Runaway Loli Online (网游之暴走萝莉)

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    Runaway Loli Online (网游之暴走萝莉)

    Raw source:


    Original synopsis:

    Small mob: Lord! Adventurers are here to kill us again!

    Boss: No problem, they’re just a bunch of small fries. Even if they come, I can still send them back dead.

    Small mob: Lord! Not Good! It’s the Runaway Loli!

    Boss: We don’t need this place anymore, let’s go!

    Liu Ye ran into the Boss room while wielding her twin daggers. Turning around to take a look, why is this Boss missing as well?

    This is a story about a young girl from the slums running into the game world to learn how to read, and in the end how she accidentally became the Runaway Loli. Turning from a greenhorn to an expert, was it because she was naturally gifted, or was it because she was actually one of humanity’s super-weapon?

    Release schedule:

    Currently planning for 5/week
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    Chapter 1 - The girl that lived in the slums

    Leng Mo gripped the bag in her hands tightly, increasing the pace of her legs. Just another street and she would be home. She gave herself some encouragement as she headed towards the direction of her house.

    Tonight’s guests returned later than usual, and she had to wash dishes behind the kitchen until two in the morning. Although she could receive an extra 800 Ginny as overtime payment, returning at such a late hour was definitely unsafe.

    Turning pass an alley, she could finally see the street she lived in. It was at this time two youths with messily dyed hair appeared on the opposite side of the street, whistling at her from far away: “Yo, the little girl over there, still not asleep at this time? Wanna come play around with us?”

    Leng Mo calmly ignored them, increasing her pace once more. The two chicken heads came closer, but suddenly stepped back when they saw Leng Mo’s face, silently cursing as they turned away and left.

    Leng Mo furrowed her brows. This again. Everybody would always look at her as if they had seen a ghost. Was something wrong with her? Regardless, she wasn’t complaining that the others didn’t come to hit on her. She wasn’t eager for trouble.

    Finally home! She breathed out in relief as she stood in front of her home, pressing down on the fingerprint scanner by the door, the door slowly sliding open.

    “Light.” She said after entering the house. Immediately, a piercing light lit up the house.

    Damn it! Leng Mo covered her eyes as she hurriedly added: “Gentle light.”

    The lights slowly dimmed, finally reaching an acceptable level. Letting go of the bag in her hand, she took out an electronic newspaper from the postage box behind the closed door. After placing today’s electronic newspaper into the postage box this morning, she had received a call from her boss telling her that she needed to work overtime, so she has yet to watch the news until now.

    (TL: Yes, watch, not read)

    Turning on the electronic newspaper, she retrieved the items within the bag. Three tubes of nutrient fluids, the cheapest ones with original flavors. She bit open an opening, sucking a mouthful of it as she flipped through the news.

    Today’s news was all the commonly seen ones. If it’s not about some corporation’s young master doing whatnot, then it’s about some aristocrat traveling to some planet.

    As Leng Mo flipped through the news, she muttered in her heart. Next time when I saved enough money, I would definitely buy a tube of strawberry flavored nutrient fluids to have a taste. Not sure if it would also have this soft and sticky texture.

    Halfway through the news, all three tubes of nutrient fluids had gone down her belly. Leng Mo wiped her mouth after finishing her dinner, readying herself for bed as she kept the electronic newspaper when suddenly, a news article attracted her attention.

    “According to reports, the space station explosion three months ago was caused by terrorist organization Sabacus Kruli. The space station was funded by Sabacus Kruli, and because all the procedures were handled properly, it did not attract the government’s attention.

    Until three months ago, the space station suddenly sent inquiries and distress signals to the federal government, and only then did the federal government took notice.

    However, it was not long after the distress signal was sent, the space station exploded due to aging equipment. Was this all just an act by Sabacus Kruli, or was this a cruel means by the federal government? Let us wait and see!”

    After Leng Mo listened to the news, the corners of her mouth hooked up into a cold smile. A cruel means by the federal government? What a joke! If the federal government had cruel means, Sabacus Kruli would not be so unbridled.

    However, none of these were her problems. It was better that she went to bed earlier. She still had to rush to the supermarket early tomorrow morning. Hopefully, she could queue into the first 10, getting a discount of half the normal prices.

    Bringing with her this beautiful wish, Leng Mo climbed onto her beloved bed, setting the timing device at the bedside, and entering into slumberland within three seconds.

    The sky had yet to brighten, the timing device had already rung. Leng Mo shivered as she got out of her bed. Turning off the timing device, she tightened the clothes on her body and went out the door.

    She only owned this set of clothes on her body. Originally she still had another, but during last week she accidentally tore it apart when she was washing it. She was already extremely careful with it, but the clothes were still easily ripped apart. What in the world did she eat to get this damned strength?

    She had to go to the supermarket to fight for her place today. You had to know that even the cheapest set of clothes would cost 2000 Ginny, and that was a week’s worth of her financial aid. The nutrient fluids were already expensive, an original flavor costing 40 Ginny each. Her one week’s worth of financial aid was not even enough for her week’s worth of nutrient fluids.

    After begging the restaurant’s boss for a long time only did she receive the dishwashing job, allowing her to save up some money, but even then it was only a meager 3500 Ginny. If she could not get the first 10 places, then she would have to starve for the following week.

    Leng Mo moved at lightning speeds, taking less than 10 minutes to arrive at the supermarket’s entrance. At this time, there were only two to three people there, great!

    Leng Mo quickly went over and took up a spot, wrapping herself around her clothes tightly to battle against the cold wind. Everything was great about Sanggan star, except for the chilly wind in the mornings here were too strong,

    She heard that humans had once lived on Earth, but now it had reduced to a mere location for outdoor history lessons. She had even heard that those who went, had contracted diseases when they returned. She couldn’t help but admit that the current Sanggan star was much better than Earth by a lot.

    After half an hour, the people behind started increasing in numbers, and the sunlight became brighter as well. On the other hand, there was also some faint activity coming from the supermarket. It was finally opening!

    “Good news, good news. Today’s first 10 will get a gaming bracelet for free. It’s the newly released <<Loew Continent>>’s access bracelet. Only the first ten can get it. First come, first served.” The sound of a horn suddenly came from within supermarket. The people within had dropped a bomb to the outside.

    The people in the queue started becoming restless, there many a few people trying to squeeze to the front of the line. It didn’t take long for the line to become disordered.

    Loew Continent? What was that? Leng Mo furrowed her brows. Taking a look at the line, the people there seemed excited. Did she miss out on some new information because she was too focused on work?

    Leng Mo was queued at the 4th spot, so regardless, she would still obtain it. She felt slightly relieved. Although the slums were disorderly, and everyone relied on the strong and disdained the weak, yet it was a wonder that nobody ever came to her for trouble. This time she should be able to obtain that gaming bracelet.

    If this game was so well received, then at that time, she could even trade the bracelet for some Ginny to spend. Leng Mo was very satisfied with her conclusion. She straightened her body as she blocked the shoving from behind.

    When there was still a minute to opening time, a few men came up from behind, pulling away the people in front of the line and taking their places.

    An old lady in front of Leng Mo was pushed to the ground. Leng Mo hurriedly helped the lady up, preventing her from the danger of being stepped to death by the masses.

    “Thank you, young lady.” The old lady stood up, her face aggrieved: “Ai, I never thought my luck would be so bad today. I originally wanted to buy clothing for my granddaughter, but now it seems I won’t have enough money.”

    Leng Mo was prepared to push the man in front, wanting him to return the spot to the old lady, yet the old lady held onto her hand tightly: “Ai, young lady, young lady, you can’t do this. I still want to live!”

    Leng Mo was slightly shocked. It can’t be that women’s standings in the slums have fallen to such heights? She took a look around her surroundings once more. There was still nobody coming to snatch her spot.

    She had lived in this part of the slums since she was a child, but she had never been bullied before. Can it be that she grew up to be too ugly?

    It was at this time, the entrance to the supermarket opened. The first 10 entered accordingly, but when it was Leng Mo’s turn, she hesitated slightly, before moving aside and pushing in the old lady.

    The old lady became startled, gratefully looking towards Leng Mo: “Young lady, what do you wish to buy? I’ll help you get it, otherwise, it would be too troubling to you.”

    Leng Mo nodded her head: “Then you can help me get a set of clothing that I can wear. The cheapest kind is fine.” She took out her identity card after saying so, swiping 1000 Ginny to the old lady. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

    The old lady thanked Leng Mo gratefully, before entering the supermarket amidst the crowd’s urging.
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    Chapter 2 - The girl that wanted to study

    Leng Mo hugged her arms as she leaned against the supermarket’s entrance, coldly staring at the people entering the supermarket one by one. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to enter, but because after giving up her spot, the things sold in the supermarket were not that different in prices when compared to shops outside. She’d rather go to the retail shops than squeeze in the crowd.

    After waiting for more than two hours, the old lady from before finally squeezed out from the supermarket. She immediately started looking around after leaving the supermarket entrance, quickly finding Leng Mo waiting by the entrance.

    “Ai, young lady, young lady.” The old lady waved her hand as she walked up to Leng Mo. “Today’s luck sure is good. Not only did the clothing shop give a discount, they even gifted me a gaming bracelet. You take this bracelet!”

    The old lady took out a delicate bracelet from the bag as she spoke. It was about four fingers wide, with a deep groove in the middle of it. The bracelet was wrapped in an acrylic bag, and within the bag, there was even a delicate picture book.

    Leng Mo’s eyes shined as she took the bracelet, though the thing she was actually concerned about was the picture book. “Thank you, then I’ll take it. Did you buy my clothing?”

    The old lady hurriedly took out the clothing: “Look at my memory, I bought it. I picked a color that girls like to wear. Just look at yourself, all gray at not one bit pretty.”

    The corner of Leng Mo’s mouth twitched as she received the pink colored clothing, silently storing it in the bag that she had brought. No matter what she couldn’t complain about the pink color the old lady picked. Ask the lady to go in again and change it for her?

    Forget it, I’ll just wear this at home. After Leng Mo made her decision, she big the old lady goodbye before returning straight back home.

    Immediately after returning, she hurriedly took out the acrylic bag, taking out the picture book from within. So beautiful! Leng Mo stroked the book’s colors as she looked at them. There were even blocky words on them, how nice!

    It would be great if she knew how to read. She really wanted to read! Unknowingly, Leng Mo’s nose started feeling sour. There were no schools in the slums, and the other areas also forbade the slum’s residents from entering, so a majority of them were uneducated.

    Luckily all the electronic newspapers used video broadcasting, so even a poor person wouldn’t be unknowing to the happenings outside. If she could understand words, she would definitely earn money properly to buy books!

    But this game is really beautiful. If all the drawings in this picture book were real, then this thing called game really is mystical. Leng Mo looked at the art one by one, her heart slightly moved.

    In the first picture, there was a lady with black colored wings. Her eyes were closed, and both her hands were wielding a large sword as she crouched at that place. Behind her were many many humans, all of them were smaller than her.

    In the second picture, it was a scene of war. The black winged lady was flying in the air, and she was fighting against a white winged person that wore a hood. Below them there were many humans battling, however, their opponents were oddly shaped creatures.

    In the third picture, it was a ruined city, and the humans were rebuilding this city, while the black winged lady was no longer seen.

    In the fourth picture, the ruined city had turned into a beautiful new city, and there were green trees and flowers planted all around. It looked like there were a lot of people moving around.

    Leng Mo felt the trees and flowers with her hand, a slight yearning in her heart. She had never seen real trees and flowers, only in the news did she see them, within the areas of the rich and aristocrats, many at that. However, the news only shows these beautiful things briefly, always focusing on those rich people’s face.

    What is this game really? Leng Mo’s interest towards this kind of game grew bigger and bigger. She felt that she really should not have missed out on such a news. She decided to go out and find information related to this game.

    The electronic newspaper was renewed once again. Taking a quick glance before she left, she did not see any news related to the game. It wasn’t surprising though. People of the slums can’t even afford to play the game, nobody would be stupid enough to advertise in the slum’s newspaper.

    It looked like she had to go to the border of the residential area to take a look. From there, you could see the tall and large billboards within. You could also hear the sounds coming from the billboards. There were many people from the slums who would go to the resident area’s border to watch the billboards for entertainment.

    Luckily she didn’t have work today, so she could spend the entire day finding it. Closing the door, Leng Mo headed towards the resident area’s direction.

    After running and resting for four hours, she could finally see the residential area’s border from afar. There was no longer any poor people’s living area here, only a few public facilities, like restaurants, hotels, casinos and such.

    Leng Mo passed through those noisy places, finally arriving at the resident area’s border. Coincidentally, there was a billboard in the direction she was facing, and the billboard was currently broadcasting the thing she wanted to know about.

    “There is real life in here. This is not a game, but a new reality!” The images on the billboard kept changing, and they were much more marvelous than the picture book. Not only was there war and the process of rebuilding, there were also the sped up growth process of the trees and flowers.

    The image suddenly changed, and a weird scene appeared in front of Leng Mo. Large wooden stakes were set up on the ground, and many people were hitting the stakes. There was also a man in odd clothing at the scene giving commands. “Want to learn how to battle? Then come to Drucker’s school! Not only do we have battle mentors, there are also magic mentors and knowledge mentors as well. There is nothing you can’t learn here.”

    Leng Mo excitedly gripped her hand in front of her chest, her heart nearly jumping out. She didn’t hear wrongly, right? School? It really is a school? Then doesn’t that mean she could learn how to read? Does that mean she could finally study?

    The advertisement lasted a full twenty minutes before ending, shortly followed by the next cycle. Leng Mo ran back home after she finished watching the advertisement. She took out the bracelet excitedly, following the actions on the advertisement, wearing it on her arm.

    Why was there no reaction? Leng Mo waited for ten minutes, but there were none of the mystical scenes appearing before her eyes. Wasn’t this different from what the advertisement said?

    She took off the bracelet, placing it back on the floor, and picking up the picture book for another look. Did the game determine that she could not play the game because she was a poor person? She leaked out a sigh. She was never perplexed because of her identity as a poor person. However, today she was really depressed.

    Turning to the picture book’s last page, she saw a picture of a hand wearing the bracelet, while the other hand looked like it was swiping a card over the groove of the bracelet.

    It can’t be……? Leng Mo sat cross-legged on the floor, wearing the bracelet and taking out her identification card. Taking a deep breath, she swiped the card across the groove of the bracelet.

    Success! The bracelet suddenly released rays of light. The lights moved along the bracelet, turning a full circle before all of them gathered at the groove. Leng Mo suddenly felt a prick at her wrist, similar to being bitten by something, before she dizzily entered a slumbering state.
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    Chapter 3: The girl that fell from the sky

    So dark, where is this place? Leng Mo looked at her surroundings. When she opened her eyes once again, she found herself floating in a dark empty space. There was no light all around, and she could not see a thing.

    She tried to straighten her body, but after a few tries she was still in the same floating condition. Hateful! What is actually going on? Why was it different from the advertisement?

    At this moment, a cold mechanical voice sounded beside her ear: “Are you sure you want to enter Loew Continent’s game world?”

    Leng Mo replied loudly: “Sure!”

    The mechanical voice continued: “Please determine a name for your game character.”

    Leng Mo couldn’t make heads of the situation. Didn’t everybody use their identity card to enter? Why did she still have to determine a name? However, she still answered loudly: “Leng Mo.”

    The mechanical voice sounded again: “Very sorry, but the name has been taken. Please choose another name.”

    Leng Mo thought about it: “Leng Ye.”

    “Very sorry, but the name has been taken. Please choose another name.”

    Leng Mo continued replying with a stream of names, but all of them were taken. She was already close to being driven mad. At another far corner of Sanggan star, there was also an administration employee of Ming Yu Corporation being driven mad.

    (TL: The game company)

    What’s the matter with this young lady? Didn’t she know that using names consisting of only two characters was a very hard task? There was still a line of people waiting to be administered. Just she alone had wasted nearly half an hour’s time.

    “Liu Ye.” Finally, Leng Mo managed to grab an unoccupied name.

    The mechanical voice sounded once again: “Congratulations, naming successful. Starting body scan now. Please enter the age you wish to be born at.”

    Leng Mo became brow beaded with sweat. Why was there even a choice for age? “Can I choose anyhow?”

    The mechanical voice replied: “From age 10 to age 17, please choose the age you wished to be born at.”

    Leng Mo thought about it. Normally, an older age would provide a body with better qualities, but she had wanted to go to school. If her age was too old, wouldn’t it be funny when she sat in the classroom?

    “Age 10!”

    As she finished speaking, Leng Mo saw a white circle of light rising from her feet, up to her head. The white circle disappeared after sweeping around her once, and she had also switched from a floating state to a standing state.

    She could finally stand again! Leng Mo loosened her breath. When she was thinking of what was coming next, a small figure appeared in front of her.

    Who?! Leng Mo sized up the small figure. It was clearly a miniature figure of herself. Beside the small figure, there were also an additional three panels.

    The mechanical voice reminded: “Please select the changes you wish to make. Click ‘Create’ if you do not wish to make changes.”

    Leng Mo then discovered that below the three panels, there was a small button. She couldn’t recognize the words written on it, but it was definitely ‘Create’.

    What were these three panels? Taking a glimpse, Leng Mo discovered that using the three panels, she could change her hairstyle, the color of her eyes, or the shape of her face. However, the range of changes was limited. Even if she did change, the similarity rate was around 80 percent.

    After thinking about it, she decided not to make any changes. She was there to attend classes, what was the point of making herself look beautiful? She went ahead and clicked the ‘Create’ button.

    There was a bright flash. All three panels disappeared altogether, and only the small figure remained standing on the ground. The mechanical voice rang again: “Congratulations on your created character. Gene scan complete. Please enjoy the game. We wish you a happy gaming.”

    Just as this voice landed, Leng Mo felt herself floating towards the small figure. Just as she was about to crash into it, she shut her eyes tightly. When she opened them again, she discovered that she was in a different location.

    It was a pure white space. The place Leng Mo stood on was on a tall circular platform. Aside from Leng Mo, there was nothing else up there. Leng Mo ran a circle around the platform, discovering that there was nothing below the platform as if it was just floating in midair.

    When she was puzzled on how to get down, suddenly, a girl in black ceremonial robes fluttered down from the sky. She looked to be around 17-18. Silver hair tied into twin tails, deep blue eyes, creamy white skin. Her beautiful appearance seemed like it was an object that did not belong to this world

    The girl floated down from the sky, landing in the middle of the platform. She revealed a smile towards Leng Mo, but she did not come over to her, nor did she speak to her.

    Leng Mo watched the girl vigilantly, only slowly closing in on her after a long period of hesitation. When she was still four to five steps away from the girl, the girl suddenly opened her mouth: “Liu Ye… is it? So you were a girl.”

    Speaking to this point, the girl smiled: “First time meeting, I’m called Nana. Coming here for the first time must be troubling? Do you have anything you wish to ask?”

    Liu Ye? After some time, Leng Mo only recalled that it was her name within the game. “Nice to meet you, Nana. Where is this place? Is this Loew Continent?”

    Nana smiled as she answered: “Don’t panic. This place still isn’t Loew Continent. This is the platform that connects Midros to Loew Continent. Every Midros connecting to Loew Continent for the first time would be guided by me.”

    Leng Mo, no, it should be Liu Ye. Liu Ye asked again: “What is Midros?”

    Nana faintly smiled, holding both her hands while saying: “An adventurer just like you. I am very grateful that all of you are willing to accept the invitation to Loew Continent, helping us vanquish the Demon Tribe.”

    Liu Ye widened her eyes, a face filled with disbelief: “Adventurers all have to help you vanquish the Demon Tribe? But on the advertisement I saw, didn’t you already win?”

    Nana revealed a pained expression on her face: “We had won, but for the peace of Loew Continent, the War Goddess stayed at the Demon Continent, sealing herself into stone in order to suppress all the pathways used by the Demons. All these years, the Demon Tribe could only appear in the underground cities of Loew Continent, but the seal had become unstable recently, hence His Majesty the King had sent invitations to every Midros. Didn’t you come because of the invitation?”

    Liu Ye looked at Nana embarrassedly, asking in a small voice: “I only wanted to come here to study. Is this no good?”

    Nana smiled a sweet smile: “If it is this kind of Midros, we are still very welcoming. The power of knowledge is far greater than the power of force. Hopefully, you can spread your knowledge to even more people in Loew Continent.|

    Finished speaking, Nana remained motionless while smiling towards Liu Ye. It would seem that she would only answer the questions given by Liu Ye, and would not actively start a conversation herself.

    Liu Ye had never played any games before, so she did not even know what an NPC was. She only felt that the girl was odd and that it was hard to interact with her. Couldn’t she speak a little more?

    After thinking for some time, she asked: “When can I go to Loew Continent?”

    When Nana heard so, she passed the bag by her waist to Leng Mo: “Are you ready? If you are ready, then I can send you to Loew Continent right away. This is an adventurer’s travel guide. There are some things you should pay attention to inside, so please read it properly. This bread is also a gift to you. Hopefully, you won’t starve just after arriving at Loew Continent.”

    Liu Ye received them gratefully, nodding towards Nana: “I am ready, please send me there.”

    Nana pursed her lips into a smile, raising her hands towards Liu Ye. Liu Ye felt herself slowly rising into the sky, the light becoming dazzling, closing her eyes once more as she could no longer take it.
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    Chapter 4: Loli's first appearance

    Opening her eyes once more, Liu Ye discovered herself standing in a small public square. Around the square, there were two circular layers of steps, and above the steps, there was an plaza surrounding the public square. At the direction she was facing, there was a pointed little wooden building across the plaza.

    There was a mailbox in front of the wooden building, and above the box stood an owl. It was making cooing sounds as it was dozing off there. From time to time, there was even people who tried using bread to bait it, but it remained motionless.

    “Give way, give way, thanks hehe.” A man carrying a large board on his back walked passed Liu Ye, but stopped when he saw her. As if he had discovered some new toy, the man shouted: “Hey, there was actually someone who chose to be born at 10?”

    When Liu Ye heard him speaking, she lifted her head to take a look at him. This was a boy with thick eyebrows and big eyes. At first glance, he had a mischievous look, but oddly in his hands, there was a spatula in his left and a cleaver in his right.

    “Where, where?” Many voices started sounding out all around, seemingly all rushing towards her. Feeling something wrong, Liu Ye immediately turned and ran.

    Only, after turning her body, she discovered that the direction she faced had no roads, but instead there was an inclined slope. Along the slope there was only a very very large tree, and there were two small paths circling across the tree, leading further up the slope. The view beyond the tree was blocked, and nothing could be seen.

    Liu Ye didn’t care regardless at the moment, following the small path and running up the slope. As she ran, she could not feel anybody chasing behind her. Suspiciously turning around, she took a look. The plaza at the bottom was filled with people, both male and female, and all of them were staring straight at her.

    She hesitated for a while before stopping. What kind of situation was this? However, just when she stopped her steps, the people at the plaza shouted in unison: “Go on, keep on running.”

    Liu Ye became speechless. There wasn’t anybody chasing her, why would she run? She wasn’t ill. The people at the plaza saw that she did not continue running, sighing out in unison: “Ai…… ”

    A girl that had squeezed to the front clasped her hands together, both her eyes were emitting starlight: “If I knew 10-year-olds were so cute, I would’ve chosen 10. I had thought that 17-year-olds would have better looks in clothing, but now, it seems that lolis are king!”

    A male beside her nodded his head: “True, true. The look of those little legs running is absolutely adorable, just like a little grasshopper.”

    Black lines filled Liu Ye’s head. Originally, she was already not good at dealing with people, and the plaza filled with people made her even more uncomfortable. She originally did not want to stand out in the classroom, so she had picked 10 years old, though it would seem that she had picked wrongly.

    Furthermore…… it would seem that 10-year-olds had weak physical strength. She was already feeling tired after running a few steps.

    Breathing heavily, Liu Ye slowly walked up the slope, while many of the people from the plaza also followed along. After climbing up the slope, Liu Ye discovered that, behind the tree, there was a small wooden building further up the slope. It was different than the one at the plaza, as this one looked like a house that someone stayed in. There was also a horizontal pole meant for hanging clothes in front of the house, and there were two pairs of pants being dried.

    There was also a dignified looking old man standing in front of the house, toying with a fat bird that was on the crooked tree outside the house. The fat bird was plump beyond belief. It was also blue in color, and there was a blue crooked feather on top of its head. All in all, it had a very odd appearance.

    Liu Ye shockingly discovered that, on top of the old man’s head, there was actually a floating line of words, only that she couldn’t make sense of them. She didn’t understand why there were floating words, and adding on to the fact that it was her first time coming into contact with a game, she simply didn’t know that the old man was an NPC. The only thing she did know was, that she could ask the person for directions.

    “Excuse me……” Liu Ye walked closer, standing a distance of a few steps away from the old man, respectfully asking: “Do you know how to go to the school?”


    Sounds of refrained laughter suddenly sounded from her back. When Liu Ye turned around to look, she had nearly fell from being shocked. The slope was densely packed with people, and everyone was staring at her.

    “Ai, it can’t be that this loli is really just 10 years old? Why would she ask the NPC such a strange question?”

    “Who knows, maybe she is trying to increase intimacy.”

    “It seems that only adults could play the game? How could it be possible for a 10-year-old? Maybe she is a newbie.”

    “I’ve recorded it down and sent it to the forum. This should be our star’s first person to pick a 10-year-old, right?”

    “Really? Ai, then I have to hurry and snatch a sofa. I’m guessing your thread will definitely become popular.”

    If there is a first, then there will be a second. Everybody started showing vacant expressions as they visited the forum. However, Liu Ye didn’t know that. She didn’t even know about NPCs, so how would she know what a forum was?

    She looked at the group of people vigilantly. Seeing that all of them suddenly had lifeless expressions, she took the chance to move away.

    Seeing that their sights did not follow her, only then did Liu Ye confirm, they were collectively daydreaming. Taking this chance, she ran to the back of the house. Behind the house, there was also a small road. Moving forward on the road, she arrived at a small riverbank, and the road had split into two. To the left was another slope, while the right was a bridge.

    Liu Ye turned behind to take a look, and fortunately, those people did not follow her. She hesitated for a moment before choosing bridge on the right. She would’ve been out of strength had she chose to go up the slope, so it was better to find a place to rest after crossing the bridge.

    Once over the bridge, there was a large grassland, and it was also shaped in a slope. There was also a small road horizontal to the bridge. Liu Ye looked along the small road. Below the slope, she could faintly see the of a person, and also some animals. While above the slope, there was not a single person.

    In order to avoid the crowd, Liu Ye still chose to go up the slope. If she knew better she would’ve just chosen to go up the slope just now. The slope was steeper than the previous one, and she was close to being out of breath.

    However, she felt more relieved without the chasing crowd behind her. Seeing the river by the roadside, the verdant and lush trees, the soft meadow, all of them had turned her mood carefree.

    She took a deep breath. It smells nice. The refreshing scent coupled with the smell of soil, was this the smell of plants? She looked as she walked, and unknowingly she had arrived at the end of the road.

    There was a ranch at the end of the road. Although she had never seen a real ranch, it was advertised before in the game’s advertisement. She had heard that there were sheep raised here. Was is those little animals?

    Liu Ye looked at the white little animals leisurely moving around, her heart turning fluffy. How could they be so cute! Their entire bodies were covered in wool, could they see where they were walking that way?

    This place is really great, this game is really great! Liu Ye’s mood suddenly became a lot better. Although she had yet to find the school, this scenery was something people from the slums could never see. They could only look at the dull gray sky and the icy cold buildings.

    Liu Ye’s playful heart exploded, suddenly running towards the sheep. Those little animal were surprisingly unafraid of her, as they silently continued nibbling on the grass.

    Liu Ye crouched down, closing in to take a look at the sheep’s face, only then did she discover that the sheep’s face was not covered in wool. In fact, there were even curved horns growing on its head.

    So cute, so cute! Liu Ye couldn’t help but squint her eyes, holding out her hand to pet the sheep’s head. Who would have imagined however that the sheep would become unhappy, as it raised its head and smashed it against her, leaving her in a dazed state.

    “Ai!” Liu Ye unconsciously cried out. Above her head, a red colored number of ‘1’ appeared, though she could not see it herself.

    Dusting herself as she climbed back up, she softly said to the sheep: “Sorry for interrupting.” Then she left the docile looking, yet bad tempered little animal.

    After some time she had left, a loud laughter came from a tree by the ranch. There was actually a person there fishing by the riverside, only the tree blocked Liu Ye from noticing.
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    Chapter 5 - You'll become fat from eating bread

    Liu Ye made a circle around the ranch, finally spotting a person at a corner. There were even words floating above his head. He wore a pair of short sleeved shirt and a pair short pants, his hand holding a

    Liu Ye walked over, politely asking: “Excuse me, do you know how to go to the school?”

    The person turned around. It was a youth with tanned skin, and he smiled when he saw Liu Ye: “Yo, Liu Ye, how did you get over here? Did you meet the Village Chief already?”

    In reality, this was a quest hint. Every new player had to receive a newbie quest from the Village Chief. If those who did not receive the newbie quest had talked to other NPCs, the NPC would remind them this way.

    The Village Chief was actually the old man that Liu Ye met after climbing up the mountain slope. Originally, Liu Ye could’ve received the newbie quest by accident, however, when she was followed by those people, she had panicked and ran away.

    “I…… I’m here to find the school.” Liu Ye replied rather embarrassedly. Aside from learning, she wasn’t thinking of anything else at the moment.

    “The school, huh? How nostalgic. It’s been a long time since I went. If you follow this small path down, after passing the smithy, and then walking past a few plots of farmland, then you’ll see the school.” When the shepherd received the keyword of school, he gave a reply immediately.

    Loew Continent was a game that had very lifelike NPCs. As long as your speech contained specific keywords, they would answer you seriously as long as they are able to. However, if such keywords did not exist in their memories, then they would not be able to provide an answer.

    Luckily, school was a keyword that was known by every NPC within the newbie village, so the second NPC that Liu Ye met was, fortunately, able to point her the road.

    Liu Ye thanked the shepherd repeatedly before running towards the small path. After running for awhile, however, Liu Ye’s stomach started making sounds.

    How odd, you can get hungry even in the game? She quickly recalled the scene where Nana had given her a book and a bread before entering Loew Continent, yet she could find neither at this moment. Did she lose them?

    Liu Ye panicked, her forehead filled with sweat. Did she drop it at the plaza? At that time she just ran without thinking, paying no attention to her hands. When she was in the midst of worrying, a sharp and clear voice suddenly came from her back: “What’s going on?”

    Liu Ye turned her head around, discovering a girl around the age of 17 standing in the middle of the flock of sheep, a dagger wielded in her hand. What is she trying to do? Liu Ye took two steps back. In the slums, when seeing a person wielding a dagger, it was a must to stay away. This was a logic that she understood.

    When the girl saw Liu Ye having a face filled with caution, furthermore taking two steps back, her heart felt wounded. She was actually avoided by a loli! She wanted to die! However, she still forced a smile on her face: “I see that you are panicked, do you need any help?”

    Liu Ye stared at her for a long time, before coldly saying: “Don’t you think that when speaking to other people, you should first keep away your weapon?”

    Although her tone was chilly, the sound produced was quite childlike. It sounded like a child trying to act like an adult, and it was extremely funny.

    The girl tried to endure it over and over, her face already changing shape. She then made a sheathing motion, the dagger returning to her waist: “This isn’t actually a weapon. It’s a tool used to shear sheep, and I bought it from the shepherd. Are you not here to do Side Jobs?”

    Liu Ye stared blankly. She didn’t even know who the shepherd was. You could even work side jobs in the game? “Doing side jobs? Why?”

    (TL: ‘side jobs’ are lowercase on purpose)

    “Why?” The girl blanked: “This… You can earn money by doing Side Jobs. Although it will be slower, Battle Quests require people with good body physiques to carry out. People like me who have poor body physiques can only do Side Jobs to earn money.”

    Liu Ye became more confused as she continued listening. What body physiques, what battle quests. And why could you even earn money in the game? “Is it no good if I don’t earn money?”

    The girl chuckled as she smiled: “If you don’t earn money, how could you buy clothes? How could you buy weapons? If you were to meet a situation where battle was unavoidable, you can’t protect yourself without equipment. Moreover, even if you want to train a life profession, you still need a large sum of Gold to support it, otherwise, how are you going to buy your tools? How are you going to buy your blueprints?”

    Just listening to the girl’s introduction was giving Liu Ye a headache: “Doing anything needs money?”

    The girl walked out of the flock of sheep. Seeing Liu Ye taking another two steps back, the girl miserably said: “Is that really necessary? I’m not a monster that’s going to eat you. I just saw that you know nothing, so I might as well explain it to you clearly once, otherwise, you will find it very hard to continue surviving in the newbie village.”

    Finished speaking, she walked towards an empty plot of land, pointing towards the ground and tapping twice. Suddenly, a bonfire appeared. She raised her hand and called Liu Ye over: “Come, sit over here. The Bonfire can help recover stamina. Aren’t you tired after running for such a long time?”

    Liu Ye hesitated for a while, before slowly walking over. The girl looked to be kind, bearing no ill will towards her, so she might as well hear her out.

    Following the girl’s instruction to sit in front of the bonfire, Liu Ye immediately felt her body becoming warm. Although it was still daytime, it was not the slightest bit hot, and instead, it made people feel very comfortable.

    “You were in such a hurry just now. Did something happen?” The girl asked with a smile when she saw Liu Ye sitting down.

    Liu Ye told her about how she lost the bread and book that was given to her by Nana, immediately resulting in a burst of laughter. Liu Ye glared over angrily. So quick to reveal your true self? It must be fun to rejoice in other people’s misfortune.

    Seeing Liu Ye’s face filled with anger, the girl quickly covered her mouth, enduring quite some time before saying: “It’s not that it was lost, it was just kept in your Backpack automatically. Everybody has a Backpack used to store the items you obtained. You will see it if you just silently call out Backpack.”

    Hearing the girl’s words, Liu Ye silently called out the word Backpack. Suddenly, a large screen appeared in front of Liu Ye’s eyes, causing her to jump up in shock.

    Multiple little boxes formed into one big rectangle and the items she was looking for were at the top most two.

    Liu Ye finally understood that the girl was not laughing at her misfortune, but instead, she was laughing at her ignorance. Liu Ye’s face suddenly turned red.

    Upon seeing such a reaction, the girl quickly changed the topic: “Why were you looking for the bread and book? Hungry?”

    Liu Ye nodded her head, taking out the bread from the Backpack. As she was ready to eat it, she was stopped by the girl: “That…… You’ll become fat if you eat bread, so you’re better off not eating it. Although bread could recover a lot of stamina, it doesn’t increase any attributes, and you can grow fat. A lot of people would regret after eating bread.”

    Grow fat? Liu Ye was speechless. What was this situation? She had been drinking nutrient fluids from young to old, so this was her first time eating bread, but unexpectedly someone told her that she would grow fat. She had never grown fat in this lifetime! Liu Ye couldn’t be bothered regardless as she just a bit down.

    A soft and fluffy texture immediately subdued Liu Ye’s taste buds. What was this! Why was this so tasty! Liu Ye wolfed down the bread, her saliva nearly leaking out.

    Black lines appeared on the girl’s forehead when she saw this scene. It was her first time seeing a girl that was not afraid of growing fat, and even having a satisfied face. She’ll know the seriousness later on. Thinking up to this point, the girl took a look at her low stamina values. Half of it had already turned black. She hurriedly took out a fruit from her Backpack, eating it. Although it had only recovered her stamina up to 80, it was enough for shearing sheep.
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    Chapter 6 - Short legged loli’s Wolf Attraction Plan

    While Liu Ye was still chewing on her bread, the girl on the other side had finished eating her fruit. Seeing Liu Ye eating with relish, she opened her mouth to ask: “Is this your first time playing a game?”

    Liu Ye paused her bread-eating action, nodding her head.

    The girl smiled: “Then you should receive a quest from the Village Chief. Although it is only a newbie quest, it still rewards you with a newbie weapon, like this one.” Finished speaking, she took out a wooden stick. There was even a single leaf on the stick.

    Chewing her bread, Liu Ye glanced at the wooden stick from the corner of her eyes, her interest towards it sorely lacking. The girl awkwardly laughed, storing back the wooden stick: “Although this weapon isn’t anything good, it's Damage only around 1-2 points, but it can still be used to beat around Foxes and such.”

    Liu Ye continued remaining silent, engrossed in eating her bread. When only half remained, she felt even more unwilling to eat it. Who knew if she could eat it again in the future?

    “If you don’t take on the newbie quest, it will be hard to receive the later quests……” Seeing Liu Ye’s uninterested face, the girl could not help but remind: “Regardless of whether you choose the battle class or life class, you must complete the newbie quest, only then you could receive the follow-up quests, and receive profession skills.”

    Liu Ye finally opened her mouth to cut off the girl’s speech: “I entered the game because I want to study.”

    The girl looked at her in surprise, her face showing a puzzled look: “Study?”

    Liu Ye nodded her head. Despite seeing the girl looking puzzled, she was too lazy to explain.

    The girl thought for a while: “Even if you wish to study, you still have to receive the newbie quest from the Village Chief. Only after finishing the quest, will he introduce you to Side Jobs and Battle Quests. Otherwise, you still can’t study without money. Even attending classes cost money.”

    Liu Ye nearly choked on a mouthful of bread. Why did it even cost money to study? “How much money do I need?”

    The girl tried to remember: “I’ve only visited before to take a look at the courses. I think battle classes cost 3000 Gold per session, magic classes cost 2000 Gold per session, while knowledge classes cost 1000 Gold per session.

    1000 Gold? Liu Ye’s mouth became wide open, failing to even notice the bread falling out of her mouth. Only after a while did she recover from her daze: “Then how long do you need to spend completing a Side Job? How much can you earn?”

    The girl gave a bitter smile as she answered: “There are too many people doing the Side Jobs in the village, so I could never get any jobs. Every location which has a Side Job available only accepts the first 20 people each day, so I could only camp at the Side Job of this ranch. This place is quite a distance away from the village, and very few people come here. Every Side Job only gives 80 Gold and 100 Experience.”

    Finished speaking, she pointed towards the nearby sheep herd: “The task in this place is to shear the sheep. Although the stamina consumption isn’t great, the sheep will always run around, and I can’t shear them once they start running. Only a complete bundle of wool would count as a success, and each Side Job requires 10 bundles of wool. The time limit of Side Jobs is normally 4 hours. If the task is not completed after 4 hours, then the Side Job will be counted as a failure, and no rewards can be obtained.”

    Liu Ye’s sight followed the direction of the girl’s finger. Those cute little animals were actually so hateful. Why would they run away when being sheared?

    “Can’t you get them stuck at the fence?” Liu Ye asked as she looked at the fence surrounding the ranch.

    The girl laughed: “How would that be possible. They completely ignore our actions. Although they would attack us when we anger them, even that is just once. They would not chase after you at all.”

    Liu Ye stood up, looking towards a distant place, pointing at it as she asked: “There, what is that attacking the sheep?”

    The girl followed her gaze: “Oh, that’s a Gray Wolf. It is the lowest leveled field monster aside from the Fox. The wolf is the natural enemy of the sheep, so the wolf in the game would actively attack the sheep nearest to it.”

    Liu Ye thought it over, placing a Bonfire before sitting down again: “What if someone lured the wolf over? Would the wolf attack the sheep?”

    The girl shook her head: “Although field monsters don’t often actively attack people, once you attack them, if it isn’t them beating you to death, or it being beaten to death by you, then it will never stop attacking.

    Beat to death? Liu Ye’s body trembled slightly. How could such a nice looking game be so violent: “What happens if you die?”

    The girl covered her mouth as she laughed, answering only after a while: “It seems this really is your first time playing a game. You can revive after dying in the game. There are three options of revival in this game. During the newbie period, you could choose to let Nana revive you on the spot with full Health, and there would not be any losses. There is also a choice to revive at the nearest town, but this way would cause you to lose a set amount of Experience. Other than that, there is a choice to revive on the spot. This way would lose you fewer Experience points, but you will appear under a heavily injured state. It is very hard to recover in this state.”

    Newbie period? This new term caused Liu Ye to be confused: “What is this newbie period?”

    The girl answered: “The period before level 10. After level 10, there would be no free revivals by Nana. If you still wish for Nana to help you after the newbie period, then you have to Recharge and buy Service.”

    Liu Ye obtained another big pile of new terms, but ignoring those new terms, she still understood the meaning of newbie period. She should be considered to be in the newbie period, right? After all, she had just been born in Loew Continent, and she had yet done anything, only eating a single bread.

    “If the wolf attacks the sheep, coincidentally causing the sheep to be stuck in the fence there, and then someone helps to kill off the wolf, then wouldn’t the sheep be stuck there, unable to move?” Liu Ye said.

    The girl’s eyes brightened: “It seems we can try out this method.”

    “Then, I’ll go lure the wolf over, and after I die, I can let Nana revive me.” Liu Ye stood up, ready to help the girl once. After all, the girl had explained so many things to her when she was in a state where she did not know anything, wasting precious time which she could’ve used to shear sheep.

    Liu Ye was a person who was unwilling to owe people favors. She had to do something for the girl before she left this place.

    The girl stood up in surprise: “You’re crazy. Although you could be revived by Nana after dying, it hurts a lot when you are bitten by a wolf. Moreover, at such a long distance, you would’ve been bitten to death even before you could run back here.”

    Liu Ye had not considered this point. Wouldn’t it be a failure if she died before running back? “How many times can I use Nana’s revival?”

    The girl looked at Liu Ye regretfully: “New players could use Nana’s revival three times a day. However, you are too young, only 10-years-old. Both your stamina and speed are not enough. Not only is it easy for the wolf to catch up, even if you run there and back, you would be unable to move because of insufficient stamina.”

    Liu Ye thought about it, still deciding to try it once. When she took a look before, she had discovered several area terrains that she could utilize.

    “Stay here and wait for me, and don’t interfere no matter what. If I die because of it, then it’ll be on you.” Liu Ye left behind this sentence before disappearing towards the direction of the wolf, her little legs running forward.

    Although the girl was worried for Liu Ye, when she saw her little running figure, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth while laughing. The appearance of 10-year-olds is really too cute and unbearable!

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