I have a Horror House

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    Title: I have a Horror House

    Genres: Horror, Mystery

    Author: 我不明白 - Wo Bu Mingbai

    Status: 137 (ongoing)

    Translator: Afterak


    A funeral car with an abnormal smell stationed at the gate. Sound of marbles knocking into each other came from the roof of the room. People walking around the hallway. Chopping sounds came from the room next door.

    The door knob move slightly. Sound of dripping coming from the bathroom, though the water faucet was locked.

    There seem to be a ball rolling back and forth under the bed.

    Wet footprints appear on the floor, coming close.

    3 AM, Chen Ge holding a butcher knife, hiding next to the heater. In his hand is a phone.

    "Landlord! This is what you meant by 'the night is a little busy'?!"
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    Chapter 1: About to close down haunted house

    “This is the first time I visit such a non frightening haunted house.”

    “Everything's seem so fake. Did a round, not only its not scary; its funny.”

    “Nothing scary here!”

    “I already told you there no point. It’s better to stay in the dorm and play game. My account already reach level 80.”

    West Jiujiangshi haunted house, some students leaving without any hesitation on their bike.

    Saw this, Chen Ge couldn’t help but shake his head while holding on flyers.

    Scare people is a form of artistry, but modern people already grew numb from all the horror movies. Their mind grew strong and haunted house seem nothing more than their backyard.


    Behind him came a clear female voice. Chen Ge turned his head and saw a person in a nurse outfit. She looked like a cute zombie with her high chest. She stomped out angrily.

    “Xiao Wan, what’s wrong?” The girl named Su Wan. She is a temporary actor of the haunted house.

    “Just now, those little b****** molested me!” She clenched her jaw, gripped her pretty fists tightly.


    “They even touch zombie.” As the boss, Chen Ge of course have to help Xiao Wan:

    “I’ll go talk to manager of the park about this.”

    “No need for that. When I noticed their intention, I hit them first. I hit them until they stop.” Su Wan showed a blood mark on the nurse outfit: “This is real.”

    “Ack, no problem, girls should learn to protect themselves.” Chen Ge wipe cold sweat off his forehead as he looked at the sky: “Let stop for today. Guess there won’t be anymore guests for today. Let everyone know, we close early.”

    After he said that, the zombie girl didn’t move.

    “There’s something else?”

    “Boss…” Su Wan wanted to say something, but stopped. She slowly raised a letter from her pocket: “This is from Do Min and Xiao Wei. You treated them good, so they couldn’t face you. So they wanted me to hand this to you.”

    “They want to quit?” Chen Ge surprised as he accepted the letter: “Everyone have their own ambition. You can leave early.”

    “Oh okay, I’ll take the costume off.”

    Watched this small and cute zombie leave, Chen Ge silently lighted up a cigarette.

    Half a year ago, his parents went missing. They left behind this haunted house.

    Because he couldn’t forget them, Chen Ge quitted his job and focus on running this place. He wanted it to prosper.

    Too bad time changed too fast. There were too many competitions. Also this place wasn’t well taken care off, so there weren’t much to it.

    Same scenario, once you took a look, it would become dull on second visit. It's simply cost way too much to updated it constantly.

    For the last few weeks, the haunted house was starting to operate at a loss. Tickets sell for one day wasn’t even enough to pay for the cost of water and electric.

    “Wonder how long I can keep going.”

    Squeezed out the fire, Chen Ge wanted to go back. A person dressed in the New Century park’s uniform walked by. Saw him, Chen Ge acted like a mouse saw a cat. He hurriedly his feet.

    “Pretend to not notice?” The middle aged man grabbed his shoulder: “We say everything clearly today. You own two months worth of utility and rent. They keep nagging; I’m under pressure!”

    “Uncle Su, its not that I don’t pay. Just that recently I’m broke. Please give me another month.”

    “You said that last month.”

    “I guarantee, this will be the last time!” Chen Ge tapped his chest. His face looking honest.

    “Haunted house is no longer profitable. It's not attracting any more visitors. I told you that this wouldn’t last long.”

    Uncle Su looked at the letter in Chen Ge’s hand. His gripped slightly slacken: “You’re still young. Why waste your energy like this?”

    “Uncle Su, I know you want good for me But this place have a special meaning to me. This is all I have left from my parents.” Chen Ge’s voice lowered, like he didn’t want others to hear.

    Chen Ge’s parents situation, this man knew about it. He kept silence for a second, then let out a sigh: “I somewhat understand what you mean. Alright, I will try to help you drag this out a few more weeks.”

    “Thank you uncle Su!”

    “Don’t thank me. You should just try to sell more tickets.”

    Sent the man on his way, Chen Ge came back inside the haunted house. He started to look through every days works. Checked on any damaged to tools and clean up the place.

    “Fake blood is about to used all up, need to buy some; This hallway should be skew a little more. Maybe it will increase visitor’s blindspot. The doll got scratched up, need fixing. What! Where’s the light? Someone stole it!”

    To other people, he is the boss of the haunted house. In a way, he could be considered a self made man. In reality, only he knew the cold harsh truth.

    The haunted house would be a “thrill” store. In a terror situation, people’s body and mind would become high strung. Once their mind get release, it would be like getting a massage. This method would brought about a satisfy feeling for a brief moment.

    Also, haunted house is a one time spend. On the market, many haunted houses opened at various busy area, constantly attracting new visitors. Like Chen Ge’s haunted place stuck in a single area. Unless it is well known, won’t last long.

    He could struggle this long was already not easy.

    Picked up the scratched doll, Chen Ge started to fixed it. As a student, he learned to be a toy maker and engineer. The various dolls and contraptions in the haunted house was created by him.

    Fixing process is boring and lonely. He need to sew up the skin of the doll, repaint, make it look old.

    “Need some blood, I remember there are still some left upstair.” Haunted house was separated into three floors. First two floors was used to set up the scenario. Third floor was use as a storage area.

    Pushed through the dusty door, the place was full of unused stuffs. Most of them were left behind by his parents.

    He didn’t came here much due to grief.

    “Already half a year.”

    Looked at all the familiar stuffs, he remembered his childhood.

    At the time, they haunted house was a moving attraction. His parent brought him along throughout the city everywhere. Sometime when they were too busy, they would threw him to the back with all the tools. For this reason, Chen Ge was very bold.

    After all, while other kids play with toys, he hugged plastic heads running everywhere.

    “Just memory.”

    Unconsciously, Chen Ge came to his parent’s storage box. Inside it was a stuffed animal and a black phone.

    The stuffed animal was Chen Ge’s first toy as a kid. As for the phone, he didn’t remember it.

    These two things were found in an abandoned hospital by the polices. As for why his parents went there in the middle of the night, no one knew the reason.

    “Such a long time, where did you go?” Chen Ge grabbed the stuffed animal and touched it face, let out a small sigh: “Might as well go buy some fake blood. If I can’t survive through this period. This place will probably be sell off.”

    Chen Ge was only talking to himself, but when he mentioned selling off. The black phone inside the box suddenly lit up with pale light.

    “What’s this? Dark science? Occult incident?”

    If it was someone else, their heart probably beat faster. They would become hesitate, palms become full of sweat. Compare to Chen Ge, he just pick up the phone, looked at it to make sure.

    “I try to operate this phone hundred of times before to no effect. Why does it suddenly come to life today? This was found at the place where my parents went missing. Could it be they knew of my difficult situation, so decided to contacted me?”

    Calmed himself, Chen Ge opened the phone. The phone screen only have a single menu. Not only that, the interface look like the haunted house.

    “Not like in my imagination. At least this interface look familiar, just like the door to my haunted house!”

    Chen Ge frowned, pressed the button. A series of letter in bloody color appeared on the screen - - Do you believe in spiritual world?

    Does spirits exist, this is something beyond the knowledge of Chen Ge. For him, such question is difficult to answer.


    Chen Ge picked his answer. A few seconds passed by, more words show up on the screen.

    “Your thought, is the answer. From now on, you officially become the new owner of this horror house. Of course, that is worth celebrating. As a new owner, I want to give you some advice. Suicide is an act of a wuss, try to survive!”

    “The information seem pretty big! Except, why does this voice sound like my dad?”

    Chen Ge pressed the open button again. Another menu showed up:

    West Jiujiangshi Haunted House

    Status: About to shutdown

    Reward Level: 0

    Today Number of Visitors: 4

    This Month Number of Visitors: 10

    Ghost Members: 0

    Tools in Store: 0

    Achievement Open: 0

    Current Scenario Available:

    1. Night of the zombies (broken tools, bad actors, no plot or logic, screaming level is 0*);

    2. Night Wedding (Couldn’t become husband and wife while alive. Buried in the same grave. Ghost wife chase. Screaming level: .5*)

    Possible scenario unlock:

    1. Midnight Escape (There is a dangerous psycho in a broken down motel. He hold a metal maul and a pair of scissor. Standing right outside your door. Screaming level: 1*);

    2. Third Hospital (Each night, there are strange noises from this abandon hospital. News reporters would entered to find the truth. Screaming level: 3*)

    3. Deadly Transportation (The carriage for the death already moving. If you can’t get off in one hour, you will stuck on it forever. Screaming level: 2*)

    Daily Assignment: Do the daily task and get rewards. Will also unlock more scenario.

    Horror House additional construction requirement: 100+ visitors in one month. 60% chance.

    (3 more addition constructions will upgrade horror house to Chilling Maze)

    Terror Wheel (use up visitor’s generated terror points. Can spin): Death or Alive, wealth is upto chance. There are longevity rewards, but also vengeful spirits!

    Additional Options: Locked
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    Chapter 2: Daily Tasks

    The menu on the phone screen looked like a business management sim game on the current market. Except, where most games let you managed restaurants, hotels or pet shop; this one let you managed a haunted house.

    Chen Ge stared at the screen. He simply couldn’t figure out why his parents left him this phone. And why does this phone have this strange game.

    He carefully looked through the game. Everything within it resemble his haunted house down to all the little details. Even info about how many visitors and which scenarios available. This game made him feel a little uncomfortable. It made him feel like a character of this game. It simply too much of a coincident. Like the list of how bad the business currently is. Down right to how close to being out of business.

    “Is it because this game design base on my haunted house? What if the place is fix within the game, will reality reflect it?”

    Chen Ge kept on staring down. The current “Night of the zombies” listed as worthless. As for the once famous “Night Wedding” was only listed as half a star on the scary scale.

    “Even Night Wedding get only half a star. Wonder how scary those unlockable scenarios are.”

    He tried to press on the unlock button. What came up was a serious of words, saying he need to complete enough daily tasks before they could be unlock.

    “Seem the assignments are everything. Only by completing the daily tasks then I can unlock new scene. The more scenarios available, the more visitors will come. More visitors mean I can upgrade the place. Increase the space available, then complete a business circle.”

    Chen Ge played many mobile games when he had free time. So he was quick to figure out the rules of this one -- The daily tasks mean the expansion of the haunted house.

    Pressed the daily tasks button, the screen show three assignments:

    Easy difficulty:

    The haunted house three important factors - history, scenario setup, emotion.

    Without a history, the house have no soul. You need to perfect the two current scenarios, Night of the Zombies and Night Wedding.

    Normal Difficulty:

    Before morning, fix up all the dolls within the current scenarios.

    Nightmare Difficulty:

    I’m sure you are curious about whether or not there are spirits in this world. Let play this little game. The truth is in front of you.

    Daily tasks listing update every morning. One one task per day. Rewards receive depend on the difficulty of the task.

    (Warning! Unique assignments are extremely dangerous. Be mindful when you choose them!)

    Read through the listing, Chen Ge was startled:

    “The game assignments require players to complete them in reality. Doesn’t this mean the game influence reality?”

    To test out his thoughts, he decided to try out one assignment.

    The daily tasks divided into different rank of difficulty. Each day I can only pick one. If I want the best reward, then I need to pick out the hardest task. Just that the warning scared him a little.

    “Can’t decide. Nightmare task description is simply too vague. It look like a big trap. Let start with the normal task. It's not impossible to fix up all the dolls before 12 AM.”

    Chen Ge was a decisive person. Once he decided on a task, he immediately set out to do it. Instead of wasting time, he carried the tool box and a pouch of fake blood around to check up on the haunted house.

    Deep of night, Chen Ge walked around the scary place all by himself. To save on the electric bill, he didn’t even bother to turn on the hallway lights. With the flashlight under his armpit, he ran around with the mannequin.

    If someone saw this scene without context, they would probably get scared and call the polices.

    “So tired, can’t believe so many of these mannequins was broken. Seem I didn’t take care of them properly!”

    11:45 PM, Chen Ge received a message saying he completed the task -- “You have finished the normal difficulty daily task ‘Paying attention to all details’ will let you create a perfect atmosphere. Player have received a reward -- background music <<Black #6>>.”

    “Isn’t <<Black #6>> a forbidden music piece? Legend is that all those who listen ended up committing suicide. I thought this piece was lost.” Chen Ge picked out a CD image on the screen: “who would give this out as a reward. This isn’t some type of malicious prank right?”

    He pressed the CD app. An unknown melody traveled to his ears.

    This sound seem to generated a feeling of bleakness, lonely and grief. Chen Ge felt like everyone left him. He felt like sinking into the deep ocean, or like walking into an endless hallway.

    The first part finish, Chen Ge already shoak with cold sweat. He felt lucky he didn’t choose to play it continuously. If not, he couldn’t tell if he would be able to wake up from this.

    “For real! Must be a real thing!”

    Finish a game task, received real reward. This made Chen Ge saw hope in the future of this haunted house, a shortcut.

    Shut down the music, carefully save it. Once finished, he enter the employee resting room.

    On the bed, his body felt tired, but he simply couldn’t sleep.

    Today experience, for any normal person, would need time to adjust.

    After midnight, Chen Ge stilled staring at the ceiling in daze.

    “Can’t sleep!” Frustrated, he took out the black phone: “It's past midnight, the daily tasks should have updated.”

    Turned on the screen, the daily tasks really did change.

    Easy Difficulty:

    To truly satisfy the customers, first you need to pay attention to the timing. Actors appear too late or too early would cause visitors to lose their enjoyment. Suggestion, the haunted house should set up cameras and audio devices. Carefully monitor and control when visitors see each area.

    Normal Difficulty:

    One column can’t hold up a building. A good haunted house need a good staffs. Hire more good people. They will help you overcome the current difficult situation.

    Nightmare Difficulty:

    I’m sure you are curious about whether or not there are spirits in this world. Let play this little game. The truth is in front of you.

    (Warning! Unique assignments are extremely dangerous. Be mindful when you choose them!)

    The new task made Chen Ge became undecisive.

    The easy task require him to set up camera and audio. This task only need money. Except he doesn’t have money. He simply can’t afford it.

    The normal task wasn’t any good. Those employees who had been with him all quit yesterday. Not to mention the fact whether or not he can hire anyone. Even if he could, the training would take time. Once they became competent, the place would probably already be dead.

    Moved away from the tasks, he looked at last few lines.

    “Higher difficulty equal better reward. Should I try the nightmare one?”
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    Chapter 3: Nightmare Assignment

    “I’m sure you are curious about whether or not there are spirits in this world. Let play this little game. The truth is in front of you.”

    The nightmare task description seem so vague. Its basically saying nothing except make a person uneasy.

    “From the description, this seem like a little game I need to play. Why would a game be classify as nightmare level?” To complete a normal difficulty task, he had to spend several hours without rest to fixed up all the mannequins.

    Took a closer look at the phone, Chen Ge became more and more curious: “Maybe, I should try it?”

    The thought appeared, then like a growing vine within his head, kept growing, spreading.

    “Nightmare task reward give the best reward. Also, of the three tasks for today, I simply have no confidence in complete the easy and normal ones. Let take a chance.”

    If the haunted house couldn’t survive the downtime, he will have to close shop. Chen Ge knew clearly his current situation. Just when he finally see some hope, of course he wouldn’t let it go.

    “It’s decided. After all, I’ll have to experience nightmare task eventually.”

    Sit up on his bed, Chen Ge selected the third task.

    “Nightmare task selection, yes? Once accept, possible unknown consequence.”


    The screen refreshed. The description appeared:

    “To take a glimpse at another world require great courage, high luck, and a little help. This little game is call, <<Another you in the Mirror>> -- At 2:04 AM, enter the bathroom by yourself. Lock the door and turn off the light. Face the mirror, light up a candle between yourself and the mirror. After that, close your eyes. Concentrate, slowly whisper your name.”

    “In the dark, anything can happen. Maybe a stranger will appear within the mirror. Very possible, somewhere, a pair of red eyes is staring at you. Maybe the wall, or the edge of the door will start bleeding. What you need to do is stay still, right in front of the mirror.”

    “After half an hour, the task will automatically complete. Important reminder, no matter what happen, you must not open your eyes.”

    Read the description, Chen Ge felt a shiver: “Is there really another world, unseen?”

    There’s still time before 2:04 AM. He wasn’t in a hurry. Instead, he search the internet for any relate information on this game.

    Not long after, Chen Ge really found something. Seem there were people who played this game and became unlucky. No clear description, only that some mention of ruined face. Disappeared from their home. Suspected of getting pulled into the mirror.

    “These stories seem very details, like ghost stories.” The more Chen Ge read, the more curious he became. He himself opened a haunted house, working hard to scare people each day without hurting them. After reading through these stories, he felt another world open up.

    “At night, playing a terror game within a haunted house. Just thinking about it is exciting!”

    He checked the battery meter on his regular phone. He felt this experience should be record.

    “I’ll record the entire process. If it really is that scary, maybe my haunted house will really have another game.” He started searching all over for a candle and a lighter. Waited until 2:00 AM, grabbed them and enter the haunted house bathroom.

    The reason he use the first floor bathroom was to prepare an escape route. Chen Ge thought it through carefully. If by chance something really appear, he would immediately jump out the window.

    At night, the haunted house was quiet. A certain young man who risked his life to save on electric money, holding a flashlight and a candle, entered a small and tight bathroom.

    “A closed up space in complete darkness should generate unease within a person. Also, yin energy concentrated the most in the bathroom of all location. The mirror, door, water, all these are normal daily things, but also most suggestive tools. The person who designed this game was very smart. He knew how to grab human emotion and vulnerability, and set up a terrifying experience.” Chen Ge wasn’t like other people when it come to scary place. He would solve and study them instead.

    “True fright doesn’t really need pricey tools. All is need is to cultivate a sense of unease within the visitors. With that, they can be beaten.” Chen Ge took a deep breath, turned on his mobile phone and put it on record. Looked at the camera, said: “I don’t know what will happen. If something happen, to the person who picked up this phone, keep this video intact. It will be the key. A key to the unknown.”

    After speaking, Chen Ge placed the phone next to the sink. From this angle, the camera could capture both Chen Ge and the mirror reflection.

    “2:01, still 3 more minutes.”

    Waiting for death was even more terrifying than death itself. Quiet bathroom, all sounds would amplify. As the time approach, Chen Ge’s heartbeats started to quicken.

    He looked at the time on the phone. As the clock hand hit 4, he turned off the flashlight, lighted up the candle and placed it between him and the mirror.

    The flickering light became the only source of light within the dark. In front of the mirror, the flame was like a lantern used to direct the soul. Like an invitation to something within the mirror.

    Chen Ge took a glimpse at the mirror, and felt strange: “The game started?”

    He slowly faced down, closed his eyes, whispered his name:

    “Chen Ge, Chen Ge, Chen Ge…”

    Repeating a person’s own name, would make a person slowly fell a weirdness with the words. It’s like writing down some word in repetition. Once finished writing, even the person wouldn’t understand the logic behind them.

    To prevent this from happening, Chen Ge would silently count to 3 in his head between each chant of his name. He could also calculate the time by doing so.

    After all, the requirement of the assignment was to kept his eyes close for half an hour, no matter what happen.

    “After 2 AM, a person inside a haunted house, lighted a candle, shut his eyes, stood in front of a mirror to play a game. If it wasn’t me, no way I would believed someone would do this.” Chen Ge chanted his name while struggle to keep his thought under control.

    “This game is full of mindfuck. The hardest part wasn’t any ghost or demon, but your own sense. As long as I keep my eyes shut, there shouldn’t be any danger.”

    Saying is easy, doing is hard. At ten minutes mark, something happen.
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    Chapter 4: Unexpected Reward

    Maybe because the window wasn’t tightly shut. The night wind blew into the room. Like a pair of invisible hands, caressed Chen Ge’s face.

    The door of the bathroom slightly moved and creaked. Water dripped from the pipe in the ceiling. Sounds of something moved inside the toilet.

    In the quietness, all sounds got amplify. In a situation like this, most people would feel unease. But Chen Ge was an exception. Experiences from his youth cultivate and strengthen his mind to a large degree.

    His mind was blank. No thought, only quietly counting the time.

    About 20 minutes mark, Chen Ge felt the temperature within the room suddenly became cold. It was as if surrounded him was blocks of ice. He couldn’t help but shiver.

    “Calm down! Don’t think of anything. Don’t scare yourself. Only 10 minutes left. No matter what, must keep going!” Something seem to flew by his ears. Like there was something coming closer. His fists tighten. Blue veins bulge. Body like a column, rooted to the ground, unmoving.

    “Chen Ge, Chen Ge, Chen Ge…”

    Whispered, 5 more minutes left. Chen Ge felt the candle light went out. Sound like someone else in the dark also chanted his name.

    “Answer? Not possible!”

    “Chen Ge…”

    The voice seemed to be calling for him. Urgently, like the voice tried to tell him something.

    “This voice seem to be coming from outside the door. Should I take a look?” Quickly Chen Ge discarded that thought. The rule of the game said very clearly. He only needed to stay in front of the mirror.

    As he counting the time, the voice slowly but clearly changed. He was absolutely sure there is someone calling for him. And that person was right outside the door.

    “That person seem to be worry. But I’m the one playing the game. Why the F*** he worry? This must be a trap. Such a weak ploy.” Chen Ge smiled: “The setup, the atmosphere are good. Too bad the technique is too basic.”

    The final 3 minutes, the sound from the bathroom door rose. Like there was someone clawing, chewing it. The door shook, like its about to busted open.

    “1798 second, 1799 second, 1800 second!” Half an hour had come. The sounds outside the door disappeared. Everything fell into silence.

    To prevent any mistake, Chen Ge didn’t immediately open his eyes. He counted another 300 before took a step back, place hands in front of his chest and opened his eyes.

    In the bathroom, the candle already went out. It was full of darkness. Chen Ge felt odd.

    Turned on the flashlight. As the light once again appeared within the room, he froze.

    The mirror was full of hairlined. His reflection was divided into fragments. It felt very unreal. Even more creepy, right in front of the mirror, there was an old stuffed toy!

    Button eyes appeared in the light. Full of patched stuffed toy. This stuffed animal wasn’t pretty, but held a very special meaning to Chen Ge. This was his first toy. It was also carried by his parents when they went missing.

    The stuffed animal’s back was to the shattered mirror. Like it was trying to block something from the mirror.

    “The door was locked. How did it entered? The window? Wait! The real problem is how did it move all by itself!” Chen Ge felt his world shattered, all jumbled up.

    The man and the stuffed toy stared at each other for about 3 minutes. Chen Ge woke up. He moved his cold fingers, slowly came closer.

    Button eyes, no matter from which angle, seem as if it was staring at him. Chen Ge watched his self made toy. His mouth couldn’t help but jump.

    His hands carefully moved away from the stuffed toy and picked up the phone: “Luckily I came prepare.”

    The recording was continuous without any interruption. He carefully saved it before viewing.

    The video wasn’t very clear. Under the candlelight, in front of the mirror, Chen Ge seem to have froze. Instead, the reflection in the mirror came alive.

    The first 10 minutes, nothing happen. Things started to change after that.

    The sound of nightwind wasn’t recorded. The video only captured up the slightly moving wall separating the toilet.

    After that, sounds started to appear within the video. Clearly there wasn’t anything, but caused a sense of unease. This was just a nature of thing. Everyone scared of the unknown.

    Watched the video, Chen Ge’s face wasn’t very good. From his own experience, he slowly closed his eyes and stood still in front of the mirror. But in reality, his body slowly leaned forward. It was like he wanted to pressed into the mirror.

    At 25 minutes mark, his upper half already bent to 70 degree angle. His nose was just about to touch the mirror.

    A few more seconds after that, without warning, the screen started to crack. The scene scared him.

    Immediately after, something unbelievable happen. Chen Ge’s reflection snarled, slammed into the mirror surface!

    At the same time, the candle went out, and the recording stopped.

    Due to the angle of the recording, there was nothing about the stuffed animal within the video. What happened in the last 5 minutes, Chen Ge didn’t know.

    “The thing inside the mirror wanted to come out. It was stopped by this stuffed animal. It must have saved me.” Chen Ge hugged the toy, carefully asked it: “Can you understand me? Do you know where my parents go?”

    The stuffed toy didn’t answer. Only, the button eyes seem to have a weak light.

    He grabbed the stuffed toy and looked at the bathroom door. Afraid to go out, he sat down under the window and took out the black phone. The message saying the assignment was complete.

    “You are a very lucky person. Congrat to you for complete the nightmare difficulty daily assignment! Reward received -- Talent, basic level technique, face paint.”

    “Face paint: I hope you can inherit this talent properly. Unlike makeup, face paint master only work on corpse. Under your hands, overcome life and death, to give life to the coldness. Bestow upon her eternal beauty.”

    “First time complete nightmare rank assignment. Received the title of New Nightmare Person. Additional reward received, unlocked 1* scenario <<Midnight Escape>> practice assignment! Once the assignment complete, the scenario will be construct!”

    Read the info in the black phone, Chen Ge had a thought. The growth of a haunted house need a makeup artist. Regardless if it was a person or a mannequin would require makeup. A great makeup artist would greatly enhance the result.
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    Anyone has any interest in this novel? I was thinking of continuing this project as it is a really good horror novel written
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    Hugo, your novel is very original and very well written. I would encourage you to continue it but it is not the type of novel I enjoy reading. I prefer fantasy to horror.

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