A Priest's Legend aka 牧师传说 by Diao Yan De(叼烟的)

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    Title: A Priest's Legend [牧师传奇]

    Genres: Magic,Game,Priest, Chaos Outfit,Holy,Dark

    Author: A Smoking Person / Diao Yan De (叼烟的)

    Status: 197 Chapters (Completed)

    Translators: Beginning


    This is a story about a normal priest’s adventure in Continent Sunk. A priest Silence often stroke monsters alone in some area to obtain experiences leveling up needed for a long time.However, the common days passed by shortly after he found a Chaos Ring,which was able to help him swift from a holy priest curing teammates or himself (but he did occasionally team up with other players) to a dark priest enjoying a attack power matching to a mage distinguished as an extraordinary magic attack and AOE. Therefore, he began to strive hard for collecting the full set of Chaos outfit.

    Translator notes
    I am about to lauch at least 1 chapter update per week.If time permits,updating of more chapters will emerge on the basis of translation readibility.In any case,more fans comment your likes,more chapters update as you desire.
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    Introduction: Pastoral Declaration

    We are maybe weak in others’ eyes;

    Alright, not distinguished for a strong attack power,

    however, we are aware

    that we are strong,


    we handle both life and death of you!

    —A Legendary Priest· Silence· Quotations

    Volume One Being Alone’s Joy

    Chapter One A Priest Grinding alone

    Xiao Qi came back to his dormitory,took the key out of his pocket,and threw a briefcase in his hand down to a sofa with his body exhausted.After pulling down his necktie and closing the door meantime,he changed quickly from a straight standing figure to beaking down one on the sofa.

    “Overly exhausted!”After a short break,Xiao Qi made every effort to stand up above the soft sofa,but he did not make it for a while.He took a sad smile and thought: How life tortured me!just retired from the military not so long,a lot big change took place on my body.

    Xiao qi ,a salesman in an advertising campany ,aged 25 this year.He had just stepped on this vacation for less than three months.Today five companies were visited by him,and it is a pity that he could not hand out a poster list.

    Standing up from the sofa, Xiao Qi poured a cup of water and drank all water with only one swallow.He headed for his bedroom,breathed out a long ,long breath,and enter the Online game Sunk.

    Xiao Qi shares common personality between vitual world and real world:silent or speechless trait.If Xiao Qi had chosen to be a salesman which could challege human behavior ,

    eloquence, and communication most,he had been reading others’ emotions more flexibly and had had a better eloquence.It started so but ended not as Xiao Qi’s wish.Xiao Qi was still silent like before with three months gone,or could be called timid and coward.

    Entering the game,Xiao Qi was watching his role:

    Name: Silence Job: Priest Level:37.Dressed in a total of

    white priest’s outfit,he holded a silver-white cane shining

    holy light.

    Xiao Qi smiled out of pride.Indeed,a person who never played

    a game randomly chose a priest job and leveled to 39 on his own

    of solo.It is worth mentioning that a 45th leveled fighter toped

    first in the ranking list,let alone a priest walked slower than

    other vocations on the road of leveling up.

    clicking log in.LOADING...

    Before Silence showed up in a outdoor tent, a familiar game-entrance scene animation flashed Xiao Qi front on the screen.

    Silence scrawed out of the tent and sorted out outfits on his body and carried stuffs.

    “Em...”Silence watched out magic potions in the package,saying himself ,“these should be enough.”

    Silence got prepared to level up today,for he was 45 percent of experience bar from 37th to 38th away from next level.If he could level up 38th,he could get a rather important talent attribute point,which got a 15% increase of damage which holy magics made to devils.

    Finally putting away by a corner of a cave,he drilled out of this cave.He turns up in a valley filled with dark red soil.

    The Devil Valley lay on a edge corner of Continent Sunk. Dull –red soil was like fresh blood all over on the ground of everywhere,which seemed to flow under sunset’s shining.Gross smells spread throughout the whole valley.There grew a few trees and vines strange in shape.

    After heading out of the cave,Silence walked around several times in order to familiarize here.He came to an area where odd stones stood and stopped.Silence gave himeself a basic defensing magic,drank out a bottle of black potion and stepped a little foward to make a careful observation well.

    “Nine.”Silence said in the mind.

    Not only was this Chaos Stones Forest called a gathering place of devils,but also the whole Devil Valley was squeezed in by devilish monsters from level 25 to level 40.Silence had been here for solo,where most of the region he is extremely familiar with.

    TL:Solo means leveling up alone through killing monsters.

    Just at the moment Silence looked around and was prepared to start leveling by attacking monsters,the light of his eyes suddenly swept over a dark red grass.If it is not Silence ,a mastery Alchemist that was paticularly sensitive to herbal plants,other people couldn’t find this piece of grass.

    “Blood dragon grass!”Silence suppressed his mood of surprise,watched out ,looked up to monsters in front of him and surroundings and walked slowly towards the grass.

    Blood dragon grass,the most important raw material used to make super magic portions.

    “Oh yeah...”Silence dig it out and put it away in the package.After doing these,he could not help but smile.In additon to leveling up,what made him happy is to dig precious herbal plants out of soil.

    He had been here for over a month,but just dug up three blood dragon grass.Even if Silence got the hang of a mastery alchemy skill,he could not make the blood dragon grass refined into super mana potions(super magic potions).


    For magical jobs,mana meaned life,not to speak of a priest who could heal himself! A bottle of super mana portion would instantly turn Silence’s magic point full.

    Silence adjusted his own state,re-entered kind of leveling state(which could be called grinding if lasting for a long time),slowly drew near those 9 level 35th devilish monsters:devil swordman.

    Devil swordman had a high attack, a high defence,a high health point(blood),a long experience if hit down ,especially a way too high physical defence and general magic defence.Except the holy magic of the priest and the dark soul attack magic which could neglect an opponent’s defence(that is to say this kind dark soul attack magic often damaged in a regular injury point regardless of how high your defence was),other injuries have no special feeling for them.All these led to a very small number of players grinding in the Devil Valley.

    Silence had been here for more than one month,but he only saw 2 teams come here,propably for some task demand.

    Three devil swordman made up a group distributed in a triangle shape among these 9 monsters.As long as one of three swordman was disturbed,the other 2 would also get alert(Aggro in online games).At the same time devilish monster were particularly sensitive to taste.Therefore Silence had drunk up the black potion to get his life smell covered up,in case of being found when no approaching devil swordman’s sight range of looking out.

    Silence adjusted his magic-shot positon so well that he could immediately shoot up two magic —the first one is Calm Down the SOUL after getting close to the boundary of Aggro Radius(which equals to sight range of looking out around in online games,maybe a professional item for gamer).It worked for ten seconds.

    To follow up with,it took 2seconds to send out a stunning spell,which would greatly lower the moving speed of target.

    Silence had a moving speed of 5 feets(maybe per second.Writer did not put on more ink here)while devil swordman had an original movement speed of 8 feets.The monster’s moving speed reduced to 3 feets after it had been hit in by kind of stunning magic.

    “about a distance of 30 feets.It lasted 10 seconds.”Silence made a fast estimation.While Silence was thinking in the mind,his hand and mouth worked meantime, releasing a instantaneous magic-Pain Deep Into the Soul.

    Note:a kind of ability that priest developed based on deep understanding into pain during a long term treatment for patients,belonged to the continuity-soulish attack and the dark spell.

    Silence lightly shouted out, and went on shooting out a holy spell.

    “Holy Hammer!”

    Three seconds later, above on the devilish monster’s head

    appeared a semitransparent golden giant hammer shining holy light.

    The hammer hit the devil on the head.

    -87 -8.

    looking at the damage point up out of the monster’s head,Silence moved back a few steps and began to chant a spell stuff of Holy Hammer.

    Three second later,one more hammer hit the monster on the head. -9 -85.

    Silence still moved back several steps and there came a Holy Hammer over again.

    -8 -88.

    Finally after 10 seconds of stunning passed,the devilish swordman turned back at the normal speed and rushed up front Silence.The monster waved a claymore in its hand and cut off to Silence.


    Above on the head top of the monster did a 8-point hurt by the Pain Deep Into Soul magic flash up.

    The devil swordman unwillingly fell down with blood-red eyes and mouth revealing fangs way too open.

    Silence smiled proudly.A level 35 devil swordman’s falling down on the ground before he got any damage surely made him worthy of being proud,

    A PVE battle is over for only 11 seconds.

    (PVE:player vs environment.PVP:player vs player.)

    An accurate calculation, a perfect control ability.These are honed out of this game by Silence for several months.

    Silence came up and pick up trophies –a few silevr coins and a black ring(not identified).Silence readily threw these stuff in a package and started up the next round of killing.

    Silence recovered up his mana using prays after he killed 3 swordman per time.He went on in that way.After a few hours of mechanical grinding,silent felt a bit hungry.Therefore he came back in the cave and left the game for a while.

    Xiao Qi took a look at the time ,10:47,after he took off his helmet.He stood up and head for the kitchen to cook a bowl of instant noodles.After eating noddles like the wind pulling the clouds away(a chinese idiom ,used to describe how fast the rest stuff is swept away),Xiao Qi sat in front of the computer.

    Entering the game,Silence looked at the experience needed to level up.Now the experience bar distance 24% experience from next level.

    “It looks like I can’t go up tonight.”Silence frustratedly began to sort out his equipments,and got prepared for the begining of grinding.

    Silence did not automatically go on killing those 9 devil swordman until the clock on the desk rang up.He looked at the experience needed to level up-still 7%.

    “Give it up.”Silence reluctantly shook his head.He didn’t carefully observe the surrouding environment ,directly turned back into the hole and got out of the game.

    Above on a hill not far from the Chaos Devil Forest in the Devil Valley,4 players were gawking at the location where Silence just disappeared.They silently tool a silent glance at each other.A soldier of those spat out a long breath and muttered,“ this....is a show?”

    “Oh my gosh...”

    “Not a wizard...”A wizard player sighed for so long,“Not a wizard gonna grind like this?”

    “He should be a priest...”A priest standing in the middle of other player decadently took a look at his hands,“Can a priest gonna do this ?”

    “Is he the priest Silence topping third on the priest level ranking list?”A petite and furtive thief said in a heavy voice。

    “Probably...”A leading soldier bent down his head and said,“Other upper level priests have fixed teams ,but only silence seems beyond a lot more teams.No one had heard of this guy.”

    “By the way,who did shoot a DEMO?”


    “Forget it...”

    As soon as Xiao Qi was off the game,he walked to man’s room for brushing his teeth and washing his face and went to bed.He was desperately tired for his running a day’s business.Right now playing the game looked mechanical and easy,but it need to be extremely buried in.Therefore Xiao Qi went deep in dream the instant he lay on the bed.

    Chapter Two Got A Bargain

    At half past six of the next day,Xiao Qi got up under the clock’s urgement.

    At five to seven,he went out.

    At seven o’clock,Xiao Qi rode a bike out from the gate of the district.

    Without any accident,Xiao Qi arrived in the company right at eight o’clock.

    Xiao Qi was afraid of being late although go-to- work time officially began at 8:30 in his company..He could also sort out today’s work and plan his schedule in advance.Last but not least,he could also help his colleagues clean up the office.After all,he’d been here for only three months,and he was not good at social communication.

    Perhaps...the boss of the company asked him not for business actually, but for cleaning.He,an offical staff just turned from his internship,got 400 yuan per month paid and took a 2% to 5% commission of his business.But he did such a terrible salesman business that he only took about 300 yuan for commission per month.It took around no more than 700 to hire a clean who might do a little salesman business.That’s why the boss agreed Xiao Qi to stay here.

    Xiao Qi was buried in riding his bicycle struggling to move ahead.He was thinking about what he’s gonna do today while he was riding.

    “Well...Hua Sheng Company could be visited by this day,and maybe I would get a list.”

    “I have no idea about whether the sample list from Tian Long Motorcycle Accessories could be taken.Ahh...Just go there over again.”

    Xiao Qi frowned and got a gap left on originally tiny eyes.He looked down at a watch on his wrist.


    Xiao Qi pulled his ass up from the cushion of the bicycle and began to sprint,touching the oncoming cool morning breeze.He gave a soft smile for a really comfortable breeze in spring.

    Right at eight o’clock,Xiao Qi got to the company on time.He put down stuffs in his hands and began to tidy up clutters left by the designers in work last night.

    The originally messy designer’s room turned into a neat one at 8:15.

    Since Xiao Qi came to this company,these designers had no idea of how many times they had asked him to get a drink in order to keep their office room neat.Even if Xiao Qi always was scanty of words,to drink counted nothing difficult for him from a troop.

    In the third drink,he got so open that four good-at-drinking main forces were given in to him in a battle of one VS four.From that on,they would only drink beers when getting Xiao Qi to drink.Xiao Qi didn’t know how mang times he gotta go to the man’s room every time they drank together.

    Beers got belly heavy!!!

    8:25,almost all the company staff arrived in on time.

    8:30,salesman had a meeting.Xiao Qi reported about work of this day and then hit the road at once.

    Xiao Qi still drew a blank to come back to his residence.He put down the bag.Too lazy to have a dinner,he went srtaight in the game.

    After Silence was in the game,he checked out his outfits and found that there is little room for the trip package which Silence spent a half of his savings during his levelled 25th days in buying.The package had been almost occupied by some equipment that hadn’t been identified yet,herb grass picked but not yet refined and some portions he prepared in battles with monsters.

    Silence thought for a while after a check up.

    “It’ll be time to go back and neaten his staffs after raising this level.By the way,go by the auction and see whether there is good staff there.”

    As usual,Silence headed out of the cave with equipments and staffs cleaned up.Just stepping to somewhere not far away from Chaos Stones Forest,a deafening roar walked in Silence’s ears.As soon as Silence heared the sound,he paused his foot.

    “A devil lord?”Silence surprised first and then understood it.

    The devil lord , a 40-level quasi boss monster,rondomly showed up inside the Devil Valley every month and last no more than three days. Silence had ever been killed by a devil lord when he just arrived in the Devil Valley.At that time Silence got to a only 27 level and had yet as skilled as nowadays technique.

    Silence listened to the roaring sound of the devil lord,thought a little for a second,looked around and quietly went where the sound came from.

    He was walking and thinking:“devil lord,a 30th levelled boss,has a health point above 1000 and a defence three times of normal monsters’.Apart from a super strong physical attack(phscial attack :a usually used term in online games ,opposite to magical attack),none of skillish attacks(In a sense,magics equals to skills in online games)had never been exposed to me.Is it too dangerous for me to go forward without any preparation.”

    Although Silence thought in this way,his feet couldn’t help going where the devil lord located.In a minute,Silence had come to the battlefield.

    The devil lord in the same build as the strongest barbarian with all its body wrapped in a black knight armor.Its one hand held up a dark sword,which a black flame occassionally flashed off.Last time Silence falled down under this sword.Another hand held up a whip.

    At this time,the devil lord was roaring rageously and gonna try to kill tiny creatures that dare invade his tiny territory.Opposite to the devile lord there were four players standing and struggling against the devil lord’s attack.A fighter attracted the monster’s hatred so perfect that a mage behind the fighter and a rogue who had gumshoed around to the back of the devil lord could attack with full mind and force while a priest gave his teammates timely and accurate treatment.

    The battle was on a state of stalemate while Silence still stayed put and carefully observed the battlefield situation,hesitating to help them or not.At the same time Silence watched them skillfully cooperating with each other,a strange feeling arising in his heart.

    After a duration of stalemate,being increasingly hurt,the devil lord gave up attcking and looked up at sky roaring.Its whole body gave out a blak flame and those 4 players were quickly wrapped in the latter.

    “Pay attention!”The fighter shouted and defensed up against the monster,trying to break the devil lord’s movement.

    The priest quickly shot an instant spell:Dispel!

    But it doesn’t seem to work.The black flames still hung around them and let them suffer a curse damage of 18 health point per second.

    “A curse.”The priest cried in alarm.

    “Damn it.Xiao Qi are not in.”The rogue who just drew back from the balck flame range mercilessly scolded.

    “What can we do? I can’t hold on any longer.The potion has already gone,and my mana is about to be the same.Today is so unluck a day that just the potion money gotta get me heartbroken.”The mage player looked at his package and said to his teammates.

    “Hold on.That monster should be also about to die.”The priest was talking and giving the fighter a treatment.

    “Come on everybody!”Said the fighter who was enveloped in the dark flames,his sound still steady and powerful.

    “Keep on.” The rogue went instantly into the Stealth situation, slippered around to the back of Devil Lord. Rogue’s skill Backstab was primed.

    “I stab! I stab! I stab, stab, stab..! I stab you to the death!” The rogue was screaming as giving out Backstab attacks.

    The fighter kept defending against Devil Lord’s attacking. He was calculating magical power the priest still remained.

    From the beginning the priest kept giving treatment, to the current condition in which he only gave a Potent Cure, the fighter judged that priest’s mana was too weak to stand longer.

    “Shall we die herein?”The fighter began to regret making his decision last night.They had a trip to the Devil Valley and just wanna pick some blood dragon grass to make some preparations for Xiao Qi.However Blood Dragon Grass were very rare.They spend a few days looking for it in the whole Devil Valley, but they fould only 2 strains.

    As the usual action had

    been planned,they should first withdrew out from the Devil Valley and went back to tidy up their equipments,but they accidentally found Silence grinding in the Chaos Stones Forest.At the sight of Silence’s acting-like technique,perfect control and layout techniques was the fighter attracted.A priest with a unmatched skill could make

    a team’s fighting capacity raised by a few ranks.

    Particularly the priest had a strong attck!At least in fromnt of Devilish monsters!

    Therefore after Silence went off the game,the fighter consulted other teammates ,especially the priest,and decided to invite Silence to join their team.

    Thereby they went to a nearby hiding place to get out of the game.After they got in the game,as soon as they came by the Chaos Stones Forest,they ran into the devil lord that appeared once a month.And a battle happened!

    “Dian Deng Pao,strengthen your attack!Fight!”The fighter roared to made a teammate behind him informed.

    “Well!”The mage Dian Deng Pao loudly responded,and then he whispered again,“but you’ll gotta pay for my portions and spell scralls.

    When the priest beside them two heard it,he turned over his eyes and shook reluctantly his head.

    “Sha Bu,speed up your treatment frequency now!Break the Caldrons and Sink the Boats!”The fighter roared!The whole body gave out a golden light!A huge sword in his hand cut fiercely to the devil lord.

    TL: Break the Caldrons and Sink the Boats here is a spell or a magic,and meantimes is a saying in China,meaning to cut off all means of retreat.

    The moment that priest Sha Bu listened,his heart was tight.He hurriedly accelerated the treatment frequency.but he began to worry looking at his mana to be run out of.

    Break the Caldrons and Sink the Boats was a skill for over 30th levelled fighters.It completely abandoned fighters’ defense and increased attck 3 times.

    The mage Dian Deng Pao heard the roar of the fighter with his face heavy,and pulled out a scroll ,the hand trembling.He took a look ful of silently conveyed tenderness at that scroll and then crush resolutely the scroll.

    “Thunder Stone.”The mage spat out the spell’s name.

    The devil lord’s attack was becaming stronger and stronger,and hence the fighter struggled against the monster in front.The priest kept releasing Heal ALL to ensure the survival of the fighter and give the mage enough time to shoot his magic.

    5 seconds later, clouds hung over the devil lord’s head,lightning snakes winding around the clouds.

    The devil lord seemed to be aware of something strange, looking up at sky and screaming.


    The harsh sound made the fighter pause his movement,and hence the devil lord wanna take advantage of this opportunity to get out of the circle of battle.

    “Keep it!”The mage Dian Deng Pao anxiously shouted.

    The devil lord paused.

    The fighter hurriedly released a skill:Deterrence Roar.

    The devil lord paused!

    “Make it!”The fighter looked overjoyed.This skill would usually work on the same-level monsters as him with the least chance,but now it worked on the 40-level quasi boss.There is no doubt that he was surprised.

    “Diao Yan De!Quickly away!”The mage watched the magich to be send out and shouted hurriedly at the fighter.

    The fighter Diao Yan De retreated quickly,and in the meantime the rogue was also out of the circle of battle and gathered by the priest.

    The dark clouds began to roll over.Lightning shot like snakes down to the ground.The devil lord trapped in range of attck kept being struck by lightning,paralyzed and unable to get out pof the battle circle.

    With the frequency of lightning’s falling up,the devil lord could not hold on any longer!Fiercefully staring at those 4 players,it unwillingly fell down.

    The devil fell down ,and dropped a few stuffs on the ground. Those several players had fun.Thereby they wanna step forward,but they were pulled by the mage.

    “Look for death if you directly go now!Do not wait until the Thunder Stone ends,or you’ll end up in being instantly killed.”The mage Dian Deng Pao looked at the rolling dark clouds and said with a monthful of resentment ,gold coins flashing in his eyes.

    “Hey!”The rogue siad pretty camely,“look around!”

    Other 3 players turned back and took a look.They have no idea of when a large number of devilish monsters had come behind them.

    “Damn it!The last roat turns out to call its affiliated monsters!Fuck!”The fighter violently scolded.

    After taking a glance at each other,they first unwillingly looked at the stuffs dropping out of the devil lord for they were reluctant to part from here.Then they blamefully looked at the Thunder Stone still working on,and finally they looked at the mage.

    “Go.”The fighter stood up,pulled out a Town Portal scroll,and was teleported back into the city without entering a battle.

    The priest Sha Bu and the rogue were followingly portaled back to town.The mage took a reluctant look at the stuffs left on the ground,and looked up at the dark clouds to be increasingly not working,turning unwillingly back to the town by a Town Portal scroll.

    In a hotel of the town.

    The mage Dian Deng Pao kept complaining:“It is such huge a pity that I wasted my Thunder Stone scroll and my gold coin ----3000 gold coins! Moreover it can’t be simply paid with money.”

    “Cut it out!If you did not lease the broke spell,perhaps we would also kill the monster and pick up stuffs he dropped.”The rogue Tou Si Ni said fairly.

    The priest Sha Bu looked at the rogue and then looked at the mage.After bandaging gauzes for them to do some simple treatments.The fighter Diao Yan De banged the table and stood up.He glared at the mage and turned over to glare at the rogue.

    “No one wanna let it happen.If it’s wrong, the fault counts on me for getting into the fighting state under a unknown condition.”

    Finishing saying,he went directly out.

    The mage and the rogue were left looking at each other with bleak diamay.

    “The boss lost his temper......”The mage Dian Deng Pao felt wronged,“I am just complaining little......”

    Silence glanced cherily at a lot of monsters.He walked to the place where the devil lord died,and in the meanwhile he cought sight of a pitch-black sword,a short wand and a black dress lying on the ground.Silence went there and threw these stuffs into the package.

    He had no more thinking and began grinding for leveling up.

    “Ding Dong!”As the system prompted,Silence’s whole body gaved out a white light.

    “Levelled up!”This was a surprise for Silence.He opened up his role panel to have a look.He hesitated and switched his sight to the stuffs in the package.Then he closed the role panel and began to head for the cave.

    It ends.
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    Chapter Three Is It Possible

    Silence was standing in the gate of the town full of a thousand tons of regrets.He spent a month alone in the wild valley after such a long period of grinding life.That almost made him feel this as a stand-alone game.Nothing was noticed when he was alone,however,when he came back to the town and looked at people coming and going,he turned emoionally sensitive.

    Silence came back to a hotel and afterwards the large parcel he paid way too much money for was cleaned up to sort out the stuffs inside it well.There were twelve equipment items including the last 3 stuffs obtained from the devil lord. Silence had spent a whole month in gaining simply 12 unidentified items.The other equipments were all some shit equipments and weren’t directly thrown into a blacksmith’s until they were sorted out by Silence.

    There were a lot of valuable herbs which included 4 blood dragon grass,a main ingredient the super magic portion was made from.

    Of course,never would coins be missed.Although it was less likely for monsters in the Devil Valley to drop a lot of coins,Silence found that he also accumulated unexpectedly coins to a total of nearly 1000.

    “Ha ha...”smiled foolishly at a pile of spoils right under his nose Silence ,and afterwards turned on the role panel langhing much more amusedly.He’s leveled 24 times (TL:This tells Silence has a level of 25 for him begining right from level 1) before he entered the Devil valley while he come out from there,he got a level of 38.

    Silence was siting glad of himself before he made a plan that he was first going to identify items,hence going to save money at a bank, and last planned to see whether there was equipments suitable for him at a auction.

    “Em,that’s it.”Once he made his plan,he got out of the hotel.As soon as he was off the hotel,a crowd noise right came into his ears.

    Silence turned around and was mindful of a circle of people around someplace.Introverted character as Silence had,he couldn’t help narrowing forward in the crowd after being alone of more than a month.Silence spent a little time and finally squeezed in.He observed some warriors wearing gold armors surrounding several players in the core of crowd.

    “Dear friend,what happened?”Silence’s courage rose and therefore he asked a player by him.

    “Hey...Those few people even stole something from our town’s lord.I couldn’t admire the thief more!”

    “Unignorant about what they had stolen,I heard that it made the town’s lord order the whole town to be on the alert.”

    “I heard about it as a token which appears to be used to be command NPC.”

    TL:NPC is abbreviated from non-player character ,usually programmed by game designers.

    Those few NPCs dressed in gold amors hacked the several players surrounded in the core to death.A small pitch-black board kind of stuff dropped out of a rogue player among them and was picked up quickly bya NPC.


    The ultrastrong attack power of NPCs astonished players around to breath in an cold air through their mouthes. Those few players surrounded had at least levelled up more than 29 times and nontheless they could not stand a hit by the NPCs. NO idea of how much levels these NPCs had.

    “How dare they steal stuffs of our town’s lord if they don’t wanna seek death?”said coly a fighter by Silence.

    Silence watched the person seemingly staring at himself,shrinked back his body,narrowed out of the crowd and rushed to where surveyors worked.

    “At a 20 percent discount.850 gold coins.”A affable and graceful surveyor smelled at Silence spiting out a bit surprising price of the idtifications.

    Silence was stupified.Few times though he had gone here ,however,it was paid just more than 10 gold coins each time.Why it was needed to be paid such a high price.Nevertheless it occured to him that he had nearly a thousand gold coins and therefore he pressed causally the enter key.

    Silence finished identificating his items before arriving at the bank and opening up personal room.Only after Silence entered his personal room did he open his package to look through the equipments just identified.

    If you stood in front of a surveyor,you would keep unclear about when equipments on your body had been stolen by the rogue. Silence was depressed by his personal suffering.Silence remembered the first time when he identified a priest’s rod suitable for him which brought a few attributes more than other rods sharing the same level,strengthening attack power so much that made Silence way too amused to let himself stay put for foolishly appreciating the rod.

    It ended...

    System prompt:something has been stolen.

    There was nothing about the rod left.Fall into a pit,a gain in Silence’s wit.Thereby previously it could make sense that as soon as Silence fininshed idtification of his stuffs he directly running up to the bank without giving the rogue a chance to make their living.

    Later on,Silence thought it over.It is a right decision for the rogue to stay here stealing.If equipments was identified to be shit,players went away soon.But if there was something valuable after being identified,the owner would lost in amusment and thus the rogut started stealing when you are out of alert.

    Silence opened up the package and lined up those 12 kind of stuffs.

    Different equipments were surrounded by light of various colos.Silence smiled for none of equipments that could glitter was a lemon obviously not a priceless one.No wonder it needed to be paid a desperately high price of identification.Nowdays Silence saw if there was an equipment suitable for him.

    First of all,Silence listed out the whole weapons: a dagger giving out a golden light,a huge sword jet-black the whole body,which,seen from Silence,dropped out of the devil lord.

    Followingly,Silence put aside a few equipments he didn’t wear at all,and put a few ones he could wear in front of himself to select one by one.

    Eyes of A Devil.Type:jewelry;demand occupation:unlimited; demand level:unlimited;effect:the wearer got a dark vision with a certain chance to see through the rogue’s invisibility spell,had a certain chance to be immune against the spells affecting vision effects and increased dark spells’damage by 5 percent.

    The last damage increase of 5 percent especially astonished Silence.Though he was now mainly in the devil area grinding and his attack means relied mainly on holy magic,however,he had to rely on dark magic to grind when he rised to level 40 for at that time Silence needed go somewhere else for grinding while once he went away from here there was no damage bonus holy magics caused to devilish monsters.

    TL:When you rise to a high level,the original zone’s monsters don’t suit you for you couldn’t gain the highest experience at all.The larger your level is away from monsters’ level,the less experience you gain.So whenever you arrive at a new altitude of level,the first thing to do is to seek a good place suitable for grinding.

    If Silence was turned into a dark priest ,a very useful skill appeared: A Lash At The Mind,especially until he went up to level 40.It caused a damage of 18 points per second,and meanwhile reduced target’s agility to a half.It was a pity that this was a magic constantly needing an instruction,that is to say you could not shot other magics during you releasing this magic.Nontheless this magic was an instant spell,which was remarkable enough for Silence to make up for its shortcoming.

    “A good stuff.”Silence hurriedly put up,only to find it was lit up so much before him that originally some little dark places of somewhere Silence stayed in turned into ones exposed to Silence’s sight.After appreciation for a while,Silence took up watching next item.The magic wand dropped out of the devil lord.Magic wands belonged to deputy equipments which could greatly increase user’s attributes.However,the chance of a magic wand’s showing was extra-small.Thereby this was the first time to see a magic wand for Silence.

    A Devil’s Left Hand.Type:a magic wand;demand job:manaish jobs.demand level:level 38;effect:it increased intelligence by 3 points,constitution by 1 point and damage of dark spell by 10 percent.

    TL:Among most of the online games,intelligence influences magical attack power and sometimes critical srtike rating of magical attack while constitution has an influence on health point and even physical defence.All of online games don’t have settings of attributes in common.

    Right fitting it up,Silence looked at the magic wand emitting a dark light with its shape a bit like a human’s hand and a huge ruby stiching up through the top of itself when he began considering himself to transfer to act as a dark priest after rising to level 40.With the help of these two equipment,he could match mage on the side of attack power in addition to giving a treatment after he transferred to be a dark priest.

    “Get it over.Do not have a plan Until going up to level 40.”Silence sighed.Such a long time going by,Silence was increasingly accustomed to the Sunk Continent.Occupation transfer at level 40 was a turning point in the game.Basically only you had chosen a job to transfer, your development in the future was followingly fixed.Therefore,Silence began to hesitate.

    Silence looked at a ring giving out orange lights and his mind could not help but be arrested by it.He directly skipped a dress near to himself and went fatch it.As long as he took a sight of it,he felt shocked!

    Watching its item instruction,a kind of possibility occured to Silence...He murmured:“Is this possible?”

    Chapter Four Super Mana Portion

    Silence quiveringly took up the ring emiting orange lights,carefully watching it.

    The Ring of Chaos. Type:jewelry;demand occupation:unlimited; demand level:unlimited;effect: the ring had two forms—it could act as either a chaos ring or a holiness ring.When working as a holiness ring,it could increase manaish treatment magic’s effect by 20% and in the meantime the wearer would antomatically stand on a camp of lawful good.While the ring worked as a chaos ring,dark spells’damagic would be strengthened by 20% and the camp of this ring’s owner would antomatically be turned into a chaos evil.This kind of effect could be used endlessly but cooled down within a duration of 30 minutes after last usage.

    “How there could be such a thing?”muttered Silence.If his guess turned out to be a truth,Silence afterwords would be given an option of teaming up with people to be a competent priest for cure or grinding alone as a evil priest. His level rose rapidly in this way,didn’t it?

    Even if Silence currently took up the third place of priests’level ranking,he was aware that it is not worthy for himself of leveling up alone.With time going by,monsters were harder to strike.Now he could draw up a suit of attack pattern for a monster depending on the weakness of the monster to kill it up until exhaustion of his mana ; nevertheless,how could he depend on afterwards?

    His attack power would have been unable to keep up with speed of monsters’level raising.There were few experiences if he decided to strike normal monsters while there estimately were few health point reducement of boss monsters until he exhausted his mana.Although he look at this with eyes of Silence before job transfer,Silence estimated there would be not that great change after him transfering up nevertheless.

    Therefore,if the ring could help him do what he imagined to do:to be changed into a member of lawful good camp to major in a divine spell for a higher level ,or to be changed into a memeber of chaos evil to learn a dark magic.

    If this is true,then he be imagined to win advantages from both sides:either to team up with players to challenge high level monsters or to select suitable zones to raise level.

    However,now everything was still an idea.Everthing would be clear until 40 level.

    Silence put away The Ring of Chaos in the safe-deposit box of the bank,and then put other stuffs into a box next to it.

    Out the bank,he went to a shop rather than an auction house.At shop,he bought some necessities and some items necessary for refining portions before he arrived at a place where his refining was taught.He was about to refine herbs he picked a few days ago into portions to satisfy later rapid leveling’s need.

    After Silence paid the handling fee,he came to the refining hall.A look at this fimiliar place called up those times when he was right in this game,unaware of everything,standing stupidly here for refining portions until he accidentally triggered a hidden task,which after finishing he gained a skill and achieved a title of Master alchemy.

    Those players around busy refining portions noticed someone coming in,with even nobody rasing a head.Silence walked before an empty table and began refining portions.

    Blood dragon grass,the most crucial herb,was put into a crystal bottle prior to silence nervously looking at the inside of the crystal bottle in which blue liquid ceaselessly went up and down,causing bubbles of various colors.

    Waiting for finishing refining required an extradinary patience.Fortunately,Silence retired from the army was able to bear it at ease.A half hour’s wait later,the rolling liquid gradually calmed down which turned from a blue one into a clearer and more transparent one,giving off a refreshing fragrance.

    Silence looked at the bottle of portion and a stripe of smile appeared in his originally tighting face.A bottle of super magic portion provided an extra live for manaish job.Especially in the sunk continent,not only was super mana portion paid a high price,but also was hard to be accessible for players only in refining.Nontheless,the success rate of refining was very low,in addtion to which was that there is little herb grass,causing a high cost.It is impossible for normal people to raise their refining level to adept unless you were way too rich or under a support of a guide,let alone level up to a master alchemist.No chances were that anyone would be titled as a master alchemy without raw materials and needed gold coins supported back by a large-size guide and a little good luck.

    Of course, an exception pointed to Silence taking a hidden task after the most basical portion several thousand times.

    Diving portion inside the bottle into quarters and putting them into a specially made crystal bottle,Silence got prepared to begin refining other portions.

    “Excuse me,this is a legendary super magic portion?”Asked a mage player pointing to the bottle Silence put on the table.

    Silence hesitated,and then nodded his head.

    “How is it possible?”That mage player shouted in surprise.

    The hall silent besides crack sounds of portion bubble was no longer quiet thanks to this surprised shouting.The other players turned to look at surprised mage player with anger.

    “What are you doing?”A player accused him annoyedly,“don’t you konw that it is not allowed to talk loudly here? Becouse of a scream of you just now, I failed my intermediate portion refining.Do you konw that?”

    “He...He...He...”The mage player pointed to Silence,blamed by many pairs of angry glances ,and said with a stammer:“He said he refined up a super magic portion.”

    “What!”The crowds in the hall cried out,and then turn their eyes to the priest foolishly standing.

    “How can it be possible!I have no choice of seeking to raising my experience point but to get prepared to be an alchemist,but now the best portion in my record was nothing but an intermediate portion.How could he concoct a super magic portion?”A player stared at Silence in doubt.

    “Do come by yourself if you don’t believe it!”The mage pointed to the bottle on the desk,and said to guys around him.

    Silence saw so many people here,tense arising in his mind.Altough he didn’t understand why they got affected,he still put the portion away in the package hurriedly and hurried up out.

    “Be a cheat absolutely!”The player who just now questioned Silence laughed at that mage player,“Otherwise what he was running?As is konwn to all,now no one is able to concort a super magic portion.If he make it to refine that,the most biggest guides would have to serve him as Buddha? ”

    “However,I apprently recognised that was the super magic portion!The color and lustre,the flavor...It was exactly the same as what the instructor showed for me!”

    “Shit!You want a super mana portion so desireing that you go mad...?”

    Those who just walked forward to see the super magic portion but nothing ,and listened to their debates.Most of those imagine in the mind:I kept trying here all the time but had no choice to see him.What’s more,judging from his dress ,he was at a level of 30 at least.He has so high a level that it is impossible for him to spent a lot of time to refine portion for enhancing the alchemy spell,let alone to concort up a super mana portion!That one certainly mistaked.

    However,this thing was under the attention of someone intended .A following imformation set off to spread out:a alchemist able to refine a super magic portion appear,as a priest,was eatimated to have a level between 30 and 40.The rest unknown.

    Silence rushed out of Alchemy Hall.He was really not accustomed to being paid so many people’s attentions to and had no idea of what he should do.Thereby, he just ran out so.

    Silence don’t konw it is so surprising a thing to be able to concoct a super magic portion.He believed that way too many people would be able to gain a mastery alchemy skill.

    After running out,Silence came to a store to cost some gold coins to buy some alchemy tools.Unfortunately,these refining tools were not better than those in Alchemy Hall and they would go to scraps once used once time.What’s worse, it was at a lower chance of success.However,the most important potions had been done,other needed but ranked-lower potions was easy for Silence to refine depending on the mastery alchemy of Silence.

    Silence was advancing on a 40 level as all had been prepared.
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    Chapter Five A New Tactics

    Silence stood before Valley Devil’s entry and took a quiet look at that.

    This was the last time to come here and he was about to get away here shortly after he rose to get leveled thirty-nine times(a 40 level or a level of 40).Right here topped first Lord of Devil in the level and other monsters’level was between 35 to 38.If silence arrived at a level of 40,the expericences he gained here killing monsters were not in direct propotion to to the time he spent.

    The best opportunity to abtain experiences was to take tasks or to strike monsters as you were on a adventure in Continent Sunk .However,it was necessary to have a deep understanding of Continent Sunk before taking tasks,so Silence chose the traditional way –to kill monsters for experiences needed to enhance his level.

    If there was a great difference between monsters’levels and players’ ones, players weren’t able to gain a lot of experiences.Therefore,it was the best way of raising your level to opt to stike monsters whose levels were little away from your level.

    One thing occured to him as Silence had a idea of entering the valley.He patted his head and privately scolded himself.

    He opened the role panel and thought of the talent attribute points he gained through leveling up hadn’t been allocated.

    Watching the role panel,Silence assign the talent attibute point to the skill appeared thanks to just leveling up to 40: Divine Repremand.

    Divine Repremand: a passive skill,increased the hurt holy spells caused to devilish monsters by 15%.At a junior level.The skill studies had to begin from openning up it via talent attribute points obtained from leveing and then you was allowed to seek the related NPC to learn a skill at a higher level).

    With the help of the skill Divine Repremand in addition to the attack bonus euipments what Silence put on a moment ago brought ,Silence currently was able to strike devilish or fighterish monsters to death in within two rounds.

    Basically he didn’t release a stunning magic to reduce the moving speed first within two rounds of stiking monsters to death for the monster usually was almost about to fall down as he run close to himself.

    After several tries,Silence abandoned Holy Hammer with a attck bonus aginst devilish monsters.Although he added the attribute point to Divine Repremand and the holy magic possessed extra 15% attack damage bonus;However, Silence equipped himself with Eyes of A Devil and A Devil’s Left Hand,dark spells’ attack hurt is a little difference to catch up with sacred spells’s attack at devils.Nevertheless,Blow Up Souls belonging to dark spells had a shorter releasing time than Holy Hammer belonging to holy spells and reduced mana consumption by 20% compared to Holy Hammer’s mana cost.

    With the help a spell shooting time of one and a half seconds compared to a three-seconds magic releasing duration,a Pain Deep Into the Soul spell promoted through devilish equipments did cause silence to save a time between one and two seconds within killing a monster.Afterwards,Silence completely ignored devil swordmen coming by him,just dodging to the side,and then went on striking next monster.Let previous monsters die of the effect caused by Pain Deep into the Soul of continous attacks.

    In order to rush to a higher level,Silence brought junior and intermediate portions he concocted before by himself.When he saw several monsters nearby ,he lessen the time to rest and directly drunk up a bottle of mana portion other players only used at the crucial moment to recover his magic points.In this way rised Silence getting experiences’s effiency.Although it was in exchange for the cost of gold coins,it didn’t matter that only if he was able to pick herb grasses for Silence as a mastery alchemist.Let alone herb grasses he picked in passing when hitting monsters were enough for his own needs.

    “Blow Up Souls!”(a dark spell,with a cooling duration of one and a half seconds .)

    “Pain Deep Into Souls!”

    “Light Of Purification!”(a holy spell at a lower level,with a releasing time of one second.)

    After the cooldown duration of Blow Up Souls went by,another Blow Up Souls was shot out.And then followed another Light Of Purification.

    Then, Silence paid no attention to the devil swordman dashed up to him and set off to launch an attack to another monster nearby.

    Don’t do it repeatedly, until suddenly,Silence found devil swordmen around him were gone.

    After thinking deeply,Silence found time used to skill monsters was faster than system refreshing monsters’ time.Silence took the gap to tidy up his equipments and at the same time caculated how much time he spent leveling up to 40 at this speed.

    “It will took thirty-four more hours keeping trying.”Silence said in the mind after making a calculation,“incorrect,gains of experiences was lower after rasing a level .”

    “Thirty-six hours.”It cheered up Silence if he worked harder,sleep time reduced two hours and game time rised from six hours now to eight hours so that he was capable of going up to a 40 level. At that time,he could try and verify his idea of a super priest possessing both a high attack power as well as a ability to command immortal creatures from dark priests and a strong treating ability from holy priests.

    Monsters began to rebirth here(or refresh) and Silence set off to strike monsters.Used to the new tactics, Silence had an ability both to hit monsters for experiences and to ponder something.

    After a long time of skilling monsters,a belif occured to Silence,“could a priest have an ability of attack around an area as same as a mage? ”

    However,searching through all the priest’ spells, Silence found no spells of attacking about a area or a group but only attacks at a single target.

    “Blow Up Souls!”

    “Deep Into Souls!”

    “The Light of Putification!”

    “Blow Up Souls!”

    An automatic striking monsters still run on and Silence continued thinking.

    Suddenly,Silence believed he seemed to catch some idea.After finishing killing a monster,Silence retreated to a safe shelter.Then he opened the spell list.

    Area attack spell have an advantage of causing damages to many monsters more than more in the meanwhile that way it benificial to increasing greatly experiences you gained during unit time.

    Although Silence as a priest didn’t have a spell as mage had,Silence possessed a continuous attack spell any job couldn’t match:pain Deep Into Souls.As long as in a very short period of time ,all the monsters had been given a Deep Into Souls that way causing an effect as good as such area attack spell as Blizzard of a mage.Silence looked at Pain Deep Into Souls on the spell list murmuring.

    But how to bear several monsters attacking at the same time.Even if Silence had an instant-shooting Divine Defense Shield spell,perhaps Silence only resisted against three attacks from a dark swordman and got out of mana.

    Silence frowned, and began to looked over all his spells.At last, a spell was found in the division of dark spells:Fear Scream.(This spell was capable of causing monsters around fears and driving them fleeing away,with a duration of five seconds.It worked within a radius of ten feets around the targer.)

    Silence gave a smile,“it’s this one!”

    Then Silence began to have a try.

    “Pain Deep Into Souls!”

    “Pain Deep Into Souls!”

    “Pain Deep Into Souls!”

    Silence sent out three consecutive Pain Deep Into Souls at three dark swordmen nearby, shot a Blow Up Souls spell to a monster of them shortly before monsters approached and released a Light Of Purification to that one.

    Three dark swordmen has arrived beside Silence and were going to hold great swords in hands to cut to Silence.Silence hastily started off to release a Fear Scream spell!

    The effect began to work,three dark swordmen ran out of Silence.Silence stared at the dark swordman which had been greatly harmed and went on releasing a spell of Blow Up Souls.

    Over! One Dead!

    Continue,hit a Light Of Purification against another dark swordman not very far away.

    The cooldown time was over after releasing a Light Of Purification and Silence could release one more Blow Up Souls.

    “Light Of Purification!”

    “Blow Up Souls!”

    Over!Two dead!

    Watching the third dark swordman,Silence showed a smile on his face.The duration of Deep Into Souls exerted on that dark swordman had passed,but the health point was a little more than a two thirds of its original left.

    A stunning, and a Light Of Purification.One more Blow Up Souls!


    A successful tactics!

    Following it,Silence started a tactical review so that he had capacity to gain experiences with a greater efficiency. Although in this way was promoted Silence’s speed of striking monsters,there existed two disadvantages:first,it would add a lot of difficulty in Silence operation on skill release and use up many more spirits;second,here the dark swordmen was apprently incapable of meeting Silence’s speed.

    After the review finished,Silence stroke monsters to gain experiences with an old tactics while thinking about how to settle this problem.

    Increased difficulty in operation could be overcome via exercise so that he ended up in an easier and more relax operation,however,this grinding area was needed to change into a new suitable place.Otherwise it was a real pity that that new tactics he just came up with had no choice to work.

    After grinding for a while,Silence saw the experiences he lacked for upgrading next level,which was sixty-five percent of a total experiences bar apart from a 39 level.Silence took one more time and it was already more than midnight twelve.

    After a period of strike,Silence decided to work deep into Valley Devil to seek if there were monsters suitable for him killing monsters.Silence remembered a great many monsters of slightly one to two levels higher inside Valley Devil ; Nontheless,in order to harvest experiences efficiently,he haven’t gone anywhere to have a careful exploration but stayed at the devil swordman zone.

    Now it was up to how much good luck he met with to find a place suitable for striking and full of monsters busy reborning.Silence get occupied with both marching and watching out for surroundings.

    In the Continent Sunk,it was necessary to keep cautious for punishment from death could get Silence hairy.

    “Which way shall I go?”

    Silence was looking at the two swarthy caves in front of him.

    “Left or right hand?”Silence gave a consideration and opt in the right-hand cave which he had a little impression on.

    There was obviously no monsters in the swarthy cave.Silence lit a fire torch and didn’t see a light until stepped deep into the cave for about fifteen minutes .At this time,he was able to watch a mass of light in the distanct and Silence moved towards there with caution.

    “Gonna arrive at the exit.”Silence was on the alert even badly, and added a defence shield on his body in advance in case monsters bursted in to lauch a strike.

    It was necessry for Silence to be with caution.A monster suddenly attacked Silence as Silence right exited out ofthe cave.

    Silence hurried to throw a stunning spell out and drew back into the valley inside when releasing a Pain Deep Into Souls spell meanwhile.A Blow Up Souls was followed to release there.

    Watching the monster near to here,Silence had a hurried detect for this monster’s information:Devil Detestation,at a 37 level.

    Silence ran a calculation as was retreating.His stunning spell commonly reduced monsters’ moving speed by 50%.Judging from the move speed of this monster,even if he didn’t release a stunning spell,it was obvious to not catch up with himself.Perhaps its moving speed was three or less than three.

    Good luck!Silence gave a thumbs up in his mind.

    “Now it comes to look how thick your skin was!”
    As the Devil Detestation crashed down on the ground right at the second Blow Up Souls point,Silence stared blankly for a following moment.

    “What....”Silence endured ecstasy deep in mind,“hope right here stand plenty of monsters.”

    A monster possessing a slow march speed and not too many

    blood points,was made-to-measure to fit his new gaining experiences’tactics,wasn’t it?

    However,the monster nearly broke his defence shield at one blow,showing a superstrong physical attack power. Nontheless,it had nothing to do with Silence because that monster wasn’t able to get so near to him as to be under the control of Silence.Especially the monster looked as a chubby ball as people said a fatty was,but its health point was thinner than a sheet of paper.

    Silence released a defensive shield at him,and warily headed for the exit!

    No stike from a monster!Silence advanced out of the cave!

    Silence couldn’t help standing in amazement as he took a sight of a scene before him.

    Volume One Being Alone’s Joy

    Chapter Six Berserker Dongfang

    What Silence saw was a dense crowd of Devil Detestations wandering in a valley.In the midst of the valley,A strong-build man, naked to the waist,was struggling to hack monsters with a huge-size ax held in a pair of hands.

    Red combat pants,a bare upper body and a mass of projecting muscles altogether showed owner’s formidable strength.Per wave and hack of the giant axe in hands took away a monster’s life.No one knew how many monsters lay around the sturdy man,but surround the strong man still existed closely-scattering monsters.

    “Berserker!”Silence screamed in a low voice.

    Berker,one of the fighter transfer occupations.

    Berserker,a melee(short-ranged) attack occupation which gave up defence and pursued the most mightiness attack power,found the strength of Battle Qi,however,after fighting with the body as a weapon.Obtaining the Battle Qi strength, fighters not only owned a superstrong strength but also was given an invincible defence by Battle Qi! Berserker! The most powerful one within short-ranged jobs!

    Silence watched the fighter struggling in the Valley.Seeing the big-size battleaxe per wave taking off a monster’s life,Silence had a deep longing for it and couldn’t help but think back when he was in the army,he,firmly stood on the platform of the national wrestling competition looking at all the players with disdain.At that moment, he can do like this, fearless facing a large number of opponents!

    Monsters constantly shut in the fighter.Although the fighter bear not that great much damage given his powerful offence and defence,he was still a mortal with limited endurance.Silence finally made a decision as he saw the soldier turning from dealing with a monster with a mere axe’s wave to waving two to three axes to settle a monster.

    The new tactic was used by Silence,monsters in front of him perishing one by one.He operated himself with caution,intended not to attract attention from too many monsters,as he slowly finished off monsters at external frontiers.

    Tightly shut in as he was within monsters,from cracks was found Silence’s figure.The fighter was delighted to himself,someone finally coming.He had been here fighting for a few hours,and his spirit had arrived at the peak as well.

    After observing clearly the coming one was a priest,he felt down over again.Right here,the speed of Monsters reborning was far more than what you think.If you don’t own a peerless attack which was able to finish off most of the monsters around within a short period of time and flee away through a path composed of monsters’ lives,then there was no way but await death’s coming.

    Looking at monsters in front of Silence,he slightly took a break ,and ruthlessly,attacked six monsters at the same time.Three monsters had perished on the half way thanks to Silence’s magic before in front of he moved forward monsters,yet he was out of mana.

    He took out a bottle of super magic portion and finished up it,with orignally exhausted magic immediately full.

    Silence had been intended to give out a Fear Scream,but he abandon this idea after looking at so many monsters about everywhere.(If feared monsters came across the other monsters,the latters were about to be driven to here after a fear time passed .)

    Using three consecutive stunning magic,Silence swiftly enlagrged the gap between monsters,and gave additions of Pain Into Souls to the three monsters.

    After three Blow Up Souls and two Light of Purification magics were released up,the three Devil Detestations fell down too.

    Silence swept over the battlefield with eyes,and ascertained a ruin on the other side of this valley ,at the side of which several worn-out cabins at the side of the ruin stood.Silence quickly determined his tactic.

    Monsters refreshed at a so fast frequency here that it was impossible to strike overall monsters to death relying on they two players.Only depending on topography,monsters they faced would lower that way it ended up two living persons getting out.

    Silence walked near to the fighter.He,worried about voiced sound calling monsters to fight,paid 10 gold coins and texted and emailed an emrgency message to the fighter.

    As soon as a flash emerge in front of Silence,a message appeared before him.The fighter scaned the content,spared time to look at Silence,caught a sight of the place Silence speaked of and noded his head.

    Then,Silence released a holy spell he prepared for a long while:potent Cure!And three seconds later,a Potent Recovery followed.

    After releasing heal spells,Silence quickly do a bottle of Potent Aligity Potion.As a result,his aligity was increased to eight.He run up towards the planned cabin.

    With the help of Potent Cure and Potent Recovery of Silence, the fighter carried out a berserker spell:Sweep Away millions of Enemies,emptying an area of monsters before.Silence followingly ran back toward the house.

    With the help of aligity of eight points,a lot of Devil Detestation though Silence had encountered,he only suffered an offence,which was defended on the basis protect of a defence shield.

    Silence managed to find time and looked back to the fighter at his heels and the scene of thickly-dotted monsters behind the fighter got him hairy.Too many monsters,even if kept standing without any movements,was unable to be settled by Silence until his hands was tired out.

    “Brother,my name’s Dongfang,What’s your name?Thank you just now!”The fighter following close behind Silence with the axe on his shoulder,burst into a shocking strength and stepped forward in parallel with he,turning his head to ask.

    “Silence,”silence raised his head to catch a sight of the Berserker heavily beared ,hesitated and said.

    Dongfang hear Silence’s name blankly and observed Silence not respond to Dongfang’s name,stupefied too.

    Berserker Dongfang! The first ranked on the Continent Sunk role level ranking list,was currently 37th leveled.

    “It is priest Silence.There is no doubt that he have been able to arrive at a rather high level without a fixed team even never teaming up.Dongfang had seen that kind of offence strategy perfectly matching a mage,not ,and an even more subtle tactic before everything made sense.He finally knew why he remained so little-known.Since he got the hang of a rather subtle tactic as well as an accurate calculation and operation,it was unnecessary for him to join up a team of additional teammates for experiences,it yet hold him back on the acquisition of experiences instead.

    Yet he didn’t know that Silence never had no desire for leveling up within a team,it was he that was borned to be speechless ,that way he was diffident to propose a request to team up with people.Another reason was that he didn’t know if he joined a group,then he would acquire little more experiences than when he kill monsters alone.In any case,even if Silence was able to acquire a little high experiences from a single monster,no teammates surely came up with a totally new tactic to coordinate one person’s tactics Silence created to be fit for himself,it held back the speed instead.

    Rsuhing into the cabin,Silence and Dongfang quickly found their proper places.Dongfang was stuck in the door of the small house,and Silence gave Dongfang treatment to ensure his life safety.

    Dongfang checked monsters with caution and discertain overall monster covered with an effect of a priest’s Pain Deep Into Souls spell as he found monsters before him was too weak to stand a strike from himself.

    Dongfang couldn’t help but had admiration for Silence’s operant technique.Silence unexpectedly cured himself as give monsters offences.How awful he was!

    Magicish occupation as he was not very familiar with,but he was aware of a systematic rule.That is ,if battling,everyone’s mana recovery was restricted to a very slow one compared to common moments,and it was only fit that you had no capacity to rely on recovered magic to keep on fighting.But there was a five-second rule,that is to say,if you kept not releasing any spell out within five seconds,and in five toughest seconds,your recovery of magic points was about to reach at a automatic recovery condition as usual.

    People with high levels of operating ability could use the five-second rule to prolong their sustained combat capability.As for Silence,he was right good at calculation,and he ultilized the five-second rule as easy as finished drinking a glass of plain water.Let alone,Dongfang had a formidable defence power,and only two to three monsters fight against him at the sametime.When he suffered from not so scaring an attack,what Silence needed to do was to throw a Potent Recovery onto Dongfang,which was able to increase recovery speed of Dongfang’s health point as well as his endurance point.

    After a while,Silence found it the best choice to add a Potent Recovery onto Dongfang after releasing eight consecutive Pain Deep Into Souls.Because at that time effects of Pain Deep Into Souls almost worked at the last,it was a better way to save Dongfang’s enduration on the basic of Silence’s mana recovery

    Barely keeping up.

    After monsters unceasingly relived after last death,sometimes Silence had to to consume intermediate magic potions to raise magic restoration speed.

    Dongfang was more and more surprised at Silence for he had never thought of Silence actually lasted for such a long time.He had thought Silence was about out of mana and had never thought that Silence was a mastery alchemist with countless magic potions by himself.

    “In a half hour more,my friends were about to arrive.”Dongfang finished killing one monster and turned his head saying to Silence.

    “Well.”Silence nodded,at a loss to the present situation that as soon as they went out ,they would be under seige from monsters in all directions,as a result of which,they had no idea but die.They currently had to stay inside the cabin passively resistant against monsters.Silence luckily carried a great many potions.In order to rush up to next level,Silence had already thought of consuming magic potions,therefore,magic potions he had on him was very numerous.Now it was right time for them to play their roles.

    “Damn it,I should forget it,”Dongfang fiercely scolded to himself.

    Dongfang asks to team up with you.Do you accept it?

    A system prompt emerged suddenly before Silence.Silence opted in Yes.

    Silence found acquisition of experience points with a ten percent bonus for experiences.While grouped,it turned out to be killing monsters in a short time as well as acquiring more experiences.

    Yet Silence didn’t know he had accounted for most of just gained experiences because monsters were basically hit by his Pain Deep Into Souls before being cut to death.The system tacitly acknowledged that the first attacker acquired 60% experiences more than the latter attackers,while unteamed.But,after all,the attack power of Pain Deep Into Souls was limited,compared to Dongfang,a Berserker’s attack power.The system calculated divisions of experiences on the basis of attack damage.Therefore,both Dongfang and Silence took up a half of experiences falling from dead monsters.When grouped,they both enjoyed a ten percent bonus for experiences compared to when they were ungrouped.

    “Silence,have you been here continuing to practise killing monsters?” Dongfang asked as he cut against monsters.


    “No wonder nobody knows you.You originally practised fighting against monsters here.”Dongfang finally solved a puzzle.

    Silence handled the present battle with ease,with a puzzle in the mind that Dongfang with a 47 level acquired few experiences killing monsters here,so anyone naturally asked why he came here?

    He couldn’t help but eventually asked.

    When Dongfang heard it ,his body froze.

    Silence caught a sight of him,said in a hurry,“if inconvenient,just let it go.”

    “That’s okay.”Dongfang gave a generous laugh,“Not yet for Phenix,a girl.The girl wanna be a mastery alchemist.As a result, plenty of blood dragon grass was required to make a promotion.Today I should have been to Frozen Lake there to carry out tasks together with my friends.However,she has badged with me for a whole day!”Dongfang seemed to think of the condition at that time, unconsciously took a convulsion and left a hand to touch the beard on his face.

    Dongfang scolded Phenix to himself. It was all becouse of the smelly girl.If it had not been for her,he would have not been fallen into such an embarrassing condition,neither advancing nor retreating.Death, for characters with a high level,was a very sacry thing.Usually,Dongfang grouped up with players trying to ensure safety as well.However,today he thought of Valley Devil full of monsters ranging from 35th leveled to 38th leveled,which were a piece of cake for him.He thought it would take a few hours to take a stroll round the valley,picked all blood dragon grass he saw and throw them to the little girl.Afterwards,he was going to go to Frozen Lake with friends to explore and to help them complete a task.Yet as soon as Dongfang entered the valley, he regreted.It never occurred to him that monsters here were in so fast a refresh rate that he had already been shut in by monsters on all sides until he was on the alert.The only option was to be a procrastinator,sending his friends messages for their timely rescue,but the friends were far away on the other side of Continent Sunk,as a result of which it took a long time to arrive here.The horror of death punishment still kept him holding on,who hoped to wait till his friends came.

    He had already physically exhausted in real life.Fortunately,Silence came here at this point to get him out of the embarrassing situation.

    After escaping from the dilemma,Dongfang thought for a while and decided to send a message letting his friends hurry to come over.Because monsters’ level distanced not so far from the several friends of him,and them attacked fiercely but had a short health point bar,it was a good place to currently challenge monsters.It was only fitted that they rushed to a higher level first.And it would be a little safer to come to Frozen Lake a few days later.

    No one knew how long a time had gone by.Anyway Silence was in a mechanized operation on killing monsters.

    “Dingdong!”As the system alert tone appeared,a white light was given off from Silence’s whole body.
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    Chapter Seven A Formidable Mage

    “Risen ?”Silence awake said with puzzle.

    “Congratulations!”The system notification was heard to Dong Fang as well and hence he hurriedly congratulated.

    “Leveling up is achieved naturally...”Dong Fang(East) allowed himself a wry smile and said:“Keep battling!”

    Silence didn’t know how to continue dialogue,silent.

    A few moments later he listened to Dongfang saying:“Fine,my friend’re gonna arrive here.”

    “Al’right.”Silence noded a head.

    As a result of releases of a Potent Recovery and a Potent Cure,Dong Fang restored to a full-hearted state of mind and body.Meanwhile he gave himself a magic consuming a great much magic power:Guard to the Soul.Hence drinking a bottle of intermediate mana potion,he set off to recover his MP(mana points).

    A few more moments later,East said with his head back towards Silence: “Be prepared,follow me out.”

    Silence looked through himself,and afterwards adjusted his body with that near Dongfang’s.Finishing up all,he informed East:“done”.

    “Go!”Finishing saying,East cried loudly,“Sweep Away Millions of Enemy Troops!”

    On the slash from Dong Fang,all six monsters fell down!Dong Fang.Dong Fang killed forward,Silence following him carefully to avoid inflicting attacks from monsters.Every time he noticed monsters’ number reach a great peak,Silence gave out a Fear Scream,which resulted in a part of monsters temporarily escaping away.There were a great many monsters around in any case,therefore it had nothing to do with them that a few more monsters approached.It would be fine as long as they didn’t face more than enough opponents.

    “Catch them.”Dongfang said excitedly to Silence.

    Not far away,five guys were hurrying up here with two mages following behind a fighter,a priest in the middle of the queue,and a thief falling in the end.

    As they saw Dong Fang,they handed in a team-joining request. When they unified each other as a team family together,two mages set off to backon Blizzard under the fighter’s protection.

    The mage-exclusive spell Blizzard was of a broad effect range,but consumed far too many MP.Blizzard,A fortith leveled mage released it two times as many as possible.

    Blizzard’s force fully spread out after ten seconds,which unified the other same Blizzard out of the second mage to produce a spell impact above Silence’s imagination.Silence waited to looked over corpses of monsters thickly lied on the ground surrounding them,and gave those two mages an astonished look until the Blizzard,a disaster to monsters,had died down.

    They looked like not over fortith leveled yet possessed a attack power breathtaking compared to others!Mage!There was no abosolute doubt that the mage was entitled a great many grand attacking manaish occupation honors! A remarkable attack power beyond compare! This was the mage!

    A pile of monsters died off,resulting in that silence got a flying-fast rise on the experiences bar.This valley eventually came to a temporary quietness with only few monsters spawning with the effort of them six players.

    “I can spare a time to exhale a breathe.Fuck!”Dong Fang took a hateful scold as a obvious result of that too many experiences couldn’t be allocated onto his experieces bar thanks to he as a higher level berserker in comparison to the level of monsters.Further more,a mere simple task what he originally thought picking blood dragon grass as now developed into this,in addition to that time meant experiences especially for him.Provided that the little girl was not that entangled with him,he couldn’t come here at all.

    Yet it was a good business to find this place fit to be settled to kill monsters under the condition of his friends.Later he was pleasant to lead his buddies to here on a quick grinding feast.Dong Fang pondered in mind.

    While in a break,Silence looked at attribute descriptions on Role Panel astonishingly aware of his leveling experiences reaching to thirty-four percent of a total experiences bar.

    Silence had been a little preoccupied with his operations and attles and little distracted by others’way too amzaed looks

    at him.Just now he swept away monsters around at a speed quicker

    than normal mages.

    Was it still a priest?

    This is a thought all the people present had,of course except Dong Fang who had recognised breathtaking operation from Silence and Silence himself still buried in the flying-fast rising experiences

    “Please allow me to make a brief introduction,”Dong Fang said to Silence after he called Phoenix names.

    “This is Gua Zi,a mage with a thirty-six level.Nan Gua,a mage,a thirty-eight level.A thrity-ninth leveled fighter Rou Rou.Ci Ke(means an assasin in Chinese),a thief,a thirty-nine level,will soon be a real assasin.”Dong Fang pointed at name’s owners one by one and hence,he turned to talk to Gua Zi and so on:“he is the priest Silence presently rising to the toped second on the Level Ranking List.”

    “He should be Silence!”Gua Zi screamed with surprise,and hence noded,“it makes sense.There is no doubt that he raises levels the same fast as a rocket fired.”

    “Hi!”Nan Gua make a face joke to Silence,and said,“I completely admired you for your operation craft no one can compare to.”

    “It’s okay.You’re exaggerating.”Silence,dizzy, didn’t know what to respond.

    Tiredness from body made Silence look at the alarm clock in a reflex reaction.

    “Now it’s six already!”Silence cried loudly,and then,hurriedly talked to others,“sorry.I gotta get offline to have a rest,otherwise I shall have difficulty in today’s work.”

    “Al’right.Maybe we have a chance of cooperation one day.I added you into my Friend List.”Said Dong Fang.

    “Well.”Silence gave a nod of assent,and afterwards said to others,“good night.”

    Noticing nothing on odd looks of other’s faces,Silence hurriedly used up a greatly valued Scroll of Town Portal to return to the town without being noticed and tracked by monsters.

    Xiao Qi exiting the game Sunk drew curtain open looked at the overcast sky out of the window,yawned heavily,and washed down the face.He hunted up some bread to appease his hunger in the kitchen.Better than just now,Silence couldn’t help but start to ponder about the game.Have a careful look at new tactics to see if there is room for improvement that he was capable of rapid harvesting experiences.

    After thinking for a while,Silence had to decided to give up.

    As Silence had reached maximum of attack force of a priese prior to job transfer,unless he was able to find some equipments raising attack power yet those equipments suitable for dark mana spell was hard to look for.

    Or waited to see if that idea he thought of was able to come true,until it was time for job transfer.

    While thinking of transfer to a powerful occupation,thinking of the magical ring,Silence couldn’t help but became excited.If the idea made it,he had no difficulty in both solo fast grinding and venturing into the unknown with teammates.

    As thinking about the game was done,Silence stood up in a stright line and started to tidy his bedroom.If he didn’t move,he was afraid that he would fall asleep naturally.

    Extreme sleepness was defeated during Xiao Qi’s anti-sleepy whole day.On arrival at home,Silence entered the game Sunk.Nowadays it was the most significant for him to rise to a fortith leveled priest and verify whether his thought could come into actions.

    Silence didn’t know what to realized later on and he just wanna to go up to a forty level to put on the ring in order to verify his idea’s practicability.When it came to a further future, he would naturally have an idea of what he could accomplish.This was what Silence thougth but not what Xiao Qi thought.Xiao Qi was longing for success through struggle,however, Silence currently was stronger than Xiao Qi. Charm out of game made Silence lose self-displine,as a result of which Xiao Qi in reality gotta be given in to Silence in virtual game.

    As Silence get online,he went to the Auction House with a big anticipation to see if there was a certain equipment more of enhancement on dark mana spell yet he had to return to the hotel with regret that except the two eqipments on his body he had no capacity to find other suitable equipment any longer.Granted that he looked for several ones able to highten dark magic skill damage,yet it was weaker in comparison to the equipments Silence was wearing and was paid in a high auctioning price within the Auction House.

    Silence tidied up all his equipments he stored in the baggage and prepared to get into a valley filled with Devil With Detestations in order to rush to be a fortith leveled priest.

    As soon as Silence got out of the hotel,he noticed a notification from the kind system:Your letter was stored in the Post Office.Please took if off in time.

    Silence came to the Post Office to collect his mail with puzzle.He was just relieved until he found the name of Dong Fang was signed on the envelope for player friends he was familiar to were numbered,resulting in no one sending an mail to him.

    He opened this letter and had a throughout look,frowning.

    The letter said,Dongfang thought Silence right hit it off for him.This game would presently open Gang function system to public players.He hoped Silence joined his gang to take risks to explore inaccessible zones,kill a variety of strange monsters for a unique set of good equipment,broad horizons and deep understanding of the Continent Sunk in this game.Just several words,indicated Dong Fang’s intention.

    Silence considered it,with a answer saying“it takes time to think it over.Contact one day.”

    Provided that he joined the gang,he had a capacity to frequently harvest a great many experiences out of monsters with Dong Fang as well as Gua Zi and so on.As a result,he improved his character level with enduring steadiness.As far as Silence’s concerned,he yet had his own consideration and choice for he had not fully shaped himself and his path in the future had not yet been fixed.What type of priest did he desire strongly to be?If the effect arming himself with the ring brought wasn’t fit for his idea and future job plan which loaf of occupational path would he opt in?To be a exclussilvely assitant holy priest or to be a loner dark priest?

    There was no certain choice prior to being a forty level priest.Silence knew that,so he replied time was needed to make a careful consideration in letter.Everything would be clear until he improved to be fortith leveled.

    Silence didn’t see a figure related to Dong Fang’s team as he got to the place that Dong Fang had appointed in that letter.They were guessed to be around Frozen Lake.With an simple relaxation and adjustment of mind Silence dedicated himself to the currently most emergent affair:to rush to be fortith leveled.

    When the clock struke a quarter past seven it signified Silence had to exit the game yet thirty percent of a whole experiences bar apart from a 40 level.

    Xiao Qi hurriedly washed down his face and bit some bread while going out of the dormitory door.

    Clock struck right half past eight.Silence reached the company on time.He coincidentally met the general manager Chen Dazhi who reached the company entrance at the same time.

    Chen Dazhi was a veteran as well.As a result,Silence was adopted in this company without any relevant working experiece.However,after all he,as a merchant,was not that satisfied with Silence’s work efficiency in recent days,especially arrival at the company right before the deadline time.Chen saw Silence’s pale face and couldn’t help asking:“Younger Xiao.What’s up with you recently ? Why do you look that pale?”

    Xiao Qi touched his face in a reflex reaction.It was normal to show a pale face as a ghost do as he haven’t slept for two days.

    “Nothing,just no steady sleep lately.”

    “Well,”Chen Zhida noded a head,hence,said “be fully rested.Oh,the latest lists,you don’t forget to follow closely.Don’t drop the chance while tracking.”

    “Al’right.Thanks for General Chen’s care.”

    Silence excessively sleepy spent a whole confused day in the office.Chen Dazhi peered at him all day,inwardly shook his head.
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    Chapter Eight An Ultra-priest

    After Silence scarcely suffering for a day in the office came back home, he directly rushed into the bathroom with a shower of cold water flush on his bady so as to preserve a calm mind as, after all, he was about to confront the most severe choice in the game what could take place of his life.

    If the ring didn’t work in that way he imagined,what would he choose to do?

    Washing down his flesh,Xiao Qi felt a little better about his spirit,which signified following adventure into the game world of Sunk without any meal.

    Keeping on filling the experiences bar to the full.Although there was only 13 percent of experiences left from the next level,Silence got so close to the Azrael while killing monsters thanks to his absent mindedness.Right this time Silence set off to buck himself up as he knew it was unworthy if monsters took the life off at this key point.

    Silence fully concentrated was carrying the new tactics he put forward lately to extremes.

    Exact sidesteps,pulled distance between self and monsters to the maximum.

    Remarkable positionings,didn’t brought about a cost of any second with the most fit spells constantly sent out.

    No break in the middle,and valuable macia potions directly thrown into the mouth.

    The result from these three stuffs was:

    “Ding dong!” As system notification voiced spotlessly white lights were given off from all over Silence’s body.

    With the systematic notification sound ringing out Silence returned to see his Role Level changing to a 40th leveled from a highly absorbed status.Silence chose to walk slowly and leisurely from Valley Devil to the main city of human beings instead of using a Scroll of Town Portal.

    Silence went to the Bank first,opened the safe,quietly gazing at the ring lying therein which exuded orange lights.He took the ring off and armed himself with it.Silence placed himself to the Lawful Good camp first,and hence arrived at the doorway of the east town Holy Temple,wondering so long but consequently nothing happened.

    Sprinting over a great many blocks to the Dark Temple at the West District,Silence stopped there.He saw a rare crowds standing around, and waited quietly.

    Finally system gave a notification:“the cooldown time of Chaotic Ring ends”.

    Silence fixed the ring to the Evil Ring status without hesitation and possible regret,obeserved his camp turning from Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil.Then, Silence softly but steadly stepped into the temple standing for who public called ancestors of dark priests.

    Lonely,Silence never kept himself open to other elses.This time he still did come here without company.

    Silence thought from birth to the present he was alone all the time and no change took place even after going into this game, as he moved. Even if he failed to confirm the seemingly fulfiled imagination through the ring,it wasn’t a key to his experience on the Continent Sunk.

    Standing in front of the Transfer NPC serving dark prisests,Silence handed in a request.

    “Are you sure you desire to transfer to be a dark priest?”


    A system notification poped up :Comrades fell down in front of you one by one,and you yet had no ability to keep them to safe.You,disappointed about the will to save teammates and the weak,betrayed the guidence from light and resolutely walked down along with the company of darkness.Congratulations that you succeded in transfering to a dark priest.

    Sunk System gave a second notification.The player Silence gained an occupational talent skill:Forces from Darkness;a passive skill;with it you got spell effect of evil magics inreased by 5% while spell effect of sacred magics decreased by 10%.Everytime you got improved at Role Level five times,then the individual correspondingly improved Force from Darkness once a s aresult with a bonus as same as the original set of the skill description. In other words,you was about to enjoy a 45% increase at evil magics effect as well as a 90% decrease at sacred magics effect after you reached the 41th leveled.

    The last system hint emerged in succession:player Silence was currently able to learn a high ranked dark spell.

    Silence calmly saw the continuous system notifications,as if it nearly had nothing to do with him after a crucial decision to transfer as a dark priest was made.Peerless power and a rarely ranked spell he previously seeked,seemed to be none of his business now.

    Silence didn’t instantluy study an advanced dark spell with higher leveled permission,yet directly moved out of Dark Hall centered in Dark Temple.Seeing its previous white priest robe turning to a dark one,Silence turned back into the hall.He was waiting silently until the cooldown of Chaotic Ring was over.

    System notification eventually arrived:the cooldown of Chaotic Ring ended.

    Silence trod out of the Dark Temple.He watched no people gathering around,of which he primed Turning-over function Chaotic Ring possessed as a result.

    System gave a hint:player Silence turned over to stand on the camp Lawful Good.

    Silence discovered that the occupation talent skill he was awarded just now had been missing.Then he saw a spotless white robe covered on himself, which indicated holy priests’ status, and touched it,hence headed toward the east Holy Temple.

    “Success or failure hinges on this one action.”Silence thought,as he walked into the Holy Temple.

    “Are you sure to transfer as a holy priest?”

    “Of course,or why I come here?”

    System gave a notification.On the way of pursuing light,you found out only an even more pure belief had an ability to bulid up an increasing curing ability,to protect whom you thought highly of.Congratulations that you skipped over a great many trails and tribulations to transfer to a holy priest beliving in brightness.

    System gave a notification.The player Silence gained an occupational talent skill:Belief in Holiness.A passive skill;with it you got spell effect of sacred magics increased by 5% while spell effect of devil magics decreased by 10%;everytime the players rose to a higher level five times,then the individual correspondingly improved Belief in Holiness once as a result with a bonus as same as the original set.That was to say,when you arrived at a 41th leveled role,you would enjoy a 45% increase at sacred magics effect as well as a 90% decrease at devil magics effect.

    System gave the last cue.The player Silence was able to learn higher ranked sacred magics.

    “Successful!”Silence was only too agitated to quit the Sunk world instantly and pulled up the music sound to the maximum,mad in roaring for much than a hour.

    Xiao Qi,drowned in excitatory state,couldn’t control himself until his neighbor tried the best to knock out the door.He hurried up to turned down the music sound and opened the door,looking at the neighbor full of anger.A smiling face was prepared to face the angry neighbor.With an assurance that he wouldn’t celebrate a mid-night carnival given,Xiao Qi successfully sent the neighbor away and reentered the Sunk game.

    Silence immediately finished learning all the skills available to him in a state of intoxication,totally unaware of an astonishing speed which the golden coins in his own porcket were consumed at.After he found out that those he was able to learn had been mastered,without any hesitation Silence got out of the Holy Temple, a sacred place to all the holy priest,and hurried to arrived at the Dark Temple in the East District.

    On the half way he utilized Chaotic Ring to transfer himself to stand by the Chaotic Evil camp.Coming into the Dark Temple, Silence learned over all the available spells no matter what they were generally about and specifically of in the same way as how he showed in the Holy Temple.

    With all clusters and nessesaries done,Silence came to a hotel in a subconscious reflex and saw players in the hotel hall talking,finding a vailable seat to sit down onto.The most important for him presently was to calm down his mood with sufficient time.

    “Yet rarely needed he to indulge in causal time.”Silence bought a bottle of wine.In the Sunk game world also did a certain drunken effects exist.

    While drinking, Silence opened the Spells List,surprised to find out that all previously learned high leveled evil spells still presented unexpectedly on a holy priest’s Spells List except no display of Forces from Darkness,the talent core skill of evil priests in the basis of holy-priest occupational talent skill and high ranked skills’ presentation on the List first.

    Totally out of Silence’s expectation,he thought it had been the biggest surprise to have dual occupations,only to find he made nearly full use of dual magical skills in a type of condition like this.As the players all knew as Silence believed just now,individuals had no chance to release spells from two kinds of jobs. But now Silence made it breaking the spell-using record on the Continent Sunk.While he performed largely reduced dark spells if he appeared as a common holy priest,there was no need for him to perform attacking assignment as what he needed to do was to take care of his teammates.Thereby, under the status as a holy priest,largely reduced evil magical spells was strong enough to save him.

    A long long time later,Silence slightly calmed down from an extremely excited mood.Silence was buried in looking over all the newly learned spells without any sound leaking.Seeing those skills which excited him one by one,Silence fiercely finished up a whole bottle of wine.

    “Haha…”Such a strong drunken effect in the game,little astonished Silence.Was the game drunken effect that strong or had Silence been already drunken? No one knew it.

    “The first stronger in the game.”This idea suddenly poped up from Silence’s spinning head,“I wanna be number one, just like those years!”

    In those years when he was still in the army,Xiao Qi looked down upon overall competitors.In this game Sunk,he could still do the same as previously.

    Occupied in his thoughts,Silence yet negelected that his own black robe was rather prominent,even if he was sitting unconspicuously in a corner.

    “Hey!Who you say is that guy?”A fighter said in a low tone to a priest companion.

    “I just took a quick look at the Ranking List.Now there are three high leveled priests with a level over 40th leveled. Shengjie,Silence and Xiaomao.I have heard both Shengjie and Xiaomao have regular teams but no one hears about Silence.While Shengjie two persons are fixed to their regular teammates,abosolutely unlikely to change to a dark priest,which is about to greatly impaire their ability to cure others.Do you understand which priest this guy is right now?” That priest was pround to look at his companion and said,“yet it is strange.A priest as he is,he has never been heard to construct a team with other high ranked formidable players.I wonder how he manages to go up to a rather rarely leveled situation.”

    He said with a deep puzzle on his face.

    “So invincible that even a single priest can raise levels at a speed as fast as grouped fighters.” A mage next to Silence regarded the black priest robe covering Silence’s overall body and said with jealousy.

    “Come on.You mages have rose at a speed quick enough.”

    “You fighter still take up the first place in the Level Ranking List,don’t you?”

    Silence recalling himself back heard nearby players’ talks, and slightly froze.How did they manage to guess my personal information with regard to occupation? I rememebered hiding my personal data well.

    Silence spent a little time in inquries in the game,only to find there was one staff in this game called:Ranking.

    Ranking functioned easily now as the system only opened the Level Ranking on each occupation and a total.

    Silence unfolded the Priest Division of Ranking List,only to find that his name was conspicuously on it,followingly close to a 42th leveled priest Shengjie.Xiaomao was tied with him for the second place.Silence didn’t keep seeing the fourth and lower rankings.

    Silence opened the Mage Division of Ranking List.The first one called Xigua,the second called Donggua.View of these two names reminded Silence of a familiar experience.Oh,He remembered, between right two mages accompanying Dongfang ,one were called Nangua? And the other was Guazi? Who knew whether these first two mages on the Mage Ranking List were related to Dongfang’s companions? Reading it fully,sure enough, Silence found out Nangua and Guazi’s names.

    The Fighter Ranking List was followingly opened and Dongfang’s name stuck into Silence’s eyes suddenly.

    “He unexpectedly was Dongfang.”Silence sighed as he read Dongfang’s name.He recalled his odd response at that day and understood it throughout.While Dongfang was propable not to care about whether he was highly regarded thanks to his open-minded character and heroic temper, there was no doubt that Dongfang felt strange at Silence’s porker-faced look as anyone accessible to stronger’s information would be surprised to have a chance to group with Dongfang.

    Silence thought of Dongfang and naturally remembered the letter Dongfang had sent to him.

    Silence thought about gang establishing and hence regarded his equipments.He came to the post office in the eyes of envy and suspicion of people in the hotel hall later and sent a letter to Dongfang:“ Have him informed after the gang was set up,pls.”

    After sending the letter,Silence thought he had more than sufficient time to master lately learned magical spells so as to get used to new skills and even make a perfect tactics.

    But strong drowsiness made Silence have got to withdraw from Sunk.

    Silence left the game and looked at the time.The clock struck almost midnight.It acculated up to 60 hours which he hadn’t slept for.

    While Silence slided into a deep and steady sleep,a grapevine set off to spread away quickly:the first evil priest befell on the Continent Sunk.
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    Anyone interested in it?
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    Chapter Nine There Should Be No Money

    As Silence awakened from the deep sleep,sky was already wholly bright.Xiao Qi took the clock off to have a look,aware of that it indicated more than eight forty.

    “Why don’t the clock unexpectedly ring today?”No matter how tired Silence was as usual, as long as the clock ring reached Silence’s ears he would be scared to be awake in a conditional reflex.

    While Silence was carefully watching the clock, he found out that today was Sarturday,which justified this day’s no ring of clock.

    Silence got up from the bed, went outside to purchase necessities of life,had a breakfest on the way. After coming back home, Silence instantly entered the game Sunk.

    The first thing to do after Silence went into the game was to look up newly mastered spells’ list.Not to talk more deeply into spells of holy priests’ which are related to enhancement in the healing ability, the holy priest’s brand skill,1th leveled Resurrection,was aleady open to a 40th leveled holy priest.Directed target would be 10 percent spiritually( on magic/ mana points) and physically(in health points) resurrected with a 10 percent success rate. Everytime players raised a level of Role,they was able to improve the skill once to the next level. If the skill was improved with a level,that would enjoy a higher successful rate bonus of 5 percent.

    Silence smiled,as he was reading the brand skill. Holy priests was honored for this Resurrection.Although holy priests had the most outstanding healing ability, their assit was not necessary when other auxiliary professions matched properly.

    As Silence was staring at Slash Directed against Spirit,a newly-opened skill, he smiled again. It was the dark-priest-honored skill,an instantaneously released spell,which required the magic sender to prepare for the spell release by himself not systematically. In another word, Silence can’t draw attention to release other spells when he was engaged in releasing this magical skill. But Slash Directed against Spirit’s skill effect was still amzingly appealing to Silence: with a spell performing duration of 9 seconds, it brought about 100 points of skill damage per 3 seconds,which was already impressive on Silence and furthermore nothing in comparison to the fact that it was a totally undeveloped skill with a great mach improvement room.

    Silence made a rough calculation. Now his Pain Deep into Souls had been just now raised. If he was enhanced from his occupationally talented skill and through Chaotic Ring’s 20 percent damage bonus, he was confident to basically maintain a damage output over 130 each 3 seconds. On a single-vs-single battle, a rival with a health point less than 700 shied from his one Pain Deep into Souls as well as a Slash Directed against Spirit, which was capable of ending its life. But for the sake of efficiency, Silence believed it better to supplement a Blow Up Souls, even if it seemed to waste magic points.

    It turned out to be how strong a transferred profession was. Silence was reading therapy competence of holy priests and damage output of dark priest’s magical skills as well as a variety of skills for transferred occupations, Silence began to be understandable of how Dongfang persisted to stayed here for long long a time much more than Silence’d expect.

    Given Silence received East’s invitation, he was sure to transfer to be a holy priest among their team. Therefore, Silence invested a little time into researching holy spells. To speak frankly, that time Silence served East as a therapist, it was the first time for Silence to exist as a traditonal priest what people think was born to heal the weak and the hurt. Silence fortunately brought a great number of mana potions on him at that time, which supported them to fulfil a long-term mana consumption with a key help of Silence’s exact calculation.

    After a while of research and thinking, Silence began to take interest. Healing others needed to be concerned about target’s blood point , to choose which therapy kind of spell to release properly and when to release,to ensure a holy priest’s continous healing capacity ,to make sure him away from monsters’aggro radium to void their possible aggressive actions against a priest who was a meat bun for monsters.These were all Silence needed to know about and delve into.

    Cure and Recovery were the most commonly used and most fundamental spells to a priest. Priests simply directed Cure to to-be-healed targets’ red blood while Recovery facilitated the object’s self-healing competence,which aimed to restore object’s red health and blue mana.

    Silence was involved in spell performance as he simulated how to start off and operate spells in his imagination space.He eventually transformed himself to a holy priest,ran to the outside of town wall to look for some normal monsters to have a try. Gradually, Silence was lost in a daydream to be a honored holy priest,but what deserved to point out was that Silence managed to cure merely him. Silence turned back from the enterprise that he focused on practising holy spells’ runs and operation until system cued a new letter of Silence.

    “Is is from East? ” Silence thought in mind.

    On arrival of the Post Office, Silence collected the letter and Silence eyed in passion.And East’s signature on the envelope turned out it’s East’s letter as expected.

    Bro Silence, thanks to your endorsement of East. Tomorrow afternoon we were going to gather togerther to Frozen Lake to help a friend subjective to to-be-established our guide with one occupational request. Because we were lacking in a priest’s presence and help, I would like to invite you to join in this activity. If free, pls reach hotel cluster within town before 1 pm.this day. If occupied, pls text out a message to let me know. Thanks.

    Silence thought. Sooner or later he was about to join other teams to kill monsters and adventrue dangerous wild, it was acceptable to get familiar with other players and all kinds of skills and operations of holy priest by this chance. After all co-worker cooperation was not the same as independent individual free solo without any objective and subjective restraints on operation and skill performance order. Last irregularity that he casually performed magics without a regular order but them easily perished a large numebr of monsters was because of monsters not as high a level as Silence and EAST in addtion to the presence of two high leveled mages.

    “Vacant. I will arrive on time.”

    After sending out the message, Silence restarted dedicating himself into researching spells until he reached a basic understanding of all the holy priest’s spells and became familiar with them, Silence exited the game. With so much time left, Silence went online to search for a few data about holy priests on the Sunk Mainland.

    Reading experience of priests that a lot of players writed down and posted, Silence obtained some new understanding from them.

    For instance, a player wrote down a loaf of suggestion: for a holy priest, the most important was to survive himself on a virtual battle.

    It reminded Silence of Resurrection as Silence saw this kind-hearted advice.

    The forumer and player supplemented another one: as a holy priest, it was key to cultivate a global concept on the whole team.A qualified holy priest at least meant to learn to balance between individuals and the team.

    Speaking frankly,this word express an implicit implication:

    to sacrifice if necessary.

    Under a situation you couldn’t make sure whether everyone of team would survive eventually, the last survival was dependent on who you invested your mana consumption into.

    While Silence was reading experience of these experienced and skilled drivers on the forum, Silence started to sigh that it was not easy to do a good holy priest who was more than a blood and mana supplier.

    “Housekeeper!”A noun bursted into Silence’s brain.

    “It was appropriate.” Silence was satisfied.

    As the time was sufficient, Silence stood off the chair and had some food right before reentering the game.

    Silence was sitting in the hotel,tidying up and collecting his equipments and potions. Right now he read several basic data about Frozen Lake where there were intensely dotted monsters from 40th leveled to 45th leveled, thereby Silence was armed with potions he refined up before.Silence remembered not picking medicinal herbs for a great many days.

    When Silence was arranging the equipments, he abruptly found out there was few coins on himself.

    “What’s wrong? ”Silence thought over and over again, but he couldn’t figure out when he spent almost the whole fortune.

    “Did the system make a mistake? ” Silence thought in the brain, and hurriedly reported the question to the online GM (Game Master).

    Fifteen minutes later, GM gave a answer: Dear player Silence, there followingly was a complete and detailed answer to your question:

    you spent your gold coins on the terms of stuffs beneath in the last three days,

    So long a list was presented in the front of Silence’s face and each possible cost was numerated in details. Silence just found out that they were all about the expense of studying spells.

    “Oh my gosh!” Silence shouted in a low voice,“ unbelivably expensive!”

    As we all know, Silence never created a chance to kill monsters or perform a request for monetary.Consequently the gold coins were derived from naturally accumulated killed monsters. He had accumulated savings for so long a time that he spent only 850 coins for identification last time, but now 108 coins should be directly cut off from his left more than 100 coins…

    “No any money…” Silence looked at the empty pocket blankly.

    No money, no Town Portal scroll and no refining of potion as well as no purchase of daily supplies.

    Money talks.

    “The income was finished off incredibly fast.Fuck the identication fare.” Silence poured out a brief abuse.

    “Identification? ” It was reminiscent of something and Silence hurried out of the hotel, running toward the Bank. Silence entered the Bank, opened the safe to him and took out stuffs identified several days ago. Silence was seeing the jet-black huge sword and that Devil Armor. He turned up and down in the mind, hence put it back.

    “Since these two equipments are not armed to me, it doesn’t matter for me to give back these to them when I encounter them.”

    For that bargin taking, Silence yet didn’t feel anxious, or a little mentally sorry. Because yours was ultimately yours. if you didn’t manage to catch it and I succeeded in siezing it,it was mine not yours. But if I returned the stuff to you, it was owing to my generousity.

    Silence took the two daggers and some other gadgets else and went to the Auciton House.

    The Auction House, whenever, was a lively fair wherein players of various occupations were gathered and they were auctioning goods not useful to him or spoils of wars as well as purchasing terms others individuals decided to sell out.

    Right here Silence had come several times.Since Silence was visited by a thief, Silence transfromed to remain sensitive to crowded places, especially the Auction House. There were ten thousands of people therein so Silence had to stick forward into the front human clusters.

    Silence found the NPC responsible for auctioning, and came up to him. He asked a auctioning list from the NPC.

    Silence first searched the auctioning list for some equipments holy priest was eligble to equip rather than instantly put to-be-sold goods on the auctioning platform.

    From top to toe Silence was armed with equipments from 35th leveled to 40th leveled, especially the stick that was only 35th leveled and had no fabulous attribute and that Silence wanted to trade for a better stick suitable for him.

    After searchings of equipments and a stick he required to decorated himself and improve his attacking forces resulted, Silence took a careful look at them. These equipments’ levels were around 35th leveled, but they all had an additional bonus to sacred spells. However, the bonus latitude was not so prominent that even if Silence generously auctioned the three equipments thet still sumed up to a miserable curing effect bonus of about 12 percent.

    Then he paid attention to the price, Silence pouted lips hinting that it was not a evenhanded performance-price ratio. What’s a reason more important to him was still: he was presently a complete poor.

    Forget it, Silence placed goods onto the auctioning platform, he thought. Hence, Silence unfolded the auctioning list relating to dagger-familied weapons.

    Silence couldn’t experience how stupid his current thought was.Although one of the two daggers in the hand was only 35th leveled that had a attacking force equal to a 38th leveled usual dagger, an attribute greatly beneficial to rogues was negelected by Silence: speeded up the attacking velocity by 0.5 second.

    For rogues ultilizing daggers, if the junior marvelous weapon wasn’t willing to be replaced, the rogue owners were worth using the dagger until they grew stronger to fiftith leveled, then they could trade it for a better weapon without any mental burden owing to so marvelous a dagger.

    Just at the time Silence came up with a even auctioning primary price and was about to put the two daggers onto the platform.

    A string of systematic hint characters started to take up the computer screen, Silence froze, you were suffering from a thief(the hint from benevelant system).

    Until the last hint: Your privacy had been stolen.

    Remarks: rogue occupation family was enpowered and eligible to steal items, goods, privacies, equipments, task rewards and so on from NPCs and players,but the chance of thief success was very slim and even if rogues managed to steal, it was propable for owners to be alert on it. The successful chance of stealing was related to Theft skill level and the bilateral levels. If a rogue player was lower leveled junior and stolen target player higher ranked superior, there was no hope for theft’s success. But if bilateral levels were cheek to cheek close or rogues had a far higher levels than the stolen target, the success chance would boom up like a rocket lauching off the ground. As to whether the stolen owner got alert on the theft, if rogues failed to steal, it was set in stone to be found by the owners. On the contrary, if rogues succeded in stealing, the chance that the loser found the theft referred to success chance of theft.
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    Chapter Ten Feeling of Killing

    Silence froze, instantly returned to looked about suspicious persons with caution.

    “Seize the rogue! Disgusted!” NPC guards patroling in the Trading Hall burst into shouting. Hence, they swiftly headed to Silence.

    A rogue next to Silence dressed in a gray rogue-like costum hurriedly fled to the entry of Trading Hall. What merely was seen was the thief easily squeezed into and stepped out of crowds like fish swimming in the water and was about to reached the entry.

    Silence would have followed, but an incident occurred to him that he read a thread on the forum this day afternoon which said methods and teniques of theft for Rogue within the Trading Hall. One tenique of them Silence clearly remembered.

    As the rogue had stolen belongings, he might immediately handed them over to the nearest complice. Then, he would stood out to attract the attention of NPCs as well as players. His complice fled off from the inevitable trap by this chance. As for the rogue as the sacrificed target, he would get rid of troubles and then nothing happened if fortune and God’s bless befell him. But if he was unlucky so that guards caught him and threw directly him into the dungeon, he was about to stay there for 72 hours. It meaned game’s time.

    Especially the game currently adopted a serious identity authentication so that it was impossible to be replaced to receive the publishment to stay within dungeon by others else. Therefore the publishment led to not too many rogues in the Sunk. Even as rogues, players didn’t dare to commit a crime in the Trading Hall as the chance they were found and witnessed after crimes would exaggerat and they found it eaier to be caught by NPCs here.

    Consequently few rogue players currently might steal belongings in the Trading Hall, but there might always be some people who dreamed about stealing a marvelous equipment someday granting hopes to God’s bless.

    Silence thought, eyed fixedly the entry of Trading Hall and searched for suspicious people with caution. When Silence saw a person dressed in the same gray rogue costum as the former crime squeezing out of the entry and ran in an opposite direction, Silence smiled grimly:“ it is him.”

    Silence once stolen one time was very, very furious and hatred about this type of behavior . Without much thinking, Silence followed up with the rogue.

    However, the rogue grabbing Silence’s dagger in hand skilfully hanged around through small alleys within the town as he was appreciating the dagger which just changed its owner.

    The dagger was a common weapon at the first sight yet with remarkable attributes so that it was worth committing the theft crime. While he was fleeing away and observing it throughout, only to find a line of words attaching behind the dagger’s introduction of main attributes, the dagger acclerated 0.5 second in the attacking velocity.

    What did it mean! This meaned that he had much stronger attack power than others else per unit time. Especially there were extremely rare high leveled daggers. Not high as it’s level was, rogues conversant with a variety of daggers could realize the dagger would become first choice to assasins who rogues transformed to. An assain with BackStab skill accelerating speed completely kill the rival to death before reaction.

    The rogue trembled with excitement, lurched forward and kept running. He totally forgot what must be plainly attentioned this day out of excitement. Once he obtained belongings, he would be extremely careful to look around for suspicious figures usually. But today he was so surprised and excited that he totally forgot what he should do after a theft not like daily.

    Silence followed behind the rogue, but its speed was too fast so that Silence had to drink up a potion increasing agility to barely rival the rogue at the moving speed.

    Silence was reluctant in keeping his speed so that he couldnot find the rogue had realized himself dressed in a pure-white priest clothing.

    “Is the fat sheep following ?”That rogue eyed Silence and froze. He was completely not prophetic about that a feeble priest should go after him and follow until here.

    Rogues looked at small shadowy alleys and turned into another alley. Silence hurriedly chased after him. As he stepped into the alley, the rogue had already turned to face Silence.

    Silence was shocked and then lowered his voice:“ give my privacy back.”

    “What the fucking the stuff is? How could it be on my hand?” The rogue smiled with disdain, looked at Silence, swifted the dagger onto the hands while saying.

    As the owner, Silence stared at the dagger glittering with golden gleam, eyesight cold, eyed glacially the rogue:“the last time. return me.”

    “Ow! I’m so scared.” The rogue posed a body language in an exaggerated way to convey disdain to the opponent’s threat.

    “Hey! Fat sheep! Since I casually stole so marvelous a stuff from you, I wish to steal several more times. No, all you valuable belongings.By the chance, I can make use of you to try the dagger, as well as a newly learned Poisoning skill.” The rogue smiled with several evil sounds, fetch some bottles from within the arms, opened the bottles and poured liquid which reserved in the bottles onto the dagger.

    Daggers glittering with golden lights contacted those fluid and brilliant lights died down until disappeared when pieces of green thin threads flowed on the cover of the dagger, mysterious and bleak.

    “ Heyhey…” That rogue watched the poisoned dagger, swinged himself coming up to Silence.

    Silence would have thought to have a battle after transforming to a dark priest, but later he seemed to find it unsuitable to disclose Chaotic Ring’s mystery. If the mystery was revealed, how could he live a normal and uneventful days in the game world. There must be many people chasing to kill him for marvelous equipments’ drop, they mustn’t ?

    When Silence saw the negligent rogue stepped plainly toward him rather than ultilize talent skills particular to rogues, he smiled coldly, stared at rogue with a disdain look.

    “Priest, dreadful as well.” Silence was pondering, as he made several set of strategies. Judging by the look of the rogue, he was supposed not to reach 40th leveled with as nearly many health points as a dark swordman, but it was possible that the rogue weared a certain cloth of magical defending equipment. So it was great for Silence still to watch his safety.

    Seeing the rogue walking up to him, Silence first sent a Blow Up Souls and then a Deep Into Souls to rogue.

    Rogue looked up to damage characters above his head top and gave a relaxed smile. Even if he let the opponent priest attack three more arounds, he was unworried about the survival. But if he got a chance to approach the rival, the priest died surely.

    Silence gazed at wound characters, frozed, they lower than expected. Oh, he would have forgotten holy profession talent under holy priest’s condition was going to imperil dark spells’ magical attack power.

    However, Silence cooled his anxious brain down as he looked at rogue still careless:“a twenty-five-feet distance. The moving speed is currently 6. 4 seconds remaining.”

    It waited 1 second until Blow up Souls was available.

    It required 3 seconds before Holy Hammer could be sent.Too long to use.

    He decided to ultilize enhanced Light of Purification! 2th leveled Light of Purification.

    Rogue stopped to see Silence continuously performing magics, and turned to realize bilateral distance remained only 20 feets. But it was not a key. The opposite priest was about to fall thanks to my dagger.

    The rogue imagine Silence’s throat was cut off broken so that he couldn’t stop but licked his lip.

    One more Blow up Souls was released and a Light of Purification closely arrived.

    The rogue eyed the priest in front of him with a grin, raised his hand to stab to Silence.

    Silence stared at the dagger. A faint sneer hung on his lips.

    Fear Scream!

    Rogue peered at the opposite priest in panic as he found himself travelling away from the side of the prist. After the distance between Silence and this rogue was enlarged, spell after spell was sent to the rogue.

    Light of Purification!

    Blow up Souls!

    Light of Purification!

    With 0.5 second going, the cooldown time passed by. Another Blow up Souls was ready to give out.

    Just at this time, the rogue already got rid of influence of Fear Scream. Rogue turned with a sinister look on the whole face.


    Rogue’s volicity suddenly exaggerated and he directly rush up to Silence here.

    “Defense shield!”

    Silence instantly released a Defense Shield covering him which was suggested to block at lease two attacks of the rogue. What’s more important was to avoid rogue’s another honored skill: Sap! Sap: rogue skill, was used to cause the object to get into the coma for three to seven seconds with a great chance.

    A bottle of Refreshing potion was finished off and Silence waited to give out a Blow up Souls until the end of last Blow up Souls’ cooldown came. Hence Silence supplemented a Pain Deep into Souls.

    Right then, the shield was broken. Eyeing the rogue’s face with a grin, Silence smiled with disdain.

    Fear Scream!

    The rogue looked at himself with a faint blood bar, turned to stare at Silence with rage. Then during the retreat sprinting process, rogue dropped with a half unwillingness.

    Ding! A family of stuff drop onto the ground. Silence approached to have a look. It was exactly his own dagger but it became glossy and green with a strange smell.

    Silence didn’t know whether he looked up stars before going out or not.He was out of luck for he suffered from steal;he was lucky because he should directly derive his belonging from the rogue merely through killing once.

    Silence carefully took the dagger and hence put it into the package. He turned to stare at the rogue’s corpse just as before he eyed oppenent who could’t rival him previously, saying calmly:“ You are just the beginning. Only if he found someone offensive to himself, he was about to kick the offenser down. Before he wasn’t strong enough, but now he was of great power.”

    Finishing, the priest turned to travel out of the small alley.

    After returning to the Auciton House, Silence put it away into the auctioning platform. For the sakes of insurance, Silence concealed the auctioner’s name.

    With all done, Silence purchased some daily supplies with several left gold coins and went to the repairer’s by the way. Silence sighed looking at the package that was completely empty right now for the first time when he was actually so poor and down since he entered this game. Sitting at a corner of a hotel’s hall, Silence was waiting for East and his companions as he recollected previous battling condition. He recalled possible circumstances in the brain, summed up them and obtained a better battle blue print. Of course these battle experience was restricted to the condition in which Silence acted as a holy priest. If he chose to ultilize the status of dark priest, Silence believed in that the rogue basically had no any strength to fight back. At least this belief was true under a face-to-face battle. But if rogue raided first using Sap, Silence couldn’t guarantee that he was able to stand steadily until the end.

    Notes: In the game, every occupational player or NPC had a fixed moving speed. Manaish occupational player was apt to move at a speed of 4; fighter was apt to move at a speed of 5; rogue’s was 6. Others would be written when the writer came up.

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