Everlasting Immortal Firmament [万古仙穹]

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    Title: Everlasting Immortal Firmament [万古仙穹]

    : Xianxia, Strategy, Chinese Novel

    : 观棋 (Guan Qi)

    : 1311 Chapters (Completed)

    Translators: DragonInWhite

    : -

    Raws: http://www.17k.com/book/1198584.html


    Heaven and earth serve as a chessboard, with living things serving as the chess pieces!
    Unwilling to act as a pawn, one instead becomes the player!
    Being defeated in this game of chess, one dies and is eliminated! Being the victor, one experiences boundless longevity!
    With the help of an ancient Weiqi piece, Gu Hai arrived at the Divine Province Mainland!
    Heavenly Dao is eternal, however, life is limited, making heaven and earth pieces of a chessboard.
    One contently enjoys decades of life before their stones are encircled by the opponent, their bodies buried under the loss, and disappearing forever.
    Or can one leave the chessboard, no longer playing against people, but instead play with Heaven itself, winning oneself eternal life?
    I’ve come, and I want to live through 10000 lives without any boundaries!

    Translator notes
    This release is considered to be a teaser, the chapters will be unedited. I will release 1 unedited chapters here every few days for a total of about 10-15 chapters. The translation will go up on the main site after a month or 2, there are some requirements I need to achieve before I can throw it up. The chapters would be edited by then.

    If you would like to support me before the story is up here is my patreon page as well as a PayPal link. I can't give out rewards or sponsored chapters yet though.

    The original translator had recently contacted me saying that he had not dropped this novel but had to take a long hiatus for personal reasons, anyway, he was about to pick it up again when he saw my posts and contacted me. I have decided to let him have it and I will start up another novel. Same system as before, I will start throwing teaser chapters on the forums before getting it on the main site.
    From my understanding, the original translator will be hosting it on Gravity, so keep your eyes open for it, it might take another month or 2, depending on his speed.

    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
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    Chapter 1 King of the Divine Strategists

    The 6th day of the 6th month! The Great Chen Nation, Fallen Dragon Cliff!

    Gray clouds covered the sky, a chilly wind swept the land, stationed in Fallen Dragon Cliff were thousands of wounded soldiers. It was the image of a defeated army, in the middle of them all was a big yellow tent.

    Within the big yellow tent, there were many officials, looking worriedly at the throne, which was on the north side of the tent.

    On the throne sat an old man dressed in imperial robes. He was about the age of 60, pale, constantly coughing. There was an attendant by the side, meticulously caring for him, occasionally wiping the blood off his mouth.

    Behind the throne, there was a white robed male who looked to be about 40, his hands were placed on the back of the old man dressed in imperial robes. It seemed like he was infusing True Qi into him, attempting to heal him.


    The Old man in imperial robes spat out a mouthful of blood. The healing session had ended, but it seems that there was no improvement, his complexion even turned paler.

    “Imperial Father!” From the front of the crowd of officials, a middle age male wearing official robes suddenly exclaimed.

    “Your majesty!” The crowd of officials all suddenly exclaimed.

    The old man in imperial robes ignored everyone but looked towards the man who was infusing True Qi into him.

    “Third Grandfather, you don’t have to try to save me anymore, I understand my condition, my cardiac vessels have ruptured, I was too careless!” the old man in imperial robes lightly sighed and stated in a bitter tone.

    The man in white robes lightly sighed as well: “broken cardiac vessels, Chen Taiji, you were too greedy and too aggressive this time! Why didn't you wait for me before you advanced?”

    “I wanted to go all out to obtain the victory for the sect, but I underestimated the divine strategist of the Great Song Nation, Gao Xianzhi! He is difficult to deal with, when he was defending Nanjiang, I was not aware of his abilities. Originally my army was having a smooth victory, everyone was in high spirits. Who knew after the Song King gave military control to Gao Xianzhi, it felt as though the heavens were helping them, it was very mysterious. Even though we were in the advantage, we got absolutely destroyed by them. Despite the poor quality of their army, they were able to cause us to retreat. Ah, the Song King, he could actually bear to give up control! Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji coughed as he stated bitterly.

    “I told you before, this war between the Great Chen and Great Song, had a deeper implication. It is not on the level you can comprehend. The Sect backing the Great Song is like us, they have issued an absolute order, whichever side wins, the backing sect would be able to obtain the newly discovered Spirit Stone Mine!” the man in white robes sighed again.

    “This grandson begs Third Grandfather, to assassinate Gao Xianzhi, or else my Chen nation will suffer a crushing defeat, even to the point of the Great Chen being exterminated!” Chen Taiji begged.

    The man in white robes shook his head and frowned: “I said before, the implications are too deep, originally it was only over a Spirit Stone Mine, but, it attracted the attention of an important figure. That person was to see the battles of the secular whole, thus we were ordered to not interfere. Not to mention me, even the Sect leader would not offend that important figure for a secular nation.

    “What? You cannot interfere? Ke ke!” Chen Taiji coughed another mouthful of blood.

    The man in white confidently nodded his head: “the backer of the Great Song cannot interfere as well. So do not blame your injuries on the sect backing the Great Song, it is all Gao Xianzhi’s fault!”

    “Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough!” Chen Taiji starting coughing again.


    A low ranking soldier rushed into the big tent, knelt on one knee, looked at the pale emperor coughing blood, his face turned stiff.

    “Speak!” Chen Taiji stared at that soldier.

    “Reporting to the emperor, Tong’s Pass have been defeated!” The soldier said in a panic.

    “What! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji coughed blood once again.


    Another low ranking soldier rushed into the big tent again.

    “Reporting to the emperor, Chengshan’s Pass have been defeated!”


    “Reporting to the emperor, Jiayu’s Pass have been defeated!”

    “Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough!”

    In the large tent, there was silence, only the sound of the official’s anxious breathing and Chen Taiji’s coughing could be heard.

    Chen Taiji’s pale face managed to cough till there was some color in his face.

    The man in white robes frowned, he seems to sense that this was Chen Taiji’s final burst of energy and was about to die.

    In the big tent, with a crowd of 100 officials, everyone was alarmed.

    “Imperial Father, Tong’s Pass, Chengshan’s Pass, Jiayu’s Pass, once these three passes are captured, all that’s left is a vast expanse, three-quarters of my Great Chen’s territory, basically all finished!” A frightened look can be seen on that man in official robes.

    The man in white robes sighed: “lost, we definitely lost, this Gao Xianzhi, what a great capability he has. The Great Chen is helpless!”

    Chen Taiji’s complexion is now flushed red: “divine strategy? Indeed a divine strategy, creating a misdirection and attacking 3 passes at the same time, scattering the army. What a guy, very capable! Cough! Cough! Cough!”

    “Chen Taiji, let the crown prince succeed the throne, the Great Chen still has the Tiger’s Pass, hopefully, he can defend it for a little longer. Sigh! Actually, what is the use? This battle is lost. I only pity your son, hopefully, the sect leader would not take his anger out on your son!” The man in white robes had an ugly expression on his face.

    “What? The anger of the Sect leader?” Chen Taiji looking at the man in white robes, unable to resist coughing.

    The man in white was silent for a while, then nodded his head: “it is a possibility, even I will be implicated. This battle is being observed by an important figure, once the Great Chen lost, that figure would be disappointed in our sect, the sect leader cares deeply about the impression that figure has of us. Or maybe, he would not be too angry, after all, the divine strategist they have is too capable……!”

    Chen Taiji suddenly trembled, his eyes were not focused, as though he was making a very difficult decision.

    “No, we have not lost, we still have Tiger’s Pass, there is still Tiger’s Pass!” Chen Taiji shouted when trembling.

    “Tiger’s pass? The Military strength of Tiger’s Pass is the weakest, furthermore, they are mostly imperial guards, they are different from the regular army. They do not have battle experience, furthermore, they are small in numbers. How are they going to hold their own against the army of the Great Song? Furthermore, you are about to die, your son is not a capable as you, if you could not do it, what more your son? We have also already lost three-quarters of our land, a big portion of our territory, we already lost the people’s support, what are you going to use to battle against the Great Song? Not forgetting that they have the divine strategist. Gao Xianzhi! The Situation is deteriorating by the day, you can’t stop that trend!” The man in white robes sighed.

    “No, we have not lost!” Chen Taiji was still trembling, showing a fierce expression.

    “Just based on the scattered remains of our army? The extermination of our country cannot be prevented, Taiji, you are better off try to think of ways to appease the sect leader!” the man in white robes bitterly said.

    “Imperial father, what other methods do we have? The sect would not be willing to interfere……!” the crown prince said, showing a bitter expression.

    Chen Taiji closed his eyes, his whole body still trembling, after a period of time, he said: “No, there is a person, he can overturn the situation, he definitely can!”

    “Oh?” the man in white robes was surprised

    The prince in the imperial robes expressed curiosity.

    “My prince, go and beg him, as long as he is willing to come out from retirement, we would still be able to win, we definitely can! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji said as he coughed.

    “Chen Taiji, this is no time to be joking, currently the Great Chen had already almost been completely defeated, who would have the ability to overturn the situation? The Great song is united in will, with the divine strategist Gao Xianzhi, their morale is at a peak, without the sect interfering, there is no way to the situation in the battle!” the man in white robes said in disbelief.

    “It is possible, he can do it, he definitely can!” Chen Taiji’s face was flushed red.

    “Who? Imperial father, who is he? The crown prince asked in surprise

    “Gu Hai!” Chen Taiji found it hard to say this name out. As though his body was not able to tolerate this man.

    “The wealthiest man in 6 countries, Old Man Gu?” The crown prince said in surprise

    “The wealthiest man in 6 countries? Cough cough cough, Gu Hai? To think that before I die, I still have to come and beg you!” Chen Taiji smiled bitterly.

    “Gu Hai? Isn’t he the one that started cultivating after he was 30, then wishfully thinking of joining our sect despite his poor Natural Endowments?

    “Third grandfather, you know him?” Chen Taiji looked at the man in white robes in amazement.

    “I seen him, most of the Golden Dan Realm cultivators in our sect have seen him. As long as we come to the secular world, that old man would somehow quickly find us, bribing us in many ways, asking to be accepted into the sect. But, his Natural Endowments are too inferior, thus his cultivation was delayed. He placed us in a difficult spot, by accepting him, we would be laughed at by other sects!” The man in white robes nodded his head.

    “Gu Hai? Ah, I thought I manage to suppress him from all contact with the sect, who knew that managed to find a way around it long ago. I was just unaware of it, hahaha, cough cough cough cough!” Said Chen Taiji bitterly while coughing blood.

    “Chen Taiji, you said that Gu Hai has the ability to turn this around? Why are you so sure? He is only an ordinary mortal in the Houtian realm of cultivation.” the man in white robes frowned.

    “Indeed, imperial father, he is only a merchant, is he able to rally the army for battle? The crown prince anxiously asked.

    “He definitely can! If Gao Xianzhi is the Divine Strategist, Gu Hai is the King of the Divine Strategists! My prince, lead the officials to go and beg him! You must do all you can to persuade him, even if you have to kneel to him!” Chen Taiji said with resolve in his eyes

    “Just a merchant? King of the Divine Strategists?”

    “Third grandfather, do your best to fulfill his requests, he may only be a merchant and a mortal man, but only he can overturn the situation. In order to win, we need him! I guarantee it on the life of the crown prince!” Chen Taiji’s face reddened further.

    The man in white robes looked at Chen Taiji, frowning silently. It was originally a hopeless situation that cannot be turned around, but Chen Taiji insisted that Gu Hai had the ability to do so? Furthermore, Chen Taiji does not seem to be lying. The man in white robes slowly became solemn. After all, in this war between two nations, there was too much at stake, they could not afford to overlook any details.

    “I will, the sect leader has given me some rights, as long as he does not go overboard, I will do my best to satisfy him!” The man in white robes solemnly said.

    “My prince, after you get Gu Hai to come back, if you want to overturn the situation, you have to listen to him, regardless of whatever arrangement. One more thing, address him as Uncle Gu! He was once your father’s sworn brother! Cough cough!” Chen Taiji said bitterly amidst his weakness.

    “Uncle Gu?” the crown prince had an expression of surprise.

    “Lastly, tell him I’m sorry, I let him down that year!” Chen Taiji showing a trace of a pained and distressed expression.

    After this last sentence, Chen Taiji closed his eyes, his red face quickly turned pale, he was no longer breathing.

    “Imperial father!”

    “Your majesty!”

    “The Emperor had passed on!”

    Both inside and outside the big tent, everyone immediately knelt and grieved.

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    Chapter 2 Gu Hai

    14th day of the 6th month, the Great Chen Nation, inside Tiger’s Pass, Gufeng town. In the town, there was a mansion, known as Gu mansion.

    The interior of the Gu mansion was connected to at least the surrounding four streets, they were filled with banquet tables, with an endless stream of guests. It was very bustling!

    However, just now, a group of people wearing mourning clothes rushed in, the originally noisy celebrations stopped. There were a large number of troops stationed in all four corners, causing the originally joyous scene to be filled with a somber air.

    “Isn’t today the 70th birthday of Old Man Gu? The battles around should have already been finished, why are there so many soldiers?”

    “That's not right, although Old Man Gu does not get involved in politics, but there should be not one who dares to offend him,”

    “The one earlier, dressed in mourning clothes, was the crown prince, following him are the civil and military officials!”

    “How is this possible?”

    “It’s true, it really is the crown prince, why is the crown prince wearing mourning clothes? Could it be……!"




    The guests on the street all suddenly had a shocked expression.

    There is only one instance where the crown prince would wear mourning clothes, that would be when the emperor had died.

    Didn’t the emperor personally lead the troops into battle? Furthermore, wasn’t he winning?

    The crowds all had shocked expressions it was clear that news traveled too slowly.


    Gu mansion!

    The guests were all celebrating in the front yard and the surrounding streets, but in the backyard of the Gu mansion, it was quiet. In the backyard, there was a 7 story pagoda, it was the tallest building in the Gu mansion as well as the whole town, when one stood at the top of the tower, one could see everything in the town.

    The name of the tower was Soaring Heaven Pagoda!

    Under the Soaring Heaven Pagoda, stood a large number of solemn and respectful people from the Gu mansion, watching a crowd of officials dressed in mourning clothes kneeling together with the Great Chen’s crown prince. Every one of their faces had an expression of grief and sorrow.

    There was only one person who did not kneel, that was the third granduncle of Chen Taiji, the man dressed in white robes from the sect.

    “Nephew seeks an audience with Uncle Gu, begging Uncle Gu to take revenge for my imperial father!” Crown prince Chen Liangyi’s face clearly in grief.

    The Great Chen is about to be exterminated, this position of the crown prince could not be held for long. Once the Great Chen was exterminated, even he would suffer the wrath of the sect, his life or death would be unknown. His imperial father said that this person had the ability to overturn the situation/ Furthermore, his person was his imperial father’s sworn brother.

    So long as he can overturn the situation, not the mention kneeling now, even if it was for 3 days and 3 night, Chen Liangyi would not hesitate.

    The people of the Gu mansion, amongst them, many servants opened their eyes wide.

    This was the current crown prince! Plus there were all the officials, how was this possible? Just to see the old master?

    “Gu Hai, I am Chen Tianshan of the Clear River Sect, do you remember me? Crown prince Chen already brought all the officials to kneel in front of you, what else do you want?” the man dressed in white stood and shouted clearly.

    The people of the Gu mansion were staring. Heading them was a 30 odd-year-old man, dressed in green garments, he had wide facial features and looked normal. However, outside the Soaring Heaven Pagoda, all the people of the Gu mansion seemed to be led by him.

    “Eldest young master? Should we……!” A servant seemed to want to say something.

    The middle-aged man dressed in green gave a cold glance, just that glance alone caused that servant to keep quiet.

    With the reputation and prestige of the Gu clan, they must not be provoked.

    The young master in green just ignored to requests to meet, but patiently waited outside the Soaring Heaven Pagoda.

    “Uncle Gu, before my imperial father passed away, he sent nephew here to beg Uncle Gu, he wanted me to tell you sorry on his behalf, my imperial father had let you down that year!” Chen Liangyi was trembling as he cried out.


    From the inside of the Soaring Heaven Pagoda, came a distant sigh.

    Everyone’s expression changed.

    From the inside of Soaring Heaven Pagoda came an elderly voice: “Immortal expert Chen, you have graced me with your presence, this old man have been negligent. Gu Qin, invite immortal expert Chen up the pagoda, also Chen Liangyi to come as well.

    The young master Gu Qin, who was guarding the pagoda, had a solemn expression as he said: “yes, godfather!”


    Gu Qin pushed opened the pagoda doors, telling Chen Tianshan: “Immortal expert Chen, my godfather have not met visitors for a long time already, we have offended you today, do pardon us for it, come in please!”

    Chen Tianshan nodded his head.

    “Crown prince Chen, please come in!” Gu Qin solemnly said.

    Chen LiangYi climbed up with a trace of excitement.

    Gu Qin led Chen Tianshan and Chen Liangyi into the Soaring Heaven Pagoda!


    The pagoda doors closed.

    Outside, all the officials looked at this pagoda with curiosity.

    The two man found out that in all 7 floors of the pagoda, they were all filled with bookshelves, there were a countless number of books

    When they finally reached the 6th floor, Chen Tianshan and Chen Liangyi met Gu Hai.

    By the window, there was a gigantic Go board, however, this board was different from normal ones. A regular Weiqi board had 19 vertical and horizontal lines, but this board had 29 vertical and horizontal lines.

    The board was filled with Go stones, the arrangement could not be seen clearly.

    Beside the Go board, stood an old man in black clothes, he looked to be about 70, his hair was snow white and had a solemn expression. Despite his wrinkles, his eyes were bright like crystal, those eyes seemed to be able to see through a person’s heart, causing Chen Liangyi to have palpitations.

    This is the richest man in 6 countries, Gu Hai?

    “You are Gu Hai? No, you are not Gu Hai! Your eyebrows……?” Chen Tianshan stared at him.

    However, the old man just lightly smiled: “Immortal expert Chen, do you still remember me beseeching you at the waterfall? This old man is indeed Gu Hai, just that in order to avoid some unnecessary troubles, I grew my beard out and drew eyebrows on!”

    Chen Tianshan looked carefully, indeed he was Gu Hai. To think that the parts that leave the deepest impression on him were actually fake. Even though he was the same person, his facial features may not have changed very much, but if he had not revealed himself, Chen Tianshan would never have recognized him.

    “Uncle Gu, my father is already dead, he said that you are his sworn brother, I beseech Uncle Gu, consider that you were sworn brothers, please avenge him!” Chen Liangyi knelt once again.

    Gu Hai squinted, looked at Cheng Liangyi, after a moment of silence, he said: “in the past, I was indeed once his sworn brother, but he tried to kill me that year, our sworn brotherhood does not apply anymore!”

    “Oh?” Chen Liangyi’s face went stiff.

    Chen Tianshan frowned.

    Gu Hai looked at Chen Tianshan and said: “I know your purpose in coming here. 3 of the passes were defeated, Gao Xianzhi even killed the 600 thousand soldiers from the 3 passes. The citizens and officials are all united in heart, the Great Chen is about to be destroyed. At this moment, we only have a scattered inferior army of 100 thousand, to defend against the Great Song’s army of 800 thousand elite soldiers, you do think it is possible?

    “What?” Gao Xianzhi killed 600 thousand soldiers? But they were prisoners of war!” Chen Liangyi exclaimed in alarm.

    “It happened at noon, 4 days ago!” Gu Hai said quietly.

    “You! How did you find out?” Chen Liangyi asked.

    However, Gu Hai did not say anything.

    On the other side, Gu Qin was quietly serving tea, he first respectfully poured a cup of tea for Gu Hai, then Chen Tianshan.

    Gu Hai indicated for Chen Tianshan to take a seat, before sitting down himself.

    Chen Tianshan looked at Gu Hai, his eyes had a strange expression. Normally, when ordinary mortals met a person from the sect, they would treat him with great respect, but Gu Hai was actually not reacting.

    “Chen Taiji said you can do it!” Chen Tianshan sat down and said in a heavy tone.

    Gu Hai picked up the teacup and took a sip: “To destroy everything, only half a month is needed. Under the command of Gao Xianzhi, their army will push further until they reach Tiger’s Pass. With regards to the standard of the 100 thousand soldiers in Tiger’s Pass, you should be even more familiar than me. To use this bunch of people to resist the 800 thousand elite soldiers of Gao Xianzhi? Ha! Not to even mention defend, chances are this bunch of people will surrender, perhaps even without Gao Xianzhi, Tiger’s Pass would destroy itself.

    Chen Tianshan and Chen Liangyi’s complexion changed, this isn’t Gu Hai saying things to scare them, but a very real possibility.

    “Uncle Gu, please come out of retirement and save the Great Chen, as long as you save the Great Chen, you can have anything you want!” Chen Liangyi suddenly shouted.

    Chen Tianshan also had a face of certainty: “that’s right! Do you have any way?”

    Gu Hai suddenly squinted and said: “oh? Since the sect cares so much about the Great Chen, why don’t immortal expert Chen personally take action? I image that with your strength, taking out the person leading them should be easy, furthermore, the Great Chen is not the only secular country your sect controls, why not just ask the other countries for help? Instead, you are here to look for this smelly old man?”

    Chen Tianshan frowned a little and replied after a moment of silence: “this war can only be fought between the two countries, we cannot recruit help from other countries, and people from the sect are not allowed to interfere.

    “Not allowed?” Gu Hai’s expression suddenly changed, his eyes had a gleam in them.

    Although it was just two words, but Gu Hai managed to get a lot of information from it, as though he had seen a great opportunity, causing his normally still heart to be a little excited.

    Suppressing that excitement, Gu Hai drank some tea.

    “The Great Chen is already beyond help, I am here as a last resort, if you are not able to, then nevermind!” Chen Tianshan in a heavy tone.

    Gu Hai did not say anything but only looked at Chen Tianshan and Chen Liangyi.

    After a period of time, Gu Hai seriously said: “to save the Great Chen, I can do it, but……!”

    “You can save the Great Chen? How?” Chen Tianshan showed a trace of astonishment.

    “I have a condition!” Gu Hai did not explain further, he only said in a serious tone.

    “Oh?” Chen Tianshan looked at Gu Hai.

    Uncle Gu, what do you want, as long as I have it, I can give them to you!” Chen Liangyi stood up and was pleasantly surprised.

    Gu Hai ignored Chen Liangyi, but looked at Chen Tianshan: “What I need is for the Clear River Sect’s sect leader to infuse energy into me, helping me to break through the Houtian wall! To breakthrough to become a Xiantian! Furthermore, to also learn the Xiantian realm cultivation methods of the Clear River Sect!”

    “What? You are already at the great perfection stage of Houtian?” Chen Tianshan suddenly stood up in shock.

    Gu Hai solemnly nodded hi head.

    That is not possible, I have seen your Natural Endowments, you cannot cultivate Internal Strength. You only started cultivating after you were 30, with such poor Natural Endowments, you can only rely on External Strength, furthermore, you should not be able to go beyond the 5th level of Houtian. But you claim to be at the 10th level of Houtian? This is not possible!” Chen Tianshan suddenly shouted.

    “External Strength? Just because others are not able to accomplish it, doesn’t mean that I can’t. The lifespan of a person in the Houtian Realm is only 100 years, once they reach the Xiantian realm, their lifespan will increase to 200 years. I have already reached the latter part of my lifespan, if I still do not break through to be a Xiantian, then my body cultivated by external strength would be dispersed. Fortunately, I have reached the Great Perfection of the Houtian Realm. You are only in the Golden Dan Realm, that is not sufficient to help me, only your sect leader would be able to. Go back and tell your sect leader, as long as he can agree to my condition, I will save the Great Cheng!” Gu Hai said solemnly.

    Chen Tianshan stared at Gu Hai, his eyes looking bewildered.

    External Strength? How laughable, one could actually cultivate to the Great Perfection using External Strength? This kind of crude cultivation method, is reliant on self-torture, even if a person had done his best, he would not exceed the 5th level of Houtian. There has never been anyone who went past that, Gu Hai actually reached the Great Perfection of Houtian?

    “I only have this one request! What do you think?” Gu Hai stared at Chen Tianshan with a look of anticipation in his eyes.

    “Save the Great Chen Nation first, then I will speak to the sect leader!” Chen Tianshan said.

    However, Gu Hai just lightly smiled and shook his head. He did not say anything but just looked at Chen Tianshan.

    “The sect leader is not here, how do I answer on his behalf? Save the Great Chen first and I will report to the sect leader!” Chen Tianshan said.

    “It will take Gao Xianzhi’s army at least half a month to reach Tiger’s Pass. This half a month of time should be sufficient for you to return to the sect and come back again. As long as the Clear River Sect Leader issues a decree, I will immediately save the Great Chen. It is not a problem to fulfill the promise after I save the Great Chen, but I need you sect leader to issue a decree first!” Gu Hai stared at Chen Tianshan and said in a resolute tone.

    “Half a month? Many things can happen in half a month. After half a month, Tiger’s Pass could already be defeated! What are you going to use to save the Great Chen then? Furthermore, after half a month, The Great Song Nation’s 800 thousand elite soldiers will arrive at the entrance of the Pass, with just 100 thousand inferior soldiers, how are you going to defend?” Chen Tianshan frowned, clearly looking displeased.

    “Half a month? Don’t worry, it would be destroyed. How will I defend? That’s my business. The earlier you come back, the earlier the Great Chen will resolve this danger!” Gu Hai had a resolute look in his eyes. Without obtaining a promise, Gu Hai will not take the risk.

    Chen Tianshan coldly stared at Gu Hai: “Gu Hai, This is what you said, if you cannot save the Great Chen…… you know the results of cheating us……!”

    Gu Hai did not seem to mind it, but turned his head to look at Chen Liangyi and said: “Since Chen Taiji is dead, then let bygones be bygones. Although I reside in the Great Chen, but the taxes I pay every year is quite significant, thus the Great Chen is not the one protecting me. Within the six countries, as long as I wished to defect, they would welcome me with open arms. All these years I stayed in the Great Chen was also because of my reluctance to leave. I do not have any gratitude or grudges with you, neither do I owe you anything. If you want me to save the Great Chen, it is possible, just wait for immortal expert Chen’s news!”

    “I will, thank you Uncle Gu!” Chen Liangyi respectfully said.

    “Go back first, I have many guests today, I would be able to entertain you any longer!” Gu Hai said in a tone that ended the conversation.

    “Yes!” Chen Liangyi nodded his head.

    Chen Tianshan looked at Gu Hai for a little longer: “I will immediately go back to the sect and get the sect leader to issue a decree. Hopefully what you said is true, or else……, hm!”

    Turning away, Chen Tianshan quickly brought Chen Liangyi away.

    Gu Qin stood at the side looking at Gu Hai and frowning: godfather, this matter with the Great Chen, they have nearly been destroyed already, how are you going to save the Great Chen? Are you going to……!”

    Gu Hai just looked at the Go board on the table and took a deep breath: “I know that it I difficult, but from their tone, the sects are not allowed to interfere, using only the forces of the secular nation, this is just like an ‘injured baby fighting against a fierce killer’! However, this is my last chance. Houtian and Xiantian, it was only the difference of a realm but it can cause a big change. After stepping into the Xiantian Realm, I can become young again, back the prime of my life! I am only short of an opportunity, I need to be young again! Thus, no matter how difficult the situation, I must unravel it.

    “Yes!” Gu Qin nodded worriedly.

    “I need to come up with countermeasures for this situation, don’t disturb me anymore, go down!: Gu Hai said seriously.

    “Godfather, today is your birthday, do you want to ……!”

    “No need, I just received the best birthday gift already, just go…… !” Gu Hai waved his hands.

    Gu Qin nodded his head and went down.

    Gu Hai sat by the window, watching the soldiers march away. In his hand was a black Go stone, frowning deeply: “During my 30th birthday, I collected 100 thousand Endgame Puzzles, I also found this black Go stone in the library basement. I could never have imaged that it would bring me from Earth to here. In a blink of an eye, it has been 40 years, what secrets are you hiding? Could it only be because of that 100 thousand Endgame Puzzles? I have been studying it for a few decades and more or less comprehended most of it. But there were no movements at all, how should I fully grasp your mystery?

    Gu Hai sighed and stretched his hands out to place the Black Go Stone in the space between his eyebrows.


    The Black Go stone mysteriously passed through his skin, burying itself in the space between his eyebrows.

    Gu Hai’s consciousness sank into the space between his eyebrows as well, in the space, there were 100 thousand Go boards, on each of them was an Endgame Puzzle, there seemed to be constant activities on every board. Amidst all the changes, that Black Go Stone was floating above them all, as though it was the king overlooking its subjects.

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    Chapter 3 Striving to reverse a desperate situation

    Outside the Great Chen Nation, in the midst of mountains, the Clear River Sect, inside a large hall.

    Within the Hall, there 20 odd people, they have clearly separated into 3 factions.

    The people on the left side were wearing green garments, they were all intently looking at a huge map located in the middle of the hall. Leading them was a middle aged man in green garments, in his eyes was a glint of frustration.

    The people on the right side were wearing white robes, at this moment, they seemed to be very happy. A middle-aged man, who was leading them, laughed and said: Clear River Sect’s sect leader, looks like you are going to lose, the Great Chen already lost 3 passes, they were unable to withstand even a single blow! Hahahahaha!”

    The group of people in white all laughed loudly.

    The group in green glowered at the other group, the Clear River Sect’s sect leader, who was leading them, grasp one fist in the other hand and said: “Song Jia Sect’s sect leader, it is not finished yet, are you sure without a doubt that the Great Chen will be defeated?”

    The Song Jia Sect’s sect leader just gave a could laugh: “all the military forces are already marked on this map, the Great Song is all united in heart, their momentum is irresistible. Gao Xianzhi even executed 600 thousand soldiers of the Great Chen’s army, leaving only 100 thousand soldiers at Tiger’s Pass, these troops are led by an inferior general, there would be nothing to worry about. Furthermore, Gao Xianzhi’s utilization of the army is marvelous! Don’t bother resisting anymore, just surrender already!”

    “You!” The Clear River Sect’s sect leader glared at him.

    Not matter how foolish the crowd was, they could understand that in this war, the Great Chen would be exterminated.

    But the Clear River Sect’s sect leader was not willing to lose! It was not just losing a Nation, it was leaving a bad impression on that important figure beside them. This important figure had been observing the battle throughout. How could the Clear River Sect’s sect leader not feel frustrated after losing so badly in front of her?

    While the two sect leaders bickered, they had been observing the other five persons.

    Although they were in the Clear River Sect’s territory, but these five people were standing at the position of the host, which was in the north.

    Leading them was a young lady dressing in black male clothing.

    The young lady’s legs were long and slender, her gaze was focused, her beauty was peerless. She had a well-proportioned figure, her slender snow white neck was exposed from under that black shirt. Her attire made her even more dazzling, causing one to feel the urge to take a bite out of her. She had the hairstyle of a man but the bangs that hung by the side of her face added a certain charm. Although she was dressed in a man’s outfit but it could not cover up such an extraordinary beauty, it even served to enhance her allure.

    The disciples of both sects looked at her with covetous eyes, but they knew the status of this young lady. They have to suppress the desires of their heart.

    The young lady was holding a fan, looking at the huge map in front. On the map, there were all sorts of markings, illustrating out every single detail of the war between the Great Song and Grea Chen.

    Behind the young lady stood four people, three of them did not show any expression on their faces or say anything, as though as they were guards. The last one seem a bit different, it was a bald headed monk, he was wearing moon-white Buddhist robes. Standing over there, he exuded a celestial air, his facial features looked bright and scholarly, and in one hand, he held a string of 18 prayer beads. He was looking at that map together with the young lady.

    “Reverend Liu Nian, what do you think of this battle?” the young lady looked at the map, repeatedly tapped a folding fan on her other palm and asked.

    “Hall Master, because of your wish to see a battle of the secular world, you caused a massacre! 600 thousand soldiers, all executed! Amitābha!” the bald headed monk chanted a Buddhist chant, as though he was praying for the dead soldiers.

    “Reverend, I heard that before you became a monk, the number of people you killed was much more than this. Furthermore, this massacre was not carried out by me, it was a mutual massacre on their part! I might be the cause, but I did not dictate the results!” the young lady shook her head.

    Reverend Liu Nian gave a bitter smile: “It is all in the past!”

    “My grandfather told me once that if I had the chance, I should observe the battles of mortals. Although they do not have great strength, but at times, they have incomparable wisdom. This war was very marvelous. Reverend, what do you think?” The young lady smiled.

    Reverend Liu Nian looked at the map again, nodding his head: “That Chen Taiji was pretty good, in such a large way, he was able to direct with ease, even among our numbers, he would be considered a good leader. They were stood firmly and fought steadily, they were extremely dependable, originally they should have defeated the Great Song Nation, but unfortunately the Great Song Nation had Gao Xianzhi!”

    The young lady nodded her head: “indeed, Gao Xianzhi is very capable!”

    “Gao Xianzhi, hailed as the divine strategist of the Great Song, his name was truly deserved. His abilities in leading the army were better than Chen Taiji, he did not place all his eggs in the same basket! Within a few short months, he used many stratagems, he handled the troop as though like he had assistance from the gods, his ability to judge was extraordinary. The risks he took, all had a shocking payoff. This was a psychological battle, he ended off with creating a diversion and attacking 3 passes simultaneously, defeating Chen Taiji. Truly extraordinary!”

    “This Gao Xianzhi is quite interesting, what kind of standard do you think he is at?” The young lady looked at Reverend Liu Nian.

    “Hall master is very intelligent, I believe you already have an idea, is there a need to ask me?” Reverend Liu Nian laughed.

    “Although he did not use many formations, but it seemed that his troops always held a great advantage, very marvelous, he has the disposition of a general.

    “I have the same opinion as Hall Master does!” Reverend Liu Nian nodded his head.

    “Looked like we will not return empty handed on this trip, at least we encountered a talent!” the young lady smiled in satisfaction.

    But the praise of the young lady caused the Song Jia Sect’s sect leader’s eyelid to twitch.

    “Hall Master, Gao Xianzhi is just a mortal! He is only in the Houtian Realm!” the Song Jia Sect’s sect leader immediately said.

    The young lady quietly looked at the Song Jia Sect’s sect leader and said: “don’t worry, he is not joining your sect!”

    Hearing the words of the young lady, the Song Jia Sect’s sect leader’s face expressed joy: “Hall Master is very perceptive!”

    What the young lady appreciated was talent, not cultivation. One’s cultivation can be slowly raised, but there is a limit to raising one’s wisdom. Such a talent, how could she let it go to waste?

    “Reverend Liu Nian, look at the Great Chen, do you think they would be able to make a comeback?” the young lady asked while looking at the map.

    Reverend Liu Nian was silent for a while, then he gently shook his head: “Without a sect or other nations interfering, the Great Chen Nation is at the end of the road. With the loss of 3 passes, they are pretty much only left with a vast expanse. The Great Song are all united in heart, tens of thousand soldiers will definitely gather outside Tiger’s Pass. Although Tiger’s Pass has 100 thousand soldiers, they are inexperienced. Not even to mention defense, it would be very good if they could surrender. Furthermore, according to the news received in the past, Chen Taiji is severely injured. His cardiac vessels were injured, his spirit is willing but his body is weak. In another half month, Gao Xianzhi would bring his troops to occupy the pass and the Great Chen Nation will be history!”

    Reverend Liu Nian gave a dead end analysis, the Song Jia Sect’s sect leader revealed a face of joy, but the Clear River Sect’s sect leader had a gloomy expression.

    The young lady nodded her head, the Great Chen would be unable to turn around the situation.

    “Sect leader!” Suddenly, there was an anxious shout from outside the big hall.


    It was Chen Tianshan who rushed over from the Gu Mansion.

    “Tianshan?” the Clear River Sect’s sect leader’s face sunk.

    This time, his purpose in sending Chen Tianshan to the Great Chen was to secretly assist the Great Chen. However they still lost, thus when he saw Chen Tianshan, the Clear River Sect’s sect leader had an expression of frustration.

    When Chen Tianshan entered the big hall, he was immediately distracted, he did not expect so many people to be there. There were the people from the Song Jia Sect and that important figure.

    “Chen Tianshan of the Clear River Sect greets the Hall Master!” Chen Tianshan greeted.

    The young lady nodded her head without responding to him.

    “Tianshan, why are you back here? Is Chen Taiji injured? How are his injuries?” the Clear River Sect’s sect leader asked.

    Chen Tianshan said in a bitter voice: “My grandnephew, had passed away half a month ago, his cardiac vessels had ruptured.

    The Clear River Sect’s sect leader’s face sunk.

    “Hahahahaha, Chen Taiji is dead, the Great Chen don’t stand a chance. Clear River Sect’s sect leader, it is best you get them to surrender!” the Song Jia Sect’s Sect leader laughed.

    The Clear River Sect’s sect leader’s face was very ugly.

    The young lady in black frowned, she was thinking of watching Chen Taiji attempt to struggle. Now that Chen Taiji is dead, the war between the two nations should be over.

    “Hall Master, my Clear River Sect has lost face this time!” the Clear River Sect’s sect leader bitterly bowed to the young lady.

    Even his last shred of hope was gone.

    Before the young lady said anything, Chen Tianshan immediately said: “Sect leader, we have not lost yet, there is still a chance to win!”

    “Hahahaha, Chen Tianshan? What did you just say? Given the situation, you still think of winning? Song Jia Sect’s sect leader laughed in disbelief.

    “Tianshan, shut up! Have we not lost enough face yet?” the Clear River Sect’s sect leader shouted.

    “This disciple is here because of this matter, we still can win!” Chen Tianshan braced himself to say.

    “Oh?” the young lady in black expressed some curiosity.

    With regards to this battle, anyone can see that the Great Chen is finished, is this person just trying to create a sensation?

    “Oh, ok, Chen Tianshan, speak! How to win?” the Clear River Sect’s sect leader said in a cold voice.

    He had already lost enough face losing to the Song Jia Sect, however, Chen Tianshan did not reflect on that, but instead spoke big words of being able to overturn the situation?

    Chen Tianshan could only force himself to say: “sect leader, before my grandnephew Chen Taiji died, he recommended a person, saying that this person had the ability to overturn the situation, just like how the Great Song had Gao Xianzhi!”

    “Oh? Just like Gao Xianzhi?” The young lady became interested.

    “Can it be the same? Back then, the Great song was only losing by a little, they had not suffered any major damage yet. After recommending Gao Xianzhi, they could overturn the situation. But now, the Great Chen is about to be finished, they are at a major disadvantage yet you say they can turn defeat into a victory? Without any evidence to back this, how can this be? How can you believe it? The Clear River Sect’s sect leader said in disbelief.

    However, the young lady smiled and said: “Speak! Who is it?”

    Since the young lady opened her mouth, the Clear River Sect’s sect leader could not do anything more but stare at Chen Tianshan.

    Chen Tianshan was feeling like he was being tortured, but he could only force himself to speak: “When Chen Taiji dead, he recommended this person, saying that he definitely had the ability to overturn the situation, he was very certain. He did not seem to be lying, thus I went with crown prince Chen to find that person, he is called Gu Hai, I believe most of my senior brothers here have met him before.”

    “Gu Hai? That smelly old man?”

    “It is him? The one with poor Natural Endowments, but yet foolishly wanted to enter our sect?”

    “He only started cultivating after his 30s, yet he dares to dream so big? Maybe in his next life!”




    The Crowd immediately began to react, to Chen Tianshan’s surprise, not only his senior from the Clear River Sect, but even the people from the Song Jia Sect also knew Gu Hai.

    “Oh? He is willing to help the Great Chen?” the young lady was very curious.

    When the young lady opened her mouth, everybody kept quiet.

    Chen Tianshan bitterly said: No, he said that he can help the Great Chen to win, but he wanted our sect leader to promise that after he helped the Great Chen to overturn the situation, the sect leader has to assist him in breaking through to the Xiantian realm from the Great Perfection of Houtian! Furthermore, he wished to be permitted to learn the Xiantian Realm Cultivation Method of the Clear River Sect!”

    “What? He has reached the Great Perfection of Houtian?” everyone in the big hall was immediately surprised.

    The young lady felt a little confused and looked at Chen Tianshan strangely.

    “Hall master, this person is called Gu Hai. there were no records of such a person in the past, up until 40 years ago. We have no idea where he came from. Back then, he had not started cultivating and his Natural Endowments were extremely poor. Since he started cultivating at 30, he cannot cultivate Inner Strength, thus he chose External Strength cultivation, to train his body. He wanted to join our sect, naturally, I looked down on him. To think that in the secular world, in the timespan of 40 years, he established a huge family business, becoming the wealthiest man in 6 countries, furthermore, he even reach the Great Perfection of Houtian!” Chen Tianshan explained.

    “Cultivating External Strength to reach the Great Perfection of Houtian? What great perseverance!” Reverend Liu Nian revealed a trace of shock.

    “You can reach the Great Perfection of Houtian by cultivating External Strength?” the young lady looked towards Reverend Liu Nian.

    Reverend Liu Nian nodded his head: “It is very rare, this is only the second time that I have heard this happened!”.

    “Second time? Then who was the first?” the young lady asked with suspicions.

    “Your maternal grandfather!” Reverend Liu Nian said.


    The young lady’s pupils constricted. Everyone became solemn.

    “Sect leader, Gu Hai said, as long as you make this promise, he would help the Great Chen to overturn the situation, he required you to issue a decree!” Chen Tianshan said.

    “A foolish dream, just an old man in the Houtian realm and he wants to overturn the situation? In his dreams!” The Song Jia Sect’s sect leader said in disbelief.

    However, the Clear River Sect’s sect leader looked at the young lady, seeing that she had an expression of curiosity. The hope which he had lost was rekindled, he already lost his face anyway, at worst it will just happen again. maybe……?

    “Ok! I promise him!” The Clear River Sect’s sect leader seriously said.

    “Yes, Many thanks to the sect leader!” Chen Tianshan was very excited.

    The young lady at the side just tapped her folding fan: “since it is so, then let’s observe for a little longer!”

    “Hall Master, there may not be enough time!” Reverend Liu Nian said worriedly.

    “There no harm in doing it, I also wish to see how plays out. I wonder what is this Gu Hai planning to rely on to do this!” the young lady smiled.

    “But……!” Reverend Liu Nian frowned.

    “I know that this is already checkmated, but didn't you realized, it had became interesting? The young lady smiled

    “Alright!” Reverend Liu Nian bitterly smiled.

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    Chapter 4 The Legend of Gu Hai

    The Great Song, the Imperial Capital of Song! A mansion located in a desolated area to the Imperial Capital of Song. The mansion name: Tian Mansion

    It was already late at night, but there were lamps lighted up in the main reception hall.

    In the big hall, there were only 2 people, one of them was Gu Hai.

    Gu Hai’s body was dusty, as though he have rushed over from a long journey. There was one difference in his looks, his previously snow-white hair was now jet-black.

    The other was a man in a yellow gown, he was about 30 years old, he had a square face with thick eyebrows and his eyes were bright and full of expression.

    “Godfather, you came really quickly!” the Man in yellow gown handed a hot towel to him and smiled.

    Gu Hai received it and gently wiped his face and hands, then he returned it to the man the yellow gown.

    “I’m old already, in a few more year, I will no longer be about to run around, I cannot fail this time!” Gu Hai said in a sullen voice.

    The man in the yellow gown was Gu Han. Gu Han immediately steeped some tea leaves in the teacup, then respectfully serving it to Gu Hai.

    “Godfather, did the Clear River Sect’s sect leader agree?” Gu Han asked in anticipation.

    Gu Hai nodded his head: “that right, or else I would not be here!”

    “That’s great, If Godfather can break through the Xiantian realm, Our Gu will be prosperous for another hundred years. No! All Godfather is lacking is just an opportunity, once you broke through no one would be able to stop Godfather!” Gu Han said with a trace of excitement.

    “I watched you brothers grow up, your Natural Endowments are excellent beyond compare, even without me, sooner or later the path to immortal cultivation will be opened!” Gu Hai laughed.

    “No, Eldest brother and I both believe in Godfather!” Gu Han said in a deep voice

    “Alright, Gu Qin has impersonated me and have taken the commanding position of the Great Chen in TIger’s Pass. Gao Xianzhi might attack at any moment, we are short on time, first tell me about the matters in the Great Song, for I have not been to the Great Song for more than 10 years! In this battle between the two nation, is there any unusual issues? Gu Hai asked in a deep voice.

    Gu Han’s expression turned solemn and nodded his head: “Yes there is, by the orders of the Song emperor, Gao Xianzhi was given the title ‘Chen Exterminator General’, the movements of the troops were all controlled by him. However, the Song Emperor was worried and he designated the crown prince as vice general, he was dispatched together with the army probably as a method to keep an eye on Gao Xianzhi. But, the crown prince had no military authority. I have been in the Great Song for 8 years, and have been responsible for managing all the stores in the Great Song. As according to Godfather request, I changed my name to Tian Han. All these years, I have fully supported the crown prince financially, to the point where his promotion from a regular prince to crown prince was due to our support. Thus, I have already gained the trust of the crown prince!”

    “Crown prince?” Gu Hai’s expressions changed slightly.


    “Throughout the years, I believe you have collected plenty of information on the officials of the Great Song?” Gu Hai asked.

    “Yes, I even organized them into volumes! Gu Hai nodded his head.

    “Bring all the information on the officials to me now, I need to do some research on how to oppose this country with that information.

    “Father, you have rushed all the way here, why don’t you take a rest first?” Gu Han said worriedly.

    “No need, time does not wait for me, quickly! Gu Hai said in a deep voice.

    “Yes!” Gu Han replied.


    Clear River Sect, Sect’s Main Hall.

    The Clear River Sect’s sect leader and Song Jia Sect’s sect leader were accompanying the Reverend Liu Nian and the young lady as before.

    Everyone was looking at the map.

    “Reverend Liu Nian, will you make an analysis of the situation? How would the armies of the 2 nation move?” the young lady asked.

    The army of Gao Xianzhi has high morale, they should immediately capture Tiger’s Pass in a spurt of energy. With the death of the Chen Emperor, morale is low, now is the best time. Furthermore, This Gu Hai is only a merchant, he only just entered the battle and took the commanding position, the soldiers would be jealous. Gao Xianzhi is an extremely smart person, he should dive right in, using the elite troop to make a blitz attack and immediately storm the Tiger’s Pass. The Great Chen would not be able to resist and the war will end!” Reverend Liu Nian said solemnly

    “Oh, aren’t you looking down on Gu Hai?” The young lady was curious.

    “It’s no use, he can’t make it in time! That Gao Xianzhi is not stupid, how can anyone strike back at him?” Reverend Liu Nian said as he smiled.


    Suddenly there was a loud shout coming from outside the big hall.

    “Ha, the message has arrived, let’s see if Reverend Liu Nian’s analysis was right? The young lady laughed.

    Very soon, a man dressed in white entered the big hall.

    “Greetings to the sect leader, Hall Master, Clear River Sect’s sect leader!” Said the man in white.

    “How is it? Has Gao Xianzhi’s army overran Tiger’s Pass yet?” Song Jia Sect’s sect leader asked.

    However, that man in white shook his head: “they did not overrun Tiger’s Pass yet, instead, they have stopped and slowly annexed the surrounding cities.

    “Oh?” Reverend Liu Nian was mildly surprised.

    “What is going on?” the Song Jia Sect’s sect leader squinted.

    This disciple has been following by Gao Xianzhi’s side, the moment I received any news, I sent it here. Originally, after defeating the 3 passes, he reorganized the 800 thousand soldiers and was preparing to send 500 thousand soldiers to slowly annex the surrounding cities, leaving 300 thousand soldiers to storm into Tiger’s Pass with Gao Xianzhi. However, suddenly, there was the news that the Great Chen hired Gu Hai. Gao Xianzhi immediately stopped!” the man in white reported.

    “Oh? Because of Gu Hai?” the Clear River Sect’s sect leader’s eyes were bright.

    The man in white unwillingly nodded his head.

    “How is this possible, That Gu Hai is just an old man that is waiting to die, Gao Xianzhi is afraid of him? the Song Jia Sect’s sect leader suddenly opened his eyes wide.

    The man in white bitterly said: “Gao Xianzhi’s reaction was very intense. He immediately sent a letter back to the Song Emperor saying to monitor all the merchants in the nation to prevent the merchants from causing disorder, at the same time, to control all the grain store and medicine stores to prevent Gu Hai from cutting off supplies from the army!”

    “Gao Xianzhi is too sensitive, just a small merchant, how can he affect the battle? Grain store? Medicine store? Can Gu Hai affect the whole nation? The Song Jia Sect’s sect leader asked angrily.

    The man in white bitterly smiled and said: “this disciple asked him the same thing, Gao Xianzhi said he can!”

    The Song Jia Sect’s sect leader: “………………!”

    “Hahahahahaha!” the Clear River Sect’s sect leader was in a good mood.

    Reverend Liu Nian and the young lady exchanged a looked, showing a trace of surprise.

    “What is the situation now?” the Song Jia Sect’s sect leader asked in a sullen voice.

    “From what I heard, the situation is under control, the Great Song sent a large number of soldiers to secure sufficient food and medicines for the army at the front lines, in order to be absolutely safe!” the man in white said.

    “Since food and medicine are secured, why haven’t they attacked?” Song Jia Sect’s sect leader asked in a sullen voice.

    “Gao Xianzhi said, now, the priority is to annex the surrounding cities, in order to cut off the chances of the Great Chen being able to counterattack! Thus, the journey to Tiger’s Pass has been put on hold. Gao Xianzhi said first wait for three-quarters of the land to be annexed first, then the people of the Tiger’s Pass would be anxious, the longer they wait, the more the fear will grow. When the time comes to capture the Tiger’s Pass, they would not even need to attack!” said the man in white.

    “Oh? Psychological warfare? However, the time taken is a little long!” Reverend Liu Nian frowned

    The Song Jia Sect’s sect leader, who was at the side, also said: “psychological warfare? How long is this going to drag on for? Isn’t Gao Xianzhi a divine strategist? He is afraid of an old man who appears out of nowhere?”

    “This disciple also asked him the same thing!” the man in white smiled bitterly.

    “Oh? What did Gao Xianzhi say?” Reverend Liu Nian asked curiously.

    “Gao Xianzhi said, even though Gu Hai is a merchant, but he is the best in the world at leading armies!” the man in white smiled bitterly.

    The Clear River Sect’s sect leader eye’s suddenly brightened. This was Gao Xianzhi’s evaluation! Best in the world? How could it be? But after hearing Gao Xianzhi’s evaluation, the Clear River Sect’s sect leader was happy. Maybe the Great Nation could overturn the situation.

    “Best in the world at leading armies?” the young lady was immediately interested.

    “Hall Master, these bunch of mortal’s scope is limited to this secular area. It is limited to within the 6 mortal nations, you can’t consider it true!” that man in white immediately laughed,

    “Stop speaking rubbish, Why did that Gao Xianzhi say that Gu Hai was the best in leading armies? Looking at the way he leads the army, Gao Xianzhi is incomparably confident and arrogant, why is he so cautious and timid now?” the young lady asked.

    “Yes, this subordinate also asked Gao Xianzhi. Gao Xianzhi told me the truth, this Gu Hai used to lead armies in the past, furthermore, his results were shocking beyond compare!” Said the man in white.

    “Oh? Why didn’t anyone reported that in the past? Didn’t you all said that he was always a merchant?” the young lady frowned.

    This matter was a secret, I did not know of it until earlier. Gao Xianzhi knows about it because his father told him that forty years ago, Gu Hai came out from nowhere, back then he way 30 years old. It was not known how he befriended the Chen Emperor Chen Taiji. Back then there were 8 secular nations, the Chen Nation was the smallest one. It had come to a point where the Chen nation was suffering the threat of extermination, but Gu Hai quietly became Chen Taiji’s military advisor, helping Chen Taiji to lead the army. In a short period of time, all danger was resolved. It even came to a point where under Gu Hai’s direction, the Chen army’s morales were high, they were unrivaled!”

    “Oh? Unrivaled?” the young lady asked out of curiosity.

    “Yes, unrivaled, the other armies got smaller and smaller, but the army Gu Hai commanded was getting larger. Back then, numerous classical military tactics appeared, something village surrounds the city, something sparrow battle, something tunnel battle, something besieges and rescue, something borrowing resources to attack the enemy, these terms, I do not understand either. But Gao Xianzhi said in a familiar manner, these were the terms Gu Hai used in those days, he also used the military tactics to win battles after battles. In five 5 years of continuous battles, he never lost even one. From the verge of extermination to destroying other nations.Back then, there were 8 nations, suddenly the Chen nation destroyed one, the other 6 nations were alarmed and allied together to attack the Chen Nation!” the man in white recalled.

    “From the verge of being exterminated to destroying a great nation, furthermore defending against the allied forces of 6 nations?” Reverend Liu Nian complexion changed slightly.

    “Yes, Gao Xianzhi said, when Gu Hai commanded the army, it was mystical, the 6 nations allies together but they still got played around his the palms of Gu Hai’s hands. 6 nations, 2 million soldiers, everything failed because of a lack of a final effort, the Chen Nation carried on the momentum and destroy another nation.” the man in white said sullenly.

    “Destroyed another nation?” the young lady exclaimed in shock.

    “Yes, the army that Gu Hai commanded was like rivers flowing into the sea, it can’t be stopped. They accepted everyone who came, even those who were enemies. Thus the Chen army grew larger and stronger, the Chen Nation became more and more tyrannical. Back then, Gao Xianzhi’s father was a famous general, he was a member of the allied army, but after a battle with Gu Hai, he lost confidence in his military abilities and return home to retire. Gu Hai’s army was like a divine sword being unsheathed, wherever the blade pointed to, a trail of destruction will follow. Back then, Gu Hai was prepared to settle the 5 nations but the big sects interfered, stopping the momentum of the Chen Nation, putting an end to the wars! Even so, the remaining 5 nations were traumatized! For tens of years they did not dare to attack the Great Chen Nation.” the man in white explained.

    The Clear River Sect’s sect leader frowned and said: “back then, a few sect came to look for me, for the interest of the sect, I issued a decree, stopping Chen Taiji from engaging in further battles. So, it was not him leading the battles, but Gu Hai doing so from the dark?”

    “Gu Hai’s military ability is so great?” a bright light flashed across the young lady eyes.

    “Gao Xianzhi said, his father only found out by coincidence that Gu Hai commanded the armies. After he returned home a retired, the collected the battle situations of Gu Hai’s battles and organized them into books. Since young, Gao Xianzhi studied from these books, unceasing pondering over every one of Gu Hai’s battles. Gao Xianzhi said after many years of research, he deeply understood the terror of Gu Hai. Thus he chose the safest method to take down Tiger’s Pass!” said the man in white.

    “You just said that Gu Hai continuously won hundreds of battles over 5 years and never lost a single one?” Reverend Liu Nian curiously asked.

    “So many battles but he only used 5 years?”

    “Yes, that’s what Gao Xianzhi said, he said that Gu Hai was able to engage in several battles at the same time, using 5 years of time to turn the Chen Nation, that was on the verge of destruction, to the strongest of the 6 nations. Only later, it was not known why, there was some disagreement with Chen Taiji, thus he stopping getting involved in the military and government, becoming a rich merchant. Even as a merchant, he managed to be the richest in the 6 nations!” the man in white smiled bitterly.

    Within the big hall, everyone turned silent, because all these sounded very strange and uncanny.

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    Chapter 5 Project Exterminate Song

    Song Nation, Song City!

    Gu Hai and Gu Han was walking on a big street in Song City, looking at the pedestrians.

    “Godfather, right in front is our next store, everyone there is family!” Gu Han introduced.

    Gu Hai nodded his head, he sighed as he looks at his surrounding: “Song City? After all these years nothing had changed!”

    “Godfather, I have heard that you had led armies in the past before. Furthermore, you were unrivaled, even if it was a bunch of defeated soldiers, you were able to rapidly expand till it is undefeatable. So why did you get eldest brother to oversee Tiger’s Pass and come here instead?” Gu Han asked in doubt.

    Gu Hai shook his head: “That Gao Xianzhi is not simple, to use the 100 thousand soldier of Tiger’s Pass would require a long period of time, however, the thing I lack the most now is time!”

    “Time? Godfather, if you took command of the army at Tiger’s pass, how long would you need to defeat the Song army?”

    “1 year!”

    “1 Year? That is long?”

    Gu Hai shook his head:” I am not afraid of losing if I lead the army, we would win sooner or later. But since the Clear River Sect can agree to my promise so easily, there is likely to be some important figure watching this battle, thus they allowed the secular nations to fight amongst themselves. What I am worried about is if I take too much time, that important figure would get impatient and leave, by then I do not know if the Clear River Sect would honor their promise……!”

    “Ah? Godfather, didn’t the Clear River Sect’s sect leader issued a decree already?” Gu Han asked in astonishment.

    However, Gu Hai just snorted disdainfully: “have you forgot what I told you before?”

    “I understand now, This kind of promise, only if one has strength or status, then only the other party would honor. When there is a vast difference in strength or status, such a promise is just a joke, maybe the Clear River Sect’s sect leader might honor it, or maybe he might not!” Gu Han said gravely.

    Gu Hai nodded his head and said: “I am just but riding on that important figure’s influence! Thus I need to settle everything before that important figure leaves, then only this promise will be honored!”

    “Indeed!” Gu Han felt his heart sank.

    “But, Godfather, currently the morale of the Song Nation is high, the emperor is united with his officials, the official united with the citizens, the citizens united with the military. This is simply like an iron plate, this is a force that cannot be restrained! Godfather, you have been studying this information for the past two days, do you have any ideas yet? Gu Han asked worriedly.

    “If the emperor is united with his officials, then drive a wedge between them! If the officials are united with the citizens, then drive a wedge between them! If the citizens are united with the military, then drive a wedge between them!” Gu Hai said in a deep voice.

    “Oh? What does Godfather intend to do?” Gu Han’s eyes brightened.

    “I have more or less decided on the plan, let’s call it ‘Project Exterminate Song’. Since the Song Nation’s emperor, officials, citizens, and military are united, then I will destroy that bond. The hearts of each and every one of them, I will plunge them into chaos. Once that is done the Song Nation will naturally crumble apart!” Gu Hai solemnly said.

    “Project Exterminate Song? Godfather, how are we going to do it?” Gu Han was slightly excited.

    Gu Han had seen the might of Gu Hai since he was young, as long as there was the word “plan”, then it had to be a string of unimaginable strategies. Each one of the ‘plans’ all seem to be like an enormous military campaign, all-embracing, impossible to defend against.

    “Actually, I have already pretty much finished designing the plan on the way to the Song Nation. I spent 2 days to read all the information on the Song Nation so that I can choose the most crucial link. Now, we are just short of an opportunity, someone we can manipulate. Tomorrow, host a banquet and invite these people whom I have chosen to the banquet at the Tian Mansion, I will carefully observe everything!” Gu Hai said.

    “Yes!” Gu Han nodded his head.

    The 2 of them talked as they walked on the street. Suddenly, there was an alarmed cry from a distance.


    “Move aside, don’t block the way!”






    It was absolute chaos at the road in front. There was a large number of people fleeing and tumbling in a panic. About 20 horses were galloping at a high speed, riding on the horse in front was a man dressed in embroidered clothing.

    “Ka Cha!”


    There was a crunch, followed by a screen. One of the slower man's leg was suddenly trampled on, screaming in pain.


    The speed of the 20 horses did not decrease, instead, they continued to gallop straight ahead. Leading them was a young, his faces had a vicious look, his eyes were cold, looking as though something unpleasant just happened.

    “This is the royal grandson, Song Zhengxi! The son of the crown prince, he is included in the information I gave to Godfather. He is bossy and arrogant, it could be said that he is the black sheep of Song City, he has a ruthless character and has defiled many civilian women! Gu Han explained.

    “He is the royal grandson, Song Zhengxi?” Gu Hai squinted both his eyes.

    “Giddy-up! Scram! Get lost!” Song Zhengxi spurred the horse on with a whip, rapidly galloping inside.


    Yet another man was knocked back flying by Song Zhengxi.


    Gu Han caught that man who was knocked flying.

    “Humph!” Song Zhengxi noticed from the side of his eyes and gave a cold snort.

    But Song Zhengxi did not stop, he just continued to gallop forward, the 20 guards behind him urged their horses to follow. The road was in complete disorder.

    As Song Zhengxi left, there was the sound of weeping on the street, on the streets he passed there were at least 8 people injured by Song Zhengxi’s group.

    “Many thanks!” Said the man who was knocked back gratefully.

    “Go to the medicine shop and see the doctor, check to see if you have injured your bones!” Gu Han said.

    “I will, many thanks! Ouch! It seems that my bones are injured! Thank you, I will take my leave first!”

    As that man left, Gu Han looked at Gu Hai, however, Gu Hai was looking at the back of Song Zhengxi, frowning: “what a strong stench of blood!”


    “The corner of Song Zhengxi’s shirt was stained with some fresh blood. In fact, most of his guards had some blood on them, there were even some burn scars on their body. Immediately send someone to investigate where were they at earlier!” Gu Hai said in a deep voice.

    “I will!” Gu Han replied.

    4 hours later.

    Gu Han and Gu Hai arrived at a desolated small village outside Song City.

    Standing at the village entrance, Gu Hai and Gu Han’s faces sank.

    They saw that in the village, there was about 10 families, one of them larger than the others. However, today, it was all in ruins. These families were completely burnt in a fire. There was a charred sign board at the family that was the largest, one could barely recognize the words “Lin residence” on it.

    “Go, check for any survivors!” Gu Han told the 7 or 8 guards behind him.



    A Group of guard quickly went forward, searching in all the houses. Very soon, numerous charred bodies were carried out.

    “There is no soot in their mouth, they were killed first, then the bodies were burnt!” the guards reported.

    “Clan Master, There is someone alive here!” a guard shouted.

    “Oh?” everyone immediately went to check it out.

    In the ruins of the Lin Residence, a boy covered in soot weakly moved.

    “He did not die after a sword pierced his heart? Gu Ham was shocked.

    “No, this person’s heart in on the right side, thus he survived!” Gu Hai said.

    A group of guards quickly wiped the soot off his nose and mouth and poured some water into his mouth.

    “Cough cough cough cough!”

    After weakly coughing a little, the boy opened his eyes and looked around his surroundings, what entered his eyes was a scene of ruins.

    “Sister! Sister! Sister!” The boy seemed to went crazy and starting searching everywhere.

    “All the bodies are outside!” Gu Han signed.

    That boy quickly climbed outside and looked carefully, finally he found the charred body of a girl.

    The girls head seemed to be smashed, there was a bloody hole on the body, her clothes was messy. The girl had died from excessive loss of blood.

    “Sister! Sister! Don’t die!, Sister!” the boy continuously shook the body of the girl.

    However, the girl was already long dead.

    “Ah! Ah!, Song Zhengxi! Ah!” the boy hugged the body of the girl, crying painfully.

    “Godfather, I have checked this out earlier, this is the house of Gao Xianzhi’s top vanguard, Lin Chong! This girl is called Xiao Die, Lin Chong’s wife. The of them were deeply in love, however, it was not known how, Song Zhengxi saw Xiao Die. He had been admiring her for very long, perhaps the took advantage of the fact that Lin Chong was not here and ……!” Gu Han explained.

    “Gao Xianzhi’s top vanguard, Lin Chong? Gu Hai looked that boy in pain and asked gravely.

    “Many of these influential officials are like this, this kind of tragedy is not limited to this. Even for the royal grandson, this was not the first time, just that, due to their respectable status, the news was suppressed by the authorities. Even this time, very soon, the authorities will come and hush up the matter!” Gu Han shook his head.

    Gu Hai frowned: “Cancel tomorrow’s banquet, there is no need to find another person. Since we bumped into him, then Song Zhengxi it shall be, the disaster he caused, will be paid for in full!”

    “Godfather, you want to use Song Zhengxi as the primer? Do you want him dead?” Gu Han expression changed.

    “No, I want him alive!” Gu Hai eyes had a trace of coldness.


    One day later, in a small manor outside Song City, Gu Hai directed a group of servants in attaching a big bunch of letters to messenger pigeons. Gu Han stood in front of Gu Hai, clutching a stack of papers, on the front piece was the words ‘Project Exterminate Song’.

    “Godfather, Xiao Die’s brother has already followed our caravan to the front lines, it should not take too long to reach the frontlines, where Lin Chong is!” Gu Han said.

    “A single butterfly cannot fly far on its own, next thing to do is to collect all the evidence of Song Zhengxi’s misdoings. Also, collect information on the miserable condition of the families of the soldiers, if there are none, then make some up. Do not harm anyone, just make them disappear for awhile! After the battle is over, then release them.” Gu Hai said.

    “Godfather, rest assured. However, there is news from the frontlines. It seems that Gao Xianzhi has heard that Godfather had taken command at Tiger’s Pass and have stopped the movement of the army!” Gu Han said proudly.

    “No, Gao Xianzhi uses strange tactics, he is not someone who is not willing to take risks, that is just misdirection. If I guessed correctly, he did not stop the army, but he brought a group of elite soldiers and quietly arrived at Tiger’s Pass!” Gu Hai said solemnly.

    “Oh?” Gu Han revealed and expression of shock.

    “Gu Qin should be able to hold on for a period of time, thus, during this period of time, we must disable his 800 thousand soldiers!” Gu Hai said.

    “I have seen godfather’s Project Exterminate Song, this first battle, Soldier’s Mourning Hearts!” Gu han had a look of admiration in his eyes.

    “Release this flock of messenger pigeons, Exterminate Song, Begin!” Gu Hai said.


    The bird cage opened, a large flock of pigeons rushed towards the sky, flying towards the north.

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    Thank you! I was itching to know what was going to happen
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    Chapter 6 The moon waxes only to wane (Too much of a good thing is bad)

    Tiger’s Pass!

    “Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!.............”

    The sound of a gong ordering a retreat rang outside the Tiger’s Pass.

    Tiger’s Pass had a huge city gate tower, it was sandwiched between precipitous cliffs. At this moment, regarded on whether on the tower or outside Tiger’s Pass, there was a sea of bodies, countless fire arrows and smoke rising from everywhere. At the side of the city gate tower, there were a lot of ladders that was being burnt by a big fire.

    Gu Qin, who dyed his hair white, stood at the entrance of the city gate tower, overlooking the large numbers of retreating Song soldiers.

    Behind Gu Qin stood Chen Tianshan and Chen Liangyi.

    “Haiz… What a close shave, the news we received earlier, that Gao Xianzhi was frightened by Gu Hai and stopped the army was actually fake. He moved faster than we thought, furthermore, they were all elite soldiers. Good thing you have made preparations, Tiger’s Pass was nearly destroyed!” Chen Tianshan face still showed some lingering fear.

    Chen Liangyi nodded his head in certainty: “good thing you have prepared kerosene, when they were climbing the ladder, you used the kerosene to burn the ladders. Or else, it would be too horrible to contemplate. Indeed they were elite soldiers, just one of them would be able to deal with five of ours. This….!” Chen Liangyi also still showed some lingering fears as well.

    Gu Qin did not look at the two of them, instead, he looked into the distance, softly saying: “the two of you, regardless of the situation, do not let the cat out of the bag, remember, now, I am Gu Hai!”

    At this moment, Gu Qing’s hair was dyed white, there were many wrinkles on his face. Although he did not look like Gu Hai, but the number of people who met Gu Hai was just a few, even in these few years, the number who met Gu Qin were not many. Furthermore, Gu Qin’s appearance had changed a lot, most people would not be able to recognize him. Even the people of the Gu Mansion would not be able to recognize him.

    Chen Tianshan and Cheng Liangyi looked at Gu Qin and solemnly nodded their head.

    When Gu Hai initially made the arrangements, Chen Tianshan was not willing. He was worried about any accidents. But now, he was not resentful, at least, Gu Hai anticipated the enemies moves and managed to block the earlier 10 hours long attack. Causing Gao Xianzhi to retreat helplessly.

    “I will obey everything you say, however you want things to be, it shall be, as long as you can hold off Gao Xianzhi!” Chen Liangyi said resolutely.

    “Immortal expert Chen, Godfather wishes to use the fastest method to completely defeat the Song Nation, Thus, in order to prevent any accidents, please do not reveal to movements of my Godfather.” Gu Qin Solemnly said.

    Chen Tianshan nodded his head: “I will keep it a secret, just that, in the battle earlier, 3 thousand men died, Gao Xianzhi also lost 3 thousand men. This is just a small portion or Gao Xianzhi’s army, When his whole army arrives and gather at Tiger’s Pass, how are you going to defend?”

    “Just relax, I trust my Godfather, he will bind them up very soon!” Gu Qin said after a moment of silence.


    “The ones who attacked the Pass was Gao Xianzhi’s vanguard, the one leading them is known as Lin Chong. This is very valiant men, we need to pay more attention to him. We should go back and get the impressionist to draw his face out and stick it everywhere for the soldiers to see, as long as they see him, they should attack with all their might!” Gu Qin said.

    “Yes!” Chen Liangyi replied.


    Outside Tiger’s Pass.

    In a large tent at a large barracks.

    A scholarly man in red clothes around the age of 40 was holding a cup of hot tea, carefully observing a huge sand table. The terrain of Tiger’s Pass was meticulously detailed on the sand table.

    Beside stood a group of bodyguards, they were quiet, no one dared to interrupt this scholarly man holding the teacup,

    The man’s appearance seems talented and bright, there was a vague heroic spirit between his brows. Whoever who looked at him would feel their mind tremble.

    After he took a sip of tea, he used his hands to make some changes on the sand table.


    Suddenly, a majestic man drenched in blood rushed into the tent.

    “Pu Tong!”

    The majestic man knelt on the ground, his face full of guilt.

    But the scholarly man just continued to look at the sand table, turning his back to him.

    “General, Lin Chong is incompetent, we were not able to take down Tiger’s Pass. The commander of Tiger’s Pass seemed to knew that we were coming and have prepared kerosene in advance. We suffered many casualties, 3 thousand soldiers are dead and 2 thousand soldiers were heavily injured. This subordinate is incompetent, causing a great loss, please punish me!” The majestic man knelt and plead guilty.

    The general holding the teacup did not turn his head and continued to look at the sand table.

    “Please punish me, this subordinate is incompetent, he is unable to defeat the city gate tower!” the majestic Lin Chong knocked his head against the ground.

    “You failing to attack the city gate tower is normal, if you could do it, then something is wrong!” the general said gently.

    “Ah?” Lin Chong started blankly at the general.

    Chen Exterminator General, Gao Xianzhi!

    Gao Xianzhi held the teacup and slowly turned around, looking at Lin Chong and smiled: “I did not hope for you to defeat the Tiger’s Pass! Just to use the vanguard troops to test the strength of Tiger’s Pass. You don’t have to blame yourself, the people defending the city cannot be defeated by you.

    “General, you don’t blame me? Ling Chong said in shock.

    Gao Xianzhi took another sip of tea and nodded his head: “I already sent people to investigate the terrain of the surroundings of Tiger’s Pass. Gu Hai does lives up to his name, his defense is impregnable. Even the steep mountain passes have been destroyed, cutting off our routes of attack!”

    “But, our 3 thousand brothers……!” Lin Chong face turned ugly.

    “Alright, in a battle, there will naturally be deaths. This Gu Hai is different from everyone we met, never ever look down on him. You must treat him as an extremely strong opponent, remember, he is even stronger than me!” Gao Xianzhi said sullenly.

    “Ah? How can it be, general, within the Song Nation, I admire only you!” Lin Chong said in disbelief.

    “But under the skies, I admire only him!” Gao Xianzhi sullenly said.

    “Ah? What?” Lin Chong said in shock.

    “Although I admire him, but I still must defeat him. Thus, you all have to be careful!” Gao Xianzhi solemnly said.


    When Gu Hai commands armies, it is impossible to defend against them, furthermore, there are many unorthodox strategies that you will not be able to discover. From now on, even if it did not happen on the battlefield, report all strange happenings to me immediately.


    “Attack for another 3 days, even if more dies, it does not matter. For every batch that dies, Tiger’s Pass will weaken as well. When those inferior soldiers see the death of their comrades, their resolves will be shaken. 3 days later, we will withdraw. In the coming days when the whole army is here to attack them, they will crumble by themselves!” Gao Xianzhi said coldly and took his last sip of tea.



    3 days later.

    On the top of the city gate tower at Tiger’s Pass.

    “They withdrawn, they have finally withdrawn!” Chen Liangyi said with his eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

    “But in these 3 days, we lost 10 thousand men!” Chen Tianshan showed an ugly expression.

    There was only a total of 100 thousand inferior soldiers, now that 10 thousand were dead, the drop in morale was horrifying. Furthermore, the opponent still has 700 or 800 thousand soldiers around their borders.

    “You are worried that the soldiers will get restless?” Gu Qin smiled lightly.

    “Will they?” Chen Liangyi worriedly asked.

    “They will!” Gu Qin had a look of certainty.


    “Gao Xianzhi learned his psychological warfare from my father, what he knows, would my father not know? Just relax and leave to me to manage it. By changing the way we announce this, these death of 10 thousand soldiers would not scare them, but instead will rouse their fierce nature, causing them to not be afraid of dying!” Gu Qin smiled.



    Gao Xianzhi was riding on a big black horse, he brought 10 thousand injured soldiers and slowly moved towards a huge city.

    Although they did not defeat Tiger’s Pass, but to Gao Xianzhi, that was sufficient, because he had planted a seed of terror into the hearts of the remaining Tiger’s Pass’s Chen Nation soldiers.

    Tiger’s Pass’s army lost 10 thousand men, this might end up provoking them, but, so what. In the days to come, when 800 thousand soldiers attacked, the seeds of terror will blossom and rapidly crippling the fierce nature of the men.

    Right in front of them, was the largest stronghold of the 800 thousand strong army, It was also the Chen Nation’s largest city aside from the capital. It was known as ‘Merchant’s City’, this was where the richest merchant in 6 countries came from.

    At this moment, it was conquered by them and designated by them as a stronghold. Scattered throughout the city were the soldiers.

    “The general is back!” there were soldiers from far away coming forward to welcome them.

    “Within Merchant’s City, was there any merchants who behaved errantly?” Gao Xianzhi asked.

    “No, general, you can relax, you have already ordered us to keep an eye on them long ago. Not just Merchant’s City, but other cities as well. There are no merchants who dared to misbehave!” reported the soldier leading them.

    “En!” Gao Xianzhi nodded his head.

    The army slowly made their way into the city., heading to a huge drill ground in the heart of the city. The drill grounds was also the gathering point for the army. Not counting those sent into battles, there were at least 300 thousand soldiers stationed here.

    They were still a distance away from the drill grounds. Gao Xianzhi suddenly frowned, there was the sound of firecrackers from the drill grounds.

    “Pi Li Pa La!”

    The firecrackers were going off nonstop, it was very noisy!”

    “What is going on?” Gao Xianzhi frowned.

    “General, these are some of the merchants from our Song Nation’s cities, they are here to show appreciation to our army!” the soldier reported.

    “What? Merchants?” Gao Xianzhi’s complexion changed.

    He suddenly thought of the richest merchant in 6 countries, Gu Hai.


    Gao Xianzhi spurred his horse on, the black horse immediately sped up.

    Very soon, they arrived at the drill grounds. At this moment, there was a group of men wearing embroidered clothes, paying their respects to a middle-aged man in a flowery gown.

    “Crown prince is too over complimented us, we merchants are incapable, all we can do it to express our appreciations, this is really nothing, it’s just a token of our appreciation. See the Great Song Nation grow strong makes us happy, thus our city’s merchant’s association decided to send goods for the army to use, to prevent Gu Hai of the Chen Natio from causing a shortfall!”

    The man in front wearing the flowery robes was the Song Nation’s crown prince. At this moment, he was standing in front of a group of merchants, his eyes had a glint of satisfaction.

    “The general is back!” suddenly a low-ranked soldier shouted.

    “Hua La La!”

    From everywhere, regardless if they were officers, the crown prince, the merchants or odd-job workers, they all turned their heads.

    They saw Gao Xianzhi riding a big horse dashing to their front.

    From somewhere nearby, there were firecrackers going off. However, there was a chilly glint in his eyes.

    “Meeting the general!: the Song crown prince smiled.

    “Greeting to the general!” A group of merchants excitedly greeted.

    “What is going on?” Gao Xianzhi asked coldly.

    “Oh, This is the merchant’s association from Song Nation’s Peng City. They have heard you ordered fro all granaries and medicine stores to be monitored in order to prevent Gu Hai from causing havoc, causing a shortfall. Thus, the Peng City’s merchant’s association rallied and sent over huge amounts of grain and medicine, to do their part for the nation, and support our army!” crown prince Song laughed.

    “Oh?” Gao Xianzhi was mildly surprised.

    After Gao Xianzhi heard that Gu Hai was commanding the army, his first reaction was that Gu Hai might make use of business connections to cut off resources, thus he made preparations. Who knew that the merchant’s association of Song Nation’s Peng City acted on their own initiative.

    The leading merchant was filled with smiles and said: “congratulations general, the army is in high spirits, and have even destroyed the Chen emperor. When I received the news, my heart palpitated, I am completely am convinced of your abilities. Thus, I brought some army supplies to show my appreciation, as well as to send my sincere congratulations. Hopefully, this general will allow that.

    However, Gao Xianzhi suspiciously eyed this group of merchants. Given the vigilance of Gao Xianzhi, his first thought was whether if these are spies sent by Gu Hai. Was it a trap? But, seeing the mountain of food and medicine, Gao Xianzhi was at a loss. It does not seem like a trap!

    If they were really here to offer congratulations and resources, then there is no need to take action.

    “In that case, then I represent the entire army to thank all of you! This general had came from far away and am a little tired, I won’t be able to entertain you further!” Gao Xianzhi said.

    “Naturally! Naturally!” the group of merchants laughed.

    “General, go have a rest, there is still me here!” the crown prince smiled.

    Gao Xianzhi nodded his head.


    In the evening, Lin Chong went into Gao Xianzhi’s tent.

    “General, I have already investigated, the grains and medicine have no problems, they are of the best quality! Looks like this group of merchants is not related to Gu Hai!”

    “All the best quality?” Gao Xianzhi frowned.

    “Yes, this group of merchants are very cordial, later, they are holding a fireworks convention to congratulation us on our huge victory!” Lin Chong laughed.

    “Send someone to keep an eye on this group of merchants!” Gao Xianzhi said in a low voice,

    “General, I heard that they would be leaving the first thing in the morning, why are we……..?”

    “I still have a bad feeling, Just keep an eye on them, in case!” Gao Xianzhi said in a low voice.



    The next day, Gao Xianzhi rose from the bed and washed up.

    “Pi Li Pa La!”

    Outside the barracks, there was another round of firecrackers.

    “Huh? Lin Chong!” Gao Xianzhi coldly shouted.

    “Present!” Lin Chong quickly rushed into the tent.

    “Didn’t I got you to keep an eye on the Peng City’s merchant? Something went wrong?” Gao Xianzhi asked in a low voice.

    “Nothing is wrong, they have already left this morning. Oh, but today the merchants from Yun City to reward the army. The firecrackers were set off from the outside of the city to the barracks at the heart of the city. They also brought large amounts of medicine and grain. It does not seem to be fake!” Lon Chong smiled.

    “Merchants from Yun City?” Gao Xianzhi seemed a little stunned.

    “Yes, the grain and medicine are all of the best quality, e have sent someone to check. Haha! We no longer have to worry about Gu Hai hindering us!” Lin Chong laughed.

    Gai Xianzhi showed an expression of suspicion.


    Song Nation Capital, Song City. Tian Mansion.

    In front of Gu Hai was a Go board, He was playing with himself, at one side was his godson, Gu Han.

    “Godfather, the Peng City’s merchant association, Yun City’s merchant association and Hui City’s merchant association had continuously gone to Merchant’s city. According to your wishes, they have sent large amounts of grain and medicine. Every merchant’s associated had continued to send people under our prompting, only, what is the purpose of sending them so much grain and medicine?” Gu Han asked puzzledly.

    Gu Hai place a white Go stone on the board and smiled: “Exactly, what use it is? Gu Han, are you not able to figure it out?”

    Gu Han’s expression changed: “Oh, I got it. Because Gao Xianzhi was making preparations against us, they have already prepared enough grain and medicine. Thus when we sent food and medicine, it is useless. Under normal circumstances, the grain and medicines would be precious, but now, when there is sufficient, the surplus is useless. They can only store it and collect dust, it still required people to manage and move. They are better off just receiving money, the money could be given to the soldiers, boosting their morale. But it is not easy to reward the soldiers with grain, especially during war times. After they are given the grain, they would not be able to bring it away. Although these are useless, they are actually trash that is used to fool people.”

    This is known as ‘the moon waxes only to wane’, when there is surplus, not only it is useless, but it can cause harm!” Gu Hai said in a low voice.

    “Indeed, that group of officials watches as these gifts arrive in the barracks, but they did not receive any benefits at all, they must be feeling frustrated in their hearts.” Gu Han laughed.

    “What else?” Gu Hai asked as he placed a black Go stone down once again.

    Gu Han knew that Gu Hai is teaching him, and did his best to analyze the situation, after some silence, Gu Han’s eyes lit up in shock.

    “Firecrackers and fireworks?” Gu Han said in astonishment.

    Gu Han smiled gently: “explain it.”

    “Merchant’s city has 300 thousand soldiers stationed there, the other 500 thousand soldiers have been sent out to conquer other cities. Merchant is the main stronghold, but it is also a place for the soldiers to heal up. The elite soldiers are continuously being dispatched out, but the injured soldier are being sent back to be healed. Some of them have broken arms or legs, some injured throughout the whole body, they are very upset, they have been disabled and do not have much hope for the future. Yet at this time, people are celebrating, setting off firecrackers, singing and dancing. This is akin to pouring salt on the injured soldier’s wounds, causing psychological damage to them!” Gu Han explained.


    “The fireworks at night looks very pretty and dazzling, but to the injured soldiers, it is a form of ridicule! In addition, the large amount of grain and medicine were not distributed to them, causing the injured soldiers to feel even more upset. Other people could bask in the glory of victory but they only have a bleak future to look forward to?” Gu Han said.

    Gu Hai nodded his head: “Is there more?”

    Gu Han thought for a little longer, then his expression changed.

    “Godfather, are you referring to the civilians of Merchant’s City?” Gu Han asked in astonishment.

    Gu Hai stopped playing and nodded his head: “indeed, Gao Xianzhi executed 600 thousand Chen soldiers, these 600 thousand people are the pillar of support of many civilians. They could be son, husbands or fathers. They are the mental support of every family, after their death, many families are in grief, with a bleak outlook of their future. Only, they had no way of resisting against these invaders. However, at this moment, these invaders are actually celebrating and laughing every day, attempting to assimilate with them. Although they had no other choice, but in their hearts, more and more hate is being generated!”

    “One day, when this hatred reaches its peak, it will become a horrifying force?” Gu Han took a deep breath.

    “Remember, no matter who it is, they would have no way to resist the anger of the civilians. When is comes, it would be like a major natural disaster, it cannot be stopped!” Gu Hai said in a low voice.

    “Si!” Gu Han had a sharp intake of cold air.

    “Godfather, I have never thought that these small trinkets have such treacherous uses, it can actually change the popular opinion”

    “The will of the people is the strongest! Likewise, it is also the weakest! Crushing their hearts is just the beginning!”

    When he finished, Gu Hai placed another Go Stone on the board.

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    The original translator had recently contacted me saying that he had not dropped this novel but had to take a long hiatus for personal reasons, anyway, he was about to pick it up again when he saw my posts and contacted me. I have decided to let him have it and I will start up another novel. Same system as before, I will start throwing teaser chapters on the forums before getting it on the main site. Thanks to all who have been following.
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