Grave of Heroes (Original Novel)

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    Facing an apocalypse of its own making, the people of Earth reached for the stars. Unfortunately, they grabbed more than they expected. When disaster struck, the population was decimated. However, from the ashes rose a new force for humanity. 500 years later, the world has changed in ways that no one foresaw. In a world where titans of men compete for survival, Braden Nolan must find his own way in this world, balancing the expectations of his clan with his own values.

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    Prologue: Operation Two Graves

    Year 2080

    Jace Nolan stood alone. Bodies lay strewn around him. The sky overhead seemed tinged red, or perhaps that was just his vision. His ears rang, and he looked around groggily. To his right he saw someone lying on the ground. He looked familiar. "Who…" He started to say, before getting cut off as a blast shook the ground, causing him to stagger and fall to one knee.

    He stuck his hand out to support himself. It landed on something wet and squishy. He turned and saw Alex.

    "Alex?" He thought, but then shook his head "Wait, who is…"

    It all came rushing back to him. The body in front of him was his best friend, Alex Blackman. Like Jace, Alex was part of the operation sent to this god-forsaken planet.

    "Why did we have to come here? Why couldn't the damn politicians just leave it alone?" Jace bitterly queried the alien sky.

    But then Jace shook his head. "No. It's all of our fault. If humanity had acted sooner we might have been able to save ourselves from climate change. Then we would never have gone to space, never found these stupid Outsiders, and we wouldn't have ended up dying in this damn war!"

    However, even as he said it, his mind remembered the scene of the Outsiders ships descending on planet Earth. He remembered the screams as buildings crumbled under their attack.

    Above all else, he remembered their abilities. They controlled the elements, flung fire and lightning from their hands, striking down men, women, and children with no mercy. It took the combined effort of the world's militaries to finally push them back.

    "Even then it wasn't over," Jace weeped as he remembered. He could remember his family huddling together in a refugee camp, thinking they were finally safe. But reality was cruel. The virus took them quickly. He didn't remember much of the death of his brother and parents. He had been stuck in a world of fever dreams when it happened, his body desperately fighting the virus.

    When he woke, his family, and most of the rest of the world, at least most of those who had caught the virus, had died. They say war changed people. This war changed them more than most. When the few people to survive the virus woke up from their comas they found they had developed abilities. Like the Outsiders they could do incredible, terrifying things.

    Remembering the congratulations from the doctors when they discovered his ability, the excitement of the military, Jace didn't feel pride. He only felt despair. "I would rather have never had this cursed ability. The price was too high!"

    But the military didn't think so. Where Jace cursed the virus, the militaries of the world joined together as one under the name Pangea to take advantage of the opportunity these new superhumans, or Supers, gave them. Whatever their motives were, the way they convinced the survivors of the invasion was simple: this was their chance to get revenge. They called it Operation Two Graves. A near suicidal revenge mission that made people remember the phrase: let he who seeks revenge dig two graves.

    Jace couldn't help but think to when he'd left. His wife, belly huge with their child, stood, watching him enter the space shuttle. The tears on her face still haunted him. He'd promised he would come back. Jace's brain latched onto that thought, pulling it's way out of the chaotic whirlpool of thoughts.

    As sanity returned to Jace, he looked around. All the comrades he could see lay dead on the ground. It seemed that others had retreated. "Just my luck that I would get left behind." He thought, shaking his head. The world around him was burnt and broken as far as the eye could see. Space itself seemed distorted as a result of the clash of powers.

    In the distance, Jace saw people moving towards him. For a moment he rejoiced, thinking his comrades hadn't left him behind. Then he saw their armor and realized that they must be Outsiders. They moved towards him in scores. Jace knew in his heart he would not survive this. He fingered the ring he wore. "I'm sorry my love."

    He caressed the ring one last time, his thoughts of his wife and their child whom he would never meet. Then, activating his ability to the maximum, he let loose a cry of anguish. In the span of a second, his body and everything around him for miles was pulverized.

    Meanwhile, on Earth, a baby cooed in the arms of her mother, not even realizing that she, like so many others, would grow up without a father.
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    Chapter 1: The Lazy Student

    Year 2560

    "Wake up Mr. Nolan!" A sharp voice exclaimed. At the same time Braden felt a pain on his head as he blearily looked at the woman in front of him who had just hit him with a ruler.

    "Sleeping in class again? Go stand at the front of the class," said Ms. Shapiro, Braden's teacher.

    Still trying to shake off his sleepiness, Braden looked around and saw the grinning faces of his fellow classmates. Realizing he must have fallen asleep in class again, Braden stood up and moved to the front.

    It wasn't the first time it happened, so he felt comfortable standing up front even with everyone whispering and snickering.

    Ms. Shapiro returned to her lecture after giving Braden another withering glare.

    "Now then class, the semester is halfway over, so I am going to ask you all a few questions to make sure you've been paying attention." She shot another glare at Braden at this point.

    "Tell me, what are the three stages of cultivation of superpowers?"

    A girl raised her hand and answered, "That would be Internalization, Externalization, and Altering Reality"

    Ms. Shapiro nodded her head and turned to Braden asking, "Mr. Nolan, would you care to explain to the class what each of these three levels entails? As a member of the Nolan clan, I'm sure you must be familiar with them."

    Braden rolled his eyes. He resented when people brought up his family. His ancestor had been one of the original Supers who died during Operation Two Graves. Since then his family had continued to produce Supers in each generation. That being said, not everyone in the family was a Super; it just came down to genetics and luck. Every clan that grew from the original Supers had such descendants. Braden was one such non-Super. Still, he did have more exposure to Supers than many in society, especially since most of the people who attended high school had never known a Super. Supers went to schools run by Pangea, and the ordinary public didn't have much opportunity to interact with them.

    Clearing his throat, Braden concisely stated, "Internalization is the beginner stage which occurs right after awakening. You can only use your ability internally at that point, not affecting the external world. Externalization is the next stage, when you become capable of affecting the world around you. Finally, Altering Reality is the peak stage of Super cultivation. Those who reach that point are capable of affecting the external world on a much larger scale."

    Ms. Shapiro harrumphed, grudgingly acceding, "Yes, that's at least a basic description. Though you forgot to point out that not all powers of capable of achieving each stage. Some powers, such as physical enhancements will forever be stuck in the Internalization phase. Very well then, who can answer a more analytical question: why have Supers become such an important part of society, to the point that Pangea grants them such privileges as tax exemption, immunity from misdemeanor charges, and even implemented a separate legal system for them?"

    The class remained silent. Clearly they didn't expect that a teacher would actually ask them to think.

    Ms. Shapiro shook her head, disappointed. "No one?"

    Braden remained silent for a moment, before shrugging. "The Intergalactic Tournament."

    Ms. Shapiro looked at him in surprise, before nodding and asking, "How so?"

    Braden shrugged again. "After the Great War, a treaty was brokered between the Parisians and Earth. The war was ended, and instead, every year, a tournament would be held in which the strongest Supers from each planet would meet on an uninhabited planet and fight it out. The loser had to give resources to the winner."

    "Though initially each Tournament was bloody and deadly, as time passed, and other planets joined the Tournament, it turned into more of a sporting event, like the Olympics or the World Cup. As the planets began to interact, an organization known as the Intergalactic Alliance formed. Under the Intergalactic Alliance's influence, the tournament became known as the Intergalactic Tournament, and rather than exchanging resources, it changed to exchanging favorable trade policies. Earth, as a planet that only recently developed Supers, was at a disadvantage. Thus, Pangea placed emphasis on training strong Supers."

    "As a result, many of the original Super families formed alliances, and eventually were absorbed into each other, to increase the chance of strong Supers being born. With the increase in the Supers in these families, Pangea started to give out special privileges to the clans with the best results in the tournament. With those as an incentive, not to mention the fact that the tournament became much less deadly under the influence of the Intergalactic Alliance, Super clans began to put great importance on training each generation of Supers, resulting in superior performances in Tournaments, and thus cementing the importance of Supers to society."

    Most of the other students' eyes had glazed over during this explanation. Ms. Shapiro looked pleased that someone could think critically in her class.

    The bell rang, and Braden moved back to his seat to grab his bag. Students began shuffling out of the room. Braden moved to join them, but Ms. Shapiro held him back.

    "Braden, I know you look down on a normal school like this, but if you don't stay awake in class, no matter how intelligent you are, you won't even be able to graduate." She warned him, "How would your clan react at that point?"

    Braden shrugged, gave a half-hearted reply that he would try harder, and left.

    As he walked out of the school building towards the parking lot, a car pulled up to the curb and a man got out, and opened the door to the backseat. "This way, Mr. Nolan."

    Braden got in the car, and settled in as the man returned to the driver's seat. As the car began moving, Braden stared out the window.

    Ms. Shapiro was right. He did look down on normal school. As a member of a Super clan, he would never have to worry about a job, or money. The clan would always provide for him. However, unless he awoke to a Superpower, he would be a second class citizen within the clan.

    Though Supers were forbidden from starting trouble with normals, normals were required to take care of the day to day aspects of life for the supers. Though clan members would not be forced to do menial work like cooking and cleaning, they would be forced to run the businesses of the Clan, to manage the accounts and expenses, and to be otherwise responsible for keeping the mundane parts of the clan running.

    Moreover, despite having to toil away at this work, they would not be allowed to participate in the executive level meetings, where the clan leaders discussed strategy, conflicts and alliances with other Clans, and above all else...the Tournament.
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    Chapter 2: The Bastard of the Nolan Clan

    Braden sat quietly staring out the window as the car rolled up to a large gate. Beyond it one could see a number of buildings. A placard hung on the gate, emblazoned with the words: The Nolan Clan.

    "We've arrived Young Master Braden," said the driver as he rolled down the window to input the gate code.

    Braden remained silent in the backseat. The gate opened and the car continued on into the compound.

    The car approached the largest building located in the center of the compound, slowing and eventually stopping. The driver got out to open the door for Braden, but he had already opened it himself. Braden got out of the car.

    As he did so, he noticed a group of teens walking towards him, with a familiar face dressed in rich clothing leading the way. He felt like frowning, but maintained a calm exterior.

    "Well look who it is," The leader drawled.

    The boys around him snickered, and one, bolder than the rest, said, "The clan's biggest failure, the unwanted bastard."

    The leader's name was Liam Nolan. He, and his cronies, were Nolan clan members from the same generation as Braden. However, unlike him they had all awoken as Supers.

    Braden resolved himself to ignore them and simply pass by them on his way into the main house.

    He'd heard insults like that all his life. His mother was the daughter of the current clan head. Logically, he should have enjoyed a high status in the clan. However, his mother had been killed in the tournament when he was still little.

    Furthermore, she'd never explained who his father was. No one else in the clan knew either. She had returned home from the Academy prior to the Tournament, and, much to everyone's surprise, had been pregnant. As a result, Braden had born the name bastard from birth, though it was only spoken behind his back at first. Then, when his mother died, people began to say it openly. His grandfather never spoke out about it, and seemed to avoid Braden like the plague.

    However, as Braden tried to move past the group, two of Liam's cronies stood out and blocked his way.

    "Where do you think you're going, bastard?" One said snidely, as he and the other crony reached out to grab Braden.

    This behavior may seem odd, but in this world, Super clans fostered such bullying and abuse. Often times it took intense emotions to awaken as a Super. As a result, so long as no one in the clan was killed or permanently maimed, the clan turned a blind eye to acts like this.

    However, Braden was far from helpless. As a member of the Nolan family main branch, he had been trained since a young age in physical combat. Though he had never been naturally gifted at fighting like the Supers who were gifted with speed or strength, he learned how to fight uniquely. To defend against his trainers and some of his fellow clan members, he had to learn to fight against Supers without the benefit of having an ability himself.

    Over the years, Braden had come up with a simple recipe of success when fighting against Supers: act first, fight dirty, and don't hold back. He was already disadvantaged, so he needed to seize hold of every opportunity. The longer a fight went on, the more his disadvantage would grow.

    Implementing his three step recipe for fighting against Supers, Braden dodged forward toward the crony on the left and rammed his knee into the crony's crotch. As the crony fell, Braden turned and swept the feet of the guy behind him. However, this particular Super must have had a physical type ability related to speed, because he was able to quickly jump and dodge the leg sweep.

    Bending low to the ground, Braden grabbed some dirt from the ground as he completed the leg sweep and threw it in the Super's eyes.

    The crony cried out, blinking his eyes rapidly as tears streamed down his face. Braden took advantage of his distraction to finish him off with another knee to the crotch.

    Liam snorted in disdain, "To think a couple of Supers got beaten up so shamefully. You're really showing the limits of Physical Supers. Let me show you how it's done."

    Super abilities were separated into four general categories: Physical, Psychic, Elemental, and Unique. Due to the nature of physical abilities, Physical Supers were limited to the internalization stage as they could only boost themselves.

    Physical Supers could still be very strong, and served unique purposes such as scouts with enhanced senses, strategists with enhanced thought processing, and even teachers with perfect memories. However, at early stages, Physical Supers were the weakest, as they had to accumulate long periods of training to really differentiate themselves from ordinary people.

    Psychic Supers were the next strongest category. Unlike Physical Supers, Psychic Supers started off in the externalization stage from the beginning. Their abilities inherently affected their surroundings. Psychic Supers had abilities like telekinesis, mind reading, and even foresight. However, they were as weak, physically, as a normal human. Furthermore, their powers often proved burdensome on the individuals who awoke to them.

    Elemental Supers were the top category of supers. As the name suggests, they could control the elements. While Elemental Supers did not start off at the externalization stage, they were guaranteed to reach it with training. Furthermore, most altering reality stage Supers came from the Elemental Super category. While not every Elemental Super could reach the altering reality stage, even externalization stage Elemental Supers were forces to be reckoned with.

    Finally, there were Unique Supers. The rarest category of Super, but not necessarily the strongest. This category consisted of Supers whose abilities didn't fit into the others. The abilities were varied, some of limited use and only capable of reaching internalization, others starting out in altering reality.

    Liam lifted his hands and they began to glow red. He was an Elemental Super with the ability of fire. He may have only been in the internalization stage, but that didn't change the fact that his power was fearful. The air in front of him shimmered with heat.

    He grinned evilly and said, "Careful now or you're going to get burned."
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    Chapter 3: Last Chance

    Liam grinned evilly and said, "Careful now or you're going to get burned."

    He sprinted forward and simply grabbed at Braden. The intense heat surrounding his hands forced Braden to retreat. Liam continued to maintain his momentum, throwing a blistering punch at Braden.

    Braden dodged back again, but lost his balance. As he stumbled, Liam reached out to grab him again. As the hand approached his skin, Braden could feel his arm begin to blister and burn.

    Right before Liam could grab him, a splash of water exploded in front of him, hitting Liam square in the face.

    "Who?" Liam spluttered as he lost control of his ability and his hands returned to normal.

    "I think that's quite enough of that," A cool voice sounded out.

    Braden relaxed as he turned to find Rachel Nolan standing behind him. Rachel was Braden's cousin. Braden had no brothers or sisters, his mom had died at a young age, and Braden never knew his father. Thus, Rachel had in many ways acted as an elder sister and guardian to Braden. She ensured he received the same resources as other children, and when he didn't develop as a Super she used her status and power as an externalization stage elemental Super to protect him.

    Rachel, though technically of the same generation, was three years older than Nolan. Being eighteen years old, Rachel had already been enrolled at Khargath City's Super Academy for three years now. Thus, she held an unmistakable advantage over Liam, even though they were both elemental Supers. Aside from the fact that her water ability naturally countered his, she had already trained at the Academy, reaching externalization stage.

    Supers only begin to attend the Academy at the age of 16. Liam, for example, had awoken to his power late, awakening in July at the age of 15. The reason for this cut off date is that in 500 years, no Super has ever awoken past their 16th birthday. Every year the Academy held two entrance exams, one on the last day of June and one on the last day of December. As of now, it was December 21st. The next exam would be held in ten days.

    "Don't think you're all that," Liam said angrily, "I'm entering the Academy this year, and after I do I'll quickly reach the externalization stage."

    Rachel merely sniffed disdainfully, linked arms with Braden, and walked forward into the main building. The building in question was the main mansion. It was spacious enough to hold all members of the Nolan Clan's main bloodline. However, only those main bloodline members who became Supers were allowed to stay there. As they entered, Rachel lead Braden towards her chambers.

    "Come on, I'll patch up your arm," Rachel said as she continued leading Braden forward. Reaching a door, Rachel opened it and entered into a spacious set of rooms that formed her chambers.

    As an externalization stage Elemental Super, Rachel should have been entitled to an entire floor. However, she had traded in a number of her benefits over the years to attempt to obtain opportunities for Braden to train. The unique training opportunities offered by the clan all came at a significant cost, but they couldn't be underestimated. Each one was designed to provoke the sort of strong emotion necessary to awaken as a Super, while at the same time ensuring that no member of the clan perished. Naturally, in order to so, the clan had to retain powerful Supers capable of protecting the clan members at the last second. Thus, each training session cost a fortune. However, for the sake of the Tournament, the clan was willing to shell out as much money as it took.

    Rachel gestured for Braden to take a seat in one of the chairs, and then walked towards a cabinet to grab medical supplies. She came back and began applying burn salve to Braden's arm, before bandaging it.

    "I would have won," Braden insisted stubbornly as she treated his arm, wincing slightly as she applied the salve, before relaxing as it cooled the burns.

    Rachel smiled slightly, and continued wrapping his wound as she said, "Maybe, but not without badly burning your arm. If your arm was that hurt, how would you participate in the Academy exam this time around."

    Braden winced again, this time from a pain wholly unrelated to his arm. "You know as well as I that I won't be able to take the exam. I turn 16 tomorrow. I still haven't awoken as a Super. That means I never will."

    Rachel's smile widened into a full out grin, "Oh? You'll never be a Super? Well, since you're so sure of that, I suppose you don't want my birthday gift then?"

    Braden asked halfheartedly, "And what gift is that?"

    "A slot to participate in the clan's top training exercise." She said proudly.

    Braden felt grateful, as he knew it must have cost her to obtain it, but at the same time he felt helpless.

    "It's been almost 16 years, and nothing has worked." Braden said negatively. "I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but what's the point?"

    Rachel glared at him, "If your mother heard you saying something like that, she'd beat some sense into you. She'd tell you to never give up. This is your last chance, you have to seize it!"

    Braden hung his head, half in shame and half in anger. It wasn't the first time Rachel had tried to prod him into action using his mother. However, even if he knew what she was doing he was helpless to resist the coercion. After all, it was true. From what he remembered of his mother, she was like a bright light encouraging him, encompassing him, protecting him.

    "Fine," He shook his head resignedly. "You win, I'll do it."
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    Chapter 4: Planet Red Hell (1)

    "Fine," Braden shook his head resignedly. "You win, I'll do it."

    "Attaboy," She beamed, and immediately grabbed him by his unbandaged arm and dragged him back into the hallway.

    "Where are we going?" He asked exasperatedly.

    "No time to waste" She exclaimed. "You turn 16 tomorrow, meaning you have less than 48 hours to awaken as a super. You need to leave immediately for the training."

    As they left the mansion, they headed towards one of the smaller buildings. As they entered, they approached the front counter where a man sat looking bored.

    "We're here to join the current training," Rachel said impatiently to the man.

    "It's already started" He drawled slowly.

    "I know that, but there's no rule against joining late. Just take the stupid pass." Rachel flung the pass at him and proceeded further into the building.

    The man let her pass. Such was the advantage of status.

    They arrived at a bare circular room. A woman sat in a wooden chair in the center.

    "Two? That's more than your quota allows for?" She questioned as she stood up.

    "Just one," replied Rachel, gesturing to Braden.

    The woman nodded and then closed her eyes. She raised her hands and they started to glow. She proceeded to outline a large circle in the air. As she did, a portal began to form. This woman possessed one of the more useful variations of the Psychic Super ability of Teleportation. She was not only able to teleport herself, but could actually form portals that would allow others to go through. However, the portals obviously consumed her energy. In order to conserve her energy as much as possible, she made each portal only as strong as it needed to be to transfer the number of people required.

    "Hurry and enter," The woman said tiredly, her eyes still closed, as she held the portal open.
    I sighed resignedly one last time, looked at Rachel who nodded encouragingly, and then passed through the portal.

    Nowadays, training on Earth was of limited value. Earth was truly a blessed planet, with very mild conditions that allowed humanity to easily survive. However, because of those mild conditions, it also limited humanity's ability to evolve further.

    This was especially the case for Supers. Supers often needed intense stimulation to awaken. Absent a war or similar traumatic situation, it was very difficult to awaken an ability. Thus, humanity set up various training posts within range of starships flight distance. These training posts were used to train Earth's Super forces. Additionally, those Super clans that had contributed significantly to the armed forces would be allowed to send their promising youths there for training. Each clan only had a few slots at each training. Thus, the cost that Rachel had to pay for this slot was not small.

    As Braden stepped out of the portal, he experienced a sense of disorientation. This was inevitable, as portal teleportation was instantaneous, such that he experienced an extreme change in environments when he went through. Just as going from a dark room to a light room can be a sudden change that shocks the body, so to can teleportation cause such disorientation.

    As his senses adjusted, Braden looked around and noticed some peculiar traits. First, he noticed he felt incredibly heavy, which meant this must be a planet with increased gravity. It was tiring just to move around. However, Braden had experienced such situations before and thus was not shocked. Additionally, he noticed that there was no visible sun in the sky, despite the fact that the planet was not dark. Instead the planet was covered in an eerie red glow that seemed to emanate from all parts of the sky.

    "Welcome to Planet Red Hell," a voice sounded out.

    Braden turned and noticed a woman standing there. It was the same woman who had teleported him.

    "Why are you—" He started to ask confusedly.

    "I'm not the same woman you met earlier," she cut him off, explaining. "That was my twin sister. We both awoke to the same ability, namely that we can create portals to each other."

    Braden realized he had made a mistake and apologized embarrassedly. This made more sense to him. Even the Super clans would not be able to hire a Super that could teleport people anywhere they wanted to go. Such an ability would be overpowered, and the armed forces would certainly keep such an asset on standby.

    "Welcome to Planet Red Hell," She continued. "My name is Stacy. I am one of the Supers here to guard you during the trial. Currently there are 10 other Supers guarding this area. The Nolan clan, in addition to you, has sent two other young Supers to train. There are also three other Super clans here at this time training. In total there are 12 young Supers present. Thus, we are shorthanded. We cannot watch all of you at once."

    Braden nodded his head in understanding, not bothering to correct her when she assumed he was a Super. Precious spots on training missions like this were hard to get, and generally no one would waste them on non-supers. As a guard hired by all of the Super clans present, Stacy wasn't privy to the inner workings of each clan, and thus didn't recognize Braden.

    "Since we cannot watch all of you at once we are providing you with these emergency transponders." She handed Braden a small device that looked like a silver pen with a red button on top. "If you find yourself in a dire situation, you may use this device. When activated, it emits a signal that is picked up by a corresponding scanner at our base. At that time an emergency response team will rush to your location. However, we cannot guarantee that we will get there in time. Moreover, once you activate this once, your training is ended. Thus, we urge you to exercise due caution when training."

    "I understand" Braden said, reaching out and taking the transponder. "Is there anything I should know about the planet?"

    "As you can already tell the gravity is extremely high. This is due to the presence of a nearby red star. This red star similarly is what creates the red lighting on the planet. The reason you can't see the star is that the sky here is covered by a thick layer of dust that prevents a majority of the radiation from seeping in. That being said, a prolonged stay here will have adverse side effects. For example, the beings that naturally live here have all been warped from the radiation. You will need to be careful, as they are very aggressive. Furthermore, due to the harsh conditions on the planet, they are extremely powerful."

    "It is our recommendation that you prepare to use your ability at all times. Furthermore, you should meet up with the others from your clan as soon as possible. They only arrived an hour ago and thus you should be able to catch up to them. The advantage of being in a group cannot be underestimated."

    "Thank you for your advice," Braden thanked Stacy, without indicating whether he would follow her recommendation.

    Either Stacy did not pick up on the fact that he was disregarding her advice, or she simply did not care. In any case, she simply shrugged and said, "Okay, that's all. If you don't activate your transponder, then you can remain here for a month. At that time, we will forcefully activate all transponders and pick you up from your location before leaving. Any longer than a month and you will suffer permanent side effects from the radiation. Make sure to grab a pack of supplies before heading out."

    Finishing her speech, Stacy turned and walked away, not bothering to wait for a response.
    As a hired hand, she did not care too much about the results of the training. She would simply do what she was supposed to do, and anything else that happened simply didn't matter.

    Braden looked around and saw a bunch of packs sitting on the ground. He went over, grabbed one, and opened it. Inside he found hydration capsules and food capsules. Each hydration capsule was full of highly condensed water. Simply by swallowing one at the beginning of the day, it would dissolve slowly releasing water to keep you hydrated over 24 hours. While it was not as satisfying as having a cold drink of water, is was much more efficient. Similarly, each food capsule contained enough nutrients to supply a body for an entire day.

    Based on the number of capsules in the pack, Braden had enough capsules to last him two months. Presumably, the extras were there just in case.

    In addition, the pack contained a utility knife. This blade, while short, could be used to defend himself. However, it's main purpose was to be used as a tool. It could be used to cut down vegetation that was in the way, or to make the parts necessary for a shelter. The importance of a good knife could not be underestimated in a survival situation.

    Finally, the pack contained a map. Opening it up, Braden found the map detailed the surrounding area, as well as the ideal training locations. It also indicated hazards.

    Scanning the map, immediately one area caught his eye. It was labeled: beginner training. As a non-Super, most of these training areas would be too dangerous. Thus, to be safe he would have to start in the beginner training area.

    Checking the map and orienting himself, he determined he was about 10 miles south of the beginner training area. Given the increased gravity, the hike there would be difficult. Taking a deep breath, Braden put everything but the map back in the pack, slung it over his shoulders, and then began walking, map in hand, to the north.
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    Chapter 5: Planet Red Hell (2)

    Elsewhere on Planet Red Hell:

    Stacy Sage walked to a chrome facility. As she approached the door, a scanner popped out and scanned her retina.

    "Approved entry." A mechanical voice intoned, and the door opened. Stacy entered the facility.
    Inside, 10 other Supers lounged around. Monitors were set up, displaying different areas on Planet Red Hell.

    "Welcome back Captain," One of the Supers chimed. "You get the latecomer?"

    Stacy nodded her head, "Yeah. I swear these Supers the clans send look more and more green every year."

    Another Super laughed, "What did you expect boss? After all, most of these twerps grew up in luxury. How can their lives and training compare to what we go through in the military?"

    As it turned out, all 11 of these Supers were not hired bodyguards, but military personnel. The Pangea Superhuman Defense Force still existed to this day, and was the main strength of Earth in its fight to stay afloat in the galaxy. The best Supers from each clan entered the SDF.

    Of course, as a result, the SDF was largely divided into factions based on clans. However, the factions did not compete directly against each other with force. Rather they strove to see who could achieve the most merits. Similarly, by achieving more merits, they would then have a stronger influence, which they could use to support their clans.

    Merits could be achieved in a number of ways, such as advancing research, suppressing terrorist groups, serving aboard starships, and many other ways.

    Needless to say, the start of the military career always began the same way: the Tournament. The better you performed in the tournament, the more merits you received, and the better benefits provided to your clan.

    Of course, not every Super belonged to one of the clans, as not every Super family managed to establish themselves as an economic, military, and political force.

    Thus, for those Supers from small or scattered families, they could use their merits to apply to the Special Defense Force, or, if they already joined the Special Defense Force, they could be promoted.

    A third Super chimed in, "What's the deal with number 12 anyways? I thought there were only supposed to be 11 brats here. That's why Headquarters only deployed 11 of us."

    Stacy shook her head, "How am I supposed to know? Probably some sort of last minute maneuvering in one of the clans. It doesn't really matter to us anyways. All we have to know is that our job is that much harder in the event of a serious emergency."

    The third Super grinned, "Ah, c'mon boss, Red Hell is one of the safer training planets. Even if something goes wrong, it'll only be difficult for those twerps, not us. Besides, Pangea has always made it clear to the clans that if something does happen, well that's just the risk they run by sending green brats here to train."

    Stacy shook her head again. "In any case, just keep your eyes open."

    Turning her head to the monitors, her gaze passed over each monitor.

    "Hopefully nothing happens. I don't want to deal with the paperwork if one of these kids dies." She thought to herself.

    Curiously, she noticed that the Nolan clan kid was not heading in the direction she had expected. He seemed to be heading to the beginner area. That was a rare sight to see. Generally speaking, the clans would use the training spots given to them by the military to send Supers who had strong powers or had reached bottlenecks in their cultivation. Thus, most of the Supers, even the twerps like this batch, would at least go to the mid-level training areas meant for those around the peak of internalization.

    Same for this group, all four of the clans had gone to Lightning Canyon, which was an advanced beginner training area. It seemed like most of the trainees were in internalization. Normally they might find the Lightning Canyon difficult, but because they could group up they were able to train there without too much risk.

    "Why would this kid not go meet up with his clan? Did they not tell him where they were going ahead of time?"

    Stacy just shook her head. It's not like it mattered to her one way or another. She sat down and settled in to watch.
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    Chapter 6: Planet Red Hell (3)

    Braden panted as he climbed a hill. Around him trees loomed like giants, casting shade on the soil tinted red from the nearby sun.

    He checked the map.

    "I should be close. It should be just on the other side of this hill." Groaning, Braden continued trudging up the hill.

    He could see the crest and knew he was almost there.

    The increased gravity didn't seem to be stimulating his potential, but it did give him a good workout.

    As someone who had never had powers, Braden didn't underestimate the importance of training his own body. Only by becoming familiar with his body and increasing his limits could he have a fighting chance against low level Supers.

    Take the fight that happened earlier at the clan. True, Braden employed strategy to win.

    But ultimately, if he wasn't familiar with how to move his body and exercise his strength, he would have been unable to dodge and attack as he did.

    The trees fell away as he walked close to the top. Braden finally crested the top of the hill.

    He bent double, catching his breath, before looking up and taking in the sight of the training ground.

    A lake lay below at the center of a clearing in the forest. Despite the eerie red light that permeated the planet, the lake appeared beautiful. A majestic ruby red, the lake glittered like a gem.

    Surrounding it was low grass. On the far side of the lake lay dense forest. According to the map, that was where the true training area started.

    The creatures in the forest feared water and wouldn't approach anywhere close to the lake.
    Thus, this was one of the "safe-zones" for the beginner training area.

    Beginning the trek down to the lake, Braden felt relieved that gravity was finally working in his favor.
    Ahead lay a small shack. It looked like it was falling apart. Clearly no one had come here in a while, leading to the residence falling into disrepair.

    The shack was a simple thing, made of wood. It was small, consisting mainly of a sleeping area.
    People didn't come here to play around or to vacation, so the facilities were kept to a minimum.

    Dropping his pack in the shed, Braden went to the lake and splashed water on his face. According to the information on the map, while the water here couldn't be drank, it was at least safe to wash with.
    Enjoying the cool feeling of the water, Braden looked to the far side of the lake. Although the trees over there didn't look different, they somehow gave off a sinister feeling.

    Drying his face on his sleeve, Braden went back into the shack. He grabbed the knife from the pack, put it on his belt, and went back outside.

    "Time to start training." Braden said to himself to alleviate the silence.

    He began to walk around the lake, heading to the other side of the trees. Despite being called training areas, these training areas were really about life and death combat. Each area had beasts of different strength. In the beginning area, every beast was one that could be defeated by a weak Super.

    Thus, to Braden, a non-Super, this area carried much more danger.

    After an hour he reached the other side of the lake.

    Walking into the trees, Braden took out his knife and held it in a strong grip.

    Advancing forward ten paces, he kept his eye around him.

    However, nothing jumped out at him.

    Relaxing a little, he advanced further in.

    "I thought there would be more beasts," Braden thought to himself, still eyeing his surroundings as he walked.

    Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his leg. Looking down, he saw a vine had stabbed through his calf muscle.

    Shouting in pain, he took the large combat knife and hacked at the vine. The knife bit halfway through the vine. A shrieking sound rang out from deeper into the trees. The vine that had stabbed into his leg withdrew and began shrinking back into the forest.

    Putting the pain to the back of his mind, Braden went on the offensive and ran towards the sound he had heard.

    About twenty meters off the path, he saw what he could only describe as a vine monster.

    It must have been a carnivorous plant at some point, but the radiation from the nearby sun had clearly caused it to evolve in a freakish way. Sharp vines waved around all around it. At the center of the vines was a flower. At the center of the flower was a mouth full of sharp teeth.

    "It must use the vines to pierce prey and then drag it back to the flower to feed," Braden observed to himself.

    Out loud he said, "Pretty vicious for a dandelion aren't you?"

    He ran at the flower, and the vines reacted to his presence.

    Four vines flew out at him at waist height. He dodged to the left, avoiding them. Continuing to run forward he hacked at the vines that were now on his right.

    The knife cut into one of the vines, drawing another shriek from the freakish flower.

    Continuing forward, he saw the flower send all it's remaining vines chopping at him. Unlike before, they weren't trying to pierce him, but were being swung horizontally to whip at him.

    As the vine whip approached, Braden slid on one leg below the vines, getting close to the flower.
    Acting quickly, he rolled over and reached the knife towards the flower stem.

    He cut at the stem, cleaving it in one blow. The flower let out one last shriek before falling. The vines behind Braden went limp and fell to the ground.

    Braden panted as he stared at the flower in front of him.

    As the adrenaline faded, his leg began to hurt.

    Blood still dripped down the leg, soaking into his sock.

    "I was too reckless this time," Braden thought to himself, shaking his head. "If it had been a bit smarter or faster, I'd have been in trouble. Not to mention, I let myself get ambushed and put at a disadvantage."

    He couldn't help it though. He didn't expect for even the plants to be hostile here. Beasts were common, but carnivorous plants were something he hadn't seen before.

    Suddenly the surroundings seemed much more sinister.

    Gathering himself, Braden began walking back the way he had come.

    "It's getting dark anyways, might as well call it a day."

    Walking back towards the residence, Braden relaxed a bit, and shook his head.

    "After going to this all this trouble, I'd better awaken to a Super ability. Otherwise, I'm just putting myself at risk for no reason."

    Starting to limp, as the sun set over the red jewel that was the lake, Braden was filled with hopes tempered by a lifetime of disappointments.

    "Tomorrow will be a new day." He thought to himself, as he arrived back at the residence, and limped inside to bandage himself up.
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    Chapter 7: Raiding Party

    Braden woke up.

    He felt the same as ever.

    "Most people are excited when they turn sixteen. They get to drive a car on their own, or, if they're a Super, attend the entrance exam for the Academy. For me, I feel nothing. No sadness, nor excitement. I am as I expected: normal." Braden thought to himself as it dawned on him he woke up on his sixteenth birthday and didn't awaken to a power.

    Thus ended his aspirations to become a Super. None of the descendants of the Supers had awoken to powers after they turned sixteen.

    Braden sighed, as he stretched, and wondered what he should do with himself now.


    Elsewhere on Planet Red Hell:

    Stacy Sage and her squad of ten watched the screens.

    Last night Stacy had been shocked. Not by any outstanding performance, but by what she had seen when Braden fought the carnivorous flower.

    "Captain, do you really think one of the clans sent a non-Super here?" One of the squad members said.

    Stacy just shook her head. Braden clearly had not used any Super ability when fighting the flower.
    Even when his life was in danger. If he had powers he would have used them.

    "I don't know what the clans were thinking." She shook her head in disbelief.

    Suddenly alarms blared, and the room flashed red.

    "Alert! Alert!" A robotic voice blared. "Unknown alien lifeform detected entering the safety zone!"

    The squad stood up simultaneously.

    "Hostiles spotted! Screen 8!" One squad member shouted.

    The screen showed 3 alien lifeforms.

    Stacy Sage drew in a sharp breath.

    It was the Outsiders.

    "It's a raiding party!" Stacy explained. "They must have been sent to kill the recruits here. It's common sense that the clans would send their most promising Supers right before the Academy exam."

    "But we're at peace with the Outsiders!" A squad member exclaimed. "They wouldn't risk war by raiding us."

    "Naive," Stacy shook her head. "They can just claim that the raiders were outlaws. They probably already put them on a wanted list. No way to prove that this was a sanctioned operation."
    Stacy gathered herself.

    "Stop standing around wool-gathering. Signal Pangea, let them know what's going on. In the meantime, let's move out to protect the younglings from the clans."

    The squad began moving hurriedly, getting ready in the span of thirty seconds.

    As they prepared to move out, one of them hesitated.

    "Captain, what about the non-Super? Should we send someone to protect him?"

    Stacy shook her head.

    "The three Outsiders are clearly moving towards the Lightning Canyon. They must have a scout type ability. We can best protect everyone by directly confronting them."

    So saying, Stacy led her squad out of the bunker. One of the Supers used their power of telekinesis to lift the squad, and fly towards Lightning Canyon.
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    Chapter 8: Prepare for Combat

    The squad flew for 10 minutes. The face of the Super controlling the flight had turned pale with exhaustion.

    "Enemies sighted! Directly ahead!" A member of the squad who had enhanced eyesight shouted above the sound of the wind.

    "Let's drop down and prepare to engage," Captain Stacy Sage ordered.

    The Super controlling the flight let out a sigh of relief as he began the descent.

    "The gravity here is no joke. It cut my flight range in half," He said shakily.

    "Good work soldier. Take a rest here. We'll handle the rest." Stacy said.

    As they approached, the Outsiders seemed to realize something and turned around.

    "Damn it," Stacy swore. "Their scout detected us."

    "Prepare for combat!"

    As the two sides drew closer together the tension built.

    Although the squad dispatched by Pangea had the numbers advantage, years of competition in the Tournament had shown that Earthlings were generally far weaker than the Supers of the Outsider planets. The Parisians especially, the race that initially invaded the Earth, were notoriously strong. It took the combined might of the Intergalactic Alliance that organized the Tournament to keep the Parisians in check.

    As the two sides collided the air shook as powers collided.

    Elsewhere on Planet Red Hell:

    Braden Nolan sat by the lake in the beginning training area.

    Things were peaceful, but rather than enjoying the peace, Braden felt bored.

    Letting out a sigh, he shifted positions.

    "I really wish I didn't have to wait here until the training ended."

    Suddenly Braden heard a muted but all encompassing concussive sound from the west.

    The wind picked up, causing rough waves to form on the originally placid lake. The leaves in the trees surrounding the clearing shook, creating an ominous sound.

    Braden looked in the direction of the sound, and noticed the air was wavering. As he watched, lightning struck in the distance, once, twice. Sounds of thunder rolled towards him.

    "Did something happen?" Braden wondered. "It looks like the bodyguards were forced to take action."

    As Braden considered this, he heard a sudden sound from behind him. Turning, he saw a man swinging a blade about to chop down on him.

    Shouting, he dropped down, trying to dodge the blade. His quick reaction saved his life, but didn't spare him the pain of the blade. It left a shallow cut on his back by his shoulder blades. If he hadn't moved so quickly, it might have decapitated him.

    He quickly rolled away and sprung up, gaining some distance.

    "*#%&@)(#*)" The man spoke, but Braden didn't recognize the language.

    "Is it an Outsider?" Braden trembled as he came to a conclusion.

    "How did he get here though? Why didn't the guards stop him?"

    As he panicked, the man grinned, and began stepping backwards. As he did, he seemed to fade from sight.

    Looking around, Braden tried to grasp the man's location. His senses felt heightened as adrenaline pumped through his veins. He noticed a patch of grass moving on his left side.

    Diving to the right, he rolled forward. As he did so, the air shimmered as the man appeared mid swing, the blade cutting through where Braden had been standing previously.

    The man cocked his head. "*#(@$$))@#*?" Braden couldn't understand him, but the inflection of his voice made it clear he was asking a question.

    The man realized Braden had no clue what he was saying and shook his head. Braden switched from English to Common and asked, "Who are you, why are you doing this?"

    The man looked surprised, then said in broken Common. "Not matter. You die. Use power. Maybe you die slower."

    He grinned like a fox in the hen house, and began fading from sight again.

    Braden calmed himself as he began to understand the situation. From the looks of things, this Outsider had come to kill the Supers that were training here. Such things, while uncommon, weren't unheard of.

    "Just my luck," Braden shook his head bitterly. "I'm not even a Super, but I'm still the target of an assassination."

    Resigning himself to the unfairness of the situation, Braden focused, trying to sense where the next attack would come from. The wind from the distant fight caused the grass to shake, making it difficult to determine the location of the Outsider.

    The air thickened, and lightning cracked in the distance.

    As the thunder roared and lightning flashed, deafening and blinding Braden, the Outsider appeared behind him slashing his blade. Throwing his arm up, Braden took the blade on his forearm. It bit halfway through, hitting bone. The pain nearly made him blackout.

    Reeling away, Braden clutched his wounded arm with his other hand, trying to stop the bleeding.

    The man followed him leisurely. He seemed curious about something.

    " power?"

    Braden continued stumbling away, not bothering to answer.

    The man shook his head, "Unlucky. Makes no difference. You die either way. But I get money less."

    At this point Braden had managed to stumble his way into the small shack. Collapsing towards the bed, he flung his arm out to catch himself on the small table next to the bed.

    The man followed him inside.

    He casually walked up to Braden. Raising his blade, he said in a bored tone, "You die now."

    The blade began to swing down.
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    Chapter 9: Covered in Blood

    As Braden sat with his back against the table and watched the blade swing down, his mind remained surprisingly calm. Despite his appearance earlier, he had never given up hope of surviving.

    As the blade began to swing down, he forced his wounded arm to move, moving it towards the man's leg.

    He had deliberately led the man into the shack. When he had "fallen" he grabbed at the table not to catch himself but to get the knife he had left there.

    Holding the knife in his wounded hand which had previously been covered by his good hand to prevent the Outsider from seeing the knife, Braden slashed out.

    The knife cut through the outsider on his leg, right above his kneecap.

    The Outsider let out a cry of shock, losing his grip on the blade due to the pain. It flew out of his hand, embedding itself in the wall to the right of Braden's head.

    Taking advantage of the chance, Braden stood up sharply, using the force from standing to headbutt the Outsider in his face.

    Clutching at his nose, the Outsider reeled back.

    Braden followed, tackling the outsider to the ground.

    Before the Outsider had time to think, Braden slashed at his throat.

    Blood spurted out, covering Braden, getting in his eyes, his mouth, his open wound.

    The Outsider made a gurgling sound, eyes going wide in disbelief.

    He tried to open his mouth to say something, but couldn't. Braden kneeled on top of him, watching as the life faded from his eyes.

    The Outsider died just like that.

    Braden stayed kneeling on top of him, gasping for air, for a moment, before rolling off to the side, lying flat on his back, covered in blood.

    He felt completely drained of energy.

    As he lay there, glad to be alive, adrenaline fading, he began to feel the pain of his wound.

    Drawing a sharp breath, he clenched his teeth around a scream as his arm flared with pain and heat.

    Dragging himself to the bed, he went in his back for bandages. He wanted to clean off the wound, but he didn't have the energy to crawl to the lake, and all he had in his pack was water tablets, not actual water. Settling for stopping the bleeding, he treated his arm, wincing and gasping in pain as he did so. Finishing up wrapping his arm, he slumped on the bed.

    He felt like he had the chills, and soon began shaking.

    Feverish and weary, he could no longer stay conscious and passed out.

    Elsewhere on Planet Red Hell:

    Stacy Sage stood in what looked like a war zone.

    Lightning had charred the earth.

    Three of her squad members were groaning on the ground, while one of them lay terrifyingly silent.

    Two of the Outsiders lay dead, one charred, as though he had been struck by lightning, the other beheaded with a perfectly clean cut.

    The third kneeled in front of Stacy, a resigned look in his eyes.

    His left arm had been cut off close to the shoulder, and his right hand clutched at the stump. As Stacy watched, his hand glowed red, and the air wavered from the heat.

    The Outsider's jaw flexed as he clenched his teeth to resist the pain from cauterizing the wound.
    Looking up at Stacy, he opened his mouth and said, "Hurry up and end it."

    He spoke the same language as the man who had attacked Braden, but unlike Braden Stacy recognized the language.

    "Parisian?" She replied in the same language.

    Surprised, the man nodded his head.

    "I will grant you a quick death." She said coldly.

    The man looked relieved.

    "Thank you for the mercy," He said. "As recompense, I will tell you that there were four of us, not three. The last one possessed the power of invisibility and went to kill the isolated Earthling."
    Raising her hand, Stacy created a portal directly on the man's head. Releasing the portal, it faded. The man's head had disappeared.

    Looking over at her second in command she stated, "Start providing first aid for the wounded. In the meantime dispatch two people to Lightning Canyon to pick up the younglings training there."

    He looked at her and said, "What about you Captain?"

    She shook her head, "I'll be going to the beginning training area. If the non-Super is still alive, I'll save him. If he's not, I'll avenge him."

    The second in command shook his head. Neither of them expected to find him alive.

    Summoning the squad member capable of using telekinesis, Stacy took flight, heading towards the beginning training area.

    Ten minutes later, she arrived.

    As she looked around, she noticed blood stains on the grass by the lake. The trail of blood led towards the shed.

    Bracing herself for what she'd find, she led her squad member towards the shed. Walking up to it, she pushed open the door and froze.

    The scene inside surprised her. An Outsider lay dead on the floor. Blood had long since pooled around him. On the bed, she saw the young non-Super passed out. A bandage wrapped his arm, blood had soaked through it, but did not appear to be leaking out.

    Recovering from her shock, she immediately went over to the bed, while her squad member checked the Outsider to make sure he was really dead.

    She attempted to shake the boy awake. He remained unconscious.
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    Chapter 10: Awaiting the Return

    The boy lay on the bed unconscious.

    After verifying the Outsider was dead, the squad member walked over. "He must have passed out from the shock. It's amazing he's even alive."

    Stacy nodded in acknowledgement. Grabbing the pack by the boy's side, she changed his bandages. The wound on his arm was deep, but it was something that could be recovered from.

    Given everything that happened this time, she was sure that Pangea would have dispatched a full medical team of Supers to her sister who was currently stationed in the Nolan clan. So long as the boy made it to them, they'd help him recover.

    Having the squad member lift the boy with telekinesis, she flew back to meet up with her squad.

    Meanwhile on Earth, Khargath City:

    In the Nolan clan, things had grown hectic.

    After the squad on Planet Red Hell notified Pangea of the situation, Pangea had indeed dispatched a medical team from Khargath City Defense Base immediately.

    As the Nolan clan was the "host" clan this time, meaning their facilities were being used for the portal to the training planet, Pangea dispatched the team to the Nolan clan. Meanwhile, they notified each participating clan of what happened.

    Representatives from each clan rushed over to the Nolan clan. Meanwhile, the Nolan clan also began to worry.

    In the Elder's Hall, a meeting had been convened.

    "How could Pangea let this happen?" One of the elders exclaimed in anger.

    "Don't try to place the blame on Pangea, Third Elder. That will only negatively affect the clan." The man at the head of the table stated.

    That man was the current Nolan clan head, Niall Nolan, Braden Nolan's grandfather. He had been chosen at a young age to be clan head. Though a number of years had passed since then, he still commanded respect. At the peak of externalization and bearing the power of elemental control of earth, he was one of the strongest forces in the clan.

    The man who had spoken out in anger was Dylan Nolan, the Third Elder of the Nolan clan. He was also the cousin of the clan head.

    Burying his anger, Third Elder apologized, "I apologize Clan Head. I let my worry for my son get the best of me." Third Elder indeed worried for his son.

    "It's understandable," chimed in another elder. "Your son Darragh is the most promising member of the younger generation. All of us are worried for him as well."

    "You flatter him, Second Elder," Third Elder said politely, somewhat mollified.

    The clan head shook his head, "It would be a huge loss if we lost any Supers this time. Aside from Darragh, who else went on this training?"

    A man spoke at this time, the only one who had yet to speak, "The other two spots were given to Brigid and Rachel."

    This man was the First Elder, Alexander Nolan. Of all the elders, he was the only one who had never married, and never had children. As a result, he served as the head of the Punishment Hall as he would be able to remain more objective when dealing with clan matters since he had fewer personal ties and interests.

    Hearing this, the elders collectively let out a sigh of relief.

    "If Rachel is there, then they should be fairly safe. After all my granddaughter has already reached externalization." The clan head stated in relief.

    At this time, however, someone knocked on the entrance to the Elder Hall.

    Opening the door, Rachel entered, looking worried.

    "Elders I heard that something happened at the training grounds."

    The Elders all jumped to their feet.

    "Rachel what are you doing here? I thought you went to the training grounds?"

    "No," Rachel shook her head. "I…" She hesitated, biting her lip, casting a glance at the clan head. "I gave the spot to Braden. It was his last chance before turning sixteen to awaken."

    Hearing this, the clan head's face darkened. "How many have I told you not to bother with that useless kid?"

    "Enough Grandfather! I know you dislike Braden for whatever reason, but at the end of the day he is still your grandson," Rachel cried out angrily. "Now will someone tell me what happened?"

    Although Rachel was a member of the younger generation, she was the oldest member, and already at externalization. In the future she would likely assume the responsibilities of an Elder. Thus, in private, the Elders allowed a certain level of disrespect from her as she would become a peer once she graduated.

    First, Second, and Third Elder all remained quiet, still disappointed that Rachel did not attend the training as it meant Darragh and Brigid remained in danger.

    Face dark, the Clan Head told Rachel what had happened.

    Rachel's face paled with worry.

    Meanwhile, representatives from the other clans began to arrive.

    The Elders went to the training facility to receive them and the medical team, and to await the return of the members of the younger generation.
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    Chapter 11: Returning to the Clan

    This time four clans had attended the training.

    The Nolan clan obviously attended. In addition to them, members of the Rota clan, Brix clan, and Demetrious clan had attended. All in all, four of the top eight clans had been represented at this training.

    "Nolan Clan Head," The representatives from each clan greeted.

    Though they competed intensely, the clans remained on somewhat polite terms with each other.

    The Nolan clan head greeted each of them in turn.

    "Rota clan Third Elder, Brix clan Seventh Elder, Demetrious clan Sixth Elder."

    These top eight clans generally had many elders. The exception was the Nolan clan. After the tragedy that had befallen them at the tournament fifteen years ago, they had lost three of their future elders.

    As a result of the deaths of those elders, the Nolan clan had become the weakest of the top eight clans. A number of smaller clans eyed them like vultures circling a weakened prey.

    If not for the clan head, a peak externalization elemental Super, they might have already lost much of their influence.

    As they greeted each other, the medical team from the Khargath City Defense Base arrived.

    "What's the situation," barked the Nolan clan head.

    The leader of the medical team stepped forward. "Sir, all we know is that the squad stationed for protection on Planet Red Hell sent a communication that Outsiders had attacked the training grounds. The squad in question neutralized the enemy, and communicated they'd be traveling back shortly with wounded. We do not know if the wounded are SDF members or your clan members."

    The clans were dissatisfied with this response. However, there was little they could say to criticize Pangea. After all, Pangea made them all sign releases ahead of time recognizing that Pangea could not guarantee the safety of the Supers. If SDF members had really been injured that made it even harder to retort as many SDF members were in fact members of the clans who had recently graduated from the Academy.

    Just as the clans were about to begin questioning the man for more information, the woman in charge of the portals suddenly raised her head.

    "They're coming."

    As she spoke, a portal opened. From it stepped the squad, Stacy Sage in the lead.

    "Medical, we have injured." She barked at the medical squad. Following her came the squad member who had telekinesis. Behind him five bodies floated in. As the first three floated in, the medical team rushed forward to begin treating them. These were the squad members who had been injured in the fight.

    The clans let out a sigh of relief realizing the injured were not their clan members. However, that sigh was cut short as the next body floated through the portal. It was one of the squad members. His chest had a giant hole burned through it. He was clearly dead.

    The fifth body also floated through. It was Braden. His arm was bandaged, and the squad hadn't wasted time to clean the blood off of him, so his entire face and front were drenched in dried blood.

    A medical team member went over to him, as the Nolan clan elders stood by, unsure of how to react. On the one hand, they did not wish to see any member of their clan hurt. On the other hand, they were relieved that it was just Braden.

    Meanwhile, the younger generation clan members filtered through the portal. Seeing the various youths, the clan elders rejoiced inside, though they did not show it on their faces as it would be inappropriate given the injuries and deaths in the SDF squad.

    Darragh and Brigid walked through the portal, and the Nolan clan elders finally relaxed. Brigid looked pale, perhaps from being exposed to death for the first time.

    Darragh on the other hand, looked unperturbed. As the elders approached Brigid and Darragh, Rachel ran to Braden's side.

    "What happened, what's wrong with him?" She rapidly asked questions of the medical team member.

    The medical team member was busy treating him. His hands glowed with light as he held one over Braden's injured arm, and the other over his head.

    Stacy Sage hearing this, walked towards her. "Are you his family?"

    Casting a glance at the clan head, Rachel nodded. "Yes, can you tell me what happened, Captain…"
    Her voice trailed off realizing she hadn't gotten the captain's name.

    "Stacy Sage," The captain said flatly. "I'll tell you what happened if you tell me why you sent a non-Super to the training area."

    At this point, the clan head walked over.

    "Watch your tone Captain." He said coldly. "What our clan does is none of your business. My granddaughter asked you a question. I suggest you answer."

    As he said this, he began emitting power, pressuring the Captain. The earth began to faintly tremble like a minor earthquake had occurred.
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    Chapter 12: Externalization

    Biting back a sharp retort, Stacy Sage replied, "Sir, Outsiders raided the planet. We saw a squad of three on the security system and went to intercept them. Before dying, the last one informed us that there had been a fourth who possessed the power of invisibility who had evaded the security system and separated to handle the only lone clan member."

    "That Outsider attacked your clan member. He sustained a cut to his arm and seemed to be unconscious from shock or blood loss when we found him."

    "We're thankful you saved him," Rachel said, recovering her composure as she realized Braden wasn't in danger of losing his life.

    Grudgingly, the clan head also gave his thanks. Although he disliked Braden for a number of reasons, Braden was still of his blood.

    "We didn't save him," Stacy said. "When we found him the Outsider was already dead."

    "You're telling me he killed one himself?" The clan head frowned in disbelief. "A non-Super killing an Outsider?"

    "Yes, that's what I'm telling you," Stacy said flatly. "If you want to know how it happened you'll have to ask him when he wakes up. When we found him he'd already passed out from shock. From what we found at the scene, it looks like he was ambushed outside, led the Outsider into the training residence, and then killed him with the knife that was provided to him for the training."

    While they were discussing this, the elders from the other clans approached the Nolan clan head.

    "Nolan Clan Head, we'll be taking our leave now."

    Niall Nolan nodded his head, acknowledging them. "Give my greetings to your clan heads. I will see them at the Academy entrance exam."

    The clans began leaving. The clan head approached Brigid and Darragh. "Are you both alright?"

    "Yes, Clan Head," Brigid replied. At this point her complexion had regained color as her mind recovered from the shock of seeing death.

    Darragh merely nodded his head, looking unconcerned.

    "What were the results of your training?" The clan head asked.

    "I think I've gotten stronger," Said Brigid. "At the very least I am more comfortable controlling my ability now."

    Brigid was one of the newest Supers in the clan. Usually new Supers wouldn't be able to receive a training spot like this right away. However, her talent was just too precious. The clan couldn't help but give resources to her.

    "Show me," The clan head said. Brigid nodded and then focused intensely. As she did so, her shadow began to grow, extending outwards and grabbing the clan head's foot. It attempted to tug at him.

    The clan head simply stamped his foot once, causing the earth below Brigid to shake and Brigid to stagger and lose her concentration.

    "Very good," The clan head complimented. "Shadow manipulation is truly too rare a power. If you can improve your control so that your concentration can't be broken so easily, you should do well in the entrance exam. Focus on that over the next week."

    "Yes Clan Head!" Brigid exclaimed happily. She felt proud to be recognized by the clan head.

    Turning his head to look at Darragh, the clan head asked, "And you? Did you make any progress?"
    Darragh cocked his head, thinking, before replying, "Some."

    At this, Stacy couldn't help but snort.

    "This kid of yours is understating it."

    The elders looked at her in curiosity.

    "What do you mean?" The clan head inquired.

    "When we fought the Outsiders, they had already reached Lightning Canyon, the training grounds where all the clan younglings were. We started fighting them, but one of them was extremely strong. He managed to buy time for the other two to attack the younglings. We thought they were done for.
    Then this one called lightning down on them."

    At this point, Stacy shook her head in disbelief.

    "You reached externalization?" The clan head asked Darragh excitedly.

    Darragh simply nodded his head calmly.

    "Well done! Third Elder, your son is really something else." Second Elder exclaimed.

    "Hohoho, he still has a ways to go, don't inflate his ego," Third Elder laughed insincerely, practically beaming with pride.

    "Don't try to play this down, reaching externalization as a lightning elemental type Super, and before turning sixteen, he's a true prodigy!" Second Elder continued complimenting.

    Meanwhile, the clan head felt as though a weight had been taken off his shoulders. If nothing went wrong, Darragh would easily reach the peak of externalization in his life, and even had a chance of reaching the altering reality stage.

    This meant that he finally had a strong successor to prepare for the position of clan head.

    Although Rachel was strong, she had only reach externalization after entering the Academy. She might never reach the peak of externalization in her life. Even if she did so, the lightning elemental power had a significantly stronger offensive power than the water elemental power.

    While everyone was exclaiming over this news, Rachel never diverted her attention from Braden.
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    Chapter 13: Waking Up

    While everyone was exclaiming over this news, Rachel never diverted her attention from Braden.
    The medical team member finally dropped his hands, the glow fading, and let a sigh of relief out.

    "Is he going to be okay?" Rachel asked worriedly.

    "Don't worry," the medical team member sighed tiredly. "His arm will fully recover. Beyond that, he was running a severe fever. From what Captain Sage said earlier, it sounds like the combination of the fight and the blood loss put him in shock which weakened his immune system letting him catch some sort of infection. In any case I stimulated his antibodies, and stabilized his condition. He should recover in a couple of days."

    Sighing in relief, Rachel turned to the clan head. "Grandfather, can we move him to my quarters? His quarters aren't nearly big enough, and he has no one to look after him while he's recovering."

    The clan head shook his head, and said gruffly, "Don't be ridiculous. The boy can stay in his quarters." Hesistating he added, "I'll send over a couple of servants and a doctor to look after him. That way he'll be cared for."

    Knowing her grandfather didn't like to look at Braden because it reminded him of Braden's mother, his daughter, and thus didn't want Braden in the main house, Rachel sighed in resignation. At least this way Braden would have someone to look after him.

    Meanwhile, the medical team had stabilized the squad members, and placed the dead squad member in a cadaver bag so that the squad mates would not have to see their fallen comrade.

    "I'll be going to headquarters now to make my report," Stacy Sage told the Nolan clan head. Not waiting for his reply, she led the way as her squad followed behind, with the medical team carrying the injured and the cadaver bag after them.

    Having weathered the emergency, the Nolan clan returned to normalcy.


    Two days later.

    Braden groggily opened his eyes.

    "Where…" He thought, trying to shake the sleep from his mind.

    Suddenly he sat bolt upright, reaching around for his knife to defend himself.

    "The Outsider!" He thought in a panic looking around him.

    Next to him, a man holding a stethoscope looked at him in shock, before calming down.

    "Relax young man, you've been through a trauma, but you're safe now."

    Braden let those words sink in. Looking around he realized he was back in his room at the Nolan clan.

    He recognized the man beside him as a doctor the clan kept on retainer.

    "What happened?" Braden asked, as he lay back. "The last thing I remember was fighting the Outsider and collapsing on the bed. Is everyone okay?"

    "I can't comment on that," the doctor said. "I'll send a servant to notify your elders. They can let you know what went on. In the meantime, lay back and let me draw some blood. You've been sick for two days. We didn't dare to draw blood previously as you had lost so much. However, seeing you regain consciousness, let us make sure that you are okay."

    So saying, the doctor lifted Braden's sleeve, and drew blood from him.

    As he did so, Braden noticed he had been changed to clean clothes. Furthermore, the blood had been scrubbed off of him. Looking at his previously injured arm, he saw that all that was left of the wound was a thin silvery scar.

    "Was I healed by someone?" He asked the doctor.

    "From what I understand, yes, a military Super healed you prior to my arrival. However, they couldn't replace your blood. Thus, I've been monitoring you closely to make sure you recovered well."

    Finishing collecting the blood, the doctor put it into a portable scanner to check the state of his blood.

    As he did so, there was a knock at the door, and Second Elder entered the room along with Rachel.

    Braden attempted to get up to greet the Second Elder, but he was pushed back by the doctor with a glare.

    Second Elder waved at him and said, "Enough of that, don't be polite. You've just recovered from a traumatic event."

    Braden obediently laid back. Meanwhile, Rachel came to his bedside.

    "I'm glad you're awake," She said, smiling at him. "You had me worried there."

    Feeling sheepish, and uncomfortable at everyone gathering around him, he merely nodded.

    "Sorry about that."

    Second Elder chimed in, "Nothing to be sorry for lad. However, we have to ask some questions. The military needs the details for their report you understand."

    "Before you ask your questions Second Elder, can I ask mine?" Braden confusedly asked.

    "What happened? All I remember was fighting the Outsider. Was anyone else hurt?"

    Second Elder exclaimed in surprise, "So it was you that fought the Outsider? You truly killed him?"

    Before he could ask anymore questions, Rachel interrupted him chidingly, "Second Elder you forgot to answer his questions. Braden no one from the clan was hurt. Three of the squad members from the SDF were injured, and one was killed. There were a total of four Outsiders. One of them slipped past the squad and that one attacked you."

    "SDF members?" Braden asked in confusion, "I thought those were hired guards?"

    "You should know better than that," Rachel gently chided him. "Pangea manages the training grounds, so who else would guard them other than SDF members."

    "Can we get back to the matter at hand?" Second Elder interrupted. "I'm sorry to press you Braden, but the Khargath City Defense Base is putting some pressure on us to fill in the blanks on what happened with the fourth Outsider."

    Braden gathered his thoughts and related what happened to the Second Elder.

    "Incredible," Second Elder shook his head, "You were very lucky and very brave. Congratulations youngling. You've achieved something that usually only Academy graduates can achieve. Pangea will surely award you military merits."

    "Speaking of the Academy," Rachel interjected, "The exam is in 7 days. How was it? Did you awaken an ability?"

    Braden opened his mouth to reply in the negative, but as he did so the doctor by the side exclaimed.

    "I was wondering why these results were so strange. So this boy was a Super. That explains why his blood results have such a high concentration of Z virus. Congratulations young man on awakening your ability!"
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    Chapter 14: Heavy
    "I was wondering why these results were so strange. So this boy was a Super. That explains why his blood results have such a high concentration of Z virus."

    Braden closed his mouth in confusion.

    Rachel exclaimed in excitement, "You really awakened? Congratulations! Every cloud has a silver lining. I'm glad that something good came out of this. Otherwise I would feel too guilty for convincing you to join this training.

    Second Elder seemed surprised. Turning to the doctor, he stretched out his hand. "May I see the results?"

    The doctor handed the results over, and Second Elder reviewed them closely.

    "How bizarre. You have one of the highest Z virus concentrations I've ever seen. Your cells have been altered almost entirely. Though we'll have to measure it to be sure, but your cells should have an extremely high energy capacity. If you can reach externalization you'll undoubtedly be able to grow to the peak!"

    The more he spoke, the more excited Second Elder became.

    "Quickly, tell us, what ability did you awaken?" Both Second Elder and Rachel stood by his side, looking at him expectantly.

    "I-I'm not sure." Braden stammered. He was in disbelief. "Did I really awaken to an ability? When I woke up on my birthday I felt the same. Is it possible to awaken to an ability and not realize it?"

    Second Elder frowned, "Well I suppose so. Elemental types usually realize it right away as it is like they gained an extra sense. The same goes for psychic types. Usually the power presents itself immediately. Perhaps you awoke to a unique type power?"

    "Quickly, close your eyes, and try to feel the energy in your body. When you sense it, try to exert it." Second Elder instructed.

    Following the Second Elder's instructions, Braden closed his eyes and tried to sense the energy in his body.

    He felt it, a dense, heavy energy that seemed to permeate his entire body.

    He tried to activate it. The sensation was not unlike that of summoning energy to lift something heavy.

    As he activated it, all of the sudden a loud crash rang out as the bed broke and crashed to the floor.

    Opening his eyes in surprise, Braden looked around him in confusion.

    "I don't get it. I feel normal. Why did the bed break?" He asked.

    Second Elder came over to him and poked at his body, before lifting his arm. As he did so, he gasped and quickly let go, staggering backwards. As Braden's arm dropped back down it made a huge thudding sound as it landed.

    Looking at his arm in confusion, Braden felt like it weighed the same. However, when he set it down it clearly made a loud thump as though it weighed a lot.

    "How interesting," Second Elder said. "You seem to have awoken a physical type power. You can increase your weight tremendously."

    "How come it feels the same weight to me?" Braden asked in confusion.

    "You'll have to study how it functions more at the academy. I'm afraid I haven't the foggiest idea of how this particular power works myself." Second Elder shook his head. Truth be told, Second Elder felt disappointed.

    If Braden had awoken to a psychic, elemental, or even unique ability, then with his high concentration of Z virus, it would have ensured that the clan had another powerful member in the future.

    However, since Braden had awoken to a physical ability, he'd never be able to achieve externalization.

    Braden, in comparison, finally began to grow excited. "I really have an ability! I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner!"

    Rachel smiled happily next to him, but then said, "Now's not the time to relax. You only have seven days until the entrance exam. Since your ability is a physical ability you'll have to excel during the exam, otherwise you won't catch the attention of any of the professors. Without a mentor, it'll be much harder to progress in the Academy."

    Despite Rachel pouring cold water on him, Braden still remained extremely happy. He wasn't a non-Super after all. Even if he was only a physical Super, he could still train himself up. His life would no longer be bound by the clan. He could join the military and achieve merits. There were always opportunities available for Supers. His future, which had seemed set in stone, now seemed like a forked road, offering many possible ways forward.
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    Chapter 15: Training (1)

    After spending a day recovering in bed, Braden was ready to get up and start training.

    Leaving his room for the first time, he immediately noticed something strange. A man stood out front of his door.

    "Who are you?" Braden asked.

    "Hello Young Master, my name is Jacob Gallagher, the clan has assigned me to be your assistant," the man said.

    "Why would the clan assign me an assistant?" Braden was confused.

    "Young Master has awoken and become a Super. Therefore the clan will now grant you more privileges." Jacob explained.

    Realization dawned on Braden. For so long he had been treated as lower class by the clan. Non-supers were only one step above servants in the clan. However, now he could be considered a part of the clan hierarchy.

    He hesitated not sure what to say.

    "Would Young Master like me to explain the privileges that come with your change in status?" Jacob asked.

    "Yes, please do." Braden responded.

    "In addition to an assistant, you will receive a larger apartment in the main house. Furthermore, you will be granted access to the clan training areas whenever you wish. Some of the areas require merits to be exchanged to enter. Additionally, you are now able to receive instruction from clan Supers on a daily basis as part of the training class that is preparing for the Academy exam."

    "What about school? Won't that interfere with the training class?" Braden asked.

    Jacob chuckled.

    "Young Master, as a clan Super you no longer need to attend school. Even if you do not manage to enter the Academy, you will be specially groomed by the clan in preparation for your entrance into the military. After serving in the military for the mandatory ten years, you can choose to continue in the military, or return to the clan to receive an internal position."

    Braden absorbed this information for a moment, before responding.

    "Then when is the class?"

    "Young Master, the class has already begun this morning. We can head there now. I did not wake you as Young Miss Rachel instructed that you be allowed to rest and recover."

    Braden grinned wryly at Rachel's overprotectiveness.

    "Let's head to the training grounds then."

    So saying, Braden indicated for Jacob to lead the way.

    Jacob led Braden to the training grounds where the class was held.

    Ten people were present.

    Among them, Braden saw Liam, Darragh, and Brigid. He also saw some of Liam's lackeys that Braden had encountered the other day.

    Leading them was a tall, lean man.

    "Thank you Jacob," Braden said, dismissing the man.

    "I will be back after the class to show Young Master to your new apartment." Jacob said, bowing and leaving.

    Braden continued walking forward to the group.

    As he approached, he saw the ten people listening to the instructor. The instructor's back was facing towards Braden.

    When Liam saw Braden, he was surprised, then he shouted, "Instructor a non-Super is spying on the training, shouldn't we remove him before continuing?"

    The instructor turned around and saw Braden. "You are?"

    "Braden," Braden responded. "I awoke to an ability during the last Pangea training."

    Liam and his lackeys looked shocked. Brigid seemed curious. Darragh seemed impassive.

    The instructor nodded. "Well met Braden. I am Tam. You will refer to me as instructor for the short period of time you will be under my tutelage. Join the others."

    "Yes instructor," Braden replied, walking over to join the group. He took a spot next to Brigid.

    "Very well, I will reiterate some of the key points we've already discussed," Instructor Tam continued.

    "Training your powers is like training your body. Especially in the beginning phases. You need to exert yourself, tearing yourself apart, so you can be rebuilt stronger. Thus, we will begin with our warm up exercises, before moving to combat practice. Braden, you are the only one who I have not met, and thus I have yet to create a practice regimen for you. What is your ability."

    Braden hesitated, unsure about revealing his secret.

    Instructor Tam impatiently told him, "Stop hesitating, we're all in the same clan here, and in a more general sense we're all Earthlings, there's no reason to hide your ability. "

    Braden started, before realizing that was indeed the case. Although Draco had bullied him for years, they were still family, if grudgingly. Moreover, compared to the Outsiders what did he have to fear here.

    "Yes instructor, my ability is a physical type. I can grow heavy. I don't know if I can also lighten myself, as I have only used my ability once," Braden replied.

    Instructor Tam nodded. "Very well. Everyone begin your exercises. While they do that, Braden follow me to side, we will attempt to determine what your power is capable of. Then we will create a training plan for you."
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    Chapter 16: Training (2)

    The various young clan members began to train.

    The air shimmered with heat, and crackled with electricity. One of the Supers begin doing 40 meter dashes, moving so fast he was hard to track. Brigid began manipulating her shadow, extending it as far as she could.

    Following the instructor the side, Braden stood and listened to what he had to say.

    "I am a physical type super too," Instructor Tam said. "Unlike you my power is strength. The first thing we will do is see if you can lighten yourself. Then we will test your limits to see how light and how heavy you can become. Finally we will come up with a training regimen. Now, come over here. We have a scale, punch machine, timer, and a number of other devices designed to test physical abilities."

    So saying, he led Braden to a scale.

    "Stand on this and activate your power."

    Braden stood on the scale. Initially it read 80 kilograms. He closed his eyes and felt for the energy inside him. He found it much more easily this time since he knew what to look for.

    Activating his power, he felt the difference this time. Although he didn't feel he needed to exert any more power to lift his limbs, he noticed that they had nonetheless become heavier. Checking the scale it now read 160 kilograms.

    The instructor nodded. "Not bad, double your weight. Try using more energy."

    Braden was confused, "How do I do that?"

    "It should feel like straining, as though you were pushing your energy to course even faster through your body."

    Braden tried, but didn't get that feeling.

    The instructor frowned. "Hmm maybe your ability is slightly different from the average physical type. Usually physical types feel it as exertion."

    Thinking for a bit, the instructor then said, "How does your energy feel? Does it feel like strength or boundless energy?"

    Braden thought then said, "It feels like weight. I don't feel it physically, but rather more like an aura surrounding me."

    The instructor nodded, "Ah an aura type. That's more common in unique abilities. I suppose that since your physical ability is different from others in that it's not a matter of strength or speed, you would feel it differently. Try increasing your aura."

    Braden did as he said. He grasped the heavy energy he felt and fed it to his aura. It felt like addition. Like adding something more to what was already there. He followed the feeling and increased his aura as much as he could.

    Braden's face grew pale, and he began to gasp from the effort of moving the energy.

    The numbers on the scale flickered and then increased to 240 kilograms.

    The instructor seemed surprised. "Well done, you must have a lot of energy to already be able to triple your weight. Generally speaking that sort of result would take a month of training."

    Braden couldn't hold on anymore and released the energy.

    The number on the scale returned to 80 kilograms.

    "That is your first lesson. What you're feeling is ability exhaustion. Ability usage is like body training. In addition to training your ability to max out, you need to train your endurance. Let's take a quick break before seeing if you can lighten your weight."

    After five minutes, Braden's face wasn't as pale.

    "Ready?" Instructor Tam asked.

    Braden nodded.

    "This time try reducing your aura."

    Braden reached for his energy again. Thinking of how he had added to his aura to increase his weight earlier, he tried subtracting from his aura this time.

    The scale flickered, before showing his weight as 60 kilograms.

    The instructor nodded. "It seems you have a harder time reducing your weight. Well, sometimes that's how it goes. Usually physical abilities only go one way. For example, I can increase my strength, but there's no reason I would decrease my strength. In your case, it's already good that you can reduce it this much. It might be an advantage in combat. Sudden weight changes can have a great effect as they could throw your opponent off."

    Braden didn't feel as much of a strain reducing the aura as he had increasing it, but he did notice that he felt like he had hit a limit with how far he could subtract from his aura.

    He mentioned this to Instructor Tam.

    "That's your current limit. Everyone has it regardless of their ability. It's normal. Currently it seems like you can triple your weight at max, and reduce it by 20 kilograms at the max. Now that we've determined that we can plan how to train your power to increase your limits. After we do that we'll begin working on combat applications."

    The instructor then had Braden run through a series of exercises, from increasing his weight to the maximum, to increasing it just just slightly. All of the exercises served a purpose, such as improving his control of the weight increase or just improving his overall endurance.

    After twenty minutes, Braden began to feel exhausted. Despite this he persisted. Now that he had awoken he relished in the feeling of using it. No matter how tiring it was, it was still better than not having an ability. He felt a sense of purpose that had been missing for a long time.

    After another ten minutes, the instructor called a halt to the warm ups and gathered everyone together.
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    Chapter 17: Training (3)

    "Alright now we'll begin combat training."

    Saying so, the instructor had the Supers line up.

    "Let's start with the practice dummy. Everyone unleash an attack on it."

    Unlike normal combat training, Super training was largely individualized. Everyone had different ways of using their power. The instructor's job was to focus on ways to improve their usage, whether it be in terms of efficiency, lethality, or simply a superior effect.

    As the Supers took turns attacking the dummy, Liam stood in front of Braden in line.

    When his turn came around, he whispered to Braden behind him, "Watch and learn bastard."

    He approached the dummy.

    The air began swimming with heat, and Liam's hand began to faintly glow with heat, like a piece of hot iron. Forming his hand into a spear, Liam stabbed at the dummy with it.

    Hitting the dummy, his hand plunged through, burning even as it pierced it.

    "Good," Instructor Tam commented. "But you need to gather the heat faster. Also focus your strikes on the lethal areas, like the heart. A wound like that through the torso, while dangerous and possibly lethal if they do not get to someone with a healing ability, likely would not immediately kill the opponent, even more so if the opponent has an ability to reduce the damage such as hardening ability or regeneration ability."

    Liam felt dissatisfied. "It's a hole through the torso, there is no way they'll strike back after something like that."

    The instructor looked at Liam, and just said, "With a mindset like that you'll die quickly on the battlefield. We live in an era where the impossible happens daily. Underestimating your opponent and providing them an opportunity to fight back is a good way to get yourself and your squad killed. It's also a good way to lose points on the entrance exam."

    Liam snorted, not buying the explanation.

    "Next," Instructor Tam grunted.

    Braden stepped up. He considered how to make the most of his ability.

    "You're still new Braden, so there's no wrong answers. Try to find your own fighting style and we can build on it from there." Instructor Tam encouraged him.

    Thinking about it, Braden thought that he should still apply the same sort of fighting style as before. Fight fast and fight dirty. As a physical super, he was still disadvantaged against psychic and elemental types, especially at range.

    Making up his mind, Braden lessened his aura, lightening himself, to allow himself to run as fast as possible to attack the target dummy. In the interest of simulating a real fight, he ran a zigzag pattern to make himself harder to target.

    Closing in on the dummy, Braden jumped. Due to his reduced weight he jumped higher than normal, with his legs reaching head height on the training dummy. He somersaulted in midair, increasing his weight as he did so, and kicked downwards onto the training dummy's head. A loud crash rang out as the training dummy's post snapped.

    Unfortunately, Braden couldn't stop his momentum and continued clear over the dummy as it fell.

    Unable to get his feet beneath himself he landed on his front, rolling as he did so to reduce the impact.

    He returned his weight to normal.

    The other Nolan clan supers looked at him at a loss. On the one hand, the force he exerted surprised them, but on the other hand, his landing was just too comical.

    Brigid couldn't help but let out a laugh, before covering her mouth.

    Liam sneered at him.

    As Braden stood back up and patted himself off to get rid of the dirt on his clothes, Instructor Tam began to give him feedback.

    "You were clever to lighten yourself as you ran forward, and to move in that zigzag pattern. You also have the right concept on trying to manipulate your weight to cause maximum damage to the target. However, you're overthinking it. While it is true that a blow to the head is one of the most lethal blows you can launch, and has the added effect of disorienting the opponent, it isn't worth sacrificing your footing to do so."

    "If your first strike doesn't kill the opponent, then you have left yourself at a complete disadvantage. Going forward try tackling the opponent so they lose their footing too. Alternatively you can do a low kick. With your increase in weight, if you do a low kick at a downward angle at their legs, you will likely break their legs. Then you can follow up with a downward punch, or even falling on them. In any case, you have the right idea with aiming for downward kicks to take advantage of the weight increase."

    Braden walked back to the group and took his place with those who had already gone.

    Instructor Tam went to set up another training dummy.

    After doing so, he resumed his place and said, "Next."

    Brigid stepped forward.

    Unlike the previous Supers, she remained at a distance.

    Her shadow snaked towards the training dummy, reaching up on it, and beginning to choke the dummy.

    The instructor nodded.

    "Good Brigid, your control is greatly improved. The next step is increasing the strength of your shadow so that it's not easy to break free of."

    Brigid let out a sigh of relief, and her shadow shrank back to a normal size.

    Instructor Tam looked at Darragh, and said, "Darragh you're last. Show us your improvement."
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    Chapter 18: Training (4)

    Darragh stepped forward. He looked at the training dummy and raised his hand. Electricity began to crackle around it. He made a throwing motion as though he was throwing a javelin. Lightning leapt from his hand, striking the training dummy instantly.

    The dummy shattered at the point of impact. The upper half flew into the air, crackling with electricity.

    Instructor Tam grunted and said, "Well done. I can't give you specific changes to make as externalization requires developing a whole new fighting style. My general advice would be to consider attacks that are less telegraphed so they are harder to dodge, and keep in mind your overall energy consumption."

    The instructor continued to put them through their paces for hours. By the end of it they were all pale and gasping for air, with the exception of Darragh, who still seemed relaxed.

    "Training will end here today. Remember to continue to do your training exercises so as to improve the areas you need to improve on, whether that's control, strength, or endurance. Also continue to think about new ways to use your abilities. The more creative you are, the better you will develop."
    Saying so, the instructor proceeded to exit the training grounds. Servants entered and began to clean up.

    Liam and his group of cronies gathered together and began talking and laughing, casting occasional glances at Braden.

    However, unlike in the past, they didn't actually come up and bother him.

    Either the destructive force he had demonstrated or his new status seemed to discourage them.

    As Braden prepared to leave, Brigid walked over to him.

    "Hi, I'm Brigid," She stuck out her hand.

    Braden shook her hand and said, "Braden. Nice to meet you."

    She smiled, "We technically already met, but you were unconscious at the time."

    Realizing she was referring to when they returned from Planet Red Hell, he nodded in acknowledgment.

    "It's great that you awakened your ability. I was really late to join this group, so I wasn't really able to make friends before now."

    Braden smiled and said, "Well, if you don't mind being friends with the bastard of the Nolan Clan I don't mind being friends with you."

    She laughed, "Why would I mind? People have children out of wedlock all the time. It's only big clans like ours that care about it. I grew up in one of the branch families in Dala City. Things were way less formal there. I only came over here when my ability awakened so I could receive training and get ready for the entrance exam to Khargath City Super Academy."

    "They don't have an academy in Dala?" Braden asked curiously. While he had attended school, most of the information about Supers was considered to be a military secret. Thus, it was largely kept hidden from the public. The only reason Braden knew about the Khargath City Super Academy was because he grew up in the Nolan clan's main branch in Khargath City.

    "No, there are only two Academies for Supers on Earth. The Western Academy is Khargath City Super Academy. All of those Supers from the Western Hemisphere with potential apply there. As for the Eastern Academy, it's located in Qin City."

    Braden absorbed this information and said, "Well, in any case, I'm glad to have at least one friend who will be applying to the Academy with me."

    Braden noticed that Liam and his group were leaving, and that Darragh had disappeared at some point.

    "I think it's time I got going. I still have to move into my new apartment." Braden bade farewell to Brigid, and left the training grounds.

    Jacob was waiting for him outside.

    "Shall we go to your new apartment Young Master?" He asked.

    Braden nodded. "Shouldn't we run back to my old room to pick up my things."

    "No need," Said Jacob. "I took the liberty of having them moved while you trained."

    Braden nodded, and followed Jacob to the main residence.

    Jacob took him to a door on the second floor.

    "This is your new apartment Young Master. Please do let me know if there is anything unsatisfactory about it."

    Opening the door, Braden was stunned at the interior.

    The first thing he saw was a living area. It had a couch and chairs and a holoprojector set up.

    To the left was another room that appeared to be the kitchen. On the right was the bedroom.

    The entire apartment oozed luxury. Plush carpets on hardwood floors. Granite countertops.

    Closing the door behind him, Braden walked to the bedroom. Connecting to it was a large bathroom.

    Braden showered. After he dried off and changed clothes he lay down on the bed.

    "I can't believe how much of a difference there is between the me of today and the me of a couple days ago."

    Braden simultaneously felt pleased and also depressed about this change of status. On the one hand, the luxury felt amazing, as did the respect. On the other hand, it emphasized to him how poorly he had been treated before. From what Brigid had said, it sounded like things were different in other cities. However, in Khargath, if a clan member did not have an ability, they were practically on the same level as a servant.

    Even more so for Braden. Though his mother was the daughter of the clan head, as he was born a bastard, and his father was never revealed to the clan, he had faced a great deal of discrimination.

    If his mother were still alive she would have fought for him, but his mother had died in the tournament when he was still a baby, his grandfather couldn't even stand to look at him, and he didn't know who his father was. His only support in the clan was Rachel. Like him, she was an orphan. Her parents had died in the same disastrous tournament that claimed his mother.

    Drowning in melancholy, Braden gradually fell asleep.

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