Sodom & Gomorrha (Chapter 10)

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    my name is Jyunpey and I am working at this project for a while at wuxiaworld forums already, but I decided to open an additional thread here at gravity's forums.


    I release a chapter every friday and additional chapters can be gained through comments i like.


    This story is about Raphael, a boy born in a little unnamed village in the holy empire. Never having known his father and seeing his mother dying in front of his eyes he heard a voice inside his head. Destined to become a demon Raphael decided to walk another path.
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    A small village at the eastern borders of the holy empire. The villagers here have weary faces and a sickly outer appearance.
    Named village is hunted by an mysterious illness. It broke out 6 months ago and half of the villagers have already died. It begins with normal symptoms like a cough and a fever. After a while the patients start loosing their energy and get bedridden. Those symptoms would worsen after a while with the final result of death. The elders and doctors of the village are clueless how to fight this illness.

    In a house at the center of the village.

    “Village Eldest. We need to arbitrate God. Burn this kid on the pyre. Only like this can we appease the Gods!“ A middle aged man told to an elderly man, while almost shouting and spitting at him.

    “He‘s right! This illness is obviously this damn kid‘s fault. Those eyes are the eyes of a demon.“ Another villager told.

    The villagers looked towards the elderly person with expectant eyes. He sighed.

    “Everybody calm down. We already banished him to the outskirts of the village. He‘s only a child. Have all of you forgotten that he awakened those eyes after loosing his mother in the bandit attack last year.“ The elder finally opened his mouth and argued. “Whom will you call if the bandits attack again. This kid is our only protection at the moment. Especially now that most of our men are sick.“

    The villagers expression fluctuated between anxiety and worry. The village elder was right. If the bandits attacked again they would be completely protectionless without the kid.

    At the outskirts of the village stands a little dilapidated wooden hut. Inside this wooden hut sits a 7 to 8 year old child with listless eyes. His name is Raphael.

    His father died before his birth in a bandit attack, so he had no hard feelings about it, because he never knew him. Especially since his mother cared for him very much. His mother was the pillar in his life. He had a carefree childhood. He often played with the other children in the village at the near positioned riverbed.

    At the evening when he came home from playing his mother would greet him with a warm meal and smile on her face.

    But the carefree days ended abruptly one year ago. The bandits that regularly plunder the village decided to take all birth capable women to produce offspring for them. They found him and his mother in the hideout under the floor. His mother cried and pleaded to let her go. After a while the bandits got annoyed and decided to rape her on spot to shut her up.

    That‘s right. His mother got raped in front of his very own eyes. Little can people imagine how traumatizing this must have been for a 6 year old child who hasn‘t even yet understood about the relations between men and women.

    While watching the bandits raping his mother Raphael prayed to god to help his mother, but he got no response. The village elders always told him, that as long someone believes in god no harm would reach you.

    But nothing happened.

    In his distress he grasped after a near kitchen knife and attacked the bandits. They laughed and hit him with the sheath of their swords until he bled terribly.

    “Let my mother loose. Or else...“ The kid shouted.

    “Or else what?“ The bandits laughed even more uproariously.

    “Or else I‘ll kill all of you!“ Raphael shouted back.

    “Hoo. He wants to kill us! A small wimp like you?“ The bandit answered back mockingly and started hitting him repeatedly. After a while Raphael fainted.

    After a while he woke up. He looked around and saw his mother nowhere.

    He ran out of the house and saw a burning village. The bandits were still ravaging the nearby houses.

    “I need to find mom!“ Raphael decided inwardly.

    He ran towards the village center and found that there were many bandits gathered.

    He scanned the crowd and found one of the bandits that misstreated him. The bandit was approaching a stalwart near two meter large middle aged man.

    “Boss we found a woman, but she resisted the capturing so I decided to ‘tame‘ her a bit. Who would‘ve expected that she would die in the process.“ The bandit laughed bitterly.

    The moment Raphael saw his mother dead in the mud his eyes grew listless. He broke down and fell into despair.

    “You idiots. Who told you to kill our precious ware!“ The bandit boss slapped the bandit into the mud. “Your fault will be deducted from your share of this raid.“

    The bandit boss turned towards the others who were laughing about their comrade which was reproved by their boss.“Listen you idiots. We can‘t kill all our women every time you use them. How should our bandit group expand if the future if that happens repeatedly. Everybody who kills a woman while using her will be beheaded with her in the future.“

    The bandits faces grew solemn after hearing their leaders reprovement.

    Raphael didn‘t realize what happened around him. He stared at the ground and didn‘t know what he should do now.

    He had no father and no siblings. His mother was the only family he had in his life. And now she was gone.

    “Kill them!“

    After staring at the ground he seemed to hear a voice in his head. But he quickly shaked his head. The last time he attacked them he was beaten until loosing his consciousness for a while and his body was still aching and bleeding.

    “If you want to kill them I can tell you how!“

    The voice in his head resounded again. After he heard the eyes of Raphael began sparkling a bit about his newfound hope.

    “How?“ Raphael asked meekly.

    “Focus your mind onto your eyes.“ The voice resounded again. Raphael followed the instructions and quickly the voice resounded again, “ Good. Now pour your desire to kill them into your eyes.

    The moment Raphael did so his view started to blur and his consciousness was slowly fading.

    When he began regaining his mind he saw an ocean of corpses around him. He looked down on his hands and saw that they were drowned in blood. After that he lifted his eyes and watched around. The villagers were looking at him with fear and bewilderment.

    That was his last memory of the day at which his mother had died. After that he fainted from his injuries and weariness.

    When he woke up again a few days later he was lying in a bed in a wooden hut.

    The village elder told him the happenings of that day. Apparently a strange pattern embedded itself onto his eyes on that evening and they looked just like the eyes of a demon. He slaughtered those bandits barehanded with terrifying precision, only attacking their weak points. When the bandits saw the massacre they started fleeing in all directions.

    The village elder told him that the villagers didn‘t want to have him directly in the village because they feared him, so he brought him into this little hut in the outskirts. Then he asked him if Raphael could use this power of his again and if he can control it.

    Raphael tried to focus on his eyes and when he did so he felt a change. His vision was enhancing. He could see more details and when he looked at the elder he saw something blue flowing through him.

    The elder was astonished and frightened at the same time. He felt as if those eyes could see right through him. The iris of Raphaels eyes was dark red with a light red pattern on it. His pupils formed a slit and looked like thos of a cat. It seemed as if those were the eyes of the devil himself.

    But the elder started considering. If Raphael could control this power and use it to protect the village it would profit them a lot. He began sending the battle proven men of the village to Raphael‘s wooden hut to teach him fighting.

    This was Raphael‘s life for the last year. At the morning he would workout his body and focus on improving his body condition. At noon some villagers would come and spar with him.

    At the beginning he still lost to the villagers, but he learned fast and after around half a year he was able to beat most of the villagers with the aid of his ‘demon eyes‘. At the same time he began to perceive that the villagers looked at him with fearful eyes.

    When bandits attacked he would slaughter them until they ran away with fear, never returning.

    When he wanted to play with the other children in the village they would run away while throwing insults like ‘monster‘ or ‘demon spawn‘ at him. Sometimes they would throw rocks at him until he bled.

    After his mother died he felt already very lonely, but thanks to the fearful approach of the villagers this feeling grew even further.

    Now another half a year passed and he grew introverted and sealed off his feelings. The villagers stopped sparring with him after a while, because he was already stronger than the strongest of the villagers. Additionally there was apparently an epidemic wandering through the village which called the villagers attention.

    Left to his own devices he hunted his own food, chopped his own fire wood, tended his own injuries and repaired his house.

    At this evening the villagers gathered with torches and pitchforks in front of his house.

    “Catch this ‘devil spawn‘ and don‘t let him flee. If we don‘t offer him to the gods the curse will never end.“

    In a cave near the village. Raphael is sitting on a rock inside a dark cell in the deepest part of the cave. Only the torches are illuminating the cave by a little bit.

    "Maybe it's better like this. I never had a father and because mother is gone there's nothing that holds me here." Raphael was musing to himself. Apparently the villagers want to burn him on a pyre as a sacrificial offering to the gods, in order to appease them and end the epidemic.

    "Are you sure you don't want to kill them?" The voice in his head resounded again. Last evening when the villagers came to take Raphael into custody it resounded again and tried to instigate him into killing the villagers, but the latter decided that he doesn't want to, because he had no drive to hold him alive anymore.

    "Yes. I am sick of life. If all I can expect of life is pain and suffering it's better to stop before it is too late. Especially if my death can help the villagers to be healed from the plague" Raphael answered quietly. His expression was calm, eyes lifeless.

    "Child, you are too naive. With your powers you could easily rule over everything under these heavens. Those whom won't kneel before you will be punished. Those whom rebel against you shall be slaughtered. You can be a king – even more... a god." The voice sounded out again.

    "I have no interest in ruling. I don't want to be a king nor a god. I am all alone in this world. The villagers may obey me if I want to, but they wont befriend me. Since I got your powers the village fears me, my friends distanced themselves and bully me. I don't have the power to continue anymore."

    "If they wont befriend you then force them to. If you want parents then find some and force them." The voice continued seducing him.

    "My mother told me that its evil to force people to do things they don't want to."

    "Your mother is dead little kid. Do you want to know why? Because she was weak! You are not weak! You have the potential to become a god." The voice tried to seduce him further but he failed continually. After a while the voice stopped resounding.


    At this moment a traveler entered the village. He wore long linen robes and a straw hat to cover his face. He had a long white beard and his face was full of wrinkles. But his eyes sparkled with a youthfulness and a desire for knowledge. When he saw the weary villagers his eyes flashed.

    "Hooo. Very Interesting... Very, very interesting!" He thought to himself.

    He continued walking through the streets and stopped at the nearby inn and sat down in a secluded corner and ordered a simple meal. But he ordered nothing to drink. While eating he listened intently to the conversations between the nearby villagers.

    "Have you heared? Raphael will be offered to the Gods in two days." One of the villagers said to another.

    "Yes, I heard about that. Hopefully the epidemic will stop once the Gods are appeased."

    "So they want to offer somebody to the gods in order to stop the symptoms, hmm. These fools..." The traveler thought to himself and continued eating quietly.

    "It should be so. Have you seen the eyes of that kid. It's as if you look into the devil's eyes himself." The villagers continued.

    "Devil's eyes?" The traveler lifted his head and his interest was piqued. He stood up and walked towards the villagers.

    "That kid you were talking about, where does it live?" He asked the villagers.

    "Who are you?" The villagers asked suspiciously.

    "Me? I'm just a wandering traveler. But I'm interested in those Devil's Eyes you were talking about." The traveler answered grinningly.

    "Why should we tell an outsider about village affairs?" The villager answered scornfully.

    "Right right. Well it's not my problem anyways. I'm gonna take my leave here." He answered, glanced a moment at the drinks, the villagers were drinking threw a pouch of bronze coins on the counter and left.

    The villagers looked loathingly at the door through which he left a moment ago, before they continued talking.


    The traveler continued investigating and after a while he found out where Raphael lived. He moved towards the outskirts and after a while he found Raphaels wooden hut.

    He knew that Raphael lived alone here since his parents were both deceased. After entering he inspected the hut.

    In a corner of the room was a little bed, barely enough to fit a kid onto it, with a straw mattress. On the wooden shelves stood few bottles with all kinds of plants and salves. The travelers eyes flashed a moment when he saw all this.

    "This bed could never have been made by adults. It's method of construction is way to sloppy. And those plants and salves... Don't tell me this kid." The traveler knew from the villagers that Raphael lived and cared for himself. Now his interest was really picked.


    A day quietly passed.

    Inside the dark cavern cell.

    Raphael was lying on the cold bedrock waiting for his execution. After a day of failed seductions the voice in his head faded slowly.

    "Who's there?" Raphael sat himself up and stared into the dark cave.

    "Hooo... You perceived me in this darkness even though I was so careful while sneaking around those guards? You have good senses kid!" A amused voice sounded out inside the cave. After a while a person stepped out of the shadows in front of the cell.

    Raphael activated his Devil's Eyes and stared at the newcomer. He wore a linen robe, a straw hat and had a long beard protruding under the hat. Raphael saw the same blue energy circulating through the body of this man that he saw when he inspected the village elder. But additionally he also saw another yellow and a green energy.

    "What's with that yellow and green energy?" Raphael murmured to himself. It was almost imperceptible but the traveler apparently heard it.

    "Huh? You can see it? And those eyes. They really look like Devils Eyes. Amusing." The traveler answered then he mused for a while and continued. "Let me answer your first question. My name is Baphomet."

    "What do you want from me?" Raphael asked skeptically. This was the first time that somebody who saw his eyes wasn't scared of him.

    The traveler named Baphomet took out a few bottles out of his robe and showed them to Raphael.

    "What? Those are..." Raphael had a questioning look and slowly withdrew his eyes.

    "Right. Those are your medicines which I took from your house." Baphoment answered truthfully.

    "What is with them?" Raphael replied?

    "Let me ask you a question instead. Have you made those salves?" Baphomet questioned back.

    "Yes." A short reply came out of Raphael's mouth.

    "Who taught you how to make this?" Baphomet's interest was picked.

    "Nobody." Still a short reply. An imperceptible light flashed through Baphomet's eyes, before he continued questioning. "That bed in your house. Have you built it?"

    "Yes. I originally only had straw to sleep on, so built it myself. What about it?" Raphael got a bit

    annoyed by the repeated questioning.

    "Calm down, calm down. I don't want to hurt you. You have talent kid. Let me formulate it another way." Baphomet replied playfully, while a little smile crept onto his face. "Kid do you want to travel with me?"

    "Fuck off. If you want to use me to fight for you, you can search for somebody else. I'm just waiting for my execution so the plague on the village will be lifted." Raphael was obviously annoyed to the limit after he knew the goal of the traveler. He turned around and lied back down on the rock.

    "Fight? Who told you I want you to fight for me? You obviously got talent for alchemy, so I want to take you as my disciple." Baphomet was a bit confused at the beginning but till the end he smiled again.

    "Alchemy? What's alchemy?" Raphael's interest was picked as he heard something new, which he never heard about.

    "Right alchemy. Alchemists take the goods to create something from anew. They create medicines from normal plants. They create new materials and create the finest structures with it. Alchemists are very respected throughout the whole world." The traveler lifted his Straw Hat while explaining.

    "They are respected? So people don't fear you?" Raphael's interest was indeed picked now especially the last part.

    Since he awakened those eyes all people who see them fear him. Those eyes are the reason for his loneliness. Even though his mother died during the bandit attack, if he hadn't awakened those eyes the villagers wouldn't fear him. His friends would still play with him. But ever since he got those eyes all people look at him as if he were a monster.

    "Right. They won't fear you. They will come to you and ask you to help them. Alchemists have the ability to let all people smile." Baphomet started to find out how Raphael's inner mind worked. After musing to himself for a while he found it logically. This kid in front of him was barely 7 years old and he was feared by the whole village, so it's understandable that he's scared of being feared. The loneliness he probably hat to live through is unimaginable. Without parents, without friends, without a single person to talk to and divulge his mind.

    "So you are an alchemist?" Raphael asked carefully.

    "Right. I'm an alchemist."
    "Right. I'm an alchemist."

    Baphomet had a smug expression on his face.

    "So you don't want me to fight for you?" Raphael was still skeptical. Ever since his eyes appeared every person who saw them either feared him or wanted to exploit his powers like the villagers.

    "Why would I want you to fight for me? I am stronger than you." Baphomet replied nochalantly. Raphael was flabbergasted. After thinking for a while he answered.

    "Even if I wanted to follow you. The village is haunted by a plague. Only through my sacrifice will the villagers be cured."

    "Ha ha ha ha ha..." Baphomet started laughing erratically, "do you really believe in bullshit like that? Your sacrifice won't change anything. The villagers are just searching for a scapegoat in order to get rid of you."

    "What do you mean?" Raphael was shocked. He didn't really understand what Baphomet was talking about.

    "The villagers were poisoned. I don't know who did it, but the symptoms are undeniable. First it weakens the immune system which results in a simple cough having fatal consequences. Because the poison isn't getting washed out of their bodies the suffering gets worse day by day, until they are to weak to leave the bed. Lastly after a few months of fighting they'll die." Baphomet explained.

    "Poison? Why would someone poison them?" Raphael continued questioning. It made no sense. This is a peaceful village without struggles with the neighboring villages.

    "Hmm... I can only guess in this case but my gut tells me that it's scheming of the neighboring bandits. I believe that after you beat them into a pulp for a few times they started to look for other ways to get back at this village and consulted some third rate pharmacist." After thinking for a while Baphomet divulged his thoughts. Truth is that he was almost right on spot.

    After the last attacks on the village failed the villages started fearing Raphael. They ordered the poison at a pharmicist in the city. After that they sent somebody to sneak into the village and poison their fountain in order to get rid of Raphael. But little did they know that Raphael doesn't get the same privileges as the other villagers. He had to run to the nearby river in order to get water, because the villagers didn't let him enter the village.

    "So it's still my fault?" Raphael's eyes grew listless.

    "Why would it be your fault. The bandits already attacked the village before you appeared. Through your protection they just changed their approach."

    "You... can you heal them?" Raphael remembered Baphomet saying that Alchemists take plants and mix them into medicines.

    "Naturally... But why should I? First of all this village is not really hospitable. I am not that bored to help people without manners. The second question is... why do you want to help them? After everything you did for them, they still want to offer you as a sacrifice." Baphomet questioned back.

    Raphael was stunned by the reasoning of the traveler. In some sense he was right, but...

    "No matter what, it's undeniable that I grew up in this village. Even if the villagers fear or detest me, I don't want to see the village my mother raised me in being destroyed."

    It was Baphomet's turn to be stunned now. Even though this kid in front of him was just 7 years old it had a broad heart and open mind. Then, after thinking for a while, he started grinning a little mischievously and answered slowly: "Well... it's not impossible, but... you have to promise me something."

    Raphael didn't answer and just had a questioning look on his face.

    "After I cure the villagers you have to follow me out of this village and become my disciple." Baphomet's smile widened as he finished his sentence.

    Raphael stood flabbergasted in his cell. Then he began thinking. If he were to leave, the village would be completely protectionsless, even though they were cured.

    "I have an additional request... If you can fulfill it I will do everything you want me to." Raphael said. "Expell the bandits from this region, so the village won't be in danger anymore."

    Baphomet was surprised. 'This kid is even smarter than I expected,' he mused to himself.

    "Deal." After giving his answer Baphomet left the cave.


    A few hours later he came back, but this time with the village eldest in tow. Apparently Baphomet cured a few villagers and demanded the release of Raphael if they want him to cure the whole village.

    They soon left the cave. Baphomet handed a few medicines to the village eldest, then he took his newfound disciple and started walking towards the exit of the village. After a few steps it seemed as if he suddenly remember something turned around and told the village eldest to open the bottom of the pyre.

    When the village eldest did so he had a scare. Inside were heads. After inspecting them for a while the villagers found out that the faces looked somehow familiar. Then they realised that these were the faces of the nearby bandits that haunted them.

    The stunned villagers looked after the two walking down the street out of the village until they were only a tiny spot at the horizon.

    "Eldest, are you sure you want to let them go like that? What will you do if new bandits appear?" One of the villagers started questioning.

    "Quiet!" The elder shouted. "A few days ago you just wanted to offer Raphael and now you want to use him again. If it weren't for you useless idiots that won't follow my advice he wouldn't even be leaving today."

    The villagers were flabbergasted, but they had nothing to say back.


    A few days later.

    Raphael and Baphomet traveled already for a while. On the road Baphomet would explain the fauna and flora sorrounding them to Raphael. He would explain him how long they needed to grow, where they could be found and their uses.

    It was evening and they were resting at a campfire. After a few days of traveling Raphael found out that his master was unexpectedly caring towards him. He would patiently explain him everything he asked him and listen to his reason. If there were errors in his way of thinking he would explain them carefully so that Raphael would understand the crux.

    Then he started thinking about those 3 energies he saw swirling inside his master when he opened his devil's eyes. It was puzzling him. The village eldest had green energy permeating through his boddy and it was already puzzling him, but his master had 3.

    After thinking about it for a while he decided to ask. "Master, what is that strange colored energy that I can see swirling through you body when I open my devil's eyes?"

    Baphomet, who was eating just now, looked surpised up. He inspected his disciple. A few days ago at the cave he wasn't able to inspect him in detail. He looked like an ordinary kid, with dark-brown short hair, brown eyes and a bit baby fat leftovers. But if you looked a bit more detailed you could see a hidden briliance flashing through his eyes.

    After a while he decided to reply: "In order to answer your question I need to explain you a few things about the human body. Every human has hidden powers, and more than just one, but in order to unlock them there are special requirements. Your Devil's eyes for example are probably a byproduct of unlocking one of those powers."

    "So you are saying?" Raphael's eyes started sparkling. This was the first time he heard something like this.

    "Right, you already unlocked one of those powers. The human body has 7 chakra points. Every chakra point unlocks a different power."
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    "Right, you already unlocked one of those powers. The human body has 7 chakra points. Every Chakra Point unlocks a different power."

    "So you are saying that there are other people that have Devil's Eyes?" Raphael was confused. If there are other people who also have the same abilities as him, why would the villagers view him as if he were a monster?

    "I am not sure about that. Through my observation I concluded that the Chakra Point you unlocked was the Mind Chakra. In other words, the power you obtained should be Mind Power. But I have seen other individuals that unlocked their Mind Power and none of them have special eyes in any variation. I believe that your case is a bit special because some mutation happened during your breakthrough." Baphomet concluded. A case like Raphael is indeed very special. Neither has he seen of somebody with eyes like his, nor has he ever heard of that. Not even the history books tell of a variation like that. "But I believe that those eyes aren't the eyes of a devil's. Mind Power is an ability that enhances your thought processing abilities, such as observation, analysation and memory. The Devil is generally pictured as a bloodthirsty, ruthless and wicked creature, while Mind Power stands for rationality, calmness and wisdom."

    "So you are saying that my eyes aren't the eyes from the devil?" Raphael continued questioning. If his eyes weren't Devil's Eyes it would lift a giant burden from his shoulders.

    In the Church's belief the Devil is the Archenemy of God. So if his eyes really are Devil's Eyes, his future would be doomed. The Church would stop at no costs to judge him as criminal and burn him on the pyre.

    "Even though I believe that your eyes are no gift of the Devil, it doesn't mean that other people will agree with me. So you would do well to hide your eyes in front of other people, if you don't want to get hunted down and killed by the Church." Baphomet warned. "And even though I heard of Mind Power I personally don't cultivate it and people who do are very rare, so I can't help you finding out the origin of your eyes."

    "Then what about the other Chakra Points?" Raphael shifted the topic.

    "The most common Chakra Point is the Qi Chakra. It is situated in an invisible organ called dantian and bases on the vitality of humans. This Chakra Point opens itself through body training and once your vitality is high enough it condenses your vitality into a energy called Qi. This Qi gathers in your dantian and while fighting it gives you the ability to burst out incredible muscle power for a short while. I also opened this Chakra." Baphomet explained while Raphael listened excitedly. "After the Qi Chakra comes the Chakra of Mana. Once a person opens this Chakra Point he gains the ability to absorb the energy of the world thats surrounding us. Through Mana we are able to use powers called Magic and although Magic needs a long time to train and cast it's destructive abilites are fearsome. A single spell of Top Class Mages can destroy whole armies."

    Raphael's eyes sparkled when he heard that. He could only imagine how fearsome the power of such Magic had to be.

    "Those 2 are the most common chakras. Followed after comes Force Chakra. Force is a mysterious ability that allowes it's user to manipulate external objects. I have this chakra so I can show you what I mean." After saying that Baphomet pointed at a nearby flower and it started floating in the air.

    "Waaaah. So cool." Raphael exclaimed. If his master hadn't just explained to him that this power is called Force, he would have mistaken it for Magic.

    "Yes, but that's not the only ability of Force. For example..." Baphomet smiled proudly and continued while waving his finger. The floating flower promptly shot onto a nearby tree. Strangely enough the flower didn't break on collision, but instead pierced the tree for a few centimeters. "Force not only gives you the ability to let things float through the air. Additionally you can harden objects and enhance the resilience."

    "Can you show me how to do that?" Raphael's eyes sparkled. The idea of being able to let things float was very tempting to him.

    "Ha ha... Even if i wanted to I can't. The Force Chakra is very complicated to gain and it relies mainly on luck and natural talent, just like your Mind Power, in order to gain it." Baphomet answered smugly. It was obvious that he was very proud about his ability to control Force through the fact that he directly demonstrated this power to him.

    "Then what about the other 3 Chakra Points?"

    "The last 3 Chakra Points are very mysterious and almost never appear in society. One of them gives people the ability to predict the future in a certain way, and they are mostly hailed as Prophets by the Church and believers. Another one is situated in the heart and has something to do with it, but I don't know the abilites of it." Baphomet shaked his head dejectedly.

    "Then what about the last one?" Raphael was curious.

    "Although people know of the existence of the seventh Chakra Point, nobody knows its exact ability." Mentioning the last Chakra Point Baphomet showed a puzzled expression. Although his knowledge was profound he never heard somebody mentioning something about the abilities of this Chakra Point.
    Raphael got a bit dejected. He was very curious about the ability of this last Chakra Point. Then he fell into thought and started processing all the knowledge he learned today. After a while a question popped up in his mind. When he looked at his master through the Devil's Eyes he clearly saw three energies. But so far he had only seen his Force Power. He looked up expectantly and stared at his master.

    "My abilites are Qi, Magic and Force. Qi is a must have for Alchemists because great body strength is needed for forging processes. Magic may not be a requirement for Alchemy, but it is a very useful support ability while forging something, or creating medicine." As if he could read his thoughts, Baphomet started laughing a bit and expounded. Then he looked up at the sky and saw that the moon already stood erect at the filament. "Alright, it's time for you to go to bed. Tomorrow I will show you how to open your Qi Chakra."
    The next day at a forest clearing.

    "The first step to open the Qi Chakra is body training and although you already trained your body at the village, it's still not at the minimum condition needed. If it were so, almost every soldier and martial artist would have opened it already." Baphomet's lecture began.

    At first he let Raphael run 10 miles at the morning before breakfast to build up stamina. After breakfast they focused on the power development. Raphael had to carry all the travel equipment himself on his back while they continued traveling.

    "Mahs... mahstaah... haow long, he he, do I need to carry this..." Raphael was panting profusely. Although his body was already well developed in comparison to other children his age, the weight of the equipment that Baphomet carried around with him was still much for him. It was heavy to the point that Raphael started questioning if his master intentionally added weight secretly into the bags.

    "Stop whining. You are only carrying 30 kilo on your back, and we are not even walking for an hour yet." Baphomet expounded exaggeratedly from behind.

    Although 30 kilo's may not sound like much Baphomet seemed to have forgotten that he was talking to a barely seven year old child that hadn't even fully grown yet. For a kid of this age it was indeed like torture.

    When he saw that his master didn't show any mercy he clenched his teeth and continued walking slowly while his master continued shouting at him from behind to heighten the tempo. Because of the weights on Raphael's their traveling speed was incredibly slow.

    After 2 hours Raphael knees gave in and he fell to the ground - unconcious.

    Baphomet stopped and examined his unconcious disciple and a smile subconciously crept onto his face. "Well, it's already incredible he held out that long, but his willpower is astonishing. He barely complained throughout the process." He was very satisfied with the endurance of this disciple of him.

    One had to know, that Baphomet never took on a disciple before in his life and the only reason he did so, was because he got interested in his Devil's Eyes and the fact that Raphael had a smart head on his shoulders. There was also a bit of pity involved, but the more the two of them interacted with each other, the more their connection to each other grew.

    After examining him he took the bags and Raphael onto his back and continued traveling.

    The sun was already setting when Raphael woke up.

    "Where am I?" Raphael looked confused around after he set his aching body up.

    He lied near a campfire and Baphomet was roasting some kind of animal.

    "Here eat. You need to eat properly in order to build up stamina." Baphomet said while giving a part of the roasted animal to Raphael. When Raphael bit into it he instantly started feeling rejuvenated. It was obvious that his master mixed some herbs with reinvigorating properties under the food. When they finished their meal Baphomet called Raphael over and instructed him to sit down in the meditation stance.

    "Ok, now it's time to start showing you the process of breaking through your Qi Chakra. Although it is unlikely for you to break through it after just one day of training it is helpful to start trying to simulate the process beforehand." Baphomet explained, "Close your eyes. Calm down and focus your mind. Start breathing in and out slowly and steadily in a fixed rythm that is comfortable for you. Try to feel the energy in your body and try channeling it towards your dantian in your breastbone, that's where your Qi Chakra is situated."

    Raphael followed the instructions given and regulated his breathing. When he felt that it was right he focused on his body. He tried to feel the energy pulsing throughout his body.

    Approximately 10 minutes later he started to feel something. Raphael felt as if every fibre in his body was creating some unknown kind of heat. When this heat appeared the aches throughout his started to calm down. Raphael liked this feeling and he continued focusing on it.

    "Impossible!" Baphomet instinctively blurted out when he felt the energy radiating of Raphael's body. He was flabbergasted. When Baphomet started training to break through his Qi Chakra he needed 2 months until he could feel the Vitality in his body.

    But he quickly started shaking his head when he saw that the energy was fading.

    "What happened?" Raphael opened his eyes dejectedly and asked. He clearly felt a mysterious energy radiating through his body, but it quickly faded when he tried channeling it towards his Chakra Point.

    "Although you may be called a talent for feeling the vitality in your body at the first try the energy in your body is not nearly enough to break through the Chakra Point. So after channeling it towards your breastbone it quickly lost its function and faded." Baphomet explained calmly and understanding flashed through Raphael's eyes. Quickly his dejectedness changed into excitement. Although he wasn't able to break through his Qi Chakra, the aching in his body faded and he felt as if he hadn't trained at all today.


    A few weeks passed and Raphael continued his training curriculum while they continued traveling.

    The first few days he still collapsed after a few hours, but the period of time he held out increased steadily until he was able to hold out until the evening without passing out. At the evnings he would meditate and activate the vitality in his body to calm down his ache.

    One month after his training began.

    Raphael sat under the shadow of a tree and meditated. After a few minutes he opened his eyes excitedly and jumped up. He ran towards his master while shouting, "Master, master. I broke through. I broke through the Chakra Point!"

    "What!!!" Baphomet's reaction was as exaggerated as Raphael's. He went speechlessly at his disciple and quickly went forward, put his palm onto the latters chest and closed his eyes. After inspecting him for a while he opened his eyes and stared at his disciple with a dropped jar for a while.

    When he inspected him just now he really felt that the Chakra Point was opened. But that was impossible. He needed almost a year when he broke through and this kid in front of him did it in barely a month.

    A MONTH! What kind of concept was that.
    Baphomet was completely flabbergasted.

    He never heard of a genius that was able to breakthrough his Qi Chakra within a month after the start of his training.

    Little did he know that the way in which Raphael broke through his Qi Chakra was completely different of most people.

    Normally a person would gather the vitality within his body and smash it against the Chakra Point until breaking through in one attempt. In this process they would send it like waves, wasting most of the energy while it repelled from the Chakra Point.

    Raphael was different in this regard. Thanks to his outstanding mind power he was able to control his vitality precisely and instead of throwing it onto his Chakra Point like a bucket of water he turned his vitality into a small water jet like a water gun and fired it with high pressure onto the Chakra Point. When he saw that the Chakra Point started breaking he slowly increased the volume of named water jet. At the beginning he continuosly failed, but Raphael found out that the Chakra Point only slowly regenerated the damaged that was inflicted upon it, so he continued breaking through day after day until he fully broke it.

    It was also because of this reason that Raphael's Qi and Vitality was weaker than normal people who freshly broke through their Qi Chakra. You could say that Raphael's physique after breaking through was maximally as strong as the physique of someone who barely reached the treshold needed to break through his Qi Chakra. One should know that the physique of a person would double just by breaking through his Qi Chakra. Additionally the Qi that gathered in Raphael's dantian was extremely weak.

    Baphomet also noticed this point and was a bit confused, but after asking Raphael about the process of his breakthrough his doubts were slowly cleared and advised him to investigate his dantian.

    When Raphael examined his dantian he only saw a very thin mist, that was barely noticeable, within it. This mist was his Qi. While training and channeling his vitality into his dantian, the vitality would slowly dissolve and the mist would get thicker.

    "Hmm... I guess because of the special way you used to break through your vitality is probably a bit weak in comparison to other newly ascended Qi users, so in the future you will need to concetrate on consolidating your foundation." Baphomet concluded and fell into deep thought. Raphael's unique breakthrough seemingly inspired Baphomet in some ways.

    "Aaah..." But the next moment a startled cry resounded and Baphomet regained focus. When he looked at the source of the cry Baphomet didn't know whether to laugh or to cry and forced a wry smile.

    Raphael pulled down his pants and stared terrified at his completely erect member.

    "Mas... master... what... what happened with my whang?" Raphael asked with tearing eyes and looked up at his master.

    "Pfuuu... Ha.. ha ha... hahahahahaha..." Baphomet slowly remembered that the person in front of him, even with his frightening talent, was barely a seven year old child and couldn't help it and fell onto the ground and hit it with his fist while laughing uproariosly. Thanks to Baphomet's fit of laughter Raphael's tears started welling up again and he cried even louder.

    After a while Baphomet slowly regained his composure and set himself up. "Don't worry kid. There's nothing wrong with your 'whang'. This is the normal reaction of your body after you break through your Qi Chakra. Because of your strenthened vitality all of your body functions are enhanced which also includes your lust."

    "What is lust?" Raphael questioned confused back.

    "Mmh... How do I explain that... That's nothing you have to worry about yet kid. In a few years you will probably understand it." Baphomet's mouth fell agape when he heard Raphael's question and didn't really know how to answer him for a while. After thinking for a while he continued explaining and his expression became calm.

    "Listen. What I'll explain you now is very important and you have to remember it for the rest of your life. It's one of my principles and if you want to call yourself my disciple you have to internalize them and follow after them."

    Influenced by Baphomets speech and expression Raphael wiped away his tears sat down and listened intently.

    "Every human has emotions. There are positive emotions and negative emotions. Sympathy, happiness, love, kindness, braveness, confidence and trust are examples for positive emotions. Hatred, arrogance, disgust, fear, depression, loneliness, frustration and wrath, those are examples for negative emotions. Every human has both kinds of emotions, and its not necessarily a bad thing to have them. They are the point that defines a person. If people had no emotions, we would all be identical. There are funny people, gloomy people, hardworking people, wise people. All of them have in common that they follow their emotions." Baphomet slowly with a calm expression. But when he began his next sentence his expression became turned grave. "The church has labeled people who succumb to positive emotions as virtuos and those who succumd to negative emotions as sinners. If you want to be an Alchemist, you can never act based on your emotions. I am not telling you, that you are not allowed to have them, but you must never succumd to them. The focus of alchemy is to analyze, understand and control his environment and himself, in order to create things the world has never seen before. For an Alchemist succumbing to his emotions is a sin! An Alchemist follows his emotions if they help him to ascend to new heights and throws them away if they block his path, no matter good or evil."

    Raphael's eyes sparkled while he listened to Baphomet. The latter would never find out, that this speech of his, was the reason for the rise of a never seen storm thoughout the continent.

    Baphomet continued. "Let me tell you something else. Every Chakra Point you break through strengthens a specific emotion and you can promote the progress of every power through two ways."
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    "Every Chakra Point can be strenghtened through 2 ways." Baphomet explained. "The first method to strenghten your Chakra Point is to training in the orthodox way through meditation and so on. But progressing speed of normal meditation can be enhanced through letting out those dammed emotions. This way of promotion is condemned in the public eye thanks to the teachings of the church though and they say that people who follow the easier way and unleash their negative emotions on fellow people, won't be able to enter heaven after death. Although I agree that the second method isn't the right way to progress, I wouldn't trust those hypocrites of the church though. It's kind of the same way, how the villagers in your village succumbed to their fear and wanted to sacrifice you in order to 'soothe' the gods."

    Raphael's expression became a bit gloomy after the last sentence. His experience at the village left a lasting impression on him.

    The people he grew up around had almost burned him on a pyre, because of an undefined desease without knowing if the sacrifice would cure it. In the end they just wanted to burn him because they feared his eyes. Raphael had never hurt any other villagers and just used those eyes to enact revenge on those bandits for his mother, but because of the incredible performance he showed and the scary look of his eyes, the villagers just started assuming things and fearing him.

    "Then which emotion is strenghtened by my Mind Power?" In order to cast those negative thoughts to the back of his head, Raphael changed the direction.

    "That is something everybody has to find out themselves. Although I know the general direction it would be counter effective for your future if I explained everything to you. You need to progress and comprehend your path yourself. Only then can you reach new heights." Baphomet replied after a short while of thinking.

    He indeed knew which Chakra Point enhanced which emotion. But after pondering a while he decided it would be best to let Raphael realize these himself if he wanted him to grow smoother in the future.

    "Ok, go and wash yourself and go to bed. We still got a long way before us, and we need to slowly enhance our traveling speed in order to reach our goal in time." Baphomet ordered.


    Days continued passing and Raphael and Baphomet's travel continued.

    Raphael still carried those weights around himself, but Baphomet began picking up the traveling speed slowly, so Raphael's training was still as demanding as before.

    At the evening he would meditate and rotate his vitality and newfound qi throughout his body in order to alleviate his ache and go to bed then.

    After a while Raphael found out that the goal of his master's travel was a city of the eastern neighboring country of the holy empire: the Republic of Patmos.

    This country was a bit special in their government style. Instead of being ruled by a supreme rules like the pope, who controls anything in the holy empire, the republic is ruled by a congress of supreme beings, which decide by vote in which way their country has to progress. They accept any race, religion and profession in a fair way, and they live side by side to each other.

    Time continued passing and after a year of traveling they picked up the maximum traveling speed. After Raphael's traveling speed reached the peak, Baphomet started slowly increasing the weights again in order to let Raphael continue progressing.

    Over the time the two entered multiple cities around the holy empire. These cities had grandiose architectural styles and almost always looked pompously and overbearing from afar, surrounded by giant walls. Those walls were surrounded by downtrodden houses and slums, and after inquiring Raphael found out that those areas were the living environment of slaves, beggars and other underprivileged. When he inquired why they had to live outside of the city, Baphomet's reply was simple: racism. The arristocrats and noblemen inside the city found the thought of living side by side with those underprivileged disgusting so they settled them outside of the city walls. This also had another reason. In case of an enemy attack they could use them as cannon fodder to ward of the first wave of attack.

    After knowing the reasons and ways of thinking of those 'noblemen' Raphael was slightly disgusted and he couldn't help sympathising with the inhabitants of those slums. It reminded him a little of his living environment at the village. Because of the villagers he was forced out of his parental house and was forced to live outside of the village and they would only interact with him if bandits appeared and ask him to ward them of.

    Raphael also began understanding the concept of slaves, which didn't exist in his small village. Slaves were people who lost the right to govern their own body. Most slaves were born as slaves and although you could free yourself of your status as slave, if your master sets you free, the possibilites for that were extremely low. But there were also slaves that weren't born as one. Those slaves were either prisoners of war, or children who were sold off by their families, which couldn't pay their debts anymore. Most of the time slaves sold by their family were girls, which were bought by their new master in order to please them. Although Raphael didn't understand the concept of sex yet, he understood through observation that men would prefer to be married to a pretty and young women instead of ugly and defaced ones.

    He also found out that most of the bandits that plague smaller villages are originally slaves, who escaped from their pitiful fate and banded together in order to fight for a living outside of those rules of the aristocrats, and couldn't help sympathize with them at the first thought. But after recalling the cruel fate his mother arrived at he slowly discarded this sympathy and his way of thinking matured a bit.

    Even within those underprivileged people existed scum, which enjoys exploiting the weaker ones for pleasure and those bandits were definitly of the latter kind.


    Three years later at the entrance of a relatively decent looking city.

    A defined and stalwart young boy and a old man in linen robes entered the stream of people bustling around.

    "Finally there!"
    Raphael stood infront of the gates of the city and looked around curiously.

    During the last year they traveled through desert. As far as you can see only sand, a few cacti and rocks.

    It was a hard travel and Raphael developed a, for his age surprisingly tough physique. Although his body wasn't bulging with muscles he had a healthy, slim figure that sent out an calm and reserved charisma. His skin color developed a healthy browned texture and fitted his darkbrown short hair and brown eyes that glimmered with a bit of wisdom. He was averagely tall in comparison to other kids around his age, but his bearing emitted a charm only found by older children.

    They were surrounded by a stream of passersby, which ignored his look. Raphael continued watching around and found out, that he found no people in chains which left him a bit baffled.

    "Master, where are the slaves?"

    "There are now slaves in this city. All people here are free people. Let me show you something else." Baphomet grinned smugly and held something towards Raphael. It was round with a metal ring protecting the edge and a black hard to see through glass. "Hold this in front of one of your eyes while closing the other one, activate them and take another look around."

    Raphael followed suit, activated his Devil's Eyes and took another look around. At this moment he saw that every person surrounding him had opened one of his inner chakras. It was dazzlingly colorful stream of people. The most common colors were blue and green followed by yellow. There also someones with red inner energy around but very few.


    "STOP!" A voice shouted out inside his head.

    It was the same strange voice he heard when he was locked up inside the cave at the village back then. He never heard it again since he met his master and now it suddenly appeared again and his head started hurting badly.

    "Kid turn around and leave this city, now." The shouting continued and sounded angry.

    Raphael fell to his knees and held his held his booming head. Baphomet reacted quickly, held his hand towards Raphael and started mumbling lowly with his mouth. After a moment a comfortable glow streamed out of his hands into the latter's head.

    After a moment the pain seemed to stop and Raphael slowly set himself up and gave the glas back to his master.

    "What happened?" Baphomet asked back curiously.

    Raphael explained shortly what he saw and what happened.

    Baphomet was surprised. He didn't know yet about the voice. But it wasn't understandable why Raphael never talked about it. First of all it's a very delicate object, in concern of his past, so it's understandable, that he wouldn't want to talk about it. Secondly it only happened one time until now so it's surprising that he was even able to state it clearly towards him. In fact Raphael wouldn't tell this to Baphomet so easily if he didn't fully trust him. Baphomet revealed a troubled expression.

    "Hmm. If it's true what you said, your eyes could really be Devil's Eyes. If the one who talks to you..."

    Raphael's expression froze.

    "Ahhh... but don't worry. What eyes you have, doesn't decide what kind of person you are. Let's settle down first. The spell I used just now should still work for around a week and until then I will look up for a permanent solution. That's right, you mentioned something about some colors streaming through the people." Baphomet comforted when he saw his disciple's expression and tried changing the topic. "I assume that the blue and green color each represent either Qi Chakra or Mysthic Chakra. The yellow one is probably Force while the red one should be Mind Power."

    "How is it possible that almost all people here have at least opened one Chakra Point?" Raphael slowly recovered a bit while listening and asked back?

    "The Holy Empire and the Black Alliance don't teach their citizens about Chakra Points and their powers. They actively suppress any active teaching and even if some people have them, they don't even understand what their power even really works like."

    "So that's why the village eldest couldn't explain me what kind of power I have even though his body clearly showed a blue power flowing through him." Raphael concluded loudly.

    "Hmm if your village eldest had blue power flowing through him, I guess that in this case blue should be Qi Chakra while green would mean Mystical Chakra. Qi Chakra is the easiest one to learn and it can even appear for any normal farmer if their physique would be trained to a certain level by itself. Magic can not be awakened by sheer luck and coincidence. Magic needs a teacher and only under guidance the Chakra Point could be opened." Baphomet pondered for a while and replied with a calm voice.

    "That means I can also open my Mystial Chakra?" Raphael became a bit excited. While traveling he saw his master using some Magic a few times and got interested.

    "That depends on your Talent. But we will try that later anyways. Let me first properly introduce you to this city. It's name is Rhefiaron and it is one of the five capitals of the Republic of Patmos. We are known as the most advanced Alchemy City within the alliance. We have 4 Schools within this city while one of them represents the general school, and other 3 each representing one of the seven chakras. The biggest school naturally is the general school because everybody attends to their classes while the other ones correspondent to their abilities and are optional. Naturally anybody would be taught about the inner chakras within elementary classes from 8-10 years of age. The rest would depend on their talent and ability. Next in line would be the military school representing Qi. After that comes the Mystic Tower majoring in Mystical. We also have a small temple called the Temple of Tempering representing Force."

    "Then what about Alchemy?" Raphael was puzzled. Why did this city known as the best Alchemy City within the Alliance have no Alchemy School?

    "Alchemy isn't taught at schools. Alchemy is only to be given to the next generation through Master-Disciple relationship." Baphomet's eyes sparkled.
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    Welcome. As you may or may not have seen, it took me a while to post this chapter. This has a simple reason: I was in a slump. I didn't really know how to continue and introduce this part of the story, because this will be the place where a major part of book 1 will be happening. Well anyways. I decided to throw away my announced weekly rhythm and just release when and how I want to. Expect a few more chapters this week because I finally found some motivation and ideas and want to get them out.

    "Alchemy isn't taught at schools. Alchemy is only to be given to the next generation through Master-Disciple relationship." Baphomet's eyes sparkled.

    "Why?" Raphael was confused why Alchemy wasn't taught at a school and questioned.

    "Alchemistic ways differ from Alchemist to Alchemist. While there are Alchemist's which are skilled in all aspects, from forging and refining up to medicine brewing, there are also some who specialize and excel in a certain aspect. Every Alchemist hopes to pass on their teachings and ways of Alchemy to their disciple and that they continue on their path." Baphomet continued. "My Alchemistic way doesn't excel in any kind of aspect, but my basic principle differs in some kind from other Alchemists in general. My way question's the very basic principle's of alchemy. Almost every Alchemist learns the same set of basic knowledge, for example the method of forging are almost always the same. They heaten up the ore until it smelts, pour the liquified ore in a mold, extract the hardened endproduct out of its form and finish it through grinding, polishing and so on. My philosophy differs in this aspect. I always search for new kinds of ways to process the materials. But I'll show you those later. Let's settle down first. The next 3 years you will have to attend school and graduate. During this time you are not allowed to disclose that you are my disciple and except of the most basic Alchemistic knowledge I won't impart you with anything else. Your success will depend on yourself." Baphomet replied stern.

    After that they entered deeper into the city and the two went to enlist for school at an office in the center of the city. The office didn't seem like anything amazing without much decoration or anything and there were many counters with office workers behind it and a large line in front of them. After a customer was finished he would leave and the office worker behind the counter would call the next one in line. When it was Raphael's turn both of them sat down in front of the counter on wooden chairs and the receptionist asked for the reason of their visit. Once the receptionist knew that it was about school enrollment he quickly grabbed some sheets of paper and handed them to Raphael and Baphomet. During the 3 year journey with Baphomet Raphael learned much, including reading and writing.

    But while he read the first questions of the paper he was quickly baffled, because it asked for a last name. Because Raphael came from a small nameless village where it was seldem the case that two people had the same name it wasn't necessary for people to have last names. So he asked his master about it. After a short explanation of his master about the usage of last names he stood in front of a problem. He didn't know what to write down!

    "Why don't you pick something for me master?" Raphael decided to simply hand over the decision to his master.

    "Hmm... That's a hard thing you ask of me." Baphomet mused for a while until he answered. "Let's go with Naz'ruk. That's antique talorushian and refers to 'pure mind'."

    Raphael liked the sound and after mumbling it for a few times he smiled proudly and wrote it down.

    After finishing the paperwork they back to the receptionist who quickly scanned them. After ensuring that everything was correct he quickly handed out a letter to Baphomet and sent the two off.

    When they left the office they quickly continued towards the offskirts at the border of the city. The stream of people calmed down the further they advanced and after a while there were only a few left walking down the streets. Approximately an hour after leaving the office they arrived at a big building with a big sign over the gate and the imprint 'boarding house'.

    "This will be your home for the next 3 years. This is a boarding house or dormitory where most students from outside the city live during their attendance at school. It is free for anyone in order to avoid discimination between different social statuses." Baphomet explained while they neared the gates. They quickly entered and after entering Baphomet handed the letter to a middle-aged woman who shortly flew over it and then kindly looked towards Raphael.

    "You are Raphael I presume then?" The woman asked in a mild tone.

    "Y-yes mam." Raphael responded shyly and bowed. The woman giggled softly then she turned towards Baphomet and continued. "You can relax and leave him in our care, sir. We will watch over him from now on and see that nothing happens towards your grandson."

    Baphomet was stunned for a moment after hearing the woman refer to Raphael as his grandson, but after shortly thinking over it he calmed down innerly. For outsiders they probably really look like grandfather and grandson. Baphomet responded with a smile. "He may not be my grandson, but he is just as important to me. Please take care of him."

    The woman was surprised for a moment, but let the matter fly. After that she turned towards Raphael. "If you would follow me now little man. I'll show you your room." Then she turned around and Raphael followed suit leaving Baphomet smilingly behind.

    While they continued down the floor Raphael could hear a faint 'good luck' from behind and couldn't help smiling thankfully. Baphomet watched over him for the last 3 years and their relationship slowly grew close during that time. One could say that he was the kind, elderly grandfather he never had in his heart.

    A few moments later they reached a door with the numbers '187' imprinted on the front.

    "This will be your room for the next 3 years. Take a look inside." The woman said and handed a key to Raphael.

    Raphael inserted the key into the keyhole, turned it around until he heard a clicking noise and opened the door with a push.

    Inside the room was a plain small bed with white sheets, a desk with a chair infront, a bookshelf and a closet. It was pretty much a normal bedroom.
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    Hello world.
    As you may have seen, my release rhythm slowed down extremely. There's a simple reason. Previously I was in a slump because there were a few things back in the starting chapters which I'd have liked to change but can't anymore. Now that I found a way to work around those small things I don't really wanna fuck it up like that again. So I've decided to change my working methods, but I don't know yet how drastic it will be, so in this regard I'll simply start a small poll here and let you guys decide.

    Now to the main course.

    After inspecting his room the woman showed Raphael the rest of the faculties. The floor they were on was reserved for males and there was a shared bathroom for all of them. Additionally this floor had a cafeteria where all people would gather for a meal, no matter which floor they were from.

    The cafeteria was large and had enough seats for around 200 people. It was already late in the evening so there were not many people around.

    After showing him around the woman led Raphael back to his room, but instead of sending him into his room to sleep she knocked at the door next to Raphael's room. A quiet rattling noise resounded and the door opened slowly.

    "Who has the guts to disturb my sleep?" A head poked out, rubing his eyes sleepily. After he saw the woman he straightened himself up hastily. "How can I help you ma'm?"

    "Excuse me for disturbing your rest, Yulian. This is your new neighbor. Watch over him and show him the way to school tomorrow." The woman explained her purpose of coming.

    "No problem, ma'm." The boy called Yulian saluted eagerly.

    "That's everything. You can go back sleeping now." With that the woman finished up her business with Yulian and sent both of them back into their rooms to sleep.

    Raphael laid wide awake on his bed inside his new lodging place. There was a lot on his mind right now. The last three years were practically torture for any child of his age, but thanks to that his Qi inside his dantian had stabilised significantly. The Qi 'fog' swirling inside has grown thicker in comparison to before and his body was bursting with vitality.

    After a while Raphael slowly slipped of into sleep.


    The next morning he was awakened by a knocking sound at his door. After straightening himself up and opening the door he saw that it was his neighbor, Yulian.

    "What's the matter?" Raphael asked timidly. Except for Baphomet Raphael had seldom contact with other people for the last three years and didn't know how to act.

    "The sun went already up and I haven't seen you enter the canteen yet. If you don't hurry you'll be too late for school! Dress yourself and come to my room after you have eaten. I'll show you the way to school." Yulian informed Raphael, turned around and entered his own room again.

    Raphael dressed himself and entered the crowded cafeteria. After getting something to eat at the counters he seated himself in a forsaken corner and quietly ate. The meal wasn't overly extravagant, but rather decent and plain in taste and look. But it was enough to still Raphael's hunger so he gave the clean plate back before returning to the corridor his room was located at.

    He knocked at the door next to his and Yulian opened. "Ready to go?"

    "Yes." After a awkward reply from Raphael the former exited his room and closed his door with a key.

    "It would be best if you locked your door, too. It's better to be safe than sorry." Yulian commended and Raphael followed suit. Then they left the dormitory and got on their way. Through his talk with Yulian while walking Raphael got a decent idea how school works.

    There are 3 grades, each indicating in which year you were. They higher you rose in your grades the more taxing those lessons became. But not all students in a grade were permanently sticking together. Each grade was split in 3 classes. This was because each student had a set number of classes he was forced to attend. In order to expand the use of those classes they were split into three. While one class was attending to main subjects the others students had to attend other subjects. It didn't matter which subject you wanted to attend, but you were required to attend at least 4 subjects additionally to the main subjects.

    The main subjects were the 'common tongue', which was the most popular spoken language that was generally completely spread throughout the human countries, maths and history. The side subjects were various and every student was able to pick his side subjects based on his own particular interests. Someone who aspired to become a carpenter in the future for example would most definitly pick the woodworking classes. How much time you spend in those classes didn't really matter, as long as you spent at least 2 periods in each side subject per week.

    From their former talk he knew that Yulian already entered the second grade and was assigned to class c. Latter came from a small village in the area surrounding Rhefiaron and attends school in order to properly learn how to continue their family business when he grew up. His father was a innkeeper and took care of the finances and customers, while his mother was the cook. Because of this Yulian mainly attended economic and ettiquette classes.

    When Yulian asked Raphael what goal he had up his mind for the future, he replied honestly: "I wanna become an alchemist!"

    A shocked expression appeared on Yulian's face which slowly turned kinda strange. "You lunatic. Don't you know that alchemy is the hardest to learn profession in the world?"

    "I have decided." Raphael was a bit taken aback by Yulian's reaction but replied firmly.

    "Well it's not my problem, so I don't really care, but don't come back crying later." Yulian shook his head while laughing a bit smugly.

    After a few minutes they finally reached a giant building complex.

    "This is the school." Yulian declared and led Raphael towards the largest building. Inside he showed him a door with large letters on it.

    "You'll have to enter here. The secretarian will take care of the rest and assign you to a class. See you later." After a quick introduction he quickly left towards his classes.

    Knock knock.

    After hesitating for a short moment Raphael knocked at the door in front of him.

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    Since nobody responded to the poll, I'll put the series on pause until I finished writing book 1. Just to let you know.

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