Life of a working sorcerer

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    Hello guys, I'm new here if there's any mistake or grammar spelling error please inbox me i'll edit it.

    Translator note , i'll upload 1-2 per day, Friday&Saturday I'm running my own business (busy) so I should not be uploading any, unless i received a lot of likes and encouragement ;)

    The story is about life around us, at later stage it will link towards many places around the world ,culture, life, brands, cars, ships, those dark hands behind the world(richest man in each country america, mexico , japan, Africa an a beautiful country that 90% people never visit i'll link a few author own photo of visit when we are at it)

    hope you guys will enjoy it as this is the third time i'm reading it together translating it and i'm still enjoying reading it.
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    Life of a working sorcerer (i'll go with LAWS) 1. Have you seen enough?

    In the summer year of 2003, the high temperature are rising like crazy, under the hot scorching sun the ground seem to be on fire.

    In the city of Jian Zhou talent job market, Jiang Nan province is also as hot as summer, nearly 10,000 square meters of job fairs are full of job seekers. With a look around it’s fully pack with people all around and people are still coming in non stop.

    In his hand as a latter of resume and a small bag pack, XiaYunJie looked at the sea of people around him without ending, couldn’t help but have a bitter smile at the corner of his lips, snaking his head and walks off to the exit.

    Since the enrollment expension of collage and university in 1999, collage students who have been the pride of the sky are less and less valuable to the society the situation of employment is getting severe year by year, and this year is the first patch of collage student joining into the society. The surging employment army students becoming jobless had become the most popular social issue at the moment.

    XiaYunJie isn’t a collage student, he’s only a secondary school student who just graduated from high school, so his employment situation is even more serious then other collage student.

    Coming out of the recruitment fair the air suddenly become fresh. XiaYunJie couldn’t help but take a deep long breath and then looked back at the recruitment boot at the door. There is a sign on the booth which reads the number of recruits, the position to be recruited, and of course the requirements for recruitment, the first requirement for recruitment is “formal university degree or above”.

    With a quick look around those other recruiting booth, nearly 1, 000 of them had the same requirements.

    Looking at first recruiting requirements, XieYunJie felt that those words are sharp as blade that strike into his eyes, with a helpless heart because he’s just a secondary school student. With that simple line of words hanging on top of the booth as requirements, had him ruthlessly blocked outside of the job search.

    A whole morning XiaYunJie had only manage been interviewed by 3 company, it’s not that XiaYunJie doesn’t want to find more then just those 3, but when others looked at his secondary school education they doesn’t even bet him an eye.

    Coming out of the talent job market, XiaYunJie looked at the blazing sun, touched his pockets which left 100RMB. Couldn’t help in the bottom of his heart if he used witchcraft to earn some money, but just as this thought was for it was annihilate by XieYunJie.

    Sigh… shaking his head in desperation it seem the only way is to continue working at the construction site for the next few days.

    Although XiaYunJie doesn’t want to step into the dusty and roaring machine everywhere, but he even doesn’t want to disappoint his master in heaven.

    With a helplessness in my heart, XiaYunJie still moved to the north of the city which is currently making great efforts in develop building. The first time XieYunJie come to jiangzhou he once stay at this area for a period of time because he can’t find a job, and this area he knew some foremen, as long as you are strong enough to carry bricks it won’t be a problem to earn some money.

    Although XiaYunJie education is low, he is very strong.

    In the mean time it’s noon, under the hot sun that’s roasting the earth, everyone in the road was in a hurry as if they are slower they might be roasted under the sun.

    As XiaYunJie was walking, far away he saw a young women holding an umbrella and bag walking towards him.

    The women as wearing a navel-printed t-shirt with a blue short denim skirt. Under the dazzling sunlight showing her luster slender snow-white legs.

    XiaYunJie is 20 years old this year, which is at the age that longing for the opposite sex, seeming a beautiful and sexy woman walking over, couldn’t help myself to have an extra look at her. But befor XiaYunJie finishing admiring her body, suddenly a motorcycle rushed from behind the women, when the motorcycle are near her the person who was riding the motorcycle suddenly stretched out his hand and snatch the woman bag that’s on his arm.

    Although the women as caught by surprise and almost fall to the ground, but her reaction was very quick, she was chasing the thief and didn’t forget to shout out “my bag, stop that snatch theft! “

    However the lady was wearing Crystal sandals, she shouted “Ouch” before she ran 2 step ahead, and sat down on the floor with a twisted ankle. And the successful motorcycle thief had speedup once his mission is complete, by the time the lady fell down the motorcycle had already drive 10 meters ahead, as for those people around the road watching the speedy flying motorcycle coming towards them avoiding it was already a problem as for stopping it they doesn’t have the nerve to do it.

    As for the lady watching the fleeting motorcycle, although she knew that her strength was limited and impossible to hit the thief but she’s still unwilling to give up and grabbed her crystal sandals and throw towards to direction of the leaving vehicle.

    Never in her wilderness dream that when she threw her crystal sandals, the feeling motorcycle in the distance suddenly slammed down onto the ground, and the guy who grabbed the bag was also pressed down by his own motorcycle.

    No way! Did I hit him? The lady eye’s was widened with a hard to believe expression, isn’t that 40-50 meters away?

    Just as the lady was in a dazzling state, XiaYunJie slowly walked over picked up the lady bag and pat the dust on it, and squat down and grab the wallet from the thief and took out the money.

    No, way that’s it just fifty RMB note in it? XieYunJie couldn’t help but turn his white eye a circles.

    He wanted to black eat black to help his money crisis at the moment. Never did he knew that this thief who had a motorcycle was even broken then him an unemployed worker.

    However although a mosquitoes are small there’s still meat, moreover 50 RMB to him right now is still a huge amount, even though XiaYunJie turn his white eyes he doesn’t hesitation in keeping the money.

    Who told this guy that doesn’t grow his eye to rob in front of his eye.

    The thief who grabbed the lady bag, as a robber but now been Rob by others in the broad daylight and been said why he’s doesn’t have more money on him? In his heart was really depressed and wanted to cry out. In his head thinking, If (老子 laozi mean I) have a lot of banknote in my pocket why would I still have to rob others.

    However what fear most by thieves and robbers are been caught in the broad day light. As the thief are still been pressed under the motorcycle he doesn’t dare to annoy XiaYunJie as he watch him with a dissatisfied face with his money clip that he grabbed away. The thief stretch out his hand onto his golden necklace on his neck, crying and pleading, “borther I had a gold necklace that weight 200g it might worth some money, please don’t call the police, I promise I won’t do this again next time. As I’ve no other choice, there’s old and young waiting for me back home and everything is force by this dog life!

    “Hey stop it your 200g heavy brass isn’t worth a fart! “ XiaYunJie doesn’t intent to call the police, but seeing this thief was trying to fool him using a “golden necklace “ he couldn’t but get annoyed and smacked on his head.

    The thief couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. Of course he knew that the Golden necklace he wearing was a fake, but he doesn’t think that this young man in front of him would knew it at a glance.

    Seeing the dumbfounded thief expression, XiaYunJie snorted and grinned, he is a sorcerer who understands divination, Feng Shui, medical master, evil spirit and ghost exorcise, and could communicate with the aura of heaven and earth. If I can’t distinguish between gold and brass I might as well wasted all my cultivated years. Unfortunately my cultivation mind is far higher then today’s world cultivation. My master is worried that I’m to young and if I used witchcraft to earn easy money I will not be able to control my mood and go astray and blame the country. Otherwise why would I need to be so honestly looking for a job to make money, I had already made a fortune!

    Thinking in his heart, XiaYunJie couldn’t help but snake the thief head again with the job resume in his hand and said “the next time I caught you Rob bags again, it won’t be easy as this time”

    After saying that XiaYunJie stood up straight, then walk towards the lady who had her bag robbed, as for the thief he hurriedly got up and rode on his motorcycle to the run.

    At this point the lady stood up from the ground and was bending over to pick up the crystal sandal that she threw out. The lady had large breasts when she bends over for the crystal sandal, the fullness of her chest stretches out of her neckline, revealing half of the breasts. Seeing all that XieYunJie heart beats faster and mouth drying, as he’s just a young man who just graduated from secondary school.

    However, the lady quickly picked up the crystal sandal, and wore it on the feet and stood up straight. XiaYunJie was relief but at the same time feeling a bit wasted.

    When the lady saw XiaYunJie holding onto her bag and walking towards her, she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. After wearing the crystal sandals she immediately walks towards XieYunJie, as she forgotten about the pain on her ankle, with this sudden step forward, there’s a sudden needle like pain coming from her left foot that was transmitted into her brain, feeling the pain in the ankle she let out a scream and fell back on the ground.

    Before this when the lady was sitting on the ground, XiaYunJie was at a distance on the other hand his attention was on the bag thief so he doesn’t feel anything. But now the lady was in front of him with her slandering white legs, at the angle of XieYunJie he could easily see spring under the skirt.

    The red lace side, transparent cloth, just looking at it make XiaYunJie blood speedup again.

    “have you seen enough? Pull me up”. Just as XiaYunJie glanced at it, he couldn’t help but glance again. And glance at it for the third time the voice of the lady sound rang beside his ear.

    XiaYunJie couldn’t help but be surprised that the lady was looking at him.

    XiaYunJie couldn’t help but cough twice, and hurriedly reach for the lady hand and said “are you Okey? Need me to have a look? “

    “haven’t you seen enough yet? “with that the lady stood up with the help of XiaYunJie hand and gave him side glance.
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    LAWS 2. You had a good image

    XiaYunJie intention was to help healing the lady ankle, been teased by her words he couldn’t help but feel awkward, having 2 dry cough just as he wanted to explain the fact to her, she started giggling and looked at XiaYunJie and said “little handsome guy I’m just joking with you, thanks yoy for getting back my bag”

    Although XiaYunJie is a sorcerer in secret, he is after all still a secondary school student who just graduated in his 20, he had never talk about love and surely never had a bold joke with the opposite sex, feeling more awkward he hurriedly said “it’s nothing, just a small effot”

    “what small effort, if you haven’t got it back this month paid will be gone” the lady retorted.

    XiaYunJie follow up with a slight smile.

    “hey handsome guy in the front road there’s a KFC shop, let me treat you a meal at KFC since it’s noon anyway. “ said the lady

    “it’s Okey just a small effot” XiaYunJie said not only was he able to black eat black and earn 50 RMB, and this beautiful lady wanted to treat him lunch at KFC it’s a little embarrassing.

    You won’t give me some face like for this? Beside are you preparing to throw me a wonded lady under this blazing sun? When she saw XieYunJie refused, her eye flashed a strange light, then slightly tilted her sexy lips and complain. I’m a beautiful lady Okey?

    XiaYunJie only then remember that her ankle was hurt, and leaving her own isn’t really convenient. But after been teased by her XiaYunJie was embarrassed to talk about her foot again. He nodded his head and said “let’s go to KFC together “

    After finish talking XiaYunJie helped hold the UV umbrella and held the women’s arm on the other.

    The first time when pulling her up he didn’t felt anything but now that they are bare arm to arm, and with some collision with her soft body from time to time, through the thin material of cloth in summer XiaYunJie can clearly feel the smoothness in and out, he couldn’t help but feel nervous inside as this is the first time in his life that he was so close to strangers of the opposite sex.

    When she saw the nervous look in him she couldn’t help but secretly laugh, as she haven’t seen a simple boy like him for many years.

    “oh right, handsome boy my name is cheng hao, what’s your name? “.

    “XiaYunJie “ simple reply

    I saw in your hand it looks like a resume did you just graduated from school and looking for a job? Cheng Hao asked curiously

    “Yeah. “ XiaYunJie nodded his head and said with emotion.

    When he first came out of school, XiaYunJie thought it was very simple to find a job and settle down like a normal person. But it was after one month that he really felt its not that easy to be a normal person, just like the thief said “it’s all because of this dog day life”

    “how is it, have you found any job? “ Chang Hao couldn’t help but asked again.

    “now a days collage students are like a hairs of a cow, I’m only a secondary school student, it’s difficult! XiaYunJie shook his head and smiled.

    “yeah now a days many company only ask for diploma and not their ability. “ Cheng Hao seems to have a deep feelings.

    Ah you do understand, anyway there’s more college students this year and the salary comparisons why would they hire a secondary school student and not a college student.”XiaYunJie laughed at himself.

    “now you are helping them with this talk. Oh yes our bar is also recruiting people now, do you want me to introduce you to our bar? Working hours are night to midnight, the environment might be noisy, but the salary won’t be less then general enterprise. Just remembered that a waiter quit the job and her BLUENIGHT bar is looking for someone new.

    XiaYunJie had never been to a bar in his life, even if he want to he doesn’t have those money to spend in place like that. In his impression bar’s are place where people men and women looking for fun and excitement. If it’s was before he left school he will never consider working in a bar. But just like the thief said “it’s a dog day life”. As of today XiaYunJie entire fortune total up only to 150 RMB. If still haven’t find a job next month he’ll need to be living on the streets. Therefore he didn’t immediately reject Cheng Hao good intentions, and begin considering going to the bar and work.

    Of course, XiaYunJie can also go to the construction site and move bricks as he had good physics strengths. However XiaYunJie really hates the dusty place, he prefer clean. As compared the construction site and the bar will obviously be cleaner.

    “Welcome to KFC “ just as XiaYunJie was thinking about whether going or not to work at the bar, the two of them had already pushed the door into KFC.

    A row of uniforms staffs stood behind the counter. Behind them was KFC various food and drinks, name and price.

    As soon as he saw the pricing of RMB, XiaYunJie subconsciously touched his pocket and no longer hesitated” if miss Cheng can help me introduce me to the bar that would be the best “

    As he said that, they found a place and sat down.

    “What miss Cheng, it’s awkward, called me Ah Hao! Everyone calls me that.

    XiaYunJie reply with a smile, “ Well, Ah Hao have a sit first I’ll go and order some food, job introduction let’s talk about it later, oh right what do you like to eat?

    “give me the second meal set, pick any set that you like” said cheng Hao and took out a hundred dollar bill for her bag and handed it to XiaYunJie

    Although cheng hao said to treat him to a meal, but how can man take the money of a women to order food? Therefore XiaYunJie did not took the money with a simple smile he said “let me treat you, as thank you for helping me introduce to the work. “

    After finish saying he turned around and was ready to order, but just as XiaYunJie turned around, Chang Hao had already reached out and grabbed his hand and put the money into his palm. And said “don’t mix things together, I don’t mind if you treat me a meal after you got the job”

    Seeing that Cheng Hao insisted.

    After order 2 set meals XiaYunJie paid the money and return with a tray containing 2 set meals, and then return the remaining balance money to Cheng Hao.

    When returning back the balance XiaYunJie felt a bit embarrassed, but when the two of them sat together face to face, he had the opportunity to observe Cheng Hao closely.

    Cheng Hao surely isn’t a women that will make others fall in love at first sigh, but she is definitely a pretty woman. The short Golden brown curly hair, with big eyes and red lips reveals a of wild temptation.

    Our bar is called “BLUENIGHT” translate into Chinese is blue night. The monthly salary is 1300 when waiter is internship, and 1600 after confirmation. But some guests in the bar will gives tips. After you are good at it earing 3-4k isn’t that difficult a month. The bar takes a day off every week and start working at 6pm in the evenings it’s unsure what time you might get off from work as the main reason guests might be a little late in the summer around 2-3am. But winter you might be possible to get off work early. Think about it, if you are Okey with it I’ll give the boss a call so that she will not find someone eles. “ Cheng Hao was eating chicken wings while introducing the work of the bar to XiaYunJie.

    In 2003 the wages in JiangZhou were generally low. The average Internship salary for average enterprise were around 800-1000 RMB, and secondary schools like XiaYunJie will definitely be lower. So when XiaYunJie heard about the salary he was surprised and shocked. He asked “ but AH Hao I never had any experience working in a bar, can I apply for this job? Will it troubles you later on? “

    Cheng Hao looked up and down on XiaYunJie with a sly face. Cheng Hao smile and said “ reassure, you had a good image, suitable for bar, as for working experience, there will be people in the bar to train you how to serve drinks to guests. “

    XiaYunJie image is really good, with a pretty handsome face, well train body, 1m76, which is not bad in Jiangnan Province.

    Literally never in his life to think that one day he had to find a job with his face, XiaYunJie couldn’t help but bitter laughed. With the sense of helplessness in his heart It’s not easy to be a normal wage earner!

    When XiaYunJie made such a feeling of helplessness in his heart he obviously felt the changes in him, as the mood that once a teenager had gradually matured.

    Master told me not to use witchcraft to earn money, it really is hard work!

    As XiaYunJie felt his emotions, Cheng Hao picked up her phone and called her boss. After a few chit chat she hung up the phone and said “I told the boss, the boss asked you to go to the bar at 5pm, it shouldn’t be a problem to you right? “

    No problem, what can I an unemployed do? XiaYunJie laughed

    “then it’s settle 5pm, I’ll be waiting you at BLUENIGHT nanshan road.”Cheng Hao said

    After finish talking about work while eating the two of them are ready to get up and leave, but just as Cheng Hao want to stand up the pain makes her took a deep breath and sat down back again as her left ankle is still hurting.
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    LAWS 3. You sure do have some skills

    “I learned from an old man about pushing blood pressure place to promote blood circulation and treating bone injuries. Would you like me to help you out “? XiaYunJie said hesitantly.

    “Oh really? Of course come help me take a look you should have told me earlier… if not I won’t be able to work normally tonight” at first cheng hao was surprised by his words, but quickly her red cheeks got redden as she remember XiaYunJie actually mentioned this matter before, but she misunderstood it.

    Seeing the urge on cheng hao, XiaYunJie quickly squatted down and look at her feet.

    In heaven name XiaYunJie swear that he only wanted to help look at cheng hao sprained ankle. But he forgotten that cheng hao was wearing a denim skirt. The denim skirt only can wrap around her sexy thighs, but it’s at the middle between those legs it’s wide open. Just when XiaYunJie squatted down his eye subconsciously turn between her legs, the transparent pink fabric that cover her mysterious place revealing infinite temptation.

    A woman six senses is very sensitive. When XiaYunJie eyes are inadvertently facing between her legs. Cheng Hao immediately sense a strange feeling, and hurriedly pressed the skirt between her legs, while the other hand reach out to knock XiaYunJie head and said “hey where are you looking at”

    “cough cough “ XiaYunJie couldn’t help but felt guilty and hurriedly lowered his head and grabbed her ankle.

    “Hey lighter! “ cheng hao was anger by XieYunJie clumsy movement.

    “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry I didn’t mean it” seeing Cheng hao pain XiaYunJie felt cold sweat are popping out infront of his forehead never in his wildest imagination that healing a lady foot will be such a difficult task.

    Cheng Hao certainly knew that XiaYunJie isn’t intentional, otherwise if it’s other male that dare to squat down and peek under her skirt she would have already pin him down with her crystal sandal! But for a women knowing it and saying it out of the mouth is a different story.

    “hmnp! It now depends on your skill if you could heal my ankle, if it works it mean you aren’t intentional. But if you can’t that means at the start you had other ill intentions from the start” and Cheng Hao once again knock XieYunJieforehead. With a fierce cute look on her face.

    XiaYunJie couldn’t help but let out a bitter smile, while thinking the next time if he encounter a girl sprained foot I got to be very careful. Otherwise I’ll be look as a pervert guy!

    Fortunately, although XiaYunJie is now desperate to earn some money, but as a descendant of the blood generation of a great sorcerer, and as a child who had practiced sorcerer spells since childhood, a sprained ankle is nothing to XieYunJie.

    Grasping Cheng Hao little feet, this beautiful foot that is smooth like jade color skin, pearly nails, with its graceful curve to the plump thigh. But now it’s rounded ankle is a bit red and swollen. Obviously the fall just now did seriously hurt the bone, if it isn’t fix early on she might not be able to even work tomorrow.

    “it might hurt at the start please endure it” XiaYunJie doesn’t dare to look at those wonderful legs any longer, after saying that he started gently rubbing Cheng Hao left injured foot.

    When XiaYunJie start rubbing she felt the pain in her heart, but because XieYunJie told her in advance she doesn’t shout out her pain, but her eyebrows wrinkled and showed a painful expression.

    But after a while the pain transformed into a comfortable warm current, and felt like she in a warm spa gradually relaxed, even the hand which tightly pressed on the skirt unconsciously loosened.

    When it was released the skirt between her legs open again in front of XiaYunJie.

    But quickly she felt it and realized it, and hurriedly pressed in back down. And then looked at XieYunJie, but when she saw his expression that was so focused, gently rubbing her feet she couldn’t help but be shocked.

    XiaYunJie suddenly stood up and said “It’s done, could you please stand up and try some walking. “ while ChengHao was in a dazzling state watching at him.

    “Hmmm… huh? Is it done already? “ ChengHao was still in a dazzling state of mind was surprised and stood up subconsciously.

    When she stood up ChengHao was surprised to find out that her left foot doesn’t have any pain anymore. “wow, it really doesn’t hurt anymore, Ah Xia, didn’t know you had such great skill. “

    Coughing “ it’s good to know it doesn’t hurt anymore, I’ll wash my hand first. “ although he lack confident in finding a job, XiaYunJie is very confident in witch doctor skills. Seeing ChengHao doesn’t said anything else, he smile and turn towards the toilet.

    Watching XiaYunJie back while he’s walking she suddenly remembered that just awhile ago he was kneeling in front of his feet, facing her legs at such close range, and her cheeks suddenly turn red.

    After finish washing his hand XiaYunJie came back to the table and after a quick chat, they parted ways and will met up later at evening in front of BLUENIGHT Bar at 5pm.

    After he had roughly settled with his job, XiaYunJie had no intention of wasting his time outdoor, after all its summer. Walking to the nearby bus stop, and waiting for a few minutes a bus came by the 35 streets, after getting up the bus he saw not far away from 35 streets he seeded at the corner of his mouth. As the bus moved the motorcycle thief also start following.

    This bastard, not just you had mess up with my great robbery plan, you even robbed me back if I Laozi (老子=your daddy) just let you go like that from now on I’ll write my name upside down!

    XiaYunJie got of the bus and walked towards YuYa district with his shoulder bag. When the thief saw XiaYunJie hatred blind his eye, in his left pocket he took out a Motorola cell phone and dialed the number.

    YuYa district is an old neighborhood near ShengLi river. Although the house is old and it isn’t on the first line city center, but the rant and environment is good. When XiaYunJie first came to JiangZhou he had 2,000 RMB on him, and he was very confident in finding a job. He didn’t mind the dormitory of the district and just randomly find a apartment to rant.

    However JiangNan province is one of the strong economically cities, ranting a apartment is still very expensive, generally there are 600 for a bedroom and 900 for two bedroom apartments. The rant is usually paid once a quarter or even half a year. Although he had 2,000 in his pocket when he came here, he still can’t afford to rent a solo bedroom alone. By chance while he was online he saw a deal which he was looking for a roommate, the apartment included 2 bedroom and a kitchen for only (900) divided by two then its 450 per person after paying for the first quarter he’s left with 650RMB lookup for the roommate dealer which is a young and easy going male they settled the rent with him.

    Walking in this familiar district, finally he saw hope on his working life. Unlike before he walked down and couldn’t find a decent job which he was required to work at the construction site to move bricks but was staying in such decent area which he felt awkward.

    The roommate name was ZhangWenBin, he’s a salesman from a beer company in JiangZhou, he was sended back to JiangBei for business last week, so XiaYunJie was alone in this “luxury apartment“ and the days was very pleasant.

    Back in the house XiaYunJie washed his face and lay down on his bed and picked up a book called “management principles” and read it.

    In the past XiaYunJie did not study when he was young because he was training martial arts. Only studied when he was in secondary school. But after start looking for jobs half a month in vain only did he know that diploma is a hard lever. And after that he went to a bookstore and bought a book related to businesses management for self study, and he’s preparing to take an exam in collage next year.

    YuYa district is a bit far away from NanShan road, so he’s reading his book until he saw the clock is 4pm and started preparing to work.

    It’s 4pm and the hot sun is still brightly shining on the earth other then cars on the road there isn’t much people walking around.

    Not far away before XiaYunJie walked the door, a door of a golden van beside the road suddenly open up. Inside was 4 huge man with steel pipes, one of them was the thief he met few hours ago.

    Obviously he isn’t the boss of the gank, the boss should be the one with a health face a scar that stretch above his bare head witch looks scary ,and as he walked his shine head reflect brightly under the sun.

    Immediately get in the car right now as he called out to XieYunJie while gently knocking the steel pipe at the palm of his hand and reveal his white teeth.

    XiaYunJie looked at the steel pipe and without saying anything he step into the car.

    “fuk this boy sure is cleaver “ as he saw XiaYunJie step into the car without saying anything, and split on the ground, but in his heart he was secretly relieved that he doesn’t scream and ran away.

    Although there isn’t much people around the road and this year Chinese people are used to not mess into other problems as to protect themselves from been frame by others. But it’s still risky to hit someone in broad daylight in the middle of the road.

    After getting up the car XiaYunJie was push into the middle sit my the thief on the left and the other on the right. With redden eye the previous thief said “ Ha, never in your wildest dream did you expect that we did met again so quickly huh boy? “

    “it isn’t that I don’t expect you to be here plus didn’t I have already let you go in the afternoon why did you came back again and now aren’t you dragging down your fellow friends that you bring along now? “shaking his head while saying that.

    “fuk have your brain been growing in your buttock? Being surrounded by us and still feel like it isn’t a big deal! Looks like if you doesn’t see blood will never know what color it is! “ with a fury heart he swing the steel pipe towards XieYunJie head.
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    Laws 4. Who’s hitting who now…

    “fuk, AhFei don’t hit on the head I just washed the van this morning… ! “ said by the driver immediately when he look at back mirror. AhFei is the thief that XiaYunJie met this morning and was now the one using the steel pipe to beat XieYunJie head with.

    However before the words of the driver had finish saying, a loud sound rang from behind the van “Pekeng” following with the sound of the steel pipe hitting on AhFei head which he is now screaming “Ahhhhh my head, my head it’s bleeding! “

    Everyone inside the van become silent, except for AhFei who held his head and shouting around. Everyone included the driver stared at the steel pipe that’s on XiaYunJie.

    They have no clue how did the steel pipe that was in clearly in AhFei hand that was going to hit XiaYunJie head, suddenly took a 180 degree and hit on AhFei instead.

    “didn’t notice that you little boy had learn some self defense skill, that’s why you dare to meddle into others business even when you are into our dragon lake tiger den territory.” the bald man who is the boss was the first to regain his sense, watching XieYunJie with 2 cold eyes.

    “Please dragon lake tiger den, you called this dragon lack tiger den? Can your face skin be any thicker? “ XiaYunJie couldn’t help but sneer

    Watching XiaYunJie still dare to mock him “fuk, hit him” called the bald head man, and immediately took up his steel pipe and swing it towards XieYunJie head.

    The rest of the others quickly took action too.

    As the saying goes, within such chaos and small place given if XiaYunJie is a boxing master they are ensure there’s only one side beating from them.

    “Pekeng! Pekeng! Pekeng! “three loud sound of steel pipe colliding with the head suddenly rang in the van, following up was three screams. As for the driver that saw his boss was been beaten was shocked and immediately step on the brakes.

    As XiaYunJie saw the van stopped moving he gently tapped the driver head with the steel pipe and said“If you don’t want to have the same outcome as them on your head, it’s best to drive me to NanShan road “

    Having a cold steal pipe tapping on his head he could feel cold sweat ran down from his forehead.

    “ Yes, Yes right away” reply the trembling driver as he return driving on the road.

    Seeing the driver start driving again, XiaYunJie grabbed the two end of the steal pipe with both hands and bent it then straightened it again just like rubber.

    Originally those three man who is holding their head is unwilling to give up and was waiting for an opportunity to strike back, but once they saw XiaYunJie twisted the steal pipe like rubber they all felt like they had just seen a ghost.

    Watching XiaYunJie bent and straightened the steal pipe like it was a toy, what kind of freak is this and suddenly form in their thoughts ” what if he wanted to use our arm or legs as practice won’t it…. “

    Thinking about it the bald man and the others subconsciously look at their so called macho arms and legs which they had always been proud of suddenly seem to become very soft and tender in front of his young man.

    “ This, this big brother, it’s all my fault, I KwangTouQiang(boss of the gang) who had eye but doesn’t know that big brother in front of us is Mt Tai, I deeply apologize to you and I swear there will never be a next time! kwangTouQiang who is the small boss around this area who had around 20 to 30 people like AhFei working under him which either rob or steal vehicles. But in front of this freak he had completely lost his courage and even stuttering when he speaks.

    “What? By just saying sorry you think it’s going to be useful? Then next time we met again, I’ll use this steel pipe and whack your head, then say I’m sorry will that be Okey?” XieYunJie was still playing with the steel with his hands when he saying all that.

    KwangTouQiang and the others wanted to cry but couldn’t, the heaven doesn’t have eye who’s the one been beaten right now?

    KwangTouQiang asked carefully like a wife who just married into the male family, “then, that big brother could you give us a condition on how we can fix this situation? “ although KwangTouQiang wanted to question XiaYunJie who’s the one beating others up but the situation right now if he asked he believe his legs will be twisted like the steel pipe.

    XiaYunJie didn’t reply kwangTouQiang question but turn towards AhFei who’s still bleeding and trembling beside him and said “you should understand right? “

    AhFei who was trembling seem to be hit by lightning and woke up immediately, “ Give me all your wallets!!! “ it will look like a robbery if he added the word “Rob” in it.

    Fuk watching AhFei who is still messing around trying and trying to rob themselves , KwangTouQiang couldn’t help but slap in the head on AhFei.

    AhFei who was slap in the hard felt been accused wrongly by KwangTouQiang then slowly turn towards XieYunJie and look at him.

    “What now, is big brother Qiang unwilling? “ looking at kwangTouQiang who seem to have lost his mind and asked slowly.

    KwangTouQiang who’s in rage when heard the voice of XiaYunJie, it’s like a bucket of cold water pouring over his head and cool him down. Only now did he realize it isn’t AhFei who has gone crazy trying to rob them its them that misunderstood him.

    “I’m very sorry big brother, I’m really sorry I’ll take it out now. “ and hurriedly took out his wallet the two other quickly took out there wallet too and handed it over to AhFei.

    When AhFei saw his fellow colleagues handed the wallet to him without any resistance he felt a refreshing sense of been (牛逼 proud of himself ). And patted the shoulder of AhBiao the driver “Hey AhBiao you haven’t give me yours yet”.

    AhBiao who was driving thought that he could dodge this sudden turn of event by driving, never did he knew this stupid AhFei is so diligent in his work and asked him for his wallet too! Never the less he didn’t hesitate and hurriedly took out his wallet and handed to AhFei.

    After collecting all the wallet, AhFei took out all the money within them and handed it to XieYunJie and whispered “ Big brother here’s a total of 653 RMB “

    “This can’t be true right, you guys who scam others around can’t be this poor right? “ XiaYunJie who was thinking that this man who had a van and been in a scam gang with the boss around he should be able to get around at least a few thousands. After saying that he toss the 3rmb coins toward AhFei that’s your tip. After that he turn towards kwangTouQiang neck and smile.

    KwangTouQiang who is wearing a thick golden necklace around his neck.

    Just as XiaYunJie eye was gazing at kwangTouQiang, the high speed reaction of AhFei knew what XieYunJie wanted and immediately rushed towards kwangTouQiang and said “Big brother Qiang your golden necklace! “

    In he year 2003 the price for gold is around 100RMB per/g, although the necklace around kwangTouQiang isn’t solid gold but it should worth up to 50grams so it should be worth 4-5 thousand RMB. Watching AhFei reaching out his hand for his golden necklace kwangTouQiang couldn’t hell but wanted to life his foot and kick AhFei to death.

    After half a day of planning it seem that AhFei is the one scamming and robbing them and not the other way around.

    Of course he can think that way in his heart, but kwangTouQiang hand doesn’t dare to stop and hurriedly took down the necklace on his neck and handed it over to AhFei.

    Watching the boss took handed down his golden necklace without saying a word the other 3 quietly and quickly reach out to there own necklace and wanted to past it to AhFei without hesitation because those are bought on the streets and not worth much.

    But before they took off their necklace, they heard the sound of disdain from XieYunJie “you guys doesn’t need to take it off, as I’m not interested in brass! “

    “fuk what is this freak observation abilities even those worker in gold trading can’t distinguish them with the naked eye.” While watching him slowly putting the banknote and the golden necklace I to his pocket.

    After keeping the money in his pocket he turn around facing kwangTouQiang and said, “Big brother Qiang is that right? “

    “Don’t please don’t call me that just call me kwangTouQiang. “ hearing XiaYunJie calling him big brother he couldn’t help but shiver, thinking what if this freak decides to play with his arm, he will be a disabled man for the rest of his life.

    “Okey then kwangTouQiang, actually I’m an easy going man. As long as you guys doesn’t bother me, I won’t take the initiative to mess up with you guys, I hope that you guys will remember this lesson and don’t come looking for me again. But of course if you guys wished to visit me, remember to bring more money in your wallet next time and please change those brass necklace into gold as a man wearing brass even if you aren’t a shame of yourself I am! XieYunJie said slowly.

    “we won’t, we will never dare to bother you big brother” crying and racing inside of his heart said who would want to find a devil like you again.

    “then it’s settle AhBiao please pull over the vehicle and let them off the road it’s uncomfortable having so many guys inside the van “ XiaYunJie nodded and tapped the shoulder of driver with the steel pipe…

    The gentle tap on his shoulder makes him feel winter is near, he hurriedly stopped the car beside the road and quickly drove off once the others get out from the van.

    As kwangTouQiang watched the van drove off farther away he wanted to cry, who’s the gangster right now?

    From NanShan Road to DeYa district is a bit far. It usually takes around 30mins of bus ride and some walk, but now with special transportation he reached NanShan road roughly 4:40pm.

    Getting out of the van and looking at the watch it’s still early, just as XiaYunJie was looking at his watch AhBiao drive off at the speed of lightning, as if he was afraid XieYunJie would catch up to him.

    NanShan road is lined up with trees and bars. It’s the most famous bar street in JiangZhou. There are various bars of different color, some are rock and roll, some are quite, some are simple but they had one thing in common and that’s when night arrive lights are flashing everywhere.

    At the moment it’s not yet evening yet, NanShan road is still very quite, with not many people walking around, yet you could feel the beauty of those tall sycamore trees standing on both side of the road which covering the sky and could sit and enjoy the summer breeze below it.

    Seeing that he just found a fix job and just made a fortune just now with some cash and a golden necklace that should worth four to five thousand RMB, which will fix his temporary financial crisis. Which me haven’t felt this good mood and relaxed for a long time.
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    Laws 5. OUT dated thinking

    Walking alone on NanShan road soon XiaYunJie saw BLUENIGHT bar which is covered in half behind those trees. This is a bar that is decorated in woods like west American cowboy style.

    When XiaYunJie SAW BLUENIGHT bar he also saw Cheng Hao who is standing under the tree shade, ChengHao is still wearing the same T-shirt and blue denim skirt. When ChengHao saw XieYunJie she tipped her toes and waved at him while she was doing that the short t-shirt was pulled up high and revealing her sexy waist making XiaYunJie felt warm yet unfamiliar feelings.

    “Ah Hao we met again. “as XiaYunJie walked over and smile.

    “Yeah we meet again, come on in the boss is already in the office.” As she pointed towards the bar and walked in together.

    The decorations style of the bar is somewhat messy and unorganized, but it give off the feeling of wilderness excitement, walking through the bar XiaYunJie felt that it’s like a separate world from the real world outside.

    The bar was divided into two floors, the boss office is upstairs and there’s a private room too for customers.

    When ChengHao took XiaYunJie upstairs, a feminine character women with big buttocks and her sexy waist, which twisted with every move she takes walking downstairs.

    XiaYunJie that just graduated from secondary school. Although there’s some girls in school who wore sexy tight skirt, but comparing with this lady in front it still have a long way to go. Watching this enchanting women walking down the stairs, those snow white tender legs and V collar shirt which show half of her valley, XieYunJie was a bit embarrassed to look at her but couldn’t help but want to take a sneak peek at her.

    “Ah Hao, is this young handsome man our new guy? “ the enchanting women couldn’t help but look at XiaYunJie when both of them are walking towards to second floor and asked.

    “Yeah, he’s my friend and wanted to work it here, Ah Jie this is my supervisor YanJie. “ChengHao laughed.

    “Good evening, Yan Jie (Jie, is 姐sister meaning) “. XiaYunJie smile and reply.

    “good evening, handsome, after seeing the boss remember to come over and look for me. “ and threw a wink at XiaYunJie and continue walking down the stairs with her mature waist twisting left and right.

    When YenJie walked past XiaYunJie, her rose perfume luring in the air which make XieYunJie, count help but turn around and look at her again.

    “Yan Jie’s ass is very sexy and attractive right? “ when XiaYunJie turn around and look at Yan Jie hips he suddenly heard ChengHao voice beside his ear.

    After all XiaYunJie never had the taste of women in his life yet, when facing the opposite sex he is still a little shy. Seeing ChengHao caught him, he hurriedly turned his head and coughed again, and pretended nothing had happen and continued walking upstairs. ChengHao couldn’t help but reach out and pinch him in the waist and said “ you can pretend little pervert, but I warn you YanJie is the boss’s women, don’t have any idea of hitting her. “

    XiaYunJie never had the thought of hitting up with YanJie, but just thinking about such a beautiful woman are already someone else, he couldn’t but still felt a trace of loss in his heart.

    The boss’s office is on the second floor of the room, knocking on the door he saw a beautiful women in her early 30 sitting on the sofa, she was wearing white collar slim shirt with black dress, like those office lady in banks.

    When XiaYunJie and ChengHao came in she waved her hand to signal then to wait for a while, and after a few simple words she hanged up the phone.

    “Ah Hao is this the friend you told me on the phone “ while watching XiaYunJie she asked.

    Seeing the women watching at him, he wanted to secretly ask ChengHao is this the owner of the bar? Why is it a woman? Then YanJie and her aren’t they….? But obviously it isn’t the right moment to ask this question. XieYunJie smile at her, but couldn’t stop picture two beautiful women together in his mind.

    “Yes boss “ ChengHao reply at the same time XieYunJie confirm this beautiful lady in front of him is the boss, while the boss confirmed this young handsome man in front of him is ChengHao recommended friend.

    “handsome boy, what’s your name, where do you work before coming here, where are you from? “ after confirming XiaYunJie is ChengHao friend the female boss looked at him and ask.

    Ever since he graduated from school this should be the first time in his life XiaYunJie been interview, and it is also the determination whether he can continue to lead a stable life after this. Although this is his first interview facing the boss he still calmly introducing himself.

    After listening to his introduction she nodded and told ChengHao “ go and bring Ajie to li’s side to register, then take him to the stuff room and have him suit up and ready for work.

    XiaYunJie doesn’t expect that interview would be so simple, and was in dazed. Until ChengHao pulled him, he came back to his senses and said “thank you boss”

    Nodded her head the female boss told him “ do your job well, anything that you doesn’t understand yoy could ask ChengHao or XiaoYan(refer to Big sister Yan).

    XiaYunJie guessed that XiaoYan should be the women whom he met when walking up stairs just now, and couldn’t help but felt a litter weird.

    Coming out of the boss office, XiaYunJie couldn’t hold it any longer and ask “ChengHao you said YanJie is the boss women? But how can the boss be a women too? “

    “you are really OUT, it’s already the 20 centuries! Who’s in love and be together with whom it’s OPENED. After you are working at this bar for a long time, you will know isn’t that rare to see thing like that. “ hearing those words XiaYunJie looked at her.

    Following ChengHao when over to LiJie to register, and when to the stuff room to receive his uniform, right now XiaYunJie is officially working at BLUENIGHT bar. During this period of time ChengHao gave him a brief introduction of the situation of the bar and after that he had some stuff dinner together.

    The bar has two DJs, two tuners, part-time light division, four security guards, one floor manager, two cashier, two bartenders, six waiters plus YanJie as supervisor, others including welcomer, chefs and many more.

    After listening to her introduction, XiaYunJie only knew that a bar is so complicated and not easy to manage. After knowing his working position as a waiter he also now know the full name of YanJie which is ZhuXiaoYan.

    “it’s almost working time, go get dress up in your uniform. “ after finish eating some food said ChengHao.

    Male uniforms are very simple a pair of trousers, a white shirt with a flower at the collar and a vest, while female are black T-shirt and a miniskirt.

    When ChengHao walk out of the locker room, XiaYunJie felt his heart beat getting faster and faster the moment he saw the mini skirt that ChengHao wore, which showing her sexy snowy thighs. Under the dim light the feeling of temptation of wanting others to stretched out their hands and slowly reaching the top.

    “little devil, what are you looking at? Haven’t you seen enough at noon? “ when ChengHao saw XiaYunJie was staring at her and couldn’t help but turn red on her cheek.

    “cough, AhHao isn’t this dress a litter short? “ after coughing twice XiaYunJie then said.

    “what you think I’m going to suffer some losses? “ChengHao looked at XieYunJie.

    “a little”. XiaYunJie saying the truth from his heart. Although XiaYunJie only met ChengHao for half a day, and the first female friend in JiangZhou. Her enthusiasm, lively and cheerful heart made XieYunJie having a strange good feeling for her.

    “OUT-dated, this is call sexy understand? “ with a glance at him before walking away.

    Looking at the turning back of ChengHao, especially the round butt that wrapped around her mini skirt, XieYunJie couldn’t help but shook his head.

    Maybe I’m really old fashioned, really OUT dated!

    As he was thinking, ChengHao who was walking out suddenly turned back and pulled him and said, “what are you doing? Rest assured I’m smart pervert won’t be that easy taking advantage of me”

    But as she was saying her face suddenly flashed red as she remembered that just now at noob this little devil just took a big advantage of her.

    Following her out of the locker room at the bar, YanJie was sitting in a high bar chair with cross legs showing her alluring legs.

    “Hey, little handsome tell me more about yourself “ said XiaoYan when she saw both of them in uniform.
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    Laws 6. Female bar elite

    As XiaYunJie was facing YanJie he felt a litter embarrassed, because from. His angle, not only could he see the deep white cleavage along with her sexy snowy legs and a small part of her panties that the skirt couldn’t cover.

    Although XiaYunJie is embarrassed while facing such sexy women, he still calmly answer her questions “YanJie, my name is XieYunJie, I just graduated for school this year, doesn’t have any working experience at the bar, I’ll need a lot of advice from both sisters. “

    “it’s Okey, experience are learn through time” when YanJie heard XiaYunJie introduction she doesn’t have any dissatisfaction, but nodded her head and turn towards ChengHao and said “ ChengHao, Ajie is your friend teach him on your free time so that he can catch up”

    “Sure no problem YanJie “ ChengHao nodded back.

    Seeing this simple and quick confirmation and his work is completely finalized, he couldn’t help but think that is it the character of people in the bar is much steady and cool? Unlike normal enterprise offices they will drag and drag your time.

    As the bar isn’t officially open for business yet and guests haven’t arrive. ChengHao handed a drink list to XiaYunJie and said “ Ajie look at the wine list and food list first, and try to familiarize yourself with it. Our bar had many old guests that once they arrived they will just simply said what they wanted to order and you have to remember it. “

    Picking up and open the wine list, inside the wine list there’s a more then 10 pages of wine, which many are in English, he couldn’t help but be dumbfounded as almost all the English above he couldn’t understand. XiaYunJie had only graduated from secondary school and his English is somewhat learned only the basic.

    Looks like when I have time, I got to learn some English. Anyway I’ll take the exam for collage next year. With an embarrassing face XiaYunJie said “ does I need to remember it all down? My English isn’t good, I’m afraid within a short period of time I can’t memorized all of it.

    “Do not worry, do you think everyone in our line of work are good in English too? Hehe, here this is the translation book which YanJie specially wrote. “

    XiaYunJie acceptable the other book and opened it. It turns out that the content of this book were the exactly the same as the previous book, but there’s a Chinese name written behind all of it. For example vodka they wrote vodka (here in Chinese they wrote the same pronunciation) and so on.

    After looked at a few page, he left out a sigh of relief. Although XiaYunJie English isn’t good, his memory is stronger then that of a ordinary human. With all this translation done it isn’t that that difficult for him to memorize the list of wines in it. What surprised him the most is that not only YanJie is a beautiful and sexy women she also a english Pro.

    As there isn’t any customers walking in yet and there’s nothing to do yet . XiaYunJie quickly took up the translation book and start remember the names in the list. After about 10 minutes XieYunJie return the book to ChengHao and said “ beside the wine list, is there anything else I need to remember? “

    ChengHao saw that XiaYunJie return the book so quickly and asked “ There’s plenty of time, don’t need to rush, you should look at it longer and get familiar with it, it will help you getting smooth with the job faster later on. “

    “I have already remembered it” XiaYunJie laughed.

    “What, you remember it in such short amount of time? “ when ChengHao heard his words she was surprised.

    “You don’t believe in me? You can test me. “ XieYunJie laughed

    “Okey then let me test you. “ at first ChengHao doesn’t believe him because when she first arrived here it took her almost half a day just to get a hang of it.

    But when ChengHao start asking questions her eyeball getting bigger and rounder, then finally looked at XiaYunJie as a freak.

    “How’s it did I answer wrongly? “ looking unsure when she’s watching at him.

    “Ajie are you really just graduated from secondary school? “she didn’t answer her questions but asked him unbelievably.

    “Yeah, is there a problem? “ XiaYunJie reply, as secondary school diploma is worst enough do he still needed to falsify it?

    “Wa fuk,you had such a great talented brain, you shouldn’t have any problem entering Tsinghua university, why only you have secondary school education? Ah I know you little devil! When are studying you only know how to chase skirt!” looking unbelievable at XieYunJie she then poke the head of XiaYunJie with her fingers.

    XiaYunJie didn’t expect the test of wine list would be the result of him been a pervert little devil in school, he couldn’t help but laughed.

    Vow to the heaven and earth, the reason why he didn’t go to Tsinghua University is because when he was small he was force to study witchcraft all day long, and there’s isn’t much time to study. The reason why he was able to memorize it so quickly was because the understanding of witchcraft and souls are much more complex than language.

    Although ChengHao was amazed by his memory and suspected he’s a little devil, she still handed him the next book and said “ took carefully at all those wine glasses above, each and every has different shapes and size and amount of wine and the price are determined by it.”

    Accepting the next book and opening it he found all kinds of wine glasses and a note that explains what kind of wine are served.

    Reaching at 8 o’clock evening customer began to enter the bar, and ChengHao told XiaYunJie “since its your first day working today, you will temporarily help the welcoming customers and collecting the cups after drinking. “

    XiaYunJie nodded and officially started his barbell job. Standing at a dark corner whenever he saw guest had finished he will go up and collect the cups and dishes into the kitchen.

    During this period, he paid some attention toward ChengHao, who was as beautiful as a butterfly moving around customers to customers. Whenever a customer want to reach out and touch her she would dodge it flexible.

    XiaYunJie was relieved to see it, but couldn’t help but secretly sigh, it is not easy to find a job that they love in this world.

    The life of a bar is more exciting then XiaYunJie imagination. There are men who hook up with women, and some women took the initiative to hook up with men. Once they are successful they would be like an sweet couple that’s madly in love after leaving the bar. XiaYunJie never experience men and women sex but looking at it he knew they were going to look for a place to have fun. There’s also some men and women that fail to hook up. There’s once when XiaYunJie was collecting cup and dishes, he inadvertently saw in a corner, there was a women sitting on the man’s body while the man is holding her ass revealing her buttock without panties

    At 10 o’clock in the Evening, it was the most HI time in the bar, where rock music, sexy girl dancing with light flickering around the center of the stage. Many men and women dancing on the dance floor with faces showed variety of excitement.

    This is the first time XiaYunJie watched such stunning and exciting dance performances. Looking at it make his blood hype up and wanted to join into the crowd and follow the madness.

    However he was very clear minded. Therefore as his duty it’s his job to carefully observes the situation of the bar and see are there any guests who wants to check out or needs clean up etc.

    At this time XiaYunJie saw a men in his 30s well dressed up carrying a wine glass and heading towards a corner, he couldn’t help but shook his head and whispered to himself “ the tenth”

    In that corner, a women who’s in her thirty was stating alone. With just a glance you could see that she had a beautiful face, an elite in her work, a charismatic inspiration leader type of women.

    This kind of women is often fatal and tempting for hunters. Because having such a women conquer, it often gives men a strong sense of conquest. What’s more is that female elite in the corner was enchanting, sexy and mature especially the peaks of her tower, as if it’s going to break apart the shirt at any time. So many man had noticed her once they enter the bar.

    A women like this without any confidence in themselves men won’t dare approach. As she was drinking lonely wine alone many doesn’t dare to go forward. But from the beginning, there’s already nine of them who had gone up to her but was refused without exception. Once there was 2 male who tried to touch her but was swept down to the floor quickly, naturally refused to give up they when at her again but this time she was obviously angry, and directly kicked them in the stomachs and smashed them out a few meters apart.

    After that incident many males who doesn’t have enough confidence will not walk up to her. But even so there’s still a few more that walk up and talked to her and this is “The Tenth. “
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    Laws 7. Female director

    When the man who was holding the wine glass was walking towards the women, the women just stared at the wine glass of his hand and threw out a cold word “Get Lost! “

    As a confident man, he didn’t expect to not give him any face. Unwilling to give up he continued “ everyone come to hang out together here, been alone isn’t it…. “

    However, before he could finish his words, the latter swallowed back his words as soon as the women suddenly looked up at him. Although she had a dazzling eye but the cold sharp eye that fixed on him is even more scary.

    The man felt a cold breeze coming behind him, smiled awkwardly and chose to leave.

    As the women saw the man turned and left, she picked up her glass and continued.

    The women was drinking whiskey mix sprite, whisky alcohol% is very high, but after adding sprite it bring sweet taste and easy to drink. Often people that drinks it will drink more then they can take without realizing it by the time they do most are already drunk.

    XiaYunJie doesn’t count how many glasses of wine she had, but knew that she already had drunk to much, and estimated she will be drunk sooner or later.

    At two o’clock in the bar, all the guests are gone. The women also left, as her sleeping on her arm on the table and a singer came and woke her up and left the bar staggering.

    “All right good job guys, everyone had worked hard today, after some clean up we will get off work. “ the female boss glanced around and issue the order to get off work.

    After receiving the order everyone started to work, and about 2:30am XiaYunJie was out of the bar.

    In the mid summer of JiangZhou there’s a coolness at this moment. XieYunJie and ChengHao stayed at different places so both of them go back home separately after leaving the bar.

    In the morning 2:30am there’s no one walking around the road.

    The street lamps on both side of the long road that couldn’t see the far end. XiaYunJie was waking alone in this new yet strange city, thinking to him self that he finally found a job that’s still fairly stable, and there’s bitterness in his heart.

    Life isn’t easy!

    “hey red hair, look there’s a chick beside the lamppost, and it seem to be a beauty. “ just as XiaYunJie was sighed about life wasn’t easy, a green head punk across the road pointed at the unconscious women sitting beside the lamppost.

    “Wow, she aren’t just a beautiful, she’s mature and sexy women! “ the punk that been called red hair walked closely and said.

    Damn, she’s really a hot chick! Looks like we Brothers are very lucky tonight, as we can play with such sexy mature chick without paying. As the both of them are stating to get excited.

    “fuk, what are you day dreaming about? Give me a hand quickly! “ said the green hair man when he saw his friend was day dreaming. They couldn’t wait to bend over reaching out to the unconscious women.

    Just when both of them are reaching out for women, suddenly a young man stopped in front of them and said “I think before you touch her, had you asked her does she agree or disagree? “

    “fuk you, trying to steal our prize? Get lost in front of your daddy eye’s! “ the red hair was shocked at first but looking around there’s no one else he shouted at XieYunJie.

    Seeing this gangster was scolding him, he couldn’t help but sink his face and without further notice he grabbed the red hair arm and toss out.

    Without and resistance the red hair punk was throw a distant of 3 to 4 meters away with a slam on the ground.

    Originally the green hair punk wanted to help when he saw XieYunJie grabbed his friend arm, but as watching XiaYunJie easily threw his friend 3 to 4 meters away with ease, he couldn’t help but got scared and ran away without looking at his friend. As for the red hair punk that got slammed on the ground and have lost his soul hurriedly got up and ran away too.

    When XiaYunJie saw the two punk ran away he turn around and look down at the women who was sitting beside the lamppost. He couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile, because this unconscious lady was the very same lady that left the bar after it was closed.

    “Hey, this lady wake up, wake up! “as XiaYunJie squatted and grabbed her shoulder and shock it.

    However with this shake, her staggered body suddenly fell onto him and her hand was wrapped around his neck with her chin on her shoulder. And on his shoulder a snoring sound could be heard.

    Immediately he felt her to peek tower was pressing against his chest. Been shocked he quickly grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back to the lamppost.

    However after XiaYunJie had pushing her back to the original position. And releasing his hand the lady head slide down to the other side of the lamppost, the other side was an empty paved road, if she falls and hit the ground her head would surely bleed and XiaYunJie will be the one to be blade. So hurriedly after pushing her away he reach out and grabbed her arm and pulled her back again…

    Looking at this sleeping beauty full of temptation with her soft body. In this current situation unless XiaYunJie used witchcraft to awaken her, she would surely won’t be awake until morning arrives.

    Witchcraft is not naturally easy to use, and as the old saying goes, since this lady chose to drink until drunk, XiaYunJie feels that maybe when she naturally woke up the next day maybe all the troubles will go off with the wind, and doesn’t need to visit the bar to get drunk again.

    With this in mind, XiaYunJie decided to find a nearby hotel and let her had a good sleep.

    However, if toy want to live in a hotel they definitely need money and ID card, but after searching her body he couldn’t find any bag carried by her.

    Having this big problem without ID card how can he register at a hotel. The worst not even a mobile phone was on her and No one to contact with.

    “Forget about it… sigh I’ll just be a good guy and take you in for one night”(Gg!) just as XiaYunJie was hesitating a taxi came by, he then carried her from the ground and stopped the taxi.

    The taxi driver was a middle aged uncle, after asking where XiaYunJie was going he slammed his thumb up and give him a +like “young man, you’re awesome! When I was at your age, I don’t know what a women is, BUT you already know which type of women are the most delicious damn! This women is superb hehe young man I really envy you!

    XiaYunJie was speechless when he heard the taxi driver thinking that he was a little wolf getting ready to eat a wonderful sheep!

    While XiaYunJie was on the taxi on the way towards YuYa district, KwangTouQiang who was robbed by XiaYunJie was awakened by a rushing call.

    “fuk, Xiao6 had your fuking brain rot? What time is it?” kwangTouQiang picked look hard on the phone screen and fire over the phone

    Xiao6 is a thief under kwangTouQiang.

    “Qiang, Qiang brother I got a bag” there’s was a trembling voice in the phone.

    KwangTouQiang heard the trembling sound of Xiao6 over the phone and at this special hour Xiao6 called him he couldn’t help but felt excited looking forward :” Big case? How much is it!)

    “No, not much, just a few hundreds RMB. “ the voice of Xiao6 is still trembling.

    “Wtf Xiao6 are you playing with me? Calling me at the middle of the night for just a few hundreds of dollars? And wtf is all this shaking voice is about? “ when he heard it’s just a few hundreds dollars, his high expectations shattered and he was violently screaming.

    “I, I am afraid. “ Xiao6 continued to tremble.

    “Afraid of what? Are you fuking working on the first day? do you think the police security will investigate specifically just because of a few hundreds of RMB?” kwangTouQiang almost fainted from anger.

    “ But, but this bag seem to be QinLan! “ when Xiao6 said the word “Qin Qin “ his voice trembled even harder.

    “What? QinLan? Are you talking about the deputy director of the municipal public security, that QinLan? I fuk your 18 generation of ancestors! Is your brain growing grass or was it grow on your ass! Even the bag of Quinlan, the deputy director of the municipal public security you dare to steal it? What are you thinking? Are you trying to kill me here? “ kwangTouQiang couldn’t help but cold sweats start emerging on his forehead.

    Don’t look at kwangTouQiang who had ten plus of man working under him, that seem to be living a good life, but he knew in his heart that within this area he’s just a small ant compared to others. Such as the public security police, to those people if he doesn’t commit any major event they will close an eye to them. But if it’s a big deal the first thing they do is digging them out for the truth as right now this area is frequently under the activity of kwangTouQiang. And right now Xiao6 had just took the bag of the deputy director of the public security! What’s the difference from looking for a fast death?

    “Qiang, Big brother Qiang, I really doesn’t know that the women is the deputy director of the public security of our city. When I saw her drunk from walking out of the bar, I took the advantage and stolen her bag. If I knew she was the famous cold blooded devil, even if you killed me I won’t dare steal her bag! Qiang, big brother Qiang what do you say if I throw away the bag and make it as nothing is ever stolen? “ been scolded by kwangTouQiang Xiao6 was even more panic now.

    “Fuk you Xiao6 are you looking for death? Once you throw the bag away and if it’s really gone missing who the fuk will QinLan first thought will be and come looking for trouble? “ kwangTouQiang reply angrily.

    “ Then what should I do now big brother? “ Xiao6 was so anxious that he wanted to cry out.

    After walking back and forth in the room while touching his bald head he said, “Okey, you find a chance and return the bag to the public security, take it as a good heart passersby picked it up and returning it to the owner.”

    “Oh, yeah big brother is so smart, why I never thought of it before! “ said Xiao6 while smacking his head.

    “Cut the crap, or else how I’m I your boss! “while feeling somewhat proud in his heart.

    “But, but just thinking about going to the public security, my legs are already shaking “

    “Get Lost, do you still need me to go in your place? “ kwangTouQiang scream though the phone.
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    LAWS 8 The Great sorcerer inheritance of XiaYu

    XiaYunJie certainly doesn’t know that this lady he’s carrying will turn out to be the deputy director of the municipal public security, who is so called the cold blooded face devil in JiangZhou. At this time and hour at midnight lucky there isn’t anyone around, if there’s anyone that saw them a single man carrying an unconscious lady home at the middle of the night, they will surely misunderstood him.

    After entering the house XiaYunJie place her on the sofa in the living room, then took out a long breath.

    Carrying a women up the stairs isn’t that tired, what makes him tired is trying to restraining himself from cranky thought about her, as a young man holding such a seductive body without cranky thought, it really requires a strong willpower.

    After a long relief XiaYunJie once again looked at her, but once again his heartbeat start racing up again, because with this look he noticed the button on the shirt was already open without his notice earlier, and now it’s revealing the fullness of her sexy bra. Although she was lying down, she two breast stood like 3 mountain peaks.

    Inhale and exhale, then repeat again and again. XiaYunJie finally removed his eye from the two half covered jade peaks. After that he return to his own room and took out a blanket and cover her up, then helped her open the electric fan in the living room.

    After finish all this, XiaYunJie found out that he was already sweating heavily. Shaking his head as a sorcerer at the middle realm of WuErDing, that can’t be invaded by the heat or cold, didn’t expected that today for the sake of a women he is full of sweat.

    Shaking his head and secretly despising himself, XiaYunJie then walked to the bathroom and took a cold shower, when he was showering naked he couldn’t help but remember there is a beauty, delicate body like a peach lying in the living room and couldn’t help but felt hotter and hotter within his body.

    After showering, he return to his room, lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling, it’s already 3:30 o’clock in the morning.

    Thinking in his brain, he remember helping ChengHao healing her foot injuries, remember that he found a job in the bar and his night experience working, remembered the female lady that’s just outside his room. He felt that after coming to JiangZhou for more then a month this very day could couldn’t be more rich and exciting than a month staying here.

    While he was daydreaming, he unconsciously enter his dream world.

    At 5 o’clock in the morning, in the rising sun of the day the only time in the day that had a purple gas that’s coming to the east, it’s the best time for cultivation.

    XiaYunJie woke up from his sleep as usual, got up and looked at the east, then sat facing at it, breathing in the air. When XiaYunJie was breathing behind the east sky it seemed to have a purple light that’s glow behind the sunrise and it shoots in between XieYunJie eyebrows.

    When the source of purple light continues to flowing into him, there was a whirlpool between his eyebrow like a new third eye. Gradually, as the source of purple light continues to penetrate, the vortex shines brightly, within the light is actually an antique feeling of endless years of vicissitudes of life, and on top of it (GuDing = an old palace within him ) was engraved with a lot of graphic runes with an ancient and mysterious atmosphere.

    After an hour at 6 o’clock XiaYunJie opened his eyes and stood up, walked to the window and looking at the east. As a habit and of touching his forehead as his GuDing gradually disappeared, and his thoughts flew back to when he was seven years old.

    XiaYunJie was born in ShangYang country of JiangZhou city, JiangNan province.

    An old ancestors said that their ancestor were the first emperor of Xia Dynasty.

    Legend has it that the ancient Wu people had the blood of the great Pangu Emperor, that had the power of heaven and earth and control the universe. There’s also another legend that Xia Dynasty was established by the ancient sorcerer King.

    As for these legends before the age of nine, XiaYunJie has always been very eager listening to story’s like that. It was until that day that at nine years old, he was seriously I’ll and going to die, and it was at that time he met his master. And realized that those legends may not accurate, but not all of them are myths.

    Because as of now he is a sorcerer, and a sorcerer who truly Inherits the blood of Xia. And it was too after the serious illness that between his eyebrow there’s an imprint shape of GuDing that will be noticed by anyone, but when he practiced, the ancient GuDing will shine, and his master said that this blood mark of Xia after its awakening.

    The division of realm on Wu sorcerer is very simple, earthly Wu, heavenly Wu, mysterious Wu, the Great Wu.

    Wu sorcerer, is on top of the sky and next to the earth, and has the Power of heaven. Earthly Wu is base on the ground and has not yet have access to heaven. Only by reaching the realm of heavenly Wu only can they break through sky and void. Every major realm of Wu is subdivided into 1 – 9 levels and between them is divided into first, middle and third phases. Wu King is also a legendary sorcerer and is the most powerful one.

    Legend has it that it ruler of flood and sea, XiaWei is also a legendary sorcerer that once rule in the ancient time and that’s the time when sorcerer had reached their peek. And after XiaWei, the people of Wu started to decline and the Taoist and Buddhism has absorbed some it knowledge and they began to prosper. Of course as the earth aura fades away and the law of Wu been lost, and now the two religions of Taoism and Buddhism have also fallen into disarray. As for people that truly understand the way of cultivate is nowhere to be found. So from a certain point of view, Wu sorcerer is the origin of Taoism and Buddhism.

    XiaYunJie master surname is Wu, with a single name Ze. According to him, his ancestors are ancient sorcerer and specializes in physiognomy, witch doctor, geomancy, exorcism of evil and so on. After saved XiaYunJie life he accepted him as a disciple, and did his best to pass on his skill that he learn in his life. XiaYunJie was born with the blood of the ancient Wu WangXia, and he lived up to his expectations. When WuZe passed away not only did XiaYunJie had surpassed him in cultivation, but even his best skill in physiognomy XiaYunJie had already over took him in.

    It was precisely because of this that WuZe worried that XiaYunJie who is young and prosperous would fall into the lust for power and profit, and be arrogant and will ignore the life and death of others and will made blood flows like river. As the legendary Wu blood are from Pangu who naturally are bloodlust. Therefore before his death he made XiaYunJie made a vow and promises him to work as an ordinary person to earn money to support himself for three years after his death, in order to temper his heart.

    While thinking about his master, subconsciously he touched his ancient sliver ring on his left finger, on the ring its engraved a mountain of enchanting spirits. The ring is the token of the Lord of Wu gate, which is rarely unknown.

    “Master you can rest assured, I will forever remember your teaching! “ as he gently turned the rings on his finger and secretly swear.

    After silently vow in his heart, XiaYunJie turned to the door and was getting ready to the bathroom to wash up.

    While opening the door of his bedroom XiaYunJie subconsciously looked at the sofa in the living room.

    On the sofa is the beautiful lady QinLan. Other then her thigh and her most protective parts are covered the rest are all exposed in the air.

    The snow-white round thighs, the two jade peak which is towering up, her white jade body was exposed almost unrealistic under the eyes of XiaYunJie. On the floor next to the sofa, her white shirt was thrown all over the place, black pants, yellow lace breastfed bar, and even a black sexy panties with two straps. It’s not that hard to imagine that under the blanket is a naked women….

    Just when XiaYunJie who had just finish cultivated and his mood is surprisingly calm but now there’s suddenly such a stunning view in from of him, the blood of youth within him started to pumping up and the evil fire of his little brother(xxxx) picked up. Making him almost want to step forward and pull open the mystery under it.

    Perhaps the sound of the opening door awakened QinLan, when XiaYunJie eye was fixing on her with flame of desire, QinLan opened her eyes.

    As soon as he opened her eye’s and saw XiaYunJie, a strange and young man who had his eye staring on herself.

    QinLan is the deputy director of the municipal public security. From small case to big case she had handled a lot of it. After awakening and found herself in a stranger house and not far away from. Her was a young man, she didn’t show any sign of panic, but quickly analyzed the current situation in her mind.

    However following XiaYunJie gaze at her twin peak exposed to be seen, although QinLan was the deputy director of the municipal public security she felt panic and subconsciously pulled the blanket and covering her sexy twin peak.

    But with this action QinLan forgotten that she was naked at the moment and suddenly two long legs and her most attractive parts are completely exposed!

    XiaYunJie that breathing starts getting heavier. What is seen between those long legs aren’t the legendary grass, but smooth and white. Although he knew that he must immediately remove his sight away, but his eye had betrayed him and keep stared at the white yet tenderness skin.

    With this pull QinLan felt a cold below and knew it bad, and quickly pulled it back down and finally fully covered up.

    Although XiaYunJie is a sorcerer he’s still human. After QinLan covered up the heat in XieYunJie cold down and with a woke up call he cry out “ I didn’t take off your clothes “ as he hurriedly explained.

    “if it’s isn’t you taking it off, are you saying it’s…. “ before the word “myself” she suddenly remember she had the habit of sleeping naked, and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.
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    LAWS 9 It really isn’t me!

    “it really isn’t me, I just saw you…. “ XiaYunJie certainly didn’t m kw that QinLan had the habit of sleeping naked. Looking at her unbelief eye, he started anxiously and swear coming out from his forehead.

    It couldn’t blame her too, as a women waking up the next day in a stranger’s room and didn’t wear anything. If you said it wasn’t the man who took it off then who will it be? It’s already very polite and not been insulted and shout rape directly!

    “Okey you doesn’t need to explain anymore, could you please avoid and let me wear a dress first? “ QinLan grabbed the blanket tightly as she said.

    Never in her dreams have she ever thought that one day even she as a deputy director of the municipal public security would one day be so powerless. In the past no matter where she went just by hearing her nick name cold blooded devil people would tremble. But right now in front of this young man who’s in his twenty she couldn’t even dare to move and only could be wrap under the blanket.

    “Sorry, sorry I’ll go back into my room to avoid it. Also, I really didn’t take off your clothes. “ XiaYunJie walked into his room but as he walked in he turn around and explain another time.

    Just as he was saying it, XiaYunJie heart felt quite wronged. It isn’t easy to do a good heart job. Of course thinking about the amazing image that he just saw, even the women swearing a few words it’s still worth it!

    After all the scene just was so amazing and touching. Growing up till now XiaYunJie had never in his life been so captured by such scene.

    Watching XiaYunJie that’s walking back to his room but still talking non stop about her cloth, QinLan really wanted to cry as she couldn’t possibly tell her that you didn’t took off my cloth it’s me that have the habit of naked sleeping right?

    Back into his bedroom, he could hear the sound of wearing clothes from the outside, and unconsciously start thinking about just what he saw earlier and couldn’t help but felt his blood boiling again.

    Just as XiaYunJie was in deep imagination, outside QinLan once again wanted to cry but without tears, as she doesn’t know how she took off her cloth last night and tear off 2 buttons on it! As soon as she released her hand the two peak tower will come jumping out!

    If this continues, obviously there’s no way she can return home.

    After a long time, QinLan who found out that she couldn’t solve this problem by her self had to called out to the closed bedroom door. “hey, you, can you come out for a while? “

    Whether it’s facing colleague or facing criminals traffickers she always had a cool and icy without any expression. But at this time, QinLan can’t help but blush, revealing a trace of women extraordinary charming yet moving little girl. Fortunately, there isn’t anyone that wasfamiliar with her at present, otherwise they must have think that they “had seen ghost in bright daylight. “

    Hearing QinLan calling out to him, couldn’t help but opened the door with a brittle smile. In fact, he still hope that QinLan would leave her on when she’s done, and part ways, so even in the future if they met each other they won’t be shy or embarrassed about it. Actually QinLan also had this idea but as a chief deputy she couldn’t just walk out of the house with her hands on her chest all the time right?

    As soon as XiaYunJie opened the door he felt his blood start boiling again, a few meters away, the sexy, mature female director is holding her chest(shirt) tightly with her hands. With her tightly fitting Office Lady shirt together with her hands pulling it together it seem that both of her twin peak is going to burst out any moment! Aside from all that coupled with her shyness on the face and hands holding on the neckline, XiaYunJie will misunderstood that she is trying to seduce and teasing him, if he didn’t witnessed her cold expression last night in the bar.

    “Ahem, I swear I didn’t took off your cloth last night. “ seeing QinLan still haven’t left and was waiting for him, he thought that she was going to start “payback time”he quickly explained again.

    “this I know! “ watching XiaYunJie starting to entangled this matte again she had the urge to life her foot and heavily kick him, thinking even I didn’t mention this matter why are you keep nagging on it! But QinLan isn’t a unreasonable girl after all she knew that XiaYunJie is a good person that helped her so she had no words to express other then blush.

    “It’s great! That you knew that I’m innocent. “ seeing XiaYunJie agreed with his words, he felt a heavy stone been lift up in his heart. Thinking fortunately this women still sees the truth, otherwise he’ll be injustice misunderstood.

    Thinking in his heart he couldn’t help but blurt out: “since it wasn’t me, then…. “

    The word “who”in the back didn’t speak out, and looked at QinLan who face was glamorous yet gloomy, he suddenly dumbfounded.

    If it wasn’t him then of course, this female in front of him took it off her own self!

    When QinLan saw XiaYunJie stared at her weirdly he knew what he was thinking. And in fact this type of situation is really difficult to explain and she quickly snorted. “Hey, haven’t you seem enough? Help me bring some new cloth.”

    At this moment, whether it was her action, voice or attitude it resemble the taste of a fresh couple that just woke up from bed. Even QinLan after hearing her own words felt dumbfounded, is this still herself.

    “Why do you want to take some cloth? “ watching her with his big eye, with a short circuit brain and asked curiosity.

    “You! “ seeing XiaYunJie knowingly yet still asked she couldn’t help but stamp on her feet.

    But with this stamp, her twin peak bounce out from her shirt and revealing an amazing view.

    “Sorry, Sorry, I’ll get you a new cloth right away. “ and hurriedly return to his bedroom, as he finally knew why she needed them.

    Watching XiaYunJie who is young yet handsome little boy hurried return to his bedroom. QinLan subconsciously looked down and found out that her shirt had unknowingly burst apart revealing her tender twin peak. Thinking to her self omg and wanted to die from embarrassment.

    It took XiaYunJie a little while, and took out a T-shirt and handed it to her but remember that the shirt was bought beside the road and told her,”I’m sorry I don’t have any good shirt at the moment just wear it temporarily Okey? “

    After that XiaYunJie who was experienced quickly return back to his bedroom immediately.

    When XiaYunJie return to his bedroom, she quickly took off her shirt and replace with the t-shirt. Just as she put on, she felt her in heart inevitably a little weird yet couldn’t explain.

    “I’m dressed, you can come out now. “

    After hearing her voice again XiaYunJie came out from him room, and couldn’t help but look on his cloth that’s on QinLan body, which somewhat showed a casual yet lazy beauty especially her peak, which is standing firmly which reveals a different temptation, after seeing his own cloth been wore by a mature women.

    Seeing that XiaYunJie stared at herself, QinLan felt awkward, but calmly said “ in any case I should thanks you for thanking me in last night, and thank you for your shirt, I’ll return it back in a few days. “

    “you’re welcome, the shirt is only worth only a few dollars, you don’t have to worry about it. “thinking that they might met up again some other time and it will be inevitably embarrassed he pretended to be generous.

    Although QinLan if possible she would choice not to met up again like XiaYunJie meaning. But felt a sense of uncomfortable and lost and inexplicable feeling in her heart, in any case she is still a beauty been rejected openly and wanted to run away after seeing her naked.

    “No ill return it to you, I know you are working at BLUENIGHT BAR “QinLan said.

    XiaYunJie couldn’t help but flash a trace of surprise, because its his first day at the bar and last night most of the time he was standing quietly in an unobtrusive place, only when guest needed clean up will he quietly show up. Never did he expect she could recognize him.

    XiaYunJie didn’t know QinLan was a police officer, who had a keen observation power that of a usual person had. Although she when to the bar to release some stress and drink alcohol, as a professional habit she will quietly observe the surrounding subconsciously. While XiaYunJie was a waiter how could she not recognize him after just a night.
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    Laws 10 can you borrow me some money?

    Well, my name is XiaYunJie, Xia as summer(夏), Yun as cloud(云), jie as outstanding(杰). If yoy drop by the bar, just talk to any colleagues of mine at the bar and tell will inform me. Watching QinLan insist, and XiaYunJie is also somewhat lack of money at the moment.

    “My name is QinLan, Qin as Qin Shi huang, Lan as blue. Seeing XiaYunJie reporting his name, QinLan habitually self reported her name too, but quickly regretted it.

    As a deputy of the municipal public security. Although she’s rarely exposed to the TV stations and newspapers, as the leader of it the website still had her name and pictures on it. Although the picture is quite different from her in real person, especially in a casual dress, but if XiaYunJie pays more attention on the website it isn’t that difficult to link it with her.

    Fortunately, after reporting her name XiaYunJie doesn’t have any abnormal expression. With this she let out a sigh of relief, “say where’s my bag? “

    If QinLan doesn’t mention it, XiaYunJie almost forgot about this matter and hurriedly replied “in fact, I originally wanted to send you to the hotel last night, but I couldn’t find your bag, that’s why I bring you back to my home, oh right is there any valuable items in your bag? If there is, please quickly report it. “

    Hearing that the bag isn’t here with XiaYunJie, QinLan was secretly relieved. Not only was there a little cash, her mobile phone, but her ID card police officer card and documents. If XiaYunJie got it last night then the identity of her as deputy of the municipal public security will be exposed. As for others taking it she isn’t really worried.

    As the leader of the police she isn’t just in name. In the city of Jian Zhou there’s several pick pockets gangs and all of them knew her nickname cold blood devil who would dare to pick her bag, given that if they still wanted to live in JiangZhou

    “Well, Okey I’ll remember that, thank you and good bye. “ since the bag wasn’t here with XiaYunJie she doesn’t want to stay a minute longer. ( been shy)

    Looking at QinLan turned around and walked out of the door without turning her head anymore, XiaYunJie could not help but receal a trace of surprise. He thought that after hearing that her bag was missing she would definitely ask a few words of disbelief, but looking at her as losing a bag isn’t much of a big deal.

    What a strange women as sending her out the door, but as he was going to close the door he heard the sound of quick foot step climbing upstairs.

    “is there anything else?” watching QinLan returning his eyes swept away from her plump chest that’s bouncing up and down.

    “can you borrow me some money? “ QinLan face was filled with shyness.

    Feeling so stun in her life, been drank and unconscious, and then was bring back to his home, and the next day she was exposed naked in front of him, and wore his cloth. And now she still had to open her mouth to borrow some money.

    As the deputy director of the municipal public security who rules both black and white security known as clod blood devil. Now she is penniless and couldn’t go back home.

    Thinking in his heart XiaYunJie thought that trying to be a good person is very hard, used strength, giving cloth, and now even money.

    But he doesn’t say it out loud and didn’t hesitate to take out a 100 RMB bill from his wallet and hand it over to her “herr”.

    “Thank you! I will return the cloth to you as soon as possible. “ after receiving the money QinLan said.

    “It’s my pleasure in helping others. “ XiaYunJie smile politely, then hesitated and kindly advise : “next time please don’t drink so much wine, as a women drinking alone in the middle of the night is very dangerous, you doesn’t know that last night when you were drunk and unconscious you were almost carried away by two rogues! “

    Although she was a police officer, she had experienced many dangerous situations, but when she heard the last sentence, her face changed greatly, and at the same time cold sweat appears behind her back. As she almost doesn’t dare to imagine the terrible consequences of been rape by two rogues!

    After a while, QinLan was able to stable her emotions and looked seriously at XiaYunJie and said the bottom of her heart ”thank you XiaYunJie, I’ll engraved this kindness in my heart forever”. It was until now only did she realize that without his help last night she would fall into a dire situation. Although XiaYunJie saw her naked body and making her a bit shy, but at this moment QinLan was very grateful for him in his heart.

    “Miss Qin, it’s nothing serious. “ watching her with her serious face and thanked him he blushed.

    Watching XiaYunJie blushed face, QinLan felt an inexplicable feeling in her heart, and raised her hand and said, “take out your mobile phone and pass it to me. “

    Looking at her with a weird feeling he still handed her his Nokia 3310 old phone that he bought from a second hand mobile phone shop.

    QinLan took over the phone and enter in her phone into his phone address and dial out, hanged the call after hearing the ring tone of her mobile phone rang at the other end. Returning it back to him with a smile and said, “I had already saved my mobile number in your phone, if there’s anything or in difficulties and needed help called me. “

    XiaYunJie just wanted to be to an ordinary person who had a local job to pass his life as his master will. But looking at her good intentions, XiaYunJie doesn’t refuse it and said “ thanks you. “

    Working as a officer for such a long time QinLan could see that XiaYunJie doesn’t put her good intention into his heart but she doesn’t break it. “ Okey then, remembered to call me if toy when into any trouble, having an extra friend is always a good thing, maybe I could helped you one day. “

    After finishing her words she turned and walked downstairs.

    Watching QinLan disappear on the stairway, and remembering what she said before she left, he suddenly had a urge to use his WuMen’s unique skill to calculate with his fingers and see what really happened to her last night that made her so disappointed and depressed until she needed to be drank.

    However it was quickly dispelled by XiaYunJie.

    Isn’t life suppose to be full of fun, mystery and the unknown?

    “Life is supposed to be unknow. “ laughing to himself as he walked back into the house.

    To form thought and to be forgotten, life is full of strange emotions. I’m a blink of an eye XiaYunJie no longer think about it, it’s true for sentiment of people that reached the realm of divination like XiaYunJie to not dwell in worldly matters. As for XiaYunJie he had the bloodline of the Wu King and with teacher and self training, only had he step into such high divination at such young age.

    After bathing and had breakfast around the district, the time had already pass 8 o’clock. Thinking about the road to NanShan from YuYa district, although sitting the bus is convenient but he needed to spend money for every change of bus daily. He decided to go to the supermarket and buy a bicycle.

    It took him 240 to buy a permanent bicycle on the nearby LianHua supermarket. XiaYunJie is now a “man with a bike(here words play as 车) “ but obviously his pocket is smashed. Fortunately the rent was paid in advance and in bedroom drawer there’s a golden necklace lying around and now that he had a job in the bar, it’s not necessarily to worry about his life unlike a few days ago. “

    Riding his new bicycle, XiaYunJie strolled around YuYa district and return back home, at home there’s no TV or computer as there’s nothing to do XiaYunJie started reading English books.

    Last night most of the wine im menu were not only in English, but there’s also a lot of foreigners who came to the bar to eat. Since he had already made the decision to live a normal life. He felt that he needed to first enrich himself with knowledge since it would be needed to as part of his job.

    However XiaYunJie english is very bad, although forming words or single sentence might be a problem for him, but compare to huge and mysterious of sorcerer method it’s a thousand miles apart. Although it’s difficult XiaYunJie had patience and perseverance are not to be compare with ordinary people.

    Although in the eyes of others english language is boring, but after a morning of reading although XiaYunJie English level is unlikely to soar to the next level, but with his super memory his vocabulary is leaping forward.

    At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, XiaYunJie ate a bowl of rice in shaxian snack near the neighborhood, after that he rode his new bike slowly to work.

    Passing by JianMing road, XiaYunJie saw a graceful woman rushing out of a coffee shop, which is the lady boss of BLUENIGHT BAR, not far away there’s a man following behind chases her out of the coffee shop and grabbed her hand.

    “Lu Hong, let go of me now! I had no more relationship with you anymore, or I will cry out for help!”after failed to break free from the man grab she said.

    “What’s the matter ShaoLiHong, doesn’t recognize your husband anymore? In the past we are madly in love! “flashing with a sinister gaze in his eye, Lu Hong reach out into his pocket and took out a photo and swing it in from of her.

    ShaoLiHong who was still struggling, when she saw the photo her face suddenly changed and grabbed the photo in his hand. Looking at the photo it was a photo of her riding on top of Lu Hong body, ShaoLiHong couldn’t help but tremble with heavy breathing.
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    LAWS 11 You dare to even touch big brother women?

    “The internet right now is very developed. What if I upload it online the pictures of us 2 years ago as well as video, with your hot sexy body it won’t take long before you are famous! “ looking at ShaoLiHong trembling body, lu hong smiled sinisterly.

    “LU HONG, YOU BASTARD! YOU ARE A BASTARD! “ ShaoLiHong shaking her body, red eye and gnashing her teeth, and having the expression of wanting to rush up and bite a piece of meat out of him.

    “One million! As long as you give me one million, I promise you I won’t bother you on the future! “ stretching out an index finger, with an expression of “I got you! “. Lu hong said

    “One million!! You, you fucking dick, why don’t you just go rob the bank! Hearing li hong negotiation is 1 million ShaoLiHong can’t help but scream.

    “if that’s the case, then don’t blame me for been ruthless! “ watching ShaoLiHong didn’t take his word seriously he turn and start walking away.

    “LU hong you bastard, stop! “ seeing lu hong turning and walking away, ShaoLiHong was so angry that tears start falling.

    As soon as lu hong heard her screaming behind him, at the corner of his mouth sneered with a cold laugh. Stopped and preparing to turn around but, as soon as he does he saw a young man in front of him having a ill intentions expression.

    This young man is naturally XiaYunJie.

    Watching XiaYunJie walking walkong towards him with ill intentions he couldn’t help but felt strange, while he was wondering why suddenly XiaYunJie lifted his foot and kicked him in his stomach, which made him crouching on the ground. And took up the picture.

    Because of the reason of cultivation XiaYunJie ears are very sharp. So before he came over he had heard about the situation and roughly knew that this guy was trying to blackmail ShaoLiHong with this photo on his hand. After looking at the photo, although he knew it was a passion photo of them he still didn’t expect it to be this extreme. But with just a glance he saw the outline of the photo and knew it was been PS.

    As sorcerer who inherits the blood line of Xia King, XiaYunJie had a keen instinct for nature and unnatural things. In the photo ShaoLiHong look almost perfect but if looked closely you will notice that her nose, eye are less natural. And because of that with just a glance he knew it was fake.

    “Who the fuck are you? Why did you kicked me? “ as lu hong finally got the strength to stand up from the ground he shouted.

    “Ajie! “ by this time ShaoLiHong had recognized XiaYunJie, looking on his hand was her passion photo she subconsciously shout out of panic and felt shame.

    “Fuck, and here I thought who this young man is, just a few years we didn’t met you already find a young cutie outside! “ watching that ShaoLiHong knew who XiaYunJie was young and handsome, he shouted out.

    But just as he finished saying, XiaYunJie stepped forward and gave him another heavy kick and said “ Dear husband? The fuck have you look at the mirror at your self? Are you worthy for her? I’ll let you know now, sister Hong (ShaoLiHong =hong) is my women, if you dare to find trouble for her next time, I’ll find someone and to pack you up! “

    ShaoLiHong doesn’t dare to think that just yesterday this young man that interview could suddenly become so fierce and even dare to say she his women, although she knew XiaYunJie was helping her but she couldn’t help but think that this bastard lu hong still having her photo and videos, she hurriedly moved forward and pulled XiaYunJie, “Ajie don’t make it into a mess. “

    Lu hong is the type of man that afraid of the strong but bully the weak. At first when he heard XiaYunJie words he got worried but looking at ShaoLiHong trembling voice begging, he suddenly found courage and stand up again, “ look for someone to packaging me? (kill me), why don’t you said you are a gangsters boss! Right now I’m afraid haha!

    But just as he finished his word, XiaYunJie curve up a sinister smile. Then raised his hand in the direction behind him and waved his hand “ KwangTouQiang, come over for awhile.) Coincidentally behind him not far away was a group of people walking by beside the small restaurant. Within them was kwangTouQiang who head was shining as always and a scar on it, was using a toothpick picking his teeth. And some other follower are naturally from yesterday van ride.

    As kwangTouQiang who just ate his food and wine, was thinking where they are going to Happy tonight heard a familiar voice, that made him tremble. Looking at the direction of the voice and saw the young man he met yesterday he couldn’t help but start sweating behind his back, and subconsciously touched his neck where the golden necklace that he just bought just now! Wanted to cry but couldn’t thinking why the fuk I’m I so unlucky, I just had a meal and met him again within a day! Ah my ancestors!!!

    Crying in his heart he doesn’t dare to slow down after seeing XiaYunJie called him, who would dare slow down this young man in front of him could Playa steal pipe like rubber, if he’s annoyed and angry and used them as warm up they will surely be disabled person for the other half next life.

    “Wow look here now he thinks he’s really the boss of the underworld! “ of course lu hong doesn’t believe him, because with a glance XiaYunJie would be at his early 20s, so he doesn’t turn around and laughed at him.

    However, just as he finish talking he heard footsteps from behind, turning around he saw 5 huge man walking towards XiaYunJie bowing with respect and shouted out “Big brother Jie “.

    Within them there was guys who is a bodybuilders and some with scars on them, with just a glance without words Gangsters are already written on them!

    Lu hong couldn’t help but tremble and falling backwards a few steps subconsciously and pointed at XiaYunJie “ don’t come any closer to me.. I… I have photo… “

    ShaoLiHong was also stunned at this turn of event and doesn’t expect kwangTouQiang and his followers would bow to XiaYunJie, but immediately woke up after hearing photo and said “Ajie don’t mess up, he still had some of my important thing on him. “

    “Don’t worry about it sister Hong, just some synthetic photo from PS, this guy is lying to you. “ as XiaYunJie patted gently on ShaoLiHong hand.

    “Who said it’s synthetic? It’s Real! “seeing that this tactic been seen through he couldn’t help but shouted out palely.

    As a women who runs a bar in JiangZhou city naturally she wasn’t that simple. After a clam down consideration from XiaYunJie and the look of panic from lu hong, she suddenly felt that maybe she was to anxious and missed some details because when lu hong showed the photo he quickly snatched it back.

    After talking the photo in XiaYunJie hand she carefully looked at it, after all its her own body when looked carefully she saw the problem right away and let out a breath of sigh relief.

    “How’s it I didn’t make a mistake right? Hong Sister? “ watching her letting out a sigh of relief he knew that he was right. And didn’t hesitant reaching out his arms wrapping around her soft waist and give her a wink.

    However when XiaYunJie finished talking to ShaoLiHong and turned towards li hong, the tenderness face turned into icy cold and pointed at Lu hong said “ fuck you even my women you dare to touch? KwangTouQiang beat him onto a pulp! “

    ShaoLiHong was a beautiful women, plus been the owner of the bar naturally she had a wild taste. When kwangTouQiang and the others saw that both of them are so close together they can’t help but felt envious and admired. People with talent isn’t the same, when I was young I only could hide in the bathroom and deal it with my five-finger girlfriend, even never hold a girlfriend hand at that age!

    Although they heart are full of emotions, they quickly when forward and bow again and said “Yes Big brother Jie! “

    After that they turn and slam into Lu hong, punching and kicking into him. And shouted “ fuck you! Dare to touch big brother women is your eye blind? Fuk you!”

    “Ah, ah, big brother I was wrong, I’m sorry I won’t dare next time! I beg you spare me, please stop beating me!” lu hong cried.

    AH, AAAA, LiHong I’m sorry I hurt you, I swear I’ll never show up in front of you ever again! (ShaoLiHong is the boss “LiHong “ and lu hong is the bad guy) lu hong.

    “fuck you, LiHong can it be called by the likes of you??” kicking sound

    “My mistake, my mistake, sister Hong, Sister Hong I beg you please tell them to stop, let me go this time. “ lu hong

    “… … “ ShaoLiHong.

    Although ShaoLiHong knew that a rogue like lu hong if didn’t get a heavy punishment hd would not change, but after all she is still a women and watched a men begging her like this, her heart become soft, and she’s also afraid that if this beating continues it will cost some problems if he’s serious hurt, and looked at XiaYunJie who’s hand still on her waist and said “Ajie, this should be enough right? Why not let’s stop it. “
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    LAWS 12 A man with vehicles. ( it means he's consider rich having a vehicle)

    Although XiaYunJie wasn’t worry that this beating will cost his life, as a earthly Wu at second phrase which is consider middle level, he could see easily whether or not will he be killed or not. But seeing the face of ShaoLiHong and people starting to gather around pay attention to this side. He doesn’t want to make things harder for ShaoLiHong.

    Knowing that after this with lu hong personality he will never dare to find trouble for ShaoLiHong anymore. As of now he’s acting as the boss of the gang and ShaoLiHong is his women. With that he loosened his arms around ShaoLiHong waist, and slowly calmly walked over to lu hong and said “ that’s enough kwangTouQiang. “

    Looking at the back of XiaYunJie body that’s slowly moving forward, ShaoLiHong showed a hint of confusion, because when XiaYunJie let go of his arm around her waist, she doesn’t feel any disgusting or discomfort feeling, and now she seem a bit lost.

    But how can this be possible? Ever since 7 years ago when lu hong lost his gamble, he forced her to slept with other man. After that her interest turn towards women, and whenever sometimes a man touched her she would feel uncomfortable.

    But just now… when ShaoLiHong was in state of confusion. XiaYunJie had already walked in front of Lu hong

    Been beaten into a pulp by kwangTouQiang and the others, lu hong is now curled up like a innocent girl who had been raped shivering with his head. And doesn’t have the courage to look up at XiaYunJie.

    “This time I’ll let you go, but remember when the next time when I saw you again I’ll feed you to the sharks! “after finish speaking he kicked him one last time and shouted “get lost! “

    After been kicked by XiaYunJie although he’s in great pain he endure it and doesn’t hesitant hurriedly got up and walked away without looking backwards.

    After looking at lu hong who doesn’t dare to turn his head and quickly ran away, XiaYunJie turn and return back to sister Hong who seem like she’s going to say thanks you and said, “sister hong there’s a lot of people around here, it’s fine already now, you should go and continue with your business, I’ll just stay and here have a few talk with kwangTouQiang. “

    Hearing that XiaYunJie wanted to have a few small chit chat with them, it was like a thunder lightning to kwangTouQiang and others in there ear drums. Especially kwangTouQiang who subconsciously touched his newly bought necklace, revealing a trace of pity. Looks like today is is unfortunate day…

    Without the sudden threat of her pornography, ShaoLiHong had already restored her usually self as a elite women. Naturally she won’t be as silly as to believe XiaYunJie is the boss of the underworld gangster, this is real life and not some fantasy novel. If he’s really the boss of the underworld why does he need to come to her bar and get a job as a waiter under her? Moreover she knew well that XiaYunJie is just 20 and had just graduated from secondary school this year so how can it be? As to how those bodybuilder guys knew XiaYunJie and called him big brother although she was curious she knew that this isn’t the right time and place, as many people are gathering around paying attention to them, she quickly nodded and said “Okey, I’ll leave first. “

    Looking towards kwangTouQiang and the others she nodded and said “ thank you today big brother Qiang. “

    “It’s out pleasure, Hong sister, take care. “ as they bow and said politely.

    After that she turned towards the BMW car she parked in front on the coffee shop.

    Beauty with BMW car! Looking at the leaving BMW car, kwangTouQiang and the others couldn’t help but have a new point of view of XiaYunJie this freak.

    Look at him, just at the age of 20s, don’t said that he had such great talent, even his women is driving a BMW! If compare with them all their life they would be “Wasted” to describe them.

    But without stopping they hurriedly rushed up to XiaYunJie with a thumb up kwangTouQiang said “ Big brother Jie, sister hong is so beautiful, you are so great!! “

    Although KwangTouQiang and the others isn’t good man in the society, but today they had helped him taken care of the likes of lu hong, if it isn’t because of them XiaYunJie might needed to use some sorcerer skills on him. So watching kwangTouQiang who’s trying to polish his shoes, XiaYunJie was to lazy to reply him and said “ thank you, and that’s all for today, get going. “

    Looking at XiaYunJie who doesn’t seems to have the intention of day light robbing them as they think he is, and instead been thank they felt like they had been flattered and hurriedly said “ Big brother jie you are to polite, it’s was nothing. “

    After that they moved as quickly as possible as they could (not running) towards the Golden car that parked at the entrance of a small hotel. It’s not that they wanted to run away from XiaYunJie its because what if he suddenly had a change of mind and wanted to rob them once again, at that time they can only cry out to there ancestors in heaven!

    Watching as they quickly slipped away so fast into the golden car as though they had just seen a ghost. XiaYunJie couldn’t help but shake his head and walk towards to where he left his bicycle.

    Riding his bicycle, he once again slowly rode towards NanShan road.

    When he arrived near at BLUENIGHT BAR, he also saw Cheng Hao who just came down of the public bus, he his couldn’t help but smile and showed a happy face as he waved at her.

    Seeing that ChengHao waved back to him with a bright smile he felt the touch of warmth. And quickly stepped on the pedals hastily towards her, and with a beautiful flip action he got off the bike.

    “Not bad, you are now a man with vehicle. “ (people with vehicles are usually categories as been rich in Asia) watching XiaYunJie flipping over his new bike.

    “hehe, of course, moreover I had to come working at the bar every night, how can I don’t have a bike? “ rising his chin and said.

    At first ChengHao was surprise, but quickly she giggled and gently hit on XiaYunJie shoulder playfully.

    After parked his bike the two of them casually talked and laughed while walking into the bar, as they came in, most of the workers had already arrived. However because it wasn’t business hour yet there’s no customers in the bar. Behind the bar table sat a young man with a groups of workers including Yan sister, they are watching the young and handsome man playing fancy bartending with several bottles of wines fluttered like butterfly on his hand, and heard burst of cheers from time to time.

    “He’s called ZhangXiaoJun, another bartender in our bar. Yesterday he had some personal matters to attend and doesn’t come to work. His fancy bartending technique is very good and handsome, especially many women came to the bar just for him. And his salary is the highest among us around 8,000! “ seeing ZhangXiaoJun is performing ChengHao whispered into XiaYunJie ears.

    In the year 2003 the wage in JiangZhou city were generally not that high so 8,000 a month is definitely consider a high end wage earner, XiaYunJie couldn’t help but felt moved “8,000!”

    “Yeah, are you evny? A guy like him who makes a lot of money with women initiative taking action first “ ChengHao whispered.

    “there’s nothing to envy about, everyone had their own way of life, the most important thing is to have a goal in your life.” XiaYunJie laughed

    ChengHao was quite surprised at his answer but quickly responded “ liar, which man doesn’t love money or women? But unfortunately, if you want to be an outstanding fancy bartending, not only you need to know your wine well you’ll also need some talent and skill. Otherwise you will be a great choice as a bartenders with your pretty face xixixi “

    “I think that been a waiter is also good.” XiaYunJie laughed, although learning those fancy movements and skills won’t be much of a problem as a sorcerer, he had confidence he could learn it easily. However the problem isn’t that, the problem is XiaYunJie doesn’t want to get to mix up in bars for too long time.

    Thr bar is a noisy place where people came and enjoy their time. XiaYunJie doesn’t like this kind of environment, it’s just that this is life and he needed a job at the moment to cover his expenses.

    “No ambition at all! “ she couldn’t help but used her finger and knocked his head.

    At this time at bar table, a cup of bright red cocktail magically appears. ZhangXiaoJun took a cherry and garnished on top of the wine cup and pushed it to ChengHao with a charming smile, with a magnetic manly voice “ rose red wine, giving it to my lady in pink, in my heart. “

    When talking, ZhangXiaoJun also deliberately looked at XiaYunJie who was close to ChengHao with a hint of provocation and disdain.
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    LAWS 13 Lady boss calls

    “ Eee big brother Jun is bad! We are also ladies in pink! “ watching ZhangXiaoJun gave the just made “rose red wine “ to ChengHao the two girls immediately bites on their soft lips and said seductively.

    The two girls, one works as the same as XiaYunJie a bartender called WuYuQi, the other one is Liu Wei a bar lady. Both of them had great sexy body too but if comparison with ChengHao it’s not as sexy and mature as her.

    ZhangXiaoJun smiled and said “yes yes, my bad all ladies present here are lady in pink! “

    After that he had the rose red wine poured out into a few cups and pushed to girls sister Yan, WuYuQi and so on.

    After those lady’s got their cup of shared wine they threw a wink to ZhangXiaoJun, and those men in the bar who saw that couldn’t help but felt envy of him. After winning those girls praise and winks he looked at XiaYunJie with a smug in his eyes.

    When XiaYunJie saw ZhangXiaoJun who are so good at teasing women, plus he had such handsome face couple with cool bartending tricks, most young women will fall for him. As for the looks in his eye XiaYunJie directly ignores it. As for envy he won’t, as he isn’t into his women, and he doesn’t want to be showing off his skills just because of that. Now what’s most important thing for him is to work hard, make some pocket money, and have a clam heart cavitation.

    ChengHao also took the wine glass and gave ZhangXiaoJun a nod gesture, then she took a sip and then praised him “ wow now a days brother Jun your blended wine is getting better and better this days. “

    ZhangXiaoJun smile and just as he wanted to reply, he saw ChengHao handed XiaYunJie her glass of wine and said, “Ajie you are new and have never tasted brother Jun wine, have a taste it’s really good. “

    ZhangXiaoJun face changed when he saw that and look hostile towards XiaYunJie.

    Although the style of women working in the bar are generally quite opened minded, let alone passing drinking wine that’s touch by customer, its very common to drink together in the same glass. However ChengHao is an exception, flirting saying a few words or throwing a wink she can openly do it but she never involves physical contact or casually drinking a man’s wine glass. ZhangXiaoJun had worked more then a year in BLUENIGHT bar and he never saw her done that, which is precisely the reason he wanted to conquered her, but she just had a smile on the surface and didn’t have any interest in him. But the more unwilling she is the more he wanted her.

    But all of this XiaYunJie certainly doesn’t know the details. As he saw ChengHao handed over her drinks he felt weird but immediately picked up and smile “is it? Then I’ll have a taste of it. “ then he drank the rest of the wine.

    Watching XiaYunJie drinking her own cup, although she knew that she did this was because he doesn’t want ZhangXiaoJun to keep harassing her, but couldn’t help and showed a shy blush. And when ZhangXiaoJun saw it he became even more upset, knowingly and still asked, “AhHao, is this your friend that you introduced to work here today? “

    “Yeah his name is XiaYunJie, Ajie this is ZhangXiaoJun, we called him brother Jun, and is one of our bar pillar! And is very popular with customers. “ ChengHao smile.

    “Brother Jun, I’m a newcomer asking for your guidance! “ as XiaYunJie pushed out a hand for a handshake.

    “Sorry, I just washed my hands. “ but ZhangXiaoJun doesn’t reach out and apologized.

    Although bartender hands must be hygiene and taken extra attention. Which it looks reasonable, but at the moment the bar isn’t officially opened. People with slightly smarter knew that he’s not giving XiaYunJie face and not the other way around. Which is in fact ZhangXiaoJun meaning.

    Most of the bar worker knew that ZhangXiaoJun is interested in ChengHao, and could smell a taste of fire in the air.

    But to everyone disappointed XiaYunJie just shrugged his shoulders and smile taking his hand back.

    It seem that he’s an easy guy, that’s what many people think but ChengHao doesn’t think that way because to dare intercept a speeding thief for a stranger will never be a easy guy. Maybe it’s because XiaYunJie cherish his job and doesn’t want to caused any trouble just at the second day of his work with his colleague no one knew. But XiaYunJie knew in his heart that he really doesn’t care at all.

    Looking at XiaYunJie that doesn’t even even dare to show any dissatisfaction, he determined that he was a easy going guy, and smacked a disdainful smile and said, “ To do this job, the key is to be smart, and know how to make guests happy. But by your tender looks, are you by chance just graduated from school? “

    As the surrounding people in the bar saw that ZhangXiaoJun identity as a senior continues to tease a newcomer, some felt greatly interest watching, especially WuYuQi and the other girls that felt ZhangXiaoJun is very handsome and cool.

    Only ChengHao felt that ZhangXiaoJun is going over board with it and as she wanted to open her mouth to speak, XiaYunJie honestly replied “Yes, I just graduated from school this year, and had many things don’t understand. “

    “ Then you had to really thanks AhHao. In this year collage student finding a job is difficult, even if they found it the salary is lower then ours. As for secondary school education it’s very harder!” acting as a big senior teaching XiaYunJie with a hint of pride.

    ZhangXiaoJun did have the power to be proud as his salary is around 8,000 a month, which is consider a high rank officer income in JiangZhou. Moreover what he said is reality.

    “ That’s of course, if it isn’t for AhHao introduction I might really couldn’t find a job so quickly. “ XiaYunJie nodded his head.

    When ChengHao heard him honestly replied like an idiot and couldn’t distinguish between what ZhangXiaoJun said, she scolded in her heart and felt a bit angry for what ZhangXiaoJun said in front of so many colleagues.

    As for the rest of the people they will not by angry about this matter, nor will they think that XiaYunJie is honest, they will only think that he’s really a useless guy! Watching the gaze of girls turning towards him ZhangXiaoJun felt proud.

    The purpose of ZhangXiaoJun was to devalue XiaYunJie, so that everyone can clearly see that he’s the “ tall handsome rich(高富帅) “ guy in the bar. And showing ChengHao that by picking XiaYunJie and not him is blind choice. As he wanted to ridiculing XiaYunJie again, the door upstairs opened and heard the voice of the boss ShaoLiHong “ Ajie come into my office. And yes sister Li starting from today Ajie is officially a stuff of the bar and increase his salary to the same as AhHao them. “

    Sister Li is in charge of the bar finance.

    After ShaoLiHong finished, she nodded towards XiaYunJie and return back to her room.

    The proud face of ZhangXiaoJun suddenly frozen, including the employees, ChengHao and even sister Yan. They all stared at XiaYunJie as with amazement and weird eyes, and seemed that they doesn’t suddenly doesn’t recognize him at all.

    Almost all the employees here knew that the boss are only interested in women and she never like to be in a room alone with a male not even her office. Even ZhangXiaoJun who was one of the pillar of the bar after working for a year he never was summon alone meting the boss. But XiaYunJie waiter who just started to training was summoned by the boss on the second day and said that his apprenticeship was over.

    The most important thing is that when the boss turned back into her office she nodded to XiaYunJie! XiaYunJie is a real male. When does the boss become so friendly to her male worker. It’s too unbelievable! Is the boss suddenly become interested in man? But doesn’t that mean XiaYunJie is a professional, in just one day he changed the boss sexual orientation of a female?

    If this is true, then ZhangXiaoJun so called cool and handsome comparing with XiaYunJie, it can only be regarded as dust!

    One must know that ZhangXiaoJun cool and handsome can only deceived small and little girl such as WuYuQi or those lonely and unbearable women, a women with real temperament and pride will not be hooked on him. As for the boss it’s even more impossible because she simply doesn’t like men!

    One the other hand XiaYunJie is still the same expression on his face, calmly and greeted everyone then got when upstairs.

    As everyone looked at the leaving back of XiaYunJie and turn and look at ZhangXiaoJun who had an unnatural expression on his face. They felt that is isn’t XiaYunJie is a lame useless guy and stupid, it’s just that he doesn’t care about him at all.

    And the performance that ZhangXiaoJun was trying to devalue him is like a clown acting on his own. Of course this illusion just flashed in their hearts. After all been summon by the boss alone to the office couldn’t change the identity of ZhangXiaoJun who is still one of the pillar of the bar. It’s just that they felt weird and curious that’s all.
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    LAWS 14 My car got stolen!

    XiaYunJie walked up the stairs to the second floor, after walking pass a few corridor he reached the office of the boss. The door is wide open inside was ShaoLiHong standing in front of the window looking at the sky. Looking at her graceful back, everything seems perfect, round hips, slander legs, the only thing lacking is that she only likes women. Knocking on the door as he was shaking his head, what a waste.

    Upon hearing the knock on the door, ShaoLiHong turn around, remember that just a few hours ago this big cute boy grabbed her waist and seen the “nude photo” that looks almost like her, she couldn’t help but had a flash red in the face.

    “You came, come in and have a sit. “ as ShaoLiHong immediately put away her shy mood and return to her usually self.

    Walked towards him and closed the door after that she walked back to her desk and took out an envelope from the drawer.

    Sitting on the leather sofas in the boss office, XiaYunJie observed the boss and after seeing the boss sit down on the opposite of the sofa with an envelope in her hand, he asked “boss, is there anything I can help with? “

    “ If you don’t mind, call me Red sister. “ ShaoLiHong looked at XiaYunJie and said.

    “That’s good, I’ll call you Red sister from now on. “XiaYunJie smiled and he thinks it’s also the right thing to do as calling boss seem a bit awkward for such beautiful and elegant women.

    “Ajie, thanks for your help in the afternoon it really saved me, and this is for you. “ as she pushed the envelope towards XiaYunJie.

    XiaYunJie looked at ShaoLiHong with a puzzled look, then picked up the envelope and found out that inside of it was a thick stack of hundreds dollars bills. It’s estimated to be more then 20km his face could not help but changed slightly and then pushed back the envelope to ShaoLiHong and got up and said “ Red sister if there’s nothing else, I’ll go down first.”

    ShaoLiHong didn’t think that XiaYunJie a young man who just graduated from secondary school would not hesitate to refuse after knowing it’s such a large amount of money. Couldn’t help but felt touched she got up too and said “ Ajie I don’t like to own other people, but since you doesn’t want to accept my gratitude, then I’ll own you a favor. “

    XiaYunJie see that ShaoLiHong no longer mentioning about the money only did he sit back down and scratch his head embarrassedly said “ it’s no big deal, lend a helping hand to the weak, moreover you are my boss.”

    “In any case, I still own you a favor, right I remember you just graduated from school correct? “ ShaoLiHong see XiaYunJie who is a big boy but somewhat different from other men and her eyes turn a little more gentle.

    “Yeah. “ XiaYunJie replied

    “Then how did you knew Brother Qiang gang? “ ShaoLiHong finally asked the doubts that had been entangled in her mind for awhile. But as she asked this, she subconsciously remember XiaYunJie pretending to be her man and placing his arm on his waist and in her heart raised a strange feeling.

    “Oh, when I just graduated from school and couldn’t find a job, I used to stay at the construction site for awhile. And kwangTouQiang and the others are also worker there. I just happen to be met them and saw that you are been bullied by lu hong and we came up with this plan, what do you think I’m the boss of the gang? “ XiaYunJie had already thought those words to explain when he’s on the way.

    In fact he didn’t lie that he and kwangTouQiang acted such a play its just that they aren’t construction workers only.

    ShaoLiHong had no doubts about XiaYunJie identity, and can’t help but praise him “ I didn’t expect you to have such agile brain at such young age! Okey, there’s nothing else that bordering me anymore but remember that in the future of you had any trouble come find Red sister in the future. “ when she said this her eyes shines with a touch of appreciation and gentleness.

    “Then I’ll get going. “XiaYunJie smile.

    “Go, oh and what happen just now on the road please don’t mention it to the others. “ ShaoLiHong stranded up and said.

    “Red sister, you can rest assured, I understand. “ XiaYunJie nodded back and left the boss office.

    Just as XiaYunJie walked out of the office and stepping downstairs he was pulled by ChengHao who was waiting for him beside the corner. And when they saw ChengHao pulled XiaYunJie into a corner they all are also curious as why the boss called him and wanted to ask but they aren’t as familiar ChengHao so they didn’t follow up. As for ZhangXiaoJun who saw ChengHao pulling XiaYunJie he face turned ugly.

    “Ajie, why did the boss asked you to go into her office for? “ after pulled him into a Corner she help but asked in a low voice.

    “Nothing special, she told me to work hard. “ XiaYunJie replied

    “The boss called you in and just told you to work hard? Cheeky liar! Do you know that the boss never asked a male employee to go alone into her office? Let alone you just came yesterday! “ ChengHao straightforward and told him.

    Suddenly XiaYunJie understood why when ShaoLiHong asked him into her office, everyone in the bar had a weird expression. He was also surprised that he was the first male worker to be called into her office alone. But the things happen to ShaoLiHong in the afternoon he must not mention it so he continued to pretend to be confused, “is it? This is strange. “

    “Strange your head, be honest here you little devil! “ ChengHao definitely doesn’t believe XiaYunJie and seeing that he refuse to say it she immediately approach one step closer, with a fierce face, and her tall chest almost hit into him.

    XiaYunJie body reflexively moved backwards and acted innocently “it’s true! What else do you think it should be? You are the one that introduced me, and before this I never met the boss before, or do you think that the boss called me in because I’m handsome and wanted me to be her underworld lover?”

    “Underworld lover you? Keep on dreaming even if all the women in the world is dead the boss will still won’t find you! “ when ChengHao heard those words she couldn’t help but laughed.

    “Your words are hurting my pride… “ XiaYunJie then had a look of depression.

    “Giggle, what hurting pride, go get changed into your uniform. “ when ChengHao saw XiaYunJie depression face she finally couldn’t help but giggle and tab on his head with her finger. Although she feel strange and doesn’t completely believe XiaYunJie words but, yeah what can the boss called him for others then giving some encouragement words as he’s a new employee and even the boss wanted to find a underworld lover she would find her and not XiaYunJie…

    Seeing that ChengHao believes his own words and doesn’t pursued it anymore, he let out a sigh of relief, then quickly moved to the locker room and get changed.

    When night covered JiangZhou, the buzzing and noisy sound fill up BLUENIGHT bar. XiaYunJie work is still the same as last night cleaning up tables and serving.

    And about 2:30am or so the light of the bar is switch off, XiaYunJie and the rest of them started some simple cleaning and prepared to go back home.

    After two nights of working along with the rest of the stuff in the bar he almost knew and get along with the rest of them. XiaYunJie is the type of hardworking, modest and honest. Although people like him would be easy bullied and doing more works in reality, but they are the most easy type of people to befriend with, although WuYuQi and some others are not that close to him and didn’t chat much but the others are quite good getting along with him. Of course ZhangXiaoJun is an exceptional.

    Coming out of the bar when everyone was going to say goodbye, a sliver Toyota Vios drove to the side of the road, wind down the window was ZhangXiaoJun handsome face with a smug smile.

    This car was bought by ZhangXiaoJun some time ago.

    “ChengHao, get in the car, I’ll send you home. “as he reveal a cool and charming smile towards ChengHao.

    When WuYuQi and the other girls saw that, they cast an envious eye on ChengHao. But never did they thought that ChengHao would reject him immediately after that. “thank you brother Jun, I already had my someone to send me! “

    XiaYunJie arm was suddenly crushed by two round balls, and was surprised by this sudden attack. Then he whisper to ChengHao with some guilty conscience “AhHao, my car is just 2 wheels. “

    “Car? Wow, Ajie you also had a car? Are you sure your real identity isn’t a young master? “ but the rest of them didn’t know that the car ChengHao said aloud was a two wheels car. But out of XiaYunJie expectation as soon as the girls heard that he too had a car they shouted with excitement while their eyes are shining, don’t underestimate women especially their imagination are always full of fantasy tales.

    XiaYunJie looked at those girls who’s full of excitement and then look back at ChengHao who started all this with a blank expression. When ChengHao saw XiaYunJie face she start laughing “ what young master, do you all think that XiaYunJie is really a rich young master in drama, that’s rich but doesn’t want to be a young master and came out working? “

    After laughing she pushed XiaYunJie and say “ quickly go push over your car, young xia master.

    “Shoot! “ when WuYuQi and the others realize that the car ChengHao said was a bicycle( Chinese words playing here as 车子 car, 只行车is bicycle) all of them made a same movement wtf action towards her. And the expression of ZhangXiaoJun became very unnatural and is filled with anger in his heart.

    ZhangXiaoJun who worked in the bar for so many years, and had lost count of how many girls falling for him and ****. But today this is the first time he got rejected and lost to a opponent that just graduated from school! And moreover a waiter who rides a bicycle.

    Precisely it’s because of this ZhangXiaoJun refused to let her go and wanted to called out to ChengHao but suddenly saw XiaYunJie coming back with a depressed face and said “ sigh… my car was stolen! “

    “what a pity, Is the car new or old? Do you want to called the police? “ When ZhangXiaoJun heard that it was stolen he couldn’t help but felt happy but on the surface he show concerns, however the gloating and ridicule in tone is obvious.
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    LAWS 15 The art of divination.

    “Report to the police? Are you mad? It’s just a bicycle and not a real car, the police will never look for you. Take it as your bad luck Ajie! WuYuQi said and pat on his shoulder with an expression of “let it go. “

    The words of WuYuQi inflated ZhangXiaoJun worth because he is driving a real car. And his pride rose again and start picking on XiaYunJie as he said, “ Ajie that’s the fact, even if you go report it’s just a waste of time, more over a bike isn’t worth much at all. As the saying goes if the old one doesn’t go new will never comes!”

    Originally, when ZhangXiaoJun wanted to chase ChengHao, XiaYunJie doesn’t care much about it because it’s their private life, but he always starts picking on him purposely and he finally got a bit angry, then he said “ it’s Okey, maybe someone needed to ride and borrow it, and they will place it back tomorrow I believe. “

    “Giggle Ajie, you are really cute!” when WuYuQi and the others heard XiaYunJie was self comforting they all giggle, and ZhangXiaoJun also laughed and said “ That might be possible too hahaha, but Ajie I suggest that you ride the bus from now on or buy a few more locks, it’s very unsafe to park outside in this area. Since you are so unlucky today let me send you back home with my car tonight how about it. “

    “thanks brother Jun, in the pass I sat a friend car and when driving the tires suddenly blows up almost causing an accident. His car is the same like yours a Japanese car. So I always had a bad feeling and never liked to sit in a Japanese car. “ and as he said all that he gently kicked the tire of the Toyota car with his feet.

    XiaYunJie performers has always been a honest guy with a innocent face of a young man who just graduated from school. So WuYuQi and the others didn’t think that he was ridicule ZhangXiaoJun and they thought that it was what really happen to him in the past. And they start giggle again and said “what do you think all Japanese car are made of toufu? It’s lucky enough to experience it once and not always.”

    “It’s hard to say, anyway I always had a bad feeling that Japanese car aren’t safe “ XiaYunJie looked seriously.

    WuYuQi and the others saw the serious and honest look on his face and couldn’t help but think this guy must be a coward that once he was bitten by a snake in the grass, after 10 years he will still be afraid of the grass. Hearing XiaYunJie words ZhangXiaoJun face turned black. And said “It isn’t safe? Do you know how much this car cost? How many years you need to work only will you be affordable to buy it? “

    After that he slammed on the gas pedal and zoom forward. It was at this time XiaYunJie face flashed a strange smile, and his finger quickly draws some witchcraft laws in this dark night.

    “Puffff! “ a loud burst of sound could be heard just after the Toyota vois had just moved 10 meters or so, and then the tire suddenly burst!

    At this dark night everything seem to be quite suddenly, WuYuQi and the others seem to have seen a ghost, looking towards the Toyota Vios and turn towards XiaYunJie with a expression of unbelievable!

    This guy mouth is too unbelievable poisonous, just a minute before he said it will puncture and the other minute it really burst!

    “Look, see what I just said about how unsafe Japanese car is? Fortunately it’s not on the highway, otherwise it will be dangerous! “ XiaYunJie who saw the others are looking at him said with an professional expert tone.

    Because the face are in front of them, and the timing of it happening is just to impactful, and the others subconsciously nodded their heads thinking that in the future if possible they will not sit cheap Japanese car.

    At this very moment they felt that a brilliance light of expert was covering XiaYunJie, no to be more correct a prophet!

    Just as WuYuQi and the others nodded ZhangXiaoJun had already come out of the car with a gloomy face, and when to the rear tire and kicked at the complete flatten tire, and think to himself that why it does it have to seriously burst at this place in front of so many lady’s!

    Having a heart full of fire but what already happen can’t be changed even if he’s angry, and he only can admit that he was really unlucky! At 2:30 am in the morning he could only take out the jack from the trunk and start unloading the tires and replace it with the spare tire.

    ChengHao who was looking at the empty streets parked alone on the side walk, and ZhangXiaoJun who had always been handsome and always worked hard in the bar now looked somewhat pitiful. And she couldn’t help but point her fingers at XiaYunJie and said “ you with your crow mouth! “ (meaning bad luck when ever he speaks)

    And when the others heard them they to look at XiaYunJie and felt that it was all because of XiaYunJie crow mouth that the tire was puncture now!

    “It surely isn’t my fault I’m innocent, and what I said is real fact, I didn’t expect that his car would be so lousy. “ as he shrugged innocently, then yawned “its very late now I had to go back home to sleep. “

    As the night was very quiet, XiaYunJie words echoed clearly under this night sky into ZhangXiaoJun ears like a knife cutting him because he still had to change his tire at such late hour in the middle of the night.

    Without a bicycle, XiaYunJie had to take 2 turn of bus to reach back home.

    Going back into his room, XiaYunJie took a shower, when everything is done its almost four o’clock in the morning.

    Seeing that it was going to be dawn, XiaYunJie was lazy to get into bed and sleep. With his current cultivation realm, even if he doesn’t sleep for a ten days or so it won’t post a problem to him at all.

    Sitting on his bed, XiaYunJie took out a baby size dark quaint turtle shell. On top of the shell is densely engraved with a lot of lines. A closer look it resembling yin and yang picture. It’s just that it was slanting and doesn’t looks like those fortune teller on the streets that had classic tools and so on.

    Holding the tortoise shell and gently stroking at the ancient pattern of the shell. XiaYunJie subconsciously remember his master and his strange technique of divination.

    After a while XiaYunJie puts away his emotions, his eye shines brightly in the darkness as it would see pass the vast universe. And almost at the same time, the shell on XiaYunJie hands illuminates a ray of light, and the dense lines on the shell are looming bright or darkness, and faint sounds could be heard within the shell, and it seems to be talking about something in this darkness.

    Legend said that tortoise is a spiritual creature, in ancient time human used them as a divination tool for prophecy, and some when roasting it will make a sound that’s called “tortoise language “ at the same time it will crack either long, short, straight or curve shapes on it and they will use it to predict and deduct the future.

    Although XiaYunJie is using a turtle shell but he’s understanding of it is much more on a advance level. By using WuMen (their sorcerer clan name) unique technique he could deduct who had stolen his bicycle and doesn’t had to grilled it on the fire like in ancient time.

    WuZe only doesn’t allowed XiaYunJie to use witchcraft methods to earn money, but he did not prohibit him from using it for other purposes. And this time it’s his bicycle that he paid with his great capital, and it was stolen within the the he just bought it! Naturally XiaYunJie is reluctant. Although XiaYunJie is honest, hardworking and modest on the surface but as the master of WuMen clan, the inheritor of Wu bloodline, XiaYunJie had a arrogance side that others doesn’t know of. XiaYunJie isn’t willing to stop because until he find that idiot thief who had such luck to step on his tail by stealing his bike when there’s so many out there.

    “Hmmm? “ as time passes quietly, XiaYunJie had an astonishment sound in the darkness, as he calculated that the bicycle thief was related to kwangTouQiang.

    “Had this guy forgotten his pain after he had healed up, and even dare to steal my property now?” as he shook his head and opened up the drawer and took out a golden necklace from within.

    This golden necklace was the one wore by kwangTouQiang the day before, and there was a faint bloodstain on it.

    “Fortunately I was lazy that time and didn’t wash away this bloodstain. Or else it I would need more time to calculate his location. “ looking at the bloodstain tain and speaking to himself, then he place the necklace on the shell.

    Then as before XiaYunJie eye shine like a star once again, and as a silky force enters the shell it lit up again, and as a force actually swallowed the bloodstain on it, after that it no longer had a trace blood on it.

    After the blood had disappeared from the necklace, XiaYunJie regained his gaze and hook up a smirked smile and said “ kwangTouQiang I’ll let you off the hook for a while until the day is bright, I’ll go look for you again. “

    After finishing it XiaYunJie kept it back to its original location, and lying down on his bed until its dawn he sat up again facing east, and start his new day breathing in the spiritual air from earth and heaven.

    As as usually when XiaYunJie had always began to practiced, the east side shines a faint purple light that was transmitted into XiaYunJie forehead, and once again between his eyebrow a whirlpool began to shine and lit up the dark house.
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    Sorry for the late reply been busy with praying (ghost month in my country) ;)
    LAWS 16 YuWangJie (a clam mind control skill)

    As the stream of purple gas coming from the east slowly penetrating his forehead into his NiWanGong(a palace in side of him), after the purple airflow enters his NiWanGong then it was quickly been process into yellow airflow that flowed through the whole body.

    Example if NiWanGong is like a sea and his body is like earth that’s connected, and the yellow airflow is like rivers connecting them together. Among them there’s 9 most special (palace) rivers connected. They are the both arm, leg, heart, liver, lung, kidney and skin. There’s also countless of smaller river that connecting various location that’s spreading densely all over the place.

    All nine important (palace) had a GuDing that’s connected to each other, as the GuDing absorbs the yellow airflow it emits a strong power that flows towards the arms, legs and the five organs and constantly moisturizing them.

    As in cultivation, time flies quickly. As XiaYunJie opened his eye he show a mix expression on his face. What makes him happy was that within this hour he felt that he’s one step closer to earth realm late stage, but what makes him worry is that the faster he cultivate and skyrocket, he fears that he will one day lose control of him self and fell into the lust for more greater power. As great power might benefits the world if used right, but once it’s used for evil, it will also harm the world. Why is there no shortage of tyrants in China history? It’s because their state of mind couldn’t control the terrible power that they had in their hands.

    XiaYunJie was born from an ordinary background, while he himself does not have any great ambitious in this world. He just wanted to live an ordinary life, as when he was little he was taught by his parents and master to be a kind and simple person, and not to be drunk in supernatural power that he inherited. So as the rapid rising of power seem to be good news but it also put XiaYunJie into a lot of pressure.

    But it was also a blessing that when he inherited the blood of Wu King, he also inherits his unique skill “ YuWangJie” that helps clam the mind and soul of the user, as he grows up it was because of this unique skill YuWangJie that helps him solve many difficulty and puzzles him, as it was because of it his cultivation overtakes his master at the age of 14, where else his master was already 108 years old. As of today XiaYunJie is already at the second phrase of earth realm, and it’s only one or two steps away from the late stage.

    As he opened his eye he habitually touched his forehead, with a firm and persistent look in his eye, he said “I’ll control my own destiny, power and fate and not the other way around! “

    After that he got out from his bedroom with his turtle shell, he bath and cooked a bowl of noodles for breakfast, after that he left the house.

    It was already 8 o’clock in the morning, but the morning sun is as hot like it was in the afternoon, and it seem today is going to be a hot day again.

    XiaYunJie stood at the gate beside the road, he took out the turtle shell, and a red light that couldn’t be seen by others pointed to the east.

    As XiaYunJie saw the direction he followed it and after a 40 minutes of walking, in front of a traffic red light there was a bicycle shop name chengxin bicycle shop enterprises (chengxin in Chinese means honest). And not far from it was the collage of JiangZhou University.

    In front of the bicycle shop there’s many rows of new and old bicycle neatly placed. As the shop was open near university many college student came and buy from them, some who’s rich bought new one some who aren’t that rich will usually buy those second hand bicycle.

    As he saw the shop he only see a male and a female sale girl inside , and he doesn’t saw kwangTouQiang. But he doesn’t hesitant to enter the store, as he enter the store the female salesperson went up with a sweet smile on her face to greet him “ Hi there are you a new student and wanted to buy bicycle? We had new and old types to pick, and the price will definitely fit your liking! “

    The female tied a pony hair tail, although her appearance isn’t that beautiful, but he appearance are very clean and youthful and most importantly she had a C Cup breast! With her standing in front of XiaYunJie while bending slightly forwards it’s a killer move for those who are still in college. As just a few minutes before XiaYunJie came in, a young college boy just bought a bike from her, and when he was paying he notice that he was secretly aiming on her chest. The female sales girl obviously knew and aware of it and she knew that her breast is a lethality weapon against male so she always used it to close her sales with a sweet smile bending forward.

    According to observations most male student that came here are usually are just looking around to compare prices, but most of them directly bought it because of her sake.

    It’s just pity that it doesn’t work on XiaYunJie, moreover he isn’t here to buy bicycle he’s here to take back own bike. As for her temptation towards XiaYunJie he seem immune to it, as this 2 following days in the bar with ChengHao and other girls keeping been close to him and body touched from time to time he had build up a stronger immunity towards girls then before.

    As he was looking around the shop he noticed a passage leading towards the shop office, when the female sales girl saw that XiaYunJie turned a blind eye towards her chest, she felt slightly dissatisfied and as she was about to speak again, XiaYunJie pointed at the back door of the shop and said “I’m looking for kwangTouQiang. “

    The female girl obviously knew who is kwangTouQiang, and couldn’t help but had a surprise look on her face. Because at the looks of XiaYunJie who looks a bit handsome, and dressed cleanly and with a glance at most he’s at the age of 20 and doesn’t look like those thug who walks around the road. Looking at him calling kwangTouQiang name direct even if he’s an underling under him he should know the rules and not simply called the boss name.

    However she quickly gave herself a quick reasonable explanation to herself, that this young man in front of her should be a newcomer that just came here from his home town to work under kwangTouQiang, so he doesn’t know the rules yet.

    After her own imagination, she said “ do you mean Big brother Qiang? “

    “Yes “ XiaYunJie nodded

    “Okey, then what’s your name? “ as her guess was right that XiaYunJie was looking for kwangTouQiang, she let out a sigh of regret that such young man is going to be a waste.
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    LAWS 17 Good morning, brother Jie

    “Ah Jie” he replied.

    “Okey then please wait here for a while. “ after she nodded towards XiaYunJie, she turn and walk towards the office behind.

    Inside of the office, kwangTouQiang was holding a cigarette and sitting crossed leg on the sofa, and behind him was his most trusted subordinate AhBiao (the driver of the golden van 2 days ago).

    Sitting beside him was a middle age man, this middle age man was the shop owner of chengxin, and his name is leeChengXin but his name doesn’t match his personality which is honest( chengxin in Chinese is honest). As many of the bicycle he sold in his shop are stolen bicycle around JiangZhou and is modified and then sell out to JiangZhou university students.

    As the boss of the gang kwangTouQiang naturally had many outlets like this around this area, and this bicycle shop is the top sales around this zone. And he’s here to collect money from leechengxin today.

    The money between Leechengxin and kwangTouQiang is settled once a month.

    “Big brother Qiang, it’s summer vacation now and, most students had already gone home, so naturally business will be slower, plus a few days ago lost a bit of money on gambling, hope big brother Qiang will tolerate for a while. Next month! Once school starts I’ll pay next month payment along with this month payment. “ leechengxin accompanied with a smile.

    “Fuck, you as a boss are sitting all day in the office, counting money and playing poker’s, did you think my subordinate earning this little amount of money is easy? They are risking their life daily from getting into jail! And after all those risk in the end of the month there isn’t any money earn, how do you think they will look at me the Boss? “ kwangTouQiang said it with a dissatisfaction tone.

    “They won’t! Who doesn’t know that brother Qiang is the most loyalty to his subordinates! And because of that they are very convinced by you! You can rest assured that it’s only this time, there won’t be another. “ leechengxin was smiling at the side while kissing up to shoe( or ass lol).

    “Speaking of loyalty, no words can describe my brother’s. “ hearing leechengxin flattering him he felt proud and then spit out a breath of smokes.

    “That’s right, that’s right! Who doesn’t know within JiangZhou big brother Qiang is the best and loyalty! “ as watching that his flattering works leechengxin let out a breath of relief and continue flattering him.

    As kwangTouQiang was very comfortable by hearing all those flattering, and wanted to boast a few more words, the female sale girl came in.

    Seeing the female girl coming in, kwangTouQiang glance at her plump breast and said, “old Lee, you had such a beautiful girl like AhQing helping you with the store business, it’s hard not to have business hahaha. “

    “What’s the matter AhQing? “ leechengxin said towards the girl, her name is AhQing.

    Although it isn’t a secret to AhQing that those goods sold in store are from kwangTouQiang. But leechengxin doesn’t like her to come in when they are doing business.

    “it’s like that, there’s a young man outside name Ajie, who is looking for big brother Qiang. “looking at the boss unwelcome face she hurriedly said.

    “Ajie? Looking for me? “ kwangTouQiang couldn’t help but wrinkled. Not to mention that he doesn’t request anyone name Ajie to met him, even if there is today he’s here to collect payment and only a few people knew about this location. In addition, if it’s about business if the boss doesn’t called him, he can just came whenever he wanted?

    After dealing with kwangTouQiang all this years, he could also consider half a step into the gang and knew the some rules. And said “Big brother Qiang you doesn’t know him? If so I’ll call AhQing to ask him to leave. “

    “ No hurry, AhBiao you go out together with AhQing and have a look. “ kwangTouQiang said.

    “Yes big brother “ then he followed AhQing and when out.

    Just as AhBiao came out of the door, he saw XiaYunJie who is standing inside of the store, and couldn’t help but shiver and in thinking in his heart why this devil is always around the corner! Yesterday they just had a evening meal and ran into him, today we are collecting money he came into other people office to look for them! Moreover they are hidden inside the office how does he knew it?

    While he was thinking in his heart, his foot steps aren’t slowed down and before AhQing could do anything AhBiao had already rushed in front of her and quickly great him “Big Brother Jie, good morning. “

    “Big brother Jie! “ AhQing had her eyes rounded and stun on the spot, looking at the young man in front of him which at his best at his 20’ like a college student, is also a boss?

    “KwangTouQiang is he inside? “ seeing its AhBiao XiaYunJie asked.

    “Yes kwangTouQiang is inside, please this way, this way. “ AhBiao quickly showed the way. And XiaYunJie followed him in.

    Watching XiaYunJie following AhBiao into the office, although it should have nothing else to do with her anymore, but out of curiosity she followed in.

    Inside of the office kwangTouQiang is still talking with leechengxin while continuing smoking on the sofa. As for someone that called Ajie he doesn’t pay any attention to it anymore.

    However when kwangTouQiang saw XiaYunJie coming in with AhBiao, he realized that the Ajie from AhQing words is this freaking devil. Staring at XiaYunJie with 2 round eyes and the cigarette on his mouth had fallen to the ground.

    No way, how does this freak came here? No wait, how does he knew that I was here?

    KwangTouQiang quickly got up and stepped forward and greet XiaYunJie and said “ Big brother Jie, good morning are you going good today?“

    As for AhQing who came in out of curiosity, who guessed on her way that this young man name Ajie shouldn’t be someone that simple, but when she saw kwangTouQiang hurriedly got up from his sofa and greet him politely, she couldn’t help but was completely stun! Looking at XiaYunJie back she continued her even wild imagination then before, could he be some kind of the underworld boss like in the movie “Young and dangerous “film by Andrew Lau? Who looks young and handsome but is actually the boss of JiangZhou? But no matter how I look at him he should have keep his hair longer only he will looks like the boss whenever he walks his hairs flies behind him!

    When AhQing brain is full of crazy imagination, standing beside kwangTouQiang was leechengxin he was also full of surprises and he quickly stood up and greet XiaYunJie too.

    Walked to the sofa and sat down XiaYunJie said “all because of you kwangTouQiang, I’m actually not feeling good. “

    Looking at XiaYunJie face and tone who doesn’t seem to be friendly, kwangTouQiang subconsciously touched his golden necklace on his neck and in his mind suddenly remembering that just 2 days ago this freak took the steel pipe and played like it was rubber, in his mind this horrible scene keep replaying and cold sweats came popping out of his shiny head.

    “Jie, Jie brother I’m sorry, if you had anything needed to help out I’ll immediately do it. “ as kwangTouQiang quickly wipe off the cold sweats on his head and said.

    Standing beside AhQing and Leechengxin was very confused as to why kwangTouQiang is so afraid of this young man in front of him, in addition leechengxin who was in this line of business for some time knew some inside news but no matter how he Crack his brain he couldn’t remember there’s a boos name “Brother Jie “ within JiangZhou city, which is because of the unknown he’s even more shocked and puzzle.

    Looking at kwangTouQiang who still know his place, only did XiaYunJie slowed down a litter and said “ What, do you think I’m very free after having breakfast, I walked here in this hot sunny day just to look for you?”

    As XiaYunJie said that kwangTouQiang wanted to cry out in his heart, big brother I never wanted you to looking for me either!

    But his action and thoughts are different as he hurriedly said “ that, that, let me pour you a glass of water to cold down first from his hot weather. “

    “let me, let me do it. “ as kwangTouQiang just wanted to turn around AhQing who was beside quickly answer and then handed the glass of water to XiaYunJie completing the task efficiently, and said “Brother Jie, your glass of water, have a drink. “

    Although within XiaYunJie was still having a bit of anger in his heart, but this matter doesn’t concerns AhQing who handed him the glass of water and he hurriedly got up and took the glass over and slightly smile at her “thank you. “

    At this moment is very different compared as before XiaYunJie came in the store and smiled towards her. Because at that time she thought that XiaYunJie is just another college student that too smile at her like many other boys. But now watching XiaYunJie smile and couple up with her wild imagination that like “Southern brother” in the movie and the underworld boss of JiangZhou, she couldn’t help but felt that his smile is particularly charming and cool and hurriedly turn her reded face around while saying “ it’s my pleasure. “

    Been surprised by AhQing cuteness, the anger within his heart falls even more. After drinking it and placing it on the coffee table he looked at kwangTouQiang who was still standing in front of him and said directly “ yesterday I just bought a new bicycle, with a permanent card. I parked it at BLUENIGHT bar last night at NanShan road, and when I got out from work it was already gone. “

    While XiaYunJie said all those, leechengxin and AhQing was like watching the movie of Zhou Xing Zi who is very unreasonable and confused. But more importantly this young man in front of them who name Brother Jie came all the way here in this hot day looking for kwangTouQiang and seemingly arrogant are here for his bicycle? And a permanent one at that… how come this big brother is a bit too unique isn’t it? Nevertheless kwangTouQiang who was so afraid of him still had a golden Van(its an MPV so I’ll name it as car from now on).

    While kwangTouQiang wanted to cry out, because the things XiaYunJie said seem to be his problem, what if the next time he bought a car in the future and it got stolen will he come back to me and request me for a replacement? If that’s so I’m doom in this life!

    But sorrow and pain he kept within his heart and quickly restored and shouted “ Fuck, which idiot bastard who doesn’t grow eyes, and even dare to steal big brother Jie bike! Brother Jie, rest assured I’ll catch this guy and skin him alive! As for the bicycle ahem, there’s many ready made one out there even famous brands like Giant. Just pick any that you like it will be under my bill. “
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    “Yes yes, Big brother Jie just pick any that suit your taste, if there’s any special brand that you like and it’s not in the store please let me know and I’ll ask someone else to bring it over here. “ although hearing both XiaYunJie and kwangTouQiang conversations he’s still a dazzling state but, by looking at kwangTouQiang as a boss is showing so much respect(out of fear) to brother Jie in front of him, it won’t be a bad thing to show some sincere towards him.

    Looking at leechengxin mixing up together with kwangTouQiang, although XiaYunJie just came out from school he could guessed that this leechengxin is also naturally aren’t a good man and most of his stock in shop should be stolen goods.

    However different people had a different path in life, XiaYunJie isn’t a policeman nor is he a holy priest that should be righteous in fixing everything he knew. If that’s the case then what’s the use for all those policeman, who citizens paid tax for them to manage the laws?

    However those words that kwangTouQiang and leechengxin said made XiaYunJie very unhappy with a sinking face he sneered, “ Count the bill under you? What do you think that I’m lacking this kind of money, and I came walking here under this hot sun just to swindle a bicycle from you? I had already told you before if you guys don’t find trouble that’s involved with me I won’t even want to find you too! I’m not that bored yet. Now call your man and ask them who stolen a new bicycle at BLUENIGHT bar last night on NanShan road?

    Been a gang boss for all this years kwangTouQiang was a cleaver person and knew that what he said just now had anger XiaYunJie and quickly company with a smile and said “ Big brother Jie, I’m sorry I doesn’t mean that. I’ll call my man right away.

    After that he took out the phone and called Xiao6 right away. Xiao6 was the thief that on the previous day he stolen the bag of QinLan the deputy director of the municipal public security. He’s mainly responsible for NanShan road area.

    As soon as the phone was connected kwangTouQiang start cursing towards it, “Xiao6 the fuck did you stolen a permanent bicycle at NanShan BLUENIGHT bar last night? “

    “Holy crap, Big brother Qiang are you a living God? How did you know that last night I took a brand new bicycle at BLUENIGHT bar? You must be a living God!” over the phone Xiao6 responded exaggeratedly.

    However his words are a bit exaggerated, he was still very surprised. It’s because this news he too just knew last night, as he just recently recruited a new young brother and after he took it in last night he asked a few questions from him and only did he knew that it was stolen from beside BLUENIGHT BAR. But he never expected that even the boss that’s a few hundred miles away also knew it so he felt very unbelievable.

    In a normal day if Xiao6 had kiss up to his ass, kwangTouQiang would definitely be very happy, but today hearing it was a totally different feeling as cold sweats start popping out on his bald head. And kwangTouQiang quickly shout back at it “ you this idiot Xiao6, I curse your 18 ancestors, do you still want to live? Or are you tired of living already, even brother Jie bicycle you dared to messed with? Now get your ass over here together with the bicycle here right now! Here at the university! “

    When he’s scolding him non stop kwangTouQiang couldn’t understand how does XiaYunJie knew that it was his man that stolen his bicycle? How does he know that he’s here today at chengxin bicycle enterprise? Could it be like Xiao6 said XiaYunJie is a loving God that could tell the future and past? Cold sweats is now popping out even more on his head with his heart jumping even more violently then ever out of fear.

    On the other end of the phone Xiao6 was stupefy, wtf is happening, the other day he took a bag and found out it’s the named Cold Blooded face devil of the deputy director of the municipal public security, and yesterday he took in a bicycle, and it turns out to be this Brother Jie bicycle. What is going on, stealing a bicycle now will also met with a character that’s named Brother (boss level) too? This is making our pity life even worst maybe I should had a change of job!

    While he was scolding within his heart, on Xiao6 mouth he hurriedly said, “yes, yes brother Qiang I’ll get my ass over as quick as possible … “

    However before he even finish this words, kwangTouQiang and already cut off the connection. And turned towards XiaYunJie and said “ Big brother Jie, I’m very sorry, my underlings doesn’t had eye, and didn’t recognized that it was your car, but don’t worry they will bring it over here asap, you can rest assured that in the future no one will dare touch your car. “ while he was wiping his cold sweats on his head he apologized with a bow.

    There’s a line of words in Chinese that said “ that the palm of the hand will never hit a person with a smiling face “. Originally XiaYunJie wanted to teach kwangTouQiang a lesson, but watching him sweating with cold sweats, and bent over to apologize, he had all his anger washed away and wave his hand “ forget it, forget about it, looking at the favor you helped me yesterday I’ll let it go, you doesn’t need to ask him to come over here anymore just ask him to park it back at the same exact location they took yesterday will do. “

    After that without waiting for kwangTouQiang response he stood up and walked towards the door. Looking at XiaYunJie leaving back image he let out a sigh of relief, at last this freak is finally gone!

    However just as he let out a breath of relief he saw XiaYunJie that already reached the door suddenly turned around and stared at him. Looking at XiaYunJie eyes starting at him with intent, he could once again felt his hair standing up again and cold sweats starts popping out again, thinking oh Lord did he changed his mind so this quickly?

    Although thinking in his mind, he hurried forward to XiaYunJie with a smile on his face, “Brother Jie, is there anything else you needed my assistance? “

    “Not bad KwangTouQiang, looks like a fortune of windfall is coming in your way! However let me remind give you a word of advice “ unclean work and jobs might bring you fortune but sooner or later you will end up in jail if you continue this path, I recommend that you changed back into righteousness road once you made a fortune “ after that XiaYunJie doesn’t tell him anything else and with a quick glance at kwangTouQiang for the last time he turned around and left with shop.

    Fortune telling is actually a very esoteric technique. And it’s by no means like those written in those books sold in market. That according to a person facial zodiac or some other feature, one can see the person fortune or future events. If that’s the case then everyone can be a master in disguise after reading a few books here and there, but not all written in those books are unreasonable. Like example if a person face is vicious the possibility of him been charitable person is low, but if you fix your believe base on facial points, you will surely go astray for sure. As a master of fortune telling it isn’t just appearance, they had this unique approach. Legend said that a true master doesn’t foresee more then 3 times a day. As they are worried once they had said to much retribution from God. So it’s not that simple to judge a person is good or bad, rich or poor, what type of family does he had with just looks. Even XiaYunJie who had master the witchcraft is not able to specify judge a person without using some effort.

    But everything had an exceptions. Just like kwangTouQiang today, XiaYunJie doesn’t deliberately used his witchcraft unique techniques for fortune telling, but with just his keen insight he saw a bright light shining out from his financial palace, and by judging at it he should make a big fortune soon. It’s Like a doctor curing a client if the client had yellow skin and black eye ordinary people knew he was sick but only professional will knew roughly what kind of sickness does he had, but if a client walks in looking great without any characteristics of sickness, even a doctor needs to borrow special medical equipment to diagnose only they would know what’s the problem. However today even without him using his wumen unique technique he could see them, and he decided to point out the right path to kwangTouQiang right before he left.

    Of course all of this kwangTouQiang wasn’t aware of, and naturally he doesn’t know XiaYunJie is the master of WuMen who’s unique technique are best at divination prophecy. And he is consider a real master at it in this world today. But towards kwangTouQiang he just nodded his head “Yes yes “ on the surface but within his heart “fuk do you think I wanted such a dark life? If I had a fortune do you think I doesn’t want to live a peaceful life doing business openly like those in office? And not like this hiding in the shadow doing dirty business that will ruin my life if I got caught? “

    …. After leaving the shop XiaYunJie no longer thinks about kwangTouQiang or his decision in life or which path he walks. If he is willing to listen to his advice and walked a rightness path he’s future will be very bright, of course fortune telling can’t predict or decide a person feature its just that from what XiaYunJie saw within kwangTouQiang he’s fortune is far better then average person, but if he still continues black-market business he will one day met disaster.

    Slowly walking down the streets and passed through the gates of JiangZhou university, thinking to himself that after growing up almost at the age of 20 he still had never stepped into a university in this life, he decided to go in and have a look around.

    JiangZhou is one of the best economic cities in JiangNan province. And the number of universities is only second to HaiZhou capital. However JiangZhou university became so popular and famous is because of its academic level of Chinese medicine that’s ranked in the forefront of the nation medical school, and professor FengWenBo is the leading god figure in Chinese medical industry.

    Of course XiaYunJie doesn’t knew all this, as a student that just graduated from secondary school and didn’t even had a chance to even go high school he won’t pay attention to it. He only knew that JiangZhou university is the largest university in JiangZhou.
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    As soon as he stepped into the university gate, he felt a cool fresh breeze, and the atmosphere seem to be isolated from the outside world, as within them are densely covered lush trees and grass all around. Building are not that high and trees are scattered around them which creates a feeling that you are in a new world.

    Or maybe it’s perhaps if summer vacation, there aren’t that many people on the campus, and it’s very quite. Occasionally XiaYunJie will hear some youthful laughter and birds singing which echoed over the campus, which brought XiaYunJie into a spiritual peace of mind.

    Walking alone quietly on the campus, breathing in the fresh air and slowly feeling this unique atmosphere within the university campus.

    Not only was JiangZhou university was famous for its medical but also for its scenery as there’s also a lake in the middle of the campus. From time to time the sound of paddling of the boat and burst of youthful laughter could be heard too.

    As XiaYunJie slowly walking along the pathway within this dense trees, watching at those youthful figures and remembering that most of his time in childhood are spend on cultivation, and now entering into society he had to start working hard to earn money for his life, and started to envy those youthful figures that feels so carefree in life now without burden.

    However this envy that he had just last for an instant, as XiaYunJie knew very well that even if can turn back time or reborn he will still choose the path of a sorcerer. Who doesn’t wanted to have superhuman power? Who doesn’t want to have their destiny control by his own hand?

    However, if he could study a few years in college and get a office job or something it should be a pleasant experience as he thought to himself, while admire this beautiful environment on the campus.

    As he found out that he starting to fall in love with college life. However XiaYunJie quickly came back from his unrealistic fantasy as life isn’t that simple as just knowing A-Z. After a stroll around the lake, just as XiaYunJie was preparing to leave and go home after taking a turn. He suddenly heard a sharp shout coming near the lake : “Help! Somebody Help! The boat is sinking! “

    Without thinking XiaYunJie immediately turned around and ran straight towards where the sounds coming from. Fortunately there’s isn’t much people around on the campus, and everyone attention is now on the lake, no one attention was on XiaYunJie who’s figure was moving at shocking speed, otherwise others will think that they had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

    In a blink of an eye, XiaYunJie was already beside the lack, looking at the middle of the lake he could saw a wooden boat that’s already turned upside down and sinking halfway. Not far away from the boat was several pairs of hands and arms slapping on the surface of the water, some heads are exposed on the surface from time to time but quickly sank down. On the side of the road a young man had already taken a leap and jumped into the water, and was swimming to the nearest person that’s drowning. Then quickly grabbed on her hands and wanting to pulled her back to shore, but the girl was obviously completely in a state of confused and desperation, and when the boy caught her arm, she felt that she had found a piece of reliable holding and was using all her strength to grab hold onto him no matter what! Obviously the boy was inexperienced in saving others in water and only knew how to swim, and once the girl was hugging on him tightly, he started to panicked and as follow he to was drag sinking underwater by that girl.

    As for the others that’s on the shore saw that they were scared and screams could be heard. As for the others that already taken off their clothes and preparing to jump into rescue saw that scene, all there face turn white and hesitated to jump into the water to rescue them.

    As for XiaYunJie who had awakened his bloodline at the age of nine already had the ability to control water. XiaYu in ancient time are born with great power to control water.

    As soon as XiaYunJie jumped into the water he felt an indescribable intimacy with the water element around him, and it is welcoming him as if the King of Poseidon is back.

    There’s a total of five people who fall into the water and all of them are girls, except the boy who was trying the save but was dragged down, so a total of six now that needed to be save.

    Looking at the situation XiaYunJie estimate the small wooden boat should carry the weigh of 4 person before its overloaded as for those 5 girls that got on board although they are slim but coupled with girls that love playing around and this time over playing, and accidently overturned the boat.

    However this isn’t the time to think about who’s right and wrong, after having a basic understanding of the situation and seeing that those two(the boy who tried to save the girl) was sinking quicker then the others he swims towards them.

    As soon as XiaYunJie who swam quickly like a fish towards them in the middle of the lake someone spotted him and shout out “Look, look quickly over there! There’s a person swimming so fast! “

    As the voice of the screamer haven’t end XiaYunJie had already reached the location where the accident occurred, and he plunged into the water. As the bystander seeing XiaYunJie who dive into the lake below everything suddenly became quiet as time seem to stop. In fact, just a few breath of time XiaYunJie had once again came back up on the water surface with 2 heads, following 1 in each arm.

    “Hurray! He came out! Amazing! “ watching XiaYunJie who is swimming towards the shore with each in a hand like a fish, the people on the shone were all amazed and cheering for him.

    The lake actually isn’t that big, adding with the speed of XiaYunJie swimming abilities, within the cheering sound XiaYunJie had already brought the two people to the shore, and people are already waiting standby beside it, and pulled them up as soon as XiaYunJie are near. After that he turned around and dive back to the location where the accident occurred.

    Watching XiaYunJie is so agile in water, those that wanted to jump into the water to save they let out a breath of relief.

    As XiaYunJie quickly return to the location he once again dive in. Under the water he could see 4 people are still struggling to survive, but in the meantime they won’t be any danger occurring to them for a while.

    Under the water XiaYunJie shots a pair of water chains and hooked onto 2 people, and with a pulled they came towards his hand and doing the same thing locking an arm through their arm to chin on both side, he quickly swam back to shore. While he was swing he secretly said to himself “ for the other 2 I’m really sorry you guys had to suffer a bit longer, as there’s too many people here and I cannot use witchcraft to carry so many with me at once. “

    As XiaYunJie appearance on the water surface again, cheers broke out again. As for the others they are on standby ready to pulled the 2 that XiaYunJie is carrying towards them.

    After passing the 2 girls over to the helper, he once again set off back for the last 2 girls that needed help. Although XiaYunJie speed was already showing at the max speed of a human could do. The final 2 girls that was rescued still drank quite a bit of water when they were pulled ashore. One of them were bulging on the belly and the other had pale face with blue lips. But the pulse was still there and shouldn’t be in any danger threatening to their life.

    “quick someone give them artificial respiration!” as someone shouted when seeing the last 2 girls that was bought up had their eyes closed with pale face.

    Although both of the girls were pale and lips were blue, their appearance was still very beautiful. When the boys heard that they needed artificial respiration, there was a sudden rioted. And a courageous boy stopped forward and volunteered. “let me, let me”

    “Let you do it? Go back to where you came from, have you ever learned how to do it? “ a dinosaur-class fatty girl saw that the boy was volunteering and walking up immediately pulled him away like a chicken. After that she bends over and wanted to do it, everyone on the side couldn’t bar the sight, as such a beauty is going to be ruined by this fat girl!

    Watching at side XiaYunJie shakes his head and said “it’s better to let me do it, as looking at there situations they doesn’t need artificial respiration. “ and hurriedly stopped the obese girl.

    But when XiaYunJie was blocking the girl, subconsciously in his heart two other women appeared and entangled the situation together. Why is it there a turmoil when he’s thinking of Hong and Yan sister being together, but when looking at this fat girl who’s lips raised up high in front of the girl lying on the ground, there’s a feeling of vomiting?

    “what no? This classmate, Ah, oh no, so it was the hero, but this hero here saving them is like saving fire which needed speed! You can rest assured, I’m a medical nursing student, and on this aspect I understand what must be done!” originally she was going to get angry when seeing that someone was trying to stop her, but after looked up he saw it was XiaYunJie the heroic hero who saved them, her expression took a 360 degree of changes and after that she gave XiaYunJie a wink.

    XiaYunJie suddenly got a goosebumps, and hurriedly said “this classmate, I also knew some basic first aid knowledge, you should let me try first. “

    Because of XiaYunJie performance, everyone present had a unknown confidence towards him, and felt that there’s nothing impossible for this young man, the fat girl was no exception. After that the fat girl step backwards and said “then go a head “

    Looking at the fat girl retreating, he smile at her then grabbed on the girls feet with both hands, hanging her upside down, then placing her down on his knees against her stomach, then he start hitting on her back.

    When XiaYunJie was hitting, within the crowds a voice suddenly shouted “ Professor Feng is here, quickly move to the side. “

    And quickly a elder age man full of sliver hair but his eye is full of life, came out from the crowd. As he saw XiaYunJie who’s slapping at the back of the drowning girl, just as he wanted to walk up, he was shocked, and his eye fixing on XiaYunJie hitting hand.

    Professor Feng is the old dean of the medical university, FengWenBo the leading figure of Chinese medicine industry. Obviously the fat girl know him, and quickly rushed to XiaYunJie and said “ Hey hero, professor Feng is already here get to the side….. “

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