Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

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    The vast sky contains thousands of God’s domains.

    Junior Yun Xi was born in the Sword domain, more specifically, the White Lotus Sword Domain. He has a very jealous childhood sweetheart as he ran an ordinary bakery. At the age of eighteen, he was to marry his arranged bride.

    Until the sixteenth birthday, the stars shined down on with three different roads for him to take. As three sprites appeared in front of him, the boy suddenly learned a terrible truth, that his original life goal was at stake.

    In order to survive, the youth had to set foot on the battlefield of many death trials, while learning how to love and struggle to get stronger.


    Not everyone wants to live a life filled wit fame, riches, glory, and honor. Some, just want the easy life. To live a life that simply plays itself over and over, with a hint of spice here and there.

    To our young hero Yun Xi, he felt his calling for bread. He did not want to be the Godly Swordsman of old, nor the Majestic Immortal Emperor. He just wanted to be a plain-old breadmaker.

    Yet, his dreams are crushed when he is given a revelation of the stars. How will his life change…well, shockingly, a lot faster than some of you are thinking. His romantic playboy life will turn his dreams upside down. As he overcomes endless trials to try to remain alive.


    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Supernatural, Xianxia, Arranged Marriage, Broken Engagement, Cultivation, Goddesses, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Outer Space, Strong Female Lead, Swordsmanship, Yandere

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8
    Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
    Chapter 12
    Chapter 13
    Chapter 14
    Chapter 15
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    Chapter 1: Young Yun Xi

    Yun Xi had a dream.

    In the dream, there was a young girl guarding the entrance between heaven and earth as she coldly looked ahead.

    Three strands of icy blue hair were upright on her forehead; her slender braided hair was hanging behind her. Her cuffs were inlaid with steel-blue gems while a double-edged sword sheath with a pendant was hanging on her waist; she gave off a very icy-cold and alienated aura.

    While she was inserting her huge blue-slanted sword back into its sheath...

    That sword made her slender body seem even more slender. Her blade also seemed to give off a cold silvery-white aura. Just the sword hilt alone was already over half a meter long.

    The hilt of the sword and the edge of the blade seemed to share a single central connection point. The point seemed to be a circular compass, and in the middle of that compass was a huge keyhole. Apparently, something was sealed there.

    Who are you?

    For what reason do you always appear in my dream?


    The young girl seemed to have opened her mouth to say something to Yun Xi.

    A pity, Yun Xi was unable to understand what she was saying as it was not the language of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

    Of course, the White Lotus Sword Domain’s language was different from other languages. And although it was very strange, it was pleasant to hear.

    Yun Xi stretched out his hands, apparently trying to touch the young girl who has been appearing in his dreams.

    “Shua!” In a split second, Yun Xi’s consciousness began to fade away… only leaving behind a piece of blue light from the double-edged sword.

    “You… do not have the qualifications to open this gate…” She closed her eyes as she killed another unknown spirit.


    “Oh, my!” Yun Xi rolled out of bed as he firmly hit his head against a dresser. A group of golden stars began to rotate around his head.

    That dream again… as he began to knead his swollen temples, Yun Xi felt even more helpless.

    As the saying goes – “what you read is what you dream” – but Yun Xi swore that he had never seen such a huge blue double-edged sword before as well as the beautiful young lady.

    Such a special young lady, even if he met her once, it would be impossible to forget.

    That face... that cold expression… it would make any man a thousand miles away unable to resist. Even though it was just a dream, it left Yun Xi with an extremely deep impression.

    Unfortunately, at the end of each dream, Yun Xi is hacked to death. Fortunately, it’s just a dream.

    “Forget about it. That kind of girl would be impossible to come in contact with.” Yun Xi comfortably stretched out his arms and opened the window.

    The window, being old, issued a creaking sound as it opened – the early spring sunshine fell into the narrow room, dispelling the humidity.

    “Good morning, world!”

    Yun Xi put his hands together as he looked out his window only to see that the morning market was already bustling.

    “Happy birthday, Yun Xi.”

    Today, Yun Xi turned 16. It was truly a day worth celebrating.

    In the White Lotus Sword Domain, the age 16 represented the beginning of youthhood while age 18 represented adulthood.

    Though he could not drink, he has already been accepted by the community and could work as an employee. He also can have an independent identification and choose his career.

    Of course, those of the nobility had chosen the route for their future career ages ago. However, only at the age of 12 will they display their talent.

    They received the best education and the best teachers. Starting from the basics, they would have surpassed others, and this gap would only grow larger over time.

    Ordinary children, unless they are a peerless talent, would not be able to compete against those of the nobility. This was the harsh truth of society.

    The Bailian [1] Sword Domain Sword Palace was 9/10 composed of the nobility, while the ordinary children took up the remaining 1/10.

    One could not blame the sword palace’s partiality, as the gap was just too huge.

    Although all sword palaces begin to recruit disciples at the age of 16, the exam was basically fair. Only the most outstanding from the many ordinary geniuses would have a chance to be chosen by a sword palace.

    Of course, that sort of thing and Yun Xi didn’t have any relationship.

    Because he did not want to follow the way of the sword it was highly unlikely for him to go to the sword palace exam. His career also had nothing to do with the sword.

    “Well, let's prepare for today’s practice.”

    He was not a swordsman, so there was no need to concern himself with the sword palace exams. Yun Xi’s life was a simple and happy life, filled with common expectations.

    His practice was not that of fencing but rather, the practice of making bread.

    Yes, he was just an ordinary young child of an ordinary couple. He wasn’t going to become some talented hero.

    He was born in an ordinary baker family, brought up with ordinary parenting. He inherited his family’s bakery and is preparing to become his family store’s next owner – this was Yun Xi’s life goal.

    His parents were in their fifties when they had him. Yun Xi grew up listening to his neighbors speak about how he was not born from his parents and that he was picked up from a garbage heap.

    Of course, he had long known that this was an adult’s way of joking; “A crane sent you to our home.” [2] When he heard those rumors for the first time, though, his nose began to run.

    As far as Yun Xi was concerned, they were the world’s most adorable couple.

    Now, the couple was traveling the world, relieved that the store would operate smoothly under his hands.

    Making bread was a talent, and Yun Xi’s handmade bread had quite the reputation. It had always been lacking in supply with such huge demands and he had long surpassed his parents.

    Looking at how amazing Yun Xi was, his parents passed down the family bread store to him and gave him full control over it, as they went off to enjoy a golden wedding honeymoon.

    Today was when Yun Xi turned 16 and was the only one with a 3rd Rank Bread Evaluation. People from major cities would also come to try to buy his family’s bakery for 10 times the price.

    Yun Xi refused because he was fond of this town along with its roads and stream and of this ordinary bread store.

    The world is huge; the domains of God numbered up to the tens of millions but this was the only home for him. He wanted to spend his life here.

    Here was Yun Xi’s family store, Yun Xi’s most beloved home.

    Unsurprisingly, he can spend his whole life here, and perhaps, as a newlywed, he will travel over the star bridge to go to the other side of the Sword Domain. However, he would ultimately return and with his other half live off the rest of their days.

    This future wasn’t far away and even Yun Xi wanted to spend his life with the girl of his dreams.

    With the temperature of his hands, he began to knead the dough well. Calculating the correct ratio of flour and sugar, coupled with a good egg, he finally put it in the oven. The fresh bread that was taken out from the oven in the early morning was then arranged on top of Yun Xi’s counter.

    “3 Croissants coming up!”

    “5 Pineapple Bread.”

    “10 Carrot Meals.”

    Yun Xi’s bread shop had only been open for a quarter of an hour, but Yun Xi’s handmade bread sold out nice and clean. The only thing remaining was the cheap white bread.

    Sitting behind the nearly empty counter, Yun Xi had a smile on his face.

    For a baker, there is nothing happier than having his customers love his bread.

    A 3rd Rank Breadmaker. Although his position was not as great as the lowest sword palace’s swordsman, in a small town like this, his talent could be said to have been the rarest talent of the century.

    Many people believed that Yun Xi could truly make history by becoming the first person to obtain a 4th Rank job.

    “Little Xi [3], bread!” A crisp bell-sounding voice along with cheerful feet charged into the quiet bread shop.

    Running in was someone close to Yun Xi’s age. The beautiful young girl with the ponytail exuded an air of youthfulness.

    She had a long ponytail while near her waist was a long and simple cyan sword. She had black moonlike eyelashes with a pair of warm black eyes.

    Because of the strenuous exercises, her naturally small lips pursed up as she was endlessly gasping for air; the outline of her bent body was truly beautiful. When she laughed, her smile was like a sparkling crescent moon.

    “Hua Huo, you want butter bread?”

    Yun Xu skillfully took out the butter bread he made elaborately as it was always bought by others immediately once he presented them on the counter. Like feeding a puppy, he threw it to his childhood sweetheart.

    Hua Huo tiptoed to bite at the bread Yun Xi threw; the two had over a decade of mutual understanding.

    “I love you, Little Xi! Remember to increase the physical strength of the Rye Bread at noon for me!” Enjoying the tribute Yun Xi gave her, Hua Huo ran out of the small shop like the wind.

    To come and go in such a hurry is just like her general temper: always loud.

    A summer storm would roughly describe this girl. Like Yun Xi, she was also a child genius that everyone was proud of.

    Hua Huo moved to town ten years ago; it is said that she was born from a lineage of distant knights in one of God’s Domain [4]. She is also the first genius to ever become a 3rd Rank Swordsman before the age of 16 since the beginning of history

    Being a swordsman of the 3rd Rank was a world away from Yun Xi’s 3rd Rank because this was the Balian Domain – a Sword Domain belonging to the countless God domains.

    It doesn't matter which sword domain of the countless god domains you come from or the sword skill you practice, only those who have left behind a united sword path or have formed their sword spirit, could receive utmost respect in a sword domain.

    For a senior swordsman, becoming the Divine Sword God that transcends all under the heavens, was everything. The godly swordsman is called “Sky Sword” and dominates in supremacy, being an unparalleled swordsman.

    From trainees with no rank to becoming official soldiers of the 1st Rank to elite soldiers, and even to the officers of the 2nd Rank. They represent the standards on the White Lotus Sword Domain.

    3rd Rank Hua Huo is already walking forward on an extraordinary road – truly worthy of being named the town’s first expert.

    At the same time, she was also Yun Xi’s first love.


    [1] Means White Lotus

    [2] When parents are embarrassed to say how a child was made, they say that.

    [3] Yun Xi’s pet name from Hua Huo.

    [4] There are countless domains of God, we don’t know which one Hua Huo was born on yet, so will be using a general domain for now.

    ~~TL PS note to readers ~~ would you all rather I keep domain or use heavenly sword god city, thus also changing all others into cities or regions instead of domains. So, all in all, I will be using domain instead of city. We will see how it goes...
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    Chapter 2 – The Loving-Jealous Childhood Sweetheart

    “Unfortunately… time is running out...” Looking at Hua Huo’s freshly blossoming figure leave, Yun Xi laughed to himself.

    Although their occupations were both at the 3rd Rank, a fighting occupation represented a whole new level.

    As a 3rd Rank Baker, he could make delicious bread. However, his best work was butter bread, like the one he gave Hua Huo a while ago.

    Adding extra strength was his handmade bread’s special ability and he could only make 10 a day.

    Although Hua Huo was only of the 3rd Rank, with her Thousand Sword Technique that had a rare balance of attack and defense, she was publicly accepted as a true master.

    Hua Huo and Yun Xi could easily understand each other with nothing more than a word or two thus, Yun Xi had already begun to put the bread in the oven.

    3rd Ranked Hua Huo was sure to enter the White Lotus Sword Domain’s Sword Palace, she wouldn’t even need to take the exam. As a 3rd Ranked Swordsman, she would excel among her peers at the Sword Palace.

    “Well, you might as well consider the rest of the candidates too.” He was reluctant to part with his childhood sweetheart. Yun Xi began to seriously ponder about his future as well as the future of the other candidates.

    Although he was not like Hua Huo, who possessed the talent to become a hero, he had the skills to make bread and has received the acknowledgment of the people. There were even several young bashful girls who wanted to convey their feelings to him.

    But, not knowing why, a short while later, Yun Xi became awfully confused.

    “The young lady from the flower shop down the street, Milei, was a gifted 12-year-old, being able to talk at the age of 3.”

    “The neighboring town’s gem store’s eldest daughter El'phyllis recently turned 17. The last time I visited, the store manager wanted me to immediately marry her.”

    “The cake shop across the street has an awfully adorable daughter, Ye Li. Unfortunately, she was only 9 this year.”

    Yun Xi counted his fingers, calculating the potential girlfriends he could pursue.

    By the way, he was not being unfaithful!

    Up until now, he was head-over-heels for Hua Huo. Those feelings were absolutely not fake.

    But, Hua Huo was destined to become a dazzling heavenly star as a truly talented swordsman while he decided to stay in this small town that was rooted to the ground.

    The two were fated to have different talents, destined to be apart.

    They will be lovelorn and even though Yun Xi consciously knows that he will be dejected, he will not let Hua Huo stay. Rather, he chose to smile and let her go.

    Such a genius like Hua Huo was not meant to stay in this small town.

    “At that time, I must smile and send her off.” Yun Xi patted his face, reminding himself of what to do when the time came.

    That day was not far away as the Sword Palace exams are going to be held next week. For the entire Bailian Sword Domain, it was a very crucial day.

    Countless children on that day will be showcasing their talents and strength, proving that they were not worthless.

    Countless poor children will also strive to do their best to catch a big break and become the carp that leaps over the dragon’s gate.

    The Sword Palace exams were only open to teenage girls aging from 16-18-years-old. After that time period, you could only try your luck at other sword schools.

    In the Bailian Sword Domain, the Sword Palace represented supreme honor, along with other schools and palaces.

    In the entire Bailian Sword Domain, none could compare to the Sword Palace. Looking over the numerous hills, one would see that the Sword Palace stood at the apex of them all, standing at the supremacy.

    The word “sword” in Sword Palace itself is a part of the Sky Sword God Domain. Following the owner of the Sky Sword, it was founded as the most powerful sword schools and clans.

    In the White Lotus Sword Domain, and even in the entire Sky Sword God Domain, the main focus of the people living there is the "sword". Even the shape of every sword domain is in the form of a sword.

    If the Sword Palace had to be defined on a sword, then it would be located at the tip.

    Yun Xi along with every large clan, prestigious families, cities, and towns had no choice but to live at the very bottom of the sword: the hilt. As for the blade itself, that would be the other schools and forces.

    This was the way of the Sword Domains of God. The hilt for the people, the tip for the Sword Palace, and the rest of the other powers.

    Between sword domains is a star bridge that acts as a connector. The Sky Sword God Domain is like one unique big sword as it’s made up of countless sword domains.

    Located at the very top of the Sky Sword God Domain was naturally the owner of the Sky Sword, the palace master of the Sky Palace.

    One of the lowest of the countless Sword Domains of God is the White Lotus Sword Domain, which was not a highly ranked sword domain.

    However, the White Lotus Sword Domain possessed a special secret gem. Because of this, it caused the White Lotus Sword Domain’s Sword Palace’s name to be renowned throughout the vast sword domains of God.

    Every time the White Lotus Sword Domain’s Sword Palace held an exam, geniuses from the upper sword domains would also come rushing to participate.

    Of course, everyone except Yun Xi.

    The sword palace’s exams were also to target those upper domain geniuses who had an eye out for their secret gem. However, to Yun Xi, that was just like floating clouds. (He had no interest).

    He was going to continuously temper himself to make bread so that he would advance to a 4th Rank Bread-maker. Thus becoming the youngest in town to ever achieve a 4th Rank in a life (stuff like a baker, seamstress, etc… anything not related to the sword or cultivating) occupation.

    Many would get married when they are 18 years old – the best time to be able to give birth to a boy and a girl. Yun Xi wanted to expand his store, little by little, and pass it down from generation to generation. That was Yun Xi’s life goal.

    “Yes, I like you.”

    “From the ocean of many, I fell in love with you at first sight.”

    “Beautiful, can you smile for me?”

    Humming ‘From the west of God’s domain…’, Yun Xi began to prepare the ingredients to make the afternoon bread; it was important to have everything you need.

    Step. Step. Step. A familiar footstep sounded near the door as it powerfully kicked the door open.

    “Little Xi, I forgot something!” The morning exercises caused Hua Huo’s cheeks to turn bright red as she held onto her knees for support, gasping for air, as she looked at the confused Yun Xi.

    “If you’re talking about the bread, there is none left.” If he knew, he would have given some more to Hua Huo. Unfortunately, that wasn’t so.

    “Not bread!” Hua Huo’s eyes crossed, burning, as she stared firmly at Yun Xi.

    “What happened?” Yun Xi tried to make out what was going on. Besides the white flour on him, nothing was amiss.

    “It’s your heart! Just a moment ago, you were being unfaithful!” (TL note: Awww S*** you forgot y’all understood each other well….busted!)

    “I heard your soliloquy! Milei from the flower shop down the street, El'phyllis from the gem store in the neighboring town, as well as the adorable Fei Li from the cake shop across the street. I’m saying you were not being faithful!”

    Hua Huo’s face seemed contorted as she was aware of the unfaithfulness, “do not quibble!” Yun Xi was barely able to squeeze a sentence out:

    “The truth is...”

    “How did you know?” In regards to Hua Huo’s jealousy radar, it was so incomparably sharp that it left Yun Xi stunned.

    As a child to present day, so long as he showed even the littlest of affection for another girl, his heart rate would change. Just a little hazy amount of favoritism and Hua Huo would discover it and arrive immediately.

    “Uncle and aunty repeatedly warned me to never let you get carried away!” One look at Hua Huo and Yun Xi could tell that she was panting with rage. He already had her as a childhood sweetheart, why can’t he be satisfied!

    As a child, one does not make an appointment to get married in the future.

    Childhood sweethearts, was of course, naturally… ah… and for Yun Xi, the memories of the last ten years together was more precious than any treasure.

    In order to beat back those girls who were attracted to Yun Xi and madly wanted to get close to him, she had no choice but to practice to the 3rd Rank, becoming the first true master of the town.

    Yun Xi was a big idiot. After all, he wasn’t aware of how attractive he was to other girls.

    But to protect him and cover him from those who harbored errant [1] thoughts and older sisters who wanted to eat him up, she completely wiped them out, leaving nothing behind.

    Ever since they were children, Yun Xi had yet to discover that he was very attractive to girls.

    And even back then, in primary school, on every Valentine’s day, the number of girls who lined up to give him chocolate, could easily form a squadron.

    “Uh… I was found out?” Yun Xi remained silent after saying that, as he thought about Hua Huo’s reaction.

    She had to have some magical ability… clairvoyance?

    “Stupid, stupid! Countlessly saying that you will only marry me!” Hua Huo took out her long sword and directed it at Yun Xi’s neck, “Don’t marry me and I’ll give you a bloody ending.”

    Well, the perfect Hua Huo, the genius Hua Huo, the town’s pride Hua Huo had one small shortcoming.

    She was incredibly jealous.

    It truly caused her childhood sweetheart to have terrible headaches.


    At the end of the business day, Yun Xi closed up and prepared for tomorrow’s sales. After Yun Xi inspected the store, he headed up to the second floor to go to his room.

    The small family store had already been passed down for four generations. The wooden staircase was somewhat old-fashioned because as one went up, it issued a *Creak! Creak!* sound. But for Yun Xi, it was something he was fond of.

    “Hua Huo, you really need to go.” In the mornings of the past, Hua Huo always played pranks on Yun Xi but he never paid any attention to it until she started to switch to her sword.

    Her simple cyan long sword's hilt was engraved with a white lotus.

    The White Lotus Sword Palace gave all its disciples a sword. And just like Yun Xi, Hua Huo decided to advance and obtain the Sword Palace’s approval.

    A 16-year-old 3rd Rank combatant was far beyond the Sword Palace’s entry requirement. Even her sword was one that only elite disciples could get, showing that Hua Huo’s talent was genuine.

    “Sure enough, childhood sweethearts can’t get married.” Although he was only 16-years-old, he had already decided to inherit the family business and to become a breadstore owner. Yun Xi sighed, abandoning an unrealistic fantasy.

    He and Hua Huo were not fated to be together.

    They met at the age of 6. It’s already been 10 years of school and having graduated not too long ago, they began to choose their future.

    The 16-year-old Yun Xi and Hua Huo have already begun to embark on different paths.

    “Really… is the cake shop’s Fei Li better?” Yun Xi laid on his bed, looking out his window at the stars.

    On the table near the window, was a very small cake with a candle on it. Of course, Yun Xi prepared his own birthday cake.

    At 12 o’clock tonight, he would officially be 16.

    Tonight, would he dream of the maiden guarding the gate?

    For Yun Xi, turning 16 was nothing special.

    Perhaps every day of his life would be like today, ordinarily passing by.

    Closing his eyes, Yun Xi began to wish.

    He had a dream… a dream relating to the stars. (TL note: ....hmmm...Starchild….I wonder…)


    [1] Improper thoughts, ulterior motives
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    Chapter 3: Heavenly Dream

    The starlight filled the sky, from hundreds of millions of light-years away, through countless journeys, the gap between dream and reality, was shining on Yun Xi’s body.

    The beautiful nebula, the long river of stars, was revolving around Yun Xi- flowing around him.

    The stars came together and issued a sound to Yun Xi.

    In the distant sky, countless of stars radiated in joy, converging together over the small town, forming a beautiful and brilliant sea of stars.

    Infinite radiance fell from the sky as if it was bestowing upon this small town an unlimited amount of blessings from the stars.

    At that moment, the motionless wheels of time revolved again.

    Yun Xi heard the voices of the stars in the sky… a blessing, but also a warning.

    “Be careful… almost there…”

    “They… are searching this Star Domain…”

    “Scheduled awakening at 18… moved up…”

    “WARNING… hurry and complete the trials… otherwise you… will be consigned to eternal damnation!”

    Who was that?

    What’s awakening at 18?

    Hurry up and complete the trial? What trial?

    Yun Xi opened his sleepy eyes, finding that he was in his bed and not floating amidst the starry sky.

    The brilliant golden-red sun, the magnificent silver-white moon, bright shining stars, all surrounded him. Which contained countless information, almost causing Yun Xi’s head to burst.

    The sun, the moon, and the stars all revolved around him.

    Among the stars was a silhouette similar to his figure. It was like looking at an image of himself on the water’s surface...

    Amongst the brilliant starry sky, a group of stars emitted a distant and ancient light that illuminated the deep dark void.

    Inside the endless void... was a young boy adorned in white garments, embracing a golden puppy... two who have yet to come out from their cocoons. It was a sight to see as endless amounts of starlight encircled them.

    “This time, it shall be done.” A bright group of stars radiated once as Yun Xi felt that the youngster’s heart was filled with worries.

    It was as if something misfortunate was about to happen to him.

    “Woo!” The youngster’s dog restlessly whimpered. Afraid, it used its paws to blocks its eyes. Apparently, it could not bear to look at what was about to happen.

    The stars continued to shine, Yun Xi did not know why, but he suddenly understood the stars’ collective warning to him.

    Every time the group of stars sparkled, he began to slowly advance away from death. (TL note: The “he” here is the youngster in white).

    Some near the end of their lifespan even took the initiative to detonate into countless pieces of meteors to cover-up his escape tracks.

    However, it was no use, everything has already come to an end. It was the end of the line.

    Why die? Who will kill him? Who will kill him? Yun Xi from the water mirror looked at the youngster, full of questions.

    “Ah, with the meteor shower… little guy, are you afraid?” The youngster in white raised the puppy in his arms. Up till now, the only one who accompanied this leftover was this little God.

    “Ah… woo!” The golden puppy gleamed with tears as it cried, looking at its owner. It tried hard to bite down on its teeth to not make a sound. Clearly, it had already been extremely afraid earlier, however, it had to endure from not speaking out by nature.

    “You’re a good girl…” The young boy kissed the little god who was the last to have stayed by his side, then showed a determined expression.

    Nowhere to go, in that case, they could only accept the fate of the trial!

    Fortunately, because he had already anticipated this bitter-blood ending, he was ready in advance.

    “Go, you will have good luck.” Intentionally escaping to this small void was not without any reason. He had long left behind a legacy, it was now time to play his role.

    As a golden light flashed, the golden puppy disappeared from the young man’s hands, carrying the seeds of hope for the future.

    Soon after, the other two in the cocoon who have yet to come out were also thrown into the vast starry sea, disappearing into the starry sky.

    “I hope you can properly grow up. Although I don’t know when I’ll be able to meet you again, but so long as I’m alive, we will surely meet again.” Letting go of the three little ones, the white youngster muttered to himself, exposing gentle and soft eyes, “The stars will protect you until I return one day.”

    “Rumble!” From the midst of a group of stars, an immense silhouette appeared. It was big enough to cover an entire star domain.

    It passed through the barriers between dimensions as it was certainly a powerful force. Above all, even the heavens would have to fear this mighty force.

    In front of Yun Xi, the stars began to change and form characters, countless writings that displayed the broken groups of great lifeforms.

    In the entire starry sky, those who possessed the highest existence of power were very few and could be counted on one’s fingers were overlords. She was one of those overlords.

    Dragon God Yasha – ruler of the star dragons, Dragon Lord of the domain of God.

    She is the dragon of order, the mother of time and space, the creator of God. And at the same time was the symbol of birth, life, and death.

    Yasha's true body was the dragon of the void, housed and immersed in the light of the stars. She had a pair of gem-like black wings, as there were endless amounts of stars shining on her wings.

    They were real stars, encompassing the wings of the dragon of order as her children.

    Her scales were pitch-black, like the color of the void between the stars. However, her skin shined bright, like stardust.

    Her eyes shone with a gentle silver color like a beautiful gemstone. Her tail was made up of numerous scales, each scale was a young dragon waiting for her to awaken them.

    All miracles, all words of praise, could be imposed on her. She was the myth of the stars, an eternal legend.

    “At last, I’ve found you.”

    “This time, you must pay the price.” Arriving from across the stars and eventually locked onto Yasha’s goal. She said so slowly, but still, the world trembled under her voice.

    “Yasha… sister…” The youngster was filled with helplessness.

    Before the youngster could open his mouth to explain, three different forces crossed over the star river to arrive at the void.

    From within the first ray of light, was an ancient floating city. The city of Sigil, which connected with many worlds, appeared as a woman covered with a veil coldly looked over.

    This was the ancient root of pain, the God of the unknown, the nameless lady, owner of the city.

    In the second ray of light, was an endless black ocean that was constantly churning. From time to time, there was a body with a huge tentacle that appeared, it was indescribable.

    This was beyond the description of terror. The incarnation of disorder and primordial chaos – the Naiya Domain.

    In the last ray of light were colors radiating the heavens and earth. There was a huge stone at the side, rapidly writing down rules and sealing off this void.

    She was the stone slab of Ionia and had endless avatars. She was known as the god above gods, the master of endless domains and the organizer of the market of gods and demons.

    “Come here!” Yasha shouted.

    “Become mine!” The nameless lady didn’t fall behind.

    “And I am all for it.” Naiya impolitely stated.

    “Declare that you are my precious treasure, to be loved by the God of man.” Declared the stone slate of Ionia, on behalf of fate.

    Next, Yun Xi witnessed a very desperate, very cruel, and very gorgeous event. The star domain nearly collapsed from the aftereffects of the conflict.

    The four overlords attacked each other violently for some reason that Yun Xi didn't know.

    Then, the young boy who miserably met with this misfortune had an indescribable bad end.

    He was killed by the four overlords together, torn into many pieces by some method Yun Xi couldn't understand.

    The body of the youngster began to fall apart, turning into a pure white-transparent jade light. It emitted a flawless soul as if it was the world’s most beautiful gemstone.

    Thousands of lights flew apart in the sea of stars, running to the endless corner of the void. The four overlords began to snatch up the pure white-transparent jade lights. Only a few lights successfully escaped under the cover of the stars.

    That night, the stars cried for him.

    Yun Xi could feel from the rotating starlights, that all the starlights were trying to protect the young boy, but they finally retreated under the coordinated attack of the four overlords.

    Today’s dream was truly different ah….
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    Chapter 4: The Three Spirits

    Truly, to die so miserably in the end, what kind if heaven-angering crimes did the youngster commit? To go as far as having the four overlords dispose of him and carry out such a bloody ending.

    Seems to be because they wanted to take something away from him?

    Today’s dream and the past dreams are completely different!

    However, it was quite brilliant.

    “Choose, the time has come.” Countless stars converged together to voice their anxious reminder to Yun Xi.

    “Choose… choose what?” Still thinking that it was still all just a dream, Yun Xi was confused.

    “Choose your spirit!”

    “Choose, there isn’t any time left!” The voice that sounded in Yun Xi’s ears seemed to have the ancient memory of the stars, but one thing was made clear to him.

    He was going to choose something important, something that will change his life. So much so, that it will even change the path of the stars.

    There was no room for escape, he had to immediately make his choice.

    Choosing three, the ancient heavenly river connected three different paths, indicating three different trials.

    Every road represented a choice.

    At the same time, there were three cocoons emerging in front of him, corresponding to three different roads.

    Within every cocoon was a spirit, each emitting their respective attribute. Waiting for Yun Xi’s choice.

    The first cocoon was pitch-black, it had the darkest colour, the same as the dark abyss.

    You could faintly see tiny purple demon wings, as the spirit was emitting a demonic attribute.

    “In there, the deepest abyss is waiting for you. It's a boundless dark corridor. Once you choose it, you can never turn back and will become the dark lord, reigning the endless darkness.”

    The second cocoon was misty-milky white. There were countless clouds and misty winds swirling around in it. A fairy was sleeping in a huge stone tablet while holding a lantern.

    “Beyond the beginning of obscurity, at the first second of being born of the world, a being named Primordial was born. Here is the place where the stele of the heavens fell asleep. If you choose this path, you can lord over the universe, to be a free and unfettered immortal.”

    Finally, there was the golden elf cocoon. It emitted a faint golden radiance and was the most beautiful cocoon.

    “Like the sun that will rise from the ground every day, even if I'm surrounded by the relentless darkness, I will also break it by using my mutilated body.”

    “Like the night that will come every day, even if I’m troubled due to the twisted fate today, I still believe that the world will never change. Only we will be changed. The truth that we are still alive is our strongest weapon.”

    “Son of the stars. If you wish to continue to walk on this path and choose this road, it means that you will face the most awful and terrifying enemy.”

    The three paths, three choices. There are no right or wrong, good or bad, just three kinds of destinies.

    Demon Lord, Immortal, Starchild... Yun Xi hesitated for a long time until he ultimately placed his hands on the golden cocoon.

    Maybe it was the endless starlights that surrounded and guided him, to make him move and wish for it.

    He hoped that he could also obtain the light of the stars someday.

    *Pop* The golden light cocoon broke open, as the other two trials disappeared before Yun Xi. However, Yun Xi could still feel their existence, perhaps there will be a fate. (TL: Can also be said as: a destiny between them.)

    From the golden cocoon came a delicate, small, and tenderly attractive young girl. She had a pair of big timid eyes, with golden dog ears.

    Her slender body didn’t match with her body’s fully developed chest. Plus with her pitying-like expression, it was hard for one to not reach out and console her. (TL: Pffff…. Perverts… lolicons…)

    Especially those golden ears, possessing a magical quality that people would spend money to buy.

    Taking a glance at Yun Xi, she expressed an indescribably joyful expression, while appearing like she wanted to cry.

    “Boo hoo… master!”

    “Don’t leave Mei’er, this time I will do my best.”

    The crying young girl jumped into Yun Xi’s arms, stretched out her little tongue and licked his face.

    He looked at her clear, lively, kind, and innocent eyes from a short distance. She gently shook her long and arched eyebrows, which was a hundred times cuter than he imagined.

    Her petite pink, soft, and creamy body was rubbing up against his body. Especially, her rosy and soft small mouth. Yun Xi had a dizzy feeling when he tasted it.

    She was like a puppy. This was the first impression Yun Xi had towards the star elf, “Mei’er”, he chose.

    It was unlikely for him to say that his first encounter with Mei’er was an utter defeat. Her mouth’s sweet and unctuous saliva, caught by her entangling tongue, licking and sucking that could be felt all the way to this poor one’s soul.

    “You are called Mei’er?” Mei’er licked his cheeks till they became dripping wet. After Yun Xi was taken away from the most fantastic kiss in his life, he embarrassedly grabbed the little girl's shoulder.

    She really did have a very petite body, she was only to Yun Xi’s chest. Those golden dog ears and tail, because she was excited, was unceasingly shaking in such an adorable way.

    “Yes! I’m Mei’er, the star spirit.” Mei’er nestled in Yun Xi’s arms like a spoiled little child.

    He felt as if she was another little dog he had to feed.

    As for the first dog, of course, she was Hua Huo, who was always so lively, healthy, and hyperactive. She had to eat Yun Xi's bread every day, otherwise, she would be listless all day, which made Yun Xi worry about her life after she went to the Sword Palace.

    “Can you tell me, this is a dream, so how did I come here?” Up till now, Yun Xi had a kind feeling that this all didn’t feel real.

    He, in accordance with his heart, made the choice, but he still didn’t understand why.

    Perhaps because this was all just a dream, he could make a choice without considering the consequences.

    “Ah, that’s because my past master died.” Mei’er held onto Yun Xi, enjoying the smell of his body, her happy facial expression was like that of someone who was high on drugs.

    “Who’s dead?” Yun Xi felt that something was wrong in this crucial matter.

    “Just now, did you not see it? You were the one being killed in the memory of the stars.” Mei’er astonishingly looked at Yun Xi.

    Ah, yes, it seemed that it was memories of him being killed. No wonder he had a feeling of empathy.

    Hold on... he was killed!

    That unfortunate existence whom the four overlords joined hands to send to hell, who was then finally crushed and turned into pieces of jade, was him!

    To die so tragically, simply a tragic ending, ah!

    “This is not a joke, right?” Yun Xi began to increasingly doubt that the end was not a dream.

    If this was a dream, it was a nightmare, the biggest nightmare.

    “Why did I die so horribly?” First off, no matter if this was a dream or not, Yun Xi wanted to know.

    If that youngster is him, what did he do to have provoked four overlords to join hands and kill him? (TL note: Btw if you haven’t picked it up yet, all 4 overlords, are female… ahaha).

    What that youngster was holding should have been the small Mei’er. She was so innocent and kind, like a harmless little white rabbit.

    “This… is actually because…” Mei’er suddenly became hesitant, apparently somewhat embarrassed:

    “They, are your ex-girlfriends…”

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    Chapter 5: Frightening Girlfriends

    There were countless of stars revolving in front of Yun Xi.

    A dream, yes, it must be a dream!

    Yun Xi was unable to imagine how crazy one would be to have four girlfriends at such a level!

    Unfortunately, no matter how much you hide, what is to come will come.

    Mei’er clearly didn’t understand Yun Xi’s current state. Thus, she was brimming with enthusiasm to tell Yun Xi more of the truth that he did not wish to know about.

    “Master is not human, rather, master is a special child of the stars.”

    “At every death, master will be reborn of the stars again, just like now.”

    “Master has doubted his past, right?”

    “Actually, master has no parents.” (TL: she really knows how to read the mood….)

    Yun Xi blankly stared, if this was a dream, it was all too much of a coincidence.

    How would this golden-eared star spirit know such secrets?

    Wait. If so, could the rumours he always heard be true?

    “I don’t have parents?” He was unable to accept this; Is it because what you think is what you dream?

    His parents obviously doted on him a lot, considering him as the world’s greatest treasure.

    “That’s right, master has no parents because you were born from the sea of stars.”

    “Everytime you die, you will be reborn in some corner of the star sea soon after. Afterward, when you are 18 years old, you will automatically get your memories back, your past.” Mei’er did not know why Yun Xi was so shocked, it was just a simple fact.

    “I… am not father and mother’s child…” Yun Xi was somewhat absent-minded.

    In fact, he had already figured it out earlier, but he just didn't want to admit it.

    According to his age, 16 years ago, his mother was already 50 years old. At her age, being pregnant was impossible.

    But, he pretended not to know, as mother and father never brought it up.

    He subconsciously evaded facing the truth he didn't want to accept.

    Yes... according to common sense, mother being at 50 years of age could not have been pregnant.

    “Starchild… refers to me…” Yun Xi lifted up his head to see the surrounding sun, moon, and stars – the countless starlight.

    That was the truth of the world, the blessing of the sea of stars towards him.

    “In that case, why am I here? Why are you here?” After experiencing great difficulty in accepting his identity, an even bigger puzzle began to arise in Yun Xi’s mind.

    Just now, did he hear muttering from among the stars?

    If it was like Mei’er said, he was supposed to awaken at 18. But, it was still 2 years till he has the ability to awaken.

    Danger… from where?

    “After master died the last time, I was entrusted to the stars.”

    “Originally, it should have been at the age of 18 that master would come around, but because master is about to encounter a dangerous threat, the awakening happened earlier.”

    “Of course, the other reason is because master chose Mei’er. Thank you, master. I will do my best to make you rapidly stronger.”

    Mei’er was brimming with confidence, as she puffed out her little chest with a loveable expression as if she was saying "Leave it all to me".

    Mortal danger, Yun Xi has heard that more than once and didn’t have a good premonition about it.

    “Who is a mortal danger to me? I have not even died once.” Yun Xi had a hunch, that once he found the answer, his life would be completely different.

    Even the stars issued an early warning and sent over the three spirits. What kind of crisis would make even the stars hurry so much… Ah!

    “Master, your enemies are many, but the important thing is that you have just seen four. Has master heard of their God names?”

    Oh my goodness, the name of God! Yun Xi had a crazy hunch.

    “The first overlord is the master of star dragons, of the god domain of giant dragons. Known as the dragon of order and the mother of space and time. She was the Supreme Dragon Goddess, the symbol of birth, life, and death.”

    “The second overlord didn't have a name. She was the goddess of chaos and the symbol of the source of pain, living in the deepest part of the abyss – the World of Ghosts.”

    “The third overlord was the great-old one of chaos, she was the indescribable terror, the avatar of old chaos, and the master of the sea of hell.”

    “The fourth overlord was the master of endless domains, the owner of the market of gods and demons, the creator, and the god above gods.”

    “Although there were a lot of inconveniences, the four spared nothing to chase and kill you.”

    Yun Xi felt like that perhaps he would die easier this time?

    The Supreme Dragon God, the God of Chaos, the God of Old, and the God above Gods.

    His four ex-girlfriends, who were so terrifying and powerful enough to annihilate the stars and reverse time.

    Ok, Yun Xi once heard about two of them.

    She was the God above Gods, the supreme master of the entire western god domains. She was master of hundreds of billions of god domains. The absolute and unique master of the western god domains.

    As for the Supreme Dragon God, he knew she was the king of the north dragon god domains. The power of dragons was so strong, that even the people in such a remote eastern region – The White Lotus Sword Domain – had also heard about them.

    As for the other two overlords, Yun Xi had never heard of them. However, since they could be compared with the Supreme Dragon God and the God above Gods, they should also be at the same level.

    Just now, the spirit Mei’er told him that four overlords went to kill him at the same time... what a joke!

    “This… is not a joke, right?”

    “The son of the stars, what kind of crime was committed to have provoked the four overlords to kill me?” Even though he is bathing within the star's radiance, Yun Xi still couldn’t fully remember, it was like a white piece of blank paper.

    So, he didn’t know what he did to have angered the four overlords to kill him

    “This… Mei’er also doesn’t know.” Mei’er looked at Yun Xi with eyes of innocence, letting Yun Xi see the answer:

    “It seemed that in the past, master refused to marry them and caused them to be angry.”

    “In other words, they are master’s ex-girlfriends.”

    “So, they are out to kill you. Every time they find a trace of your presence, they will not let you escape.”

    “What!” Yun Xi’s shout made the stars tremble twice.

    To refuse their marriage proposal… just because of that!

    How crazy and daring was his past self, to have provoked four overlords?!

    It was like the old saying, "You wouldn't die if you didn't do the wrong thing!"

    Yun Xi finally knew why the stars came to warn him so early.

    His four ex-girlfriends, if any one of them found him, it would spell no escape for him.

    No wonder the stars woke him up two years ahead of time... if he was caught, he would absolutely die!
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    Chapter 6: The Beginning of the Trials

    "Because of this, master, you have to become strong as soon as possible before they find you. Let's start your test right now!" Mei'er had the same fear of the four overlords as Yun Xi. After all, all of them were at the rank of Tearing the Stars.

    Master was so brave. He dared to date four overlords at the same time. He was so worthy of being her master and loved by stars as the Starchild.

    “I still have time.” Yun Xi’s forehead was dripping with sweat, this really wasn’t a joke.

    He didn't know what he did when he was still the Starchild, but now, he was just an ordinary boy brought up in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

    He barely inherited his family’s bakery and was about to face the downfall of his first love. After, he would wait till his heart healed and start a new relationship, then spend the rest of his life with her.

    He didn't want to have some earth-shattering story. Going through his life peacefully was the greatest hope he had.

    “According to the warning of the stars, one of the apostles of the four overlords has arrived in this region. But master, you are hiding well. She won't find you in a short time.”

    "Will the apostle leave if she can't find me?" Yun Xi asked with hope.

    "No. As the apostle of one of the four overlords, she will have to thoroughly search through this god domain. She won't miss checking any object, even if it is just a mouse."

    "You are hiding well, master. But once she finds you, you won't have a chance to escape."

    “So, what's the rank of the apostle?" Yun Xi asked with tears in his eyes.

    Ah, the subordinate of my ex-girlfriends, why are you so serious?

    “At least, she is only a 7th Rank, she’s not a really powerful apostle. Perhaps she is just a vanguard.” According to the vague hint from the stars, Mei'er gave Yun Xi a desperate answer.

    Not very powerful? She was only a 7th Rank?! Are you kidding me?!

    A 7th Rank… it was a 7th Rank!

    He didn't know what was an apostle, but talking about a 7th Rank Combat Profession... such a rare genius had already been deserving of a Silver Leaf Emblem, and could even destroy the whole White Lotus Sword Domain all by himself!

    Since the beginning of this small town’s history, Hua Huo is the most talented swordsman, who was now at the 3rd Rank. She had the power of a thousand soldiers.

    And the distance between a 3th Rank and a 7th Rank was like the distance between heaven and earth.

    A 7th rank would be able to hold their own against an army. That one person could easily extinguish a country. No matter how many millions of soldiers there are, no one would be able to face someone with that kind of power.

    As he knew it, the present master of the White Lotus Sword Domain was just at 6th Rank. Which meant that this unknown apostle could destroy the whole White Lotus Sword Domain alone!

    Even in the whole Sky Sword God Domain, a 7th Rank was already close to the legendary hero, known as a being equalling to a natural disaster.

    The strongest at that rank was already some truly extraordinary creatures – they were already out of the rank of mortals. Every one of them was more powerful than true monsters.

    Now, was there already such a scary hunter that had gone into the Sky Sword Domain?

    “I’m done for, there’s no escape.” Yun Xi began to calculate his savings. Even if he wanted to sell his small store, the farthest he could go would be two sword domains over. To escape from the Sky Sword God Domain was wishful thinking.

    Moreover, after escaping for that moment… could he hide forever?

    The enemy had found the Sky Sword God Domain and will soon enter!

    According to Mei'er, the apostle was just an advance scouter. Even if he escaped to other god domains, he being found by other apostles was still a predestined ending.

    To die without a burial… Yun Xi saw his fate.

    Sure enough, there was only one road to take.

    As the Starchild, he left behind a legacy in the past, and Mei’er spoke of the trial.

    “Mei’er, open the trial.” Yun Xi was mentally prepared. No matter how hard the trial, he would clench his teeth and complete it.

    Otherwise, he would not have a tomorrow.

    He did not know how the past Starchild was like, or how he was able to obtain the fury of his four girlfriends to join hands to chase and kill him.

    To live an ordinary life, to have a clear conscience and heart, to live with the girl he loves, hand in hand for the rest of his life. That was his wish, his desire.

    I don't want to die. I want to continue my relationship with Hua Huo. Maybe, it was also Milei of the Flower Shop, El'phyllis of the Jewelry Shop, and Fei Li of the Cake Shop – if it was possible.

    The enemy had arrived at the Sky Sword Domain!

    “Yes, master, it will begin!” Mei’er cheered, tiptoeing.

    “Hey!” Within Yun Xi’s field of vision, Mei’er’s small cherry lips were getting closer and closer. After that, their lips were tightly intertwined together.

    It wasn’t just kissing, their body and mind had joined together. Mei’er’s sweet and fragrant tongue intertwined with Yun Xi’s, the two’s souls seemed to have linked together.

    Inside Mei'er's body, Yun Xi felt that his body was penetrated by the surrounding starlights bit by bit. This was the blessing he got after he chose the way of the Starchild, the unique genius of himself.

    Mei'er connected him with the stars like a bridge. She guided the power of stars that came down in this remote sword domain and helped him on the way to becoming a Starchild.

    "Eh... Goo..." With the girl's sweet kiss, the scenery in front of Yun Xi was continually changing.

    A giant roulette table started slowly rotating like the wheel of destiny, and there were many different views appearing on the rotary table.

    A dragon of the void bathing in the starlights looked like it was looking at something. She looked at the location of Yun Xi through the giant roulette table.

    It was just a short eye-contact through the table, and there was the shade from the starlight, but they still saw each other at the same time.

    She was one of his ex-girlfriends. Yun Xi immediately knew her identity when he saw this giant dragon in the starlights.

    She truly was a beautiful dragon.

    To refuse her marriage proposal, he invited a calamity upon himself and died a horrible death…

    Yun Xi was wrapped by countless of stars. With the help of the star roulette, the starlights took Yun Xi away immediately.

    “You cannot escape!” The supreme dragon god, who ranked above the world, looked at the light disappearing in the stars, roaring indignantly.


    A small bridge, running water and waterfall. Inside a dark mountain.

    “Boom boom boom!" Yun Xi opened his eyes as he heard the sound of water. He found he was squatting in front of a campfire, which was slowly burning. Out here, it was an endless darkness surrounding him. He couldn't even see his fingers.

    "Crack! Crack!" The campfire made clear sounds. It was burning with some unknown fuels, sending out a reassuring warmth.

    "Is this the trial?" Yun Xi tried to move his hands and legs, he didn’t know why his whole body was stiff. It seemed that the time here was a little out of balance with the biological time of his body.

    If he had to choose some words to describe it, it was like his breath rhythm and the rate of his heartbeat were out of place in this world.

    "Hoo... ha..." Though Yun Xi wasn't even a novice swordsman, but he still tried to adjust his breathing to balance this subtle feeling of strangeness.

    As the saying goes, "You may not see it, but you ought to have heard about it ". As the childhood sweetheart of Hua Huo, who was the best swordsman of the town, Yun Xi also knew a little knack in practicing the sword by what he constantly saw and heard.

    Whatever the next trial was, he needed to adjust his body to his optimum state.

    In his imagination, it should be a very horrible and bloody death trial. Yun Xi prepared himself in his heart.

    “Jingle!" As Yun Xi adjusted his breathing, a euphonious voice appeared in his heart. It was his spirit, Mei'er's voice.

    “Master, the trial has begun.”

    “Starchild, love system open.”

    “Mission issued.”

    “Within the dark forest is a beautiful sleeping princess, with your kiss awaken her from her slumber.”

    "The reward for a successful love – a seed of kendo! The newbie test is the most simple. Go ahead, master!"




    Silence… it was dead silent. Yun Xi’s mind went blank for a quarter hour, till he suddenly yelled out angrily:

    “What cursed system is this!”

    "Isn't this a trial?!"

    “Sleeping Beauty, what the hell!”
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    Do you mind if i ask this? If you are already releasing translations on a proper site, why repost them on a forum of a different site? (No offence) is it for advertising? Or a different reason?
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    My friend, we all repost from NU>>WUXIA to 1st bring up site views for respective site and to get more thoughts on work.
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    Interesting way of doing it I guess (sorry if I have offended you or Ln.w)
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    No, not at all. :)
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    I love the format you have for this. How do you had the link to the table of contents considering it's a link to the post?
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