Age of Change - Chapter 7(unedited)

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    “I’m good I’m good but I can’t say so for our friend over there. Sigggghhhh I didn’t know how good life was before this. I honestly preferred my everyday boring life, it might have been tediously boring, but I wasn’t in any danger. Now look at me I’m bleeding all over, I have a dagger in my leg. Worst off I almost lose my family jewels” I said to April while chuckling bitterly to myself.

    “All that matters right now is that were alive and that we have the chance to live another day” said April to cheer me up.

    “I guess your right another day another dollar or in this case another death encounter.”

    Looking one more time at the goblin I sighed life, was really hard. I looked forward ready to go on with my life. I took my first step towards my future to only regret it. I forgot for one second that I had a dagger stuck in my leg and to seconds later take my first step on the same leg.

    The pain was so sharp that I almost passed out. I lost my balance for a second to find April catching me.

    “Put your arm around my neck and I’ll bring you there.”

    I listened to her and put my arm around her neck for support. Now I was truly ready to face the world though with a rough start.

    As we started walking for Walgreens my foot accidently kicked the shadow goblin aside. I felt a strong jolt from the pain which in turn made me look down. When I looked at the place the goblin use to be I saw four objects that had a silver corona surrounding them.

    I was surprised sense three of them had a considerable size. I don’t know how I missed them at first, I guess I was preoccupied with my thoughts. When I was done being surprised I suddenly had an idea on what the objects could be… loots. I was so happy I tapped Aprils shoulder to get her attention.

    “What? Did something happen” she asked while being surprised at my actions.

    “Look at the things by the goblins corpse and you’ll know why I’m so excited” I answered back with so much happiness I was practically glowing.

    April looked at the ground to see what I saw. I told her to check them to see if we had anything good. She took my arm found around her neck to check out our loot. She picked the items up one by one with so much excitement that I was somewhat jealous, but that quickly went away when she showed them to me. When I looked at the items I knew why she was so happy. The loot we found were a ring and three skill books.

    Spatial Ring

    A ring that has for some reason have spatial space in it. Use your mind to control.

    Space: 10 sq. feet Activation: 10 mana per use

    Shadow Leap

    This skill enables you to go into the shadows to attack you opponent. The skill last 5 seconds from the time of activation.

    Requirement: none Skill activation: 25 mana

    Corpse Garden

    This skill gives you the ability to use monster’s corpses to build a garden. When using monster’s corpses to plant there’s a small chance of causing mutations.

    Requirement: None Skill activation: None

    Monster Cook

    This skill gives you the ability to obtain stat points when cooking with monster’s corpses. Stats are picked randomly.

    Requirement: None Skill activation: None

    I was so happy to see a spatial ring that I had a cheesy smile on my face. I read so many wuxia light novels to recognize what I could do with it instantly. Though ten square feet didn’t seem like a lot of space it was plenty to get things done, plus it was free space that wasn’t there. Out of all the things that came out of the goblins corpse the spatial ring was my favorite, though I couldn’t count out the skill books since each had their own functions.

    Shadow leap would let me go into the shadows and do a sneak attack on my enemy’s, but I didn’t have any unique fighting experience to use the skill to its full potential. Shadow leap suited April better than it suited me.

    Corpse garden and monster cook on the other hand were potentially OP skilled depending on how you perceive them. Corpse garden seemed more ambiguous than the other skills and I don’t know what would when I do use it, but that was the charm. Monster cook on the other hand was the true OP skill because leveling up only gave you a small increase in stat points, while just eating food from monster cook would bring up your stats. Any true gamer would know that having extra stats were like giving your character an extra life.

    Now the only problem was distributing the skills fairly.

    I didn’t know how to tell April what I wanted in a way that I didn’t sound like a douche bag, so I went with what came to mind. I looked at April, made a sound under my breath to get her attention and said, “I want the spatial ring and corpse garden.” I want straight to the point without beating around the bush so all I could do now was wait for her answer.

    “Straight forward are we now? I mean why the spatial ring instead of shadow leap?”

    “Uhmmm… Honestly it just doesn’t suit me at all and I felt like it would suit you better. I also hope that I didn’t seem sexist for not picking monster cook. I honestly don’t want to cook and if you get monster cook you basically have an overpowered skill” I said in my non-douche voice.

    “You know when you were trying to explain why you didn’t pick monster cook makes you sound like a douche. On the other hand, I do think that shadow leap would be a great skill for me and your lucky I like to cook” said April with a small cunning smile on her face.

    With everything decided April gave me the spatial ring and corpse garden. I slowly put the spatial ring on my ring finger while admiring it the whole time. The spatial ring wasn’t beautiful by any means, but it was a SPATIAL RING.

    April saw me admiring the ring then rolled her eyes at me. She looked back to her spoils of war and the next second I seen one of them disappeared. I looked at Aprils face to see that she had her eyes closed and had a look of enlightenment on her face. A couple seconds later she snapped out of it. She had that look in her eyes as if she discovered something amazing.

    I didn’t want to be left behind so I turned to my skill book and tried to somehow learn it.

    Do you want to learn Corpse Garden?

    I was thinking to myself of course I want to learn this skill, why else would I be trying so hard to learn it. I softly replied yes to the question.

    Are you sure there’s no going back?

    When I answered yes again for conformation there was an explosion of information that entered my brain. The information told me that just putting corpses into the ground would enrich the earth, but to get your plants to mutate I had to insert my mana into the corpse a certain way. I was taught the method to insert my mana into the corpse and the do’s and don’ts to get everything correct. The last piece of information I received was that depending on the size of the corpse I would spend more or less mana to get the skill to work and that the chance of mutating plants was extremely low.

    I was slightly disappointed in the information that I got but I was also looking forward to plants mutating. Now all I could do was wait until I could actually use the skill.

    While April was immersed in her skills I was debating on whether I should use the shadow goblins body or the regular goblins bodies to first use corpse garden. When April was about to emerge from her immersion I decided on using the regular goblins bodies since I didn’t know what would happen if I failed to use the skill properly. While finishing my thoughts April was just finished learning her new skills.

    I wanted to slightly show off my spatial ring to April so, I awkwardly tried to bend done while not trying to aggravate my leg injury. I was in so much pain I wanted to give up halfway through but, I still wanted to show off. I fought through the pain and finally I was able to touch the goblins corpse.

    “I don’t want to sound like a douche but look how cool the spatial ring is” I said before closing my eyes and willing the goblin corpse to appear in the space in the spatial ring. I opened my eyes to see that the goblin corpse gone. I looked over to April with a somewhat conceited smile on my face.

    “Cool right!”

    “Yea yea its somewhat cool, but I’ve seen better so don’t get your panties in a bunch” April said while rolling her eyes.

    I didn’t let her sarcasm affect my mood and kept on smiling. A minute later I was done with my gloating and ready to get my wounds treated. When I tried to get up my body just gave out. I couldn’t move I was stuck in my position and there went all my cockiness.

    “Haaa now you need my help, don’t you? I should just leave you here but I’m such a nice person” said April with a mischievous smile.

    “A nice person wouldn’t say they’re nice” I replied back to get her off her pedestal.

    April told me “shut up” while playfully punching me on my shoulder. We both had a small laugh which in turn made the pressure of the day slightly go away.

    “Put your arm around my neck before you bleed out.”

    Seconds later April bent down allowing me to do just that. I put my arm around her neck while she got us up. I felt a slight pain but compared to not being able to move it was heaven.

    We were now up and about again but this time we had no more distractions or where there. Ten steps later we entered the shade.

    “Let go of me for a quick second, I want to show you something” said April with a smile on her face. I slightly groaned knowing what she was about to do next. Ah karma karma karma why couldn’t you let me have a moment to myself sighhh.

    When I took my arm from around Aprils neck she took a step, turned around to face me with a gloating smile on her face and disappeared. Her just disappearing like that was extremely earie and cool at the same time.

    I looked around to find her but found nothing. Man, shadow leap was a cool skill, but I would never tell April that. I couldn’t find her anywhere, I also couldn’t move anywhere, so I was starting to get a little worried for her. I didn’t have to wait for long because she appeared behind me then she yelled “boo.”

    I was so scared I almost boboed1 my pants literally. “FUDGE don’t do that, that ain’t cool man” I cried out. By trying to defend myself made April start to have a laughing fit.

    “It isn’t that funny” I tried saying to defend myself.

    “You should have seen yourself. MAN, but that was the funniest thing ever. I’ll try to stop if you want me to, you big baby” said April trying her hardest to control her laughter.

    I pretended not to hear her while mumbling under my breath. I had no choice but to get her back on another time and when I do I’ll be the one who would be having the laughing fit.

    When April finally stopped laughing she put my arm around her neck and patted my back. Even though I was slightly mad at her for scarring me I was glad that she was by my side. Thirty seconds later we had finally came close to Walgreens.

    As soon as we got close to the entrance the automatic doors opened with a cool wave of air hitting our faces. The temperature difference made my wounds itch a bit, but all in all I was finally about to get my wounds treated.

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