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    Chapter 235- Collecting the Returned Prime Stone

    The palace is made out of some unknown material, its not gold, but not jade either, however, there are also lots of complicated and mysterious runic arrays.

    The prime stones get shot out from the palace, no-one knows what is inside it. When the people from the three major tribes found the ancient cloud, they sent many experts over for the returned prime stones, but not even god’s prime warriors could enter the palace.

    Right now, there was a pair of eyes closely watching Ye Wei. No-one could sense its existence, there was also no-one who knew of its existence. It was just observing Ye Wei, as if it saw through the ages.

    Tens of millions of formless hands reached from all directions towards Ye Wei, and with a ‘sou’ sound, they disappeared. Ye Wei didn’t notice them at all.

    “The 72 interstellar secrets (1), the bloodline of a Supreme, the Combat Saint’s Golden Lotus, and a scale from the demon tribe. Now, this is interesting, I don’t know how far this little fella can grow.” The owner of the two mysterious eyes laughed to himself, the sound gradually fading into the silence of the void. “I haven’t seen such qualifications in hundreds or thousands of years. This sapling isn’t bad!”

    Ye Wei was observing the runes engraved on the palace walls. “Hm?” The Combat Saint’s Lotus in between his eyebrows swayed slightly for a fraction of a second, and a ring which was invisible to the naked eye rippled across the middle of his brows. That Golden Lotus passed through the palace with ease, and at that moment, an indescribable feeling flooded Ye Wei’s brain.

    “So that’s why you can only receive the Returned Prime Stone when you defeat the golden puppets.” As the golden lotus passed through the palace, Ye Wei gained comprehensions regarding many things.

    The golden puppets would mark itself with the spiritual energy of the person who defeated it. The spiritual mark would then get transmitted into the palace via the rune on the puppet. Only then would the palace shoot out the Returned Prime Stone. And so, people would not be able to receive more than one Returned Prime Stone.

    “As long as I don’t allow the golden puppets relay the spiritual mark back, then I can receive multiple stones and take them out!” Ye Wei’s eyes were flashing with an unhidden joy. The Golden Lotus in between Ye Wei’s eyebrows was a part of the Combat Saint’s legacy, for some things that even god’s prime warriors can’t comprehend, Ye Wei can with the assistance of the Golden Lotus.

    “This Golden Lotus is capable of stopping the puppets from transmitting the spiritual mark of the original source!” Ye Wei’s face had inexplicable joy written on it, the Returned Prime Stone’s value was infinite! However, due to there being no way to sell the stones, there was no realistic way to judge the stone’s real value. But, if the Returned Prime Stones were taken outside, their value would be higher than the Bright Moon Yuan Fluid.

    “Lets try it!” Thinking about it, Ye Wei could not wait any longer, if he could take the Returned Prime Stone outside, then the Ye family would be able to grow extremely fast with the help of many returned prime warriors.

    The Golden Lotus between Ye Wei’s brows began to ripple with an invisible energy on Ye Wei’s command, this energy completely engulfed him.

    A “Hong” sound sounded as Ye Wei’s fist landed on the golden puppet, under the energy waves of the golden lotus, the puppet had no way to transmit Ye Wei’s spiritual mark to the main source.


    Upon the destruction of the puppet, a black crystalline rock shot out from the palace.


    The Returned Prime Stone landed within Ye Wei’s grasp.

    “Wow, this is really viable!” Clutching the Returned Prime Stone, Ye Wei’s heart was filled with an indescribable joy as every stone was equivalent to another returned prime warrior! In the 36 towns, there was only a single returned prime warrior, but with the Returned Prime Stones, the Ye family could nurture a large amount of them. They may even have a lineup of near twenty returned prime warriors!

    Very soon, the Ye family would be the overlord of the 36 neighbouring towns with the Supreme Ye Yu’s treasure, and with these Returned Prime Stones, the Ye family would be equivalent to being one of the four major factions of the Qing province. Even overtaking the super clans wouldn’t be impossible.

    Peng. Peng. Peng

    Ye Wei excitedly started grabbing Returned Prime Stones, he defeated 26 puppets in one go, gaining 26 stones.

    “These 26 stones are equivalent to the Ye family gaining 26 returned prime warriors!” Ye Wei’s heart was giddily jumping away at the stones in his Storage Sack.

    “However, the lotus is starting to run out of energy, perhaps it would play a larger role later on so I can’t keep collecting the Returned Prime Stones.”

    Looking at the pitiful amount of energy remaining in the lotus, Ye Wei made his resolve to stop attacking the golden puppets. No matter what, 26 returned prime warriors isn’t a small number, just meeting the prerequisite of being a 10-star condensed prime warrior would be a headache for the Ye family. Due to the Ye family being extremely weak, nurturing 26 10-star condensed prime warriors would also take them quite a while, so these 26 Returned Prime Stones would plentiful for the Ye family right now!

    “Sorry everyone, due to my personal matters, I have interrupted you guys from obtaining the Returned Prime Stones, now that the problem on my half has been solved, you guys may all continue challenging the Golden Puppets for the stones!” Ye Wei eyed the several freshmen waiting to challenge a Golden Puppet and cupped his hands at them.

    The freshmen cupped their hands back at Ye Wei, “It’s all fine, don’t worry about it. Brother Ye Wei, please be careful of the Spiritualist Qing Mu!”

    “Thanks for your concern!” Ye Wei nodded at Hong Hai, “Everyone here are all freshmen, if you have any problems in the future, feel free to come to the Black Dragon Valley to find me for help. I will be leaving first!”

    Ye Wei stepped onto the starry river and headed to the lonely island in the distance. There was a space rune on the island, if one wanted to leave the Ancient Cloud Realm, they would have to first step onto the island. Ye Wei didn’t help Hong Hai and the others to get obtain a Returned Prime Stone because they were all freshmen to the Thousand Stars Palace, and they would all have to go and obtain their Returned Prime Stones themselves by relying on their own strength or else they would receive punishment for disobeying the palace rules.

    “Why did Ye Wei get so many stones? What use does he have for them? One can only make use of the Returned Prime Stone to breakthrough to the returned prime realm if they defeated the puppets themselves, so even if he takes them out, there won’t be much point to it.”

    “Why are you so nosy? Ye Wei is so strong, killing all of those puppets would be extremely easy for him, taking away all those stones would be normal. Previously, weren’t there also people who took the stones out? Only problem would be that the stones would be useless to them.”

    “You’re right, sigh, having such strength sure is nice eh? We can’t even get a single Returned Prime Stone, but Ye Wei can easily get a few dozen of them.”

    Watching Ye Wei’s leaving figure, the freshmen discussed amongst themselves in low voices. However, what they could not imagine was they Ye Wei didn’t take the Returned Prime Stones for himself, but for other people!

    Standing upon the lonely island, amongst the fishy smell and the ocean breeze, Ye Wei saw a majestic palace in the distance, and then he stood upon the spacial runicle.

    “Go!” Ye Wei command the runicle to leave the mysterious Ancient Cloud realm, and it took him to the member of the royal Helian clan who was waiting for Ye Wei outside.

    Seated next to the middle aged royal Helian clan member inside the imperial runicle, Ye Wei went straight back towards his own residencial villa.

    Sitting within the silence, Ye Wei sat cross-legged. “Ever since breaking into the returned prime realm, I can finally continue cultivating the Eternal Star Physique (1), and I can also use the Bright Moon Yuan liquid that I got from the Qing Shi clan, there are only eight days until the Black Dragon Ranking Tournament. I can’t waste time.” Ye Wei thought as he entered seclusion as soon as he reached his residencial villa.

    Within the villa of the Spiritualist Qing Mu, he wore a green robe, facing his kneeling subordinates Shi Kun, Qian Dao and Zhou Huan with a cold glint in his eyes.

    “You said that the second Ye Wei broke into the returned prime realm, he could release power of which is on par with a 5-star returned prime warrior? Not only that, but he beat all three of you one strike?” Qing Mu looked at the kneeling three people, his voice tinted with the coldest of ice.


    “That brat Ye Wei is too mysterious, we don’t even know which body strengthening technique he cultivates. Prior to breaking into the returned prime realm, his body was comparable to a 4 star returned prime warrior! We had no way of stopping him from getting the Returned Prime Stone.”

    They had followed Qing Mu for far too long, they knew how ruthless he was when dealing with people, and they could tell that he was incomparably infuriated! Qing Mu’s eyes flashed with a cold glint as he scanned Shi Kun, Qian Dao and Zhou Huan. He seemed to be in thought for a little while before screaming.

    “His body was at the strength of a 4-star returned prime warrior before he broke through to the returned prime realm? What type of body strengthening technique can allow one to do that? Not only that, but the second he broke through to the returned prime realm, he could erupt with the strength of a 5-star returned prime warrior? You three better not be looking for an excuse in order to try to hide your miserable failure!”

    “Hmph! Don’t think that I don’t know you three cowards well enough. That brat got 9 howls from the dragon statue, that means that his potential is unmeasurable no? You guys don’t dare to offend him is that right now?”

    “Nice one, you guys didn’t offend him, but instead, you have offended ME! The spiritualist! Have i been showing too much… kindness recently?” Qing Mu’s had a very dark expression on his face. Using the strength and power of an 8-star returned prime warrior, he forcefully shoved the three underlings away.

    Facing the horrifying majestic pressure of an 8-star returned prime warrior, they could only bow and kneel to Qing Mu.

    “Oh Spiritualist Qing Mu, you are mistaken!” the three were petrified and were almost beyond words.

    However, Ye Wei’s body really did have the strength of a 4-star returned prime warrior before breaking through, and his light clone had also reached the same level, the three of them were helpless before this and couldn’t stop Ye Wei from obtaining his stone.

    But then again, who knew that Ye Wei could have cultivated such a powerful body strengthening technique and could do so? And also erupt with the power of a 5-star returned prime warrior upon just breaking through? This incident would entirely impossible, but when it fell onto Ye Wei, it would happen time and time again. The three lackeys would also like to know what is going on, but who would tell them?

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on here. I am very happy to have finally translated this chapter of Cult of the Sacred Runes as it was my second light novel and I loved it. Unfortunately, the translator was gone by the time I caught up and I realised that no-one had continued it either on the official site or on the forums so I decided to give it a shot. Thanks everyone for reading and I may be back to post more translated chapters of this novel later. Also just going to apologise for my awful grammar.

    Thanks all!
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    Lum, your chapter is well written and has no errors I noticed, but the subject seems like so many on this website. It doesn't stand out. If I have to read one more cultivation story I'll just scream. Characters being measured and described via numbers is a fictional concept that has limited use and value to the reader. As an author, nobody describes you by your word count. Your body does not have a value for your strength, IQ, dexterity, etc. So why simplify your characters to this structure.
    As a reader, I enjoy a story that is fresh and interesting. Set in a place in my imagination built by the author. The story conveys the authors emotions through their writing and not through ever increasing numbers that climax with a grand total equivalent to the end. That kind of writing might make an accountant never put down your story, but it will make me never pick it up.
    Try a different genera like a western, a ghost story or a love story and see how you do. Once you step away from your numbers game I bet you will have a great story to tell.
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    Hey BattleLord thanks for the feedback, but the reason that I did this was because Cult of the Sacred Runes was a novel that was already being translated on the website but then it was stopped due to personal reasons regarding the translator. I also wanted to get better at Chinese so I chose to do this novel which I adored but was never able to finish due to those reasons. Nevertheless thanks for the feedback and I'll consider finding a story along your guidelines as they also sound more fun to translate.
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    In that case I applaud your noble effort to translate a novel and I think your writing is excellent. I look forward to reading some of your original work when you are ready.
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    Chapter 236 ---- A big battle is brewing

    Ye Wei received 9 howls from the Black Dragon statue, but all in all, potential was still potential. It doesn’t represent strength. No matter what, the three lackeys were all 4-star returned prime warriors on the Black Dragon Ranking, not only that, but they had the Spiritualist Qing Mu, an 8-star returned prime warrior who was fifth on the ranking, backing them. They didn’t have a reason to fear Ye Wei.

    They were really committed to Qing Mu, but now he didn’t trust them. The three lackeys were very scared and are questioning their choices. Was following Qing Mu really the right choice?

    “BEGONE!” Qing Mu swept the three of them who were already kneeling. “Don’t let me see you three in the Black Dragon Valley in the future, or else you know what’s coming!” He was clearly enraged with the performance of the three them. Flicking his sleeve harshly as a gesture, he kicked them out.

    The three of them stood back up with bitter smiles on their face. What did they do to deserve this? They didn’t achieve the results that he wanted, so he outcast them!

    Now, not only did they offend Ye Wei, they also offended Qing Mu! The Spiritualist!

    “It’s all that stupid Ye Wei’s fault!”

    “Yeah, that bastard should die! If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have offended Qing Mu, now, we won’t be able to have a good time in the Black Dragon Valley!”

    Although the three of them were all thinking something along those lines, they didn’t have the courage to go and duke it out with Ye Wei after all.

    “Spiritualist sir Qing Mu, the three of us have been humbly following you around for two or three years now, and since you don’t want to see us in the Black Dragon Valley, we can just leave. However…. ummmm….. there are a few things that we shouldn’t say……” The three of them put on a fake warm smile and started sucking up to Qing Mu.

    “Say it.” Qing Mu coldly commanded the three of them.

    “We do not dare to hide this from you great sir, but Ye Wei is definitely a weird one. After he somehow snatched the stone from right under our eyes, we declared that we were under your orders, b-b-b-but Ye Wei just didn’t place you in his eyes. Oh! He also said that you shouldn’t anger him in the future or you’ll regret it!” They were simply marinating the story.

    “Also, there were around 10 to twenty freshmen in the Ancient Cloud Realm, they all heard it! You may not believe us, but you can go and ask the freshmen to confirm! Honestly though, great Spiritualist sir, we appreciate the kindness and backing that you have provided us with these few years. I bear the heavens and the earth as witness!”

    The bootlicking didn’t end for quite a while inside of Qing Mu’s villa. Eventually, they began to leave.

    Once the trio left, Qing Mu was left alone inside of his courtyard. An uncertainty flashed across his eyes as his facial expression darkened.

    “Shi Kun and the other two have followed me faithfully for two to three years already, they are very clear with my style of doing things. They should not be trolling me…..”

    Qing Mu was having some doubts regarding this matter, a cold light then flashed across his eyes.

    “Unless…. what they said… was…. real? Ye Wei really possesses this type of strength?” Qing Mu was pondering on their words. “Hmph, even if he does, so what? Not being able to take care of such a small matter, what use do I have you for?”

    “Ye Wei, I may have underestimated you now, but after 8 days, the Black Dragon Ranking Tournament will start. Even if you can erupt with the strength of a 5-star returned prime warrior, I will let you know that you are but a mere ant in front of me. The Spiritualist!”

    In order to teach Ye Wei a lesson, he used his influence within the Ten Thousand Star Palace and organised lots of surprises. He wanted everyone in the Ten Thousand Star Palace to know that offending the spiritualist would not end well for anyone!

    As time trickled on, seven days passed on. The Black Dragon Ranking Tournament was going to start very soon. Every genius training in a secret realm was heading back towards the Ten Thousand Star Palace at this moment.

    White fog drifted around the Black Dragon Valley, within a palace, there was a golden number plate with a “1” character. This number represented the most domineering person within the whole Ten Thousand Star Palace.

    There was a handsome youth dressed in a lavender coloured robe sitting inside the courtyard. The youth’s robe seemed to be glowing hazily and one could see that every strand of cloth used to make the robe had runes flowing across it. It was definitely not a normal robe. Obviously, this gentle- looking youth would be the Ten Thousand Star Palace’s top disciple, a ten star returned prime warrior. The king that no-one could reach ----- Chi Wuxiu!

    “So…. a freshman just entered the Black Dragon Ranking…. and also got 9 howls?” The corner of Chi Wuxiu’s mouth lifted a little bit as he laughed slightly, giving off a warm feeling resembling the fresh spring breeze. An intrigued expression flashed across his eyes as he murmured to himself, “Interesting.”

    Chi Wuxiu gave off a modest, refined and familiar vibe, but anyone who has known him for a period of time would know that he is a very proud, after all, he has been on the summit for so long, and yet, no-one could provide him with a challenge. However, this time when he was shuffling across the numerous secret dimensions, he has heard many rumours regarding Ye Wei.

    “I’ve been too lonely for too many years now, Ye Wei, your potential does not lose to me. I hope you don’t disappoint me.” Muttering under his breath, an extremely strong desire appeared in his eyes.

    After all, Chi Wuxiu was far too strong, even all of the top 10 in the Black Dragon Ranking can’t block his attack even if they cooperated. This was the so-called loneliness of the true apex experts.

    At this moment, several people were sitting around a courtyard table drinking tea. It wasn’t long before their conversation off-tracked then fell onto the interesting topic of Ye Wei.

    “Ye Wei sure is an interesting guy eh? At a mere 16 years of age, he can destroy a tradition of the Ten Thousand Star Palace which all of the other generations were unable to do. Even so, that doesn’t result to much, however, attracting 9 howls from that statue is pretty impressive!”

    “After so many years, the Ten Thousand Star Palace will finally have a genius whose potential is on the same level as Chi Wuxiu!” Li Tai raised his head high, behind him was a sword, however, there were 3 hilts outside. His whole body radiated a sort of Sword Intent, possessing a bearing resembling of one which could tear down the heavens.

    “Oh yeah, I heard that even when that Ye Wei kid hadn’t even broken through to the returned prime realm, his body was comparable to a 4-star returned prime warrior! What are your thoughts on this matter?” Across Li Tai sat a good friend of his, interesting directing questions at him.

    “It doesn’t seem to be that logical at all, after all, Shi Kun, Qian Dou and Zhou Ying are all Qing Mu’s lackeys, their news probably isn’t very accurate.”

    “Qing Mu is a very vengeful person, and although Ye Wei breaking the tradition of the Ten Thousand Stars chapter isn’t much, it was organised by Qing Mu. This is equivalent to slapping that guy on the face, and with that guy’s personality, Ye Wei will have a very hard time due to his revenge.”

    “We have all seen body-strengthening techniques before, but they can’t use it to skip realms. Not to mention one that can allow them to be comparable to a 4-star returned prime warrior whilst being a condensed prime warrior, have you guys heard of one before?”

    “This matter ultimately doesn’t result to much, rumours get exaggerated. They even got exaggerated to the point of saying that the second that brat broke through to the returned prime realm, he could erupt with the power of a 5-star returned prime warrior! That has to be a joke!”

    “Unless the three great royal clans took out an amplifying stance, and gave it to an outsider, there is no way anyone’s strength could be boosted by this much!” Li Tai’s friends were all in the top 20 of the Black Dragon Ranking and they were all happy to debate about Ye Wei and his secrets.

    “Perhaps he has some sort of bizarre secret that lets him achieve that, but it doesn’t matter what rumours the outer world brings us. I however, am interested in how Ye Wei would perform in this Ranking Battle. Breaking the tradition, potential on par with Chi Wuxiu, any of those would make people flock to challenge him.” Li Tai laughed gently. A starlike gleam of light flashed across Li Tai’s eyes as he sipped some alcohol.

    “Every time the Ranking Battle occurs, the top 10 virtually never change and other battles are all pointless. Now, however, Ye Wei has appeared and I think that this ranking war may have some meaning to it.”

    When the Black Dragon Ranking Battle stars, every bigshot on the Black Dragon Ranking would have their eyes on Ye Wei, watching for his performance. The rumours regarding Ye Wei have been circulating around the Ten Thousand Star Palace for a while now, defeating the tradition that has existed for thousands of years? Fairy Qing Yao having good feelings towards him? These rumours were everywhere, sparking people’s will to challenge Ye Wei.

    Since he triggered 9 howls from the Black Dragon Statue, Ye Wei hasn’t really grown much. This time, if someone defeats Ye Wei, they would have bragging rights for a long time.

    Ye Wei would definitely be a major figure when he grows up, defeating such a major figure is an insane temptation to everyone out there.

    Qing Yao sat inside of her courtyard, Xue’er sat next to Qing Yao.

    “It’s already been 7 days, big brother Ye Wei has just couped himself up in seclusion, I wonder if he got his Returned Prime Stone and broke through into the returned prime realm.” Xue’er’s two little hands supported her chin as she looked towards the white fog, gazing towards Ye Wei’s villa. She looked a little sad and disappointed.

    “Qing Mu has sent the Shi Kun trio. That’s so annoying, he’s been targeting big brother Ye Wei’s news. He keeps dispatching people to give Ye Wei trouble. Isn’t this just plain bullying?” Thinking about the recent news on Ye Wei in the Ten Thousand Star Palace, Xue’er was pretty angry.

    “Oh yeah, big sis Qing Yao, I heard that the number 4 on the Black Dragon Ranking Ao Yu has gotten quite the fortuitous encounter in a secret realm this time. When she comes back she would probably challenge you.” Xue’er said to Qing Yao who was silently painting by the side.

    “She isn’t my opponent!” An icy light flashed across her eyes, Qing Yao’s icy voice also revealed her confidence.

    The Ao family was also one of the sixteen millennia old families, Ao Yu and Qing Yao entered the Ten Thousand Star Palace together, during the years, the two of them were frequently competing against each other. However, Qing Yao would win every time.

    “Amongst the top 5 ranks, you can challenge anyone, but that Ao Yu sure is annoying, using her identity as Chi Wuxiu’s fiance, she keeps harassing big sis Qing Yao. When she can’t beat you, she would just let Chi Wuxiu bully big sis, that’s too excessive!

    “Don’t worry though big sis Qing Yao, Ye Wei’s potential isn’t any lower than Chi Wuxiu, after all these years, Ye We will definitely destroy Chi Wuxiu. Hmph, I want to see if he dares to bully big sis again after that.” Xue’er clenched her fists, a whole face full of indignation as she said. She was filled with trust towards Ye Wei.

    “I can sort out my own matters, also, potential isn’t equivalent to true strength, although my potential isn’t as high as Chi Wuxiu’s, I will still overtake him!” Qing Yao was filled with confidence. Qing Yao had a strong personality, she didn’t like to rely on anyone for anything.

    But Chi Wuxiu was the Ten Thousand Star Palace’s demon king, as a ten star returned prime warrior. So far, who was Chi Wuxiu’s opponent? Ye Wei?

    Qing Yao was very clear on the concept that potential wasn’t true strength. Right now, Chi Wuxiu was a lot stronger than Ye Wei, and Chi Wuxiu has extreme talent which isn’t lower than Ye Wei’s. How would Ye Wei catch up to him?

    After Ye Wei got back from the Ancient Cloud Mystery Realm, he shut himself in seclusion. He didn’t go to Qing Yao’s villa, so Qing Yao and Xue’er didn’t know if he broke into the returned prime warrior realm. As for the rumours outside, she disregarded them.

    This is my second CSR chapter and I have to thank you all once again for reading this.

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