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    Chapter 40
    Chapter 40 They are on a Highway to Hell

    The set-up was the same as the one located in Sin City, but this one was a bit wider. Cells with wooden doors lined up on both sides of the underground hallway. Hans opened them one by one and put a girl in each cell.

    The girls were whimpering and curled themselves up when they entered their respective ‘rooms’. Hans did not care and led Eznho at the end of the hallway, unlike before, this one had two doors. It was obviously for the father and son.

    Hans knocked the door on the right and waited for a response.

    “Come in,” Butchog’s voice came from inside filled with excitement.

    He opened the door showing a dimly lit room, an incense was producing smoke bringing a strong aroma that was too strong making him wrinkle his nose. A bed was located at the center covered with thin curtains. Butchog’s silhouette was inside holding a cup of wine.

    Eznho was not moved but from the corner of his eyes, he saw an unmoving naked young girl laying down on the cold floor. It was undetermined if she was dead or alive, this added to Eznho’s anger.

    This perverted bastard!

    “Bring her here and tie her up, I want to see how long can she last,” Butchog instructed.

    Hans brought a rope from the side and tied Eznho’s feet and hands. He then carried ‘her’ and put him down on the bed, it was soft but it smelled weird, a combination of all sorts of smell. If one has a weak stomach, he would vomit.

    “Good, now bring out that girl and dispose of her, she’s too boring,”

    He gulped down his wine then threw the cup on the floor. Hans was used to this scene so he was not disturbed at all, carrying the girl, he closed the door and left the two in inside the room.

    “Let’s start the party shall we,”

    Butchog spoke with great enthusiasm and showed a disgusting face. He rolled over with his fat body and sat on top of Eznho’s stomach. Sweat and oily secretions were coming out of his body fold giving him a sickening look.

    “Yehahaha, who’s your daddy now?”


    He maniacally laughed then slapped Eznho’s face and put his hand all over Eznho’s body making him tremble in humiliation.

    “Come on, show me more! Show me that feisty attitude of yours, hahaha.” He continued to do the same things and kept on slapping Eznho.

    Eznho, on the other hand, was trying his best to suppress his rage. He was waiting for time to pass by and estimated when Hans would exit the basement. His eyes were already becoming red.

    “Yehahaha, that’s more I like it, what I want most is taming wild little girls like you,”

    Butchog seemed to be in a trance and his face looked like he was in ecstasy, he even started to drool.

    Damn it all!

    Eznho could not contain it any longer and circulated his energy in full force breaking the formation immediately, revealing his true appearance.


    Butchog who was having the time of his life was jolted back to reality. The girl he was intoxicated with suddenly became a boy.

    “What the hell? Who are-“

    Before he could finish his question, Eznho snapped the ropes and moved his body making Butchog roll on the other side of the bed. He jumped and sat on top of the fat man while making him tremble in fear.

    “You sick bastard! You are a disease that needs to be irradicated!”

    “Wai-“ Butchog clung to life but it was no use.

    Eznho let out his fury then using his left hand he reached out for the jade hairpin holding his hair. Butchog knew what Eznho wanted to do and started to struggle but it was no use.

    “Burn in hell!”

    Eznho spoke hoarsely and stabbed the space between Butchog’s clavicle. Blood spurted out when he retracted the hairpin. Butchog’s eyes widened and tried to stop the bleeding with his hands.


    He wanted to speak but instead of a voice, blood came out of his mouth. Eznho was not yet satisfied, he was still seething with anger so he stabbed the fat man’s body multiple times making blood splash on him.

    “Haaa, Haaa,”

    After stabbing the man for more than twenty times, he stopped and looked around. Blood stained the curtains while the bed was soaked with it. Butchog’s wounds were still oozing with blood when he finally calmed down after a while.

    “Damn, I forgot to ask about the girl,” His mind became clear again and finally remembered his mission.

    Wait, there is another door on the left.

    He was feeling frustrated when he remembered that there were two doors. He looked at Butchog’s body again and even spat on it, he was really disgusted.

    “Serves you right,” He spoke with disdain.

    A basin of water was on the table so he washed his bloody face, after that, he slowly walked towards the door and tried to listen. He could faintly hear the whimper of the girls but aside from that, there was nothing.

    He silently opened the door and only saw the dim hallway. Confirming that there was no guard, he walked out the door then closed it again. He then turned and went in front of the other door and slowly opened it.


    “Hey, Blue? Yohoo! Your knight has come back, are you ready for another round?”

    Taba was happily walking towards a naked young girl who was tied up on the bedside. Her back and several parts of her body were riddled with scars due to knife wounds, one could only imagine the pain and suffering she felt.

    “Come on now, don’t be rude and greet your knight in shining armor,”

    Taba spoke as if he was a husband coming home to his wife, he walked towards the girl and held her chin up.

    “Look at you, you are more beautiful than ever,” He spoke with sarcasm as he laughed in delight.

    The face of the young girl was also filled with scars with different sizes. Her face now was far from the young cheerful girl Eznho met a couple of years ago. Her eyes now were lifeless, it was like her soul left her fleshly body.

    She has been suffering from Taba’s hands ever since they came to Red Sparrow City. Never in her imagination that they would do something like this. At first, she was stubborn and showed resistance, she was hopeful that her father would rescue her.

    But as time went by, the suffering became unbearable, she could not take it anymore so she just shut her senses and let Taba do whatever he wanted. Every time she was cut, Taba would apply medicine to her wound and the cycle repeated for days.

    “You’re giving up already? Where is that stubborn attitude of yours? You think you can just reject me? Hmph!” Taba looked at her and shook his head.

    “Nobody will love you now except me, sigh, too bad, you can’t see how awesome I am. Blue, oh, Blue, if you only accepted my feelings from the start, this would not have happened,”

    He started walking towards one of the tables and took the knife on top of it.

    “Are you ready Blue? It’s time for you to feel my love again,”

    He was walking towards the girl when the door slowly opened.


    “Who is it? I told you not to disturb me during my-“

    He was dissatisfied with the disturbance but stopped speaking when he saw who opened the door.

    “Who are-“

    Shock and fear overwhelmed him, a boy was standing by the door but he was wearing a pink dress, it was rather comical if not for the blood and the scary look on his face. His eyes were so cold, Taba could feel his body shivering.

    He could not even recognize Eznho due to panic and pointed his knife towards him. Shouting would do nothing either, the basement was isolated by a formation for privacy reasons. Never could he imagine that this place would be infiltrated. After all, a mid-stage Halo cultivator was guarding outside.

    “Do-don’t come near me or I-I will kill you!”

    Despite his cowardice, he tried to show courage when Eznho started walking towards him while he slowly backed-up.

    “Damn you!”

    His body was shivering non-stop but he forced himself and actually rushed forward and slashed his knife. Of course, it was no use, Eznho easily dodged sideways and lifted his foot then hit Taba’s stomach with his knee.


    Taba vomited fluids due to the impact, he let go of his knife while he fell down the floor. His body curled like a shrimp and both his hands were holding his stomach. Eznho just looked at him apathetically then kicked him hard making Taba crash on the table. Bones were broken and his head was bleeding, he was barely hanging onto his consciousness.

    Eznho shifted his attention to the naked young girl and felt pity, she walked towards her while feeling sorrowful for her.


    “I am here to rescue you, don’t worry you are safe now,”

    Eznho tried to speak with her and untied the rope, he could see the scar-filled body and face. He could still remember the energetic girl he met years ago, compared to that, the girl in front of him was a puppet. He looked around and saw a fur coat and used it to cover her.

    “Let’s go, can you walk?”

    He still tried to initiate communication, to his surprise, the girl slightly nodded.

    “Okay, let us go,”

    The girl weakly walked while Eznho assisted her, but a while later she stopped in front of the knife that had fallen earlier and slowly picked it up. Eznho was surprised but did not stop her, he had an idea what she wanted to do. In fact, deep inside he wanted her to do it, it would be a form of release for her. Few people would move on with their lives without obtaining revenge.

    “Wha-what do you think you’re doing?”

    Taba weakly spoke while dragging himself away from the girl, she even stumbled in front of him. While down on the floor, she raised her hand and stabbed the knife of Taba’s foot.

    “Eeyaahh!” Taba squealed like a dying pig.

    “Huff, huff, you think you can get away with this? You and your families are both dead!”

    His consciousness was fully awakened due to the pain and even had the time to threaten. To his disappointment, the two people in front of him did not even show a reaction. Blue slowly stood up and moved closer to Taba.

    “Stay away from me, you bitch!”

    Taba was scared stiff and he started to sob while snot came out of his nose mixing with his tears and blood. Blue ignored him and sat on top of him, he could not shake her off due to his previous injuries so he was easily subdued by her.

    A creepy smile formed on Blue’s face and stabbed his shoulder joint and twisted it making him scream in agony.

    “Pleasssh, stop, I’m sorry, pleassshh stop,”

    Taba was begging with a pitiful appearance and was still trying to cling to life despite his hopeless situation. Blue ignored his pleadings and pulled out the knife then pointed it at his chest and slowly pushed it making blood flow. She then started to slice Taba’s chest.


    Taba could not handle the pain and wailed with great intensity. He continued to cry as more and more wounds were being cut into his skin and face. His cries became hoarse after minutes of screaming.

    “You miserable pig, no, pigs are even better than you. You are simply a demon in a human form,”

    Blue started to sob and with all her strength she started to stab Taba’s chest and even his face. It was a gory scene, Eznho who was watching from the side sighed and held the girl’s hand to stop her.

    “He’s already dead, no need to waste any more effort on him,”

    He could not deny the fact that the fat kid deserved what he got but stabbing a dead body would only be a waste of energy. She already vented enough and this would at least alleviate the burden she feels.

    “Please kill me,”

    Blue continued to sob and looked at Eznho with eyes full of shame and sorrow. One could only imagine what she feels right now, she was tortured and humiliated for days. Eznho’s heart twitched but did not let his emotion get the better out of him.

    “No, you decide what to do with yourself after we get out of here. I understand how you feel but you still have a family right? I am sure they are waiting for you to come home. No matter what happened to you, they will welcome with open arms, that I am sure,”

    He tried to console her and got the knife out of her hand while the girl continued to cry.

    “Let’s go, we don’t have much time,”

    Blue slowly got up then wobbled and fell down uncontrollably but Eznho caught her in time. She had lost consciousness due to exhaustion, mind and body. He just shook his head and carried her while she was covered with a fur coat.
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    Chapter 41
    Chapter 41 Mission Accomplished

    Enzho walked through the hallway with blood dripping from him and Blue while whimpers echoed making the place eerie. He found a stool and laid down Blue carefully, making sure not to hurt her in any way. Looking at the closed doors, he began breaking the locks one by one. The girls were scared by his appearance but he reassured them and told them that he was here to help.

    He released nine girls in total, the same girls he was with before. They somewhat recognized the dress but was confused because the body inside was a boy instead of a girl. Eznho felt their strange gaze but did not bother to explain.

    “Alright, wait here first, okay? I’ll check things outside first.”

    The girls nodded in response and gathered around Blue who was still unconscious. They felt pity and fear at the same time when they looked at her horrible appearance.

    Will that be our future?

    Everyone thought the same thing and looked at Eznho who was carefully ascending the stairs, their eyes full of hope. Nobody wanted to end up like the unconscious girl.


    Eznho reached the black door and tried to listen, he narrowed his eyes and concentrated but he couldn’t hear a thing. Taking a gamble, he opened the door very slowly but was surprised by what he saw.

    Two guards were lying on the floor, he was unable to determine whether they were dead or alive. He had a suspecting look but carefully approached them. Using the tip of the knife, he tried to poke one of them but met with no response. He checked again and found out that they were still alive.

    Was it senior Talong?

    He could not think of any other reason because Talong promised that he would assist him in his escape. Looking carefully, he recognized Hans, he wanted to kill the man but a thought occurred to him. If he would kill Hans, people might suspect why he was the only guard who died which might possibly lead to him so he let go of the idea. He was not a naive young boy anymore, he had more or less had his own fair share of experiences.

    Next time,

    Ignoring the guards, he checked his surroundings but nobody seemed to be patrolling the area so he went back to the basement and picked up the girls. Carrying Blue, they slowly followed the path they took before, more unconscious guards showed up. Eznho was thankful, it would have been impossible for them to escape if those guards were awake.

    They reached the door that leads to the outside after nearly half an hour of tip-toed walking. He opened the door carefully again just for precaution and was frightened when he saw a cloaked person waiting outside. His face was covered, he could only tell that it was a man.

    “It’s me,” The cloaked person spoke in a relaxed manner.

    “Senior T-“

    He was about to say his name when the man raised his index finger indicating him to stop talking. Eznho got the message and smiled apologetically. The girls followed outside and were also surprised upon seeing the cloaked person but Eznho told them not to worry.

    Realizing that the mission is nearly done, Eznho had a complicated look on his face. He was conflicted on what to do with the girls, he could not take them in even if he wanted to. It would certainly lead to disaster.

    “Thank you, benefactor, for saving us, you don’t have to worry about us. I know we were just rescued due to that poor girl. May I know benefactor’s name?”

    One of the girls gathered all her courage and spoke. Her sparkling brown eyes showed intelligence, despite what happened she was able to compose herself.

    “I’m sorry, I can’t,” Eznho answered her with a helpless smile.

    “I understand, my name is Vilma, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

    The girl understood Eznho’s predicament so he committed his face to the depth of her soul. She would never forget the face of the boy who saved him.

    Talong waved his hand and small rays of light entered the girls’ forehead making their eyes blank.

    “Let’s go,” Talong was not moved in any way and held Eznho’s shoulder. They disappeared in a flash.

    The girls were still standing but after a while, they regained their consciousness. They showed confused expressions but Vilma took the lead and urged the girls to get out of the place.


    A few seconds later, the trio appeared in a courtyard. Eznho felt dizzy then immediately tossed Blue to Talong and actually vomited, it took awhile before he composed himself and observed his surroundings. Talong waved his hand at the same time and sealed the place for the time being.

    “Eh? I am home?”

    The place looked familiar, after confirming that he was really at home, he looked at Talong. He did not know what he did to the girls but he was sure Talong did not hurt them.

    “What now, senior Talong?”

    “Good job on your mission, you now sort of understand the limits of what you can do. It is okay to give a helping hand to others when you can but do not go to the extent that it will threaten your life. I am not saying that you become a cold person, a human without emotion is no longer a human. This is just how the world works.”

    Talong showed his approval on Eznho’s performance, he was actually observing the whole time.

    “What happens to them now?” Eznho was still worried about them.

    “Who knows? At least they would not suffer like this little girl. Let’s just leave it up to fate,”

    Talong answered shaking his head while looking at the poor unconscious girl.

    “Alright, it is time for us to part little boy. This is your reward, every mission has its reward you know.”

    He grinned and tossed three items, one brown card and two nine-inched curved daggers. The daggers were simply designed but it was obvious that it was made from better materials than the previous weapons Eznho had used.

    “You know how to use the bank card, don’t you? As for the daggers, they are low-grade magical weapons. You can only utilize them properly once you reach the Halo Stage. I won’t give you a precious material as it will only attract trouble. It's better for you to seek one on your own.”

    Eznho caught the items and bowed.

    “Thank you, senior,”

    “No need for that, as I have said, every mission has its reward,” Talong responded nonchalantly.

    “Alright, take this,” He gave another item to Eznho.

    It was a round badge with an engraving of a horseshoe in the middle. One the top arch, ‘red’ was written while at the bottom was ‘horse’. Eznho had a guess on what this is, it must be a symbol of a group where Talong belongs.

    “When you reach Mercenary City in the future, you can find me using that badge. Do not even attempt to go find me without reaching the Seeker Stage. Alright, this is farewell, little boy, let’s drink when we meet next time. Also, educate yourself, you still do not know many things about the outside world. One last thing, don’t even bother to come if you are past twenty years old and still had not become a Seeker Stage Cultivator.”

    Feeling that Talong is about to leave Eznho still had a lot of questions.


    “Little boy, there are questions you have to find the answer for yourself. As for the siblings, I can only tell you that they have a great background, as for whether it would be a blessing or a disaster, that would depend on your luck. I almost forgot, hide your ring and never show it to anybody else, it would only bring you disaster.”

    Talong spoke without letting Eznho interrupt and just disappeared in a flash. Eznho just stood there in silence unable to process all the information he just received. The parting was too soon, he could only sigh in regret.

    “Is that you big brother?”

    Budoy’s voice came from a corner. He was waiting the whole time for Eznho and let the girls sleep. It was dark and he could only see a silhouette so he was cautious and even had a dagger concealed on his back.

    “It’s me Budoy, why are you still up?”

    Eznho put the issue at the back of his mind and walked out into the light startling Budoy.

    “What happened? Are you alright?”

    Budoy almost jumped in fright when he saw Eznho’s bloody appearance who was still wearing the pink dress.

    “Ah? This? I’m alright, it’s not my blood,” Eznho grinned and reassured Budoy.

    “Who’s is it?” He blurted out.

    “Evil people who deserve to die,” Eznho answered vaguely.

    “Okay, you should take a bath before aunt Minchin or little Aiza will see you,” Budoy did not ask further about the details. All he cared about was Eznho’s safety at the moment.

    “Great idea, you should go sleep now, no need to worry about me,” Eznho grinned and patted Budoy’s shoulder then went to take a bath.


    After washing himself up he put in new clothes while the pink dress dissipated on its own, it was a separate formation so it only vanished when the energy maintaining it ran out. He did not go to sleep and cultivated instead to clear his mind and make a plan for the future. As for all his questions, all would be answered in due time.

    According to Talong, there is only a small chance that the death of the father and son would be traced back to him. Even so, he had to make preparations just in case.


    The inner district, a small mountain was wholly occupied by the River Clan.

    A young man was meditating inside a hall, in front of him were hundreds of life tablets. On the very top was a single life tablet, it was the life tablet of their ancestor, below it was the life tablets of the direct descendants followed by another series of life tablets. The lower the placement of the life tablet was, the lower the status in the family. Of course, the family had thousands of members but not everyone had the right to place his or her life tablet in the hall.


    A sound he had not heard in a long time passed through his ears. He was one of the caretakers here and life tablets rarely broke, and when it does most of it were on the bottom so he subconsciously looked at the bottom part.


    He was surprised when he did not see any broken tablet and started to look upwards and to his horror, the broken tablet belonged to the direct descendants just below the ancestor.

    Shit! What kind of bad luck is this?

    He started to sweat bullets and was speechless for a long time, he heard rumors that the ancestor was attempting a breakthrough and if he were to report now it might have an effect, directly or indirectly.

    “I should just report it to the elder,”

    He gritted his teeth and sent a message through the message talisman. A couple of minutes later, an old man came through the door with a gloomy face.

    “Which tablet was it?”

    “Bong greets elder, it was lord Butchog’s life tablet,” The young man greeted with respect and answered nervously.

    A trace of relief showed in the elder’s face but the young man did not see it.

    It’s not as bad as it seems, although he is a direct and a pampered descendant. His death would not impact the clan’s future.

    The elder did not have a good relationship with Butchog, in his point of view, he was just a wastrel and was a disgrace to the family including his son who nearly brought a calamity to the clan years ago. Of course, despite his disapproval, he did not show it in public because both Butchog and his son were pampered by his father and brother.

    “I’ll report it...”


    Before he could finish his sentence another tablet broke apart, it was the life tablet of Taba.

    Crap! What in the world happened?

    This time, he also had a bad feeling and even got nervous. The father and son maybe wastrels but they were still direct descendants.

    “Stay here and update me if anything happens,”

    He scowled and ordered Bong making him nod in succession. Wasting no time, he dashed and went to a secret location where the ancestor would attempt his breakthrough.


    Inside a hidden location in the property of the River Clan, the grand elder, elders, Killboy and the current clan leader were seated in a lotus position. They were guarding a door, this wooden door was carved with a flowing river, it was the entrance to the pocket realm of the family. It is where their valued treasures were stored and a place to be used when someone important in the family where about to make a breakthrough.


    The door suddenly opened making everyone open their eyes.

    “What is it elder John? You should be in charge of the affairs outside. You know this is an important event.”

    The clan leader spoke with a displeased tone.

    “Sorry for the intrusion everyone, I have an urgent matter to report,” Elder John spoke hastily.

    “Speak,” The clan leader spoke with a commanding tone that brought a pressure making elder John nervous.

    “Earlier the one in charge of the life tablet hall reported that a direct descendant’s tablet had broken and...”

    Before he could finish his speech, Killboy’s pupil shrunk and interrupted the elder.

    “Who’s life tablet was it?” He immediately asked because the first thing that came to his mind was his son who was studying at the Royal Academy.

    “It was lord Butchog and young lord Taba,” Elder John spoke with fear, he may be an elder but he was at the lowest rank due to his cultivation.

    “What!!?? Say that again!” This time, it was the clan leader who spoke with disbelief and stood up.
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    Chapter 42
    Chapter 42 Report

    The clan leader was a healthy middle-aged man with a short beard and a mustache. His long hair was simply tied on his back, he may look middle-aged but he was already over two-hundred years old and was only half-a-step from forming his dao.

    Forming the dao invites a heavenly tribulation that may result in death that is why he has been delaying it in order to increase his chance of succeeding. Besides, he still got time because cultivators at the Seeker stage can live up to five hundred years depending on the circumstances. His name was Zander River.

    Despite his calm demeanor, the sudden news of the death of his son and grandson brought him a great shock. His body flickered and arrived in front of Elder John making him stumble on his butt.

    “Tell me exactly what happened?”

    Elder John stood up and reported every detail, the others were also surprised by the news but did not overreact. They had the same ill feelings towards the father and son. But of course, they could not just let this matter go, they were still a direct descendant after all.

    “Father, let me go investigate,” Killboy stood up and spoke with a serious expression.

    His brother and nephew may not have been good people but they were still his family and he loved them.

    “No, this is not the time, we have to stay here and guard father,” Zander took a deep breath and did not let emotions cloud his judgement.

    “Elder John, go investigate, I want the full details as soon as possible,”

    “I will go immediately,” Elder John bowed and immediately headed to the middle district without delay.

    “Killboy, I know how you feel but father’s breakthrough is more important. We will fully investigate what happened after all this is done,” Zander patted Killboy’s shoulder and went back to his spot to adjust his mindset.

    “Yes, father,” Killboy acknowledged and did the same.

    The others did not comment and just watched from the sidelines. The final decision would be made after the ancestor’s breakthrough.


    Batista, Wilky and Wilfred were staying at an inn inside the middle district. They were feeling jumpy since it was almost a month after Wilky contacted the Black Crows member, especially for Batista who was walking to and fro. He could not even sleep properly for the past days.

    “Brother Wilky, are you sure that the man you spoke with will succeed?”

    “Brother, I don’t know how they work but according to reports, they rarely fail on their mission. I even think that they have the ability wipe the River family from the surface of the earth if they wanted to. We still have time to wait, if the worst scenario happens and he fails, hmph! Who cares about the rules.”

    Wilky had a determined look, which made Batista feel warm inside. Wilky would go side by side with Batista when he would force his way in. But for now, he was still hoping that that event would not come to fruition as it will surely create a big mess which could lead to their banishment from the military or worse, execution.

    “Thank you, brother, I owe you big time,”

    Batista spoke in a gratified manner.

    “Stop talking like that – who’s there?”

    The trio became alert and got ready for battle, they were staring at the corner of the room where the light could not reach creating a shadow. A second ago, they felt their spine tingle, it was a subconscious reaction born from hundreds of battles they fought. Cold sweat was starting to form on their back, they felt that a beast was hiding in the shadows ready to devour them at any moment.

    A figure came out concealed by a cloak, he was carrying a little girl with him covered with a fur coat.


    Batista blurted out when he saw the little girl, he started to get agitated and wanted to rush to get to her but his senses told him that the man who was carrying his daughter was dangerous.

    To his surprise, Blue started to float towards him. He calmed himself down and started to walk slowly to meet his daughter. Upon looking at his daughter’s face, his pupils shrunk and he started to tremble all over.

    “Blue, What happened to you?” His voice was cracking and he hugged his daughter tightly.

    “I am so sorry, your father is useless, forgive me my little Blue.” He started to cry uncontrollably when he saw his daughter’s condition. His heart was wracked with pain as if it was being stabbed multiple times.

    Her face was riddled with scars, but unlike before, they were wiggling like worms and started to heal and disappear slowly.

    “I already put medicine on her. Let her rest and she will be okay. If she is able to pass this ordeal...”

    The man in cloak spoke in a hoarse voice but did not continue and started to walk back in the shadows.

    “Thank you, senior,” Batista looked at the departing figure and spoke with sincerity.

    “Just repaying an old debt, I still owe one more. You can contact any member of the Black Crows near you in the same manner as before.”

    The hoarse voice faded and disappeared. Wilky and Wilfred were on guard the whole time, ready to take action if anything suspicious happened. They only let out a breath of relief when the man disappeared.

    “What does he mean ‘debt’?”

    Wilfred had a confused look and asked Wilky.

    “It is a long story, first we should take care of little Blue first,”

    Wilky grinned and went to look at Blue and had the same reaction as Batista. The trio scanned her and found out that her body was full of old wounds that were healing which made them tremble in fury. They wanted to attack immediately but their priority now was to make sure the girl was okay.

    “Butchog, just you wait, I’ll make sure you repay this a thousand times,”

    Batista was gritting his teeth while watching her daughter who was resting on a bed.


    Elder John rushed to the middle district after receiving the order. He directly entered the residence of Butchog and found out that everyone was unconscious. Without delay, he went to the basement and found the father and son’s corpse. His face was uncomfortable despite his experiences, their body were mutilated badly. It was obvious that the person who killed them were filled with hate.

    “What a mess...”

    He shook his head, covered the corpses with cloth and stored them in his spatial ring. After collecting their corpses, he went to a room where Joey was located. Joey was at the late stage of the Halo Realm and was assigned to watch over Taba and Butchog. Elder John used his means but still could not awaken the unconscious Joey.

    Leaving him no choice, he carried him on his back and went back to the inner district without delay to report what he saw.


    Talong went back to Batawa Restaurant and continued to drink alone. He finished everything he needed to do here and was ready to depart for Mercenary City.

    A pity, they did not give me the mission to further pursue the holder of the golden core. This trip took a lot of turns and even gave me entertainment.

    The mission was given by the city lord of Red Sparrow City, sadly it did not go as Talong wanted.

    Times are changing, peaceful times are over and chaos is starting again. I hope that that kid survives, also, that little girl, if she will get over this trial, it will give her a lot of benefits. Ahh, the spring of youth, how envious.

    He gulped another cup and continued to watch the street like before.


    The next day, Eznho and the group ate breakfast with a happy atmosphere. After that, he went to the bank with Minchin and made her the owner of the brown card which contained five thousand gold coins. Minchin refused at first but Eznho insisted, his reason is that he may go in and out of the city in the coming days so she had to manage everything. Naturally, she could not decline any more.

    Eznho and Budoy were sipping tea in the open courtyard under the shade of a tree. It was time for them to plan their next course of action on how to maintain their footing inside the district.

    “Any luck?” Eznho directly inquired.

    “So far, I have gotten a lot of information, of course, sensitive topics are not that easy to obtain,” Budoy answered with a proud face and started to summarize the information.

    “As you requested, I have inquired around about how people obtained money and apparently the most common for cultivators to do is become a mercenary and complete missions to obtain rewards. Being a mercenary, you can generally do any mission that is available like escorting a caravan and the like. Of course, missions available for you would depend on your rank, the lowest is rank E, as for the highest, I have no idea, maybe A?”

    Budoy scratched his head while grinning.

    “You can also become a specialist, for example, a bounty hunter, a medicine collector, a treasure hunter, a dungeon guide, and many others. Specialists are especially sought after by clients when they want something specific to be done. They can also be considered mercenaries, just with specific skills, and of course, a badge is needed as a proof of it which can be obtained in any mercenary branch. Accordingly, their headquarters is the Mercenary City which is located far up north in the middle of the continent. As for the distance, I have no idea.”


    Eznho was surprised when he heard Mercenary City.

    Was he a mercenary? A specialist?

    He thought about Talong and could not help but wonder.

    “You can become a mercenary by applying in any branch and passing a series of tests. Also, you can either go solo, form a group or join a group. Some of the missions need to be done by a group that is why mercenary groups were created and besides it is easier to finish a mission with the help of others. Well, groups also need rank, as for how they rank it, I don’t know the specifics.”

    Budoy was speaking but at the same time, his mind was wandering.

    What would it be like to travel and accomplish missions, braving dangers and saving damsels in distress?

    Eznho saw the daydreaming face of Budoy and flicked his finger to his forehead.

    “Ouch! What did you do that for, big brother?” Budoy woke up from his daze.

    “Stop dreaming and continue,” Eznho answered him with teasing smile.

    “Ah? Sorry about that,” Budoy felt embarrassed and continued the report. He flipped through the papers and stopped on a specific page.

    “Here it is, according to my investigation, the highest paying job is becoming an assassin. This job is, of course, dangerous and secretive so there is not much information about it. But every city has a branch of the Thieve’s Guild which is the mediator between a client and an assassin or an assassin group or organization. The one here in Red Sparrow City is located in the outer district, as for how to become a member, I am also in the dark.”

    Budoy obviously held fear and trepidation regarding the Thieve’s Guild. This was normal, after all, they work in the dark and were highly skilled at killing people.

    Thieve’s guild huh?

    Eznho could not help but remember Talong again, he remembered the brief moment when Talong seemed to become a sharp weapon that could kill him with just a look.

    Ah, whatever, he seemed to be a good guy, besides, it is not my business.

    After thinking for a moment, he tossed the thought at the back of his mind.

    “As for non-cultivators, they could only become servants or workers. It is rare for mortals to have wealth unless they become a merchant that could hire cultivators or have a noble lineage. For the other information, they are all here.”

    Budoy finished his report and handed out his notebook to Eznho.

    “Thank you, Budoy, you have done a great job,”

    Eznho genuinely praised Budoy, he really did work hard.

    “No big deal,” Budoy casually spoke but could not hide his proud face.

    The two continued to chat for a while about other things, they enjoyed the moment. They both knew that from this moment, it would be hard for them to have a chat like this.

    Eznho took a deep breath after reading all the reports that Budoy had written in his notebook. Half of them were miscellaneous but it did contain a great amount of important information.

    It is time for me to also forge my path.

    He could not help but feel excited and look forward to the adventures that he would have in the future.

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