Age of Change - Chapter 5(unedited)

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    My heart started to beat extremely fast it hadn’t been an hour and I’ve already ran into a life and death situation again. This time it was extremely dangerous, while the two goblins earlier had clubs in their hands, whatever attacked me this time had something sharp in its hand. Life seemed to want me dead.

    I looked for what attacked me to find nothing there. Whatever attacked me seem to just disappear. In thin air. I looked behind to see if there wasn’t something there. There wasn’t anything there either. How could something just appear and disappear at will? I know the thing attacked me from the back, so where was it?

    There isn’t anything scarier than knowing that there was something hunting you and not being able to see it. This mad me bring my guard up, I held my modified club close to my body just in case the thing came back.

    I turned to my right to ask April if she saw what attacked me. She was looking at me if I was seeing things.

    “What are you talking about, nothing happened I just seen you jumping for no apparent reason, then you started to look around like you were crazy” April relied looking every bit concerned about my wellbeing.

    As April was speaking she saw my arm had a cut and it was bleeding. “Wait…wait how did that happen? What happened?”

    Even in a serious situation April was really cute and it was funny how her mind tried to wrap around this situation. After thinking this I got serious.

    “I’m not sure but from the moment we started to walk to Walgreens I had a feeling that something wasn’t right. It felt like something was stocking us. I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination or not since the feeling disappeared when we entered Walgreens. Then after we left the store I felt like I was being watched again. It wasn’t until a couple seconds ago that I was attacked, and I have no idea what it was.”

    “Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

    “I honestly thought that we were feeling the same thing, so I didn’t bring it up.”

    “I didn’t feel anything the whole time. This means that something is targeting you, but why?”

    “I think it’s because whatever is attacking us feels that I’m the weakest link. If it attacks you first there’s a chance of you blocking its attack and if you do that I would have a chance of helping you out. On the other hand, if it attacks me first I’d probably die leaving only you by yourself.”

    Coming to this conclusion we both went quiet for a while until I thought of an idea.

    “Since the things attacking me I should play the bait while you somehow injure it.”

    “You shouldn’t be playing with your life like that, you don’t know if I’ll be able to react on time or if you would be able to escape the next attack unscathed.”

    “I honestly wouldn’t want to put my life on the line but in this situation, we have no other choice. If we don’t kill the thing now it will most likely follow us and by then our chance of surviving will be extremely slim. If we take care of it know all our troubles for now will disappear and I honestly don’t want anything attacking me in my sleep.”

    April seem to broad over my proposition. “Are you sure this is what you want knowing that you have a chance of dying?”

    “I’m sure knowing that this will be our best chance of survival. If there was another way I would do it differently but there isn’t.”

    April looked into my eyes while I was speaking to see that I wasn’t speaking empty words.

    “Ok. Now we have to consider how we will lure the thing in.”

    “I’m guessing whatever attacked me is close by, so you will have to pay attention to my movements. If you see me about to do any movement out of the ordinary attack.”

    “I guess that should work” replied April after thinking it through.

    After finalizing a couple more details with April we were finally ready to implement the plan. We resumed walking back to the apartment. While walking back I made myself seem to lose my guard by relaxing my body a bit and holding my modified club with my left hand. While I did this April tightened her guard and was watching my movements. To sell the idea that we weren’t aware of our impending doom we pretended to carry out a conversation.

    Everything seem to go as plan. The ominous feeling came back, and I started to feel like I was being watched again. I told April the thing that attacked me was back. April pretended like nothing had happened but was secretly getting ready to attack.

    Thirty seconds went by with nothing happening until the voice in my head came back. It told me to move or I’m dead. This was the second time this happened, the first time the voice saved me, so I wasn’t going to take any chances. As soon as I heard the voice I exerted as much force as I can into my legs and jumped to my left.

    April was watching my movements the whole time, so when she saw me getting tensed she knew that something was about to happen. April didn’t let this chance slip away from her. She slightly pivoted her foot and by doing so she was slightly facing me. She brought her modified club up and swung it like it was a bat.

    All I heard was the sound of something hitting flesh then an agenizing roar filled with pain. At this moment I knew our plan worked. I whipped my head around to see what attacked me.

    Silver - Shadow Goblin

    Lvl: 7

    Health: 237(250)

    What I saw was a grey goblin with green markings on its body. This goblin wasn’t wearing a small lion cloth like the regular goblins we fought earlier but had on tattered pants. It was a relief no one wants to see genitals hanging out in the open.

    The goblin was on the ground rubbing its shins. That seemed to be the spot April attacked landed on. While looking at the goblin I started to feel an unprecedented amount of pressure. My body was telling me to run if I don’t I would die. As much as I wanted to listen to my body I couldn’t I knew this was our only chance to get rid of the shadow goblin.

    While feeling the pressure from the shadow goblins body my eyes moved up to see its status screen. There was something different about the status screen compared to the regular goblins. It had something preceding its name, Silver. When I played games I never seen something as strange as this. From the pressure the shadow goblin was giving me I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t an ordinary goblin.

    While I was thinking this the goblin stopped rubbing its shins and turned to face us. As soon as the shadow goblins eyes faced me I felt the pressure multiplied. The goblin was looking at us with bloodlust mixed with madness in its eyes. Just from that one look I knew we were in trouble.

    The shadow goblin slowly got off the ground as if we weren’t a threat to its life. The total disregard for our presence made me mad. This thing was gunning for our lives and it couldn’t show us some respect. I didn’t know what I was expecting but whatever it was we weren’t getting it.

    The goblin looked at its hands to see it missing its weapons, so it slowly bent down to get two things off the floor. When it retrieved its fallen weapons, it turned to face us one more time. While looking at us it slowly started to grin as if it knew that we would die by its hand.

    The smile gave me the creeps, but I would never let it show on my face. I started to hold my modified club in my hands knowing that we were about to fight the deadliest threat to our lives since this whole mess started.

    I looked to my right to see April had her guard up the whole time. She was frowning as if she was thinking about something.

    She turned to me to say, “whatever you do don’t let the shadow goblin get out of the sun.”

    What she said didn’t register in my brain right away until I looked at where the goblin landed. It was in the sun I turned to look at my surroundings to see that we were in the shade. It all made sense it was all in the goblins name SHADOW GOBLIN. The goblin was somehow following us in the shadows, that was why when it was following us and when it attacked we couldn’t see it.

    My heart went cold I knew that coming up with the plan was the best idea. If we hadn’t attacked now the shadow goblin would have followed us and killed us in our sleep. We were lucky Aprils attack forced it into the sun.

    I nodded to April to signal to her that I understood her meaning. The goblin started to rush run in our direction as if it was about to run into us. I took a couple of steps and swung in its direction. The goblin jumped in the air to avoid the attack by doing so my club missed it entirely.

    April wasn’t idling around when the goblin avoided my attack April was right in place to land an attack. April swung her club at the goblin when the attack was about to hit the goblin brought its arms together to block the blow from hitting its body.

    WHACK was the sound I heard when Aprils attack landed extremely hard. The goblin was sent flying back faster than it came. The goblin flipped in the air and nimbly landed on its feet. The entire time, the shadow goblin was looking at us with malice in its eyes. If looks could kill, we would be dead ten times over.

    The most surprising things was its arms, they seemed perfectly fine. I knew from the sound of that hit the goblin should be more injured than what I was seeing. The shadow goblins bones seemed to be made out of iron.

    “Jason be more attentive, you might have not noticed but the goblin wasn’t really trying to attack you, it was trying to go back into the shadows.”

    “I’ll more attention next time” I replied knowing that I almost committed a grave mistake.

    The shadow goblin was more cunning than I originally thought. I had no idea on how to attack the goblin without committing a blunder.

    While trying to think of a way to attack, the goblin smiled a toothy smile before he suddenly appeared in front of me aiming to stab my heart. In that quick period of time the voice didn’t give me any directions, but my body reacted by itself trying to protect me.

    The goblin stabbed out as fast as it came. The dagger in its hand stabbed into my chest bone but before the dagger could go any further my body counterattacked by dropping the club in my hands and delivering a right cross to the goblins temple.

    When my attack landed the dagger didn’t go any further into my chest, but with my horrible luck the hit to the temple made the goblins dagger slice through the left side of my chest.

    The cut wasn’t deep but when my brain registered the pain I almost fell over. This was the worst pain I felt in my life. When blood started to come out of the cut I knew that if we didn’t end this fight quickly I would be in deep trouble.

    While sweat started to trickle down the side of my face the goblin was slightly stunned from the blow. I wasn’t going to let this chance slip by my hands. I had no weapons in my hands and the goblin was to close for a kick to be effective. The only thing I could do was punch the goblin again but if I did another right cross the goblin had a chance of getting into the shade. The only other punches that came to mind was an uppercut and a jab.

    The goblin was starting to wake up from its stun state, but I wasn’t going to let it go. I punched out with an extremely fast uppercut to the jaw followed by a quick jab to the goblins nose.

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