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  1. dasbones
  2. Mysteriah
    Addicted to TKA
  3. Turtle Invasion
    Turtle Invasion
    just watched episode 7 of qzgs... Yifan is so cute ;-;
  4. Fleur
    I think Yifan will forever be remembered as the water boy...
  5. Fleur
    Respect is something easily given but it is also easily lost...
  6. Fleur
    Good Morning, Starshine! The earth says hello!
  7. dam1433
    can you please be consistent on the updates? I mean come on. T_T
  8. billy mayes
    billy mayes
  9. dam1433
    Still waiting for the last chapter this week. Hmm
  10. billy mayes
    billy mayes
    pls believe me
  11. billy mayes
    billy mayes
    I promise i'm normal
  12. dam1433
    Good consistent chapters on KoG Good story on the latest chapters for Breakers (currently on hiatus) Great Chapters as always on ZL :) :)
  13. DeathStroke96
    Is it wrong to want a novel that is modern Korean and similar to The Breaker and The Breaker New Waves (manhwas) - especially Murim aspects
  14. Mfon
    Looking for new reads
    1. DeathStroke96
      Have you tried Way of Choices or Master of the Stars here at GT? If yes than have you tried Pivot of the Sky at Radiant? All 3 are great, but they are very descriptive and slow paced so they migh not be your cup of cake...
      Apr 23, 2017
  15. Bjaker
    All the Novel information, all in Realm system,stirps/Tribe,character,picture…….Daily update Welcome quote our noun~^_^
  16. Aiyumichi
    Sleepy like always ;-;
  17. DeathStroke96
    Looks like there is a new addition to GT - a Korean novel that might have Murim aspects involved
  18. Phlanix
  19. dam1433
    Cant browse fhe main site
  20. Kichirou Shiro