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Discussion in 'General Novel Discussion' started by NeonPancakes, Apr 23, 2017.

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    New to reading translated Novels and want to get an understanding of the speed of release.
    Started on King's and now want to try other ones. Used to waiting for release for mangas and understand I'm only able to read it cause of the work you guys do, so trying to plan my personal tastes around that.

    Anyways want to know the limiting factor in releases.
    Is it cause of license, not enough translators, something else?

    Just wanting to know because the other site says the release of King's Avatar is a chapter a day, but there is still 1100 chapters left. That would equal out to 3 years. If that truly is what most are like then I personally would want to wait and read others more close to completion, as I have a hard time following things. That's why I usually wait and just binge seasons of shows.


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