbing onto Guo Luo and pulling her along.

    There was no need for Guo Luo to be present at the execution, but Guo Zhe wanted her to be there. He wanted her to watch as Yao Jun was executed. His plan was that she would either toughen up and become a worthy Guo clan member, or stay weak and be discarded.

    Outside the cell stood Guo Jiahao, clad in a spotless white robe, watching the naked and scarred Yao Jun with a faint smile. He did not need to be present for something as small as an execution, but there was something about Yao Jun that caused him to feel unsettles.

    They had tortured him for five days, but he had been far too calm. He always simply grit his teeth and endured, his wrist rubbing up against the chain. His eyes showed how indifferent he was about the scenario, like none of what happened mattered to him. He hadn't even used his powers to try and escape once, making it so that Guo Jiahao did not even know what sort of power he had.

    Guo Jiahao wanted to watch Yao Jun die, only this could allow this unease to disappear. At the same time, he found his own unease almost inconceivable. Yao Jun was trapped in their dungeon, surrounded by people from the Guo clan. There should be no way for him to escape, yet Guo Jiahao still felt uneasy.

    “You are careless Guo Zhe.”

    Upon seeing Yao Jun, Guo Jiahao suddenly shook his head with sigh. While Guo Zhe started sweating in fear, Guo Jiahao reached out with his hand and grabbed onto Yao Jun's hand. He raised Yao Jun's hand and slid off the interspatial ring that was still on his finger.

    “Always remove their interspatial ring, if you don't, unforeseen accidents can happen. I am amazed that you wear something so low quality.”

    Guo Jiahao raised the interspatial ring in front of his face, carefully studying it. Seeing him play with the interspatial ring, Yao Jun's expression immediately turned gloomy.

    Yao Jun did not care about most of the contents within the ring, all the herbs he had found had been planted inside his gate. But that ring was a gift from his mother, given to him when he left Flying Fish Town. The ring also contained the sword he had been given by his father, how could he let someone else have it?

    “Oh? It seems rather important to you, I better make sure I take good care of it.”

    Guo Jiahao saw Yao Jun's expression sink and his mouth cracked into a smile as he spoke, storing the ring away into his own interspatial ring. Before Yao Jun had the chance to say anything, Guo Jiahao waved his hand, signaling Guo Zhe to move out.

    “Guo Jiahao, I will take that ring back, even if I have to drown your Guo clan in blood to do so, so you better hold on to it real tight.”

    Yao Jun's voice was low and cold, his eyes staring firmly at Guo Jiahao as he spoke. Normally, Guo Jiahao would have just laughed this off as the ramblings of a dead man. But when Yao Jun spoke those words, not just Guo Jiahao, but even Guo Zhe and Guo Luo felt a chill crawl down their spine.

    “Don't worry, you won't live past today.”

    Guo Jiahao spoke with a faint smile, both in an attempt to damper Yao Jun's spirit, as well as to ease his own. He had already felt uneasy about Yao Jun, but the c hill he just felt reassured him that he had to kill Yao Jun no matter what.

    Guo Zhe dragged Yao Jun and Guo Luo through the entire city, more and more people gathering the closer they got to the center of the city, the neutral territory. They could kill him in the territory of the Guo clan, but if they did it in the neutral territory, even the people from the Yun clan that lived there would be able to see it.

    At the center of the neutral territory stood a tall wooden scaffold, a two-headed axe standing tall atop of it. The area in front of the scaffold was filled with people, staring at the scaffold with excited eyes, waiting for the event to start.

    Guo Zhe quickly dragged Yao Jun onto the top of the scaffold and forced him down on his knees, his body facing the excited crowd. Guo Zhe stood to his left, while Guo Luo stood to his right. Guo Jiahao stood behind him and kept an eye on everything.

    After they stepped onto the scaffold, a burly man in a gray robe and a black hood covering his head stepped onto the scaffold. Grabbing the two-headed axe with both hands, he raised it up and held it steady.

    “I hope that you are watching closely Yun Yantian.”

    Guo Jiahao signaled someone in the crowd, and they took out a white disc covered in a myriad of brown lines, an Image Array.
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    Chapter 53: I will return for my ring.

    Yao Jun was kneeling on the scaffold, overlooking the sea of people that had come to watch. Looking at the faces of the people that had come to watch, Yao Jun couldn't help but shake his head and sigh in disappointment.

    When he was young and lived in the Yao clan, they had ostracized him when they found his power to be useless. When he lived in Flying Fish Town, he was bullied for his lack of a good power. In Golden Moon Town he was deceived and used by others to make their own job easier.

    After arriving at the Guanyu continent, he had seen exactly how the Human Race treated people belonging to the Demon Race. He had been attacked by robbers nearly every day. After arriving at the Great Xian City, he was attacked simply because the Anti-Demon Pillars registered him as a non-human.

    And then again after he arrived at this Soaring Cloud City. He was attacked and kidnapped only hours after he arrived. He was then tortured for five days, all because he was friends with a certain person. And now all these people had shown up to watch his execution, their faces lit with excitement.

    He wasn't disappointed that Yun Yantian hadn't managed to stop the torture, if Yun Yantian was really that important to the clan, there was no way they would let him leave the clan to explore an ancient ruin. He was disappointed in how the people of this world degraded into this state.

    Demon Race and Human Race constantly at war, sparing nothing to kill each other and humiliating and abusing anyone they manage to catch alive. People killing each other over the tiniest things, abusing those that are different from them.

    If it was just people from different races and clans fighting, that would be one thing, but even people belonging to the same clan, the same family, were doing it. It happened to Yao Jun in the Yao clan, and it happened to Guo Luo in this Guo clan.

    Yao Jun couldn't help but wonder if these were the kind of people that Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang wanted to save. Did these kinds of people even deserve to be saved? Wouldn't it be a favor to the entire universe to keep them locked on this planet?

    Yao Jun shook his head again before turning his gaze onto Guo Luo who was standing next to him. His eyes flashed with a dim grey light, and Guo Luo's eyes glazed over for a short second. Once her eyes regained their clarity, she stood in silence for a short while before giving a short, but resolute nod.

    Seeing her nod, Yao Jun's eyes flashed grey once more before he turned his eyes back onto the crowd, a faint mocking smile present on his face. If they had decided to execute him while he was still in his cell, escaping would be very hard. But since they had dragged him out of his cell and into the open, he had many ways of escaping, now he was just waiting for a chance to get some revenge.

    After Guo Jiahao saw that the Image Array was set up, he signaled the man in the grey robe, the executioner. Seeing his signal, the executioner stepped forward and pushed aside Guo Luo, taking her place next to Yao Jun.

    Guo Zhe stepped closer to Yao Jun, preventing him from moving to the left to escape. The executioner raised the two-headed axe above his head and swung it down with all his might.

    The moment the executioner started swinging the axe downward, Yao Jun moved into action. The first thing he did was summon his gate, opening it directly beneath Guo Luo, causing her to fall into it. While he did that, he also moved his right arm, the one he had rubbed against the chain for five days.

    He dislocated his thumb and used the blood as lubricant, quickly pulling his hand out of the restraints. The moment his hand was out of the chains, he grabbed at Guo Zhe's leg, black light flashing in his palm.

    Right before Yao Jun's hand made contact with Guo Zhe's leg a simple, black sword appeared in his hand. The sword pierced through Guo Zhe's leg before he had a chance to react. Once the sword pierced the leg, Yao Jun returned the sword to his body and grabbed the leg. He exerted all the strength he could, dragging Guo Zhe down, all the while moving his own body to the left.

    The end result was that when the axe struck down, it landed on Guo Zhe's leg, cutting it off with a single strike. While Guo Zhe's leg was chopped off, a grey light flew out from within the open gate. Little Gray quickly materialized above him and grabbed around Yao Jun's shoulders with it's claws.

    Once it's claws were around Yao Jun's shoulders, it flapped it's wings and quickly ascended into the air, the gate vanishing from the ground. Yao Jun did not know if there was anyone in this city that had the power of flight, or had a high enough cultivation level to fly, so he immediately had Little Gray fly away from the city.

    “Guo Jiahao, I will return for that ring in the future, if anything happens to that ring, I will kill everyone from your Guo clan. And Guo Zhe, I will repay you for these scars one day, so you just wait for me.”

    Little Gray was simply too fast for anyone to react, before they managed to process the situation, Yao Jun was already at the edge of the city, the only thing left behind was his hatred dripping voice.

    After Little Gray flew over the city walls and Yao Jun saw that there was no one flying after them, he breathed out a sigh of relief. If there was someone there that was capable of flight, this escape would be much more arduous.

    He signaled Little Gray to shift him onto it's back, which it managed by throwing him up into the air and catching him as he fell back down again. Once he was on Little Gray's back, he stretched out his hand, the gate appearing above his palm. The gate opened, and a white light flew out of the gate, Guo Luo appearing on the back of Little Gray.

    “Brother Jun, where is this?”

    Guo Luo sat down next to Yao Jun, curiously studying the surroundings. She had never flown before, so being so high up in the air and flying so fast was both exciting and scary.

    “We're outside of the city already. This is Little Gray, the tiger earlier was Little Thunder, while the wolf was Sirius.”

    While he was talking, Yao Jun looked down at his hands and moved a bit of Qi into his hands. When the Qi reached his hands, two crystalline purple-black gauntlets appeared. When the gauntlets appeared on his arm, the restraints on his left arm instantly broke.

    Guo Luo wasn't shocked at seeing Little Gray or the two other Demonic beasts inside the gate because Yao Jun had already told her about them. While they were on the scaffold, when Yao Jun's eyes first flashed with grey light, it was him dragging her into an illusion and asking her if she would escape if she had the chance.

    When she nodded and accepted, his eyes flashed grey again. This time it was him dragging her into an illusion and explaining his plan to her. Since he explained his plan to her, he would naturally need to explain his power to her.

    Yao Jun did not mind explaining his power to Guo Luo. She had nowhere else to go, so she would be traveling with him wherever he was going. He had also basically kidnapped her, taking her away from her family, so he felt that he at least owed her the truth.

    He reached down with his arms and grabbed onto the restraints around his feet. The restraints were only normal iron, so they were destroyed with a single clench of his armored hands. The only reason he didn't do this to escape earlier was because he didn't know where to go to escape the Guo clan after leaving the cell.

    After he broke the restraints, Guo Luo took out a piece of clothing from her own interspatial ring. Since Yao Jun had lost his own interspatial ring, he obviously had no clothing of his own that he could put on, so he would have to use whatever Guo Luo could give him.

    The piece of clothing was a pair of coarse, brown pants. They were too short for Yao Jun, but they covered up the parts that needed to be covered up to enter a city. After putting on the pants, Yao Jun sank into silence as he stared at the area around them. They had escaped, but they had nowhere to go, nor any money, their next step would be to find either of those things.
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    Chapter 54: Burn the tree and plant it anew.

    “Do you have any more cloth?”

    While they were still flying, Yao Jun turned to Guo Luo and pointed at the wound on his wrist as he spoke. He had scraped away all the skin and even some flesh to allow himself to slip out of the restraints. While the wound was not something that would hinder him, leaving it uncovered could easily lead to infections.

    “Ah! I have a little bit.”

    Guo Luo hurriedly nodded her head as she rubbed the interspatial ring on her finger and took out a light yellow blouse. She took the blouse and quickly tore off a long strip from the lower section. Once she had enough to wrap it around the wound, she tightly wrapped it around Yao Jun's wound. She would have preferred to wash the blouse first, but they did not have any water that could be used for that, so it would have to do.

    “Thanks. So tell me, what can your power do and what cultivation level are you at?”

    Yao Jun made sure that the cloth around his wrist was properly secured before he grabbed his thumb and popped it back into it's joint. Yao Jun had not given Little Gray any proper directions, only making him fly away from Soaring Cloud City and Great Xian City.

    Little Gray would let Yao Jun know when it saw a city or town they could stop at, so there was no need for Yao Jun to pay constant attention to the area around them, giving him time to learn more about Guo Luo. No matter how bad that place was, it was still her home, and Yao Jun had taken her away from it, this meant that he was now responsible for her.

    “My power is not very useful in combat. It allows me to create small illusions in the area around me, but that is it. My cultivation level is in the late stages of the rank before the 1st Mortal Earth, so it should be around the 0th rank, 6th grade.”

    As Guo Luo spoke, she opened her hand, causing several finger nail long animals to appear in her palm. There were several different types of animals one would find in a normal city, each one completely life-like. Yao Jun tried to touch one of the animals in her palm, but his finger just caused it to dissipate and disappear.

    “It indeed does not seem suited for combat if it is just that power alone. We will have to wait and see how it evolves after you reach different cultivation ranks.”

    Yao Jun fondled his chin as he spoke. The power didn't seem too strong, but Yao Jun would not judge it as bad just because of that. When his power was first discovered, it was just an empty gate that did nothing. But once awakened and evolved, it immediately became a ridiculously strong power.

    “I don't think I need to tell you this, but while I am not going to mistreat you, that does not mean that I am a good person. I have killed my fair share of people, and I am probably going to get attacked by and kill many more people in the future.”

    Yao Jun put on a serious face as he spoke. He would not mistreat Guo Luo since they were not enemies, but since his Demon God's Gate made him seem like someone from the Demon Race, he was sure to get attacked a lot in the future. To defend himself, he would kill anyone that tried to kill him, he had to make sure that Guo Luo understood this.

    “This is a world where the strong eat the weak, since they are going to try to kill you, you obviously have the right to defend yourself. Besides, even if I tried to stop you, I don't think I would be able to.”

    Guo Luo spoke with a bitter smile and shook her head. This world was cruel. The strong lorded over and ate the weak, that was just how it was. She did indeed pity those who were weak and were thus taken advantage off , but she also knew that she was far too weak to change anything.

    “Don't worry, I am not so depraved as to just start killing people who haven't done anything.”

    Yao Jun could tell that Guo Luo was a kind person who cared for most people. He would kill everyone who attacked him, but he did not want to drag in people that had nothing to do with it.

    After they finished talking, their journey continued in silence, both of them sitting down and focusing on absorbing the Raw Qi in the surroundings. After flying for a few more hours, Little Gray let loose a short screech, letting Yao Jun know that it had spotted a town.

    Yao Jun opened his eyes and saw that there was indeed a town in the distance. The houses in the town were made out of normal gray stone that gave the entire town a bleak look, with roofs made out of wood covered with leaves. From above, one could see that the town was in the form of a circle. Two large roads went through the entire town, one vertical, one horizontal, dividing the town into four parts, each road leading to another entrance of the town.

    At the very center of the town, where the two roads intersected, stood a large mansion decorated with different shades of gold and red. There were four large towers surrounding the mansion, each tower marking one of the cardinal directions. The towers were made out of a type of white stone that seemed to shine under the sun.

    The town itself spanned a rather large area, looking like it could easily house several hundreds of thousands of citizens. The area around the town was completely barren, every tree chopped down and removed, the only thing remaining was a large river that ran right next to the town.

    Yao Jun channeled some Qi into his eyes, his eyesight immediately improving. He surveyed the entire town from the back of Little Gray, looking for any cultivators he could find. He could not see any guards standing at the entrances, nor were there any people that looked like guards patrolling the city.

    This meant that they could just enter, and that the risk of them getting stopped for looking so shabby was also rather low. What surprised Yao Jun was that there were barely any cultivators in the city. He could see that most cultivators lived in the large mansion at the center of the town, but even those people were barely at the 1st Mortal Earth.

    “Do you know anything about this town?”

    Yao Jun had some maps that told about this continent and the two closest continents, but those maps were just maps about the continent, they did not explain anything about the towns and cities. In this case, asking Guo Luo who was a native was the only choice he had.

    “I'm sorry, I was not allowed to leave the compound of the Guo clan, so I know nothing about the surrounding towns.”

    Guo Luo lowered her head as she spoke. Yao Jun had said that he would not mistreat her, and he did indeed seem like a good person, but Guo Luo had no one else to rely on now, so she was deathly worried that he would abandon her for being useless.

    “Alright, let's head inside and check it out then.”

    Yao Jun did not mind, simply nodding his head. He directed Little Gray to land a good distance away from the area around the town. After they landed, he returned Little Gray to the gate and started heading towards the town, Guo Luo following right behind him.

    After they reached the outside of the town, just like Yao Jun had seen, there were no guards standing at the entrance, allowing them to enter without any delay. Once they entered the town, Yao Jun and Guo Luo couldn't help but scrunch up their noses. The town had an absolutely rancid smell lingering in the air.

    After walking a bit further into the town, they immediately noticed why the town smelled so rancid. Looking down a small alley, they could see that the inside of the alley was almost lined completely with corpses, mostly children and women. Most of the corpses had already started to rot, but there were some that were fresher, showing that they had been dumped there not long ago.

    Seeing this sight, Guo Luo couldn't help but run to the side and throw up, even Yao Jun felt sick in his stomach as he looked at the spectacle. Yao Jun looked around and saw the other people of the town were simply averting their eyes from the alley, walking around with lowered heads. Yao Jun averted his eyes and walked over to Guo Luo, softly stroking her back as she threw up.

    “It's okay, i'm fine now. I'm not just used to seeing things like that.”

    After throwing up for a bit, Guo Luo's stomach was completely empty, so she simply retched. She dried herself around her mouth and spoke with a pale smile, but her choked up voice and pale face betrayed her true feelings.

    Yao Jun was just about to say something when he heard a sound behind him. Turning around, he could see two young men walking out from another alley. The two people held an unconscious woman in their arms. The two young men were clad in silk robes decorated with golden strings, they were clearly very well off.

    When the people of the town saw these two men and saw the unconscious woman they were carrying, they hurriedly lowered their heads even further and made sure to give the two men plenty of space.

    Seeing the action of these people, Yao Jun couldn't help but feel even sicker. But while he was feeling sick, he also felt something else inside him. A fire was burning within him as he looked at how these people were cowering.

    He couldn't help but think, even if he managed to enter the main branch of the Yao clan and give his parents a home there, if the people there acted like this, would his parents ever be safe? What if he made some weaker friends one day, and wasn't able to stay by their side at all times. Would they be safe with people like this around? With that thought in mind, Yao Jun's face immediately sank, his grey eyes seemingly alight with a ghostly flame.

    “What are you doing!?”

    Guo Luo shouted out from behind Yao Jun. She knew that this was a world where the strong ate the weak, but how could she just stand by and watch something like this take place?

    “Mind your own business little girl, those two are people working for the son of the city lord, we can't afford to offend them.”

    Seeing Guo Luo shout out, an old man quickly walked up and tried to quiet her down and explain the situation. The people of this town could not afford to offend the city lord, if they did, there was no telling if they would be targeted next.

    “There is no point Luo'er.”

    Guo Luo was just about to say something when Yao Jun's voice rang out behind her. She turned around to rebuke Yao Jun, but saw that he had already started walking towards the two men. A black light flashed in his hand, and a simple black sword appeared in his hand.

    “The people of this world are rotten. The common people are too scared to speak out, while the people at the top abuse and torment everyone else. The tree that is the morals and people of this world has already started decaying from the roots and up. The people of this world don't need to be saved, they need someone to burn down the entire tree and plant it anew amidst the ashes.”

    As Yao Jun spoke, purple lightning started crackling around his entire body and wind started howling around him. As the lightning and wind howled around him, Yao Jun could feel the ancient tree located within his gate tremble and beat, almost like a heart slowly beating faster.

    As the tree started beating faster, the aura released from his body started changing. Where his normal aura was that of a normal cultivator, the aura that was released from him now was that of a demon sovereign judging all creation.
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    Chapter 55: If the strong feast on the weak, then we shall feast on the strong!

    The two young men immediately reacted upon feeling the aura that Yao Jun was sending out. They turned around to see who was making a commotion, and upon seeing Yao Jun, although they felt some fear, their mouths quickly twisted into sneers.

    “Be quiet! We are men belonging to the son of the city lord, we have come down to these disgusting streets on a mission for the Young Master, anyone who interrupts us will be killed!”

    One of the two young men shouted at Yao Jun. In this city, whenever they mentioned the son of the city lord, the bystanders would immediately lower their heads and step aside. Yao Jun simply ignored them, his mind was currently entrenched in the Demon God's Gate.

    His vision was focused on the ancient tree located at the center of the garden. The area around the tree was currently in utter chaos. Little Thunder was standing beneath the tree, roaring at the sky. The sky above the tree was filled with black clouds, purple lightning flashing and striking the tree, the sound of thunder roaring out without pause.

    While the lightning raged above the tree, fierce winds howled all around the tree. Sirius was standing on one of the branches of the tree, howling at a moon that could not be seen. When Sirius howled, the winds grew stronger, howling around the tree like an undying storm.

    This was the first time Yao Jun had seen Sirius unleash it's power, it was also only now that he learned what power Sirius had given him and why the previous owner of the Demon God's Gate called it Sirius.

    Sirius seemed like a normal wolf, but it held one of the noblest bloodlines in the world, the blood of the divine beast, Sirius The Sky Wolf. And the power it granted Yao Jun was the power of the world's winds.

    Little Gray was flying above the ancient tree, letting loose loud screeches that seemed to drill into a person's mind, blurring their vision and tempting them to follow it into an eternal rest. All three of his Demonic beasts were releasing their power to their fullest, mixing them with the dreadful and ancient aura that the tree was releasing.

    Lightning, Wind, Illusions, and the ancient aura from the tree. The four powers fused together into a single beautiful symphony, their power channeling into every corner of Yao Jun's with every beat of the ancient tree. Yao Jun felt like this was the first time he had truly used the power that the Demon God's Gate had given him, the power to grasp the universe itself within his palm.

    Yao Jun pulled his mind out from within the gate and returned his focus onto the two young men in front of him. The aura from his body grew stronger with each step closer he took. Right now he was not thinking about anything, he just wanted to kill these two young men. Then he wanted to head into the large mansion at the center of the city, if there were people like these two men in there, he would kill them too.

    Sword Empyrean Heng Jiang wanted to break the seal on this world and allow it's inhabitant to gain true freedom, freedom to explore the greater universe. Yao Jun did not want that, he originally only wanted to allow his parents to return to the Yao clan with pride, and then live his life in peace.

    But how could he and his parents ever live in peace when there were people like this in the world? People like this seemed to run rampant all over the world, making no place safe. Since no one was trying to deal with them, it would be up to him, he would cleanse this world of people like this, monsters clad in human skin. Once that was done, then he would think about trying to break the seal on this planet.

    Yao Jun looked at the two young men and slowly raised his left hand. As he raised his left hand, the wind that was howling around him started raging and surging, everywhere the wind passed was sliced open. He pointed at the two young men and the wind shot forward.

    The two young men had not even reached the 1st Mortal Earth, they did not even have the chance to react. The wind flew over them like a gentle breeze, but when the wind flew over them, their legs were separated from their bodies and they fell down.

    The unconscious woman in their arm also fell down, but the wind had swept over her and left her completely unscathed. While the surrounding citizens were running away in fear, and the two young men were wailing in pain, Yao Jun walked over and grabbed one of them by the throat, lifting him off the ground.

    “You are not people, you are maggots. You are a filth that taints this entire world, you should not exist.”

    Yao Jun spoke slowly, his voice clear and emotionless. He was just about to stab the young man when he felt the ancient tree within his gate move. The branches of the tree moved, sending out a feeling that was close to hunger. While Yao Jun was slightly shocked, he stopped his hand, allowing the tree to do whatever it was planning.

    A strange energy seeped out from the tree and into the body of the young man Yao Jun was holding onto. When the strange energy entered the body of the young man, Yao Jun could feel the Qi within the young man slowly draining. The Qi went from the young man, through Yao Jun's body, and into the tree.

    When the tree absorbed the Qi, it's leaves slowly turned greener, the entire tree seeming slightly more vibrant than it used to. When the tree turned more vibrant, the garden also had slight changes. Yao Jun could feel that some of the Qi that the tree absorbed was split between himself and his Demonic beasts.

    While the Qi didn't help him improve his cultivation or allowed him to evolve his Demonic beasts, he could feel that the bodies of his Demonic beasts, as well as his own, were slowly growing stronger. Seeing this spectacle Yo Jun slowly understood. Killing and absorbing Demonic beasts would allow him to strengthen and evolve his Demon God's Gate and his Demonic beasts, while killing and absorbing other cultivators would allow him to strengthen his own body as well as the bodies of his Demonic beasts.

    “Truly, the power of a demon god.”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but mutter as he came to understand how the Demon God's Gate worked. Not only did it advocate killing hordes of Demonic beasts, but also killing hordes of cultivators. Yao Jun allowed the tree to suck up all the Qi from within the body of the young man before ending his life with a stab through the heart.

    Yao Jun tossed away the body and picked up the other young man, who had now turned completely pale. But Yao Jun did not kill him immediately, he grabbed him by the neck and turned around, walking over to Guo Luo.

    “Kill him.”

    Yao Jun tossed the young man down in front of Guo Luo and handed over his sword, before pointing at the young man and spitting out the words in a cold voice.

    “What? You want me to kill... him?”

    Guo Luo was still processing everything, so she did not immediately understand what Yao Jun meant. She quickly gathered her thoughts and timidly pointed at the young man. Seeing Yao Jun nod his head, Guo Luo couldn't help but freeze up slightly. She knew that the young man was not a good person, he was probably a vile and detestable person, but she still found it slightly hard to kill him.

    “There is no need to think too much about it. He is a monster in human skin, a taint on this world. How many people do you think have died because of him? How many women raped and abused? Killing him is a blessing for everyone in this town.”

    Yao Jun saw her hesitation and spoke out again. Guo Luo was going to be traveling with him in the future, Yao Jun wanted her to at least be capable of defending herself when the need arose, maybe even defend him at some times. The first step to her being able to defend herself and him was being able to kill.

    He also knew that even though he wanted to cleanse this world of tainted people like this young man, he could not do it alone, he would need people he could trust, people who could travel beside him, Guo Luo could become such a person. Her power was weak now, but there was no telling what it would grow into.

    Hearing Yao Jun's words, Guo Luo knew that he was correct. The young man in front of her was a monster in human skin. This was a world where the strong ate the weak, but she had always pitied those who were weak and wanted to just live in peace, but could not do so because the strong were abusing them.

    Guo Luo steeled her heart and turned her eyes onto the young man in front of her. She knew that Yao Jun was doing this for her sake, to allow her to grow and be able to protect herself. She also knew that by killing this person, she could help the weak people in this town escape his abuse. With that thought in mind, she stabbed out with the sword, piercing directly through the chest of the young man.

    She watched as the life drained from his eyes and he slumped forward. But to her surprise, she found that she did not feel anything special. She felt like she had just slaughtered a pig that was to be used for dinner. She couldn't help but be slightly scared at how easy she found it to kill him.

    She was still slightly scared, but when she turned her eyes to Yao Jun and saw him looking at her with gentle eyes, all the fear faded away. She had left her home, Yao Jun was the only thing she had left to rely on, as long as he could accept her despite this, she felt that everything would be fine.

    “Good. You said that this is a world where the strong feast on the weak? Then we will become the ones who feast on the strong.”

    Yao Jun reached out with his arms, using one hand to take back his sword, and the other one to gently pet Guo Luo's head. He spoke with a comforting and gentle smile, trying to help Guo Luo ease her turbulent feelings after her first kill.

    After he finished speaking, he turned around and faced the large mansion that stood at the center of the town. His eyes lost their previous gentleness, anger and determination replacing it.

    “Come, let us go cleanse this town of it's filth.”

    Yao Jun did not look back as he spoke, he just stepped forward and started moving towards the mansion, sword in hand.


    Guo Luo gave a strong nod before moving forwards as well, walking up to stand shoulder to shoulder with Yao Jun. With these two kills, Yao Jun took his first steps on the path of a supreme ruler.
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    Chapter 56: You rely on me, and I will rely on you.

    Yao Jun brought Guo Luo and headed towards the mansion at the center of the town. The people of the town had already ran away in fear, searching for a place where they could hide themselves until everything ended.

    As they were walking, Yao Jun looked around, inspecting the town around him. Most of the buildings were in bad condition, looking ready to fall apart at a moments notice. Putting his Qi into his eyes, he could peer into the buildings and look at the people inside.

    Most of the people he saw were dressed in rags, their skin pale and sickly, their homes lacking in both food, medicine, and cloth. Their eyes were dull and lifeless, they had clearly already accepted their fate. Yao Jun also saw more corpses in the alleys and in some of the empty houses.

    He couldn't help but shake his head, this town was not just dead, it was already rotting and festering. The people were too scared to even think about leaving or revolting, all they could think about was how to survive another day.

    Yao Jun moved his eyes away from the town around him and focused on the mansion at the center of the city. He focused all his Qi into his eyes, inspecting not just the inside of the mansion, but also everyone inside the mansion.

    When Yao Jun started inspecting the inside of the mansion, the people in the mansion felt a chill run down their spine, feeling like all their secrets had been seen through. While the people felt a chill go down their spine, Yao Jun felt sickened.

    There were several people in the mansion currently engaging in sexual acts, some seemed to willingly partake in these acts, while some seemed unwilling. The youngest girl Yao Jun could see looked like she was no older than 10. her eyes were dull and lifeless as the old man on top of her was going at her with his all.

    At the corner of the room stood three people, one of them was a man clad in the same silk clothing as the two young men that Yao Jun had just killed, while the two others were a man and a woman, both clad in rags. The man and the woman shared some similarities with the little girl, so they were most likely her parents.

    But the thing that sickened Yao Jun was that the two people were currently greedily counting some coins that the man clad in silk clothing was giving them. Just from what he could see, it was clear that these two people had sold their own daughter to the people of the mansion.

    Yao Jun felt the flames of rage burning within him grow larger as he kept looking at the actions of the people in the mansion, but as the flames reached their peak, Yao Jun felt his mind grow calmer, the fires of rage quickly turning ice cold.

    Yao Jun stopped looking at what the people of the mansion were doing, and instead started inspecting the people themselves. The first thing he inspected was their cultivation level. Now that he had calmed down and was inspecting a smaller area, he saw more than when he inspected the entire town.

    The highest cultivation level he saw was one old man at the middle stage of the 1st Mortal Earth. The old man was clad in a luxurious, blue silk robe decorated with golden strings that formed the image of a roaring tiger. The old man was currently checking the entire mansion, so it was clear that he knew that he was being spied upon.

    The rest of the people in the mansion were not people that Yao Jun considered a threat, not even having reached the 1st Mortal Earth. He found one person that was of slight interest to him, it was the old man currently having sex with the little girl.

    The reason this person was of slight interest was because his body had very little Qi in it, but while he had nearly no Qi in his body, he had a decent amount of Mental Energy. This meant that this old man was probably someone with a power that focused on the same type of illusions as the ones Yao Jun used.

    Yao Jun knew about two types of powers that focused on illusions. The first type was the one he used, which focused on using Mental Energy to implant images and orders directly into the mind of other people. These illusions could be ignored if a person had a high enough mental fortitude or was stronger than the user.

    The second type was the type that Guo Luo used, which mixed Qi and Mental Energy. The mixture of Qi and Mental Energy would create lifelike images and sounds, even being able to reproduce their smell, but they were still only illusions, so they could not harm people or interact with the world around them. These images looked real, no matter how strong a person was, but were harder to use as they required the user to know when and how to use them efficiently.

    When Yao Jun finished inspecting everyone inside the mansion, he and Guo Luo were already at the entrance to the mansion. The entrance was a magnificent, golden arch, two thick wooden doors, taller than three men and wider than two, blocking anyone from entering.

    Standing outside the gate, Yao Jun's mind had already turned completely calm, without a single ripple, his face completely still, not letting anyone know what he was thinking. He tilted his head slightly and looked at Guo Luo next to him.

    In truth, he felt that he was being very unfair to Guo Luo right now, he had taken her away from her home and her clan. Originally, Yao Jun had just planned on finding a way to return to Golden Moon Town, return to his parents. Guo Luo could follow him while he was doing this as there would not be much danger.

    But now he had changed his way of thinking, just returning was no longer enough, he wanted to create a world where his parents and friends could live in peace, even if he was no longer around. Yao Jun knew that he would kill a lot of people in the future, he would also make a lot of powerful enemies. He felt that forcing Guo Luo to follow him on this path was unfair and wrong.

    “I'm not going to lie to you. In the future, I will end up killing a lot of people, which in turn will make me a lot of enemies. You can still turn back. I will kill the people in this mansion, once I have done so, I can give you enough money so that you can find yourself a nice place to live in peace.”

    Yao Jun looked at Guo Luo as he spoke. After killing the people he needed to kill in this mansion, he was planning on taking some of the wealth that was inside this mansion. If Guo Luo choose to rather live a life of peace, he would give her most of the wealth in the mansion so that she could find a nice place to live.

    “But if you choose to enter this gate after me, there will no longer be any going back. People will know that you are helping me, and they will hunt you just like they will hunt me. I cannot give you a peaceful life.”

    Yao Jun turned his head away from Guo Luo and looked at the gate ahead of him. This gate was not just Guo Luo's last chance, it was also his. He knew that he could still turn back, he could leave this city and just focus on returning home. Once he passed through this gate and dyed his hands with the blood of the people inside, there would no longer be a way back for him .

    “What are you even saying at this point? Even if you decided to push me away at this point, I would just chase after you. I no longer have anyone else to rely on, so I don't want to lose you as well, being lonely hurts.”

    Guo Luo did not hesitate, she reached out and gave Yao Jun's hand a hard squeeze as she spoke. She could no longer return to the Guo clan, if she did, she would either get killed immediately or forced to live a life worse than death, even worse than her previous life there.

    If she lost Yao Jun now, she would truly be completely alone. But being alone was lonely, and she had gotten enough of loneliness when she was still living in the Guo clan. Since it was like that, there was no way she was letting Yao Jun go, even if he tried to push her away.

    “Very well. Since that is how you feel, then for as long as you choose to rely on me, I will rely on you in turn.”

    Hearing her response, Yao Jun gave a bright smile and squeezed her hand back. After he finished speaking, a light flashed from his chest, Little Thunder and Sirius appearing next to him.

    Yao Jun did not need to speak. The moment Little Thunder showed up, it let loose a loud roar and charged forwards. It's body clad in lightning, it crashed into the gate of the mansion, completely shattering the door. Yao Jun let go of Guo Luo's hand and they both stepped forward, passing through the gate and into the mansion.
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    Chapter 57: I am here to kill you.

    When Yao Jun and Guo Luo crushed the gate and entered the mansion, everyone in the mansion noticed the situation and reacted. The poor people that had come to sell someone from their family quickly ran to find a place to hide, while the guards and cultivators quickly charged towards the main hall, where the disturbance came from.

    After stepping through the gate, Yao Jun and Guo Luo found themselves in a large hall. The hall was almost 500 meters in every direction, the ceiling being around 300 meters from the floor. The hall was mostly empty, seemingly used to receive guests before taking them deeper into the mansion.

    The sides of the hall had several large pillars that seemed to be placed there just to look extravagant, each pillar being made from white stone and decorated with golden carvings of tigers and dragons. The floor was covered with a red carpet, a myriad of doors lining the walls of the hall.

    At the opposite end of the hall were two staircases made out of polished wood that led up to two balconies that traveled along the walls of the hall. Looking around, Yao Jun couldn't help but shake his head. No wonder no one in the city had enough food or cloth, all the wealth was being spent on making this mansion look luxurious.

    Not long after they entered the hall, the doors that were lining the large hall sprung open, a large amount of guards and cultivators swarming into the hall. The guards were clad in simple leather armor, a standard sword hanging at their waist and a short spear hanging on their backs.

    The cultivators were dressed in blue silk robes decorated with golden strings, the same clothing as the two young men Yao Jun had killed earlier. The guards quickly took up formation, standing in a semicircle in front of Yao Jun and Guo Luo, the cultivators standing behind them like they were looking at a show.

    The guards stood in front of them, pointing their weapons at them, but they dared not step forward or say anything. Little Thunder and Sirius were standing next to Yao Jun and Guo Luo, glaring at the guards. The guards were only normal people, how could they hope to go against two Demonic beasts at the 1st Mortal Earth?

    “May I ask why this excellency has come to my home in such a fashion?”

    While the guards were on the verge of panic, a wizened voice rung out in the hall. After the voice rung out, an old man clad in luxurious, blue silk robes slowly made his way down the staircases at the other end of the hall. The old man's silk robes were decorated with golden threads forming the image of a roaring tiger.

    This was the old man that was at the middle stage of the 1st Mortal Earth that Yao Jun had seen while he was inspecting the mansion. The old man's head was bald in a few spots, only a few tufts of white hair decorating his head. His face was full of wrinkles, almost to the point where it obscured his features. He had a long, white beard that hung down all the way to his chest.

    “No need to be so polite, I have come to kill you.”

    Yao Jun did not waste time, slowly stepping forwards as he spoke, his eyes focused solely on that old man.

    “Shame, an extra friend is always better than an extra enemy. Kill them.”

    The old man spoke with a sigh and shook his head, waving his hand to the guards as he spoke. The youth in front of him was only at the early stage of the 1st Mortal Earth, even though he had two Demonic beasts with him, did he really think that he was invincible?

    The guards and cultivators did not even dare think about not following this old man's orders, immediately charging forward. Little Thunder and Sirius let out low growls and were just about to charge forward when Yao Jun waved his hand and stopped them.


    Yao Jun spoke in a soft voice, his eyes lighting up with a gray light. He pushed forth all his Mental Energy, covering all the guards and cultivators with it. When that single word fell into their ears, it felt like an imperial edict. They immediately stopped their charge and dropped to their knees. None of these people had even reached the 1st Mortal Earth, how could they possibly stand against Yao Jun's Mental Energy?

    “Open a path.”

    Yao Jun opened his mouth again, and the guards and cultivators immediately moved aside before kneeling down again. With Yao Jun's Mental Energy pressing down on their consciousness, they were incapable of standing up no matter how much they tried. This was the first time Yao Jun had truly used his Mental Energy after reaching the 1st Mortal Earth, and he had to admit that it was extremely useful.

    After the kneeling people opened a path for him, Yao Jun continued to walk towards the old man, Little Thunder and Sirius following right behind him. The old man looked at Yao Jun, his entire face quickly turning gloomy.

    The youth in front of him was only clad in a pair of short cloth pants that didn't even fit him properly. The youth was thin, even seeming rather scrawny, his entire body riddled in a myriad of scars. A large green scar in the shape of a dog eating the moon covered a large part of his chest. He looked like a beggar that had just walked off of the streets. But the pressure he brought with him as he slowly walked forwards almost drowned out all thoughts of resistance in the old mans mind.

    “How dare you!”

    The old man shouted out loud in anger, partly at Yao Jun and partly at himself for being scared of a small youth. The old man charged forward, his right arm quickly getting covered in a layer of thick wood. This was the old man's power, the ability to reinforce his body with wood.


    Yao Jun did not underestimate the old man, immediately having Sirius and Little Thunder charge forward. As they were charging forward, a grey light shot out from Yao Jun's chest, Little Gray flying out of the Demon God's Gate and towards the old man.

    Little Thunder was the main force of the attack, using his thick and sturdy body to occupy the old man while Sirius and Little Gray used quick attacks whenever they saw an opening. While the old man was a slightly higher cultivation level than them, he was still only a single person.

    Yao Jun did not stay in the back while his Demonic beasts were fighting, charging in right after them. The old man clad himself in a layer of wood in an attempt to give himself a proper defense. But his defenses were after all only wood. When faced with the claws of Yao Jun's Demonic beasts, or Yao Jun's sword, his defense was nearly useless.

    “Stop! I give up, you can have this city! I'll leave!”

    Since his defense was nearly worthless, the old man was quickly filled with wounds. He decided that his best course of action was to pull back and just let this youth get what it was that he wanted.

    At the same time, he couldn't help but lament his bad luck. This youth not only had three strong Demonic beasts following him, his power also allowed him to control lightning, wind, and Mental Energy. When the old man faced his attacks, there was nothing he could do but try to defend, how had he offended this malignant star?

    “Did I ever say I wanted this city?”

    Little did he expect the youth to continue chasing him, only raising an eyebrow as he spoke. The youth's pitch black sword swung sideways, fast as lightning, and sank into the old man's leg.

    “Then what do you want?!”

    The old man pushed the sword aside and hobbled backwards as he shouted, his power had allowed him to dominate the other people of this town, quickly allowing him to become their ruler. But in front of this youth who had a lower cultivation than him, he had no way of even attacking. Was the disparity between their powers this big?

    “I already said so, I am here to kill you.”

    The youth looked at him like he was an idiot as he spoke. And the old man remembered that he had indeed said so, he came here to kill him.

    “Damn you!”

    While the old man faltered slightly because of his wounds and the youth's words, the large purple and black tiger had made it's way to his side. The old man tried to dodge to the side, but his path was blocked by a wolf with sky blue eyes. He wanted to get out another word, but the tiger did not wait for him, it's jaws clamping down on the old man's head.

    With a crunching sound, the wood around the old man's head cracked and broke apart, the teeth of the tiger sinking into the old man's head with full force, crushing his head shortly after they broke through the wood.
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    Chapter 58: Fight him.

    “Good boys. You all did well.”

    Yao Jun walked over to Little Thunder and gently stroked his head as he spoke. He also didn't worked to praise Sirius and Little Gray as well, gently stroking their heads as he spoke with a smile. While he was stroking their heads, the kneeling guards and cultivators looked at him like he was a monster.

    The three Demonic beast still had blood on their claws, Little Thunder's jaws were even still clamping down on the head of the old man, blood dripping out between it's teeth. But this youth just walked over and started stroking them and praising them.

    “Alright, it's time to go back now. You can take him with you.”

    Yao Jun gave the three Demonic beasts one last pat on the head before he summoned his Demon God's Gate out and called all three back into the gate. The corpse of the old man also disappeared into the gate. Little Thunder and the others could eat the body to slightly strengthen themselves as well as Yao Jun. The same happened when Yao Jun killed one of the two youths after he entered the town, this was just a different way of doing it. Of course, they wouldn't eat any of the old man's treasures, like his interspatial ring.

    After he finished with the old man, Yao Jun turned around and walked back to where Guo Luo was. Standing there, he looked at all the kneeling people, whose backs were now completely covered in cold sweat.

    “You guys, come over here.”

    Yao Jun pointed at a few of the kneeling people as he spoke. When his words fell into their ears, they automatically stood up and walked over to where Yao Jun stood, kneeling down on the ground again in front of him.

    “Please...sir... please, you have to-”

    One of the kneeling men started speaking with a trembling voice, too scared to even raise his head. Before he managed to finish his words, he was interrupted by Yao Jun.


    That single word drilled into the minds of everyone present, forcibly causing them to close their mouths.

    “I have seen what you have done to this town and it's people, I saw what you were doing mere minutes before I entered this place. Do you really think I will spare you?”

    Yao Jun spoke coldly, his eyes emotionlessly looking at the men in front of him. All of the people he pointed out were people he had seen do atrocious things as he was heading towards the mansion. He was certain that there were more people among the other kneeling people that had done atrocious things, but he had not seen them do it, so there was nothing he could do about it.

    If he did not know who had done what, the only other option he had was to kill everyone. This was clearly impossible, as he would be no different from those he was killing at that point, so he could only punish those who he knew were guilty.

    “The rest of you, except for you, can leave, if I found out you have done the same as these people, I will come for you.”

    Yao Jun looked at the rest of the kneeling people as he spoke, his eyes cold and emotionless. The kneeling people felt like they had been pardoned by the god of death, quickly standing up and rushing to leave the mansion.

    After the rest of the kneeling people left, the only ones left in the hall were Yao Jun, Guo Luo, the nine people he had pointed out, and the old man who had a decent amount of Mental Energy. The reason the old man had not left was obviously because Yao Jun had not allowed him to leave.

    Yao Jun made a few swift chops with his sword, beheading five of the kneeling people. After beheading these five people, he quickly took off their interspatial rings before he handed his sword over to Guo Luo.

    “You take care of the rest.”

    Yao Jun pointed at the four people he had left behind as he spoke. He wanted Guo Luo to get used to this as fast as possible, otherwise there was no telling when something could happen to her because of a moment of needless mercy.

    Guo Luo knew what Yao Jun was thinking, so she did not say anything, only giving a strong nod. She said that she would chase him even if he pushed her aside, so how could she falter at this point?

    She took a deep breath before she stepped forward and raised the sword. With a quick downward slice, the first head was separated from it's body. Another three quick cuts followed, and all that remained were nine headless bodies.

    Guo Luo took another deep breath before she handed the sword back to Yao Jun. She once more surprised herself by how easy she found it to kill these people, but she did not dwell on it. This was how things were going to be from now on, finding it easier to kill them would only make it easier on herself.

    “You did good. These things did not deserve to live.”

    Yao Jun took the sword and gently pat Guo Luo on the head, speaking in a soft and gentle voice in an attempt to comfort her. After he comforted her for a short while, he turned to the old man who was still kneeling.

    “You. Lead us to the treasury.”

    Yao Jun's voice rang out again, drilling into the old man's consciousness, forcing him to obey. The old man stood up and started leading Yao Jun and Guo Luo deeper into the mansion. After walking up three flights of stairs, the found themselves in front of a thick metal door covered with a layer of gold.

    The door was not locked, allowing them to easily enter the treasury. The treasury was just a large room with shelves lining up in the entire room. Each shelf was stacked with boxes marked with different plaques, each one engraved with whatever was inside the box.

    Yao Jun did not waste any time. He gave Guo Luo a three interspatial rings and allowed her to fill them with whatever she needed, while he himself took two interspatial rings. After spending nearly an hour going through the entire treasury, Yao Jun and Guo Luo had taken almost half the items from inside the treasury.

    Most of the items they grabbed were Spirit Stones of different grades, as well as some herbs and orbs. Yao Jun took all the herbs, quickly planting them inside his Demon God's Gate. The two of them also found some clothes that they could wear, Yao Jun choosing a blue silk robe decorated with golden lines in the image of a roaring tiger, and Guo Luo choosing a tight fitting, light yellow qipao.

    They did not take any more items from the treasury, leaving them for the townspeople to take. Yao Jun had given them the chance to turn their lives around and live properly, whether or not they would do that, was up to them.

    After leaving the treasury, Yao Jun had the old man follow them back to the deserted main hall. Once they reached the hall again, Yao Jun brought out his sword and handed it to Guo Luo, before pointing at the old man.

    “I want you to fight him. You can kill now, but you still need to learn how to fight properly, how to react properly while stressed.”

    After he finished speaking, Yao Jun released the old man from his control and looked at him coldly.

    “If you try to run, I will kill you. If you kill her, I will kill you.”
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    Chapter 59: Solo fight.

    The old man was lamenting the unfairness of the situation. This girl was going to fight and try to kill him, but if he killed her, he would be killed? The two of them were around the same cultivation level, him being a bit weaker than her. But this girl clearly did not have much fighting experience, if this was a normal fight, he had at least a 70% chance of beating her. But what other choice did he have, he would die if the tried to run away. Maybe he would be spared if he managed to hold on long enough?

    With these thoughts in mind, the old man steeled himself and readied himself, Mental Energy radiating from his body. The reason Yao Jun had Guo Luo fight this old man was not just to have her get better at fighting, it was also so that she could learn how to use her illusions in a fight.

    Guo Luo also took up her stance, holding the sword with both hands as she slowly made her way forward. The Mental Energy from the old man slowly made it's way through the air and into her body, trying it's best to confuse her mind.

    The Mental Energy from the old man was given to him by his power, it allowed him to use his Mental Energy to disrupt his opponents thought process, confusing them and making it hard for them to focus and think straight.

    The moment his Mental Energy made it's way into Guo Luo's body, he dashed forward and used his right arm to punch out. His fist made contact with Guo Luo's abdomen, causing her body to bend forward as she gasped for breath.

    The old man cast a quick glance at Yao Jun after he landed his punch, only upon seeing that Yao Jun's face was still as emotionless as before did he heave a sigh of relief. He immediately punched out sideways with his other fist in an attempt to land a hit on Guo Luo's face, but she managed to move backwards just in time to dodge.

    Guo Luo did not blame Yao Jun for not reacting after she was hit. She knew that this entire fight was to allow her to better protect herself in the future. To ensure that she could protect herself, now was not the time to be soft-hearted, now was the time for tough love.

    After dodging the second punch of the old man, Guo Luo swung the sword in her hands upwards. The old man quickly reacted, pulling back his arm, but he was still grazed by the sword, opening a small wound on his forearm.

    The old man did not pull back his body, he knew that it would be better for him to stay close to Guo Luo. His Mental Energy was still coursing through Guo Luo's body, so he assumed that it was safe to stick close to her. He had just stepped forward when he saw a flash of light coming at him from the left.

    The old man quickly reacted, moving his entire body to the right in an attempt to dodge. While dodging, the old man cast a look at Yao Jun, trying to see whether or not it was him who was interfering. The old man had just moved to the right when he felt a sharp pain in his side. He quickly looked down and saw a black sword cut into the right side of his abdomen.

    Shocked, he quickly pushed away the sword and tried to move backwards. Once he moved backwards a bit, he saw a black sword sweeping towards him from the right. He quickly moved forward and to the left, casting his eyes to Yao Jun once more, but was shocked to feel a sharp pain coming from his left leg.

    Looking down, he turned pale when he saw that very same black sword he had just seen come from the right, stabbed into his left leg, going straight through his thigh. Guo Luo pulled the sword out of his thigh and the old man fell down onto the ground, with a hole in this thigh, it was impossible for him to move.

    While the old man was trying to figure out what had happened, Yao Jun had seen the entire thing clearly. Guo Luo's win was partly because of the opponents carelessness and partly because of her own quick thinking.

    Her opponent was careless as he took his eyes off of Guo Luo once he saw a flash coming from the left, allowing Guo Luo to swing her sword from the right. After this, the old man slightly panicked, so when he pulled back and saw the sword coming from the right, he again took his eyes off of Guo Luo as he dodged forward, allowing her to pierce his leg.

    Had he kept his eyes on Guo Luo, he would have seen that the flash of light, as well as the black sword that came from the right were only illusions that she had momentarily conjured. Guo Luo's quick thinking lay in the fact that she noticed that her opponent took his eyes off her several times in the fight, casting glances at Yao Jun.

    While the old man was shocked, and Yao Jun was analyzing the fight, Guo Luo herself was pleasantly surprised. At the start of the fight she had been confused and even slightly panicked, but she quickly found herself turning increasingly calm and clearheaded, ideas about how best to use her powers flowing into her mind.

    “Good work that was very good for a first fight. Now kill him.”

    Yao Jun stepped forward, giving Guo Luo a few pats on the head as he praised her. After he praised her, he pointed to the bleeding old man. Yao Jun had seen the old man having sex with a 10 year old girl he had just bought, there was no way he would spare him. The only reason he was still alive was so that he could be used as a whetstone for Guo Luo.

    “Be quiet and kneel.”

    The old man was just about to say something when Yao Jun spoke out again, his Mental Energy drilling into the old man's mind. The old man had no way of resisting, quickly closing his mouth and kneeling down where he sat. Guo Luo stepped forward, sword in hand, and made another quick cut, the old man's head quickly separating from his body.


    Yao Jun was just about to talk when he felt a trembling in his chest, from his Demon God's Gate. He was just about to inspect it when he suddenly noticed a stream of Mental Energy leave the corpse of the old man, flowing into Guo Luo's chest.

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