Mercenaries under the Sky

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    Mercenaries Under the Sky

    General Introduction:

    Mercenaries Under the Sky (佣兵天下) is a Chinese web novel written by Masters Cannot Speak (说不得大师) and was serialized from 2003-2007 (TLN: Qidian was founded in 2002, so it’s considered a very old web novel). Many consider it a “classic” among web novels and it is most famous for its war scenes.

    Mercenaries Under the Sky has been taken off of Qidian for unknown reasons, so it can’t be found on the site anymore. According to other sources, during its time of writing, it stood at top of the Trending Ranking for a record 40 consecutive weeks. In the end, it gathered over 36 million hits, over 8 million recommendations, and was the most recommended novel in two categories. If it still existed on Qidian, then it would be placed at #16 on the Qidian All-Time Click Rankings and #3 on the Qidian All-Time Recommendations Ranking!

    Added: Apparently the author dissolved his contract with Qidian.


    The story is written in the point of view of three mercenaries, describing a vast continent, where around ten countries fight in an incomparable great war. At the end, the war extends to even the heavenly domain.
    Fifteen countries with different religions and cultures spreading over 21000 years of history with three main protagonists, fourteen main side characters, and hundreds of other people, dragons, gods, and devils.
    Follow the lives of three no-name mercenaries as they create a magnificent legend.
    (Ripped from the teaser section on the main site)

    It will by translated by my (scrublord) with one chapter every one or two weeks.

    Hopefully my translations are good enough :D
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    Chapter 2 - Iron Cavalry with a Spear of Ice Comes Bearing News

    According to the analysis of historians of the Aime Empire, the Emperor Aime I did not intend to trick Muya VII. Just like the later history, when the Hahmi Kingdom could not help but abandon the Hayer Plains, even though they could regain the Hayer Plains, the powerful Aime Empire did not sent a single soldier into the plains. It was also because of this reason that the second greatest country, the Holy See could develop. Then for exactly what reason did Aime I, who was known as the king of the continent, make such a decision that seemed wrong?

    Perhaps, in five hundred years later, we can also discover the original purpose of the king of the continent in a small mercenary called Aime.

    ―King of the Continent Research Specialist, Scholar of the Royal Family of Aime, Philip’s research notes


    “Who?” After subconsciously asking, Aime suddenly realized the coexistence of wolf and man. He was so scared that he was hugged tightly by his grandfather, and basically screamed aloud.

    No Hahmi person ever came to Hike Village. Even for collecting taxes, the Hahmi people would send people of other ethnicities. As a result, in where they were, it was wolf and no person, or person and no wolf. Wolves and people could not coexist at the same time.

    “Oh, is this the Hubble family? I am a friend of Leyk Hubble.” The man’s voice resounded distantly from above.

    “Dad, dad, he’s dad’s friend!” Hearing his father’s name, Aime basically forgot everything. He extended his hand to open the latch of the metal trapdoor, but the old man’s hand pulled Aime away.

    “Hearing your language, you aren’t Hahmian. You should be from the Aime Empire?” The old man asked with a low voice.

    “Hm, yeah. You should be Uncle Hubble. Leyk and I are both stationed at the defence battalion at the edge of the Aime Empire.” The man’s voice was slow just like before.

    “How are you with the snow wolves. Other than Hahmi people, they eat everything. You…” The old man asked hesitantly.

    “Oh, no problem. I’ll let them leave. Hehe, Uncle Hubble, because of some special chance, a few people of the Aime Empire won’t be eaten by the snow wolves.” The man finished speaking, and seemed to speak to the snow wolves outside, “Sigh, brothers, you can leave. I have matters to attend to. Whitey, let your brothers leave the village.”


    With a low wolf howl, the sounds of the snow wolves inside and outside the house disappeared very quickly.

    The old man opened the metal trapdoor by a crack hesitantly. Only after confirming that there were indeed no more snow wolves did he completely open it.

    A middle-aged man in traditional Aime Empire clothes sat by the bed. He saw the old man and immediately stood up. He nodded respectfully at the old man as a sign of greeting.

    “Uncle Hubble, hello. I am a friend that Leyk Hubble made in the army. I am called Hanfeng Chi, or you can called me Chi Hanfeng, whichever is easier to say.”

    “Uncle, where’s my dad?” Aime jumped out of the cellar and immediately asked the young man. Old Man Hubble’s eyebrows formed the same question.

    “Hm, speaking precisely, I also don’t know, which is why I’m here.” The young man explained earnestly.

    “The rough situation is like this…” Under the invitation of Old Man Hubble, the young man sat by the bed, and began to explain his reason for coming to Hike Village.

    Hike Village was like most of the other settlements of Warm River. They were all villages that had moved from the Aime Emperor and the Holy See. In the area, the north was surrounded by the Frost Forest that was one thousand kilometres long and two hundred kilometres wide. The east was the only non-conifer forest of the Icebound Continent―Warm River Forest. It also covered an extremely great area, and was around three hundred kilometres in length and width. The south and west was the ocean.

    The Aime Empire did not have the power to build a harbor there, and because of reasons of the weather, the Hahmi Kingdom also could not build harbors there. As a result, once inhabitants immigrated there, basically very few would leave again, such as first generation migrants like Grandfather Hubble.

    The young people were different. Leyk Huddle spent his childhood in the Northern Federation of the empire. After growing up in Hike Village, young people were high spirited, so he was unwilling to stay in one place for to long, and wanted to go out and venture the world. Old Man Hubble’s opinion was extremely clear: Young people needed to go out and make a living by wandering from place to place. Human life was only several decades, so things that were supposed to be done by young people should be done when young.

    Like this, ten years ago, in the latest time the Aime Empire went to a war of invasion, the twenty year old Leyk Hubble entered the empire’s army as a guide―If it was not a battalion that moved, very few people could walk out of Frost Forest or Warm River Forest alive.

    In the year 187 of the Red Calendar, just five years ago, Leyk Hubble, who had gained enough merit in the battalion and was successfully promoted to battalion chief at the edge of the Aime Empire, used his days off to bring his son Aime who was just two years of age to Hike Village.

    After giving birth to Aime, Leyk Hubble’s wife became physically weak and unable to withstand the coldness of the Icebound Continent, so she passed away a year later. As for Leyk Hubble, because of the life in the army, he really could not look after his son, so he threw all the burden to his own father.

    Aime already knew what had happened before, and even knew it at a level of detail greater than Chi Hanfeng. As for what happened afterwards, it was the main reason why Chi Hanfeng had come.

    In the same year of 187 of the Red Calendar, Chi Hanfeng was ordered to be relocated from the capital of the empire to the border guard in the Northern Federation of the empire, as the battalion chief of the cavalry at that time. When Leyk Hubble had returned to the army from him visit back home, he discovered that the original battalion chief of the cavalry had already been relocated to the Hayer Plains that was on the edge of the empire. Under an extremely formal visit, he became acquainted with Chi Hanfeng.

    According to what the man called Chi Hanfeng had said, in a series of teamwork later on, the battalion chief of the Glacial Foot Soldiers of the border guard at that time, Leyk Hubble, had saved him many times: In the year 188 of the Red Calendar, Chi Hanfeng who was just promoted to battalion commander chased the Snow Beastmen that had come from the Frost Forest to disturb the border. Chi Hanfeng who was unfamiliar with the terrain was lead into the Frost Gorge fifty kilometres inside the Frost Forest by the Snow Beastmen. The cavalry battalion that originally wanted to annihilate the Snow Beastmen in one stroke rushed down into it with a burst of energy before realising that the Snow Beastmen had used the ice stairs on the two sides of Frost Gorge to escape. As for the cavalry that had rushed down into the gorge, when they turned around and saw the thirty degree slope, they had a feeling that the heavens had abandoned them. The twenty kilometre slope took them half a day to rush down, but what about returning? Were there any people that could still return? The horses did not have the power to climb the slope as well as overcome the slippery layer of ice at the same time at all.

    After Leyk Hubble learnt about the whereabouts of Chi Hanfeng’s battalion, he determined that it was the worst situation very quickly. He lead the Glacial Foot Soldier Battalion through the night with sleds, and arrived at the Frost Gorge. Afterwards, he utilised the cotton bedding on the sleds to lay down an non slippery path, allowing the cavalry battalion of the defence army to avoid the disaster of being completely wiped out.

    Of course, there were several more situations like this, but the others were all just help or life-saving person-to-person. Chi Hanfeng gave a very simple narration.

    At the end of the year 191 of the Red Calendar, the battalion chief of the cavalry and the battalion chief of the Glacial Foot Soldiers, Leyk Hubble, received the orders of the governor of the Northern Federation to return to the Northern Federation governor’s residency, to accompany the arch-magicians of the empire to the Wishing Tower of Ice in the north of the Hahmi Kingdom to undergo trials.

    One of the battalion chiefs only needed to accompany them out of the Frost Forest at the borders of the Aime Empire, while the other’s mission was to send the arch mages into the Wishing Tower.

    In the existing history of the empire, there were a total of three hundred and forty two Arch-Magicians, with one hundred and thirty four saying that they were willing to undergo the trial of the Wishing Tower in their own accord. According to the records, there were a total of thirty five Arch-Magicians that had chose the Wishing Tower, but there were only three magicians that had successfully passed the trials. Of the tree, one person completed it after five years of entering the Wishing Tower, and the other two completed it after a decade of entering. According to the magic diaries of the three Magic Mentors from empire (The magicians that had passed the trials would be named Magic Mentors by the Magic Guild), after entering the tower of trials, it was actually being thrown into a alternate world of ice and snow, and they would train and improve their level of magic in the illusionary world of the alternate world.

    The mission of escort was to exchange documents with the Hahmi Kingdom and the Northern Hahmi Kingdown in the name of the empire. Along the way, there were three areas of the greatest danger.

    The three great zones of danger in the Icebound Continent were: the Cavern of Trials, Dragon Tooth Mountain and Frost Forest.

    In the journey, they would pass through all three great zones of danger. Of the three great zones of danger, Frost Forest was the safest comparatively.

    The dangers of Frost Forest were snow wolves and roaming snow beasts; in the middle of nowhere, they could not replenish supplies. Legend said that close to Dragon Tooth Mountain, there were green dragons of the ice element that roamed about, and would sometimes attack the merchants that travelled along the continental highway. As for the written records of the Cavern of Trials, the latest record was from fifty six years ago, described by the party that escorted arch-magicians for the previous trial―they needed to pass through the Cavern of Trials that was one hundred and fifty kilometres in length before being able to arrive at the Wishing Tower of Ice. In the one hundred and fifty kilometre long cavern, they needed to walk for at least ten days. There were a lot of monsters in side, and most of them knew ice magic. Of the seven hundred and fifty strong escorting party, entering and exiting the Cavern of Trials caused them to lose 70% of their men.

    The rough schedule was like so:
    • From the Fortress of Ice to the northern borders of the empire, travel along the continental highway. Five hundred kilometres, taking up roughly fifteen days.
    • Frost Forest, travel along to continental highway. Two hundred and fifty kilometres, taking up roughly ten days.
    • Arrive at the capital of the Hahmi Kingdom, exchange documents, travel along the continental highway. Three hundred kilometres, taking up roughly ten days.
    • From the capital of the Hahmi Kingdom to Dragon Tooth Mountain, travel along the continental highway. Four hundred and fifty kilometres, taking up roughly fifteen days.
    • Pass through Dragon Tooth Mountain, travel along the continental highway. One hundred and fifty kilometres, taking up roughly seven days.
    • Arrive at the capital of the Northern Hahmi Kingdom, exchange documents, travel along the continental highway. Three hundred kilometres, taking up roughly ten days. Actually, although the Wishing Tower was located in the Northern Hahmi Kingdom, the only path leading to it was actually west of Dragon Tooth Mountain, in the Hahmi Kingdom, so must return to Hahmi Kingdom.
    • From the capital of the Northern Hahmi Kingdom to the west of Dragon Tooth Mountain, travel along the continental highway. Four hundred and fifty kilometres, taking up roughly seventeen days.
    • Travel south-east along the Dragon Tooth Mountain range and arrive at the Cavern of Trials. No continental highway, no places to restock supplies, taking up roughly twenty days.
    • Cavern of Trials. One hundred and fifty kilometres, no continental highway, taking up roughly twelve days.
    The entire return trip took up roughly two hundred days, and with the time of spent organising matters in the two capitals, it took up roughly two hundred and thirty days in total.

    In the four years before, Leyk Hubble and Chi Hanfeng had complete a lot of missions together, but this was the first time they argued during a mission.

    Chi Hanfeng’s tone became heavier and heavier, and Aime and grandfather’s mood also became heavier and heavier—only those who lived on the Icebound Continent understood the dangers of the Icebound Continent.

    Being hundreds of kilometres away from human habitation in the continent just occurred too frequently. In a violent blizzard, it can cause all the people in circumference of a few hundred kilometres to lose their lives―there were no people from other continents that could imagine it. A blizzard could last for ten days, and collecting over three metres of snow, so all the people were buried alive and died of suffocation.

    The wild beasts that were able to survive in the world possessed extremely great abilities and capability for destruction. Of course, compared to the humans of other continents, the humans that could survive in the world were also much more valiant and bold.

    “Following the pre-planned journey, we left the Frost Forest…” The man called Chi Hanfeng had already entered the history in his memory.

    To the border guard by the Frost Forest that operated close to the Frost Forest all year round, it did not pose as too great of a danger. Just like this time, after repelling the attacks of snow beasts three times, the two battalions arrived in the land of the Hahmi Kingdom safely.

    However, over the question of which battalion were to return to the empire, and which battalion were to continue to escortment, Leyk Hubble and Chi Hanfeng began arguing.

    Everybody admitted that the journey posed extremely great risks, so were all fighting over the choice.

    Leyk Hubble planned to use two reasons to persuade Chi Hanfeng:

    1. He had no son.
    2. Traversing in the snow, the cavalry would instead become a burden
    However, in Chi Hanfeng’s knowledge, this just happened to be the exact reasons as to why Leyk Hubble could not continue:
    1. If something happened to Leyk, his son would become an orphan.
    2. Traversing in the snow, horses could speed up the journey somewhat. Also, if anything happened, horses could be killed for food―cavalry without horses naturally were foot soldiers, so just where did they lack compared to the Glacial Foot Soldiers?
    In the end, the two good friends fought―since it was like that, the stronger one went, as the stronger one had a better chance at survival.

    Chi Hanfeng was full of confidence. He entered the cavalry academy of the empire, and was also a well-known figure in the academy in the area of fighting techniques. Also, at the age of twenty, he passed through the xx examination, and became a xx rider.

    Speaking up to there, Chi Hanfeng’s tone suddenly became vague, but the grandfather and grandson that cared about Leyk Hubble’s life or death did not pay too much attention to the side issues in his story.

    The battle was held in private.

    The outcome of the battle was something Chi Hanfeng was definitely unable to believe. He was defeated with one blow.

    In previous missions where the two worked together, the mission the cavalry battalion undertook was often assault, while the Glacial Foot Soldiers often undertook the mission of pressuring or scattering the opponent. In his memory, Chi had never seen Leyk Hubble attack, and he was also scared of injuring his good friend came from a background of a hunter, so he never did understand how well his fighting techniques were.

    However, in the bout, Chi Hanfeng sat on his mount and used a lance to rush at Leyk Hubble without any tricks. Leyk Hubble who was in the snow and wind went up to receive it, and used his two-handed greatsword to directly smash the lance, to fight force with force. Chi Hanfeng felt his hand grow warm, and the lance was knocked away from the area where the shield was blocking. Leyk Hubble immediately stepped back―for a rider that used a lance, as soon as a crack appeared between the lance and shield, it would mean death.

    Chi Hanfeng regretted that he did not use double-handed spear, otherwise such a situation would not have happened.

    “Whatever, brother, don’t fight anymore. This is our fate.” Leyk Hubble patted Chi Hanfeng’s shoulder.

    “My son is seven years old this years. I originally wanted to take him to the Fortress of Ice after some time, and train him properly, but now I hand this mission to you. Help me look after him well if I can’t return…”

    “This was something that occurred eleven months ago.” Chi Hanfeng’s eyes were already moist.

    “Has my dad died?” The young, seven year old Aime rushed and asked without any reason.

    “I don’t know. A month ago, the soldiers that returned from the Wishing Tower said that when the Arch-Magicians entered the Wishing Tower, the portal storm suddenly occurred. Not only were the Arch-Magicians sucked into the alternate world, three of the ten magicians that were a part of the escorting party near the portal were also sucked into the Wishing Tower. For everybody’s safety, your father rushed to the entrance of the Wishing Tower, and wanted to use strength to push the door close, and not let the storm of the other world rush out of the Wishing Tower. When he used his two-handed greatsword as a bolt to lock the door, he himself was sucked in.” Chi Hanfeng seemed to have recovered his original mood.

    “Can he come back? What is a portal storm?” Little Aime asked worriedly.

    “He should be able to, but who knows how many years it will take. You are still young, when you grow up a little bit more, you will know naturally.” The person who was later known as uncle by Aime gave a simple reply.

    In the year 192 of the Red Calendar, a stranger called Chi Hanfeng became a member of Hike Village in the name of a distant uncle of Aime. Ever since the day he arrived in Hike Village, the snow wolves never visited Hike Village for tax again.
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    Something Somehow
    Somehow Somewhere
    Huh, good job! Will look forward to the next chapter!
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    Cool idea of continuing from the teaser section, I hope you get a position on the main site!
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    Chapter 3 - Refinement Through Ice and Fire

    In the eyes of the later generation, the legendary Mercenary King Aime just had too many fortuitous encounters that were just too good, which was why he had such a great achievement. However, in reality, it was actually different. Of the many famous remarks of Aime, there was a saying that he had said time after time. However, basically all the members of the later generations have forgotten the saying purposely: To wish for hundred-fold profit, thousand-fold effort must be put in.

    Even fewer people knew how much Aime hated the saying in his childhood.

    —Historian Aime’s twelfth generation great-great grandson Near Hubble’s study records


    “Son, time to get up.” A sweet-sounding male voice sounded aloud again.

    “Yeah, uncle, let me sleep a little more, just a little more. I’m too sleepy.” Aime who had just turned eight implored.

    “Ah, so cold――” A shrill voice travelled through the pitch black night. However, the nearby neighbours of the Hubble family had already gotten used to this type of special alarm.

    Little Aime quickly jumped out his blankets that was full of snow, and the person who succeeded in the prank place the big wooden basket used to carry snow down on the floor. Afterwards, he said a famous remark, “To wish for hundred-fold profit, thousand-fold effort must be put in. I must raise you as a warrior who is even more outstanding than your father.”

    Light had just appeared in the eastern sky. Two people, one big and one small, travelled out from Hike Village, and jogged along the Warm River in the direction towards Snow Moon Lake.

    Each and every person who had seen Chi Hanfeng for the first time all believed he was a noble. In the Aime Empire, all the nobles and aristocrats had special features: a graceful temperament and manners. The first impression Chi Hanfeng gave people as also like that, but those who had been in contact with him for a little longer discovered Chi Hanfeng’s other side: mischievous and likes to tease people. After living in Hike Village for two months, all the people that were familiar with Chi Hanfeng had been teased by the outsider. Everyone also believed his description of himself―a soldier which only held the lower title of nobility: a noble rider. The title was not hereditary, and it also did not confer him any land.

    The one who was the most deeply affected was little Aime.

    The unruly uncle liked to call little Aime his son. Since the day the unruly uncle arrived, little Aime never slept in even once, and he did not give little Aime any free time. Although he never beat or scolded Aime, the methods that the guy used were often even more terrifying that beating or scolding, such as putting some snow in the blanket in the morning.

    Just how would Leyk Hubble who was trapped in the Wishing Tower feel when he found out he entrusted his son to such a person?

    At the start, Old Man Hubble was also not used to how the young man treated his grandson, let alone the fact that he called little Aime ‘son’. However, after living with the young man for some time, he still accepted him as a member of the family. What really moved the old man were some actions done by Chi Hanfeng when little Aime was asleep―such as helping little Aime pull up his blanket, prepare the lessons on culture for the next day under lamp light, getting up early in the morning and going out to dig snow…

    Little Aime’s daily lessons were roughly as such:

    Physical training: getting up and running in the morning before the sun had even risen up, along the Warm River to the Snow Moon Lake. It seemed to be roughly twenty kilometres. Although the river water was warm, the two sides of the river was still covered in snow. In order for him to run more easily, Chi Hanfeng required him to do so in light gear―he could only wear a layer of thin leather clothes.

    Endurance training: after running to the Snow Moon Lake, he needed to strip off all his clothes and swim in the Snow Moon Lake. Although the Snow Moon Lake had the word ‘snow’, the lake water that rushed up from below the ground was extremely hot. Although it was only swimming at the edge of the lake and not the centre of it, the water was still hot enough to boil snow chicken eggs.

    To suddenly jump from the cold into a scalding lake, it indeed could train the endurance of people.

    Actually, like more other hot springs, the lake water of Snow Moon lake also had extremely good medicinal and recovery properties, so no matter how much torment he underwent the day before, Aime could always recover to a great condition with the help of the Snow Moon Lake.

    After receiving an hour of endurance training in the Snow Moon Lake, Aime would continue on with physical training―swimming to Hike Village along Warm River. Looking at time, the exercise was only kept for a year before being removed.

    One time, Aime was too tired, and actually fell asleep in the process of swimming. The specific gravity of the Warm River that was rich in minerals was extremely great, so even if he did not swim, he could float easily on the water. Also, the direction where the river water flowed to the ocean just happened to be the direction of Hike Village. Discovering this secret, Aime used this time every day to sleep for two hours.

    It lasted until one time where he floated directly into the ocean. After arriving in the village, Chi Hanfeng waited for half an hour and still did not see Aime return. He looked for a wooden boat very worriedly, and discovered Aime sleeping in a place five kilometres from the shoreline.

    After returning to the village, he received fighting technique training, which was actually chopping wood. What did chopping wood have to do with fighting techniques? Aime who was still perplexed after much thought asked his beloved Uncle Chi.

    The answer was just like the dark humor as always. “Oh,” Chi rubbed his nose, “To be honest, I also don’t know. All the other exercises are organised by me, only this exercise was what your father told me to make you do.” It seemed that it really was indeed Leyk Hubble’s idea. When Aime visited all the families of the Hike Village under Chi Hanfeng’s command and expressed that he was willing to provide free, cut firewood to them, most of the old residents actually revealed, “It indeed is an action of a son of the Hubble family.” By noon everyday, all the residents of Hike Village would deliver the great, long, hard conifer wood that they had cut down to the small hut of the Hubble family.

    Each and every person that had cut wood before knew that to cut wood, what was most important was the axe. The bigger the wood piece, the bigger the axe needed to be, especially the structure of the poll and the blade. The wider the poll, the greater it was. The blade did not need to be very sharp, but the connection with the poll needed to be very smooth. Only like that could it chop into the wood, efficiently utilise the V-shape design of the axe to smoothly chop the wood.

    Although Chi Hanfeng had added chopping wood as one of the compulsory exercises for Aime, from his actions, the low level noble of the empire really did not know anything about chopping wood. Even if he was using the largest two handed axes, he could not successfully chop the wood, even if it was non-conifer.

    Contrary to expectations, Grandfather Hubble understood his own son’s intentions very well. When he trained his grandson in the skill of chopping wood, he taught him in detail on how to use the strength of hands, how to use the strength of the back, how to stand with his two feet to bring out all the power, how to read the grain of wood, cutting along what type of grain was the most efficient, how to handle gnarls in the wood and how to handle wood that forked apart.

    The one who listen to Old Man hubble with keen interest was not little Aime, and just happened to be an uncle called Chi Hanfeng. “Oh, so this is the reason. I say how that guy was able to hit my lance in the area that could withstand the least amount of strain with the first strike, and how he was able to stand so firmly in the snow, able to withstand by charge.” He mumbled to himself as if in thought.

    From that day onwards, there were only two people that chopped wood in the rough courtyard of the Hubble family, one big and one small. In the beginning, Aime’s speed at chopping was was indeed extremely slow. The main reason was the technique of power and swing. He had clearly aimed at the grain of the wood, but he already lost track of where the blade that fell went. Without the help of his Uncle Chi, perhaps the families in the Hike Village that numbered above two hundred would celebrate Cold Food Festival.


    In the training of the first year, Aime used the largest axe to chop wood for the first half of the year. In the second half, the axe became medium sized, but the diameter of the wood instead became wider and wider.

    After dinner, Aime who had worked for the whole day was still unable to sleep. Under the snow pig oil lamp, Chi Hanfeng began to teach Aime knowledge. In Aime’s eyes, this aspect should had been what Uncle Chi Hanfeng was best at. As a noble of the empire, no matter how high or low, they always had absolute understanding in the history of the empire. At the same time, as a soldier of the empire that was once a battalion chief in the border guard, Uncle Chi’s understanding to coordination of different troops in battle also far exceeded something a village like Hike Village could be compared to. As a result, at night, he would hold a lesson on military strategy and tactics every second day, and a lesson on the history of the empire every other day.

    What made Aime even more interested was the talk after the lessons. Chi Hanfeng would normally talk about the local conditions and customs of the capital, as well as a few stories of mercenaries that circulated between people.

    Seeing how enthralled Aime was, Chi Hanfeng asked him one time. Just why was he so interesting in mercenaries.

    Aime answered truthfully―because mercenaries could kill snow wolves.

    After hearing that, Chi Hanfeng almost fell off his chair. He really was not unable to believe that the lifelong wish of the son of the battalion chief of foot soldiers, the disciple of the battalion chief of cavalry, was to be a mercenary.

    No matter if it were soldiers of the empire, or soldiers of the Hahmi Kingdom, they all could not randomly kill snow wolves, just like how soldiers of the Hahmi Kingdom could not kill war horses.

    Only mercenaries were exceptions. With the habits of mercenaries, very few would ever stay in one area for too long. Also, the wealth of the Hahmi Kingdom did not allow them to set down orders of arrest in the Mercenary Association just to punish a few mercenaries that had killed snow wolves.

    Although there was a lot of dissuasion against it, Aime who had confirmed that soldiers of the empire could not kill snow wolves from Chi Hanfeng’s words strongly defended his own thought with a method he used consistently―silence.

    Two days later, contrary to expectations, Chi Hanfeng thought it through: Being a mercenary is also good, being able to travel everywhere. If your strength becomes great, who knows, you might even be able to do to the Wishing Tower of Ice. Also, looking at the income, the income of mercenaries exceeds soldiers of the same level. Of course, the level of danger is also much higher than soldiers.

    To set an aspiration and reach it, and not give up by switching goals―looking at this aspect, Aime already had the ability of foresight since he was extremely young.
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