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    Hi my name is Jackrum and i am big Novel fan. After reading bunch of them, i started to think about trying my own! This will be my first try in writing, so please do not be to hard on me. My first language is not English so if I make mistakes and I will please, tell me where and I will fix them. I am open to critic as long as it is constructive feedback.
    Will it be unique? Maybe! But i do not think so. I hope, that a I will have a few faithful readers that like what they read.

    This will be not the final version of the Novel and I aim to have ~450 chapters.

    Maybe for other people to know what my favorite novels are here a small list:

    Star Rang Hunter
    King of Gods
    The Divine Element
    Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

    The genre of my Novel will be Sci-Fi Fantasy, with a bit of cultivation.
    I will try to post once or twice a week depending on how much time i have.


    Anthony Rhyne, 17 year old teen and software developer in a small backwater colony. Tries his best. Working for a sadistic boss, earning his living. Will this be his life or will he be able to see the stars and getting away from this backwater colony.

    See what Anthony can find behind the star, where he lived his whole life and will he solve the mysteries behind his parents disappearance.

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2

    best regards
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    Year 1299 NE (New Era) Colony XB46-421 at the edge of the Federation of Human Governments space.

    In a small apartment, a man was sitting in front of a desk filled with synthesized coffee cans, empty soda bottles and empty delivery boxes. This ordinary looking man with messy brown hair, a pale complexion, three day beard and on the unhealthy site of skinny.

    This man is the 17 year old youth Anthony Ryhne, since his uncle died in his last year of high-school he was living alone. The savings that should be used to pay the tuition fee for the university, where used up for the funeral and the living expenses. None of the savings where left, now Anthony had to work to earn his living.

    He never saw his parents, as far as he knew his parents worked for the military and vanished on a mission. His uncle told him that both of his mother and father where powerhouses in the military.

    Staring at the console in front of him, mumbling to himself in a soft voice while nodding his head in the rhythm to the dark electronic beats echoing out of the boxes next to him .

    "If I can optimize this subroutine...the main loop could be 15% faster..."


    The sound of the wrist communicator disturbed the music and Anthony's train of thought. Seeing the name of the caller Darell Rackham, Anthony started to frown.

    Darell Rackham is his boss and the project leader, even if he doesn't have the qualifications for that job. Darell compensates his lack of qualifications with bad temper, sarcastic remarks and increased workloads for his devs.

    If a dev couldn't handle the workload he was kicked out of the company. To call it he was a real asshole. Maybe this was his only way to get some self-esteem, because he only is a E Type Human himself.

    1299Years ago the first Human started to awaken superpowers while on the battlefield in the freedom wars. A few years later governments started to categorize people into E, D, C,B, A and S Types. E Type are normal people without any superpowers, they are often used only as Laborers and for the lowest jobs.

    While S Types define the power of a nation, a single S Type can win a war against a nation without one.

    The older you get the smaller your chance to awake. The earliest you can awake is around the age of 14 and the latest 21. If you awaken you can awaken into D, C or in extremely rare cases into B Types.

    So Anthony still had the chance to awake, and turn over his life to aim higher than working for Citisoft, a small company in this backwater colony.

    If he awakes he can try to takes the exams for a academy, or try to get into a mercenary company. Everything would be better than this.

    With a sigh Anthony took the call.

    "Mr. Rackham, how can I help you"

    "Anthony, how much more time do you need for that bit of source code?"

    Bit of source code? For this project he was working 23-24h of a galactic standard day(26h earth time) while still only get payed for his normal 10h work day, Anthony was screaming in his heart.

    He wasn't a bad programmer the workload is just too much. Anthony was working like that for the past 3 weeks.

    Speaking while gritting his teeth: "Maybe three days, minimum two days."

    "Tomorrow at 15:00 I want to see you at my office!" With Darell ending the call, Anthony letting out a long sigh. Looking at the clock, Anthony letting out another long sigh: "No sleep for me today."

    20h later Darell Rackham'S office.

    Darell was a man in his eighties around 1,80m tall with grey hair and a slim figure. Sitting behind his large desk, in good fitting clothing. With a small smile on his face he asked: "Anthony, how far is the project?"

    "I still need a day maybe one and a half."

    "Sigh, Anthony this is the third time you cannot finish your assigned task till your deadline."

    Making a pained expression, but this expression did not reach his eyes that are sparkling with happiness.

    "I cannot do anything for you anymore, tomorrow you do not have to come again. You can get your last pay from the human resource department."

    Anthony face did not show any kind of reaction, saying with disdain in his voice while turning to leave: "How someone like you got that job, is beyond me."

    Hearing that Rackham made an ugly expression.

    "Human trash like you should be thankful of me giving you a job at all until now."

    "Are you not a E Type yourself? So we are both trash. I at least have the qualifications for my job" While laughing Anthony left the room.

    The moment the door closed, Anthony's laugh vanished replaced by a stern face.

    "We will see how you will fare with your boss Darell, because I did not upload my work till now on the company server."

    Taking his last pay, Anthony left the company building and took the tram back to his Apartment.

    Sitting in the tram, Anthony was thinking about his options. 'I need to find a new job...fast, or I will lose my apartment. Should I try to get work as a laborer, or try another software company even if the pay is worth than his last job?'

    Getting home Anthony started to look for a new job. He started to call all the software development companies and business on XB46-421.

    "Sorry, we only take people with and degree in Computer Science or a comparable degree."

    An annoyed female voice sounded out of the wrist communicator. 'Taking only people with an degree? Who in his right mind would work at a shitty place like that with an degree?' Anthony's face showed a deep frown.

    'Well it seems I do not have a choice, I have to get a job as a laborer.' Calling one of the many mining companies on this planet.

    "Conatix Industries, Arohn Bailey. How can I help you?"

    "Good day, my name is Anthony Ryhne. I would like to ask if you are in need of a laborer?"

    "Hmm, how old are you and any known health problems?"

    "I am 17 and no known health problems, Sir."

    "Ryhne, was it? You can start tomorrow at 6, your foreman is Rence Amen. The pay is 500Credits a week."

    "Thanks you Sir, I will be there at 6."

    Ending the call. '500Credits? Urrgh...that is nearly enough to life, if I cut my coffee consume. Less coffee? This will be hell!'

    Starting his workday at 6 and working till 20 a 14h shift is quite good if you compare them to the 24h shifts at Citisoft.

    While doing some manual mining Anthony thought, 'Hmm, I can see this work as a physical workout, maybe I will get more muscles.'

    Like that eight days went buy.

    On his way home Anthony's communicator sounded.


    Seeing the caller Darell Rackham, Anthony's lips curled up. With a happy voice he toke the call.

    "Mr. Rackham, how can I help you?"

    "Anthony, where is the project you worked on?"

    "Uh sorry, I do not know. Did I not upload it?"

    "Anthony! I hope you know what is good for you? UPLOAD. IT. NOW"

    "I really would like to do that, but I already deleted all the files!" Rackham could clearly hear the mockery in Anthony's voice.

    "I warn you! You have time till tomorrow! If you know what is good for you, you will upload that project."

    Anthony ending the call without giving an answer laughed. 'What can you do? File a lawsuit? I do not have any money! Run me over with a car? Pffff! Now you will see what you boss will do with you!'

    Anthony's day consisted of working his 14h shift, eating, sleeping and doing the, meditation and breathing exercises his uncle taught him.

    After meditation you will feel refreshed and more focused.

    In retrospect it is astounding that his uncle knows this kind if exercise. After all he was an old man without any noticeable abilities, besides his ability in making perfect spicy stirred fried chicken.

    His uncle never talked much about his past, he said he was a worker on a freighter, till they got attacked by space pirates.

    But he always urged Anthony to learn the meditation exercises and to do some physical workout. it did not work while working for Citisift, but now he is back on track. At high school he was even a member in basic police martial arts.

    Shaking his head, Anthony stopped thinking about this stuff.

    Ten days later after a day of work. While doing his daily exercises Anthony's stomach made grumbling sounds demanding food.

    Standing up and looking inside the fridge, Anthony showed a stern look. The insides of this fridge could only described with emptiness of space.

    "Damn", cursing Anthony left his apartment and got on his way to the next supermarket.

    Not even five minutes later, while walking over a dark crossing.


    Anthony was hit by a car, and flying a few meters before landing back on the street.

    Lying on the ground with a broken body, Anthony felt pain all over his body. He could not even move his fingers. With half closed eyes he could see the car door open.

    The figure exiting the car was familiar. It was Darell Rackham. While laughing like a maniac, he moved next to Anthony. Kicking Anthony's body.

    "I lost my job because of you! This project was important! This is what you get for fucking with me, you human trash! TRASH!!"

    Kicking him once more, Darell left.


    The car door closed and Rackham left the scene.

    Anthony's body got colder and colder. 'I swear, if I survive this. I will make you regret! What a shitty death. Fuck my life.

    Starting to lose his conciseness , a memory of his uncle flashed before his eyes.

    "If you ever get into the situation where you life is in danger, start the meditating and breathing exercises."

    Biting on his tongue to stay concise, Anthony begin meditating. One second, two seconds, his body stopped getting colder and a strange warms all over his body awakened.
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    Chapter 2: Awakening

    The strange warms started to pulse through his body, beginning at the fingertips and toes. Moving through his arms and legs, to his torso and head. Warms pulsed through his body, mending and healing his broken body.

    Where the warms pulse through, his body started to change. Anthony started not only to feel the warms in his body, this warms was all around him.

    Minutes later, he did not feel any pain anymore. His body felt better than ever before, he felt refreshed. His body started to feel hotter and hotter, while the warms started to rush to his body.

    At first only Anthony's muscles started to bulge and swell. Than his bone density increased. After a while the warms changed to burning heat, the small changed brought by the warms now started to tear up and heal his muscles at the same time. Anthony's bones crunched and broke, the heat started to mend these broken bones immediately.

    Anthony's skin turned deep red from the heat and steam started to rise from his body. The pain brought him to the edge what he could withstand.

    Needles formed by the heat stabbed into his brain, interrupting Anthony's silent screams of agony. His mind collapsed and the world went dark .


    "Eggghhh", while groaning Anthony slowly regained his consciousness. Pain still lingered everywhere within his body.

    Opening his eyes Anthony was staggered, his sight was extremely sharp if cut out buy a knife. The colors are dazzling, he could see into corners that where covered by shadows, like the shadow did not interrupt his sight.

    Looking around him Anthony noticed that he was lying on a bad, surrounded by white half transparent curtains. Sounds of many people echoed from behind the curtains.

    From the curtain on the right side of Anthony a man spoke in professional manner:” Mr.Davenham this is only a small infection, one pill each day after breakfast will be fine.”

    Within the small room, Anthony was not alone. An old man with wrinkles on his face, smiled gently at Anthony.

    "Boy, your awake now? How are you feeling? Never saw such a violent reaction to dark energy while someone is awakening!”

    “So this was an awakening? It hurt like hell! I never heard about being so painful.” Anthony was puzzled.

    Each time he read about awakening, it was descript as being a gentle experience.

    “Hohoho, I am curious about that too.” The old man said, while having a fox like smile on his face. “I am Dr. Andre Faust, I look after people that start to awaken and help them getting accustomed to their new abilities. So boy why did you not come into the hospital before you collapse on the street?”

    “I got run over by a car, the driver was my old boss Darell Reckham. He lost his job because of me. While lying on the ground, I felt a strange farms that hurt like hell.” Anthony was keeping his meditation and breathing exercise a secret.

    “Then be thankful that you started to awaken. After looking into you clinical records and doing a few test you should be a body transformation type Awakend. Awaken into a body transformation type often heals old aliments, so it is no wonder your wounds healed. I will let you rest. I think the police will come by later looking for some answers.”

    After saying his goodbye, Dr. Faust left the room. Anthony felt ecstatic, he awakened at last. Looking down on his arms, he noticed well defined muscles.

    There are three types of Awakened. He was a body transformation type awakened. These have stronger bodies, that can easy lift hundreds of kilos, running for dozens of kilometers without tiring.

    Somebody transformation types could even transform parts or there hole body into animal or even abstract things like demon like wings.

    Besides body transformation, there are two more types a person can awaken into.

    Evocation types, these people could control fire, ice and many more things. Creating fireballs or ice spears.

    The third group are the mind types. Eidetic memory, high computational and cognitive capabilities also they have high learning skills. These are some of the common effects. Some even awaken to fascinating abilities like empathy or telekinesis.

    Anthony tried to calm down and think about his next steps. ‘Now I have the change to change this dull life of mine. Maybe he could try to register at an university, or an military academy. There is also the possibility to became a mercenary and to see the galaxy.’

    He always hoped for to awaken, but after it happened. Anthony did not know what he should do next.

    The half transparent curtain that isolated him from the rest of the hospital got pushed open by a sturdy looking middle aged man with dark skin and a military burr cut hairstyle, wearing a tight sitting bodysuit that is used by the colony police force, interrupting Anthony’s pondering.

    “Anthony Rhyne? I am officer Daric Hightown , I heard from Dr. Faust that you where involved in a car accident that made you awaken uncontrolled? Is this correct?”, questioning Anthony in professional manner Officer Hightown showed a neutral expression.

    Recounting everything that happened, beginning with him being laid off till he awoken in the hospital bed. Leaving a few miner things out here and the, like the breathing exercise.

    Nodding after recoding Anthony’s statement the Officer said: “We will start a proper investigation. Harming an Awakened, no matter which level, is a major offence. The Doc said you should be fine and can be released from the hospital. I can take you home if you like?”

    Agreeing to the offer, Anthony did the paperwork and got home with Daric Hightowns help.

    He took a quick shower and changed into new clothes.

    Grumbling sounds echoed through the apartment, Anthony’s stomach screamed for food. Going to the supermarket nearby, he got himself some instant noodles.

    After entering his apartment and stuffing himself with noodles, Anthony saw only picture of his dead uncle Terry. Seeing his uncles picture a thought flashed through his mind. Face palming himself, Anthony took out the box with the few personal belongings of his uncle. In their he found a small disc, the size of a palm.

    The disc is a holo-data disc, after activation it will display its contents in a three dimensional display. He tried activating it two years ago after his uncle past away. It rejected him because at that time he was not an Awakened.

    Activating the disc, a mechanical sounding female voice greeted Anthony: “DNA Scan commencing.” Anthony felt like he was sitting on burning coals. Last tine this did not work, he was rejected.

    DNA Scan complete. Anthony Rhyne detected, awakening detected.”

    The familiar voice of his uncle sounded from the holo-disc:” Hey my boy…”
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    3: the path forward

    „Hey my boy, it seams I am dead by the time you hear this and you awakened.
    Congratulation, Ii am proud of you and I will ever be proud of you no matter
    which choices you make in your life.“

    With tears in his eyes Anthony listened attentively to his uncles voice. Mumbling to
    himself: „I miss you uncle!“

    „Boy, now that you awakened you have many choices what you can do. Stay on that
    planet, leave for a university or military academy. Or you can choice another
    option. I was not much of a help to you while I was still alive. But maybe
    after my death I can help you set out. If you choose that path, go to the
    mercenary HQ and try to connect to a man named Jackev Atson he is part of the
    Brotherhood Mercenaries. He is an old friend of mine, show him my necklaces and
    he will understand.“

    „I have to tell you about you parents. The government made them disappear, they
    know too much about the bad things the government did. If you ever have the
    chance, repay them what they did to your mother and my nephew.
    You do not need to seek them out, these kind of people will
    find you. You only have to be prepared!“

    „My boy I wish you luck on your path to archive greatness. Know that I love you,
    even if i am not your father you are a son to me.“

    Streams of tears running down Anthony’s face. “ I do not have any memories about my
    parents only a few photos of them. But my uncle was always there. Even if I call
    him uncle, he is my father. And my father showed me a path so I will take it,
    after work tomorrow I will contact uncles old friend.’

    Having a plan of how to proceed, Anthony fall asleep on his bed. Waking up early
    Anthony got to work early to start his shift. The other workers looked at him
    with astonishing gazes.

    “That boy awakened...”

    “Ahhh, I want to awaken too. I am so jealous...”

    Where comments Anthony heard from the people
    around him, the foreman just congratulate and told him what he had to do today.
    After finishing his work in the afternoon Anthony took the tram downtown.

    MercenaryHQ said the bold written word on this ten story building. Except of the
    writing on this building it was an extremely ordinary office building.
    A white front with big glass windows.

    It was noisy in front of the building. A crowd of people gathered here, around
    150 where standing in small groups or alone. Ignoring the crowd Anthony made
    his way to the entrance. The entrance was a glass double door, guarded on each
    site by man with black clothing, dark sunglasses and a military buzz cut.

    Both man did not have any remarkable features. They were
    neither ugly or handsome, both where around 1,90m tall.

    Both of them seemed to have an unapproachable aura,
    that seems to say, do not fuck with us.G

    Getting next to the entrance, Anthony was stopped by
    one of the man.

    "Where do you think you are going!” echoed a annoyed
    bass voice.

    Frowning Anthony answered in an equally annoyed voice:
    “Into the MercenaryHQ.”

    “Humph, you have to wait like everyone else if you
    want to do the test. Now bugger off!”

    From the crowd you could see people pointing at
    Anthony , laughing and commenting.

    “Each time there is someone that tries to sneak in.”

    “Look at that kid, how does he think he is!”

    A few even shouted and cursed at Anthony.

    “Wait like everyone else, will you.”

    “Damn these kids, thinking they are some big shots...”

    Shaking his head Anthony said: “I am not here for the
    test, I want to contact someone.”

    Ignoring the shouts, Anthony moved to the door, a hand
    landed on his arm. One of the guard held him by his upper arm. “Kid move away
    from the door. NOW!”

    Grabbing the hand that was holding his arm, Anthony
    could not control his new found strength and cracking noises could be heard
    from the guards wrist.

    “Arrrrgghhh”, the guard started to scream while trying
    to wring his wrist out of Anthony’s grip.

    Releasing the hand, Anthony was shocked: ‘Wait! Did I
    just made that guy scream in pain? But I did not use any strength! So all this
    dark clothing and sunglasses, all this oppressing aura was just an act?’ What
    Anthony did not know is that he is a C Level Body Transformation Type Awakened.
    Most D level Awakened could not even harm him.

    Anthony never test how much his awakening changed him,
    he was so occupied by other things and he thought that he was a common D level

    The crowd that a second ago criticized Anthony for not
    knowing his place was silenced instantly.

    A few curses could be heard.

    “Fuck this kid is a high level Awakened!”

    “Puhh, good I did not try to stop him.”

    Anthony said with an innocent puppy look: “Sorry, I did not want to hurt you.”

    The other guard erupted: “Bullshit, how did you not
    want to hurt him? You nearly broke his arm! I will show you what happens with
    people that fuck with the MercenaryHQ!” Ending his speech, the guard kicked at
    Anthony aiming at his stomach.

    Anthony was extremely angry and annoyed, he just
    wanted to contact someone and not doing some stupid test. ‘Fuck this guys, they
    all reacting if I have kicked them in the dick. Do they have to overreact like
    that! This is not one of these TV shows or novels! This is the real life, who
    reacts like that!’

    For normal people this kick would be super fast, but
    for Anthony this seemed pretty slow. Anthony with his only small skill in hand
    to hand combat did not know how to react, so he just stumbled backwards.
    Tensing up and making himself ready for the pain that he would feel in a

    A few people in the crowd where gloating that kid will
    feel pain, one with the biggest schadenfreude was a young man in his twenties.
    Wearing luxurious and surrounded by a big group of followers with his nose
    in the air. This young man looked arrogant and proud.

    On of the followers said while licking his lips and
    gloating: “Hahaha, look at that kid boss Andrew. That kid will now have big
    problems! His fault for being so arrogant.”


    The kick hit Anthony’s stomach,
    but the expected screams of pain from Anthony did not occur. Instead the door
    guard was lying on the floor holding his leg.

    Anthony was stupefied: "Ehm, sorry? But I did not do anything."

    The glass door was opening and a middle aged woman came out of the building:
    This middle aged woman was around 1,70 tall had blonde hair bound to a
    strict ponytail. Wearing a light gray miniskirt and jacket with hear high
    heels this woman look like an office lady.
    "Young Sir, why did you hurt my MercenaryHQ guards?"

    "Oh,I did not want to hurt them, they attacked me and hurt themselves. And before
    you ask no I do not want to take part in that test. I am here to use the
    MercenaryHQ to contact an old friend of the family."

    "And who is this old friend that you want to contact, if I may ask?"

    "Jackev Atson of Brotherhood."

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