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    Original Title = 逍遥小镇长
    Pin Yin Title = Xiao Yao Xiao Zhen Zhang
    Literal Title = Carefree Little Town’s Mayor

    Author :
    全金属弹壳 / Quan JinShu DanKe / Full Metal Bullet Shell

    Summary :
    (stolen / copied from other sites) (too lazy to write my own summary)

    Wang Bo was fed up with his job being a programmer, especially because of all of the nights he was working overtime without pay. His boss had given him a mysterious game to beta test in his free time, which had granted him possession of unclaimed territory in New Zealand with which to improve to his desires. After a certain event in his company, he ended up quitting his job. His lack of goals and curiosity eventually led him to buy a ticket to New Zealand, in order to see if the unclaimed territory given to him in the game was actually real. Watch, as he develops this beautiful, fertile stretch of land into prosperity, by building villages, farms, schools, hospitals and more.

    Raw Source :
    The original Raw Novel is already completed with 1443 chapter.
    If you could read Chinese, you could read it all on that website.

    TL Special Notes : I just started translating this for fun. I know somewhere people already translated till chapter 11 for this title, but somehow there are quite a few Chinese idiom-like phrases that are just given the intended meaning by the translator, I prefer keeping the original literal meaning and let people understand why the Author uses those phrase. And I also gives some pronunciation guide (pinyin) for people who wanted to know how to pronounce the word in Chinese.

    I also started my own blog for this. Maybe come visit my blog and leave me some comment and/or likes there too.



    Table of Content
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    Chapter 1 - Core of Landlord

    In a winter night of Beijing where the cold wind is blowing.

    When Wang Bo (王博 / Wang2 Bo2) get off work, it had already been dark outside. He look at the computer screen filled with bunch of codes and took a breath of relieve. Overtime is over, he could finally go home now.

    Subconsciously looking at the bottom right corner of the screen, the time shown gave him a real shock. It is already past 10 o’clock in the evening. He didn’t realize that he had been working overtime for 4 hours today!

    “Damn it, days like this, when would it be over? Four days of overtime in five workday week. And there is no overtime pay. Its really hard worker’s mommy opening the door for the hard worker*, its really hard working to the max.” Wang Bo lamented helplessly. He isn’t afraid of anyone listening, at this time in the office there would be nobody else.
    (TL : It is a Beijing’s wording about someone being slaved away by someone else. In this case, the so called hard worker’s mommy is the slaver, and the hard worker is the slave)

    Turn of the computer, turn off the lights, and lock the door. Skilfully doing all those as he always did and he took from a corner of the table two mobile phone and walk toward the train station.

    After getting on the train, there is still half hour of journey. Wang Bo dig out the mobile phone to pass the time. Earlier he took with him two phone, one is his domestic-made phone, the other one is his leader’s product testing phone.

    The so-called product testing phone, is a normal smartphone. But specially used to test run some program or game. Wang Bo is working for an IT company whose fame and scale aren’t big. Income source are limited. So following the gaming industry’s booming, the company intend to take the opportunity and scoop a hand*. Recently developed quite a lot of games, requiring all employees to join the internal testing for it.

    Internal testing the game is not for playing, but for finding BUGs and loopholes. So all the employees are not very interested in these games. The team leaders even don’t play at all and throw their product testing phone to the soldier under their command to play in their stead.

    Muttering ‘It is so nice to be a leader’, Wang Bo then unlocked the screen and on the dark black colored phone’s screen there is only a heart-shaped mark with 3D effect. He doesn’t know how the game development department thinks by making this heart-shaped icon is green and not red. By common sense, it is a bit of a violation.

    Tapping open the game guide, inside it are explanation of things that are very complex. Densely showing so much that it makes Wang Bo uninterested to look at it in details. He just skim over it for a few glance looking at the essentials.

    The game guide said after the player started the game, they could get a [Core of Landlord] (领主之心 / ling3 zhu3 zhi1 xin1), improve their body’s quality, no matter how weakling a person is as long as they have this core they would become human-shaped beast. And using [Core of Landlord] on a piece of territory to bind it, would make you become this piece of territory’s master, having control over the piece of territory.

    Other than the [Core of Landlord], the game also have in it a kind of tools called [Core of Territory]. This [Core of Territory] (领地之心 / ling3 di4 zhi1 xin1) could be seen as [Core of Landlord]‘s separated part and can directly be used somewhere on the territory. After that the explanation go on and on, he got impatient and didn’t continue reading.

    Finally, this game can delete account and re-start. If the territory is unsatisfactory, or during the development there are problem, (player) could take away [Core of Landlord], change a territory and start a new development. But if this is the case, all previous territory’s development would become invalid.

    Roughly finished reading the game guide, Wang Bo stretch his hand and tapped on the 3D-shaped [Core of Landlord]. Immediately, the screen’s center started to show earth’s shape. And the green [Core of Landlord] that is made with 3D effect appeared on the screen’s top-right corner.

    Game’s opening scene utilized 3D view’s animation style. The rolling round earth on the screen turn for a whole circle. After that it looks like Google Map, field of view get stretched inward. The earth changed from a long-distanced view to a close-distanced view.

    Following that it looks like a geographical documentary. Every country appear on the screen like galloping to view flower*. Wang Bo is doing this to test the game’s loophole. So he doesn’t have the mood to look at the game opening scene and readily get from the screen’s corner the green [Core of Landlord] and drag it to the screen. This count as making the [Core of Landlord] and territory combine.

    When he let go of his finger, a dialog box appears on the screen:

    • Territory’s position : South hemisphere, New Zealand, Otago, Canterbury, Eternal Sun Territory (日不落领 / ri4 bu4 luo4 ling3 / litterally : Sun Doesn't Fall Boundary).
    • Territory’s size : 1,000 square kilometers (250,000 acres, 100,000 hectars)
    • Territory’s Population : 1 (Landlord Wang Bo)
    • Territory’s Building : Roberts Ancient Castle
    • Resources : Unknown
    • Core of Territory : None
    • Receive Territory : Yes? No ?
    Wang Bo roughly looked at these information and immediately tapped the “Yes” option. But after tapping this ‘Yes’, he suddenly feel somewhere is not right. Thinking for a while and could not think about the problem’s source and thought maybe he is just too much of a worrywart. So he lower his head preparing to play the game.

    As a result, after he chose, the phone’s screen stucked. Only a line of word on the screen flickering: “Receiving territory, Landlord please wait patiently”.

    He kept waiting for half an hour, the train have travelled to its destination, the word on the screen is still flickering.

    Wang Bo tried to restart the game and even turn off the phone, but all are in vain. The phone seems to have been stucked and does not respond at all. He thought about taking out the battery, but this phone’s brand is unknown, turns out to be a very advanced piece of modified device, the device’s cover can not be opened, the battery turns out to be unremovable too.

    Like this he turns out to be more eased down, he doesn’t want to overtime half day then go back home and still have to do overtime work — although just playing games. But playing a game that he doesn’t like and doing overtime have no difference right?

    Walking out of the train station, a burst of winter breeze blow over, Wang Bo tightened up his feather woven jacket, strides in big steps into the room rental neighbourhood.

    At the entrance of the neighbourhood, a middle-aged man is pushing an oven cart selling baked sweet potatoes, Wang Bo knows him but not too close, only knows his surname is Liu usually calls him Bro Liu (刘哥 / Liu Ge / Brother Liu).

    This Bro Liu have a very good business sense, at the neighbourhood entrance he open his stall and do some small business. In the spring he sells veggies, summer he sells fruits, autumn he sells snacks, winter he sells baked sweet potatoes and roasted chestnut. Four season in a year his business keeps changing and could always earn money.

    When he saw Wang Bo, the middle-aged man warmly gives a greet : “Little Wang (小王 / Xiao Wang / Little Wang), how come you are back so late? Don’t want to buy a baked sweet potato to eat? It is still warm, sweet potato from my hometown, its fragrant, its sweet, eating it would surely make you sleep tight.”

    Wang Bo is shy, being greeted like that by someone he is embarrassed to walk away immediately, so he walks over and said : “Bro Liu still haven’t closed for the day at this time? Alright, choose a sweet potato for me — ay ay ay, I suppose don’t need to choose such a big one right?”

    He just said choose a sweet potato, the middle-aged man directly choose the biggest one to put on top of the electronic scales, while weighing he said : “You don’t know, Little Wang Brother, for girls the more tender makes her more fun to play with, for sweet potatoes the bigger it is make it more delicious. That Xiao Tao (小涛 / Xiao3 Tao1 / Little Billow / Little Tao), what are you doin’? Your uncle Wang is here why aren’t you greeting him yet?”

    From the other side of the oven circled out a little boy wearing a very thick feather woven jacket, using a very crispy sound said : “Uncle Wang, hello.”

    Wang Bo embarrassingly laughed : “Call me Brother Wang, I’m still not at the age to be called Uncle yet.”

    After the kid came out, he also became too embarrassed to ask for a change to a smaller sweet potato, after all he at such a cold day bringing his child out while doing business is not easy.

    The middle-aged man wrapped the sweet potato using newspaper and handed it to him, turned around and said to his kid : “How did daddy usually teach you? Just know how to say hello? Can’t you say anything else?”

    Wang Bo cooperatively asked : “Right Xiao Tao, what else did your father usually teach you?”

    The little boy’s eye ball dropped and turned a few round, grinned and said : “Yesyes, daddy also taught me to learn Tang poetry from Song’s period (唐诗宋词 / Tang Shi Song Ci), let me read it for you, ‘While young and strong does not try hard, grown up doing IT’ (少壮不努力, 长大搞IT / shao4 zhuang4 bu4 nu3 li4, zhang3 da4 gao3 IT) …”

    Wang Bo after hearing these words almost used the sweet potato to smack on the middle-aged man’s head, what hatred and what resentment do I have with you, in the big night taught a child to stimulate my anger so much.

    The middle-aged man also turned awkward and quickly said : “I’m just joking, Little Wang don’t take it to the heart, sweet potato is 10 dollar 10 cent, just give me ten dollar is enough.”

    Wang Bo gave the money took away the baked sweet potato and crawled back to his little nest, the house is co-rented with a friend. This moment that buddy had already hugged his girlfriend and is fast asleep for who knows how long.

    He carefully changed his slipper and gone back to his room, peel away the sweet potato’s skin and had two bites, the sweet potato’s taste is indeed not bad, glutinously sweet and smooth in the mouth, after peeling the skin showing a baked golden brown with a little bit hemp-red colored flesh, the sweet fragrant aroma is hovering around, making people’s appetite increase.

    Looking outside the window at the blowing winter breeze, while eating sweet potato Wang Bo unintendedly remembered his childhood memories when he was still at his hometown in his old house during the winter, the whole family would sit around the furnace, his father would roast for him a sweet potato, the homegrown sweet potato wasn’t big, but it felt like the taste is better than this.

    After eating half sweet potato and imagined various things for a while, he took out the phone and have a look, the screen’s image is still not changing, still can not turn off the device, like this he can only left the phone on shower and brush teeth then sleep, wait till it used up the power and will automatically turn off.

    Turned off the light, get on to bed, closed the eyes, sleep, tired out from the whole day of work, very quickly he entered the village in his dream. In the dream, a piece of heavenly land slowly appeared: fertile lands for hundred of miles* (沃土百里 / wo4 tu3 bai3 li3), mountains lined up like cotton (山丘连绵 / shan1 qiu1 lian2 mian2), birds singing with flowery fragrances (鸟语花香 / niao3 yu3 hua1 xiang1), green trees makes the shading of the scene (绿树成荫 / lv4 shu4 cheng2 yin1), wind blowing like the waves (风吹浪飞 / feng1 chui1 lang4 fei1), beasts roams naturally (野兽悠然 / ye3 shou4 you1 ran2), what finally decide the style was a grand, tall but ancient and simple medieval styled castle…

    (TL : Miles as in Chinese mile https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_(unit) )
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    Chapter 2 - Old Wang is Crazy

    After sleeping for a lovely night, Wang Bo wakes up with the ringing of his alarm clock, after a shower and gargle he went out to work, once again start a whole day of struggle.

    At the neighborhood’s entrance he once again met with Bro Liu and his son, in the morning Bro Liu doesn’t sell baked sweet potato instead he changed to sell veggies, looking at Wang Bo he once again warmly greeted : “Little Wang going to work? Don’t want to buy something? Come have a look, Bro Liu’s things here are complete*.”
    (TL : complete as in have everything)

    Wang Bo wryly smiled : “Bro, I’m a programmer not a chef, why would I buy veggies to work?”

    Bro Liu lifted a jade-green cucumber and said : “I don’t only have veggies here, but also fruit, look at this cucumber, so green that would make you happy just looking at it. Come buy two, your whole day is facing computer, eat some cucumber to supplement vitamins for your good.”

    Wang Bo also think that is true, during the winter fruits are expensive he himself is unwilling to buy, they buy some cucumber to eat is also quite good. So he picked four little cucumber, after paying Bro Liu’s son looked at him, pretending to be naive and said : “Uncle Wang, I learned a few more ancient poetry do you want to hear?”

    Wang Bo lightly pinched a little on his check, whispered softly in conspiring voice : “First of all, let brother correct you a little bit, last night that phrase of poetry is wrong, that is 《YueFu’s Poetry Collection – Long Song Type》’s famous line, it should be : When young and strong does not try hard, grown up to be coolie/physical labor (少壮不努力,长大做苦力 / shao4 zhuang4 bu4 nu3 li4, zhang3 da4 zuo4 ku3 li4). And then, brother is going to work, and have no time to listen to you recite ancient poetry, but you can recite it for your father to listen, he will surely praise you for learning a new line of ancient poetry, maybe he might even give you some reward.”

    After saying that, he lightly took away his cucumber, like having a gust of wind under his feet and went away as quickly as he can (脚底生风迅速闪人 / jiao3 di1 sheng1 feng1 xun4 su4 shan3 ren2 / literally : gained wind under the feet and went away in a blink of the eye).

    Not long after, Bro Liu’s loud voice shouted out at his back : “Hey you brave kid*, who did you learn that line of twisted poetry from, even me you dare to ridicule, look how I’m going to make buttock blossom.”
    (TL : he actually said 熊孩子 / xiong2 hai2 zi3 which literally mean bear child as in grizzly bear child, not pregnant but the sentence sound very unnatural in English, so I’ll just leave this here, also the line below also use the same phrase 熊孩子)

    “Ouch ouch ouch!” the brave kid use an even louder voice to reply back.

    Bringing my cucumber squeezing with the crowd in the train to kill my way to the office, Wang Bo finish punching-in his attendance card about to walk away, behind him rang out a woman’s voice : “Little Wang, these cucumber are your breakfast? Company has a system, you can not eat things during office hours, you don’t even remember this?”

    Listening to this voice, Wang Bo subconsciously trembled a bit, he was too familiar with this voice, this is his direct supervisor who is speaking.

    Turning around, it really is that yellow-faced woman* (Huang Lian Po) leader. Originally his leader’s name is Huang Lian Xiang (黄莲香 / huang2 lian2 xiang1 / literally : yellow connected fragrant), a graceful (风姿绰约 / feng1 zi1 chao1 yue1 / character by character : wind gestured well-off approximately) name, but because of her menopause temper that is irritable and like to curse people, add along her poor skin color, so her underlings gave her this nickname ‘yellow-faced woman’.
    (TL : yellow-faced woman or 黄脸婆 / huang2 lian3 po2 in Chinese slang is used to call a woman who has married for a long time and had aged with burden thus losing her beauty with it)

    Seeing that leader has already found out about his cucumber, Wang Bo chose the best cucumber he hold and handed it over, politely he said : “Leader do you want to eat it? I’ll give you one.”

    Yellow-faced woman coldly shook her head and said : “Forget it, how could I eat during office hour? Besides I don’t like eating cucumber.”

    Wang Bo subconsciously said : “I understand leader, I would definitely eat off office hour, but you really don’t want it? Cucumber is good stuff, even if you don’t eat you could still use it…”

    Surrounding them are a few people waiting to punch-in their attendance card, hearing him said that suddenly laughter can be heard all around the hallway, yellow-faced woman’s face turn even more yellow, she coughed a little and stared at Wang Bo, asked while biting her teeth : “Little Wang what do you mean?”

    Wang Bo’s cold sweat kept flowing, with a wronged expression said : “Leader you misunderstood me, I mean cucumber can be cut to slices then apply on face to protect the skin, I didn’t mean that…”

    “Then what do you mean?” yellow-faced woman in her angry voice asked, her expression is extremely savage.

    Wang Bo did not dare to explain anymore, he lowered his head and sneer prepared to use silence to welcome yellow-faced woman’s exploding volcano-like mood, but suddenly when his heart turn cold from discouragement, he remembered last he took that testing phone, today he went out to work too hastily, he actually forgot to bring it back!

    This time he is over, Wang Bo is very anxious, he secretly though, yellow-faced woman was already angry with him, if she found out he didn’t bring her testing phone back, then surely she would get even furious! And that [Core of Landlord] game, don’t know whether the game is still stuck — just when he suddenly thought of this, a scene unbelievable even by him happened:

    A basketball-sized green 3D heart-shaped figurine bounced out from his body, and then this heart-shaped figurine rapidly changed,

    The color from green change to white, toward the surrounding expanded at the same time the surface changing up and down, finally turning into a sandbox with the size of around one square meter.

    This sandbox is rectangular, above it are mountains and rivers, there are flowers, grasses, and trees, there are birds, beasts, insects, and fishes, there is also an approximately sesame seed sized castle, all of which have a clear translucent appearance, very life-like, as if all of it are real…

    Looking at this shocking scene, Wang Bo’s eye suddenly stared wide, he can’t be bothered with yellow-faced woman’s stern voice reprimanding him, stretching his hand out pointing at the half-transparent crystal sandbox in shock and horror while shouting : “woho*, woho, woho! Look everyone, what is this stuff?!”
    (TL : He didn’t actually said woho, but 卧槽 (wo4 cao2) which is more like when American is surprised they might shout “Damn, damn, damn!” kind of thing and the second character 槽 is quite commonly used in Chinese novels as profane that is used in some Chinese slang)

    The surrounding employee who was waiting to watch the fun are at loss looking at where Wang Bo’s finger is pointing, after that their expression also become horrified, because they found out, Old Wang this dude is impressively pointing yellow-faced woman’s bloated barrel-sized waist…

    “Damn it*, Old Wang is crazy?” “Give anesthetic to this grandson/bastard he is finished, is he ridiculing yellow-faced woman’s waist is thick?” “He really is a man, but his death is really miserable!”
    (TL : Damn it here also used 卧槽 (wo4 cao2) again)

    All the employees were whispering here and there discussing, even though they can hold down their voice, but the people discussing is too much, the voice is still spread to Wang Bo and yellow-faced woman’s ear.

    Yellow-faced woman is so mad that she almost gone nuts, she twisted her face and shouted toward Wang Bo : “Little Wang, you don’t wanna work anymore is it?”

    Wang Bo didn’t care about yellow-faced woman, he is still seriously, pointing toward his front where the crystal sandbox is and shouted toward the employee surrounding him : “No, I’m saying you guys look at this thing, what is this toy*? You guys can’t see it? This, this, this, this thing**, this thing in front of me you guys can’t see it?!”
    (TL : *玩意儿 / wan2 yi4 er2 / actually is in Beijing accent if I remember correctly, meaning plaything roughly could be translated as toy. **东西 / dong1 xi1 / character by character : east west / but could also mean thing or stuff)

    Someone dared out to ridicule : “We see it, in front of you the thing isn’t it Manager Huang? Manager Huang is your leader, how could you points fingers at her like that? How could you said she is ‘toy’, ‘thing’? “

    Wang Bo with a horrified expression looked at these people, he on people around him only expression of sympathy and ridicule, none of which have surprised or shocked. So he quickly with all his strength rubbed his eye, when he opened his eye the crystal sandbox is still in front of his very own eye, of course his leader is also in front of him, with a twisted face!

    But this time he really doesn’t have the mood to care about yellow-faced woman, on Wang Bo’s face and body suddenly cold sweat starts to emerge, he hardly believing it while looking at his colleagues’ face and asked out : “You guys can’t see it? Impossible, this thing is just floating here, you guys can’t see it?!”

    The staff around him didn’t laugh at him anymore, they from Wang Bo’s expression could see that he isn’t joking and also isn’t pretending to be a fool more is he not ridiculing yellow-faced woman, but he really did saw something scary, because Wang Bo’s current expression on his face and his eyes is seriously seriously very serious.

    (TL : please don’t vote down for grammar or sentence structure, I want to keep the original context and sentence structure for this)

    But there really is nothing at all here, so someone hysterically said : “Damn it, Old Wang didn’t really turned crazy right?”

    Someone else anxiously said : “It really is possible, recently didn’t someone died from overwork? Could Old Wang have turned crazy from overwork? His mental couldn’t handle the stress, recently he had always been working overtime, last night he seems to be the last one to leave the company…”

    The staffs started to get noisy, after listening to their words, yellow-faced woman also got a little panic, she couldn’t care to punch her attendance card, grasping her handbag hurriedly walked into her office, ‘peng’ she closed her door.

    Wang Bo knows his own mental is still sane, but what is up with this exquisite green crystal sandbox in front of him? Is he hallucinating? How did this toy appear? How to make it disappear?

    Just when his brain thought of making the sandbox disappear, the white crystal sandbox once again have changes, after that like earlier when it appears but in reverse, the sandbox is contracting, the color changing until finally it becomes a green heart-shaped crystal figurine, finally crawled into his chest!
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    Chapter 3 - Go to the Territory to have a look

    The morning of the office, sunken into a kind of abnormally strange atmosphere.

    Wang Bo does not pay attention to the colleagues’ gaze and discussion, he sit in front of the work-desk and tested a few times, understood this so-called [Core of Landlord] is what’s up, speaking of it this play-thing is quite intelligent, when he think for it to appear, white colored heart-shaped crystal like would from his chest belch out, then change into crystal sand table. When he think for it to go back, it would disappear at his chest.

    Found out [Core of Landlord] appearing and disappearing rules, Wang Bo tries hard to make himself calms down, sorts out about this [Core of Landlord]’s information.

    After these tests he is already sure, this is not an illusion, [Core of Landlord] does really exists, but only himself can see it, others can not see it.
    Additionally under coincidentally he also found out, that crystal sand table can be expanded, as long as he want for it to become big, then it will according to ratio expand, as if using mouse’s scroll to control computer’s map to enlarge alike. But can not be shrunk, sand table’s smallest is a square meter area.
    The question is, this thing where is it from?

    Subconsciously, he first thought of game development department, but after he went asking for a while, game development department’s staff resolutely and decisively* said did not develop such a game.
    (TN : resolute and decisively, the Author actually wrote 斩钉截铁 zhan3 ding1 jie2 tie3 that literally means cut off nails cut off iron, doesn’t makes much sense, but it is an idiom that means with resolute and decisive manner, so eat it)

    In this regard they do not have a need to lie, Wang Bo return to the seat, continue to sort out this strange game.

    Game development department said they did not develop this game, but he really truly played this game, and even the game right now is existing in his mobile phone, like this he went to request a leave, go back home to take the test phone, search for the culprit.
    Got on the train, Wang Bo sat down, after that suddenly he thought of something, which is yesterday when registering for the game, game’s pop-up a dialog box which in it a line said territory population is ‘1’, remark behind it explained that this one person is Landlord Wang Bo.

    The problem appeared here, at that time here feels something is wrong, but he does not realize that is what’s wrong. Actually what is wrong is very obvious —— he did not input his own name, how did this game know the registered person’s name is ‘Wang Bo’?!

    Thinking about this, Wang Bo’s body once again appeared cold sweat, he feels himself encountered supernatural events……

    It really is a supernatural events, got back to the rental room he searched for that black colored testing phone, clearly remembered leaving it on top of the desk, but made the table turn to bottom faced sky, even the needle for picking/poking callus is already found, but still did not found that palm-sized phone. (TN : palm as in palm-reading, not as in palm tree. It’s so hard to find a suitable word using my way of translating)
    Confirmed that phone vanished, Wang Bo sensitively realized, wanting to solve this supernatural event he must go to that so-called territory for a look. He still remember when he register for the game, his pick of territory is New Zealand Otago area a place called day do not fall territory (日不落领 / ri4 bu4 luo4 ling3).

    The reason for making this decision, is because he knows himself toward New Zealand have no knowledge* at all, more does he not know what Otago area and day do not fall territory, but just yesterday when he registered flashed a glance, this place’s name is deeply imprinted in his mind, the memory is clear, as if remembered it a few tens of thousands times!
    (TN : he actually used 没有了解 mei2 you3 liao3 jie3, which 没有 means don’t have, 了解 means understand or comprehend)

    This obviously violates common sense!

    There are more violating common sense thing!
    After getting [Core of Landlord], Old Wang found out his body’s quality really suddenly changed a lot, runs quick, jumps high, power is strong, strong endurance, recently he climb stairs do not breathe heavily face does not turn red, when toward japanese romance action movie trains wrist power the lasting power is extremely strong…...
    (TN : Any male over the age of 15 should know what the past part there means. Xixixixi. Heck, some even started at the age of 10, but just to be safe since some people did starts late)

    Previously when he look at the game’s manual, on it said as long as you got [Core of Landlord], weak chicken can also change to Tyrannosaurus, meaning he right now is just a little bit like a human-shaped tyrannosaurus.

    Say do it then do it, Wang Bo is an action-type of people, the remaining time of the day he start to search online about the documents that night to be handled and flight schedule for a trip to New Zealand, at night he sleeps, again it is bird language flower scented*, high mountain and old castle, one familiar yet strange dream……
    (TN : might have mentioned it on chapter 2, but just to be sure. *鸟语花香 / niao3 yu3 hua1 xiang1 / Literally means bird language flower scent / meaning a scene lovely to ears and nose pleasuring the hearing and smelling sense)

    After sunrise and waking up,

    He first searched for a while [Core of Landlord]’s condition, the result this play-thing is still here, even more obedient than a pet dog, inside the heart a call and it directly appeared, making him incomparably egg-pain*.
    (TN: Yes, doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense in Chinese too. 无比蛋疼 / wu2 bi3 dan4 teng2 /first 2 word means incomparably or extremely, the last 2 word doesn’t make sense, egg-pain. Dan4 = egg, teng2 = could be pain could be dote)

    The more egg-pain thing is, he just arrived at the office and was called by HR director to his office, on the old man’s face hanged a professional fake smile, openly and secretly, site knocking-ly and lean strikingly* indicate to say the company consider his current mental condition is not suitable for work, to let him give himself a holiday and rest for a while.
    (TN: 旁敲侧击 / pang2 qiao1 ce4 ji1 / literally as above, suppose to mean in some very indirect wording or method)

    Wang Bo understand HR director’s meaning, the company is intending to fire him, what is that let him rest for a while, give himself take a holiday, it is just an imposing royal generosity’s way of saying to discharge that’s all. But toward that he was already prepared, company’s effective profit is bad, earlier this year already started to lay off employee, this time he himself was considered to have mental illness, it just so happens that gives the HR department to cut him off with an excuse.

    Anyway he intended to go to New Zealand for a trip, this way thankfully do not need to wrong himself, directly a smack to the table and said: “Okay, director Cao, no need to trouble you to exhaust your mind, I resign.”
    After hearing his word, HR director’s smile actually changed to really mean it a little: “Then you go back to write resignation letter, in total you need to write three letter, for the company, for the general manager, and also for your director Huang.”

    Actually toward this work, Wang Bo had long do not want to endure anymore, the company’s prospect is bleak, the team’s atmosphere is messy, the leadership has no action, the colleagues has infighting, [Core of Landlord]’s appearance is actually helping him make a decision.

    Took out the stationery, he began to write the resignation letter, think a little he has to write three letter, then he simply use three section to write. For general manager’s resignation letter is: ‘Boss, if the company is a woman, if you do her like this then she would had died early.’

    For company colleagues’ resignation letter is: ‘Sorry, guys, brother me want to go save the earth.’

    For yellow-faced huang’s resignation letter is: ‘Director Huang, you're having ‘big aunt’* came for too long, if it doesn’t go then i’ll go.’
    (TN: ‘big aunt’ / 大姨妈 / da4 yi2 ma1 / in chinese is another way of saying PMS)

    After checking a bit the three resignation letter felt like there is no problem, Wang Bo then deliver to HR director. HR direction initially would like to praise his working efficiency is high, but the result after looking his three resignation letter, face directly became green, frowned his eyebrow and with angry eyes said: “Little Wang, you wrote like this is it suitable?”

    Wang Bo doesn’t even turn his head: “If it is not suitable you write one for me, how, the company put me a hard working old staff to cut off, I still have to be thankful with respect* and said thank lord’s grand generosity**?
    (TN: a few commonly used idioms/phrase here.
    *感恩戴德 / gan3 en1 dai4 de2 / gan3en1 is be thankful dai4de2 is with kindness or respect.
    **谢主隆恩 / xie4 zhu3 long2 en1 / this is a phrase that is actually used in ancient china when people say thanks to their master/lord/king they say it using this phrase, it is used to show outmost respect while saying the thanks)

    Hastily packed up from his work-desk his personal stuff, he went back to the rental room preparing to go to New Zealand.

    New Zealand is a big tourism country, and also value China’s relationship, because of that applying for tourist visa is not difficult. Taking advantage of applying for visa, he went back to visit his parent a bit, and then said recently work is not very smooth, and want to go out to travel and relax his mind.

    After graduation, Wang Bo work very hard, so hard working until almost a desperate state. The two old people always persuade him at work just do your best and it is enough, do not need to risk your life, so when they find out he want to go overseas to relax his mind, conveniently they did not obstruct him, just remind him to frequently call.

    Before leaving, Wang Bo went to find his left at hometown to develop old buddy Zhong Da Bao (钟大宝 / zhong1 da4 bao3), not only drink alcohol communicate feelings, but also said his sustenance: “Old Zhong, this time buddy go to New Zealand do not know might happen something, if something happened to me, at home my dad and mom you have to take care of them a little.”
    (TN: Sustenance / 寄托 / ji4 tuo1 / means to leave a word for someone else to take care of something in case the person talking encounter some fatal incident / can’t find a better word for it, so eat it)

    Zhong da bao is a young person whose age similar with him, whose conduct is very loyal, hearing his word directly smack his chest and said: “You rest assured Old Wang, if you had any trouble, your dad and mom is my dad and mom, your wife——damn, you bastard still haven’t have a wife——Argh damn it is not right, you went to travel what trouble could happen? Hearing your tone of word, why does it sound like you are leaving a will before dying a solitary death?

    This bastard loyal is loyal, but his brain is not very bright, using current popular word saying he is two*. But his way of conduct is simple and enthusiast, Wang Bo from small to big knowing this friend, with him is one of the most open hearted person.
    (TN: In chinese popular saying, calling someone number two is saying that person is less in something, or lower in some way, in a crude way might even be similar to calling someone idiot in English language)

    Wang Bo listening to his confused word laughed a sound, said: “Nothing, going overseas for travel, there would inevitably be accident. But also who know buddy me might also strike it rich, at that time certainly would not forget you……”

    “Strike it rich? How do you strike it rich?” Zhong da bao straightly stared at him, suddenly he fiercely inhaled a mouth of cold air: “Damn it, Old Wang are you going overseas to do MLM*? Let me tell you, even though I’m silly I also know, MLM those kind of thing should not be touched!”
    (TN: 传销 / chuan2 xiao1 / Multi-Level Marketing / is some kind of marketing scheme where you need to get other people to join the MLM game for you to earn profit, it had once boomed around asia as a scam scheme. There are still a few MLM group around and nowdays they just directly reject being called MLM and comes up with various kind of naming to keep on living)

    After hearing these words, Wang Bo even to wry smile required strength is gone.

    The tragic thing is, at that time at Zhong da bao’s home playing is his neighbor, and then very quickly him (TN: referring to Old Wang) wanting to go overseas to do MLM’s news just spread over the neighboring villages. Wang Bo like this completely can not stay at home anymore, can only bring forward his return journey.
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