Dual Sword God

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    Genre: Martial Arts, Fantasy, Action, Drama


    In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there exists a small town known as Machen town. A boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the son of the Xiang clan. Upon his death a soul that seemed to have traveled through time and space quickly took over the body, it was the soul of a martial arts expert from another world also bearing the name of Feng Yu. Seeing that he has been given a second chance of life he decided to take his new identity and his family with him on his journey to the peak of martial arts. This is the story of the Dual Sword God.

    "Hello Everyone, This is my first time ever writing anything I thought it would be pretty fun to try in my free time... my English isn't really top grade but I hope everyone will be able to enjoy the story."

    I made a patron for it to see how it go if you like it can follow me here also :


    Well, now that's it with the introduction time to write. Please Enjoy.

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    Dual Sword God Book 1: Chapter 01 - Feng Yu

    SF: "This is the First Chapter I hope you guys enjoy it. "

    Golden Dragon Calendar, Year 0234. Autumn.

    Nirvana Province, Flame Kingdom, within Machen Town.

    In an old worn-down shack within an unusually quiet district, a boy of age 15 could be seen laying down. His clothing was torn into pieces with bloodstains, covering both it and the wooden floor. He had a handsome semblance. But, due to his injuries, none of that could be recognized. With long red hair, red eyebrows and pale white skin making him look sickly due to his excess blood loss. Outside of the shack, two figures were chatting.

    "Finally, Over!... Whew!" one of the men dressed in a black cloak said while taking a deep breath, wiping the sweat from his forehead with traces of blood lingering on his hands.

    "Ha-ha! now that we've got this over with… let's go before someone spots us!" the skinny looking figure dressed in luxurious clothing said. With a face like that of a mouse, and eyes of a sharp and cunning nature he looked around excitedly as he gestured to the figure on the right.

    "Young Master Xiang, don't worry I’ve personally arranged for no one to visit this area anytime at this hour." the black cloak man said while smiling with a wretched look on his face.

    "Very Good! Humph! Feng Yu, this is what you get for standing in this Young Master’s way to glory. Brother Huan Shan come let's go!" says the guy in luxurious clothing, as he took a step forward and dashed off into the distant district at high speeds, shortly after followed by Huan Shan.

    The stars shone brightly tonight in Machen town. Various lights lit up amongst the street and the atmosphere of nightlife was at its peak. People were idling about the districts and pubs were filled with activity. Every now and then there could be seen activity within the central square; The dancers were dancing, performers were performing, and martial artists were doing friendly spars.

    Currently, however, far away from the liveliness around the empty and silent district 7, there was an unusual aura. A mist began to fill the area, which slowly started settling around the old and abandon looking shack. The round moon hanging high in the sky began to glow in an unusual and unrecognizable color. Along with it, an odd array of lights started to form in the sky.

    The lights that appeared were of 12 different colors arranged in the form of a diagram like a pentagram. Strangely enough, the lights didn’t just stay in one fixed area. But, started to rotate and varying speeds creating a mirror-like space within the center of the diagram.


    Suddenly, after a loud sound. The stars that were rotating reached a limit in speed, thus creating a crack in space. After which a shadow appeared that quickly plunged towards the old shack at bolting speeds.

    whoosh! whoosh! whoosh!

    In an instant, time seemed to have come to a still. The 13 lights and the unusual phenomena disappeared, as nighttime continued undisturbed.

    The sun rose brightly today. Bringing with it a warm light, that started to melt away the cold darkness of night. Faintly, the crowing of roosters could be heard in the distance filling life into the silent district. Dawn has come to Machen town.

    Within district 7, Inside of the old shack. Warm rays of light could be seen beaming through the cracks of the wooden structure. One ray of light made its way across the face of Feng Yu stopping briefly over his closed eyes. Probably, due to the excess light or another reason. The eyes that were closed started struggling, opening slowly looking towards the old wooden sealing.

    "Where… Where am I?" Feng Yu was feeling a lot of pain within his body, slowly he started to look around the small space with a confused expression on his face. There was a lot of junk weapons stored in barrels on top of tables and scattered around on the floor. Looking at his body, he noticed his bloody and torn up clothing along with some dried-up bruises on his skin. On the floor, there was a lot of blood that seems to have become pale having lingered for a while.

    “What’s going on here? Shouldn’t I be dead, how could I…” with a shocked expression Feng Yu called out in alarm. But then, his head started to hurt in a manner that made him feel like someone was using an ax to split it from the inside to outside. He grabbed it with both of his hands and started to complain.

    "Damn this pain! The hell is going…” before he could finish his words. A stream of unknown memories started to flood his mind. After some time, the pain faded away. He then let go of his head and looked at a symbol token in his hand. it was a strange symbol of a red bird with a crown on its head.

    "Feng Clan Huh! Interesting, who would have thought I’d be given a second chance at life. I Feng Yu will certainly reach the peak in this life if it’s the last thing I do!" Feng Yu yelled excitedly while slowly picking himself up off the ground and fixing his clothing.

    “Still, this poorly fated fellow surely has had it tough, to be betrayed by your best friend. Humph! No matter, now that I’ve taken charge you are me and I am you, your enemies are my enemies… so I will certainly make them pay!” Feng Yu said with a firm look on his pale face, his eyes gleamed with a sharp light sparking the fire of revenge.

    In his previous life, Feng Yu was a Martial Arts Expert that managed to cultivate to the peak of Warrior Realm. Sadly, due to his poor constitution, he was unable to achieve any further breakthrough. And thus, he ended up having to risk his life adventuring into dangerous mystic realms as well as forbidden zones to seek fortune. What a pity, the fortune that found him on his journey was death.

    After stumbling upon an ancient formation and mistakenly activating it, the ruin was immediately destroyed by an explosion, which not only destroyed his mortal body. But, sent his soul through various dimensions of time and space. The body he came to possess was also called Feng Yu. Who was the only child of the leader of the Feng clan in Machen town called Feng Yun Long. A father that doted on his son despite his incompetence and laziness.

    The Feng Yu of this world was always out chasing skirts and causing trouble lead by his friends Xiang Shu and Huan Shan. This caused his father to be prone to stress as he began to worry about the successorship of the Family. Still, he didn’t try to Force Feng Yu as he believed it to be a way of rebelling to fill the gap of a missing mother in his child life. In Feng Yu’s early years his mother died of chronic Illness that no alchemist in the entire Machen town could cure.

    Recently, however, there was an announcement released by one of the top Martial Schools in the Flame Kingdom, the Sky Splitting Sword School. It was said that there would be an emissary visiting Machen town in less than 2 months’ time to hold a talent selection.

    This news came as a shock to the Machen town residents as this is the first time a selection was being held in such a remote area. For the Big Clans in Machen to ensure that their own family descendants were chosen, they began to direct all their resources to the main family members with the most talent.

    Feng Yu’s talent was checked by a family expert at his recent coming of age ceremony which showcased that he had a Top Tier Aura Pulse. This had shocked the Feng family to the point of Jubilant celebration, they invited all the big clans and held an event for 2 days.

    However, a day after the event Feng Yu was called out by his best friends to go out drinking and partying. After an afternoon of idleness, he was then brought to a remote area where they violently beat and killed him. Thus, resulting in the switching of Feng Yu’s souls.

    “This body’s adaptability with heaven and earth is amazing, so this is what it feels like to have an aura pulse. I need to quickly leave here and recuperate, so I can start training it for both revenge and the coming Selection.” Feng Yu then went outside of the shack and quickly made his way through the district during the foggy morning.

    The slight cold of the morning was beginning to fade away, after walking out of the district and approaching the central area. Feng Yu noticed that of most shops were already up and running. While some others had also begun to quickly set up for business as people began to gather bit by bit. The citizens of Machen are used to the early activity. Thus, the liveliness of the morning. Some individuals were even doing short exercises in open spaces.

    One of the peddlers soon noticed Feng Yu passing by and quickly his excited mood began to fade away.

    "Chet! What's this troublemaker doing out so early, could he have something planned today?" he said while trying to hide his most valuable stocks.

    Another peddler overheard and looked up shock, quickly he moved to gather his valuables like his life depended on it.

    The sudden commotion sparked a domino effect and all peddlers began complaining in their hearts, while on the surface acting business friendly.

    Looking at their reactions Feng Yu felt uncomfortable in his heart. “...You know… this Young Master has done nothing wrong, sigh...” he muttered silently in his heart. Sadly, this can’t be helped, the old Feng Yu was too much of a nuisance.

    "Dammit! I've got to clear this shitty reputation soon." Feng Yu took a quick glance at them then no longer paid them any mind.

    “Young Master Feng, out so early what are you seeking to buy today?” A peddler worked up some courage to go forward in hopes of driving the evil spirit away.

    “Nothing! I’m fine just heading home.” Feng Yu quickly gestured at the peddler and made his way towards the north region.

    "Am I dreaming, how could this brat not cause us any trouble in the morning."

    "I don't believe it, maybe he's planning to do something tonight."

    "That's right, sigh we better clear out early today."

    The peddlers didn’t believe him and started making plans for the afternoon. Thankfully, Feng Yu didn’t seem to overhear their following conversations.

    On a large section in the northern region of Machen town. The Feng Manor could be seen with a large courtyard the size of 2 football fields, along with an arrangement of structures surrounding the main building. The gate was of medium-sized by this world’s standard, on it the symbol of the Feng Family Clan being that of the Phoenix was hanged at the highest place, giving off an aura of ancient history and prestige.

    The Feng Clan was a family with a deep and ancient history which had existed for countless eras. Sadly, due to the mark of time, it began to decline, which lead it to settle down here in Machen town a few 100 years ago.

    Noticing someone approaching the gate dressed in shabby clothing covered with dirt and dried up bloodstains, the guards that were on looking quickly started acting.

    “Halt! You are approaching Feng Residency, state your purpose for visiting or go back” one of the guards gestured at the figure threateningly while holding his sword.

    “It’s me Feng Yu, clear the path!” Feng Yu still feeling upset about the encounter with peddlers was obviously still in a bad mood, he shouted at the guards while showing the family token.

    Hearing the familiar voice and seeing the token guard quickly made way and let him through.

    “Young Master Feng, pardon my negligence!” he waved his hand and gate opened letting Feng Yu pass through it after which it was quickly closed.

    After entering the residence, Feng Yu made his way to the main building from the courtyard, walking along the neatly tiled surface. There were spirt orchard trees paving a path towards the main building creating a wonderful scenery, maids could be seen cleaning the various areas of the courtyard and members of the family were scattered about on the practice field training and doing other activities.

    No longer paying too much attention to the scenery, he quickly went into the main building and headed toward his room. Right when he was about to enter the room he heard a loud beckoning.

    “Feng Yu! Get in Here Now!” The voice of Feng Yun long could be heard echoing even to the guards at the gate.

    Feng Yu looked around towards the main room feeling pensive in his heart, he sighed slightly and slowly started to make his way towards the large door.
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    Chapter 02 – The will of a True Dragon

    In a brightly lit and very large room, a middle-aged man dressed in simple clothing was seated on top of a strange looking mat. He had dark red hair with streaks of silver appearing at the edges and a hard face that seemed as if it was sculpted by a chisel. His eyes not only showed a trace of weariness but a firm spirit looking to have shouldered most of the wind and rain in life. He was surrounded by piles of documents and in front of him was a table the height of a stool, which had a variety of scrolls scattered about and an ink container placed to the side.

    This man was Feng Yun long the current clan leader of the Feng Clan, with a cultivation achievement of 9th Tier Aura Disciple which was only one pace away from True Foundation Realm. He is one of the strongest individuals in Machen town.

    “Father, you called for me.” Feng Yu said while closing the door behind him and bowing politely.

    “Come, Sit Down!” Looking at the pale and distressed appearance of his son Feng Yun Long was finding it very difficult to keep his rage at bay. He gestured at Feng Yu to sit in front of the table.

    Feeling a bit complacent in his heart Feng Yu quickly sat down and looked at his father, or rather his new father.

    “Who! Had the gall to Injured You? My Feng Yun Long’s Son. How did this happen to you? Quickly tell father so I can get to the bottom of this Immediately! “

    Seeing the flustered love filled concern and boiling raged filled expression of his father Feng Yu felt something he never had the chance to experience in his previous life. “A parent’s love for their children is a child’s precious treasure indeed...” sighing in his heart, he decided to say his ordeal rather than keep it hidden. Of course, he didn’t reveal the fact of him being reincarnated.

    As was expected of Feng Yun Long, after hearing about the betrayal and treatment his son received from the Xiang and Huan Family’s descendants he only ended up getting angrier.

    “Good! Very Good! Their son’s dare to do this to you. I must have a look what kind of response they will give me today!” he shouted in rage as the surrounding books became a mess and the table flew towards the door slamming onto the ground, due to his overwhelming aura fluctuation in his angered state. Just as he was about to head out the door he was interrupted by Feng Yu.

    “Father, Wait! Let me solve this on my own. A man must learn to solve his own dispute’s, I will beat him to death in the coming talent selection.” A confident expression was shown on Feng Yu's face even though he looked pale and weak due to his wounds. With his knowledge, he was certain that he would be capable of not only securing a quota but also defeating Xiang Shu.

    Feng Yun Long, on the other hand, was shocked at Feng Yu's sudden declaration, he wondered to himself “…was this my usual Yu‘er, could it be he’s grown up a little after getting beaten down or is he just spouting nonsense.” still regardless he felt proud of the slight change in Feng Yu’s mindset at least it looks like there’s hope for him to improve. But that’s something for future, with less than 2 months left to prepare for the selection. Wanting not only to earn a spot for the quota but also defeating Xiang Shen who was already a Cultivator at the 7th Tier of Body Training Realm was impossible, even for the most startling talents.

    Just as he was about the reject the idea clapping could be heard from behind him, it seemed that he was too emotionally occupied he hadn't noticed someone came inside the room.

    “Clap!” “Clap!” “Clap!”

    “Well said! Brother, I agree with little nephew let him solve his gratitude and grudges.” said a tall man who bore similar facial features to that of Feng Yun Long only he was slim and had a very large scar on the left side of face travel over his left eye.

    This man was called Feng Jun Ling the older brother of Feng Yun Long, he rarely stays in Machen town as he likes to wander and explore the vast continent. He is also the only True Foundation Realm expert in the Feng clan.

    "Brother! There is no way I'm going to let him compete. He still hasn't started training yet, and the selection rules are not within any bounds. It would be far too dangerous.” Not feeling surprised at his brother sudden entry, he denied the possibility of making Feng Yu attempt suicide.

    “But Father I... “not feeling quite convinced Feng Yu wanted to convince his father but was rejected again.

    “No buts! Even if you are talented cultivation takes time and effort. You can always try for a different selection in a different city after you’ve trained properly” Feng Yun Long said in a stern manner.

    “Brother! A true dragon cannot soar the nine heavens if it still lingers in a river. A real man makes due with current and pushes forward given the opportunities.” Feng Jun Ling reproached as he gave Feng Yun Long a meaningful look.

    Hearing what his brother just said, a distant look came over Feng Yun Long. He considered while looking through the window staring at the scenery. Vaguely a form could be seen looking towards him, the form smiled then vanished into thin air.

    “Sigh... A true dragon… your right, it seems I’ve become weary during these years…” a sad gleam soon came over Feng Yun Long’s eyes, but he then quickly recovered and stared at Feng Yu.

    “Yu’er! A real man never backs down no matter what he faces. While the men of Feng are not dragons, we are no inferior. As the Phoenix, it is our duty to challenge the heavens and bear the flames of adversity. For it is only this way that we could stimulate our noble bloodline to be reborn and stand stronger than before. Taking what is rightfully ours.” After which he nodded to Feng Jun Ling and left the room.

    “Father, Yu’er will not disappoint you!” Feng Yu said while feeling excited about his father’s permission and advise. He also began to realize that his family name was more than it seemed, but without strength, there would be no point trying to find out.

    Suddenly he remembered that he hadn’t greeted his uncle. Quickly he placed his hands together and made a bow.

    “Feng Yu Greets Uncle Feng!”

    Looking at the nephew Feng Jun Ling felt proud in his heart, he had always believed that Feng Yu would grow into a powerful expert someday. While he had not shown interest before and spent most of the time idling, it seemed that this recent setback has caused him to develop a new mindset.

    “Growth starts from the heart...” muttering slightly Feng Jun Ling then waved his hand towards Feng Yu, after which a small ring flew towards him.

    "Good! Little nephew here's a little something I got for you. Though, I'm late in handing it over due to missing your coming of age ceremony. Inside there are a few items necessary to cultivators getting started, such as medicinal pills, a few Mortal Tier Martial Skills and the family’s main body cultivation art. There is also a sword placed inside for you to use. Was good, now go treat your injuries and if you have issues with cultivating seek me out whenever you need me.” After saying these he then vanished leaving a remnant shade of his previous self in the location.

    After catching the ring, Feng Yu noticed that it a had a complex engraving with a jewel attached to its core. "It's an inter-spacecial ring!” feeling excited at the fact that he could receive one so early in a small area like this he was satisfied. “This should make things a lot easier!” he quickly placed it on his index right finger and made his way out to his room to recover.

    Standing in a nearby corner looking at Feng Yu’s retreating figure, Feng Jun Ling thought to himself “I wonder… will he really be able to cultivate that art?” with a strange light appearing in his eyes similar the that of flames, it flickered briefly before vanishing. He pursed his lips into a smile and faded away "Don't disappoint me Yu'er."

    It was approaching noon time and the day could have been said to have arrived at its peak. Wanderers and locals mixed amongst the crowded bustling streets. Merchants were yelling at the top of their lungs to attract sales, and the rowdy atmosphere of commerce was in full swing.

    In eastern district’s most central area, there was a large mansion with a large courtyard comparable to that of the Feng Residence. It was a space with only one massive building and a wide courtyard surrounded by tall walls with an extremely domineering gate, having two giant tiger statues on both sides.

    This was the home of the Xiang Clan, another of the 4 big Family clans within Machen town.

    Inside of the building within a very large room, there was a constructed battle platform on which two figures were currently engaged in heated combat. Off to the sides, two figures were seated on a higher platform chatting while observing the combatants.

    The two forms fighting on the battle platform were Xiang Shu and Huan Shen. Xiang Shu However was currently being pressured by Huan Shan.

    Huan Shan had unleashed a barrage of kicks hitting Xiang Shu's underbelly and sending him flying towards the edge of the platform while coughing up a bit of blood. Seeing such a great opportunity to perform a finishing blow, he then leaned forward and started to sway side to side as if transformed into a snake slithering towards Xiang Shu.

    “Staggering Snake Steps!” within a moment he quickly arrived at the edge of the platform behind the still airborne form of Xiang Shu and quickly unleashed his finishing blow.

    He crouched his body down on the floor assuming running posture, pushing all the power he had into his lower body. Then unleash a kick that lashed out quickly towards Xiang Shu, carrying with it the force of the wind because of its extreme speed.


    The wind echoed as he shot through the air like an arrow. With his focus completely on controlling the force of his kick, Huan Shan cried out “Brutal Snake Strike!”.

    “Ha-ha brother Tian! It looks like my Shan’er will be the one winning this time around. After all, he has already achieved small accomplishment over his Brutal Snake Strike Martial Skill.” observing closely the figure on right was getting excited seeing that his son was gaining the winning edge over his opponent.

    “Don’t be so quick to judge brother Mang, Look the situation is about to change.” Said the figure on the left with a smile on his face carrying a confident appearance.

    “Ha I don’t believe he can make a comeback at this point!” not feeling convinced the figure on the right retorted.

    The figures observing the match were none other 2 of the big clan leaders within Machen town. Located on the right was Huan Mang of the Huan Family and on the left, was Xiang Tian of the Xiang Family. Huan Mang was a slim man wearing decorated loose clothing while Xiang Tian was a robust man with an unshaved beard wearing decorated robes.

    Looking back on the battle platform, when all seemed to have been decided. There was a sudden change.

    As Xiang Shu was about to be defeated a strange glint could be seen in his eyes, it was as if he could see the kick approaching towards him from behind. Quickly he began to maneuver his body while still being airborne as if transformed into a kite, he started to glide in air swaying to the side easily avoiding the potentially fatal kick.

    “What! How could…” momentarily shocked by witnessing an impossible stunt. Huan Shan lost his balance and fell towards the ground due to the excessive wind pressure.


    Quickly doing a roll on the ground and regaining his balance Huan Shan tried to make a counter-attack but was hindered slightly due to an injury to one of his legs. Sadly, Xiang Shu would never give him another chance for an advantage.

    “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

    “Arial Gliding Steps!” like the wind itself he swiftly appeared behind Huan Shan using the same strange gliding motion, he then raised right hand forming a palm strike which he directed towards Huan Shan’s unguarded back.

    “Arial Palm Strike!” suddenly a strong burst of wind quickly followed the direction of the palm strike and the wind gathered earlier from the momentum of the technique was now unleashed, pushing Huan Shan away like a leaf blowing in a strong wind. He flew out of the platform and crash into the sidewall creating a small crater on the surface behind him. Following which he pushed himself falling to ground balancing himself while panting heavily.


    “Arial Gliding Steps, Arial Palm Strike! How can this be? Did your brat finally achieve initial comprehension of your family’s two Advance Level Mortal Tier Skills.” Slamming hard on the table Huan Mang looked at the victorious Xiang Shu on the platform while shouting in surprise.

    "Ha! What do you think? After 5 months of training, he's finally grasped initial comprehension away from small success stage by one pace.” With a gloating expression on his face, he then waved at both Huan Shan and Xiang Shu to make their way over to them.

    “Incredible! Looks like your Xiang clan is truly a destined place for talented successors. First Xiang Fang and now Xiang Shu. “Huan Mang praised while sighing in his heart while noticing the Xiang’s family upward trend.

    “Greetings Clan Leaders!” soon arriving in front of their fathers Xiang Shu and Huan Shan then bowed respectful and responded in unison.

    Looking at his son proudly for a moment Xiang Tian then said in a strict tone “Did you accomplish the task given to you?”.

    Hearing his fathers question he quickly replied “Yes Father! We made sure to take care of that brat last night during the town event. Huan Shan also did some interworking behind the scenes which ensured that there were no witnesses in the old district as well.”

    "Good Work! Now that the nuisance is gone we can …" feeling excited Xiang Tian praised and then looked towards Huan Mang in preparation to discuss the next phase of their plans. But suddenly, he was interrupted by a loud commotion.


    The Large room door that was closed opened in an abrupt manner, rushing in was a man wearing black clothing.

    "Who dares to bare in here without my consent? You there, if you don't give me a good enough explanation for your actions. Then you can forget about leaving here today!" angered by being interrupted Xiang Tian roared at the servant while oppressing him with his aura of an 8th Tier Aura Disciple.

    Struggling to catch his breath due to the oppression. The servant started gasping and sweating while trying to explain.

    "Cough! Cough! Sorry… clan leader... this servant brought urgent news. The Feng clan leader just released an announcement saying that they will no longer provide weapons and resources to both our Xiang and the Huan Family Clan.”


    The table was shattered to pieces both Huan Mang and Xiang Tian got up in anger. Huan Mang walk over and shouted towards the servant “Explain to me what is going on here! Why did he do this?”.

    Quickly dispersing his oppressive aura, Xiang Shan also walked over and said “Quickly Speak! And don’t leave out any details”.

    Abiding by their commands, the servant began to explain what happened. Feng Yu was alive but severely wounded and upon finding out the cause of Feng Yu’s injuries, the enraged Feng Yun Long then ordered for the provisions of weapons and equipment to no longer be sold to the two clans involved in the case.

    Hearing that Feng Yu was still alive shocked Xiang Shu, he wanted to explain.

    “Father we…”

    "Enough!" waving his hand to cut off his son's words Xiang Tian then said "it seems you were not careful enough and did not ensure that the Feng clan kid was dead. Dammit! Now we have to delay our plans.”

    Looking at the door Xiang Tian gripped his fists so hard it the air started to make noises because of the gathered strength.

    "Brother Xiang! What are we to do now? We can’t do anything to the Feng clan if we fight them directly." Huan Mang was getting anxious he started to wonder if was right to carry on this plan.

    “Humph! No matter even if he found out it makes no difference, even with his son’s talent it takes time to develop. With so little time left, what could he possibly accomplish? Don't forget my Xiang clan also has Xiang Fang."

    Hearing the name ‘Xiang Fang’ Huan Mang then began to calm down. The two of them looked out of a large window staring deep into the sky, passing through the clouds, traversing the dangerous mountains that stretched across thousands of kilometers towards the distant horizon.

    Far… far away… a form could be seen journeying through unknown lands, it was a young man at around age 25 at the prime of his youth, wearing a decorated robe while shouldering a large blade on his back. The young man had a handsome face, but he carried with him a murderous aura as if he had slaughtered countless lives.

    As if he felt something he looked towards the distance, oddly enough despite it being daytime stars could be seen glittering in his eyes. He muttered in a soft voice that trailed off into the wind “The Stars of Destiny have shifted, fate… seems to be beckoning me.”
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    Chapter 03 - An Unusual Aura Pulse, Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique

    SF "Hello Again, Thanks for all those who showed support to the series thus far, here is the third chapter please enjoy."

    Feng Family, within Feng Yu’s room.

    After being seated in the lotus position for most of the daytime Feng Yu finally let out a breath of air.

    “Whew! These medicinal pills are quite effective despite being Mortal Tier. I'm roughly 90 percent recovered, hmm now then let's take a look at this body shall we." He wiped the sweat from his forehead and begun to look inside his inner consciousness.

    Within, his sea of consciousness was a vast misty space filled with water that continued to stretch seemingly without end. Looking at the inner space of his consciousness Feng Yu was nearly shocked to death once more.

    “Incredible! Such a powerful soul, the size of this space is about 500 meters in size. Could this be an after effect of our souls merging? In my previous life, the largest my inner consciousness could be before training was roughly 250 meters… I wonder how big it would grow once I actually start cultivating.” He muttered in his heart while admiring the strength of his soul, typically a mortal would have about 50 to 100 meters width of space before they started cultivating any higher than that was considered the talent range.

    The power the soul had did not affect battle strength in early cultivation realms but rather aids in the comprehension of Martial Skills. The stronger soul on has the quicker and easier it to comprehend and gain insights into the Rules that govern heaven and earth.

    Feng Yu’s soul was considered as a 'Top Level Soul' in his previous life, he could easily and quickly comprehend even the most complex of skills but that was his limit. He did not have an aura pulse which made it hard for him to progress in cultivation. In fact, cultivating to the peak of Warrior Realm was already an incredible feat.
    After looking around he quickly found what he came here to see. At the center of the misty space, a black spheroid could be seen pulsating at a regular interval. It had 9 rings circling around it each with a different color. Vaguely it could be seen that another ring was slowly forming around the central position of the sphere. It was about 10 meters in size and within it, flames and lighting were dancing about as if trying to compete for supremacy. The aura it gave off, was that of pure dominance and supreme might.

    Shocked by what he was seeing Feng Yu called out in alarm “What! What kind of Aura Pulse is this? Dual Elements... Lighting and Flame, incredible both are destructive in nature. Hmm… 9 rings he truly is a Top Tier talent even if it was my old world this kind of talent would be considered as top grade. Wait... It’s not right! A 10th Ring is forming, Half-Step Supreme Tier Talent! Is it possible that my talent has mutated as well?”

    Supreme Tier Aura Pulse, it was a myth thought to be something which can only exist in legends. This is a talent that belongs only to the most powerful beings of ancient primordial times. If one were to ask any figure whether there was a likelihood of a supreme grade talent appearing in this era they would all give the same reply, one in a trillion of every hundredth thousand years.

    "Great! With this kind of talent, even I don't know the heights it can achieve, was good now I need to find a cultivation art to start with, hmm... let's see the main element of this body seems to be that of fire with lighting as its sub-element. I don't have any cultivation arts that fit their categories. Maybe I should look at what Uncle Feng brought me." Still feeling excited about his talent Feng Yu then left his inner conscious.

    Back inside the room, he looked towards his storage ring on his finger and sent his will inside of it. Soon a space of about 10 cubic meters appeared within his mind, quickly browsing through it he counted a total of two Low-Level Mortal Tier Skills, one Advance Level Mortal Tier Skill, and an ungraded cultivation art.

    He willed for it and the cultivation art quickly appeared in his hand. Looking at the old and ancient looking scroll he wondered “Strange… such a unique aura as If this scroll came from ancient times. What secret could it be hiding?” opening the scroll he saw a drawing of a small flame with complex runes surrounding it.
    After inspecting it further he saw no results, he couldn’t understand how to cultivate it.

    “How do I cultivate it? Hmm…” thinking for a bit he decided to try and bind it as one would do a magic treasure. He bit his finger to let it bleed and swiped it across the scroll following a strange line on the center of the drawing.

    Suddenly, the scroll that was in his hands began to shine radiantly that shortly filled the entire room with a scorching light. "Could this be… "feeling surprised by the sudden reaction of the scroll Feng Yu was once again excited. He suddenly heard an ancient voice resounding in his mind.

    "It was from the fire we came… and it is through fire, we shall live again… the blaze of the nirvana shall exist for all… eternity…”.


    His mind was then filled with explosive knowledge coming from the scroll after what seemed like an eternity, the lights filling the room began to fade away and the scroll that sat within his hand started to burn slowly turned into ashes that faded away.

    Suddenly, Feng Yu opened his eyes, he looked at the remnants of the faded scroll in his hands smiling as he pondered “Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique… such an incredible technique. It truly is beyond what it seems by drawing on the fire essences of heaven and earth to temper my body the stronger it can become, and as my cultivation levels increase. The stronger the flames I will be able to cultivate, a different tier for every level. There is no grade because it needs no grade. A technique that grows only with bloodline users, to think I’d get my hands on such a rare X Tier Cultivation Technique!”

    Cultivation techniques were divided into different ranks, as known by all cultivators. Separately, they were called Mortal Tier, Earth Tier, Heaven Tier, Mystical Tier and the highest known to all Supreme Tier. Each of which affects cultivators in different ways. Typically, the higher the Tier the faster cultivation speed and stronger the cultivator would be over the Lower Tiers, but there is an exception. In true line family clans with ancient bloodlines past down from old generations, there are techniques which were created by powerful ancient individuals.

    X Tier Cultivation Techniques very rare and powerful depending on the Family’s ancient legacy. These techniques can only be cultivated by people of the highest talent and most concentration of ancient family blood, the greater the cultivation requirements the stronger the techniques.

    Looking around the room Feng Yu frowned “I need to find a better place to cultivate, the essences here are too weak. Hmm… traveling outside of Machen town with no cultivation is same as seeking death, not mention being stared by those of the Xiang and Huan Clans.” Thinking for a while he then came up with a simple solution. Getting up from lotus position he went to the small courtyard connected to his room.

    Night drew close again to Machen town. The sky looked dusky as the sun was slowly beginning to fade away into the distance. Within the courtyard, Feng Yu looked towards the evening sunset in surprise “Well! It seems that it took me quite a while to digest the Nirvana Cultivation Technique. Oh well, time to cultivate.”
    Choosing a random location, he then took out a stone half the size of a fist from his storage ring. This stone was glowing in many different colors and it gave off the aura similar to that of heaven and earth.

    “A pity that this is a normal Essence Stone and not an elemental one. Using it would only waste cultivation time, but if I were to use it as the core of a simple Fire Essence Formation things would different.”

    With a smile on his face, Feng Yu tried to recall a basic gathering formation he studied in his previous life. Quickly, he willed for his sword to appear and began to draw on the ground a circular outline roughly 10 meters in size, within it were stars and mountain circling around a small flame placed within the center of a pentagram.
    “Great! Now for the finishing touches.” reviewing it carefully Feng Yu then crushed the Essence Stone into a star like powder carefully sprinkling it along the outlines giving the formation a strange bright gloss which illuminated the surrounding area.

    As night has now approached, soon some of the main family descendants that were lingering about started noticed here’s strange activity. Curious they began to make their way over to observe.

    “Eh! What’s Cuson Yu doing over there?” a tall form asked in a loud and surprised manner.

    “Hmm… I’m not sure it looks like, a Formation?” said another close by who also seemed to notice.

    Quickly more and more individuals got interested and the once vacant section of the courtyard was now filled with people.

    “Look! Look! Somethings happening.” Shouted one in surprise. While pointing towards Feng Yu who made a strange movement.

    Soon all onlookers became peaceful and were observing Feng Yu quietly so as not cause any disturbances. A figure standing at a distance on top of a tree seeing this felt proud his heart at the Feng Disciple Discipline.

    “When was it that Yu’er learned the Way of Formations?” an odd look could be seen on Feng Yun Long’s face.

    Standing to side Feng Jun Ling was also muttered “Its seems to be a type of Essence Gathering Formation, but not like any if ever seen recorded before. I’ve never heard of one that uses these strange chants either. How Curious, it seems my little nephew must have come across some good fortune at the Mystery Pavilion.”
    “Hmmm it seems so indeed” nodding in head Feng Yun Long started to observe more seriously.

    Feng Yu had placed his hands on the ground and began to mutter a very strange language towards the ground.

    “Retzu! Suoy! Kaiq! Zen! Kun! Leng! “While chanting the strange words, essences that were in heaven and earth had begun to change. As if drawn to something all the powerful essences started to flow towards the source kicking up a gust of winds in a fascinating manner.

    “What’s! What is going on?” looking at the phenomena someone cried out in surprise.

    “The Essences are beginning to gather, could it really be a gathering formation?” responded a youth who seemed to have basic formation knowledge.

    “That’s impossible! A gathering formation would require more than a single piece of Essence Stone set in a unique arrangement. There is no way this could be one not mention, the fact that he already crushed the stone into powder!” a slightly older generation family member stated in denial.

    “If not so, then how do you explain the collecting essences” a sharp female family member immediately retorted.

    Everyone was starting to wonder what this Formation could be but despite not willing to believe it a few wiser sharper individuals began to exclaim with shock because of this unique Gathering Formation.

    Watching the scene in front of him Feng Yun Long was astounded immediately he gave a meaningful stare to Feng Jun Ling. Seeing Look from his younger brother
    Feng Jun Ling nodded with a strange glint in the eyes.

    He quickly waved his hand forming a barrier that instantly isolated the surrounding courtyard. If one were to Look at the Feng Manor from the outside, all that could be seen, was a silent and peaceful courtyard.

    Suddenly, Feng Yu clasped his hands together as if driven by an unknown force all the rampaging Essences became still. Opening his eyes there a fire could be seen shining from within, aiming his palms at the Formation he shouted out.

    “CHENG!” his voice echoed in through the wind lingering throughout the silent courtyard, almost within an instant a beam of scarlet scoring light shot out from the sky right onto the Formation Array.


    Soon the Essences Gathered within the Formation Array started to swirl at alarming speeds quickly transforming the entire 10 meters zone into a blazing field of Mortal Flames, it burst air stretching from the ground into the sky as if trying to create a pillar of heaven. A pity, however, before it could grow to a size beyond that of Feng Manor Walls an invisible field appeared keeping it in at that fixed height.

    “Whew! That was a close a one, this nephew of mine certainly knows how to cause trouble, maybe I was too quick about my earlier judgment.” Feeling exhausted Feng Jun Ling starting to complain secretly in his heart.

    As if knowing what was going on in his brother's head Feng Yun Long sneered “Serves you right! Think of it as paying for your mistakes.”

    it seemed that he was bearing a grudge for Feng Jun Ling now appearing at the coming of age ceremony.

    “Sigh… That was more burdensome than it thought. It seems like it can’t be attempted easily without any cultivation, thankfully it didn’t fall short.” Feng Yu who was now finished with his chanting finally let out a breath of fresh air.

    “Woah!!! It's a Flame Gathering Formation Array”

    “I can’t believe it, there’s actually a unique way to create such a complex formation”

    “Cuson Yu, where did you learn this?” a female member with bright eyes asked.

    Quickly, the family members crowded around him, pestering him for answers.

    Feeling a bit surprised at the crowd he scratched his head while laughing.

    “Ha, I just had a bit of a lucky deal, that’s all. Sorry guys, I need to start cultivating so let’s chat later when I get this over with.” not bothering to explain any further he took off his shirt and plunged into to flames looking like the brave hero performing his final rite.

    Shocked by his sudden act of suicide before anyone could react, suddenly the flames started to shrink at a visible pace, vaguely a figure could be seen seated in lotus position unharmed by the flames.

    “Eh! how could he be cultivating inside the flames?” someone said.

    Looking at the body that seemed to be gathering endless strength from flames, Feng Yun Long started to tremble with excitement, he shouted out in a loud manner unbecoming of the Family Leader “Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique!!

    The Heavens help me! Did Yu’er actually managed to cultivate it.”

    Feng Jun Long off to the side was no better “HAHAHA! He did not disappoint me!

    The Feng Family will rise again!” his eyes were filled with flames of ambition, like a dried up well finally recovering its source of water, he gripped his fist in excitement looking at the form bathed by flames.

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