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    Sorry for my bad english

    "Hahahaha, kid the old bastard is not here anymore to help you, so give it up, this ring is too precious for you to have" said the bald man to the kid on the ground.

    The kid look at the guy with the unyielding eye, even after the 2 man kick and punch him many time he still try to standing up and fight for the ring, he try to standing one more time even with that many wound on his body but he still trying to stand up.

    He said "give back my ring, even if i have lost my life i will not let the two of you go until you give back my ring".

    "What a stubborn kid, if that what you want, ill be happy to kill you right now" said the man with sinister eye.

    He move to the side of the kid kick that kid abdomen when he try to kick for the second the 3 man appear beside him and hit his on the face, the man surprice by the attack fall to the ground.

    "Who?" said the man puzzled.

    "The guard? why you hit us?" said the other man.

    One man came to in front of the two, his aura make the two man tremble and scared, the man said to them "give me the kid ring, and go from here if you dont want to be hit again".

    The kid saw the man make the two scared said in his heart "this is what they call strength, the think that i yearn for in this lifetime and before, the thing that make me throw away everything just for this even my life".

    The man walk to the kid side and give his ring back to him, the hold the ring tightly the peace come to his heart his consciousness slowly leaving him behind and finally he fainted.

    The man look at the unconscious kid, he mumbling to himself "what a excellent kid, he have a iron will and unyielding heart, maybe its my fate to meet him here" and said "take the kid back to my mansion, and treat him nicely" said the man to the 3 man beside him.
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    Chapter 1 awakening

    4 day after that event, the kid open his eye slowly, what he see around him is a nice room like a old chinese room decoration, the finally remember what happen to him and quickly look for his ring.

    He look at his index finger and find the ring there he stroking his ring nicely hold it close to his heart.

    Suddenly a sound of a door opened can be hear and the kid look at the door, he saw a little girl there around the same age with him she have a beautiful clear eyes, with a oval face and a beautiful green hair.

    her pink lips slightly open when he look at the kid, she look surprise when she look the kid awake.

    the girl look at him for a while before she said "you're awake? i need to tell daddy about it"

    The girl go out of the room hurriedly, after a while the girl came back with a middle age man in his thirty in her side.

    The man have an amazing muscle, on his face a large sword scar from his nose to his neck, his aura is fierce like a tiger, which make his opponent oppressed with his aura alone can be seen how much battle live and dead he's been fighting until now.

    The old man gave him a light smile and said to him "you awake you've been unconscious for 4 days how are you feel right now?"

    The trying to kneel on the bed but with his injured body he cant help but groan with pain a little.

    The man then hurriedly hold him up and said "dont force yourself too much, your injury hasnt been healed, you have to lie down on the bed"

    The kid said to the man "this injury is nothing for me thanks for benefactor kindness, for recover my ring help me all this time, if lie yan can do anyting for benefactor even i have to jump on sea of fire i will never hesitated"

    "you have a guts, unyielding heart and righteous. we meet because of fate, and have an interest at you. I straight to the point i dont have any son as a successor so i ask you do you want to be my successor?" said the man make lie yan shocked and dumpfounded.
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    Chapter 2 three year.

    "What do you mean successor? why you choose me?" said lie yan puzzled.

    The man smile and said "my name is mu chen the general of this bluestone kingdom, and why i choose you because i see you are the person i can put my trust in".

    "But even so why you're not choose amongst the noble youve known? i think it be more suitable for that position than a beggart like me" said lie yan.

    "Youll know when you go to capital city why i choose you over them, so do you want to be my son and successor?" said mu chen solemly.

    Lie yan look at mu chen eyes he can see a sincerity in his eyes lie yan then nod his head and said "from now on ill be in your care"

    Mu chen then laugh and said "good, good from now on you are my son and from tomorrow you have to learn much about manners, knowledge and start to cultivate so prepare yourself".

    Lie yan smile wryly but he already decide to try hard so mu chen didnt regreted his decision.

    Three years after.

    Lie yan sat on his bed to cultivate, his look so different from 3 years ago, his yellow brown burned skin now white and healthy, the 9 years old kid now twelve years old, a little beggart now growed, he look more mature and a trace of handsomeness can be seen on his face.

    he feeling an qi at a surrounding more and more qi accumulate on his meridian when his thought the qi is enough he try to move his qi to his muscle to temper his muscle.

    But something prevent them to move at his muscle, like some barrier which stoped his qi to flow in there.

    When lie yan force his qi to break that barrier he appear on white with 36 card appear in front of his eyes, eleven of that card glow with a silver light but when lie yan want to reach them some word appear on his head "not enough gilt to purchase".

    Lie yan then saw an number below that word 5000gilt/1000mull.

    Whats that mean? lie yan puzzled and he back to his room.

    He sigh and said "failed again why that card appear everytime i try to breakthrough?".

    That card is the card which he made in his previous live, in that live he live on a planet which they called earth, at that planet lie yan spend his live to research and finally make that card, but the outcome is the card failed and he lost his live.

    Lie yan hear a some sound on the door he said "mu ling you can enter now".

    A girl with a green hair appear on the door, a smile appear on the girl face she said "big brother, how youre training? did you manage to breakthrough?"

    Lie yan look sad he said "no i failed again".

    The girl reach her hand to lie yan cheek and said "dont give up, i know big brother is a talented cultivator, if there something isnt clear about cultivation why dont you ask father?"

    Lie yan reach his hand on mu ling hand and hold it, a warm feeling appear on his heart, he look at mu ling beautiful eye and said "yeah, i try to talk to father".

    Lie yan and mu ling growed accostumed to each other, in this three years mu ling and lie they grow closer.

    They know what mu chen mean to raise him as a son, lie yan and mu ling accept it, and they too slowly have a feeling for each other.

    Mu ling and lie yan walk to the mu chen room and said "father can i talk with you right now?".

    "Oh mu yan come" said mu chen hurriedly.

    After lie yan being mu chen foster son, he change his name be mu yan.

    Lie yan enter with mu ling while still holding her hand, mu chen smile he look so happy when he seeing mu ling and lie yan.

    "So what you want to discuss with me?" said mu chen while smile and look at mu ling and lie yan hand teasingly.

    Mu ling blushed and said "i going to tell the servant to prepare a tea"

    While hurriedly run out of the room.

    Mu chen laugh see his daughter and said to lie yan teasingly "why she have to rushing out like that, i still have a pot of tea here and i still have a bottle of wine here".

    Lie yan know if he dont try to change the subject here lie mu chen will continue to teasing him, he said "father, you know its already 1 1/2 years since i breakthrough to viscera tempering and i cant breaktrough even after i try for half years".

    He then tell mu chen about how the card appear while still conceal about his previous live thing.

    Mu chen hear what lie yan description couldnt help but said "soul user!!!"
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    Chapter 3 soul user.

    "What is soul user?" said lie yan

    "Soul user is people who have a special power on their soul, for example "bear" soul user they can strengthening their body strength, "sword" tipe soul which can sharpening that people attack and even help him to learning sword art, every soul have a different power, but every soul user is more powerfull than a cultivator in the same level they can even fight with cultivator a level more powerful than them" said mu chen excitedly.

    "That powerfull?" said lie yan excited

    "Yeah, even some people have a soul more powerful than that, but that kind of power came with some price" said mu chen

    "What? So what they have to pay to use that power?" said lie yan

    "some people have to eat a dozen times more than normal adult, some people have to spend their vitality to pay, some use their qi to use, each person have a different requirement to use their power, so what kind of requirement for your card power?" said mu chen

    "I dont know, but when i think to keep my 5 silver coin, my silver coin is dissapear and appear a word in my head 5000 gilt" said lie yan.

    "So everytime you use it it cost a money, and for advance a level you have to pay it with money too, so, how much it needed for you to breakthrough to muscle tempering" said mu chen.

    "I dont know, its a thousand mull, but i dont know how much gilt one mull is" said mu chen.

    "The try to keep this to see how much it is" said mu chen while giving lie yan a gold coin.

    Lie yan take that gold coin and think to saving it, that gold coin is dissapear and a word appear on lie yan head "one mull acquired" lie yan look surprised.

    Mu chen said "how?".

    Lie yan stop breathing for a while with a sigh he said"It needed one thousand gold coin"

    Mu chen nod his head, he call gramp lu wen over and said something to him.

    Lu wen after hearing what mu chen said look shock for a while and walk out to the room.

    Mu chen look at lie yan and said "its normal for it to needed that much of money, but to think just for advanced to muscle tempering stage needed that much of money i think we need to think how to find more money in the future"

    Mu chen is a general of the blue stone kingdom, but what he got every years is just a few thousand gold coin, even on his treasury only have around thirty to forty thousand gold coin even king of this kingdom only have around six hundred to seven hundred thousand gold coin.

    More and more gold coin is needed to advanced to a high level of power so mu chen cant keep up with it if he only depend on his current income.

    Fifteen minutes after lu wen walk out of this room he came back with a bag of money, after he place that bag of money on the table he walk out of the room.

    Mu chen said to lie yan "on this bag is a thousand gold coin, now try to use it to advance to a muscle stage"

    Lie yan take the money and go back to the white space lie yan use that money to purchase that eleven glowing card.

    An new information enter his mind the eleven card is a eleven type card which contain.
    Warrior card which a close combat job
    Assasins card which a stealthy and cunning job
    Ranger card long distance and trasure hunter job
    Mage card element type attack job
    Summoner card monster controller job
    Necromancer card undead controller job
    Healer card heal and cure job
    Enchanter card strengthening ally and weaken enemy job
    Blacksmith card weapon and armor maker job
    Alchemist card medicine maker job
    Illusionist card illusion attack user job

    After he see through all that information lie yan circulate his energy and try to move them on every muscle in his body, lie yan qi flow easily to every muscle in his body and strengthening them slowly with qi energy "fith stage muscle tempering".

    After a while lie yan laugh and said "dad, i think i know how to make faster"

    Mu chen puzzled and said "how? did you find out how you power work? and how much money needed to use them?".

    "I find my power is job type power, when i use a thousand gold coin i find a blacksmith and alchemist type job among them, you know that blacksmith and alchemist is a money maker and i didnt need anything to use all of that job i just need a qi to use them" said lie yan happily.

    "Really? you said there is eleven card what kind of job they have?" said mu chen excitedly.

    Lie yan tell mu chen about the job he have happily and after 20 minute "i think i only need to pay everytime i advanced a level in power" said lie yan.

    "Its a good power, how about you try to use that power and see how much powerful they are" said mu chen.
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    Chapter 4 card abilities

    In the training field

    Lie yan and mu chen face each other, their distance is 10 meter.

    Mu chen look at lie yan and said "try to attack me with all youve got"

    Mu chen is a peak level of the mental refining.

    And lie yan is a 5 stage body tempering.

    In body tempering from low to high is
    Defense tempering which strengthening body defense which contain skin, flesh, bone, and viscera tempering.
    Start from 5 stage is strength tempering which contain muscle, blood vein, heart, and marrow tempering.

    After body tempering is mental tempering which fasten people thinking, reaction, stengthening soul and people mind to sense element in the world (water, fire etc).

    And mu chen as a mental tempering already have a power to sense element on surrounding, so imposible for lie yan to defeat or even hurt him.

    Warrior job card is consist of and barehanded warrior and weapon user warrior.

    At first lie yan use barehanded warrior, a qi move from his meridian to his fist and foot enveloped them and forming a glove and shoes.

    Lie yan feel his qi decrease 1/20 when he use that card.

    He start his move, he move in front of mu chen and give 3 consecutive punch which easily been blocked by mu chen.

    Mu chen eye brighten he said to lie yan "not bad, your power is at least a little more powerful than a blood vein tempering stage".

    "Its not fair dad, you use a mental refining peak stage again me how can i win again you?" said lie yan discontented with mu chen while distance himself from mu chen.

    "Then how about this if you can hit me i will reward you with another thousand gold how about it?" said mu chen with a grinning face.

    Lie yan think for a while then nodded his head and said "then its deal".

    "Kid you think i will give you chance" said mu chen in his head.

    Lie yan take his breath, after a while he make his move lie yan use the fist skill from a barehanded warrior "bear strike".

    Lie yan use his palm to strike, a qi enveloped his hand and forming a bear hand, that strike hit mu chen but still being blocked by mu chen with easy.

    A card appear behind lie yan and move to lie yan direction, lie yan change from barehanded to sworman from warrior card a qi move to lie yan hand and forming a katana.

    Glove and shoes on his hand and foot vanish and replaced with a sword, lie yan sword move fast but mu chen more fast than him lie yan then activated his sword skill "shadow moon sword".

    Lie yan sword move with a soft move an illusion sword appear beside lie yan sword and lie yan sword hide on that illusion sword shadow.

    The illusion sword move to mu chen neck while the real sword move to mu chen waist, if its an body tempering cultivator this move can deceive them but how can mu chen a mental refining stage be deceived by this move.

    Mu chen deflect this sword attack to the left side, but lie yan attack didnt stop with only that attack he spin his body an use the second skill "slash".

    a qi enveloped lie yan sword and when lie yan slashed his sword a crescent moon shape qi move to mo chen.

    Move fast to avoid it and that crescent moon form qi deformed and vanish 2 meter from lie yan.

    "Good, you can fight with at least a rank or even two rank higher than you, but its seems your qi depleted in fast rate too" said mu chen while look at the exhausted lie yan.

    "With my current level, skill can only be used 4 times, and everytime i change job my qi decrease 5% of my original qi" said lie yan.

    "So its like that, but this is a usefull so how many card you use?" said mu chen with a grinning face.

    "Only one card warrior card but different kind warrior, what i used first is barehanded warrior, and after that is swordman warrior" said lie yan.

    "Recover your qi, and try another job later" said mu chen.

    While mu chen want to walk away someone rushing to lie yan side and give lie yan a cup of tea and wipe his sweat away.

    Mu chen shook his head and said "this kid" then walk away.
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    Chapter 5 the different of each card

    After 2 hour meditation lie yan qi has been recover.

    Lie yan pondering over the information card give, and manage the information about the job.
    Warrior if activated will increase strenght, and defense. the qi will formed according to type warrior user use.

    Assasins if activated will increase the speed, form dagger of qi will appear in the user hand.

    Ranger if activated will precision, accuracy, concentration, sight and sense, a longbow will formed at the user hand and pack of arrow will formed on the back of user.

    Mage, summoner, necromancer, healer, and enchanter will increase mental power and amount of qi, a staff will formed on the hand of user.

    Alchemist will increase sense on temperature, temperature control, mental strength, concentration and precision. a furnace will formed in front of user.

    Blacksmith will increase sense on temperature, temperature control, concentration, mental power, precision, accuracy, strenght, and strength control. a hammer will formed on the hand of user.

    And illutionist will increase mental power, mental control, and soul control. a jewel will formed on his forehead.

    Each job will have 2 skill, mage and warrior have 2 skill for each element or weapon he used.

    Each time job upgrade skill will upgrade too and each time job evolve to higher level job the skill will evolve too.

    To upgrade job just need to reach a higher level but lie yan not yet to know how to evolve his job.

    Lie yan stop pondering and he realise he already pondering and learning his card for over 4 hours, day already change to night, mu chen didnt come back and leave lie yan in this training field.

    Lie yan look at the corner of the training field, the green hair girl sleeping on there, lie yan take his breath lightly and walk to the girl side.

    Lie yan look at her sleeping side, a guilty feel rise in his heart, everytime he training mu ling will always accompanying him, she always there everytime he needed, but lie yan never have the time to pay her back.

    A warm feeling and guilty rose in lie yan heart for the who alway care for him, he stroking her cheek and giving a warm kiss on her forehead and said "sorry i always make you waiting for, tomorrow i will accompany you to strolling around the city".
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    Chapter 6 mu ling and mu yan

    Lie yan lift mu ling nicely, he carry her with princess carry position and take her to her room.

    When lie yan put her on the bed he see mu ling eye slightly twitch, lie yan place his face close to her and whisper to her ears "you try to deceive me didnt you?".

    A clear laugh can be hear from hear, she said to lie yan "yan brother i just play around a little, who told you to ignore me all day".

    Lie yan look at her with a teasingly and said "i cant let you go like that you know, you have to be punish".

    Mu ling look at lie yan with a smile on her face "hum, if yan brother try to punish me ill tell daddy yo..."

    Before mu ling can finish her word lie yan lips already sealing her lips, they kiss for over ten second before lie yan separate his lips from her lips, he look at her blushed face, he cant help himself to smile.

    Mu ling face blushed even more red, she pretend to mad at lie yan and said "yan brother i dont want to talk to you anymore, you kiss a maiden without her consent you know".

    Lie yan smile even wider look at her, he sit and hug her from the back, he wispher on her ears and said "little ling, what you want yan brother to do so you want to talk to me again?".

    Mu ling smile slily and said "you have to accompany me to strolling around the town tomorow all day"

    Lie yan said "isnt it what i promise you a little while ago?"

    "But you cant bring anyone else beside me, you have to pay for all my purchases, carry all my luggage and treat me with delicious food in a nice place" she said while smile at lie yan.

    Lie yan look at her and said "no problem but with additional 1 more kiss how about that?"

    She said with low voice "deal".

    Lie yan hug her more tightly and said "i cant hear you".

    She said with more loud "deal"

    Lie yan then look at her beautiful eye, and her red blushes face, he couldnt help but said "i love you little ling"

    Mu ling nod her head and close her eye, in the peacefull room they kiss each other.

    On the other side of the room, shook his head look at them, even thought just a little space open between mu ling window but mu chen as a mental refining stage can see them from afar.

    He said "this little kid, they already this far even thought they not yet married"

    The old man lu wen come to his side and said "isnt it what you want master?"

    Mu chen look at him and said "you know why i chose him as my successor and mu ling fiance?"

    "You servant didnt know master can you enlighten me?" said lu wen calmly.

    "You know when i see him for a first time, i like his gut to protect what precious to him, and at that time i decide for him to be on my side as a loyal soldier or mu ling guard but something happen when mu ling walk close to him" said mu chen solemnly.

    Lu wen look at mu chen anticipate what mu chen will said.

    Mu chen take his tea cup and drink it up then he continue "you know about this earring didnt you?".

    Lu wen look at that earring and said "isnt that the earring mu ling have since shes little?".

    Mu chen nod his head and said "do you know what happen when this ring close to mu yan ring?".

    Lu wen shook his head mu chen continue "this earrings glowing and formed a root which reach to mu yan ring and want to connected to it" i dont know anything about mu ling real family but what i can see they fated together and i didnt want to separate them after i knew it, and maybe this is what i suppose to do and this is maybe this is have to do with their own family"

    Lu wen shock and said "master mean, mu ling and mu yan real family have a conection?".

    Mu chen nodded and said "its imposible for them to connected with blood because they have a different family name, in this earring there a word "yun" while on mu yan ring is "lie", their family must be very close but something terible maybe befall on their family to have the two of them brought to this tiny and remote kingdom".

    Lu wen silent for a while and said "if its time for them to know the truth, and try to find their own family, can you let them go master?"

    "I will never stop them, you know my wife gone didnt left me with kid, and i already regarded them as my own kid, of course i will be happy if they leave this filthy kingdom" said mu chen solemnly "but i wouldnt let them go if mu yan dont have enough strength to protect himself and mu ling"

    Mu chen look at lie yan who exit mu ling room, mu chen think about something after a while he smile like a kid which find a new game to play he said to lu wen "call him here i want to said something to him".
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    Chapter 7 strolling around the city

    "Did you call me dad?" said lie yan while enter the room.

    "Mu yan i have to say something to you" said mu chen hurriedly.

    "What do you want to talk about dad?" said lie yan puzzled.

    "You know i have to go to capital city sometimes, and tomorrow i planning to visit capital city, i think its time for you to learn about managing this mansion and to experience how to protect the city from bandit how do you think? can you accept this responsibility?" said mu chen solemnly.

    "I will try my best to manage and protect this city, dont worry dad i will not let you down dad" said lie yan solemnly.

    "Good thats my boy, then tomorrow you start work" said mu chen with a wide smile.

    "By the way dad can i bring mu ling to strolling around the city tomorrow?" said lie yan shyly.

    "Yes you can but have to protect her and dont let anything to harm her" said mu chen while smiling.

    Lie yan said solemnly "leave it to me dad as long as i live i will protect her with all i have".

    "You can go back now" said mu chen.

    "Then i excuse myself right now" said lie yan and walk out of the room.

    Early in the morning mu chen process to go to capital city with his 30 loyal subordinate.

    Lie yan and mu ling escort him until city gate, and see him off until his shadow cant be seen anymore.

    On the forest 30 km from blue grass city, a huge number of people camp on this forest, two to three who seems to be their leader discussing something secretly in the largest tent.

    "Did you really see with your own eyes mu chen walk out of the city gates?" said one of the man, this man have a bald head with a larger scar around his face, he look so fierce can be seen he already experience many battle which can lose his lives, if mu chen here he will know who this man is.

    This man is subordinate of the marquis tom o'connor, he is a captain of the marquis soldier with a power at a 7 heart tempering stage cruz william.

    and the man in front of him is having a long black, skinny skin, and sinister looking eye, level 6 vein tempering rudi william cruz william little brother.

    Rudi nodded his head and said "i see him with my own eye mu chen and his 30 loyal subordinate leaving blue grass city this morning"

    Cruz have an excited look on his face he said to the man who sit on the chair, this man have a big build, his killing aura so dense around him, this man is comander of the marquis army, level 8 peak marrow tempering, and the oldest of the sibling, ronald william. he look at his two brother and said "dont rush, we look at the situation first and that 3 mu chen guard go together with him?".

    "Wild tiger, mad devil, and devil blade go together with him" said rudi firmly.

    What he call white tiger, mad devil, and devil blade is mu chen most trusted soldier, they served him for a long time and have a strongest battle power among mu chen subordinate, the 3 of them at the initial stage mental refining stage.

    "Its weird, usually mu chen will leave one of them behind to protect that city why this time he leave together with them did he abadoned that city? its weird, did he have another stronger subordinate to protect that city?" Said ronald puzzled.

    "What i know he didnt have anyone like that" said rudi confused

    Ronald think for a while he look at rudi and said "rudi try to probe them, use 100 of our subordinate if they have a stronger guard you retreat but if they wasnt, quickly inform us and we proceed to attack that city".

    On the blue grass city, lie yan and mu ling walk together visiting one by one store on the city.

    One lie yan hand more and more luggage he have to carry, he sigh look all the clothes and jewel which mu ling purchase.

    He want to complain but when he look at how excited she is, he smile lighty while shook his head.

    He walk to mu ling side and said "little ling didn't you feel hungry? why didnt we break for a moment and have a lunch on that reataurant".

    Mu ling look at that restaurant she see many people enter that restaurant and said "have you ever eating there brother?".

    "Yes i have, they have a delicious food and have a nice atmosphere" said lie yan.

    "Then what are you waiting for? go!" she said while dragging lie yan hand.

    Lie yan stabilize the stuff in his hand while still following mu ling to the restaurant.

    The restaurant is so crowded, on the first floor already packed with people, lie yan proceed to three floor with mu ling which more pricy but more peaceful and have a nice atmosphere to eat.

    On the three floor the table is separate by a wooden wall so people can talk or discuss somethink private without anyone distrub them.

    On the center of each floor is a musician playing a zither, flute etc to make the costumer more comfortable in this place.

    Mu ling look at lie yan who savor his tea while look at the musician who playing a music.

    She said "ya brother did you come here often?"

    "not really, sometimes i come here with dad" Lie yan reply his question casualy and didnt realize a piercing look at mu ling eye.

    "Hump, i know that zither player is so beautiful they can even make you ignore me" said mu ling angrily.

    "Cough, cough, what do you mean ling, i just enjoy their music, i already have mu ling how can i look at the other?" said lie yan hurriedly.

    "Hump, you said that but still look at them seriously at them earlier" said mu ling with a pouting face.

    A waiters which bring their orders laugh at them which make lie yan even confused how to react, he take mu ling hand and hold her hand and said "mu ling the only one in yan brother heart, how can brother have another when mu ling already own every inch of brother heart".

    "Really?" said mu ling.

    "Really" said lie yan

    "Swear?" said mu ling

    "I can oath to the heaven right now" said lie yan helplessly.

    "No need, i believe yan brother" said mu ling.

    "Then lets start to eat before this food turned cold" said lie yan hurriedly.

    Mu ling eat the food with a relish face, lie yan smile look at her with a satisfied, but while they enjoy their time together an alarm bell ringing in entire city.
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    Chapter 8 bandit attack!!!

    Situation around the restaurant look so chaostic, everyone hurriedly run out of restaurant go to their own home, citizens become so chaostic and scared because they seeing their lord and his 3 strongest guard been going out of town this morning.

    Lie yan take mu ling hand and hold them tightly he pull mu ling hand and and prepare to go out of the restaurant when suddenly mu ling stop him and said "how about my groceries? my clothes, my accesories, and shoes?".

    Lie yan didnt know whether to laugh or to cry he said "we left them here for now we can take them later".

    He then walk to the confused waitress and said "excuse me can you keep my stuff for a while? later some people from general mu manor will take them and pay the bill".

    The waitress nod her head, lie yan thanks her and give her a silver coin as a tip and brought mu ling out of the restaurant, mu ling didnt forget to said at the waitress "have to be careful and dont lost any item i will check them later".

    Make lie yan shook his head.

    Lie yan run throught the street when he see old man lu wen run on their direction with 6 guard, lie yan run to meet them.

    He said to old man lu wen "lu wen grampa please protect mu ling for me i have to go to city gates right now"

    Old man lu wen said "yes young master leave her to me".

    Lie yan look at mu ling and said "little ling you here with lu wen grampa i have to go now".

    Mu ling hold his hand tightly and said "where yan brother planning to go? didnt we have to take a shelter on the general manor?".

    "Little ling mu family son will not shelter on their own, and make the shield of their subordinate, we have to fight alongside them" said lie yan solemnly.

    "But youll be hurt yan brother, how can you risk yourself?" said mu ling with saddened face.

    "Nothing will happen to me little ling, i promise i will go back to your side" said lie yan while kiss mu ling forehead.

    "Your promise?" said mu ling solemnly

    "I promise" he then said to the guard "go".

    The guard nod their head and take mu ling away.

    Lie yan prepare to go but being stop by grampa lu wen "young master wait".

    Lie yan looknat lu wen puzzled and said "what it is grampa?"

    "Please use this" said lu wen while he give lie yan a something which pack with clothes.

    Lie yan open that pack and seeing a set of armor, 1 short sword, 1 long sword and 10 throwing knive.

    Lie yan look at lu wen said "grampa this is?"

    "This is my gift for you first fight" said lu wen with a smiling face.

    "Thanks grampa" said lie yan while bowing his head, lu wen nod his head with a smiling face.

    Lie yan wearing that armor fast, the 2 sword he hanging them on his left and right waist, throwing knive he hanging them on his back hips.

    "I leave now gramp" said lie yan.

    "I hope you save young master" said lun wen.

    "I will take care of my self gramp, just prepare a nice food for me while im back" said lie yan while running away.

    Lie yan run throught a city and to west gates direction, he running fast and finaly arrive at the west gate.

    Situation on the west gates is already heat up, soldier and bandit already enggage on battle, arrow by arrow already being shoot on each other lie yan seeing 2 people being shoot on his chest and throat lie yan move fast he use healer skill heal them after he pull out the arrow.

    A light appear on his hand and envelope two man bodies, lie yan said to them "you still can fight get up now".

    The two look puzzled isnt them being hit? how can they look fine? is that just they imagination or the enemy use an illusion attack at them?

    Lie yan didnt waste his time to explain because he have something else in his mind.

    Lie yan suddenly feel odd after he arrive on this battlefield he seeing two line of qi being absorb by his card, it comes from the other side of wall he then move to see where this pure qi come from? he look at the enemy what he seeing is the energy come from two corpse of the dead enemy lie yan finaly know this qi have been an qi which the dead soldier have when they still alive lie yan a word appear on lie yan head "suck dry the qi from the corpse?".

    Lie yan answer "just for the enemy".

    An qi came more fast and the corpse look more and more skinny lie yan didnt pay any atention anymore on the corpse.

    He appearnon the card space an blue ball appear in his vision he look at the information there writen qi essence can be use for pill concoction and absorb to recover an qi, lie yan reach out his hand and feel his qi which he use to heal the soldier earlier recover in a fastest rate after a while his qi has been recover completely and that blue ball already gone.

    Lie yan then go out of the card space, on the card space the time isnt move so even if he stay there for a years on the outside still at the time he enter it, but the defective is you cant train in there because just your soul which enter that space.

    Lie yan move faster after he go out of space he change hos job to ranger and use the nearby long bow and arrow.

    From the job information you can prevent the qi from forming a class weapon with attached the qi to the weapon which suitable with the job.

    The qi will enveloped the weapon and srengthening them or in this case the qi strengthening the long bow and 30 arrow on lie yan back, for ranger class job the 5% qi will use up every 30 arrow.

    Lie yan shoot 3 arrow respectively which hit three enemy simulaneously this make the soldier on his side to shock because the distance between the enemy and them is so far over 150 meter, with that distance they arrow cant hit the target as easy as lie yan, they can only hit the enemy around one or two people which move in their shooting range to provoke them with fire an arrow on them and go out again from the shooting range.

    Lie yan shoot again 6 arrow and struck to enemy throat and head which kill them imediately, the enemy look so shock, they came here just to probe the enemy to see if the enemy have an expert to fight them, who know 10 of them will die from the arrow of the city guard.

    Rudy see this come forward to test the enemy power, lie yan fire another arrow which being deflect by rudy, rudy look at lie yan for a while he then call his enemy back for retreat.

    Lie yan look at the enemy and shoot an arrow rapidly without pause until the enemy out of his shooting range, he kill another 15 which in total enemy killed 26 people lie yan look at the bandit until they cant be seen anymore.

    He thinking this fight seriously, its more to probe than an attack its more like the enemy just want to test their own defense if the power of this gates defense more than they anticipate then they wouldnt come back again but like what they think or maybe more weak they will attack again.

    "But i more than 70% sure the enemy will come back again" lie yan said in his heart "but later it will be the real attack not just probe and the enemy will be more powerfull than before".

    Lie yan look back at the direction bandit flee, he said to himself "the army leader previously at least on the level 6 the real leader at least at the level 7 or 8 or maybe at worse case is mental refining stage, i have to prepare my self".

    Said lie yan while run down from the wall to the mansion direction, all the enemy corpse has been suck dry by the card and form an blue ball on the size tennis ball.
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    Chapter 9 alchemist and blacksmith.

    After he go back to the mansion lie yan meet with mu ling first to calm her and then walk to his room he prepare to use alchemist class job to concoct a pil recovery, lie yan need them in a great number, to face the upcoming enemy because he didnt know how many people will come he just need to prepare more.

    From qi essence inforemation lie yan know it can be used as ingredient to concoct qi recovery pill, qi potion, and qi gathering pill.

    Qi recovery pill is a pill which recover a number of qi in thirty second, can be used simultaneously which will stack the effect (used 2 will double the effect etc) its advantage can be used on a battle which will recover the qi while being used.

    Qi potion will recover a number of qi in an instan, and can be used to increase cultivation level.

    qi gathering pill will help for gathering qi on the surrounding, can help the user to increase the cultivation faster and recover the qi faster for 2 minutes for each pill.

    The effect of the pill is a few times more than the amount qi essence being used in the process, for example 2 corpse which have a power level 3 body tempering can recover 10% the amount of qi lie yan have at a healer job which have a 5 time the amount of normal cultivator.

    2 corpse give lie yan 4 qi essence, if used to concoct a pill will increase the amount of qi recover is a 20% in healer job class.

    Lie yan killed 20 people in level 3(4 qi essence each) and 4 in level 4(8 qi essence each) which gave him 114 qi essence.

    To concoct qi recovery pill need 8 qi essence which will recover 20% of lie yan qi in magic class (mage, healer etc) which have 5 times the amount of qi normal cultivator, or 100% in normal mode.

    Side ingredient can be purchase in production card store, which have an standar price which in the actual market can be more cheap or even more expensive.

    But what make lie yan dumbfounded is the product is not a pill like what lie yan think but a card with an image of qi recovery pill on the front, the card have to bind with a blood can only be used one time only by the binder and can be activated with only the mind, the binder just need to think about which card he want to use in his mind.

    Lie yan make 14 pill which each pill need 2 gold coin with total 28 gold to purchase the side ingredient, lie yan sold 4 pill in card store which being sold for 200 gold in total.

    lie yan spend 7 hours to make 14 pill, half an hour to make 1 pill, lie yan look at the outside the already dark, lie yan look at the city gates its seems the enemy will not attack for this night because the city guard still wary, lie yan think to try to make a weapon with a black smith job.

    Lie yan decide to make a long bow and arrow because it seems for the next fight he need a good bow, lie yan now is a level 5 body tempering which mean he can make a very good quality weapon.

    The weapon quality is from low to high is good, very good, excelent, extraordinary, and perfect.

    The higher quality weapon the higher the sharper the weapon is and more durable the weapon is, the perfect quality human treasure can even wounding mental refining stage cultivator but perfect quality human treasure cant be found in this blue stone kingdom, even for extraordinary quality just a few people who have them and each of them have an high social standing and power, like mu chen.

    The weapon lu wen give to lie yan is an very good quality weapon which can be said good enough for a general son to have them.

    Lie yan use and iron wood as a main material which have an hardness and low flexibility and use an string from black serpent skin which have high durability and flexibility.

    After 10 hours a long bow and 9 set of 30 arrow in a card form have been made by lie yan, he spend around 80 gold coin, for the finishing lie yan use inscription to make a very good quality weapon or can be said card.

    The different in the weapon quality is in the inscription, the better inscription then the better the weapon is, to make a better inscription is need a more pure qi so the higher blacksmith cultivation is the better inscription he can make.

    Lie yan just a level 5 body tempering so he can only make an good quality weapon but with blacksmith card job lie yan qi a level more pure than the others its the same for a blacksmith tipe soul user thats why soul user can be more valuable than non user.

    Lie yan make 3 set of 10 throwing knive too and he spend 40 gold and 5 hours to make them and use a inscription to them too.

    In total lie yan spend 22 hour and 148 gold coin in total, and he have an 102 gold coin in his pocket 50 gold he originally have and 52 gold left from his sold qi recovery card.

    Lie yan drop his blood to each card, and place them on card box and place them on his belt, the card box lie yan make from the leftover material of the throwing knive and without insription on them.

    From the card information lie know if the weapon card is used the image on the used card will dissapear and the longbow will appear on lie yan hand.

    For the consumable weapon card for example arrow, the arrow will appear on the user right or left hand and the number on the card will decrease, the arrow can be collected back to the card and the card need to be repaired, the card can only be repaired 10 times after that the card will dissapear.

    The consumable item or pill card can only be used 1 time after used the card will dissapear, when used the effect of the card will applied on the user body.

    When lie yan make pill card on the west forest 30 km from the blue grass city 3 hour after the attack.

    A skinny man with long black hair walk into the camp with his 74 man, he is the man who attacked the city earlier rudy william, he guide his man to the camp he look calm he look at his subordinate and said "dont need to be down, we will avenged them later, we will kill them and destroy their city, and if we succeed this mission we will rewarded greatly by marquis o'connor".

    His subordinate nod their head and look straight ahead, rudi come down from his horse and walk to the biggest tent there.

    After the guard reporting his arrival he walk in the tent, a bald cruz and big body and many scars ronald sit in there, ronald sit on the chair which on the center of the table and cruz sit right side of him.

    He look at rudi and said "how? did you see any expert there?".

    Rudi look at ronald and said "i didnt see any expert when i attack them or maybe that expert wont come out because we have to many people and he see we just go to probe them and not really to attack them, the strongest i see there is just on the level 5 to 6 body tempering which have a good marksmanship he kill 24 people in a few minutes"

    He paused a little while and said "how? did we attack them this night?".

    "Slow, their still in alert this night, we attack them 2 days later i bet their will not so alert anymore we will fight them head on, if there any expert in mental refining stage appear with my excellent quality armor and spear i can give you enough time to retreat" said ronald with confident.

    On the general manor, lie yan spend his time to train and accustomed himself to his job, more and more accustomed lie yan to his job, the more powerfull he is, beside training lie yan spend his time to accompany mu ling, and make weapon and pill and sell them on the shop, lie yan feel he is still not powerfull enough so he didnt try to sell his weapon card and pill card outside, even if mu chen powerfull but he cant fight the greedy enemy, so he just sell his weapon and pill in the card shop which have a standart price, even so lie yan make a large sum of money.

    In only 1 day lie yan already make a fortune more than 1 thousand gold coin and its been decrease from the material cost.

    After 2 peaceful day, onn the third night a bell which been rest for 2 day been ringing again the enemy more than 3 thousand people come to from the west and bring the guard down in a minutes.
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    Chapter 10 battle outside the city.

    Lie yan hear the bell, jump up to the mansion roof, he look to the west with night vision from the ranger pasive skill, what he saw is a large crowd of bandits move and kill the city guard on the wall, a large number of arrow being shoot and kill large number of guard and what lie yan can see the city wall will collapse in thirty minutes.

    Lie yan already predict the bandit will come on the night time, and with large number of people but lie yan never thought the enemy will have so many people.

    The usual bandit which been called small size groub is have around thirty people, medium size grub around 70 to 80 and large size groub is around 200 to 300 people, lie yan never hear such a large number of bandits as this more than 3000 people.

    What lie yan know is right for around blue stone kingdom but outside the kingdom even have a million people member of bandits and even more than 10 million of people.

    But in this blue stone kingdom this huge number of bandits is uncommon, but what make lie yan even more confused is the enemy move is too coordinated, its uncommon for a bandit to move so orderly and when the leader called to retreat the member never oppose him and move orderly like theyve been trained to be like that, "it look like a soldier" lie yan couldnt help to think like that.

    Lie yan even think mu chen use his troops to test lie yan ability to command but they fight until they dead, and mu chen will not be so bored to sacrifice his army just to test lie yan, so who send them to attack this small city? what they aim? and what they want to achieve? this think keep flowing in lie yan head while his running to the enemy camp on the south side of the manor.

    Lie yan lead 500 people with their horse to the west gates, lie yan already told lu wen to prepare 500 people before but because the enemy number more than what lie yan anticipation lie yan feel abit wortied earlier.

    But who know lu wen already send 2500 people to the west gates and 500 wait here for lie yan.

    With lu wen fast reaction the bandit advancing been stoped, and lie yan move fast to the west gates.

    A large number of qi flowing to the card space, even though the card wont suck dry the qi on the ally corpse the card will still absorb the qi which leave the soldier when they died, the amount of qi leave is half the number the of the dead which being suck from their corpse.

    After lie yan arrive on the city gates lie yan jump from his horse and move fast to a top of city wall.

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