Cruel Sun

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    Hey all this is just a little story I thought I might start up. I'm still new to this so do forgive any mistakes I might make. If you have any comments or suggestions about my writing please feel free I'm here to learn.

    Cruel Sun - Chapter 1

    The Worried Girl

    The grime of the undercity had never bothered the girl. She had grown accustomed to the filth that covered everything beneath the Top. All who called the undercity home were tainted by it in some way. The girl was aware of course that she too was marked by this taint, the same darkness that she saw all around was within her as well. None of this however mattered to the girl it was life she thought. What was the point in despairing and asking why? No, the girl had other more important things too worry about. Her current most worrisome problem stemmed from a man named Crooked Jimmy.

    Normally the girl would simply destroy whatever happened to be bothering her. After all in the undercity people did whatever was necessary to get by. Unfortunately this particular problem couldn’t be solved by a swift and violent murder. The girl knew of Crooked Jimmy’s particular talents and was in desperate need of his services. Crooked Jimmy was known in many circles of the undercity for his uncanny ability to find anything at all one might need. And right now she needed a passage out of the undercity all the way to the Top.

    “Ahem perhaps nows not the best time to be daydreaming.” Her thoughts interrupted the girl brought her attention once more to the man seated in front of her.

    The girl gazed menacingly at Crooked Jimmy while he smiled smugly back at her from across the table.

    “So girl I hear you’ve been looking for me. Well, here I am.” he continued to smile at the girl his smugness growing more apparent the longer he looked at her. The urge to kill the man in front of her was growing perhaps she didn’t need him. She certainly didn't like his attitude and there were still others she could turn to for help.

    Before she could decide whether or not to kill him Crooked Jimmy leaned in close and said “From what I hear you need all the help you can get so think twice before you do anything. You didn’t have a lot of friends in this city to begin with and nows not the time to make new enemies.”

    The smug smile from before had disappeared instead what caught her attention was the cold and calculating look in his eyes. Crooked Jimmy’s eyes locked with hers but she could feel that he was memorizing every little detail. Never once wavering those eyes peered into her’s trying to see to the very depths of her tainted soul. The girl found herself disturbed and a little excited. These were the eyes the girl thought these were the eyes of a man who get her exactly what she needed.

    She’d decided reaching to her side the girl threw a bag filled with coins onto the table “I need…” Crooked Jimmy quickly interjected “I know what you need and I must say if that coin is all you can offer you won't get it. To gain passage to the Top requires more than money.”

    The girl responded quickly “I am willing to do anything for passage to the Top.”

    At this Crooked Jimmy smiled again but this time it was a knowing smile like she’d said exactly what he’d expected her to say. The girl did not appreciate being manipulated her anger was rising yet again. Thinking once more that maybe she didn’t need him the girl made to leave she rose heading for the door.

    She’d almost made it out when Crooked Jimmy spoke once more “Don’t you even want to hear what it is I want? Aren’t you in need of passage to the Top? Well I can provide it all I ask is for you to do me one small favor.” Her back to him in her minds eye the girl could still see the smug grin no doubt plastered on his face.

    Gritting her teeth she turned round “Fine what is it you want?” still very tempted to leave she did not sit down. Despite this the girl knew she could not afford to leave she needed safe passage and he could provide it. “It’s very simple all I require is for you to take this box…” pausing to reach into one of the many pockets on his jacket Crooked Jimmy held a small wooden box “take it and bring it to the Western Dragon Inn.”

    Offering the box to her the girl accepted if a bit reluctantly. Examining the box more closely she could see nothing remarkable about it. The girl moved closer to the window to allow the pale blue light of the undercity’s artificial sun to hit the box. For a brief instant the girl could have sworn she saw the image of a black serpent fighting a red tiger appear on its surface. The image quickly faded and the girl though curious cared very little about what it could mean.

    Looking once more at Crooked Jimmy she asked “Where is this inn I have never heard of it and I’ve been all over the undercity.” he smiled, “The inn is not in the undercity it lies at the Top when you arrive head for the main square there you will find a man who will show you the way. In two days I will notify you when passage to the Top has been secured for now lay low.”

    The girl nodded leaving the building she turned a caught a glimpse of his face now sporting a very different expression this time the smile was genuine his cold eyes were merry he almost looked happy. Now finding herself outside having completed her goal the girl found herself more worried than when she’d arrived. She couldn’t help but shiver a little for down here in the undercity no one ever smiles like that.
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