Chapter 2

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    Chapter 1:An old darkness and a new light!

    A silence. That was what would one would notice when one first set foot in this realm .Not that any one would wish to .Even the mighty suras mightiest in the three realms would tremble in the mere mention of its name .A realm of darkness where light of any kind is a sin, a realm of stillness , as stillness that could not seem to be defied by any who would be foolhardy to venture there.A realm of death , where life of no kind seems to be tolerated ,aloof from the cycle that spans all of the myriad dimensions.Yet in this realm there seemed to be a dim radiance , if there was a light that could be dark at the same time it was this one .Beyond desolate wastes, barren lands that spewed fire and brimstone , atop mountains frozen with a crown of what seemed to be snow lay an enormous palace of humongous proportions and of a cold,desolate beauty in front of which the supreme palace of the Eternal Heaven seemed nothing more than a crude hut at that.Deep within its cavernous hall there lay what seemed to be an empty throne shrouded in darkness with flickers of strange light like the wisps that would prey the night of the countryside.

    A burst of footsteps came that tore apart the veil of silence that this world had covered itself with and an unclear figure came and prostrated before the throne.From this figure there came a voice as harsh as a knife scraping across stone yet it's pitiful pleading did not seem to suit the harsh intones with it spoke "My lord,I have done my tasks yet was unfortunately found out by
    them. A thousand curses, in the name of the great darkness !! I have returned as fast as possible sire forgive me for my fault!"The figure lay bare ,trembling in fear as if it was aware that its attempts were mere futility.Abruptly, the darkness before the throne seemed to shift and the figure was propelled upwards by an unseen force that by his reactions seemed to have held his throat in a vice like grip.Thence came a sound, a beautiful melody that would not be out of place among the fair gardens of the Gandhamadana or among the frolic of the merry Gandharvas or the sojourning Apsaras. "How long have you served my self" "For almost several thousand eras nearly a Brahmic Day my lord" .The figure seeming to be pleading for leniency of some sort on account of his long and meritorious service "A long time indeed!How time seems to pass so swiftly." there came a sigh after which the voice continued "However transgressions can never go unpunished.Because of you several of this lord's efforts have gone to waste.Yet on account of your long service a leniency can be granted"Before the figure could complete his cry of joy he gave out a gasp "My,My lord!""Freedom!Freedom is my greatest gift to you .Oblivion !Thou shalt never enter the cycle of Samsara again .Your Karma has been undone.Your Name holds no meaning.From now on your existence shall be no more in any form and thou shall vanish for evermore from the three realms!"Following these words there came a great scream of untold agony from the figure it seemed to twist and flail,writhe and contort and then it was gone with all traces of its existence vanishing along with it .There was a sigh"Be thankful! I am quite merciful to those who have served me for long!There are worse things to fear than oblivion!"The voice seemed to have quietened for a moment then it spoke again"Come out!For how long would you continue to observe this farce!!"My lord"came two exactly identical voices whose sources seem to lay down in supplication before the throne"Because of that bungling fool we need to accelerate our plans Make amends we need to begin at once!""As you wish , my lord"and the two voices dissipated not before hearing a last sentence as if in afterthought"The reckoning has come , it is time for the subversion of the three realms!!!"

    Blue Planet ,Thunder Path Territory,Divine Continent,Holy Dark Wind Empire

    In front of a great shala tree there seemed to be several scratches both shallow and deep akin to the marks made by blades.A youth about 1 yojana(3 km) away was swinging his sword in what seemed at first glance to be in random yet on careful observation showcased a mysterious elegance, a sense of power and a feeling that compelled one to submit before the sword.The youth continued his insights and after a long time yet which seemed short to him he at last put back the sword in its sheath and sat down before the banks of the stream that flowed through that grove He did not seemed to be satisfied with his efforts "Even after all this time I have barely set foot in the Earth Master Realm.How long would it take for me to enter the Heavenly Lord Realm and become a true powerhouse no to mention the legendary Nirvana realm"he sighed disregarding the fact that even in the Holy Dark Wind Empire where talents were like the stars blotting out the sky it would be few indeed who would have reached the same realm as he even if they were to make many times the humongous effort made by him.But then he had his own reasons being the sole heir of two of the greatest clans in the empire was pressure enough not to mention that incident that seemed to have scarred him for life.He shook his head , trying to get rid of all distracting thoughts and once again did his best to absorb spiritual energy through the kundalini at the base of his spine , down through the nabhi(Dantian) and up through his various chakra meridians as per his cultivation technique.His technique could be said to be one of the best in the entire continent nay perhaps even in the entire Thunder Path Territory after all how could a technique personally verified by the patriarchs of two of the greatest clans be common?Yet the speed of its collecting energy seemed to be like a snail's pace to him.He realized that further contemplation was of no use and would only serve to aggravate his mental state further and one of the first lessons learned by all and sundry was cultivation could only be done in the state of 'Stillness such as water' one had greater chances of suffering a back lash when one's mind was not peaceful.Thus he decided to end his meditation and hunt for a desolate beast .Not only could the act cool him but it also could serve as a valuable source of income since various parts of the corpse were extremely precious and in the world of cultivation it was certainly better to have more money than one could spend rather than having less

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