The Demon's Gate

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    Chapter 20: Unfamiliar Land.

    Yao Jun's vision was blanketed by a myriad of colors. His body felt like it was falling, tumbling forwards through a rainbow colored tunnel. The space around him felt thick and congealed, like he was traveling through mud. He had to take deep breaths, to the point where he was practically heaving, there simply didn't seem to be enough breathable air around him.

    He tried to connect his mind with the Garden of Eden, but whenever he tried to move his perception inwards, his mind was assaulted by a horrifying stabbing pain that forced him to abandon his attempt.

    Yao Jun continued to fall like this for a little over one minute. When his consciousness started getting fuzzy from the lack of oxygen, his body seemed to pass through some sort of membrane.

    The myriad of colors that blanketed his vision dispersed, the thick, congealed space around him disappeared, and the air around him turned abundant, he could finally breathe properly. He took a few quick and deep breaths to clear his mind and grasp the situation around him.

    He noticed that he was still falling, the ground quickly approaching. He moved his mind and connected it with the Garden of Eden. A gray light flashed out from his chest and Little Gray materialized below him, catching his body and preventing him from hitting the ground.

    This was something he discovered after his Garden of Eden absorbed Little Gray. If he wanted to summon more than one of the absorbed Demonic beasts at once, he would have to make the gate itself materialize and open. But if he only wanted to summon one Demonic beast, he could just directly materialize it from his chest, without having to summon the gate first.

    Little Gray slowly brought Yao Jun to the ground, before letting him down and standing guard next to him. Yao Jun scanned the surroundings, looking for any signs that would tell him where they had ended up.

    The area around him was still a forest, but the trees were much shorter and sturdier than the trees in the Cloud Wilderness. The trees in the Cloud Wilderness were tall and thin, with vibrant colors and fresh leaves that gave off a breath of life. The trees around him where short and thick, barely reaching above ten meters, with a blackish bark and dark green leaves that were long and narrow, looking like spikes.

    The climate was also different from the Cloud Wilderness. The cloud wilderness was dim because the tree crowns blotted out most of the sunlight, but the surrounding air was still warm and moist. Yao Jun cast his gaze upwards, the tree crowns here were not nearly as dense as they were in the Cloud Wilderness, so he could clearly see the blue sky and shining sun above the trees.

    Yet, no matter how much light the sun shone down on the forest, the forest was still dark and chilly, like it was in the dead of night. Yao Jun retracted his gaze from the sky, scanning the surrounding forest once more.

    He had memorized the encyclopedia of spiritual herbs that the Yao clan branch in Golden Moon town had given him. After that he had even been taught by Yao Qin and Peng Shi, learning about many of the plants that could only be found in the Cloud Wilderness and the surrounding area. Despite knowing so much about herbs and plants, Yao Jun found that he could not identify a single one of the plants he saw, he did not even know what the trees were called.

    “Just where did we end up Little Gray...”

    Yao Jun muttered to himself while he stroked Little Gray's head. Yao Jun stroked Little Gray's head like he wanted to comfort it, but the main reason he stroked it was to calm himself down. He had accidentally stumbled into a natural Spatial Node and ended up in a completely unfamiliar land, to say that he was not nervous, even slightly scared, would be a lie.

    But he also knew that no matter how scared and nervous he was, it was important to stay calm and composed. His father had spent a lot of his time lecturing Yao Jun, teaching him the things that were important to keep in mind while on the battlefield.

    Yao Jun took a few deep breaths to calm his heart, once his heart had calmed down and he gathered his thoughts, he climbed onto Little Gray's back and made him fly up above the trees. No matter what, the first step he had to take was find out exactly where he was, and staying in the forest would not help him with that-

    Little Gray flew out of the forest, but he only flew just above the trees. This way, if they got attacked by something from within the forest, they could quickly ascend to escape. And if they got attacked by something from the air, they could quickly descend into the forest to escape.

    Once they broke through the tree crowns, the darkness dissipated, giving way to a bright day. while the light from the sun removed the darkness, Yao Jun noticed that the air was still chilly, so it was more likely that they had ended up somewhere with a cold climate, rather than just the forest being cold.. Looking down, the forest still seemed to be perpetually dark, like it was pushing away the light from the sun.

    The forest was located at the bottom of a valley, hidden between two mountains that pierced through the heavens, their tops shrouded by clouds. One of the mountains was a strange light green, while the other mountain was a pale white. From Yao Jun's slight vantage point, he found that the forest was surprisingly small, only being slightly larger than his own Garden of Eden, reaching about 15 kilometers in all directions.

    On the wall of one of the mountains, Yao Jun saw a massive cave, the cave entrance alone had a diameter of at least two kilometers. Looking at the cave entrance, Yao Jun felt his entire heart go cold, a feeling of death creeping up on him. He hurriedly averted his gaze, he did not dare to look at the cave for too long, ordering Little Gray to turn around and travel in the other direction.

    It was only a small valley, so despite Yao Jun and Little Gray traveling slowly, they still managed to reach the other mountain in less than half an hour. The mountain was completely barren, devoid of even the smallest straw of grass.

    The mountain was a strange light green color, so Yao Jun initially thought that it was filled with plants and herbs. But as he got closer, he noticed that the light green color stemmed from the mountain rocks themselves. The mountain seemed to be carved out of one large piece of jade. Yao Jun even found that it was slightly warm to the touch.

    Seeing the strangeness of the mountain, Yao Jun was tempted to check out the other mountain and check if it was made out of the same material, only in a different color. Yao Jun shook his head and quickly wiped this thought away as he remembered the large cave located on the other mountain.

    Yao Jun and Little Gray quickly continued onward, flying past the light green mountain. As they passed the mountain, a vast plain opened up in front of them. The plain continued on for as far as the eye could see, small forests and hills scattered all around it.

    Yao Jun scanned the plain, looking for notable landmarks that could indicate where he was. He did not manage to find a notable landmark, but he managed to spot a small town in the distance, so far away that it was slightly blurry to his eyes. Yao Jun nudged Little Gray with his foot, indicating for him to travel towards the little town.
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    Chapter 21: The Desolate Plain.

    Yao Jun and Little Gray flew over the plain, they had not spotted any Demonic beasts in the sky or on the ground, but Yao Jun still didn't dare let Little Gray fly at full speed. The plain beneath them was a dry yellow in color, all vegetation that didn't belong to the few scattered forest seemed to have completely withered.

    The few forests that were scattered around the plain were all of the same type as the forest located in the valley between the two mountains. Short and thick trees with blackish bark and needle like leaves. Yao Jun could see that some of the scattered forests were covered in a strange white thread, but whenever Yao Jun looked at those forests, he would feel an uneasy feeling, so he did not dare investigate further.

    The small town was located quite far from the two mountains, coupled with Yao Jun's slow pace, it was already late in the afternoon when he finally arrived at the outside of the town. The town was even smaller than Yao Jun had originally thought, consisting of only around 30 houses.

    The houses were all made out of a mixture of wood and a type of gray mud that made the wood stick to each other. The roofs were made out of wood and covered with the yellow grass that covered the entire plain. The entire town was surrounded by a large wooden fence that towered above even the houses, seemingly acting like a wall around the entire town.

    The entrance was a simple spiked gate that could be lowered and raised with a rope mechanism that was located inside the town. Next to the entrance hung a plank of wood with the words ZhiZhu Town engraved.

    The town seemed to be completely abandoned. The gate was broken and bent inwards, the fence surrounding the town had been broken and even corroded at the top. The doors to all the houses were completely shattered, some houses even had large holes in the walls.

    Some places the ground had irregular round holes, the earth around these holes had turned a bony and powdery white. Dried bloodstains were spread throughout the entire town, signifying that the town had not been abandoned, but destroyed.

    Yao Jun slowly wandered through the town, Little Gray following right next to him. His eyebrows were knit together as he swept his gaze around the town, taking in all the sights. There were bloodstains all around the town, but he could not find a single body anywhere.

    The bloodstains had dried up long ago, turning a dull brown, so this obviously happened a long time ago. But even if it happened many years ago, there should at least be some bone remnants or decayed bodies, but where was neither. Not only where there no bodies or bones lying around, all the houses were devoid of even the smallest piece of food.

    If it were bandits that swept through the town, Yao Jun would be able to understand why there was no food in any of the houses. But if it were bandits who did it, it would not explain why there were no bones or bodies. If it were Demonic beasts that swept through the town, Yao Jun would be able to understand why where were no bones or bodies, as most Demonic beasts often brought their food with them back to their nests.

    But if it were Demonic beasts who did it, it would not explain why all the houses had been ransacked and all the food taken. Only the food was taken from the houses, none of the simple jewelry or other items that would hold some value were taken. Even the town's graveyard had been dug up, all the bodies removed from their graves.

    Wandering through the town, all Yao Jun felt was a sense of desolation, a dreary loneliness that seemed to seep into his very bones. He quickly finished checking out the rest of the town before climbing onto Little Gray's back and flying out off the town.

    Little Gray slowly brought Yao Jun out off the town and into the sky before it gave a few low chirps, even it felt a dreary sense of sadness and loneliness from that town.

    “it's fine Little Gray, we won't go to any places like that anymore, and besides, it's already too late for either me or Little Thunder to leave you, we are already connected for life.”

    Yao Jun sat down on Little Gray's back and stroked his head as he comforted it. He was connected with Little Gray and Little Thunder through the Garden of Eden, so he could easily understand what they wanted to say, even if they only chirped or roared silently. Yao Jun looked around the plain thinking about what direction to head towards.

    Yao Jun had spent some time wandering through the town, so the sun had begun sinking beneath the horizon, slowly darkening the entire plain. In this darkness, Yao Jun managed to spot a small source of light in the distance, it seemed to be a campfire.

    Yao Jun nudged Little Gray, and they quickly headed in that direction. They flew faster this time, so it only took them a little more than ten minutes to arrive close enough to the light source to properly see it. Yao Jun was rather surprised upon seeing the light source clearly.

    The light source was indeed a campfire, but it was who was sitting by the campfire that surprised Yao Jun. By the campfire sat a lone girl that looked like she was no older than maybe 15 or 16. She had waist long silky black hair, light blue eyes, and healthy skin.

    Her face had an elegant and graceful feel to it, the only word Yao Jun could use to describe her was: Beautiful. She had a slim figure with enticing curves, clad in a tight fitting, sleeveless, black robe that seemed to be made out of a strange type of leather.

    Just meeting someone on this desolate plain was not enough to surprise Yao Jun, but the girl had several special features that Yao Jun had never seen before. On her back she had two folded wings that were covered in black feathers. There were black scales growing on her arm and around her face, and there was even a black lizard tail growing out from just above her rump, going all the way down to the ground.

    Yao Jun didn't have to spend a lot of time thinking to realize that this girl must be from the Demon Race. Demon Race people mostly looked just like normal people, but some could inherit some of the marks of their ancestors. This girl had obviously inherited the likeness of her ancestors, most likely a lizard and bird type ancestor. Yao Jun was also slightly surprised that the scales growing on her body didn't detract from her beauty, but rather gave her a heroic charm.

    “Who's there!?”

    The girl seemed to have noticed that someone was closing in on her as she quickly pulled a sword out of her interspatial ring and shouted towards Yao Jun. She shouted loudly, but it seemed like she wasn't used to shouting at others as her voice was still very soft and pleasant.

    Yao Jun could see that her cultivation was nothing special, about the same as his own, so he had nothing to fear if they ended up fighting. Yao Jun made Little Gray slowly lower his altitude, landing not far from the bonfire.
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    Chapter 22: Wan Yi

    “Who are you? How did you manage to get here? Were you following me? A human like you should not be here, it's dangerous for you people.”

    Before Yao Jun managed to open his mouth, the girl spoke first, firing a small barrage of questions and a warning at him. Yao Jun was slightly at a loss facing her barrage of questions. He knew that Humans and Demons didn't have a good relationship, so he had already prepared to deceive her when he first saw her appearance, but now it seemed like he had already been seen through at first glance.

    “Before I answer anything, would you mind if I take a seat? I have been traveling all day.”

    Yao Jun gave a small smile as he spoke, already walking forward and sitting down by the campfire, face to face with the girl.

    “You can sit there, but you can't come any closer!”

    The girl slightly faltered when she saw him just sit down without even waiting for her to answer, so she waved the sword in her hand around and spoke in a slightly wary voice. She could not sense any ill intent from the boy in front of her, but Humans and Demons have been at war for countless years, so it was best to be cautious.

    “To answer your questions in order. I am Yao Jun, I ended up here by accident, and no, I was not following you. I simply saw the light from your campfire and figured I would ask for directions.”

    Yao Jun took some meat and a branch out from his interspatial ring, quickly creating a makeshift grill skewer that he placed into the campfire. He had yet to eat anything since he started chasing the Shade Monkey that ended up leading him into the Spatial Node, so he was getting hungry.

    “How could you possibly end up here by accident?”

    The girl spoke with an exasperated sigh when she saw him casually take out some meat and start grilling it, did he not know how dangerous this plain's was to humans?

    “I was sucked into a natural Spatial Node and ended up in the valley between those two mountains.”

    Yao Jun took out some more meat and tossed it to Little Gray as he pointed towards the mountains in the distance. As long as Little Gray and Little Thunder were inside the Garden of Eden, they would not need to eat, but if he wanted to keep them outside the Garden of Eden, they would have to eat like normal.

    “You came from ZhiZhu Shen valley? And you made it all the way here?”

    The girl's eyes widened like saucers at his words, before she quickly looked him all over, inspecting every corner of his body.

    “Are you sure you're human?”

    After a short while she couldn't help but ask him, her elders had long since told her about their holy land and how it was impossible for humans to set foot there.

    “I guess I can't really be called completely human”

    Yao Jun found her question rather strange, but once he remembered her earlier warning, it did not take too much thought to realize that this entire area was probably a place that did not allow humans to enter, or at least leave alive. Thinking about it like this, Yao Jun had no choice but to say that he was most likely not completely human.

    His parents had already told him about how his body had been infected with Demon Race energy while he was still in the womb, so from the perspective of humans, he was most likely not considered completely human.

    “Not completely human..... I see, that would explain it.”

    The girl rubbed her chin for a little while as she mulled over his words and studied him, before giving a short nod as she seemed to accept his words. He did indeed have the aura of a human, but there were also traces of Demon Race energy on him, they were simply so hidden that she had not noticed them before.

    “Now then, I have answered your questions, so it is only fair that you answer mine. Which continent is this? Where is the closest city? And what sort of place is this?”

    Yao Jun grabbed the grill skewer and broke it into two pieces, throwing one of the pieces to the girl, before quickly starting to eat his own piece.

    “This continent is called the Guanyu continent, the closest human city is about a weeks march towards the east, and this entire plain is called the ZhiZhu Plains. It is considered a holy place for us Demon Race, but a forbidden ground by the Humans. No human that sets foot into the ZhiZhu Plains gets to walk out alive. The only reason you are still alive is because you can't be considered Human.”

    The girl nibbled the meat as she spoke. She had brought food with her on the journey, but it was mostly dried meat and some vegetables, so some actual meat was a nice change of pace.

    “Guanyu continent? ZhiZhu Plains? Seems like I have no choice but to head towards the cities.”

    Yao Jun sighed and shook his head when he heard her words. He had never even heard of these places before, it seemed like that Spatial Node sent him very far away.

    “Are you looking for anything special? I might know a few things.”

    The girl didn't feel any hostile intentions from him, he even seemed like a rather good guy, sharing his food with her and all, so she didn't mind giving him a little help. Her elders had warned her never to associate with humans, but he wasn't quite human, so it should be fine.

    “Ah, have you ever heard of a place called the Grand Quan Continent? If not, just directing me to a place that sells maps would do. I don't believe I have gotten your name yet either.”

    If the girl had heard about the Grand Quan Continent that he came from, then he would at least know where to start this journey. If she didn't, he would have to first try to find information about the Grand Quan Continent.

    “Grand Quan Continent? It doesn't seem like you come from any of the surrounding continents, at that point, your best shot would be to head to the Xian Province and head to the capital there, Great Xian city, they might have the information you need. My name is Wan Yi”

    Wan Yi had never even heard of the Grand Quan Continent, so she felt slightly silly that she had even bragged that she might know a few things. She did indeed know a lot about the Guanyu Continent, but it was also limited to the Guanyu Continent.

    “Xian Province capital huh? Alright, thanks Wan Yi.”

    Yao Jun gave a short nod at her words before quickly finishing the meat on his skewer and climbing onto Little Gray's back, preparing to head off immediately.

    “You're leaving already?”

    Wan Yi was slightly shocked that he would leave immediately, night had just started falling, most people would at least rest for the night before leaving. Yao Jun came from a completely different continent, so she had also hoped that he would share some stories from that continent with her.

    “I need that information as soon as possible, there are still things I need to accomplish back home.”

    Yao Jun could only shrug his shoulders, he had promised his parents that he would let them return to the main Yao branch with their heads held high, there was no way he could fulfill that promise if he was stuck here.

    “I see, luck be with you then. If you encounter some trouble, you can come to my Geng Province and find me in Xieren City, I might be able to help.”

    Seeing how determined he was, Wan Yi decided that there was no point in trying to convince him, so she only wished him luck. She had a good impression of him, so she didn't see any harm in telling him where he could find her. If he ever did end up coming to her for help, she could even use it as an excuse to get him to tell her stories of the Grand Quan Continent.

    “Hah, don't speak to soon, I have a habit of getting into trouble, so you never know when i'll bring a massive headache to your doorsteps.”

    Yao Jun didn't stand on ceremony, he was in a completely unfamiliar land, so having connections with someone that seemed knowledgeable would be an immense help. He only mentioned that he had a habit of getting into trouble as a joke, but once he mentioned it, he realized that he indeed had that habit. The moment he absorbed the Lightning Tiger and activated his Garden of Eden, his bad luck seemed to pile on.

    “Just make sure you tell me some interesting stories about the Grand Quan Continent as repayment for the headache.”

    Wan Yi spoke the words just as Yao Jun had started flying towards the east, so the only response she got was him waving his hand at her.
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    Chapter 23: Vast Plains City.

    “What do you think Little Gray?”

    Yao Jun sat on the back as they flew away from Wan Yi. After flying a good distance away from Wan Yi, Yao Jun gently stroked Little Gray's head as he spoke. Yao Jun had no enmity with Wan Yi, nor did she give him a feeling like she was out to harm him. She gave him a very nice feeling, like she was someone trustworthy.

    But Yao Jun did not forget that he still had Little Gray and Little Thunder with him. As Demonic beasts, their sense for danger was much stronger than his own, so asking them if she was someone that seemed trustworthy was still something he would do.

    Little Gray gave a short screech, assuring Yao Jun that he did not feel anything off about her. Yao Jun gave a smile as he kept stroking Little Gray's head and indicated for him to increase the speed a little. He and Little Gray and Little Thunder were connected for life now, so he trusted them as much as he trusted himself.

    Wan Yi said that it would take about a week to get to the closes human city, but that was only walking speed. Yao Jun was certain that he and Little Gray could make the trip in only around two days if they sped up just a little.

    Time proved Yao Jun correct. After just over two days of flight, they spotted a city in the distance. Yao Jun beckoned for Little Gray to fly down and land. Once he landed, Yao Jun returned Little Gray to the Garden of Eden, proceeding on foot.

    He could not enter the city with Little Gray, a Demonic beast, following him. If he did, the people in the town would believe that he was someone from the Demon Race and probably end up trying to hunt him down.

    Yao Jun wanted to gather more information, so staying low-key for the moment was the best choice. While he did indeed contain the energy from the Demon Race, it was so well hidden that not even someone from the Demon Race noticed it without checking deeper.

    The city was surrounded by a large stone wall that inscribed with a myriad of different runes. These runes all connected together to form a defensive array that strengthened the toughness of the stone. The city only had two entrances, one on the north side and one on the south side. The entrances were in the form of large steel gates that were wide open during the day, but closed shut during the night.

    There was a large plaque hanging above the gates that read Vast Plains City. The city took it's name from the vast plain that stretched out in front of it, the plain that the Demon Race call ZhiZhu Plains. When Yao Jun arrived, it was only a bit after noon, so there were very few people outside the gate. A quick check by the guards was enough to grant him access into the city.

    The buildings in the town were packed closely together, the roads taking up most of the space. The roads here were at least twice as wide as they were in normal towns, easily fitting 15 men standing shoulder to shoulder. The city was arranged like this to make it easier for the soldiers to move around if the city was ever attacked by Demonic beasts or the Demon Race.

    Yao Jun slowly wandered the streets, focusing his ears and mental energy as much as he could, taking in all the information he could. He used his ears to gather the information that people spoke to each other, while using his mental energy to look at the thoughts that some of the non cultivators or weaker cultivators had. His mental energy was only strong enough to read the thoughts people currently had, and only if they were much weaker than him.

    The city turned out to be a very popular place to visit. Some people visited because they liked the thought that they were at the very edge of Demon Race territory and could see someone from the Demon Race at any moment. Other people visited because this city had something that very few other cities had, slaves.

    Slavery was banned on the continent, but that only meant that they were not allowed to sell humans, the Demon Race was not protected. Yao Jun had walked past several platforms where people who were from the Demon Race were lined up.

    The women were clad in revealing clothing and smothered in make up. The men wore ragged clothing and had obvious bruises and wounds. They were all slightly malnourished, so they were obviously not fed enough. Their gazes were all dull and lifeless, they had already accepted their reality, hoping for nothing but death.

    Every slave had a mark in the shape of a collar drawn around their neck. This mark prevented them from moving and acting freely, even preventing them from killing themselves. Once they were sold, their new owner would gain control over the mark, effectively becoming their god.

    Yao Jun would simply speed up a little as he walked past these platforms. He did not have any relationship with these people, but seeing someone deprived of their freedom and treated like something that was less than even an animal still made him uncomfortable.

    He wanted to help these people, but he wasn't stupid. He was weak, so very weak. If he tried to help them, he would only get himself killed or imprisoned. Many people visited this town for enjoyment, but the city itself still followed a very strict and militaristic set of laws.

    The city was run by a person called Zou Guanting, he was not only the city lord here, but also the commander of the Western Army. The western army defended the entire Shuren Province, the province Yao Jun was currently in, from the Demon Race. Due to this, Zou Guanting enjoyed a very high prestige and commanded a lot of respect.

    Yao Jun found an inn that was located not far from the city center and ordered a room for one night. He was only in the city to buy a map and gather whatever information he could, he had no intention of staying here for too long. After ordering the room, Yao Jun left the inn to buy a map.

    Maps were important no matter where you were, so Yao Jun quickly found a place that sold highly detailed map. The map he bought only the Shuren Province and the five closest provinces, but it was enough to located the Xian province. The Xian Province was the larges province on the Guanyu continent, so many maps would indicate where it was located, even if the map was of a different province.

    After having obtained the map, Yao Jun returned to the inn and sat down in the restaurant, ordering a light meal. He was lucky that this continent also used the same currency as the Grand Quan continent, but he was not considered wealthy, so he had to spend sparingly. The map alone was already considered a luxury that took a heavy toll on his remaining money.

    Sitting in the restaurant, Yao Jun once more strained his ears and mental energy, taking in as much information as he could. Most of the information was useless, often pertaining to things that happened within the town. But at times he would catch some nice tidbits of information.

    The only information Yao Jun obtained that he bothered to keep in mind were three separate pieces of information. One piece of information pertained to the most commonly used road that led to the Xian Province. This road was currently beset by a large number of bandits, so traveling to the Xian Province had become very dangerous.

    The second piece of information was about some ruins located not far from the Xian Province. There was no specific information about the ruins, only the news that some famous disciple from a well known sect had died within it. Yao Jun noted this information because these ruins had apparently been found many years ago, but were still not completely explored. Since so much time had passed without them being fully explored, there was obviously something special about them.

    The third and last piece of information that he bothered remembering were news pertaining to the situation between the Demon Race and the humans. It seemed that the Demon Race had initiated attacks on several cities that bordered their territory. A messenger came with a proclamation that if the humans did not evacuate the area within one year, the Demon Race would launch an attack with the intent to completely decimate the cities.

    After spending the rest of the day gathering information and going over the map he had bought, Yao Jun decided to call it quits. He was only two provinces away from the Xian Province, so if he was lucky he could reach it after a short half month.
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    Chapter 24: Yun Yantian.

    Yao Jun did not want to waste time, he had yet to tell his parents what had happened to him. He did not want them to worry, so unless it was absolutely necessary, he was not planning on telling them that he had been sucked in by a Spatial Node.

    Yao Jun also felt slightly conflicted. He wanted to return home fast, returning to his parents. But at the same time, he suddenly found himself transported to a completely unfamiliar continent. It would be a lie if he said that he was not tempted to take his time and explore this new land.

    In the end, Yao Jun forced himself to focus on getting home. Returning to his parents should be his first priority. At the same time he also comforted himself. If he managed to find a way back to the Grand Quan continent, it would be reasonable to think that there was also a way to return to this Guanyu continent.

    Yao Jun left Vast Plains City in the early morning, only grabbing a quick breakfast at the inn where he was staying. He followed the road for a little while, but after spending around an hour on the road, he stepped off the road and quickly traveled to the side, away from the road.

    Yao Jun quickly found a place that was far enough away from the road, completely out of sight, before calling out Little Gray. If he tried to walk through the two provinces that separated him from the Xian Province, there was no telling how much time he would spend on the road.

    Riding Little Gray would be a slight risk, but Yao Jun was not too worried about being spotted. Little Gray could fly high enough to allow him to escape most human eyes, and even if someone saw him, they would only think that it was a bird. Humans that could fly as high as a Mist Eagle were very few in number, so Yao Jun was also not worried about meeting anyone else.

    Riding on Little Gray, flying high above the world was an exhilarating feeling. Yao Jun could see everything beneath him, the cities and towns, the forests, lakes that shimmered like crystals, even the clouds were beneath him. While Yao Jun was flying, he forgot about everything else. All that mattered was the vast landscape beneath him, and the endless blue skies around him.

    This was the first time Yao Jun had ever felt this free and unrestrained. Up in the skies he felt like he was a king overlooking the entire world, he could almost get drunk on this feeling alone. Little Gray was also ecstatic as it was flying. It was after all a Mist Eagle, a Demonic beast that roamed the skies.

    While they were in the Cloud Wilderness, it was forced to either stay close to the ground or even on the ground. After they got transported to ZhiZhu Plains, it was also forced to fly close to the grounds, as there was no telling what could be lurking in the skies. But here, it could fly as high as it's heart desired, touching the dome of heaven.

    Yao Jun had gathered a lot of information, so he knew that the skies of Guanyu continent were nearly devoid of Demonic beasts. Even the forests and wildernesses were almost devoid of Demonic beasts. The reason behind this was that most of the Demonic beasts gathered in the locations where the Demon Race resided.

    People from the Demon Race had a connection with Demonic beasts, often stemming from them sharing a common ancestor. The only difference was that while the ancestors of the Demonic beasts were two Demonic beasts, the ancestors of the Demon Race were a human and a Demonic beast. When a Demonic beast cultivated to a high enough level, it could expend a bit of power to take on a human form, allowing it to integrate into society. A child born between such a Demonic beast and a human, would end up as a person from the Demon Race.

    Yao Jun rode Little Gray for several days, bypassing both provinces that separated him from the Xian Province, before finally landing a few kilometers away from the road and getting off of Little Gray. Little Gray was a Mist Eagle, continuous flying was no problem for it. It could even keep flying for several more days straight, bringing Yao Jun directly to Great Xian City.

    The reason Yao Jun made Little Gray land and then returned him to the Garden of Eden, was because the Xian Province was the largest province on the Guanyu continent. The Xian Province was a hot spot for cultivators and mortals alike, there was no telling who was hiding out here. If he accidentally got spotted by a strong cultivator, it would be far too late for regrets, so Yao Jun decided to walk the rest of the way.

    Yao Jun gently rubbed Little Gray's head for a bit, feeding him some of the meat that he had stored away. Yao Jun knew that Little Gray was capable of flying long distances without stopping, but that did not know that he enjoyed doing it. Before he sent Little Gray back to the Garden of Eden, he made him hold on to a little bit of meat and gave him explicit orders to give it to Little Thunder.

    Ever since they arrived on Guanyu continent, Little Thunder was forced to stay inside the Garden of Eden, while Little Gray got to spend large amounts of time in the outside world. The Garden of Eden could be considered rather large, but it was after all only so big. Little Thunder would probably quickly get tired of spending so much time inside it, so giving him some meat to keep him calm would be fore the best.

    Yao Jun did some stretches, loosening up his body, before he started the trek towards Great Xian City. After spending a bit of time walking, Yao Jun reached the road he had seen from the sky. Yao Jun knew that this was the main road, following this road would take one through all the major cities in the Xian Province. Yao Jun could just follow this road, and sooner or later he would end up reaching Great Xian City.

    Yao Jun walked with a brisk pace, stopping every few hours to get a bit of rest. Thanks to him meditating and cultivating while he was resting, he did not need to worry about getting tired. Cultivating would make his body absorb the surrounding Raw Qi, slowly improving his strength and refreshing his body. Like this, Yao Jun could keep a constant pace, even walking during the night.

    Yao Jun had only been walking for three days when he spotted a group of people fighting ahead of him. Yao Jun had already heard that the road to the Xian Province had a lot of bandits, so he was rather surprised that it took him an entire three days to find any bandits.

    What Yao Jun didn't know was that while the road to the Xian Province had a lot of bandits, the Xian Province itself did not have that many bandits, only a few groups that were spread out across the entire province.

    Yao Jun looked at the group that was fighting, weighing his options. On one hand, he was in need of money, so fighting the bandits and robbing them would solve that issue. From what he could see, none of the bandits had reached the 1st grade, so they were no threat to him.

    The only worry he had was the sheer amount of bandits. There were 13 bandits from what he could see, 13 bandits besieging one youth clad in a dark purple robe. The youth had only reached the same cultivation level as Yao Jun, but he seemed very proficient at fighting, so he managed to keep the bandits at bay.

    If he decided to join the fray, even if he teamed up with the youth, it was uncertain if they could kill all the bandits without taking some injuries. Yao Jun slowed his pace as he was weighing his options, uncertain whether he should join in.

    While he was making up his mind, he suddenly heard a loud laugh. Startled, Yao Jun looked ahead to see that the youth clad in purple was running towards Yao Jun at full speed, bandits right behind him.

    «Ahahaha! Sorry brother, but i could really use some help here!»

    The youth ran all the way to Yao Jun's side before stopping and catching his breath. The youth had a chiseled face, looking very manly and rugged. He had chestnut brown hair that was much shorter than Yao Jun's, only reaching down to his ears. His eyes were a bright green and his face carried a simple and honest, yet bright grin.

    «Names Yun Yantian. I'll treat you to some good drinks once this is over.»

    The youth, Yun Yantian spoke with a grin as he laughed and readied his sword, a sharp air radiating from his entire body. Yao Jun was stunned as he looked at the youth. He could do that? Just drag the trouble to him? He resisted the urge to curse at the youth as he pulled out his own sword and faced the bandits. Lightning crackled around Yao Jun's body, and his black pupils lit up with a dim gray light.
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    Chapter 25: Traveling Together.

    Yun Yantian was almost out of ideas. He just wanted to get to Great Xian City to explore the mystic ruins that were located not far from the city. When he first heard about the ruins, learning that it hadn't been completely conquered despite being found so long ago, it had ignited his fighting spirit. What if he managed to completely conquer them, grabbing whatever treasures were left over?

    He had set out almost immediately, traveling day and night to get to the Xian Province. But he found himself delayed time and time again, bandits besieging him wherever he went. He couldn't even shake them off, they just kept following him, growing larger each time.

    Today he had been surrounded by 15 of them, they had even brought their leader. Most of these bandits only had minor powers that were close to useless in combat. At best giving them slightly stronger bodies or senses, but their leader had a proper power, the power to strengthen and push his bones out of his body and use them as weapons and shields.

    Yun Yantian could kill the minor bandits, sustaining just a few injuries in the process. But if he had to fight their leader at the same time, the odds were much higher that he would sustain heavier injuries, forcing him to cut his journey short and return home.

    Yun Yantian was at wit's end when he suddenly spotted someone out of the corner of his eye. On the road not far from him stood a carefree youth that seemed to be around his age. The youth was clad in an emerald green robe and seemed to be a little over 1.80, with black hair that cascaded down his back. He had black eyes that seemed to see right through Yun Yantian, at his waist hung a simple metal longsword. The sword was full of small scrapes, but it was polished and cleaned, so Yun Yantian could see that this sword obviously meant a lot to this youth.

    Yun Yantian thought that the youth would rush over and aid him, but he was slightly stunned when he saw the youth standing there with a pondering expression. He was obviously weighing his options! Yun Yantian could see that the youth had almost reached the 9th level of the 1st grade, so if they worked together, these bandits would be no problem.

    Yun Yantian didn't need to think for too long, a grin forming on his face. He moved backwards, away from the bandit he was currently fighting, and started sprinting towards the youth while shouting at him.

    “Ahahaha! Sorry brother, but i could really use some help here!”

    Yun Yantian could see that the youth was shocked at his shout, even looking at him like he wanted to curse all his ancestors, but he still drew his sword. When the youth drew his sword, Yun Yantian silently drew a cold breath. The youth drew his sword, purple lightning crackling on his body, the air around him suddenly turning sharp. Yun Yantian even felt a sense of danger as he looked at the youth.

    “Names Yun Yantian. I'll treat you to some good drinks once this is over.”

    Yun Yantian gave a short greeting, the bandits were already closing in, so there wasn't time to do a proper greeting. The youth glanced sideways at him. His black eyes had gotten a gray tint, like they were filled with gray smoke. Seeing those eyes, Yun Yantian had the feeling that all his secrets were laid bare.

    “Names Yao Jun, those drinks better be the best drinks I have ever had.”

    Hearing the youth's reply, Yun Yantian couldn't help but laugh. He really liked frank and easy going people like this Yao Jun, they were people that were worthy of becoming his friends.

    The bandits finally caught up to them, attacking them all at once. Yao Jun didn't waste any more time talking, he simply dove right into the group of bandits, his sword shimmering with the power of lightning. The bandits around him seemed disoriented, their eyes glazed over, some of them even started attacking each other.

    Yun Yantian didn't waste any time either, his eyes quickly turning serious as he dove in after Yao Jun. Yao Jun dealt with over half of the bandits, so it was obviously Yun Yantian's job to take care of the bandit leader and the rest.

    Without the support of his minions, the bandit leader stood no chance against Yun Yantian. Yun Yantian fought swiftly and gracefully, Yao Jun couldn't help but exclaim in awe as he glanced over. Yao Jun had no trouble with the bandits, they were all to weak to withstand his illusion attacks, swiftly sinking into a disoriented state, he had plenty of time to check out Yun Yantian's fight.

    Yun Yantian fought with a sword, just like him, but Yao Jun had to admit that he was far inferior to this Yun Yantian. Yao Jun had no proper teacher, only some advice from his father and whatever he managed to learn on his own. His sword style could be called rough and clumsy. But this Yun Yantian, his blade flowed like the wind, bending and striking at blind spots with blinding speed.

    While he was looking at Yun Yantian's fight, Yao Jun simultaneously made short work of the bandits around him. They only had weaker powers that allowed them to temporarily enhance one aspect of their body, under Yao Jun's illusions, they could not even activate their powers before they died.

    Yun Yantian didn't have any problems on his end either, the bandit leader had a tough defense because of his bone armor, but he was too slow to threaten Yun Yantian. Without his minions to tie down Yun Yantian, Yun Yantian was free to attack and withdraw as he saw fit, quickly decimating the rest of the bandit minions, leaving only the bandit leader, who was quickly dispatched.

    Yao Jun observed the way Yun Yantian fought with the bandit leader, he could learn a lot from the way Yun Yantian fought. Yun Yantian also seemed to have a very interesting power. He would stab his sword through the openings in the bone armor, he would then let go of the sword and pull back. The sword that was stabbed into the bandit leader would then suddenly dissipate, a new one swiftly appearing in Yun Yantian's hands.

    ”Hahaha, Brother Jun I thank you for your aid, you have truly done me a great favor.”

    The sword in Yun Yantian's hand dissipated after he killed the bandit leader. He turned around and gave Yao Jun a wide grin as he laughed. He knew that Yao Jun could have simply chosen to run away after Yun Yantian brought the bandits over. But he didn't, he stayed and fought, this instantly gave Yun Yantian a good impression of Yao Jun.

    “You could have finished all of them yourself, so it can't be counted as me doing you a great favor.”

    Yao Jun gave a smile as he responded. He could see that Yun Yantian was an honest and frank person, saying whatever was on his mind. A person like this was very easy to get along with. He could also feel a strong power from Yun Yantian's body, so it was obvious that Yun Yantian could kill all the bandits without Yao Jun's help.

    “I could have finished them but I would end up rather injured, and that would force me to cut my journey short.”

    Yun Yantian sifted through the belongings of the bandits as he spoke, pulling out several leather pouches that the bandits had hidden away within their leather armor. He gathered up a total of 15 leather pouches, even picking up the pouches from the two bandits he had killed earlier, and threw them at Yao Jun. The pouches gave off a metallic ringing noise as Yao Jun caught them, they were obviously filled with coins.

    “These are yours Brother Jun. You seem to be heading to Great Xian city?”

    Yun Yantian frankly questioned Yao Jun, asking a traveler for their destination would be considered rude by some people, but he simply didn't care, he wanted to live his life doing whatever he wanted.

    “Indeed, I have quite an interest in buying a few things within the city.”

    Yao Jun took the pouches and stored them into his interspatial ring, he was indeed very light on money right now. Yao Jun didn't think that his destination was something that needed to be hidden, countless people traveled to Great Xian City every day. Compared to them, he was just a drop in the ocean.

    “Excellent. Then allow me to travel with you! We can drink and share stories as we walk.”

    Seeing him accept the pouches and nod his head, Yun Yantian grinned and patted him heavily on the back as he started walking. He had been traveling alone for several months already, finding someone who seemed very similar to himself that agreed to travel within was a great joy.
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    Chapter 26: Finding a friend.

    Yao Jun and Yun Yantian started walking, they only had to follow this road to get to Great Xian City, so there was no need to pay too much attention to where they were walking. Yun Yantian took out a waterskin from his interspatial ring and threw it at Yao Jun.

    “Here you go, that's the best wine in all of Endless Waves Continent. I promised you some good drinks, so I might as well take out the best.”

    Yun Yantian spoke about the wine with great flair and passion, seemingly very proud about it. Yao Jun brought the waterskin to his lips and drank some of the wine. The wine was light and fruity, drinking it made one feel like one was drinking the nectar of the gods. Yao Jun failed to control himself and quickly took several big gulps, he could easily see why Yun Yantian was so passionate about this wine.

    “Alright, alright. Calm down already, leave some for poor old me.... Fucking hell, one would think that you haven't had anything to drink for several years with the way you are chugging it. Have some finesse and grace, grace I say.”

    Yun Yantian quickly snagged the waterskin from Yao Jun's hands when he saw how he was chugging it. Feeling how light the waterskin suddenly got, he couldn't help but curse out and shoot a glance at Yao Jun. This wine was expensive okay? Can't you have some grace when you drink it?

    “Aren't you the one who told me that you would treat me to some good drinks, yet now you say that I can't even drink my fill, where is your heart?”

    Yao Jun put on a wronged expression as he looked at Yun Yantian. He could tell that Yun Yantian had a rather strange personality, if he didn't he wouldn't have dragged the bandits to Yao Jun. But he could also tell that Yun Yantian was a very frank and straight forward type of person. A person like this was very easy to get along with, so Yao Jun immediately felt a connection with him.

    “My heart is wherever my wine is. So what brings you to Great Xian City? Since you said that you had some things that you wanted to buy, it doesn't seem like you are planning to explore the mystic ruins.”

    Yun Yantian drank a bit more wine before passing the waterskin back to Yao Jun. Since they were going to travel together for a few days, getting to know each other was a good idea. Yun Yantian also had an interest in Yao Jun, Yao Jun seemed like a very carefree person that lived however his heart told him to, such a person would always make a good friend.

    “I need maps. I got sucked into a Spatial Node and transported to this continent. Without maps, I won't even know which direction I should head towards to get back home.”

    Yao Jun drank some more wine as he shrugged his shoulders and explained. There was no need to keep his origins hidden. There were many people who liked to travel the entire world, visiting many different continents. Yun Yantian's own words even implied that he was from a different continent, the Endless Waves continent.

    “How is your luck that shit? First you get sucked up by a Spatial Node, and then you get attacked by bandits, isn't your luck a little too bad?”

    Yun Yantian gawked at Yao Jun's words. Most Spatial Nodes were rather small, rarely growing bigger than one meter in diameter. They were also easy to spot as the area around them would be completely empty. Yet he was sucked up by one?

    “And just who's fault is it that I was attacked by bandits?”

    Yao Jun passed the now empty waterskin back to Yun Yantian as he gave him a glare. Yun Yantian simply stored away the waterskin and pulled out a new one, drinking his fill of wine as he nonchalantly looked away.

    Yao Jun and Yun Yantian traveled together, but they slowed down their pace, no longer walking through the night, instead finding a nice place to set up a camp and chat.

    Yao Jun told Yun Yantian about where he came from and about his life, while Yun Yantian told Yao Jun about himself. Yao Jun had indeed guessed correctly, Yun Yantian came from the Endless Waves Continent.

    The Endless Waves Continent was actually just a large group of islands that were located on the ocean next to Guanyu Continent. The continent was located in a very stormy part of the ocean, so the islands were battered by a large amount of waves, giving the continent it's name. The ocean surrounding the continent were also home to several types of underwater Demonic beasts, so many of the people that made their homes on the islands lived under constant threat, not knowing if their next venture onto the water would be their last.

    If they kept their original speed, it would only have taken them about five days before the arrived at Great Xian City. But since they slowed down after grouping together, they had only managed to travel a bit over half the way after four days.

    Yao Jun pulled his sword out from a bandits chest, the leather armor covering his body had offered him no protection from Yao Jun's sword. There were several other corpses on the ground around him. Some were hacked apart, while others had large burn wounds.

    Not far away from him stood Yun Yantian, sword in hand as he fought against a few other bandits, his blade flowing freely like the wind. He was surrounded, but his sword managed to keep most of the bandits at bay.

    Yao Jun had just finished killing the ones that were attacking him, but Yun Yantian was a bit slower. The main reason behind this was that Yao Jun had the advantage in power. He could use the Mist Eagle's illusions to confuse and disorient the bandits, while the Lightning Tiger gave him a massive boost to attack speed. In grace and fluidity he could not compare to Yun Yantian, but the lightning element was renowned for it's speed, so Yun Yantian could not compare to Yao Jun when it came to attack speed.

    Yao Jun looked on as Yun Yantian fought against the bandits. If it looked like he needed help, Yao Jun would interfere, but if he looked at ease, Yao Jun would just watch, that was the agreement they had made. Yun Yantian undertook this journey to grow stronger, so constantly being helped by Yao Jun would not be good for him.

    Yun Yantian managed to find an opening in one of the bandits defense, swiftly stabbing out with his sword. The sword pierced cleanly through the bandit's throat, ending his life with one swift stroke. Yun Yantian didn't notice that the stab had opened a hole in his own defense, giving one of the bandits a clear path to his back.

    The bandit obviously saw this, swiftly moving forward and slashing down with his saber. Yao Jun who was watching this from the sidelines would obviously not allow this to happen. His eyes lit up with a gray fog and the bandit's mind suddenly fogged up, his vision blurring. With his vision blurry and his mind cloudy, he suddenly moved his saber sideways, slashing open a large gash on the chest of the bandit next to him.

    The slashed bandit quickly fell backwards, large amounts of blood dripping out from the wound. With a wound like that, he would not be able to live for much longer than a minute. After slashing open his comrade, the bandit with the saber twisted the blade in his hand, burying it deeply into his own chest. When the bandit stabbed himself in the chest, Yao Jun's mind control stopped and the bandit regained his clarity. The bandit threw his terrified eyes towards Yao Jun, seemingly wanting to say something, but the words got stuck in his throat and he fell over dead.

    Ever since arriving on the Guanyu continent, Yao Jun had used the powers of the Mist Eagle much more than he did while in the Cloud Wilderness. His control over his mental powers quickly rose as he became more accustomed to using them. Controlling people weaker than him was no longer a problem for him. He could even use his mental powers to completely destroy a weaker persons spiritual sea, turning them into a retard.

    “Haha, I knew from the moment I saw you that you would be my lucky star Brother Jun, you saved my back once more.”

    Yun Yantian quickly finished the rest of the bandits. The bandits were already terrified and exhausted from just fighting with Yun Yantian, seeing Yao Jun standing at the side, they immediately gave up any more ideas of fighting and fled.

    “I'm your lucky star huh? Does that make you a malignant star? I managed to get all the way to the Xian Province with no problems, but the moment I meet you, I get attacked at every corner. Are you sure you aren't a jinx?”

    Yao Jun scavenged through the corpses, picking up anything valuable. What he said could be considered to be a joke, but he was starting to suspect it being real. He had been traveling with Yun Yantian for four days, and they had already been attacked by bandits five times already. It seemed that after Yao Jun and Yun Yantian killed the bandit leader a few days back, some other group of bandit had started targeting all the money they scavenged off of the corpses.

    “You can't blame that on me, you should blame it on you being so wealthy. If you look at it like that, it becomes positive.”

    Yun Yantian spoke with a laugh as the sword in his hand dissipated. Yao Jun had saved his life a few times during the bandit attacks, so he felt that choosing to befriend this man was a very smart choice. He had also seen Yao Jun fight several times, and every time he did, he could not help but sigh in awe. Yao Jun's fighting style was rough and unpolished, but Yun Yantian could see that his fighting style was growing more and more refined with each battle. If it kept going like this, it wouldn't be too long before Yao Jun was his equal in sword technique.
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    Chapter 27: My heart is clear.

    Yao Jun and Yun Yantian traveled together for a few more days, the frequency of the bandit attacks only increasing, until they suddenly stopped one day. When the bandit attacks stopped, Yao Jun couldn't help but feel that it was a shame. These past few days of fighting had worked wonders on his combat strength, allowing him to raise his proficiency with his powers.

    Yun Yantian explained that the bandit attacks stopped because they were getting close to Great Xian City. No bandits dared to attack anyone in the vicinity of Great Xian City, if they were discovered by the guards while attacking someone, their ending would not be pretty.

    The area around the road had also changed after these few days of walking. When Yao Jun first stepped onto the road, the surrounding area was mostly forests and tall hills as far as the eye could see. The forests and hills slowly gave way to a vast plain covered in smaller villages and some spread lakes.

    Since the area around them was now mostly flat, they could see much further than the could before, allowing Yao Jun to see the structures in the distance. In the distance straight ahead of them, Yao Jun could see large metal walls rising upwards into the sky. Yun Yantian knew that these walls were the defensive bulwark of Great Xian City.

    Yao Jun turned his head sideways, looking at an area to the east of the city. The area was dominated by a massive grey stone tower that stretched all the way into clouds. The tower was simple and unadorned, built out of what seemed to be normal stone. The tower seemed ancient and decrepit, but it still stood tall, it's spire proudly piercing the heavens.

    Yun Yantian had explained to him what this tower was. This tower was the old abode of an ancient cultivator who had had reached an unfathomable level of power. It had already stood outside Great Xian City for several hundred years, but it had yet to be completely explored and conquered, no one had managed to get that ancient cultivator's full inheritance.

    Getting closer to the city, Yao Jun managed to get a clearer look at it. The walls towered above the people walking below them, reaching around 50 meters in height and almost three meters in thickness. The entire outside of the walls were full of red and white markings that connected together at different points. These markings were defensive arrays, strengthening the walls and allowing them to resist most attacks.

    The entrance to the city was a massive gate that seemed to be made out of a strange type of black metal. The outside of the gate was mostly empty, only a few spread groups of people coming or going through the gate. Everyone who entered or left the city had to line up and pass through a gap between two bone pillars that towered almost five meters into the air.

    The bone pillars seemed to be made out of a single five meter long bone. Carved into the shape of a pillar and inscribed with a plethora of runes and arrays that twisted around the entire pillar, looking like snakes and dragons.

    “What are those bone pillars?”

    This was the first time Yao Jun had ever seen anything like this. Even when he was a child and lived in the main branch of the Yao Clan had he not seen anything like those bone pillars. The bone pillars seemed to radiate an ominous presence, he did not doubt that they came from a completely monstrous Demonic beast.

    “Those are the city's Anti-Demon Pillars. If any Demonic beast or Demon Race person were to try and pass through them, the runes would light up with a red light, alerting everyone.”

    Yun Yantian spoke nonchalantly, not noticing that Yao Jun's expression suddenly turned solemn. Yao Jun was uncertain if the pillars would react to him. His parents were humans, but his body had still been invaded by the powers of the Demon Race. The girl from the Demon Race, Wan Yi, said that he could not be considered completely human, so Yao Jun was worried that the pillars would react to him. If they did, buying the maps he needed would instantly become harder.

    Yun Yantian and Yao Jun were getting closer and closer to the bone pillars. Yun Yantian had his hands behind his head and had a carefree look on his face. Yao Jun did his best to look as nonchalant and indifferent as he could, but he was already circulating all his Qi into the Garden of Eden, prepared to call out Little Gray and flee at any moment.

    Next to the gate stood four guards clad in full armor. The armor was made out of a strange, dull gray metal that seemed to be rough and coarse to the touch. The guards looked at the bone pillars with a bored expression. To the guards of this city, guarding next to these pillars was one of the most boring jobs they could get. They could not leave nor move, standing next to these pillars for hours on end.

    Yun Yantian nonchalantly walked through the two bone pillars, even giving the four guards a short nod. He noticed that the sound of Yao Jun's footsteps had slowed down, so he turned around to check on him, only to see Yao Jun slowly stepping into the space between the pillars, a bit of sweat dripping from his forehead.

    “What's the matter Brother....”

    Before Yun Yantian could finish his sentence, he was shocked to see the runes on the pillars light up with a red glow that pierced towards the heavens. The red glow was blindingly bright, stabbing into Yun Yantian's eyes and heart. He had never expected that the person he had been traveling with and called brother was a person from the Demon Race, the enemy of the Human Race. For a second he didn't even know how to react.

    “Haah, so it really came to this...”

    Yao Jun only heaved a heavy sigh as he saw the pillars light up. With this, it was now impossible for him to enter the city and get his hand on the maps, he might even be hunted by the people from the city.

    “I'm sorry Brother Yantian, but it seems like this is as far as we can go together, goodbye.”

    Yao Jun cupped his hands at Yun Yantian, before a gray light shot out from his body and manifested as a Mist Eagle. The guards were stunned upon seeing the pillars light up and were a bit slow to react, but seeing the Mist Eagle appear next to Yao Jun, they immediately sprung into action.

    “Demon Race! Kill him!”

    “Prepare the net, don't let him get away!”

    Three of the guards immediately unsheathed their swords charged at Yao Jun, while the fourth guard pulled out a crystal and poured his Qi into it. When the Qi entered the crystal, a bright light was emitted by it and strings of yellow light shot out of it, forming a net that covered the sky above Yao Jun. The net was falling downwards towards Yao Jun, he calculated that it would probably only take it around 20 seconds before it completely blocked his escape path.

    Normally, 20 seconds would be nothing to Yao Jun. But right now he was being attacked by three guards that were blocking his path, he couldn't even use Little Gray to fly into the air to escape as the net was above him. Yao Jun tried to use his mental powers to disorient the guards, but when he did, a white cover of light appeared on their armor, completely shutting out his mental powers.

    Yao Jun took a deep breath and pulled out his sword, if mental energy didn't work, he would just have to cut his way out. Little Gray turned into a gray light and returned to his chest, a purple light flying out immediately afterwards. The purple light turned into a Lightning Tiger that followed Yao Jun to charge at the guards.

    Yao Jun clashed with one of the guards while Little Thunder clashed with a second. Yao Jun's heart sank when he clashed with the guard. The guard was only around his level of power, only reaching that level of power by training his body, but the guards armor was exceedingly strange. Yao Jun's sword couldn't even put a scratch on the armor, giving the guard free reign to ignore defending and focus on attacking.

    Little Thunder wasn't doing much better than Yao Jun. Little Thunder's lightning was incapable of piercing through the guards armor, and it's physical power was only enough to push the guard backwards. The third guard helped the second guard in suppressing Little Thunder, several large gashes quickly appearing on it's body, dying it's fur a bloody red.

    Yao Jun's heart bled as he watched Little Thunder bleed. Little Thunder was the first Demonic beast he had absorbed, it could even be said that it had followed him ever since he truly stepped onto the path of cultivation. Little Thunder and Little Gray weren't Demonic beasts to Yao Jun, they were brothers.

    Yao Jun grit his teeth and circulated his Qi into the Garden of Eden, forcing Little Thunder to turn into a ray of purple light and fly back into his chest. He didn't know what would happen to the Garden of Eden if he ended up dying here, but he could only place his hopes on the Garden of Eden being an actual place, not just a separate space created by his powers.

    The two guards immediately charged towards Yao Jun after Little Thunder disappeared. They would only need to hold Yao Jun down for another 10 seconds. After that, the net would fall down and trap him there, allowing them to capture and interrogate him. Yao Jun grit his teeth and allowed the guard that he was currently fighting to land a hit on his shoulder, giving Yao Jun the chance to deliver a kick to the guards legs, sending him tumbling to the ground.

    He had found that the guards had ridiculous defense, but their speed and flexibility left much to be desired. Yao Jun was just preparing to face the two guards and do whatever it took to open a path when he suddenly heard a sigh from behind him. After the sigh sounded, two swords flew past his head, going directly towards the eye holes in the guards armor.

    While the guards stopped to raise their swords and defend, Yao Jun felt someone grabbing his arm and dragging him away. Turning around, he saw Yun Yantian holding onto his wrist, dragging him away from the guards and the city, breaking away from the net.

    “Summon the Mist Eagle again! Our only chance is to reach the mystic ruins before anyone else comes after us!”

    Before Yao Jun had the time to say anything, Yun Yantian barked out an order, two more swords appearing in his hand. The swords quickly flew out of his hand and charged at the guards, floating in front of them and holding them back. Yao Jun shook himself out of his daze, he had no other choice but to trust Yun Yantian now, Little Gray quickly flying out of his chest. Yao Jun and Yun Yantian quickly hopped onto Little Gray's back and Little Gray flew up into the air, heading towards the large tower in the distance.

    “Haah, I've truly done it now. If Uncle finds out about this, there is no telling for how long I will be grounded.”

    While they were flying towards the tower at full speed, Yun Yantian sighed and shook his head. The guards wanted to chase them, but how could their running speed compare with a Mist Eagle's flying speed? All they could do was send a message to their superiors and await their orders.

    “Why would you help me, it'll be impossible for you to enter the city now.”

    Yao Jun was happy that Yun Yantian decided to help him, even though all signs pointed to him being from the Demon Race, but at the same time he could not understand why he would help him. Him helping Yao Jun could very easily end up with him being branded a traitor to the Human Race.

    “Well firstly, I never really needed to enter the city, I only figured it would be nice to stock up on some more provisions before I entered the mystic ruins. Secondly, I already called you Brother Jun, and you even called me Brother Yantian. You have even protected my life a few times over these past few days. I can also tell that you are very similar to me, serious, yet carefree. Vicious, yet kind. If I just abandoned a friend like that, I would be no better than a beast.”

    “I will live my life the way I want to. I will save those I want to save, kill those I want to kill. If people refuse to accept my choices, they are not people I need to care about. So what if I am branded a traitor, with a brother by my side, no enemy will ever stop me. I will live my life with a free heart and a clear mind.”

    Yun Yantian spoke passionately, even beating his own chest as he spoke. Yao Jun could not help but feel touched, Yun Yantian had after all practically abandoned his everything just to help Yao Jun.

    “It seems I really underestimated Brother Yantian's free spirit, having a brother like you can be considered my life's greatest fortune.”

    Yao Jun spoke with a smile, patting Yun Yantian as he spoke. He had said goodbye to Yun Yantian when the pillars lit up because he believed that Yun Yantian would certainly leave him to his fate. Favoring to follow the customs of killing everyone from the Demon Race instead of helping him.

    “It's fine, just treat me to some good wine and i'll forgive you. Good brothers need to drink good wine after all..... You should tell the Mist Eagle to go down over there, at the base of the tower.”

    As they talked, they had already gotten close to the large tower. There was no one behind them yet, but there was no telling if they were being pursued or not so they couldn't let their guards down. They landed in front of the large tower entrance. There was no one located in front of the tower entrance, the mystic ruins had been here for so long that it was mostly just a few people every year that entered it.

    The entrance to the tower was a simple wooden door with the carving of a sword decorating most of it. Yao Jun gave Little Gray a few herbs and meat that it could bring back into the Garden of Eden and give to the wounded Little Thunder. Staying inside the Garden of Eden would slowly heal him, but the herbs would help speed up the process.

    Yao Jun and Yun Yantian both entered the tower through the door. Passing the door, they entered a round room that was completely empty. The floor of the room was covered in many interconnected lines, forming a large array. Yun Yantian had already explained that this was the array that would lead them into the mystic ruins, it was also the only entrance.

    Yun Yantian took out a few Spirit Stones and placed them in certain spots on the formation. When the last Spirit Stone was placed down, the formation suddenly lit up with a pale white light that enveloped Yao Jun and Yun Yantian. Yao Jun felt the space around him congeal and twist, before the world in front of him turned black and he was transported away.
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    Chapter 28: World of Ice.

    When the world around Yao Jun finally turned clear again, it came with a flash of white. The world around Yao Jun was completely white. He stood next to Yun Yantian on a vast expanse, surrounded by hills and a few mountains. Every inch of ground was covered in snow, fresh snow falling from the sky.

    The air around them was pervaded by an intense chill, Yao Jun had to circulate the Qi in his body just to stave off the cold. With the cold gone, Yao Jun could finally gather his thoughts. While they were traveling, Yun Yantian had already informed him about this tower.

    The tower tested a persons skills as well as their luck, each activation of the Spatial Arrays sending you to a random floor of the tower. The only room you could not be sent to randomly was the top of the tower. To get to the top of the tower, you had to clear a certain amount of floors. How many floors one had to clear was unknown.

    “Ah, fucking hell, why did we have to get sent to a place like this?”

    Yun Yantian stood at the side and complained while he circulated the Qi within his body, he was not pleased with the cold evidently.

    “So, what's your Soul beast? Is it that Mist Eagle or the Lightning Tiger?”

    Yun Yantian turned his head to Yao Jun and asked him a question he had been wondering about ever since he saw Yao Jun fight. He had heard about the Demon Race before, but never seen any. But the books he read had never said anything about people from the Demon Race being capable of having two Soul Beasts, nor that they could use the powers of their Souls Beasts.

    “Neither of them, I don't have any Soul Beasts. My parents are humans, im not from the Demon Race. They are Demonic Beasts I killed and absorbed using my power.”

    Yao Jun explained his power to Yun Yantian, even telling him about the circumstances around his birth, as well as the thoughts he had about his Garden of Eden. Since they had already reached this point, with Yun Yantian basically throwing everything away just to protect Yao Jun, not telling him everything would be wrong.

    “What the fuck is that?! Isn't that a bit too good? Doesn't that mean that you can essentially form your own army and constantly carry it with you? Why does yours sound so much more freakish than mine?”

    Yun Yantian couldn't help but curse as he heard Yao Jun explain his power. Sure it started out weak, but the speed at which it grew would just become more and more terrifying. If he had been in a large clan that managed to understand his power, they could help him kill his first Demonic beast immediately after his power was awakened.

    They could them help him kill Demonic beasts, quickly growing his army and power. If they managed to keep it a secret, they would have a massive army in no time. The army could even be called an undead army, just returning them to the gate would allow them to heal.

    “What even is your power? Is it the power to create copies and control them?”

    Yao Jun ignored Yun Yantian's obvious envy and asked a question of his own. Yao Jun had seen Yun Yantian conjure swords into his hand and even let his swords simply dissipate after stabbing people. At first he thought he could copy certain weapons to attack with, but while they were escaping, he had clearly seen Yun Yantian control the weapons from a distance.

    “My power is surprisingly simple. You called yours Garden of Eden right? I call mine World of Swords. I can conjure up a small space around me, currently I can only make the space cover about two meters around me, and within that space, I can summon and control an unlimited amount of swords. The more swords I summon, the harder it is to control them. I can also slightly move the space, but it has to be within one meter of me.”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Yun Yantian's power. Yun Yantian hadn't even reached the 1st grade, but the small space already covered a distance of four meters in total. Every grade one reached was a qualitative change that gave your powers a strong boost. If it was already that big, didn't it mean that it could cover a simply massive area in the future? At that time he might even be able to kill people in a different province without even getting close to them.

    “How is that not freakish? That is literally a world of swords huh?”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but click his tongue. His power could indeed summon an army after he trained it enough, but couldn't Yun Yantian do the same? An army of swords and an army of Demonic beasts. Upon thinking to this point, Yao Jun couldn't help but let out a little chuckle. It really seemed like birds of a feather flock together.

    “Anyway, we should probably focus on what's ahead of us. If we can't escape from this place, we'll just end up freezing to death here.”

    Yun Yantian's voice returned Yao Jun to reality. Indeed, there was no point thinking about what their powers could do in the future if they could not even break out of this world of ice. Yao Jun turned his head a few times, taking in everything around him, but all he saw was the vast expanse of snow and ice, without anything special.

    “There should be a message around here somewhere. It will tell us what we need to do to get to the next place.”

    Yun Yantian had prepared extensively before this trip. It was impossible to know about all the locations within the tower, but he could prepare for some of them. Those he could not prepare for, he could use the standard that the other locations used to find some patterns. This message was one of those patterns. Without those messages, everyone would just be running around blindly, something that the creator of this tower obviously did not want.

    Yao Jun followed Yun Yantian as they started slowly making their way through the world of ice. The wind howled around them, the snowflakes hitting their face like tiny needles. To constantly circulate their Qi drained it at a rapid pace, so Yun Yantian had already prepared several pills that could rapidly restore their Qi.

    They kept searching for a few hours before they finally found a message written into the side of a mountain. No matter how much snow fell onto the mountain, the message did not vanish, so Yun Yantian and Yao Jun were certain that this was the message that they should follow.

    “To break the world of ice, only pierce the eye.”

    The message was written with large letters, each stroke looking like someone had carved it with a sword, bringing with it a pressuring and tyrannical feeling. Yao Jun had heard about this before. When someone reached a high enough level in their cultivation, every action they took brought with it a hint of their intent, their belief. Whoever wrote these letters, had obviously reached this level.

    “It seems like we are going to have to find the eye of this world to break free.”

    Yun Yantian murmured to himself as he looked at the words. To find the eye of the world was easier said than done. The eye of the world was often placed in the center of the world, also called it's heart. But they had no idea how large this world of ice was, finding it's eye would be a tough challenge.
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    Chapter 29: Sword Mountain.

    Yun Yantian and Yao Jun started wandering the frozen expanse, closely examining every hill and mountain. They did not dare split up to search a wider area, after all, there was no telling what else was lurking within this frozen world.

    Yao Jun had tried to bring out Little Gray and Little Thunder, but the cold winds were too much for Little Gray to manage, he could at most stay outside for half an hour.. Little Thunder could hold on for longer, but he was after all still just a young Lightning Tiger, so there was a limit to how much he could handle.

    After they had wandered the frozen world for a few more hours, without finding anything, Yun Yantian spotted a massive mountain in the distance. The mountain was pure white, almost blending perfectly into the surroundings. The mountain was so tall that it's peak pierced through the clouds above, completely shrouding it.

    “That should be it. We haven't found anything that resembles the eye of the world so far, but the peak of that mountain could very well be it. I suggest we climb it”

    Yun Yantian looked at the mountain from the distance in silence for a while. Yao Jun had very little experience with adventuring, so he had no problem with letting Yun Yantian make some of the decisions. Yao Jun also carefully looked at the mountain from the distance.

    The mountain looked like a massive sword had been lodged into the ground, it's tip piercing the heavens. The mountain was slightly tilted, so climbing it wouldn't be too hard as long as they were a bit careful. Lacking any better options, Yao Jun nodded his head to Yun Yantian's words.

    “Alright. It does indeed seem to be the most likely place for the eye to be located.”

    Yao Jun and Yun Yantian made their way towards the mountain, reaching the foot of it after walking for around half an hour. Standing beneath the mountain, they could not help but take a deep breath.

    They had seen the mountain from afar, and it was already plenty majestic then. But as they were standing beneath it, the entire mountain seemed to radiate the majestic pressure of a monarch overseeing all life. It was truly an awe inspiring feeling. The snow on the mountain was the purest white, shimmering with an almost ethereal glow, untainted by the world.

    “We need to be careful. We haven't encountered any obstacles yet, but there could very well be some traps on this mountain.”

    Yun Yantian took a deep breath and calmed his mind, putting his focus on the task ahead of them. After reminding Yao Jun, he started climbing the mountain with slow steps. Since the mountain was slightly slanted, he only had to lean his body forwards to move steadily, occasionally using one of his arms to steady himself.

    Yao Jun took his eyes off of the mountain peak and followed after Yun Yantian, quickly catching up to him. Yao Jun brought out Little Thunder, allowing him to walk next to them. Little Thunder could not stay out in the cold for too long, but climbing this mountain would not be a problem.

    They had only managed to climb for a short quarter of an hour when the ground around them suddenly trembled slightly, the snow quickly forming into a small human shape.

    The snow human looked just like a normal human, only shrunk down til it was around one meter in height. The features on the human were blurry and indistinct, not allowing anyone to clearly see what it looked like.

    “Oh? New people have come to undertake my trials? How fun, maybe you can reach the end. I've got some good treasures you know, it would be a shame if they just wasted away.”

    The snow human spoke with a slightly childish voice, but it seemed to take great joy in being able to see other people, even going as far as jumping around Yao Jun and Yun Yantian.

    “What are you?”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but ask as he inspected the snow human. He could not feel any signs of life from it, nor had he or Yun Yantian sensed anything when it arrived. It seemed like it had been created by the world around it.

    Listening to it's words, it seemed to either be the creator of the tower, or the creator of this world of ice. But it spoke with such a childish voice. The owner of these ruins could not be some child could it?

    “Hehe, i'm an incarnation of the tower master. I was put in charge of this section of the tower. In here, I am the boss.”

    The snow human pranced around them. As it spoke it's last sentence, it's voice suddenly changed, sounding like it came from all around them at once, bringing with it an almost crushing pressure.

    “Is this mountain the eye?”

    Yun Yantian straightened his body after the pressure disappeared and looked towards the snow human with an expectant gaze. Since it had shown itself before them, it either meant that they were headed in the right direction, or that it had taken a fancy to them. Either one was good for them, as it could maybe help them save time.

    “Hehe. Nice try little one, but i'm not allowed to give any hints. All I can say is that all you have to do is pierce the eye and you can leave. I only popped in here since it has been ages since anyone was sent to this world of ice, I was terribly bored.”

    The snow human snickered as it looked at Yun Yantian with a slightly mocking gaze. Did this human really think that they could get his help just because he showed himself.

    “Just keep on climbing, i'll just be watching you.”

    Before they got the chance to say anything else, the snow human waved it's hand and urged them forward, clearly not interested in talking any longer.

    Yun Yantian and Yao Jun had no choice but to sigh and shake their heads, it seemed like it wouldn't be that easy to get this little thing to give them hints. They could only continue climbing the mountain, hoping that the peak was the eye.

    They continued to climb in silence for almost an entire hour, the snow human leisurely following behind them as they walked. Yun Yantian was just about to take another step when the snow human suddenly spoke up from the side.

    “I wouldn't set my foot there. If you put your foot there you will trigger a small array that will increase the strength of the wind.”

    Yun Yantian was shocked at it's words, but he also felt some joy at it's words. Since it had warned him about the array, it obviosuly had some good feelings towards them. He quickly shifted his raised leg to the left and put it down.

    When he put down his foot, the snow around them suddenly lit up with a myriad of blue lines. The snow around them started to slowly rise, forming several bulky apes made of snow. The apes stood tall, almost reaching two and a half meters in height, their arms as thick as a normal man's thighs.

    “What the fuck, you said the array was where I was about to put my foot!”

    Yun Yantian couldn't help but shout at the snow man. The apes around them started to slowly take form, easily numbering above 30. He could not feel any life from these apes, so they were clearly formed by the array he had stepped on.

    “Indeed, had you set your foot down where you planned to set it down, you would have triggered the array and increased the strength of the wind. But I never said that there wasn't an array where you moved your foot.”

    The snow human smirked as it looked at Yun Yantian, and Yun Yantian finally understood. This snow human wasn't there to help them, it just wanted to use them to relieve it's boredom.

    “Fuck, Run!”

    Yao Jun didn't need Yun Yantian's reminder. There was no way they would be able to fight these snow apes once they fully formed, escaping was their only option. Yao Jun returned Little Thunder to the Garden of Eden and started sprinting up the mountain. Since there were arrays hidden beneath the snow, this mountain obviously held something of great importance to this world.
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    Chapter 30: Eye of the world.

    Yun Yantian quickly ran after Yao Jun. Since they had already climbed so far up the mountain, just running down and escaping would leave a bad taste in his mouth.

    Yao Jun and Yun Yantian ran up the mountain, more and more snow apes forming around them as they ran. As they got closer to the peak, there were already so many snow apes chasing them that the entire mountain slightly shook each time they took a step.

    The only solace they could find in this situation was that the snow apes were incredibly brittle. A single slash from either Yao Jun or Yun Yantian was enough to completely destroy the snow ape, returning it to the snow around them.

    Even though the snow apes were incredibly brittle, Yao Jun and Yun Yantian could not stop and fight the sow apes. They had considered fighting earlier, but when they saw that the snow apes could simply reform themselves after being shattered, they quickly gave up that idea.

    The snow man also walked next to them, looking like he was taking a leisurely stroll in his own garden. He would occasionally shout things at them, warning them not to step here or there, advising them that if they just killed the apes a few times, they would stop regenerating. The two of them simply ignored him and continued running, they could already see the peak not far ahead of them.

    As they ran, Yun Yantian continuously controlled his swords to slice open any snow apes that got too close to them. Yao Jun could not use his lightning to attack at a distance yet, and since the snow apes were not living beings, his mental powers were also useless on them. Because of this, Yun Yantian was forced to divert some of his attention to attacking, slowing them down.

    After running at full speed for almost an entire hour, activating several arrays on the way, they finally broke through the clouds and reached the peak of the mountain. The wind below the clouds had been howling, the snowflakes almost moving fast enough to slice open their skin. But once they breached the clouds, the world was oddly still.

    The snow apes stopped chasing them, there was no wind or snowflakes. There was only a flat mountain peak lit up by a warm stream of sun light. Yao Jun and Yun Yantian couldn't resist the tiredness, quickly sitting down and panting, catching their breaths.

    “Congratulations, you broke through the cover of the clouds. Your reward is a bit of rest.”

    The snow man broke through the clouds not long after them, swaggering over to them with a slight smirk.

    “Fucking hell, I never want to have to run like that again. Let's get the hell out of here Jun.”

    Yun Yantian glared at the little snow man as he stood up and started exploring the peak of the mountain. The peak was flatter than they had expected. The mountain was shaped like a sword, so they expected the peak of the mountain to be shaped like a sword tip, but it was just a round and flat surface.

    Yun Yantian and Yao Jun spent half an hour examining every inch of the peak, but they still found nothing that resembled an eye. Yun Yantian even used his swords, stabbing them into almost every inch of the peak, yet nothing happened.

    “It's not here.”

    Yun Yantian spoke with a grim face and glared at the small snow man. He had stabbed every inch of the mountain peak, but there had been no reaction. This could only mean that this mountain peak was not the eye that they had to stab to escape from this world.

    “I never said that this mountain peak was the eye did I? I only said that your reward was a bit of rest.”

    The little snow man couldn't help but grin when it saw Yun Yantian glare at it. It had indeed never mentioned that this mountain peak was the eye, not even when they broke through the clouds.

    Yao Jun stood at the side and looked at the little snow man grinning at Yun Yantian. He had also realized that this mountain peak was not the eye that they were looking for, so they would have to climb down the mountain and look for other places that could be the eye.

    As Yao Jun was looking at the little snow man grinning and teasing Yun Yantian, he was suddenly struck by an idea. Thinking about this idea, Yao Jun felt like cursing loudly, but he forced himself to not show any signs, lest the little snow man get any funny ideas.

    “Come here Yantian.”

    Yao Jun beckoned Yun Yantian with his hand, summoning Little Gray at the same time. When the little snow man saw Little Gray, his expression suddenly turned solemn. Yao Jun ignored his change in expression and jumped onto Little Gray's back. Yun Yantian realized that Yao Jun had probably noticed something and followed him onto Little Gray's back.

    “You. Why do you have that?”

    The little snow man pointed at Yao Jun and spoke in a solemn voice, but Yao Jun was not in the mood to play along with whatever joke this little incarnation had planned now. He patted Little Gray on the head and ordered him to take off.

    Little Gray flew up into the air before breaking through the clouds, flying down the mountain at full speed. Yao Jun knew that Little Gray would only be able to fly in this cold weather for at best a half an hour, so there was no time to fly slowly.

    The little snow man followed after them, floating not far behind them as they flew through the sky. The snow apes quickly noticed them after they broke through the clouds, resuming their pursuit. Yao Jun patted Little Gray on the head once more, indicating for it to slightly raise it's altitude to escape the snow apes.

    The snow apes quickly realized that they would not be able to reach them if they just continued to run after them. They stopped their pursuit and quickly gathered together into a massive group.

    Looking at them grouping up, Yao Jun and Yun Yantian couldn't help but feel uneasy. Their unease was quickly proven right as the snow apes started merging together, forming a snow ape that was quickly growing in size.

    Yao Jun pat Little Gray on the head, urging him to raise his speed as much as he could. The snow apes quickly gathered together to form a snow ape that was several hundred meters in height, towering above Yao Jun and Yun Yantian.

    Yao Jun only heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that the massive snow ape was much slower than the smaller ones. With Little Gray flying at full speed, they were barely able to stay ahead of the snow ape. Yao Jun looked at the world around them, quickly figuring out where they were and giving Little Gray directions.

    With Yao Jun's directions and Little Gray's max speed, they managed to reach the mountain Yao Jun had been looking for. When they had left this mountain, it had taken them several hours before they managed to travel from here to the sword like mountain. But now that they were no longer examining every inch of their surroundings, they managed to retrace their steps after only 20 minutes.

    Yao Jun quickly ordered Little Gray to land, the snow ape not far away from them. Yun Yantian still didn't know why Yao Jun had made them come back here, but he also knew that now was not the time to question his actions.

    Yao Jun hopped down from Little Gray's back and returned him to the Garden of Eden, landing in front of the message carved into the mountain. Yao Jun quickly walked up the words and pulled out his sword, stabbing it into the word 'Eye'.

    When he stabbed his sword into the word, the wind around them completely vanished, the massive snow ape dissipating into dots of white light. The only thing that was left was the little snow man that was staring at Yao Jun.

    “Really. Such a shitty sense of humor you have.”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but curse at the little snow man as the space around them started congealing. They had spent over half a day running around in this icy wasteland, looking for any hint about what the eye of the world was. Yet it had been in front of them the whole time, all they had to do was follow the orders as they were written.

    As the space thickened around Yao Jun and Yun Yantian, the world in front of their eyes turned white as they were sent away from the frozen world.
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    Chapter 31: Demonic beast forest.

    When the space around Yao Jun and Yun Yantian finally stopped congealing, they found themselves in the middle of a damp and dim forest. The trees around them were all a dark green in color, dew dripping down from their leaves.

    “At least we won't have to deal with the cold anymore. I just hope that the controller of this area isn't like that little snow man.”

    Seeing the forest around him, Yun Yantian couldn't help but sit down and complain. They had only spent a bit over an hour escaping from the snow apes, but he had been on edge every second of the escape. If Yao Jun hadn't figured out what the trick to escaping was, there was no telling what would have happened to them.

    “It seems like we have been transported to a type of forest. Do you know anything about it?”

    Yao Jun looked at the forest around him. He had never seen trees like this before, but he spotted some herbs and other plants that he recognized. Some of the plants were things he had seen in the Cloud Wilderness, but some of them were things he had seen in the valley he ended up in after getting caught by the Spatial Node.

    “I do actually. This forest is one of the more common places to end up in. It's also one of the places where the most people either die or are forced to leave.”

    Yun Yantian stood up and dusted himself off before walking into the forest, beckoning Yao Jun to follow him. After walking for a few minutes, they came to a small clearing in the forest. The clearing was brighter than the rest of the forest, but still slightly dim. Yao Jun looked up, but the sky above the forest was completely gray, only a few spread patches of sunlight shining through.

    “That's our objective.”

    Yun Yantian pointed to the middle of the clearing. In the middle of the clearing stood a small boulder, a message carved into the boulder. The words were carved in the same way as the words that were carved into the ice mountain, so they were obviously carved by the same person.

    Go deep and no heads can stop you from leaving the forest.

    “Go deep? Do you know where the exit is?”

    Yao Jun had no idea what the words meant, but he could already feel a headache approaching. The person who made these ruins seemed to be way too fond of making up bad ways of clearing his floors.

    “I don't know the exact location of the exit, I only know that it is located at the center of the forest.”

    Yun Yantian only had a small amount of knowledge about these ruins. There were only a few people from his clan who had entered the ruins and even fewer who managed to leave, so there was a limited amount of information he could get.

    “So we should just head for the center of the forest? Do you know anything else about this place?”

    As long as there were no big obstacles, heading for the center of the forest would be easy. Of course, Yao Jun refused to believe that there were no obstacles. If there weren't then how cold this be one of the places where most people died?

    “This area is surprisingly simple. The area we are in now is called the starting area. The starting area covers ten kilometers every direction from where we entered. Except for the starting area, the entire rest of the forest is filled with different Demonic beasts. We have to escape or kill the Demonic beasts and get to the center. Simple isn't it?”

    Yun Yantian grinned as he explained. Yao Jun couldn't help but be a little shocked. An entire forest filled with Demonic beasts? They just had to kill or evade them as they headed towards the center? Seeing the grin on Yun Yantian's face, he knew that they had thought of the same thing. Wasn't this just the perfect place to train?

    “Seems like we ended up in a rather convenient area this time around.”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but grin. If he managed to kill a few Demonic beasts and feed them to Little Thunder and Little Gray, they would be able to easily evolve and grow stronger. If he found any Demonic beasts with powers that were very convenient, he could also absorb them and use their powers for himself.

    “I'm just gonna plant these quickly before we leave.”

    Yao Jun sat down and pulled out some herbs and plants he had plucked while they were walking through the forest. His Garden of Eden was in need of some more herbs and plants. If he planted more of them, his Garden of Eden would gather up more of the surrounding Raw Qi, turning it's interior into a wonderful place for cultivation.

    “Oh? I finally get to see this convenient gate of yours?”

    Yao Jun ignored Yun Yantian's comment and closed his eyes, connecting his mind to the gate inside his chest. With a slight nudge of his mind, he found himself dragged into the Garden of Eden. He was standing on the same mountain he stood when he entered the Garden of Eden for the first time.

    He overlooked the surrounding area and couldn't help but feel satisfied. The interior had grown slightly larger, slowly approaching ten kilometers in all directions. There was still only a forest and a mountain range, but Yao Jun was confident that he could allow it to grow much larger and more diverse while he was in this dark forest.

    “Hoh? So this is how it looks?”

    Yao Jun almost jumped in fright when he suddenly heard a voice behind him. He quickly turned around and came face to face with Yun Yantian. Yun Yantian was looking at the forest and the mountains with interest, but turned towards Yao Jun when he noticed the shocked look on his face.

    “How...How did you get in here?!”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but stutter. He had never tried bringing others into the Garden of Eden. He had also had the idea that maybe the gate was just transporting him to a different location, but he had also assumed that it was jut his mind traveling to that place through the gate. He had no idea how Yun Yantian suddenly entered.

    “Eh? I just entered through the gate. After you closed your eyes, a large black gate appeared behind you and sucked your body in. I figured that since the gate was just standing there, maybe I could enter it as well. After touching it and pushing it open, it sucked me in here.”

    Yun Yantian cocked his head to the side, slightly confused why Yao Jun would react so strongly. Wasn't it just entering through the gate? Why would that be so shocking?

    “So my body disappeared and the gate was left behind?”

    Yao Jun quickly realized that his thoughts had been wrong from the start. It wasn't just his mind that entered the Garden of Eden, but rather his entire body. When he realized this, he also realized that he should have figured it out much sooner. If it wasn't his body entering the Garden of Eden, then how could he possibly bring along herbs and plants to plant here?

    “It's like this....”

    Yao Jun quickly explained his previous thoughts and ideas to Yun Yantian, while also thinking about the new possibilities this opened. If the gate was left behind whenever he entered the Garden of Eden, did this not mean that he could bring in other people and keep them safe in here? Could he build an entire city inside the Garden of Eden once it grew larger? Yao Jun couldn't help but be excited as he thought about the possibilities.

    “I see, it seems like this power is a lot better than we expected. Doesn't this mean that you can easily bring along the people you care about wherever you go? Bring a large amount of people into places where you otherwise can't bring them? Isn't this power a bit too good?”

    Yun Yantian couldn't help but grumble. Just having a portable army of Demonic beasts wasn't enough? It had to even give him a portable fortress at the same time? The more he heard about Yao Jun's power, the more he almost felt like beating him for having such a good power.

    “Well then, shall we go out and have ourselves a good little hunting party?”

    Yao Jun finished planting the herbs and grinned at Yun Yantian. He had already started planning how he would build things inside the Garden of Eden in the future.
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    Chapter 32: The First Lock.

    Yao Jun was hiding at the top of a tree. The entire tree was trembling slightly, a sign that Yun Yantian had completed the first part of their plan. Yao Jun took a deep breath and calmed his mind. He cast a glance at two locations not far from him, Little Gray and Little Thunder were hidden in those locations, ready to strike at any time.

    The trembling slowly got stronger, Yao Jun could also hear the sound of trees getting crushed and pushed aside. Yao Jun pulled out his sword and readied himself. If they made a mistake and failed in their sneak attack, their chances at killing the Demonic beast would be much lower.

    Yao Jun held his breath and waited. He didn't have to wait much longer before he saw Yun Yantian running into the clearing that was located in front of Yao Jun. Yun Yantian glanced at the tree where Yao Jun was hiding and gave a short nod, signifying that everything had gone according to plan.

    Shortly after Yun Yantian entered the clearing, a large beast crashed into the clearing after him. The beast was almost ten meters long and five meters tall. It's body looked just like a massive tiger. It was covered in pitch black fur, it's amber eyes like two jewels in the night. It's head was adorned by two horns that pointed backwards. The horns were as large as Yao Jun's arms, and as thick as his thighs.

    This was a beast that Yao Jun and Yun Yantian had chosen after a long period of discussion. They initially thought that they could just hunt whatever they wanted in this forest, but they were quickly proven wrong. Almost every beast in this forest had reached the 1st level. Some had even evolved into Massacre Beasts.

    Neither Yun Yantian or Yao Jun had heard about this pitch black tiger before, but it was one of the few Demonic beasts they found that had just recently entered the 1st level. They figured that they could kill it as long as they worked together and were careful.

    As the tiger entered the clearing and chased after Yun Yantian, Yao Jun sprung into action. His eyes lit up with a ghostly gray light, a spot not too far from him also lighting up with the same light. Yao Jun worked together with Little Gray, both focusing all their power to use their illusions to confuse the black tiger.

    The tiger's eyes lost their focus for two seconds, but they quickly regained their clarity. But when it regained it's clarity, it was already too late. The moment the Yao Jun's eyes lit up with gray light, Yun Yantian and Little Thunder sprung into action.

    A sword shot out from Yun Yantian's hand, heading straight for the tiger's right eye. Little Thunder shot out from the forest not far from the tiger, his purple fur crackling with lightning. Little Thunder's jaws clamped down onto the tiger's left hind led, discharging as much lightning into it's body as he could.

    Yun Yantian's sword lodged itself into the tiger's eye, blinding it's right eye completely, while Little Thunder almost completely crippled it's leg. Little Thunder and Yun Yantian immediately backed off after finishing their attacks, they only spent a total of three seconds launching their attacks and retreating.

    The black tiger roared in pain. It's roar was loud enough to make Yao Jun feel like his ear drums were collapsing. With Yun Yantian and Little Thunder pulling back, Yao Jun and Little Gray charged in.

    Little Gray flew into the air and swooped down at the tiger's left eye, while Yao Jun charged at it from it's now blinded right side. The black tiger saw Little Gray charge at it's remaining eye and lowered it's head to dodge the attack. Yao Jun grasped this chance and jumped up, grabbing onto the black tiger's head.

    The black tiger realized that it had most likely been tricked and started shaking it's head, trying to throw Yao Jun off. Yun Yantian, Little Thunder and Little Gray did not let this chance slip, launching their attacks all at once.

    Yun Yantian sent a myriad of swords flying at the black tiger's abdomen, Little Thunder ran around between it's legs, sending streams of lightning into it's legs, while Little Gray used it's beaks and claws to swipe and peck at the tigers back.

    Yao Jun gripped onto the tiger's horns, refusing to let go no matter how much it shook it's head. He used it's two horns and fur to make his way towards it's left eye. Looking into the tiger's amber eye, Yao Jun only saw fear, but since Little Thunder had already sent so many streams of lightning into it's legs, it could not even run for it's life.

    Yao Jun raised his sword and stabbed it into the tiger's eye, robbing it off all sight. He then grabbed onto it's fur and climbed down the side of it's head and onto it's throat. If he tried to stab it in the neck, it would be hard to say if he would be able to pierce deep enough to kill it. If he stabbed it in the throat, it would be much easier to stab deep enough to kill it.

    Yap Jun stabbed into the tiger's throat, his blade going in all the way to the hilt. After stabbing into it's throat, he drew the sword sideways, slicing open it's throat before pulling his sword out. It's blood shot out from it's throat like a fountain, covering Yao Jun in bright scarlet blood.

    Yao Jun let go of it's fur and dropped down to the ground. The tiger was already covered in wounds and greatly weakened, it would not be able to live for much longer.

    After waiting for around one minute, the tiger fell over, it's massive body losing all traces of life. The fight against the tiger had only lasted a total of around 5 minutes, but to make sure that nothing went wrong, Yun Yantian and Yao Jun had planned for almost three days.

    They first tracked down the weakest Demonic beasts and selected the most suitable one, they then had to find a place where there were very few Demonic beasts. After finding this clearing, they then needed to stalk the prey until it was close enough to the clearing that Yun Yantian could lure it over.

    “Hah. Next time, you can be the bait, I don't think my heart will be able to handle being bait.”

    Yun Yantian came up behind Yao Jun and patted him on the shoulder while he sighed. His heart had been in his throat ever since he started luring the tiger towards the clearing. The fear of having a massive beast chasing after you from behind was truly hard to describe.

    “No problem. If i'm not wrong, after I absorb this Demonic beast, I should be able to break through to the 1st level. At that point, fighting against Demonic beasts like this one won't be as hard.”

    Yao Jun took out a piece of cloth from his interspatial ring and started wiping his face. Being covered in sticky blood was a rather unpleasant feeling, but he was full of excitement when he thought about breaking through and reaching the next level.

    “Are you going to absorb it and use it as a new Demonic beast?”

    Yun Yantian cast a glance at Little Thunder while he spoke. This tiger did not seem to have any special abilities like Little Thunder, but it's large frame and strong physical body would still be useful.

    “No. it's tiger bloodline will be good for Little Thunder, and it's strong bones will help Little Gray strengthen it's own bones, covering up one of his weaknesses.”

    Yao Jun shook his head as he placed a hand on the tiger. He had already planned how he would use the Garden of Eden. If a Demonic beast did not have any good special traits or abilities, there was no point in absorbing it, it would be better to feed it to his current pets, allowing them to grow stronger.

    A black light covered the tiger, it's large body quickly shrinking. It's large body turned into a fist sized black light that shot into Yao Jun's chest, covering the entire gate. Absorbing the beast like this would allow Yao Jun to immediately spread it's energy and power into his pets and the gate, without the need for Little Gray and Thunder to physically eat the body.

    The black light sank into the gate, lighting up the last of the indents in the gate with an abyssal black light. The nine lights flew out from the indents and merged into a single blob of multicolored light. The blob of light floated upwards and merged into the first of the nine spikes that were located above the gate.

    The spike lit up with a bright light, but before Yao Jun managed to express his happiness, the spike broke off. The spike fell down from the gate and lodged itself into Yao Jun's heart. Before Yao Jun managed to react, a surge of pain tore through his body, slowly changing his body.
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    Chapter 33: The changes to his body.

    The pain started out as a slight prickling sensation, but it quickly magnified, turning into a torrent of lava that surged throughout all of Yao Jun's body. He lost all control over his body, slumping down onto the ground and curling up into a trembling ball.

    Before Yun Yantian could step forward, a white light seeped out from Yao Jun's chest, quickly covering his entire body in a cocoon of light. The cocoon didn't just cover Yao Jun, it also expanded to cover Little Gray and Little Thunder, obscuring their bodies and preventing Yun Yantian from seeing anything.

    “Why does it have to be so abnormal? Isn't it just reaching the first level?”

    Yun Yantian muttered to himself as he tried touching the cocoon of light that was covering Yao Jun and his pets, but the light sent out a strange type of energy that pushed his hands away. Since he couldn't touch the cocoon or even see through it, he had no choice but to sit down next to it, standing guard for Yao Jun.

    Inside the cocoon, Yao Jun felt like he had dropped into the deepest pits of hell. Energy coursed throughout his entire body, constantly baptizing and strengthening his entire body. The energy felt like molten lava coursing through him. He wanted to scream and cry out, but he felt like something was pushing down on his chest, preventing him from even breathing properly.

    The pain was especially bad around his heart and head. His eyes felt like they were being plucked out and sown back into his eye sockets repeatedly. If someone could see his situation, they would see that his eyes were completely red, blood dripping down from the corners.

    “Ahhh, once more we return to the world, to reign supreme and eternal.”

    As Yao Jun was suffering through the pain, an ancient and dreary voice rang out in his mind sounding out with a loud sigh, but before he could find out where the voice came from or ask any questions, the voice faded away.

    After the pain around his heart and head started fading and Yao Jun thought he was reaching the end, his fore arms and back started burning with the same pain. Blood seeping out from his skin and dripping down onto the ground. When the blood hit the ground, it flashed with purple lightning before suddenly vanishing, not even leaving behind a mark on the ground.

    While Yao Jun was enduring the pain within the cocoon, a strange aura started seeping out from his body and into the world around him. The first one to notice this aura was Yun Yantian. The aura was tyrannical and mighty, seeping into his very bones and filling him with a sense of awe.

    Yun Yantian was shocked at this aura, but what he didn't know was that the Demonic beasts located within the forest around him had all stopped whatever they were doing, shivering and trembling beneath this aura.

    The pain continued coursing through Yao Jun's body for almost an entire hour before he was finally released from it's grasp. He wearily opened his eyes and found himself lying on his back, his entire body drenched in sweat.

    As he looked up at the sky, he noticed that his vision had increased greatly. He slowly turned his head, looking into the forest not far from him. He was shocked that he could see much further into the forest, like the trees weren't even there. Without putting any energy into his eyes, he could already see to a distance of 25 kilometers. If he circulated some Qi into his eyes, the range would increase to 50 kilometers.

    Yao Jun couldn't help but exclaim out loud. This was much more than just a great increase in vision, this was on an entirely new level. Despite how dark the forest ahead of him was, he could see everything as if it was in the middle of the day. If it was within 10 kilometers, he could even count the legs on the bugs he saw. If his vision was like this, his survivability would greatly increase, allowing him to see many threats before they could even spot him.

    “You finally decided to wake up.”

    While Yao Jun was immersed in the experience of his increased vision, Yun Yantian's relieved sigh came from his left. Yao Jun slowly sat up and turned his head, his eyes falling on Yun Yantian. As he looked at Yun Yantian, he was shocked once more.

    As he looked at Yun Yantian, the clothing on Yun Yantian's body slowly turned transparent. After his clothing vanished, so too did his skin, giving Yao Jun free sight into the inner workings of his body. Yao Jun could see a glossy metallic energy coursing through Yun Yantian's body, permeating every inch of him. The source of this metallic energy was a small sword that floated above his heart.

    Yao Jun didn't need to think too much to know what this was, this energy was the Qi within Yun Yantian's body. And the floating sword was the source of Yun Yantian's power, his inborn power.

    Yao Jun was shocked to discover that his eyes had been strengthened to such a degree, even allowing him to look at the inner workings of a persons body. As he kept looking, he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his eyes. He quickly closed his eyes and stopped circulating Qi into them.

    When he opened his eyes again, he could no longer see into Yun Yantian's body, it seemed like he had to pour Qi into his eyes to see into peoples bodies. Yao Jun didn't mind this too much, if he was constantly looking into peoples bodies, it would be easy for him to just see everyone as bones and piles of flesh.

    While Yao Jun was looking at Yun Yantian with a shocked expression, Yun Yantian was also looking at him with a shocked expression. After emerging from the light cocoon, Yao Jun had several changes.

    The changes Yun Yantian immediately noticed was that Yao Jun's once pitch black hair now had several dark purple strips, looking like lightning bolts in the night. On his back was a piece of crystalline gray armor, two wings engraved where his shoulder blades were.

    Two crystalline purple gauntlets decorated his forearms. The gauntlets covered his entire forearm, even his hands. The tips of the gauntlets were pointed and sharp, looking like claws. There were small black lines that meandered around the gauntlet, giving them a fearsome appearance.

    But the change that shocked Yun Yantian the most was Yao Jun's eyes. Yao Jun used to have pitch black eyes that shimmered in the light, looking like two gems in the night. But his eyes had suddenly changed, becoming a shade of gray that seemed to drag at Yun Yantian's consciousness, giving Yao Jun a mysterious charm.

    When Yao Jun looked at Yun Yantian, Yun Yantian felt like all his secrets had been laid bare before him. He had seen people advance to the first grade before, he had even seen people advance to the second and third grade before. But he had never seen anything change as much as Yao Jun had.
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    Chapter 34: The new garden.

    “What's the matter?”

    Yao Jun saw Yun Yantian's shocked expression, so it didn't require too much thought to realize that something about him was odd. He tilted his head to look at his body and saw the gauntlets covering his forearms.

    His first impression of the gauntlets was that they were a part of him. The moment he looked at them, information about them rushed into his mind. The gauntlets were a part of the Garden of Eden's power.

    The gauntlets were created using the Lightning Tiger, a more defensive materialization than just summoning it, and would grow along with it, eventually becoming a suit of armor covering Yao Jun's entire body. Damage to the gauntlets would become damage on the Lightning Tiger, vice versa would also happen.

    The same was true for the armor plating on his back, only that the armor was the materialization of the Mist Eagle. The carving of the wings could even grow as the Mist Eagle got stronger, becoming real wings that Yao Jun could use to fly.

    Once the information flooded into Yao Jun's mind, he also noticed that he didn't even have to look at the pieces of armor to see them. With just a bit of thought, he could visualize the pieces of armor in his mind, learning what state they were in. Yao Jun moved his mind a little, and the pieces of armor sank into his body, disappearing beneath his skin, waiting for his summon.

    “You really are getting freakier and freakier. You should look at yourself.”

    Yun Yantian saw the armor sinking into Yao Jun's body and couldn't help but mutter to himself. He materialized a polished sword in his hand and threw it to Yao Jun, indicating for him to check his looks.

    Yao Jun grabbed the sword with a confused expression and used the flat side as a mirror to check out his face. He was shocked when he noticed the purple stripes in his hair and the gray color of his eyes. He tried to see if his eyes would change when he removed the Qi he had circulated into them, but found that they were still completely gray.

    He checked his eyes and hair with his hands and even circulated some Qi into them several times to see if anything changed. The result he came to was that there were no changes, even when he used Qi. This meant that he would simply have to live with his eyes being gray and his hair having purple stripes.

    “Please don't end up becoming too freaky....”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but mutter when he was done checking. It would be a lie if he said that he wasn't worried about the changes. He was worried that he would change so much that not even his own parents recognized him.

    When Yao Jun thought about his parents, he couldn't help but heave a heavy sigh. Before they arrived at Great Xian city, Yao Jun had already told them about him ending up on a foreign continent. He wanted to wait a bit longer before telling them, but Yun Yantian told him that there was no telling what could happen in the future. If he was going to die, his parents at least deserved to know where their son died.

    His parents had sent him several messages in their worry, forcing Yao Jun to send them a short stream of messages, even going as far as completely draining the Transmission Jade off all it's energy. Since the Transmission Jade was now completely out of energy, he could not even send any more messages to his parents, nor could he receive any messages from them.

    Yao Jun thought that the Transmission Jade would still have enough energy for at least around eight more uses, but he didn't account for the distance between the continents. Because the distance between the continents was so large, each message he sent or received drained almost double the normal energy.

    Due to this, his parents now knew that he was on a foreign continent, but it was also impossible for him to send any more messages home to soothe their worries, causing both him and them even more worries.

    Yao Jun sighed once more and shook his head. There was nothing he could do to change it now, so worrying about it needlessly was pointless. He raised his right arm and moved his mind, summoning the gate.

    The gate had very few changes. One of the black teeth at the top was gone, leaving only the remaining eight behind. Of the nine indents under the teeth, only one was lit up, glowing with a black light. Yao Jun knew that this meant that he had reached the 1st level of the 1st grade. The gate still only had two carvings, a purple tiger and a gray eagle, but Yao Jun knew that this was because he hadn't absorbed any other Demonic beasts.

    The gate itself had also grown a bit larger, it was now the size of a head. Yao Jun placed the gate on the ground not far from him and used one hand to push it open, his vision suddenly flashed white and his entire body was sucked into the gate.

    When Yao Jun opened his eyes, he found himself standing atop the same mountain he always ended up on, Yun Yantian standing next to him. The first thing Yao Jun noticed upon entering the Garden of Eden was it's size.

    The area inside the gate had doubled in size, suddenly growing to being almost 20 kilometers in all directions. The forest and mountains growing both longer and larger. The amount of Natural Qi had also increased, there was now almost no difference in the amount of Qi outside and inside the gate.

    In the middle of the forest, at the place that was the center of the entire garden stood a large tree, towering above all the other trees in the forest. The tree's bark was almost completely black, but it's leaves were a verdant green, exuding a breath of life. The tree gave of an ancient feeling, seemingly coming from a time immemorial.

    Yao Jun scanned the inside with his eyes and sent out a thought, summoning Little Thunder and Little Gray. He didn't have to wait for long before Little Gray and Little Thunder rushed over, one flying one running.

    Looking at the two of them, Yao Jun saw that Little Gray had not changed a lot, only growing slightly larger and sturdier. He wasn't too surprised that Little Gray hadn't changed too much. He knew that if he wanted Little Gray to have significant growth, he would have to absorb beasts that contained strong Eagle or Roc bloodlines.

    Little Thunder on the other hand had changed much more. The first change was that it had grown in size. Before absorbing the black tiger, Little Thunder was only close to two meters in length. Now it had grown to being a little over three meters in length, and around one and a half meter in height.

    It kept it's purple fur, but the fur now had large black streaks going all around it, looking like thunder. There were now also two large horns that curved backward growing on Little Thunder's head. Both Little Thunder and Little Gray also exuded a sense of power and might, so they had obviously also reached the 1st level alongside Yao Jun.

    “Isn't this kind of cheating? You not only reach the 1st level, but your pets also reach the 1st level, giving you the battle power of three 1st level cultivators. I know that some people just have better powers than others, but this is just stupid.”

    After leaving the Garden of Eden, Yun Yantian couldn't help but complain. He always felt that reaching his level of power at his age was good, but seeing Yao Jun's insane increase in power, he couldn't help but feel like curse.

    “Hehe. Let's go hunt some more Demonic beasts. Now that I've reached the 1st level, it should be easier for us.”

    This wasn't the first time Yun Yantian had complained about Yao Jun's power like this, so he just shrugged his shoulders and changed the subject. Yao Jun was uncertain if his cultivation level would keep growing like it used to after reaching the 1st level, but it wouldn't hurt to have more allies during fights.

    “No. You are going to leave this forest now, my brethren are not something you can hunt just because you want to.”

    Yao Jun and Yun Yantian were just about to leave when a voice sounded out behind them, freezing their entire body. When the voice sounded out, their bodies felt an unprecedented sense of crisis. They did not doubt that whoever spoke could kill them with just a wave of his hand. With this thought in mind, they both slowly turned around.
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    Chapter 35: The forest guardian.

    When Yao Jun and Yun Yantian turned around, they came face to face with a person that was made out of wood and earth. The person was a bit smaller than two meters in height and his build was slim.

    The person's face was blurry and indistinct, but he gave them the same feeling that the small snow man from the previous world of ice did. They couldn't see his expression, but they could feel a sense of anger radiating from him, causing their backs to be covered in cold sweat.

    “I'm sorry if we offended you senior, we didn't mean to slight you. If you will allow it, we will leave immediately.”

    Yun Yantian quickly opened his mouth and gave a small bow. The person in front of them was obviously angry at them for killing the black tiger. The person in front of them seemed to be the guardian of this forest, much like the snow human was the guardian of the world of ice. This also meant that this person was the boss of the forest, controlling everything within it. If he so wished, neither Yun Yantian or Yao Jun would be able to leave this forest alive.

    “Even if you don't want to, you will still be forced to leave this forest now. If it weren't for my master ordering me to send you to the next level, I would have killed you immediately.”

    The wood person coldly snorted at Yun Yantian before turning to Yao Jun. The wood person moved his hand, globs of light gathering in front of him, quickly taking on the form of a gray wolf.

    The wolf was a bit longer than one meter, and slightly less than a meter in height, looking like a completely normal wolf. The only thing about the wolf that seemed a bit strange were it's eyes. It's eyes were a clear shade of blue, looking like someone had trapped a piece of the sky in it's eyes.

    “My master told me to give this to you before you leave. He also told me to tell you a message. 'I have kept him safe for all these years, his name is Sirius. It is time he returns to his rightful home, take good care of him.'”

    After the wood person finished speaking, the wolf looked at Yao Jun and walked over to him, rubbing it's head against him. When Yao Jun looked at the wolf, the gate within his chest started throbbing, growing more frantic as the wolf approached.

    Yao Jun had never felt the gate have any kind of reaction before, so feeling it throb in the presence of this wolf clearly told him that the wolf was not normal. He also felt a sense of closeness when he looked at the wolf, like he was looking at an old friend.

    He reached out with his hand to stroke the head of the wolf. When his hand touched the head of the wolf, the wolf suddenly vanished in a flash of light, disappearing into his hand. Yao Jun felt a strange energy move from his hand to his chest, sinking into the gate located at his heart. The energy was only present for a short second, but Yao Jun was sure that this energy was the wolf moving into the gate.

    Yao Jun found it weird that he could absorb this wolf without having to kill it first, but it didn't look like the wood person was going to explain it to him, so he threw the thought to the back of his mind.

    He was also slightly dejected when he noticed that his cultivation level didn't increase after absorbing the wolf. He quickly threw this thought away. If he was too reliant on absorbing Demonic beasts to increase his strength, he would quickly become lazy and unwilling to work hard. Cultivation was called an act that went against heaven's will, so if it was too easy there was no point in it.

    “Thank you senior, I will make sure to take good care of Sirius. I wonder if you could tell us who your master is so that I can thank him personally?”

    Yao Jun gave a small bow and spoke politely. He was almost completely certain that he knew who the wood person's master was, this mixed with the power this wood person obviously had, made Yao Jun scared of angering him any further.

    “My master is the master of this tower. If you manage to conquer this tower, you will have the chance to thank him then. Now follow me, it is time you leave this forest.”

    The wood person spoke bluntly and started walking deeper into the forest, beckoning for Yao Jun and Yun Yantian to follow him. Hearing his words, Yun Yantian and Yao Jun couldn't help but suck in a cold breath. They were almost 100 % certain that the master of this wood person was the master of this tower, but hearing him confirm it still shocked them.

    They followed the wood person through the forest, going in a straight line towards the center of the forest. They didn't encounter a single Demonic beast as they were heading to the center of the forest. The wood person clearly didn't want them to meet any more Demonic beasts, lest they get tempted and attack them.

    After walking for around an hour, they came to a large clearing in the forest. The clearing held a single large lake in it. The water was completely still, almost perfectly reflecting the surroundings.

    Not long after they reached the lake, the water on the lake suddenly moved. Three massive heads poked out from the water, looking at Yao Jun and Yun Yantian. The heads were larger than Yao Jun and covered in deep blue scales, a row of spikes going down the middle of the heads, following the neck downwards and into the water. Each head had two amber eyes and a massive maw filled with long and thin teeth.

    “They are moving on to the next location, let them through.”

    The wood person spoke to the three heads, pointing at Yao Jun and Yun Yantian. The three heads quickly nodded, looking closer at Yao Jun and Yun Yantian, seemingly trying to see through their secrets.

    “Go, I don't want you in my forest any longer.”

    The wood person spoke bluntly and waved his hand. When he waved his hand, it was like an invisible hand grabbed Yao Jun and Yun Yantian, throwing them into the lake. After throwing the two of them into the lake, the wood person sank into the ground next to the lake and disappeared.

    Yao Jun and Yun Yantian quickly stabilized themselves after entering the water, quickly looking at their surroundings. The first thing they saw was the body that the three heads were connected to.

    Below the three heads were three long necks that connected them to a massive scaled lizard body. The body looked like it was around 20-30 meters in length alone, and around half that in width. The body had four legs with large claws, a long shark like tail adorning the rear of the body. Every inch of the body was covered in deep blue scales.

    Seeing this body, Yao Jun and Yun Yantian both wanted to suck in a breath of air. Three heads and a massive scaled body. Wasn't this the hydra that they had read about? The hydra was already considered extinct on the Guanyu continent and the Grand Quan continent. Legends had it that once a hydra managed to grow nine heads, it would be strong enough to drag an entire continent down into a watery grave. They truly didn't expect to see one here.

    Yao Jun quickly looked around. Since the wood person had pushed them into the lake, the exit was clearly in this lake. After looking around a bit, he saw a small whirlpool at the bottom of the lake. Thinking about the words they had read when they entered the forest, 'Go deep and no heads can stop you from leaving the forest.' The exit was clearly at the bottom of the lake.

    Yao Jun tapped Yun Yantian on the shoulder and pointed to the whirlpool. They began to swim towards the whirlpool, quickly arriving right above it. There was no current around the whirlpool, but when they were right above it, a stream of energy moved out from it's center and dragged the two of them into it. Their vision went white and the space around them congealed, transporting them to the next area.
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    Chapter 36: Demon God's Gate.

    When Yao Jun regained his vision, he was floating in a white world. There was nothing around him, just a vast white void. Yao Jun's body felt completely weightless, just floating in place, he couldn't even move forward.

    “Where is Yun Yantian?”

    Yao Jun turned his head around, peering into the distance. When he regained his vision, Yun Yantian was not next to him, nor was he in the surroundings. Since they entered the gate to the next level at the same time, he assumed that they would end up at the same place, but now it seemed like that wasn't necessarily true.

    “I sent him to a different floor that would suit him better. I'll send you to a different floor later, I just wanted to give you a little information first.”

    While Yao Jun was scanning the surroundings, a calm voice rang out from behind him, stiffening his entire body. Yao Jun had already checked the area around him, and found that it was completely devoid of life. For someone to sneak up on him so fast, and without him even noticing anything, he couldn't help but be shocked. He took a deep breath and turned his head.

    Not far from him stood a middle-aged man clad in a simple white robe. The middle aged man had short, brown hair, a pair of limpid green eyes and a peaceful smile, he radiated a sense of tranquility. Other than the simple robe he was clad in, the only other item on his body was an ancient sword sheath hanging on his back.

    “I'm sorry senior, this junior didn't mean to intrude”

    Yao Jun gave a small bow and a quick apology. He did not know who the person in front of him was, but he was clearly much more powerful than Yao Jun, accidentally offending him would only end in Yao Jun's death.

    “There is no need to apologize, I am the one who brought you here, you can consider me the owner and master of these ruins. Since you have that gate, it is my duty to give you some information that you would learn sooner or later.”

    The middle-aged man shook his head and gave a faint smile, before moving his eyes and locking them onto Yao Jun's chest, at the place where the gate was located.

    “You have reached the 1st Mortal Earth, so you will slowly start finding out just what that gate is capable of. That friend of yours hasn't managed to awaken his completely yet, so I have him doing a few other tests in hopes that he can awaken his.”

    The eyes of the middle-aged man seemed to see through all of Yao Jun, unearthing all his secrets. Yao Jun even had the misconception that the middle-aged man was capable of seeing what was inside the gate.

    “1st Mortal Earth?”

    The middle-aged man used a term that Yao Jun had never heard of before, nor had he ever read about it in any of the books he had read, so he couldn't help but ask.

    “Right.What you call the 9 different grades have a different name once you reach a certain level of power. The 9 grades are considered the start of cultivation, and are separated into three different parts.”

    The middle-aged man seemed to realize that he had forgotten to mention something, so he quickly gathered his thoughts and started talking about the different cultivation levels.

    “The first three levels are the three Mortal Earth's. After that you have the three Houtian Skies, finally ending with the three Xiantian Heavens. Each of these is then also divided into early, middle, and late. So what you call 1st grade, 2nd level, is really called early stage of the 1st Mortal Earth. Each three levels equal one stage. So level 1-3 is early, 4-6 is middle and 7-9 is late stage.”

    Hearing the middle-aged man's words, Yao Jun couldn't help but be slightly confused. He had grown up with the different grade and level terminology, so it took him some time to properly sort the different terms he had just been told about. He was slightly confused, but he also had to admit that it was more sorted and easier to remember once it was sorted by threes.

    “There is no point in me telling you about what happens after you break past the last Xiantian Heaven, far too few people in this world manage to reach that level.”

    “Let's talk a little about why so few people in this world manage to break past the last Xiantian Heaven. Many, many years ago, a person was born on this planet. This person managed to easily break through any cultivation level. After just a few hundred years, he had become a nearly invincible existence, even cultivators from the surrounding planets feared him.”

    When the middle-aged man got to this point, his voice contained a strange mixture of respect and hatred, showing just how complex his emotions were about this man.

    “But his strength went to his head. He attacked a cultivator from a distant planet, and was defeated horribly. The opposing cultivator found his arrogance so insufferable that he trapped the cultivator here and sealed off the entire planet.”

    “The seal prevents anyone born on this planet from leaving it, but people from other planets can come and go as they like. With time, both the arrogant cultivator, and the cultivator who sealed this planet both died, but the seal still remains, trapping everyone on this planet.”

    The middle-aged man sighed and shook his head when he finished his words. Yao Jun was completely shocked. A massive seal that sealed this entire planet? Just because his opponent had been arrogant? How overbearing and tyrannical wasn't this!

    “Had it not been for a visitor from a different planet who I befriended, this information would probably have been forgotten in the river of time. Now, most people of this world don't even know that there exists an entire universe out there, just waiting for them to explore it.”

    “Without a goal to pursue, they stagnate, being complacent and pleased with just reaching the 9th Xiantian Heaven. With a mindset like this, they will never manage to break past the Xiantian Heavens.”

    The middle-aged man's eyes were blazing when he spoke to here, his rampant desire to leave this planet was clearly shown in his eyes. But the fire in his eyes quickly subsided, replaced by disappointment.

    “Why are you telling me this?”

    Once the middle-aged man finished his words, Yao Jun couldn't help but ask. This man seemed to have broken past the last Xiantian Heaven, but even he seemed stumped by the seal, so Yao Jun had no idea what the middle-aged man was expecting from him.

    Not to mention that the only reason Yao Jun was cultivating was so that he could allow his parents to return to the main branch of the Yao Clan and live in peace, he had no great ambitions, peace was all he wanted.

    “Because you have that gate. That gate is called the Demon God's Gate. It is a power born when the universe itself was born, it is not subject to any limitations. If anyone can become strong enough to break the seal trapping this world, it is you or that friend of yours.”

    The middle-aged man turned his eyes back to Yao Jun, his eyes once more blazing with the fires of hope. He had died long ago, but wasn't there someone in front of him who could help him realize his goal?

    “Yun Yantian? He can do it too?”

    Yao Jun couldn't help but tilt his head. Yun Yantian could do it too? If Yao Jun could become strong enough because he had the gate, what did Yun Yantian have that could allow him to reach that level?

    “Yes, The Demon God's Gate wasn't the only power born at the birth of the universe. There are several different versions of it, your friend, Yun Yantian, has the Sword God's Gate, although it hasn't been completely awakened. Each gate will attract each other, so in the future, you will likely meet others who hold similar powers.”

    The middle-aged man patiently explained the origins of Yao Jun and Yun Yantian's powers. He wasn't surprised that Yao Jun didn't know anything. Even when he was alive, information about these gates was almost completely lost in this world. But since each gate attracted each other, he was also sure that Yao Jun would learn more about them in the future.

    “Then what about that wolf, Sirius, you gave me?”

    Yao Jun didn't continue asking about the gate, he could see that the middle-aged man himself didn't know much more than what he had already told him. Instead he changed the subject and asked about the wolf he had been given. He didn't think that it was a coincidence that the wolf he was given caused the gate to throb.

    “Sirius belonged to a friend I had while I was cultivating. He too had the Demon God's Gate, but he was killed before he managed to become strong enough. He asked me to take care of Sirius, giving him to the next owner of the Demon God's Gate, should I ever meet him. Countless years have gone by since then, but Sirius hasn't changed or aged, so I assume that he has some connection with the Demon God's Gate.”

    The middle-aged man spoke with a sigh. If it hadn't been for his friend dying, the seal around the world might have already been gone. But sadly, he had been attacked and killed before he could even reach the peak of the Xiantian Heavens, so there was no longer any way of knowing.

    “That was all the information I had to tell you, it is time for you to continue on with your journey. If you manage to reach the end of these ruins, I will give you my own inheritance, the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean inheritance.”

    The middle-aged man shook his head and returned his mood to tranquility, returning his eyes to Yao Jun. He spoke with a faint smile and waved his hand, causing a white light to engulf Yao Jun and send him away.

    He could just send him out of the ruins now and allow him to continue his journey, but there were two reasons he didn't do it. The first reason was that Yao Jun was just too weak now, if he sent him out now, there were just too many things that could kill him.

    The second reason was that he hoped that either Yun Yantian or Yao Jun could reach the end of these ruins and acquire his inheritance. It had been so many years since there was a Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean on this planet. If one of them could acquire his inheritance and continue his legacy, it would allow him to complete both of his last wishes.

    “When the gate of the Demon God opens once more, is it ruin or hope that it heralds?”

    The middle-aged man looked at the spot where Yao Jun stood earlier and shook his head with a sigh. He hadn't told Yao Jun everything. He hadn't mentioned that whenever someone who had a God Gate appeared, they would either be killed while young, or often end up corrupted.
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    Chapter 37: Forest of blades.

    When the white light around Yao Jun finally receded, he found himself standing at the top of a flight of stairs. In front of him stood a vast forest of blades. Weapons of all kind were struck into the ground, each radiating a sense of power.

    Some of the weapons were rusted, mere shadows of their former glory. Some weapons shone with the light of a divine weapon, while some were still dripping with blood and other liquids.

    Standing in front of this forest, Yao Jun felt a sense of oppression bear down on him, restricting his movements. Even the sword at his waist seemed to be repressed by this atmosphere, refusing to leave it's sheath no matter how much Yao Jun tried to draw it.

    There was a small path, just large enough to accommodate one person, going from where Yao Jun stood through the forest. Yao jun looked around, but couldn't find any sign or words telling him what he would have to do, so he assumed that he would have to follow this road.

    “Just follow this road. If you manage to get through the forest of blades, you will have passed this area.”

    The voice of the middle-aged man rang out in the surroundings, causing all the weapons to hum in response. His words confirmed Yao Jun's thoughts, he would have to cross this forest of blades to pass through to the next level.

    Instead of rushing to get through the forest of blades, Yao Jun sat down on the ground and connected his mind to the gate in his chest, the Demon God's Gate. With a slight movement of his mind, Yao Jun entered the gate, finding himself at the top of that familiar mountain.

    Yao Jun turned his eyes towards the large tree at the center of the garden. With just a move of his mind, his entire body blurred and vanished, reappearing in front of the tree. Standing in front of the tree, Yao Jun felt a breath of fresh air entering his body, cleansing it.

    The breath of fresh air also contained an ancient aura that seeped into every cell in Yao Jun's body. He could feel the ancient aura slowly integrate itself into his body, changing it, but he did not know in what way it was changing his body.

    Little Thunder and Sirius were laying in front of the tree, while Little Gray was resting on a branch at the top. The ancient aura was also slowly entering their body, transforming them like it was with Yao Jun.

    Yao Jun moved forward, sitting down next to Sirius. Sirius nestled up against Yao Jun, rubbing it's head against his chest. Yao Jun stroked the head of Sirius, all the while examining it's body with his eyes.

    The reason he entered the Demon God's Gate was too examine Sirius. Sirius had been absorbed by the Demon God's Gate without Yao Jun having to kill it, he had also caused the Demon God's Gate to throb when he first touched it.

    But after being absorbed, Sirius did not grant Yao Jun an increase in power, nor did he gain any new abilities from absorbing him. Besides the strangely blue eyes, Sirius seemed like a completely normal wolf.

    “So what can you do, my little Sirius?”

    Yao Jun kept stroking Sirius while muttering to himself. After he finished his words, Sirius raised it's head and stood up. It seemed to have understood his words as it let loose a low howl. When Sirius howled, Yao Jun could feel a strange energy gather around Sirius's body.

    After the energy gathered around Sirius's body, Sirius took a step forward, but instead of going forward, Sirius went upwards. Sirius continued to take several steps, each step bringing him slightly higher.

    “Hoh? You can walk on air?”

    Yao Jun looked on with interest as Sirius walked around in the air like he was on flat ground. He stood up and walked over to where Sirius was. He tried to see if he could emulate what Sirius was doing, but he was unable to summon that strange energy that allowed Sirius to walk on the air.

    After trying and failing for a few times, Yao Jun sighed and stopped trying. He couldn't spend all his time inside the gate, he also had to finish walking through the forest of blades and reach the next level. It would be a lie if he said that he wasn't interested in the inheritance of the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean.

    Yao Jun moved his mind and left the Demon God's Gate, reappearing on the small path in front of the forest of blades. The sense of oppression from the blades returned, pressing down on his body, but Yao Jun noticed that the oppression was slightly weaker this time around.

    Yao Jun took a step forward, moving into the forest of blades. When he took that first step into the forest of blades, he felt the sense of oppression almost double in strength, threatening to push him down onto the ground.

    Yao Jun stopped walking and straightened his body, resisting the oppressing force. As the oppressive force bore down on his body, he could also feel slivers of it enter his body. When the oppressive force entered his body, it started drilling into his bones, bringing with it a drilling pain, before settling in his marrow.

    Yao Jun realized that this path was probably a test and and opportunity that the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean had organized for him, so he grit his teeth and took another step forward. When he stepped forward this time, instead of the oppressive force increasing, he felt a sharp wind flow around his body, slicing his skin.

    Once more, slight amounts of oppressive force, this time mixed with the slicing wind, entered his body, settling in various parts of his body. After standing still for around five minutes, Yao Jun felt that he was capable of taking another step forward.

    He took another step forward, but the moment he finished his step, the oppressive force dramatically increased, pushing him down onto the ground. Yao Jun felt like his organs were being squeezed by the oppressive force, almost rupturing, but he could also feel them slowly strengthen.

    Yao Jun slightly moved his head, looking at the weapons stuck into the ground at the side of the road. When he first entered the road, there were all types of weapons. On the second step, the weapons all turned into small daggers. On the third step, the one he was currently on, all the weapons had turned into large hammers, towering above Yao Jun.

    Looking at the weapons around him, a theory formed in Yao Jun's mind. To find out whether or not his theory was correct, required Yao jun to move further down the path. He closed his eyes and focused on the oppressive force bearing down on his body, slowly absorbing trace amounts of it.
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    Chapter 38: A Myriad of weapons.

    Yao Jun slowly picked himself up from the ground. The pressure was bearing down on his bones, causing them to creak with every move he made. The pain caused by the pressure was still there, but Yao Jun could withstand it now.

    Despite his body slowly strengthening, it still took him almost five entire minutes just to stand up and straighten himself. After he stood up, he turned his head and surveyed the hammers struck into the ground around him. He examined all the hammers for a short while before shaking his head and taking another step forward.

    When he took the step forward, the hammers struck into the ground turned fuzzy and vanished. What replaced them were large spears stabbed into the ground. There were a myriad of different spears, each one unique and different from the rest.

    When the spears appeared, the oppressive force changed once more. It was no longer as heavy as it was before, but it had gained an additional piercing feeling. Small stab wounds started appearing all around Yao Jun's body, but he simply ignored them and closed his eyes.

    When Yao Jun closed his eyes, instead of just focusing on absorbing the energy that the oppressive force brought with it, he also studied the piercing energy that the surrounding spears produced.

    Yao Jun had a hunch that this test was not only used to test the determination of the participant, but was also used to strengthen the body of the participant as well as let the participant choose the weapon that suited him the most.

    Some people did not believe that one could reach the peak if they only focused on one thing, instead choosing to focus on many weapons and techniques at once. But Yao Jun firmly believed that it did not matter if one focused on just one thing, or if one focused on many things, all that mattered was that you wholeheartedly pursued the peak.

    Yao Jun had no interest in pursuing the peak of strength and technique. If he could provide his parents with a good life, find a wife and live his life in peace, he would be happy. But he was not stupid, he knew that this was a dog eat dog world. If he wanted to protect his parents and his future wife, he needed strength, this was the entire reason he bothered training in the first place.

    Yao Jun stood still and bore the piercing oppressive force for another five minutes. After five minutes, all the small holes that had appeared on his body had closed up, his body getting slightly strengthened once more. Yao Jun opened his eyes and scoured the myriad of spears one last time before taking another step forward.

    He had to admit that the spear was rather suited to him. He mostly focused on rapid attacks that quickly decimated his opponents. The power and strength that the spear brought with it would allow his strength to grow to another level.

    But he found that he could not connect with the spear. In his hands, the spear would just be like a long stick that had a pointy end, it had no heart. When he used the sword that he had gotten from his father, he felt like the sword was just an extension of his arm.

    He could control the sword with just the slightest intent of his heart, it would move and jump like it was a living creature. His sword moves was unpolished and clumsy, nowhere near the same level as a true swordsman like Yun Yantian. But they were his sword moves. Each move he made with the sword was his own, they all contained a little piece of Yao Jun's heart and soul.

    Yao Jun was already mostly certain that the sword was the weapon for him, but since he could not control which weapon would show up next, he could only continue walking forwards. This also had the added benefit of slowly strengthening Yao Jun's body, as well as letting him experience the majesty and prestige of the many other types of weapons.

    Yao Jun had never faced a true master of the hammer. But he was certain that if he ever faced someone who had truly mastered the hammer, each attack that person produced would bring about the same oppressive force that Yao Jun felt when he entered this forest of blades and was surrounded by hammers.

    As Yao Jun took that next step, the spears turned fuzzy and vanished, the piercing force vanishing with them. What took it's place was a constricting force that twined itself around Yao Jun's body, slowing down his movements and even making it difficult for him to breathe.

    With a turn of his head, Yao Jun examined the weapons that had appeared around him. A myriad of whips had appeared around Yao Jun, each one bringing with it a constricting and suffocating pressure. Some whips were made out of leather, some out of soft metal, some were adorned with spikes or other items to enhance their power.

    After the constricting force took hold of Yao Jun's body, a myriad of different forces started invading his body, wrecking havoc on his insides. Since each whip was made out of different materials and adorned with different items, each whip brought with it a different constricting pressure.

    Yao Jun closed his eyes once more and focused on experiencing the myriad of different pressures. To experience each pressure properly, he focused on separating each pressure. He spent a little time experiencing a constricting pressure that had a sharp feeling to it, after that he would spend a little time experiencing a constricting pressure that had a piercing feeling to it.

    Like this, Yao Jun slowly dissected the myriad of pressures, taking his time to experience each and every single iteration. After spending almost half an hour dissecting the myriad of pressures, Yao Jun once more opened his eyes and took a step forward.

    The next step took him out from a world filled with a myriad of pressures, and brought him to a world containing only a single tyrannical pressure. The pressure contained both a slicing and a crushing feeling, bearing down upon Yao Jun like a mountain of blades.

    Yao Jun did not even need to turn his head to know what type of weapon had appeared around him. Thicker and longer than a normal blade, a slight bend to it's edge that made it curl upwards. A weapon that resembled a sword in nearly every fashion, but focused on speed and power where the sword focused on speed and flexibility. The saber.
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    Chapter 39: The song of swords.

    The saber was the weapon of tyrants. Where a sword focused on speed and flexibility to find weak points in the opponents defense, the saber focused on using speed and power to straightforwardly crush the opponent.

    Yao Jun closed his eyes and focused on enduring and studying the pressure that the sabers brought with them. A saber was a weapon that shared many similarities with the sword, there was much that could be learned about the sword by studying the saber. Since swords focused on flexibility, they could easily find themselves lacking in power and strength. By studying the unique parts of sabers, a wielder of swords could find that little thing that he needed to increase the power of his sword strikes.

    Yao Jun continued to immerse himself in the tyrannical pressure that the sabers brought with them for another 10 minutes, thoroughly memorizing the crushing force that enacted upon his body. After the 10 minutes were up, he opened his eyes and took another step forward.

    After taking another step forward, the tyrannical pressure from the sabers vanished. What replaced the tyrannical pressure was a soft breeze. There was no pressure that bore down on Yao Jun, nor was there the feeling of his body being affected in any way, there was only a calm breeze that flowed past Yao Jun.

    Yao Jun was slightly put off by the calm breeze that was the complete opposite of the pressure that he had faced so far. Even the daggers that he faced in the start exerted a type of pressure on him. Yao Jun was just about to turn his head when he felt a wet sensation flow down his left cheek.

    He wiped his cheek with his palm before inspecting it. Upon inspecting it, he found his entire palm smeared in blood. Slightly shocked, Yao Jun used his index finger to trace his entire face and was even more shocked to find that there were already several small cuts on his face.

    While he was shocked, Yao Jun was simultaneously happy. With a turn of his head, he found just the scene he had been waiting for, a forest of swords. There were a myriad of swords, but most of them followed the normal path of a standard Jian sword.

    The sword focused on speed and flexibility, flowing like the wind. Yun Yantian's sword style perfectly encapsulated the grace and majesty of a sword. When he fought, his sword flowed like the wind, slicing up his opponents with the grace of the spring breeze.

    Yao Jun's sword style on the other hand resembled the style of the saber, focusing on speed and power. Yun Yantian's sword style was something he had been taught by his family and was considered the traditional sword style.

    Yao Jun's sword style was something he had come up with himself as he was training as a child, each stroke of the sword bringing with it the full force and determination that used to train. This style was only further strengthened when Yao Jun absorbed Little Thunder and learned to control lightning, an element known for it's speed and power.

    Despite that, Yao Jun still wanted to use a sword. No matter how suited he was to using a saber, he still wanted to carry a sword at his side at all times. The sword was the first gift his father had ever given him.

    To him, the first step to giving his parents a better life was mastering that sword. His father had given him that sword to train with. When he gave Yao Jun that sword, he also gave him the weight of his expectations and hope. If Yao Jun could not even master that sword and fulfill his fathers expectations, how would he ever give them a better life?

    Feeling the breeze flow past his body, slicing open small wounds on his body while also seeping in through the wounds and slowly strengthen his body, Yao Jun reached out with his hand and grabbed onto the handle of the closest sword.

    If he wanted to master the sword properly, just feeling it's energy flow past him would not be enough, he would have to experience it with every fiber of his body and allow it to change his body, ingraining each cell with the power of the sword.

    When one reached a high enough level of power, one could use their weapon to send out attacks that were completely made out of energy. These were often called Sword Qi or Spear Qi. But to send out these, one needed two things.

    One needed to have become strong enough to send their Qi out from their body, and one needed to have a connection with the weapon they were using. The energy they sent out was called Sword Qi, while the connection with their weapon was called Sword Intent. What Yao Jun was hoping to do now was to build up that connection with the swords around him, imprinting all his cells with the power of a sword.

    When Yao Jun grabbed onto the handle of the sword, the once gentle breeze turned into a furious tempest, the strong winds slicing Yao Jun's clothing into ribbons and staining his entire form in blood. Despite the pain coursing through his body as more and more energy seeped into his body, Yao Jun's somber gray eyes did not twitch, maintaining their undying determination.

    Yao Jun was uncertain how much time passed as the winds around him picked up in strength, his mind was completely focused on moving around the energy that seeped into his body. If he did not move it around on his own, there was a risk that the energy would gather in one place.

    If the energy gathered in one place, he would not be able to imprint his entire body with the energy of a sword, meaning that it would become exceedingly hard for him to use Sword Qi.

    While Yao Jun was focusing on moving the energy around, baptizing his entire body with the pain that the sword energy brought with it, the sound of the storming winds around him slowly vanished, replaced by an intoxicating humming.

    The humming started from the sword in Yao Jun's hand, but it slowly started spreading, each sword adding it's own note to the symphony that the humming slowly grew into. Before Yao Jun managed to notice, the humming had spread to every sword in the area, turning into a beautiful, but disoriented melody.

    Yao Jun finally noticed the humming around him and removed his focus away from the energy that was coursing through his body. He had already allowed the energy to seep into every inch of his body, so there was no longer any need to worry about it gathering in one place.

    His body had been baptized by the sword energy, so even if the energy gathered in one place, it would slowly melt and automatically seep into the other parts of his body.

    As Yao Jun was listening to the melody of the swords, he felt like the melody was begging him to lead it, to control the melody and change it into a song created just for him. He didn't spend much time thinking, he had a hunch that he would not be finished with this test unless he turned this melody into a song.

    Yao Jun put strength into his hand and pulled his arm backward, pulling the sword he was holding out from the ground. When Yao Jun pulled the sword out from the ground, it disintegrated into small dots of white light that integrated themselves into Yao Jun's body.

    The dots of light entered his body and immediately flew to his chest, integrating themselves into the gate that was located next to his heart. Once every dot of light had entered the gate, the humming of the swords changed dramatically.

    It was no longer the humming of swords that filled the area, but rather the roar of beasts. It started out as a myriad of low growls, but it quickly grew louder and louder, reaching a crescendo where every roar mixed together into a single roar that shook the very space in the area.

    After the roar continued on for a little over a minute, it suddenly vanished, leaving behind only silence. All the swords around Yao Jun also vanished, even the path that he was standing on had vanished. All that was left was Yao Jun's blood covered body floating in a completely white space.

    Despite the pain coursing through Yao Jun's body, he couldn't help but smile. He could feel a completely new connection with the sword hanging at his waist. While it still felt like it was just an extension of his body, it had a new feeling to it, like an ancient beast laying in waiting for it's next prey.

    The humming changing into the roar of beasts, and his connection with his sword making the sword feel like an ancient beast was connected to his power, the Demon God's Gate. Since he was born with that power, he was fated to share a close connection with all Demonic beasts and monsters.

    This connection also manifested as his Sword qi and Sword Intent, but he would have to take his time and experiment just how it manifested. While Yao Jun was smiling to himself, the Nine Heavens Sword Empyrean appeared before him once more.

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