Fallen God (陨神记)

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    This is a reincarnated world.

    This is a weird and illusionary world.

    This is a world where belief is strong, yet it still fails.

    An ordinary-looking youth actually shoulders a world-shaking secret. He rises from the bottom, constantly pacing around the edge of death. Lost between right and wrong choices, he explores the truth of the collapse of civilisation on Earth. After experiencing an unbelievably adventurous and bumpy road of growth, he discovers the secret hidden behind the Demon-God War, before being written into a hot-blooded and shocking story!

    Translator's note:
    It's not rebirth. I'd personally recommend you to ignore the translated synopsis. It's basically sci-fi, touching on gods and demons in a post-nuclear apocalyptic situation. It's some good stuff.

    Release rate: One chapter every week or two. It'll speed up at the end of the year.
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    Prologue - Wastelands

    The blazing sun was just like an avaricious tyrant, radiating with its scorching energy without any consideration and frantically robbing the wastelands of their scant water. The endless sand sprawled out despairingly, stretching towards the horizon as one and devouring all lively colors. The scorching winds enveloped the sky with sand. The world was chaotic, with the ground and the sky fusing as one color.

    The hills formed from piles of ruins revealed their tips like thousands of iron dinosaur fossils buried in the wasteland. With the weathering of time, many of them were already covered in rust. The ruined and incoherent framework of edifices narrated its former glory wordlessly.

    Thousands of years ago, it was still a city.

    Thousands of years later, it had become ruins.

    Fifty years ago, it was turned into a camp for scavengers.

    Were there anybody who remembered its extravagance, opulence, prosperity?

    Were there anybody who remembered the great edifices clustered together, the nuclear-powered flying cars weaving about, formations created by airborne aircraft carriers?

    Were there anybody who remembered that the endless wastelands used to be a vast body of water called the Atlantic Ocean, the beautiful man-made islands that glittered like pearls, the countless underwater cities that were scattered like stars?

    Were there anybody who still remembered that long, long ago, there used to be an ancient but real name, now forever submerged and forgotten in the sands of time — New York!
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    Holy crap you chose fallen god Record!! great I was hoping someone picked it up, and translated it. As I heard a lot of good things about it!!! Thanks you so much and I hope that you get on to the main page with this novel!!
    Btw I have added your release to http://www.novelupdates.com/series/fallen-god-records/
    It doesn't host any chapters but gives people links where the chapters can be found and that someone is tl'ing just so that poaching didn't happen...
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    Chapter 1 - The Scavenging Teenager

    The setting sun was like blood, enveloping the wastelands. The time for the scavengers had come.

    Cloud Eagle had woken up from the spasming pain in his stomach. This familiar feeling had already taken up most of his life and memory. The scavengers called it hunger and it was said to be the everlasting curse left behind by the creator!

    If he failed to find food again, he would not survive the night.

    As for tomorrow? Cloud Eagle never thought about that question.

    It was because tomorrow was too extravagant of a wish for scavengers.

    Cloud Eagle climbed out of his hiding hole with difficulty. As he stood up on the scorching and barren ground, he felt a strong wave of giddiness. The surrounding, ancient ruins were the crumbling walls from a different age and there were also remains and fragments from another world. They all once came together to form glory, but now they were just worthless garbage, buried and forgotten by time in the wasteland.

    The teenager’s thin, lonely body was so insignificant in the world of sand. The wind blew his messy hair into his immature face, and a few dirty rags covered his skinny body. His rough skin was covered with old and new wounds. Other than his bright and clear eyes, he was no different from ordinary scavengers.

    Cloud Eagle only seemed around fourteen or fifteen.

    The lives of scavengers were extremely simple. Everyday, they would spend close to twenty hours in a hole, avoiding the scorching heat and chilling could, only climbing out at dawn and dusk for a short time to search for food in the ruins. Day after day, year after year, their lives seemed monotonous. However, to the scavengers, it was a type of happiness, because once the repetition and monotony was broken, it meant death.

    Cloud Eagle could not help but think of the old man.

    The old man was a different scavenger who had experienced the vicissitudes of life. Not only did he understand the language of the olden times, he knew things that scavengers did not know, liked to tell stories and collect useless things, especially tools, drawings and words of the olden times. The only person he shared it with was Cloud Eagle. They were each other’s only companion and friend.

    That day, the sun rose up as usual, but the old man was unable to crawl out as usual.

    The old guy was at very least lucky, because he had Cloud Eagle to bury him.

    Cloud Eagle did not dare to even think about what would happen if he collapsed now. He already did not have much meat on him, but the starving scavengers were never picky. Those butchers would definitely carve him up and hang him up on rusty hooks after being smoked. They would enjoy a part of him themselves and exchange a part for moderately contaminated drinking water.

    This was the wastelands. In order to live, anything could be eaten. In order to live, anything could be done.

    Sometimes, Cloud Eagle would feel quite envious of them. However, the old man had once said that if even human nature was abandoned in the end, humanity really would be doomed.

    So hungry!

    No more strength to walk!

    Cloud Eagle dragged his frail body around in the ruins. It was similar to straw wavering in the wind, about to collapse at any time. Scavengers had already searched through the ruins, so just how easy was it to find some good?

    Nothing again?

    Will this be the last time I see the setting sun?

    Cloud Eagle sat down powerlessly and gazed towards the horizon. The setting sun was like blood, tainting the wastelands. A goshawk soared in the clouds and he revealed a deep feeling of envy in his eyes. Originally when he named himself Cloud Eagle, he wished to be free like an eagle in the clouds… was it just a hopeful wish?

    The final moment still had not come.

    I cannot give up! I cannot give up!

    At this moment, he heard quick and hurried steps, which caused Cloud Eagle to stand up like a frightened cub. He pulled out a sharpened metal piece and stared ahead vigilantly. In this crazy age of turmoil, there would be scavengers who would attack each other from being driven mad by hunger. Weak children like Cloud Eagle were targeted the most.

    Indeed, with the hurried steps, three scavengers in shabby clothes rushed over frantically.

    Cloud Eagle stumbled backwards hurriedly with a sudden change in facial expression. He was currently so weak that even a gust of wind could blow him down, so if three scavengers attacked him at the same time, he definitely did not have any chance of survival.


    No, incorrect!

    Even though the three people had savage expressions, they did not have killing intent, nor the bearing of a hunter. Instead, they seemed like prey filled with terror.

    It was not an attack. They were fleeing for their lives!

    Just as Cloud Eagle felt an ominous premonition, a large group of black things closely chasing after the scavengers rushed out. There were a dozen or so of them, and they were around the size of a wild dog. Their bloodshot eyes seemed savage and terrifying.

    Cloud Eagle’s blood immediately froze and his mind exploded with an instinctual thought that originated from the soul:


    Under the threat of death, he began burning his potential of life again!

    A new power was squeezed out of his exhausted body. Cloud Eagle did not observe it closely, much less see what it was. He only needed to understand one thing—it was a mutated beast, a savage, mutated beast, a terrifying predator.

    In the wastelands and even in the ruins, scavengers were the lowest predators on the food chain. How could that resist against terrifying mutated beasts?

    The woman who ran the slowest was knocked over first.

    “Save me!”

    “Please save me!”

    “Save me please!”

    The monster used its sharp teeth to ruthlessly rip at the throat, and a great gush of blood sprayed out like a geyser.

    With a second, a third, the black beast hurriedly gathered around, covering up the entire woman in the blink of an eye. They bit and ripped at the flesh, and even the intestines were pulled out with the inner organs.

    Just how bloody, how horrifying, how terrifying was it!

    The short but extremely shrill and blood-curdling cry shot towards the three people like arrows that encouraged them to flee for their lives. The mutated beasts which did not manage to get any part of it continued to chase after the remaining people. Their speed was just too fast, and after another few seconds, another scavenger was knocked down.



    The crunching of bone, the ripping of flesh; these sounds caused Cloud Eagle to shiver all over.

    As Cloud Eagle fled without thought, he took a turn which created an even more despairing sight for him. The ruins in front had blocked the path. It was a dead end!

    What to do?

    What to do?!

    A third blood-curdling cry rose up.

    The final scavenger had also been knocked down.

    Around three mutated beasts leapt over the scavenger’s corpse and shot towards the helpless, frail teenagers like black bolts of lightning!

    Danger! Danger! Danger! Cloud Eagle could smell the strong scent of death. If he had even hesitated for a single second, he would have consigned to eternal damnation!

    Death was definite if he turned around!

    He could only stake it all!

    Ignoring everything, he rushed at the ruins, crawling into a deep but small crack.

    The place could not be entered by adults, but Cloud Eagle’s thin body could just fit into it. He immediately heard a rustling by his ear; a mutated beast was actually unwilling to give up and crawled in too.

    The fishy stink on the beast’s body could be clearly smelt. It was very close to him!

    Cloud Eagle crawled to the end of the crack and was unable to advance any further. He heard the monster’s cry. This was a sign that it was about to attack.

    It was a grave situation of life or death.

    In the dire straits, he turned around as he held the sharp piece of metal firmly. At this moment, the black shadow just happened to lunge towards him. The red eyes exuded with a cruel light and its teeth were razor-sharp. It currently desired to bite the beautiful prey into pieces.

    Cloud Eagle gave out a low, beast-like roar as he thrust forth with the metal piece. It just happened to stab into the monster’s eye.

    The monster gave out a shrill, desperate cry and collided with Cloud Eagle, leaving behind several bloody wounds with its claws. Cloud Eagle pressed against its head and in the tiny space, it was unable to break free.

    “Go die! Go die!”

    Cloud Eagle already became as savage as a mutated beast, crazily swinging the metal piece at its neck a dozen times. A large amount of fishy-smelling blood sprayed everywhere, onto his face, his hands, his clothes. It covered everything.

    Two monsters outside rolled and twisted but were unable to fit in. Hearing the wretched cry from their companion, they immediately turned around and left. Cloud Eagle was left half paralyzed in the tiny space, breathing deeply. He became dizzy from holding his breath before, so now, even moving a finger of his felt like an extravagant wish.

    When his madness receded, the exhaustion and weakness rolled in. Probably due to the fact that they had been ignored earlier, the exhaustion and weakness came back even stronger.

    He examined the organism in front of him for the first time.

    It had dark oil-slick fur, long sharp claws and frightening red eyes. It seemed like a giant rat that had mutated, but no matter what it was, it was several kilograms of meat.


    Cloud Eagle became excited again. Using the metal piece, he cut through the monster’s tough skin and ripped of a few, fat pieces of meat, shoving them into his mouth. It was rancid, fishy and tough… but to the scavengers, it was great deliciousness.

    Cloud Eagle always dined on ants, bugs and grasses. It had been a very, very long time since he last tasted meat. When the food slid down his throat, a warm feeling spread throughout his feeling. The spasm and pain in his stomach weakened and was replaced by an indescribable feeling of satisfaction.

    He ate until his shriveled stomach began to bulge again.

    When he finally stopped eating, his face was enveloped by an expression of happiness.

    The mutated beasts outside had already left. Cloud Eagle planned to drag the prey killed by he himself back to the hole. The several kilograms of meat was enough to enjoy for days.

    Just when Cloud Eagle dragged out the prey, a voice gruff like a wild beast echoed.

    “Leave the meat behind!”

    Four or five adult scavengers blocked his path. The leading one seemed very able-bodied, with a fierce scar on his face. His malicious face was filled with evilness.

    The people had heard the sound of activity long ago, so they concealed themselves in the surroundings, waiting, wishing to be able to pick at the bones. As a result, they just happened to meet a child moving his prey.

    The beautiful meat had caused them to all be green with envy.

    The scar-faced one yelled, “Leave the meat behind!”

    Cloud Eagle’s silent expression was unruly and filled with danger. The two groups treated each other like they were facing wild beasts of the wastelands. Actually, in that gay and age, the difference between man and beast had already become very blurred.

    Leave it behind?

    I gambled my life for it and you want me to leave it behind?!

    Cloud Eagle did not say anything at all. Like a completely agitated cub, he pounced and threw a punch at one of the people’s faces.

    There was no suspense.

    Cloud Eagle was still a child, not a fully grown adult in the end, so how could he match up against several adults? The outcome from that was just being beat up in turns, before seeing the prey he had gambled his life for being taken away, unable to do anything.

    Night had descended.

    The teenager ran back to his hole, covered in wounds like a stray dog which had lost a fight. To the scavengers who had taken his prey, he did not feel any resentment or anger. As a child who had grown up in the scavenger’s camp since childhood, he had understood the nature of the wastelands long ago.

    There was no principles in the wastelands. Strength was the only law!

    The strong could have more food, slaves and women. The weak were doomed to enslaved, trampled on and robbed. This was the wastelands. In this world, in this age, in this place, there was nothing that could be reasoned out. Being weak itself was a sin!

    The moonlight poured into the hold like water. A blanket was not enough to keep out the cold, so he shivered all over from the cold. The pain from his injuries prevented him from peacefully falling asleep.

    Instead of tossing and turning, Cloud Eagle sat up. He lifted up a metal box and blew off the thick dust. As if he carried treasure, he carefully removed some brightly colored objects from it.

    He stared at the objects with a tranced but fixed gaze. They were the images that had been collected difficulty by the old man before he was born. They were evidence to the existence of the former age. From the corrosion of time, they had already become rather mottled and unclear.

    Everytime he saw them, the small heart hidden in his chest would be stirred up.

    Everytime he saw them, the pain, hunger and illnesses on him would be slightly alleviated.

    Everytime he saw them, no matter how much despair and darkness there was, he was always able to see a ray of light.

    The faraway, former age!

    Just what type of illusionary world are you?

    At that time, the people were clean and pretty. At that time, the cities were flourishing and prosperous. There were no dangerous, terrifying mutated beasts, no savage mutants nor scavengers who struggled to survive in the wastelands.

    Did that age really come to an end?

    Did such a place still exist in this world?

    Flames were lit in Cloud Eagle’s dark eyes—he wished nothing more in that world than to walk out of the camp and the wilderness!

    The thought was like a branding firmly burnt into the depths of his soul. It already appeared when he was very young. The old man had once asked him, “Why? The camp is very dangerous, the ruins are dangerous and the wastelands are even more dangerous! It’s a certain path towards death!”

    “Who made me be born in this world!”

    “Since the world has chosen me, I have the right to properly look at it!”

    “There will be one day where I will go searching, go searching for a place like heaven. If I can catch a glimpse, if I can kiss the ground, even if I immediately die afterwards, I have no regrets!”

    From then one, he took the child wherever he went. He shared food with him. He taught him how to read. After struggling on the edge of life and death for so many years, the thought did not disappear. Instead, it only became stronger and stronger!

    The old man had said, some people are naturally born as a free eagle. Even if they grow up in a chicken’s coop, there would always be a day where they flap their wings and take off. Was there really the chance?

    Currently, he could not even leave the ruins, much less the endless, much more dangerous wastelands.

    The old man often mentioned the word ‘fate’. Every person had their own fate. No matter how they tried to run away from it, they could not.

    Perhaps this is my fate? I don’t believe it! In the eyes of the teenager who had experienced the power and torment of the wastelands but remained stubborn, an indescribably flame burned. He rested his head on the metal box, and finally fell deep asleep from exhaustion.
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    Chapter 2 - The Netherworld Mercenaries

    The peace of the morning was broken by the sound of engines. A vehicle passed through the wasteland like a whirlwind, kicking up the sand before stopping in the ruins with a screeching halt. The metal components speckled with rust gave out a weird creaking sound, which made people feel that it was going to fall apart in the next second, but also seemed like a dying monster struggling to breathe. Several copper pipes constantly trembled and spat out exhaust, forming black cloud at the back of the vehicle.

    The scavengers had never seen a moving, metal monster like this.

    One by one, they revealed expressions of surprise and shock.

    The vehicle was rough and exaggerated. Random, messy components were connected to its rusty frame and it was covered with spikes, similar to an extremely uncooperative, metal hedgehog. Its four large wheels were dramatically placed, similar to great gears that bit into the ground. The front and rear bumpers were purposely made to be razor-sharp and could be consider for running into things rather than protecting the vehicle. The whole vehicle was dangerous and fierce-looking, just like the rough and wild wasteland.

    Six monsters strode with large steps, speeding through the sandy land like flying. There were three each on either side of the vehicle.

    The animals were like ancient ostriches, except for the fact that their feet were wide and sturdy and their bodies were strong and robust. Not only could they sprint through the sand as if they were flying, they could carry great loads. They were one of the perfect mounts for the wastelands.

    The clothing that the six riders wore were weird. It was formed from a combination of metal, wood, leather, bone, rock and some other unknown materials, probably from assembling what they had collected to create a crude armor. Because of this, every one of them were different. The one with a missing arm even had a prosthetic arm with metal gears and a saw-toothed blade covered with nicks welded onto the end. The attire too were filled with the elements of the wastelands.

    A rider of a big-footed bird leapt off his mount and opened the door of the vehicle in a respectful manner to let a big fatty out.

    The big fatty wore a leather, sleeveless garment covered in engine oil stains with a rough armor similar to an exoskeleton on the outside, which strikingly resembled a metal spider grabbing onto him. He wore leather glove and currently had his hands on his wide hips, with two black, modified handguns hanging off them. The improvised, ancient, gunpowder weapons also bore the rough, primitive elements of the wastelands. However, they were direct symbols of power and privilege.

    Weird attires, an exaggerated appearance, big-footed bird mounts and a fierce-looking vehicle—everything pointed towards their identity.

    They were excavators!

    “Fuck, finally found a group of scavengers.” The fatty lit a poor quality cigar and two streams of smokes blew out from his nose. He casually flipped up his round sunglass lenses and swept a squinted gaze through the shabby-clothed, bony scavengers, “Okay, let sir Sly Fox have a look to see how many lucky, pitiful creatures are here!”

    In the current age of turmoil, a fatty was an extremely rare existence!

    When he stood up with his body composed of fat and a weight close to one hundred and fifty kilograms, he was basically like a respectable king set up on high. He was also arrogant like a king, viewing the scavengers as different species like low-priced livestock waiting to be slaughtered.

    The excavators were an important group in the wastelands who excavated ancient tools and materials from deep underground the ruins. Through some simple repairs and assembling, they would make useable weapons, thus creating their own force.

    These people often used food and water to recruit the lowly scavengers, to get them excavate useful materials from the ancient times. As a result, the scavengers were not unfamiliar with the excavators.

    “I’m willing to work!”

    “I’ll work for a day! I only want half a piece of carrion!”

    “I have more power! Choose me!”

    The shabby clothed scavengers ran up one by one, forming a dense crowd. In order to be chosen by the excavators, they pushed and shove, which ended up turning into a brawl.

    “Quiet, quiet. Dirty scavengers, I didn’t come to recruit you to do things. All of you shut up!”

    The fatty draw his gun and pulled the trigger at the sky.

    The modified gun was extremely crude and thunderous, which caused the scavengers to block their ears in pain. They immediately shut up and stared with gloom, despair and even some fear.

    The fatty Sly Fox continued, “I possess accurate information that there is a group of exterminators active nearby and that they can come here at any time. You understand what I’m saying?”

    Panic immediately appeared in the scavenger’s numb eyes.

    Exterminators were synonyms of terror. They were groups formed from mutants, savage and cruel. They liked to eat human flesh, and to the exterminators, the scavengers were basically sheep stuck in a pen. In any place where exterminators had passed through, it was definitely a calamity for the scavengers.

    “If you fall into the hands of the exterminators, you will definitely become livestock in a pen. Your flesh will be smoked and stored while your bones will be broken and grinded into ornaments. The pitiful fat on your bodies will be pressed into oil lamps.

    The heartless words was like a chilly wind, causing the scavengers to all tremble.

    The exterminators were just like this. Wherever they had passes through, they would wipe out everything and leave no one behind.

    Sly Fox began to announce his purpose, “Today, I came here to prepare several dozen of strong scavengers to for a group. We will give you weapons, for you to fight the exterminators!”

    The scavengers all took several steps back in retreat. No one dared to make a sound.

    The exterminators were known for their viciousness. Just which scavenger would dare to take the challenge?

    “Trash, you’d rather wait for death than to gamble it?” The fatty looked at the scavengers indifferently before immediately calling out again, “For whoever who steps up by themselves, after defeating the exterminators, I’ll take them away from here!”

    “I’ll go!”

    A badly-battered, skinny teenager ran across, flushed and panting.

    It was no one else but Cloud Eagle!

    It caused several of the bird-riders to laugh aloud. A kid in his teens called out that he wanted to go fight exterminators? Seeing this, Sly Fox stared with his eyes wide and roared, “Can you even fucking lift a weapon? Piss off!”

    “I’ll go and fight exterminators!” Cloud Eagle gaze was resolute, “If I can return alive, you need to follow your promise and take me out of here!”

    The fatty’s expression was weird, “Do you really want to leave here so much? Even more than your life?”

    Cloud Eagle said, “I want to become an excavator. I don’t want to be hungry or bullied anymore.”

    The riders laughed aloud again. Only ignorant children could say such immature words!

    “To live in such an age of turmoil is uneasy, and to live with dignity is even more difficult than climbing the sky. You think becoming an excavator will prevent hunger and being bullied? What a joke!”

    The fatty originally wanted to kick him away, but staring into the child’s dark eyes, for some reason, he said unexpectedly, “Okay, I’ll give you a chance. As long as you wipe out the exterminators and return alive, I’ll give you the chance to join the Netherworld Mercenaries!”

    “You’re really letting him join?”

    “He’s only a lowly scavenger!”

    “Shut up, it’s not like you’re any better! I’m the boss. What I say counts!” The fatty pulled the trigger at the sky again, “Now that a little kiddo dares to stand forward, what are you all scared of? I’ll give two pieces of bread and a bottle of water to those who go, and the ones that don’t go can taste bullets!”

    To the scavengers, the most irresistible enticement was food and the most irresistible fear was death.

    The method indeed was much more effective. The scavengers stepped up one after another. Sly Fox quickly gathered a suicide squad… uh no, a group unafraid of death!

    The fatty yelled out loud, “I’ll first send a group in. The rest can wait here.”

    “Kiddo, come here, get on the vehicle!”

    Cloud Eagle was directly thrown into the passenger seat. The engines roared like a wild beast. Before he could even sit properly, he was pressed up against the seat by a force.

    The vehicle that seemed to be patched together gave people a feeling that it could fall apart at any moment. However, as soon as it was started up, its speed was amazingly fast, immediately shooting off.

    Most importantly, the vehicle did not have seat belts. The scavengers could only grab onto the door of the vehicle to prevent themselves from being thrown off.

    The six riders each carried a scavenger. Turning their heads, the birds began running as they swung their big feet. The hedgehog-like, assembled vehicle was also full with people, crawling through over the bumpy surface as it created a dust storm. It swerved right and left to avoid obstructions, which jolted about and caused adrenaline to rush through the people within. Their hearts beat furiously as their blood flow quickened. It felt like as if the world was in upheaval.

    Cloud Eagle felt anxious and excited. He did know whether it was due to the fear of the cruel exterminators or an endless yearning for the world outside the camp. He shivered all over with every cell of his calling out.

    He could not help but have a thought appear in his head.

    Old man, are you seeing this?

    I’ve left the camp!

    Not long after the vehicle surged out of the ruins, the figures of a group of wanderers appeared ahead. The fatty did not avoid it, and instead sped up.

    “Be careful!” Cloud Eagle called out aloud, “There’s people!”

    The monster-like vehicle directly collided with the first person. The violent collision immediately knocked the person flying, while the sharp spikes directly sliced open the person’s gut. A great about of blood fell into the open care like rain, splattering all over Sly Fox. It had also covered Cloud Eagle’s entire face while pieces of flesh hung from the car.

    “Ah, hahahaha!”

    The fatty laughed crazily as he used the windscreen wipers. It wiped away the sticky blood on the windscreen, swishing from side to side. The feeling of bone breaking could be clearly felt from underneath by every corner of Cloud Eagle’s body.

    The fatty displayed an expression of madness. He took a puff from his cigar before chasing down another person.

    Knocked flying!

    Run over!

    “Feels good, really feels fucking good!”

    The bird-riders caught up. They slaughtered the defenseless wanders like harvesting wheat, while one of they used a metal hook to drag a wanderer by the jaw. He ran through the wasteland like he was dragging a bag of trash, only leaving behind a bloody trail and flesh.

    Chills ran down Cloud Eagle’s back. Confusion and rage appeared on his undeveloped face, “Why… why are you doing this?!”\

    Scavengers also killed people.

    It was a crazy act only done under great starvation and conducted for survival.

    Excavator did not lack in food, pleasure or entertainment. Cloud Eagle did not understand the meaning of it!

    “Haha, what has me being happy got to do with you?” The fatty spat forcefully, “Plus, what do you know? These are wanderer! When I kill them, I am making a contribution to the wasteland!”

    The four major forces formed the wasteland; they were the scavengers, the excavators, the wanderers and the slaughters.

    The scavengers belonged at the bottom. Scavengers could discover weapons through excavating ruins and learnt how to use tools and certain skills. After establishing their own force, they would turn into excavators.

    Because scavengers drank highly-contaminated water and consumed mutant creatures over a long time, mutations would happen to them slowly under the horrible living conditions. Not only would their bodies mutate, it would also affect their intelligence and thought. As a result, most mutated humans would become violent and cruel like wild beasts. Those types of mutated humans stop being scavengers, turning into wanderers who wander the lands in search of food.

    Once wanderers gather together and establish their own force, they would turn into forces of exterminators. No matter if it were to scavengers or excavators, there would be a disaster wherever they passed through.

    So just how many groups of scavengers, excavators, wanderers and exterminators were there in the wastelands?

    Too many.

    Like in the ruins of the ancient city, there were many scavenger camps, as well as quite a few excavators and exterminators.

    Over twenty scavengers were delivered to a temporary base.

    The structure was a weird pyramid which stood upside down, inserted into the ground, which seemed like a piece of ground had descended from the sky. It was extremely large and already mostly ruined. However, it was still distinguishable whether by design or patterning that it was not a product of human history, but had rather appeared suddenly.

    An assembled vehicle was parked in the shadow of the inverted pyramid. It had a total of five wheels; the front two the smallest, the middle ones next while the back wheels stood half a human tall. On the wheels were various metal bars and coils, messily assembled. The car was bid and stood tall. It was extremely useful and seemed to be able to carry a lot of things. It seemed just like a huge, ugly lizard.

    The fatty exited his vehicle and called out, “Mad Dog, why don’t you hurry up and come greet our little bait?"

    The person called ‘Mad Dog’ stood beside the freight vehicle. Surprisingly, he was a great black man, one hundred and ninety centimeters tall. He was bald and on his vicious-looking face, it was basically covered with scars of different sizes. One of the scars seemed like someone had once split his face in half, with many marks of stitches remaining on his face.

    He seemed sinister, fiendish and ugly!

    Those words were basically coined for him!

    Mad Dog’s status was quite high. However, his equipment was relatively simple without any type of gun. He only carried two short blades in leather casing on his waist, while he wore a leather armor piece covered in metal spikes. It mainly protected his chest and abdomen, while the muscles of his arms and shoulders remained exposed. He seemed to be carved cleanly out of obsidian.

    The black man swept across the scavengers. He turned around and pulled off a chain without speaking a single word and opened the containers in the vehicle, “Choose it yourself.”

    Before the scavengers, there was a great piles of different-sized weapons. There were spears, machetes, sledge hammers, axes and so on. Although they were all relatively rough cold weapons, it was already an extremely rare chance from the scavengers.

    “Choose a suitable one. Whether you will be lucky enough to survive will all depend on it.” The fatty then said to Mad Dog, “Let them enjoy one dinner. They’ll never have such a chance again in their lives!”

    The fatty did not plan on taking the scavenger’s feelings into considerations, so he just said it directly.

    Dread flooded the eyes of the scavengers. They did not know what kind of brutality they would face next.

    They then began choosing weapons. Although axes and machetes were powerful, Cloud Eagle did not possess the power to use it. In the end, he chose a short sword that was less than a meter in length. When Cloud Eagle’s hand came in contact with the hilt, the icy-cold feeling caused him to slowly feel a sliver of calmness.

    He would accept whatever that would happen.

    Even if there was just a sliver of hope, he needed to go for it. Cloud Eagle did not want to stay as a lowly scavenger forever and die pitifully and alone like the old man.
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    Chapter 3 - Mad Dog

    From within the oil paper, a the faint smell of grain wafted into their nostrils. They felt like they were in ecstasy, as if it was a dream or an illusion.

    There were two pieces of hard, black bread and a bottle of mildly-contaminated water. The scavengers had never seen such wonderful food, so each one of them were overwhelmed by an unprecedented happiness.

    Cloud Eagle slowly opened the oil paper with trembling hands. He was like a devoted pilgrim opening up a divine artifact. When the two pieces of hard bread appeared before him, the fragrance became even stronger, quickly exciting his salivary glands—Bread! It was bread!

    He had seen it in books.

    He had never thought that the legendary delivery would appear in his hands. In the ruins, the two pieces of bread were worth at least one, no, at least ten lives!

    He carefully broke off a small piece and placed it in his mouth.

    Cloud Eagle closed his eyes to carefully enjoy it. First, he used saliva to soften the hard bread, and the unique fragrance permeated over his entire tongue. The wonderful feeling was unrealistic as it made him feel intoxicated, as if he was in a dream.

    The wonderful dream was instead broken by uninvited guests.

    A strong figure walked over with a machete; he had an ugly knife wound on his face. He was no other than the person who stole Cloud Eagle’s meat the day before.

    That person was also participating.

    Cloud Eagle picked up his short sword. Hostility rose up in his eyes like an aggravated young leopard. Yesterday, he did not have to fight for his life because he was full. Today was different. Whoever dared to steal his bread today, he would pierce his sword into their heart, even if he had to go down with them!

    “I have no interest in your food!”

    “Then what do you want?”

    The gaze of the person was rather weird, with cold light flickering about in the depths, “Do you see it? There’s only three excavators, while there’s a lot of bread and water in the vehicle. And we have weapons, so why not go for it?

    There were only three excavators, and none of them had guns.

    The excavators had recruited them to be sent to their deaths. The scavengers were basically awaiting their death, so why could they not work together and finish them off? Food, weaponry, water; these were all the most important things in the wastelands. They could obtain all of it extremely easily!

    Thinking back to the infinite pleasure the bread had brought, it caused the eyes of all the scavengers to become bloodshot. Greed and killing intent quickly congealed in their minds.

    Kill all of them!

    Turn them into mincemeat!

    Every scavenger present was in for it. Scar-face stared at the hesitating Cloud Eagle, “Are you going or not?”

    All people had desires, especially greed and the desire to live. Cloud Eagle actually wanted to take part in it as well, but with his experience of living in the wastelands for so many years, he struggled to trust Scar-face. Even if a young scavenger managed to steal some bread and water, would Scar-face and the others share some with him?

    The answer was extremely obvious.

    Scar-face would not even give up a single bread crumb. Instead, everyone would just work together and kill off the weaker ones. With one lesser person, there was one more portion to share.

    Also… would the scavengers really succeed?

    The question seemed extremely stupid. Over twenty people against three people; was thought even needed? But for some reason, Cloud Eagle did not have a good premonition.

    Cloud Eagle secretly glanced at the black person.

    Just the single glance made him feel like his head had exploded, as if someone had poured ice water over him.

    This was because the fierce-looking black man actually stared directly at the group of scavengers. He seemed like he could hear exactly what they were talking about.

    In the moment their eyes met, Cloud Eagle felt like he was struck by lightning. The pitiful vocabulary of his was unable to describe the person’s gaze!

    The forceful gaze contained an indescribable deterrent force. It felt like he was not a person, but rather a mutated beast. It basically screamed with a declaration and threat: You are only small prey, unworthy of being mentioned!

    Cloud Eagle could not help but have every muscle of his body tighten up. He was like a cub in dire straits; even though he was doomed, he still unconsciously wanted to resist.

    “Don’t go.” Cloud Eagle used all his strength to finally revert his gaze. He discovered that he was already drenched with cold sweat and with a suppressed voice, “You will die!”

    “Useless trash!” Scar-face ruthlessly spat at him. To the other scavengers, he said, “Let’s first kill off the excavators before dealing with this piece of trash!”


    Twenty scavengers began moving. Each of their silent gazes were filled with a stern and cold intent; all those who grew up in the wastelands understood what it meant. The scavengers had already turned into a pack of wolves, or more correctly, a pack of hungry wolves who had found their prey.

    Mad Dog smoked his cigar at leisure. To him, the pack of hungry wolves were just air.

    He looked at the skinny teenager who squatted next to the low wall as he nibbled on his bread. That scavenger’s rather interesting, actually so astute, like a wild beast. His eyes were actually filled with an unyielding wildness, actually daring to stare into his eyes for so long and not cower.

    Most importantly, he could smell the presence of danger, which was why he didn’t come to get himself killed?

    Really quite interesting!

    “What’re you doing!? Looking to die?”

    “Overconfident insects! Hurry the fuck up and go back to where you came from!”

    The two mercenaries discovered the actions of the scavengers. They picked up their own weapons, while their faces were menacing and filled with rage. The scavengers did not react at all, and instead grew even closer.

    “Hehehe, don’t be like this, don’t be like this!” Mad Dog’s deep, husky laugh was like the croaking of a nightbird. The long scars on his big ugly face twisted about like disgusting centipedes. He casually threw the cigar on the ground and used the tip of his foot to bury it, “I was just feeling bored! Move you noobs!”

    “Boss Mad Dog, this…”

    The two mercenaries looked at Mad Dog and suddenly shut up. They gave way with disappointment and stared at the idiotic scavengers with pity.

    A smile formed on Mad Dog’s lips. He slowly drew his two shiny blades. They were shaped like machetes, though the spine of the blade was straight while the edge was curved. The blade was very wide, heavy at the end and light at the handle. They were powerful when swung and could not be used by people with weak wrists. However, the shocking thing was that Mad Dog casually threw the blade on the ground, before raising his hands and advancing.

    Why did he throw away his weapons?

    How did he maintain a straight face against twenty people?

    Why was he willing to face a group of armed scavengers all by himself?

    The scavengers had already lost all rationality. They were bloodthirsty and filled with killing intent. They no longer considered anything that would go against logic. Scar-face bellowed, “Kill!”

    The twenty-odd scavengers surged up like starving hyenas.

    Scar-face charged at the very front with his machete. To the right, there was a scavenger with a steel rod and to the left, there was a scavenger with an axe. They were the three strongest and most agile, so they lead the attack!

    Break his bones!

    Shatter his skull!

    Take everything!

    That was how Scar-face thought, and that was how he acted. However, just when he raised his machete, his movements stopped.

    Mad Dog shot out his right hand with lightning speed. His five finger wrapped around Scar-face’s wrist and with a twist followed by a crack, his wrist began to face the other direction. The broken bone pierced the skin while large amounts of blood spurted out.

    A sweep with his right leg.

    It struck Scar-face’s calves like a steel whip, causing his whole body to drop by a portion in height. His leg was twisted in the opposite direction at a bone-chilling angle, while his femur had already shattered into several pieces.

    A final punch!

    Scar-face’s chest had basically caved in. Seven or eight of his ribs disintegrated and like a flying sandbag, he immediately knocked over several scavengers behind him.

    A metal rod attacks from the right.

    Mad Dog snatched at it like casually picking flowers. With a snatch, tug and push, he first forcefully grabbed the metal rod, before violently shoving it back. He forcefully shoved it into the person’s mouth, shattering the person’s teeth, before striking it forcefully. With a crisp squelch, the metal rod poked out from the other side of the head, creating a great whole in the person’s head.

    “Argh! Monster!”

    Seeing that, the scavenger with the axe immediately turned around and fled in terror.

    Mad Dog did not let him go. He leapt up over him and with his right leg over him, he descended like a heavy hammer, using his metal shoes to heavily stomp the scavenger’s head.


    His neck was utterly broken!

    The person’s head was forced into his chest with a terrifying and weird force. The unbelievably great force caused the scavenger’s legs to sing into the ground, as if he was a nail being hammered into the group. He did not topple, but of course, he was completely dead!

    “Hahaha!” Mad Dog’s face was covered with a malevolent madness. He seemed like he had ingested a hallucinogen, as if he no longer remained clear-minded, “Come, keep coming! I haven’t had enough fun yet!”

    The other two mercenaries secretly thought, Oh no! Boss has already entered the state! The situation was extremely dangerous, which was also the origin of his nickname, “Mad Dog!"

    The two new mercenaries did not dare to approach him!

    Scar-face lay on the ground, struggling to breathe. Mad Dog directly stepped on his face, causing it to cave in. His head full of white and red substances seemed to have grown bored of his body long ago, surging impatiently out of his head, splattering in the surroundings. Mad Dog seemed like he had just stepped on an egg, easily crushing a person’s head.

    The whole process did not even take five seconds. Mad Dog used an extremely brutal, bloody and forceful method to dispatch three people in an instant. His direct and efficient method of killing people clearly originated from being used countless times. His inhuman strength was bone-chilling!

    He was not a human.

    He was a devil!

    Every single scavenger were terror-stricken. The more cowardly ones had even peed their pants on the spot. Cloud Eagle also stared wide-eyed at what had happened. If he did not personally see it, he would struggle to believe that people could be so strong!

    Mad Dog grabbed the machete that he had kicked away from Scar-face during his reckless charge. He was ready to begin a massacre.


    Dust was thrown up around the sand dune as a hedgehog-like vehicle leapt out from behind the sand dune.

    The fatty sat in the jolting car with a cigar. He held onto the wheel with his left hand while he drew his gun with his left. He was essentially mid-air and everything flowed together. He did not even aim and just shot at Mad Dog with a flick.

    A bullet crossed the distance of several dozen meters.


    The blade in Mad Dog’s hand was accurately shot in half.

    Cloud Eagle was stupefied once again. The seemingly-useless fatty actually had such marksmanship. His accuracy was not something humans could achieve!

    A few vehicles rushed to the temporary base.

    “Mad Dog, what the fuck are you doing!?” The fatty looked at the three ruined corpses, “You can kill one or two to play around, but do you fucking plan on killing all the bait?”

    “I just lost myself temporarily!” Mad Dog shook his head forcefully and he seemed to become sober again, “Look, aren’t there still a few left?”

    The fatty knew Mad Dog’s problems. The person would go berserk easily after killing a person. It was fortunate that he could return to his senses in time.

    “Sly Fox, why’ve you gotten these pieces of trash? How are they going to be useful?” Mad Dog was already extremely impatient, “I feel like you’re just wasting time!”

    “How do you fish without bait? Whatever, don’t say anymore.” The fatty slapped Mad Dog’s shoulder, “The person who gave out this mission is not your average guy. The remuneration is extremely rich!”

    Mad Dog no longer said anything more.

    The fatty turned to look at the scavengers, “Alright, now that everyone is here, listen well you filthy scavengers. You have half an hour to prepare!”

    “I’m not going anymore!”

    A scavenger cried out in terror.

    The excavators were different from the mercenaries that they would work with. They were basically a group of monsters. If they followed them, was there still any hope in living?


    No one saw how the fatty opened fire.

    The gun was assembled by the fatty himself, and the bullets were also specially made. Its great power directly shattered the person’s skull. As the scavenger collapsed like a tower, the white and bloody substances in his head stripped on the ground. His entire body twitched on the ground from muscle spasms caused by nerves..

    All the scavengers became deathly silent.

    Cloud Eagle remain seated next to the short wall. As he watched, he slowly shoved the last, small piece of bread into his mouth, before drinking all the remaining water. The old man’s words resounded in his head.

    People could be chess players as well as chess pieces.

    The chess players could make choices, while the chess pieces could not.

    Every person had the chance to become the chess player, so they should always be cautious with every move they make. Because once they became chess pieces, they would lose their freedom. Rage, helplessness and terror were all useless. If a chess piece became overconfident and continued to treat himself as a chess player, continued to believe they had the right to choose, their outcome would be the same as Scar-face as the others.

    As a result, Cloud Eagle made up his mind to play his role as the chess piece, awaiting his time of pulling out the chess board and becoming the chess player once again.
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