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    There Are Ghosts At Friday
    Chapter 1

    That was a shining night, without any troubles, having kebab with Littlefive, a taxi driver, near my department. After I had ate six goat kidney, 30 yuan sticks, 8 bottle of beers. I got courage to touch waitress beautiful hand, just at that moment, a screaming stop me, "traffic accident."

    That screaming was from the owner of my department, that's a dad-damn screaming. The waitress was shocked, spread sticks on my face, that was really hot,just about to show my angry, I found there is no one around me. All had shot to the minor street in front of me, I had been almost drunked, and had forgotten the pain of my face, tried to go inside the crowd.

    Forgot to introduce myself, I am 22, called Xu Long, Long is a damn word... but it depends. My father is a fan of Wuxia, his favorite author is Gu Long. There is a hero called Shen Long in the book "Wu Iin Wai Shi", don't know how many times he have read, when my mom ask him my name, he said " Long", without a thought.

    I read that book, and think Shen Long is just a idiot, a beauty which have a lot of money chasing him, then he doesn't care, such an idiot, if I was him, I would married her definitely. Now I am called Long, to be honest, I am not dislike it, in a contrast, I like this word, I wish I can be long, but at this damn age, do this damn job, only got damn pay, I can't be long, so I hate my name.

    Let me talk about the car accident, after all, these weird things, all from here. When I got there, it would be have 30 people there, Our Chinese like watching since a baby, and this is at night, if at day, I bet there would be hundres of people, so, the accident, a red sport car touchs a overloaded truck.

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