Quanzi Fashi (Anime)

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    Hello friends,

    Tofu began to translate Versatile Mage here on GT. I read the first chapter and ans was enticed to read more about it. As I coulnd't help but look for the anime when I read there was one, I immediately watched it (it's pretty short, episodes of 18 minutes or so and only one season for now).

    I'd like to know what are your thoughts about this anime. If you have recommendations for other animations of this type, I'll take it too :)

    I personnaly enjoyed it a lot, I think it is the best adaptation of a chinese novel I've ever seen until now, however I detected some 'strange' parts in it : moments Mo Fan wears a mask, then 1sec later he doesn't have it when jumping, and 1 sec later he wears it again, things like that. There are also the 'falling' parts : the characters take like 5 sec to fall, wearing stupi* expressions on their faces. It should be funny, but I think it is what makes the difference between the experience of japanese animation and chinese animation. I don't think comedy is the 'right' path for Chinese Fantsy Novels' acg adaptations. (ACG : Animes, Comics and Games.)

    But globally, apart from these 'strange' parts that are negligible, I enjoyed it a lot. As far as the story is concerned, it follows well the Chinese Fantasy Novel type of story. Graphics are cool. Waiting for season 2.

    What are your thoughts ? Do you know how far the novel is compared to the end of season 1 ?

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